Sunday, June 28, 2020

"Reincarnation, Karma and Suffering are Fixed Realities, Only Love Transcends Them."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I had to dismiss the last attempt at posting. Let's try a different approach.

As you can witness in the catamite media, devoted to the overthrow of all that is stable and human, people are losing it everywhere. This is not something they came up with on their own. They are being pressured by Dark Conning Towers, operating out of vibrational frequencies in the collective unconscious. This is the same medium that has been employed to spread sexual confusion and a pandemic of perversity.

It is a given that Satanism's chief export is Discord. Discord is proliferated by manipulating appearances. The result of this is Reflex Antagonism, Race Wars, Gender Wars and Culture Wars. The whole impetus of Satanism is to set us against each other and create an argumentative mindset and pervasive uneasiness.

People don't get here, on this plane of existence by accident. They mostly get here through Misguided Intentions. Unless you are motionless, every movement leads somewhere. Whatever course you are on has an end result. Two forces are constantly at work in the manifest; evolution and devolution. Individuals, groups of all sizes, countries, and continents are all engaged in one or the other. Things go up and things go down. Whatever you have convinced yourself of, automatically becomes a pathway to its conclusion and resolution. In other words, WHERE YOU FIND OUT. Certain inflexible rules are in force at all times. One of the primary constructs is Cause and Effect. Everything you do comes back on you. THIS I KNOW TO BE TRUE.

Certain fixed realities are ALWAYS in operation. It doesn't matter if one believes this to be so or not. As we said, very recently, Neither The Sun nor the Earth was affected one wit by the arguments as to which of them revolved around the other. There is NO ESCAPING the impact of TRUTH. You WILL come into contact with it, sooner or later. If you are true, it will be a celebration. If you are not, there will be an epiphany.

A fixed reality is REINCARNATION. It is a fact of existence. KARMA is a fixed reality. SUFFERING is a fixed reality due to ignorant desire. Everything that is manifest is evanescent, ephemeral, and fugacious. If you know this you are sagacious (grin) When you leave here, at some point following your departure, you will wind up in a proxy court, under the rulership of Twenty Four Lords of Karma, who oversees the process. There you will view something like a composite video of your life, in which you see, in inarguable crystal clarity, what you did and did not do. The KNOWING part of yourself will experience the meaning of it. There will be NO POSSIBILITY of dispute concerning the conclusions reached because, YOU WILL BE THE ONE REACHING THE CONCLUSIONS, You will, in effect, pass judgment on yourself.

You will then be given a variety of options, depending on how moved you were by what you saw and the intensity of possible responses it will have generated in you. You will be permitted to choose the number of lifetimes following that will be needed to adjust the scales of justice and restore you to cosmic balance. The fewer lifetimes chosen, the greater will be the degree of suffering.

Everything you ever thought, or felt, or said, or did is recorded. There is, in fact, an entity called, The Recording Angel, who possesses all of this information. As you can imagine, The Recording Angel has a number of other Devic beings who appear at the different proceedings. AS ABOVE- SO BELOW. The difference between The Below and The Above is that one is imperfect and the other is impeccable.

People who read this, whether they be skeptics or believers, are welcome to their opinion. We can only hope that their opinion is AN INFORMED OPINION. As you have, no doubt, learned by now, many people do not require that they be informed before they argue, in fact, the less informed they may be, the more intense is the posture of their argument.

You can think of existence as something like a Figure 8, of which, usually, only half is visible. It is a 'moving phenomena' and you are on it. At the one half you are present here on the physical plane. When you PASS... you move into the other half. The Figure 8 is a symbol of Eternity. This should tell you what the possibilities are for those devoted to their presence here. You must free yourself of Resentment, Anger, Hunger and Desire, Fear, and a host of other qualities that should readily spring to mind. These are all, BINDING AGENCIES and they account for your being present here and acting out in their various capacities. If you want to get even, you will be given the opportunity and The Law of Cause and Effect will attend to what follows.

Right now, you are being given a remarkable occasion, a serendipitous fortuity to make unbelievable strides, concerning the tenor of the vibration on your Figure 8 and even the possibility of stepping completely off of it. That opportunity is HERE and PRESENT. This is THE REAL REASON that there are so many of us here at this time. All I can tell you is what the unknown monk shouted out as he disappeared; “Strive Hard!” I know A LITTLE SOMETHING about striving hard. I have seen what it can accomplish. I also have some idea of the cost. One should not even consider such a thing as cost when dealing with what is priceless. Some of us HAVE or WILL attain Jivanmukti in this life and you will know it when you get it. This is the OTHER CARROT, which is attended by the OTHER STICK.

My job is not to convince anyone of anything. I am only required to convince myself and that demands that one Trust but Verify. Don't take anything on Faith, until you have established the value and the reality of it. Religion WILL NOT TAKE YOU THERE. Rituals, doctrines, and dogmas WILL NOT TAKE YOU THERE. Funny hats and sacerdotal drag queen outfits WILL NOT TAKE YOU THERE. Love Alone will take you there. Love is the primary expression of The Divine and beyond that there is only The Unknowable. Love is The Vehicle of Resonance between you and The Divine. Love is The Connecting Force. Love exists in various permutations in every kingdom of existence. It is The Attractive Force. What you want is Pure Love; Love unsullied by desire, artifice, or adaptation to personal ends. Here, everything is personal. In the Kingdom of Heaven it is impersonal. It is possible to be in The Kingdom of Heaven while still resident here. It is possible to take it with you wherever you go and to share it with all you come into contact with. There are those doing it right now. I have been in the company of those doing it. The purpose of those doing it is to inspire you to do it.

We are presently being victimized by a false contagion, whose intent is to subjugate us with fear and to set us against each other. This is one of the expressions of Discord, presently being employed by The Satanists. Let Love become your contagion and see that you infect everyone you come into contact with. Fear is The Enemy's greatest weapon but Love displaces it. Fear cannot exist where Love is present and so... it renders the agents of The Enemy of Humanity, powerless. This is no common love and ONLY those who have relinquished common love can wield it. This Love is conscious, just as the light that is The Divine is also conscious and one of the reasons he is called The Lord of Light. We are his instruments here. We are his hands. God is formless but he can take form; any form. He can and does take human form.

What I am telling you is REAL and TRUE. The self-important cannot acknowledge it because of the power of the false self over their consciousness. You EITHER recognize the indwelling divinity that also, simultaneously composes all of creation, or you set yourself up as a false god, whose arrogance is a counterpoint to the humility required of those who serve what is greater than themselves. So it is, in a time of material darkness that the world is filled with artless and clumsy impersonators of what they do not comprehend. Their abrasive and mocking laughter fills the world with a jeering imbecility that is all FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. It is a real tragedy when men become incapable of embarrassment and shame. Surely it will come however. It will surely come.

God sits and waits within us all. Carpe Deus! My friends. What does it mean that some say, “Strive Hard!” and another says “Surrender.” or “Let Go”? Life is an eternal paradox and all that is worthy of being said cannot be said. We are the statement itself and for some there is no sweeter music than the barking of the dogs as the caravan disappears over the horizon.

Every moment of time is precious. It is an opportunity to rise beyond the confinements of this world but the senses are captivated by the temporary glitter of temporary things. I would say, “You owe it to yourself.” but you should know that.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hmmmm. Contempt wasn't on your list, but it is what I feel toward this place now. I feel like it some some vile thing I stepped in, and I must scrape it off the sole of my boot. Great post, as always.

Anonymous said...

"Actions that are performed in terms of one's prescribed duties, as mentioned in the revealed scriptures, are called karma. Actions that free one from the cycle of birth and death are called akarma. And actions that are performed through the misuse of one's freedom and that direct one to the lower life forms are called vikarma."
Karma and Reincarnation

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Up an octave indeed! Ye haw what a gift to hear you blast an ego-killer riff and see your soul rise above the mundane facts of life!

" I also have some idea of the cost. One should not even consider such a thing as cost when dealing with what is priceless."

When we clear the mechanism and can see clearly through our empty mind, we realize in our body that the cost is nothing at all compared to the priceless.

That any matter is dust in the making but the light which created it shines on.
When we believe we can shine on, we give up all pretense that we do anything and become the living vessel of One Who Loves All.

"It is possible to be in The Kingdom of Heaven while still resident here. It is possible to take it with you wherever you go and to share it with all you come into contact with. There are those doing it right now. I have been in the company of those doing it. The purpose of those doing it is to inspire you to do it."

Speak it brother, lay it down like no other, so anyone can hear it if they listen with open heart!

"What does it mean that some say, “Strive Hard!” and another says “Surrender.” or “Let Go”?"

Our will directed toward nothing in particular yet for union with all the marbles! All we have is not enough so we give it all away and are carried on.

The figure eight maneuver, the Moebius strip paradox, the simultaneous presence in this temporal testament and in the timeless perfection, living both planes in harmony!

That's the ticket! To ride the whirlwind in the center instead of reaping the outer fury of its passing!

When will we all realize the gift of being here now, despite the desperate turmoil of those about to lose their camouflage and all their ill-gotten gains?
When we can manifest faster than a speeding bullet, in love or fear!

May we find the calm assurance which the Child of God showed!

Hereticdrummer said...

Another barnburner, VIS. I wish I could show it to my neighbor but he wouldn't be interested. He insists that this life and the material realm is all that is. When we die, it is a descent into complete nothingness and blackness, like we never existed at all for as he says, "We are just animals." (apparently he is also unaware that our precious animal companions have an afterlife as well). I have the perfect rejoinder for such people. "Do you remember being born?" I have yet to meet anyone who does. "Do you deny that it happened?" I have yet to meet anyone who does as well. "Well then, how can you possibly recall, while confined to the flesh, what transpired before that?" Mute silence.

Thomas said...

That made me laugh: "... no sweeter music than the barking of the dogs as the caravan disappears over the horizon" - it is true, it seems! - but another time, another caravan, they will join it, for the great adventure.

What a drama!

Visible said...

I was in Sedona last week and saw five black hawks flying in circles overhead. I haven't seen them in multiples before. When I got home I saw four black hawks doing the same thing. I looked it up and hawks symbolize receiving a powerful message. Black hawks also mean great destruction and disorder. Then I thought about the message I got concerning a great disaster coming and to stay out of California.

Furthermore, these were the first black hawks I have EVER seen.

You know I am not one to even attempt to be a prophet or predictor of specifics and I am not one for my imagination running away with me. I do see trends but they SHOULD BE obvious to all. However... it's still eerie, hearing it presented the way I did and seeing those hawks before and after. You just don't (well I haven't) seen them together in such numbers. I once saw two, and they were red tails, together. Anyway, I'm passing it on, though I put no imprimatur on it.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a good column and interesting around your 'black hawks' experiences. (I first thought you were talking about Blackhawk helicopters. *grin*)

Vis: "The difference between The Below and The Above is that one is imperfect and the other is impeccable."

A small synchronicity: In the days before reading this column, I found myself thinking a lot about impeccable. It was one of the core concepts of a teacher of mine. This teacher always instructed/warned the audience to be impeccable in their conduct & dealings. Makes sense with your "Twenty Four Lords of Karma" and self-inspection. (I suspect this 'scenery' is down-shifted from what is actually there. Similar 'core concepts' exist in Near Death Experiences and other religions. So, the perceived figures are probably how the brain tries to 'translate' unknown situations into known learnings from this lifetime. Those are probably energy-based beings, if that low...)

Recently, I have also been getting the 'warning' that to focus on being impeccable could be strengthening the ego. (Anything can be twisted into serving the ego.) So, I am now being as impeccable as possible, or impeccable within a 'Best & Highest' framework - i.e., Ray is not the 'boss' of what impeccable really means...

I liked your "will not take you there" listing. Basically, those can be 'promptings', but you have to move-beyond into the actual experiencing of higher states and Beings (hopefully positive). Each person will have their own path upwards, starting from their present circumstances and slowly stripping-away the unnecessary parts. At some point, you re-join (consciously) with your own Higher Aspects...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Bill said...

I don"t think lecturing Visible is going to have much effect when from what I can see he is miles ahead of anyone else in the room.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy, lies, hatred and propaganda that is being spread so far and wide is very hard to ignore. You say do not be fooled by appearances however it is very hard trying to climb out of the pit of hell telling yourself it is all an illusion. Where are you God, we are getting our ass kicked down here. Righteousness in Your name’s sake is being buried alive ,covered up with so much bullshet its hard to fathom.
So I practice your preaching Vis and pray daily for deliverance , to be at peace with what is happening for the purpose of demonstration but I gotta tell you It ain’t easy. We are getting the crap beat out of us by bullies and no one is doing anything except clucking their tongues and saying how sad and awful it is. It is said God helps those who help themselves. Perhaps I should be praying for good leadership, someone who will gather the righteous and the good to help overcome the madness that has now taken over the globe. I look forward to your words , they are of help on the path to Peace. Thanks for your continued efforts in spreading a bit of hope.

Visible said...

You are preaching to the choir my friend. I know, intimately, what you are talking about. Sometimes it seems that you just can't make it through another day and yet you do. The Crazy is everywhere. I was musing about a place to go where I could get at a distance from it all but everywhere I look there are the footprints of The Beast. I know there must be an outpost in the back of the beyond somewhere but I suspect I am where I am supposed to be.

Our biggest problem is in our inability to keep reminding ourselves that the material realm is obvious but the invisible plane is not. So it is that we see the chaos and disorder on all sides. We live in the dream report of the senses. Meanwhile, a great deal is going on in the celestial realm, and even behind the scenes here... but we can't register it UNLESS we have managed to gain the necessary sensitivity to it. This is where Faith comes in. As has been said- and it can't be improved upon, "Faith is the substance of things unseen." That's not the whole quote. The rest of it is, "the evidence of things unseen." It takes a little thinking about. He also said, "while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal."

The shit out here comes and goes and sometimes it is more like the reeking offal itself and sometimes it is camouflaged. BUT... there are laws of balance and rules of adjustment and they say if there is a preponderance of unpleasant circumstance in the visible, there must be at least a corresponding weight or presence of its counterpart in the unseen.

As difficult as it is to proceed by faith alone, WE MUST. It is our AFFIRMING of what is yet unseen but which WILL materialize as we fixate the volatile. Finally... we don't have any choice otherwise, do we? What we have otherwise is not a choice. Not for me and not for you.

I will try to address your concerns in greater detail in today's posting. I wasn't going to write one today or for a while. That wasn't my intention but I don't have much to say about it whatever I may think.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"This World is the Sport of God. This is his Lila. This is his Playground and we are ALL Creatures of his Whimsy."



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