Saturday, July 31, 2010

There Must be a Reason but the Reason can't be Sane

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The mass media sounds like a pillow-soft, demented lullaby from a parent who really only wants you to fall asleep so that they can set the house on fire and then write some sensational and entertaining copy about it; copy you won’t be reading. Lately I have been going to to read the comments that follow the articles. Out of a hundred responses you might find two that attempt to alert the readers to what’s actually going on. When that happens, the rest of those commenting jump of them with the usual tin foil hat, conspiracy theory, nut job tags. It’s proof positive that the majority of people will defend those oppressing them as if the news were actually the news instead of manufactured horseshit woven into crowd control medleys of the kind of elevator music that was probably playing in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

I made a comment about the use of Corexit and explained how professionals, who certainly knew the effect, had to have a certain intent. I’ve pointed out that their reality is being shaped by the forces that manipulate the financial system, to reduce the value of everything they own, which has the result of making their efforts to earn a living and gain some portion of all the things the system promises them, into a Sisyphean endeavor. It doesn’t take and that’s why the cosmos is marching toward them with a 2X4 in its hand.

All through history you read about times and places where various individuals were warning the population about one danger or another. In every case they were ignored and whatever was going to happen, happened. Right now and in recent times, people have been stocking up on guns and ammo, food and whatever else they think they need, because of conditions they can see manifesting around them. Meanwhile, when someone tells them why it’s happening, they want to know if you are Mel Gibson. Here they are, arming themselves and preparing themselves as if they expected something, without even considering the cause.

Disinfo agent, Julian Assange has been convincingly outed as shill for the predators and immediately after, he and Wikileaks are on the front page every day. This psychopathic game goes on and on as elements of the bad guys, position themselves for transformation into the good guys, so they can advise and lead you into a new reality shaping, away from those who have been left behind to take the fall for what their associates are saving you from. If people can’t see what’s been happening to them all along, it is doubtful they will see the more complicated strategies that are employed to ruin them more completely. If they can’t master the game of “Go Fish”, it’s pretty clear that “Checkers” will mystify them completely.

This game has been in operation for a long time and an objective view of the present day status makes it clear that the ones running the slaughterhouse don’t have to worry about the cattle catching on. Even when they smell the blood and terror of the killing floor, panic is about all they can achieve. They don’t recall how they got there or much of anything else that happened before.

Consider the number of readers that rely on the mass media for information. The closest they get to arguing about what they hear is when they blame whatever is happening on the other political party. For them it comes down to liberal against conservative and it’s not possible that they even know what that means because both parties routinely trample upon the precepts they insist they are practicing. The fact that frothing at the mouth, demagogues like Limbaugh, Savage and the blockheads at Fox can attract millions of listeners is an irrefutable indication that Stupidity is the death of Curiosity and that Curiosity only travels from their crotch to their stomach and back again. Reason has fled, so there is no one to tell Curiosity that something doesn’t sound right and provoke it to look around the corner where the guys with the baseball bats are waiting. As far as they are concerned, there’s pussy and pizza waiting for them there.

It would be a grim tableau if it weren’t for the mysterious X factor that no one can identify but which keeps brushing everyone’s legs under the table. Part of this operation is to make everyone uneasy and part of it is to make all of the psychopaths think it’s one of their associates. If they smile that means something. If they don’t smile that means something. Everything means something and none of it is good. It is good though, because the end result is that they are at each others throats.

Millions and millions of people are listening to the mouthpieces, who are employed by the people, who own the media, that is owned by the people, who send the cattle through the chutes. Blogs get the attention of a fractional minority who held on to valuable characteristics that told them they should go somewhere else. This blog gets ten times the traffic as Visible Origami. The vibrating, controlling silence gets a great deal less.

If it was just going to go on the way it has been going on, you might expect it to just go right ahead but… that’s not what’s going to happen. The argument about whether there is something conscious behind the scenes and what kind of clothes it wears is not important now. It’s not important what you believe or don’t believe except insofar as it positions you and if you’re locked into some kind of dogma, then your situation is even worse. Dogma is only useful during those periods when self righteousness has the currency to give you importance in a completely buttoned down presence. Those buttons aren’t going to hold and your nakedness is going to bother you a lot more than those who will drop their clothes at any request. What matters is what is going to happen and how much you have to adjust to accommodate it. The greater and more rapid the accommodation has to be, the more intense the suffering, sense of loss and possible departure altogether.

The greatest tell, concerning the state of contemporary humanity, can be seen on the highways and in the supermarkets, where those going nowhere on a general mission of no importance must press and push and communicate their irritation in any possible way simply because they are possessed by a particular ancient force. One could say “get thee behind me”, if they knew where they were going because that’s what the force does. It drives you. It pushes and prods you to act with impatience and hunger. It’s the way animals get trapped and caught, people too. It’s what’s responsible for all the ill considered acts because the drive to the item of desire is greater than the good sense that wants to pause and consider.

When I heard some Israelis (who else?) had made tens of millions on Nigerian email scams, I was stunned. It didn’t seem possible there were that many stupid people who still had any money left to be scammed out of them. When I was in a casino a few years ago I watched people pouring money into machines over and over and all I could think was, they must be mad. Everywhere I go, I see some version of the thing that makes believing lies, already proven to be lies, which repeat toward an assault on one more country, doing a brisk business and it’s a rare bird indeed that ties the ownership of the media selling the lies, to the same interests provoking and demanding each of these wars, while getting those too stupid to notice to die in them for them, while paying for the chance to do so and then seeing if they shouldn’t be sure and send more money that the warmakers can use, to purchase politicians and whatever else they need to keep on keeping on.

Point this out irrefutably to those unaware of it and they will defend the one’s abusing them as if they were proud of it. This is why the X factor has to step into the ring and kick the ass of the predator and the preyed upon, as if there weren’t all that much difference between them sometimes, in terms of damage done to everyone else.

If someone owns the media and also wants some wars and has investments in all the material and also loans the money that indentures the nations involved, you would have to think that meant something; if you could think at all.

Well, it doesn’t matter how slick and efficient some people think they are and it doesn’t matter how stupid, beyond the capacity of actual calculation- due to not having a measuring tool long enough- some other folk must be. Every now and then, it’s time for an accounting and a fresh start on the road to nowhere, with those occasional, hidden lanes to somewhere and it will head off, once again, and develop and evolve until it’s breathing down your neck, once more, in the car behind you, in the line behind you and no doubt in other places that, depending on what comes to mind, tells you even more about yourself. We’re here and the agent of the cosmos is here and it’s going to do what it’s going to do and nothing anyone wants or can do is going to have any effect on it; best get in tune with it now.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maybe they are Right, Despite the Evidence, Is that True?

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I guess I’m hopeful that I can play a role in things that have to happen in concert with other writers and human beings, working in one area or another who have the courage to say it, that some things need to fall apart. I think there needs to be a free will effort that works with cosmic force that is moving to create the state, where the institutions and systems lose their hold on the lies that keep them together because the power they’ve employed is going to be withdrawn. It’s a borrowed power that has made it possible for the period in which the progression of a particular temporal template went from wherever it started, into this total corruption that requires it to be changed. This is a cyclic thing that repeats in patterns from age to age.

I’ll digress for awhile. Yesterday I was feeling this intensity. It got a little strange, I had already been feeling the intensity to leave the house and I would start to sing. It developed into this tale about the world I was in and began defining the environment and conditions taking place here and how I was sitting a small park and being free and didn’t care about anything around me, except for being free in the midst of the human struggle to acquire and hold all they had to work to have which was somehow going to make them free and how these things confined them and made them fearful and suspicious about their property. It was about how they worked to be independent for when they were old and how they spent their force in bondage so that there was little left, for them to express whatever they thought they might say or do when their freedom came at last.

I was singing about how when that happened, all they could do was to change the way they spent their time, inside their mental cage and how freedom doesn’t come unless you risk your false ambitions to find something real inside and look for some way to express it and all the dangers that might entail, looking for something you couldn’t see and hope it might be found and I’m not the only one who can tell you, that not only is it there, but unless you set out after it you are going have that empty life, that is precisely what surrounds you and I hope you are okay with that. The song just went on the whole day. I had to keep leaving the house and I was back and forth on the streets and at a park bench or an outdoor pub. I might sing a little lower there but it would continue about what I saw and how that would relate to what else might be possible. There would be parts about why I was free and didn’t have any of the things the people around me had and how I was smiling and looked drunk or mad and the people watching were thinking maybe thinking something like this and none of them were smiling on the streets or in the pubs. I don’t really get drunk but you may be certain I am mad. I wasn’t loud or anything but you hear me as I went by. I was singing in English and they are German, except for the Christians from the Jantz Team missionary group. There are hundreds of them around and some other groups too.

They live on either side of my house in apartments that they rent from the tenants. For some reason, none of them, at any location, ever speak to me but they know I’m there, given the singing to myself in the streets or certain occasional behavior of a public nature that I have to demonstrate because I am damn well not going to let this shit confine me. It appears they think I work for the devil. That’s the impression I get. It must be because I am rich and prosperous I guess. It’s funny because my freedom to be singing and smiling is supposed to be an expression of the one they follow, right? I sing about that too

At some point I went down into the garden at the back of the house and I sat on the veranda of the unrented apartment there and I started singing about Christianity and Jesus Christ and that led to the conflicts in the message and all the things that went down through the centuries into present time and the millions dead Iraqis and everything else and insane hypocrisies that justified it all and the actual connection that some people, outside any of these systems found, that made it possible to speak the truth about what most people couldn’t see. That got very esoteric. It blew my mind and for some reason, I didn’t think about the Christians on either side until around then. This is a whole new development that been coming for a few days, when I began to be compelled to go out of the house at all hours, even late at night, to this little park a short distance away. No one’s ever on the benches but people with dogs sometimes walk by. The singing is a usual thing, so that was already happening, but it didn’t jump into this new thing until yesterday. It’s freaky and amazing to me the way it captures all the inconsistencies in this existence and I can’t really present all ways that it interplays with so many things.

This experience was amazing for me, because even though I am naturally extemporaneous for some time now and have done this in a more limited way, I have never had things like what is in the blogs and even things I hadn’t seen before just leap full blown into rhyme and express the seen and the unseen and a lot of the mysteries between the two and well, maybe you can imagine. This just went on until I had to go to bed and it was hard to stop it but I did achieve it long enough to fall asleep and Susanne said I was singing a number of times in the night, I guess when it briefly surfaced from a dream. It’s not forcing me right now but I can tell it’s just waiting me to finish this and fly out the door, even though its raining, there will somewhere to go and it’s really difficult to write this because it keeps wanting employ a rhyme or changing rhythms in the words and I have to work against it cause it wants to go back into what it was which is the same thing as this but different in certain ways, that do not serve the intention of this posting because it isn’t about this except I will certainly begin to record and apply it to what the first paragraph says.

The one thing that was glaring to me is the wide differential between myself and everyone around me here in the way I am in such a good mood and singing and sometimes, if there is a rare public event with music, I might start to dance and you can imagine the reaction but nothing hostile, just surprise. Susanne’s mother is from one of the more prominent families here so everyone knows what my connection is. The difference is profound in the sense that everyone here has spent their time in acquisition of the things of this world and in submission to the force of it and I have been mostly in unfortunate intentional and accidental conflict with its blanketing power to suppress the freedom it promises to offer but doesn’t let you freely express, except in the kind of way people do inside the limitations of what they accept to keep their stable face. There’s a difference between us somehow. That’s a kind of living proof, that you have to take the risk and one way or another, life will reward you with the ability to live outside of the repression of everything else.

All through my time here, I run into people and they will tell me about some problem or something they want and I’ll say here’s what you do and it’s provable even in the explanation, it’s what I do. There is no doubting it is possible, once it’s been explained and there are even certain practices I might give them and tell them to do, simple adjustments in attitude or awareness. No one ever does it from what I can see. There’s only one thing I talk about in my encounters, which has to do with the relationship between anyone in the world, what they get here and the varieties of opportunity for some passage into something else. No matter how the conversation starts, that is always where it goes. People, in one way or another, do not want to hear it, even when all their arguments fall flat against, so I tend to keep to myself. That’s fine, I’m not the one who’s lonely or unhappy or whatever the problem is and there is always a problem. Why aren’t they satisfied and showing it otherwise?

I should get to what I want to say before I run out of space. Things have been happening to me that are more and more startling and that is saying something, given what that takes to surprise me anyway. I know it has something to do with what’s coming and its impact on all of us in different ways and I get the sense that everyone who is working for positive change is going be experiencing something like this and that this is a partnership between us and the universe and it helps somehow that we are sharing in the effort. There’s not that many of us. I think our greatest way of helping is in reaching other souls who might be inclined in their own way to join and conspire to do the same and something exponential could add to what’s coming anyway.

It could be that our personal destinies are improved by doing this and I tend to think, 100%, that this is true. It’s also time to speak courageously and directly about the oppression and control of the world’s people by the forces in concert with the Zionist Jews and those that serve and assist them and whoever else is in it too and call them for what they are and tell the proven truth, about transparent lies concerning fictitious exclusivity and events and not be in fear of the consequences when the truth is evident. We need to publicly demand that no politicians anywhere be elected who supports Israel, period, and declare who owns the media and what that means and how they came into control of that and everything else by controlling the money and printing it and providing it to themselves and then loaning it out to everyone else to control what they have and what they do and then playing with the financial system to destroy the value of their efforts and properties to control and enslave them. This is what they do.

It’s time to take this slur of anti-Semitism and say it’s a badge of honor and say that at least you’re not a slave to their obvious lies and only a fool or a coward cares what anyone calls them, when you can prove the truth that you don’t care what they pretend they are, you just care about what they do ...and that they are not Semitic anyway that the Palestinians are the original inhabitants of the land and that the DNA tests prove it so call me what you like and that power is on the way to being turned against them and nail them on what is provably true and write and sing and say it, because what use is your life anyway, if you live in subjugation to them? Is it going to improve for you? Is that their intention? That’s not what they do. Look at what is inescapably evident and tell yourself the truth. It gets very clear, very quick what is really going on, when you take the time to look.

I’ve seen some people lately who say it. They probably don’t know why. There’s been Mel Gibson, Helen Thomas, Oliver Stone and others and then they apologize. That’s a cringing cowards way to sell your ass to protect some employment, or whatever you think you might lose. Some of these people quit their positions or were forced out regardless and still apologized when what they said was true. I don’t even have to prove it but I damn well can. It’s demonstrably evident and time and destiny have got your back. Is this what you want to see about yourself? Do you want to see that you defended a lie whose intention was to destroy you? What are you saying? “Kill me anyway but let me provide you some cover when you do”? Isn’t this getting through? Is your life worth living in any case?

This gets back to the rotating cycle of slavery to forces that seem to rule the temporary world. It gets back to that Christian thing where they talk about who they serve and then make some deal with the world to pretend to be an example of someone who spoke against this very same thing. Ask yourself what you believe in and whether this actually means anything. Ask yourself if your integrity and honor are worth sacrificing to survive under the heel of your oppressor so that you can stay alive? Is it really in their hands?

Is there some kind of arrangement that guarantees that you are going to get eternal life if you spend this one on your knees, before the one’s who do not have the power to grant it, whether it exists or not? Do you hire a burglar to protect your house? I look at the multitude of obvious, in your face, realities that are all examples against every argument that is used to defend your cowardice and lack of faith in yourself and what is supposed to be motivating you. I can prove it from any perspective. I can explain your condition in respect of everything and have you agree it’s absolutely so. If you’re not asleep then what must you be thinking? You deny the truth to save your life? Why do you die in their wars? You want to be free? Why do you deny your right to express it? What the fuck is wrong with you? There are centuries of examples. This tiny group of whatever they are has been thrown out of every country for the same reasons. Was this all a mistake?

Who caused the Bolshevik revolution? Who killed so many Russians?” Who declared war on Germany because he did something about their money? Who controls the banks and politicians? Who finances all the wars for economic profit? Are there other forces too? Then call them on it. Don’t work for them. Don’t vote for them. Don’t pay taxes. They use that money against you. What the fuck is wrong with you? Their system cannot work without your compliance. They cannot exist without your support. Don’t give them another dime. How many of you have lost your jobs and homes for no reason except so that they could squeeze all that was left in you into more obscene profits? How much do they need? That isn’t the point is it?

Is this in question? Is this something else? Are really secret puppet masters controlling them from some unknown sphere? Does that matter? Shouldn’t you start right here with the ones you can see, if that is true? Won’t that affect the puppet masters? What the fuck is wrong with you? Well maybe you don’t think there’s a benevolent creator that controls all the power and maybe you don’t know that this whole thing is a test to see what you will do, to see if you have the courage and conviction, to challenge this charade in order to realize that you have to prove you deserve the freedom by risking seeming dangers that might appear, when you look past the appearances and actually check and see. What if nothing is outside it or inside you? What if this is all an accident? At least you know ...and dead and gone or free at last, is it really worth the price to have lived as if you didn’t live and never even try? What the fuck is wrong with you? You bring me to tears on occasion. Sometimes I have to go somewhere and do just that. I have to go and weep that I live around all of you. You serve the thing that mocks you and no matter what it’s up to you.

You had better start speaking out. You had better stop cooperating. You had better start acknowledging what you take so much trouble to hide from yourself that it is ridiculous; and you can’t see it? Are you smiling about some private understanding that makes you want to dance or sing? Do you laugh without reason? Have you made a connection with something inside you that compels you to express a behavior and awareness that is ignored by most of the people around you?” Is part of you missing because you shut is out? It must have been telling you something you didn’t want to hear. I wonder what that might have been. You had better get a clue.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Falling into The Pit with Ben Stein and The Tribe.

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Ben Stein says that the unemployed are people with unpleasant personalities. He didn’t say anything about how Zionist Bankers are responsible for the majority of the unemployed. He sees no irony in the fact that he himself is one of the most unpleasant people in an unpleasant system that survives by military adventures abroad and cannibalism at home. It can’t be mere accident or coincidence that the authors of all recent assaults on foreign nations have been engineered by Zionists in critical positions in the American government; media, war profiteering corporations and well funded lobby groups.

It’s no accident or coincidence that 9/11 was orchestrated by Zionist, dual nationals in Israel and the U.S., with the help of rogue elements in the intelligence services, military and government leadership. It’s a straight shot from 9/11 to all of the recent assaults in foreign nations and the collapse of the economic system. Now, those responsible for the awful state of the American dream machine being turned into a nightmare, are migrating to India, Brazil and other locations in order to do it all over again.

For some of us, there is no greater misfortune than to live a lie. For most of us, lies and impossible hopes are a comfort zone against the inconvenience of the truth. The truth is not just what is. It contains a cosmic moral code which says that certain methods and means are unacceptable to a human being. It also contains the understanding of where these means and methods lead; to the loss of one’s humanity and one’s destruction. No one engaged in living a lie and performing injustices upon one’s fellows can bear what the truth affirms. They willingly accept their own destruction rather than to be hampered in the pursuit of selfish ends for temporary gain. It seems insane and it is insane but it is how it is for so many in these times.

I can now see how lucky I was to have been born into terrible circumstances. It made finding the truth an all compelling drive. I was able to see through the illusion of the world and its false promises so that none of these things attracted me for very long. Disappointment was swift and final. I have not yet discovered the truth about myself but I do not believe it can be denied to anyone who is determined in their search.

No doubt since long before the tale of the Golden Calf took place there have been a people upon this planet whose sole interest is the control and manipulation of the material plane. We see them in full flower today, like a Kudzu or Miconia plant infestation or some ravenous, Poison Nightshade, mind parasite that feeds impossible dreams while it feeds on the dreamer. Today, in a country created from a web of deceit and murder for the purpose of financial control over the world’s economies, we see a displaced people confined in a gulag and tormented beyond reason by the people who displaced them and performed before the eyes of an indifferent world.

We see these people in control of the flow of information. We see them as the instigators of world conflicts for the purpose of personal enrichment, while we see them brag about their capacity to perform it. We see millions dead and displaced from the cradle of civilization, while their antiquities are looted to serve revisionist history and for the profit in them. This country should have a t-shirt which reads, “Planet Earth, where the weak and deluded are killed and eaten by us”. We see where the illegally resident, in a country with no right to exist, work in tireless consort with their fellows around the world to plunge the whole of the Earth into a flaming Armageddon. We see the full implications of materialism, as the majority of the world scrambles for their opportunity to serve and emulate these psychopaths in order to get their piece of a replicating disco ball; a piece of something shiny and artificial, without nutrients or actual value. You can’t eat it but you can try to make love to it. Of course, there are a number of things you can’t make Love do and this is one of them.

Seen with the same eyes that see the state of the world, as if it were something to pounce upon, rape, kill and dismember and then sell off for the parts, one could easily be discouraged and led into despair. These eyes cannot see beyond the relative value of what they have stolen and desire. There are other eyes that can. We know something exists beyond this terrible state of the times. Those who have not sold out their birthright for a mess of potage know that a new world is coming. The greatest evidence is the terrible state of the times.

It is an indication of how low civilization has fallen when someone like Ben Stein is not universally loathed for the things he says. I am reminded of Marie Antoinette and her comment about letting the starving class of France eat cake. It’s true that she was referring to an inexpensive bread product and not what she is generally understood to have said but the implication and the point remains. We know what happened to Marie. We know that she was warned by Cagliostro and St. Germain. We know that the same is on the horizon for the Ben Stein’s and Netanyahu’s, the Murdoch’s and Rothschilds.

These bloody affairs do not come for any other reason save that there are no other alternatives. Those who have brought the world to this state and who press for even greater injuries are long past the point where reason and nderstanding can have any impact on their iniquities. They believe they are beyond judgment and they are determined to reap the ultimate degree of suffering from the lives of those they torment for their profit and pleasure. They actually take pleasure from the conditions they cause.

Those who can read the signs can foretell the future. Singular acts of prediction may fail but the general trends can be apprehended with little trouble. The incredible hubris of the psychopathic overclass; the pornographic butcheries, the unspeakable acts of profit from human misery, the diabolical religions and all of the institutions that operate in broad daylight, without any shame or sense of impending consequence, are all stage markers along the incremental march of a grand awakening out of a persistent and long standing darkness. They are all evidence and testimony against those who perform these things and a guarantee that retribution on a cosmic scale shall not be long denied.

When the hand of the punisher is raised, because it cannot be further withheld and when the patience of Nature, human effort and divine agency has been of little use in convincing those without conscience of the error of their ways, it can be a terrible thing to see. When calamity comes, then people everywhere cry out against the ruination of their hopes, their lives and their low born aspirations which are but the tale of what preceded it. It is easy to see. People in the main do not listen and they do not learn. They just look for another way to go about the same thing. It is no surprise that Ben Stein and his fellows have accomplished so much. All they had to do was pander to the lowest common denominator in all of us. All they had to do was to cater to the basest human appetites and hold out the promise of an opportunity to be like them. They set each of us against each other and ourselves and took profit from the confusion and conflict. They littered the highway of the human passage with road side carcasses and charged so much to roll in them and so much to watch it happen. Then they auctioned them off to each other.

For myself, I cannot look at what is everywhere to be seen, as if it were the real testament of all our efforts and ambitions. I cannot look at it as if this were the true nature of our human state. Someone has deceived us into something far below our real nature into a travesty of ourselves. Something has defined us as beasts of appetite and bid us eat our fill. Something has replaced our plates and cutlery with a trough and turned our environment into a sty. Something also lives in us and cannot be dishonored or killed. It is stronger than all of our failures and misfortunes. It is something beyond definition and the indomitable, single aspiration that will rise within us when all other means have shown us the error of our ways.

This is what I look at, even when it is so completely concealed in the surrounding disorder. Some of us are not going to “go gentle into that dark night”. Some of us will not give up or give in. Some of us have taken the narrow path; the King’s Highway that runs away from the modern road that ends in the unavoidable entropy of what lies result in. All of this madness and ignorant endeavor is nothing more than irrefutable evidence that none of it works. It’s truly said that the fool who persists in his folly will be made wise. There are other ways to reach this state and I sincerely hope you find one.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Polanski Gambit and the Old World Order.

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Of course Roman Polanski is a mainline Satanist and the desire to make him a public item is not accidental by any means. This is a calculated event. The recent refusal by the Swiss to extradite Polanski extends the drama for the purpose of ongoing misdirection. The fact is that there are forces in motion to blow the lid off of an international traffic and practice of sex with underage girls and boys of any and all ages. There are several reasons for this practice in relation to satanic ritual. One of these is the despoiling of innocence which is a trademark of the path. It also serves to put the practitioner beyond the pale and is one of the steps on the way to darker things. Each step is a progression toward the main event that I don’t think I have to illustrate. It’s described in many texts and retrospectives.

Another reason is to bind the member to the order and therefore compromise him or her into various uses that benefit the order, such as the commission of crimes on behalf of the order that profit by way of information, other gain or the use of one’s position in government or business to accomplish certain ends. It’s a well known method of blackmail, which can also result in the member not doing certain things that are a requirement of their position, such as legitimately representing the wishes of their constituents or employer.

Another reason is because it is against the laws of a nation, state or religion. Satanism involves the reversal of the natural order of things both in terms of general society and of Nature itself. The effect of certain practices upon the mind of the person performing them sets up propensities and mindsets that break down barriers set in place during one’s formative years.

This practice is widespread in the religions and governments around the globe. Over the last few decades a lot of evidence has surfaced which indicates beyond any reasonable doubt that there is a longstanding European operation headquartered in Belgium that extends to Portugal, Spain, France and the U.K. Certainly it, no doubt, is extant in all of the other countries but those named have been prominent in the news in recent times. Any and all investigations come up upon a wall of official resistance which has also been reported in the mainstream media.

An operation of the same sort and magnitude exists in the United States and has also been the subject of national press reportage. The Franklin Scandal that reached into the Reagan, White House is one and is directly connected to George Bush Sr.

Polanski is being offered up as a tribute from TPTB to take the focus off of far more critical people and things that have to do with the natural unveiling of such practices in this apocalyptic period. What is happening to the Catholic Church is an example of how this sort of thing is taking place at this time. Those who run these operations for the purpose of controlling people in positions of authority are not unaware of the conditions of the times. They hope to bypass the majority of possible exposures by manipulating what comes into the public view and throwing as many people as necessary into the public eye in order to protect the main portion of the organization and their own station and person. They are prepared to sacrifice the entire operation in certain countries and to eliminate those who might be in a position to expose those higher up by getting rid of a certain level of the chain. In this way those who are gone can be blamed for the whole affair and presented as the highest level without there being anyone in a position to point further up the ladder.

After a certain point the identity of those at a certain level is only revealed to those directly below. They have all kinds of fail-safes in place and people positioned in every area of government, the judiciary and law enforcement as well as in the media and the corporate world to insure that only a certain part of the operation and its practices will ever come to light.

It should be known that there is a great deal of dissension in the ranks at the moment. This is the case in every area of the temporal world. The old order of things is being done away with and the survival of Satanism and all similar groups needs to transfer itself into the framework of the new systems replacing the old order. Those engaged in the perpetuation of their order know that every facet of government and religion are going to be changed in the same way they have been changed in the past and grafted on to the systems that preceded them just as they were previously.

It should be obvious to anyone paying any kind of attention that nearly all of the members of their government and religious organizations are compromised in one way or another and it is not just by way of bribery and the promise of gain or advancement. Any number of people would not ordinarily be compelled to behave in the way we see so many of our officials behaving. It is beyond the boundaries of normal affairs to see the whole of your elected officials tolerating and supporting things like the gratuitous murders that took place in Operation Cast Lead or the killing of those on the flotilla. It makes no kind of sense that those in the highest positions in the Catholic Church would behave as they do in the face of what keeps surfacing into the public view.

The influence of the Central Banks and the world markets in causing the ruinous bailouts which were presented as a protection of the interests of the common citizens and for the purpose of making money available for loan and the continued smooth functioning of the system can be seen as the scam that it was just by noting that money is not available to lend, which goes completely against the argument for its having taken place to begin with. That this was willingly engaged in and supported, speaks of unknown pressures that must be more than what would be obvious. It does not make sense that nearly all elected officials would toss their reputations into the fire just for the promise of gain and the maintenance of their positions when they could have been secured in so many other ways.

We’re not talking about people being fooled by simple lies when these people are trained to spot the transparency of the arguments. These are people who, in the main, were elected because they have some background in these matters. It is the height of absurdity to accept that no one in a position of authority would be speaking out against the push to attack Iran after the same arguments were used to justify the Iraq invasion. It is also unbelievable that no one in a position of authority would have come forth to question what took place on 9/11, especially those who are no longer in office now. Every time someone in a position to question does so, they turn out to be those whose presentations give the appearance that they are senile or otherwise impaired, such as that officer who was the head of the war college and who comes off sounding like Mr. Potato Head.

Anyone who has been exposed to presentations given by the leading spokesmen for the 9/11 truth movement has encountered the numbing boredom of their demonstrations; their obvious desire for celebrity, their pandering for personal gain and their avoidance of naming the actual perpetrators. There are some noteworthy exceptions but these are soon removed from their positions of prominence or routinely ignored by both the left and the right.

The good news is that its all falling apart and all of the people involved in all of these things are running scared and trying to plug up a leaking dyke with far two few fingers and hands. The basic integrity of the institutions of the departing age is crumbling away from within. It can’t be supported. We are about to see all kinds of astonishing, interesting and unusual things coming to light. The force of the unveiling apocalypse increases by the day. You can’t hide things in a room where the walls have suddenly gone missing.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Dick and Jane get Crucified on Corfu.

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See Dick and Jane bleed. See Spot lick up the blood. Run Dick, Run Jane... uh oh, they have fallen and can’t get up. It must be those holes in their feet. See Rothschild slaughter and barbecue Dick and Jane. See David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger lick their chops. Uh oh... run Spot, run. Run for your life Spot. Good boy. Rothschild is fallen and can’t get it up. The divine creative regenerative spark does not want to think about coming up for air... anywhere... near there. They have to use Ft. Detrick engineered, killer sperm to generate new Rothschilds.

The most important thing I can say today is that BP is majority owned by J.P. Morgan which is owned and controlled by the Rothschild Crime Syndicate and the Queen of England who just waddled into the U.S. with a message of peace. Let me contract and concise that statement; BP is Rothschild. BP is Rothschild. BP is Rothschild. Observe the way that BP is doing business; hiring entire police forces, controlling public lands and not even being a citizen or domestic corporate entity, insisting that cleanup workers not wear safety gear because it doesn’t look good and blackmailing fishermen as well as not paying out deserving monies on time... this serves to make hungry families subservient and pliable. This is how Rothschild does business. This is what Rothschild thinks of the world. Did I mention they poisoned the Gulf of Mexico and then further poisoned it in tandem with Goldman Sachs in the use of Corexit? These are some nasty customers.

When I get promoted to God, I’m going to head to New York and rip the Goldman Sachs building apart with my bare hands. Then I’m going to round up all of The Rothschilds and seat them naked on The Gerry Springer show. At random, the audience will attack them with their chairs and whatnot and the bouncers will break it up. Then I’m going to turn them into 18” tall, institutional green creatures with an enormous witch’s nose and other accessories. In other words, I’m going to make them look as ugly as they are. I’ll probably turn all Zionists world wide into the same and then open the gates of Hell under Israel and make the whole place stink like the stomach gases of a ten day old floater. This will only apply to Israelis. Nobody else will notice.

Why this and what is the connection here? Israel is a Rothschild creation. It is a country created to front for criminal activity with the rights of a sovereign nation. You can do a lot of things when your Crime Syndicate happens to be a country. Then, when your central bankers take control of the most powerful nation on Earth, as well as some number of the others, well it’s no stretch to say that Satan lives in Tel Aviv. No other country on Earth, not even Myanmar, I don’t think, would murder aid workers in cold blood AND steal all their money and belongings, while those human hemorrhoids, the IDF, use their credit cards for shopping sprees. This is how Rothschild does business. Only a two legged lizard on PCP with a candiru up his urinary canal would behave like this. This is how they do business.

They own Rio Tinto who’s done such great work among indigenous people and distinguished themselves in Papua. That’s how they do business. Hey! How come when Forbes does its richest, Silas Marner, psychopath list there is never a Rothschild on it? How come not one of the European banking families is on it?

I can see Evelyn running around like Ed Gein in his mother’s skin, screaming for human flesh, while he works in his laboratory trying to bring Elizabeth Bathory back to life from her DNA. It’s time he got married says his daddy Satan.

Rothschild killed The Gulf. Every blogger within the confines of this planet should trumpet that. Rothschild cuts corners to do business and Rothschild pays the right people to look the other way while safety concerns are ignored. We know this because BP has been caught several times doing just that. Rothschild destroyed The Gulf out of greed. Rothschild and David Rockefeller and company should be stripped naked and rolled in pig shit and marched up and down the New York Thruway while being whipped by feral rent boys. They should be put in cages and hung from cranes in Times Square. “Ladies and gentlemen, I direct your attention to the series of cages above you. Within these cages are the most dangerous wild beasts to ever roam the Earth. They have killed and eaten millions of human beings. They have wiped out environments, toppled governments, starved nations to death and stolen the Sunday paper off of your front lawn.

“Do not approach the cage and keep your hands by your side. They will chew your arm off to the elbow like a hungry piranha. Not only will they strip the flesh from your body and empty your bank account at the same time but they do horrible things to children and household pets. So terrible is their feeding frenzy that the cages are covered during meal time. The sounds they generate have been known to cause mass acts of public retching.”

Rothschild and the Queen of England destroyed The Gulf of Mexico. The Queen of England came to the U.S. on a mission of Peace. She wanted a piece of this and a piece of that and a new born baby with an apple in its mouth, steaming under a silver chaffing dish. Yes, the Queen wants peace, which she intends to accomplish along with the lizard king Rothschild by eliminating large portions of the public.

Listen up humanity, Rothschild and the Queen of England killed the Gulf of Mexico. This is how they do business. People of the world are you as stupid as you appear? Don’t tell me it’s even worse than that. I can’t bear to hear it; “Lindsey Lohan, Lindsey Lohan, Lindsey Lohan, Nyah, nyah, nyah yah, I can’t hear you. Man! Look at the tits on that rhinoceros. I wish she would do me with her horn. They’re all socialists; they want to redistribute the wealth. You’re not taking my dollar three eighty you liberal scum. You can have my ignorance when you pry it from my cold dead mind.”

The Rothschilds and the Queen of England killed the Gulf of Mexico. They killed all the creatures in the water. They killed all the creatures that fly above the water. They are killing all the creatures that live on the land. “Thank you sir! Can I have another Sir? Please, take my children and roast them on a spit. Whatever I can do.”

See Dick offer his hindquarters to the vampire bat. See Jane spread-eagled with longing for a plundering by her betters. Run Spot run. Run like Hell Spot. Thank god he’s smarter than his owners. The Rothschilds and the Queen of England killed the Gulf of Mexico. They killed the Gulf of Mexico. Goldman Sachs has created a Department of Soylent Green. I know you like living in cardboard boxes by the side of the crumbling highways, just down the road from the abandoned strip malls outside of Las Vegas. Yes, sooner or later they will go away. Sooner or later, after they have killed you and everyone you know and sold off the elements of your body for candlewax and pure branch water.

Rothschild and the Queen of England destroyed The Gulf of Mexico because it was too much trouble and too expensive to take safety precautions. The Queen of England is on a mission of peace. Ashtaroth and his hunting beasts patrol the grounds at the Rothschild Estate on Corfu. Blood curdling screams are heard at night. It’s the rave from Hell. Clive Barker is doing a film on these people. They torture for pleasure and drink the blood of the living. They destroyed The Gulf of Mexico. They murdered over one million Iraqis and a whole lot of Afghans so that they could get their dope business humming again. They kill without conscience and it’s legal and right and you applaud what they do even while they do it to you.

The Rothschilds and the Queen of England destroyed The Gulf of Mexico. They were involved in the 9/11 attack, the London Tube bombing and the attack at The Madrid train station. Israel’s ICTS was responsible for security at all of these locations. You are dumber than a box of rocks.

BP is owned by J.P. Morgan and The Queen of England. J.P. Morgan is owned by Rothschild, who is the high priest in the Synagogue of Satan. They killed the Gulf of Mexico. They killed The Gulf of Mexico. They hired the public police forces that enforce their will on the public lands where they are not a citizen. Obama has a smile on his face. He just got a good rodgering from the Queen of England with a strap-on while the band plays Misty for you.

Rothschild killed The Gulf of Mexico with the Queen of England. All across Europe, the Black Nobility owns massive parcels of land. They have repealed the Magna Carta. They have repealed Hammurabi’s laws. It is time for a change. It is time for a change.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The World of Most People and the Power of the Unseen.

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It’s hard to find something to write about anymore. Of course, there are many situations and subjects that keep moving toward some unknown destination. All over the world there are conditions and pressures that interconnect with other conditions and pressures around the world. Perhaps the most mystifying feature is the world press. Major cataclysmic events are in operation or soon to be and the press is having tea with advertisers and reality TV stars. You wouldn’t (and don’t) know that much of anything that is happening is actually happening.

The situation in the Gulf of Mexico is off the charts and a number of police and enforcement agents are in operation to hinder the access of people seeking to study and report on what is happening. It appears that it has been made a felony to approach locations within a certain distance for the purpose of taking photos. This is in violation of laws that allow citizens to have access to public beaches and other locations. Workers involved in the cleanup are forbidden to speak to anyone about what they are doing.

BP is a company that is largely owned by front corporations that are owned by Rothschild. The press is 96% owned by Zionist concerns. The situation in the Middle East has been made the way it is by the same interests, starting with the 9/11 attack which was carried out by Israeli and American intelligence forces, which also engineered the attack on Afghanistan, which dummied up the false intel on Iraq and is now engaged in an all out effort to accomplish an attack on Iran. When you consider that ICTS was the security firm in charge of all 9/11 airports, the London Tube and the Madrid train station; it is pretty obvious who the bad guys are.

Then, when you factor in who is in control of the central banks and what they have done to financial interests that impact on the livelihood of the common soul and then look at what Goldman Sachs has been up to, it can be pretty scary. It explains the critical necessity of controlling the flow of information to the public.

Of course there are other interests involved. Of course there are bad elves and other helpers who have sold their soul for money and token power, as well as those blackmailed and threatened in various ways but... it can’t be denied that the state of Israel and the Zionist hegemonic machine is possibly the single most destructive engine of darkness at work in the world today.

People with the courage to do so are talking about this at blogs and the alternative press. They’re talking about it behind closed doors in the governments of the world. Alliances are shifting and the stage is being set for some world changing acts. Most of the world is watching TV or looking for something to occupy their attention while they hear little or nothing of any importance. The lies are immense and unceasing. It would look pretty bad overall if it weren’t for the fact that what you see is not all there is and... one of the things you don’t see is the most important thing of all. That’s what I’m banking on; meanwhile the operations of clever psychopaths against ignorant mouth breathers is a kind of death dance that goes on life after life with the players changing places.

The biggest difficulty that those who would seek to change the world encounter is that most people don’t want you to change the world. What most people want it to occupy the positions held by their oppressors. Most people want to be rich and famous. Most people want to be shallow and vain and accomplish it marvelously.

It’s like the case with the divine and religions. Most people see God as a bigger version of themselves. Most religious people frown on certain behavior while supporting far worse. Most people don’t want to hear this because most people think they know what’s going on and it is a certainty that most people do not and you can’t tell them any different.

The present situation that exists, as it affects nearly everyone, was brought about by the rise in the power of corporations and banks. As business gained more and more economic clout, it could hire more lawyers. They could also influence legislation. So more and more laws favored the interests of business and fewer laws protected the public from their predations. Business has no real loyalty to any country so business took its manufacturing where it could build its goods cheaper and out of cheaper elements. Corporations became obsessed with higher and higher profit margins and this naturally led to worsening situations for the poor and middle class. When you want to squeeze a greater amount of money from everything you do, you have to squeeze those with the least ability to complain and the least amount of capital to hire lawyers in their defense.

This is an age of paramount materialism. Therefore, those interests who operate the machinery also determine the reality. This is why television is set up to indoctrinate the consumer from a very early age and why most people see reality in terms of objects and amusements directed at base appetites because these reflect the products being sold. Business doesn’t have a conscience and a soul, so it doesn’t matter if the products poison the consumer or the environment, because the nature of business is to get bigger and bigger as if there were no end to it. After awhile, most people see their condition as the way it is because, as far as most people are concerned that is the way it is.

Into the mix comes the idea of patriotism in defense of a country whose main intent is to subjugate the rest of the world, based on the presentation of ongoing threats from countries they seek to plunder, on the behalf of corporations that desire the resources and make their money from warfare. Anyone who doesn’t play the game is marginalized or slandered as a threat to the internal security of the nation. Since the media that feeds the public its information is completely controlled by those who also profit from the various evils of imperialism and materialism, it’s a tight little circle from which few escape.

The illusion of the public good, civil rights and citizens rights is maintained by various organizations and charities that are headed by individuals that support the status quo and what should happen doesn’t happen ...but it looks like it does, even when the people most affected can clearly see that it doesn’t.

Eventually there is a problem with the population which requires a major reduction in numbers and that’s just something that gets done because it serves the interests of business. I’m not opposed to business because it is a necessary thing. I’m talking about the corporate mind set but most people will think I don’t like business anyway (grin).

So, like it says on those maps in bus kiosks and at tourist centers, you are ‘here’, right where the little arrow is pointing. The combination of all the situations described in this post eventually lead to a terrible tragedy and the breakdown of the whole false envelope of manufactured reality. Out of the ashes, there rises a new world and after a couple of thousand years, you are right back where that arrow is pointing.

People don’t understand why this cycle repeats over and over, if they happen to be aware of it at all ...but that is the nature of the world. The whole dance of civilization is just a movie in which people are given the opportunity to play a part. It stands to reason that there must be more than this at some other locations. We know there are times when it is not so bad overall and times when it is pretty bad nearly everywhere.

It’s not easy to make sense out of the whole affair and an objective observer would very soon be able to determine that most people are crazy and that the predictable routine of their movements is what gives them the appearance of sanity where there is none.

As I said, there’s something else that has a major effect on everything and also determines the outcome. It’s that thing I mentioned that you can’t see. Some people are in touch with this but most people are not. Since this is going to be demonstrated while most of us are still here, it isn’t necessary for me to say any more except to say that every life is affected, protected or destroyed by the power of this unseen thing and it probably makes sense to find out what that is and get into some kind of positive relationship with it but... most people won’t because most people think power comes from the visible agencies that seem to most clearly demonstrate the possession of it. Actually, all power is obtained from the unseen and only has that power for so long as the unseen allows it. This is not something most people can grasp and that is unfortunate for most people.

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It gets even stranger as the denouement approaches but we’re used to it.

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