Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The World of Most People and the Power of the Unseen.

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It’s hard to find something to write about anymore. Of course, there are many situations and subjects that keep moving toward some unknown destination. All over the world there are conditions and pressures that interconnect with other conditions and pressures around the world. Perhaps the most mystifying feature is the world press. Major cataclysmic events are in operation or soon to be and the press is having tea with advertisers and reality TV stars. You wouldn’t (and don’t) know that much of anything that is happening is actually happening.

The situation in the Gulf of Mexico is off the charts and a number of police and enforcement agents are in operation to hinder the access of people seeking to study and report on what is happening. It appears that it has been made a felony to approach locations within a certain distance for the purpose of taking photos. This is in violation of laws that allow citizens to have access to public beaches and other locations. Workers involved in the cleanup are forbidden to speak to anyone about what they are doing.

BP is a company that is largely owned by front corporations that are owned by Rothschild. The press is 96% owned by Zionist concerns. The situation in the Middle East has been made the way it is by the same interests, starting with the 9/11 attack which was carried out by Israeli and American intelligence forces, which also engineered the attack on Afghanistan, which dummied up the false intel on Iraq and is now engaged in an all out effort to accomplish an attack on Iran. When you consider that ICTS was the security firm in charge of all 9/11 airports, the London Tube and the Madrid train station; it is pretty obvious who the bad guys are.

Then, when you factor in who is in control of the central banks and what they have done to financial interests that impact on the livelihood of the common soul and then look at what Goldman Sachs has been up to, it can be pretty scary. It explains the critical necessity of controlling the flow of information to the public.

Of course there are other interests involved. Of course there are bad elves and other helpers who have sold their soul for money and token power, as well as those blackmailed and threatened in various ways but... it can’t be denied that the state of Israel and the Zionist hegemonic machine is possibly the single most destructive engine of darkness at work in the world today.

People with the courage to do so are talking about this at blogs and the alternative press. They’re talking about it behind closed doors in the governments of the world. Alliances are shifting and the stage is being set for some world changing acts. Most of the world is watching TV or looking for something to occupy their attention while they hear little or nothing of any importance. The lies are immense and unceasing. It would look pretty bad overall if it weren’t for the fact that what you see is not all there is and... one of the things you don’t see is the most important thing of all. That’s what I’m banking on; meanwhile the operations of clever psychopaths against ignorant mouth breathers is a kind of death dance that goes on life after life with the players changing places.

The biggest difficulty that those who would seek to change the world encounter is that most people don’t want you to change the world. What most people want it to occupy the positions held by their oppressors. Most people want to be rich and famous. Most people want to be shallow and vain and accomplish it marvelously.

It’s like the case with the divine and religions. Most people see God as a bigger version of themselves. Most religious people frown on certain behavior while supporting far worse. Most people don’t want to hear this because most people think they know what’s going on and it is a certainty that most people do not and you can’t tell them any different.

The present situation that exists, as it affects nearly everyone, was brought about by the rise in the power of corporations and banks. As business gained more and more economic clout, it could hire more lawyers. They could also influence legislation. So more and more laws favored the interests of business and fewer laws protected the public from their predations. Business has no real loyalty to any country so business took its manufacturing where it could build its goods cheaper and out of cheaper elements. Corporations became obsessed with higher and higher profit margins and this naturally led to worsening situations for the poor and middle class. When you want to squeeze a greater amount of money from everything you do, you have to squeeze those with the least ability to complain and the least amount of capital to hire lawyers in their defense.

This is an age of paramount materialism. Therefore, those interests who operate the machinery also determine the reality. This is why television is set up to indoctrinate the consumer from a very early age and why most people see reality in terms of objects and amusements directed at base appetites because these reflect the products being sold. Business doesn’t have a conscience and a soul, so it doesn’t matter if the products poison the consumer or the environment, because the nature of business is to get bigger and bigger as if there were no end to it. After awhile, most people see their condition as the way it is because, as far as most people are concerned that is the way it is.

Into the mix comes the idea of patriotism in defense of a country whose main intent is to subjugate the rest of the world, based on the presentation of ongoing threats from countries they seek to plunder, on the behalf of corporations that desire the resources and make their money from warfare. Anyone who doesn’t play the game is marginalized or slandered as a threat to the internal security of the nation. Since the media that feeds the public its information is completely controlled by those who also profit from the various evils of imperialism and materialism, it’s a tight little circle from which few escape.

The illusion of the public good, civil rights and citizens rights is maintained by various organizations and charities that are headed by individuals that support the status quo and what should happen doesn’t happen ...but it looks like it does, even when the people most affected can clearly see that it doesn’t.

Eventually there is a problem with the population which requires a major reduction in numbers and that’s just something that gets done because it serves the interests of business. I’m not opposed to business because it is a necessary thing. I’m talking about the corporate mind set but most people will think I don’t like business anyway (grin).

So, like it says on those maps in bus kiosks and at tourist centers, you are ‘here’, right where the little arrow is pointing. The combination of all the situations described in this post eventually lead to a terrible tragedy and the breakdown of the whole false envelope of manufactured reality. Out of the ashes, there rises a new world and after a couple of thousand years, you are right back where that arrow is pointing.

People don’t understand why this cycle repeats over and over, if they happen to be aware of it at all ...but that is the nature of the world. The whole dance of civilization is just a movie in which people are given the opportunity to play a part. It stands to reason that there must be more than this at some other locations. We know there are times when it is not so bad overall and times when it is pretty bad nearly everywhere.

It’s not easy to make sense out of the whole affair and an objective observer would very soon be able to determine that most people are crazy and that the predictable routine of their movements is what gives them the appearance of sanity where there is none.

As I said, there’s something else that has a major effect on everything and also determines the outcome. It’s that thing I mentioned that you can’t see. Some people are in touch with this but most people are not. Since this is going to be demonstrated while most of us are still here, it isn’t necessary for me to say any more except to say that every life is affected, protected or destroyed by the power of this unseen thing and it probably makes sense to find out what that is and get into some kind of positive relationship with it but... most people won’t because most people think power comes from the visible agencies that seem to most clearly demonstrate the possession of it. Actually, all power is obtained from the unseen and only has that power for so long as the unseen allows it. This is not something most people can grasp and that is unfortunate for most people.

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It gets even stranger as the denouement approaches but we’re used to it.

Smoking Mirrors Mirror.


Strum said...

Hah the first to comment on this one,
great work as usual les, keep it up.

Been following your experiences over the past month or so, sounds like quite a ride, been going through some very similar stuff myself, though at a smaller scale and lower level of power.

"When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot." -- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

I'm sure I don't need to tell you to keep the faith and ignore the petty small minded bigots that haven't a clue what you're on about, just power on.
The tide has turned, I feel it too. I am overwhelmed with optimism for the future now I know the truth will out and the forces of darkness will be vanquished.

So glad you have decided to continue to give generously of yourself by writing and doing the radio shows, thank you, you are an inspiration to me, and give me faith that I am not the only one that sees things this way.
But please do not feel obliged to continue, and please do take time for yourself, to heal , to explore and do all the other things you have to do. Do It when the inspiration takes you and when you feel you have something worthwhile sharing.

Anyway enough of my ramble, power on les, shake the earth with the power of the truth.


Neko Kinoshita said...

Less than a week before it begins.

Still listening from the alley.


Anonymous said...

Very succinct Les.

SouthHungary said...

Very well said as usual,Les
So many events happening at ever greater speed,yet the masses still doze off when real news comes there way.

Best wishes from South Hungary

Anonymous said...

Dear Les have you ever considered that you might be suffering from omenosis? I know I have been concerned for myself every since I read an article on Truth Seeker a little while ago.

I was at a friend's home yesterday and he had the TV on and it seemed like half the commercials were for some drug. Now I'm worried I might have restless leg syndrome. They have medication to treat it, but the side effects are horrendous. Fortunately these side effects can be handled with other drugs.

On another note you mentioned the "rise in power of corporations and banks" (same thing). It is a strange concept, an organization that can perpetuate itself ad infinitum where all the parts are expendable. Who is GE? Anyone in the organization can be fired any division terminated and the company rolls on. The politicians (statesmen) of yesteryear realized this and only granted state charters for a set number of years (like 25 years) and then the organization had to dissolve. Of course this was all subverted and the rest is history errr.... fascism.

"The state of Israel and the Zionist hegemonic machine is possibly the single most destructive engine of darkness at work in the world today." I ofter wonder what the world would be like if that shitty little country was wiped off the map as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad didn't say. Cliff High's web bots talks about the Israel mistake and it wasn't murdering people on the flotilla. This mistake is still to come. Maybe Iran does have nukes, maybe some power from the extreme north (Magog) attacks Israel after she starts war with Iran, or China gets fed up, or Obongo's handlers have a religious conversion......


Visible said...

Comments are appearing and then disappearing and then winding up in the posting section again over and over at all sites so you can send your comments to me in an email. There's been a never ending war again people posting here carried out by the usual suspects who do this sort of thing.

Josey Wales said...

Hi Les, Josey here. Some time ago (I think)you mentioned light beings that worked at on sixth level or dimension, as a powerful and positive force that may enter the fray. Are there? And how do we find them? Or have they found us?

Josey Wales said...


I bet a lot of people are saying now or will be soon "Stop the ride, I want to get off"

and the ride operator tells them, "don't get off until the ride comes to a complete stop"

Thanks for being with us.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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DaveS said...


Good stuff.

Something is in the air... I've just finished a rant along a similar, well kinda similar train of thought:



P.S. To Nobody :b

Anonymous said...

It really pisses me off that BP has the power to stop the flow of information getting out to the public. There needs to be MASSIVE disobedience from the public and the press to get the truth out, come what may. BP can piss off!!

Anonymous said...

there is an ulterior motive to the hindrance of information flow from The Gulf. ARE THE CAMERAS LIVE? do any of us really know what is happeniong there?

bholanath said...

You know 'goldman sachs capitol partners' owns nalco, which makes corexit, right? Just checkin. Though they had quite a stash on hand, they're crankin out tons more at some place in texas. Creatin 'jobs', ya know.

Les, everything you write is articulate, timely, and important to say. Many thanks for all the transmissions.


Odin's Raven said...

"What most people want is to occupy the positions held by their oppressors."

The great poet Yeats also said it well.

The Great Day by William Butler Yeats

Hurrah for revolution and more cannon-shot!
A beggar upon horseback lashes a beggar on foot.
Hurrah for revolution and cannon come again!
The beggars have changed places, but the lash goes on.

Franz said...

I know what it is, Les.

Longtime followers of yours think you've gone over to the Dark Side, but actually your last few posts have been exceptionally lucid.

The gist of it is that things are starting to crown. Here in the US it's obvious to those of us with minds as it is to you. But the shit weasels want the sheep drugged till the last minute, the whold world over, and you in your own way are slapping people awake. It's the slapping that disturbs many.

You don't think you're doing it which is why it's effective. "Awake" is a matter of degree and a matter of knowing there are times when relatively bright people are clinging to the planks of a sinking ship. The noise you make rouses them in ways they don't want to be roused, and they don't like it.

So they're going to accuse you of being what you aren't, sorry to say.

We must all tell the truth as we see it, now more than ever. I salute you for that even as a few others might see it as something else. You're crowding their comfort zone, man! I think you know that. Carry on, just and old hippie rambling here.

abe said...

Hey Les, sorry to hear about the comment thing. Just sending this one through to see what happens...

Anonymous said...

it was ill
it stank of whore
murdered children
committed war
stealing buildings
a wicked witch
it was dead
but thought it was rich
but the tide has turned
add up the sums
6 billion slaves
bang on the drums
smelled the stench
of stinking pig
and saw the hate
of the big wig
by a bolt of thunder
a roar of light
the hoar of babylon
shred by right
dirty beast
is what it become
made hell on earth
is what it done
thought itself supreme
whilst killing dreams
of all the kids
acting mean
filled them up
with poisoned water
its never satisfied
only in slaughter
but now its caught
its in a trap
every move it make
it cant go back.


Anonymous said...

"it’s a tight little circle from which few escape."

I think I've heard that once or twice before.. In another life, on another world..

The karmic wheel goes round and round, round and round, round and round...

Anonymous said...

sorry people about that last poem,been reading what the filth has been doing again.

..ever living peace to all.neil

Visible said...


I don't think that was me as I have never mentioned the 6th dimension anywhere or at any time.



Yeah, I suppose some people might think that but there's a method in my madness. As time has passed I have garnered a larger audience as my emails and the radio show downloads indicate. The result of this has been that a lot of people who shouldn't be reading me are reading me and they expect me to be predictable within the parameters of their reality and morality and I don't intend to do that whatsoever.

At the same time, with the resurgence of my kundalini, I am having adventures of a very unusual sort and this is putting me in the position of having to wonder whether I should talk about them or not. After reviewing them I'm not sure it was a good idea because it's near impossible to convey what actually happened and it winds up being translated in people's minds according to their idea of what it means instead of what it actually means in my reality.

The problem with a certain level of popularity is that people think you are talking to them and that you are like them. That can be true for awhile but then it goes outside the boundaries of what they consider safe and understandable and you wind up having to apologize for not being their show pony who doesn't stick to the same tricks and furthermore you made little Betty cry when you made the pony disappear and the griffin showed up.

I try to be friendly but I know that if I told some of these people what was really going on at certain levels, at least what I've seen of it, they would get a little antsy.

My idea of right and wrong and most polarities is much different than most peoples and if I relied on other peoples opinions of me for what I think and do I would still be other people which is not a state I am enamored of.

I'm trying to ease out of this sort of thing and the radio shows, given what's on my horizon in the next couple of months but I don't yet know how to do that. At the same time I risk losing a certain amount of good will. I'll just have to burn those bridges when I cross them and not before.

m_astera said...

Good summary. Yes, some of us are speaking out at every chance; we are still a small minority though.

I posted a few questions on a Venezuelan blog the other day, after making the claim that Castro, Chavez, and Obama are all puppets of the same puppet masters. That claim riled a lot of readers up, with demands that I list who the puppet masters are. After a few days of taunts and abuse I posted this:

Who is running the world?

IF there is a group of entrenched interests who fit the following criteria:

They have financed both sides of every major war since the French Revolution

They paid Karl Marx’s rent and expenses while he wrote Das Kapital

They financed the Bolshevik revolution

A little country known for banking that they control in central Europe remained untouched in WWII

They have controlling interest in every major central bank in the western world

They set up and own the Federal Reserve bank in the US, the BIS, and the IMF

As i said, IF there is such a group, then they would be the ones I would say are controlling the world. If there is not such a group, then the events of the past 220 years are just the random events of history, as you were taught in school.

Though I thought I was being low key about the questions, the results were predictable. My points were not addressed; instead I was mocked, ridiculed, called bad words, words were put in my mouth, and various lame straw men were erected and knocked down. Not a single attempt was made, by anyone, to research or even talk about the questions I posed except the Bolshevik Revolution. One person posted that yes, some German bankers had funded Lenin, but for good reason and no one knew who they were.

So I posted a link to a chapter from "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" that listed and footnoted the bankers involved. For my trouble, I was called even more foul names, told I should die, and called an anti-semite. Again, not a single point I raised was refuted or even addressed.

My final word on that blog was "What ARE you people so afraid of?"

That seems to be the ruling motivation, doesn't it? Pure bone-deep shit-your-pants fear; the masses are too afraid to even take their hands away from their eyes to peek at who it is they are living in fear of. Not very good survival characteristics.

Above, Les wrote:

"The combination of all the situations described in this post eventually lead to a terrible tragedy and the breakdown of the whole false envelope of manufactured reality. Out of the ashes, there rises a new world and after a couple of thousand years, you are right back where that arrow is pointing."

I'm gambling that is not the case this time. This time, I truly believe we are going to break out of the endless circling lockstep of corruption and destruction, of slavery and ignorance. This time will be different, because we will determine and eliminate those who have parasitized the human race and kept it from evolving. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't be doing what I am doing.

Visible said...

It's funny you say that Michael because in the experiences I had in Italy when the new world came into being we created zones for evil that were monitored in interesting ways and, though it was virtual and possibly in my head, we destroyed those people near completely and heard that things would be going on quite a bit longer now that the usual villains were no longer around.

I've had a time of it trying to get into a stable thought zone since all of that and my voice is blown out. I suspect it will return but if it doesn't I can forget about the music and recording end of what I do; good thing I'd already left it behind/

DaveS said...


For what it's worth...

I've been popping in and out of your blogs for two, three, four years now? I can't seem to fit a timeline to the past. But during that time I can honestly say that your writing has often been a mental form of yoga for me, stretching my mind and expanding my horizons.

Your reply to Frank is exactly what you've been saying time and time again; these writing are your experiences and the reader's milage may vary :) depending on the reader's perspective.

When you close-up shop I'll admit I'll be bummed. You've got a way creating imagery with words that sometimes at the conclusion of a particularly good entry, I find my self longing for you to continue the story, the rant or whatever you were writing about.

I've a feeling you could write fascinating words about vanilla pudding.

But I understand. There is a time of change coming – who can say whether the Internet will be viable in a couple of months? I'll hate to lose your voice when you do sign-off for the last time. So many people I've enjoyed reading are slowly filtering off line, pretty soon the internet will be nothing much more than porn and MSM propaganda. And flicker photos.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...


I'm not looking to stop but it finally has gotten to the point over the last five years that I have more than a full time job that I pay for the privilege of doing. It's taken a lot out of me in different ways. Meanwhile I find that these constant kundalini eruptions are sending me into free fire zones where I have no idea what might happen at any time.

Over the weekend I was here alone and moving through several different personalities which each had a separate reality so that I might go down the street twice as two different beings and everything else would be different too.

In the city of Basel earlier in last week I had about two weeks of experiences happen in an eighteen hour period. I wasn't tired at all through any of it and now I am sleeping most of the time.

I can go directly into a rational space at any time; like writing one of these and I can step right back again into something else. It's hard to know what it means. My guess is that on the way to the portal opening in 2012 there are various other portals that open on the way.

I'm not going to stop doing this. I might stop doing the radio shows because of two complaints, in the midst of a far larger amount of positive comments, carrying more weight and these being from people who represent the state of mind that keeps us from being truthful because the truth apparently has to conform to the parental control software.

I figure that when you've done a lot of good work and you think you might become something else then it's a good idea not to compromise what you did in all the time before because then it might have all been for nothing.

It used to be that I could say what I was thinking without any trouble at all. Now, whatever I say is a lot less than I am thinking and experiencing. My entire reality has changed and it takes some adjusting. I haven't taken any time to adjust. I just go on doing what I was doing all along and it opens the door for some of the other things to come in not quite formed because I didn't take the time to step back and adjust to what is happening to me. That's the only thing I'm thinking about.

I decided that from now on, when an event starts to go down, I'll just stop this until it's over and then come back. That seems like a happy compromise between doing all of it at once and not doing it at all.


Dublin Mick;

I haven't seen it yet but there's a lot of email I haven't checked into yet.

Anonymous said...

mr visibles,you may be sort of magnetising them or something as the first time I ever read your works,I noticed a big difference from a lot of the other writers out their,more energy pluss your amazing ability to completely disect a pork pie on the spur of the moment and name every part holding it together,sort of surgical even.you should have your own tv show really,you would probably have about ninety percent of the world watching you as every body loves that sort of thing,well its natural I suppose,also your openness is a huge benefit,helps with the understandings and everything must be taken into consideration as it is all here for a reason,you may of shocked a few readers but I dont think you would of lost any
as they all love your way,so I think you should just say what ever you feel you should as that would be the natural progression I would of thought.and I will always write a poem as I feel it is an honor to
..peace neil..

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an interesting story about lost American and South African nuclear bombs ... and which Middle Eastern country might have them.

Peter Eyre at The Palestine Telegrapgh has had a series of stories along the same lines, suggesting that British politicians have profited from such sales.

His most recent article
claims that the Americans have made liberal use of nuclear munitions in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

A.Mouser said...

Great post Les.

Great poem Nina.

The cold reality of our truly corrupt world is certainly crowning in the birth canal of time.

What is this evil that is now being born?


Anonymous said...

I have noticed that aswell dublins blogs all over the place messed about with,their up to something,well I suppose they always are.
but at the moment you can smell their fear or something its gone up a bit I think,as I suppose it would as that is what they represent fear and when people are not scared anymore that fear holds no power ,maybe one of their high priests has popped a fuse realising that what he's up against is invincible and no amount of sacrificing or pork pie telling is ever going to do anything.
well I suppose that is the way it goes...peace neil

Anonymous said...

Now thats one power piece today! Clean and clear. Great hook too!!!

Love Ya Les

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Dear Troll,
OUR peaceneil is very careful with careful with words and spelling.
"pluss"? Go back under the bridge you imposter!

Nina your poems are often really spot on - today's was great.

Anonymous said...

hey vanguard how you doing..neil

Anonymous said...

"I am having adventures of a very unusual sort and this is putting me in the position of having to wonder whether I should talk about them or not. After reviewing them I'm not sure it was a good idea because it's near impossible to convey what actually happened and it winds up being translated in people's minds according to their idea of what it means instead of what it actually means in my reality."

Les I feel ya on this one. I have one big mouth and fight to hold in much. As time has pasted Ive found its wiser and healthier to just share my mind with the mother. I have seen how quick people turn around my ideas or just dont listen to the hold thing. Youre right, people will hear only what they want.

Love Your Life

vixen said...

My idea of right and wrong and most polarities is much different than most peoples and if I relied on other peoples opinions of me for what I think and do I would still be other people which is not a state I am enamored of.
That statement sums up the reason I read on your blog. Some of what I read is easily understood and accepted and the meaning of some of it evades me, but that has nothing to do with my forming a bad opinion of you. You are brave enough to tell of things most are afraid to utter. Mainly, that what we have been trained to view as real and true and good and what is immoral and false and bad is not necessarily so. You write of your experiences and they differ from mine, but I can’t judge you for that as things in my life have happened that in a time past I would have been repulsed as though they came from the devil. Now I know better. I see the unfolding in my life and the perfect light within it and the method is nothing less than divine, though unopened eyes would see it as nothing less than evil.
I’m in an odd place currently knowing IT has started (which may explain why I have become a hermit) yet for me and mine personally, circumstances are unusually optimistic even though some involved don’t really know it yet. Why, I don’t know or completely understand but truly believe that what is happening is meant to happen in just the very manner that is now occurring. Other than my passionate desires I have been a passive participant. I am patiently waiting to see how this ultimately unfolds as my life’s desires are now manifesting. At times I also wonder if it is even my own desire or something much larger than I could ever be. Bear in mind my desires are not of this world and for many would seem commonplace and inconsequential, but not for me. This whole thing dramatically began unfolding two years ago (actually and most likely it began over 25 years ago and maybe even before that) and I knew I was responsible for it happening because I desired it so much. If it really wasn’t just desire and was some kind of foreknowledge is also a possibility, but it’s still what I wanted. Something akin to destiny or being part of a divine plan that is being orchestrated and I had knowledge of where it was going and how it might end up but not the actual how of it all. Never did I plan out or manipulate the circumstances and they just happened in a way I would never have dreamed of or would have wanted to happen that way because some of the events have been grotesque and appalling beyond my wildest imagination. I know what it means to be a spectator to one’s own life as it unfolds in ways never dreamed of but on the way to fulfill what has always been paramount and meant to be.

FoodForThought said...

“There was not a single act of Arab terrorism against Americans before 1968, when the U.S. became the chief supplier of military equipment and economic aid to Israel.”

Anonymous said...

I suppose the more fear they chuck out their these luminatas,it gives off essences which immediately attract the opposite non fear or courage which gives off its own sort of essences,so the more they give off the more they attract the opposite,you would of thought they would of worked that out by now.
stupid luminatas...peace neil

Anonymous said...

also due to the inbreeding of the lumatomatas they are naturally dosile,
I mean going to all them really posh schools and everything having all of those top teachers in the world teaching them and irish dave my dads mate,actually comes out with more origonal thinkings after sleeping in an alley way for the night after drinking 15 pints of guinness and having probably one of the worst hangovers known to man.
well I suppose after the practise of artificiality in inbred families for generations also releases these essences that immediatley attract the opposite essences maybe they should of just practised a healthy balance,the middle way and they wouldnt be in so much trouble.

..peace and long lengths of fine lovings neil..

Anonymous said...

Caveat Lector

The 'disaster' in the Gulf of Mexico is beyond a false flag; it's an illusion. What I'm about to reveal will more than likely go by the wayside, and the charade will continue. The reason for writing this is not for attention, games, or folly, but to expose the biggest scam in the 21st century, and to relieve some aching hearts. There is no need for fear as this is a staged event. I cannot reveal my sources, they do go straight to the top, but hopefully what I write will echo inside of each person reading this as the truth.

full article here:


bholanath said...

Hey Les,
"blown out" voices work just fine for me (grin).
You "already left it (music) behind", eh?
Yer one hilarious bastard! It's ok, I know what you mean.

m_astera said...

There's an old joke I remember from childhood: "When this job is done I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. I earned it and I deserve it."

Some of us give a lot; that's what we spend our days and nights and our energy doing, giving to others and the world and doing the very best we can.

What I discovered after a lot of years of doing that is that every so often I reach a point where I simply have nothing left to give. If I try to keep going from that point I will either be doing crappy work or I will fuck up somehow. Such as ruin the work I have already done, in art, in love, in creation.

This learning didn't come easily, partly because the present "civilization" doesn't allow for that. Perhaps it's because most people have a "job" that they put little into, maybe as little as possible, so they don't burn out. I put 100% into everything, and I burn out.

What I had to learn in order to deal with cyclical burnout is to be aware of the task and know when I have reached a good stopping point. Maybe the task is done, or maybe a certain portion of the task is done. At that point, I take a break. I shut down and stop communicating, stop working, stop everything except eating, drinking, and doing what little I feel like doing. Usually I read for pleasure and I sleep a lot, too. After a while I'm rested and ready to start a new project or move an ongoing project to the next stage. That can't be forced or rushed, and anyone who tries to rush or force me will be ignored or driven away.

Others don't often understand when I'm no longer able to be there and giving 24/7, and I've taken a lot of flak for having the nerve to take a break. Just how it is, though, and it's better to have people pissed off or disappointed in me for disappearing temporarily than to push on and end up doing things I might regret.

Anonymous said...

Stick it out until the end dog. We may not have internet much longer. Think Katla, Vesuvius. Gulf volcano, rift systems, kill swithces, tectonics etc.

If you quit I might just quit in despair myself.

Anonymous said...

Dublin I wonder how many thousands of people find themselves in the same predicament as that woman with the failing business. Home sales fell off a cliff in May. Is it even possible to sell a home anywhere in the gulf area? It was bad before, I would assume there is no activity now. If there is anything worse than a depression we are going to find out. You mentioned Edgar Cayce. In one of his reading he said he was a young boy living on the coast in Ohio. I think he said it was around 2060. I can't see how they can avoid evacuation, but where will they house all the people. What a bitch, I don't know what to say. People that have jobs, kids, homes, businesses can't just pack up and leave but if they don't they could end up with a CAMP FEMA t shirt.


Anonymous said...

what a great synopsis of the current state of the world.
Thanks for all that you share,
I like it all...
whatever you have to offer, I will gratefully consume, such is my hunger..
Like that song "Funny Valentine";
"Don't change a hair for me".
Please continue with as much or as little as you want to.
When it is time for you to stop, I'll be sad, but I will accept it.
You have made so much that is crooked, straight, so much that was murky is now clearing.
You put a stake in the heart of things and hold it for a moment so it can be examined.
You have rare gifts and you share so freely.

estebanfolsom said...

"and when hannah came home that night she brought passengers
two tiny little black lab puppies too young to have been weaned
someone had left them in the back of that old '65 chevy pick-up
we fed them with a doll's baby bottle stayed up two or three nights
they made it and they turned into two very fine best friends indeed
elwood was wiry and sort of nervous jake he was stone cold cool
when we split and left california hannah gave the dogs to my brother
he loved them and weeps when he speaks of them and their untimely demise
i still remember their first swim in the ocean halfway down the coast highway #1
jake slipped into the water without a problem elwood ran up and down barking
he finally got in there as i like to say 'you can't swim-if you don't jump in'"

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Wondering What's Going on Behind the Curtain.>

Unknown said...

Yes, Les! You have made progress in explaining the initial ideas of “Evolution of dictate” to people. Many do not understand what in going on, but you will help them in some way to realize their fate and find places in imaging new system of Diktat.

Visible said...

How very flattering. I've always wanted to be able to do that. How could you have known? Was it my obvious connection to the powers of the world? My large bank account? The photos of me and world leaders? The obvious well funded blog efforts and the way I keep bringing the attention of the reader back to the understanding that everything is for their own good?

I do note the sudden appearance of strangely named posters at all blogs speaking in strange ways. Were I not so distracted by gazing out the windows or in thoughts of whether to trim my toenails or not I would probably pay more attention.

Anonymous said...

I suspect les,
your blog has now become a project in the tavistock institute and any of those other schools of how to completely mess things up.

..harmony and stregnths to all neil..

Al Weir said...


Dammerung said...

Fear... well. I mean the people who control many aspects of our reality have gone completely and obviously insane. A froth of destruction is rising up everywhere. Of course people are terrified and pointing the finger at whoever they've learned to hate - liberals, conservatives, atheists, Jews, Mexicans, whathaveyou. We all know that the train has gone off the rails but we aren't entirely sure who to blame.

I just wish we'd "break through." Neuromancer is key, man. I wish people could create their own domains of reality, just like on the web, where the rules they prefer are operative and where anything desired could be replicated digitally for anyone to grasp.

The world should become a competition of thousands or millions of worlds, competing against one another for who can come closest to achieving whatever it is they prefer to do. But Neuromancer is still just a myth...

kikz said...


re nalco's owners... y, that's a firm.. i researched that a coupla wks ago.. it was really no surprise...

just interlinking daisies in the chain.

long john said...

michael astera,

hope you read this. this is just to let you know that i'm still meaning to send you that personal email. many things seem to take alot more time to get done than they used to. and i have alot of chores to do on a daily basis here (around my home and property), and so i don't get around to attending to my personal communications on the net until rather late in the evening. and then i also forget stuff too. so please forgive me for not getting my email off to you sooner. i really will try to get that together in the next day or so. thanks and god bless brother.

Vanguard said...

@ ..neil.. 12:53 AM

Hi Neil,

I'm doing fine, thanks. I continue to read carefully and enjoy all of your poems.

I'm reminded of an ambient music (Chillout) artist, Xerces, who posted his years of composition/experiments online.

It was fascinating to see the offerings progress over time, until he was presenting amazing electronic tunes. It was instructive how practice and experimenting with notes and fragments of tunes can lead to very beautiful creations.

This seems analogous to practice and experimenting with creative words using rhyme and prose.

Perhaps someday you'll post your entire collection online?!

"Inspiration comes to the prepared mind". Laplace transforms, etc.

And speaking of analogies...

I've been somberly pondering the orcas in the "truth movement". (Hint: why do killer whales have their distinctive coloration?)

Also, there have been two separate follow up "attacks" against me in realms not seen. From diverse and disparate places, and yet coordinated, simultaneous. Some of those won't be trying that again, for various reasons and because of various outcomes of their evil, willful acts.

Anonymous said...

Do you know where that word "wish" comes from?
Perhaps I should say Who it comes from..

Zellie said...

Edgar Cayce had a dream that he came back and was in the state of Nebraska...not Ohio...I'll have to look up the date, but you have that wrong also...if you are curious, get on the www.edgarcayce.org website and do some research. Also, William Hutton, with The Hutton Commentaries is a geologist who has studied the Edgar Cayce readings for over 55 years, he is very knowledgeable about the Edgar Cayce readings and Earth Changes and the geologic record...with regards to Edgar Cayce's readings on Atlantis AND other ancient civilizations spoken about in the readings. His website is: www.huttoncommentaries.com. William Hutton and his associate, Jonathan Eagle, are of the highest human caliber.

Anonymous said...

hey vanguard I write them on the spot
and dont keep any of them,mostly I forget about them and just keep moving,there dotted all round the internet in various places,les's site has the most though,anyway enough about myself,
I would say with the truth movement,
it tries to pander too every taste,a lot of people wont go near anything that talks about god,divinity,the light anything like that,to them we are tin foil hat wearers with tentacle things pointing out,thats why les gets a hard time,lot of athiests immediately abandon that trail of thought,sort of been beaten out of them I suppose,I think everything needs to be explored to find the truth,half truths are not up to scratch and more attention needs to be payed I would say.anyway I'm glad your ok and look forward to your writings,may the everloving light fill all hearts with the graciousness that it is..

peace neil

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall said...

Wow, great post. Especially the part about us all being in a movie. Perhaps that's why I keep having dreams that I'm in a play, but I don't know my lines because the director won't give me a script. I'm not sure if it's true about most people trading places with the oppressors. Perhaps the most politically vocal people are like that. The highest priority for most of my friends and neighbors seems to be to do the right thing by their children and grandchildren. And they seem to be losing interest in their TVs and spending more time in their veggie gardens (though that won't solve anything politically, it's better than allowing yourself to be continually brainwashed). What you are describing, in essence, is a police state and in a police state you simply go underground (like the French resistance under the Nazis). For the last 30 years I have been one of those people who seriously seeks to change the world (and have had close encounters with some pretty nasty sociopaths because of it). I describe my experiences in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE (I currently live in exile in New Zealand)

pnguine said...

Do you have a sister?

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Gettin it on with the Great Beyond.>

Anonymous said...

Indeed. We're in a Virtual Reality melodrama that includes everyone, there are shouts of "Fire!" all around, and the Exit doors are nowhere to be found. As one of our Great Exemplars sagely advised, "Store not your treasure where moth and rust doth corrupt".

Karen said...

...speaking of Invisible Things, came across this last night while rereading Philip Dick, "The Fall of man, I further realized, represented a falling away from contact with this vast communications network, which to the ancients would be the same as God. Originally, like the animal beside me, we had been integrated into this network and had been expressions of its identity and will operating through us. Something had gone wrong; the lights had gone out on Earth."

Anonymous said...

Something big is about the happen all right. The USISRAEL is about to provoke Iran to retaliate so they can attack. Currently the US zionists and the Israeli zionists are poised on the order of Iran in Azerbaijan - Shillary has just come back from Georgia celebrating their fly-over rights.

Look for it around the 11th. Or sometime this month.

In November look for a world response in the form of possible mushroom clouds.


Visible said...

Yes, the world teeters on the edge.



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