Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Beauty of Anything is in the Heart of the Beholder.

Finally, in the tradition of a broken clock having the correct time twice a day, or a thousand monkeys on a typewriter for a million years reproducing Shakespeare, Trump did something right and that was not not only deny Trans Theysters from joining the military, he went even further than the people pressing him asked. Don't kid yourself. This has nothing to do with the expense. It has to do with the overwhelming majority of Americans being against this sort of thing. I don't care if people are changing their sex or whatever cartoon wonderland they are obsessed with inhabiting, I just don't want to hear about it. I don't want to pay for it. I don't want to be around it but they don't want to be around me either so... there it is.

What has happened in light of all this gender bending lunacy is that people are petitioning to become carrots and radishes by grafting with mandrake roots via cross DNA engineering, because they identify as hard slender vegetables. None of them so far have petitioned to be turned into ambulatory eggplants. There is already a law on the books blocking transitioning to softer, slender vegetables like cucumbers because of various physical dangers attendant. Bwak!!! Obama already came out as identifying as a cucumber but he's got cachet.

I know 'we' have written extensively on sexual ambiguities and directly related affairs that are the hallmark of this dysfunctional age. As materialism intensifies you are going to see practically anything you can imagine and plenty you never even thought possible. Guru Bawa said that you will know we are near the end when cannibalism becomes widespread. Well, it makes perfect sense, Materialism, after all, manifests in people devouring each other and embracing that Randian maxim, Greed is good and by extension, every man and woman for themselves. In some ways, sexual maladjustment is a reaction to regimented conformity. It is also the lazy way out of the demands of family. It is a direct expression of materialism in the sense that being enclosed in fabricated matter which excludes the natural kingdom, except for potted plants, many of which are made out of plastic, results in the forced feminization of the male principle at the basal level. It is an automatic reflex manifestation of urbanization. It also results in forms of aberrant, militant feminism (not all answer this description as there are genuine expressions connected with evolutions in consciousness) because, though the majority of female expressions may be unaware of it, a departure from a balanced relationship with Nature, messes with the female being at various levels and generates rage and frustration, whose cause is not known, so the targets taken are externally garnered at the expense of both.

It is of supreme importance that the reader understand that I really do have no problem with how people express themselves sexually, unless it is visited upon the vulnerable in an unwanted fashion. I obviously have an opinion that varies according to type but that is for personal reference, the same as tolerance is not acceptance. I am aware of any number of karmic imperatives that bring these things into being, at least in temporary form and all of us will at some point in our evolution experience ourselves in some similar manner, just as we will all be tradespeople and states-persons, celebrities and sundry. We will be queens and whores and bankers and galley slaves. Then again, maybe not. Some will skip elements of this processional. Some of us, especially in this time frame, will make a priceless, impossible to describe, quantum leap in status and consciousness; Go with God, not that you are likely to accomplish it any other way.

We will fall asleep as one and wake up as another and that is why, no matter what we may be at any moment, should always be compassionate and generous, forgiving and serving ...because at any point and at every point, though we may not know it and... we should know it, we are dealing with just another version of ourselves. This is something that masters know and why they behave as they do, though even masters have favorites and even masters are repelled by certain personality types. This is human nature and you can't escape it. You can refine it and equally important, you can restrain it.

This is the age of both religious and cultural wars. You can abstain but... that is an art. This war is taking place all around us and the committed combatants on either side are serious as syphilis. All of these wars are extensions of the initial war that is the war against ourselves. Our bodies are a composite of 4 elements that are naturally at war with each other so, it stands to reason that we war upon ourselves and stress, disease, injury and death are all by products of this.

One of the points of mantras and prayer is to harmonize our elements with one another under a particular authority. All of the elements live within or upon the aether and it is possible to harmonize our elements by certain practices having to do with the aether. Something of this order takes focus, concentration and the same kind of discipline one would devote to learning a musical instrument or any science or system that requires a regular performance of it. The bad news is difficulty at the beginning. The good news is guaranteed success through the persistence of continuous application.

For myself, I like to ask myself specific questions that I consider with a ruthless honesty. I refuse to go through life as if I were flotsam or jetsam upon the surface of an unpredictable ocean. I refuse to let the winds carry me wherever they will. I refuse to accommodate myself to any artificial construct that exists for the purpose of herding humanity, according to the wishes and whims of a self styled elite. I refuse to accept anything as being true that I have not personally experienced as being so and if I have not experienced it, my answer to queries in those regards is, “I don't know.” I refuse to lie to myself. I refuse to take an easier way unless the right way turns out to be the easy way. I refuse to be intimidated by anyone but the almighty or his agents. This does not mean being combative. The world wants us to be submissive to it; “walk in all things contrary to the world.” This does not mean in obvious fashion. It is an inner posture. One need only read of the lives of the great souls who have changed this world in visible and dramatic fashion to understand the sort of challenges that exist.

We are priceless in ways that far too many of us do not comprehend. Without each and every one of us, God is incomplete. At this very moment, God is searching for us. One night I was laying on a bed and I felt this presence slipping into my mind, I turned to it and it slipped away as if it were incredibly shy. It was one of those remarkable experiences that I'm not going to be able to describe in an accurate way because of how extraordinary it was. Let me say that this energy that was slipping up on me was very familiar, like the presence of an old friend that I had not seen in decades. It was a wonderful touch, that initial touch. I wanted more of it so I reached for it and it immediately receded again. I got the message so I lay there very still and soon it approached me again. It was filled with this beautiful atmosphere.

I cannot possibly express how very badly I wanted it but my wanting it seemed to cause a distance between us. This presented an ironic conundrum. As you know we have often said that you must pursue it with a great intensity and want it more than anything else. This is true but everything changes when it arrives. So I had to change my whole demeanor. It is at this point that I must say God is unpredictable and I must also say that the relationship is different for each one of us. A lot of the time you have to 'fly by the seat of your pants'.

As I waited as still and empty as it was possible to do this presence came closer and finally I could experience it and it was as wonderful as anything that has ever happened in my life. Then it went away. It hasn't come back like that, in that way again. Another time I was laying on the bed in another part of Germany and Lord Krishna, brilliantly blue, peered around the doorway. There were several cobras in a hood above his head. He smiled at me and then withdrew. It happened so quickly and hasn't happened again. One afternoon during my hyper reality state in Italy I was standing in my driveway and Lady Nature came off of the small road that ran by our place and walked up to me. She was attended by two men. She was in a lovely green dress, like the one in the Tarot card, The Empress. She had a smattering of freckles on gorgeous porcelain skin. She had light red hair that tumbled to her shoulders and a crown of living flowers in her hair. She greeted me and I responded. I think she said, “You know who I am?” and I said, “Yes.” She said we should go inside and we went into the living room and sat on the couch which was also used as a bed. It was a small house with just three rooms. One was the one we were in, then there was the kitchen and my office, which was off to the side. Right, ...there was a bathroom too. I had picked up a wax container of apple juice on our way through the kitchen.

We sat on the couch and talked. It was such a deep series of moments, filled with laughter and unbridled joy. I felt more complete than at any other time in my life. We were laughing like children and everything that was said was funny. It just was. At one point we were broadcasting across the internet and there were readers and listeners from all over the world who were listening to our exchange and talking to us and we would answer them. Sometimes I would hold the microphone in front of her and sometimes I would be using it. I was so giddy and flushed with an indescribable bliss. It seemed to go on forever, until she abruptly said, “Something has happened and I have to go.” It was at that point that I realized that the microphone we were using was the apple juice container. We walked outside. I can't remember what we said. She told me she would return but that there was something important that she had to take care of. Her companions remained behind. As soon as she left I realized that they were hostile to me. There was a palpable feeling of jealousy coming off of them and they kept making cynical remarks. They hung around for some time. I didn't notice at which point they left. She never came back.

I've had more experiences like this than I can remember. Each of them has been very much unlike any other. There is no way to compare them. They were unique unto themselves. The rules of engagement were different, if there were any rules. Sometimes the personality of the visitation/visitor was primal and raw, like Lord Ayahuasca who had an ancient and powerful Central American presence. The imagery of the environment was Mayan, or Aztec at times, full of pyramid forms and graphics of diamond shaped geometrics that were as complex as any yantras I have ever seen. Here is a yantra and then another.



Sometimes the experience was like coming upon fairies in the woodland. Sometimes it was something else again. The reason I am saying all of this is to illustrate the unpredictable nature of spiritual experiences. They come in all types and many different levels. They come and they go and often enough, we are the same as we were before they happened. Sometimes they change us and sometimes the changes come well after, as if our evolution had to progress in order to catch up with the experience. Meanwhile we are having spiritual experiences every day but we do not recognize them as such.

There are many graphic personifications of various expressions of the divine. The most colorful and... I would wager, the most beautiful and close to accurate, are those that come from the Far East. Here is my favorite picture of Green Tara.


She can literally be seen when the consciousness has been tuned to the right frequency. It takes a lot of practice and dedication but it can be done. There are many images of the male principle as well. You can search these out on your own through any search engine. Certain techniques that deal with lucid dreaming can prove very effective in this regard. However the most effective technique is simply pure love for deity. The continuing expression of love will eventually bring the deity before you. Ultimately it is in our hands. We direct our fate in the same way that we direct our attention. What direction does your attention go in during your days? This determines the direction in which you move. Whatever takes up the majority of our attention shapes us. Everything shapes us, no matter how slight the impression but what we most revere or pursue shapes us the most. You can literally see this in the countenance of the people you pass by every day. How clearly one sees this is determined by how one has been trained in their perceptions. One can see very deeply into life, depending on how deeply they have taken the trouble to see into themselves.

The truth and beauty of the ineffable is as true and as beautiful as we make it. "According to your faith is it done unto you."

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Don Quixote and the Lamb of God Walk into a Bar...

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In times of material darkness, the proliferation of psychopathy increases, at inverse proportion to the loss of manners, civility and compassion. The greater the press of materialism, the more manners, civility and compassion, as well as civilization are at risk. It's a kind of death race really. Materialism is like a Kudzu vine that eats everything in its struggle for all of the light and nourishment there is. At the same time it has a property that... once it has killed everything else, it kills itself.

Sometimes things are amusing because they are so outrageous that you just have to laugh, like this juxtaposed with the commentary that attends it. There's something to be said for homeless fashion becoming haute couture. Materialism is also a form of insanity and it is progressive. The feminization of the urban male is in full swing. The price of wearing these vanities is a clear evidence that some people have too much money.

It goes without saying that the divine feminine has been suppressed and marginalized through most of the Christian era and as a supplicant of Green Tara's, I am very much in favor of her elevation to her rightful status but the intent of those presently engaged in the destruction of natural sexual identity is not elevating the divine feminine to her rightful status. It is about the destruction of society and the reduction of humanity to a mongrel state. One needs only to look at any form of modern entertainment to see the reality of this.

In this time of apocalypse; and it is a time of apocalypse, primarily because it is a time of material darkness, the big guns are coming out against the big guns. Of course the writer is not a big gun and the subject is not a big gun but the forces at war behind the activities taking place are. Just as we are in a time of the seeming inevitability of catastrophe in one form or another, there is something else taking place, we could see it if we understood how appearances lead directly or indirectly to cause but our minds don't usually work that way unless they are trained in that regard. Some of us are trained observers and most of us are not. Because of this we are for the most part unaware that evil is in a terrible war with itself. The greater the force of material darkness, the more intense the struggle with evil against itself. It is important to realize that in the beginning when the supreme author empowered the Elohim to form this world and... well... all the worlds... it was set in stone (metaphorically speaking) that when Evil was created for the purpose for which it exists, it would be imbued with certain characteristics and certain limitations that would exist for perpetuity and so they do. Let me be more precise, certain conditions were brought into being at the inception of all things and they stand and remain as the constant infrastructure of every passing age.

The ages change like the seasons and the seasons are in concert with that. Everything is in concert with that. It appears to us that there is this time and that time; this historical period and that historical period, it's just colors changing, trends varying and all of this occurs in order to set up a revolving sequence of stages for the testing, refinement, elevation and 'the reverse' of us. It's an up and down kind of thing and many of us experience the heights and depths in order to give a completeness to the whole of our being. It doesn't have to take the torturous routes that it takes but that has something to do with our personal mystery and what that demands, because of our lack of awareness which leads to our personal misery that requires extreme lengths of time to satisfy whatever it is that is driving us, be it guilt, fear, questionable desires or anything in the wide gamut of possibility. We are whipped on the wheel of fire until we can say, “Hold! Enough!” and put ourselves in the hands of the one who was what set us forth and which is the ONLY resolution to that mystery... the monster Sphinx within that haunts our days and nights.

There is a single answer to every question under the sun. There is a single solution to every problem and that is the ineffable. However long it takes you to come to that understanding is up to you, in part. Sometimes we have to go through things for Karmic reasons and sometimes we have to go through things to tell a tale, if our life happens to be one of those examples that the ineffable likes to use to make a point.

It could be that I don't know what I'm talking about and in the cosmic sense, I don't. I've never hid that fact though. I don't do what I do out of any desire for material profit because it would be hard to show where that was the case. I don't do this for any reason other that service. I have been lucky in some regards; very unfortunate in others but truly fortunate in those areas where it really matters and have been blessed to discover the great and indefinable pleasure that service is. These aren't words. There is a mystical satisfaction in self forgetting. Whether I am believed on this issue is immaterial. It is either true or it is not and for some length of time I have cared very little what anyone thinks because of that very fact; it is either true or not. It is either true or not and the validity and power in that rests particularly on that. It is either true or it is not.

This is one of the most important things that any soul can come to realize and once you do and more important than that, because you can't realize it otherwise, you have to agree to rest your life and your fate and everything you love or ever will love upon the unwavering conviction that you abide by that... that it is that important to you that it is either true or not and you are driven and inspired to be true.

None of us, save the Lamb of God and certain of the elect can claim to have been consistently true but those of us who know some small amount about the mercy of God know that redemption is an absolute certainty for the contrite of heart and from that point onward it doesn't matter what you may have done in a life that no longer applies before the throne of judgment because you have been forgiven and that life no longer exists in any relevant way. These are simple truths but they are unknown to the larger part of the population. Quite frankly, these days, most people don't care. That is the result of the force of Materialism. It is not important whether no one else knows or believes these things. What is important is that you do. If you do then there is real opportunity that through the process of metaphysical osmosis you will be in a position to bring realization to the minds of those you meet and pass in this life and there is no greater honor nor joy than this. This is the highest state that one can aspire to, to be a willing servant of the ineffable.

In this life we can expect some amount of sorrow and joy; both are fleeting in this temporary world but if one embraces that which is not temporary then one can exist in the eternal and the temporary will be nothing more than images passing through the window. Their importance is relative to the value placed on them. If all of your value is placed on the supernal then the infernal is cock-blocked, essentially. Some might object to my use of that word but they would be the ones who are unaware of the phallic nature of existence. This is the cause of so much of the fundie ugliness that permeates our world, that makes sex appear evil so that guilt can be used to control the masses. It is also what drives people into perversity. It should be clear that organized religion is the devil's handmaiden.

If you want to breathe the free air then there are sacrifices that have to be made. They aren't really sacrifices, they only appear that way, as is the nature of manifest life. You have to give up fitting in because you can't fit in with the one thing and stay in the good graces of the other. “You cannot serve both God and Mammon.” that seems like a specific statement but it is much more wide ranging than that. You cannot please the world or those who are in subjugation to it. You can love and serve them but you cannot share in the illusions that they hold most dear as the basis for their lives. People have dreams and those dreams will be dashed but... in the meantime, those dreams are of great importance and many people will resort to anything to see them fulfilled. This is something to keep in mind because I have been a serious victim of it more than once... not paying attention, I've been an expert at that; trusting all without due diligence, being loyal to the wrong people, tossing all caution- all self regard and self respect to the wind out of a Don Quixote mindset... white knighting my way through minefields of jealousy, envy and most especially FEAR. People fear the unknown and do not like having things pointed out that are beyond the parameters in which they confine themselves in order to feel safe. I was given information a long time ago. I thought everyone ought to know these things. There is a very good reason that the wise (which I was not) conceal certain features of existence; “cast not your pearls before swine.” Well, I was meant to do what I did and to take the blows that came in order to learn what I now know. I feel like I used to be a human ping pong ball (grin). That's over though. That's over and so is so much more. God is great! God is magnificent! God is more wonderful and beautiful than any words can say and I am living proof of that. My dear friends, I wish I had the power and influence to generate the changes needed for one and all... great and small... heh heh ...but short of that let what you have read today be my testimony in that regard. Rely on the ineffable.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Advaita Junkies, A Curse of Miracles and It Came from Beneath The Valley of the Walking Dead.

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Thank god Justice is being done; backwards and forwards and with some ropes and pulleys. Here is what passes for training wheels in Justice Discipline School. There really is quite a selection. The problem with Justice is that it doesn't want to behave and so it must be made to behave. Justice is all screwed up in the head and has these archaic beliefs about fair play. Here is justice as we used to see her...


and here she is these days. I never used to understand why Justice was blindfolded. Now I figure it is so she can't identify who is sexually assaulting her.

crime and decay

There's a lot of pushback these days about running roughshod over the sexual mores of the majority. You can still get the real story from Russia Today. I posted this article purely because of the comments that follow. You can see where most of the world is at. It's an interesting dichotomy, what is taking place in the world. A huge majority of the public does not approve of what has been happening. The ones dictating the perception of how things look in the world are the same people behind this epidemic. They are behind pretty much anything that most of us do not like or approve of.

What is surprising is not that it is happening. What is surprising is not that we don't approve of or like it. What is surprising is that we see it, we acknowledge that its bullshit ...and then we swallow it without chewing; fletcherizing is one of the keys to good health. Have you ever wondered why there are so many zombie movies and why a redundant, murderously retarded compilation of the same limping retards we have seen since “Night of the Living Dead”, called “The Walking Dead” is so popular? It's popular because 'they' tell you it is popular; just like they tell you the Kardashians are entertaining. That entire family is a fabrication and every plot development has been constructed ahead of time. This same thing is taking place at every level of what they package and then microwave and then serve to you, just like the walking dead, because from the sun-drenched shores of Walmart to the star studded nights of culinary ecstasies at the Golden Corral, it's all designer debris and haute (gag) cuisine, even when it is you, being delivered on a platter to the walking dead. I've been told that the walking dead eat there on a regular basis. I have never been. I see the signs on the highway, announcing the exits where these establishments can be found. They are not usually future exits. They aren't exits at all. They are cul de sacs. They are sweeping, circling, looping repetitions of dead seagulls held up by thermals or modern day technology... or aliens? Yeah... maybe aliens.

Look, my friends... I've been a little under the water lately. I've been trying to dog paddle in a riptide. Those of who have experienced this, usually unwillingly know that it is not unlike trying to body surf in a washing machine. Of course there is a big difference between the wash and spin cycles. You would not need to experience this to know it.

So … and I seem never to remember how it started or ended. One day I am on the other side of it and now it's receding, thank God. It's a tough line of work. I'm not sure it's supposed to be like this generally but then I hear that it often is. I don't know what the percentages are of those who have more of a cruise experience. Maybe what it is is, 'no pain, no gain.' It could be that this is just one of those occasional reminders of things that were and places we have been; a reminder of the costs that were paid to get beyond the need to continue suffering. Maybe it's something like a cross between an echo and a memory, if that makes any sense.

I've been trying to understand how it is that enough of the world cooperates in regular catastrophe, like the sinking of Atlantis, if that's what happened, the flood that Noah allegedly survived; whatever Armageddons have come and gone outside the reach of recorded history. We're referring to them as regular events, even though there is a considerable distance between them. In the Hindu tradition it is said that civilization routinely gets ended at intervals and that the universe moves into a state of quiescence. This goes on for a long time, as do the periods of animated life, in between the periods of sleep. Apparently it's all programmed and life is some combination of a dream and a joke and other things I've yet to identify but it all combines as some kind of gestalt.

Certain periods are collectively blissful and others are quite the opposite. It seems as if those who are fortunate, for whatever the reason may be, have managed to migrate to better regions during the times that this plane is in one of those less pleasant conditions; like now.

From what I can see, having studied the trends that came and went during my brief residence, it appears that humanity is being herded, very much like livestock but... not toward a location as much as toward a state of being and there is more than one direction being taken. It looks like some mass of humanity is being herded into a place of collective insanity, by increments so that one can't tell what they are progressing into until the insanity has taken over.

There are obvious relationships than can be identified and the zodiac is a key. For instance we are at the entry way of the Aquarian Age and this is where all the gender fluid /gender confusion is coming from and all the people who are reacting materially to spiritual forces and so they are acting out sexually when they should be responding spiritually and ...instead of walking through the right portals when they appear... they are in the throes of a devolutionary force acting out in the directions set by a reversed Kundalini. This is one of the primary themes of the insanity that is moving toward a tragic end and it is being manipulated by a particular group of Satanists, under the guidance and orders of the arch-demons who serve the core intelligence of the darkness. They consider themselves as a kind of liberated entrepreneur but they are completely possessed while remaining unaware of it.

I do not know if certain souls are doomed out of the long ago. I do not know how much of this is programmed as well. I do not think it would matter to me. I would continue to strive. I have had people tell me there is no difference between the light and darkness. These are the Advaita Junkies. I'm not at war with those who want to drink the Kool Aid. It's something the New Age Operators have latched on to along with the latest evolutions of MKUltra and Tavistock. This is all programming too. I've made my choice and I am being programmed as well, by the ineffable.

What I do think is that I know the difference between those who talk this game but are nowhere near a deep and abiding awareness of it. If you are it, then you live it and you don't have to say much and you don't argue with people about it. It radiates off of you with an undeniable presence.

In reverse-------------------------------------------

It's like the people who push “A Curse of Miracles” on me and never bothered to look into who the authors were or what happened to them or... especially, most especially, the backgrounds they came out of. The thing I notice most prominently about every major expression of the New Age... every variation on the theme, each new packaged, instant pop up, Pop Tart ('it's the same thing, only different.') is some version of us telling ourselves we are God. I am not in dispute with this either because there is a particular way that this happens to be true but NOT in the way these people are promoting it. Surely God is indwelling. Surely we are (can be) the direct extension of the ineffable. However, God can only be experienced in humility and through surrender, not by gliding around through life in a white outfit and imagining and trying to act like you are The Be All and End All.

Marianne Williamson (an old article) was preaching A Curse of Miracles on Oprah Radio by way of the false Sirius network (grin). I don't know if she's still doing it. I know she ran for office in one of the richest Jewish enclaves and didn't win. Somehow when you are God there are no limits on your behavior or how you project yourself. One thing I do know is, if it is real and you are real then character defines you; not flash and hype and lots of word dancing around the rich and their money.

I know there are people completely convinced about certain means and methods and I am not here to argue with them. Time will tell and we shall see, of that I am certain. I can only hope and pray that a sweeping awakening will come and that it will come in time for each of us who are struggling after the light to be discovered by it. I know that everyone who truly seeks after the light within will be 'found by it.” It will not come to those who parade around as if it were already in their possession.

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Thanks for sticking with me people. It's not easy being me sometimes and I suppose the same is true for you as well. It's better today and will be much better tomorrow, God willing.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hypocrisy is Riding Shotgun with Insanity in the Ford Pinto to Nowhere.

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As Materialism makes its irreversible decent into the black pit of ignominy, the level of superficial ignorance has lowered the limbo bar to the point where a canal has to be dug into the Earth so that the person doing the limbo can pass under it. It's no longer possible in the ordinary fashion. Yes, the limbo bar has hit the ground. And riding shotgun with superficial ignorance in this Ford Pinto to nowhere is Hypocrisy. And what would a day at Life's Creative Recycling Center be without a little quid pro quo... a little professional courtesy between Satanists? It's a beautiful thing when like covers like in the Suicide Circle of Musical Chairs. What I'm thinking this Halloween is that I'm going to dress up as Leo Frank and carry a Styrofoam corpse around with me except... I don't celebrate Halloween, never have. I tend to ignore it. Usually I would walk around dressed in whatever I usually wear and people would ask me, “who are you supposed to be?” I would reply; “I'm a serial killer, they look like everyone else.” Serial killers are another phenomena of Material Culture. Psychopathy is a direct product of Material Culture and most all serial killers are psychopaths. I'm guessing this is an example of logical progression.

Insanity, along with indefensible vanity (in the case of Celine Dion) are presently the rage as a fashion accessory. Word has it that Vogue is going to dig up Dr. Ruth and do a full color nude spread with her in the next edition. This is because necrophilia is the next big thing and this will become more evident when the apocalypse reveals that most people, these days, have been practicing necrophilia for some time. This reminds me of a joke. If you're easily offended you can just skip this section and go to the next paragraph. Anyway, we're on a French beach and this metro-sexual is walking along and he sees this nude woman rolling in the waves at the shoreline. He bends down and begins talking to her. This moves to an amount of stroking and that leads to... uh huh. Down the beach you see a small crowd running toward them with a gendarme in the lead. He comes up on them, breathing heavy from the exertion and says, “Alors, Alors Monsieur, can you not see this woman is dead?” The guy looks up and replies, “ah pardonez moi, I thought she was American.” heh heh. Hey! It's just a joke and I know from personal experience that it also happens to be inaccurate. Some amount of levity is important.

Now this, this really is interesting. You may be aware, most people are not... that right after Trump got elected, there were large arrests in various parts of the US where pedophile rings were swept up. This was not reported on in the ZioMedia at all. I'm wondering if this was timed for Trump's appearance at the G-20. There's some kind of a covert war going on behind the scenes (witness Pizzagate), between certain factions and it's well known that pedophilia is epidemic among a particular faction of the world's power brokers. It could be that another faction is going after them. It looks more than just coincidental to me. Certainly a great deal is going on behind the scenes, while at the same time the Crass Media is huffing and puffing all over the place about the Russians involvement in the last presidential election. The press is owned by the Zionistas and their toxic Fruit Loop candidate lost so they're pulling out all stops about this non starter. Trump and Putin spoke for about two hours. I don't know what they talked about, except that Putin denied any part in the accusations being leveled against him. Trump's out of favor with me at the moment because of his obfuscations about the Syrian governments involvement in chemical weapons attacks on its subjects.

And... this just in, the latest “Spiderman”, which I can tell you is almost as bad as “Kong; Skull Island” features a complete nitwit in the lead role and he has, why of course, a black girlfriend. These days, miscegenation is running neck and neck with Eugenics. I should point out that the whole Gay Thing has a great deal to do with Malthusianism. There is nearly always more than meets the eye when it comes to enforced changes in the culture and the press for the legitimization of sexual degeneracy is being promoted by extremely powerful agencies because they are proving capable of making governments, religions and international corporations bend to their will. What goes on at these Gay Pride Marches is an offense against childhood. It should be acknowledged that the very powerful international pedophilia movement is less about acts of sex between adults and children and much more about the destruction of innocence and the death of childhood. This is a basic intention of Satanism whose main purpose is to offend the ineffable in any possible way. It appears that the Mormons aren't onboard for this. I only included it for the picture of the leather guy on his knees. You can go online and see all kinds of bizarre expressions of the new normal. In tandem with this, the world's largest corporations are all financing and advertising at these events. If you take a moment to think about it all, certain verities will come clearly before the mind's eye.

The Cultural Marxists and Politically Correct Nazis have the same intentions that the Khmer Rouge had. They WILL press the limits and press the limits until no limits remain. It astounds and stuns me that there are ranks of PHD's, famous scholars, religious leaders, infected with apostasy and manifesting sophistry as legitimate argument. Well known entertainers, political leaders... every field of endeavor is represented in a concerted effort to destroy society and no matter how outrageous it becomes they are blind to the effects. Those speaking truth to power are marginalized and conferred a pariah status. It is incredible to witness all of this. It is so freaking unreal and yet it continues and continues.

I know that the ineffable and his agents are well aware of what is happening and are allowing it to play out for the purpose of demonstration. A reckoning is coming and as I was told a few years ago; “Visible, I want you to understand that I am truly ingenious. There are no restrictions on how creative and Byzantine I can be. I am going to catch these freaks in a variety of indefensible moments with their pants down. I am going to throw the powerful spotlight of truth right down upon them. There will be no real need to say anything because within that light there will be an intelligence that will speak into the minds of the offenders and witnesses both and all will know with a terrible clarity what the real meaning of it is.” Can I get an Amen?!

Yes... it can 'seem' frightening and bewildering at the same time. It can appear incredibly powerful and beyond our abilities to affect it in any transformative way but... that is not our job description. Our job description is to love the ineffable with all of our hearts and mind and strength and soul and out of that will come whatever directions there may be for each and every one of us that are so engaged. Our focus is meant to be on the ineffable and not on the stage productions taking place across the planet at this time.

I never imagined that I would turn into such a conservative but... as someone once said- and it has been attributed to a couple of sources; “If a man is not a liberal when he is young, he has no heart and if he is not a conservative when he is older, he has no brains.” I defended so many things in my youth. I thought it was the right thing to do. However, I never realized that it would all become politicized as it has. These days I simply want to know what the truth is and to live it as consistently as I am able. It took me a long time to grow up. I'm not sure I have or that I will ever be able to, given the degree of arrested development that was visited upon me ...but I do know that whatever happened was meant to happen and each day, as one day follows the next, incrementally, I love the ineffable more. In that I find my strength and my solace.

Regardless... I have to admit that it really does astound me, what is taking place in the world, what is being permitted and what is being promoted. I can't see what it is that has blinded people to such a degree that they cannot see. It is very clear to me. For some reason my eyes were opened and I can only be grateful for that but... it is just incredible to me to see such a large portion of humanity, racing pell mell down the highway to their own destruction. The gates of Hell are open and they are shoving one another aside in the rush to enter in. How is this possible? How can it be that they do not see?” I don't know.

Let us take comfort in the fact that the one we serve is greater and more powerful than anything that has ever existed or ever will. We can shelter beneath these mighty wings. Angels attend us invisibly. When we embrace the living truth, all the forces of good rush to our side. This is so and upon this rests our faith and certitude in whatever circumstances or conditions life may bring before us. That which is within us is greater than that which is in the world. Oh yeah... if the ineffable is for me then who can be against me?

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Coming upon a Bliss Drenched Wonderland of Serendipitous Discovery.

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In an age when Trivia is royalty, Science has become a theater of the absurd, a staging ground for the efforts of buffoons. Of course there is much worse than the example given. Ridiculous inquiry is a staple and hallmark of the times. In an age where integrity has turned into a handicap for advancement in this world, the predictable corruption of politicians is a given. This particular politician even looks like a cartoon character. In a time where lies are celebrated, it is no surprise that they are employed for the purpose of blackmail and material gain. I laugh out loud when I see something like that but it's not funny. It's not funny at all. In a time where meaning and morals have gone out the window, it is to be expected that people will seek escape wherever it can be found, no matter how destructive it may prove to be. Just like the CIA engineered crack epidemic in LA, you can be sure that at some point the government is involved, just as you can be sure that the increasingly heavy police presence has little to do with the reasons given, since those who employ the police are behind the majority of all terror activities. I have nothing against the police. I am opposed to deception, false flags and the incremental loss of liberty that becomes more elusive with every passing day. Of course, freedom is in the mind so... I don't feel threatened because they can't get into my head but they can get into the heads of many another passing by here and there.

You can drive yourself mad in an attempt to save the world and more often than not, be wrong in the methods you choose to apply to that end. The biggest mass murderers the world has ever seen have been social reformers. You can't save the world. You can't even save yourself. If you could there would be no need for the spiritual sun to send down a ray of its most intimate being, on a regular basis, to that end, for that very purpose. Paul said something along the lines of “We must work out the practical implications of our salvation because God Himself is working in our midst.” What I take from that is that if we are in service to the ineffable, we become like a light in the darkness of this world. That is the best we can accomplish, I think. I don't know this but I suspect it is so. If we diminish ourselves and exalt the ineffable within and in everyone else, we will have come to the temple of wisdom and entered in.

For a long time, even though there were people around, I kept mostly to myself. I have little interest in the things that interest others. Now, I encounter people every day and I have to catch myself in moments of interplay and the kinds of encounters where someone is acting out of unconscious aggressions, because that is how they make their way in the world and probably how they act toward others and have been acting toward others for some time. It's likely they are unaware of it even happening. The reason I bring this up is that I haven't been in multiples of social exchanges for a very long time and when I have been interacting it's been with readers or in the pedestrian pursuits of buying food or sundries. My eyes are much more open than they have ever been and I find I can see into people now in a way that I could not before. I see so many things that I couldn't begin to list them. I see their anxieties and idiosyncrasies, their hopes and fears ...and I notice how people love to talk about themselves and they love to complain or comment on particular subjects that annoy, outrage and intrigue them. I have discovered that people love, more than anything else, finding someone who will listen to them. I've run out of things to say about myself and I don't care one way or another about impressing anyone. I notice that often people aren't even paying attention anyway. They all seem to have some conversation going on in their heads at all times and thankfully I have no such conversation taking place, unless I am alone; most of the time anyway.

I feel like I am on the verge of any number of magical discoveries that have to do with very simple things that are a part of everyday life. It is as if one thing appears to be going on and something else entirely is actually taking place. It's too new for me to have much to say about it but it is very frequently surprising and this is pretty certain to occur when I am doing no more than watching or listening, which seems to be what I do now more than anything else. There are certain services that we can provide to others that take very little energy or effort. Providing others with an emptiness into which they can pour themselves seems to be something that is in very high demand, although it isn't advertised anywhere, nor much spoken of.

I'm becoming convinced that God resides in every human being and it is possible to invoke that entity if you are inspired properly to effect it. This is the same principle in reverse as to what a large portion of the world does by invoking the devil in one another and there are those quite skilled at this particular form of magic, which often passes unseen in the minds of those it is being performed on and which results in people being swayed in directions they would not have chosen for themselves but which they were vulnerable toward.

You see this kind of bad magic being practiced in most of the large areas of influence, such as in religions, politics and all the entertainment fields. These days one can't even be admitted into the arenas of performance unless one swears fealty to the one who rules the minds of those who decide who gets in and who does not. This accounts for the quality of song lyrics and the preponderance of demonic thugs defaming the feminine principle and shouting out the praises of material gain and all sorts of violence visited upon one target or another. This accounts for the content seen in movies and the increasing presence of certain practices that since time immemorial have signified the fall of civilization. Certain trends always appear in times of social decay.

The thing is that one is censured and marginalized for pointing certain things out. One is denied a wider platform and often subjected to ridicule and ignominy. One certainly can't come and go among those who are in collective agreement about what should be promoted and what should be scorned. The New Testament talks at length about 'the world' and its ways and also what happens to those who come under its thrall. These are not idle observations.

In any case, it doesn't matter what the world does. It matters what you do and should you be inclined to compromise yourself in order to gain the whole world but lose your only soul well... there are warning signs all the way down the highway. There are many who despair and believe themselves damned who seem unaware of the mercy of the ineffable in respect of those willing and capable of sincere change. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

One of the biggest mistakes made by the human mind in respect of a divine being is that they create an anthropomorphic god. In most cases they create a God who is simply a bigger version of themselves and who shares their prejudices and predilections. That's not God at all. That's another variation on The Devil and accounts for all of the things that get done in the name of God and which atheists use as a platform of argument for why God could not possibly exist. The stupidity of their position seems to escape them, especially since people of this kind usually believe themselves to be clever and intelligent and far too bright to be susceptible to superstition and wild tales of virgin births and miracles; never realizing that what exists in dogma, doctrine and cant are smokescreens for metaphysical realities that involve very reasonable and rational explanations for all of these events as they appear to informed minds.

It's not my place to argue with unbelievers. I don't argue in any case. I state... and you can take it or leave it. I'm not out to convince anyone of anything and it is impossible to accomplish in any case when an impenetrable wall of arrogance stands before someone and the clarity of eternal truths. On the plus side, though it may not seem a positive thing, experience will teach one and all about what is and is not so. There is no getting around the fact that life exists to educate you and you can learn in a gentler or extremely harder fashion. Truly lucky are those so disposed to the existence of a supreme being. However wrong you may be about the characteristics and components of the personality and being of the ineffable prior to a direct encounter, that will all be taken care of in the process of it and in the aftermath. Sometimes I think life is just one unending echo. I should probably explain that but I'm not sure I can. It is tied to the reality that Memory is key. I would far rather look into the pool of the High Priestess than I would the one that Narcissus saw himself in.

My friends... never despair and always remember that however hard it may be at any given point, the opposite will be true at another point and if you are going the right way, sooner or later it is going to be a bliss drenched wonderland of unending serendipitous discovery, a continuing perpetual delight of ever deeper and deeper joys drawn from a reservoir of immeasurable love.

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