Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Ron Paul Technicolor Dream Machine.

I’m assuming that everyone who comes here already knows what I’m talking about and has visited the same news sites that I do. I’m not a foreign correspondent. I wouldn’t be allowed to do that. I’m not about giving you links that I am sure you have seen. I trust that you will know what I’m talking about on various issues. This is to say, you are not alone. Many of us share the same hopes with the same passion for the future. We seek change and we seek freedom from those who oppress us... some more than others in all cases.

They have our world, these miserable psychopathic swine have our world- and we are bent to the wheel while they play one shell game after another, while they milk us like a dairy cow, while they control our lives in unpleasant ways. They’re liars and thieves and they are powerful the way shadows are when you mistake the shadow for the thing casting it.

I don’t buy their bullshit and I know that many of you do not either. We’ve had some bad generations coming round for awhile and they have been matched by the state of the world and the governments that we got. A lot of lives went down the drain. Your hopes and dreams are now hostage to foreign interests and your future is just a commodity on a board where you can’t play. Are we helpless? No.

Before we get into ‘us’ and ‘them’ let me say I’ve met a lot of good Republicans. I may disagree with them on points but I don’t doubt their humanity. I will say that I thought it nigh on impossible that I would ever support a Republican. I’ve come to see the wisdom of the phrase, “If you are not a liberal in your youth you have no heart and if you are not a conservative by the time you are forty, you have no brains.” That’s not exactly as it was first quoted but it’s attributed to some who said it less well this will do.

Ron Paul is a man of destiny. There is no doubt in my mind about this. He says, very clearly, what must be said. Some are suspicious that he hasn’t said anything about 9/11. Surely he knows, right? People... a campaign is one thing, what he does after is something else. I don’t doubt that there is much unsaid. Let’s be grateful for what he does say. How prudent do you think it would be for him to get into that now? They’d eat him alive.

What are your choices? Let’s see... you elect another member of the CFR or... not. I know, for reasons I choose not to go into, that the shit has barely started. It won’t ease up for another four years. In that time the world will transform beyond anything we recognize today.

I think, if they don’t shoot him, that Ron Paul wins. I believe I could guarantee that. That sounds like a fantastic claim doesn’t it? Let me clarify. A lot of people haven’t heard about Ron Paul yet, or if they have they haven’t investigated his positions. These are all people who will jump to him when they do hear. Those hypnotized by the media and suffering under the whip hand of the vampire overlords are just the sort of people who will welcome Ron Paul’s message like the approach of blessed spring after a harsh winter.

However, I do expect an attempt on his life. For now they’re working with slander as you have seen with the white supremacy issue. They’re working with ignoring him. They’re working with giving him limited, controlled face time in the hope that they can catch him out.

The problem for the psychopaths is that Ron Paul is clean. You can’t find any dirty deals in his background. That’s making the blood trafficking elite very nervous and THANK THE INVISBLE for an honest man. An honest man is dangerous.

Let’s face it people... there is a real elite. There is a group of dedicated sonsofbitches who are no more human than a piece of garden hose is a snake in a moment of hallucination. They mimic the human kind very well but it isn’t real. They’re the people who have tea with the president of Uzbekistan while people are being boiled in water as if they were a present day Samurai from the book “Shogun”... meditating on the exquisite sounds of the agony. It’s like Condolezza Rice shopping for shoes while Katrina drowned.

Through the Federal Reserve they have found the means to enslave you. I’d recommend seeing “The Money Changers”, you can download it free off the internet and that brings me to an important point. THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hallelujah for the internet. Without the internet I wouldn’t know near as much as I, unfortunately, do. Without the internet I wouldn’t be speaking to you right now. They never figured on the internet. Let me be clear when I say ‘they’, I’m not referring to Republicans vs. Democrats, as might appear from earlier in this piece. These non-human lampreys have no allegiance to party or country. Their allegiance is to themselves; not even to each other. They’d turn on one another in a heartbeat should the need occur.

I’ll define ‘they’ for you a bit; although it’s the same in the Orient as in the Occident. For now I will only mention Washington, London and Tel Aviv. Nowhere else is there such a clear and present danger to our humanity. Other dangers exist but they will only come into play when these forces sell out the landscape beneath you and put you into hock with another master who is still manipulated by the same forces.

David Rockefeller; the last of an evil offspring of Shelob by way of Mephistopheles is seldom mentioned. I’d give him a look see were I you. He’s the guy that brought you Henry Kissinger, applied Eugenics and much worse. There are a lot of these people lurking behind the people who go to Bilderberger and such. I’d look into Lord Rees Mogg and that Mellon-Sciafe guy. There’s a tight little coalition of dead souls who want to put the harm into Harm’s Way. Rupert Murdoch brings these people coffee. The false Israelites make up a significant section of these blood-sucking weasels and don’t worry; they’ll blame it on the Jews and anyone handy later on. I’m not so happy with many Jewish leaders these days. If they can’t police their own then they are either stupid (something they have never been accused of) or complicit. Maybe they just like their guys being in charge and never ask what it costs. They had better start doing so.

If they are histories victims then there has to be more understanding on their part about what is being done in their name in Palestine and elsewhere. Maybe you don’t want to face the truth but you had better before the truth comes looking for you. During the time of the camps in World War Two it was Zionists who played as big a part in what happened as anyone else. That is fact.

I fully expect them to attempt to kill Ron Paul. I hope I am wrong but everyone previous who has sought to take control of the money away from those controlling it have met with unfortunate circumstances. If they do kill him, the outrage will be far greater than it ever has been before. We know a lot more now than we did. Once again it is thanks to the internet. You can kill the messenger but you cannot kill the message.

Make no mistake; these despicable forces are not Republican or Democrat. They are not Catholic or Jew. They are not any one color or nationality. They are not even human. In times past it has served their interests to blame one party, one religion, one color or nation for what they have done. They hide like poisonous chameleons among the peoples of the world. Be aware.

I have said many times that the best thing for the peoples of the world is to stop going to work and buy nothing that is not vital for sustaining life. Nothing would injure these predators more. It is the corporations and the banking interests who are behind the horrors of the time. The media is merely a tentacle of the octopus. Many of the major religions are corporations too. Even many of the charities are nothing more than vehicles for their influence. Open your eyes...

As powerful as these men and women are they can be had. Surely the ancient evil that dwells in the darkness of the human mind will find other agencies as new times appear. It is a fight that does not end. It is a fight that must be fought. Ron Paul is your opportunity to change the world for the better... even if only for a period of time. This is the world after all. If you do not seize this possibility there is no telling when it will come again.

Maybe I am a Ron Paul supporter after all.

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Anonymous said...

Ron Paul all the way! Excellent and past excellent. You've done it again and you're not Brittany Spears.

Alan the Red said...

It's interesting that you should post this on a day when some "terrorist" just "nearly" took out Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan. That, of course, is so similar to the way "terrorists" "nearly" took out Margaret Thatcher. And now you are hearing rumours that somebody is going to take out Ron Paul. What's the bet they "nearly" get him, and then, of course, the Sheeple all vote for the one who has been "nearly" taken out, because they do so empathise with that person.

Do wake up. He's a Papist. Papists only killed 50,000,000 people during the inquisition, and in case you didn't know, the court of the inquisition is still in operation.

Visible said...

Ron Paul is a Baptist you airhead and he originally intended to become a Lutheran minister like one of his brothers. That's more anti-papist than otherwise. Did you get confused? You know... Papist rhymes with Baptist?

I know you're a troll but I tolerate you so far because we need disinfo people to show up and be discredited here. You're from another location that we're both familiar with aren't you?

Anonymous said...

What are you folks smoking? I support R.P.,BUT think back. Carter first year,Clinton first year,and Hillary against the Insurance monopolies.MOCKERY!!70% of folks getting news from the N.N.M.{National News Media}.Think of autos with flags blaming R.P. on the worst Depresson in Modern History.If Ross Perot fail,what parties is behind R.P.? The small informed internet readers?Central Bank,M.I.C.,Fed Mandates,Zionist, and Satan himself.Get Real!!!

Anonymous said...

It makes perfect sense to remove Ron Paul with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), and then blaim it on the Iranians. That way, the Zionists kill two birds with one stone and proceed unhindered with their planned annihilation of Iran. What sweet irony.

Visible said...

Touch a nerve did I? You want to take a look at your syntax and remember that Perot didn't have the internet, that Perot was also a flake and worse and that we on the internet are anything but small informed.

Nice nick Nodwell.

Anonymous said...

Once again your words ring true.
I am sad to say us americans have brought this on ourselfs.
What do i mean by this? We are a country that would rather be entertained then informed. We left the post in monitoring our government. We refused to demand accountabilty.
They have become so embolden as to do things almost right out in the open (such as 9/11)
Yet we turn our heads,or ask ..What can i do?
It is true the internet is a gift,and they underestimated it,but rest assured they are trying to gain control over it.
Time is not an allie of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Sweet as silver Count Visible. I know it's hard to believe. I've seen you struggling with it for months. Like you say, "You've got to believe someone sometime." I think this is the time too.

Dr. George Ryan

Anonymous said...

...Not completely sure about Ron
Paul. I was a supporter until I saw the video at the above link. He open in Iowa with the Devil Hand Sign...

I am so disillusioned now...

Know yourself. Trust yourself. Its al smoke-screen to keep us focused away from the Times:

Anonymous said...

The corruption is a manifestation of the dawning of a truth for all mankind. "Oppression is an essential feature of every Revelation." Baha'u'llah. Try operating your car in a way not intended by the designer, store your phone in a jar of water, leave your doors open in dead of winter. There are laws for the existence of everything including the creature of the intellect. Pay attention to and embrace the laws and all goes well. Ignore them and disaster ensues. Simple isn't it? The questions are: What are the laws, who makes these laws and what are they to human beings? Who is the Messenger of our time? Find the most oppressed descendant in the male line of King David, subject to an international conspiracy of rulers, one of the wealthiest men in the world who gave his wealth to the poor and was exiled from foul prison to foul prison to shut Him up. Talk about oppression of the Truth!!! Thats what all the chaos is about. That is why this post applies to this blog! You are a thoughtful, intelligent human being. Ignore this at your own risk. Inquiries:

Anonymous said...

The risk is that you might miss a considerable benefit to yourself here on this plane.

Unknown said...

"The devil's hand sign"? This is a joke, right? Or, can I have some of the stuff you're smoking?

Sorry, back on subject.
Let's not put energy into the 'assassination of Ron Paul' meme - too much talk can create reality. That said, Alan Stang has written that killing Paul isn't so easy as past murders - Paul supporters are very intelligent and wily, they are doctors, lawyers - and nerds. "The nerds can hack into anything. They have successfully hacked outfits like DOD. If they can get into DOD, they can get into anywhere. You can’t keep them out. They can take your identity and ruin your credit. They can create a lien on your property and a debt of $8 million to I.R.S. They can shut you down. If you whack Dr. Paul, they are going to be mad. You are terrified, as well you should be, about what they might do. Even worse, Dr. No has enormous support in the military ... you can whack Dr. Paul, yes, but you can’t kill his ideas. His ideas would still be there and so would these people who chose him. They would choose someone else who would probably be meaner. If you hit Dr. Paul, you well-paid flunkies who implement the schemes of the psychos at the top will always need to be looking for the red dot, because to do your jobs you must be out among the people.
The Ron Paul fanatics could even decide you are implicated in the hit just because you work for the federal government, maybe for I.R.S. or the Fed. Yes, that’s crazy, but, remember, they’re fanatics! They’re wackos! When you see the red dot, you could have time to hear a distant tap, maybe two. ..."
The Times They Are A Changin'
Ron Paul 2008

Anonymous said...

Dont forget that the entire anti-immigration thing was fueled by the 13 groups that John Tanton founded or funded, including the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) that Lou Dobbs parrots everyday. And what's the significance of that? John Tanton waaaay back when got his start as part of the Rockefeller eugenics team. This info has now been fully cleansed from the web. You have to be as old as I am to remember.

Tanton wants these four things according to his Colorado mouthpiece, Frosty Wooldridge (A big Rense contributor):
(1) reduce US population to 150 million
(2) make US population white and not Catholic (Tanton has something against Catholics)
(3) Zero-population growth (wants mandatory abortions for illegal darkies)
(2) Zero immigration

So, as a result of jingoistic appeals to nationalism, we've all been bamboozled into mentally tearing down the meaning of the Statue of Liberty, and accepting Palestinian-style fences on our borders in the name of protecting ourselves from alleged terrorists who didn't do 9-11 in the first place.

Grant you, the border towns and cities get clogged with the consequences of swarming masses, but a clear-eyed look at just what the annual quotas ARE will tell you that our immigration policy is what has to be fixed. [The quotas for Mexicans is 10,000/year unless you're a professional who can come here on an H-type visa.]

The eugenics thing is real, but it wasn't until 9-11 that the old bell-ringers for it could lump it in with the things we were supposed to be terrified about . . . and Americans crumpled like cheap suits and bought it.

Anonymous said...


Perot wasn't a flake. What Perot did -- and I was standing in front of my TV watching C-Span when the impromptu press conference happened -- was say that when he was elected he would do three things. I only remember two of them now.

(1) Abolish the CIA
(2) Get rid of the Federal Reserve.
The third thing had to do with investigating something about Bush Sr but I can't remember what it was.

This was in June 1992. I stared at the TV and said, "You're a dead man." One month later hecklers at his address to the NAACP caused him to use the phrase "you people" and that clip was used to decimate him and get him off the world stage. Also, it was reported that he received death threats against his daughter if he continued, but Perot, to my knowledge, never confirmed that.

Anonymous said...

The Bhutto killing smells like a test run for what to do about Ron Paul. Will the consciousness find another mouth piece or will it be stiffled to the unspoken subconscious once again?
Let us form an entity that speaks for us that cannot be muted. Ron Paul is our current global mind expression.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Glad to see you support Ron Paul, too. But I'm not as worried about him getting whacked. You'd think by now the GOP would be able to totally rig their own nomination, eh? Unless a monumental scandal breaks in time to expose the vote-rigging, I don't see how Paul has a chance.

Even so, "all is well". Buon Anno!

Anonymous said...

sophia: Don't believe in the conspiracy-theorists. I make devil signs so what, big deal, it is not the signs that judge you, but your actions.

However i think that USA needs a socialist system, not capitalist system, and Ron Paul is capitalist

Anonymous said...

Another excellent article of yours picked up at thetruthseekers. com, les. Here's something that is not unrelated to it:

Some of the Brit gov's names might not be familiar to the other posters, but the scenario surely will be!


Anonymous said...

God Bless Ron Paul.... Live free or die.... let the Revolution begin...

Anonymous said...

“Vote Ron Paul?” How ridiculous. Assuming for the sake of discussion (and I have serious doubts), that Ron Paul is "the real deal," there’s just one small problem. The American Republic was overthrown a long time ago. ALL elections are scams. Voting is pointless and only helps legitimize the illegitimate.

By voting for Ron Paul or anyone, you invest hope in the lie that maybe the republic is alive after all and you don’t have to do anything about reviving and freeing it, which guarantees more of the same, i.e., you participate in your own self-deception sheep, and deception is what enslaved you to begin with. So why don’t you deal with reality instead of being a sucker for lies all your life?

The deception of all the deceptions is of who you are to begin with, and yes you have been lied to even about that. All human beings are spiritual beings with formidable God-like powers that you could use to easily free yourselves (individually and collectively) with.

Except that since you have forgotten your true identity (with the deceptions of the ruling class) and what powers come with that, you are consenting to each step of your enslavement and annihilation. You will certainly reap what you have sown.

And if you talk something like this “I am only one person what can I do to change the world?” you are proving my point, as you say that only in ignorance of who you are and your own powers. To say that means you have come to believe the lie that you are sheep, and if you believe it, it is so.

Understanding the details of all the endless conspiracies and hoaxes perpetrated on us to enslave us without first enlivening and harnessing the power of the spirit (first seek the kingdom of heaven and all things will be added on), only heightens our fear (and as we all know fear paralyzes), which right according to plan ends up making the truth movement just another instrument in our enslavement.

Fact: the New World Order is not a done deal yet or they wouldn’t be working so hard to make it happen.

We can stop it even at the last moment if we decide to, if we intensely nourished and restored the strength to our spirits first, and then fearlessly (it could not be otherwise) enacted our will.

This cannot be intellectually understood without the experience, but with the experience, it is so obvious. Intense and frequent honest prayer is just one way to wake our spirits up.

Anonymous said...

this blog is good one...I also agree that the cfr has had too much control over western "democracies" for too long. However, I am not sold on Ron...first, he is too much of an industrialist's wet, eliminating all regs on businesses...all that does is allow the big shots to get complete monopolistic control of a market---that is not free market economics at all---it is the total opposite. sure, the economy is about to tank because of central banking madness, but these mad hatters aren't government people, they are private bankers....I have smelled enough of these kinds of fleabags....disgusting....they will most certainly be backing rp, for he wishes to remove any regulations that attempt to keep their "business" reasonable transparent....all of this anti rp stuff is just window dressing....he will end up being the first american dictator, guaranteed.....sure, he will get rid of regs, only the ones that keep the industrialists at bay....he will do nothing for the people....that is what I believe...I won't vote for him or anyone else....enjoy the rest of the holiday season....your blog is again very crisply written...however, I agree to disagree with you on the rp issue.

Anonymous said...

Nar they won't tocuh him, the vote machines are rigged, no need to touch him.

Anonymous said...

I just realized that my 1st post wasn't inclusive of an essential element in any conversation about controversial issues: a little bit of feather smoothing. I guess its that I'm more enamoured of the math involved rather than the psychology. Who could listen? I wouldn't.

In the end it won't matter what Ron Paul does or does not do, what you or I do or do not do in the political domain.

It's important at this juncture to briefly address one thing: The elephant in the room. That there is an elephant in the room suggests also that there is something very much more substantial and worthy of being in the room than the elephant.

In the process of arriving at the reality of the elephant in this case there are a lot of red herrings to get out of the way put there to keep us from seeing the elephant. One of them, for instance, is the term "zionism" It is, in my humble opinion and from my investigation, from start to finish, a creation of the oligarchs (the crushing force, the elephant invisible to most) who control the currency and credit, directly or indirectly of every country on earth.

"Zionism" has been a mind bending rubics cube for the rest of us and a very real source of control for the Ollies of this world. Now its coming out that the Holocaust is an industry, that the biggest zionists aren't even Jews and most Jews are not zionists or wouldn't be if they weren't taken in by the trickery as well, and that our 1st amendment rights are being deep sixed by the so called "hate speech laws" instituted by so called "zionists" for the purpose of holding the prolls face to the ground so the rape can continue unabated.

Its all so complex, as it is meant to be, that most of us will not catch on and the ruse will continue to its ultimate finale: World domination. "Resistance is futile."

Its the bright morons (could use their minds to create a paradise instead of a sewer) who institute this kind of chicanery on the majority who aren't into solving that kind of puzzle (not in any class in school and definitely not spelled out on tv) but instead the majority are kept wrapt in pat answers, confusion and working more and more hours to pay the bills, raising troubled kids and viewing the favorite social manipulation segments on tv.

We may wish for a simpler time but if we were dropped into a simpler time, like the stone age, for instance, by a nuclear war or geocatastrophe most would not benefit except that we would quickly perish as we are generally bereft of the skills or the tools to function in the primitive sphere.

We have to muddle our way through this s--t storm to get to the prize on the other side. Some of us won't make it. No matter. The important thing is that humanity itself will have emerged at some point into a different interpretation of reality wherein humanity is united as one soul world wide. Thats quite a leap I know but once we shake off the dust of despair and cynicism, use our puzzle solving mechanism, the one between every pair of ears and located nowhere and in no time, our rational soul, to look to the unity of humankind and away from the differences and suddenly we see before us the illumined path covered in peace and justice. Enter one person at a time as quickly as possible.

We are all made of the same thing the body one thing and the soul another. None of us made ourselves.

Our physical existence is an illusion. There is enough energy in every cubic centimeter of dense matter to light NYC for 3 months. There is a million million amperes of electricity in every cubic centimeter of the vacuum of dense matter. Atoms are not things but instead are made up of parts that are mere tendencies, vibrations and they are mostly empty space. If the electrons of the atoms making up your body were compressed into the nucleus' of those atoms you would be the size of a pea or less.

All of this (everything everywhere) is the thought of Something we cannot comprehend. Because we cannot imagine It we make up stories about It (all the while ignoring what It tells us). We relay our misinterpretation to others. If its good enough for grandma its good enough for me. Give me that old time religion. The stories spread. We make a mess.

That part of us that is not an illusion but is much less easy to perceive is our real being.

Our time is imbued with vast stores of knowledge that are easily accessible especially now. Ask the best questions you can. Its the only chance any of us will get.

There is no point in wasting time trying to wrest power from the oligarchs. Its a squabble with a dung hill beetle. Its too late for that. Get ready for the end stage of their rule as their system is an un-natural concoction formed in darkness that is not intended for the creature with the intellect. That system is about to crash into an incomprensible force, not made by human hand, that it cannot withstand. It will be comparable to the fragile shell of a butterfly hitting something as substantial as the Twin Towers at 1000 mph. Even the brilliant amongst them are under strong delusion (as promised) and cannot see the inevitable demise of their system just ahead.

How do I know this? It is my personal responsibility to investigate to find the truth no matter what it may turn out to be. I don't care what the truth is but only that I must have it.

Anonymous said...

Once again your words seem to be what we are all thinking. I am in agreement with you when you state your belief that an attempt will be made on the life of the very brave and true American Ron Paul. I also agree that there will be more a backlash as well.

Looking at all that has happened in this country in the present, it would appear that nothing short of a revolution would be justified. I just wonder if people would really have the courage to give their all for their country. Sadly I do not believe most people do, maybe even myself.

However if this rebellion were to ensue, would that not give the Elites and their controlled government pawns what they have wanted for so long: to declare all out martial law. Maybe I am off on this but it seems that unless Ron Paul wins this next election, the other options are not very bright.

Ronnie D. Traywick Jr.

Anonymous said...

I see you lured some trolls away from Fox with your newest piece, lol.

Sometimes it's hard to tell the true enemy from the regular folk who have been fed the b.s. for so long it becomes close to impossible for their logic to reset and accept new ideas, or that they may have been wrong.

I recently returned from Idaho to visit my wife's parents and I was amazed with the 'belief' systems that these 'migrators' still hold to so dearly.
I call them 'migrators' because Idaho seems to be the latest 'white flight' state.

Being surrounded by a dozen aging Christian-Republicans defending things like water-boarding, Bush, Iraq, (fill in your favorite catastrophe here), while simultaneously being kicked by my wife under the table when I spoke out, made for a very unpleasant visit.

These really weren't evil people, but rather citizens that have been spoon fed the patriotic dose of b.s. for so long, that to admit they were wrong now would pretty much erase a lifetimes worth of beliefs. I'm sure it's a common obstacle
to change.

When I made the statement that I felt they would vote for whichever candidate promised to outlaw abortion and gay marriage, without regard to hundreds of thousands of lives being wasted, I think I actually saw a lightbulb go on above one woman's head.

I also acted surprised that the Christians in the U.S. would be ok with all the Christians that had to flee Iraq since our invasion. To this point I noticed that they didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about.

I imagine that I will never go to Idaho to visit again (yah!).

When I was chewed out for the final time by my wife, I explained that I got no jollies from arguing with a bunch of aging homophobic 'Christians', but at least now they can't say they never heard what was really going on under their noses.

kikz said...

evenin les,

maybe i can leave a link :)?
guess you've read stang's latest missive bout paul being lined up w/the 8 ball.

i thoroughly enjoyed stang's warning to the elite...

the storm is comin...
from the wireheads to the gunnys. the storm is comin.

Doing Dr. No .... will not prove prudent.

Anonymous said...

Skepticism. Don't ever let it die, for it is what got us this far and what will continue to move us forward. Ron Paul is either a reflection or the light, for no one is "dark" just a reflection. If the latter, then let him shine upon new truths for us to uncover and understand. May he be the former, then let us find the source of that reflection, for truth is the answer not Ron Paul...

Let us find unity without organization. Then there will be peace.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul seems folksy enough, but what exactly is it he's going to change? Global warming? Nope, done deal. Oil depletion? Ditto. Over population? Perhaps.

We're approaching the end of what seems like a long road, but is in fact a microscopic blip in geologic terms. Humans only became socially agrarian 10,000 years ago. Prior to that, our population had been kept in check forever. As in forever. As in so we shall return.

The twin "devil horns" of expanding desert bands and the receding fossil fuel supply that made them expand, has sealed our fate. There's no way out now. The elite know this, and so, I suspect, does Ron Paul. He's not going to do anything about it, except buy some time. Ain't that what it's all about anyway?

Anonymous said...

Pardon my confusion, but canonizing an individual who seeks to "take control of the money away from those controlling" sounds a lot like communism. I gather that Ron Paul does not call himself a communist, but the whole point of mainstream Republicanism is to eliminate taxes on principle without regard for consequences. Therefore this added twist by Ron Paul seems oddly Soviet coming from the American Right ...

Anonymous said...

The slaying of Bhutto coming just before the caucus is not going to help him.
Fear is going to be non stop on the news till then.
But can the U.S. keep fighting all these wars.
Listen to what he is saying.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you about the upcoming troubles. Financial times reported today that Marvel comics was partnering with the U.N. to create a new comic book featuring U.N. peacekeepers as superheroes in war/disease ravaged city. It will be distributed to 1 million U.S. students - absolutely free! I shit you not.
Why would they do that? Well, they pretty much know that U.S. military forces will not war against their own citizens.
Sure hope those U.N. boyz know how to fight when they get here.

Visible said...

Greetings Friends;

I want to thank you for your comments. I can't answer them all individually. The time I spend on my various blogs and the emails that I get amount to almost a job; one I do for free because that is what I would like us to be- free. I am free but I cannot feel really free unless everyone else is too. You that know what I am talking about need no explanation of this and those that don't could never understand.

I listen to everything you say. Sometimes I learn something and it changes me. Sometimes it's just a "moving right along" sort of thing.

I don't agree with those who have presented opinions contrary to the one I hold on Ron Paul. I have disliked the Republican party since I was 12 years old. I've never supported it. I think Ron is the only useful candidate. That might mean we're all fucked or not. You have to trust someone sometime so I'm trusting him for the moment.

I have no idea if they will actually try to kill him but let me say that I wouldn't put it past these cowards. You don't know how much I wish I could encounter these malignant reptiles in an open field. They don't have the stones though; they hire thugs. I've spent a lifetime learning how to fight but I fancy no man's odds against a crowd (movies aside), or a bullet from the shadows. Given that each life has a limit as far as I'm concerned I don't care when I go and I won't live in fear of leaving.

For the fellow that keeps letting me know that I'll perish unless I embrace Bahai well... give God a name if you like. I'm in touch with the source and I don't need another road map. It always pains me to see people letting others know they will perish if they don't follow them somewhere. I'm an immortal being- my situation is taken care of. Make sure your own is.

As for Theodor Herzl being a good guy... who knows? So was Karl Marx? What I do know is that he directly said that the anti-semitic slur should be used whether it applied or not and it didn't matter if it destroyed someone's life. That's my only bone with him actually. Zionism is a vicious cancer and implicit in the idea is the evil of it's nature.

Israel does not belong to the Jews nor do I think they deserve a homeland based on an obsolete religious concept from the days of burning animal sacrifices any more than any other religion. I don't know why anyone would want to live in such a bloody landscape anyway and I have no use for tradition and all the booga booga of ancestor worship and sucking up to relics. Truth is eternal- it's not back there somewhere in dead buildings and hanging from the bones of so-called saints. It's a living thing. Fuck the past- learn from it and move on- better yet; let the moment widen and expand until it contains both the past and present and embrace eternity; but that's just me.

Thank you Wayne... nice of you to drop in.

As for Perot being a flake or not. It isn't on those issues that I call him a flake. It was claiming that the Black Panthers were coming across the Canadian border to kill him and his family. I also don't like the way he made his money and... it's subjective, I know... but I didn't like the guy. Some people don't like me. I understand.

If and when I'm wrong about Ron Paul you will be the first to know. Just imagine what it is like for me to be supporting him? At heart I'm a socialist when you get right down to it. I include some Utopianism in that as well as some Libertarianism. I'm basically a Jeffersonian when it comes to the American political system. I've parted ways with America. I wish her well and I will fight for her. I do fight for her but I've moved on. In a few years I will be lost in India and that will be my Les Visible experience. For the moment we'll just continue on.

Driver said...

It's Hill the right wants to kill. They'll put her in office first.

Anonymous said...

The Devil's Hand Sign:

Ron Paul & Dubaya both come from the state of Texas & thats where the hook'em horns tradition lives.

University of Texas Traditions: Hook'em Horns
Jim Nicar, The Texas Exes

Hook'Em Horns!
· Texas Exes Web Site

University of Texas at Austin cheerleader Harley Clark knew what he was going to teach football fans at a 1955 pep rally was going to catch on faster than poodle skirts and leather jackets. It had to. After all, the Texas A&M Aggies' "Gig 'em" gesture had been around for years.

Clark sold the student body on the symbolic approximation of the horns of Longhorn mascot Bevo and, thus, began the "Hook 'em Horns" hand signal.

The salute quickly took its place beside the university traditions of singing The Eyes of Texas and lighting the Tower orange.

Fellow student Henry Pitts, who had come up with the Longhorn sign during an inspired game of shadow casting, had shown Clark the sign three days before the Texas Christian University game.

At the Gregory Gym pep rally for that game, Clark showed everyone how to make the Horns hand sign and then proclaimed it to be used from that time forward. By the thousands, the university faithful extended their pinkies and index fingers toward heaven.

"A lot of my friends thought it would be too corny, but I thought it was perfect," said Clark in a recent interview. "Everyone walked out of Gregory Gym that night crazy with it."

The next day at the game, Clark watched the "Hook 'em Horns" gesture surge around the stadium from one side to the other. "TCU had a fine team," he said. "We had to make up in spirit what we lacked on the football field."

In the mid-1950s, Clark was head cheerleader at the university, a position that was elected by the student body.

"It was second only in importance to the Texas governor," he laughed. "I loved the university so much I stayed for nine years (earning undergraduate and master's degrees in government and a law degree)."

A major influence on his life was the late historian and university Professor Walter Prescott Webb.

A retired state district judge, Clark now lives in Dripping Springs, where he grows flowers and vegetables.

He was the judge who ruled in 1987 the state's system of public school finance was unconstitutional because it discriminated against students in property-poor districts. When he hung up his robes in 1989, Clark joined the Austin office of the Houston-based law firm of Vinson &Elkins for 10 years.

He remains connected to the university through the Friar Society, Tejas Club, the Ex-Students' Association and the Cowboys Alumni group.

Clark still is introduced at university events as the person who introduced the "Hook 'em" sign. At the recent 2001 Gone to Texas event for new students, Clark recalled the birth of the gesture to the crowd:

"Our team, the band and the cheerleaders were on the stage at Gregory Gym. After conducting the regular pep rally, I got the crowd quiet and began explaining to them: 'You know how the Aggies have the "Gig 'Em" thumbs-up hand sign (doing it as I spoke). I do not know of any other college with a hand signal. But it is time we had one, too.'"

And, as they had done 46 years before, a roar went up from the crowd and everyone happily and friskily waved "Hook 'em Horns."

Posted By S.A. Homes

Glad I'm Not A Texan!!!

Anonymous said...

Ross Perot was against Nafta and outsourcing American jobs in addition to the other parts of his platform.

NAFTA is the most likely cause of the hemmorhaging at the Mexican border. 20 million farmers out of work in Mexico can't be wrong. They know where they can make a living now that their means has been erased in Mexico.

Ron Paul may get the vote but he won't be able to do anything against the little group with all the power, not for long anyway. Is he one of them or one of their operatives? Hillary can't be mistaken for anything else. Every candidate that wins is vetted by the powers, especially in a presidential race.

Get ready folks, the world superstate is on its way. Its being pushed by people who won't be denied.

And that is the good news. I mean really, isn't it good news?

Change is the only thing that is certain in the universe. Some changes can't be stopped, like the change in position of the solar system in the galaxy. Stop that! Another change that might not be stoppable is the move toward the world superstate. Its the next step in the evolution of human organization. First there was the family with the identifiable father, then came the tribe and the village and then the coalition of villages, the province and then the state and after that the nation. We are heading to another level of organization.

It isn't any prettier than it ever was to people who think the status quo is great. The status quo was never great unless your ox wasn't being gored. There are moments when it isn't being gored.

It just so happens that the people organizing the world superstate think like Attilla the Hun or Genghis Khan. Thats where we are headed though. They don't want us to know its going to happen because it upsets some of us.

The fact that its run by folks who embrace no spiritual attributes is bound to be disturbing. But what else is new. Take a look back. Who is running things most of the time. Queen Liz I the pirate, The Rothschilds, the Bush family (minions to the powers), need I go on. All totally self-centered and power grabbing. We may have had a seeming respite here in the US but it wasn't to last as the powers got a grip and won't let go.

The policies of these people, barring a world geocatastrophe or out and out opposition from every person on earth, will cause the population to be reduced to somewhere around 500,000 to 2 billion people. The survivors will be made up of the powerful and the slaves, same as today.

It is also likely that at some point, because of the draconian measures the powers institute, that government and everything else will be so dysfunctional that they will be forced to concede to the efficacy of a certain notion: Justice, fairness. Another invevitable change. We will continue to evolve.

At that point if we haven't already had some kind of geocatastrophe to knock them completely out of power things will begin to change. Of course, if they are knocked out of power that will be a change, and possibly in the direction of true justice. We may have to start at the stone age and move on up from there though.

Sans geocatastrophe there will be the forming of a spiritual world government, not organized religion, but instead made up of people who embrace the spiritual principles of justice, mercy, education, family, love, respect, charity, personal responsibility for the investigation of the truth and more, will be formed. Not to remove these folks from power, they know how to run world government and who will want the power anyway after witnessing the coming debacle. The mess will wake most of the powers up to a few undeniable facts. They too will become spiritual.

At no time in known history have we arrived at a point where the whole world could be under one government. Any spiritual government would produce good results for the people. As it is at present though, we will be laboring under a group who have steadfastly rejected the spiritual view. Their intentions are not just.

It may not go exactly as described above but close enough. The important thing is the end result will be highly positive. We could have established that in the world already but we weren't interested in that. Too busy goring and being gored. Too distracted by overwork, ignorance and all the other attacks on our persons and communities.

The earth can be a paradise. It will be at some point. After this next election there is likely to be some pretty violent rock and roll. Get ready people.

Anonymous said...

I think the "horns" thing is in fact a black magic gesture.

But it's also (as indicated by an earlier poster) the Texas Longhorns symbol.

And, I read somewhere, that in American Sign Language, it's the sign for "love." Based on some brief googling, that appears to be true. That could be what Dr. Paul meant when he used it.

Visible said...

Yes... I made that exact point in an earlier posting.

Anonymous said...

I've just finished reading these comments Les; you must be on fire mate. What an assortment of responses.
You certainly have a magical gift.
All the best for the New Year.

annemarie said...

anonymous @9:11 pm

I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote.

It is so. In fact it has (already) been written. ;)

Vaya con dios babies. btw, I mean "babies" in the best possible sense. It isn't condescension, rather it's a term of affection. :)

Alonelywanderer @1:39 AM

wrote this:

"truth is the answer not Ron Paul...

Let us find unity without organization. Then there will be peace."

Yes. Perfectly said.

Ola! Ditto to what you wrote as well. ;)

What else can I say but Muchas gracias again mi amigo :) :)

Love and hugs to All,
annemarie ;)



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