Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Arrogance of Empire.

At a certain point the signs become impossible to ignore. The force of disinformation increases to a fever pitch and begins to present absurdities that we haven’t seen since Saddam was planning to send exploding, toy airplane drones across the American landscape. Now they are coming through Mexico the same way the Black Panthers were once coming through Canada after Ross Perot

I won’t list all the booga booga because there is so much of it. Surely all of you have heard about Chertoff’s gut and Al Qaeda being now as strong as they were pre-9/11. The fact that there is no Al Qaeda in the sense that we are given to understand it, except as an administration construct doesn’t matter much; after all, Bush says we are now fighting the same people who did 9/11 in Iraq at this time.

Some of us are fighting the instigators of 9/11 but that would be the bloggers and American citizens who oppose the neo-con agenda. 9/11 was either carried out or allowed by those controlling the American government. I won’t detail this. It has been exhaustively detailed to the point of nausea in thousands of locations and there is no longer any doubt of who was behind it; however it may have gone down.

We are hearing every day that Al Qaeda in Iraq now plans on attacking the American homeland. We are also hearing that Hizbollah is likely to do the same. It’s no coincidence that anyone and everyone named are Israel’s perceived enemies.

Then there is the world news of various instabilities in many locations. We are hearing that the Turks have 100,000 men deployed along the Kurdish/Iraqi border; no, wait, it’s 250,000 men.

Earlier we heard that the Israelis are training the Kurds

which creates an interesting condition given Turkey’s long cozy history with Israel.

Meanwhile Pakistan is moving toward a state of emergency

We hear that the ‘put to call’ ratio is at the highest level in 12 years

To put it conservatively, “the joint is jumping”. Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and the father of Reaganomics says that the Bushitas are likely planning a false flag event in order to declare martial law

everyone should read this compelling article. Meanwhile, presidential candidate, Ron Paul has echoed much of the same and this has been widely reported in many places.

Okay, enough with the links. You can get a whole lot more from the best website on the internet for breaking news from ignored locations-, a casual study of the last week’s articles, available there, will give you as many disturbing parallels as you could possibly desire.

All that remains to discover is where and when. ‘Who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ are clear as crystal. Be afraid.

Here in our time... here are the excesses of Empire. A handful of arrogant and powerful men and women and their army of corrupt lackeys and mouthpieces are diligently employed at staging another treasonous event in order to more further consolidate their ill gotten gains and control over the peoples of the world.

There is a profane complicity at work, without which, their efforts would be much harder to achieve. I speak of various world leaders in the European Union. There is no doubt that they are aware of what is taking place, just as they know what happened. It is a mystery to me how this has gotten to such a pass.

What is needed is for more key individuals in positions of power to speak out. What is needed is for high ranking members of the military and government to come forth and protest against this relentless juggernaut that imperils us all. It is not that this is not happening to some degree. People everywhere are speaking out and among them are many respected government and religious leaders. Members of the scientific community are speaking out. Members of the academic community are speaking out. The problem is that the majority of the world media is in bed with this international criminal organization.

Controlling the flow of information has always been the key to success for any fascist enterprise. We are on the brink of tremendous change and there is no telling, at this point, what the resolution of this change may be.

Many of us have known that this was a key year. Somewhere between now and next summer, whatever this cabal intends is certain to occur. Unfortunately, most of the world is content to base their awareness of events on what is reported by the captive media which not only does not report the news, it manufactures it.

The internet is our most powerful weapon of resistance. The more noise we make, the more likely we are to be heard.

It is testimony to the extreme arrogance of these deluded souls that they are so transparent in their run-ups and manipulations. You would think that even a child would see through these parlor tricks. In the end it is this exaggerated hubris of temporary empire that will be their downfall. In the words of Nietzsche, “those whom the God’s would destroy, they first drive mad.” Make no mistake, they will fall. The unfortunate thing is; what will remain in the aftermath? One has only to look at Uganda after Amin, or any of numerous other examples to see what I mean.

The banality of the common individual is as much to blame as anything else. The crass superficiality of entertainments; the pursuit of personal gain on the one hand and the fear of loss, as well as fabricated bogeymen on the other tells the sad tale. There would be no big rats in power without a lot of other rats devoted to the same ends in their little theaters of operation.

I am an optimist. I believe that no matter how dark the road there is a warm and friendly inn at the end. I believe that the struggles and challenges that face humanity always result in something better even when the cost is great. I fear that the cost will be great. I fear this profound, impending lesson will leave us sadder than we have been in a long time. I don’t know what we can do to lessen the impact or turn the horses short of the cliff. I have long felt that if everyone just stopped working, stopped going to work, in a massive international protest that that would be the most effective tactic. For whatever reason, that has not occurred. At some point in th not too distant future we may wish that it had.


Unknown said...

fan fucking tastic


Anonymous said...

Erin is right! - perceptive and well written :)

I agree with your ultimate optimism, probably for a different reason.

Yes, it will get A LOT darker before the incredible Light breaks through :) There is not much we can do except resist, post and wait.


" will be sorrowful but your sorrow will be turned into JOY!" There is NO DOUBT about the ultimate outcome :)

Anonymous said...

I'm an optimist too but I check my wallet regardless. I think optimism is fine as long as skepticism prevails. I'm not taking away from what you said. You're the most passionate voice in cyberspace but exhorting people and walking in a parade is only as good as your ability to see the riot police coming. It's going to get ugly. I know you said that but I mean REALLY UGLY.


Anonymous said...

i am more afraid than i have been in a long time and i can't get away.

There is no reason for me to be afraid. i live in rural Wisconsin but I am afraid. I go outside at night and there is this feeling that something bad is going to happen.

I hope you are right but you said it would be at a cost. It feels like the cost is more than it is worth.

Anonymous said...


Я расточительствован и я не могу путь мой домашн.

Figure it out.

Anonymous said...

"I have long felt that if everyone just stopped working, stopped going to work, in a massive international protest that that would be the most effective tactic. For whatever reason, that has not occurred. At some point in the not too distant future we may wish that it had."

Yes. Moi aussi... And brings to mind: first they came for the Purple People. And I did nothing because I wasn't a Purple Person...Then they came for me, and there was no one left to protest....

It is the indifference that is most galling to me. Or is it the hate? I'm not sure. Either way, they are both killers.

And still...I too have this ultimate optimism. Strange. Daze. In deeds...

Peace man. Right on! Write on!

:) am

Anonymous said...

super grasp of what [should be]the obvious.

The critters come out at night!

Anonymous said...

It's Déjà vu, all over again, this time, against Iran. And again, the "aL-CIAduh" boogeyman is trotted out for all to see and fear.

Some of the same lies, distortions, half-truths and an American military build up in the Middle East, all with one goal in mine: To start the bombing campaign against Iran.

Although this time around, some of the media are a bit reluctant to go along with the agitprop being dished out.
They're nervous bridesmaids, still a bit chafed that they bought all the lies and BS that led to the current illegal and immoral war against Iraq.

But they won't wait long at the MIC/Zionist altar. The same echo-chamber that was so successful in selling the War against Iraq is being cranked up again. Slowly, the MSM, still blushing like the new bride it is, will open it's mouth eagerly and quickly swallow WHOLE the treat that is being offered by their newest husband, the demented ZIOCONS.

Somewhere, there's a budding Judith Miller, toiling away furiously, retyping pro war talking points as she carries out the goals of her masters, the ZIOCONS.
And let's not forget Mr. Judith Miller, the idiotic and easily fooled NYT hack, Michael Gordon. Gordon does his master's bidding exceedingly well, prepping the gullible American public for the next war of aggression.
P.S. Hey Mikey, just tell your readers that Iraq was a typo, it all should have read Iran.

And there's CNN, which like to boast it's the best in the news business.
Which can be easily verified by the amount of time CNN always devotes to blonde bimbos, like Paris Hilton.
When AIPAC cracks the whip, CNN will jump on board even more than it already is and start selling this next war of aggression as "Us against Them."
Us being the good guys in white hats and them, well, them is anyone Israel deems an obstacle to its goal of ME hegemony.

Soon, American troops will again be used as mercenaries for Israel's dreams of ME domination.


Anonymous said...

Les wrote:

" if everyone just stopped working, stopped going to work, in a massive international protest that that would be the most effective tactic. For whatever reason, that has not occurred."

Et voila, one probable answer:

"So here we are: the Surgeon General, the Attorney General, the Commander-in-Chief, all lying to us. Add the "Lies of Necessary Fears" by Michael "Gut-Feeling" Chertoff, and you've got a government that is actually functioning to bring harm to its citizens. If this was a real democracy, we'd be out in the streets shutting the nation down until Bush resigned, taking Cheney with him. The unions would call for general strikes, as would immigrant rights groups, poverty groups, families of soldiers. All seventy percent of us. Clogging the cities and towns, demanding that we take back the country from the people who want to harm us.

But this is not a real democracy. It is a group of geographically tied together people with pretense to democracy, fearful of actual power because it means actual responsibility for themselves, for each other.

Couldn't say it better meself.

Found it here:

Piece titled: 24 hours of American liars

Joy said...

"I fear this profound, impending lesson will leave us sadder than we have been in a long time."

Yes. Perhaps this year, or the next, or the one after that ... something wicked this way comes. And come it must.

9/11 was enough to awaken some hundreds of people to some public action, but tens of millions were needed. Most Americans still have much to lose, and have not been personally injured yet. When most have suffered greatly and have nothing left to lose, when their anger is greater than their fear, only then might the masters of lies be opposed and overthrown.

Anonymous said...

Les, Im sure u know about it, but if not:

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the blogs here and the comments. After all,all points of view are equally valid (including the POV that not all POV's are equally valid). The deeper awareness looks at itself, it recognizes that there is only the One. The One playing all the parts in a sort of cosmic masturbation. Obviously you (Visible and Invisible) real-eyes the truth, but then also grock that it can never be expressed (absolutely). And yet, these little perturbations of the One wave which call themselves people (as if they exist) allow their awareness to still fall into the dream of separation. Although the Unity is seen, we act as if we are separate, or more precisely, life acts through these vehicles as if there was separation and polarity (good-bad, etc). From this point of view, we are points of view, and everything which is happening is neither good nor bad, except that it is good and bad. The deeper we probe we will always find paradox...where opposites are true simultaneously. Not satisfying to the mind, but so what?
So where am I going with all this? No where...words just arise and come out and are pecked away on these little bits of plastic without any meaning. There IS no meaning except in the mind, so just never mind! It's not that everything is "perfect", but rather that everything just is... All things in the manifest reality (people, animals, plants minerals, thoughts, e-motions, etc) are just toys in the hands of Awareness...
OK, so does grocking truth mean I sit on my dream ass, dream that I am? Well, I followed clues to a relatively neutral area within a relatively neutral (not totally developed) country, with few po-lice and no military and watch the struggles from afar. I had no choice and neither do you. Life lives US rather than what the mind thinks!
The unfolding is happening. We are in cycles within cycles of movement caused by everything. Enjoy the ride…
Love and blessings...

Anonymous said...

Visible!! Is that you?

Visible said...

So far as I know it is. It was me yesterday. It looks like it's me today or, I could be a butterfly dreaming that I am Les Visible. Who knows?



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