Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Smorgasbord of Sh*t from Don't Give a Rat's Ass Central

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Howdy Doody, the killer puppet clown was 'sworn in' for another term in recent days. By sworn in, I mean the Chief Injustice said to him at the conclusion of the farce, “Okay Fuckhead, get your bought and sold ass back into the Anal Office”; probably why it's oval. Yeah, there are all kinds of unpleasant specimens running around at the moment. This listing is not at all comprehensive.

The big question; what has been the big question, for a good while, is, “When are things going to change? Why are they going on so long? Why is nothing being done?” Well, that's 3 questions actually. I have no clear or clever answer to any of these. The dining table of the world has been turned into a Smorgasbord of Shit. It comes in various compositions and colors. Most of the edibles even taste slightly different from each other but they're all shit. Normal food is against the law, normal sex will soon be against the law and normal behavior is going to go from a misdemeanor to a felony. Honesty is going to be cataloged as a crime against Nature and Pederasty is being elevated to a legal requirement, similar to paying taxes.

I've been told the Kali Yuga is over. Apparently, the temporal zone hasn't gotten the memo yet. How can something be over if it is still happening? It must be one of those Zen things. Psychopathic behavior is still freewheeling down the boulevard of broken dreams and all those millions of urban dwellers living in “I don't Give a Rat's Ass Central” are walking down the street, waving their arms at invisible bugs. What these gestures are really communicating is, “I don't want to hear about it”.

They just want to be fed, get laid and have somewhere to live, while filling up their time, occupied with daydreams in the workplace and rhinestone entertainments everywhere else. You can't shake them awake. You can't reason with them, cause it's like trying to have a conversation with a somnambulist. What that gets you is walking into the same wall they do; that great big wall of silent indifference that waits ahead in all directions for the indifferent.

Mossad and the gentile goblin armies are not scaling back; no telling when they will publish the assumed names of these dark side cowboys. One of the most interesting and ironic puzzles of these last years is, why haven't there been any real terror events? We've had a bunch of false flag, Israel and her bitches, events but we have seen neither hide nor hair of any action coming out of the hot zones, where Israel and western forces are killing for profit, sport and armaments testing. You would think by now some enterprising easterners, who have had enough of the horrors visited upon them by the banker armies, would have blown some things up in all kinds of locations... nada.

History is full of all sorts of strange things. I'm passing familiar with this story but had never heard about the conclusions drawn in this article. It puts a whole new face on the episode and it sounds all too credible. I suspect there are many, many similar realities that permeate events and conditions which we seldom, if ever, hear about. Pretty much anything we are told is a lie or a half truth so, if you want to know what really happened, you have to dig deep or get a library card for the Hall of Akashic Records.

I was talking to Connie Lingle the other day. She's the sister of former Hawaiian governor, Linda Lingle, who was spawned from the same test tube as Janus Napolitano and she told me that her sister told her that an alien invasion was coming this year. I reminded her that external invasions are not the bigger problem. It's the internal invasions that are causing all of the problems. People with no sense of self are being telepathically hijacked and evicted from their corporal homes, or completely subdued by lower astral monsters from the inner planes. That's the reason there are so many bad TV shows, movies and music. No-one human would watch or listen to any of these but definitely, other, undesirable life forms would. So... if you're trying to figure out what it all means, regardless of whether you are named Alfie or not, this should explain it to you. I've taken my Phaser off of stun. It's the smart move. Even though me and smart moves adds up to some kind of oxymoron, I am trying to quit; no shit.

I know there are people out there who say, “He can't be any kind of a bonafide guru, he uses bad language." Actually my language is a great deal better that the ordinary school kid. Ordinary would mean below average because average is now below ordinary and ordinary doesn't come around much anymore in any case. Well, it just so happens that I have run into VERY high beings who use this sort of language. One of them was sporting a notable state of tumescence behind his khaki chino pants at the time in a kind of joie de vivre way. I'm guessing life (his life) really turned him on. Lao Tzu talks about being firm all day and filled with vigor. I think that has to be what it was; hopefully it wasn't just that he was attracted to me (grin) and a big “I'm kidding”, in case you happen to be reading this.

Moving right along, I'm going to Varanasi and then the Kumbha Mela in about a month, shortly after a visiting guest has finished his visit. I've been given to understand that I am going to meet someone or more than one, who are going to totally transform my life, so as to make me nearly unrecognizable. Well, I am already unrecognizable to myself (grin) but it is something to think about and I am accompanied by a disconcerting awe, through the length of my days as if some portion of myself is all too aware of this. Abul pointed out to me yesterday that this is a Maha-Maha Kumbha that only comes around every 24 years. You get a Maha Kumbha every 12 years. So this one is the Big Daddy of Big Daddys; would that make it a Mack Daddy?

Well, I am looking forward, while also whistling past the graveyard, in a recurrent micro shiver of anticipation to personal transformation because, come this summer, after I've had my recording session with Old-Boy in the UK, I do not presently know where I will be living; where or with whom, come summer. Certainly the Cosmos knows but all is quiet on the Visible Front, in terms of information. Maybe options are still being juggled and sorted. I've been invited to Ecuador, Australia, New Zealand and some other places but they are far away and involve a severing of all familiar associations. Part of me really wants to stay in Europe and I have friends there that definitely do not want me to leave. I've also made contacts here that have promised to expedite a ten year visa for me. They know the rubber stamp guys.

For some years now, the reader has been getting a collage-origami of my metaphysical take on things; well, it's not my take as much as a gurgitation of things I hear with the inner ear. I doubt very many readers are familiar with Aghora. I just finished a book by Robert Svoboda (I had already read one book by him) that chronicles the life of his teacher, Vimalananda. The book is called “Aghora at the Left Hand of God”. The similarity between many things said in this book and things I have spoken about over the years is interesting. In some cases there are exact quotes, although I never read this book until yesterday. There are events and conditions described in this book that go beyond anything most of us have ever encountered, yet they are all true, or I believe them to be. It shows you just how amazing and fascinating India can be. I am not an Aghori and have no intention of becoming one. My tendency toward instability and the rigorous requirements of this discipline, preclude my ever being so engaged. It would be a disaster and I am resigned to simple Bhakti because that is all I can safely manage, in hope of the jnana that might show up, we hope. I recommend you order this book from Amazon right away. It is a wild ride and a riveting read. You are definitely going to have to suspend all disbelief, I assure you.

I do not know what to make of my situation here. Powerful forces are impacting on me at all times. I can manage this better now. In the beginning it was real touch and go. Certain things I have engaged in for many years are now on their way out and this will bring me a much greater sense of vitality and clarity, along with an increased stability of mind, as well as a cleansing and strengthening of the nerve currents. I had planned on these things at some point. Then the point showed up all by itself.

I hope you will read and explore the links concerning Varanasi and Kumbha Mela. There is some fascinating information in them. However, reading the book I have recommended will astonish and astound you. It will certainly show anyone who reads it just how little they know and it will surely dispel certain egocentric assumptions we have about ourselves. Some may be turned off by the fact that this man is an expression of the Left Hand Path but the meaning and implications of that here are entirely different than elsewhere and so are the practitioners. This man does not come off as you might expect and the book will also grant you a much greater perception of what siddhis are and what they can do. I am not myself after these things though there are many times I wished I had some (grin).

Alright, enough for today. Let's see if I can get a radio show together now.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Swimming out Beyond the Borders of Belief

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It's a strange, strange world and getting stranger all the time. We've had a mother lode of strange in these tormented times. We move from abuse to outrage and then back to abuse again. Our politicians are automatons, programmed by a low order of demons, who are set into operation by the Synagogue of Satan. It is long past the stage where there are any arguments that can counter this mendacious certainty. It stands to reason that reasonable and creative stands have to be taken before there is no ground to stand on whatsoever. It's like the disappearing geography of Gaza, only it is happening all over the planet, as the Spawn of Satan make their last push to bury the world in darkness.

In Kentucky and in Texas, as well as in other states, around Zionist controlled America, local officials are crying, “Hold, enough”. As the totally possessed, hate zombies of the political elite, seek to employ gun control, based on false flag events, initiated by Zionist controlled intelligence and law enforcement agencies, the citizen purchases of guns has gone through the roof. This was noted at the most recent Cow Palace gun show. How can they engineer gun control when their proclamations to do so, result in an insane rush to acquire firearms, by everyone who can see the writing on the wall?

It should be irrefutably apparent that whoever is behind this is not of American origin because... why would you destroy the country you were living in? Why would you destroy the manufacturing base, destroy the job market, ruin the economy; thus forcing a reduction in public services and local law enforcement, having also destroyed the housing market, so that there are no longer property taxes to provide all the necessities that a country cannot do without, from schools, to fire stations, to street lamps and whatever. Crime soars and then you get this alongside it. Then, of course, you get this as well; 'ruining lives, it's job one'. Of course, if you want to snatch a batch of kids from any number of locations and use them as test animals, or rape and kill them in a Satanic ceremony, that's perfectly okay. Rank has it's privileges and the ranker it is, the better.

We've already talked about the pharmaceutical industry and their war on public sanity. Meanwhile a tsunami of reactions to the Central Banks is on the way. Still Zio-girl is not concerned about the economy. She's making ends meet in a traditional way. Are we happy for her? No comment.

Speaking of psychopaths. It's good to see them getting the recognition they deserve. It must have once been the case, somewhere, where people competed in their goodness, where virtue was rewarded, where all kinds of things were valued as important possessions. I remember a time in my own life (this life) in this world, where the entire view of all things was different. It could have been that there were just more veils over my eyes and it only looked that way but wasn't actually that way and maybe I was completely missing the fact that it's been nearly as bad as it is for as long as I've been here but that goes counter to my present perceptions. In any case, I don't remember any reptiles as odious as Piers Morgan. I don't remember anything like the Kardashians. So many things have changed.

Now they celebrate the nastiness and evil in us and those who possess the most of it are fast tracked to the top of the landfill. I am amazed each and every day as I travel around through the news world and see one execrable example after another. I tell myself that it is an impossibility that every politician in every state and many of them abroad, could all be so thoroughly corrupt and then it dawns on me, then it dawns on me who put them into office. I begin to see the great spider web and the arachnid Kabala bug that squats in the center, weaving a dark mischief around the world. One of the most constantly ridiculed POV's, is that there is a vast connected conspiracy of Zio-trolls, who operate in every country of the world. I now see that there is no question but this is true and that they are active in every theater of human operation and that is why they took over all of the industries that they presently control. It's been in the works for a long time.

A great many things have been going on under the radar for a long time. Precisely why they are engineering this, with all of the drug money they harvest each year is a mystery. They've been doing it for so long and yet nothing has come of any of it. It makes one thing that there is no specific natural tragedy that has been on the approach all these decades but rather that they have that long term plan in mind, which they themselves are involved in bringing to pass. At least this is how it appears to me at the moment.

The other evening I was at an outdoor setting at a hotel. I go there with my driver sometimes to sit and relax in the wonderful ambiance of the place, where we never see anyone else. This time we were there toward evening and people were coming in. There was a Danish couple who spoke such perfect English that I was truly surprised when they told me where they were from. They were here for one of the many satsangs that take place here in Thiruvannamalai. This place is most recently famous as the abode of Ramana Maharshi and much of the town centers around the Jesuit controlled ashram and flocks and floods of westerners pour in in search of something. There was another guru who came out of the lineage of Maharshi, called Papaji. Toward the end of his earthly residence he made instant gurus out of some number of those hanging around, in hope of some kind of power transference, so that they could go on the road and play at being high mucky mucks. Here is just one of them, being dissected by someone at a forum and drawing agreement.

This Danish couple was asking me if I knew about him. They were obviously enamored of him. Well, you know me, I told them what I thought and the impression I was left with was that they were not amused. The reason I bring this up is that what I told them is eerily mirrored in what is being said in that last link. What are the odds? I spoke with someone who knew Papaji back in the day and mentioned all these instant gurus that came out of that big shaktipat session; this was a few years ago and this fellow told me that Papaji was laughing at all of them and did it as a joke. I guess he had his reasons. Anyway, Thiruvannamalai is filled with characters like this and that is why I have been having this sense of being disconnected and detached from the whole circus that this place is. For me it is painfully evident what is going on but it is certain that it is not painfully evident to any of the rest of these people. Either they want to bask in the false light of these fluorescent, self styled deities, or they are champing at the bit to become one. I don't know whether to laugh or to puke.

I bring up all of these disparate conditions and individuals today to indicate the sameness of deceit and deception that proliferates in every area of present day existence. This is not to say that there are no genuine people out there because I know that there is but they are hard to find and off the beaten path. Maybe I will find myself off the beaten path while I am here and I will meet someone genuine and meaning will come to me.

This morning, two astrologers contacted me, at exactly the same time, totally independent of each other. One reached me through my email and the other through Facebook. The one on Facebook told me some things that tied right into the dream I had illustrated at the Origami before this last one. I asked him if he had read that posting. He had not. Once again, what are the odds? Both of them showed up to say very similar things to me and both of them spoke in the tersest manner I have ever experienced. Usually I get a certain amount of fleshed out details. This time I got one liners from both of them. I've never had that happen from one before, much less two at the same time.

I'd been a little down about the pending changes coming in my life and then I get the most beautiful phone call in respect of it all, following these exchanges, accompanied by a collection of wonderful emails from around the world. It's as if I'm not allowed to receive too much pummeling though any particular period. I'd had to say my spirits are somewhat lifted at this juncture.

I mention this because a lot of people are going through some very heavy things at this time. I've heard all about it in the comments sections of late and in emails and whatnot. What's been going on is hitting all of us at some level wherever we may be. We just have to keep on keeping on because somewhere up the road the light is shining and somewhere up the road the agents of darkness will be fading away and dying. Just thank your lucky stars that you are not Piers Morgan or Mooji.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

There's Smoke and then... there are Mirrors

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

You see something on a given day and then you notice the tempers of the time are pretty controlled by a certain few, in far reaching environments, world wide. I am indifferent on this particular matter, unless it concerns basic human principals, which I am sure the majority of the readers hold sacrosanct.

There are a lot of things that I don't and woe betide me if I said otherwise. My purpose is not to anger those who are engaged in whatever their passion may be. I'm concerned for the people on the planet at this time and also other creatures and Mother Earth, or Lady Nature, as you prefer; you can't tell the good guys from the bad guys anymore.

We are in the time of the random, out of nowhere, violence and most of it, is being intentionally triggered by a cabal of Satanist's, who want to railroad the world right into Hell. So much could be possible, if the most of us were not pleasure seeking adventurists, or dumb cattle. There are things on the horizon that almost no one can imagine but you could see the writing on the wall.

I know that some of you don't believe in a god but it is a fact that must exist, across the longboard of history. There are so many more inexplicable events in life that attest to this again and again. I'm not your research assistant, check it out. Whether you believe in something or nothing isn't what's going on here. Certain financial systems and almost all political and religious systems, as well as a certain heinous group of collectives, or singularities (wtf?); meaning things like this, because why should you be asking for donations for something that hasn't happened yet? Is this a spoof or the truff? You tell me.

Well, one thing I know is that I don't know and things never change and sometimes they do, maybe. In the meantime, the jury is out to lunch somewhere having ham and cheese, because the culture is in a pig toilet, flushing isn't necessary and wouldn't work anyway, cause “the vandals took the handles”.

Things aren't going all that well in Visibilandia, since Visible is so good at misreading the signals and not always knowing where he is at any given time ...but it should be stated that he's pretty good at dodging a bullet with the help of his invisible friends. Well, we're on the other side of all that at the moment, we hope; no comment on the details, because the details are murky, at least they are for all the people not present, murky for some who are, or were present and not murky for Visible because he was present. Suffice to say, things are not what they appear to be when one is not used to being where he thinks he is (grin).

I have never seen such a period of time, when the same incremental march of events just goes on and on from one abuse to another, with nothing much happening but one abuse after another. It's an endless procession of one hangnail following the last. It's like the universe is waiting on something to happen but it never does, except for one abuse following another. I've given up on trying to figure out what it all means. I suspect I'll find out ...but there seems to be no guarantee of that either.

The alternative press is howling at the moon, with the same theories and predictions that have not panned out yet. The economy has been on the edge of imminent collapse for years. Everyday we hear it is going to collapse tomorrow but it hasn't yet. The urban nightmare and the bankruptcy of those locations goes on and on. The crime gets worse and the ability to do anything about it decreases by the day and yet, somehow, inexplicably, things just march on. People haunt the malls like zombie shoppers with eyes more glazed than a Duncan donut. The commercials become more pandering and insipid. The stadiums fill with tens of thousands of people, who are, by unknown means, still able to afford to be there. They seem to be ordinary people, aren't ordinary people supposed to be hurting? It is mystifying.

Trucks and flatbeds go by, periodically, on the main street a hundred meters away. They keep announcing certain things but I can't make out what they are. It's a rare gray day here. The mountain is shrouded in mist. I'm sitting here at the computer, one can assume that I am writing a post. One cup of Earl Gray tea is replaced by the next. I've no intention of going outside today. I'm trying to get a handle on some of the things I have seen and which have happened to me. Nothing is what is appears to be. India is like nothing I imagined it would be. Reality here is not like reality anywhere else and there isn't much reality anywhere else and even less of it here. Things look one way but are most certainly another and there is no accurate way to determine just what that might be.

I keep hearing that this is a spiritual place and yet, I'm missing something. There is a perpetual disconnect between what I am being told and what I am seeing. It's like a relentless going through the motions, in pursuit of something that was either here awhile ago, or has yet to arrive. I know it's around but so is every other imaginable condition. There is the surface presentation, accompanied by all of the devious and inscrutable contradictions of The East. There's the perception of manners and polite formality with the, given who's seeing it, menace of quick and definite brutality, behind the patina of ageless traditions that mean one thing from one direction and portend all kinds of other possibilities from any of the other directions. In that sense it's like anywhere else. There's tension on the border with Pakistan but there's tension everywhere in these times. The powder kegs are smoking all over the world but there's a chance that the powder and the fuses are both wet and need to dry out. Now doubt they will.

Getting any kind of sleep here has been an ordeal. Recently I didn't sleep for 3 days. The end result was that just as I was drifting off on the last two nights, the night before this last one, I slipped into terrible nightmares and immediately came awake screaming, “Oh God! Oh God!” I am not prone to nightmare. At the very same time, someone very close to me, thousands of miles away, who is also not prone to nightmares, at the very same time as it was happening to me, had a horrible nightmare with the same players involved. What are the odds of that? It shook her to the core. Things have stabilized now and there has been no more of that. I changed locations and that seems to have made all the difference and now I am sleeping as well. Unfortunately, my location is now half the size of what it was but I'll take it, given the salutary effects that have accompanied the transition. Like they say in real estate, “location, location, location”. I hope this indicates a positive and enduring trend.

I thank my lucky stars and invisible friends that I have been granted a sustaining resiliency over the years, or I would have gone under a long time ago. I don't know where the strength and endurance comes from, anymore than I understand the need for such continuous testing. I'm not getting any answers but I forge ahead anyway. Recent events have made me exceedingly cautious and watchful. I realize that I am way too open and say too much. I take people into my confidence and am not discreet. I sure am now. I'm like a ten year old, playing in an adult world. This last ambush out of nowhere, cost me considerably, in several ways, not the least of which was financially but I've managed to offset that side of the equation. One thing for sure, no matter what happens, time marches on.

Something is going on in the cosmos that I can't see and I doubt if there are many others that can see it either but as we should all know by now, it moves in mysterious ways. I must confess to some amount of amusement over all of the new age predictions about what was coming for us last month. Even though I was as wrong as anyone, I wasn't making money off of it. I wonder what all of those people are saying to themselves now and especially what they are saying to all of the people they were saying it to? There's some kind of a causeway that runs through the mystical and the mundane. Perhaps it is called the ultimate ditch of reality that runs to that unknown and unnamed sea. that is somewhere over those infernal hills. that block our vision from everything that is really happened, or possibly from the lands beyond where nothing is happening ...but the vast silence that echos all around the worlds of eternal noise that contains the vast majority of us.

I'm guessing we've all got something to be grateful for, no matter how difficult it may be to see at times. They tell us that everything happens for the best. That too can be difficult to see because it often lies well beyond the plains upon which our difficulty plays out. For some of us that plain is vast indeed and for some of us, there seems to be no plain at all, just the rolling greens fields of the pastures of plenty. In any case, where ever you may find yourself in present or in future time, good luck to you all, (grin).

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