Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Coming upon a Bliss Drenched Wonderland of Serendipitous Discovery.

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In an age when Trivia is royalty, Science has become a theater of the absurd, a staging ground for the efforts of buffoons. Of course there is much worse than the example given. Ridiculous inquiry is a staple and hallmark of the times. In an age where integrity has turned into a handicap for advancement in this world, the predictable corruption of politicians is a given. This particular politician even looks like a cartoon character. In a time where lies are celebrated, it is no surprise that they are employed for the purpose of blackmail and material gain. I laugh out loud when I see something like that but it's not funny. It's not funny at all. In a time where meaning and morals have gone out the window, it is to be expected that people will seek escape wherever it can be found, no matter how destructive it may prove to be. Just like the CIA engineered crack epidemic in LA, you can be sure that at some point the government is involved, just as you can be sure that the increasingly heavy police presence has little to do with the reasons given, since those who employ the police are behind the majority of all terror activities. I have nothing against the police. I am opposed to deception, false flags and the incremental loss of liberty that becomes more elusive with every passing day. Of course, freedom is in the mind so... I don't feel threatened because they can't get into my head but they can get into the heads of many another passing by here and there.

You can drive yourself mad in an attempt to save the world and more often than not, be wrong in the methods you choose to apply to that end. The biggest mass murderers the world has ever seen have been social reformers. You can't save the world. You can't even save yourself. If you could there would be no need for the spiritual sun to send down a ray of its most intimate being, on a regular basis, to that end, for that very purpose. Paul said something along the lines of “We must work out the practical implications of our salvation because God Himself is working in our midst.” What I take from that is that if we are in service to the ineffable, we become like a light in the darkness of this world. That is the best we can accomplish, I think. I don't know this but I suspect it is so. If we diminish ourselves and exalt the ineffable within and in everyone else, we will have come to the temple of wisdom and entered in.

For a long time, even though there were people around, I kept mostly to myself. I have little interest in the things that interest others. Now, I encounter people every day and I have to catch myself in moments of interplay and the kinds of encounters where someone is acting out of unconscious aggressions, because that is how they make their way in the world and probably how they act toward others and have been acting toward others for some time. It's likely they are unaware of it even happening. The reason I bring this up is that I haven't been in multiples of social exchanges for a very long time and when I have been interacting it's been with readers or in the pedestrian pursuits of buying food or sundries. My eyes are much more open than they have ever been and I find I can see into people now in a way that I could not before. I see so many things that I couldn't begin to list them. I see their anxieties and idiosyncrasies, their hopes and fears ...and I notice how people love to talk about themselves and they love to complain or comment on particular subjects that annoy, outrage and intrigue them. I have discovered that people love, more than anything else, finding someone who will listen to them. I've run out of things to say about myself and I don't care one way or another about impressing anyone. I notice that often people aren't even paying attention anyway. They all seem to have some conversation going on in their heads at all times and thankfully I have no such conversation taking place, unless I am alone; most of the time anyway.

I feel like I am on the verge of any number of magical discoveries that have to do with very simple things that are a part of everyday life. It is as if one thing appears to be going on and something else entirely is actually taking place. It's too new for me to have much to say about it but it is very frequently surprising and this is pretty certain to occur when I am doing no more than watching or listening, which seems to be what I do now more than anything else. There are certain services that we can provide to others that take very little energy or effort. Providing others with an emptiness into which they can pour themselves seems to be something that is in very high demand, although it isn't advertised anywhere, nor much spoken of.

I'm becoming convinced that God resides in every human being and it is possible to invoke that entity if you are inspired properly to effect it. This is the same principle in reverse as to what a large portion of the world does by invoking the devil in one another and there are those quite skilled at this particular form of magic, which often passes unseen in the minds of those it is being performed on and which results in people being swayed in directions they would not have chosen for themselves but which they were vulnerable toward.

You see this kind of bad magic being practiced in most of the large areas of influence, such as in religions, politics and all the entertainment fields. These days one can't even be admitted into the arenas of performance unless one swears fealty to the one who rules the minds of those who decide who gets in and who does not. This accounts for the quality of song lyrics and the preponderance of demonic thugs defaming the feminine principle and shouting out the praises of material gain and all sorts of violence visited upon one target or another. This accounts for the content seen in movies and the increasing presence of certain practices that since time immemorial have signified the fall of civilization. Certain trends always appear in times of social decay.

The thing is that one is censured and marginalized for pointing certain things out. One is denied a wider platform and often subjected to ridicule and ignominy. One certainly can't come and go among those who are in collective agreement about what should be promoted and what should be scorned. The New Testament talks at length about 'the world' and its ways and also what happens to those who come under its thrall. These are not idle observations.

In any case, it doesn't matter what the world does. It matters what you do and should you be inclined to compromise yourself in order to gain the whole world but lose your only soul well... there are warning signs all the way down the highway. There are many who despair and believe themselves damned who seem unaware of the mercy of the ineffable in respect of those willing and capable of sincere change. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

One of the biggest mistakes made by the human mind in respect of a divine being is that they create an anthropomorphic god. In most cases they create a God who is simply a bigger version of themselves and who shares their prejudices and predilections. That's not God at all. That's another variation on The Devil and accounts for all of the things that get done in the name of God and which atheists use as a platform of argument for why God could not possibly exist. The stupidity of their position seems to escape them, especially since people of this kind usually believe themselves to be clever and intelligent and far too bright to be susceptible to superstition and wild tales of virgin births and miracles; never realizing that what exists in dogma, doctrine and cant are smokescreens for metaphysical realities that involve very reasonable and rational explanations for all of these events as they appear to informed minds.

It's not my place to argue with unbelievers. I don't argue in any case. I state... and you can take it or leave it. I'm not out to convince anyone of anything and it is impossible to accomplish in any case when an impenetrable wall of arrogance stands before someone and the clarity of eternal truths. On the plus side, though it may not seem a positive thing, experience will teach one and all about what is and is not so. There is no getting around the fact that life exists to educate you and you can learn in a gentler or extremely harder fashion. Truly lucky are those so disposed to the existence of a supreme being. However wrong you may be about the characteristics and components of the personality and being of the ineffable prior to a direct encounter, that will all be taken care of in the process of it and in the aftermath. Sometimes I think life is just one unending echo. I should probably explain that but I'm not sure I can. It is tied to the reality that Memory is key. I would far rather look into the pool of the High Priestess than I would the one that Narcissus saw himself in.

My friends... never despair and always remember that however hard it may be at any given point, the opposite will be true at another point and if you are going the right way, sooner or later it is going to be a bliss drenched wonderland of unending serendipitous discovery, a continuing perpetual delight of ever deeper and deeper joys drawn from a reservoir of immeasurable love.

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David Alan McBride said...

"I feel like I am on the verge of any number of magical discoveries..."
"It's too new for me to have much to say about it but it is very frequently surprising..."

Interest piqued. Can't wait to hear more.

Ginnie said...

I went to the site you invited us to visit...twice! Posted a complimentary comment. Nothing showed up.

Visible said...

Those comments are there Ginnie. I saw them yesterday and... thank you!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I forgot to 'Nostrils Up' this, but hey. Better late than never.

Visible said...

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