Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Love Transforms Everything it Touches until Nothing Remains but Love.

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Yes... the Oceana/East Asia assembly line, false news production centers, are brimming with reconstituted freeze-dried fecal ink of both the real and virtual kind, in both the literal and metaphorical sense. It's an interesting dichotomy, or irony, as you prefer, that although the smell has been chemically removed, or deodorized, it still stinks so bad that you either have to leave the room or change the channel or web-page at regular intervals to avoid Uncontrollable Retching Syndrome.

We went into that particular file drawer this morning; “Things that are true and unassailably so” and pulled out the folder that contains the names and genetic markers of the ones who own the media and it's the same as it is every day. These organized Satanists are a single arm of the globoctopus vampire squid that represents the investment portfolio of the international banker consortium that thinks they run the show down here. Everything you are hearing about Syria is designed for public consumption by them. They were also the principal financiers and architects of the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, The Ukraine (this admitted to by Victoria Neuland) and just about every country in recent memory that has been the staging ground for ritual mass murder, dedicated to the blood currency deity that they worship. They were the ones that orchestrated 9/11 as well and this is also in that same file. There are duplicates of all of these items in another file that is headed, “Shit we know about but nobody does anything about.” Duplicates are also in another file that is headed, “In God's hands.”

These hungry fiends have got their sights set on the destruction of Syria now. It is they who were behind the chemical weapons attacks; the false flag weapons attacks. They are now announcing, with no facts or evidence that Syria is planning another chemical weapons attack, even though they haven't done any to begin with. They're shutting down any observations to the contrary; whatever is contrary to the lies they are manufacturing, to justify whatever massive reaction they hope to generate by the American military, once they have performed their false flag chemical weapons attack and blamed it on Assad.

What has to be kept in mind is that the vicious monsters who serve The Dark Lord are on a time sensitive schedule. Certain things have to be accomplished within a particular time line. They are arrogantly confident about their ability to pull it off because they control the State Department of the United States, The Defense Department, The Intelligence Services, The American Congress and the White House as well as any other medium they require to provide a comprehensive and defensible platform for their actions.

As has been stated any number of times here; 'life is a dream' be it not so 'merrily, merrily' as we would hope. Corruption has spread through the medium of Materialism to nearly every location on Earth. Here we would like to state that Materialism is Satanism. They are indistinguishable. This accounts for their coming out into the open in such an obvious (to some of us) way as they have in recent times. This accounts for their sensitive time line as well because at no time can Evil rise up in such a manner without a corresponding force also coming into play. The Avatar is also at work but in a less visible fashion. The Avatar is working 'within'... presently within the hearts and minds of the populace though they know nothing of it. The Avatar is working on the planes above the manifest and influencing what comes into manifestation for the purpose of whatever demonstration he intends to make known to the world in an impactful and lasting fashion.

The Agents of Darkness are coming more and more into the open. Few of us are able to see all of the areas where they are at work but it is easy to see any number of movements and events taking place in the vast theater of contemporary existence. One needs only to look at every area of the entertainment industry, the media, the bleating of the doomed goats in government disservice, the sanctimonious and bejeweled representatives of religious hypocrisy and the white garbed new age prophets with deep pockets. Everywhere you look you can follow the money and see what is being paid for and... what is being paid for is the relentless corruption of the people; an enforced and progressive degeneration of consciousness with its focus on appetites; perverted and amplified through telepathic invasion and a blizzard of sounds and imagery through every medium at their disposal.

At the same time, in this very moment, the Avatar and all the angels of Heaven are constantly at work on the hearts and minds of everyone who is susceptible to that influence, granting hope and invisible reassurance wherever it is needed most. We must recognize this truth in our hour of need. When it seems that all is lost and that the palpable forces arrayed against us are overwhelming, we must realize that all force is borrowed force and exists in application for only so long as it is permitted to be. In an instant the permissions can be removed by the one to whom all force belongs. It is as simple as throwing a switch. Count on this as being one of the less obvious realities of the apocalypse but no less potent for that. Everything is under control.

Time and time again, on every stage that has ever been erected and then dismantled, the same pattern of events has played out. It is an endlessly repeating tale, with only one true winner and with the same lesson realized again and again. We keep coming to the fields of Armageddon to find the battle won. God is present in every character in every role that is performed. God is prior to, in the midst of and at the end of each and every story whose purpose is the lesson implicit in the telling. What meaning we take from anything is dependent on what we value. This is what determines whatever sense we make out of it. This is the Rashomon Effect.

When one does not know and knows that one does not know, they are in a position to be informed. As long as your bucket is filled with salt water, all of the water contains salt. It is best to have an empty bucket. That bucket can then be filled with the presence of that which knows everything and which then informs the one who knows nothing. Knowledge has importance only at the time when it is necessary to possess it. Otherwise it is just something clothed in words that might as well be a figurine on a shelf... there are books which contain powerful revelations but the revelations have no meaning or importance unless they are experienced in revelation. Once again... it is just words. There is an intelligence within us that has the power to illuminate that which otherwise is just words. Certain arrangements of words have been repeated over and over again. People extract various interpretations from them and this is accompanied by partial understandings. This leaves one open to errors in reasoning which can prove truly unfortunate down the road, up the road and around the bend as well. Everything is a lesson and even the slightest event in your life is a special dealing of the ineffable with your soul.

If you proceed through life, knowing that the ineffable is intimately involved in your life, you have made possible certain changes that might not come to pass otherwise. People can argue about it till Doomsday's Break but the enduring truth of life is that Love is the most powerful force in the universe and if you exercise it, it will grow. It will grow and grow and grow until it is the only consideration in your life. It will live in you and work through you and it will affect everything in your life and it will touch the lives of everyone you meet. It will instruct you and protect you. It will guide and lead you to the secret origins of its eternal residence and it will welcome you in.

There are other roads a person can take and they all lead somewhere but the road of Love is remarkable and unique, unlike any other route of passage. You can read all of the great books. You can practice all the rituals and routines of every spiritual tradition but no matter how deep and profound what you read may be and no matter how diligently you perform whatever discipline you might engage in, there is nothing so deep and profound as Love. You will find nothing so real and everlasting as Love. Why not accept this to begin with and avoid the disappointments that are woven into everything else? Let Love absorb and transform you. You will never regret what comes of this and the world will be left behind for those who find whatever importance they find in it. Without Love, nothing has any value and this... one will discover the truth of it... sooner or later.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Love. The ultimate high that no psychopath can ever know.

Nujali McOla said...

Perhaps the unfudgeable has not forgotten that it threw a masquerade ball that turned into a boomerang which yoyo'ed into a fidget spinner and keeps on morphing cos there's not much else to do in an infinity of love, especially when you're the only being, other than stir it up into all sorts of other stuff and nonsense like ... who me?

Anonymous said...

A good, clear, cogent read on the situation:


Visible said...

This is not for everyone, you need to have a interest in things like Bit Coin and the like. If you do then you will find a lot of new information here and be ahead of the game, should you happen to play it-

There's a Blockchain Bonanza at the End of the Rainbow.

Anonymous said...

Well, we love you Vis so thanks.........

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Powers of Light are Greater than all the Powers of Darkness that have Ever Been..



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