Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Return of the Son of Twitterhead with Blue Forceps Marks

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Regardless of the dire potential of the world of our time, that doesn't mean that laugh out loud absurdities are going to stop chugging along any time soon. This little item is made logarithmically more amusing when you find out who this chipmunk with heartburn's parents are. If you don't find this amusing and as a result, do not find me amusing (even if I do)- grin, you've probably fallen victim to the PC virus. It's going around. Find one of the commercials here for a product called 'Enbrel' and listen to the contraindications at the end of the commercial. I have never heard anything to that extent before, concerning the varieties of ways you can die or become permanently disabled. I was truly impressed and... just for curiosities sake (so I can marvel at them) I would love to see someone who has heard the commercial and also takes this item. They would become for me, the poster child of western cultural rot and the celebration of ignorance. “Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything.” Hmmm, with that in mind, send him on down to the diocese once he's finished breakfast.

Yeah... there are people, hit and run artists, those frustrated with their own considerable lack of accomplishments, the ill made, the fearful faithless and external blame artists who object to my hammering on external conditions but... it wouldn't matter what I said or what the subject is. There is that portion of the population that has the burning worm of anger in their belly. They may be unaware of the motivation on their part but I'm not, nor do I think any reasonably aware observer would miss it either. We live in a time of massive and collective frustration. The weak willed, the self indulgent and generally self centered are having a rough time of it (It will get worse and should) or... they are riding high on the hog but these should keep in mind that the pig is an omnivore. I try to temper my posts in the second half with positive exhortations, useful introspections and a general parting ambiance that I hope has been a helpful transformation in the way visible handles his daily chore.. Otherwise, the massive misdeeds of the moments, the general trend of the 1%, the “darkness at the break of noon”, the colossal Twitter-fest of fools marching into the wilderness as opposed to voices crying in the wilderness... hmmm, does that mean eventually the one will hear the other? Stranger things have happened.

Anyway for the sake of interest, for the sake of entertainment, for the sake of justice; at least on the mental plane, which eventually finds it's way down here (so that's another reason) and... because I am provoked in both directions for the sake of a comprehensive perspective and... if you don't like it, there's the door (grin). No wait! That's a window and we're 20 stories up. Where was I?

Waking up has jumped another arch bridge across the canyon of sleep and gather groups are manifesting at key issues all over the place. The Twitter Snark, initiated by J.P (jerks and pricks) Morgan, Chase (them down and bind them) was hilarious; skewering by wordsmiths. In various cities around the world people are massing for all sorts of intelligent reasons to express their dismay and resistance to the hideous and banal lies that have been the general public's daily bread for so long. Obviously it's all gone up a notch in recent times. War was avoided in Syria. Who knows what else is going on behind the scenes?

Mr. Apocalypse is hard at work, bringing to each living thing whatever is necessary for the resolution, judgment or perfection of it within the period of summing up. Each of us has a track record and each of us has a main intention that defines us in terms of our strongest drives and objectives. Where the track record reflects a negative intent toward the collective good, or is parasitical in nature, the entity is pressed into the fulness of whatever travesty they have developed into. There's a special room with all the necessaries that accompany the fate of every specific snowflake (every one is different) personality or larger rooms for collectives where is applies. Some share a common fate but even in the same room there are variations in coloration, intensity and personal reaction. Basically, there is a mysterious cosmic mean and we all vibrate to it. Some of us resonate in harmony and some of us vibrate, with different degrees of dissonance. What the experiences and circumstances of life are all about, what all of these lifetimes are all about, is to bring us into harmony with the essential tone of the universe. We may be a different note than our fellows but this is irrelevant as long as we are in sync with the cosmic dial tone. If this is the case, we are in harmony with all the higher harmonics and continuously, potentially in harmony with everything and everyone, via the capacity to make intuitive adjustments to the environment.

Revolution is inevitable because of things like this. Not only does the one percent think that the present situation is equitable but they feel they are still being cheated and put upon, even though many of them pay very little tax, they feel that they should receive gratis out of the public coffers, more and more and more, along the lines of that quantitative easing and too big to fail bank bailouts. Their psychopathic greed and indifference to the needs and welfare of others is remarkable. This theft and predation upon the collective human state is only a part of the ills they are bringing. Besides this less than delightful quality of theirs, they are laying waste to the environment in pursuit of profit. They are instituting a police state in order to hold on to their sense of privilege and entitlement, not to mention their ill gotten gains, which they amassed through force, trickery and outright criminal actions. They know what despicable characters they are but they think that's just fine and an expression of the survival of the fittest, which is what they believe in. They are contemporary representatives of those acolytes of The Gospel of Wealth who existed back around the beginning of the 20th century. It's much worse than that though. In the Gospel of Wealth it's more what they are not saying ,but rather implying. They believe God made them rich because they were deserving and the poor poor because they were deserving. Our present exponents of universal privilege and elitism are much more despicable creatures.

Madness is truly afoot in the world. This is all manifesting for the purpose of demonstration. We are meant to see and hear about these things for the purpose of education. Wars, calamities, plagues, terrible inhumanities, the whole gamut of those things that took flight from Pandora’s Box are meant to teach us the meaning and value of things. So long as our values are upside down, we will suffer. So long as we cause others to suffer, we will suffer. So long as we are indifferent concerning the status of the unfortunate, which is worsening with each passing day, we shall continue to exist under the jaundiced eyes of invisible judges who... like a GPS system are mapping out our routes according to our acts and intentions. This is actually taking place and it takes place all the time. It has always been taking place. We might be unaware of it. We might not care about it or disbelieve in it's presence in our lives but... it's there alright, ticking away, gears and flywheels spinning as constant adjustments are made... “instant karma's gonna get you”, or the slow and certain karma will get you; “if the left one don't get you then the right one will.”

Some things are fixed and some things are not. As long as there is breath there is hope. Humanities innate resistance to change is an ancient retardant. It's all the worse for our inability to see it. You notice it immediately when you set out to change. You might have been just cruising along, same as you ever do, without any resistance until... you try to change and then? Out of nowhere there come all of these difficulties that were not there before. It is always hardest when you are trying to change. The biggest problem is our resident uncertainty concerning our full commitment to change. If you are fully committed to stopping smoking it's accomplished with no great difficulty. If you are not fully committed, it will be near impossible. This is the case with anything, which is where that saying comes from, “if you do anything, do it with your whole heart.”. This is the whole point of a focused will. You can accomplish just about anything with a focused and unified will. It is the primary secret of the magical art and the key to success of any kind. It's one of the reasons one is advised to love what they do. If you love doing it, it is effortless and enjoyable as well. Then it's all the easier to unify that will and focus that will. Love is the unifier.

Right! I forget to mention the seminar coming up this week in London.

End Transmission.......

I must apologize for no radio show. Due to Vodafone having their head up their ass, I have no internet on my big machine and am on the laptop. This has created too many difficulties for me to 'want to surmount' (grin). I'll be back at it next weekend.


Visible said...

Thank you,LTPTB

Anonymous said...

Visible, you compared yourself to Orson Welles and Mozart in a post of yours not long ago. So I am wondering, which person are you most like, and why?

Also, have you figured out how to use "its" and "it's" yet? I will keep sending along primers on the correct usage of those two words, until we reach a point where you actually have it down. Then you truly will have learned something, Prabhu...

"It's amazing in its simplicity."

Visible said...

I did not compare myself to either of those men. Anyone who knows me at all knows I would not do that. Read more carefully. I was simply trying to call to general attention Welles relationship to Shakespeare at 10 years old as well as what can happen to genius. How you drew that conclusion mystifies me.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Romanian people are saying get off our land Chevron, get off our land globalists, get off our land Rothschild zionists!

Common people peacefully demonstrating against NWO expropriation of Romanian private land for fracking and cyanide gold mining. Detonator wire for shale blasying on private land rolled up and turned into police.

Globalists being stymied - police do NOT arrest the Romanian people.

Visible said...

Fantastic news and more coming.

PK said...

Hammer on Vis, just keep hammering', something I do to wood on a work day basis and can relate to. You are the Hammering Herald cracking the zio rock. Here's a rock you might identify with:
"by the insight of the spirit of my Father which dwells within you, I am led to declare that upon this foundation will I build the brotherhood of the kingdom of heaven. Upon this rock of spiritual reality will I build the living temple of spiritual fellowship in the eternal realities of my Father’s kingdom. All the forces of evil and the hosts of sin shall not prevail against this human fraternity of the divine spirit. And while my Father’s spirit shall ever be the divine guide and mentor of all who enter the bonds of this spirit fellowship, to you and your successors I now deliver the keys of the outward kingdom — the authority over things temporal — the social and economic features of this association of men and "women as fellows of the kingdom.”
“Put not your trust in the arm of flesh nor in weapons of steel. Establish yourself on the spiritual foundations of the eternal rocks." From PK in the Pacific

Skepticfrog said...

Anon @ 10:09

The ignorant is you.
The "it's" and "its" is related as to how we process the language. The musically inclined - Like Visible) (a musician) is auditory; he/she HEARS the sentence/words at time of writing down the thought. So the inclusion or omission of the apostrophe is often a hit or miss as auditorily the two words are identical. For me even spelling is a string of phonetic sounds; not visual at all. (I have perfect pitch and play music). For that reason, I cannot spell verbally/aloud, I first have to write the word down with correct spelling and then read it back, b/c the spell sound is different from the letter sound; think of "h","g","w", etc as the most extremes.

Those who process language visually - like most - cannot even begin to relate to this. For example: the word "language" spelling in my head phonetically works thus: l-aa-n-goo-aa-g-e. ALL words' spelling are stored thus for me, i do not see the word visually at all in my head prior to putting to paper, I HEAR it like those sounds written above for the word: "language". AFTER it is already written down, only then I can assess if the spelling is visually correct also.

So, as you see, it's not simple at all, but very complex, and in some respect the process depends on the particular abilities (or talent) of the individual.

Of course, I get your drift and where you're coming from. But educating the stupid and ignorant (and deaf) has a higher priority - capisce?

Skepticfrog said...

Anaughty Mouser;

Romania was smart. During the 1960s, 1970s into the 80s they got rid of a large number of their Jews. Open borders to go to Israel emigration from Romania. AND - get this: collected head-fee money from Israel for every Jew they let go.

So the Tribe's presence is not particularly pervasive there. They got Gypsies instead for a parasitic minority, but thankfully, they, on the whole are stupid, and don't consider themselves as God's chosen, aspiring and conspiring for universal world-wide life-and-death (mainly death) power over non-Gypsies.

Visible said...

this, in respect of my comments about something bad happening mid-month. Looks like some number of us all had the same vibe.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Pretty much everything you say is correct, but there is this to consider:

Crazy people are powerless spiritually (i.e. in regard to the power of the Holy Spirit which is the only real spiritual power) and are afflicted with a gnawing feeling of powerlessness. Satan knows who is in what condition spiritually, and he knows how to exploit crazy people via the promise of power, and/or the bestowal of power. This is clearly spelled out in Luke chapter 4 verse 6 in which he told Jesus he gives worldly power to whomever he chooses. And as history proves, he methodically selects crazy people to have positions of power because they're easy for him to control (and to be used to set up his kingdom on earth).

The biggest downside for people who he selects for positions power is that in order for them to have the power they have to have some measure of a relationship with him (and/or with his management team who are very powerful and evil fallen angels), which makes them even more crazy than they already were (by association because the demons themselves are all crazy). The overall result is that the power people can't ever let go of the scenario (like the old Chinese proverb that says "He who rides a tiger can never dismount.") Another big downside for the people who get taken in by this scenario is that they pass the power along to their children, from generation to generation, so that the whole thing becomes a family bloodline curse (the way a curse manifests is that the person under the curse never changes... year after year making the same mistakes).

I understand why anyone with a conscience would want to expose these people and tell the world about them, but the fact is that these people are the most to be pitied of all the people who have ever lived. They are in one hell of a mess. They're crazy and therefore they can't ever repent, and for you or I to be continually hammering them won't change a thing. Our hammering them won't help them at all, in fact it may produce the opposite effect of what we would want which is that it will drive them further into the demonic realm.

Here's another thing to consider: Jesus said for us to love our enemies, to do good to them, and to pray for them. The inference in scripture is If we do that (instead of hammering them), they receive punishment, and we receive a blessing (which has all to do with us being humbled, and then spiritually strengthened by the Holy Spirit, so that we can handle whatever comes down the pike).

Eudoxia said...

@ Anon

What's with the shit picking, not too many here could be bothered with such bullshit. I'm quite certain Viz has got far greater priorities than to be bothered involving himself in the trivial pursuits of the feeble minded.

The English language is an abomination to begin with. When we go to school we are taught witchcraft via learning how to spell, hence spelling. Go into a court of law and you soon find out you are actually convicting yourself through use of or rather miss use of words, which mean totally the opposite in a law dictionary as opposed to the standard Oxford dictionary. The system is stacked against us, it's a rigged game, from start to finish. The feeble minded will, however, continue to nit pick and argue over semantics just as they were designed and programmed to do. A tip for anybody with a legal matter in front of them, make sure you have a copy of Blacks Law or similar in your hand before you respond to any legal correspondence or decide to go to court to defend yourself against whatever. I'm sure many people here would already know about this, but if not, do as much research on Admiralty Law as you can and find the Admiralty Guru in your country. They've created so many statutes for us corporate fictions that as more and more people wake up and start fighting these provocations against us by the authorities, so to speak, the courts are going to seize up. There will be such a back log it will take 100's of years to process and they don't have that much time. More and more judges are fleeing court when somebody who knows his Admiralty Law stands up and exposes them, they literally abandon court, hence the defendant takes over. The maxim is "He who leaves first loses".

Going back to Viz' post, about the gay rights bullshit. Yea right, we have Fukishima in tandem with the Gulf of Mexico both could be considered extinction level events, major police state activities across nearly all Western countries, banking fraud, political fraud and malfeasance of the highest order, honey bees being killed off by the millions, people being sprayed from the skies like roaches, more and more people becoming unemployed and losing their homes, raging Zionist wars continue unabated and what's the hot topic on main stream - Gay rights! This is so typical of the agenda running across all Western countries. It could not be more obvious if you fell over it. As far as that product Enbrel goes, well initially I was captivated by the fat guy with the plate of white bread rolls and obviously the meat with the general message there being "continue to eat the shit that causes the shit so we can poison you". Then it hit the end when the symptoms came up LOL - stupid people will still go and buy the shit and greatly assist the elite by poisoning themselves some more. But you know what we need these people, many of them are likely to get so sick by this product that it will eventually wake up a few million more.

Another top post Viz, if I was in the UK I'd be there, with the names presenting at the event, it will no doubt be filmed so we will all get to see it eventually.

Peace All

Ray B. said...

From your referenced article:

"They observed that S.W.A.T. drills were being conducted in the area in a manner different from other drills, and they observed that the insurance coverage for the building had been dropped, except for the coverage for ‘special conditions’, related to ‘terrorism’."

Good for the spotters. True patriots!

To that, I would add one more thing to watch, for Imminent false-flags: The banksters and other hangers-on being greedy bastards, I would watch for 'shorts' in stocks that would be effected by false-flags. For closer targeting, I would also maintain 24/7 surveillance on those accounts found to be 'mysteriously prescient' in issuing shorts just before 9-11. I believe that they have such contempt of us that they would not even bother to change their modus operandi...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ginnie said...

Wow! Anon @10:09

You get a big fat "F" for reading comprehension!

Skepticfrog pointed out...there's this thing called
poetic license.

Word pictures require a little mixing...just like paint to give the right richness, texture, impact, feeling...etc. It's delightful! If it doesn't exist...make one up! When I say "hypnopotamus" what do you see in your head? Exactly!

est said...

try to color with-in the lines
can't do that but ah do know why

noticed no one ever encourages me
it don't bother me i've been busy

trying to do the lords work
trying to get my life back

telling my friends, don't worry
we are going to change the outcome

texasbump said...

Dear skeptic frog I think it was, you need to be clear about the difference between jewish people that were exodused you say from Romania and the Israeli government and Zionism in general. For the most part jewish people are just people that happened to be born that way, and perhaps a reason that may want to leave a place is due to unwarranted prejudice from ignorant, hateful people that persecute them if not physically then verbally. Please try and understand the difference

Anonymous said...


If you're going to get indignant get so about Cast Lead where ca 1500 innocent civilian men, women and children were genocided by the 'jewish' people's occupation army of israel with a 93% support rate amongst the 'jewish' populace. who were "born that way".

'jewish' = kazarian proselites

"Those who call themselves jews but who are not, they are the synagogue of satan." - Jesus Christ

Skepticfrog said...


And if you'd be in Europe, on December 6th you'd eagerly await St. Nicholas (Santa Claus to you) binging fruits and candy stuffed into your high top shoes put inside on the windowledge.

They say, small children's and old people's gullibility is virtually infinite. The gullibility of the rest are just credible signs of stupidity and ignorance.

BTW: How do you feel about the toothfairy?

Anonymous said...

Dear Texas Bump (was that an armadillo under my wheel?): If you study into it, you'll find that there's little or no difference. The people who kicked them out of about 100 nations in the past 2,000 years were neither ignorant nor hateful; they all had very good reason for doing so, and the reason was always the same. Check it out. It's not how they were born, it's what they do.

Anonymous said...


Tt's a case of nurture not nature.
They learn how to be what they are. Cultural inculcation, refined over three millenia. No one is forcing them to be assholes, let alone act on it whenever it is deemed suitable and/or advantageous


Anonymous said...

100% of so-called "Jews" are not actually "Israelites"...either.

which means that leaving the stool sculpture deity cult compound is an option...

upon learning the truth about the "Jewish" narrative...

according to Jesus begins with a lie.. @John 8:44

at that time however the enemies of the children of Israel in the Temple treasury were not speaking Yiddish and were not actually Judahites, Levites or from the Tribe of the Kingdom of Israel had already vanished during the Assyrian captivity when the Sepharvaim were brought to live in Samaria


probably you'd have to understand a little History to get your mind around that truth.

try getting your mind around a more simple analogy...

like have you ever seen a polaroid photo of African American "Dallas Cowboys"
snorting cocaine and fornicating with {WHITE} Israelite whores at the Alamo...?



Anonymous said...

It's really dependent on the discussions between the general public.

A satisfied Big Bad Brother is the one who had a quiet dinner.

Just a clarification OK, whenever these shining SOB's start removing mans God given statutory rights to demand answers is when the trouble begins.

'So they take total control of our freedom to make conscience decisions?' This really is how some people think. They couldn't spell things out more clearly.

By the time populations realized
they're going to be slaughtered, the corporate killers dark committee's have long set up shop. And now we're seeing the last NWO prison bar placed in the cell... shhhhhhhhhh!!

Unless you have a conflict of interest, the "virtual" powers always have interpreted the public's silence as wanting submissive acts to control and rule.

So when the war whoring governments code of conduct is out the window we have to pray there will be enough straight thinkers around.

William G. Ellipser

Anonymous said...

The ancient Peruvians are a perfect example of what ungodly hands can do to a heart.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Here's some history hardly anyone has heard. It's the core of why the neo-Jew usurpers think they're chosen by God. The Western usurpers can't deny this. Not with facts, anyhow, so they render these histories as nonevents, nonpersons. As if they can hide it.

Gopal Yantra

Jew-Yadav Connection

est said...

'parasitic minority'
last time i checked

the parasitic minority
was the imperial white man

of which, i have a feeling,
most of us are at root a part

and don't forget django [the real one]
was a gypsy and so, aren't we all

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., November 18, 2013 9:43:00 PM

"Here's some history hardly anyone has heard. It's the core of why the neo-Jew usurpers think they're chosen by God."

Thanks for the interesting links. Food for thought.

I have been reading various books on the Anunnaki (Sumerian) / Elohim (Hebrew) historical basis. It ties in with your links, as attested through the Sumerian cuneiform history. (Bear with me...)

The strict Annunnaki Sumeria-based 'Kirk' on Earth was Enlil, and the Africa-based 'Spock/McCoy' was Enki. Enlil was the one who decided not to warn/prepare mankind for whatever the Flood was. Enki was the one who warned his half-Anunnaki son (Noah in the Bible) to prepare for the deluge. That gives you an idea as to their personalities.

If I remember correctly, Enlil had a pure-bred son named Ninurta and a pure-bred daughter named Inanna. Enki had four pure-bred sons, of whom one named Marduk basically claimed Enlil's position.

Inanna was the Anunnaki who forcibly agitated for her own 'kingdom' to be established in the Indus Valley of modern Pakistan. Apparently, this was quite successful and became the third 'blossoming' of humanity (with Egypt and Sumer).

However, the Anunnaki wars between Enlil's and Enki's offspring eventually impacted this civilization. During this war, several nuke-equivalent weapons were used in the Indus Valley, in Sinai, and in western Jordan, at least. (Puma Punku in Bolivia was blown to fragments by some event not connected with the Stone-Age natives...) Along this war, Inanna was killed by Marduk and much of the technology-base was lost.

Some authors have pointed out that the proto-Jew "god" (YHWH, Yahweh, Jehovah, etc.) bears remarkable similarities in manner and psychological make-up to the Enlil line, and in particular to Enlil's son Ninurta. This is where/when "the core of why the neo-Jew usurpers think they're chosen by God" was indoctrinated. This hard-core programming was partially to counteract the fact that the proto-Jews were deep within Marduk territory.

Unfortunately for the proto-Jews, the Anunnaki were withdrawing. Within a century or two, YHWH became an 'absentee god'. This was why - after initial victories in Canaan - most of the Jewish tribes were eventually overrun. This era caused the equivalent of PTSD (post traumatic-stress disorder) which is still evident within the overall Jewish personality...

Where the 'connections' occur, as in the trading between Solomon (actually an Egyptian Hyksos 'Shepard King' descendant) and the Indus Valley ports, it is due to the two areas' common legacy. Both were 'heartlands' of Anunnaki occupation. Both reverted back to the Bronze Age after the Anunnaki wars and withdrawal, but remembered their common legacy.

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...

And in other news...

If one were to design a meditation/ritual/mantra/trance/hypnosis/whatever for someone to overcome pathological lying and inhibited empathy due to childhood emotional damage, multiple personality, and/or demon possession, what should potentially be included and excluded?


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Lowering the Moat Portcullis against the Unseen and Unwelcome Visitor.

Anonymous said...

Great work promoting the Masters of Deception book on your site. Reading it now and it's like a second SHOAH!

Then again, the first shoah never happened.

In case you want to promote the 41 page book "Did Six Million Really Die?", here's the link

Skepticfrog said...

est @ 1:48 AM

Your ignorance is palpable.

For instance: Germans have sub-groups. The Swiss German is different from the Austrian who is different from the Svabs of Hungary, who is different Bavarian who is different from the Saxon who is different from the Transylvanian Saxon and so on, and so forth.

Same goes for Gypsies, as last summer I had hours and hours of discussion with one gypsy (a law student) moonlighting in his father's coffee-shop during the summer - somewhere in Europe.
There are even skin color differences between the groups. There are the musician Gypsies, pretty high up in their social strata and on the bottom the Romanian, Serbian, Slovak unskilled bottom-of-the-gutter crime-prone parasitic Gypsies who are despised(!) by their own kind as well. Per my understanding, there are four or more strata of groups within Gypsies and they do not much intermingle socially either.

So if you put Django R. in the same group as the Romanian gypsies, you in fact are insulting(!) the "musician gypsies" - big time.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi. Love the writing!


est said...

are we not all 'gods children' ?
it is thinking like this, my friend

that got us into this situation
[we're in]in the first place

while you are certainly welcome
to your divisive and racist views

i would prefer you leave my name
out of it

you don't know me or what i know
yet you judge me ignorant publicly

on the basis of one comment i made
[more rhetorical than literal]

i too, have experienced 'gypsies'
in an european environment

and have 'checked my wallet'
to my personal shame

never a problem if you stay aware

none of what i say will change
anything you think

i am far from naive though
and if your 'research' has led you
to these conclusions

i am sorry for you and all like-minded

Skepticfrog said...


Your writing "style" with its two line sentence cadence itself shows you as a pretentious ass.

We are ALL God's children? No, that's bullshit. Some are Satan's children - and we know who they are.

"Divisive racist views"? That's an empty label. My opinions are based on experience and knowledge. If those fit one or several of your lame-brained but incediary labels, so be it. They bother me none.

Leave your name out? If you come HERE and babble childish uninformed naive irrational nonsense, then take the consequences (like a man).

You KNOW NOTHING about the Eastern European Gypsies. Nothing, nada, zero. If you would, you would not babble, but give specific examples for rebuttal. However you are giving nothing but pretentious lame brained pap bullshit laced with name callings.

I'm clueless as what are you here for; the intellectual and observational quality of the people who come here, far exceeds your meager intellectual capabilities.

Anonymous said...


Bwahahahaha. Demonstrations don't work, and….

There are no actual people in Fresno. Fresno is a metaphor for all that is ridiculous. There was even a TV show to that effect, called actually: Fresno.

That scene in Fresno must be some sort of disinformation thing. I mean where were those people when we stood out on the street with petitions to shut down Rancho Seco (our local death tower plant). We were successful. God bless us each and every one. Scream.

Perhaps I'll acquire one of those Guy Fawkes masks. No, I'll probably get ham instead. And some really thick cream. Oh no, I gave up coffee, no need for cream. I'm thinking green beans, rant, grrr… Akk akk. Cherry pie.

The really weird thing to me is that they don't care if THEY are destroyed too.

Harmony is the language of the cosmos. Tune your guitar to 432 Hz.

Thanks Viz.


Machiventa Melchizzedek

Visible said...

The winner of any fracas is the one who steps back and says, "It's not worth it." Some who catches themselves and steps back automatically gains the high ground.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Don't You Know we're Riding on the Disinfo Express.



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