Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Welcome to the Age of I Don't Give a Shit.

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One further comment on my journey. As I was leaving at the airport, I stopped in a couple of places to purchase a book and also to turn in my currency. At both places they asked for my boarding pass and I wasn't even through security yet. They ran it under a scanner. I pointed out how ridiculous this was. They just shrugged. Might as well have been the same person at both places, just glad to have a job I reckon.

Well now, it's your own damn fault people. It's bad enough that Israel was allowed to engineer a terror attack against their best and most powerful ally, due to owning the currency printing presses. It's even worse that various leaders of the 'not so free' world assisted in this dark doing; either out of fear or self interest, in the collective pursuit of a permanent, privileged and elite class. There's no such thing as a permanent anything, in a world where change is the cornerstone of existence.

Why is it your fault, you who do not hear or read this? Because you go along with the program. If any large part of the population simply said, “I'm not going to fly on any fucking airplanes until this police state, security nonsense is at an end.” things would change quickly. Given especially that the 9/11 attack and pretty much all follow-up attacks were the work of Israel and rogue elements in affiliated governments. What is here mentioned is what is now needed. Yes, that's a right wing rag and yes, some of the individuals mentioned bear no great love for humanity, or are political opportunists but what is being said is not wrong. If the population is willing to go along with these absurd oppressions, brought about by an enemy power, who is also training their domestic police forces then... there it is. What could possibly be the point of scanning boarding passes, when the ones being defended against by this ridiculous action, are the very forces working with that foreign power to create the circumstances everyone is being oppressed by and who are the authors of all the terror attacks?. This is insanity. This is something Voltaire could have parodied in an epic fashion. Sadly, we are all too short on Voltaire’s. The shit stained noses of those writing for wider public consumption know where the ready money is. These rat-tailed misanthropes, gather at their chosen watering holes and congratulate each other on their successes. The obvious whores like Amanpour turn up the wattage of their insincere smiles, air-kissing one another over the invisible, wafting scent of their expensive scotches. Amanpour rubs her stockinged legs together, thinking about the devil's coin ringing hard in her bank account, playing up the courageous war correspondent thing, never ever close to any action except for up and down action and she likes to ride on top. Oh right, she's an alternative ender. Well, we've no illusions about the state of the press, the state of the art world, the state of the entertainment world and the music business, which is part of the entertainment world but what the Hell, one more link won't hurt.

If the world is to be saved, the world needs to wake up because if the world does not wake up they will be killed in their sleep. The few among us who can see what's what are not enough to carry the day. It's too much like Thermopylae. Change is afoot in a grassroots kind of way. We can see that in respect of the evil that is Walmart. Pay attention to what Wal-Mart corporate has to say about it. This pretty much defines Wal-Mart in the most damning and convincing way. Things are on the move in sociopath corporation land. Why is that? Is it because of a pervasive awareness of the agents of evil in this world? No, it isn't. They would for the most part go right on shoveling shit for the master if only they could have something a little bit better than barely surviving at it. Corporate has pushed them to the wall and is now engaged in moving the wall as well.

Hundreds of thousands of Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums are going to trot out for the lines in waiting at the Wal-Mart Black Friday extravaganza. People will get trampled, guns will be pulled. No doubt people will be tasered and shot, in order to get their hands on plastic goodies for people they should have just treated better all through the year. That's insanity and we are dealing with global applied insanity all round the place. Wal-Mart heirs are unique beasts upon whom there ought to be a bounty.

We truly do live in the Age of (Out of my way!) I Don't Give a Shit!” We live in an age where treachery against the human race is lauded and supported by those who own the presses that spin the lies in webs of deceit the world over. We live in an age where the heavy hitters are snuggling up under the same comforter and one has to wonder what the movement under the blankets signifies. I don't know, do I? I can only conjecture and speculate according to circumstantial evidence, counterpointed by some degree of hard facts. I don't want to label someone as something I'm not dead certain they happen to be. In the case of Alex Jones I've no hesitation. He's a Nimrod Blowhard, an atypical hysterical, a kind of talking head Ross Perot of the alternative press. “The Black Panthers are coming through Canada!!! The Black Panthers are coming through Canada!!!” Don't concern yourself with the source of this commentary, truth is truth, no matter how inadvertent it's appearance in some. The most telling thing about Jones is how he sashays, sidesteps and dances around the crimes and culpability of those responsible for all of the things he attributes to others. The reasons for the totality of the Alex Jones persona is indisputable. ♫It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Would you be my neighbor?♫ Ah well, grab a shovel, something of ungodly size took a monstrous shit on the highway to human freedom and understanding.

These are strange times and a lot of the strangeness speaks to the need for human definition, outside the enforced constraints of conformity. You have to understand that the greater the pressure to march in a castrated lockstep, the greater the certainty that the libido revolution will find that weakest link in the chain; surrounded by objects of desire on all sides, those of splintered will, ...will act out.

There's a lot more to 'as above so below' than one might anticipate from a cursory consideration. We usually think that the meaning is exclusive to what goes on invisibly in relation to what goes on visibly. One might think it's a reflection of the invisible hierarchy in relation to the visible hierarchy. It can also mean that the moral climate at the lower end of the pecking order is reflective of the moral example and behavior at the top of the pecking order. Given that the vast majority of world leaders are economic slaves of the Central Banker Crime Syndicate; we know who the Central Bankers are and given that a large percentage of all of the players are sexual perverts of some description, as well as being permissive of violence against the very young, it stands to reason that this behaviour would be mirrored in the behavior of those who have lost their bearings at the lower end, in the heaving morass of this infected and terminally ill culture. Truly, if ever a culture deserved to be on a glass slide, this one qualifies.

One can clearly see, these days, one flow of humanity struggling against the tide, one flow poisoning and corrupting the tide and one mass of stationary zombies, milling about with no defined purpose other than the periodic outbreak of appetite concerns; Pavlov going off in their heads at predictable intervals. It's a fucked up world and we're trying to unfuck it. That's difficult to do. The taste for corruption and toxic comestibles, once set into the reflex cycle and unconscious stimulus of genus humanus ordinarius, is not unlike that of certain animals who have acquired a taste for human blood. Why would any human being allow themselves to be so easily seduced into so many things that are of great danger to them? All I can think is that there is some kind of ingrained planetary ignorance, where the various personnel, so representative of it are only here for some kind of unfortunate purpose of demonstration. It's possibly something like how all those people who showed up for Atlantis and Lemuria (or Mu; are they one and the same two?). It's possibly like whatever happened during that deluge that allegedly involved someone called Noah and allegedly happened somewhere at some point in that big blur known as unverifiable history. All those people, however many of them there were, they all showed up for the purpose of demonstration, just like they do for those airline crashes (which, inexplicably seem to come in 3's), earthquakes and tsunamis. The relative cluelessness, in certain cases is aptly demonstrated, by people seeing that the shoreline water has disappeared, leaving a vast expanse of sand, which they merrily set forth upon to explore, until the towering wave came rushing to the shore and then, “Quoth the raven, nevermore.” until the next time.

We are only seeing the surface of things, for the most part. Behind the scenes, vast forces are jockeying for position and behind those forces is something even more vast and incomprehensible. Given the enormous reach of time that stretches from end to bending end, it is difficult, if not impossible, for the conditioned minds, of those engaged in the processes, to grasp what the meaning of it is.

At the moment, Israel is pulling out all stops, looking for a way to attack Iran and get away with it. No matter what, they won't get away with it and their credibility is in tatters around the world. They are in a death spiral of agonizing slow descent. The sucking wind of their passage is guaranteed to drag all associated and affiliated consciousnesses down with them. This is applied insanity 101. Birds of a feather go to the slaughterhouse together. Something tells me this is going to be an unforgettable holiday season.

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Dispassionate, Objective, Algebra Enabled, Distraction Free Mind.

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Seminar coming up day after tomorrow! Contact the organizers for possible late in the game discounts.

In keeping with our gradual trending toward a more rarefied atmosphere, we are going to somewhat change our approach and our tactics. However... we are not going to forget that certain things which seem to slip away into the underbrush and get forgotten are not kept perpetually swept under the rug. So here is one of those new features from the Bold Statements larder.

Noam Chomsky keeps showing up in the alternative press as if anything he could ever say again would have any degree of integrity or truth to it. Noam Chomsky said that it doesn't matter who did 9/11 that there were more important things to consider, which is absurd, because all the shit salad, shit starters, shit entrees and shit pastries arranged on the shit dessert tray on life's big buffet table is there because of 9/11. Noam Chomsky is a disinfo agent and a gatekeeper (quite an article you might not have seen). He works for Israeli interests. He is a discredited shill and I am going to launch a Wall of Shame and Infamy at Profiles in Evil with chapter and verse on all the notables there listed. They are not going to be granted reputation rehabilitation until they publicly admit their wrong doing and why they did it. Whiter whites and brighter colors are not going down on my watch. Chomsky, you are indistinguishable from excrement. It does matter who did 9/11! It does matter and Chomsky is in bed with the people who did it. End of story.

Greg Palast says the official story about 9/11 is what really happened. Greg like Noam, is a Tribe member. He is part of the conspiracy net that helped 9/11 happen. Greg thinks he is the Sam Spade of journalism. Greg is morally bankrupt and corrupt to the soles of his feet. People die every day because of people like Noam and Greg. Greg enjoys slandering courageous souls who tell the truth even at great personal cost.

Every theater of human endeavor of any critical importance is infiltrated by dedicated sociopaths like those already mentioned. Those who are indifferent to the deaths of others are without conscience and those without conscience are sociopaths. Every movement and especially those that generate high capital have Tribe flunkies operating there. Marianne Williamson is an example in the New Age Hocus Pocus Marketplace (Kevin Barrett is one cool dude). Of course she's a dual national Tribe member. She's a shill for that mind control bible, "A Course of Miracles" (read and study at your leisure). Sociopaths are also people who mimic human emotions and go through the motions of appearing to care for others, like showing up for charity and public service ops and associating yourself with hot button issues of the same, like HIV and AIDS. Those always bring in the big publicity and big money and serious attention whores know where the butter churn is located and they all get on Oprah.

On Friday, some will celebrate the murder of Kennedy by the CIA/Mossad collective and some will mourn his passing. In consideration of that, the hidden powers of darkness have brought forth the fatuous Forrest Gump (couldn't find the video- someone post it in comments). Listen closely to what he has to say and the certitude with which he tells us he is a student of history and how Oswald acted alone (like he would fucking know). He made his deal with the devil and now he's doing what he's told to do. The irony is that when you are told or encouraged to say something by certain people, it should go without saying that the truth is the diametrical opposite of what you are told to say. This should dawn on them. Perhaps it does but whether it does or does not, it does not matter to them. They made their choice. They're not like you and I. We made our choices too and we will see that new age as it is reflected in our hearts and minds. All of us will see it differently, though it will be similar in general for every collective ray; the positive and the negative aspects of each and all the shades of gray in between. Strive, strive, strive for the light. Don't go doing the genuflection walk into the warm and dark.

You may think nothing is happening in these limbo years, as step by step, inch by inch, it gets worse and worse, without ever actually getting where it's headed. Some of the most important moments of the battle have been taking place all along the route. We have been defining ourselves in our speech and actions. We have inscribed our intentions on the fabric of existence. We have come into resonance with the conning towers appropriate to our frequency. All this time a great deal has been happening, under the radar, out of sight, over there in the burbling peripheral, precipitating from the unseen into manifestation. What have you been eating? What have you been thinking? What have you been doing? All this time, what have you been up to through the course of the last decade? Where has your attention been? What considerations have occupied your heart?

We're being watched all the time. We're being sorted all the time. We're being pressed relentlessly or we've been cut adrift in Fat City, out there where Noam and Greg make sense and Marianne is a high priestess and not a money grubbing, sociopathic deception-bot. We are citizens of the country of our belief. It is the world we live in. It is the world we have created. It is a world of interconnected crystallized thoughts, like Lego pieces that have manifested into the surrounding environment we find ourselves in. Day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, yes, hour by hour we have brought ourselves to the point where we call what we believe to be real, real. Is it real? Is part of it real? Is none of it real? How have those who are evil been able to convince themselves that what they do is okay?. How can those who know they are deceiving large groups of people for large sums of money, rationalize it all away?

I've never seen an accurate or adequate explanation of the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath but I have my own definition and I'm pretty sure it applies. Sociopaths don't care who they hurt but often are not directly involved in death, dismemberment and multiple, 'on site' murder and mayhem. Psychopaths directly engage. They like the physical carnage factor. Sociopaths gravitate more to the psychological factor and general indifference to the suffering of others. You'll find them in politics, in entertainment, like Oprah; highly skilled manipulators. You'll find them in the new age movement like Marianne Williamson. You'll certainly find them on Wall Street and in banking where a mere Mont Blanc fountain pen accounts for more murders than entire armies. Some are born this way and many, these days, are grooved into the mindset though vehicles like Satanism, with its attendant illegal and immoral violation and murder of children, for the purpose of blackmail and control. They also get there through associations in various exclusive clubs like The Council on Foreign Relations, created, I think, by a banker, also Bilderberger and many others, even, possibly, groupings whose names are not known to the public. Just as Mr. Apocalypse is 'on site' now, as a representative of the cosmic will, Mr Darkside is also on a walkabout, doing what he does, all of it for the purpose of demonstration. Oh yeah! ♫You may be high. You may be low. You may be rich child. You may be poor but when the lord gets ready, you got to move♫ Like it or not. Most don't like it because most don't understand it. They can't see the immediate benefits because they can't see around corners. They don't have that dispassionate, objective Algae-bra (D-cup) Mind. No wonder the coral reefs are in such bad shape.

Look at what Miley Cyrus got from her grotesquery; poor Lady Gag-Me. Maybe an online disfigurement might boost those sales? It's not the toilet bowl mentality of crass exposition on the part of Miley that is concerning or alarming. What's alarming is how ubiquitous the 'I'm a piece of shit' slut mind is in the general pop. If they see it on TV and it involves a celebrity, it doesn't matter how demeaning and debasing it might be. They're famous! So it turns out to be courageous, cutting edge, pushing the envelope, an expression of freedom and liberty. That's completely delusional, as it is in reality, an expression of bondage and ignorance and a complete lack of self respect, counterpointed by a near total lack of talent. The only difference between Cyrus and your run of the mill pole dancer is the corruption level of the poles they are dancing on. There's general commonplace corruption and then there's the high end (very low end? Down to the bottom!) corruption whose main focus is the corruption of others. This is the work accomplished by compromised journalists, sold out entertainers who exemplify lifestyles, such as rap artists do with their bling and booty exhibition of what life is all about. Yeah, what it's all about. What's alarming is how easily and in what numbers the comatose public buys into this kind of thing and wants so badly to be a part of. They would sell their ass in a minute to be there or even near there. Their soul? The fuck is that? Cop out to materialism and the soul burns in the toaster. Word! Most of them don't even know what's happening. Most of them don't care. That's what's alarming. That's what's disappointing. Go out and sell Oprah approved, recycled, reworded, spiritual mumbo jumbo like Tolle and Williamson and hordes of clueless and benumbed genuflectors and basket cases throw money and adulation at you. Actually tell the truth and you might get run out of town on a rail. Unless, of course, you got someone to back your play. Then it's watch and wait and can be selective as all get out, if you really have the goods. No one knows, not even those who have it, until it gets lit up on that other Broadway, courtesy of the real shining city on the hill.

I've said it a lot of times; ten different people can say the same thing and each of them have a different level and kind of impact. Not even one in ten, or one in a hundred, or thousand, or more, has the real connection to source, or so I've been told. If you want to tell the difference between bullshit and solid gold, look at the people raking in large sums of money, under the pretense of sharing spiritual wisdom and telling the truth. You are looking directly at how they value what they do. You're looking right at it. It may be very convincing. There could be all kinds of shakti moving around it. It's as real as you are at the level you buy into it at. There are no exceptions! If someone is charging hundreds of dollars to hear them speak, if they are raking in large sums from a mass of the hypnotically seduced, do the math. If you think otherwise, there's your compromise. Truth is not something that powders the butts of people into diaper sex. Truth doesn't register in the consciousness of large demographics. Truth is singular and truly elite. Truth don't fuck around. Truth comes right out with it, so truth is not popular. Truth doesn't cut corners on anyone's behalf. Truth says things few people want to hear and that's where denial and “nyah, nyah, fingers in their ears, “I can't hear you.” comes from. Then there's your basic stupid. There is nothing you can tell stupid. Don't waste your time and potentially endanger yourself as well.

As I said, I am slowly and incrementally gravitating toward new horizons, don't expect sweeping changes, electricity in the air and cumulo-nimbus clouds on the horizon. I still got to do that Wall of Shame and Infamy. We'll get there. We can't help but get there if we don't turn aside and keep on going. That's all it takes, one foot after the other, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Return of the Son of Twitterhead with Blue Forceps Marks

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Regardless of the dire potential of the world of our time, that doesn't mean that laugh out loud absurdities are going to stop chugging along any time soon. This little item is made logarithmically more amusing when you find out who this chipmunk with heartburn's parents are. If you don't find this amusing and as a result, do not find me amusing (even if I do)- grin, you've probably fallen victim to the PC virus. It's going around. Find one of the commercials here for a product called 'Enbrel' and listen to the contraindications at the end of the commercial. I have never heard anything to that extent before, concerning the varieties of ways you can die or become permanently disabled. I was truly impressed and... just for curiosities sake (so I can marvel at them) I would love to see someone who has heard the commercial and also takes this item. They would become for me, the poster child of western cultural rot and the celebration of ignorance. “Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything.” Hmmm, with that in mind, send him on down to the diocese once he's finished breakfast.

Yeah... there are people, hit and run artists, those frustrated with their own considerable lack of accomplishments, the ill made, the fearful faithless and external blame artists who object to my hammering on external conditions but... it wouldn't matter what I said or what the subject is. There is that portion of the population that has the burning worm of anger in their belly. They may be unaware of the motivation on their part but I'm not, nor do I think any reasonably aware observer would miss it either. We live in a time of massive and collective frustration. The weak willed, the self indulgent and generally self centered are having a rough time of it (It will get worse and should) or... they are riding high on the hog but these should keep in mind that the pig is an omnivore. I try to temper my posts in the second half with positive exhortations, useful introspections and a general parting ambiance that I hope has been a helpful transformation in the way visible handles his daily chore.. Otherwise, the massive misdeeds of the moments, the general trend of the 1%, the “darkness at the break of noon”, the colossal Twitter-fest of fools marching into the wilderness as opposed to voices crying in the wilderness... hmmm, does that mean eventually the one will hear the other? Stranger things have happened.

Anyway for the sake of interest, for the sake of entertainment, for the sake of justice; at least on the mental plane, which eventually finds it's way down here (so that's another reason) and... because I am provoked in both directions for the sake of a comprehensive perspective and... if you don't like it, there's the door (grin). No wait! That's a window and we're 20 stories up. Where was I?

Waking up has jumped another arch bridge across the canyon of sleep and gather groups are manifesting at key issues all over the place. The Twitter Snark, initiated by J.P (jerks and pricks) Morgan, Chase (them down and bind them) was hilarious; skewering by wordsmiths. In various cities around the world people are massing for all sorts of intelligent reasons to express their dismay and resistance to the hideous and banal lies that have been the general public's daily bread for so long. Obviously it's all gone up a notch in recent times. War was avoided in Syria. Who knows what else is going on behind the scenes?

Mr. Apocalypse is hard at work, bringing to each living thing whatever is necessary for the resolution, judgment or perfection of it within the period of summing up. Each of us has a track record and each of us has a main intention that defines us in terms of our strongest drives and objectives. Where the track record reflects a negative intent toward the collective good, or is parasitical in nature, the entity is pressed into the fulness of whatever travesty they have developed into. There's a special room with all the necessaries that accompany the fate of every specific snowflake (every one is different) personality or larger rooms for collectives where is applies. Some share a common fate but even in the same room there are variations in coloration, intensity and personal reaction. Basically, there is a mysterious cosmic mean and we all vibrate to it. Some of us resonate in harmony and some of us vibrate, with different degrees of dissonance. What the experiences and circumstances of life are all about, what all of these lifetimes are all about, is to bring us into harmony with the essential tone of the universe. We may be a different note than our fellows but this is irrelevant as long as we are in sync with the cosmic dial tone. If this is the case, we are in harmony with all the higher harmonics and continuously, potentially in harmony with everything and everyone, via the capacity to make intuitive adjustments to the environment.

Revolution is inevitable because of things like this. Not only does the one percent think that the present situation is equitable but they feel they are still being cheated and put upon, even though many of them pay very little tax, they feel that they should receive gratis out of the public coffers, more and more and more, along the lines of that quantitative easing and too big to fail bank bailouts. Their psychopathic greed and indifference to the needs and welfare of others is remarkable. This theft and predation upon the collective human state is only a part of the ills they are bringing. Besides this less than delightful quality of theirs, they are laying waste to the environment in pursuit of profit. They are instituting a police state in order to hold on to their sense of privilege and entitlement, not to mention their ill gotten gains, which they amassed through force, trickery and outright criminal actions. They know what despicable characters they are but they think that's just fine and an expression of the survival of the fittest, which is what they believe in. They are contemporary representatives of those acolytes of The Gospel of Wealth who existed back around the beginning of the 20th century. It's much worse than that though. In the Gospel of Wealth it's more what they are not saying ,but rather implying. They believe God made them rich because they were deserving and the poor poor because they were deserving. Our present exponents of universal privilege and elitism are much more despicable creatures.

Madness is truly afoot in the world. This is all manifesting for the purpose of demonstration. We are meant to see and hear about these things for the purpose of education. Wars, calamities, plagues, terrible inhumanities, the whole gamut of those things that took flight from Pandora’s Box are meant to teach us the meaning and value of things. So long as our values are upside down, we will suffer. So long as we cause others to suffer, we will suffer. So long as we are indifferent concerning the status of the unfortunate, which is worsening with each passing day, we shall continue to exist under the jaundiced eyes of invisible judges who... like a GPS system are mapping out our routes according to our acts and intentions. This is actually taking place and it takes place all the time. It has always been taking place. We might be unaware of it. We might not care about it or disbelieve in it's presence in our lives but... it's there alright, ticking away, gears and flywheels spinning as constant adjustments are made... “instant karma's gonna get you”, or the slow and certain karma will get you; “if the left one don't get you then the right one will.”

Some things are fixed and some things are not. As long as there is breath there is hope. Humanities innate resistance to change is an ancient retardant. It's all the worse for our inability to see it. You notice it immediately when you set out to change. You might have been just cruising along, same as you ever do, without any resistance until... you try to change and then? Out of nowhere there come all of these difficulties that were not there before. It is always hardest when you are trying to change. The biggest problem is our resident uncertainty concerning our full commitment to change. If you are fully committed to stopping smoking it's accomplished with no great difficulty. If you are not fully committed, it will be near impossible. This is the case with anything, which is where that saying comes from, “if you do anything, do it with your whole heart.”. This is the whole point of a focused will. You can accomplish just about anything with a focused and unified will. It is the primary secret of the magical art and the key to success of any kind. It's one of the reasons one is advised to love what they do. If you love doing it, it is effortless and enjoyable as well. Then it's all the easier to unify that will and focus that will. Love is the unifier.

Right! I forget to mention the seminar coming up this week in London.

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I must apologize for no radio show. Due to Vodafone having their head up their ass, I have no internet on my big machine and am on the laptop. This has created too many difficulties for me to 'want to surmount' (grin). I'll be back at it next weekend.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Israel Killed John F. Kennedy and it wants to Enslave or Exterminate You.

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As a precursor for the day of remembrance when Israel, with help from the CIA and FBI, shot John F. Kennedy, we seek to dedicate this posting to a leader who might have achieved greatness but got killed instead which, is often the case.

Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israelkilled John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy.

They killed the other Kennedys too.


Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the murder of John F. Kennedy, the truth of that event needs stating. The most popular president of the country, now gutted and in ruins at the hands of monsters, was killed by those same monsters. Whether he was killed because he opposed their nuclear program, or whether he was killed because of his preliminary effort at getting rid of the (Tribe owned and operated) Federal Reserve, or whether they killed him because they didn't like his hairstyle is immaterial. The fact is, they killed him. He's just one of many, many people killed by this Crime Syndicate of a nation and it's agents abroad; this haven of demons, this footstool of Satan, this central clearing house for the stolen organs industry, this central clearing house for international sex trafficking, this central hub for slave labor. This central center for a litany of crimes beyond the capacity of any recording secretary, to register on any medium, known to man.

Following their assault on their greatest allies home turf, they engineered the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. They generated the near total destruction of the country of Libya. They created the turmoil in Syria and all the murders that were committed there. They are in control of the political policies of the United States and all former and present Crown Colonies. This includes that central nexus which is the home of The Black Nobility of Satanic aristocrats, as well as being the financial center of the world in The City within the city of London.

Humanities last stand is teetering on it's feet. Humanities last stand is lurching like a drunken sailor on a rotten pier. Humanities last stand is on it's knees before the monsters who have brought it to it's knees.

Most of us are susceptible to programming. They get us early. Right after our parent's fuck us up, they send us off to the programming factories, where they control the curriculum because they control academia and they control the publishing industry (school books too) and so many industries because they control the printing presses from which the currency comes because they control The Federal Reserve (of privately owned banks) is in their hands and they killed John F. Kennedy in order to keep 'the system' in operation. They killed other presidents for this too and tried to kill presidents they weren't successful at killing. Because they have been in control of the currency presses for so long, it was a simple thing to take control of the publishing industries to control what people read and what history they are told occurred, which in fact did not occur. It was a simple thing for them to take control of the entertainment industry and the music industry, so that they could shape and manipulate the people's tastes and this proved also to be true, as they took control of nearly all of the art galleries, so that they could control what art was seen by the people and what art was valued by people who had their tastes grafted into them. They could take control of all of these industries because they could print however much money they needed, whenever they needed it.

The intent of those whose physical being is a habitation of demons is... to bring all of humanity down to their level and that is why the art and the music and the movies and the books show a slow ...and now, not so slow, degradation of the quality of the contents... down into the sewer, swirling about the guttering drain, into the scatological inferno of flaming shit, into the vomitorium of their contrived nature, into all of the excrescences and pustulences that are the obvious fruits of their being. They are the children of the pit and they are calling you into it.

They owned the slave ships that brought the hijacked unfortunates to The New World. They are the moneychangers. They are evil incarnate. They have seduced the weak, the ignorant and the fearful into doing their bidding. They have joined forces with every other dark agency for the battle at world's end, not knowing that the battle is over and that the world is not ending, it's merely shifting and rearranging for the next series of acts to follow. One of evil's biggest liabilities is it's myopia. You might say, "Oh no, they are capable of complex and far reaching plans which span generations." I would counter with, "compared to who and what?" Trees can live a long time but they hardly compare to the lifespan of a mountain and a mountain hardly compares to the lifespan of the sea it eventually washes away into, as a result of all the rain falling upon it that was drawn up from the ocean and the wearing away by the winds that came up out of the interplay between the mountain and the ocean. How does any of that compare to the life cycle of a star and how does a star compare to the life cycle of the space it exists in; the universe it exists in? Right.

That is what they are up against.

Nothing I say here is important beyond a certain measurable distance ahead. The time will come that no memory of any of us will remain. No sign of our being or having been will remain here but... is that true entirely in every sense and every place? You find out all about that at some point or find out nothing at all.

A kalpa is supposed to be a very long time. It depends on who you ask as to what kind of answer you get about how long that is. Yeah, you could go on reading about kalpas for a long time but it is doubtful that any amount of time you spent on it would be noticeable in the kalpa. It's said that Amitabha Buddha spent 5 kalpas, where he "diligently sought and explored, respectfully and carefully persevered, and cultivated merits and virtues" while forming his great vows. It's said that ten kalpas have passed since Amitabha realized Buddhahood. We're talking about immense stretches of time. Even if you try to imagine such a reach of time, you can't, you just can't. It's also said that holding the Amitabha uppermost in your thoughts and having his name on your lips (at your passing) insures that you will be reborn in the Western Pure Land AND can take all of your required future incarnations there. IF this is true (and I have good reason to believe it is) what difference does any of this shit here mean? I wouldn't spend a minute on any of these topics or efforts if it weren't a temporary effort I've agreed to, for the span of time in which it takes place. I've got business elsewhere, much more important business than any of this but... just to refresh the record;

Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy. Israel killed John F. Kennedy.


Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11 AND 7/7 AND The Madrid Train Station bombing and the Mumbai attacks and all kinds of other terrible things and their time is nearly up.

Once again I am writing about this issue. Once again I am seeking to nail the catfish to a wooden board so that I can skin it for the pan. Don't worry, the fish is dead. We know who killed it and this coming hotlink reveals two things (3 things actually). One is the strange case of diminishing returns when fighting a corporation monster who was created by... uh huh. The other is the amount of names of the journalists from every which where, who are members of this gene pool. It's past fifty percent for sure and this out of a tiny demographic. I'm not saying there aren't exceptions there; possible good guys who are shoulder to the wheel. I'm saying, "Look out!" because... over the last whatever recent period of time, a large number of them have been gravitating and popping up like Jack in the Boxes into spokesperson positions on the right side of the issues.

Yesterday while surfing around, I was stunned by the amount of names that answered that description. What I see is that when the tables are turned the same people will still be sitting there, or that is their intention. They're still not hiring me or you to tell the truth on everyone's behalf. They're still blackballing us from every endeavor upon which we might have based our livelihood before we were forced to throw our hands in the air and cry, "No mas! No mas!" ...and then throw ourselves upon the mercy of the universe; that and every other damn thing is ( for that great unwashed mass of the socially conscious) militating toward making us look as inauthentic as possible as far as 'the world' is concerned. I'm not crying in my energy drink, I'm stating the plain and simple of it and I'm good to go as far as I get. Count on it. I'm saying "Look out!"

I'll feel a lot more sanguine toward these elements, when I see them making a personal effort to assist those of us who are and have been victims of their kindred. When I see them promoting gentile voices to join their member's only choir, then I'll entertain a potential change of heart. (Every now and then, once a week on NFL Network, they'll have a celebrity chef in and they will always list the gruesome ingredients for the crap they cook and every time, Kosher salt is on the recipe.). I also ask myself, why is it that the journalist Snowden went to is both Tribe affiliated and gay? Sure it could be coincidental but... it definitely works as good PR on both accounts as far as vested interests go. Why is Assange's lamprey girl at Snowden's side all the time? Why hasn't Snowden come out about Israel's treachery toward the U.S., along with it's favored status in terms of latitude in running around all over the country?

I'm not saying this will lead to a change of heart, what I'm saying is I 'might have one'. I want to become capable of loving everyone but... I do not love everyone. I have managed to become capable of being gracious to everyone I meet and simply walk away if that is not enough. I would like to be like those legendary few that I admire and seek to emulate but, as yet, I am not. However, I notice they have all done battle against the forces of darkness. Jesus Christ himself (in whatever real form he was actually here in) said all kinds of accusatory and provocative things. Krishna appeared on the battlefield behind Arjuna. Only the Buddhas do not so engage, but the Buddhas play both ends against the middle (grin), so to speak. Like Christ Consciousness, Buddha Mind and Buddha Nature are states of awareness, available to ANYONE who wants them more than anything else. That really is the ultimate requirement because only total focus will take you there and ANY competing interest will take you away. You want to be one of the financial 1%? Put all your attention on it. You want anything... put all your attention on it.

Keep your eyes open and look out. The shape shifters and the professional musical chairs aficionados, are putting a good deal of their attention on it. They don't have to put anywhere near all of their attention on it because most of the public is putting so little of their attention on it. "By deception we make war" and that means any form of war; information war, economic war, culture war, brother turning on brother war- they are hard at work with all of them and if you don't know chapter and verse about that ...then you haven't been coming around here and... your denial will wind up costing you a lot more than just your life.

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Sunday's radio broadcast is still available for the listening.

If you're in UK or can get away, please come and see us at the seminar.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mr Apocalypse Rides the Testosterone Express to Knockoff Gucciville.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I've had this scenario running through my head for years. It dates back to a time when I was in Hollywood, back in the psychedelic years and I used to see cartoon characters popping up out of the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard; characters from Warner Brothers, Hana Barbara, "Uh what's up, Doc?"

It fit in with the whole sense of the unreal and transitory that that environment exemplifies. I saw things and people that were strange enough to remember to this day. I never fit in there in any way. That was about as strange and dark and surreptitiously evil as anywhere I've ever been. San Francisco wasn't much different except in size. I know there are people that look at those locations as the promised land and land of opportunity, probably based on what they've been promising themselves. Anyway, I always thought across the years that other creatures were going to be coming out of the sidewalks at some point, not cartoon characters and they were going to be especially visible in locations like the aforementioned, especially visible; an intensification of things like that scene in "Ghost" toward the end, or "The Frighteners". I used to think about Halloween and how it's said that the Gates of Hell were opened on that night and all the lower astral entities would soar around the world and get up to whatever mischief it was they got up to, which I always thought amounted to a kind of time delay construct, where certain things were set in motion for a later date. I feel like there's a lot of that about to go down- and up- as Mr. Apocalypse moves it up another notch and let's keep in mind that each of these notches are exponential. We be dealing with quantum good and evil. We're dealing with logarithmic expansions of time, circumstance and the amplification of human potential for most anything. We'll probably see what that is about the same time 'they' do, unless you got that early warning system.

Digression; I've been invited to participate in an event in London on Saturday, November 23rd. You can read all about it here. I'm not mentioned in the promo poster because I'm a late entry but... should enough of you decide to come in for the event, I'll go through the changes necessary to get there and bring my A game (grin). I know I have more than enough readers in the UK to give us an audience. The promoters have had a real problem with the usual suspects trying to kill the event and they're well organized in the banking center of the world, which they control. Their time is up and they're in panic mode. They'd be much more in panic mode, were it not for their colossal arrogance and presumption of power. Well, the train is in the switching yard and the power circuitry is being rerouted. How else are we supposed to get that golden age? ♫When the train left the station♫

Mr Apocalypse is the engine of a progressive series of intensifying realities, like video game levels, except that you are inside it. It's like the difference between watching people swim and swimming yourself; big difference. The environment is insubstantial illusion, which overlays the real concealed within it, or beneath it, however that sorts out in the schematic of of the undergarments of Maya; that dream woven web upon which we tremble. Once, I was in a state of psychedelic transfiguration and I was standing on an expanse of tile outside a house. It was in California or Arizona. All of a sudden, I was dressed in green and yellow robes and had an Asian mien, my hands were in that Kundalini state. The right hand was curled under my neck. My spine was arched inward and my head was back. I was slowly and slightly rocking in a state of utmost tranquility. I sensed movement below me and looked down to see a spider making it's way across the tiles and a cold wave of awe moved through my body. I've never forgotten that. I bring all this up for a reason.

Every now and then, someone comes along (even though I've explained it over and over) and asks, "How come you have your hands that way?" That symbolizes evil, the Illuminati, masons" etc ( their hand signs are different, by the way). People like to point out to me how Bush would make that sign and all kinds of nefarious personalities would make that sign. They were mechanically assuming the pose. My hands go into those poses all by themselves. There's a lot more going on than evil. If you look into other cultures and systems, you see other things. People can mechanically put their hands into positions, posing; doesn't mean anything. The hands and fingers can also form on their own account, due to the 'particular' etheric currents running through a person's body. The people with the actual dark power are backstage.

When I was in prison, I used to notice the gangsters would move around in what's called a pimp roll and their right hand would be pressed (back of the hand) on their thigh just under their asses (they would be bent forward some amount from the waist as they rolled like a land shark sailor) and it would be that same mudra form, with the interior fingers curled up and the outside fingers pointed down. This was unconscious on their part. Yet... you see RamaKrishna in one of the earlier links on this page, with his hands in a very similar position and he is one of the most revered saints over the last hundreds of years. What's going on with all of this?

There is ONE FORCE and that one force is defined in two specific and oppositional ways, depending on the intention of the one employing it. There is one other possibility and that is the middle way. Just because you see the hands held a certain way in western culture, or just because certain mudras have been adopted by certain secret or not so secret societies, does not mean they are not also in use by 'the other side'. It's simple. It should be easy to understand but sometimes these simple and eternal truths are impossible to grasp by those who have made their life a complexity of contradictions. When you've got your mind in a state where you has convinced it that you know all about all kinds of things, the inside of your mind is a cluttered place. You got all that mental documentation on all sorts of things and that is such a small percentage of all it applies to so that you are worse off than if you knew that you didn't know. Well, we've been over this ground before...

Here is the thing about secret societies. The bad guys mimic the good guys. They pretend to be them. They have whatever power they have, courtesy of the weak souled members from the good side that got subverted and perverted. They stole the secret codes of letters and numbers and perverted them with foul intention. That's how we got that reversed Kabala action going on. I know a lot of people, who think they are informed about all of this, like the people who don't know about the hand signs and have all this superficial knowledge about so called Illuminati, Masons and Jesuits and who believe we are in grim times and at the mercy of an unopposable power. This is incorrect. Whatever these fecal phantoms may possess of the higher mysteries, they only have information up to a certain point. The really important info is not in their hands and never will be. You should also know that the head good guys knew all along that certain secrets would be stolen. That was all part of the plan. It always happens in times of material darkness that negative elements get their hands on certain keys to the candy store and they are allowed to run amok for a period of time, under the tutelage of the Dark Lord, so that a whole lot of melodrama and tension (excitement) can go down; just like as if we were in a real movie about an apocalyptic period. Of course, at a certain moment, The Dark Lord abandons his charges and turns into the prosecuting angel, in the twinkling of an eye.

The purpose of the whole affair, in times of material darkness is about the harvesting of souls. It is to see which way we will individually and collectively go. The material circus cranks up with high powered lights, skimpily dressed bimbos, bimbettes, bozos wearing offensive cologne, with woke up in the morning hair that looks like rat's shit in it and then they added crazy glue like it was Brylcreem ♫A little dab'l do ya♫ and didn't pay attention to the fact that they don't look like Jude Law and furthermore, don't happen to be Jude Law. They got that perpetual 10:00 PM shadow and they be riding the Testosterone Express to Knockoff Gucciville. So... if you're all wrapped up like a fish in last week's newspaper, courtesy of the powerful force of the material world, you may likely be sleeping with the fishes in the Fukushima Narrows; spiritually speaking. Look! The whole game is fixed; has been fixed from the jump! The whole dance is choreographed! The whole landscape is mapped! The battle is already won. We are living in the echo as denouement goes down. It was all arranged before they even got around to writing anything down about it.

All of this may be garble and nonsense to those for whom none of this seems real ...but to which all of what is unreal appears to be real. It's all about what you buy into. One is instant gratification and one is delayed rapture. One goes on in the carnival realm of sensory delight (if 'delight' is the term you use to define 'unfulfilled'... longing never ends), the other is an internal affair that takes a long time to activate and then is composed of an equally slow arriving -incrementally concentrating into a greater density of luminous intoxication. Occasionally and rarely, you get the thunderbolt investiture, that scrambles your eggs for a good while until your new, upgraded gyro kicks in. Whichever way you get there, it requires determination and certitude. You need the two because you can't be determined without certitude. You drop off pretty quick once the dilettante dabbler thing wears off

I hope we've dispelled some of the smoke in the mirror this early afternoon (my time). If not, the comments section is a mere click away. that's 'click', not 'klick'. Now we're going to crank up that radio broadcast in the interim before Game Day starts (damn! I can feel people cringing from here). I get an education from everything I watch because that's my intention and that is the result anyone can have if they hold on to their objective sense and watch to see what's really going on.

End Transmission.......

Could be a radio broadcast this eve, depending on what happens once I get there.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Groovin in the Grove on the Rainbow Wisdom Highway.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

No! Not that Grove.

We're on the other side of it again and unfortunately, once again, no one has seen fit to celebrates Guy's anniversary the way Guy did in the original.

In one instance, drones are employed to protect us from alleged terrorists in the Hindu Kush. These 'so-called' terrorists furthest reach geographically (with possible rare- sehr seltan- exceptions) is Afghanistan, where they are at war against the Zio-American and UK drug empire. In every instance, they are in defense of their homeland and completely in the right, however right ever applies to warfare. Initially, when Israel orchestrated the 9/11 attacks on their ally, known as The Great Satan by knowledgeable Muslims and also known as The Great Dumbo by the Israelis, the intent was to blame it on the Taliban. The very idea that a small group of Stone Age Arabs could have carried out such an affair is ludicrous on the face of it. Forget about all the other absurdities piled on absurdities that followed. Well, they've gotten more than their pound of flesh for however many pounds of fractal, fiat currency. All it cost them was the price of the ink and the paper and- no doubt- they got that at a commensurate rate to what toilet seat manufacturers get from the Air Force.

The reasoning for this whole quantum fuck was to get the Zio-American/UK drug industry back in operation and to secure geo-political murder ground proximity to future targets. These are the usual agendas of the turd souled swine-hearts who are all about maximizing profits with minimal investment, while also terrorizing and tormenting the populations.

There is another way that drones can be employed and effectively employed. If all we are talking about is eliminating the sources of worldwide evil aggressions and corrupt economic policies, all that has to be done is to send the drones to The Capitol (when in session-duh), the House of Representatives, The Senate Office Building, J & K Streets (D.C.), the Israeli Embassy, the CIA and FBI offices and corruption and aggression around the world will go down like a T-Street hooker, whom they all resemble more than a little, with one major exception. There are some things a T-Street hooker will not do. The same does not apply to the others already mentioned. Of course, you will have only partially accomplished your mission with these efforts. You next have to send your drones to NYC and eliminate all of the brokerage houses on Wall Street and everyone else who works with them. You might as well bomb the shit out of 47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue while you are there. It wouldn't hurt (you) to also take out selective locations on Madison Avenue as well. I'll leave the Mayor's residence up to you. You might want to bomb that with concentrated roach powder. Heck, dose the whole city with DNA selective roach powder; doe see doe.

Since, after all, you are on the Oceania mainland, it stands to reason that you should pay a visit to Hollywood and do a Dresden Dump. You might make it an, 'in honor of Dresden' venture since you'll be hitting the genetic offspring of those who were behind pummeling Dresden and so many other places and then making fictitious movies about it all.

I'm going to digress a little into metaphysics for the moment. It says in the Bible, something about Satan cruising around the landscape in his Desoto limousine for a thousand years. Well, in matters like these, the Bible is often vague and not that much different from Nostrildamus, who wrote in a way that was geared to make every self involved knob gobbler look like an expert cause, who knows? Who knows? De shadow knows. If we think about The Devil and 'his minions', who have been both operative in and also expelled from most every country in the world, generally, with the exceptions being countries that hadn't come into being yet and taking a generous latitude with the time span, given how off The Mayan's calculations have been, one could say that these execrable creatures have exercised their span of licentious mayhem upon the rest of us and that their term is coming to a close and THAT IS WHY they are so highly visible and noticeable in their avaricious soul sucking greed. As the chosen children of the operative God of the moment; the expected and obvious ruler of a period of ever greater and more pervasive materialism, they have flourished in their dark hour and their dark hour is now tinged with the flaming fingers of dawn, the vampire's worst nightmare and there is, ♫nowhere to run, nowhere to hide... baby♫

It is unfortunate that these words are not more widely available because of the courage and optimism they would bring to those who see no exit out of the 'seemingly' approaching horrors of the time. In that case, so many more of us could join in a telepathic, emotional and mental hookup with our fellows and vastly increase the cosmic hum of affirmation.

I think it also says in that part of the Bible that Satan would then be locked up again for awhile and then loosed for a season so... maybe that's all of what it's about and the reason we didn't notice any change during the hiatus was that we were all collectively going down anyway and simply cruised in the same direction until that particular demi-urge was ♫Back in the saddle again♫ Of course that whole section might have been just another part of the big mushroom trip going on on the Island of Patmos. The sub strata behind a great many 'documented' religious experiences, is permeated with the power of psychedelics. One of my favorite tales is that of Santa and the Amanita Muscaria. Meanwhile, so many anally retentive and fearful types decry the use of these incredible tools and scoff at the idea that such things would be employed by mystics and other seekers, certainly many prophets got their visions via the Rainbow Wisdom Highway (my term).

It is a KNOWN truth that you can contact the celestial realms while on psychedelics IF you are one who is welcome in the Groves ('grooving in the groves', said visible). I have personally met many high front personalities for the Ancient of Days ...and Lady Nature has appeared many, many times to me, in person, albeit usually invisibly. I have walked and talked with them at length and they are always there. Every time I ingest the skeleton key of consciousness, I can unlock the Doors of Perception and ♫walk right in, sit right down, baby let your mind roll on♫ Oh yeah, so when I hear the offal offerings of the uninformed on the subject, I reflect back on my catalog of experiences and have to laugh at how little they know and how much they miss out on. Now, arguably these substances are not for everyone. They are not for Ken and Barbie, who seem to be everywhere these days in their clown makeup. It's not for metrosexuals or materialists. It is certainly not for the fearful because YOU WILL be expected to disrobe and unencumber yourself of all that shit you walked in with. Remember, when the truth takes off her clothes the world disappears. If you are a scaredy cat, what would ordinarily seem benevolent and loving, will change into whatever apparitions your fear might imagine it to be. Everyone should see the film, "Jacob's Ladder" Good Grief! Everyone should know what Jacob's Ladder is to begin with, if you are thinking of climbing up to particular planes for a bit. No.. you can't stay, not yet ♫Please stay, don't go, please stay, don't go, if I got on my knees♫ etc.)

Yes, there are none so confined as those who presume to know all about that which they have no experience of AND... if they had that one big bad experience that sent them running after plastic Jesus well... that kind of sums you up anyway doesn't it? See the previous paragraph for explanation. Yeah it's sad and it should be embarrassing ...but for some reason, those who know all about something they know nothing about, sort of like the disconnect between the average physician and healing, or the average judge and justice or the average cop and common sense, are addicted to the darkness in which they move about. ♫Your time is gonna come♫ Uh huh ♫Your time is gonna come♫

Of course, this lack of a fundamental awareness of a given subject is wide spread these days. It is from the ranks of the clueless and self adulating that our present crop of experts are harvested. The expert comes into the room and whoever is employing him or her says, "This is how it is, please flesh it out for us and put your face on it" and these experts nod their heads like a loose hood ornament, on an old truck going down a logging road. Now... if the bullshit being slung and spun is especially toxic and deadly to most life forms, the pay is reflective of the Karma incurred in the service of such awful lies.

We hear a lot about living in the here and now. A certain new age pundit likes to push that 'here and now' thing'. His way of handling it is extending his hand for your money 'here' and then saying, "'now' I'm leaving" It's like that t-shirt all of us should take note of that says, "Trust me!" on the front and "Hasta La Vista" on the back. Anyway, the thing about these instant experts (just add water) and those who know all about things they have zero contact or experience with, is that the now of denial and presumption they are living in eventually crystallizes into a prison cell of ignorance and you see them, should you be unlucky enough to encounter them, looking like Alfred E. Neuman with his fingers in his ears saying, "nyah, nyah, I can't hear you." No... you can't. Doesn't matter to me. Time will tell if it matter to you.

Everybody ought to take the time to sit down to whatever they are eating and ask themselves, "Why am I eating this? Is this any good for me?" The same goes for every action anyone takes. Everyone ought to have one day a month, one day a week, when they get up and say to themselves, "Today, I'm going to pay attention to everything I think and say and do and see if I can also catch what the effect of any of it is." That should be bookended by another day when you say, "Today, I am going to watch everyone else and see what I come away with in terms of guidelines for my own life." These are all simply exercises in self-inquiry. You can come up with whatever variation floats your boat. That you should come up with one, should go without saying. Trust me, once you find out who you really are, life takes on meaning and value that it never had before and that just intensifies and increases as you go; word to the wise.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Victims of Foreign Banker Wars in the Land of Eternal Stupid.

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May your noses always have the facility of a proboscis (unless you're a cokehead).

I'm pretty good about not being seduced into bastardizing the English language (not that it hasn't happened at rare instances; or for the purpose of demonstration). I avoid phrases like 'so fun' the way I would a sidewalk with Paris Hilton on it; or Perez Hilton for that matter. I think his parents were big in the no-tell Motel business. I thought about migrating to sexual slang for this issue of Smoking Mirrors, calling it the 'flaming buttcheeks edition' but then I realized not only would I piss a lot of people off, I would also piss myself off for having to read the coming link in order to do this; it's not like I'm up on these things. Take my word for it, you don't want to go here (I warned you). I did not go there. Anyway, I also don't use, "my bad" or a host of other "I'm with shithead" t-shirt ideas. There are no sideways arrows on my t-shirts indicating anything. Remember a few years ago, those ballcaps that had a turd on the bill that said, "shithead" across the cap? Who wears something like that? We know who manufactures them. Who watches reality TV? Who eats Pop Tarts? Who still thinks Obama is a competent and trustworthy leader of the no longer free world? I could list questions like this for the rest of the month and not run short. Do I really need to explain why I think such a vast portion of the population (everywhere) is stupid?

Here's an example of "Hot Wheels for Stupid" (courtesy of Luis). This is the official Olympic charity fund for 'Stupid'. There's no difference between Hotwheels for Stupid and Hot Breast Cancer Hooters. Both depend on the diseases longevity, in order to grow as a corporation and both are intentionally incurable due to the necessity to make a profit.

I'm going to explain why that is (and take a lot of time doing it, while slipping in and out of digressions). It might make some people feel better about my conclusions, once they know how I arrived at them, unless they're stupid and then they won't get it. Okay, follow along with me and remember which stones I stepped on as I go. This way you can find your way back once our journey is finished. I won't be coming back with you so... it is important, unless you're one of those people that are already so lost that no one is ever going to find you anyway, must less note that you're missing, in which case, what difference does it make anyway? Ah... that brings us back to the topic under discussion, except for the following digression.

Since we aren't going to employ the colloquial porn angle, let's go time warp. We'll stay north of Chaucer. Few people pissed me off on my way through the unavoidable texts, as did Chaucer, after him was Freud and just about every philosopher besides Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, Swedenborg and Kierkegaard ...and whoever I left out on the western front, which most of them should have been all quiet on. Now, unless you're hippopotomorstrosesquipedaliophobic, you won't mind what's coming. Think of it as me attempting to broaden your horizons, without putting you through the expense of going to an optometrist and having peripheral mirrors inserted into your wrap around sunglasses.

The primary reason so many people are stupid has to do with the state of the world in the time zone it is occupying, like Paleolithic, Jurassic, Mesozoic. This period would probably be called Dumbassic, Retardian, Cluelessiferous or some such. Remember to watch the stones I take as you go. Metaphysically speaking (according to me in case I got this wrong) all of existence comes out of the unwinding vibration of Shiva's drum. Even if this is not so, the principles are sound. Everything is made out of the same thing. Each unique item, or life form, vibrates at a different rate and that is what accounts for the difference. Deluded alchemists subscribe to this truth and believe that comprehending it's meaning will allow them to transform physical lead into physical gold. That's not what the whole dynamic is about but when the lead is in your head, it's pointless to attempt to explain anything to you. Objects are not the only things that have a vibrational consistency. Atmosphere and... well, everything that exists has a vibration. Everything with a vibration, operates within certain parameters of bandwidth. Our senses register objects within certain parameters of bandwidth. Some of us have trained, or more powerful sense organs and can see and hear things most others cannot. This applies to the other senses as well, in case you are a member of the group under discussion. Some of us have super sensory organs activated (they sit on top of the usual sense organs). These allow one to see beyond the ordinary bandwidth. This also applies to the other senses 'if' they are so activated, in case you're a member of the group being discussed. If you are, you don't have any of these ultra senses active anyway, except for the occasional idiot savant.

If... that's 'if' you have your Kundalini raised to a particular floor of life's apartment building, you will see flaming letters, similar to hieroglyphics; a flame alphabet if you will, written into the fabric of every thing. The arrangement of the letters accounts for the specificity of the item and it's essential integrity. Very high end magicians are in possession of the magical language (reference The Sacred Magic of Abramalin the Mage) and this gives them the ability to turn anything into anything else, should they want to, which they usually don't. At the septic end of the profession are the reverse Kabala  boys who use it like sex professionals use Ben Wa Balls. They're only able to do so much and only on certain planes but this is not to say they can't be dangerous. Like Manly Palmer Hall said, "anyone who can burn an inch wide hole through a foot of hard wood should be considered dangerous (paraphrasing here). He wasn't referring expressly to reverse Kabala Boys but rather to authentic black magicians. Generally, if you stay out of their way, chances are they won't cross your path, ♫Chances are, though you're wearing pretty thin, the moment you come into view. Chances are I'm trying to stay away from you♫

I'm gratified that I can walk in an alexiteric envelope, restraining myself from bangstry, due to all the desticating inhabitants of the eternal world of Stupid. Notice the segue? Okay... Stupid comes about when the vibrationary force of materialism exceeds the force of personal detachment from it. What this means is that it doesn't matter what your IQ is or how smart you think you are, or how smart some others might think you are, if the vibrationary rate of materialism is greater than your resistance to it, you qualify as stupid and unlikely to survive, in the most important sense. The good news is that, possibly, you were never alive to begin with so... you haven't actually lost anything. That's not exactly good news but if you're a card carrying member (pull out your wallet and see if there's a completely blank card in there) you're not going to notice anything.

That's what happens, you don't notice. You don't notice that three buildings came down into their own footprint.. You don't notice that a foreign country is completely in control of your own and... they hate you. You don't notice that all wars are created by bankers and that you and those unfortunate enough to have a blood connection to you, are provably stupid enough to die in those wars because... you do, don't you? You do die in them and your dick gets hard every time John Phillip Souza comes on those Voice of the Theater speakers at your local Victims of Foreign (banker) Wars or down to the American Legion of Mouthbreathers who fought in Banker's wars. Yes, all of you Echopraxia addicts (don't) know what I'm talking about. You matriculate through this dumpster culture like hypnotized mungos, emulating the apes in Kubrick's 2001.

Stupid is the one who does not see the obvious because it has been explained to stupid as something other than it actually is, so stupid has accepted a definition that goes contrary to the evidence of elementary logic, common sense AND the senses. Stupid believes what it is told, even when it takes accepting complete absurdity to believe what it is told because of the impossibility of it being actual.

Right about now, or well before this, you realized or are realizing that much of this post is offensive. Really? Why? If it's true and more radically so than being shown, it's not offensive, it's true. Study this headline. Do you get any sense of the ironic there? One can be defined as seriously stupid, if they don't know this is going on, a coward if they don't oppose it at every opportunity and a monster if they support it. For me, stupid is not simply being quasi-operational in a narrow bandwidth of awareness. It's being unconcerned about man's inhumanity to man and blindly supportive of it because you are deaf to common sense and capable of being convinced of anything no matter how ridiculous the argument may be, because...? Because you are stupid. Because you are stupid, people die. Because you are stupid, people go hungry and homeless. Stupid does not live alone. Stupid lives in a crowded apartment with all of the other unsavory life forms that live off of stupid and are alive because of stupid.

Stupid is what makes it possible for billions of dollars known and many billions more, unknown, to go to Israel, while food stamps are cut in the US AND food stamps and all of the other poverty programs are only necessary because of what Zionist bankers have done and are allowed to do to the economy in the first place. The true cost of stupid cannot be measured. Once again, stupid occurs when the vibration of materialism is more powerful than the vibration of one's objective awareness of it. The true interpretation of religion is that which you give your devotion and fealty to ("where your heart is, etc".). It is what your internal genuflections are given to. It is what your focus of desire is set upon (there your treasures are). When your devotion is co-opted and programmed by the conscious force of what has been called Mammon, you are just one more pre-desiccation fly in a spider's web. You are on your knees at the altar of materialism, in the Church of Stupid. You think you are worshiping so and so but you are worshiping and serving The Devil and this is especially true of Christian Zionists; all fundies actually.

You can have college degrees. You can have a high IQ. You can be the practitioner of a skilled profession. You can live in a big house with a thin wife, with big grasping claws and flashing stones on many fingers. You can have lots of money in the bank. You can vacation in Bermuda with all the other tasteless dressers, where black people still know their place. You can be all these things but still be certifiably stupid because these things dictate the state of your mind and the level and direction of your awareness. The apex of stupid is to be cluelessly suicidal because all of your attention is on ♫I... I.... me... me... mine ♫ and driven by a frenzy for acquisition, at the expense of everything worth having and the loss of all of what makes life worth living. It happens every day. It happens all day long; smart, powerful and rich people proving that "stupid is as stupid does." Not only do they go down the tubes themselves but the sucking draft of their passage and their influence on the lives of others brings about a conga line of stupids behind them.

Materialism makes you stupid! I don't care how smart you think you are or anyone else thinks you are. I don't care how much money you have; how many lifeless manikins you fuck, how many private clubs you belong to, how many expensive restaurants you eat in, what celebrities you know or whether you caught hepatitis shaking Obama's hand and will never wash it again. If you are a materialist, the initial stages are increasing levels of blindness and increasing degrees of moral relativism that eventually results in stupid and then gravitates (down) into your being the conscious or unconscious bitch of a practicing Satanist ...and don't you look nice with that gag reflex red ping pong ball in your mouth? Television commercials tell you what the perceived level of your intelligence is. Your watching them tells you if you are stupid.

Oh well... hopefully this serves by way of explanation. I don't mean to be maledicent, all of this is likely no more than a psithurism. Now you can have at it with your tetrapyloctomy. I bid a less than fond adieu to all the quomodocunquizing junkies. You've got your millstones around the neck (not my kind of bling), enjoy the swim. I wish you good luck, since there's no such thing. Good fortune, on the other hand, that's something you make as you go.

End Transmission.......