Sunday, June 28, 2020

"Reincarnation, Karma and Suffering are Fixed Realities, Only Love Transcends Them."

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I had to dismiss the last attempt at posting. Let's try a different approach.

As you can witness in the catamite media, devoted to the overthrow of all that is stable and human, people are losing it everywhere. This is not something they came up with on their own. They are being pressured by Dark Conning Towers, operating out of vibrational frequencies in the collective unconscious. This is the same medium that has been employed to spread sexual confusion and a pandemic of perversity.

It is a given that Satanism's chief export is Discord. Discord is proliferated by manipulating appearances. The result of this is Reflex Antagonism, Race Wars, Gender Wars and Culture Wars. The whole impetus of Satanism is to set us against each other and create an argumentative mindset and pervasive uneasiness.

People don't get here, on this plane of existence by accident. They mostly get here through Misguided Intentions. Unless you are motionless, every movement leads somewhere. Whatever course you are on has an end result. Two forces are constantly at work in the manifest; evolution and devolution. Individuals, groups of all sizes, countries, and continents are all engaged in one or the other. Things go up and things go down. Whatever you have convinced yourself of, automatically becomes a pathway to its conclusion and resolution. In other words, WHERE YOU FIND OUT. Certain inflexible rules are in force at all times. One of the primary constructs is Cause and Effect. Everything you do comes back on you. THIS I KNOW TO BE TRUE.

Certain fixed realities are ALWAYS in operation. It doesn't matter if one believes this to be so or not. As we said, very recently, Neither The Sun nor the Earth was affected one wit by the arguments as to which of them revolved around the other. There is NO ESCAPING the impact of TRUTH. You WILL come into contact with it, sooner or later. If you are true, it will be a celebration. If you are not, there will be an epiphany.

A fixed reality is REINCARNATION. It is a fact of existence. KARMA is a fixed reality. SUFFERING is a fixed reality due to ignorant desire. Everything that is manifest is evanescent, ephemeral, and fugacious. If you know this you are sagacious (grin) When you leave here, at some point following your departure, you will wind up in a proxy court, under the rulership of Twenty Four Lords of Karma, who oversees the process. There you will view something like a composite video of your life, in which you see, in inarguable crystal clarity, what you did and did not do. The KNOWING part of yourself will experience the meaning of it. There will be NO POSSIBILITY of dispute concerning the conclusions reached because, YOU WILL BE THE ONE REACHING THE CONCLUSIONS, You will, in effect, pass judgment on yourself.

You will then be given a variety of options, depending on how moved you were by what you saw and the intensity of possible responses it will have generated in you. You will be permitted to choose the number of lifetimes following that will be needed to adjust the scales of justice and restore you to cosmic balance. The fewer lifetimes chosen, the greater will be the degree of suffering.

Everything you ever thought, or felt, or said, or did is recorded. There is, in fact, an entity called, The Recording Angel, who possesses all of this information. As you can imagine, The Recording Angel has a number of other Devic beings who appear at the different proceedings. AS ABOVE- SO BELOW. The difference between The Below and The Above is that one is imperfect and the other is impeccable.

People who read this, whether they be skeptics or believers, are welcome to their opinion. We can only hope that their opinion is AN INFORMED OPINION. As you have, no doubt, learned by now, many people do not require that they be informed before they argue, in fact, the less informed they may be, the more intense is the posture of their argument.

You can think of existence as something like a Figure 8, of which, usually, only half is visible. It is a 'moving phenomena' and you are on it. At the one half you are present here on the physical plane. When you PASS... you move into the other half. The Figure 8 is a symbol of Eternity. This should tell you what the possibilities are for those devoted to their presence here. You must free yourself of Resentment, Anger, Hunger and Desire, Fear, and a host of other qualities that should readily spring to mind. These are all, BINDING AGENCIES and they account for your being present here and acting out in their various capacities. If you want to get even, you will be given the opportunity and The Law of Cause and Effect will attend to what follows.

Right now, you are being given a remarkable occasion, a serendipitous fortuity to make unbelievable strides, concerning the tenor of the vibration on your Figure 8 and even the possibility of stepping completely off of it. That opportunity is HERE and PRESENT. This is THE REAL REASON that there are so many of us here at this time. All I can tell you is what the unknown monk shouted out as he disappeared; “Strive Hard!” I know A LITTLE SOMETHING about striving hard. I have seen what it can accomplish. I also have some idea of the cost. One should not even consider such a thing as cost when dealing with what is priceless. Some of us HAVE or WILL attain Jivanmukti in this life and you will know it when you get it. This is the OTHER CARROT, which is attended by the OTHER STICK.

My job is not to convince anyone of anything. I am only required to convince myself and that demands that one Trust but Verify. Don't take anything on Faith, until you have established the value and the reality of it. Religion WILL NOT TAKE YOU THERE. Rituals, doctrines, and dogmas WILL NOT TAKE YOU THERE. Funny hats and sacerdotal drag queen outfits WILL NOT TAKE YOU THERE. Love Alone will take you there. Love is the primary expression of The Divine and beyond that there is only The Unknowable. Love is The Vehicle of Resonance between you and The Divine. Love is The Connecting Force. Love exists in various permutations in every kingdom of existence. It is The Attractive Force. What you want is Pure Love; Love unsullied by desire, artifice, or adaptation to personal ends. Here, everything is personal. In the Kingdom of Heaven it is impersonal. It is possible to be in The Kingdom of Heaven while still resident here. It is possible to take it with you wherever you go and to share it with all you come into contact with. There are those doing it right now. I have been in the company of those doing it. The purpose of those doing it is to inspire you to do it.

We are presently being victimized by a false contagion, whose intent is to subjugate us with fear and to set us against each other. This is one of the expressions of Discord, presently being employed by The Satanists. Let Love become your contagion and see that you infect everyone you come into contact with. Fear is The Enemy's greatest weapon but Love displaces it. Fear cannot exist where Love is present and so... it renders the agents of The Enemy of Humanity, powerless. This is no common love and ONLY those who have relinquished common love can wield it. This Love is conscious, just as the light that is The Divine is also conscious and one of the reasons he is called The Lord of Light. We are his instruments here. We are his hands. God is formless but he can take form; any form. He can and does take human form.

What I am telling you is REAL and TRUE. The self-important cannot acknowledge it because of the power of the false self over their consciousness. You EITHER recognize the indwelling divinity that also, simultaneously composes all of creation, or you set yourself up as a false god, whose arrogance is a counterpoint to the humility required of those who serve what is greater than themselves. So it is, in a time of material darkness that the world is filled with artless and clumsy impersonators of what they do not comprehend. Their abrasive and mocking laughter fills the world with a jeering imbecility that is all FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. It is a real tragedy when men become incapable of embarrassment and shame. Surely it will come however. It will surely come.

God sits and waits within us all. Carpe Deus! My friends. What does it mean that some say, “Strive Hard!” and another says “Surrender.” or “Let Go”? Life is an eternal paradox and all that is worthy of being said cannot be said. We are the statement itself and for some there is no sweeter music than the barking of the dogs as the caravan disappears over the horizon.

Every moment of time is precious. It is an opportunity to rise beyond the confinements of this world but the senses are captivated by the temporary glitter of temporary things. I would say, “You owe it to yourself.” but you should know that.

End Transmission.......

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Then there is the decentralized web and Pocketnet is an aspect of that. Unfortunately, much of the time, we don't get much more than we get anywhere else BUT... it can surprise you sometimes.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Doing the Motionless, Moonwalking Cool Jerk, Among the Dancing Bimbos of Babylon.

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I've watched it coming. For me... after a reasonable amount of time, consciously watching the trend of the changes in the culture and in society, it has all become utterly predictable and it's all been an expression of or a variant of that inflexible equation; Materialism= Insanity and the more the primary intensifies, the more the secondary is amplified. We are now seeing the manifest turmoil that for so long had been internal. The dam broke and it was no better for the dikes and the levees. If I remember correctly, some astrologers did an astrological chart for the US during a recent blood moon eclipse (couple years ago or so) and the chart was near identical to that of revolutionary France. It explains the Jacobins now presenting as Antifa.

Please note that the COVID bullshit hoax was generated to get rid of President Trump. This has all been a defensive reaction by The Deep State, which considers Trump to be a mortal threat. None of the impeachment efforts worked. They had to try something new. Consider the connection between the masks of Antifa and the masks of Coronavirus and the greater profit for concealment and deception.

The most telling cause of the present chaos in these, no longer United... States is our collective abdication from “In God we Trust”. This is a subtle but powerful thing. For most, it is a slogan but just like certain symbols are, it is more than its appearance. It is all reminiscent of the meaning to be found in certain Biblical scripture; “O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” and- “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Symbols are energy, concentrated in a specific form. Initiates and certain occult practitioners know how to access the power of symbols. Depending on the intentions and moral climate of the individuals, if the higher energy potential is locked because of their moral shortcomings, the force of the symbols is turned to perverse use.

Numbers also have tremendous power for those who understand their true meaning. This is best demonstrated in the Tree of Life, in which is concealed the whole of the workings of the universe. Because of the darkness of this age, leading up to what is coming, many of the traditions and institutions that formerly stood for the greater good of humanity, have been hijacked by spiritual predators. It is not necessary for me to go into more detail here. Many of you know who and what I am talking about.

All of the players of the moment are here for a reason, via reincarnation. A grand denouement approaches. One clear example of what I am talking about is the increasing tension developing between COVID mask wearers and those refusing to. It is the old tale of conditions before The Ascension and similar to the Bible story about two men working in a field and one of them is taken and one is left. I am not passing judgment. I am talking about the metaphysical looping; the cosmic bio-rhythmic pulse of creation that ebbs and flows at every level of manifestation, including that of cultures. I don't have details. They are always in flux but... the general patterns can be seen and the state of existence can be intuited at any time, to the degree that one is free of its influence and circumstances. Attachment blinds us at every level.

The Apocalypse is causing the lies of the manipulators and their foot-soldiers at every level to be exposed and the awakening is causing people to become aware of them but there is a large block of people who refuse to see no matter what. No amount of reasoning or evidence will convince them. We saw this with 9/11. They have too much invested in what they have been told is real, being real. It is a complex matter. In all cases Karma is a player and accounts for the multiplicity of secondary causes; ignorance, low-level desire, and consuming appetites, possession, stupidity. There are so many of them. Freedom; the desire to be free, however it is understood, is the consuming passion of everyone. It is the greatest misfortune that all too often Freedom is miss-identified as bondage and becomes an entanglement that can stretch for lifetimes unless Grace appears. Those of us who are the recipient of it understand how profound a gift that is.

It is one of the great mysteries how so many can be so blind to the presence of the splendor and glory that resides within them and on all sides around them. It is right there in plain sight but the eye cannot see. Yes... there are all those explanations in all of the scriptures that have been written since the beginning. It is still a mystery. Then come those rare moments, such as the ones we find ourselves in now. On the one side is the giddy and relentless elevation of awareness brought on by The Awakening. On the other side is the relentless intensifying of denial.

Rarely is there a need to pay such concentrated attention to one's spiritual state. Ask yourself; “What have I been up to already today? What did I give my time to in the past week... in the past month?” That should tell you a great deal. Now, some amount of you will render this a perfunctory dismissal. That ALSO requires your attention. If we do not reflect on what we HAVE BEEN UP TO, it will not go well in terms of what WE ARE up to and it will surely impact on what WE LATER GET UP TO. I speak these words, RIGHT HERE, as a cautionary admonition. If you cannot see from present conditions in the manifest, the degree to which the insanity has taken hold, it may occur that you are soon given reason to see. As my old friend, Louis Pasteur once said, “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” Another fellow once said, “Fortune favors the bold.” I've less attraction for the last statement. I've seen what comes of being bold when the conditions are not right. In fact, I am watching a number of people on their way to learning that for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Everything is arranged and whether you believe in nothing or some version of a perspective, SUBJECT TO CHANGE, is immaterial ...and SO IS THE CONTROLLER OF EVERYTHING. The problem arises, if problem it is, that there are some number of folks who believe that they are in control of this... or that and the fact of the matter is that they are not even in control of themselves. Unless you are in control of yourself, your efforts will ONLY result in an OBJECT LESSON. I am not telling you this because it is something I came up with on my own. What I am telling you comes from the timeless repository of Ageless Wisdom and is the fruit of minds far beyond my own and it is to minds such as these that I owe everything I have and do not have and everything I know and do not know and the variance between what I have and do not have and know and do not know is THE CRITICAL THING. It is the discrimination which is key; to know what is worth knowing and to have what is worth having is a jewel of incalculable value and the origin of all suffering when one does not.

I have said it often. These times we are presently in are EXTRAORDINARY TIMES and that is why the distraction of the material plane is so great, whether it is due to the attractions flickering like the lights of Vegas, the appetites being whetted, or the fear being generated. All of the nonsense of the Coronavirus and the dancing bimbos of Babylon; male or female or of questionable status, crying like sirens on the rocks of destruction, is no more than cheap carnival action, a sideshow to trap the unwitting and the unwary and it HAS BEEN EVER THUS. Nothing changes but the presentations. Step right up! Step right up, everyone's a winner! You bet.

There is a force, resident within you, that is more powerful than anything in the external; “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” That statement was inspired by the everlasting presence and the everlasting presence is NEVER wrong. You must see that every challenge that comes upon you is only for the purpose of making you strong. It does not go on forever. It is also for the purpose of weeding out the insincere, the dilettantes, and the half measurites. If you are committed, the difficulty is remarkably reduced. You are then no longer fighting yourself and that is the majority of your conflict and your problems in every case. Self-mastery comes about on its own. It is not something you make happen. It is something you allow to happen. There is ONE ruling force. It is your opposition to it that has been the cause of your every defeat in life after life afterlife. It is the objective of life to come into alignment with that force and once you have done so, your troubles are at an end. One needs to understand the meaning of Fallen Angels and it wouldn't hurt to have an awareness of the meaning of 'redemption' also.

The world exists as a stage for the accomplishment of The Great Work and as a theater for the epic fails that are testimony to all that does not work because they are not The Great Work. You are destined to achieve it and it begins to manifest the moment you allow it to take place. It IS NOT something you do. It is something you permit to happen. It is the easiest thing there is because it requires nothing but your consent and accommodation. All the complications... all the mysteries and convoluted bullshit are the results of the operations of the monkey mind false self-justifying and its endless reactions and contrivances in the effort to defend Self Will Run Riot. STILL THE REACTIVE MIND and EVERYTHING will fall into place. Stand guard at the gateway of the mind and evict all thought until nothing remains but THE QUIETUDE OF THE PRESENCE. It is a VERY SIMPLE THING and conditions have seldom been so right for you to attain. May God grant you his grace and PERMIT your understanding!

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

"Bobbleheads, Nodwells and Nimrods, with the IQ of a Kardashian-Jenner Boyfriend, are Strutting like Rooster Tards."

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It's been a long, long time since I have seen the level of self-righteous hypocrisy that I see these days. Fortunately... for me... I can speak truthfully and not care a wit who objects because there is nothing of any real value that any of them can take from me, unless I were to submit to their Jacobean Snowflake hallucinations of PC grandeur. Then they would have taken my integrity. I'm sure they would now be patting each other on the back, if that were possible, but there is no back because they are all front. Famous athletes with the IQ of a Kardashian boyfriend are puffing up like roosters, doing their cock of the walk thing, along with the fierce competition of their fellows, cross-platform and in the Mirkwood Soup of the ranks and rows of bobble-heads, Nodwells and Nimrods, virtue-signaling their complete lack of anything remotely similar to virtue, save for unreasonable facsimiles.

Is there no connection between the useless masks of the Corona-hoax and the Antifa masking of the same and sundry? Of course there is. It is all arranged. The humorous part is that they think they are arranging it. They can't even arrange their hair these days and that is why it generally looks like rats took a shit in it while they slept and then they sprayed it with Krazy Glue.

I did hard time in prison (for something I didn't do) with a majority of black convicts for several years and also grew up on military bases. I've NEVER had a problem with anyone over their color and that is why I feel ZERO GUILT for my own hue, not that I am ever aware of it in the first place.

Ah... the vicarious embarrassment that runs through me as I see these bombastic, prancing petunias pretending to be a rose by some other name. There is an odious stench of sanctimony, married to hypocrisy, wafting through the airwaves, as those without sin cast their stones in every direction and underneath all of this feigned outrage is... SHOW ME THE MONEY!

'BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM...' as they act- so they are. 'By their works ye shall know them...' AS THEY ACT-SO THEY ARE.

Israelis have been training American police forces for some time and the knee on the neck thing is one of the tactics they use on the Palestinians. Police protocols have changed dramatically, over time, so as to be reflective of the need for control when things get out of hand and the controllers have a need for their tender ministrations.

NO LIVES MATTER! Not when they are lived in an offensive revolt against the spirit of brotherhood and demonstrated in a war on Harmony and those resonating, archetypal ideals that identify us as human. Without them we ARE NOT HUMAN. Without them WE ARE BEASTS.

Civilization? Scratch the thin veneer of our fabricated politesse and the face of the ravening animal appears. This is ever the end of our imagined unity, as MATERIALISM crosses the border of self-restraint. It becomes a heavy breathing mob of smash and grabs. Nothing shows a lack of principles and values like masked skells running down the sidewalks with STUFF... stuff in their arms. CAVE CAVE DEUS VIDET. Where will that stuff be a few weeks hence? Or... for that matter... where will they be further on?

It all comes down to how we measure success. What does and does not have value? Stuff? Does stuff have value? Is glittery shit desirable? It will look really good draped around your skeleton vertebrae in the cold vault of the Earth.

In a time when hundreds of millions are followers of vain and mediocre talentless little shits like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, the Kardashian and Jenner vampire clan; in a time of youtube influencers like Jeffree Star and the rest of the gender-bending lunatics and self-serving face-time junkies, the transitory ego is king and queen of the madhouse. We literally live in a lunatic asylum. You know all of this. I could list name after name after name of those who haunt the celebrity websites and nearly all of them are distinguished by a simply amazing lack of talent and an even greater lack of humanity and whose charitable efforts are public relations scams, devoid of any sense of caring or concern whatsoever. They DO NOT perform their good works in secret.

Everywhere you go today you hear about the Tiger King. It's a tabloid drama designed to titillate. I've only a cursory idea of what is going on there but I do know WHY it is going on.

It is an easy thing to understand if you care to. Those WHO CONTROL the media that reports on the doings of the famous and wanna-be famous, control who gets identified as famous. They control PUBLIC PERCEPTION. They control who writes the books and sings the songs. They control who speaks in public. They control the ENTIRE FALSE IMPRESSIONS OF EXISTENCE and... by increments... those being promoted by these controllers are more and more clueless, talentless and perverse by the day BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE PUBLIC EMULATES THEM! They are CONSCIOUS employees of The Prince of Darkness. Like the shill outside the strip joint, like the carnival barker, like the circus ringmaster, they stand at the gates of perdition and wave their hands saying “Hello Sailor, come on in!”

Satanists like Billie (false) Eyelash, the next step in the Madonna-Lady Gagme progression, continue their Pied Piper Waltz. Matthew McConaughey wants you to help him with his whiteness. Boy are these callow and fallow little shrinking violets terrified of being on the wrong side of manufactured history!

The world is a gaping and ravenous maw, into which the millions march, in search of the satiation of appetite and it is they who are the consumed. We are here to learn through loss and disappointment, what is real and what is not, what is temporary and what is lasting. This euphemistically civilized Earth and all of its ways and byways are The Boulevards of Broken Dreams. At last... at long last, we realize what the Prodigal Son realized and we set out for Our Father's House. This is not the mere journey of a few days or weeks. It could be the product of lifetimes but... once we are set on that road, SOONER OR LATER, we will come home. The Father sees us from far off and literally trembles with excitement. That is how greatly we are loved. We may not think so, having that memory of the sty in which we slept and the squalor in which we awakened BUT... we are loved in a manner greater than we are capable of imagining.

Many are atavistically fearful. Many are despairing and fear there is no hope. Many in their fear are driven to great anger and no good will come of that BUT EVERYTHING... EVERYTHING that is taking place, is part of the grand learning experience of The Apocalypse. God... the grand weaver, spins his wheel and the tapestry of life unfolds before us like magic. It is magic. He who liberates us is also he who deceives us; “LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION.” Could it be any more clear? Is God an angel or devil? Which of these are you? On that depends the interpretation of your relationship and identity. At which table do you sit? Are you scarfing from the trough or are you dining in THE UPPER ROOM? Are you rutting or are you caressing? Are you creating or destroying? We both do both each day and that is where DISCRIMINATION comes into play. A study of the 14th Trump is useful here.

“Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN.” Ponder that. If God is Real and I assure you God is real; if God is defined by his qualities and his primary emanation= Love AND HE IS (and it is)... then, WHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU??? “Oh, ye of little faith!” “According to your faith is it done unto you.” It is so very simple. It truly is and it ONLY BECOMES COMPLEX when we begin to create arguments and justifications for WHAT WE WANT as we rationalize our behavior. If God is the cornucopia of all good things AND HE IS, who are these good things created for?

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” The key to existence entire is to LOVE GOD. Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind and in the clear mirrors of your brothers and sisters, love them as yourself because they most surely are. Ah... but what if you don't love yourself? There's good reason for that, isn't there. Did God make a mistake? God doesn't make mistakes. Did God make a mistake? Were you created by accident?

It looks bad at the moment. We've been saying for some time that this was coming and that this year would be the year of years BUT... with all of the specters and amorphous threats, along with the visibly evident... what else is there? What might we be missing in the process of focusing upon the negative aspect? Should there not be a positive aspect equal to the negative? Isn't that some kind of law of physics?

Be of good cheer my friends. This really is all FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION and right now, the clowns and fools and predators are outing themselves in grand fashion. Meanwhile, The Awakening continues apace, as the eyes of humanity are being opened consonantly, in respect of the common perception (does that sentence even make sense? (grin)) God IS AT ALL TIMES, in complete command of all things. If anything is out of control it is not God.

End Transmission.......

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There's a neat little POCKET,--
In the schoolroom it stands,--
And it points through the NET
With its two little hands.

And may we, like the clock,
Keep a face clean and bright,
With hands ever ready
To do what is right and then... there's Pocketnet.

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Monday, June 8, 2020

"He is the Voice of the Lightning as He Speaks in the Thunder. He is the Crackle of the Flames in the Fire."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Throughout the days of recording and writing there has been a great deal of thinking and reflecting. The world has been in an uproar and despite the perspectives of all the experts, the real causes, the warp and woof and the why and wherefore, are deeper than the surface appearances. EVERYTHING is an expression of God, working things out to his satisfaction for the purpose of AWAKENING. Cause and effect teach us the consequences of our actions.

Those individuals, cabals, principalities and powers believe in the supremacy of their power. Painstakingly, they have been at work for generations in the effort to cause violent revolution and mob rule. They have been behind the World Wars of the last century and the Communist engines that killed and tortured hundreds of millions. They instigated the Vietnam conflict and CENTURIES BEFORE the Civil Rights movement, they owned the slave ships that brought the blacks over from Africa. Then they pounced on the Civil Rights movement to fabricate the evidence of their being the Good Guys, though they started the whole business in the first place.

They founded PNAC, which plotted the 9/11 attacks. They have been the visible machinery that orchestrated the Gay movement, whose sinister intention was to create an epidemic of REVERSED KUNDALINI to manifest spiritual death on an epic scale. They are behind the war on Christianity and on The Family Unit, which has been their chief target ever since the Bolshevik Revolution. They operate and control the music industry and are responsible for the Satanic messaging that has wiped out all inspired musical expression. They control the art galleries and the very nature of art, as it is presented in its contemporary demonic formats.

They are the force behind the Coronavirus Hoax and the ENGINEERED George Floyd protests. All along they have operated out of the shadows but so confident are they now, in their imagined control of material appearances, they are coming out into the open. Little do they know that their exposure in not, as they think, evidence of their power but, more rather, a testimony of their weakness and vulnerability. As they have continued, step by step, plotting the enslavement and destruction of the human race, all this time, they have been mere servants of The Prince of Darkness.

Much of their present frenzy is about removing Donald Trump from the presidency.

It is very difficult for most of us to avoid feeling overwhelmed by them, to avoid despair and FEAR on a mass scale. One of the things they took care of early on was to gain control of THE MONEY. By this means they can threaten and demand compliance from everyone with HOSTAGES TO FORTUNE.

Little do they know in their mad dreams of empire and plunder... little do they know that The Supreme Being is in TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING. He is the mind behind the mind behind the mind of the practitioners of both Good and Evil and he orchestrates every event to the fulfillment of his will. There are many ways to look at it. Life is QUITE LITERALLY a movie and he IS THE DIRECTOR. He says “ACTION”. He says, “CUT”. He says, “OKAY, THAT'S A WRAP.” He says whatever gets said that makes anything occur.

He is the voice of the lightning as he speaks in the thunder. He is the crackle of the flames in the fire. He is the pounding of the waves upon the sand and the rocks that are being rendered into sand. He is the horse and the hoof-beats and the rider. He is the panorama they pass through. He is the one who sees the horse and the rider. He is the origin and destination of EVERYTHING and you may... you may on occasion remind yourself of this but then you forget again and again. In many cases you remain unaware of it, or don't believe it but whether you believe it or not does not impact on whether or not it is real.

He is the essential and original OM out of which creation emerged by virtue of variations of vibration. He is the Akasha and the Prana. He is the thing and the force that acts upon the thing or animates the thing. He is intelligence itself and witness to EVERYTHING that takes place, no matter how seemingly in secret it may appear to be.

The fiends of these times are exposing their hand, with all of the violent nonsense they are manifesting. On the one hand it looks like they are more powerful than us. Not so... when they were in the shadows they were more powerful, manipulating behind the scenes; now they have exposed themselves and are vulnerable. When the awakening hits its next level, they will be visibly identifiable. God is WITHIN THE MIND OF EVERYONE. It is a simple matter for him to announce himself inside their heads. It is a simple matter for him to remove their sanity. He is WITHIN THEM. He is WITHIN every one of us.

Everything... everything taking place has a purpose! Fear not;

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

These poor sad fools, they plot and plot the overthrow of what that is they do not know. They do not know that The Earth is a sacred vessel, which at the mere approach of the profane, recedes. This is why no one HAS EVER been able to take control of the whole of it and why all that have tried have become object lessons.

If your spiritual senses were awake, you would see space is filled with entities of every kind. It is from the invisible that the control of the visible comes. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. Humanity is moving through a dreamscape, populated by Fata Morgana and tinkling, glittering objects of desire, carrot and sticking the dreamers through the realm of appetite, where they are WHAT IS CONSUMED, as they imagine themselves to be the consumers. They are what is being fed upon by creatures of nightmare that, for the most part, they cannot see; ♫ ah mercy mercy me, things ain't what they seem to be ♫ (excuse the liberties taken, Marvin)

While the masses seek to appease their merciless and draconian predators, they fail to see where the real power lies. They submit themselves to temporary chimera and become horribly bound by what is not even real. They are prisoners in the Penitentiary of the Mind. However... my friends, THE LIBERATOR IS COMING!!! Oh yes indeed, he approaches even now, down through the planes he comes, precipitating... as he cleans each level of being. Soon he will appear on the material plane. Soon he will arrive and announce himself in EVERY HUMAN HEART AND MIND and then... and then? Well... it depends on what you've been up to, doesn't it? We are looking at harvest time for The Foolish Virgins. What will the predators do when the power is shut down and when it is rerouted? What will they do when HIS AMBASSADORS appear with his mark on them?

It is going to be a situation of magnitudes beyond that of Palestinians, throwing rocks at tanks, because THE ONE WHO IS COMING WILL HAVE MORE POWER IN HIS LITTLE FINGER than all the ignorant armies of darkness that have ever been, could EVER muster at one time.

There is a reason that we are impressed by the pathetic displays of temporal force presently extant. There is a reason we are enthralled by the glamour of vacuous celebrities, or in fear of agencies of material force. There is a reason that our minds are captivated by trivia and base hungers. There is a reason that our Solar Plexus has been hijacked by criminal entrepreneurs, who play upon our lower centers like a sidewalk organ grinder does with his monkey and a reason why the mind is likened to one. There is a reason we dance like chickens on a hidden griddle. It is all for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION!!! Now... however... The Awakening is upon us and each are reacting in their own individual and group fashion to force it;

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

The Avatar WILL APPEAR and say, in his own fashion, “Today I settle all family business, so don't tell me you're innocent.” You cannot hide anything from yourself and that is what The Avatar is. Fear not my friends, continue to be as you are and let Faith, Certitude and Determination be your guidance system. Remember... in the end... it really does come down to who you know.

End Transmission.......

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