Sunday, May 3, 2020

"The Stupendous and Accelerating Fall of the Late and Great American Experience."

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If one seeks to observe the whole of the schematic of the intentional destruction of The United States of America, it will prove to be a bewildering affair and that is before we even mention the sectors that are redacted and not for observation or inquiry by anyone but the perpetrators. Presently we are all held down and being subliminally modified by this Coronavirus fraud but that is only one of the dangers facing us.

The biggest danger is the collective ignorance of those of us who traded their spirituality, honor and dignity for a mess of pottage. They got sidewinder bit by the false light of rubies in their eyes, that came climbing like Medusa's own, out of the eye-sockets of the skulls of the same folk as themselves that went before.

There are other dangers. Here is one you can see all around you, everywhere that habitations include the fast-food murder factories of what we now, euphemistically call, Civilization; in 1985, there was not a state in the whole of the US that had a factor of obesity over 15%. In 1991 there was no state over 20%. Somewhere across the small stretch of time between 1999 and 2010, it ran into 30% and then it jumped to 35%. Now, these statistics might wiggle like an Oligochaeta from one page of numbers to another but they are... as some might put it, in the ballpark, more or less, depending on the ballpark. What? One might ask could cause a nation of people to become MORE THAN two times wider in such a small space of time? What caused the nation to go from a place of Good and Plenty to Plenty Fat? I have studied the matter and no matter what you study, it must come down to what they are eating and drinking and how they spend their time.

So... it stands to reason that chemicals discovered or invented during a relevant period of time have a great deal to do with it. There are other secondary features such as lifestyles and sedentary behavior. The fields of entertainment and the internet play a part as well. Consider the lifestyles and diets of video game addicts. The hidden impetus that stands behind all of this is the death of morality and the falling apart of the infrastructures of tradition, including the family unit that held us together for so long. It should go without saying that there has been diabolical intent in the laboratories of the age. Whether this was a conscious thing on the part of the scientists and their overlords, or demonic force tied to the arrival of the apocalypse, or some combination of both, I do not know.

It is abundantly clear that this is why students in the institutions of higher learning are groomed to hold the family unit in contempt. There is a deal of complexity and intricacy that I could explore at this point but all it would do would be to cloud the issue. The whole of the matter is spiritual. There is a war going on and it has been going on for a long time and it is all about the control of the human mind and the theft of the human soul. Now NO ONE can actually steal the soul of another but that does not mean that one or many cannot be convinced of its happening, or be reduced to zombie automatons in a future already diagrammed by George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and a few prescient others. Some of us are telling you about it right now but the misfortune of that is we are too often preaching to the choir and prevented from access to everyone else. They've had that facet covered from early days, with the search engines and all social media, compelled to marginalize those in service to the invisible, celestial hierarchy.

There is no need for special rituals and initiation rites to make one a member of the Aquarian Brotherhood. All one has to do is set their shoulder to the ethereal wheel. Once one has made the compact in their own heart to serve the forces of light, one is immediately rendered into a brother on probation. Rituals of an asomatous and metaphysical nature come in their own time, once the period of probation has expired, once due diligence has been shown (and that can be an undetermined period, depending on the zeal shown by the aspirant...) one is accepted. AND YES... my use of words you have never heard before is an effort to help you with your vocabulary, by forcing you to look them up but I am sure that some of you just pass them over. I am not trying to be smarter than you because in various cases I am not. I really am trying to be helpful, he said with an undetectable grin.

These are not only uncertain times, fraught with all manner of confusion. These are times where spiritual gold can be mined at will IF THE WILL BE PRESENT. All this confusion and demoralization are part of a calculated effort by The Infernal Kingdom to distract our attention from the spiritual gold with offal painted the same color and we have been blinded by cumulative acts of deception, so as to make us believe that Back is now Forth and Up is now Down.

This fake pandemic is to soften us up and make us pliable for what THEY have in mind. Following this is the coming food shortages, also engineered, just like the pandemic. You have already heard about the systematic killing of every kind of livestock because there are allegedly no workers to tend to them. AND THESE ARE NOT CRITICAL INDUSTRIES??? You have seen the recent calls for an end to wet markets and you have seen the investments of that fiend Bill Gates in laboratory meats.

It should be very clear now that a 'relatively' small cabal of psychopaths are at work in an effort to enslave the rest of the world. This dark brotherhood is an international fellowship of fallen souls who serve at the pleasure of the Prince of Darkness. It is the dance of duality that presents itself in times like these; times that come rarely in human history, times when souls are being harvested in the Grand Summoning. Each is doing their part. It is a choreographed drama that was written long ago and it has an end already scripted. The only events remaining are those which determine which way we go. The battle has already been won. The Lord Jesus Christ and his legions of angels are triumphant for all time. It is only in the individual human heart where that destiny is yet to be completed.

There is ONLY ONE. There is the appearance of multiples in this dance but it is not so. It is a dream. Awaken Dreamers!!! AWAKEN!!! All of the madness taking place is a toxic sop to your FEAR, playing you off against opposites. You have to recognize the singularity of existence and the certainty of life and that there is only ONE RULER over all. Once your heart is fixed upon the light of the indwelling lord you will have no further concerns in this life... or... any other. Let me remind you of the 23rd psalm that I don't think most people fully understand. It deserves a deeper level of inquiry as do we ourselves, though that all too seldom happens;

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

God is the living light within us and without which there would be no life in us. The waters of the spirit are the teachings of ageless wisdom that flow into the soul of those who have surrendered to the light. Darkness has no power and no reach when the light is present.

As the Bible quaintly puts it, this is a time to gird up one's loins and put on the whole armor of God. I've probably mixed scripture as I sometimes mix metaphors, given as I am to occasional flights of purpose prose but... the truth is there if one is determined to find it.

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"We are standing on an endless horizon
With our faces turned into the blazing sun
And we have come all this way to Armageddon
Just to find that the battle has been won"

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Anonymous said...

Never before have I felt like a warrior. I do now. Give me liberty or give me death/ eternal life.

Excellent! Visible, kind Sir, you have surpassed all expectations of clarity, sincerity, and spiritual truth.

God bless you and keep you in our midst.

Ray B. said...

Asomatous; you got me to look, Vis... (grin)

Miles Mathis does not dip into the spiritual, other than referring to his Muses. However, he has clearly put his finger on the earth-plane strategies of the "War in Heaven": (p.14)
"Just as the Government wasn't in control of religion in 1800, it wasn't in control of art. It had to share markets and power. But as we have gotten closer and closer to the present, we have seen the Government taking over all markets, spiritual and mundane. To do this, it had to first destroy existing markets. In religion, it had to destroy existing forms of worship and belief. In art, it had to destroy all existing forms and conventions. In medicine, it had to destroy herbal cures, home remedies, self-medication, and free advice. In pharmaceuticals, it had to destroy the old drugs, co-opt their markets, or create markets for the new lab drugs. In education, it had to destroy the old coursework, the old books, and the old teachers. Since parents were often these teachers, it had to destroy that link as well." (p.4-5)
"As we have seen in previous papers [above], they have been pursuing this project for centuries. Sometime in the 18th century, the world governors (who I like to call the Phoenician navy) decided the Medieval and Renaissance plan of controlling the masses via Christianity was outdated. They wished to replace it with a more modern and centralized plan. To proceed, they needed to jettison many of the old rules of conduct, which were getting more and more in their way. In short, they needed a more pro-business model. Some of the old rules which worked in the Middle Ages weren't working in the contemporary business world - think rules against usury, as just the most obvious example. So, the entire model needed to be replaced. For the last two centuries, the governors have been working on this replacement, and it hasn't been easy for them. But they keep expanding the project, and after 1850, say, it got really nasty. In the 20th century, it ballooned into a world-engulfing project, accelerating decade-by-decade, up to the present time when it should be obvious to everyone... but isn't. That is what the Theosophy project has been about, as well as Operation Chaos, Men-are-Pigs, New World Order, and all the rest. It is about making room for an unfettered business model, where everything is subservient to the obscene profit of a few old families..."

And transitioning to where Mathis will not go, it includes outlawing all talk of Higher Abilities (telepathy, empathy, levitation, telekinesis, teleportation, and all) as well as Higher States of Being. We would not want our humans "going off the reservation"...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Guldur said...

thank you for new post. Just starting with it.
The "Coronavirus fraud" part - I can´t even believe how what we now witness is possible with the people herd. How blatant and obvious this scam is necessary to be to wake the sheep up?
For almost 30 years, I am waiting for some global scale "storm", but I would never guessed that they would try to initiate that by such a blatant, fraudulent, stupid scam like that coronavirus hype... and the bigger mass of the world mob still falls for this and eats that hook and sinker.... really, long time ago I lost my hope for humanity as a coherent awakened power (no so for individuals here and there), but I ever again happen to underestimate the herd stupidity and gullibility... so tiresome this is...

Hereticdrummer said...

Absolutely brilliant, VIS, one of your very best. When I was a child in the 50s, and a young whelp in the 60s, obesity was so rare among youth that chubby or fat kids were taunted unmercifully. Now it is the norm. There is a toxin prevalent in the food chain that mimics Estrogen, the female hormone, perfectly at the molecular level. Aside from feminizing males (think the sno-flake and queer explosion) it is causing females to sexually mature very young. Back in the day, in general, a girl did not acquire a womanly shape until high school. That is why the few with hour glass figures in junior high would drive us guys into frenzied distraction. Things are much different now. A few years back I read about a mother of a 7 year old girl who was called to come get her daughter. The girl was traumatized by having her first period during 2nd grade class. I've personally seen many females chronologically 8 or 9 that physically could pass for 15 or 16. I met the daughter of a lady I used to work with once. She towered over me, looked like a stunning model, and was 12 years old, going on 19! The Chinese are right, these are interesting times. Monstrous as well.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A definItE NOSTRILS UP!!!!!!!

Gwen said...

You take a backseat to no preacher, Les. God bless your sweet soul.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Gratitude compels an electronic response!

Now NO ONE can actually steal the soul of another but that does not mean that one or many cannot be convinced of its happening, or be reduced to zombie automatons.....

True but does not Joseph Benner, channeling the I Am in "Brotherhood", refer to demonic destroyers displacing souls from their bodies in these end times? This crime of deprivation of the experience intended for that soul in that body which that soul participated in creating MUST be very down low in the demonic violation scale.

Souls fastidious in their current integrity must shudder at the thought of climbing back out of the pit from THAT type of blasphemy. Does that imply that all evolved souls have "gone there"? Yikes!

You have to recognize the singularity of existence and the certainty of life and that there is only ONE RULER over all.

Aye, that is it!

Deception depends upon dividing the mind, the attention and the imagination into multiple personalities.

Once we permit the easy answer that we are any different from our brothers, even the demonically possessed, there is a rift in our souls through which doubt and self-deception may gain access.

The process of integrating ourselves, of following a discipline of seeing all is one, from a higher or more coherent perspective, demands that we clean out all personal limitations and fit every being and every experience into a holographic unity.

Integrity is a dirty word to hypocrites though...

The very idea of needing to workon one's self, to learn to be more today than yesterday by active effort seems to offend the inner Jino princess somehow....

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible! Great post! Thank you for the years of selfless service and teaching. Jeff

Sukh said...

Petri Dish:

May God Shine the Light of his Wisdom upon You and Grant you Illumination



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