Monday, December 31, 2007

Dreaming of a Better World, I Raise my Glass to You.

Subtlety is an interesting thing. Some of us have read Machiavelli and Sun Tzu and some of us have enough grasp of history to understand how the adjective Byzantine came from Byzantium. Some of us have heard about Constantinople and some of us have seen the wheels within the wheels and the ideologies behind them. Oh... let’s not mince words. Some of us have seen the two schools of human endeavor that have been playing bloody games with one another since Cain brained Abel. One side is the good guys and one side is the bad guys and depending on who controls the information you get determines who’s being which at the time.

I didn’t get all misty eyed about Ron Paul by accident. I do what I do on purpose and not because I support a candidate or only buy Samsung and can’t stand Sony. I like to be a little byzantine myself because if you are going to get people to see things as they are you have to make it clear that it’s always changing and nothing is what it seems; nothing.

I don’t usually get involved in politics or world affairs. They don’t interest me. I’m a singer songwriter and I like to weave tales. I like to fall in love over and over again and that has led me pretty much out of the spectrum of a physically romantic love and into the realms of a romantic love of something I’m not going to get into here. I like to feel things and shine on things and I like to dance and sing and celebrate this magnificent serendipity that we call life.

It hasn’t been easy to do this. I’ve caught more shit for trying to have a good time than you can imagine. People have even tried to kill me for no other reason than celebrating life. But I take that as part of the shit you have to go through to practice what most everyone else has had stolen from them a long time ago. BUT... when it gets to the point that it is at right now... then I can’t just ease on down the road like I have done before. So then, one gets political... or at least appears to be.

I don’t know Ron Paul and I’ve had my reservations since day one. That hasn’t changed. It was never about Ron Paul anyway. It was about people waking up. Since Ron Paul has come on the scene I have finally been able to see just what a massive army of the disaffected we have. Ron Paul could be the devil. He could be a shill. He could be this and he could be that but whatever he is he has been a catalyst for us finding each other. I have met and corresponded with more good people since I started talking about Ron Paul than I have ever experienced before. Often they tell me the same thing I am telling you right now. He... or his candidacy... has made it possible for us to find each other. That’s all I care about.

I also don’t like people treading on me. I don’t like people treading on people other than me. I don’t like whores for money and power and fame. I like honest servants of human good. I like excellence and the struggle for it. Dreams of a more permanent and enduring circumstance in which all of us can have a good time turn me into Silly Putty. It’s not about Ron Paul, it’s about us.

I’ve got good feelings about John Edwards too. Except for Dennis Kucinich I don’t care for anyone else. John Edwards has got that Jimmy Carter thing and I liked Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter went down because he wouldn’t kneel down even though he does kneel down the same way that I am in love with something I don’t want to talk about. Say what you will about anything at all ...usually things happen for a reason. I would venture to say that everything happens for a reason. You can say that Jimmy Carter was incompetent and that’s why this and why that. How does that explain two terms of George W. Bush? No one has ever been as incompetent as g.w.b. I am not exaggerating when I say I would be surprised if he could find his dick with both hands. Given the degree of his personal cowardice and vicious disregard for humanity I would say that that degree of difficulty was based on a lack of physical dexterity as well as a degree of difficulty in finding something that small.

Make no mistake my friends... these are perilous times. It isn’t as clear as it should be just how treacherous are the shoals of our moment in time. This is because some kind of gas or broadcast or interferences of technology unknown are messing with the general capacity for comprehension. Few people realize how important Pakistan is to the chess table.

Underneath the glossy magazine ad of mass distraction is a percolating well of injury and outrage. You in your comfortable homes have no idea how the other half lives and another thing you may not know is that the disaffected are being daily recruited by those who know how to turn these things to their advantage. America came about in this way. Everything comes about in this way. If America can’t reach out to those in the percolating well then someone else will. It’s no surprise that most of the candidates have ambivalent positions on immigration. The size of the immigrant vote is enough to swing the election.

I believe I have said “Wake up!” a lot of times and I don’t feel like saying it right now. All of you will do what you do regardless of suggestion or guidance from me or anyone else. The truth is that the only time you ever learn anything is when you fuck up. Then you have no choice. That’s how we are. We have to be dragged kicking and screaming. It’s sad but true.

If the lights go off...if panic hits, in only a few days half the people in the cities will be dead. I’ve seen the studies and also human nature. You put people in a life survival state and you will be very surprised to see how quickly the thin veneer of civilization disappears.

Meanwhile... on the face of it... everything seems to be going on like it always did. Sure... it’s a drag to catch an airplane now. Sure... the police are scary; not just for blacks and hippies but for anyone. Sure... you can’t talk about certain things or you will lose your job. Sure... there’s a much tighter groove in which to move but... hey, the TV is doing the same thing it always does. You can get things at the store and once you’re back home you can lock your door. Same old same old right? The porno is available. The chicken wings are available and the ugly girls at 2:00AM or whenever the bar closes are still available.

I know the voting is rigged. I know that the assholes have all of the money and all of the guns. I knew that a long time ago. I’ve never been deceived about this for an instant. This shit has been going on a long time. There’s nothing new here folks... except for one thing. People are waking up. Even the most sold out shopper for useless shit is waking up. That is a big difference.

People like me and the others who have annoyed you no end woke up a long time ago. Now you are waking up. If I could stand at the bedside of every one of you right now and slam trash can lids together I would. I don’t mind your annoyance. One of the things your indifference has taught me is how to fight, so I can take you even if you do wake up. I won’t kick your ass. I’ll hold you in my arms until the gossamer spider web of the dream passes. Then I might kick your ass but only because I love you.

This is a sound-out to all of you who are joining into the massive human display of resistance against a handful of assholes who have had it their own way at our expense. This one is for and to you. I raise a toast to you. It’s not nearly as lonely out here as it used to be and I’m not angry at you for not having known any better. None of us knew any better but we do now. To you I raise this glass. To you I make this toast. You have finally found your minds when we needed it the most.

I don’t want my dogs to see me cry. It would be too much like you seeing me cry back when I was just an annoyance. Some of us care and there are a lot more of us now. To you I raise my glass and wish you good fortune as the world tilts on its axis. The times they always talked about are coming on us now. Do what you can to help. I know you will and may love encircle and protect you all the way home.

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible

happy new here... one can always hope.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ron Paul and Me...Deconstructing...Parsing and...

Sometimes I don’t know why I bother. Some people must think I’m stupid but I can’t do anything about that. It’s one of the disappointments of doing this sort of thing that people are going to make assumptions on what you say and further assumptions on what you don’t say.

One of the things I try to discipline myself on is to always remember that I don’t know. I try to be clear about what I believe to be true and I try to stay away from hard and fast proclamations when in doubt. Sometimes I’m emphatic about human potential but I’m not an authority on anything. I rely heavily on both inductive and deductive reasoning and I have some skill at these. Mostly I rely on intuition and it has proven near infallible. No one who relies on intuition can be an authority on anything. No one who relies on intuition can actually know anything but they can become highly suspicious in both a positive and a negative sense. They can also become self assured. I am that.

There are a lot of intellectuals running around. No matter what, they know more than you do. That’s okay because I don’t want to know what they know. The worst are the new agers. They’ve got something better than intuition. They’re being informed and led from galaxies beyond. I can’t compete with that. I wouldn’t want to. I will say that I’ve never learned a single thing that was useful from anyone in the new age movement that I didn’t already understand far better from ancient Indian and Chinese sages who said and understood it better.

There are people that comment on this blog and elsewhere who think that everyone who runs for president is a stooge. They think that all rich people are selfish pigs. They think there are a hundred conspiracies afoot when a much smaller number will do. The fact is that there are millions of conspiracies afoot and all of us are involved in conspiracies of our own and some of us in much larger ones like the ‘conspiracy of ignorance’ and the ‘conspiracy of denial’. Anyway, a government couldn’t exist without conspiracies.

I’m not much interested in what happens on this planet except in terms of the suffering caused. I feel for the people who are victimized by others. I’m also aware of the sub-matrix of karma and I have to say that I don’t spend a moment worrying about what’s going to happen today or tomorrow. I would like to ease people’s suffering and one of the ways you can do that is to show them the cause of their suffering. This isn’t the blog where I address that though. This is a temporal blog, mostly.

I think I’ve looked into what Ron Paul intends and represents a little more deeply than the people who have objections to my supporting him. I think I need to take a different approach here and maybe, just maybe... some of you will understand where I’m coming from a little better. I hope so.

I know that no man or woman can become president and expect for their agenda to succeed. It isn’t going to happen. They have to deal with congress and a number of other forces. So I never look at a candidate and assume if that candidate gets elected that that candidate will do what they campaigned on. I sometimes expect that they will ‘try to’ but even that is often not the case. Most of these people are pandering liars and they will do what they are told. What I want is some honesty and fair-play and fewer police-thugs.

What I am looking for is balance. Since I know that the American congress is a sold out pack of whores and since I know that they also do Israel’s bidding before any consideration of the American public, what I want in the White House is an honest man. This I believe Ron Paul to be. I don’t agree with his entire platform. Personally I would do some things differently but... as I said... I don’t know anything.

What Ron Paul wants to do is mostly very good. He will shake things up in the right way. I haven’t a clue if he will be elected or not and it isn’t any of my business. He has a chance and that is a big part of my support. Dennis Kucinich does not have a chance and I’m not going to support a creep like Ralph Nader so who is left? Who is left?

Some people think there’s got to be some bloody revolution and everybody is going to take to the streets. There are people arguing for this event. I am not sanguine about these people actually showing up if it happens. I have taken it to the street and I spent some years on the run or in prison for it. At another point I was framed with something and facing a life sentence and was able to prove my innocence against all odds. I’ve fought with the police and other elements and been injured a time or two.

Taking it to the streets is a last resort. I have suggested not going to work and not buying anything but food for as long as it takes to bring the corporations to their knees. Such strikes would be very effective. That’s my kind of revolution. Don’t support criminal industries. Don’t dance to bad music. Don’t eat shit food. Don’t buy crap and turn your ass to lard in front of a TV. That’s my kind of revolution. The other kind of revolution is a dicey affair. You could wind up with another warlord in office, someone worse. You never know. Read some history. Sometimes revolutions didn’t turn out so well.

I thought long and hard about supporting Dr. Paul. I’ve tried to always be about the truth at this blog and wherever else I can manage it as well (grin). I’m not supporting him because I think he’s going to win. I’m not supporting him because he represents my wishes. I’m not supporting him because I think he will do or can do the things he says. I am supporting him because I believe he is an honest man and because I believe he will try to do the things he wants to do.

I don’t like that fucking war in Iraq. Dr. Paul says he’ll stop that and not start new ones. He’s going to go after those bloodsuckers at the Federal Reserve. Just these two things are enough for me.

I believe he will uncover the 9/11 cover-up if he gets into office. I don’t know this but I hope so. I can’t imagine any of the others doing so. This is a particular concern of mine. I want the truth about 9/11 to come out. Now for the clincher;

...they can’t afford to let Ron Paul into the White House because of this and other things. So I don’t know what’s going to happen about that. You and I know some of what the Bush Crime Family did while they were in office. We don’t know all of it. We do know that some of it is high treason. How can they possibly let him win? That’s the kicker right there, forget everything else.

However, if you think I’m going to sit around with my thumbs up my ass waiting on this people’s revolution that you’ll be marching with in your mind on your sundeck, cocktail in hand and cheering along with rhetoric well out of the line of fire well... no... I’m not going to do that. I’ve never put my thumbs up my ass and I suspect there’s a reason. I’m going to use my talents to support the best energy of the time. Every day I’m going to try to support the good in others and believe in a better world. Only a fool thinks such a world will come in any universal sense but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to make it so. Maybe it will be a little better because you did try. The most important thing is not to make it worse and especially not to make it worse under the guise of making it better.

If you know something about Dr. Paul that I don’t know then please tell me. Got a better candidate with better ideas? Let’s hear about it. I’m just doing the best I know how to do and learning as I go. If I’m wrong about this I’ll change direction in a heartsbeat. But you never get anywhere in any direction unless you set out for somewhere. You never learned a damn thing if you never took a risk. Use your life as something more than a tube that consumes and excretes. Everybody makes mistakes and this may be one of mine. It won’t be the first time.

I’ll be on about other things for the next couple of weeks (I think). I just thought this needed to be said.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Ron Paul Technicolor Dream Machine.

I’m assuming that everyone who comes here already knows what I’m talking about and has visited the same news sites that I do. I’m not a foreign correspondent. I wouldn’t be allowed to do that. I’m not about giving you links that I am sure you have seen. I trust that you will know what I’m talking about on various issues. This is to say, you are not alone. Many of us share the same hopes with the same passion for the future. We seek change and we seek freedom from those who oppress us... some more than others in all cases.

They have our world, these miserable psychopathic swine have our world- and we are bent to the wheel while they play one shell game after another, while they milk us like a dairy cow, while they control our lives in unpleasant ways. They’re liars and thieves and they are powerful the way shadows are when you mistake the shadow for the thing casting it.

I don’t buy their bullshit and I know that many of you do not either. We’ve had some bad generations coming round for awhile and they have been matched by the state of the world and the governments that we got. A lot of lives went down the drain. Your hopes and dreams are now hostage to foreign interests and your future is just a commodity on a board where you can’t play. Are we helpless? No.

Before we get into ‘us’ and ‘them’ let me say I’ve met a lot of good Republicans. I may disagree with them on points but I don’t doubt their humanity. I will say that I thought it nigh on impossible that I would ever support a Republican. I’ve come to see the wisdom of the phrase, “If you are not a liberal in your youth you have no heart and if you are not a conservative by the time you are forty, you have no brains.” That’s not exactly as it was first quoted but it’s attributed to some who said it less well this will do.

Ron Paul is a man of destiny. There is no doubt in my mind about this. He says, very clearly, what must be said. Some are suspicious that he hasn’t said anything about 9/11. Surely he knows, right? People... a campaign is one thing, what he does after is something else. I don’t doubt that there is much unsaid. Let’s be grateful for what he does say. How prudent do you think it would be for him to get into that now? They’d eat him alive.

What are your choices? Let’s see... you elect another member of the CFR or... not. I know, for reasons I choose not to go into, that the shit has barely started. It won’t ease up for another four years. In that time the world will transform beyond anything we recognize today.

I think, if they don’t shoot him, that Ron Paul wins. I believe I could guarantee that. That sounds like a fantastic claim doesn’t it? Let me clarify. A lot of people haven’t heard about Ron Paul yet, or if they have they haven’t investigated his positions. These are all people who will jump to him when they do hear. Those hypnotized by the media and suffering under the whip hand of the vampire overlords are just the sort of people who will welcome Ron Paul’s message like the approach of blessed spring after a harsh winter.

However, I do expect an attempt on his life. For now they’re working with slander as you have seen with the white supremacy issue. They’re working with ignoring him. They’re working with giving him limited, controlled face time in the hope that they can catch him out.

The problem for the psychopaths is that Ron Paul is clean. You can’t find any dirty deals in his background. That’s making the blood trafficking elite very nervous and THANK THE INVISBLE for an honest man. An honest man is dangerous.

Let’s face it people... there is a real elite. There is a group of dedicated sonsofbitches who are no more human than a piece of garden hose is a snake in a moment of hallucination. They mimic the human kind very well but it isn’t real. They’re the people who have tea with the president of Uzbekistan while people are being boiled in water as if they were a present day Samurai from the book “Shogun”... meditating on the exquisite sounds of the agony. It’s like Condolezza Rice shopping for shoes while Katrina drowned.

Through the Federal Reserve they have found the means to enslave you. I’d recommend seeing “The Money Changers”, you can download it free off the internet and that brings me to an important point. THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hallelujah for the internet. Without the internet I wouldn’t know near as much as I, unfortunately, do. Without the internet I wouldn’t be speaking to you right now. They never figured on the internet. Let me be clear when I say ‘they’, I’m not referring to Republicans vs. Democrats, as might appear from earlier in this piece. These non-human lampreys have no allegiance to party or country. Their allegiance is to themselves; not even to each other. They’d turn on one another in a heartbeat should the need occur.

I’ll define ‘they’ for you a bit; although it’s the same in the Orient as in the Occident. For now I will only mention Washington, London and Tel Aviv. Nowhere else is there such a clear and present danger to our humanity. Other dangers exist but they will only come into play when these forces sell out the landscape beneath you and put you into hock with another master who is still manipulated by the same forces.

David Rockefeller; the last of an evil offspring of Shelob by way of Mephistopheles is seldom mentioned. I’d give him a look see were I you. He’s the guy that brought you Henry Kissinger, applied Eugenics and much worse. There are a lot of these people lurking behind the people who go to Bilderberger and such. I’d look into Lord Rees Mogg and that Mellon-Sciafe guy. There’s a tight little coalition of dead souls who want to put the harm into Harm’s Way. Rupert Murdoch brings these people coffee. The false Israelites make up a significant section of these blood-sucking weasels and don’t worry; they’ll blame it on the Jews and anyone handy later on. I’m not so happy with many Jewish leaders these days. If they can’t police their own then they are either stupid (something they have never been accused of) or complicit. Maybe they just like their guys being in charge and never ask what it costs. They had better start doing so.

If they are histories victims then there has to be more understanding on their part about what is being done in their name in Palestine and elsewhere. Maybe you don’t want to face the truth but you had better before the truth comes looking for you. During the time of the camps in World War Two it was Zionists who played as big a part in what happened as anyone else. That is fact.

I fully expect them to attempt to kill Ron Paul. I hope I am wrong but everyone previous who has sought to take control of the money away from those controlling it have met with unfortunate circumstances. If they do kill him, the outrage will be far greater than it ever has been before. We know a lot more now than we did. Once again it is thanks to the internet. You can kill the messenger but you cannot kill the message.

Make no mistake; these despicable forces are not Republican or Democrat. They are not Catholic or Jew. They are not any one color or nationality. They are not even human. In times past it has served their interests to blame one party, one religion, one color or nation for what they have done. They hide like poisonous chameleons among the peoples of the world. Be aware.

I have said many times that the best thing for the peoples of the world is to stop going to work and buy nothing that is not vital for sustaining life. Nothing would injure these predators more. It is the corporations and the banking interests who are behind the horrors of the time. The media is merely a tentacle of the octopus. Many of the major religions are corporations too. Even many of the charities are nothing more than vehicles for their influence. Open your eyes...

As powerful as these men and women are they can be had. Surely the ancient evil that dwells in the darkness of the human mind will find other agencies as new times appear. It is a fight that does not end. It is a fight that must be fought. Ron Paul is your opportunity to change the world for the better... even if only for a period of time. This is the world after all. If you do not seize this possibility there is no telling when it will come again.

Maybe I am a Ron Paul supporter after all.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wikipedia doesn't care about What REALLY Happened.

I want to write about something that ties in with a lot of things I have been mentioning lately; the strange case of a sleeping and hypnotized nation, the infected sleaze of the media and the misshaping of both history and the moment by someone or other who finds this to their advantage.

Yesterday I followed a link to a Wikipedia page that dealt with the What Really Happened listing. I was engrossed there for a good half hour or more. For some reason I did not save the location and today I’ve spent more than half an hour looking for this page because I wanted you to see it. I’ve found other things but not the big picture I had yesterday. I found it, I think, through an Alex Jones article. If you know what I’m talking about send it to me so that I can put it here in the article. Email me or put it in the comments section.

I’ve known that Wikipedia is a bought and sold medium for the dark side for awhile. I’ve seen what they’ve done to others and my own listing which was well researched and submitted by a fan was summarily deleted after a couple of years of residence; not that I care. I never use Wikipedia and I have no use for the politics of those who run the site.

But you really have to read the arguments against listing What Really Happened to get the full flavor and stench of these people. I get my news from What Really Happened and so do thousands of others. There are a few other sites like;

Signs of the Times
The Truthseeker and

...that give real news and are on the side of humanity all the way. I stand behind these sites myself. I’m grateful every day that they are there to give me news like this;

and this; without these sites I would know far less that I do. There are other sites who work to tell the truth but so far I have found flaws in all of them besides the ones I list.

The convoluted pseudo- intellectual arguments of the obsessive compulsive geeks at Wikipedia is amazing. There are many examples of them shape-shifting on behalf of one agenda or another. You can find these examples by taking a look. That they would even have to think about adding What Really Happened is a testimony to their kneeling in the dark before the sound of zippers opening... slurping sounds... sounds of coins hitting the floor... sounds of hard crow like laughter and boots trailing away in the distance. The only sound that you don’t hear is the sobs of an injured victim. We’re talking about the willing here.

All through this tortured series of statements by those for and those against you see some righteous arguments by supporters of truth and continuous exposure of Wikipedia’s little intransigent trolls. I haven’t seen this kind of dissembling since the last time I went by The Daily Kos. It’s pathetic. Don’t they know that the dumbed down don’t even go there? Then again, the dumbed down wouldn’t get it anyway.

Anyone who wants to hear the truth should go to the listed sites and if you made What Really Happened a daily experience you would know a lot of what one can know; or do you just not want to know?

I learned about Ron Paul from this site. It is out of respect for Michael Rivero and his tireless efforts on our behalf; whether we like it or not, that I learned what I didn’t know before and possibly wouldn’t know now. I’d wager that Michael has as much to do with Ron Paul’s exposure as anyone around.

I find myself supporting a Republican when I would never have considered such a thing. But the truth will lead you into some strange places and you must be willing to go or you will part ways.

Most people don’t pursue the truth so they have no idea what those who provide a forum for it or who tell it must go through. I’m reminded of the poem

"The wayfarer,
Perceiving the pathway to truth,
Was struck with astonishment.
It was thickly grown with weeds.

"Ha," he said,

"I see that none has passed here In a long time."

Later he saw that each weed
Was a singular knife.

"Well," he mumbled at last,
"Doubtless there are other roads."

...and so it is.

Somewhere in the last forty eight hours the crack whores at the FCC decided that big media didn’t have enough control of everything we hear so they went ahead and made it more secure for those snakes who curl up and get comfy in the back of our heads- “go to sleep everything is alright. I close my eyes and I drift away...”

Well, Wikipedia is a den of well fed rats and they will always have companions. There will always be people who like the glimmer of their moment in the spotlight, surrounded by pole dancers and bad comedians and a little musical trio out of one of Tom Waits’ nightmares. Like I’ve said so many times before, if it wasn’t for the little greeds everywhere ...there would be none of the big greeds feeding on our lives.

So it is with the media blackout on Ron Paul... so it is with Bloomberg’s threatening candidacy (“take a seat, I’ve got Netan-yahoo on the other line.”)

Blacklisted News

and the idea that someone would spend near 2 billion on their campaign; twenty percent of their worth- if you think worth is determined in money ...and just to stop Ron Paul.

I’ve seen few things give me hope like I have the Ron Paul campaign. Six million dollars the ordinary citizen coughed up out of their beleaguered pockets in twenty four hours. That’s the man and woman on the street people and it is a far cry from the donors that emerged in the first stolen election of Bush the Dysfunctional. Compare the two and learn all you need to know.

Without What Really Happened I wouldn’t have known much of anything I came to know. I’m not just talking about Ron Paul. I’m talking about every devious thing that was revealed because one man cared enough to let me know. One man put up a site that challenged everything that didn’t smell right from Clinton to the present day. And Wikipedia doesn’t think that What Really Happened belongs in their patronizing bag of ...who cares?

Wikipedia like a lot of hijacking experiments on the global web will sink under their own weight. False flag Zionist site like Daily Kos... fatuous jerk-off sites like Wonkette... virtual greasy spoons like Fox and MSNBC will sooner rather than later come to look like the beehive hairdos in the movies made during the period when people were dropping acid and listening to the best music we ever heard.

It’s always darkest before the dawn. Were I any of you well fed rats I would do a phoney Superman clothing change in the nearest phone booth. There’s still plenty of time for you to make the adjustment to pretending you were with us all the time. Before we know it, it will all look like it was your idea.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ron Paul and Rupert Murdoch

No one seems to make the connection between Rupert Murdoch and Ron Paul. Ron Paul doesn’t exist for Rupert Murdoch’s publications except when he’s disseminating hit pieces on him such as the accusation that he’s running a false internet campaign and the usual nasty shit that Rupert Murdoch gets up to.

There’s a great movie called “Meet the Feebles” which is done with Muppet-like puppets. It’s directed by Peter Jackson who did “The Lord of the Rings”. One of the characters in the film is a shit-fly who plays a show business reporter and is often seen buzzing around a toilet and sometimes dining there. This character sums up Rupert Murdoch far more effectively than any other image I can come up with for this muckraker extraordinaire.

I observe a recent trend that wants to publicize Ron Paul’s use of Masonic handshakes and other forms that can indicate that Ron Paul is just another member of the vampire overlords who are presently brutalizing the world in which we live; a stalking horse to some and a vote siphon for those who want to draw support away from ‘legitimate’ candidates.

Who knows? It’s possible that not a single candidate is anything but a tool of these elite bloodsuckers. Maybe they come in all flavors and colors and the game is fixed from the top to the bottom. That makes for a dreary perspective to be sure.

One of the areas in which I have studied all of my life has been the metaphysical and the occult. There are those who say that all things occult are satanic. Actually ‘occult’ implies something that is ‘hidden’ or veiled’. Anyone should know that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean its evil. Although I have read extensively about occult sciences, occult organizations and occult practices, I have yet to find that Masonry is evil per se. Some Masons may be and some may not.

For me, the good or evil of occult and magical practice is determined by the composition of the individual. I see it the way I see electricity. You can use it to light your house or you can use it in the electrodes that you attach to someone’s genitals. Very often we find that what was formerly known as evil turned out to have great benefit to the human race. Destructive forces have been harnessed to our advantage. Individuals who were considered outlaws for a period of time; who were imprisoned and sometimes killed have later been revealed as exceptional human beings who made a positive impact on the world and the people who live there.

It’s a hard call. How can we ever know the sum of anyone? Even those of us who are mostly good are occasionally bad, or weak... or deceived regardless of good intention.

Rupert Murdoch is a celebrated man. He’s rich and powerful. Many people that might generally be considered good curry his favor. Lots of people are willing to sleep with the devil if it pays the rent. Many people come to terms with evil and give the excuse that it makes it possible for them to do good. You’ve heard the term, “necessary evil” I am sure.

I think I can state unequivocally that Rupert Murdoch is as evil as anyone alive. He spreads more lies across the planet on a daily basis than any other person here. He routinely assaults human dignity and panders to the lowest common denominator in everything he does. He prints every new lie about the conditions that cause war, bloodshed and suffering around the world. He originates lies. There are very few people anywhere who do as much harm to harmony and humanity as Rupert Murdoch.

I don’t have the space to list more than a small portion of the awful things he does. They run the gamut from promoting murder to degrading women and he lowers the bar every single day. He digs deeper with every effort he makes into the bottomless pit to limbo a little further under the bar.

Here is a man who wallows in every profane thing like a dog rubs itself in a roadside carcass and it is perfume to him in the same manner. I can well imagine him dancing under a black moon in the woven skin of murdered children and howling with joy. It takes no great leap of the imagination.

That Rupert Murdoch is a psychopath and definitively evil is beyond debate. That he dislikes Ron Paul does not make Ron Paul good. But what are we to do when confronted with the need to make decisions? Are we to assume that everyone is evil now and there really is no exit? That way lies madness and despair.

I have to measure each candidate against every other just as do you. In most people’s cases they pick a candidate that purports to represent what they prefer. Most people want someone who says the things they want to hear. They want them to have the same enemies and the same opinions. What is right for some is not right for others and so you have what we have.

Huckabee is a smooth customer. He’s also a proven hypocrite and the sort of fundamentalist that would have burned Galileo. Most of the rest are American Idol contestants; they just want to win and get a record deal. They want to fly on Air Force One. No leader can be considered a good leader who does not take into consideration the greatest good for the greatest number of people. That has to be the standard and whoever comes closest to that is the one I prefer.

I do not believe that Ron Paul lies. He appears to be someone sent by providence for the greater benefit of us all. This is how he appears and that is the problem given that nothing is what it appears. But I look at where he’s been and what he’s done and when I compare that to everyone else it’s a no-brainer. He is absolutely the right man for the right job at the right time. Furthermore, everyone that I know to be lying is against him. Yes, you can say that this is another clever effort on the part of those who would enslave us. You could say that even if he is what he seems to be they’ll get to him later on. You can surely imagine that they will try to kill him if they feel they have to.

Should I just crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head now? Should I just give up because there’s nothing we can do; because we’re all screwed anyway so... bring it on? What am I to do? What are you to do? Should we survive by mimicking the movements of the bodysnatchers?

Ron Paul’s support is enormous. It is far greater than it appears and it covers every spectrum of society in America. All of this has come about while he has been ignored and slandered by the media. Rupert Murdoch’s influence is enormous and yet he can’t change people’s minds about Ron Paul no matter what he does or does not do.

I can’t honestly tell you that Ron Paul is everything we want to believe he is. Sometimes you have to go with your gut. He reminds me of Cindy Sheehan in a lot of ways; an ordinary soul made extraordinary by possessing the courage and conviction so desperately needed by us all. His position on the Federal Reserve is the biggest evidence to me that he is not evil. This is the physical cornerstone of those who visit the greatest harm upon us. His intention to change this situation puts him on the side of the angels.

His position on Israel is spot on. His position on the IRS and so many other things is exactly what it should be. He’s a man of superior common sense. Maybe the Easter Bunny is going to turn into a vampire. I don’t know. Maybe we are all condemned to slog on through the darkness of these times without hope- but I cannot accept that. I KNOW that the light is shining and that I must strive for the light. Even if I cannot see the light I must strive toward where I know it to be. If I am knocked down a thousand times I must get up a thousand and one. If I am deceived I must change course and shake off my error with a renewed conviction, hope and determination.

Ron Paul may not be the answer. That isn’t going to stop any of us who will not be satisfied with anything but a better world, even if it never lives anywhere but in our aspirations and dreams. For the moment he’s a better star to sail by. Even if he may prove false, so much of what he says rings true.


There is an enormous discontent percolating beneath the surface of the culture. It's volatile and vast. The robotheads dutifully repeat what they are told but meanwhile there's the kind of rebellion you get from people appearing to go along with the program who are no longer going to go along with the program.

This is going to come head to head with the resident Jacobins presently showing the world their shiny red asses from beneath the bloody shadow of Madame Le Guillotine. They've been having their way for awhile and it's all been good and profitable.

Whatever may come of Ron Paul he has certainly united the most disparate collection of Americans that I have ever seen. He may be no more than a reminder of what has been lost but it will be felt all the more keenly for his having brought it to our attention.

Time to bring out The Monkey Wrench Gang if all else fails. Revolt is going on at all levels; witness the recent collaboration between the military and the NIE.You never know when too much finally gets to be too much. You only notice when the dam breaks; good reason not to live below the dam or in the skyboxes at the top of it.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

You want Flies with That?

Putin has said, in a meeting with Khomenei that an attack on Iran should be viewed as an attack on Russia. No wonder then that Zionista shill Amanpour did her little sleaze piece on him...Putin...dark Czar...fixed election....whispers of murder....Putin this... Putin that. Good thing they don’t get up to that sort of thing in the USA. We be squeaky clean.

See, this is what happens when you play the game of Risk on the big board. This is what happens when you try to take over the world. The other players move accordingly. Russia moves. China moves. No one ever takes over the world. They just ruin other people’s lives trying. Sometimes I think Diederot was right- “There won’t be any peace until the last politician is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” Close enough to what he said... I think.

It’s all coming clear now; the footsie with North Korea... we’ll be heading for Taiwan directly... bombs in Lebanon... bombs in Algeria... Al Qaeda this... Al Qaeda that. Someone want to tell me how this global terror network operates? Someone want to tell me how Bin Laden, who’s been dead for years, manages to orchestrate all this surgical mayhem with no evidence of anything except some phone call from somewhere, “Yeah, we did it.” from our plush caves in Pakistan. Someone want to tell me why people who know better keep talking about Bin Laden? Al Qaeda sounds like Starbucks. They’re a lot more effective and organized than they can possibly be.

Bin Laden never said he did 9/11, in fact, he said he didn’t do it. FACT; ...go to the videotape. No... not those videotapes, long proven to be frauds. There isn’t any Al Qaeda in the way it’s presented but... you know that. It’s impressive how someone gets the whole world to believe this bullshit.

Oh but are they angry out there in fascist land. The Likudnicks are frothing at the mouth because they haven’t quite been able to elbow the Americans into attacking Iran for them. You get a little cocky after you’ve pulled off sucking America into all those bogus wars and then find out the horse got hobbled by some honest people at the NIE. It sure is convenient about that assassination in Lebanon. Cut to: sold out mouthpieces sticking microphones in front of everyone they can find and asking, “Do you think Syria was behind this?” Of course, what they mean is Iran.

Here are some things we know -and if we don’t know them then we are, stupid, don’t want to know, don’t care or, are involved; 911 was an inside job. Both of the last two presidential elections were fixed. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and neither did Bin Laden. Iran has nothing to do with nuclear weapons. A small group of powerful individuals is behind the surgical use of terrorism that is designed for the purpose of social control. Organized religion is in on the scam. Corporations are backing the efforts with their front men in various world governments. The media reports what they tell them to.

I could add to this. I could dissect it... so could you. There is also a small group of individuals that know what this other small group is up to. We are all over the world. We all know the same things. When we speak about them, other people in our group of ‘the informed’ all know what each other are talking about.

Meanwhile... there is something that worries me. It doesn’t worry me the way you might be concerned about something bad happening- sure, there’s some of that but I know the difference between what I can affect and what I have no control over. No... it worries me the way a tongue worries a troubled tooth. It pulls at my attention in the back of my mind and I try to grasp what it is but I haven’t been able to. What it is, is... how come people can’t see what’s happening? It’s right there. It keeps happening. Surely by now the public should know that they are being lied to. Surely the fantastic inconsistencies of 9/11 should have a place in the human mind right next to the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

Surely we should all be seeing that every time some newscaster’s lips are moving that they are lying. You can see the news being shaped; Syria this, Iran that... Putin bad... Chavez... bad. Surely you should be able to see. I can clearly see that American leaders are slandering, stealing and killing to support a lifestyle that is over the border of sense and reason, while actively reducing that lifestyle for everyone but the wealthy and that it’s going to break down.

It’s not just America, it is in many places. But America is the most defiant about their privilege to have more than anyone at everyone’s expense, including their own and America has the guns. We have become the bad guys. We torture and engineer terror attacks in order to react against them and set policies that guarantee our right to protect ourselves against enemies we have created for this purpose.

So... here’s the thing. We know that they put things in the soft drinks that make you fat and rot your teeth and god knows what else. We know that really strange things are going on at every level. We know there are all these experiments... all these new crowd control weapons... all these studies and tell me... is it something in the water? Are they doing subliminal work on TV... in the movies... on the radio? It’s a simple procedure. Is it some kind of a ray that operates through cellphones? Is it microwave?

Let’s use Global Warming as an example. Everybody has a theory. Forget all that... it’s happening- that we know. It’s happening. Maybe it’s a natural cycle. So maybe it’s a natural cycle that people are turning into quivering Jello Pudding-bots and religious hystericals. Maybe it’s natural that people are getting much stupider than they were a few years ago. Maybe it’s natural that they don’t react and protest as you might expect them to and on and on... or maybe it’s ‘enemy action’.

Look... everything didn’t get this frightening, dangerous, tacky and banal all on its own. This is intentional. The (some call it) music and all the ridiculous entertainments didn’t just happen. Someone made them happen. Why make it happen that way? Why is there a common moral code that most people tried to live by, and most agree upon, that now comes up against an FDA approved cultural trend which wars against everything that is commonly acceptable? The result is schizophrenia on a national scale. There must be some reason for this. We’re not being improved by it.

Sane and intelligent discourse has disappeared from the airwaves. It is acceptable to shout down and mock everyone who disagrees with the madness. Forget about telling the truth. It’s acceptable to do anything and to such a degree that even a rube should see after awhile that something is rotting in the sun.

Is it just a natural de-evolution as the culture declines? Billions of people can’t be united in agreement that what is happening is good. There are definite solutions to many problems. Even I know what a lot of these solutions are and that’s not my field. Common sense tells me how things should be. Surely millions can see as well. So, tell me... is there some kind of ‘stupid ray’? How come the education system stopped teaching people how to think? I see all of these connections. It’s like when you keep finding clues everywhere you look. There’s a whole effort afoot to deceive and manipulate the public so- logically... aren’t they doing other things too?

I keep trying to find the answer but the answer isn’t there. These collective pathologies must have a source. How can people be so stupid? How can they swallow unbelievable lies?

I’m saying these things because I want people to think about them. I know it’s fuel for my small cadre of detractors but I enjoy the way it sets flames shooting off of their heads when I force them to think about this. I must admit to some satisfaction when the spittle and invective fly; not here but in other locations. Think of it as tough love. Sure, I’m crazy but I know for a fact that I’m not as crazy as most everyone else. I know better than to step in or buy into what is definitely shit, mixed with lies and mystery meat. I know better than to eat it just because somebody served it to me warm. I guess what I want to know is, “Do you want flies with that?”

Even a five year old ‘used to’ know enough to say, “yuck, that’s gross...”

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Zionism for Compleat Dummies.

There are features to Zionism that are seldom discussed. Often when they are discussed the language is needlessly convoluted and intricate. It’s understandable; people who want to make their point are going to spend a lot of time on detail. I’ve yet to see the most important features of Zionism discussed in a simple ABC manner.

It is easy for anyone curious enough to want to do so to look into what Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, had to say. You can read Ben Gurion and you can read about the position taken by Zionist leaders during World War Two when many efforts were underway to remove Jews from Germany and the occupied regions. These aren’t secret documents. A very clear picture is painted.

The events of World War 2 were a tremendous boon to Zionism. This isn’t me saying this. This has been repeated often by Zionists and evidence of their activity during World War 2 is easily found... often on the front page of mainstream newspapers. Incidents such as their declaration of war against Hitler early on; March 24, 1933 it appeared in the London Daily Express. And the behavior of Zionist afterwards is also not a secret

“There is a huge amount of literature describing how the Zionists made it very difficult to save Jews during and after World War II. As various individuals and organizations were trying to arrange departures of Jews to western countries, the Zionists worked overtime to prevent this from happening. They expressed the opinion that building up the Jewish population of Palestine was more important than enabling Jews to go to third countries, and they insisted to western powers that Jews should not be accepted anywhere other than Palestine. Indeed, Yitzchak Greenbaum, a famous Zionist, proclaimed that “one cow in Palestine was worth more than all the Jews in Poland.” The infamous David Ben-Gurion said in 1938:
"If I knew it was possible to save all the children in Germany by taking them to England, and only half of the children by taking them to Eretz Israel, I would choose the second solution. For we must take into account not only the lives of these children but also the history of the people of Israel."

There’s much worse, such as their blockade of Red Cross aid to the camps which the authorities were most willing to allow. Zionists kept all aid from reaching these people with the sole intent of increasing the condition of their suffering. This is known and documented ... a real fact. This is all public record but that’s not the concern of this article

Theodor Herzl came up with the idea of using anti-Semitism as a tool to achieve certain ends. He said it should even be manufactured when there is opportunity and used whenever possible, true or not. Whatever it took to get what he wanted was fine.

Zionism is a pretty simple thing if you strip away all of the scenery. It’s about possession of the Holy Land exclusively for the Jews and about expanding the dimensions of it to include what they have interpreted from some Biblical map they have that implies that a truly enormous stretch of real estate belongs to them. This area is far larger than the presently ‘expanded’ borders that exist today. The only other feature of Zionism that needs to be understood is the use of anti-Semitism which is employed against anyone who opposes the hegemonic intentions of Zionism. It doesn’t matter if the person opposing Zionism is actually anti-Semitic or not. They automatically become anti-Semitic by virtue of their opposition. It is permissible to do ‘anything’ to further the purposes of Zionism; “by deception ye shall wage war.”

Let’s not get into the Ashkenazi question or anybody’s rights to exist. Let’s avoid all distraction and red herrings and go right to the point. The Zionists are to the Jewish people what the Nazi’s were to the German people. After the defeat of Germany the German people were all branded as Nazis and that is not the case. All Jews are not Zionists either.

Zionist behavior causes reactions because it is an ugly thing that no human being could countenance as far as its behavior and rhetoric goes. However, when you rightfully criticize Zionism you are tagged as criticizing Jews. As a result, Zionism has been able to become a world problem because they use the Jewish people as a human shield. You launch a comment and it is made to appear to hit collateral bystanders. That’s the intent.

It would benefit anyone interested in the truth of the matter to read about The True Torah Jews and look into the works of Rabbi Weissmandl and Grand Rebbe Teitelbaum; if you are interested of course. If you’re not then that’s up to you.

World Jewry and Zionism is not the same thing and commentary on one doesn’t impact on the other. Let us use an analogy. Republican conservatives and American neo-cons are not the same thing. The latter may be Republicans but they are their own reality. They may operate within the wider spectrum of conservative Republicanism but their direction and intention are not the same and they neither serve nor advance the interests of Republican conservatives any more than politically motivated religious fundamentalists serve or advance the interests of Christians.

This is like a virus in that it pretends to be a legitimate cell but the virus is not the cell that it is mimicking. It’s a blind. The people who are going to pay the heaviest price for the actions of Zionism are not the Zionists. The Jewish people and others are going to pay the price and it is imperative that the Jewish people make an effort, which so far has not been generally forthcoming, to disassociate themselves from Zionism.

Many Jews have become convinced that the actions of Zionists are key to the survival of Israel. This is a lie. They are the biggest threat to the survival of Israel. If it weren’t for Zionism, Israel would already have peace with her neighbors just as the Jews who lived there previous to their arrival did. It is the intention of Zionism to steal the lands of other people and that sets other people against them. That’s an observable fact.

There is a reason that the Zionists ruthlessly suppress everyone who criticizes them. There is a reason they use anti-Semitism against everyone who speaks out against them. There is a reason they set up a hue and cry against research into and publication about the truth concerning them. The reason is that they are up to no good. What other reason could there be? If you don’t care what people see then you don’t hide it. If you do care then you do hide it. There’s a difference between making love to your wife with the door closed and raping a child behind the same door. There are limits to the defense of privacy just as there is a natural abhorrence against anyone revising history to suit their purposes.

The Zionists are extremely powerful. The Nazi’s were very powerful once too. They aren’t anymore and the same has to happen to the Zionist movement.

This slander of everyone who criticizes Zionist activity has to stop. It has to be unmasked for what it is. When the Rachel Corrie play is suppressed in every country where there is an attempt to have it performed it should tell you something. When Walt and Mearsheimer are hounded and slandered wherever they appear it should tell you something. When historical events are routinely doctored to serve specific interests it should tell you something. When a majority of the recent anti-Semitic attacks in France were proven to have been engineered by Zionists it should tell you something. When it is revealed that members of AIPAC were caught sending classified material to Israel it should tell you something. When a war is manufactured under false pretenses engineered by Zionists ...and American soldiers and foreign citizens die and the reputation of America is tarnished it should tell you something. When new drumbeats for war against Iran are being sounded by the same people that drummed up the Iraqi conflict it should tell you something. But are you paying attention? Are you listening?

I don’t suppose I would be as concerned as I am if it were not for the fact that real people are dying for lies fabricated by people who engineer and manipulate the conflicts. I wouldn’t be as concerned if an entire nation weren’t being used for target practice and abused daily across the stretch of decades. I realize that until it happens to you it doesn’t really matter. I don’t have that luxury, my conscience won’t allow it.

We have to separate the Zionist movement from the ordinary lives and goals of Jews the world over and see the difference; the same way we can see the difference between the Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian people, the Communist government and the Russian people, the Chinese government and the Chinese people, the American neo-cons and the American people, Nazi Germany and the German people.

This slander of truth tellers and blackmailing of nations has to stop. The association of anti-Semitism with genuine criticism has to stop. Sooner or later the wrong people are going to pay the price as they always do. It’s up to the Jewish people to begin to police themselves. The greatest power to do so lies with them. The world will thank you.

“Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist, not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushu'a in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population.” (Moishe Dayan) ...Genocide...

Friday, December 7, 2007

Airbrushing the Bloodstains from their Hands.

There’s something that seems to happen to presidents in their last year of office, if the president is chummy with the media conglomerates and did what he was told... otherwise that president winds up as chum. These team player presidents get a makeover, a sort of ‘queer eye for the straight guy’ kind of thing.

If the president has been- as in the cases to be exampled- a serial murderer, a hard case based on bodyguard power, an incompetent- and composed entirely of poster board to a similar depth, that president begins to mutate into someone who had to make tough decisions about tough situations; a man who was the victim of bad advice who made the best lemonade he could manage, a man who was not a posturing fool but a man of gravitas and insight whose deep inner struggles and late night agonies of compassion, warring with necessity, cannot be shown to the public but must be assumed as true because that is what they are going to tell you.

You will be required to imagine g.w.b as a contemporary Lincoln who sat up late into the night wrestling with demons, often upon bended knee with uplifted eyes to the heavens like that famous picture of the fanciful, praying Jesus with the golden glow around his head and which would certainly be a hit transposed to velvet and offered for sale along with similar presentations of toreadors, Elvis and the bleeding heart of Jesus that graces many of the smarter living rooms in America.

I don’t know if g.w.b. is going to fade gracefully away to Crawford. It hasn’t happened yet and the people who orchestrated all of the nasty shit of the last seven years that they blamed on other people are certainly not done yet either. But in the meantime the cosmeticians are at work. The latest cheek rouging is this Preventative Foreclosure thing; you know... another bailout of the industry designed to look like it’s going to help people. It’s not going to help the most desperate; those in arrears of payments, those who’ve lost their house and those now living with relatives or in cardboard boxes. That’s not the American way at this time. But it looks good in the headline and strange in the small print.

Suddenly rapprochement looms with North Korea and flashbulbs are going off like a fashion runway as g.w.b., Olmert and Abbas mime a peace initiative that no one saw any trace of for seven years while the duly elected Palestinian government is doing the perp walk behind a razor wire fence. ♫Send in the air-brushers... don’t bother they’re here♫

You can look forward to all sorts of things like this in the coming months as this bloodstained villain morphs... step by step... layer by layer... into a legend in his own time to complement the one in his mind.

Until Reagan came along I never thought I would see a completely pseudo-human mockup in the highest office of the land. I never imagined that the sort of things that went on during that man’s terms would ever take place. I know in the past, presidents had done bad things but I thought we’d grown somehow... learned from our mistakes. Next thing I knew there were all these crazy people on the streets who had never been there before and there were homeless people living in parks and on street corners and down in the subway systems. A whole lot of bad things happened.

In the interim another president got a blow job with more immoral currency to it than a million dead people.

g.w.b. took it to a whole new level. He’s took it to levels I didn’t think possible a few short years ago. For me the disappointments in leadership and policy, action and direction have become the stuff of Grand Guignol. Now they’re going to shift that around. I won’t know what that’s going to be until I see it and I don’t think ‘they’ know either until they see who they’re dealing with and what sort of muscle and leverage they need to apply in what manner. First they’re going to have to put a new coat of paint on this nasty old whore, just like the one that they painted a few years before. Then another model is going to come out of the showroom. We’ll have to see what comes of that.

The stagehands with the airbrush wands and compressors are going to soften the effect. Cowboy George Bush and Cowboy Don Imus and all the strong-jawed boys are going to disappear into a combination A.E. Housman, Norman Rockwell poetry painting of golden lads on pickup truck diner stools, dreaming over a cup of American Joe.

Nothing that happened in this mean-spirited world is going to attach to them. In ten years time all we’ll know about Bush is that he saved the world from Al Qaeda... that Ronald Reagan made America strong and proud and defeated the Evil Empire that, whoops... there it is again.... And that Don Imus did all those charitable things, the facts of which will be airbrushed out too.

When I think about all the wonderful things that the rich and powerful are supposed to have done over time, I always wonder why there’s so much left to do. When I think about all the charity dinners at ten thousand dollars a seat... the hospital fundraising dances and university bequests, I can’t seem to get a handle on what’s missing because that got airbrushed out as well.

I close my eyes and I see armies of air-brushers marching on millions of dead, wounded and mutilated bodies and the next thing I know, I see Julie Andrews skipping and singing across a green meadow. I see ex-presidents dressed up like Gene Autry playing the guitar astride a palomino on a mesa looking out over an airbrushed sunset.

And that’s the way people want it too. If you tell beautiful lies you are going to be surrounded by beautiful people who draw their shining charisma from them. If you’re one of those people who point out unpleasant truths you are going to be unwelcome there.

People are going to tell you, you are unkind to speak ill of the president and all of the men and women who are the icons of the moment and the soft-lit, magnetic nostalgia, flashbacks of the past. After all, what would you have done if you were president? How far would you have gotten telling the well-to-do that their success demanded them to carry a greater portion of the burden of life when it is the natural destiny of the middle class and the poor based on their far superior numbers? When two men pull a wagon there is labor indeed but when you harness a hundred men to the same conveyance why, they don’t even notice it at all.

There’s a line that goes something like, “first history comes as tragedy, the second time as farce.” I’m not sure I remember how it really went but I get the tragedy and farce part.

I am awestruck at the spectacle. It hardly seems possible that someone entrusted with so much could have spent so much of his time taking from those with too little and giving it to those with too much; that he could have caused so much death and suffering, that he could have done every thing that he did... not only wrong but terribly, terribly wrong.

And all along the way it just kept going on. One tragedy followed another and every action that facilitated every tragedy was based on a lie and finally it became a farce, a real life Sweeny Todd, where an army of singing barbers cut one throat after another and then walked off the stage to a thunder of applause.

It all happened... the countless deaths and dismemberments... the hurricane ravaged countryside left by the wayside, the treason and the hateful harm to national unity and the loss of all respect and good will... the airport security of unknown purpose... the punishing weight of fear and distrust and so much more... so much more. It all happened.

Time will go by and the American Pinochet will be asked for his opinion on things he’ll know less about than he did when he fucked it all up. He’ll travel to other countries in an honorary, ambassadorial fashion. He’ll reminisce in a retrospective. He’ll reflect in a dewy eyed interview. He’ll pose with his grandchildren and one day he’ll die and long lines of black limousines will make a slow crawl to the graveyard. Some famous singer will sing “Amazing Grace”. Important men and women will speak about his legacy and the impact of his life. His widow will weep through a long black veil.

The nation will mourn and the air-brushers will paint their masterpiece. Once they are done there will be nothing left to look at or remember and then one of them will paint a man with a bullhorn standing on a pile of rubble and it will be perfect and all... that... will... remain.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ron Paul and the Sign of the Devil.

Occasionally I have to get personal in my commentary here. Sometimes you have to clarify where you are coming from so that people understand. It’s natural for people to make assumptions. They can be inaccurate though and usually, the best thing is to ask me to clarify something. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen as often as it should. Usually it doesn’t happen at all. This may turn out to be longer than my normal postings which I keep within rigid dimensions. It’s necessary, so... bear with me if you will.

Recently a friend called to my attention a comment placed on The Truthseeker website - they occasionally reprint my articles at this site and I’m very gratified when that happens because I consider this site to be one of the best on the internet when it comes to telling the truth. I’m honored that they give me any space at all with so many fine writers to choose from.

They had reprinted my “Ron Paul and the Seven Dwarfs” piece and then added a caveat in an article above it which had to do with a photo of Ron Paul flashing ‘the devil sign’. They went on to say that this might indicate membership in ‘the illuminati’. This is an organization that may or may not exist under that name and which has been around for centuries and whose purpose is world domination along with all kinds of other evil shit. I’m certain that such an organization does exist. I don’t know if they call themselves that but it will serve for our purposes here. Truthseeker said the jury was out on Ron Paul and there could be many possible explanations for this gesture. They passed no judgment. They just made an observation and well... I don’t know what to say to that.

It is true that a number of questionable world leaders (and those who serve them) have been seen giving this sign. One of those leaders is George W. Bush who does it often and who deceitfully explained that it was in support of the football team, The Texas Longhorns. This is bullshit, no need to go on any further about that. Is George Bush a devil worshipper? If we take the meaning of that term in a general way and base our judgment on what he’s done then he certainly qualifies as a devil worshipper. Does he attend Black Sabbaths and participate in the sacrifice of human life on an altar dedicated to Satan in the classical sense? I don’t know ...he might. Does he sacrifice human life? Yes. Is he laughing in the face of the people who see him flashing this sign and does he intend it in a satanic fashion? I’d say that’s very likely. I remember his interaction with Ozzie Osbourne at a National Press Club Dinner and that speaks volumes. I also remember him laughing at and mocking Karla Faye Tucker. He’s a psychopath to be sure.

See, this is about semantics here and it’s also about appearances. If there’s one thing the ‘so-called’ devil is big on it is ‘appearances’. I have studied in the area of the occult and metaphysics all my life. If there’s anything I have a background in it is this. I’ve also had experiences, one in particular that relates directly to this sign of the devil thing. I’ll give a little background on that but first... let me say a couple of things.

There is only ONE animating force in the universe. This force specializes into every other force. For the most accurate and briefest description of this force please read “The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus”. There is no devil as is commonly understood; no power equal to the ONE that is in a position to threaten or challenge the position of the ONE. It can ‘appear’ otherwise and that is the thing... appearances. There are two relationships that one can have with the ONE and this is where ‘conscious’ and ‘unconscious’ good and evil comes into play. The devil is the way that evil people see the ineffable. This is where your devil is resident. This resistance to the progress of GOOD in the universe is the result of a decision or inclination on the part of any individual to engage in ‘self interest’ to the disregard of his fellows. It’s all about the false self. If there is a devil then that devil is a man, any man, who behaves like one and there are ancient forces willing to inhabit such a man or woman and who are always on the lookout for willing vehicles. This seeming contradiction is intentional.

I happen to know that there are two- what I will refer to as- ‘invisible lodges’ that are involved in a magical war and that everything that happens ‘on the ground’ is the result of it. Much of the evil that gets visited here comes from the dark lodge and operates through human agency. You can dispute this all you want. My personal experience is enough for my certitude. Many magical behaviors accompany the operation of powerful organizations; Masonic hand signals used in courtrooms and elsewhere, symbols on currency, twenty two stars in the Paramount logo etc. Governments and corporations co-opt symbology for their purposes. One can study the origin of the swastika and see proof of this. There are many, many examples. There are progressive initiations and levels. I could go on all night about this. I belong to an esoteric order and if there is one thing we are aware of it is what the ‘other side’ is up to. It appears ‘here’ that evil is always winning. Let us compare that to the exchange between John McCain and the Vietnamese general about how America never lost a battle but did lose the war. No one will EVER control the entire Earth.

To fully get into any of these areas in detail would require a book length exposition and that is not possible here. So you have to read between the lines and fill in the blanks yourselves. I am sorry to have to discuss some of the things I am talking about here in Smoking Mirrors. A lot of people visit this site every day and they don’t come here for things of this nature. I have another blog for that. Unfortunately... this is all relevant to the case in question and my personal experiences put me into direct contact with the subject matter. I promise to avoid these areas of discourse in the future as firmly as I have in the past.

In the process of writing here I have gained supporters and parted ways with others who objected to one thing or another. You can’t compromise if you’re going to do this sort of thing or you become another pandering hack. Certain sites won’t publish my work lately because of my talking about Ron Paul. I can’t be concerned with that. Another site that I highly admire may not link to this particular piece because of the arcane subject matter which isn’t a part of his view of the world and he’s a real force for good in what he does. I will try to keep Smoking Mirrors free of this in the future. I honestly don’t like talking about myself in the way I feel compelled to in this post. Most people don’t want to hear it and it gives ammunition to those whose axes are always sharpened in my direction. Let’s move on.

Major pedophile rings, ritual murder and major drug activity; all sorts of crime, cluster around the periphery of the governments of the world. Evil prospers and is infinitely attractive to those so disposed. I know there is a reason for everything and that karma is perfectly dispensed, but on the face of it, it seems that justice is seldom done. Be assured that justice is ALWAYS done in its own time and place... inexorably and inevitably.

I had an experience of initiation. I won’t get into the details of that but I will say that my hands went into very similar mudras to the one in question. There was an irresistible force at work which swept me away. Later on... days? ...Weeks? ...Months? I saw what I had not seen before- I was quite young- I saw some statues of Buddha’s and the Hindu deities and they all had their hands in this fashion. When I was in prison I noted that gangsters would walk around with the back of one hand resting above a buttock, they were bent forward and walked in a pimp roll with the same two fingers pointing down and the other two curled and I saw that this ONE force could be directed in two ways. One of the ways accounts for Good and the other is for channeling Evil. It’s one force and its intention is dependent on the person channeling it. In Indian Tantrism they speak of the right and left-hand path and it is a choice the practitioner makes at a certain point.

Later I found out that what happened to me was a kundalini awakening. It was so powerful that I went about for three years in a constant state with my hands in a particular fashion where it appeared that I was holding invisible reins to invisible horses. This was true. The reins are the reins of the mind and the horses are the senses. If you observe the classic painting of Krishna standing behind Arjuna you will see the hands held in this fashion. It symbolizes a yogic state. So powerful was what happened to me that many unbelievable things occurred in this period (and have continued to) and there are witnesses for it. I also attracted a number of followers who were either looking for me or following me. I was not comfortable with this and at a certain point made the conscious decision to behave in such a way as to discourage it and I have been successful since. I generally veil this process in which I am engaged. This is a very ancient thing whose origin lies far back of this present period of history. This serpent power is often depicted as a cobra with expanded hood. In China it is shown as a dragon. It permeates existence and is back of all activity in life. It can be consciously directed according to the disposition of the one channeling it. It can be both a deadly poison and a healing balm.

It is important here for me to say that I don’t make any claims about myself. I don’t know what it means in my case. All I know is that this force is still very much active in me- it’s permanent and doesn’t go away and I can go into this state at will and my hands and body will move of their own accord in something that resembles certain kinds of dancing seen in the east and also has martial arts applications. Since that time I have been able to see certain things and I write about them over at Visible Origami. I sometimes see energy serpents crawling though every aspect of nature. I see an alphabet of fiery characters written into everything, like my hand, or your hand. I see Hindu Gods riding across the sky in the shaping of the clouds. Transparent energy beings from the sun come and sit beside me on some occasions and talk to me but I can’t understand what they are saying except in a telepathic sense. It feels good though.

By this time some portion of people will assume I am crazy or deluded. I haven’t even mentioned the more intense occurrences and aspects of what this experience caused in me, nor the man I met who initiated it in me, one evening thousands of miles from the place where I had met him some months previously. He also held his hands this way. He was and is far beyond my state. I have not encountered him in the corporeal realm since.

I don’t really care what you think about all of this. My life has been a serious struggle with certain features of it... not the least being elements from the dark side but thankfully I know by experience that they have no power to affect me besides the occasional discomfort caused by these encounters. I know that experiences of this sort and the things I went though would drive most people mad. In fact, several people who were determined to follow me about had to be institutionalized for a period of time because of things they saw. During the experience that I had I went mad too, if going mad can be described as passing completely beyond the bounds of the normal parameters. For some reason, because of the way I am constructed it not only didn’t alarm or panic me but rather filled me with excitement and even today I am very comfortable with it happening and being in wild places even in the dark of the night. I made some kind of authentic connection and whatever it is, is a lot more powerful that any ‘appearances’ I run up against and I do run up against them.

Certain events of my life are well known by a number of people of good character who will attest to what I say here and who were able to see some of the things I discuss when they were with me. This gives me no greater importance than anyone else so put your egos aside. I’m just talking about something that happened and my whole life is the result of it. I live as a near recluse. I operate with minimum possessions. I seek nothing from the world and don’t care if I leave my mark or am heralded in any way. I’m just ‘trying’ to tell the truth and serve when I can. I’m not evil in the way we know the people in question to be but I am involved with ‘the same force’ in a different relationship. We can accurately judge whether someone is good or evil by the result of what they do; “by their works ye shall know them”. My hand occasionally rises of its own accord into the mudra of blessing which we see the pope and his priests engage in. The present pope has about as much connection with Jesus Christ as Bush does. That does not make the gesture evil, nor make me good.

I have made mistakes in the past and behaved outrageously. There were reasons but that is neither here nor there. What I say about this force and these hand gestures is all based on direct personal experience. Evil often appears to be good and what is good appears to be evil. We’ve got plenty of historical precedence for this. It’s said that even the very elect can be deceived.

Let me say that the basic nature of ‘the world’ is corruption and everyone who enters into the political and religious area comes into contact with some portion of it and ‘most’ come to ‘terms’ with it- make ‘deals’ and are, sooner or later, put into compromising positions. The areas of politics and religion as well as commerce are the dominion of a particular manifestation of the force. Those who have shaped our world for the better have all come into conflict with the authorities in the areas where they operated. Sometimes they are killed... imprisoned... framed and discredited... whatever.

Usually I can sense the nature of a man or woman just by looking at them and hearing them speak and I haven’t been far wrong yet about anyone. Now let me get to the essence of what this is about.

Some people assume that because I speak well about Ron Paul that I am a Ron Paul supporter and that I agree with every position he holds on every subject. This is not true. I have never said I was a Ron Paul supporter. Please look closely at the way I frame the things I say. If you have questions about my intent about anything I say in any posting I would suggest you read more closely. I am thinking about this very thing the whole time that I am writing. Quite often your question is answered already.

The Truthseeker made no claim in this regard about me but in other places I note that people have. This is not about the Truthseeker comment, which I agree with. This is in a general sense.

When I look at Ron Paul I do not see the satanic in evidence. He seems to me to be a man with sharply delineated and simple values. He appears to me to be just what he is, a country doctor who went into politics and whose record speaks for itself. If Ron Paul is an ‘illuminati’ or devil like the others... then that is bad news to be sure. I can see that Hillary is a tool of the Zionists. I can see that Obama is ambitious and callow (not enough experience for the job) but may be a good person- so far. He’s mostly traveling on show biz charisma. I can see that John Edwards is pretty decent but I’m not sure how strong he may prove to be were his integrity set against a hard challenge. I can see that Dennis Kucinich is telling the truth but I do not see completely into him which does not mean anything, I can’t see completely into any of these people but I can sense what I require to make a judgment that satisfies me and which experience continues to prove out.

I can see about the Republican candidates pretty much what I said in the last article so you can go back and read that if you haven’t yet.

Can I be deceived? I think any of us can. It can happen just from having a good heart. But I go with what Lao Tzu said... “I believe the liar if I am true enough.” I’ll leave you to figure out what that means.

I do not like Republican policies as they have been demonstrated for most of this century. They are the party of big business and they are elitist. They engage in class warfare, they separate, divide and conquer. They’ve learned to accuse the other side of exactly what they are doing. Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh tell you all you need to know about the contemporary Republican Party. Lately they represent the very worst things in America and they are presently base hypocrites when it comes to the real life application of their principles and platforms. I haven’t seen one like Ron Paul before. It astounds me that I would think this well of a Republican. He really seems to me to be speaking the truth and that is what America- and the world- needs right now. He has the right ideas about so many things. He comes across as a human being and a great many people see this. I would be shocked to find that he was a demon in disguise.

However, the world is the world is the world. To My eyes Ron Paul stands head and shoulders above the other candidates. I get arguments from people about his position on abortion and other issues. Most of their arguments are a form of hysteria and mis-informed. Most of the time the arguments I hear are surface judgments where the protestors haven’t even bothered to investigate and that’s business as usual on this plane. I don’t argue with people. I don’t care if I convince people. I put out what I think and you can take it or leave it.

I think Ron Paul is the best candidate by far. I think he’s the best thing for the country as far as I have looked into the matter. I’m not wearing a Ron Paul button and I’m not marching in any parades. I am just trying to give people my impressions on what I see and I am willing to change my position in a heartbeat the moment I find my position to be wrong.

I find that picture disturbing and I don’t know what to think. My immediate impression is that he’s seen that gesture around and doesn’t have a clue that it implies anything more than the “I love you” deaf signing or something... I can’t comment on it. I just know what I get viscerally.

I apologize to my readers for telling you more than you probably wanted to know about me and making myself vulnerable to the usual wacko labels. I manage my life pretty well in any case. Personally, I feel that most of the world is crazy and I see it all of the time. People do find me strange and I will admit to being so but you’ll just have to take the things I say the same way I take the things other people say. You’ll have to look inside yourself and see if it feels true.

I appreciate what was said at The Truthseeker...

BUT YOU HAVE TO TRUST SOMEBODY SOMETIME. And I find Ron Paul to be far and away more trustworthy than any of the others and I feel it is my job to say it. If in the future I prove to have been misled or misleading, you have my deepest apologies for that in advance. Once again, I will change my positions immediately the moment it is made clear to me that I am wrong. I have no ambition greater than to know and speak the truth. I realize this is impossible but I’d like to get as close as I can.

I did not want to have to believe that the Zionists were deeply involved in orchestrating and carrying out 9/11 but that is what the evidence shows... ...REPEATEDLY and conclusively. I’m not likely to get very far as a writer and a recording artist for publicly saying this but the truth is more important than my career as an artist or whatever reputation I may or may not have. Regardless of how damaging it may be for me to say the things I say in terms of my life’s work I would be just like every other sold-out, fear-based coward if I just played the game and went along with the program. I’m not going to play the fucking game and go along with the program and you shouldn’t either. That is a BIG part of the problem. It’s all of our little greed’s and fears that allow the big fears and greed’s to prosper. We turn our heads more often than we should.

I do not like having to say the things I say but someone has to say them and I’m not the only one. The amount of disgusting lies that are perpetrated daily must be addressed. People need to know that the Israeli soldiers WERE NOT captured in Israel but on Lebanese soil. People need to know that they were all set up to attack before it even happened. People need to be told they dropped around a million cluster bombs in Lebanon AFTER peace had been agreed on. Direct evidence proves this and it proves a great many things to be otherwise than what is spewed and spun every day.

People need to know about Myanmar’s cozy relationship with oil companies. People need to know what China is up to in The Sudan. People ‘have the right to know’ about what is going on. The media is real keen to use this ‘right to know’ excuse when it comes to the pathetic lives of the Lindsey Lohans and Paris Hiltons in this paparazzi age but they swerve right around the truth or just make it up when it comes to the important issues. Mainly they feed you swill because they consider you a lower life form.

People need to know that 911 was an inside job. People need to be told again and again about building #7. People need to know about Mohammed Atta on Jack Abramoff’s gambling boat and about PNAC and who is in PNAC. People need to be told the truth about Iraq and Iran and all the other places in the gun-sights of the psychopaths. People need to be told that the Zionistas control most every aspect of the media and that is easily proven at any time and every argument otherwise is bullshit and that has to be said.

People need to be reminded that Ariel Sharon told Shimon Peres that he didn’t have to worry about America because, “we control America.” The powers that be can’t disprove any of these things and thousands more I could mention. They can’t disprove them because they are true and the evidence is there. They can try to shout us down... They can tell more lies... They can try to marginalize and slander us but you cannot disprove what we say because it is the truth. End of story.

Somebody has to say these things so why not me? Why not you? Somebody has to say these things. Ron Paul is saying certain things and I agree with him. To me he appears to be telling the truth and he appears to be sincere. I will stand corrected the day I learn otherwise. Thank you for your patience in reading this post. I’ll be in the rubber room if you need me.

Footnote; I read this a few times before I posted it and my initial intention was just to toss it. Then I thought about the people who would read it. Some would find it entertaining. Some would get it and, due to certain features in the presentation, accept it as true. Others would take a ‘who knows?’ position and a certain portion would get pissed off and flames would dance on their head. I figured with all of that going for it I might as well put it up. Besides, that’s just how it is.

Monday, December 3, 2007

When We Do It, It's Okay.

Switched on CNN for two minutes to see the headline ticker and they were having the headlines update before going to Amanpour’s hatchet job on Vladimir Putin; commercial in constant play... Putin evil... yack ...yack... yack. What did I see? - ...timing is everything. Hugo Chavez is claiming that CNN was calling for his assassination based on ‘mistakes’ made by CNN in their broadcasting. They actually said that, “mistakes” but no explanation. I’ll just bet whatever it was, was an accident; no way did the alien life forms over at Time Warner send down a memo to make a mistake. I don’t know what the mistake was but it must have been one. These kinds of people don’t admit to mistakes unless someone has Polaroids and DNA and not then either.

The gangsters in charge don’t like Chavez the same way they didn’t like Castro. They don’t like Ahmanedijad and they didn’t like Saddam or Bin Laden; after liking them both a whole lot... Now they’re both gone... None of these men are the same as any of these other men except in one respect; they didn’t knuckle under for our corporate dime. They didn’t play the game. It’s the same as the democracy thing. We don’t like it when people don’t have democracies. Right now we are spreading it around the globe- our way. Even if you have a democracy we don’t like it unless it’s done our way, just ask the Palestinians what happened to their democratically elected leaders.

Putin has an 80% favorability rating. What’s Bush’s favorability rating? Putin and Chavez were legally elected; Bush has yet to be legally elected except in Texas. Chavez also has wide support among his people. On and on the news hammers at them, throwing up waves of innuendo and lies. Who controls these airwaves and why don’t they like Putin and Chavez? It couldn’t be because of Putin’s position on Iran and Russia’s new economic ascendance could it? It couldn’t be because of Chavez’s opposition to US control and exploitation of the southern Americas could it? Cui Bono... What were we up to in the Ukraine and Georgia? What are we up to in Columbia as regards Venezuela?

Chavez is asking his people on Sunday if they would like him to be their leader for a longer period. This may sound like democracy in action but it’s not, even if it is, because it’s not our kind of democracy. Besides... the poor like him and the rich hate him. Now it appears that the referendum has been defeated. The comment from Chavez was that democracy in Venezuela is “maturing”; positively dictatorial.

In America you have free speech- unless we don’t like it. You have the freedom of assembly, as long as it’s a mile away behind a chain link fence. You can vote for your president and he will be the president unless we don’t like it and then we’ll rig the votes and send the decision to our homeboys in the court; if it’s closer than we wanted.

It’s a funny thing about how the land of the free has more people in prison than anywhere else. It’s a funny thing how the land of opportunity has more homeless people than anywhere else except in the countries where we are making people homeless while we bring them democracy. It’s a funny thing about how we have so much crime.

We hated Castro. We had people working over time on ways to kill him; poison his cigars and other things. Castro was stirring up trouble all through Latin America and getting in the way of United Fruit, Anaconda, AT&T and Coca Cola and all our democratically protected corporations that had the unalienable right to hire workers for two bananas and a Coke a day. So we had to go down to Central America and other places and kill tens of thousands of poor people so that we could make them safe for democracy. We cooked up a ‘drugs for arms’ cartel and all kinds of neat little solutions for their own good.

I don’t see where Castro killed nearly as many people as we did but I’m sure we can tell you that we have proof that he did but you can’t see it.

Saudi Arabia is a good friend of ours but they don’t have anything like a democracy, which is okay because it is our kind of a democracy. I like how democracy rhymes with hypocrisy. It doesn’t rhyme with irony but it does sleep in the same bed.

When you’ve got the power you can make anything be anything you want. England practiced brutality on the Irish for hundreds of years and when the IRA came along to resist that then they became terrorists. They objected to the treatment they were getting and that wasn’t acceptable. They are still called terrorists today... but not by me.

Then it turned out that a lot of those IRA bombing were done by British intelligence; just like the bombings in Iraq; why they caught a couple of boyz in the hood in Basra, red-handed in the act and the Brits had to send tanks in to get them away from the people whose country they had invaded to protect them from something or other. The British are our friends.

I’m reading The History of Rome by Titus Livius at the moment. I see a lot of parallels and I’m learning again the things I learned a long time ago and that is that nations can get along or not get along depending on what any nation has and what any other nation wants and who is running that country. Leaders can do the right thing or the wrong thing according to who they actually serve.

We’ve killed over a million Iraqis and made another four million homeless. We look the other way when children are murdered in Palestine and the people starved into submission. We slander countries that don’t go along with our desire to attack sovereign nations under false pretenses. We threaten and blackmail and twist arms. If someone else were doing this it would be wrong. When we do it, it is okay.

Our friends in England murdered a whole lot of Chinese (of course, there’s plenty of them) so that they could sell them opium. Imagine that. They went into India and a lot of other places to rape and pillage and they made the world understand the meaning of ‘British Justice’. Of course, a few hundred years ago they used to hang nine year old boys for stealing a loaf of bread. They distinguished themselves in Africa and continue to. Whatever they do, its okay when they do it. Australia and Canada are supposed to be sovereign nations so why do they build their governments around the celebration of the English queen? Sometimes it looks like royalty is right where it always was only now its called democracy. And I guess it is a coincidence that Bush is related to the royal family.

You can’t piss in my ear and make me think it’s rain. You can’t make me believe you instead of my lying eyes. I realize it’s a fault I have and a problem for those who insist I be otherwise. There are more people like me than one might suspect, given what goes on every day. I don’t know when the populations of the world will get a clue. You’d think they would make the connection between their hardships and the people responsible. You’d think they would know who was in their corner but they don’t. I don’t see any more of that news about Chavez this morning. Maybe there won’t be any more mention.

As long as people are determined to put their interests above the interests of their fellows there will always be a waiting line to serve in the Court of the Conqueror Worm. As long as you are with us it will be okay whatever you do. The media will say so and history will record it as so. There are a lot more Oliver North’s at work today than there were before.

You’re going to have to decide for yourself where you are about the way things are. Every single day you make decisions that are a matter between you and your conscience. The strangest thing is that ‘we’ are collectively stronger than ‘they’ will ever be. As we have seen, a single person can change the dynamics of an entire nation. Nelson Mandela comes to mind as an obvious example. There are others. I often wonder why there are so few. You would think there would be more.

Sometimes I lie in bed and I can hear people crying far away. It’s almost like the music that the wind makes at my window. I can hear laughter too. There isn’t anyone close enough to me to make any of these sounds but I can hear them. You have to wonder how people can be so far away from the voice of their own heart when it is so close to them.