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Don Quixote and the Lamb of God Walk into a Bar...

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In times of material darkness, the proliferation of psychopathy increases, at inverse proportion to the loss of manners, civility and compassion. The greater the press of materialism, the more manners, civility and compassion, as well as civilization are at risk. It's a kind of death race really. Materialism is like a Kudzu vine that eats everything in its struggle for all of the light and nourishment there is. At the same time it has a property that... once it has killed everything else, it kills itself.

Sometimes things are amusing because they are so outrageous that you just have to laugh, like this juxtaposed with the commentary that attends it. There's something to be said for homeless fashion becoming haute couture. Materialism is also a form of insanity and it is progressive. The feminization of the urban male is in full swing. The price of wearing these vanities is a clear evidence that some people have too much money.

It goes without saying that the divine feminine has been suppressed and marginalized through most of the Christian era and as a supplicant of Green Tara's, I am very much in favor of her elevation to her rightful status but the intent of those presently engaged in the destruction of natural sexual identity is not elevating the divine feminine to her rightful status. It is about the destruction of society and the reduction of humanity to a mongrel state. One needs only to look at any form of modern entertainment to see the reality of this.

In this time of apocalypse; and it is a time of apocalypse, primarily because it is a time of material darkness, the big guns are coming out against the big guns. Of course the writer is not a big gun and the subject is not a big gun but the forces at war behind the activities taking place are. Just as we are in a time of the seeming inevitability of catastrophe in one form or another, there is something else taking place, we could see it if we understood how appearances lead directly or indirectly to cause but our minds don't usually work that way unless they are trained in that regard. Some of us are trained observers and most of us are not. Because of this we are for the most part unaware that evil is in a terrible war with itself. The greater the force of material darkness, the more intense the struggle with evil against itself. It is important to realize that in the beginning when the supreme author empowered the Elohim to form this world and... well... all the worlds... it was set in stone (metaphorically speaking) that when Evil was created for the purpose for which it exists, it would be imbued with certain characteristics and certain limitations that would exist for perpetuity and so they do. Let me be more precise, certain conditions were brought into being at the inception of all things and they stand and remain as the constant infrastructure of every passing age.

The ages change like the seasons and the seasons are in concert with that. Everything is in concert with that. It appears to us that there is this time and that time; this historical period and that historical period, it's just colors changing, trends varying and all of this occurs in order to set up a revolving sequence of stages for the testing, refinement, elevation and 'the reverse' of us. It's an up and down kind of thing and many of us experience the heights and depths in order to give a completeness to the whole of our being. It doesn't have to take the torturous routes that it takes but that has something to do with our personal mystery and what that demands, because of our lack of awareness which leads to our personal misery that requires extreme lengths of time to satisfy whatever it is that is driving us, be it guilt, fear, questionable desires or anything in the wide gamut of possibility. We are whipped on the wheel of fire until we can say, “Hold! Enough!” and put ourselves in the hands of the one who was what set us forth and which is the ONLY resolution to that mystery... the monster Sphinx within that haunts our days and nights.

There is a single answer to every question under the sun. There is a single solution to every problem and that is the ineffable. However long it takes you to come to that understanding is up to you, in part. Sometimes we have to go through things for Karmic reasons and sometimes we have to go through things to tell a tale, if our life happens to be one of those examples that the ineffable likes to use to make a point.

It could be that I don't know what I'm talking about and in the cosmic sense, I don't. I've never hid that fact though. I don't do what I do out of any desire for material profit because it would be hard to show where that was the case. I don't do this for any reason other that service. I have been lucky in some regards; very unfortunate in others but truly fortunate in those areas where it really matters and have been blessed to discover the great and indefinable pleasure that service is. These aren't words. There is a mystical satisfaction in self forgetting. Whether I am believed on this issue is immaterial. It is either true or it is not and for some length of time I have cared very little what anyone thinks because of that very fact; it is either true or not. It is either true or not and the validity and power in that rests particularly on that. It is either true or it is not.

This is one of the most important things that any soul can come to realize and once you do and more important than that, because you can't realize it otherwise, you have to agree to rest your life and your fate and everything you love or ever will love upon the unwavering conviction that you abide by that... that it is that important to you that it is either true or not and you are driven and inspired to be true.

None of us, save the Lamb of God and certain of the elect can claim to have been consistently true but those of us who know some small amount about the mercy of God know that redemption is an absolute certainty for the contrite of heart and from that point onward it doesn't matter what you may have done in a life that no longer applies before the throne of judgment because you have been forgiven and that life no longer exists in any relevant way. These are simple truths but they are unknown to the larger part of the population. Quite frankly, these days, most people don't care. That is the result of the force of Materialism. It is not important whether no one else knows or believes these things. What is important is that you do. If you do then there is real opportunity that through the process of metaphysical osmosis you will be in a position to bring realization to the minds of those you meet and pass in this life and there is no greater honor nor joy than this. This is the highest state that one can aspire to, to be a willing servant of the ineffable.

In this life we can expect some amount of sorrow and joy; both are fleeting in this temporary world but if one embraces that which is not temporary then one can exist in the eternal and the temporary will be nothing more than images passing through the window. Their importance is relative to the value placed on them. If all of your value is placed on the supernal then the infernal is cock-blocked, essentially. Some might object to my use of that word but they would be the ones who are unaware of the phallic nature of existence. This is the cause of so much of the fundie ugliness that permeates our world, that makes sex appear evil so that guilt can be used to control the masses. It is also what drives people into perversity. It should be clear that organized religion is the devil's handmaiden.

If you want to breathe the free air then there are sacrifices that have to be made. They aren't really sacrifices, they only appear that way, as is the nature of manifest life. You have to give up fitting in because you can't fit in with the one thing and stay in the good graces of the other. “You cannot serve both God and Mammon.” that seems like a specific statement but it is much more wide ranging than that. You cannot please the world or those who are in subjugation to it. You can love and serve them but you cannot share in the illusions that they hold most dear as the basis for their lives. People have dreams and those dreams will be dashed but... in the meantime, those dreams are of great importance and many people will resort to anything to see them fulfilled. This is something to keep in mind because I have been a serious victim of it more than once... not paying attention, I've been an expert at that; trusting all without due diligence, being loyal to the wrong people, tossing all caution- all self regard and self respect to the wind out of a Don Quixote mindset... white knighting my way through minefields of jealousy, envy and most especially FEAR. People fear the unknown and do not like having things pointed out that are beyond the parameters in which they confine themselves in order to feel safe. I was given information a long time ago. I thought everyone ought to know these things. There is a very good reason that the wise (which I was not) conceal certain features of existence; “cast not your pearls before swine.” Well, I was meant to do what I did and to take the blows that came in order to learn what I now know. I feel like I used to be a human ping pong ball (grin). That's over though. That's over and so is so much more. God is great! God is magnificent! God is more wonderful and beautiful than any words can say and I am living proof of that. My dear friends, I wish I had the power and influence to generate the changes needed for one and all... great and small... heh heh ...but short of that let what you have read today be my testimony in that regard. Rely on the ineffable.

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Jenny said...

This is so true in so many ways. Thanks vis!

MeOther said...

Dog poet for President of the United States of WhoofahRooh!
Whale bee honour yourcide witchever whatever (aye,I guess & jest)

: Holmsmoist as usual
What, son?
Dizzy your post, struth, man if you were JFK weed half/2 Lennon you

Brian Crossland said...

Your volume of works given freely as service o others are your testimony Vis.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Amen brother,
All Glory to the ineffable.

And may the Peace of the Lord be with you always Vis.
Since I can tell from your words that it already is a part of your very breath.

Thank you once again, for reminding us of the obvious that we must constantly be reminded of.


David Fiske said...

Vis you wrote:
“You cannot serve both God and Mammon.”

"To be full of things is to be empty of God. To be empty of things is to be full of God." Meister Eckhart A hero of mine. I'd like to meet him in the after life.
New essay in my site:
about the movement of Chi.
As you pertinently write Vis,
"Rely on the ineffable. "

Visible said...

Meister Eckhart is one of my heroes too and has been for a very long time; in a parallel way but differently aspected Ralph Waldo Emerson and (damn! it was right there in my mind and now it's gone- it will come back- grin) well... Kahlil Gibran but for very different reasons as well. I knew a man, an archbishop of the Old Catholic Church who talked to me about Gibran once and who had met him (in fact Gibran came to visit him) told me that he was a very sweet man but he drank too much wine, heh heh. I've got more heroes than that however.

Kazz said...

hamartanó: to miss the mark, do wrong, sin
Original Word: ἁμαρτάνω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: hamartanó
Phonetic Spelling: (ham-ar-tan'-o)
Short Definition: I sin
Definition: originally: I miss the mark, hence (a) I make a mistake, (b) I sin, commit a sin (against God); sometimes the idea of sinning against a fellow-creature is present.

What you say about the Divine feminine is so true Vis. The ROMAN Catholic’s interpretation of Leonardo De Vinci’s Last Supper is of a male Christ with his eleven disciples and the whore, Mary Magdalene, but this is the satanic inverted perspective. This is the antiChrist’s fallacy. The correct perspective is the female Christ with her twelve disciples.

The true carpenter/builder is that which creates temples for the Lord, living temples that can house the Lord in the form of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 66:1), once the temple has been purified, of course. The Creator of that living temple is woman, because it is a flesh and blood temple which is created, a baby. Satan would have us believe Man is both the destroyer and Creator, but where does that leave woman? Is the opposite of black black, or is it white? Is the opposite of cold cold, or is it hot? Is the opposite of yang yang, or is it yin? Is the opposite of male male, or is it female? It only follows that since the dark is masculine the light must be feminine.
Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them: When a man shall make a singular vow, the persons shall be for the Lord by thy estimation. And thy estimation shall be of the male from twenty years old even unto sixty years old, even thy valuation shall be fifty shekels of silver, according to the shekel of the sanctuary. And if it be a female, then thy valuation shall be thirty shekels’ (Leviticus 27:2-4).

'Then one of the Twelve—the one called Judas Iscariot—went to the chief priests and asked, “What are you willing to give me if I deliver him[?] over to you?” So they counted out for him thirty pieces of silver.’ (Matthew 26:14-16).

If Jesus Christ was a man than why was Judas Iscariot paid 30 shekels instead of 50 shekels????

The ROMAN version of Christianity is one of materialism, but Christ’s Christianity is spiritual. Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world; if it were, My servants would fight to prevent My arrest by the Jews. But now, My kingdom is not of this realm.” (John 18:36). "For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God” (Romans 2:28-29). God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

I really wish you wouldn't say things like this. That is why there are so many complaints and I have to field the majority by email. There is NO female Christ with 12 disciples and in all of the occult literature, metaphysical literature and every one of the hundreds of alchemical writers and mystics and sundry that I have read, I have NEVER seen this and do not expect to. I really wish you would think before you post and then present multiple verifications when you put in images like that. Because now I am going to have to hear yet more complaints which number a great many complaints. I've no idea why you are so fascinated by circumcision either but I don't suppose I need to. This is not a response of censure, it is simply a statement that I don't buy that and have never seen corroboration of it anywhere in any legitimate sources. I don't doubt there are New Age representatives who may have said this but I don't run across it.

Anonymous said...

....furthermore, there were NO DALLAS COWBOYS @ the #ALAMO

AND NO (((JEWS))) in the OLD TESTAMENT !!!

Zephaniah 3:9 !!!

the word (((JEW))) doesn't enter the "Lexicon" until the 18th century A.D.

(((PROSELYTES))) [two fold children of hell - John 8:44] are not even
from the Tribe [Nation] of Judah....

Modern day (((PROSELYTES))) are mostly the "Gog & Magog" (((PROSELYTES)))
and can leave the {stool sculpture deity cult compound} by simply

"KNOWING THE TRUTH" about the BAD FAITH "religion" of the MONEY CHANGERS &
PHARISEES....! (See Judah Monis & Sholem Asch)

The "Children of Israel" - (Company of Nations) in Genesis 49 & Deut. 32 & 33
never "turned into ((((JEWS))) ...." ever.


Steve Hartman has a weed problem, it's true.

See Also...Matthew 13:39-43.

The TARES...((((WEEDS))) go into the ovens of truth !

"Israel" is a people - NOT a cult compound for
Gog & Magog (((PROSELYTES))) to Talmudic Judaism/Satanism/Freemasonry !!!

one more time for the children in the HOSPITAL....




flyingcossack said...

perhaps christ is neither a man, nor woman, nor parent, nor child ... perhaps christ is the family unit ... a singular christ is similar to pyramid worship, where we are all at the top of our own pyramid

everything will be ok ... the devil needs to have his party

Visible said...

What I know is that Christ is a state of consciousness, neither male nor female in 'the traditional sense', though esoteric characteristics probably apply. Jesus was a man who was manifested to bring to life this state of consciousness at a given time and to be the portal of entry to that state, according to the commentary of those who I feel confident are informed. In the decades of my reading the works of illumined masters, saints, metaphysicians, mystics, sages, occultists, Hermeticists and sundry I have observed a similarity in those I consider legitimate and were Christ, which is one thing and Jesus another, a woman I am past certain that something would have been said to this effect. Realized yogis like Yogananada and others have written in detail about Christ, esoterically and exoterically; in Yogananda's case, two large volumes ...and my belief is that those at such a high level of awareness are in a position to 'tune in' to the truth of any matter and also have access to the Akashic records. Here is just one example of yogic powers (which are fully detailed in Patanjali's Aphorisms); a realized yogi who walks anywhere near buried treasure has it call out to him/her in their passing. Many treasures are guarded by invisible beings and they are compelled to announce their presence when someone of the proper authority passes by. This and other remarkable things are detailed in the writings of a great many informed authors who are all in general agreement with each other.

It has only been in recent times with the emergence of New Age speculators that all kinds of wild conspiratorial theories have come about. Many of them are laughable but in these times of wild assed insanity people believe all manner of things. The funny thing is that these people are convinced of these absurdities without any proof whatsoever. I've heard the most preposterous horseshit about entire sports industries being completely controlled, which is impossible and that every single person of fame that I ever heard about are all members of some world wide sect. It's not so. Evil is, first of all, not a cohesive thing. It is of many parts all in conflict with one another and everything else. This is an apocalypse and anything we don't yet know will have the concealing cover stripped from it at the appropriate time. This means little to those who can already see beneath the covering if they are in alignment with the ineffable and possess the requisite objective reasoning capacity. Anyone who knows anything about math knows that it is possible to prove all kinds of things at a distance from any of them, simply by possessing certain elemental features of whatever it may be. The powers of math go much further than this as anyone who has read the teachings and records of the ancients can attest.

Personally I know very little. My job description is of a different order but I do know some amount of those who do know and can receive what I need to know when I need to know it. Even if I don't know something, which is often, I can test the components of whatever it is with certain devices of consciousness that will cause it to ring false or ring true. I may not get the details in many cases but I can get the veracity or lack of it without too much trouble and then there is always the intuition which, depending on what it is based and draws its resources from can prove to be highly accurate. Meanwhile I muddle along with help from above and freely admit my ignorance in many things. This does not mean I am completely hamstrung. Anything can be revealed to those who have earned the right to it.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Rockabye Baby in Woo Woo Land with the Monsters of the Deep

Kazz said...

Are folks here claiming there is no such thing as the Holy Spirit? Because I know from first hand experience there is. I am not here to convince people I am correct I am only sharing what I am being shown.

I can see how attached everyone is to the idea of Jesus Christ being a male, but one must remember that in antiquity women were not permitted to read or write, and nor were the poor, only men were, so none of those historical accounts were ever recorded by poor people or women. Poor people and the average woman have only been able to read and write for the last few centuries. One of the first things one is taught as an academic is to look at any bias the author might have. What I see is that ancient writings provide a very one sided view of reality, to say the least, so one must look very keenly to see between the lines. My keen eye asks why women have been so badly held down, because it obviously has nothing to do with intelligence. Why is it that when women are given freedom it is only to become good workers or whores? Heaven forbid a woman should claim equal footing with Man, and hence the right to harmonise with the Divine in the form of the Holy Spirit. From the very beginning of the Bible Eve is charged with leading Adam astray, like Adam was some brain dead retard who couldn't be held responsible for the choices he made. Women today are still killed in this world if they are raped or commit adultery in some countries, but the man is not. Why is there such hatred of the feminine, why does she go through such degradation? It is said that women are the weaker sex but in what regard? While it is true that we are not as strong physically as men, we are usually way more sensitive, which gives us insights that go far beyond the physical realm. It is for this reason the ROMAN Catholic Church had women burned at the stake for being witches. What is notable about all those ancient writings you refer to Vis is that NONE of them were written by women. WHY????????????

All I know is that this world has been dominated by a patriarchal system for thousands of years that has done its level best to degrade women and keep them down. Prior to the last few centuries women were still thought of as being somewhere in between man and animals, and many believed women didn't even have a soul, so many believed they were not much more than animals, and you depend upon writers with this kind of bias for your argument Vis? We are even supposed to swallow that the only woman who was close to Jesus was a whore. For goodness sakes how many moral, god fearing men today do you know who would pick a whore for a partner? Man shows the same disdain for mother earth, by raping and pillaging her, without any respect whatsoever for the sacredness of what she provides. It is no coincidence that the sacred has been completely lost in this patriarchal driven society of materialism. If we base everything on ancient documentation, much of which has been destroyed, you guessed it, by man, than we fail to take into account the living God within and the current knowledge we have at hand.

There is much emphasis on the fact that Christ was a carpenter, a builder. Today the Freemasons, who evolved from the olden day stone masons, claim to be the builders, but we are informed in the Old Testament that '.."Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. Where then is a house you could build for Me? And where is a place that I may rest?' (Isaiah 66:1). God makes it perfectly clear that the only temple God is interested in is our temple, our body. Where do we come from? Woman!!! Since the Holy Spirit, which some refer to as our higher consciousness, only co-exists within, and the woman is the builder of that temple, then it only follows that the real carpenter/builder of the temple is the female.

(Part 1)

Kazz said...

(Part 2)

It all comes down to deduction and common sense really. When one moves past all the bias and discrimination it becomes rather obvious that man is the dark sacred masculine, so it only follows in a world of duality the feminine must be the creative light. After all, the only other creator of life on this plane other than God is woman, because it is through woman new life is brought into this world.

The alternative is that man is everything and woman is nothing, which is pretty much what has been pushed throughout this patriarchal dominated world of materialism. The woman can either be a whore or a goy. No thank you!

Currently this world is at war with God because satanists have inverted everything, EVERYTHING!

God gave man free will, the antiChrist enslaved humanity, God created the family unit, the antiChrist uses religion to create 'the state', which is actually communism, and does so in the name of Jesus and God. The antiChrist created the outer temples where man is defiled, God created the inner temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell, the antiChrist created a male Jesus/carpenter, but God made women the creator of new life and chose her temple to produce new life. Therefore, if the antiChrist says Christ was a man, that more than like points to Christ being a woman!

If anyone can answer why Judas was given 30 shekels instead of 50 shekels, without arguing the Bible is a book of myths, I am all ears. Having said that I do concede that the Bible has been reproduced through bias eyes, but the same must be said about all ancient texts, which kind of makes your argument moot Vis. The fact that you are getting such a reaction about what I wrote Vis is purely an indication of the level of hypocrisy that abounds in this world.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Honest to God I do not want to be contrary but that makes no sense at all. You can't just say things and expect that they are so because you said them. The crimes of a patriarchal society have nothing to do with Jesus Christ and there are many more matriarchal driven societies than may appear at first sight. Anyone who spends any time in any of the Latin countries knows this, even regardless of all the make posturing.

I hate to point this out because it won't be acceptable to you and you will refuse to admit it or see it but you're letting your feminist outrage color the potential clarity of your reason and logic. Do you ever read what you write? Try this, pretend that what you are reading was written by another person. You're welcome to your outrage but women are not the only ones who suffer in this world and these days a great many men suffer at the hands of women as well. The problem here is that the argument you present has nothing to do with the point you are trying to make and it becomes impossible to reason with you because of the way you approach the subject. Are these things happening to you? Are you being attacked and raped? What is this anger all about? How does it have anything to do with anything else being said here? Because of your take on historical inequities visited upon women you believe that the very way that things were scripturally should be changed to suit your war on reality? I honestly do not understand but I will tell you this, I get more complaints about you than any other poster and it is very tiring for me. I want everyone to have the freedom to express themselves and I seldom shut anyone down. People ask me to but I am not made that way. I very often don't read comments at the sites, especially if they are of any length because I am too busy and so I wind up surprised when all sorts of people start yelling at me about how she is at it again and raving like a lunatic and so forth.

This "and the woman is the builder of that temple, then it only follows that the real carpenter/builder of the temple is the female." is bullshit. First of all I will point out to you that it is said man is born out of corruption and must be redeemed and THAT is the temple that is built by the master within... NOT THE PHYSICAL birth! If that were the case as you argue then everyone would be born perfect and there would be no war and no strife and we would all live in perfect harmony and we don't. Men and women are equally at fault for bad behavior, I've been here long enough to see that. I believe that the female aspect represents higher virtues but ONLY when present in such a personage and not in the general population where obviously it is not.


Visible said...

I don't want to waste my time trying to make sense with you especially since I know that in your case that is not possible so I'm not going to say anymore to you but I will tell you this, you outrage and piss off more readers than everyone else put together does and that implies something. If you are really trying to reach people and make a point then maybe you ought to consider the manner of your presentation because you do not reach or convince people by alienating them. I'm not convinced that you and several others are not involved in deliberately attempting to sabotage these sites and drive readers away. I'm as yet also not convinced in the other direction either.

I don't like being in conflict with anyone but it is unavoidable. And with you it is absolutely unavoidable because I do not agree with the things you say or the way you say them. I don't get this Old Testament raging at the pulpit and screaming at the congregation and damning one and all mindset. I don't get it. You're not the only one who comes around here like this but we haven't seen, mercifully, Godsend in awhile.

I hope you somehow come to your senses and cease with this irrational sturm und drang, very few share your venom and flammability. If you are actually trying to reach people then you ought to consider another tack. If your intention is to piss people off I can tell you, you're doing fine at that.

You're welcome to put on your combat boots and stomp all over the place. Sooner or later you'll get tired I suppose. I've told people if you upset them that much then they should ignore you and they tell me they do but apparently just seeing your name attached to some of these polemics makes people see red.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those people who get seriously annoyed when you come around. Your unjustified love of self is sickening. I have problems with anyone who thinks too highly of themselves with no good reason and who is self righteous to the extent that it makes me sick to my stomach. I haven't commented here in two years because I have nothing to add to what I read except, right on! That does not include everything I read in this section.


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. Visible's job is hard enough without that he has to go through shit here too. I've met him, spent time with him and heard tales aplenty with friends in Virginia who have known him for years. He's really been run thru the wringer. I guess it don't get no easier but I personally wish some people here were more understanding of that. All he is trying to do is tell the truth and inspire people. I don't know how he keeps doing it. Must be some amount of God in there somewhere. I've heard him say many times to take what is useful and leave the rest. That's what I do. I don't always agree with him but that is because I don't understand everything he is saying anyway so its not so much not agreeing as not getting it but I try and I recommend that if anybody else has the same problem I do. It will all be clear someday. I love you brother.


Anonymous said...

Could not agree more.

Anonymous said...

Vis I don't know why you bother to engage these people. They come around for awhile and then they go away. If you just wait them out it's probably all good. I know you want to explain things and at least you don't come out with the hammer and tongs anymore. That's good too. It is to be expected that some people want to stir the shit and see what happens.

I would let them wail. You know the wind only blows for a day.

They irk the hell out of me too but talking to them is pointless. They are clinically insane and that is past evident.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Women have a hard time of it in this world. They are oppressed by man-made laws, man-made social customs, masculine egoism, the delusion of masculine superiority. Their one comfort is the assurance that, even though it may be impossible to prevail against man, it is always possible to enslave and torture a man." (H.L. Mencken)

Diane said...

Karen Norman has been visiting here a long time - hence the patience.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Everyone we have Ever Loved, we Loved because The Ineffable was in Them.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

Anyone who has studied history knows that it was not so long ago women were declared to not even have a soul, and somehow not agreeing with that view makes me a feminist??

I have been happily married for 28 years. I am a stay at home housewife and mum of 5, so branding me a feminist requires a far stretch of the imagination.

You state, '...women are not the only ones who suffer in this world and these days a great many men suffer at the hands of women as well...' I agree. The men you refer to are inclusive in 'the poor' I was referred to. Perhaps I worded it badly. The men I referring to are those that belong to religious orders that ban women, or place them in subordinate positions. What they never do is accept women as equals. All I have suggested is that the yin/female and yang/male are two halves of a whole, both equal in portion, different yet both relevant. Neither is superior, because both are unique in their abilities and what they bring to the table. The other thing I was trying to convey was that the opposite of white is black, and male is female, so any suggestion that the opposite of the dark sacred masculine (ROMAN Catholic Church/antiChrist/left handed path) can be the light creative masculine (Freemason's/builders/right handed path) is very dubious to say the least. Both these operations are dominated and ruled by men, so all I am asking is how is woman, who makes up 50% of the world population, represented proportionately in these two sociological models that have been governing the Western world for at least the last 2,000 years, and the rest of the world in more recent times?

You stated, 'You can't just say things and expect that they are so because you said them...' Why not, that is what all those who have constructed this illusory system that we are all forced to live under have done?

You stated, 'What is this anger all about?' I am not angry Vis, I am just telling it the way it is. All is good here :o)

All I am doing is questioning the model under which humanity is being forced to live. This model is controlled and dominated by a small handful of men who not only think they are superior to women, but most other men as well. You regularly demean the actions of these very people, so I am at a loss as to what your problem is.

Have you ever thought that some of those people who complain about me are complaining because they don't like me spilling the beans the way I do. After all I do post much information on the nature of the structure in which we live, most of which is considered sacred by those who depend upon people's ignorance to keep this system operating?

My advice to the wingers and moaners who complain about me is to either grow a set of balls and call me out and show me why I am wrong, or go back and crawl under the rock you came out from under. I have never claimed to be perfect, and lucky for me you don't have to be to serve God. I couldn't care less whether people agree or disagree with what I say, I am not here trying to win a popularity contest. I am a child of God and if you haven't noticed this world is in a fallen state, so it is only natural that a child of God will be hated and despised.

I am still waiting for someone to explain to me why Judas was paid 30 shekels instead of 50, which should have been the payment if Christ was a man? If not then, then my suggestion that Christ was a female still stands.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

My only problem is with faulty logic and arguing things that have nothing to do with the issues actually under discussion, that and presentation but that's simply a matter of style and not my business. Since it will prove impossible for me to communicate this I'm going to stop right here and have nothing further to say on any of it again. There is no rancor in this, it's just me recognizing the futility of my efforts in this regard so I've got nothing to say, now or later. This way no one gets injured or wastes their time. Everyone's not going to get along here so there's no point in trying to make it happen. Each of us is free to read or not read what anyone says and are free to say what they think of it. I'm going to avoid all of it and appreciate the free time. Thank god I am finally coming to my senses. I thank the ineffable for that, it's been a long haul.

Anonymous said...

You may not have anything to say but I do. When I see total garbage like this "I am still waiting for someone to explain to me why Judas was paid 30 shekels instead of 50, which should have been the payment if Christ was a man? If not then, then my suggestion that Christ was a female still stands." There is no context for that statement and the money was a bribe, a payoff for betrayal. Is she saying there are standard bribe payoffs for betraying a woman or a man and that they are different? This woman is a menace and a person possessed of dark energies who is working as a divisive force here. I'm sick of this shit and every time she writes something here I am going to rip it to shreds line by line. I owe you this much Visible. This woman is here to cause problems and were I you I wouldn't post her at all. It's going to come to that anyway so I can wait.


Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

You stated, 'It goes without saying that the divine feminine has been suppressed and marginalized...' so I was elaborating on that which you did discuss :o)

I note you held back my second post and can't help but wonder why you have done that and yet let the ad hominem attacks through, whose only purpose is to attack the messenger instead of the argument. While I am always happy to respond to reasonable challenges about anything I put forward, and I couldn't care less what people's opinions are of me personally, I cannot fathom why you would let people's comments, that are nothing more than gastric diatribe on one of your posters, through?? A poster that is at least willing to put their full name to what they say, which is more than I can say for those who are throwing stones. Apart from that which was said to give you moral support, the rest of those ad hominem posters do not convey any real information so they offer nothing of value. People who attack others in such a manner haven't got the guts to put their self out there and provide anything of value, which no doubt is why the best they can offer is snide attacks on those who do. All ad hominem attacks provide is a means for brainless twits and mindless farts to let some hot air out, at least I am trying to convey something. Just because I am not as masterful at the written word as you are is no reason to limit my meagre offering. I haven't had the same advantage of a good education like many here have so i do the best I can with what I have. At the end of the day my focus is on serving the Divine as is yours, so I don't see where the problem is.

I didn't mind Homer's post, I actually thought it was funny, something along the line of you only get 20 years for murder but you get life for marriage. That goes both ways though :op

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...

Blow it out your ear Patrick.

'But if he brings a lamb as his offering for a sin offering, he shall bring it, a female without defect.' (Leviticus 4:32).

'Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them: When a man shall make a singular vow, the persons shall be for the Lord by thy estimation. And thy estimation shall be of the male from twenty years old even unto sixty years old, even thy valuation shall be fifty shekels of silver, according to the shekel of the sanctuary. And if it be a female, then thy valuation shall be thirty shekels' (Leviticus 27:2-4).

'Then one of the Twelve—the one called Judas Iscariot—went to the chief priests and asked, “What are you willing to give me if I deliver him[?] over to you?” So they counted out for him thirty pieces of silver.’ (Matthew 26:14-16).

Patrick said, 'This woman is a menace and a person possessed of dark energies'. What a lot of crap. What people say about others is indicative of who they are. You have simply projected who you are not me. Nice try.

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

Okay! Now you have overstepped and if you keep this up I will ban you. I am tired of you fucking with me. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES have I NOT POSTED ANY COMMENTS from anyone. That is not what I do and a flat out lie. EVERYTHING that comes in here goes up unless it is really toxic and there hasn't been anything like that in a long while so I don't know what kind of a game you are playing but NOTHING has been keep off of here.

In the meantime, though I can't stop you from making outrageous statements, falsifying history and making up arguments that have no basis in scripture whatsoever while still quoting scripture I can certainly understand why all these people don't like you. My guess is you deliberately lied about a second post to suck me in when I said I was done with this. I am done with this and if anymore of my time gets wasted you can think about peddling your wares somewhere else.

One final thing. All comments are coming to me so there is no way that something mysteriously didn't get to me and well... do the math.

Kazz said...

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

What has that quote from Leviticus got to do with Judas being paid 30 pieces of silver for betraying Jesus? You are insane and you use that argument to say Jesus Christ was a woman. You are proving in your own words that you are a fraud and a liar and one who twists scripture for their own profit which for you is divisiveness. You are working to destroy these sites and this is made ever more clear by working to browbeat Visible. A poisonous personality is a poisonous personality and as the host here has said often enough, by their works ye shall know them. You have demonstrated your works. Every one who has come here for any length of time knows that Visible is not a saint and if you mess with him and push his buttons you can make him react because he doesn't always think before he acts as he just demonstrated. I know personally how busy he is right now and what he is going through and the pressures on him because of a particular something that is happening between him and the ineffable. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know he's vulnerable at the moment and you are trying to take him down. It isn't going to happen and I am not the only one who will speak to that and I know much more than a dozen people who do not post here but will show up when I email them. When I say much more than a dozen I mean much more and you will suddenly find yourself in a shitstorm to end all shitstorms.


Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

It is not my intention to charge you with something you did not do. I posted it but it has gone astray then. Perhaps it was operator problems from this end, but I did post it. Things have happened like this before haven't they?

Now I know I will repost the second part to my earlier post, which you can see by the (Part 1) at the bottom of the post above was 1 of 2 posts. Please forgive me, it was rude of me not to follow up and check that this was the case, instead of assuming it was held back, but when you went on at me the way you did I naturally assumed you had withheld the second part. Nothing but a misunderstanding really Vis. I hope all is well now.

You don't have to ban me from posting here Vis, just say the word and out of respect for you I am gone, after all it is your blog.

(Part 2)

It all comes down to deduction and common sense really. When one moves past all the bias and discrimination it becomes rather obvious that man is the dark sacred masculine, so it only follows in a world of duality the feminine must be the creative light. Since satan/Man mimics everything God does it is my guess that the system we are under is the copy and not the real deal. After all, the only other creator of life on this plane other than God is woman, because it is through woman new life is developed and brought into this world. This cannot happen without Man of course because Man and Woman,unite to create the new temple/baby, which if cleansed sufficiently is capable of housing the true Christ, the Holy Spirit/higher consciousness.

The alternative is that man is everything and woman is nothing, which is pretty much what has been pushed throughout this patriarchal dominated world of materialism.

Currently this world is at war with God because satanists have inverted everything, EVERYTHING!

God gave man free will, the antiChrist enslaved humanity, God created the family unit, the antiChrist uses religion to create 'the state', which is actually communism, and does so in the name of Jesus and God. The antiChrist created the outer temples where man is defiled, God created the inner temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell, the antiChrist created a male Jesus/caprenter, but God made women the creator of new life and chose her temple to produce new life in. Therefore, if the antiChrist says Christ was a man, that leaves the distinct possibility open that the Christ who was reported in the Bible could reasonably have been a woman and not a man.

If anyone can answer why Judas was given 30 shekels instead of 50 shekels, without arguing the Bible is a book of myths, I am all ears. Having said that I do concede that the Bible has been reproduced through bias eyes, but the same must be said about most ancient texts.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Whoa... Whoa...Whoa... let's be reasonable here. Patrick, I appreciate the loyalty but that is just what I don't want here. You and all the other people who have been emailing me need to take a deep breath. I'm okay, I really am. I see what's going on here but this person runs a clever game and she's got others who've have bought it; why I cannot imagine but it is so. There are only a few of them by comparison to the opposition but their feelings matter to me. She's bounced out of here several times already.

There is a pattern here that keeps repeating. You're right, I got more intense in my reaction than I probably should have. Most of those who have visited here for any length of time know that I have a personal issue with slander and being slandered by being accused of something I didn't do. But I recover quickly enough and nothing is broken as far as the totality of the place goes. The definition of diabolus by the way is slanderer. I'm right back in a better headspace. I don't last long in any other anymore.

Let's just be more patient and wait the situation out. You just blew the specious thing about 50-30 shekels out of the water. I would have mentioned something similar but I really am trying to stay out of conflict. I haven't done such a good job, have I (grin)? My biggest problem is that I have to at least skim everything that comes in here because if I could simply bypass particular postings I'd be technically immune.

Lots of people have been made upset by this person but all along I have managed to avoid that. I'm guessing my finally getting involved was more a feature of some kind of destiny than anything else. Let's just let it slide for a bit. It will work out.

Kazz said...

Dear Patrick,

The values in Leviticus given are the price given for sacrifices, which was still operating in the time of Jesus Christ, and most probably still is today (?).

It is a sin to bare false witness against your neighbour Patrick.

Aren't you the Patrick that did up the new sites for Vis which caused him to lose all the old comments? Didn't Vis have to go back to the old system because of the havoc the new system was creating? By their works ye shall know them.

You are threatening me and calling me evil. Really??

I love Vis and my copious amounts of emails and posts over the years here are a testament to it.

I have a very good handle as to who Vis is which is why I spend time here.

All I have done is express a few views that are pertinent to Vis's post on how the divine feminine has been suppressed and marginalized. Talk about an over reaction!

Have you considered that it may be all the whingers that keep berating Vis and the extra work he has had to deal with in getting his blog up and running properly again which might be the catalyst for all the extra stress? One must ask their self
if these people who are whinging at Vis care so much about him than why are they selfishly nagging at him instead of dealing with issues that bother them their self, like adults?

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

Your arguments are ridiculous and your 50-30 shekels thing is about two entirely different things. Patrick already addressed that. I have never heard points not made that were so lacking in substance or any possibility of being valid. I honestly don't know what to say to you so I'm going to let it pass. You are deaf to reason and will not listen to anyone else. It is classic megalomania and it probably involves some kind of manic syndromes that come and go. Given this, dialogue is impossible. You're free to keep saying silly things because I sense that there are other forces at work and I am curious to see the results. However, I'm going to just pass on any response from here on out except for those already stated.

Kazz said...


My mistake.

All I have done in all my postings is try to convey the truth as I see it.

My apologies Vis. From the many emails you and I have passed between each other I got the definite opinion you and I were friends. It seems that was my mistaken.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope the light and love of God really do find you.

Bye Kazz

Visible said...

That's not going to work as any kind of statement Karen, I am just speaking honestly about the impression I get. I've tried for a long time to skate around certain things and for whatever the reason things came to a head today.

I told you I was going to step back and keep my mouth shut. I am working on that. I have a number of pressures on me and they are causing me to be less diplomatically evasive than I usually am. There is no way I can agree with some of the things you say. That would be really dishonest on my part. It has nothing to do with friendship. It is friendship that is causing me to jump through all of these hoops. I admit I'm not doing it well and there must be a reason this is happening. Maybe it is to show that I'm not as evolved as I think I am but I don't think I'm very evolved so that's not it. The inside of my head is chaos and haywire at the moment because of this powerful spiritual influence I am dealing with. It is more than I can handle and overwhelming actually. As a result I am not thinking clearly in what I say here; no wait, I'm clear about what I'm saying but not clear in my presentation and delivery. Please forgive me for that if I've upset you but you've upset me and others so we have all upset each other. Maybe it's just the way the day is fashioned.

Maybe it's one of those scrums where we all dirty and then we wake up and look at ourselves and feel ashamed and do what we can to let the angels of our better nature take over. In that case it isn't necessary for you to go anywhere or be concerned that I will say anything more that is defining in a negative way. I won't. I just don't agree with you and you do have to admit you are very heavy handed in your insistence that you are right. You do need to think about that. I'm not blaming you. I'm saying we all have to employ some give and take here. Plenty of people don't agree with what I say and I'm not angry with them about that. Try not to be angry with me and give everyone a second chance and I think you will find the same is delivered to you.

You can consider me a friend but friends don't book on each other.

Anonymous said...

I have the highest respect for you Visible. It could be said I do not respect anyone higher. I've known you a long time and what you have accomplished is something else. You're living proof that god is real. I know you recognize that line from one of your songs. You're smart. You're a genius according to your IQ but as you know I am smarter than you and my IQ is higher. I also had the advantages. I got to go to the best colleges and I made a name for myself as I know you are still in the process of and the name you make will dwarf so many others. I'm watching it happen and it pleases me so much. I'm also more cynical than you. I wish you had a little more real world awareness but then you wouldn't be you.

I said this to tell you that she played you. She did all this to do what she did and then to trip off. She's not just mentally ill. She's diabolical. Its just like you to say you are her friend. It's just like you to even humiliate yourself as you have done for a noble cause but she played you and she is laughing about it. I know this because that is my job to know shit like this and you know that is what I do. It made me one of the best federal prosecutors that ever practiced in my state. People here don't know how you and I met. That would be a tale to tell huh? Like the stories you told at Origami today. Don't lose any sleep over this garbage. You have real friends. If it were better known how many real friends you have it would make a lot of people green with envy so don't stress over this. Its not the first time we have had this conversation.

Let it go. There never was anything you could do. Its like what that detective says to Jake Gittes in the film, "Let it go Jake, its Chinatown." You got out of it okay and it doesn't have to be dealt with again for the moment. I'm going to go back to not showing up.


Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

I don't care what anyone else here thinks about me, because it is not about me, it is about what I am guided to share. If they like me fine, if they don't that is fine too. I did care about what you thought though because I like your work. I don't agree with everything you say, and for the same reason I don't expect you to agree with every thing I say, but I do expect academic courtesy from a man of your caliber.

As far as theology goes though, irrespective of whether people like my interpretation or not, I am well versed in the Bible, and I was guided through it by the Holy Spirit. Spirit has taken me across a range of other subjects on my academic journey as well. If people want to interpret my claim as me being egotistical and self absorbed in their tiny closed little minds than so be it. All I can do is speak truthfully. I am not responsible for the crap others fill their heads with. I am not here to convince people of what I have come to know as truth, but merely share it for others consideration. As you say, if they can take something from it fine, if not that is fine too. If they don't like my style of writing than surely a reasonable person would simply gloss over the post and move on. I don't claim to be perfect, but no one else is either, so they can keep their opinions about me to their self, unless they are offering constructive criticism, which is rarely the case. I do what I do because I passionately believe what I have been guided to understand. I am well aware of how bizarre some of the things I say come across, but we are living in a world full of lies so often the truth does sound bizarre. Even those awake flinch sometimes at what God asks me to convey, but would you let that stop you?

I don't actually enjoy pissing people off, but when you tell the truth in a world full of lies it is a revolutionary act that few appreciate, which is why God most probably picked someone as abrasive and forceful as me to share it, because a less extreme and cautious person would be too concerned on stepping on toes, where as I am a jump in the deep end and learn how to swim gal.

I don't know why God has picked me for this journey. I know I am very grateful because walking with God turns our drab black and white existence into technicolor, so even if everyone here wants to throw stones at me and they hate my guts I don't care, because the only thing I need to be whole is the Divine. For this reason I don't ever book an anybody else. I didn't become who I am today because I need others to rely on. I am the one who people turn to in crisis. I am the one who serves and looks after others. God takes my back and looks after me, and I must say God does a sterling job of it.

I am happy to hang around for a while, unless the Divine tells me otherwise, but it seems you have a revolt on your hands lol. With what has happened here in the last few days it is easy to see how those women got burned as witches, and why Christ was crucified. What we say to others is a statement of who we are, and I personally think a lot of people who visit here would do well do deeply consider their actions and words, because the way people get upset at what I say is more about them than it is me. I read outrageous stuff here all the time, but I have NEVER bothered you with it Vis. Only a prat would do that. If I have an issue with someone I take it up with them like an adult, and I do so by addressing their argument not by trying to slay them. To be perfectly honest if people came to me whinging about what others wrote I would tell them to get a life, because I don't suffer fools well.

If we are good I will stay. If that is what you want. If not I am more than happy to move on and spread my pearls elsewhere.

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...

Ah, so you are/were a federal prosecutor Patrick, which means you have signed allegiance to the law society, who have signed allegiance to the corporations. The same law society that the Bible refers to as the 'tribe of Judah'.

Here is what Jesus Christ has to say to you, “It is written: ‘My house will be a house of prayer.’ But you have made it ‘a den of robbers.’” (Luke 19:46), and Hosea 5:10 informs us that, ‘the princes of Judah have become like those who move a boundary; On them I will pour out My wrath like water.’

No wonder you are having problems Vis.

Now I understand the venom and hatred coming from Patrick towards me.

Watch your back Vis.

Luv Kazz

Ginnie said...

Gotta love you Patrick...muahhh!
As for "Stormin Norman"...."You ignorant slut" ( thanks Dan!!!!)
#1. Shekels and silver aren't equal...hence money changers in the temple court.
#2. 30 pieces of silver is the price of a slave.
#3. Jesus was never intended as a sacrifice or else he would have been unblemished and without spot
and presented inside to be sacrificed kosher style. They blemished the fuck out of him!!!
#4. Judah's was pissed he didn't get a kings ransome...hence the tossing of the silver.
#5. Jesus was abused beyond belief and forced to walk outside the gates to where the "unclean" are
disposed of....flat out murder... not a sacrifice! of the skull ( and bones!)
#6. When he was declared the "lamb of God" it was to more blood sacrifice to the satanic god of evil!
Jesus was showing us that any god that requires blood ain't God!
#7. Nobody killed Jesus...he dismissed his spirit!
#8. He knew he was going to die because ..."You can't handle the truth!"
Love you Vis!

Kazz said...

Apart from the slut comment, thank you Ginnie.

Since Christ personified the balanced being, both the masculine and feminine, it is more than likely the Christ appears to each in their own way.

I would appreciate references from what you have said to further investigate your claims. After all communication is about information exchange, so it is always nice to have feedback, especially with people who have another perspective. Now if you could just provide the chapter and verse, even roughly for me, I would love to read back over that material and look through your perspective.

Luv Kazz

Ginnie said...

Attention Karen!
I am not interested in communicating on any level with toxic cluster B personality disordered beings.

Grey rock for you!

Sorry the troll thought I was feeding it Vis!

I am retreating into the vapors until this thing tires itself out.

Kazz said...

I reach out in a concerted effort to meet them half way Vis and they scurry away, making threats in the process, just like one would expect from the dark, because the dark can do is retreat when the light of truth is shone upon it.

'“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.' (Matthew 7:15)

Luv Kazz



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