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"Hiatus Interuptus; The Concluding Chapter from the book, Bhakti, by Swami Vivekananda."

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I know I am on hiatus and from what I can see it may well have only begun, as I have these projects that have been delayed again and again and all of a sudden, I have a full head of steam on about them and it is going well enough to please me and I am VERY HARD TO PLEASE when it comes to ME. If you read a post from the past every single day, it would take you years to read them all. If you read one every day and one every evening, it would still take you years to read them all so... I've gone on and on and on about this, that, the other thing and yeah... all those other things too so... (sigh)

These days, The Lord God is becoming, more and more, the single enduring focus of my days and nights and because certain events that have been meant to occur in my life, ever since I met The Man on the Beach in 1967, are about to soon happen; all kinds of fireworks are going off, as well as new conditions appearing that I have not previously seen. I am absolutely certain that at year's end, neither I, nor You, nor the world surrounding, will resemble itself as it presently is. We are all going to be dramatically changed.

These days, due to the Law of Synchronicity and Resonance, a law you may not have heard mentioned here, or maybe anywhere before now, everything I read, dovetails right into whatever I may have been thinking of or wondering about immediately previous. It has reached a level of absurdity actually. I could not possibly convey how relentlessly this is happening now.

I have posted this statement several times here;

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great-souled ones."

I mentioned what a thrill it was for me when it dawned on me that I could check all three of those boxes. The sense of assurance and certitude that washed over me (and still does) when I read it, was profound. Today I completed the book, “Bhakti Yoga”, which is in Volume 3 of The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda. Once again I had that same feeling as I read about the different levels of Love one experiences in respect of The Divine. Wow!

So I want to share this with you and I don't feel that it compromises my hiatus. I didn't want any time to pass before I made this available to THOSE OF YOU TO WHOM IT MAY APPLY. It's not for everyone, nor am I, or have I ever been, trying to reach everyone. However... SOME OF YOU will be delighted to read this short excerpt from his works. Read it carefully, there is more present than may appear. Perhaps you will (as I do) ask your guiding angel to open the revelation area of your awareness so that you might receive the full import of what he is saying.

Much love to you my friends and now... back to work.

I will try to provide the occasional Podcast and video as time goes by.

God Bless and protect you all, my friends, in these trying and transformative times.


It is impossible to express the nature of this supreme and absolute ideal of love in human language. Even the highest flight of human imagination is incapable of comprehending it in all its infinite perfection and beauty. Nevertheless, the followers of the religion of love, in its higher as well as its lower forms, in all countries, have all along had to use the inadequate human language to comprehend and to define their own ideal of love. Nay more, human love itself, in all its varied forms has been made to typify this inexpressible divine love. Man can think of divine things only in his own human way, to us the Absolute can be expressed only in our relative language. The whole universe is to us a writing of the Infinite in the language of the finite. Therefore Bhaktas make use of all the common terms associated with the common love of humanity in relation to God and His worship through love.

Some of the great writers on Para-Bhakti have tried to understand and experience this divine love in so many different ways. The lowest form in which this love is apprehended is what they call the peaceful — the Shânta. When a man worships God without the fire of love in him, without its madness in his brain, when his love is just the calm commonplace love, a little higher than mere forms and ceremonies and symbols, but not at all characterized by the madness of intensely active love, it is said to be Shanta. We see some people in the world who like to move on slowly, and others who come and go like the whirlwind. The Shânta-Bhakta is calm, peaceful, gentle.

The next higher type is that of Dâsya, i.e. servantship; it comes when a man thinks he is the servant of the Lord. The attachment of the faithful servant unto the master is his ideal. The next type of love is Sakhya, friendship — "Thou art our beloved friend." Just as a man opens his heart to his friend and knows that the friend will never chide him for his faults but will always try to help him, just as there is the idea of equality between him and his friend, so equal love flows in and out between the worshipper and his friendly God. Thus God becomes our friend, the friend who is near, the friend to whom we may freely tell all the tales of our lives. The innermost secrets of our hearts we may place before Him with the great assurance of safety and support. He is the friend whom the devotee accepts as an equal. God is viewed here as our playmate.

We may well say that we are all playing in this universe. Just as children play their games, just as the most glorious kings and emperors play their own games, so is the Beloved Lord Himself in sport with this universe. He is perfect; He does not want anything. Why should He create? Activity is always with us for the fulfillment of a certain want, and want always presupposes imperfection. God is perfect; He has no wants. Why should He go on with this work of an ever-active creation? What purpose has He in view? The stories about God creating this world for some end or other that we imagine are good as stories, but not otherwise. It is all really in sport; the universe is His play going on. The whole universe must after all be a big piece of pleasing fun to Him. If you are poor, enjoy that as fun; if you are rich, enjoy the fun of being rich; if dangers come, it is also good fun; if happiness comes, there is more good fun.

The world is just a playground, and we are here having good fun, having a game; and God is with us playing all the while, and we are with Him playing. God is our eternal playmate. How beautifully He is playing! The play is finished when the cycle: comes to an end. There is rest for a shorter or longer time; again all come out and play. It is only when you forget that it is all play and that you are also helping in the play, it is only then that misery and sorrows come. Then the heart becomes heavy, then the world weighs upon you with tremendous power. But as soon as you give up the serious idea of reality as the characteristic of the changing incidents of the three minutes of life and know it to be but a stage on which we are playing, helping Him to play, at once misery ceases for you. He plays in every atom; He is playing when He is building up earths, and suns, and moons; He is playing with the human heart, with animals, with plants. We are His chessmen; He puts the chessmen on the board and shakes them up. He arranges us first in one way and then in another, and we are consciously or unconsciously helping in His play. And, oh, bliss! we are His playmates!

The next is what is known as Vâtsalya, loving God not as our Father but as our Child. This may look peculiar, but it is a discipline to enable us to detach all ideas of power from the concept of God. The idea of power brings with it awe. There should be no awe in love. The ideas of reverence and obedience are necessary for the formation of character; but when character is formed, when the lover has tasted the calm, peaceful love and tasted also a little of its intense madness, then he need talk no more of ethics and discipline. To conceive God as mighty, majestic, and glorious, as the Lord of the universe, or as the God of gods, the lover says he does not care. It is to avoid this association with God of the fear-creating sense of power that he worships God as his own child. The mother and the father are not moved by awe in relation to the child; they cannot have any reverence for the child. They cannot think of asking any favour from the child. The child's position is always that of the receiver, and out of love for the child the parents will give up their bodies a hundred times over. A thousand lives they will sacrifice for that one child of theirs, and, therefore, God is loved as a child. This idea of loving God as a child comes into existence and grows naturally among those religious sects which believe in the incarnation of God.

For the Mohammedans it is impossible to have this idea of God as a child; they will shrink from it with a kind of horror. But the Christian and the Hindu can realise it easily, because they have the baby Jesus and the baby Krishna. The women in India often look upon themselves as Krishna's mother; Christian mothers also may take up the idea that they are Christ's mothers, and it will bring to the West the knowledge of God's Divine Motherhood which they so much need. The superstitions of awe and reverence in relation to God are deeply rooted in the bears of our hearts, and it takes long years to sink entirely in love our ideas of reverence and veneration, of awe and majesty and glory with regard to God.

There is one more human representation of the divine ideal of love. It is known as Madhura, sweet, and is the highest of all such representations. It is indeed based on the highest manifestation of love in this world, and this love is also the strongest known to man. What love shakes the whole nature of man, what love runs through every atom of his being — makes him mad, makes him forget his own nature, transforms him, makes him either a God or a demon — as the love between man and woman. In this sweet representation of divine love God is our husband. We are all women; there are no men in this world; there is but One man, and this is He, our Beloved. All that love which man gives to woman, or woman to man, has her to be given up to the Lord. All the different kinds of love which we see in the world, and with which we are more or less playing merely, have God as the one goal; but unfortunately, man does not know the infinite ocean into which this mighty river of love is constantly flowing, and so, foolishly, he often tries to direct it to little dolls of human beings.

The tremendous love for the child that is in human nature is not for the little doll of a child; if you bestow it blindly and exclusively on the child, you will suffer in consequence. But through such suffering will come the awakening by which you are sure to find out that the love which is in you, if it is given to any human being, will sooner or later bring pain and sorrow as the result. Our love must, therefore, be given to the Highest One who never dies and never changes, to Him in the ocean of whose love there is neither ebb nor flow. Love must get to its right destination, it must go unto Him who is really the infinite ocean of love. All rivers flow into the ocean. Even the drop of water coming down from the mountain side cannot stop its course after reaching a brook or a river, however big it may be; at last even that drop somehow does find its way to the ocean. God is the one goal of all our passions and emotions. If you want to be angry, be angry with Him. Chide your Beloved, chide your Friend. Whom else can you safely chide? Mortal man will not patiently put up with your anger; there will be a reaction. If you are angry with me I am sure quickly to react, because I cannot patiently put up with your anger. Say unto the Beloved, "Why do You not come to me; why do You leave me thus alone?" Where is there any enjoyment but in Him? What enjoyment can there be in little clods of earth? It is the crystallised essence of infinite enjoyment that we have to seek, and that is in God. Let all our passions and emotions go up unto Him They are meant for Him, for if they miss their mark and go lower, they become vile; and when they go straight to the mark, to the Lord, even the lowest of them becomes transfigured.

All the energies of the human body and mind, howsoever they may express themselves, have the Lord as their one goal, as their Ekâyana. All loves and all passions of the human heart must go to God. He is the Beloved. Whom else can this heart love? He is the most beautiful, the most sublime, He is beauty itself, sublimity itself. Who in this universe is more beautiful than He? Who in this universe is more fit to become the husband than He? Who in this universe is fitter to be loved than He? So let Him be the husband, let Him be the Beloved. Often it so happens that divine lovers who sing of this divine love accept the language of human love in all its aspects as adequate to describe it. Fools do not understand this; they never will. They look at it only with the physical eye. They do not understand the mad throes of this spiritual love. How can they? "For one kiss of Thy lips, O Beloved! One who has been kissed by Thee, has his thirst for Thee increasing for ever, all his sorrows vanish, and he forgets all things except Thee alone."

Aspire after that kiss of the Beloved, that touch of His lips which makes the Bhakta mad, which makes of man a god. To him, who has been blessed with such a kiss, the whole of nature changes, worlds vanish, suns and moons die out, and the universe itself melts away into that one infinite ocean of love. That is the perfection of the madness of love Ay, the true spiritual lover does not rest even there; even the love of husband and wife is not mad enough for him. The Bhaktas take up also the idea of illegitimate love, because it is so strong; the impropriety of it is not at all the thing they have in view. The nature if this love is such that the more obstructions there are for its free play, the more passionate it becomes. The love between husband and wife is smooth, there are no obstructions there. So the Bhaktas take up the idea of a girl who is in love with her own beloved, and her mother or father or husband objects to such love; and the more anybody obstructs the course of her love, so much the more is her love tending to grow in strength.

Human language cannot describe how Krishna in the groves of Vrindâ was madly loved, how at the sound of his voice the ever-blessed Gopis rushed out to meet him, forgetting everything, forgetting this world and its ties, its duties, its joys, and its sorrows. Man, O man, you speak of divine love and at the same time are able to attend to all the vanities of this world — are you sincere? "Where Râma is, there is no room for any desire — where desire is, there is no room for Rama; these never coexist — like light and darkness they are never together."


When this highest ideal of love is reached, philosophy is thrown away; who will then care for it? Freedom, Salvation, Nirvâna — all are thrown away; who cares to become free while in the enjoyment of divine love? "Lord, I do not want wealth, nor friends, nor beauty, nor learning, nor even freedom; let me be born again and again, and be Thou ever my Love. Be Thou ever and ever my Love." "Who cares to become sugar?" says the Bhakta, "I want to taste sugar." Who will then desire to become free and one with God? "I may know that I am He; yet will I take myself away from Him and become different, so that I may enjoy the Beloved." That is what the Bhakta says. Love for love's sake is his highest enjoyment. Who will not be bound hand and foot a thousand times over to enjoy the Beloved? No Bhakta cares for anything except love, except to love and to be loved. His unworldly love is like the tide rushing up the river; this lover goes up the river against the current. The world calls him mad I know one whom the world used to call mad, and this was his answer: "My friends, the whole world is a lunatic asylum.

Some are mad after worldly love, some after name, some after fame, some after money, some after salvation and going to heaven. In this big lunatic asylum I am also mad, I am mad after God. If you are mad after money, I am mad after God. You are mad; so am I. I think my madness is after all the best." The true Bhakta's love is this burning madness before which everything else vanishes for him. The whole universe is to him full of love and love alone; that is how it seems to the lover. So when a man has this love in him, he becomes eternally blessed, eternally happy.

This blessed madness of divine love alone can cure for ever the disease of the world that is in us. With desire, selfishness has vanished. He has drawn near to God, he has thrown off all those vain desires of which he was full before. We all have to begin as dualists in the religion of love. God is to us a separate Being, and we feel ourselves to be separate beings also. Love then comes in the middle, and man begins to approach God, and God also comes nearer and nearer to man. Man takes up all the various relationships of life, as father, as mother, as son, as friend, as master, as lover, and projects them on his ideal of love, on his God. To him God exists as all these, and the last point of his progress is reached when he feels that he has become absolutely merged in the object of his worship. We all begin with love for ourselves, and the unfair claims of the little self make even love selfish. At last, however, comes the full blaze of light, in which this little self is seen to have become one with the Infinite. Man himself is transfigured in the presence of this Light of Love, and he realises at last the beautiful and inspiring truth that Love, the Lover, and the Beloved are One.

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

"Everything Outside was Already Inside and then You Named it and Owned it as That."

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A reader wrote in yesterday, asking about what he might do, concerning flashes of anger and rage that come upon him. I suspect that this and similar emotions are plaguing a great many of us at this time, or have at some time. Venal and twisted beings have taken over the outer environs, which all of us are passing through to some degree. When a nasty little cabal of Satanists in the Middle East attacked the United States on 9/11, many of our freedoms went missing. Trying to travel by plane has become a nightmare and I- for one -avoid it now. I just don't go anywhere if travel by air is required, unless I travel in my astral body for which I do not need to pass through checkpoints.

Skulls Chertoff, one of the main players in the attack made a fortune off of marketing body scanners. His picture says it all. The impotence of our collective state, no doubt, enrages many of us. Now THEY have manufactured a nothing kind of a virus, to kill off the elderly and those with existing health complications, so that they could also create a new system of social control called, Social Distancing. They are invited to kiss my ass and no distance is required as far as I am concerned. Scratch that, I don't want them anywhere near my ass. I don't know where that mouth has been but without question it was deep into the darkest orifice of The Prince of Darkness not long ago.

I was talking to my friend about this reader's request and my friend said, “I was about to answer him too.” I replied, “You should have.” You should always react; ANYTIME you feel the push in that direction you should act on it because that is one of the angels of God speaking to you. My friend said, with an amused countenance, “Well... I didn't want to step on anyone's toes”, meaning me. I answered that any response of that kind actually helps me. Anytime anyone helps someone else, they are helping me because I AM EVERYONE ELSE. That perspective, it seems to me, is the right perspective to have. What did John Donne say in that poem? “No man is an island.” and he concluded with, “Each man's death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind. Therefore, never seek to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.”

We are all a part of one another and that is a scientific fact, regardless of how poorly expressed or understood it may be. We have no relevance or meaning outside of the context of each other and what any one of us feels, rolls... however slightly, through us all. So... in these times there is a great deal of anger on the move. Whenever steps are taken to impinge upon our freedom, rage and frustration are the offspring of that offense. The urge to freedom is the most basic human impetus.

Anger, from my observations, most often has to do with something unresolved from former times. It may be a familial matter. It may be related to something we did not do that we thought we should have done; the fruit of some moment of personal cowardice, where we did not rise to the occasion. It could be harm done to us by another and the memory of which we carry like an unwelcome passenger on our back. I don't know WHICH is the WHAT of it ...but MOST OF THE TIME, the origins of anger are simpler than we may think. Self Inquiry brings whatever is needed to the fore if we take the trouble to look.

Why is it... when we happen to be the origin and solution to every problem we encounter, that we do not look there? Our eyes give our minds the impression that we are seeing, 'out there'. We are not seeing out there. Out there is in our heads and the control of everything is quite simple. It only requires recognizing who is already in control. If... you allow the one who is perpetually in command of everything, to continue unhindered in his rulership of everything, from the movement of stars and planets to the final destination of a single fallen leaf, you will be aligned with that command. You will be in sympathetic resonance with THE ALL.

Attempting to hinder, or not hindering the Supreme Ruler does not affect the Supreme Ruler AT ALL. What was it that caused the Fallen Angels to fall? It was rebellion was it not? What was it that set them off? He commanded them to worship his creation, Adam and they refused. This is what we are told. There are many fundamentalist doctrinarians and dogmatists who object to this and others as well who do not answer to those definitions of type BUT... with ANY INSPIRED SCRIPTURE, the surface meaning is almost never the real meaning. I might add that any INSPIRED SCRIPTURE can be understood differently, depending on the level of awareness of the person understanding it. This was explained where it was said that there was one teaching for the masses and another for the disciples.

You learn what you are capable of understanding. You receive the teaching that corresponds to your level of awareness. At the moment that the switch is thrown in your consciousness, as the result of a metaphysical, critical mass occurring, the teacher appears. Here is a story I have never told here before, one of a great many stories I have yet to tell. I was sitting in a park in San Francisco (this was in the summer of 1967) when this fellow came energetically striding across the grass at me. He was dressed simply in a pair of pants and a button-down shirt and looked like one of those characters drawn by the cartoonist Don Martin from Mad Magazine. He had a grin a mile wide, with flashing white teeth and shining blue eyes. For some reason he reminds me (now) of one of those desert Mormons. He said, “Do you want to go to a Buddhist monastery?”

I was compelled to my feet. I still don't know why and I walked off with him. I thought of my possessions back at the apartment, at the corner of Haight and Fillmore but continued on with him. He had a ruddy complexion and was full of life. We started hitching out of town and were picked up quickly. We were headed toward the area of Big Sur, as I remember it. It was getting dark at some point and we were walking through a town when he said we should eat. He went up to the window of a Taco Bell. I think it was a Taco Bell and told the man at the window we were hungry and had no money. He gave us a big bag of food. It was like magic. Everyone he spoke to seemed to be under his spell.

It was dark now and we went back on the highway and a fellow in a Volkswagen Bug picked us up. My companion told him we were tired and needed a place to sleep. Without pause he said, you can sleep at my house. He had a pleasant cottage somewhere and we spent the night. The next morning he came to us and said, “I have to go to work now so... there's food in the refrigerator, help yourself and just close the door when you leave.” People just don't do this sort of thing.

We went up on the highway and got a ride. I had been talking about Peyote with the fellow and also saying that I really should get back and get my stuff; stupid of me I know. We were by the side of the road, out on the highway and all of a sudden a police car pulled up. They asked us for ID. I had some. He didn't. They took him away. Before he left, he walked to a bush by the side of the road with red berries on it, took a handful and then he gave them to me. “Here's your Peyote”, he said. I'll never forget the look of disappointment in his face. It may not have been disappointment. I don't know what it was but I felt bad as I headed back to San Francisco.

The three young men I was living with were all from D.C., as was I. One of them was only 14 years old and named Phil. They were all Heroin addicts. It disturbed me that they were like this. There was also a few hundred pounds of Marijuana in the apartment. They came from rich stock and had money and I guess they fancied themselves, dealers. This paid for the Heroin, or something did. They were not happy about being addicted and mentioned it frequently. I hatched a plan to take them to Big Sur to drop acid and said that this could work to get them off the Heroin. They agreed. Addicts don't do this kind of thing.

We climbed into the VW Bus owned by one of them and set off. We arrived in the Big Sur area and saw a sign that said, camping $3.00 a person at the Lime Kiln Creek turnout (now a state park). Destiny had the place in mind. We pulled in and parked and then took the acid and I went my way and they went theirs. After coming on to the acid and having a few words with the ocean from atop a big boulder, I went walking about and came upon a fellow sitting cross-legged at a distance from the beach. It was The Man on the Beach and all that followed after that, followed after that.

It never occurred to me to connect the fellow who wanted to take me to a Buddhist monastery a few days earlier, with my now being in that same area. When YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SOMEWHERE, YOU ARE THERE. Every journey starts out as an internal affair. It is something you think about or... somehow it appears in your mind and then it takes place in the projected external world. The whole course of my life was altered that day. I've no idea where it would have led otherwise but it assuredly IMPACTED on everything that came after.

Everything in my life and... probably in yours, is a preparation for what comes after. Sometimes the after is in that same life and... more often, it is the after that follows whatever tax you had to pay for former excursions and whatever stage is being set by your handling of that which came your way this time around. My whole life has been about being made ready for where I am and now... whatever awaits in these few years to follow. I was banged and battered into present shape for a reason. I also had all the rebellion and recalcitrance hammered out of me. I was made strong to endure it and made stronger still for having done so.

It is a funny thing how we can go through the span of a lifetime, never really thinking about what the import of it all meant. We simply did what we did that was in front of us and made the efforts and sacrifices necessary to hold our lives and the lives of those who depended on us, together. Also never knowing that it was not us who held anything together. There are other imperatives besides the biological. Well... that is enough for today.

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CHAPTER VI from “Bhakti” (the book) in Volume 3 of the Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda.


“Wherever His name is spoken, that very place is holy. How much more so is the man who speaks His name, and with what veneration ought we to approach that man out of whom comes to us spiritual truth! Such great teachers of spiritual truth are indeed very few in number in this world, but the world is never altogether without them. They are always the fairest flowers of human life — — "the ocean of mercy without any motive". — "Know the Guru to be Me", says Shri Krishna in the Bhagavata. The moment the world is absolutely bereft of these, it becomes a hideous hell and hastens on to its destruction. Higher and nobler than all ordinary ones are another set of teachers, the Avatâras of Ishvara, in the world. They can transmit spirituality with a touch, even with a mere wish. The lowest and the most degraded characters become in one second saints at their command. They are the Teachers of all teachers, the highest manifestations of God through man. We cannot see God except through them. We cannot help worshipping them; and indeed they are the only ones whom we are bound to worship.

No man can really see God except through these human manifestations. If we try to see God otherwise, we make for ourselves a hideous caricature of Him and believe the caricature to be no worse than the original. There is a story of an ignorant man who was asked to make an image of the God Shiva, and who, after days of hard struggle, manufactured only the image of a monkey. So whenever we try to think of God as He is in His absolute perfection, we invariably meet with the most miserable failure, because as long as we are men, we cannot conceive Him as anything higher than man. The time will come when we shall transcend our human nature and know Him as He is; but as long as we are men, we must worship Him in man and as man.

Talk as you may, try as you may, you cannot think of God except as a man. You may deliver great intellectual discourses on God and on all things under the sun, become great rationalists and prove to your satisfaction that all these accounts of the Avataras of God as man are nonsense. But let us come for a moment to practical common sense. What is there behind this kind of remarkable intellect? Zero, nothing, simply so much froth. When next you hear a man delivering a great intellectual lecture against this worship of the Avataras of God, get hold of him and ask what his idea of God is, what he understands by "omnipotence", "omnipresence", and all similar terms, beyond the spelling of the words. He really means nothing by them; he cannot formulate as their meaning any idea unaffected by his own human nature; he is no better off in this matter than the man in the street who has not read a single book. That man in the street, however, is quiet and does not disturb the peace of the world, while this big talker creates disturbance and misery among mankind.

Religion is, after all, realisation, and we must make the sharpest distinction between talk; and intuitive experience. What we experience in the depths of our souls is realisation. Nothing indeed is so uncommon as common sense in regard to this matter. By our present constitution we are limited and bound to see God as man. If, for instance the buffaloes want to worship God, they will, in keeping with their own nature, see Him as a huge buffalo; if a fish wants to worship God, it will have to form an Idea of Him as a big fish, and man has to think of Him as man. And these various conceptions are not due to morbidly active imagination. Man, the buffalo, and the fish all may be supposed to represent so many different vessels, so to say. All these vessels go to the sea of God to get filled with water, each according to its own shape and capacity; in the man the water takes the shape of man, in the buffalo, the shape of a buffalo and in the fish, the shape of a fish. In each of these vessels there is the same water of the sea of God. When men see Him, they see Him as man, and the animals, if they have any conception of God at all, must see Him as animal each according to its own ideal. So we cannot help seeing God as man, and, therefore, we are bound to worship Him as man. There is no other way.

Two kinds of men do not worship God as man — the human brute who has no religion, and the Paramahamsa who has risen beyond all the weaknesses of humanity and has transcended the limits of his own human nature. To him all nature has become his own Self. He alone can worship God as He is. Here, too, as in all other cases, the two extremes meet. The extreme of ignorance and the other extreme of knowledge — neither of these go through acts of worship. The human brute does not worship because of his ignorance, and the Jivanmuktas (free souls) do not worship because they have realised God in themselves. Being between these two poles of existence, if any one tells you that he is not going to worship God as man, take kindly care of that man; he is, not to use any harsher term, an irresponsible talker; his religion is for unsound and empty brains.

God understands human failings and becomes man to do good to humanity: — "Whenever virtue subsides and wickedness prevails, I manifest Myself. To establish virtue, to destroy evil, to save the good I come from Yuga (age) to Yuga." — 'Fools deride Me who have assumed the human form, without knowing My real nature as the Lord of the universe.' Such is Shri Krishna's declaration in the Gita on Incarnation. 'When a huge tidal wave comes,' says Bhagavan Shri Ramakrishna, 'all the little brooks and ditches become full to the brim without any effort or consciousness on their own part; so when an Incarnation comes, a tidal wave of spirituality breaks upon the world, and people feel spirituality almost full in the air.'”

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

"The Spilling of Numbers down the Mountainside of Existence into the Colorful Riot of Material Form."

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By now, you should know, there is this group of psychopaths that want to reduce the population by a lot. They are out in front of themselves at the moment, seeking to head God off at the pass, when GOD IS THE PASS. They CAN'T win, BUT they can triumph in any particular life that submits to them. Tattoo the following upon your mind! Tattoo it on your forehead if necessary but in that case, write it backwards like ECNALUBMA so you can see it in the mirror; 'GOD IS IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING!!!' What I will now add you will probably not want to tattoo on your forehead because it will require very small print unless you have a really big forehead; 'NOTHING can oppose the Will of God. God is triumphant over all ALWAYS. There is no Devil when the reactive mind is stilled. The Devil is the mind and also a monkey in its undisciplined behavior.' Then recite The 23rd Psalm=

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

I keep getting evidence of Doom and Gloom from hither and yon and some of you that ought to know better. What that is a serious lack of faith on your part. I am not saying if you cashier that attitude that you are therefore going to survive whatever it is that is on the menu for the coming times. I do not know what your particular destiny includes but I DO KNOW that Almighty God is in complete control of everything and I DO KNOW that all things work for good for those who love The Lord. Whatever appearances may be trying to deceive you with is a lie. EVERYTHING that is happening and going to happen is FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION and God is using this to make his point and he WILL make his point.

Rely upon The Ineffable in all your comings and goings, period... PERIOD!!! Some of you may want to rely on yourself and you will get the fruits of that. I RELY ON GOD... PERIOD! I do not KNOW BETTER than The Divine, no... not hardly. As much as you may come here to get affirmation of a specific reality... for some reason... FOR SOME REASON, it seems to be very hard for you to be convinced of THE FACT that God is in control of everything. Maybe it isn't that. Maybe it is hard for you to be convinced that God means well for you personally. Perhaps you think that God is unaware of you? That is VERY unlikely. Or that God dislikes you because you dislike yourself. God IS NOT LIKE THAT!!!

Remember the story of The Prodigal Son? When the father saw his son coming FROM FAR OFF (sometimes a matter of more than one lifetime away). He jumped for joy and called his servants to prepare a feast! THAT is how God is. Yeah... if you don't keep the covenant. If you are Self Will run Riot. If you insist on being THE Mr. Supremo of all you survey... you will go off of God's television screen. He is NOT going to interfere with you AND The Lords of Karma (there are 24 of them) will then determine WHICH PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION your life example is best suited for and they will then suit you up for it; as a teaching aid, an object lesson for everyone else and THANK YOU FOR THAT! Thank you for having taken the licks and giving the evidence SO THAT WE DON'T HAVE TO.

Whatever the case may be, it KEEPS COMING TO MY ATTENTION that many of you are fearful, disturbed by current events, apprehensive of the power of the psychopaths who are seeking your demise... basically uneasy, as if... perhaps God is not completely in charge of EVERYTHING. I don't know how to convince you of what to me is an inescapable reality that is proven out in regular fashion, at least from my perspective.

Try to get past your reliance on appearances for what is really taking place. What is REALLY taking place is going on BEHIND appearances. Think of it this way. Appearances are ALWAYS changing. There is nothing stable about them and the appearances from yesterday are not the same today. Sure... denouements may be closer and the appearances may be more or less threatening but... they are not the same. That which is behind them and which CANNOT BE AFFECTED BY APPEARANCES, remains unchanged.

What is it that renders God unreal in our minds? It is brought about when WE ARE UNREAL. Don't be unreal! As you MAKE THE EFFORT to be drawn closer to God by... following the tenets of Ageless Wisdom and all of the sacrosanct homilies, parts of scripture, and the urgings of your heart, you will become more real and God will become more real. It is a simple thing, folks! Why is it not simple for you? Ah... you have decided that you want to do it your way. You know better!!! Sure you do. One thing for certain... YOU WILL FIND OUT. You WILL find out.

Think of the whole of life and all of its dynamics, principles, and living elements as being ALL OF THEM... Mathematical. I have given you this image before and I will expand on it a bit here. Imagine the snow-covered tops of mountains... the Himalayas, the Andes, the Sierra Nevada's as being the plane of pure mathematics. When the snow melts, it runs down the mountainsides in streams and similar and comes to the valley, which breaks into a riot of color and life, due to the pure mathematics having run down the mountain and materializing into form.

Think of the white light of the pure consciousness of God- the ineffable hitting a spectrum and becoming the 7 colors. These are MANIFEST variants of the being of God, playing out in 7 musical tones, 7 days of the week, the 7 planets of the ancients, the 7 chakras, and their Hermetic counterparts and I could go on a bit here but I won't. These further divide into 3 each, which accounts for the 21 Tarot images, absent The Fool, who is that white light (breath of life) prior to manifestation. We call it 'the spirit in search of experience, prior to its descent into material form'.

I should add that the entire universe is an expression of numbers and letters and that is the essence of Kabala. Think of it as a ladder upon which you can go UP and DOWN. Think of it as Jacob's Ladder if you will. The UNINFORMED like to take me to task... for mentioning the Kabala, which they insist I am promoting; far from it. They take what I say as an approving perspective on my part. This is not the case. What I have said is that it can be used to positive and negative effect by positive and negative practitioners, as IS THE CASE at present by certain cabals (cabal-cabala). I don't recommend getting into it at all. I looked into it, probably more than many but it was not for me as I am not on that path, the path of knowledge. I am on the path of Love, which is the RECOMMENDED path for this time frame. The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage is for the purpose of communicating in the angelic language, with the angels. Variants CAN BE USED to discourse with demons and there are idiots and fools of that persuasion. It is the same thing with the Masons. There are some VERY GOOD PEOPLE who were, are, Masons, but there are fools and idiots who know nothing about the matter and who insist all Masons are evil. All Masons are NOT EVIL but all people who think so ARE STUPID.

I am NOT a Mason. I belong to the Brotherhood of Light- not the esoteric organization of the same name but to an esoteric branch and which is not called that. This accounts for all I 'might' happen to know and for my predilection to maintain that, “I don't know.” (but God does... and he informs me when it is called for).

My friends... it is going to get dicey in coming times and I ADVISE that you make every effort to seek and to remember the divine and to practice the presence whether you feel it or not. Keep practicing it and YOU WILL FEEL IT. You have to impress the one you seek to be in association with. He IS NOT going to drop-in because you did 2 weeks and a 4 day intensive, cobbled together by some spiritual carpetbagger for the purpose of their own material enrichment; NOT HAPPENING.

You MUST give the verifiable impression that you are in it for the long haul and that NOTHING can or will dissuade you, because efforts WILL BE MADE to that effect. Like I KEEP SAYING; “If you don't give up, you cannot fail” AND “You just have to want 'it' more than anything else”.

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Little Miss Pocketnet Sat down at Starbucks, Eating cake with a decaf latte; There came a George Soros who sat down beside her, And frightened Miss Pocketnet away. Don't let this happen to you!

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Here is the first chapter in Bhakti Yoga from the 3rd book in the Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda.


"He is the Soul of the Universe; He is Immortal; His is the Rulership; He is the All-knowing, the All-pervading, the Protector of the Universe, the Eternal Ruler. None else is there efficient to govern the world eternally. He who at the beginning of creation projected Brahmâ (i.e. the universal consciousness), and who delivered the Vedas unto him — seeking liberation I go for refuge unto that effulgent One, whose light turns the understanding towards the Âtman."


Bhakti-Yoga is a real, genuine search after the Lord, a search beginning, continuing, and ending in love. One single moment of the madness of extreme love to God brings us eternal freedom. "Bhakti", says Nârada in his explanation of the Bhakti-aphorisms, "is intense love to God"; "When a man gets it, he loves all, hates none; he becomes satisfied for ever"; "This love cannot be reduced to any earthly benefit", because so long as worldly desires last, that kind of love does not come; "Bhakti is greater than karma, greater than Yoga, because these are intended for an object in view, while Bhakti is its own fruition, its own means and its own end." Bhakti has been the one constant theme of our sages. Apart from the special writers on Bhakti, such as Shândilya or Narada, the great commentators on the Vyâsa-Sutras, evidently advocates of knowledge (Jnâna), have also something very suggestive to say about love.

Even when the commentator is anxious to explain many, if not all, of the texts so as to make them import a sort of dry knowledge, the Sutras, in the chapter on worship especially, do not lend themselves to be easily manipulated in that fashion. There is not really so much difference between knowledge (Jnana) and love (Bhakti) as people sometimes imagine. We shall see, as we go on, that in the end they converge and meet at the same point. So also is it with Râja-Yoga, which when pursued as a means to attain liberation, and not (as unfortunately it frequently becomes in the hands of charlatans and mystery-mongers) as an instrument to hoodwink the unwary, leads us also to the same goal. The one great advantage of Bhakti is that it is the easiest and the most natural way to reach the great divine end in view; its great disadvantage is that in its lower forms it oftentimes degenerates into hideous fanaticism.

The fanatical crew in Hinduism, or Mohammedanism, or Christianity, have always been almost exclusively recruited from these worshippers on the lower planes of Bhakti. That singleness of attachment (Nishthâ) to a loved object, without which no genuine love can grow, is very often also the cause of the denunciation of everything else. All the weak and undeveloped minds in every religion or country have only one way of loving their own ideal, i.e. by hating every other ideal. Herein is the explanation of why the same man who is so lovingly attached to his own ideal of God, so devoted to his own ideal of religion, becomes a howling fanatic as soon as he sees or hears anything of any other ideal. This kind of love is somewhat like the canine instinct of guarding the master's property from intrusion; only, the instinct of the dog is better than the reason of man, for the dog never mistakes its master for an enemy in whatever dress he may come before it. Again, the fanatic loses all power of judgment.

Personal considerations are in his case of such absorbing interest that to him it is no question at all what a man says — whether it is right or wrong; but the one thing he is always particularly careful to know is who says it. The same man who is kind, good, honest, and loving to people of his own opinion, will not hesitate to do the vilest deeds when they are directed against persons beyond the pale of his own religious brotherhood. But this danger exists only in that stage of Bhakti which is called the preparatory (Gauni). When Bhakti has become ripe and has passed into that form which is called the supreme (Parâ), no more is there any fear of these hideous manifestations of fanaticism; that soul which is overpowered by this higher form of Bhakti is too near the God of Love to become an instrument for the diffusion of hatred. It is not given to all of us to be harmonious in the building up of our characters in this life: yet we know that that character is of the noblest type in which all these three — knowledge and love and Yoga — are harmoniously fused.

Three things are necessary for a bird to fly — the two wings and the tail as a rudder for steering. Jnana (Knowledge) is the one wing, Bhakti (Love) is the other, and Yoga is the tail that keeps up the balance. For those who cannot pursue all these three forms of worship together in harmony and take up, therefore, Bhakti alone as their way, it is necessary always to remember that forms and ceremonials, though absolutely necessary for the progressive soul, have no other value than taking us on to that state in which we feel the most intense love to God. There is a little difference in opinion between the teachers of knowledge and those of love, though both admit the power of Bhakti. The Jnanis hold Bhakti to be an instrument of liberation, the Bhaktas look upon it both as the instrument and the thing to be attained. To my mind this is a distinction without much difference. In fact, Bhakti, when used as an instrument, really means a lower form of worship, and the higher form becomes inseparable from the lower form of realisation at a later stage. Each seems to lay a great stress upon his own peculiar method of worship, forgetting that with perfect love true knowledge is bound to come even unsought, and that from perfect knowledge true love is inseparable.

Bearing this in mind let us try to understand what the great Vedantic commentators have to say on the subject. In explaining the Sutra Âvrittirasakridupadeshât (Meditation is necessary, that having been often enjoined.), Bhagavân Shankara says, "Thus people say, 'He is devoted to the king, he is devoted to the Guru'; they say this of him who follows his Guru, and does so, having that following as the one end in view. Similarly they say, 'The loving wife meditates on her loving husband'; here also a kind of eager and continuous remembrance is meant." This is devotion according to Shankara. "Meditation again is a constant remembrance (of the thing meditated upon) flowing like an unbroken stream of oil poured out from one vessel to another. When this kind of remembering has been attained (in relation to God) all bandages break. Thus it is spoken of in the scriptures regarding constant remembering as a means to liberation.

This remembering again is of the same form as seeing, because it is of the same meaning as in the passage, 'When He who is far and near is seen, the bonds of the heart are broken, all doubts vanish, and all effects of work disappear' He who is near can be seen, but he who is far can only be remembered. Nevertheless the scripture says that he have to see Him who is near as well as Him who, is far, thereby indicating to us that the above kind of remembering is as good as seeing. This remembrance when exalted assumes the same form as seeing. . . . Worship is constant remembering as may be seen from the essential texts of scriptures. Knowing, which is the same as repeated worship, has been described as constant remembering. . . . Thus the memory, which has attained to the height of what is as good as direct perception, is spoken of in the Shruti as a means of liberation.

'This Atman is not to be reached through various sciences, nor by intellect, nor by much study of the Vedas. Whomsoever this Atman desires, by him is the Atman attained, unto him this Atman discovers Himself.' Here, after saying that mere hearing, thinking and meditating are not the means of attaining this Atman, it is said, 'Whom this Atman desires, by him the Atman is attained.' The extremely beloved is desired; by whomsoever this Atman is extremely beloved, he becomes the most beloved of the Atman. So that this beloved may attain the Atman, the Lord Himself helps. For it has been said by the Lord:

'Those who are constantly attached to Me and worship Me with love — I give that direction to their will by which they come to Me.' Therefore it is said that, to whomsoever this remembering, which is of the same form as direct perception, is very dear, because it is dear to the Object of such memory perception, he is desired by the Supreme Atman, by him the Supreme Atman is attained. This constant remembrance is denoted by the word Bhakti." So says Bhagavân Râmânuja in his commentary on the Sutra Athâto Brahma-jijnâsâ (Hence follows a dissertation on Brahman.). In commenting on the Sutra of Patanjali, Ishvara pranidhânâdvâ, i.e. "Or by the worship of the Supreme Lord" — Bhoja says, "Pranidhâna is that sort of Bhakti in which, without seeking results, such as sense-enjoyments etc., all works are dedicated to that Teacher of teachers."

Bhagavan Vyâsa also, when commenting on the same, defines Pranidhana as "the form of Bhakti by which the mercy of the Supreme Lord comes to the Yogi, and blesses him by granting him his desires". According to Shândilya, "Bhakti is intense love to God." The best definition is, however, that given by the king of Bhaktas, Prahlâda: "That deathless love which the ignorant have for the fleeting objects of the senses — as I keep meditating on Thee — may not that love slip away from my heart!" Love! For whom? For the Supreme Lord Ishvara. Love for any other being, however great cannot be Bhakti; for, as Ramanuja says in his Shri Bhâshya, quoting an ancient Âchârya, i.e. a great teacher:

"From Brahmâ to a clump of grass, all things that live in the world are slaves of birth and death caused by Karma; therefore they cannot be helpful as objects of meditation, because they are all in ignorance and subject to change." In commenting on the word Anurakti used by Shandilya, the commentator Svapneshvara says that it means Anu, after, and Rakti, attachment; i.e. the attachment which comes after the knowledge of the nature and glory of God; else a blind attachment to any one, e.g. to wife or children, would be Bhakti. We plainly see, therefore, that Bhakti is a series or succession of mental efforts at religious realisation beginning with ordinary worship and ending in a supreme intensity of love for Ishvara.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

"Walking around with a Hairnet of Flies and Mosquitoes with The St. Thomas Aquinas Flu."

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Guess what you haven't seen for a while now? Guess what hasn't been appearing in the news media. “Hmm, let me think about that”, Visible said to himself, given that proper social distancing protocols were being observed and he appeared to be alone. The beauty of Visible's quarantine status is that he has invisible friends all around him but the authorities can't see them. Force is invisible too. We can see the effects of the force but we can't see the force itself. It's a bit like the wind.

What we haven't seen is ANY articles or mention of Gender Issues, transsexual concerns, or ANY news about the representatives. We also have not seen any increase in the usual savagery of fear-driven outrages, crimes of opportunity, and sundry. Of course crimes continue but there seems to be no indication that the climate of uncertainty, trepidation, and material loss has created any outbursts of panic or misbehavior beyond what is usually the case. I have considered this deeply and at length and can come to no other conclusion but that there is some form of celestial intrusion in the affairs of humanity.

People are losing their savings and livelihoods, businesses are closing, rent and the usual bills are calling but... where is the expected national turmoil? No doubt the stimulus payments and excessive unemployment payouts, in many cases proving to be greater than what the wage earner was making, before the shutdown, are having a salutary effect but it really feels like something more is at work here.

I cannot speak to what is passing through the minds of the materialists and those bound to material concerns. I spend my days and nearly all of my moments in the pursuit and celebration of a perpetual unity with the Supernal Realm. The fruit of a lifetime of striving to that effect has resulted in a sense of assurance that continues unabated... PREPARE FOR DIGRESSION.

Someone who signs their name thusly مقداد وفائی at Truthseeker comments section has... ah... Have you ever run into someone so in love with the sound of their own voice that they literally suck all of the oxygen out of the room and you can't hear them anyway? Because of the law of a vacuum. Some kind of poetic, cosmic justice that is, I would say. Very rarely does anyone like this show up at the blogs, or even at Pocketnet. It seems to be a particular UK phenomena. There are 3 or four of these type of frustrated intellects who appear with regularity at my postings there. If you take a moment to 'objectively' study what they say and the manner they present it in you will see, soon enough, that what they are saying, has little, if anything to do with anything I said. Rather... I provide them an opportunity to strut about and preen in a sort of toxic, pseudo-intellectual, embarrassment dance; a clueless tango, with a funhouse mirror held VERY close... too close to actually see their own reflection... or they would cease in short order and then hold their breath, in a sort of piss yourself anxiety, hoping that the moment will pass and time will wash over whatever it was and mercifully obscure it forever beneath the all-forgiving sands of forgetfulness.

I'm not going to provide examples of these commentaries. Some of them are longer than my posting to which they are appearing at. However, if you just can't help yourself you will find all... and more than you will ever want at this location... below each of the posts. On occasion some of them get incensed beyond the ability to restrain themselves. It's a rowdy affair indeed BUT... what I notice most is that it is some kind of effort at self-promotion in many cases, with links and directives of all kinds and you really wonder why they don't get their own staging area, as I and others have done. There is this time-worn effort that so many people employ these days, especially in this era of anonymity, where they have gotten the idea that they can raise their own profile by tearing down someone else's. So far this seems not to have worked at all but we should give them points for trying.

Now... I did not make mention of this because it makes any difference to me one way or the other. I hadn't even read any of these responses in a very long time; so long that I cannot remember the last time I did. However... several readers thought they should bring it to my attention and I did go and give it a look and at one point I made a comment or two and the result of that was similar to tossing a bag of weasels into a hen house. So... I have just as quickly stepped back again and gone on with the more important business of writing these articles of faith, at the times I am provoked to, which is often.

Still... in the last couple of weeks or so I have received a handful of emails asking me to say something about it because these particular readers enjoy it when I address this. They like the controversy apparently, though I suspect that most of you do not, nor do I. However... as a favor... I was asked as a favor, would I please say something about so and so and so and so, like I sometimes do? I am not going to name so and so though, but you will have no trouble recognizing them because they are the ones who will be shouting the loudest after they read this.

Alright then BUT keep in mind that I am not going to have anything further to say after this. I never set myself up as an authority on spiritual matters because I think such legitimate representatives at that are VERY, VERY FEW AND FAR BETWEEN and none of those commenting at Truthseeker can be numbered among them. It is painful for me to see the extent to which people take themselves seriously. The atmosphere of self-righteous pedantry and egregious sophistry that I noticed in the very short time I spent reading the comments was palpable. I did spend some time thinking about it all and looking at it from several angles; which I am actually able to do and... it became ever more clear to me that these people simply do not see themselves as... sadly and unfortunately so many others do and ESPECIALLY in these times of AWAKENING. Some of them are even writing in French, despite their being English speakers at an English speaking site. The poseur mentality is through the roof.

I've learned a few things in my passage through this plane of being. When I was not yet, or only slightly out of my teens in the Washington DC area, I was a horrid pseudo-intellectual and name-dropper and I had it brought to my attention by those older and wiser than me. “Look son, obviously you are brilliant and talented and no one can take that away from you but you ruin your image with this immature posturing.” as one fellow sagely put it. So, after a brief term of wrestling with myself and comforting my bruised ego, I got a clue and stopped that nonsense. I was callow and in my teens so some amount of that can be forgiven and (grin) I have forgiven myself but when you are decades older than that and STILL DOING IT... well... yeah.

We DO NOT look smarter to people, unless you count stupid people, when we TRANSPARENTLY try to make ourselves look wise and magnificently informed. No one, other than other people like you, are entertained by this bullshit AT ALL. We are WATCHED ALL THE TIME MY FRIENDS, by beings far, far wiser and more informed than ourselves and we are NEVER going to advance if we continue to behave in such a puerile fashion. Yes... you can get a passel of mentally deficient types to applaud you, as can be seen at a Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift or Kanye West concert but then you are going to have these jejune and insipid characters chasing you down the street and telling you how wonderful you are and you will have to talk to them and who knows what else? For some people, the celebrity is enough. They can put up with this. I certainly could not and so I consider fame a serious burden rather than any kind of an asset. I have often likened it to having to walk around with a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes.

Vapid celebrities are made of some strange combinations of armadillo shell denial and a blank space where their intelligence is supposed to be located. They literally obsess day and night and through the years about their fading looks and loss of appeal. After a while everything about them is fake but they keep on smiling like real estate agents and used car salesmen. It comes with the territory and they will always have Hollywood Squares as a fallback.

Then there are those who spend years and years, weighing themselves down with the minutiae of dogma and questionable facts about this that and the other and NOBODY CARES! They can't wait to get away from you because you can't shut up and listening to someone else? Fuggeddaboutit!!! See? I even spelled Fuggeddaboutit correctly BUT... who cares? How many people even knew that there is a correct way to spell that word?

There are people who memorize scripture and become mind-numbing bores, who go on and on about 'so and so begat so and so' and they know what all the rules and regulations are and they know who Mohamed's sister's, cousins aunt was and the names of all of her children and NOBODY CARES, except other people like them, who are champing at the bit to throw out their own litany of 'so and so begat so and so'. These people have what I call, Thomas Aquinas Flu. It is way worse than Coronavirus because you don't die from it, you just make other people wish they were dead.

Now... of course, I don't know everything; not even a little bit of everything. Maybe I do know a very little bit of a very little bit of everything but that might still be euphuistic and self-serving. I am compelled by a power far greater than myself to do what I do. Some may dispute that and go right ahead. Time will tell and we shall see and YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT. We shall ALL BE JUDGED BY THAT ONE WHO CANNOT BE FOOLED. Our works will last beyond us or they will vanish while we are still around. I am content to let that play out in my case, nor am I concerned or anxious about it one wit. I don't do it for any of those reasons anyway.

People come to my sites because they want to. They don't have to. A whole lot of people have been coming for years and in some cases decades and that includes some amount of serious malcontents as well. Why they keep coming around I have no idea. I'm not the best and brightest but I NEVER SAID I WAS. I simply do what I do and it is there to take it... or to leave it. I most certainly know the difference between a djinn and an angel and I have encountered both and I will tell you the one thing EVERYONE needs to know about such moments, should they occur for you; BE HUMBLE AND POLITE AND SHOW NO FEAR. And... if you want to encounter the former, get some good acid and go into the wilderness and take it. They WILL show up if you take enough. IF you want to encounter the latter... pray without ceasing. I guarantee these methods, I have used them and they work. I DO NOT RECOMMEND the first option with the djinns. YOU MUST HAVE the dispensation, the character, the gene, the self restraint, and a visceral lack of fear, or you will wish you had not done so. Right... right... you have to go alone also.

So... as hard as it may be for those who take themselves seriously, I don't care what you think of me and I don't care what you say about me. Most of the time I never even see it. I care ONLY about what God thinks about me... PERIOD. There is a fellow at Pocketnet who keeps devoting entire posts to slandering me, or so I am told because people mention it to me but what this fellow does not know, apparently, is... that having blocked him, I can't see any of it. People write exhaustive screeds to me and I never get past the first sentence or two in which I identify the intentions and that is the end of my attention to it. I've tried to tell these people in the past, in hopes of sparing them the considerable time they spend writing these things but... to no avail. Mercifully there have never been more than a few of these.

My friends... those of you in the majority who may well wish I hadn't written any of this, or who care as little about it as I do myself... as I said, this is a favor to a few readers who have been asking me for a more comprehensive discourse on the matter, especially one friend whom I find it hard to say “no” to but now I won't have to worry about it.

In closing, may I say to those of you who get so worked up about what I say. You might learn something if you self-inquire as to WHY it upsets you. Also... people are smarter than you give them credit for and most of the time they see right through your pretentious and egotistic grandstanding. You make yourself look like a fool. NOBODY cares about your pointless minutiae. NOBODY CARES about The Prophet's great, great, great grandson's horse's name. NOBODY cares enough to go and translate what you wrote in French that proves as uninteresting in English as it was in French. NOBODY cares that you are pissed off about what kind of God lets all these babies starve; if you do care so much, WHY ARE YOU NOT OUT FEEDING THEM??? NOBODY CARES that you don't believe in God. NOBODY cares enough to even wonder why it is that if you don't believe in God you spend so much time talking about it. NOBODY cares about your 3,000-word comments, filled with information that NOBODY CARES ABOUT.

Okay Alan, Bill, Karen, Rick et al. I hope this does it for you. As for everyone else, I promise not to head off into this direction at least for a while.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

Pocketnet, Pocketnet shave a pig.
How many hairs will make a wig?
Four and twenty Theosophist's isn't enough
To save your life when the Truth calls your bluff.

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Day 2 of The Bader Meinhoff Ginsburg Deadpool. Feel free to make your prediction.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

"The Stupendous and Accelerating Fall of the Late and Great American Experience."

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If one seeks to observe the whole of the schematic of the intentional destruction of The United States of America, it will prove to be a bewildering affair and that is before we even mention the sectors that are redacted and not for observation or inquiry by anyone but the perpetrators. Presently we are all held down and being subliminally modified by this Coronavirus fraud but that is only one of the dangers facing us.

The biggest danger is the collective ignorance of those of us who traded their spirituality, honor and dignity for a mess of pottage. They got sidewinder bit by the false light of rubies in their eyes, that came climbing like Medusa's own, out of the eye-sockets of the skulls of the same folk as themselves that went before.

There are other dangers. Here is one you can see all around you, everywhere that habitations include the fast-food murder factories of what we now, euphemistically call, Civilization; in 1985, there was not a state in the whole of the US that had a factor of obesity over 15%. In 1991 there was no state over 20%. Somewhere across the small stretch of time between 1999 and 2010, it ran into 30% and then it jumped to 35%. Now, these statistics might wiggle like an Oligochaeta from one page of numbers to another but they are... as some might put it, in the ballpark, more or less, depending on the ballpark. What? One might ask could cause a nation of people to become MORE THAN two times wider in such a small space of time? What caused the nation to go from a place of Good and Plenty to Plenty Fat? I have studied the matter and no matter what you study, it must come down to what they are eating and drinking and how they spend their time.

So... it stands to reason that chemicals discovered or invented during a relevant period of time have a great deal to do with it. There are other secondary features such as lifestyles and sedentary behavior. The fields of entertainment and the internet play a part as well. Consider the lifestyles and diets of video game addicts. The hidden impetus that stands behind all of this is the death of morality and the falling apart of the infrastructures of tradition, including the family unit that held us together for so long. It should go without saying that there has been diabolical intent in the laboratories of the age. Whether this was a conscious thing on the part of the scientists and their overlords, or demonic force tied to the arrival of the apocalypse, or some combination of both, I do not know.

It is abundantly clear that this is why students in the institutions of higher learning are groomed to hold the family unit in contempt. There is a deal of complexity and intricacy that I could explore at this point but all it would do would be to cloud the issue. The whole of the matter is spiritual. There is a war going on and it has been going on for a long time and it is all about the control of the human mind and the theft of the human soul. Now NO ONE can actually steal the soul of another but that does not mean that one or many cannot be convinced of its happening, or be reduced to zombie automatons in a future already diagrammed by George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and a few prescient others. Some of us are telling you about it right now but the misfortune of that is we are too often preaching to the choir and prevented from access to everyone else. They've had that facet covered from early days, with the search engines and all social media, compelled to marginalize those in service to the invisible, celestial hierarchy.

There is no need for special rituals and initiation rites to make one a member of the Aquarian Brotherhood. All one has to do is set their shoulder to the ethereal wheel. Once one has made the compact in their own heart to serve the forces of light, one is immediately rendered into a brother on probation. Rituals of an asomatous and metaphysical nature come in their own time, once the period of probation has expired, once due diligence has been shown (and that can be an undetermined period, depending on the zeal shown by the aspirant...) one is accepted. AND YES... my use of words you have never heard before is an effort to help you with your vocabulary, by forcing you to look them up but I am sure that some of you just pass them over. I am not trying to be smarter than you because in various cases I am not. I really am trying to be helpful, he said with an undetectable grin.

These are not only uncertain times, fraught with all manner of confusion. These are times where spiritual gold can be mined at will IF THE WILL BE PRESENT. All this confusion and demoralization are part of a calculated effort by The Infernal Kingdom to distract our attention from the spiritual gold with offal painted the same color and we have been blinded by cumulative acts of deception, so as to make us believe that Back is now Forth and Up is now Down.

This fake pandemic is to soften us up and make us pliable for what THEY have in mind. Following this is the coming food shortages, also engineered, just like the pandemic. You have already heard about the systematic killing of every kind of livestock because there are allegedly no workers to tend to them. AND THESE ARE NOT CRITICAL INDUSTRIES??? You have seen the recent calls for an end to wet markets and you have seen the investments of that fiend Bill Gates in laboratory meats.

It should be very clear now that a 'relatively' small cabal of psychopaths are at work in an effort to enslave the rest of the world. This dark brotherhood is an international fellowship of fallen souls who serve at the pleasure of the Prince of Darkness. It is the dance of duality that presents itself in times like these; times that come rarely in human history, times when souls are being harvested in the Grand Summoning. Each is doing their part. It is a choreographed drama that was written long ago and it has an end already scripted. The only events remaining are those which determine which way we go. The battle has already been won. The Lord Jesus Christ and his legions of angels are triumphant for all time. It is only in the individual human heart where that destiny is yet to be completed.

There is ONLY ONE. There is the appearance of multiples in this dance but it is not so. It is a dream. Awaken Dreamers!!! AWAKEN!!! All of the madness taking place is a toxic sop to your FEAR, playing you off against opposites. You have to recognize the singularity of existence and the certainty of life and that there is only ONE RULER over all. Once your heart is fixed upon the light of the indwelling lord you will have no further concerns in this life... or... any other. Let me remind you of the 23rd psalm that I don't think most people fully understand. It deserves a deeper level of inquiry as do we ourselves, though that all too seldom happens;

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

God is the living light within us and without which there would be no life in us. The waters of the spirit are the teachings of ageless wisdom that flow into the soul of those who have surrendered to the light. Darkness has no power and no reach when the light is present.

As the Bible quaintly puts it, this is a time to gird up one's loins and put on the whole armor of God. I've probably mixed scripture as I sometimes mix metaphors, given as I am to occasional flights of purpose prose but... the truth is there if one is determined to find it.

End Transmission.......

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Just to find that the battle has been won"

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