Monday, July 30, 2007

Greg Palast Takes a Dive in The Midnight Hour.

Most of us who seek the truth that glimmers behind a web of lies know who Greg Palast is. He presents himself as an investigative reporter. He’s been a counter-culture hero of sorts who likes to picture himself as a Sam Spade in fedora sort of a guy who tenaciously digs to the real facts when the smoke machines and the light show hit the stage. I’ve enjoyed some things he’s written. I’m not a regular reader but I run across him. It appears that Greg Palast is not who he presents himself to be. It appears, from my view, that he is a disinfo specialist.

I cannot say that he has not reported the truth before. I have no means of checking this. What I can say is that he has put himself solidly on the side of untruth with his name-calling dismissal of Dr. Steven Jones -a world renowned physicist. Is Greg Palast a physicist? I don’t think so and if I’m wrong about that I’m waiting for correction. For some reason, Greg Palast thinks that Dr. Steven Jones is a fruitcake for questioning the official 9/11 story and for subjecting the official explanation of how and why the 3 WTC Towers fell to the disciplines of the science in which he is widely considered to be an expert.

Dr. Jones is not the only credentialed scientist to dispute the absurd conclusions of the official 9/11 story. There are hundreds of scientists and academics from all over the world who dispute it along with a majority of the world’s citizens. A child in primary school knows that 3 +2 does not add up to four. Greg Palast indicates that he does not know this in respect of the bad math in the official 9/11 story, yet... we are led to believe that Greg Palast is a truth seeker and an intelligent man. Pay close attention to the video interview with Greg that is coming up here shortly. What is the explanation for Greg’s position in defiance of hard, empirical science, mathematical law and common sense? It can’t be that he doesn’t know. That’s as absurd as his rejection of what is obvious to an ordinary layman. So why... why does he defend the official story?

What about Noam Chomsky?

He won’t touch the 9/11 cover-up and his commentary is the worst kind of disingenuous patronizing. What is it about these famous and seemingly passionate defenders of the greater good with feet of clay? Is a person’s honor of less value than their VIP entré and a paycheck? I can’t fathom it. Thank god there are enough of us around that if they tried to bury us in the Chateau D’If they wouldn’t have the room. They wouldn’t have the room in Madison Square Garden; maybe not even in all of the fallen towers on a busy day... still, there are all too few.

Most of us don’t make the big bucks getting cozy with the suits. Most of us don’t put on a manufactured persona of cool and then disappoint the people who rely on us. Most of us don’t posture as something we are not just so we can hang with the money men and get published and go to awards dinners and whatever it is that they do in the private railcars of the midnight hour when the brandy and cigars come out to play. Most of us are all too few.

At one site, Pilots for 911 Truth there are dozens of professional pilots with thousands and thousands of hours in the air who have ferried tens of thousands of passengers and flown in combat and even flown the very planes that hit the towers and who all say it could not have been accomplished by the alleged perpetrators. There is overwhelming agreement that we are the beneficiaries of obvious and outrageous lies.

Let’s go to this video ....what am I missing? Can Greg Palast be telling the truth about everything else and 9/11 too and I am just too stupid to see the light? Can Greg Palast be as stupid as his position makes him out to be? See, it doesn’t make sense. Something is wrong with this picture. What might that be?

This is what you find when you go looking into circumstances surrounding 9/11. You come up on Israeli involvement. You absolutely come up on Israeli foreknowledge. I think we can be pretty conclusive about that. It’s a funny way for one of your so-called ‘best friends’ to behave. Could this be what Greg Palast and Noam Chomsky do not want to have to deal with? No less redoubtable a source than Fox News put out a four part video on Israel spying (very quickly removed from their web site) on the U.S.

We’ve heard about "The Five Dancing Israelis" and there is a whole lot more that you can keep finding out until you realize that somehow, in some way, Israel is involved in 9/11.

Did I want to find this out? I’m a writer and a recording artist. I have a lifetime of effort in certain areas of endeavor. Is it not career death for me to refuse to knuckle under to a lie? Is it not a difficult thing for me to ask legitimate questions? It certainly is. However, some of us do not find the enslavement of our souls and sale of our integrity for a “mess of potage” to be a fair exchange. It comes down to what you value. It comes down to where your heart is. To quote Richard Lovelace, "I could not love thee (Deare) so much, love'd I not honor more."

The truth is not a thing of convenience, something that can be altered on a whim to suit us all. Heck, if that were the case, Mossad would have long ago altered the truth and there would be no evidence. But there is evidence, all kinds of evidence; nothing absolutely, smoking gun specific but the kind of evidence that a husband might have when he sees some guy hotfooting it away from his house through a window when he arrives home unexpectedly a night early. He doesn’t know what went on but his wife is in the house, she’s dressed for bed and she doesn’t want to talk about it and well... you get the picture. “I don’t know honey, maybe it was a peeping Tom.” Maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t. And then you see things. You see things you don’t want to see. The windows not closed, the bed is in disaray and you really don’t want to believe “your lying eyes”. But you have got to wonder.

Maybe Greg Palast knows “which side his bread is buttered on.”

The other day, this (so-called) news story appeared in FoxNews and then, the next day on Who knows where else it has appeared? The headline says, “Hezbollah: We Are Ready to Attack Israel Again”. The actual quote- QUOTED IN THE ARTICLE- turns out to be "We possess and we will continue to possess rockets that can hit any area in occupied Palestine if Israel attacks Lebanon," That’s a lot different from the headline. That’s a serious disconnect. Then in the article, once again, as it has been repeated thousands of times, it is said- again, by faceless correspondents that the Israeli soldiers were ‘kidnapped’ on Israeli soil when, in fact, as eyewitnesses to the event; police, journalists and citizens have stated, they were ‘captured’ several miles inside the inside the Lebanese border.

Please note what has happened to most of the links in this article. Many of the articles which announced it at the time have been since expunged from The Web. Is this the media Greg Palast has to deal with? Is it the media HE DOES ‘DEAL’ with?

This is my problem. When I set about seeking the truth in a matter, I weigh the evidence. When the evidence turns out to be inconsistent with ‘official’ conclusions that are declared to be the truth then I begin to wonder ‘why’ that is. When the evidence shows signs of warping and having been spun, folded and mutilated and when powerful interests begin to apply pressure for compliance with official explanations then I wonder more. I can’t help wondering why someone insists that 2 + 3 equals 4. I can’t just say, “Okay, you’re probably right.” just to avoid conflict or to protect my income and my personal safety. I’m not made that way and that’s a problem you may be sure.

Watch the videos people. Read the links and extrapolate out a bit and ask yourself... “Does this make me wonder?” Look at the trend of the last six years. Look at how one thing has led to another, based on information PROVEN false. Study what we have learned about 9/11 and compare it to the official fairytale and then you tell me... you tell me if you’re comfortable with what your reason and your intuition suggest as opposed to what you’ve been told.

Step by step, incrementally we go into a deeper darkness. We don’t question. We follow the Judas Goat through the ramps and out to the killing floor. The soothing voice from the speakers tells us that everything is going to be alright. We want to believe that voice. Deep inside we are afraid. We are afraid the voice is lying because what we are hearing does not match up with what we are seeing and smelling. What will we do?

It’s your world people. It’s your life. You must decide whether it is preferable to live on your knees. Do you think it ends there? Do you think that maybe you will lose just a little liberty, a little freedom and then it will even out? Is that what you think?

You must demand that those who represent you are loyal first to the country in which you live. You have no idea how strong you are when you are united. Take the blinders away from your eyes and look! There is something in us that is greater than all of that which seeks to oppress us and drink our blood. It is up to you. It is up to us. Do you have the honor and integrity to stand up for yourselves and your family and your community or are you going to take that dive in the midnight hour? That is the question you are going to have to ask yourself. Sooner or later... sooner or later it is going to show up at your door.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

By way of explantion.

For the first time since I have been writing this blog I got snookered by something I found on the internet. I found it from three separate sources that I knew to have been legitimate in the past. What I read seemed very strange to me but yet it also seemed that it might be true. Feeling as I did, I included certain disclaimers that I hoped would show that I wasn’t convinced of what I had included. Sure enough, what I posted turned out to be a satire from The Onion. I got had. I found myself apologizing for my error and removing the offending insertion. I made a mistake. It wasn’t intentional but it was a mistake. My how lies have wings. There are five full pages in Google tracking the article. There's a sad irony in that.

I’m glad it happened because I’m a lot more careful now. The truth is damning enough without adding to it. I am gratified by the understanding I received and very appreciative to those of you who caught it and let me know.

I don't intend for it to happen again but if you ever see something here that you know is certifiably wrong then please let me know. I am honored that so many of you read this blog and I know you expect me to give my very best in being as honest and comprehensive as I can. You have a right to that. Together we can make our way and, god willing, get past the traps set for the unwary.

Thank you for your continuous support. I do not often engage in the comments section but I always answer my emails.

Monday, July 23, 2007

So, You Think You Know All About George W. Bush?

Information concerning the activities of the Bush Crime Family is readily available on the World Wide Web.

The suspicion of murders and the odd coincidence of epidemic suicides in the Bush lineage is impressive.

The connections to mind control, Satanism and pedophilia are also numerous and strange and to be had in abundance. Here’s just one.

I’ve put just a small portion of links here because there is so much of this that you can go blind looking for it. When you go looking for connections you can be astonished by what you begin to discover; from probing in depth connect-the-dots to strange speculation.

How can such things be? When one starts to wonder at how something like 9/11 can be covered up they need to look at the large amount of other things that are covered up. It’s an international industry and a growth industry. And there is a trail of bodies all along the highway of your inquiry.

I have given you some food for wonder and rumination because of something I just discovered and it is good to have some comparative information already up and running. I just uncovered something and I can’t understand why I didn’t see this before. I have invested large blocks of time into trying to gain a comprehensive picture of the virtual cities that run off of the side tunnels of the rabbit hole. How did I miss this?

While Bush was governor of Texas, he didn’t pardon anyone on Death Row and he didn’t commute any sentences except that of Henry Lee Lucas; without a doubt- the most horrific killer to have been on ‘the row’ while he was governor and certainly one of the most horrific killers in American history. There’s a lot of speculation about Lucas and his sidekick, Otis Toole. He did or did not kill up to 600 people with O’Toole occasionally involved. But he did kill a lot of people and in some terrible ways.

Why would Bush grant this man clemency; of all the people he could have given a pass to, why this one? It baffles the mind. Nor did he make it possible for Lucas to later be tried for so many other things or to be extradited to other states. This is the governor who laughed about and made fun of Karla Faye Tucker and wouldn’t grant her clemency, or Gary Graham either. This is the governor who executed more people than anyone else.

Even stranger, Lucas’s rap partner Toole, was also given clemency in Florida. What are the odds?

Henry Lee Lucas? I am dumbfounded, really dumbfounded. G.W. B. possibly involved in a Satanic mass murder in Brownsville Texas? Geddoudahere. Okay, one or two strange events in a person’s life… that can happen. But what do you have when you get dozens and dozens of strange events connected to serial killers and horrific mass murder and Bobby Seal’s airplane and drug cartels and voter fraud and simultaneous attacks on New York and Washington D.C. and the systematic dismantling of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights along with unending war abroad? What do you get?

No one who reads the information contained in these links can fail to be impressed by the sheer weight of damning coincidence and criminal association. Then, one day, you find out that Marvin Bush was in charge of security at the WTC and that all sorts of funny things were happening there in the weeks running up to the attack. What the heck was Marvin Bush doing in that job of all the millions of jobs on the planet?

Let me not digress. I keep coming back to this Henry Lee Lucas thing. I keep thinking about Brownsville/Matamoros. Somebody please tell me what to think here.

You wonder about the media? Can anyone be anything but mystified as to why this Lucas clemency didn’t light up the airwaves like Las Vegas? Why hasn’t there been any questions asked about Bush in Brownsville? It was never cleared up. There’s no explanation given. It was important enough to inquire about at a certain time. Is it just water under the bridge?

I’m not maintaining that all of the things you will find in these links are true, or that what they imply indicate what they imply. Certainly I’m not trying to get you to believe that Barbara Bush is Alistair Crowley’s daughter... however, it’s not impossible and the basis for the speculation is legitimate.

More and more, I think g.w.b’s childhood must have included something like this...

...and that we really are living in a world where the worst sort of behavior; things you probably can’t even imagine, are the chosen entertainments of a great many world leaders. Pore over some of the information. A great percentage of it is not in dispute. What might be in dispute is the portion we don’t know; what these things imply.

The monsters of film and literature walk among us. The laws that we think we live by are selectively employed for common crowd control. Our laws cannot be intended to keep us safe if they cannot keep us safe from the ones who make the laws and break them as whim may dictate. I’m not asking anyone to believe any of this. I’m just asking, doesn’t it make you wonder?

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What the Hell is Going On?

Something is puzzling me. When this happens my mind doesn’t rest. Whatever I may be doing, my mind keeps churning in the background and occasionally throws up a piece of the puzzle which I will look at and then set down; back the mind goes to its churning with this new piece added. Eventually I come up with a hypothesis which satisfies my understanding. Until this happens though, the mind churns and churns.

I imagine other people have this feature. We worry at a problem or a mystery until whatever surface information we have matches up with information from the sub-conscious. Now and then we get “Eureka!”

Something has been on my mind for several weeks now. It’s connected to Ron Paul’s saying something to the effect that the country is in "great danger" of the U.S. government staging a terrorist attack or a Gulf of Tonkin style provocation, as the war in Iraq continues to deteriorate.

Then there was the article by Paul Craig Roberts

in which he gets very direct about the possibility that the administration might be planning a false flag operation.

These people are both Republicans.

On the other hand there are commentaries from bloggers and other writers from all over the world about this possibility based on Chertoff’s visceral antenna; recent Al Qaeda announcements, the usual fake Bin Laden video, all sorts of fuzzy news from Pakistan, the efforts to justify attacking Iran, Israel’s intention to go to war with Syria and the buildup in readiness that is taking place at this moment.

Okay, let’s pause a moment and think about something. Sure, opinion writers analyze events in the news and come up with a perspective on it and most of them also have some sort of political POV or affiliation that will color how they present it and determine what information they want to highlight along the way to making their case.

Less obvious are the reasons why members of the president’s own party would make such a comment. Furthermore, these are not the only people connected to the Republican party that have indicated a willingness to believe that the government fabricates information and stages events to advance their agenda.

Here is the thing that is puzzling me. For people to say what they are saying they must have some information that the administration has been up to this before. They must have some intel that the administration has been involved in false flag operations in the past. I’m not talking about the common fact that the administration routinely lies. I’m not talking about things like Niger yellowcake. I’m not talking about manipulating terror alerts. There are many, many efforts such as this of which we are aware and any government will engage in acts like this to a greater or lesser degree. “Every ship of state sails on a river of darkness.”

I’m hoping I can convey to you just what it is that is puzzling me. It is a difficult thing to do. I’m having trouble with it. What information do these people have that has convinced them to the degree that they would announce it? We don’t have any sure and certain information that this administration has actually committed a staged terror attack, regardless of how certain many of us are that it has happened. We don’t have the smoking gun.

Why do so many people of good reputation believe that the administration would do such a thing when there’s no hard evidence that they have before? It seems to me that they in fact do know. Nowhere in mass media is there any honest dialogue allowed about 9/11. That door is sealed shut. Nowhere in mass media is there any revelation concerning the plethora of false information about Iran (except for Keith Olbermann). The news is rigidly controlled and manipulated to the advantage of corporations and criminal interests in the government.

It doesn’t matter how much we suspect Bushco of involvement in 9/11. It doesn’t matter what we think the government may have been up to and it doesn’t matter that they have a history of saying and doing anything they want to achieve their ends. When it comes to staged terror attacks our information is circumstantial. So, on what information are Roberts and Paul and others of their affiliation basing their beliefs?

One could say that all over America there are a large number of people who are convinced that the administration is going to stage a false terror attack. At the same time there’s no concrete evidence that they have done this. It creates a real puzzle in my mind. It seems like I am seeing a ubiquitous conviction, a collective certainty that this administration can and will commit treason against their own country. Does this strike anyone else as being outrageous?

We know they’ve been up to bad things but surely, if there was the hard evidence, impeachment and worse would be an absolute certainty. But yet, we are certain. Do you see my problem? It is so difficult to present the picture I want to convey, that we are in a situation where we know something we don’t know and for some reason everything continues on toward what awaits.

Here we sit, lacking the one vital thing we need to change everything while at the same time so many people know. And it can get mentioned in the paper and on TV. It can be discussed as if it were really happening, had happened and yet… it isn’t being treated as if it were real. Major efforts are not underway to handcuff the administration and speed toward impeachment. Meanwhile the administration makes one step after another toward limiting individual rights, declaring martial law, seizing the possessions of anyone who opposes policy, attacking Iran and so on and so on. Step by step it proceeds. Everyone can see it but no one is doing anything but making a little noise here and there. It just moves forward. Do you not find this as strange as I do?

We know something. We know it the way a jury knows it when they find a defendant guilty due to a preponderance of circumstantial evidence. What is this curious thing that I can’t describe that gives the sensation of moving through Jello? It feels like sleepwalking, like swimming through liquid tar. People are actually talking about an act of treason by their own government and… nothing. Most of the country wants impeachment and there is just more aqua ballet through fluid Vaseline. It feels like science fiction to me. It feels like some kind of Stepford Wives meets the pod people.

There’s some kind of metaphysical conundrum at work and I am moving through Jello myself as I try to present this elusive concept that just won’t form for me. I’m all around it and some of you may be getting enough to see what I’m getting at. It’s like being in a dream where you are watching something you can’t participate in. You can’t move very well when you try. It’s slow motion while something else is going at normal speed. The soundtrack is unintelligible due to excessive slurring.

In conclusion, why isn’t impeachment the focus of the moment? Tell me why the entire country and the majority of the lawmakers aren’t diligently engaged in this? There’s not just one solid reason. There are dozens. We don’t need no stinking, smoking gun. Is it mass hypnosis? Is it some kind of subliminal broadcast? Is it a gas or in the water supply? This might seem absurd to some but I can’t seem to find any sane explanations for it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Arrogance of Empire.

At a certain point the signs become impossible to ignore. The force of disinformation increases to a fever pitch and begins to present absurdities that we haven’t seen since Saddam was planning to send exploding, toy airplane drones across the American landscape. Now they are coming through Mexico the same way the Black Panthers were once coming through Canada after Ross Perot

I won’t list all the booga booga because there is so much of it. Surely all of you have heard about Chertoff’s gut and Al Qaeda being now as strong as they were pre-9/11. The fact that there is no Al Qaeda in the sense that we are given to understand it, except as an administration construct doesn’t matter much; after all, Bush says we are now fighting the same people who did 9/11 in Iraq at this time.

Some of us are fighting the instigators of 9/11 but that would be the bloggers and American citizens who oppose the neo-con agenda. 9/11 was either carried out or allowed by those controlling the American government. I won’t detail this. It has been exhaustively detailed to the point of nausea in thousands of locations and there is no longer any doubt of who was behind it; however it may have gone down.

We are hearing every day that Al Qaeda in Iraq now plans on attacking the American homeland. We are also hearing that Hizbollah is likely to do the same. It’s no coincidence that anyone and everyone named are Israel’s perceived enemies.

Then there is the world news of various instabilities in many locations. We are hearing that the Turks have 100,000 men deployed along the Kurdish/Iraqi border; no, wait, it’s 250,000 men.

Earlier we heard that the Israelis are training the Kurds

which creates an interesting condition given Turkey’s long cozy history with Israel.

Meanwhile Pakistan is moving toward a state of emergency

We hear that the ‘put to call’ ratio is at the highest level in 12 years

To put it conservatively, “the joint is jumping”. Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and the father of Reaganomics says that the Bushitas are likely planning a false flag event in order to declare martial law

everyone should read this compelling article. Meanwhile, presidential candidate, Ron Paul has echoed much of the same and this has been widely reported in many places.

Okay, enough with the links. You can get a whole lot more from the best website on the internet for breaking news from ignored locations-, a casual study of the last week’s articles, available there, will give you as many disturbing parallels as you could possibly desire.

All that remains to discover is where and when. ‘Who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ are clear as crystal. Be afraid.

Here in our time... here are the excesses of Empire. A handful of arrogant and powerful men and women and their army of corrupt lackeys and mouthpieces are diligently employed at staging another treasonous event in order to more further consolidate their ill gotten gains and control over the peoples of the world.

There is a profane complicity at work, without which, their efforts would be much harder to achieve. I speak of various world leaders in the European Union. There is no doubt that they are aware of what is taking place, just as they know what happened. It is a mystery to me how this has gotten to such a pass.

What is needed is for more key individuals in positions of power to speak out. What is needed is for high ranking members of the military and government to come forth and protest against this relentless juggernaut that imperils us all. It is not that this is not happening to some degree. People everywhere are speaking out and among them are many respected government and religious leaders. Members of the scientific community are speaking out. Members of the academic community are speaking out. The problem is that the majority of the world media is in bed with this international criminal organization.

Controlling the flow of information has always been the key to success for any fascist enterprise. We are on the brink of tremendous change and there is no telling, at this point, what the resolution of this change may be.

Many of us have known that this was a key year. Somewhere between now and next summer, whatever this cabal intends is certain to occur. Unfortunately, most of the world is content to base their awareness of events on what is reported by the captive media which not only does not report the news, it manufactures it.

The internet is our most powerful weapon of resistance. The more noise we make, the more likely we are to be heard.

It is testimony to the extreme arrogance of these deluded souls that they are so transparent in their run-ups and manipulations. You would think that even a child would see through these parlor tricks. In the end it is this exaggerated hubris of temporary empire that will be their downfall. In the words of Nietzsche, “those whom the God’s would destroy, they first drive mad.” Make no mistake, they will fall. The unfortunate thing is; what will remain in the aftermath? One has only to look at Uganda after Amin, or any of numerous other examples to see what I mean.

The banality of the common individual is as much to blame as anything else. The crass superficiality of entertainments; the pursuit of personal gain on the one hand and the fear of loss, as well as fabricated bogeymen on the other tells the sad tale. There would be no big rats in power without a lot of other rats devoted to the same ends in their little theaters of operation.

I am an optimist. I believe that no matter how dark the road there is a warm and friendly inn at the end. I believe that the struggles and challenges that face humanity always result in something better even when the cost is great. I fear that the cost will be great. I fear this profound, impending lesson will leave us sadder than we have been in a long time. I don’t know what we can do to lessen the impact or turn the horses short of the cliff. I have long felt that if everyone just stopped working, stopped going to work, in a massive international protest that that would be the most effective tactic. For whatever reason, that has not occurred. At some point in th not too distant future we may wish that it had.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Who Will Live and Who Will Die?

As tiny as this planet is it is quite vast in a relative sense; vast in respect of our personal unit wherever that might be located and whatever it might be up to. Right now I am writing this and you are reading it. Both time and distance separate us in respect of that. Actually, though I’m writing this right now, you aren’t reading it right now, except that you are. If you have been keeping up on the latest developments in physics, even if you read what Einstein had to say some years ago, or Planck before that, you know that things like time and space, place and position, are not what they appear to be, or are more than they appear to be; like an iceberg or how the impression of a person’s face only reveals so much and that… can say a lot more or a lot less depending on who is receiving the impressions.

Most of us know when a politician introduces a bill that the bill indicates one thing on the surface of it but, very often has ramifications and impact far beyond what it seems to be about. We’ve all had the experience of political leaders saying or doing one thing and meaning, intending, something else. We have certainly had the experience of being told that something happened for a certain reason, or happened a certain way, when in the aftermath we have come to discover that it wasn’t that way at all; couldn’t have been in some cases... just couldn’t have been.

In recent times, those of us with open minds and honest curiosity have been stunned by the gullibility of the masses when it comes to the absurdity of official explanations. We have thought, “How could they be so stupid?” or “These people are too stupid to live.”

Every day, I see from a distance- and sometimes close at hand; sometimes as an immediate event and sometimes over the course of time, people dying because of the way they have processed information, because of the way they have lived and acted according to bad information. Often I see people living in conditions where death would be preferable. Sometimes these conditions come about because people have chosen to live in the wrong place at the right time. Sometimes they had no choice; they were already there and couldn’t leave.

We know what hurricanes, earthquakes and tidal waves can do. We are less aware of the origin of these things when they are engineered within a society by governments and economic forces. Few people can trace events that begin with a group of men in suits signing a paper and the terrible events that later occur at a distance.

In a Democracy we have the belief that we live under a rule of law. We believe that our laws are the result of what we collectively believe should be correct and proper in maintaining the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Laws are supposed to make life safe and efficient. They protect us from predators and faulty products. They protect us from fraud and theft and poisoned resources. That’s what we think; even when it is, all too often after the fact. Retribution may be desirable and just but there are few among us who wouldn’t rather that the offense had been arrested before the crime occurred. Nothing is more preferable than an honest populace. Where people are inclined and motivated to be honest, crime is rare.

Once the leaders of a nation begin to operate in a criminal fashion, anyone can become a criminal. You can become a criminal simply by opposing criminals, once the laws have been adjusted. You become a criminal by exercising the freedom to speak, once it is possible to arrest you for that based on some new interpretation of your right to speak.

Laws don’t just disappear or morph into something else overnight. It takes time to alter a law, especially if it is a constitutional guarantee. In a system of free enterprise, a capitalist system, there is an unavoidable trend. This trend, over time, moves from liberty to tyranny. That is its nature. After a time there is a small over-class of ‘haves’, a shrinking middle class and a large and increasing under-class of ‘have-nots’. This happens no matter what, because the ‘haves’ are patrons of the government officials that make the laws and control enforcement. Over time, the laws are adjusted in favor of the ‘haves’. This is why the founding fathers of the United States said that revolution was sometimes necessary and why the people must, on occasion, take arms against the state. They knew this back then because they know how this particular system evolves. They knew that liberty under such a system always- inevitably gravitates toward tyranny.

Bread and Circuses, manufactured fears in the person of a foreign boogeyman presented as a threat to personal life and liberty, sabotage of the educational system, control of natural resources- here is a fantastic essay on a particular feature that never gets reported on much

The performance of terror to insure compliance with draconian edicts upon the populace by the collective government/economic complex and the exercise of a controlled media to manipulate and falsely inform the citizens are all ancient techniques. There’s nothing new here.

There is nothing new about frightened populations herded into camps. There is nothing new about terror as a weapon of social control. There is nothing new about the rich controlling and manipulating the government. There is nothing new about superficial entertainments as distractions or the use of religion for collective compliance. There is nothing new about the sudden appearance of scaremongers and liars and demagogues relentlessly pounding misinformation into the minds of the people and setting them against one another. There is nothing new about invasion under false pretenses

or the control of natural resources. There is nothing new about generations of men and women sacrificed as canon fodder so that certain people with more than they can ever spend can gain even more wealth and control. There is nothing new about creating a nation of debtors who cannot resist or speak out because of what might happen to them. There’s nothing new here.

Whether you believe in some form of God, or whether you believe you are a meat puppet. Whether you believe dragons are mountains or that monsters live under your bed doesn’t matter. Whatever you may believe does not change where you find yourself. None of us want to be in this particular collective reality at this time. Except for the few who really enjoy killing, raping and enslaving, none of us want to be faced with the challenge of the time. You have two choices. Live free or die. The latter is by degrees, moving through ever more increasing cycles of slavery and debt, whipped ever onward by fear and phantasm.

Your government is not going to change in 2008. Nearly every candidate is bought and paid for. The difference between Giuliani and Clinton is mere surface perception. Larry Silverstein is one of Clinton’s biggest campaign contributors. She’s necking in the cloakroom with Rupert Murdoch. Giuliani’s corruption doesn’t even need listing. As it stands now, only Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich have any appearance of honest possibility.

Control of the water... control of the food… FEAR... millions crowded in uncertain urban spaces... the press of disposable populations… the planned outbreaks of terror and the manipulation of information… Eugenics and Malthusian blueprints for the future...

Do the majority of people even want freedom at the risk of security and livelihood; even though these are being removed one paving stone at a time as I speak? The United States of America is under the control of the Zionists and unless that changes the future looks grim. Most people actually know this. Most people are afraid. What will they do? What will they do? For the moment they are going to wish in one hand and shit in the other.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Mr Chertoff to the White Courtesy Phone."

Maybe it’s just me but it looks like, yeah, it looks like they are at it again. You can hear the drums coming up on the fader, the bass is coming in… ba boomp boomp… ba boomp boomp. Any minute now and we’ll be hearing the lead guitar. Zionazi Herr Oberneocongruppenfuhrer Chertoff has just moon-walked on to the stage. And there’s some interesting synchronized swimming going on as well.

If you’re paying attention… and some of us are. You hear rumbling. You hear odd snatches of conversation like someone keeps opening and closing the door on a cocktail party. Something is happening in Syria. Israel is making unusual noises, brandishing false overtures and grinding their teeth about that little episode in Lebanon where they did that trampoline act with all those women and children and yogurt factories which are no longer competing with the Israeli firm and where they got their asses kicked by an irregular army of guys in pickup trucks with cell phones. Boy, they didn’t like that. The Enterprise has sailed into the gulf and here is an interesting detail… just like the twin towers (which were facing billions of dollars of refurbishing expense which would have provided a major problem had they remained around to need that refurbishing) The Enterprise is on it’s last legs. Well, I’m not suggesting anything...

...just connecting some dots the way you might doodle on a restaurant napkin, playing a little what if. Some of you might remember the USS Liberty that Israel attacked in one of their ‘false flag’ operations. It would be too bad if the Iranians appeared to do something to that ship, or any ship. Why… some little unfortunate event and we’re all back in Sarajevo again.

Chertoff has that gut feeling and, though it would be better for all of us if it were just a case of gas, I don’t think so. What kind of a statement is that? There’s nothing accidental about it. But what kind of a statement is that? I feel a part of my mind toying with it like a loose tooth. I’m doing that probing thing. Because… there’s all this rumbling going on and little set ups like the recent events in London and Scotland. They made a huge uproar about that and it was... really nothing.

I’m not going to list all of the things dovetailing here. If you’ve been paying attention then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t been paying attention you probably won’t be paying attention to me either. However, let’s look at some of the back story. As tame and lame as the Democratic congress is presently showing itself to be, certain elements are putting some real heat on the administration… sooner or later push is going to come to shove. Bush’s support from anyone besides the hardliners, rapture freaks and terminally stupid is gone. Heavyweights in his own party are lining up against him. Interesting tidbits are coming up about how serene, how filled with resolve he is in consideration of his legacy. There’s a media molding at work. Inside the White House things are quite different.

The administration really needs an event to take the focus off of so many things; the Libby commutation, the Gonzalez affair and the war; that big dumb fucked up war that is lost. It really would be serendipitous if something happened. Think about this, what are all those carriers and other hardware doing all bunched up around Iran? Think about it. What has Iran done? Iran isn’t blowing shit up. Iran isn’t rattling sabers; we are, but Iran isn’t. You hear this talk about them arming the insurgents and then it always comes out, even out of the mouths of generals, that there’s no proof of this. If they had proof you know that would be a headline. There’s this ongoing thing about their nuclear program and the truth of the matter is that they are not building a nuclear weapon. Irrespective of the lies and innuendos they just aren’t doing that. I wouldn’t blame them if they did though. Look at their situation. But they aren’t at this time. So there really isn’t anything Iran is doing except sitting on a bunch of oil and sitting between Afghanistan and Iraq and messing up the geo-political map of the neo-cons by not being presently assaulted based on falsified intel. And anyway, Iran was the whole point of the thing from the beginning. They don’t want to stop now. Iran is the ‘money shot’. You can’t have a successful film without the money shot.

Israel really wants us to bomb Iran. They really, really want us to bomb Iran.

One thing I think almost all of us can agree on is that the players in this administration are not honorable folk. They will do and say anything to get their way. This whole scenario has been a long time in the planning. These are not the sort of people who will look at things and say, “Well, it hasn’t worked for us, let’s cut our losses and move on to something else.” These are serious people. The people behind these people, the people with the real money and power are also serious people. They are the sort of people that are well accustomed to getting their way. Negotiation, compromise and the like are not in their dictionary.

It would just be sooooooo convenient if something unfortunate were to happen. Just as it was before 9/11 you are hearing all of the same things again. The administration wants to complete their mission. Sooner or later they will no longer be the administration. I think it’s a fait accompli that, one way or another, they’re going to get something to happen that allows them to attack Iran. Maybe, I’m just being paranoid. Maybe I’ve got a narrow view and this is just a lot of speculation. Well, it is speculation but it’s based on observation. By this time, certain behavior patterns have become very clear. What would be really surprising is if they didn’t engineer something that allows Israel to have what they want.

Not mentioned very often but possibly the biggest factor in the whole game is the ten thousand pound elephant and five thousand pound giraffe in the room; Russia and China. Well, Putin was out in Kennebunkport talking to GWB and the real power, Bush Daddy who fronts for the serious money men. That must have been a pretty serious matter. Here’s Cowboy Bush saying all those mean things about Russia and whipping up a missile defense system and then he’s like, at the family compound; nothing weird about that.

So, I’m doodling on this napkin. I’ve got a picture in my mind. The picture is based on thousands of images that display a pattern of behavior. I’m looking from PNAC to the moment I’m sitting in. I’m looking at all of the things that have happened and who benefited from the things that happened. I’m looking at where all these events have led us and I’m looking at the evidence of the motivations and intentions of all of the players. I’m looking at Nigerian Yellow Cake. I’m looking at Michael Ledeen and I’m still wondering what Mohammed Atta was doing on Jack Abramoff’s gambling boat the week before 9/11. I’m wondering if The Enterprise is going to make it into dry dock. I’m wondering and I’m doodling and every now and then I scratch my head and I can feel my mind probing that metaphorical loose tooth.

You know, when you take a lot of aircraft carriers and you stick them in a war zone up against a non-combatant who is armed to the teeth and you throw in a lot of confused uncertainty and hostile intent it’s sort of like when a bunch of drunken sailors walk into a notorious bar where trouble is known to happen and coincidentally the bar is crowded cause it’s Saturday night and all the locals are there. It’s late and the music is loud and the sailors are horny and so are the locals and there’s only so many women. You do the math.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Goebbels Would be Proud.

How did it get like this? How does it continue? Yes, corporations are running the show and that guarantees fascism; that’s how fascism happens. Yes, the leaders are all in hock to the money men. You can’t get elected if you don’t have the money. Yes, the people aren’t as bright as they once were and that isn’t saying much. Yes, the glitter of bright shiny plastic and the star power veneer of bimbo and bozo celebrity as well as the gangsta soundtrack make what should embarrass a borderline intellect look hot, but, what’s the real problem?

The real problem is the hydra headed Bitch Media. The real problem is who is controlling the appearance and flow of information; the perception of reality. Goebbels would indeed be proud.

Somewhere around 700,000 Iraqi’s are dead. The numbers we hear are between 30,000 and 100,000+. Why is that? Why isn’t the disparity in the numbers even discussed? Why isn’t there a headline that asks, “What’s the real number of Iraqi Dead?”

According to eyewitnesses, which include police, journalists and residents, the kidnapped Israeli soldiers were taken on the Lebanese side of the border. Here is what happens when you go looking for previous stories reporting that;

Check out the top links on this page

which go directly to that story and click on the links. That news has been expunged for the most part. Why?

Israeli forces were mustered all along the border, well previous to the kidnapping. No one talks about this manifest proof of prior intent.

Israeli forces dropped 1.2 million cluster bombs on Lebanon

and most of them were dropped ‘after’ peace had been agreed on. Half a million of them are unexploded and laying around as party favors; fireworks for children.

What is presently happening in Gaza is obscene. But where’s the story? Goebbels would be proud.

Try an experiment and listen, attentively, to mainstream radio and TV news for a couple of days with the intention of getting a feel for what it is determined that you should hear. What do you hear?

For days there was a constant barrage of tales about Nimrods looking to blow up things in London and Scotland. There wasn’t any story in the story, just a lot of booga booga. Why is that? Ratchet up the fear; fear and paranoia to keep the public on the edge of their seats in order to increase surveillance and make them comfy under the all seeing lidless eye.

Ahmanedijad is alleged to have called for the destruction of Israel. But this is a lie

why are we being told a lie? What about the killing of al-hariri? Here is just one polemic that casts a different view on the matter

and you can find much more by simply looking under the sheets. But you won’t find it being discussed in the local or international press.

Why is Olbermann the only mainstream commentator to speak with any outrage against the Bushjunta? More curiously, we should ask how he is allowed to.

Those who control the press and the information released, control the public’s perception of what is happening in the world. It’s like a large dark blanket that vibrates with a message that you can’t quite hear and it has been pulled over the heads of the world. It feels safe and scary under the blanket. It’s a lot scarier outside the blanket, under the bed, in the closet, just beyond the periphery of the trees in the yard.

I can watch the news and see, without any doubt that I am being lied to. Recent history shows us that the majority of everything we hear through official news organs, concerning the war in Iraq and elsewhere and most of what is connected to the war on terror is a lie. We have the daily ongoing proof of many, many lies. But the lies continue as if they hadn’t been told only the day before. Ironically, the mass media is forced to reveal various lies as physical proof presents itself…. Yet somehow it’s okay. The lies aren’t really lies. It’s something else, something we can’t quite see or catch.

The official numbers of American dead and wounded are not the actual number. Unless you die right on the battlefield they don’t count you. Creative numbers crunching is the rule. If you go looking for the truth you will at least find out more than you have been told. How many of us go looking? How many of us actually care? There is a big difference between something you hear about and something that happens to ‘you’. Sooner or later something will happen to you. Quite often it happens because you lived according to things you were told that were not true, or acted on things you were told that were not true. Bad information can be fatal.

What about all of the inconsistencies in the 9/11 story? What was Mohammed Atta doing on Jack Abramoff’s gambling boat the week before 9/11? Why isn’t the press curious about this? I could fill a large book with only some of these lies, known and still repeated lies; but that’s not my job. That’s their job.

Lies; there is a huge towering tidal wave, a tsunami of unqualified bullshit; day in and day out. Gleam-smiling androids with wax museum hair tell you lies and then break for commercials for more lies.

There is the curious phenomenon of the sloganeering neo-cons and their army of retarded Schmoos. You saw them at the Palm Beach election center. You hear their spokebots on radio and TV. You see the all caps responses in forums. They have been told what they know and now they know it.

Lies have become reality. Maybe they always were but they were never so pervasive. Those who chase the money have their lies. The sex-obsessed have their lies; the alcoholics and religious fanatics, the old and the young, those who are afraid they know but don’t want to know, those who just want to get by. Living a lie, dying for a lie, on and on into the darkness they march. The truth that you find at the end of a lying darkness is not a soft truth. It’s not an easy truth. It’s not the lantern in the window at the journeys end to a warm hearth and the welcome of your loved ones.

Somehow you think it’s going to be okay. You’ll get by. The sad reality is that lies take more than your body and your freedom; they rob you of the most important things that make living a wonderland of possibility. They co-opt your mind and heart. Lies take your fire and kill your hope. Lies kill what you might have been. My advice to you is to stop nodding your head. I suggest you look deeper. It all comes down to whether you care or not. It comes down to how much truth is inside you.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

9/11 Wasn't that Hard.

The 9/11 attack has been getting a lot of windshield time lately in my day to day. I’m not thinking about it any more than usual, it just seems to come up. One of the objections I hear a lot from people who haven’t done any research, or are prone to ‘not want to know’, is that the ‘inside job’ perspective of the attack and ensuing cover-up would be impossible without thousands of people being aware of it. I’d like to address that feature today and provide some links that will clarify so many other questions that may be out there.

First some links. Here is a feature length movie called “Zeitgeist”.

If you still aren’t clear whether 9/11 was an inside Job after you see this film then, you really don’t want to know or lack the capacity to. Here is the Zeitgeist movie home page.

and here is a little something from England that dovetails into the mix. to my point.

First off, in order for the attacks to have been carried out with a minimum of notice all that had to be accomplished was controlling the access points into the planes; that’s all. It should be noted here that the same security firm was in charge at all of the 9/11 airports, The London Tube and Madrid train station on the days of the attacks. That’s one hell of a coincidence isn’t it? That security firm is ICTS. You can do the background check on them. It’s more effective for you that way. Just stick ‘ICTS’ and ‘911’ into Google and see what you come up with.

Once whomever is on those planes is on those planes then it doesn’t matter any more because no one is getting off any of those planes to do any interviews and no one who isn’t on those planes has any idea who is on those planes, especially when all the communications from those planes are under control. Most of us now know that at least 7 of the hijackers purported to be on those planes were discovered later, by ABC News, among others, to be alive and well in their home countries. You can check this out as well if you are of a mind to. Concerning the actual attacks and who was involved, all that has to be done is to control the access points to the planes. That’s it.... because there was no remaining evidence (that wasn’t planted) and that brings me to the cover-up.

Everything, at all the sites where an attack occurred, or a plane hit a government building, or crashed into a field, was carted away and kept away from the curious. There are some site photos, here and there and before and after and they tell us a great deal but all that evidence, black boxes, melted steel, surgically cut girders, parts of planes, bodies, etc. they’re gone. All the evidence is gone. Whenever a crime is committed in America there is a very heavy emphasis upon physical evidence and the chain of evidence. This time... nada. That alone should tell you a lot. Also what should tell you a lot is what evidence was found; the absurd presence of Mohammed Atta’s undamaged passport on a New York Street, Koran’s and flight simulation training DVD’s in a car at Logan airport, certain eyewitness reports and alleged cell-phone conversations... a casual watcher of network TV dramas should be savvy enough to see through that BS. Then comes the media. Let’s talk about the media a little.

A majority of the American people believe that either 9/11 was an Inside Job or that the government knew it was coming and stood back and let it happen. To what degree do you see this vast public perception addressed on TV? When you do see it addressed it is done in a dismissive manner or involves a media attack dog going after some occasional expert trotted out for humiliation. That’s rare enough but it does happen. The media has shut down on the matter and focuses instead on the constant occurrence of terrorist activity that is the constant focus of the leaders who have brought you all of the repressive institutions that have stolen your constitutional rights; Homeland Security, telephone and email and wire tapping, airport body searches and assaults on free speech. If you haven’t noticed any of this... what can I say?

Where have we learned what we know today? The Internet and the people on the street who talk about what they saw and heard. You aren’t getting it anywhere else. And it isn’t as if the questions aren’t valid. Nowhere in history has even a single skyscraper come down as a result of a fire, much less 3 buildings, all within a few hours of each other, all designed to take a hit from the very planes that hit them, all falling at the impossible rate of free fall and one of them not even hit by anything and also coming down at the rate of free fall and all of them into their own footprint. What are the odds? Ten trillion to one would be good odds. I would think it would be more than that. And that is only one piece of evidence from one event that is patently ridiculous. The amount of irreconcilable coincidence and absurd official explanation is vast indeed. But the government, the media, the religious community and business world are all arm in arm lockstep, walking in blindfolded denial and side of the mouth talking bullshit when they talk at all.

Control of the points of access to the planes and control of the media in the aftermath, that’s all it takes. It’s all been done before, a number of times, prior to all of the big wars and whenever somebody wants to invade somewhere; like Afghanistan and Iraq and then bomb Iran and Syria- coming to a theater near you soon.

What about the members of Congress? That’s a good question isn’t it? Well, some people were making annoying noises here and there; Cynthia McKinney, what happened to her? What happens to someone in Congress that does speak out? What happens to a reporter who works for major media and speaks out? So, what happens is that the only people that get into certain positions are those vetted by the controlling interests. Politicians are among the most self-serving individuals on the planet. It is self interest that attracts them to the game in the first place. Look at the crimes committed by various people in various professions and notice how their choice of employment put them into contact with what they were after; money, power, underage sex, drugs.... check it out.

What difference does it make to you if 9/11 was an Inside Job or if Iraq didn’t have WMD’s? What difference does it make to you if you are being strip searched as a result of a terror attack that wasn’t committed by terrorists? What difference does it make to you if hundreds, thousands of people are arrested and held without charge or counsel and tortured into confessing to things they know jackshit about? What difference does it make to you if soldiers are dying in an illegal and unnecessary war? Some of you are wandering around going, “I don’t know, I don’t know, just leave me alone!”, some of you are saying, “The government wouldn’t do that!”, even in the face of what you can clearly see the government is doing every day. Some of you are screaming, “Nyah, nyah, I can’t hear you.” with your fingers in your ears. Some of you are shopping or chatting on cell phones and don’t give a flying fuck what happens to anyone as long as it doesn’t happen to you. Some of you are drunk, or stoned, or up against economic crisis. Some of you just want to get laid and then you can die happy. A lot of you care but you don’t know what you can do about it.

What do we do about it, or anything? Like the song says, “let your conscience be your guide.” We’re not here to put an end to every evil and dry every tear. We’re here to do our best and demonstrate the courage of our convictions whether we win or we lose. We are defined by what we think and say and do. Maybe this matters to you and maybe it doesn’t. That’s for you to decide. But whether 9/11 was an Inside Job and whether or not they covered it up and went on a profit binge in the aftermath....? That’s easy, yes, it was. Yes, they did and, yes,... they did. What are you going to do about it?

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