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The Polanski Gambit and the Old World Order.

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Of course Roman Polanski is a mainline Satanist and the desire to make him a public item is not accidental by any means. This is a calculated event. The recent refusal by the Swiss to extradite Polanski extends the drama for the purpose of ongoing misdirection. The fact is that there are forces in motion to blow the lid off of an international traffic and practice of sex with underage girls and boys of any and all ages. There are several reasons for this practice in relation to satanic ritual. One of these is the despoiling of innocence which is a trademark of the path. It also serves to put the practitioner beyond the pale and is one of the steps on the way to darker things. Each step is a progression toward the main event that I don’t think I have to illustrate. It’s described in many texts and retrospectives.

Another reason is to bind the member to the order and therefore compromise him or her into various uses that benefit the order, such as the commission of crimes on behalf of the order that profit by way of information, other gain or the use of one’s position in government or business to accomplish certain ends. It’s a well known method of blackmail, which can also result in the member not doing certain things that are a requirement of their position, such as legitimately representing the wishes of their constituents or employer.

Another reason is because it is against the laws of a nation, state or religion. Satanism involves the reversal of the natural order of things both in terms of general society and of Nature itself. The effect of certain practices upon the mind of the person performing them sets up propensities and mindsets that break down barriers set in place during one’s formative years.

This practice is widespread in the religions and governments around the globe. Over the last few decades a lot of evidence has surfaced which indicates beyond any reasonable doubt that there is a longstanding European operation headquartered in Belgium that extends to Portugal, Spain, France and the U.K. Certainly it, no doubt, is extant in all of the other countries but those named have been prominent in the news in recent times. Any and all investigations come up upon a wall of official resistance which has also been reported in the mainstream media.

An operation of the same sort and magnitude exists in the United States and has also been the subject of national press reportage. The Franklin Scandal that reached into the Reagan, White House is one and is directly connected to George Bush Sr.

Polanski is being offered up as a tribute from TPTB to take the focus off of far more critical people and things that have to do with the natural unveiling of such practices in this apocalyptic period. What is happening to the Catholic Church is an example of how this sort of thing is taking place at this time. Those who run these operations for the purpose of controlling people in positions of authority are not unaware of the conditions of the times. They hope to bypass the majority of possible exposures by manipulating what comes into the public view and throwing as many people as necessary into the public eye in order to protect the main portion of the organization and their own station and person. They are prepared to sacrifice the entire operation in certain countries and to eliminate those who might be in a position to expose those higher up by getting rid of a certain level of the chain. In this way those who are gone can be blamed for the whole affair and presented as the highest level without there being anyone in a position to point further up the ladder.

After a certain point the identity of those at a certain level is only revealed to those directly below. They have all kinds of fail-safes in place and people positioned in every area of government, the judiciary and law enforcement as well as in the media and the corporate world to insure that only a certain part of the operation and its practices will ever come to light.

It should be known that there is a great deal of dissension in the ranks at the moment. This is the case in every area of the temporal world. The old order of things is being done away with and the survival of Satanism and all similar groups needs to transfer itself into the framework of the new systems replacing the old order. Those engaged in the perpetuation of their order know that every facet of government and religion are going to be changed in the same way they have been changed in the past and grafted on to the systems that preceded them just as they were previously.

It should be obvious to anyone paying any kind of attention that nearly all of the members of their government and religious organizations are compromised in one way or another and it is not just by way of bribery and the promise of gain or advancement. Any number of people would not ordinarily be compelled to behave in the way we see so many of our officials behaving. It is beyond the boundaries of normal affairs to see the whole of your elected officials tolerating and supporting things like the gratuitous murders that took place in Operation Cast Lead or the killing of those on the flotilla. It makes no kind of sense that those in the highest positions in the Catholic Church would behave as they do in the face of what keeps surfacing into the public view.

The influence of the Central Banks and the world markets in causing the ruinous bailouts which were presented as a protection of the interests of the common citizens and for the purpose of making money available for loan and the continued smooth functioning of the system can be seen as the scam that it was just by noting that money is not available to lend, which goes completely against the argument for its having taken place to begin with. That this was willingly engaged in and supported, speaks of unknown pressures that must be more than what would be obvious. It does not make sense that nearly all elected officials would toss their reputations into the fire just for the promise of gain and the maintenance of their positions when they could have been secured in so many other ways.

We’re not talking about people being fooled by simple lies when these people are trained to spot the transparency of the arguments. These are people who, in the main, were elected because they have some background in these matters. It is the height of absurdity to accept that no one in a position of authority would be speaking out against the push to attack Iran after the same arguments were used to justify the Iraq invasion. It is also unbelievable that no one in a position of authority would have come forth to question what took place on 9/11, especially those who are no longer in office now. Every time someone in a position to question does so, they turn out to be those whose presentations give the appearance that they are senile or otherwise impaired, such as that officer who was the head of the war college and who comes off sounding like Mr. Potato Head.

Anyone who has been exposed to presentations given by the leading spokesmen for the 9/11 truth movement has encountered the numbing boredom of their demonstrations; their obvious desire for celebrity, their pandering for personal gain and their avoidance of naming the actual perpetrators. There are some noteworthy exceptions but these are soon removed from their positions of prominence or routinely ignored by both the left and the right.

The good news is that its all falling apart and all of the people involved in all of these things are running scared and trying to plug up a leaking dyke with far two few fingers and hands. The basic integrity of the institutions of the departing age is crumbling away from within. It can’t be supported. We are about to see all kinds of astonishing, interesting and unusual things coming to light. The force of the unveiling apocalypse increases by the day. You can’t hide things in a room where the walls have suddenly gone missing.

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Excellent crystal clear post visible and spot on re reality now. I'm hoping and looking forward to the 'surprising' developments....

......lots and lots of people are really pissed off at the moment but they (we) don't know what to do.
If you put together an organisation that gains support, you will be infiltrated and brought down by funded agents. If you riot, that plays into the hands of the TPTB.
The difference today compared to yesteryear is that millions now understand a great deal about how the machine works.
With God's help we'll find a way....eventually.

John Balls Ghost said...

Subhuman Polanski can drug and rape little girls,and be celebrated as an artiste and supported by the Hollywood scum. Mel Gibson makes some disparaging remarks about Gods Special Holy Chosen Pets, and has the goydaucity to make a film that wasn't run through the zio-filters and he is treated like dog shit being scraped off the bottom of a running shoe by the same set. Tells me and every good person all I and they need to know about these scum sucking low lives (apologies to pond scum and other scum everywhere for the association). The only positive is that this kind of base hypocrisy only makes it easier to wake up more people-its like the universe is handing out those sunglasses from They Live and telling people to take a look.
Another great article Les. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

just thought I would point out,a man named john scott over on the circle chasers face book site has some real interesting videos,well worth a look.

peace neil

Anonymous said...

The first thing to do about all these people is to OBSERVE them: listen attentively to their speeches and note their freudian slips; attend their presentations and attempt to see them in person, as they are VERY different when viewed in person than via media. The second thing to do is to QUANTIFY: count them, make notes about who did or said what where when how often. From here to joining the dots it should be a short way.

These things can be done with a bit of attention and with tools available to everybody, like a spreadsheet or a simple text editor. Time should be at hand since more and more people are unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Visible thanks again for another shot of Truth. Damn that felt good.

I have to say I am seeing an awakening from my perspective. I work as the only computer technician at a rural hospital in Texas. As it has become clear to the staff that I am an informative person to talk to regarding the Big Lies and the Truth of what's going on in the world, more and more of my clients have introduced such subjects in my discussions with them.

At first about 2 years ago it was only a couple people out of operating staff of approximately 100 individuals. As word of mouth has spread and my discussions with people have led to their own further research into these subjects, it has now gotten to the point where almost every second person is interested in discussing the Truth with me. The Truth has become infectious which reminds me of this speech by Osho:

"These two World Wars prove that he is asleep. The coming third World War can be prevented only if we can awaken enough people, so those people become infectious and go on awakening other people in a chain. And it has to be done so fast because there is not much time, otherwise the sleepy people are going to destroy this Earth, this life."

Full video interview:

By the way I searched for David Shayler and it wasn't found on your blogsite. As I am sure you know he is the ex MI-5 operative who spoke out for 9/11 Truth but now appears to have a messianic complex. I've watched some of his videos and he seems fairly rational even in his explanation. I personally feel he is under mind-control and was wondering what your take on this is.

Anonymous said...

They can't even plug the Deepwater

aferrismoon said...

I should have Roman Polanski's The 9th Gate


aferrismoon said...

It does seem odd that RP is 'nurtured' in such a way in the midst of the 'shock' that followed the comments by Helen Thomas and the lady at CNN and their subsequent 'consigned to the dustbin' fate.

RP's case rested on vague technicalties and mesmerising lawyerism , yet the outspoken ladies were not really given any chance to give their side of the story.
Odd that both were of Lebanese descent and it seem that Disrael might require theor water soon.

Oh the subtle steps towards acceptance of war.

A bit of 'technical Qabalah' from Carlo Suares -

Satan is a Hebrew word - Sh[300] - T[9] - N[700].
In colloquial Hebrew it means the adversary, the ACCUSER, and also Satan as we know it in English. Acc. to the code , we see that the elemental female , [9], is held as between pincers by the cosmic breath [300] and the indetermination at stake , 700. It [9] resists both impacts , as it is in its nature to do.Its essence is continuity , its function is proliferation of elementary units.

When T[9] prevails it is as a queen bee or a church, the adversary of Aleph,of infinite cosmic life-death. In other words Satan is a continuity in existence which resists its own necessary destruction. Psychologically, it is a confinement in structures that hiders the flow of life-death in the mind."

The last 2 lines seem to speak volumes on the confinement attitude on this planet at present.

Interestingly in his 9th GATE film the key image the hero had to acquire was T [9] , and on doing so he couples with the Whore of Babylon , enters the castle [ confinement] and receives light.

PIPs - Pedophobes in Power


abe said...

Not too many rap fans here, but i thought this was aproppo:



Anonymous said...
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DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Here's a link to an article (in three parts) that explains how the some of the elite pedophiles are supplied with a steady supply of children to be used as sex slaves.

I wouldn't recommend this article to someone who has a weak stomach or to someone who is prone to having bad dreams.

sapien said...

you guys are so full of it.
To begin with, Satanism proceeds Christianity by a long shot. It was a Nature religion worshiping the cycle of life and death. Christianity just borrowed the images from Greek mythology of Pan. in Zorianism, there is two main gods one good and one bad and they were of equal strength. Learn the basics before showing how limited your knowledge really is.
This fake "Satanism" practiced today is a perversion of the true nature religion.

She wasn't a little girl, she was 13. All this bullshit about extending childhood untill 18 yo came with the industrial revolution. Before that it was normal to marry girls 12 and even younger. Even today Gypsies marry their girls at as young as 11. Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.
Seem you are just jealous cuz you can't get your hands on the young ones.

Anonymous said...

I feel more hopeful, now.

Visible said...


Not only are you not very bright but your capacity for research appears to be at the level of being able to manage the menu at McDonald's.

I've got no problem with young ladies and I will wager that I've had more action in that area than you can imagine given that I am a poet, a singer songwriter and a slinky dance meister out of the Kundalini Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There's no lack of that sort of thing in my world and it still gets offered to me to this day. Ask my consort.

Furthermore, I only obey rules that make sense for the greater good. I avoid virgins and those not in pursuit of certain particulars but given any experience and the personally magnetized propensities of any singular flower I well admire Nature in bloom and call all those who five me shit about it hypocrites; not that their opinions, or yours, means a damn.

However, I draw the line at coercion and force; seduction, head games to trick people out of their bodies and the like. Maybe instead of running your uninformed mouth you might want to read the evidence concerning the case and stop confusing Wicca with Satanism. Next?

m_astera said...

Or stop confusing Paganism/Shamanism in all its manifestations with Satanism.

You laid out the definition you were using quite clearly in the essay, Les. The "Satanists" we are speaking of have no basis in or capacity for originality; they simply pervert and invert whatever they can find to steal, usually by doing it backwards. Upside down crosses, the Lord's Prayer said backwards, the inverted pentagram, exploitation of innocence instead of Nature's protection of it, all extremely lame and unoriginal.

The mark of the Archons, to use my new favorite sound bite. All is fake, all is based on lies enforced by fear; none of it can withstand close examination, intelligent debate, the courage to seek the truth, or: Love.

As you pointed out recently, another name for Satan is the Betrayer. Those who choose to betray humanity while putting their trust in one known as the Betrayer, what will be their reward? I would think even a stupid child could figure that out. Not too smaht.

Anonymous said...

Polanski even said that he was "living out every man's fantasy.." You sure hang out with some strange "men" Roman. Plying a minor with booze and drugs just to get off? Roman Polanski stars as an inept lover in... The Penis! yeah, I imagine all 3 inches of it (complete speculation!) it's probably smaller, appreciated that the little girls eyes were shut.

Anonymous said...

As the saying went, and still goes, "don't feed the Mohel".

Satanism implies more than I am willing to consider. The absence of conscience may be helpful to a lizard's survival. As to why that flaw survives the epoch of humanity may help explain why the dark feudal genetics of yesteryear continue the spawn despite mans receipt of the "word" that no soul is blessed, or cherished, anymore than any other.

We just don't trust ourselves, despite the "word's" promise that we should. Easier to let another accept responsibility for our moment than retain it ourselves.

All have considered the succulent fruits of taboo, but few pick beyond the occasional self gratification of a lonely midnight confession.

It seems that every war of late is preceded by headlines of Catholic clergy playing find the quarter with an alter boy, but Franklin Savings and Loan still remains covered, as does the kiddie sex slave and organ bazaar on the steps of the Temple of Polanski's parish.

Catholic clergy are notorious, especially in the Banana Lands, for rallying the natives to stand against oppression and war. Many of them met the end as secret police bullets and shrapnel violated their moment. Yet, the war barkers on the midway, as are many of Polanski's parish, powder their faces, almost boastfully, as they demonstrate their absence of conscience. To them it's the currency of the realm. A measure of their choseness, protected by another taboo fabricated from false history.

As there were rashes of Catholic clergy headlines before Iraq, we now bare witness to them again. It is a cover, it is a signal, that more genocide is about to begin.

I wish I could say that those without humanity and conscience still spawning their genetics will pay the piper at the grave, but I can't. I am not a slave. I believe justice is best served during the tenure of my moment.

Bury them now and let their tombstones be pilgrimage urinals for those that survive the cleansing.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Franz said...

I think you nailed it here, Les.

They got a Madness Index, I think, but cannot prove. Like, the whole "Bomb Iran" thing now, despite the rigged poll, is deeply suspicious to the majority of people who can't find work, their kids can't find work, it's insane.

So dazzle & distract, sure. Fill the pool with perverts! Criminals, drunk movie stars, the latest dirt on dead dictators, live rockers, and anybody in between.

When the Index goes up, we know they're Up To Something. The flaw in this is they're ALWAYS Up To Something, but wtf?

Anonymous said...

@Abe: i'd never heard that before; now their mainstream saturation level makes perfect do some of the subtle nuances meth and red sneak into blatant antics of vehicles like how high. Thank you. And sincere thanks to our gracious host les for having this great space; i'd always whimsically wondered if at a meet and greet of your blogs' guests, i'd simply be among a different breed of pod people, excluding you of course, and now i know that there'd be at least a handful of real live humans in the helps keeps hope alive and thriving

Anonymous said...

Matt 4:9 and Luk 4:7 reveal that the rulers of this age will be selected by Satan. Dan 4:17 reveals that God will allow the basest of men to be set up as rulers. We see these leaders exposed in Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9 as false advocates of Zionism on earth during this age. Zion is the spiritual government of God and will not be established until after the return of Christ. Rev 16:13-14 show our leaders are still under the influence of Satan at the return of Christ. In the mean time they are supposed to provide some semblance of punishment of the evil doers in those governments whose subjects have some semblance of morality. That is a nutshell biblical explanation.

Anonymous said...

All this shit has to come to end sometime Les. No matter how much shit I talked to you in the past, if you are a real person and not some sadistic supercomputer sitting in Maryland or Virginia, then I apologize to you. The USA is the biggest stain in the history of human civilization and the world. Either the US is going to come to an end, or the entire world is. And with the level of corruption and misdeeds going on in all levels of geopolitix, it looks like the whole world is going to come to an end. The US is beyond repair or redemption, it's going to take the whole world down with it. I can see it already. That's why they put all their national income and monies into weapons and the military and totally forget about their own country and people. I'm not worried about Israel's declared Samson option. I'm worried about the US's undeclared Samson option. This people are truly insane and they will destroy the entire world when they realize the US is really over.

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

My jury is still out re: Polanski. At least he makes real films when what comes out of Hollywood these days is basically a crime against humanity. What he did with a 13 year old girl 30 years ago -- well -- there are thousands of practicing pedophiles going free who will never be prosecuted. And my brief encounters with people in the music business tend to confirm what you say: you are not allowed to play with the Big Boys unless you are prepared to have sex with little girls. So people attack Polanski but had he not played their game, he would never have got to make The Pianist. Child sex slavery is the price we pay for art, and as you say, absolutely nothing makes sense these days. The psychopaths are very visible to anyone with a brain. The scary thing is how many people cling to childish belief systems... just what you'd expect from millions of abused children...

Anonymous said...

things moving
slowly retuning
delusionals thrown in
the pigs are all fuming
its hard for them
all that power they spent
I suspect they sit their
unable unwilling to repent
discussions no doubt
at bohemian grove
its to late now
their out in the cold
so they release polanski
after raping innocense
but all it shows
is their blind diminishment
they think it shows
who is still in charge
but the monkey mind
just threw in the wild card
that plan they had
was never going to work
they never paid their dues
to the living earth
maybe if they did
they would still be in charge
bad luck suppremacists
it'll just get more hard


Anonymous said...

they're throwing all sorts of distractions out their at the moment
new things every day but another thing they have forgotten is,they havent been looking after the soldiers
I did hear something about most of the soldiers have been watching press tv an iranian channel to find out the news,instead of the bbc and them other ones,the bbc recently have been trying to get press tv shut down.also a lot of the soldiers coming back with ptsd and the governments wont look after them,just write them off with character problems,most of them are kids made to kill innocent people,a lot of them are commiting suicide,these soldiers need picking up,if the truth movement could get it out that we will help them,I think we will find that we will also have about two thirds of the soldiers
behind us aswell...neil

DaveS said...

I guess what people are forgetting is that ol Roman (what an appropriate name) didn't just rape the poor young lady in the missionary position, which I guess, if you're a sick fuck, might even seem ok, 'cause "she wanted it man"
No, first he fed her drugs and alcohol, and then he slipped the ol' Pol' anski into her nether regions... not exactly the stuff happy fairy tales are made of. The guys a fuck, even if he made the best movie ever made. Creative genius that requires the genius feed on youth in such a fashion should always be defined as evil genius if genius is what you believe it to be.
I call it sick. How could such an act with a child be anything less than that?
Between consenting adults... hell anything goes. But leave the children out of it. Sheesh there's some sorry fuckers breathing the same air.

sed nossi neighbor, "i 'ear yus fightin' wid da miss"

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheSparkle said...

M. Astera: I'm sure you are already familiar with John Lash and his work on Gnosticism.
Here is a quote from a section of his website, including exactly what to say if you meet an Archon.

"A Gnostic Catechism
Occult Instruction

The Master said: James, behold, I shall reveal to you the path of your redemption. Whenever you are seized and you undergo death-pangs (mortal fear), a multitude of Archons may turn on you, thinking they can capture you. And in particular, three of them will sieze you, those who pose as toll collectors. Not only do they demand toll, but they take away souls by theft.

Now, when you come under their power, one of them who is the overseer will say to you: "Who are you, and where are you from?"

You are then to say to him, "I am a child of humanity and I am from the Source."

He will then say to you, "What sort of child are you, and to what Source do you belong?"

You are to say to him, "I am from the pre-existent Source, and I am the offspring of the Source."

Then he will say to you, "Why were you sent out from the Source?"

Then you are to say to him, "I came from the Pre-existent One so that I might behold those of my kind and those who are alien."

And he will say to you, "What are these alien beings?"

You are to say to him: "They are not entirely alien, for they are from the Fallen Sophia (Achamoth), the female divinity who produced them when she brought the human race down from the Source, the realm of the Pre-Existent One. So they are not entirely alien, but they are our kin. They are indeed so because she who is their matrix, Sophia Achamoth, is from the Source. At the same time they are alien because Sophia did not combine with her like in the Source (her divine male counterpart), when she produced them."

When he also says to you, "Where will you go now?"

You are to say to him, "To the place when I came, the Source, there shall I return." And if you respond in this manner, you will escape their attacks."

pandora said...

To Dublin Mick:

Regarding your comment about the Paraguay child trafficing/pedophilia connections... I went to the site you posted, and OHHH what I found from there. Seems a huge area in Paraguay was settled by Mennonites. Since I didn't really know that much about Mennonites, I did some digging, and came up with a connect to the usual subjects:

"Odd connections between Jews, Menonites, Amish, Hasid, White Magic and Khabbalah"

Be sure to read the comments section, too.

p.s. I truth you all know that the Bush family and Sum Myung Moon are large landowners in Paraguay, and it has a US military base there...and a MASSIVE underground water reservoir.

m_astera said...

Thank you, The Sparkle. Your words are timely and welcome.

I had not read them before this, but I can see that the advice comes from one who knows and has seen beyond this illusionary prison. Interesting to hear the false creator referred to in the feminine sense.

I was taught that there are two directions to go from the light in which they hide to work their deception: Lower, towards that plane called infra-red, or higher, towards that plane called ultra-violet. Both appear dark to human perception but the higher plane is the one of safety.

Tonight, soon, I go to do a task; any who read this, should it be posted tonight, I ask you to lend what strength you can. I expect to return unharmed, but if there is not a message saying so by morning, please look for me in consciousness as that would mean I may need some help.


Michael Astera

Anonymous said...

You've chased the source right down the "rabbit hole". When I tell people they're Satanists they give me that "thousand yard stare". They think I'm speaking metaphorically, I'm not.
Whether it's Polanski, Slick Willy, Comrade Soetoro, or, hey, I don't know, pick your pervert, this is the common denominator. People think their ancestors were stupid. That's a mistake. There has been a lot written about this over the centuries. These mutts made their choice and they're enjoying their 'rewards". Of course that is at OUR expense.
Preying on people is what they do. Whether it's kids or adults, the "thrill" they derive is in getting away with it.
You nailed it, including the control aspect of this involvement. That is precisely the way to identify evil. If it controls, it's evil. I have no sympathy for them but they made their choice. The maddening part is that it isn't hidden, it's obvious. If everyone just pointed and said "look, another Satanic asshole", that would severely cramp their style.

m_astera said...

I am fine, all is well.

What's done is done. So Be It.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting article from John Lash which I think is on topic.

Phil R

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Outstanding article.

I remember a disturbing scene from the original Godfather movie. A woman brings her 12 year old daughter to a Hollywood movie producer (the guy who ends up with the horses head in his bed). She leaves the child with the this movie producer pedofile and he takes the girl into his room. Thje movie was made around the time of the Polanski pedofile case. Curiously this scene has since been removed from all versions of this Godfather episode. Hollywood has a lot of power.. and a lot of things to hide. God only knows how many times Polanksi and other movie moguls have abused children.

Anonymous said...

"your capacity for research appears to be at the level of being able to manage the menu at McDonald's"
One less virgin for you Les!
Even though the windows in the Towers of Babylon are tinted - we still see!!
Atishoo, atishoo, we all fall down.....

Anonymous said...

satanic practises
projecting insanity
strands of connections
to misguided profanities
deluded infections
infect the mind stream
focus becomes hard
like a haze or a steam
feelings stagnated
thoughts are frustrated
constantly inundated
externally captivated
not activated by the thoughts
that love beams
thought streams
need forces of thruth sewn in seams
most of us suffer
when we've looked we discover
a cover internally
divide sister from brother
father from mother
all else from the other
in distance away
the love from the lover
but as we move on
the forces flow strong
till were on
find that place we belong
but for ever long
needs reconnection
to remove the infection
our own rejection
our own projection
that competes for attention.


charmian said...

Thank you for the timely reminder: "The force of the unveiling apocalypse increases by the day."

Chiappalone's latest article is similar: The Mental War - Section One

@the Sparkle:

The Gnostic text -- Pistis Sophia offers an illuminating story about the Archons and Aeons. As well as the Buddhist text -- Shurangama Sutra.


FromBeyondOmega said...

Satan systemically attaches throughout the current human condition. Those who think not, believing they are beyond Satanic influence and presuming themselves gifted to point out that he she it is infected whereas they themselves are clean, are more certainly doomed than those they accuse.

Satan exists precisely to consume those ignorant of Satan. Continuous self-examination is imperative until Satan is removed from existence; this is why we are here.

Satan - as with everything else that exists - came into being as an integral, purposeful component of this current state of existence. Satan's purpose has been to serve as arch-rival of existence, and as such be that which would drive life - thus GOD - into extinction. Thereof that which lives to live is given paramount incentive to thoroughly know and only thereby defeat and be rid of Satan.

Stereotypically Satanic stories and rituals are evil primarily as Satan's utilitarian diversions that keep the unwitting masses from identifying their own routine personal corruptions that are the greater substance of Satan's work.

So it is that we have been informed. Let us not judge others so as to not be judged, and thereby not make of ourselves mere self-righteous blind hypocrites.

Visible said...


If you actually followed the posts you wouldn't have to near quote the things I already said in the first place. One thing about having all the answers is that you don't know anything.

TheSparkle said...

Michael: I'm glad everything turned out well.

I can see someone else posted information on John Lash.

Please check out his extensive website.

I am also starting to read his book, "Not in His Image" today.

Also, the fallen Sophia is not the one he refers to as the false god or an Archon. She is Mother Earth (if I understand correctly). I haven't studied his work enough. I believe he is considered 'the' expert on Gnosticism by some.

TheSparkle said...

Neil: Your comments on the soldiers are important.


paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Thanks for bringing up the Gnosticism and Archons.

FYI Evidently Archons are demonic angels of an arrogant God that rules the materialistic world.

It so happens that the ARCHON GROUP a group of distinctly jewish real estate folks, manage many of Goldman Sachs properties.
Hense the GD Demierge and their Archons who coerce people towards to materialistic world.

Seems to me, these folks chose the name quite specifically. Goldman and their minions are truly a demonic group.

Anonymous said...

Bush to sheeple after 9/11: "Go shopping!"
Howdy Doody to sheeple after 4/20/10: "Go vacation on the Gulf AND go swimming and shopping!"
Meanwhile, in Maine.....HD flies up Bo the dog on a separate jet....
Satanists never fail to amuse...
wv: coderygo (?)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone went over and took a peek at the bough. Peasant does some amazing research along those lines. Her running mate aangirfan also does the same, but is on vacation now. They are both linked on Les's blog, that is where I first ran into them. The links here are well worth the read in my opinion.

I will read your link to the mennonites when I have time. I had not gone that far down the rabbit hole to link the mennonites to all this. Please tell me that is not true or indeed the Amish, I had them pegged as some of the sane people left.

On a side not one of my emails begins with pandorasfox, grin.

We have talked a lot about the gulf lately. On a more mundane level Dr. Sanjay Gupta is stressing there is no proof gulf seafood is safe to eat like some are saying. Have a gander at this youtube and you will see what the satanists can do for you.

This woman's legs are full of boils after wading into the gulf.

Anonymous said...

Beyond omegalemat got off on the wrong foot with me also.

Perhaps said party should give satan a long wet sloppy french kiss at next sighting in order to define the difference.

Little children being sliced and diced are one hell of a "utilitarian diversion." Many of us don't need our throats cut to know bad from good. There was evil long before Lucifer was cast down by the council. One of the few things the Ludittes have right in my opinion. As a matter of fact the Native American Red Elk says he has met Lucifer in meditation and he is a very beatiful angel but on examination his very smile gives away an intense hatred of humanity.

Yes I know Les................some real comedians here!

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a little song from
which may be of interest to the singers, songwriters and poets to expand upon as the author requests.

You know we're living under jewish tyranny
when everyone's terribly afraid to say...
jew, jew, jew.

You know we're living under jewish tyranny
when you're called an anti-Semite for telling the truth about...
jews, jews, jews.

You know we're living under jewish tyranny
when you have a fake democracy
and you're torturing people in the interest of...
jews, jews, jews.

We'll know we're free when we're not afraid to say...
jew, jew, jew.

Free, free Palestine,
Free, free the USA,
Free, free the world...
from jewish tyranny.

P.S. I'm just venting pain with this little jingo. Feel free to add your own lines. Jewish tyranny is so all pervasive, I know that this little jingo only begins to describe it. Consider it a starter.

Anonymous said...

Para - Thanks to LV and to those who give links to various sites.

I'd read some Lash before, but just came across this article today - an interesting presentation on what and why Evil is.

On the healing power of the frequency of 528 cps
(Horowitz wrote a lot last year on the dangers of the h1n1 vaccine.)
and also

The site above touches on many topics.
Some pictures of sound with a cymascope. Sound - vibrational frequencies - creating form.

FromBeyondOmega said...


Your responses to from beyond omega clearly reveal your preference for sycophants over participating in fulfillment of humankind's prophecies.

Discount my having not sooner concluded where you're not, so far; and try taking a peek outside of the old world order while you're at it.

We're on count down.


David E Brich

Visible said...


It has nothing to do with that. What it is is that you have been coming around here long enough to know that I already say what you are trying to present as original from yourself but which is not. I know you have read the very posts where I have said repeatedly that Satan works for God so you just wind up looking like the pretentious dick that you are.

If you want to be the know it all that you think you are you should get your own blog instead of doing this disingenuous act here. If I was into sycophants I'd be profiting from it. I don't.

The fact that you didn't acknowledge my saying these things the first time and slipping around like you didn't hear it the same way that Fox News goes about making shit up speaks volumes about you. I've been watching you for some time and the reek of self importance is hard to miss. You've got the idea that you can lecture me about things you don't even understand to begin with but the worst part is the way you try to play me (badly) by saying things I already said and giving the impression I never said them. You need to go somewhere that the person operating the site and the people who come to read are dumber so that you can flourish instead of looking like the thing all of us go out of our way to avoid.

a GrebBear said...

Hi Cats )
Thanks for the beautiful sharing, of Y-OUR experience.

... The 'big show' will continue, connected to OUR strongest beliefs (globally, connected to the majority of Humanities beliefs; and individually, connected to OUR personal beliefs).
How far along are WE (personally and globally) in realizing the Truth ??
... How close are WE to realizing,
"What actually IS" ??

When WE believe lies (ego and//or achron), OUR insight is shadowed with illusion//delusion, weakening OUR true power. How determined are WE (YOU and I, together and separate) to finding the Truth ...

Les wrote sometime a couple years ago, something like, "WE become an enemy of OURself, due to lack of effort to find Truth", AGREED !!

... in my perspective this means;
--Knowledge provides US with an ever greater vantage point, to see Truth (know nothing, knowledge is perspective ONLY).
--Knowledge provides US with ever thicker walls, that shields US from Truth (know everything, knowledge only limits perspective).

Les has been saying it over and over, LET GO of "everything" but LOVE !!!
EVERYTHING is exactly as it WILL BE !!
... and WE decide where WE fit in,
with OUR strongest Beliefs =
capacity for Peace +
capacity for Love +
capacity for Light +
capacity for TRUTH.

The measuring stick,
Y-OUR Joy of BEing !!

... if WE are filled with the Joy of BEing ...
WE are going with the flow ))
... if WE are filled with misery, suffering, fear, or even just 'any' tension ...
WE are BEing consumed by the wolf ((

Its an amazing Life isn't it ?!?

WE are Truly a part of something BEAUTIFUL )

Re-post, thank you whomever posted this last week, I love it ))

Happy Sunday )
a GrebBear

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

ps ... in this song,
May the Grace of God be with you always, in your heart,
May you know the Truth inside you from the start,
May you find the Strength to know that you are a Part ... of something Beautiful ))

"May the Grace of God"
... is the LOVE for "what IS and despite, what IS", 'inside' the listener, BELIEVE ))
"May you know the Truth inside you"
... YOU don't DIE !!!
... nothing Dies, only transforms.
Everything is Light Energy = IN-formation = CAN NOT be lost or destroyed ...
NO-THING YOU ever do, will be LOST !!
"May you find the Strength to know"
... to re-member Y-OURself ))

YOU are a part of something Beautiful ))

...or not, Its Y-OUR choice ))
LoL )

a GrebBear said...

Hi Cats )

[[ps]] ... in this song,
May the Grace of God be with you always, in your heart,
May you know the Truth inside you from the start,
May you find the Strength to know that you are a Part ... of something Beautiful ))

"May the Grace of God"
... is the LOVE for "what IS and despite, what IS", 'inside' the listener, BELIEVE ))
"May you know the Truth inside you"
... YOU don't DIE !!!
... nothing Dies, only transforms.
Everything is Light Energy = IN-formation = CAN NOT be lost or destroyed ...
NO-THING YOU ever do, will be LOST !!
"May you find the Strength to know"
... to re-member Y-OURself ))

YOU are a part of something Beautiful ))

...or not, Its Y-OUR choice ))
LoL )

Happy Sunday )
a GrebBear

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

Anonymous said...

In reference to same and ego trips it always gets my attention when one can clearly define those who are "doomed" due to one belief or another and then go on to relate it as to "why we are here."

There are probably a lot of reasons why people are here. It is very doubtful to me that it can be boiled down to simply recognize satan's teachings.

I see very little chance that satan is going to drive God's teachings into extinction either. Yes I am going to try and be more careful as far as judging satan too harshly. We don't want to be too harsh on the guy. Is any of this in the Urantia book or has someone checked?

a GrebBear said...

Sorry B.O. (

Les has made good points here ... will you use them constructively, to further understand Y-OURself,
... or allow Y-OUR ego//achron to pick a fight; clouding Y-OUR Joy of BEing further ??

BE determined to know nothing !!
... feel what he has said, sit on it for a day, then reply ??

There are NO co-incidences ... Les last posted at 11:44 and Y-OUR last post 11:05.
The Universe, fueled by Love filled, Synchronistic Serendipity, doesn't lie ))

only Love,
a GrebBear

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)



Long time/First Time

You are an Ace.

In 9 years I have never seen so many MSM reports relating to 9/11 Truth as I have in the past 6 months.
Has the worm turned Les?

FromBeyondOmega said...


Everything I know that is most worthy of knowing - and what I know goes beyond anything I've yet to read or hear anywhere else - I was made privvy to many years before anyone informed me you even existed. So if you think I am a fraud who is plagiarizing the knowledge you have gained from your experiences, all I can say is you are completely wrong.

I have been commited to the fulfillment of all humankind prophecies in general and the Judaean-Christian ones in particular since 1973. I have had experiences comparable to yours in terms of their being profoundly unusual and specific to my body and soul that I am, no differently than yours have been for you.

What you have been saying here through your brilliantly put together manifold of cyber outlets has indeed impressed me as being accomplished by one who is special, chosen, and exceptional. But there are many like you in that sense who are subject-focused largely in mere variance of perspectives and categories of expertise while compatible in purpose, which purpose I read clearly as being in service to the Divine and the best possible future for humankind.

I am not your enemy, I am potentially your friend and ally in service to the universal common good. If you see me otherwise, then we have nothing more that we can better do for each other than part company peacefully and in good spirits. And I am already perfectly satisfied doing that.



John C (UK) said...

Please don't feed the trolls as they only shit on the carpet.

I can't get rid of the feeling that something is happening, I feel sort of just 'out of sync', my friends think i've lost it.

Waiting for the floorshow...

wv: sightsur
'sightsur gonna be fun round here soon..'

Visible said...


You're missing the point here. I'm not your enemy either. The point is that you are lecturing me about something that I have been at pains to explain in pretty much the same way you are explaining it and you are stating it in such a way as if I never said what is patently observable at all of the blogs where Satan has come up recently and that has been a lot. I know you read these posts because you commented at them. So I am probably a little befuddled to have you explaining to me something as if I didn't say pretty much the same thing already.

There's so much weird shit going on right now that it is possible that what I said never found its way to you.

I wrote Michael Rivero yesterday because I knew he had lost his contract with CBS and needed money and I wanted to help him. For a year he has hardly posted my work at all. When it first happened I wrote him about a dozen emails asking him what was wrong. He never answered me. We had been in regular contact before that. I said to him yesterday that despite how he felt about me I wanted to help him because I believed in what he does. He responded that he had no idea what I was talking about and that he loved my work and intended to post all of it at all times now. This truly blew my mind.

Today I get an email from a friend of Jeff Rense's and Jeff wants me to send all of my work to him to reprint and has no idea what it is that was supposed to have gone on in my being removed from his site.

A reader came to visit me the last four days and called from the airport which is a good half hour away. I hung up the phone and went into the shower and he showed up while I was in the shower which couldn't have been more than five minutes. Things like this are happening one after the other. I have no idea what it means so maybe this is more of the same. If you check the last several posts at all of the blogs you will see that I said very much what you said to me as if I had never said it and was somehow deluded about something.

What can I say?

Very strange.

Visible said...

It's just too strange. Look at this

and note that the dialogue box is back. This is mindblowing.

Well, I'll ride this pony and see if she takes me home.

FromBeyondOmega said...


Pardon my saying so, but: your 11:44 PM response tells me we've hit pay dirt, finally.

I need to do some research and some c'ing & p'ing before putting together a response, but am not up to doing it right now. All of a sudden we've been effectively given the equivalent of forever to do everything we now know we each want to do. I'm central USA (6:30PM) time here and will shoot for getting something back to you in 14 - 15 hrs (perhaps sooner or later, I've never particularly liked operating on tick-tock time anyhow).

Have a nice evening and a good nite's sleep... and/or whatever else you're up for during the next 12 plus hrs.


Anonymous said...

It is easy Les you get so many hits nobody can resist linking it. Your site is the most interesting and most sane on the net right now.

Even your trolls are fun!

Anonymous said...

There seem to be many things going on with the internet however these days. It may well be that someone is breaking your link at Rense and they don't even notice it until it is mentioned or brought up.

My posts don't stick at Veteran's Today. I mention it to Gordon Duff and he assures me in emails that it is not him. Hell he even emails once in awhile and says that is great idea for a spread I will do it yet my simple posts don't show up! Go figure!

I can change computers and my posts will show up there for a short time and then bingo same old story. It is too much trouble to keep changing computers to break the dll just to post there.

Anonymous said...

Don't think Rense's explanation (which he says he doesn't have to give if he don't want, yadda yadda, am a busy man) *necessarily* can be COMPLETELY discounted all at once... My emails disappear all the time & as we well know, Zioblogger and jootube are removing/censoring thousands of entries all the time.... and then there's NSA, Howdy Doody removing 73k wordpress blogs (so they report) and all the rest....
Strange daze have found us...
wv: difil

abe said...

Les: Please feel free to not post this at your discretion.

I think I might know what's behind the weird ongoings with Rense and Rivero. John Kaminski mentions it over on his blog and Rebel News, and apparently it has to do with the j-words. It seems that Rense and Rivero might(emphasize MIGHT) have been caught defending jewish interests by insisting on the zionist angle to the exclusion of actually using "the j-word". Could it be that their blogs need a shot of Authenticity? I don't know and won't speculate but the Kaminski link is below:

Anonymous said...

What would be the easiest way to combat the systematic, mesmerizing mind F'ing by the unholy indwellers? Stop watching! Turn off the idiot box, cancel your cable and find something more productive to do with your time. Imaging, if you will, that the Nielsen Ratings people suddenly reported a 30% across the board drop in ratings on all news shows and all other shows…

Nayon said...

A GrebBear;

My thoughts also. I only wish I could explain it the way you do. We are indeed living in a land of confusion, and I do not believe that it is possible to grasp the whole truth about everything. I guess the best thing we can do is exchange theories to amuse ourselves and everybody. Going with the flow, feel the presence and share our experiences is a very nice way to go. Some of us might know some things sometimes, but no one knows everything all the time, we could always be wrong on something. So it is an unmistakable conclusion; we do not know. Lets enjoy the ride.

Thank you Les for bringing it back to our mind once in a while. It is so easy to imagine that we know.


headstuckupownarse said...

Just going to the toilet. Back soon

Although I may get myself a cup of tea and a sandwhich first.

Don't worry!

Anonymous said...

presence said...

More Red Seas:
a strange cover-ed up spill/leak in the Red Sea:

Much love to all & appreciation for & admiration of all the wisdom & care that is passed around here.

wv: comatic

Anonymous said...

Satanism involves the reversal of the natural order"-Nonsensical!!!Religions involves the reversal of the natural order,a satanism is rejecting dogmata in favour of the nature and humanities but a christian satanism is exactly the reverse of the christianity.It is easiest to defend people against something what doesn't exist,therefore a Satan was invented.Satan is a foundation of the church, without it the church a long time ago would already collapse.Satan is needed for Catholics for so that they have to whom to shift the blame for one's perverted proceedings.forgive my grammar but I am using the electronic translator,I dont speak anglish:]

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
presence said...

This is interesting, perhaps it has something to do with the power of 8... :-)

Magnetic Portals Connect Earth to Sun:

In the Fifth Sacred Thing, the besieged know their only chance lays in luring the soldiers out of their uniforms with offers of loving kindness & detox... they decide upon a phrase to use with them:

'There is a place for you at our table if you wish to join us'

wv: cating

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
m_astera said...

Hi Les-

The best visual analogy I've come across for what's going down and how it's going down is that of watching a browser page download on a slow connection. Things don't necessarily show up complete and often appear in a different order than they will once the page has finished downloading.

Both of us and surely many others have been creating new realities and repairing existing ones. These changes exist, I believe, but are downloading slowly and in uncertain order. My usual modus operandi is to not deplete their energy by speaking or writing about them very much.

To The Sparkle-

Thanks again for the timely quote. I don't know how much time I have to study John Lash, we'll see. I could relate to Jeff Rense's words about his days being full and gone already when he wakes up.

I want to make a correction and clarification to the quote you posted:

"The Master said: James, behold, I shall reveal to you the path of your redemption. Whenever you are seized and you undergo death-pangs (mortal fear), a multitude of Archons may turn on you, thinking they can capture you. And in particular, three of them will sieze you, those who pose as toll collectors. Not only do they demand toll, but they take away souls by theft."

"death-pangs" should not be glossed as "mortal fear". What the Master is referring to here is the actual after-death experience, not mortal fear. The parasites hide in the light and take on the form of that which the uninformed wish to see: A beloved relative or a religious figure, appearing in a glowing and welcoming light. It is a trap, a lure, to capture the soul, strip it of experience (life memory) and emotional energy (parasite food) and then send it back to be farmed again.

Telling them that one is a child of humanity and the pre-existing First Source lets them know that one is aware that this prison/soul farm they are running is an artificial creation separated from the rest of the higher planes. The part about the aliens and their being created without "intercourse" with Prime Creator lets them know that one is aware of their soulless nature, and also aware of the methods of their creation. Most importantly one is informing them that one knows about the trap and has rights to pass through it unharmed.

Some free advice, worth whatever: Do NOT go to the light, it is a trap. Hold your focus instead on the higher fields of vibration beyond the light. Take a look at a chart of the electromagnetic spectrum to get an idea of where "the light" fits into the larger scheme of things.

Vanguard said...

Strange Internet happenings: After that article about U.S. gov't "officials" and the "big" players in the telecom market getting together behind closed doors to ensure that: MSM sites will download quickly but alternate news sites will download/render slowly, if at all...I've seen exactly that behavior within days of the announcement. This is one asymmetrical warfare tactic they are employing aside from outright shutdown.

Pedophilia: Yes, the wealthy and/or powerful indulge. The PTB use the MSM and Hollywood...and white house czars...etc. to push the normalization and acceptance of the sexualization of children. Most people still consider it to be heinous, but every day some souls are lost due to influences like: consider the recent Parnassus movie where the actress in character as the daughter claims to be 12, but admits 16, the "age of consent", and then is on stage later nude but for a long hair covering she coquettishly brushes.

How young is okay? Don't media sources like to claim that many cultures married off very young women/girls? How about research that indicates based upon historical records of onset menstruation and mind-body self-sexual awareness, that women in centuries past were healthy and happy to be sexual...around 18-20+, really. Any stories about younger wives is really about the sexual abuse of girls not fully developed and able to handle/enjoy such an experience. Why does society use chemicals and indoctrination to push young sex?

Aside from exceptions, as a normal course, great souls pass in through births of virgins impregnated in love and surrounded by stability (and I don't mean ease). Hence the rationale, along with others, for evil's machinations in this regard.

Also, the perpetrators and victims often play out sordid role-reversals across incarnations, which never excuses the behavior of the current perpetrators. The cycles must be broken. Real justice would help in this regard.

Satanism: There are beings of great evil, just as there are of good. Their methods differ, of course.

Regarding the lower ranked believers/dabblers/revelers, who need only the thrill and rush in the aftermath of their mundane or occult practices which are contrary to long-established decency...the fact remains that their actions are self and other harmful, regardless of any verified contact with epitomes of ancient evil.

Eyewitness account: All abstractness aside, as a pre-teen, I was beset upon insidiously over time by teens as "friends" who eventually tried to seduce me into homosexual behavior after getting me alone. I was not comfortable and said so. A fellow of those showed up at my door after my refusal, smashed my genitals with a knife-hand strike, and said he could kill me if he wanted. I was neither angry, not hateful, nor fearful. I learned of tragic young ends for some of these, who I many years later learned were Satanists and black magic practitioners.

FromBeyondOmega said...

Les and all sharers-in,

The recent "strangeness" chattered about here is merely innocuous symptoms of what to expect as a consequence of being "on countdown".

Ready-up for a cut to the chase; bear in mind: these words have had to project through a human organism from a place heretofore beyond humankind's collective reach. Patience; this sort of thing takes time. Thank GOD!

Its having been emphasized that FromBeyondOmega has so far provided a near faxing of material posted here by another both before and since FBO came on the VO+ scene allows us to skip re-articulating at least some shared subject matter and venture into virgin territory. Nonetheless, however, a refresher:

"We" are spirit-minds, i.e. "souls" / aka "psyches" / NOT bodies. We spirit-minds are direct extensions of the eternally alive Divine Soul, i.e. GOD, systemically housed throughout while GOD courses through these sophisticated physiological/organismic devices, i.e. bodies, produced of the Divine precisely for such purposes as performing like they always have and will, until something different in terms of better perchance comes along. These bodies we spirit-minds/souls of the Divine and the Divine call persons when we systemically dwell throughout while the Divine courses through them, call them things other than persons when we and the Divine do not.

With the above being so, we need ask of our spirit-mind selves and the Divine why then are we at war with others that are in principle identical to ourselves and each other, then accept our spirit-minds' and the Divine's answer to that question as target of condemnation - which answer thus target is Satan, not our bodies - and cease allowing Satan to keep our spirit-minds which do so from foolishly condemning our mere bodies whose MINDS have been programmed by Satan to variously repress, harm & destroy others' bodies & lives by every subtle, legal and hideously conspicuous means imaginable to absolutely no good purpose. Such foolishness will no longer be acceptable nor tolerated.

So sayeth GOD the Divine.

TheSparkle said...

M. Astera: That was a really good explanation for me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thus sayeth the lord, and rightly so!

m_astera said...


What say you about the human instruments that are not soul carriers, that were created by you-know-who and given life in challenge to First Source?

Those who do not incarnate human souls as sparks of the divine?

Anonymous said...

Les, you said weird things are happening. Where I live in the Pacific Northwest I haven't seen one chemtrail in the last two weeks. I can't believe it, clear blue skies every day. Every so often a plane will go by but with a contrail. Just like old times. They started tapering off over a month ago. Could this be related to the Gulf volcano? I have been watching this shit for close to ten years. Over these years I've lived in several different states and have never seen this long of a spell without spraying.


Anonymous said...

ethnic cleansers
rapists with no centers
internaly devoid
on material adventures
across the world
using hatred inventions
killing children women
in evil dimensions
with witchcraft satanism
helps with the collections
distractions propaganda
descepencys sent them
media delusions
sent out for protection
to twist man with fear
his lost innocence beckon
detesting the western world
engaged in infection
contaminated by those
who were meant for protection
these leaders they're evil
why did we elect them
playing man by his hate
and base temptation.


Anonymous said...


I live in Spain, in Barcelona. I'm from the States and began watching the trails in about '98. I grew up next to an airport and and air force base and had never seen anything like these trails until then. When I left the States in 2000, I didn't see another one of these trails (unless I was visiting the States) for 8 years. Then I came to Europe. The trails appear here on a daily basis just like back home. Although I do notice periods when they disappear. For example, the day before this years Bilderberg meeting which was held in Sitges (only 30 minutes outside of Barcelona) the trails disappeared completely. I hadn't seen the sky so blue and clean in years. In the days prior to the meeting there was such an onslaught that people who had never noticed it before stepped out into the street and looked up in wonder at the thick checkerboard pattern in the sky...very low also. It was so obvious that they had to run a piece in the weather section of a couple of local papers stating that the phenomenon that everyone witnessed the day before was due to "vapor" trails and condensation from airplanes that ocurred when they flew above 9,000 meters (30,000ft.) and humidity conditions were just right. The article came complete with a diagram of a jet engine and air transforming to vapor! Then the sky was clear. It stayed that way for the duration of the meeting..about 3 days. Then slowly the program cranked back up. I still hav'nt seen the onslaughts that I use to see before the Bldbg meeting, but the trails are still present. A few weeks back I noticed that they had all but stopped again and then read here that people were saying the spraying had stopped in the States. Obviously they are using the same spraying schedules in the program for all NATO countries that are being sprayed. I say NATO countries because I have lived in NATO and non NATO (central and S.America) and have only seen them in the former. For what it's worth.

wv: caring

FromBeyondOmega said...


My post to Les and all sharers-in was put together and sent without having knowledge of your 8:46 PM post and its comments To The Sparkle.

The issue for examination and discourse you raise in those comments are integral to the Divine's ensuring humankind's future, in that the subject matter you engaged in your comment To The Sparkle and FBO's complete response to your 3:39 AM post are integral to ensuring fulfillment of the Divine's objectives.

FBO's complete response is forthcoming.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish up-

Zionazis time fugues and other anomalies

Lydia said...

I love Polanski, is a good director. I did not know that he was a satanist. Do you have sources about that? He is not a subhuman, how can people love to denigrate others? But as I say, I dont know about his participation in a satanist movement. When? Can I have some more information about this?

I love your article, as always I love your reflexions. Me too I want to see what will happen. We live in very interesting times.

Visible said...

Hi Lydia;

I don't have the time to gather that kind of research together when pretty much everyone knows this is the case. Perhaps someone here will help you or you could just use the search engines and put in 'Polanski Satanist' and note what comes up even as you type it in. You'll get plenty. Search engines are useful. I couldn't tell you how many times I get asked things like this when all the person has to do is search.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

I did plenty of digging since the Tate event. I don't have to convince myself. I am convinced. I'm just not motivated to provide the information when it's right there to be had.

Anonymous said...

To David/FromBeyondOmega
A big red flag went up with your comment at 12:45am when you refer to one as being CHOSEN.

To Michael Astera
Re: your comment at 8:46pm – The only other place I have seen this info is at This is so, so difficult to explain to people. A couple of years ago when I was watching TV probably on a Saturday evening, well before the digital changeover since I don’t watch TV anymore (of course the husband and son have it on way to often), I saw the strangest thing between commercials: black background with tubes that looked like intestine (not gross, just pink and random turns and bumps) and the camera followed a tube up and up and up gradually changing from observing the outside to going up the inside of a tube and then seeing light above…and that was it. This is the first time I’ve said anything. I don’t know anyone, until now, that would understand. They’re bloody putting this into our subconscious and one would have no idea of the implications. These metaphysical ‘religions’ and ‘psychics’ say to follow the light through the tunnel, which has been mentioned by many people who have had near-death experiences. This is such a big issue, yet I’ve read about it here and now from you, and from Matthew a couple years ago. It makes sense to me to avoid the tubes. I’d like to see a promotion on this, but without prior understanding it’s useless.

To Fud
Here in the upper Midwest US, I have seen many more old- fashioned true-blue skies with normal clouds lately, but the chemtrails have not abated. Although they’re not as bad as they were last year. I figure money is tight.

To All
You people are amazing!


abe said...

Sparkle and Astera blew my mind earlier, but I thought the three "gatekeepers" were from the Book of Going Forth?

kikz said...

a bit of synchronicity ystrdy..

had perused the coments... took kids to the bookstore for an ayn rand anthem cc....

found a book on twins.. i hav a set.. bought them both a cc.. for a dollar..

was perusing the comments again, and noticed.. lash..
went to look at the twin book again.. john lash...

hmmmm... how odd :)

FromBeyondOmega said...


Your red-flagging of my FBO use of the word "chosen" is well taken. Ans:

The perspective from beyond omega sees ALL human kind as being "special, chosen, and exceptional", having been brought into existence by the Divine to fulfill the Divine's purposes and objectives - within a fully existential context - exactly as the Divine is directing us to do.

We thank you for your words

Anonymous said...

m_astera said...

"Some free advice, worth whatever: Do NOT go to the light, it is a trap. Hold your focus instead on the higher fields of vibration beyond the light. Take a look at a chart of the electromagnetic spectrum to get an idea of where "the light" fits into the larger scheme of things."

Could you elaborate on this?

thanks -


TheSparkle said...

Are any young people catching on? Or are all of us just old(er) farts getting bitter and submitting to our wisdom?

M. Astera: I as well as others would like more information about not going toward the light but seeking the higher vibrations. It makes total sense to me, but could you provide some websites, books, articles for more reading on the subject please?

TheSparkle said...

Weird synchronicity or just plain weirdness....I have been reading a book for several days online called something like "History of the Slave Trade" by Captain Theodore Canot. I am still about 3/4 way through. A couple of days ago, after reading a comment here or somewhere referencing an article by Kaminsky in which he mentions a book called "The Babylonian Woe" by David Astle.
So I started reading that book as well online. Well I happen to read footnotes as I go along and was shocked to see Astle noting Canot as a reference regarding trading stations in coastal Africa.

BTW, both books are excellent.

FromBeyondOmega said...

m_astera and all sharers-in--

"[H]uman instruments that are not soul carriers" are essentially mere sophisticated mechanical devices "created" and implemented "by you-know-who" to serve you-know-whose agenda; which, as you query, is to "challenge First Source".

Are "[t]hose who do not incarnate ... souls ... sparks of the divine?" No, they are not; they are merely variously sophisticated soulless machines, like guns, washing machines etc; but, of course, more similar to the much more highly sophisticated automaton. Which is not to mean that soulless automatons are not produced of the Divine via the Divine's you-know-who device:

Remember, literally everything that exists - including Satan, every thought, every feeling, every action, every occurrence and every other thing that exists or comes into existence - ultimately has been produced or continues to produce from the Divine's now ever-manifesting diversification of the Divine's Own First Source SELF.

Again: there is only ONE First Source for literally everything that exists, has ever existed or ever will exist. This is why all human kind living souls have - in consequence of the Divine's own very first recognition of the Divine's own singularly unique SELF - been informed via the human body of the Divine referred to as Jesus of Nazareth to "love GOD with all of one's heart, mind and soul."

All human spirit-minds / sparks of GOD / souls who successfully assimilate this information from beyond omega will have eternal life.

m_astera said...

Abe, Diane, Sile, The Sparkle-

I wasn't sure that I would get any response to what I wrote. One never knows, and it is definitely controversial.

I checked out Matthew DeLooze's site; his articles are gone but I sent him an email asking about buying the ebook version of his books.

The Book of Going Forth (by day and by night?) is I guess the Book of Ani, according to a web search. I've maybe read it in the past, but like the John Lash material The Sparkle posted it wasn't familiar to me.

Back in late 1989 or early 1990, my then-girlfriend went to a talk that lasted two days. I couldn't go because I had to work, but I asked her to take notes. She had the ability to write what she heard word for word in longhand as she heard it. Her notes from the talk is where I first got the detailed information about humanity being controlled by interdimensional parasites. At the time that was pretty outrageous, the idea that "going to the light" was a trap. Guess it still is outrageous. Understand though that the astral/infrared plane and the plane of visible light work on the principle that what one thinks about is what happens or manifests, and very quickly, unlike the delays we experience here in the material world.

Those planes are also planes below what I call the ultraviolet plane, and are planes of duality, male-female, light-dark, good-evil. What evidence is there that only the good can exist in the light? None. How many evil beings on this physical plane claim to come from the light, and who is to gainsay that they do?

In the notes I read, I recall one example being pointed out. There are many stories of those who have had near-death experiences and returned to tell about them. In some cases they went to the light, had some communication, and returned. In other versions they then experienced their whole life "passing before their eyes". In the talk it was pointed out that no one has returned with the tale of what happened after or beyond the point of re-living their life; the inference was that past that point the soul memory had been stripped and the spirit was sent back to be farmed again.

All who attended that talk were expected to keep a vow of secrecy about what was revealed. A few months later my by-then-former-girlfriend turned against the school and began trying to tear it down. I knew that she had these notes and I did not want them getting out, so I went into her house when she wasn't home, found them and took them. I still have them but I have no intentions of making the transcript public. I do think it's time, though, to begin to let out the information.

I realize how difficult it is for people to accept the idea that going to the light is a trap. I've had a long time to get used to it, though truth be told, it made perfect sense to me from the beginning. Is it possible that all of the teachings of going to the light are simply lies and tricks, perpetuated by the deluded? Yes, it's quite possible. It's my opinion that everything we think we know about the afterlife is false, a contrived illusion to keep us enslaved. That doesn't make me happy, but I'm willing to deal with it because I'd rather know the truth no matter how painful or disturbing it is.

Those of us with souls have been trapped in this prison/illusion and recycled long enough. As pointed out above, our key to escaping the prison, should we die physically before the walls come down and this "reality" rejoins the greater one, is to know the truth and claim our descent from the pre-existing, from Prime Creator, from First Source.

m_astera said...

A few sources regarding "go to the light" being other than what we have been told:

In the end of one of Castaneda's Don Juan books, Carlos sees a being of light with human form. This vision brings him feelings of rapture and reverence. Don Juan laughs at him, and tells him it's only his own light body that he is seeing.

Gurdjieff talks little on the subject, but he does give the analogy of humanity being under the spell of a powerful magician who has convinced some that they are eagles and some that they are magicians themselves, when the truth is they are all sheep being herded to the slaughter.

Kyle Griffith's book "War in Heaven" (1988?)has a lot of detail on the higher plane factions who feed on us or help us. Last I looked it was a free read online.

There is much useful information on the parasitic controllers that was written by Laura Knight-Jadczyk and can be found on the website.

Also, the Project Camelot interview with James is well worth a read.

Please note that just because I mention or recommend a source of information does not imply that I agree with all of it or believe any or all of it. Take what you can use and leave the rest; question everything. Wise discernment is probably the most valuable skill we can be learning. My working hypothesis is that this is all an illusionary prison, up to the highest levels that our mystics have described.

Anonymous said...

Para Partly off-topic.Worth reading.

The site above has posted this SM article on its home page, the first time I've seen one there.

Following up on the Gulf,
“Moreoever, Albarelli draws attention to the eerie similarity between dengue fever symptoms and those linked to the toxic emanations in the Gulf of Mexico and warns of the looming disaster that could unfold from the overlap.”
best to all

abe said...

Astera: not so much offended as intrigued. The whole going to the light meme seems painfully obvious with a little objective thought on the matter. The fact that LITERALLY every zionist produced movie, tv show(ghost whisperer is the worst), new age book, and self proclaimed "guru" with media hype has promoted it should have been a dead give away. Honestly, i feel more silly than anything else for not having questioned this most basic assumption before. I guess that's what I get for assuming I had questioned all my assumptions.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Para - query to LV, with thanks, as always:

If the internet is taken down or restricted, do you, LV, plan to communicate in any other way - eg broadcasts?

To others who come to LV's three sites: Do you have any suggestions? I saw something on WRH saying that people should plan and announce now, how to stay in touch when there's either a closing-down or severe restrictions on the internet. As you all know, several in the power structure have pointed out the danger of the public around the world becoming increasingly and quickly aware.
M-Astera, thanks for your recent explanations for seeking to go beyond the light.

TheSparkle said...

M. Astera: When I first entertained the thought of 'not going to the light' it made perfect sense for some reason, even though to most it might seem counterintuitive. I try to sift the truth from all that is out there. It's too bad we can't just walk down into the Vatican's archives or other secret libraries...

m_astera said...


I must have read dozens of books about near death experiences, reincarnation, life after death, communication with the dead, astral travel, and life between lives. I'm saying that so people know that I am aware of that literature and how detailed and convincing it is. How real it is, I don't know. Also, perhaps, there is more than one possible/available scenario.

Maybe it's like knowing that you can ask for a lawyer rather than let the cops interrogate you...the cops aren't going to tell you that.

Perhaps the best thing to keep in mind is that there may be alternatives, higher levels beyond the light. I was specifically instructed not to go there, but to claim protection from a higher source.

Abe, great point about all the zionist produced entertainment telling us to go to the light.

nsa sex said...

The comments here are out weighing the blog. lol

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.



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