Wednesday, March 16, 2022

"The Classic Dances of Archetypes and the Travesties Upon Them. It Is What It Is... Even When It Is Not."

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♫Devil or angel, I can't make up my mind, which one you are♫

The Devil is an angel in disguise. It depends on your relationship with your carnal nature, whether it is devil or angel that appears to you. The corona you see around the demonic form is the angelic nature concealed from the eyes of The Profane. Remember The Dial? I have mentioned it a few times here. You turn it one way and it trends green and ever more radiantly luminous. You turn it the other way and it trends red, ever more radiantly luminous. This is why God looks like The Devil to The Wicked. Once you figure this out on a visceral level... your problems are over, but adjustments do STILL need to be made... and continuously... for so long as you are In Form. It is the nature of existence in the never-ending process of endless change... In Form... that is.

Why is The Devil Red?

The color of the Anahata Chakra is Electric Green, which is the color of Love, which has many shades of similar hue. It is the qualities of God that appear in the rays that are created through the prism. Red is the color of passion and desire. It is also the color of blood, in which Passion runs. Whether one's passions are carnal or spiritual defines you and designs The World around you... where the drama of your life takes place. Are you on a loop... or a spiral? That is the difference between sorcery and the initiatic path. One celebrates the carnal as the spiritual and the other is the spiritual celebrated in Higher Love.

Electromagnetic sunlight is turned into manifest chlorophyll, but it's still sunlight at a certain level, and it certainly converts into it, through a consciously inspired ritual in the small intestines, where the villi tremble like sea anemones in The Deep or... like the pollen that attaches to the bees. All the time while you are here... you are being turned into something... even if, in some cases, that only results in compost. There is a profound metaphysical secret hidden in Loving God. Sunlight is involved and Love is the magic ingredient.

I TRY to talk about certain things but... I am not able to. I can point and say... “It's over there. Go look around and consider what you see.” I can point at you and say, “Look in there.” The rest is the journey of self-discovery, and that is going on no matter what direction you are looking in... but... what is it that you are discovering? It's ALL in there, kinetically or potentially. That which you seek to find, and that which you rather hadn't found.

The love and sanctuary of God are often portrayed as a fountain because it is an endless over-pouring of itself, running over the rim and flowing through the lines of least resistance while wearing away the stone that contains it. If those channels are not open in you, you will be unaware of it and you will mistake it for something else, which is one of the true tragedies of life... along the lines of a mess of pottage.

Illumination involves the ARRANGEMENT of simple things in the proper order. It is the bringing into focus of the changeless, by presenting a true reflection of it. The Sun and Moon tell the tale of timeless and eternal change in the movements of night and day. It is called Illumination because it lights you up. This is what happens when an electric current runs through a conductor to... a light-bulb. It removes the personal darkness and replaces it with Impersonal Love; also known as The Truth Revealed through its everlasting vehicle of expression. The Truth lights The Way and reveals the path of Impersonal Love. This is what gives warmth to light. The Sun is our best evidence of it.

They say that sunlight is the best disinfectant. I would guess that is because it puts Evil in the proper perspective so that it must hunt for the shadows to protect it from being seen for what it is. In times where Reason and Sanity predominate, certain conditions do not rear their ugly heads. Perhaps this explains the tsunami of the ridiculous and absurd, which have now become commonplace, where all that is good and decent is replaced by what is dumb and defective.

I know there are people who walk the path of knowledge and who see a great complexity that attends the Divine Mystery. They are fortunate if they can become one of the very few to understand that Truth cannot be apprehended until Love and Wisdom are united. One cannot be in balance unless they have stilled The Reactive Mind. The over-reaching imbalance is perpetual in Times of Material Darkness. The sane must... perforce, conceal itself in the camouflage of the emotionally crippled, so as to not stand out as one who goes on two feet, while the culture is dropping everyone else down on all fours.

There are some very strange events taking place. As you SHOULD know, Hollywood, like New York and Washington D.C. are hotbeds (pun intended) of Satanism. You see everything but the religious rituals which attend it, and you can see those too... if you pass the audition. What you do see is people acting out in emulation of it. There is no great difference between Materialism and Satanism. Materialism is the operating philosophy of Satanism. It is simply the demonstration of carnality and excess as... not only desirable but virtuous as well. These days, being transgender or... any one of the many permutations of gay, is politically expedient and a good career move.

In the excellent film, "The Player", the character, Larry Levy, is having a car phone conversation with the character, Griffin Mill. Larry tells Griffin he is on his way to an AA meeting. Griffin says, “I didn't realize you had a drinking problem.” Larry replies, “I don't, but that's where all the deals are getting made these days.” It's the same thing with the gay-tranny persona. It gives you a soapbox profile of The New Normal. Abnormal is the New Normal, and perversity is the sexual formula of Satanism

So... perhaps you have noticed the latest high-profile soap opera from Glitter Town, East... and West? (NY and LA) Retarded Rap Performer, Kanye West has been divorced by his wife, Kim Kardashian, the undisputed Queen of Reality TV. She has taken up with a talentless gooney-bird named Pete Davidson, who is on that incredibly, unbelievably unfunny show, Saturday Night Live. Davidson is one of the least funny of the twits who show up there each week. Rumor has it that he possesses large sexual equipment and this accounts for his appeal to women that you would not imagine would be attracted to him under any other circumstances (those included). Even then... only certain women, like Catherine the Great... only that didn't really happen.

Kanye is very angry about this and has been threatening Davidson, who is really Flaky Foont (Mr. Natural's straight man). Then... a video hits the internet of Kim and Flaky driving past the gates of Jeff Bezos's house. The week later you hear that Flaky is going to be on the next Bezos space ride. Now... Flaky is being converted into a movie star. Hey! Jerry Lewis proved that morons will draw a crowd... of morons, sure... but as far as The Great Reset people are concerned, we should all be morons shortly. Certainly... the more recent generations are showing great promise in this area.

It fascinates me to watch Satanism at work in those areas of interest that have to do with Appetite, Ambition, and Desire. It has its spokes-bots of Legion and The Like. It is all being fashioned by The Carnal Mind of Babylon Rising. The reason that Biblical prophecies, and prophecies in general... maintain public interest, and not simply through the vehicle of Religions, is because they contain the classic dances of the archetypal interplays, both singular and enduring, as well as travesties upon the same. It is what it is, even when it is not.

So... there is little doubt (in my mind) that all the aforementioned are deep into The Satanic Manifesto, and they are icons of consciousness massage, directed for the activation of emulation in all those empty lives where meaning does not intrude. All those twisted creatures from Inferno Land might well have been just like them, once... on the wrong path, not quite having arrived at The Wrong Place yet. Give it time.

We live in a world where many things are not what they appear to be. If you are a student of Nature, the implications should be clear. Certain creatures camouflage themselves as something else, in order to eat the curiously attracted. This happens in human relationships too. People devour each other. Everything is being eaten, predator and prey alike... in time. I have chosen what is consuming me and I could not be more pleased.

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Anonymous said...

My oh my that queen of Spain dresses nicely. Lovely and nice too.
What happens when Elizebeth passes on? Does Charles get the crown?
Maybe he can do some ribbon cuttings too.

So the nurses and the white coats (Drs) are in deep shit now.
Danm paychecks? I did it for the money...
Do the bankers get away, leaving them as scapegoats?
How about the .gov goons? And Karen? How about Ken?
What shall we do about them?
Shaming people.

As the Japanese Proverb states, “Only the criminal who set the fire can tell you where the next fire will take place.”

Yup, words of wisdom for sure.
Thanks Mr inVisible.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The queen wears incredibly stupid shoes. I don't see how anyone can walk in those.

Nostrils up!

Gregory said...

"The sane must... perforce, conceal itself in the camouflage of the emotionally crippled..."

What camouflage? Becoming emotionally crippled is what did the trick.

Insightful as always, vis.

bark at the moon said...

Greets Sunstar LV! The Sun is a star.
The Real History link and the Fabians who helped the Long Marching communists get a foothold in the west along with the bankers.
Satan was cast down to earth and rules his realm with lies and smoke and mirrors.
It is a gift to be able to see right through and the opinions of worldlings or their trash talk is just farts in the wind.
Somehow it just doesn't register anymore, it sounds like gibberish.
They are being pied pipered to demise with this lust for war and it won't end like they imagine.
Russia and China have been preparing and do not want woke or the sewer pipe of evil known as Hollywood where no good movie has been made in over 20 years due to the cultural Marxism known as woke.
There are some exceptions here and there but they are anomalies.

robert said...

Visible One among Many for the One,

and they are icons of consciousness massage, directed for the activation of emulation in all those empty lives where meaning does not intrude.

Another in a continuing series of multi-faceted gemstones of awesomeness!

Free will, in the sense of an infinitely patient parent, allowing all us fractal flyers the latitude to create our own waking up scene.

Meaning does not intrude uninvited!
No heavy handed spanking unless our dark side needs a tanning boost!

Joy is conveyed on a divan held by willing words

Though a dimmed delight over blinding beauty
Child's play emulates One creative dance
Writhing in limited ecstasy before Divine fire

Knowing in reflection that we fall short
Still, dropping all pretense, we move in harmony
Missing the beat while giving all back to basic

Mostly dissonant with breakthroughs of bliss
Those moments we shine without resistance
Feel without regret our life force flow

What its like being a shadow on the moon
Or more revealing, a block against the sun
Stuck stoned before the ever present One

We throw away our lives yet back we come
We give away our gifts just to be alone
We fly away from center only to hit home

The life of a butterfly after caterpillar dreams
Letting go of earthbound comfort harder than it seams
When can we trust the trajectory of heartfelt screams

Disappearing our act of separate subjects
Seeing the objective in near sighted views
Selling all our things to be free of form

Why we insist on staying opaque to inner light
Zealous of self controlled flight into terrain
Wicks most delicate light up with brightest beaming

Fade away for the long pass out of the gate
Catch the cosmic drift to touch the dawny down
Release the zipped up body bag to climb out of sight

We come in wondering what we get out of it
Then we remember what we are missing not being here
Each fake finality that yields another real life

Love grows out of bounds
For every singular second
Joy finds itself reproducing

Life returns in feeling endless form

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"This Eye for an Eye Revenge Tour of The Reincarnated, for the Purpose of Getting Even, Goes On, and On, and On."



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