Thursday, April 9, 2020

"Reincarnation got Left out of The Equation on The Shortbus of Creation Going Nowhere None too Fast."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As complex as life can appear to be, it is a very simple affair and is rendered complex or simple, based on a single dynamic and that is... (trumpet fanfare, accompanied by a rising chorus of Tympani and Taiko drums) WHETHER YOU HAVE DECIDED TO LIE TO YOURSELF OR NOT.

There could be several reasons why you have decided to lie to yourself. One of the reasons is that there is something, or a number of somethings that you want and you are not convinced that you are permitted to have them/it, or you are not likely to get them/it, unless you strategize to that end. Hence... you get 'justifications' and/or 'rationalizations', accompanied by internal and external arguments, employing the acts of justifying or rationalizing.

Our main problem, which attends justifying and rationalizing, the adversary who stands in our way is (more horns, Tympani's and Taiko's) our Conscience. Mark Twain had a lot to say on the matter of our conscience. I remember a short story by him; at least I think I do, in which he murdered his conscience but I can't locate where it was that I saw it; if it was a short story, or an essay... can't remember.

You EITHER do what you know to be right, or you try to find a way around it, maybe just this once because... the end justifies the means. We've all done this and if your response is, “Well, I've never done that!” You are lying to yourself and... by extension, everyone else as well. The majority of us live in a land of half-truths, or far worse. How I know that everyone has done this and committed many another act as well, is because life is set up this way, in order for you to learn from the consequences of your behavior. There are none that escape this. The Bible tells us this. We all come short of the mark.

So... what we get is a sector of the self-righteous, who can do no wrong and have convinced themselves of this. They have to, it comes with the persona. Then there is a sector of those who know they are short of the mark and seek redemption and the opportunity be on the mark, henceforth. Then there is the larger sector of those who have no idea of who they are but they have cobbled together some version they hope will convince the world as they pass through it. That's most people. Some of them skate because they're a little better at it than whomever they are skating by or over. Some get by a bit more haphazardly. Sometimes they get the bear and sometimes the bear gets them and the rest? They wind up as fish-food.

You don't usually hear about the people who get mulched into fish-food. It's not an interest grabber; the people who fall into the cracks. You do see them sometimes if you are the sort of person who bothers to look. Most people don't bother because seeing this troubles them in the place where their humanity used to live. It scares them too. They don't like the implications it brings to their minds. Where do those implications come from? Yes... it's the conscience, which does not only remind us of what we should and shouldn't be doing. It also alerts us to where we are headed, according to the laws of Karma, if we don't wake up. We ARE our brother's keeper. There are crimes of commission and crimes of omission and it's all observed and noted.

I am SURE that the majority of us do not know that we are on TV all of the time, in front of a large audience, depending. In some cases the audience is carrion feeders and appetite satisfaction agencies who take their nourishment and pleasure from us. It is one of the reasons that 'certain activities' make us so tired. Our audience is also comprised of the dead and various entities in nature, as well as beings from other planets. The appearance of Justice and the quality of the common values present in humanity ARE NOT demonstrated to our advantage. It looks like there is no justice here. It looks like, despite the presence or absence of values that some people do whatever they like and it doesn't matter.

Take Leonard De Caprio as an example. He's an actor and was born to the profession. All the doors opened for him early on. He spends his time banging an endless line of hot chicks. Little does he know how hot they are. Then he also grandstands about social justice and nature causes, while being a big-time offender of the same, like most of his associates in that line of work. He paid for the opportunity to do what he does and the wheels are greased accordingly, so are the chicks, I imagine. He's either paid through the nose ahead of time, or he has agreed to pay later. He was warned beforehand about coloring outside the lines. Everyone is.

This is the world though AND you can do ANYTHING... as long as you are willing to pay the fare. From our vantage point, outside of the perspective of reality, it looks like he's doing okay. Many others would kill or do most anything else to get a shot at what he has BUT appearances are deceiving.

There are people like Ellen Degenerate who are despised behind the scenes and records of their bad behavior are there to be noted. No matter how efficient or powerful your public relations goblins are, word of your doings gets through the filters. She's not unique in this way. People with a sense of entitlement are completely divorced from reality. They tread, on the unsuspecting head, with regularity. The little people just aren't that important.

You ask yourself, “How can they get away with this shit?” Well... they don't. A long time ago, those who were designing the Christian religion, in such a way as to maximize profit and control on their behalf, excised REINCARNATION from the operating model. If something is placed out of sight, that doesn't mean it is gone. It's just out of sight. People who don't get the essential presence of Reincarnation in the scheme of things, will argue night and day about it. These days, the fundies only hear what they want to hear. I've no argument with them because I don't argue. Either I KNOW something to be true or I DON'T KNOW. There's no wiggle room with me. I KNOW Reincarnation is an integral feature of existence. Leaving it out removes all sense from the dynamic. Keeping it in makes sense of it all. Why did they do this? Asked and answered already.

Nobody gets away with anything and those who lie to themselves WILL live in a world of their own creation but... it's like what happens when an architect doesn't know what he's doing. The stability of the building suffers and so do the residents. It makes no difference to me if people agree with me or not. Time will tell and WE SHALL SEE.

Before I forget, let me say, “Fuck Coronavirus and the whores it rode in on!” I apologize for the salty language. That is not how I usually communicate but I couldn't find anything else that accurately summed up my position on the subject. The good news is that no matter what the malefactors and agents of darkness get up to, it will be to no avail. As per The Rules of the Apocalypse (not like the REGULAR RULES), whatever you do that is wrong, WILL work to your disadvantage NOW AND HENCE and WILL be revealed and exposed. That is the nature of an apocalypse and if you can't see evidence of this right off, you aren't looking very hard and IT'S EARLY DAYS. Try to see everything that happens as a set up for something else and ALL OF IT as being managed by The Supreme Being.

This virus seclusion syndrome is a transition period. The world will not be the same at the other end. In keeping with God being the motive force out of the background... you will have noticed that there has been small mention of domestic incidents and very little of people going crazy, which is something you would ordinarily expect under such circumstances. Some mysterious power seems to be keeping the lid on. There has been very little acting out by fringe elements, ♫ah... and it makes me wonder♫

We are either, working in sync with the cosmic will, or we are in some degree of opposition to it and finding out how that applies to any of us is easy to do. You can tell by the way you feel. Notice and knowledge of your state is coming up at all times from the subconscious. There is either some percentage of uneasiness, or there is a sense of well being. Life informs us, even when we don't want it to.

Lying to ourselves cripples our understanding. We become spiritually disabled and regular passengers on The Short Bus of Existence. Going through life with self-created blinders is neither sane nor safe. Why do we do this? Asked and answered. God is either working through us or driving us from behind, depending on the cosmic personality we have chosen as our agent for the Purpose of Demonstration. The outcome is heavily dependent upon which persona we give fealty to. It could be so much better than it is and one day, despite all of our collective worst efforts, it will be.

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Today's Song is; ♫Love Goes Home Alone♫

I saw a man who wasn't there, do something that just didn't happen, in a world of subjectivity, where everything, ironically, was shaped to fit the pattern of a drunken sidewalk slattern, who dreamed she was a princess in a country far away. I saw it cited at Pocketnet just the other day.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Do not Mistake The Essential for the Clutter or the Clutter for The Essential and Stand Guard at the Gateway of the Mind.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Today... by the grace of my teacher, I am going to point out some VERY IMPORTANT THINGS. They may, at first glance, seem SIMPLE ...and... basic elements of existence, which you might think we should have long ago, taken for granted, as if... “Well, Hell, everybody ought to already know that.” I wrote another Smoking Mirrors previous to this and sat on it for a couple of days, metaphorically speaking. I tossed it. There was too much of my going into what certain other people are saying and doing. For instance, here is an older article about someone I am not fond of and if anything... it is more true now but... if you don't know this does it matter? Anyway, I am tired of pointing out what some people do wrong. That's their business. I felt it necessary to protect others from being deceived. Perhaps I will never shake this motivation but mayhap, I might become more subtle.

We are inundated with false prophets in these times. They have a high profile and make buckets of money. I could not do what they do for Love or Money. In the first instance I would lose the love. In the second instance I would have closed off The Doors of Inspiration. You HAVE TO care more about what you do than what it will get you. The idea of personal profit SHOULD NEVER ENTER YOUR MIND. Now... no matter what you do and no matter how well you do it, there are ALWAYS going to be people who don't like or trust you and that is more often due to their own state of awareness (or lack thereof) than it is to you. Life is a mirror. That is ONE OF THE IMPORTANT THINGS. Consider ALL the implications of a mirror. Also consider what happens if you leave a mirror in an attic, a barn, or against the wall of a building.

Your mirror can get so dust coated that you can't see into it. Sometimes when you can see into it, the image is distorted by the dust or any number of other obstructions, like birdshit. BEFORE you attempt to do anything in the visible or invisible theaters, clean your mirror.

Always speak the truth. Herein lies a problem. Telling the truth is not advisable in every situation. There are any number of creative workarounds one can employ, most especially... saying nothing at all or THE VERY HANDY; 'I don't know'. There is a reason, a VERY GOOD REASON why you should always speak the truth. Think about it. If it doesn't come to you, continue to think about it. Think about it right before you go to sleep.

EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. Repeat this often enough so that it has a subliminal effect like that of the sound of a stream running near your house but which you no longer are consciously aware of at all times, because of ACCOMMODATION. One of the abiding secrets of a successful life is to make Eternal Verities an actual part of you. This you achieve through SUBLIMATION. This is what makes affirmations work. This is the working feature of phrases like, “Everyday in every way, I am getting better and better.”

Sure Visible, I get it, Everything is Under Control BUT... People who know that everything is under control do not say, “BUT”. People with the unshakable conviction that Everything is Under Control see the entirety of life within and without in a remarkably different way than those who are being controlled without being aware of it. You are either DRIVING or... BEING DRIVEN. That is the full import of what we call The Devil and the meaning of his pitchfork. You are either 'driving' or you are 'being driven'.

If you ONLY get the VISCERAL embrasure of this phrase (Everything is Under Control) humming, vibrating and resonating within, on automatic pilot, you will lack for nothing, once you've been Field Tested.

There are ONLY two directions you can go in, other than dog paddling in place. You can say, 'In' or 'Out'. You can say, 'Up' or 'Down'. You are doing one or the other. Nothing stays in place, except the motionless controller of everything. Nature abhors a vacuum. As the song says, ♫ You gotta serve somebody ♫ As for philosophical constructs, there is Advaita and Dvaita. Both are legitimate and ALL other systems convolute and complicate outward from one or the other; or Inward, if you prefer. People are going to want to argue about that. These are people who, GUARANTEED, have missed the point. You CANNOT get the point and then argue. Think about it.

IT IS... WHAT IT IS. You can make it as simple or complicated as you like and profit or suffer accordingly. As for Self Discovery, consider The Labyrinth. I mean labyrinth as a timeless archetype and you are going to want to encounter Ariadne first. She was married to Dionysus, which should tell you something. A lot can be garnered by reading this 'detailed' compilation. Why is Ariadne associated with BOTH Theseus and Perseus? Consider the philosophical representation of the one with The Father Monster and the other with The Mother Monster. If you have bothered to read either of these, or both of these, or more likely, part of each, or neither, you can see how complexity tends to rear its multiplicity of heads. The interesting and relevant thing here is that BOTH OF THEM ARE IN YOUR HEAD and aren't going anywhere until you resolve the matter.

If you are able to say, “I don't know.' over and over long enough, applying it to everything, whether you think you know it or not, you will arrive at the Visceral- I don't know. I did this so... I KNOW it is there. 'Know'... 'Don't Know'; what the Hell is he talking about? The whole of life and its fundamental truths are to be experienced either Viscerally or Intellectually. On the one hand, you get it. On the other hand, you argue.

If you are going UP and IN, you are proceeding to Godhead. If you are going DOWN and OUT (grin) you are proceeding into bondage. In times of Material Darkness, the environmental pressures are slanted toward DOWN and OUT.

If you are WILLING and if you are passionately inspired, there are some SIMPLE procedures that you can employ and SO LONG AS YOU ARE CONSISTENT, you WILL attain. One method is to stand guard at The Gateway of the Mind, that portal through which thoughts enter, and to reject EVERY thought that 'surfaces' or 'enters'. It is VERY IMPORTANT to recognize that some thoughts SURFACE and some thoughts ENTER. Through relentless practice of this, THE ESSENTIAL will reveal itself. The 'clutter' must first be removed, lest one 'mistake' The Essential for the Clutter or the Clutter for The Essential.

Another method is to repeat, “I don't know” as if it were a mantra. Another method is to ask, “Who am I?” There are variants on all of these. The point is to make these like that stream running by your house.

When I was in the years between 8 and 12 years old, there were two books, besides The New Testament that I read repeatedly and which sailed me on Dream Ships to the far ports of call in the mind. One was Richard Halliburton's Book of Marvels. The other was Elizabeth Hamilton's Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes. I read these over and over. What worlds of imagination these two put into my hands!

The Tarot is all about programming the subconscious and bringing to the surface mind the vibrating archetypes of eternity; activating the God Qualities so that they may channel through you. This was also the purpose of the Greek and Roman myths, insofar as they familiarized us with the submerged powers resident in us all.

None of these things and pretty much nothing else... works unless you employ them. You have to practice anything to develops skills. Of course, there is always Air Guitar and Lip Syncing, if you are lazy or a poseur; no shortage in that department these days. However, you cannot fire-walk your way to playing lead guitar with Boston if you are not Tom Scholz, who attended MIT (a verifiable genius). You cannot hold forth extemporaneously upon a subject unless you know that subject or are a very skilled bullshit artist. There is no getting around putting in the hours, days, weeks, months and years; not happening.

You have enough procedures and methods here to go where John Lennon said they were going when he was asked, “Where are we going, John?” 'METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING'. The final result of anything ALWAYS comes at a cost. Doesn't it then, make sense, to have the result be something you really, truly, without question want? ? Works for me.

These are NOT systems and procedures that I CAME UP WITH. These are systems and procedures that were gifted to me by one who attained to the penultimate. Here's the deal and let me express that by an example; When I lived on Maui, I had this band; Les Visible and The Critical List and we often rehearsed and recorded at a property owned by Michael Welch, who was a BIG supporter of the band. He had 5 acres at the end of Hogback Rd in Haiku. Michael always wanted to play bass and he would hook up his bass to play along with us whenever we got together. He couldn't play very well (if at all). I said, “Mike, all you have to do is start practicing now and in a few years you could be good.” The bass is not difficult to learn. A few years later, Mike could not play the bass and I said the same thing to him again. A few years after that, Mike still could not play the bass and if I remember correctly, I reminded him yet again. I haven't seen Mike in over 20 years now but I'm pretty sure he still can't play the bass.

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(both songs by LV and the Critical List)

Meanwhile... you can practice your social distancing skills over at Pocketnet.

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Sunday, March 29, 2020

"We are The Notes in the Woven Melody of this Unstoppable Ascension of Love."

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On my way from the kitchen, I passed my friend and asked, “What do you think I should write about today?” I've never asked that before and I got no response. Then I went roaming through the news sites. I have to watch that. After a certain amount of time it can depress me in the extreme. I came across this lovely item. We've all heard the cries of, “gender-fluid'! I'm gender fluid! Look at me! LOOK AT ME!!!”, coming from the mentally incontinent, out of the prairies of desolation that are the playing fields of the educational systems of these times. Here is an example of Gender Stupid that crossed my path and I knew what I would write about. Most of the time, I just start writing and whatever it is appears; not today.

I sent the article to my friend (via its posting on Pocketnet). “So... what did you think?” I asked after it had been read. My friend said... “I don't know. I don't know what to think about this gender stuff. I guess I feel sorry for them and for their families.” I thought about it and had to agree. I felt really sorry for their families and for everyone who ever has to encounter them and especially for any children that come into their proximity. We don't live in isolation. EVERYTHING we think, say or do, impacts on the entire world, the same way that ripples will encompass a lake if you throw a stone into it. This may be hard for most people to understand but... it is so and it can be a wonderful thing. Imagine... being consciously aware that EVERYTHING you think say and do affects the entire world. Imagine the effect that can have, even as minimal as that might be. Imagine how that impact can intensify through the force of Concentration and Consistency. Here is another reason why The Sun is my hero and role model.

Here is someone, a woman, who puts it as clear as clear can be. There are people out there who are putting it into perspective and who are doing it in an intelligent and articulate manner, like this fellow here. As complex as the issue of gender and social justice causes can be made to appear, it's all a very simple matter. I am going to address it from both the base psychological platform as well as a metaphysical perspective. Let's start with the metaphysical aspect first because it... invisibly affects the entire gamut of the gender, self disenfranchised, as well as those social justice causes that, directly and indirectly, link to the whole of it.

Metaphysically... there is a powerful force coming down upon manifest existence and that is the transitioning of one age into the next. Every 2200 years or so, the world as it was assumed to be, is changed on a fundamental level across the board. The 'appearance' of enduring infrastructure, upon which all societies depend, is changed. New technologies emerge to change the way people do things. Fashions change. The general consciousness is altered to adapt to the character of the age into which it is passing. Two powerful trends are coming upon us collectively in this Aquarian Age and they are, The Rise of the Divine Feminine and The Age of Brotherhood.

With the ascent of the Divine Feminine comes; the qualities of Intuition, Wisdom, the esoteric qualities of Water, as the Divine Feminine impacts upon and through the emotions. This will bring Queen Necksa into a greater prominence of influence, as it will other personas of The Divine Feminine. Greater empathy is coming and that also is a feature of pandemic brotherhood. There WILL BE a renaissance in the arts, so DESPERATELY needed and as befits The Coming Golden Age, which will appear, when and where it is favorable for it to appear.

One of the UNFORTUNATE effects of Materialism is that the 'initial' presence of The Divine Feminine is causing so much gender confusion and where men, as well are women are sexually expressing in attraction for the same sex, RATHER THAN expressing the higher qualities already mentioned. They are acting out on the physical plane instead of at a higher level, through the already mentioned qualities.This WILL PASS.

On a psychological level these are all examples of MENTAL ILLNESS. The presence of gender confusion and social justice pressures are largely caused by the ever-greater depersonalization that results from the pressures of the population explosion. People everywhere are seeking to define themselves in order to stand out from each other's sameness. People are feeling lost in the vast numbers of souls present. This is the real reason for all the tattoos and piercings, the strange sexual persuasions from Furries to Body Morphing Freaks and all the rest of the screaming to be heard.

In tandem with the increase of more and more insane sexual expressions comes the force of The Awakening. Even if you are consciously in favor of and seeking it, it's not an easy force to process. On the other hand, there are those resisting it or unaware of or indifferent to it. This awakening is much more powerful than anyone's ability to resist it SO... it gets more and more intense, UNTIL... it breaks through the weakest link or the thinnest wall of the persona. The result of this can be egregious.

People have been sold a bill of goods by cynical educators, social reformers, sexual deviants and a host of ne'er-do-wells. Some of them are simply misguided. Some of them have agendas and some of them are Satanic. Since Satanism and Materialism are abnormal bedfellows, the rise of the one is predicated on the pervasiveness of the other. All that we are experiencing presently is TEMPORARY. It is a rite of passage. I realize that the state of the culture seems grim indeed BUT it is not going to stay that way. I know we are being pumped full of lies and paranoia, from a media and their pundits, who LITERALLY do not know their ass from their elbow. Sexual perversity is one of the basic tenets of Satanism.

GOD IS COMING. We have the enduring promise of Krishna to that effect;

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

Can anyone doubt that we are in such a state at this time? With that last link you see the emergence of prepubescent sexual brownshirts; once again, courtesy of Huff and Puff Post, now owned by Verizon.

One of the reasons that I am in favor of the present administration OVER THE ALTERNATIVES, is that this administration has stopped, or at least retarded, the promotion of sexual deviancy and the previous administration was promoting it. Here is what children are being forced to deal with. The other political forces want abortion up to birth! They want Open Borders. They want to DESTROY THE COUNTRY. I love my country and I will take what we have until SOMETHING BETTER COMES ALONG. I will not take SOMETHING WORSE. I've had it with this twisted crap.

When the sexual normalcy of the far larger portion of the public is being consciously bent out of natural expression, then the family unit, WHICH IS THE BASIC BUILDING BLOCK OF CIVILIZATION is being attacked and that... if allowed to continue means, THE CERTAIN AND SURE DESTRUCTION OF THE COUNTRY. NO!!! A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!!

I will not go silent into that dark night. I will not get down on my knees for Baphomet. I will not. I WILL NOT suckle at the teats of The Horned Goat of Mendes. Right at the edge of the precipice, the country has swerved aside. Now the virus is in play and who knows what other dark and demented efforts are in the hopper? Let us collectively envision a better world. Let us throw that stone, relentlessly into the lake. As more and more of us join in our safe social distancing islands, let the rock enlarge to astronomical proportions, by the joined intentions of more and more of us added with every passing day. Let that ripple become a wave. I, for one, intend to surf that wave, across time and space to The Isle of the Blessed. Intention is the set direction of every course.

I do not know the origin of it but... on several occasions, in recent times, I have felt waves of sorrow and despair sweeping through the atmosphere. Surely it has a source? The Dark Side has pulled out all stops in its effort to submerge us in a sense of futility and hopelessness. They are racing against time to suck us down as the force of The Avatar approaches. From every direction, they are mustering the minions of Perversity into armies of zombie degenerates. It's in the movies and the music. It's in the atrocities that pass for art. It has riddled the education system, the political system, the religious systems and ANY system it can through hook or crook, hijack to its fell purpose.

By our simply thinking it, Providence and Serendipity are activated. By our speech and actions the better part of our nature is represented... is evidenced, for the eyes and ears of others. We create a dynamic resonance that echos from the core of our being upon every ripple on the lake. We vibrate telepathically across the ether with our message of the living spirit, which animates us one and all.

Merry Christmas in March!!! In like a Phoenix and out like a Phoenix. We are the notes in the woven melody of this unstoppable ascension of Love, exponentially shining through every facet of our unified certitude. You don't have to sign anything. No uniform is required. There are no badges or ranks. There is only our quiet and not so quiet accord, within the consolidation of our common Faith, which is the substance of our liberation yet unseen.

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Six twisted sisters, Five S-M-O-K-I-N-G----- G...U...N...S... Four flaming turds, Three dead cats, Two ninja Mutant Turtles and a Pocketnet in a pink Datura tree.

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Monday, March 23, 2020

"Looking for Elbow Room Amongst the Rummaging and Rampaging Snouts of Hungry Ghosts at Apocalypse Smorgasbord."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings, my friends! It is a joy for me to be here today. It is a wonder as well, given the odds, over the long reach and... recent events. One of the lessons I take away from my recent encounter with pain and the inexplicable source and purpose of it is... There is something within us that is seeking to destroy us. This is not its conscious understanding of its efforts but rather the sure and certain outcome, because it's agenda and ambitions are for its own survival at all costs. There is, at the same time, something within us that urges and presses for Serenity and Eternity. You could say it is like the angel on the one shoulder and the devil on the other. Both of them use the mind as a trampoline of thought, projected and bouncing the formed, out of the formless aether, creating a projected pathway for its intentions.

You could call it our higher and lower nature. They want to go in different directions. In Times of Material Darkness, there is a greater support structure for the lower nature. More people are going in the direction of the lower nature, so it sets up a kind of cosmic tail wind that one MUST be aware of. The lower nature, whose masked persona is The Personality, believes it will sample all of the delights from the Smorgasbord buffet table but he/she/it are not the ones who enjoy these treats. It is the hungry ghosts and a vast variety of bottom feeding entities who are gorging themselves 'through' the self-deceived personality.

The higher nature is the True Self. Think of it as the luminous backing screen, upon which the Rolodexing, temporary personalities play out their little dramas upon and this is not just a feature of this life. It is attendant in every life and must be brought to heel and this is accomplished by standing guard at the gates of the mind and observing the trampoline. At the immediate appearance of any thought, in the moment it defines its intention, one either expels it with a snort, a shrug or whathaveyou, OR... it is nurtured and cultivated, shaped and refined, as a block of stone is, at the hands of a sculptor. HERE IS THE BATTLEGROUND and it is also... The Vale of Peace;

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

Pause for a moment, here on this day, which is preceded by many other days and which is also a port of departure for however many days remain. That particular number is known to very, very few. Consider what your plans of the day amount to. Is there a generally pedestrian direction to them, or is there some measure of metaphysical pursuits as well? Quo vadis? For most, such a question is irksome. “None of your business. It's my own affair what I get up to. What has it got to do with you?”

One is either working on the behalf of their freedom from the entanglements of this plane of enterprise OR... one is pressing ever deeper into the murk; ever deeper into the hot, dark center of the self devouring flame of prosaic, banausic appetite and desire. The Personality will go to ANY LENGTH to satisfy its docket. Like a Groomer, it tells you what you want to hear, in order to get what it wants. It lies and connives. It distracts and deflects. It conspires and plots. It will never stop and it will never evolve, on its own, into something finer. That is NOT WHAT IT DOES. It MUST be brought to heel OR... it WILL kill you. You cannot defeat a bear on its own terms. It is stronger than you are. You cannot grab it by the neck and force it to submission BUT... you can teach it to dance. There are those who have done so. The sublimation technique is pictorially defined by Strength- the 8th Trump.

Techniques abound in this regard. Some are simple and direct and some are Byzantine and convoluted. Some are deceptive and accomplish the opposite of what is advertised; authored by The Personality itself. I am not a fan of systems and infrastructures of New Age or Old Age architectures. I believe you FIND SOMEONE who knows the ins and outs of the whole affair, OR... they find you and you recognize them and surrender the whole of yourself to them. Fortunate are those who have found or been found by such a particular savant.

Okay... okay... I could go on at length about all of this. 'This' is what I consider to be the most important and ONLY game in town. Everything else is a waste of time and a waste of you. Yes... there are salient details that have not yet been addressed BUT they have been addressed in other postings and will continue to be addressed in future efforts. Perhaps the best thing right now... is... to give it some thought, OR... perhaps... an effort at NO THOUGHT, would be both salutary and restorative. There is something else that needs commentary at the moment.

Several times, of late, I have dealt with a recurrent problem and apparently... it didn't take across the board. I recognize that it never will because one comes up against The Personality in others. I wish to say what I am going to say with true restraint, delicacy and subtlety, where possible BUT... I am guessing this won't work because it hasn't worked, so I am left with the need for some degree of brute force, candid and frank declaration, take it or leave it and I don't care which of those it is, kind of thing and maybe... just MAYBE, I can soften it at the end.

At least twice now in recent times I have offended one person or another, who comes around my sites and in both cases it was a picayune matter and in both cases it was due to their attachment to some system or organization. In both cases, what I said was provably true, though I could have probably been more descriptive or presented it third party like. One of these came in a comment last night at Origami and I responded by providing several sources of corroboration for my initial and 'vague' reference. I DON'T say things that I haven't vetted. You may not agree with my conclusions or observations and that's fine but I AM NOT going to change my perspective to suit your eight year old, arrested development fit of pique, where I said Batman was Bruce Wayne, or Superman's ass looks fat in that skin tight suit and your feelings got hurt. Grow up! I don't expect you will BUT... it would be best for you. Otherwise you can whine and pout and act petulant, throw crayons, or roll on the floor in a tantrum, demanding that your imaginary injuries get kissed and made all better. SO.................................................

Here it is and this is for everyone and I'll bookmark this posting, in case you are the girl with the curl in your forehead, come late to the party at some time and place yet to occur. I DON'T WORK FOR YOU! I don't have to meet your expectations. I do what I do every single day of the week, all day long and even when I am sleeping and I do it for nothing but the joy of doing it, pretty much. The amount of donations I receive are PATHETIC but I never mention that or ask for them. YOU DO NOT PAY MY SALARY AND I AM NOT YOUR EMPLOYEE. P-E-R-I-O-D!!! There are one or three people who are regular contributors to my work and at the moment ONLY ONE PERSON who consistently sends me something each month. One person~!!! You would think what I write about must be meager fare indeed. Eh?

Others... whose work... well, I'm not going to discuss the merits of it but I will say it's much less in terms of volume and consistency of appearance, get SUBSTANTIALLY more in donations than I but they are CONSTANTLY asking for them. I NEVER ASK,,,,,,,,,,,,, NOT EVER. I do not rely on the reader for my bed and bread. I OWE YOU NOTHING. NOTHING!!! What I do I do out of the goodness of my heart and not for you but for my Lord and Master, whom I do not deserve to serve but who permits me to serve, regardless.

SOMEHOW... some of you have gotten it into your heads that I am the same person who was writing from this location last month, last year, several years previously. I AM NOT THE SAME PERSON WHO WAS HERE LAST WEEK. I am constantly changing BECAUSE that is my single and burning passion. Yes, I used to get upset with people sometimes. Yes, I have been brusk and dismissive but that guy isn't here anymore. I am still trying to be truthful at all times and so... someone's precious little feelings will get hurt inevitably here and there. Too bad. But I am not going to play your pathetic little games. I am NOT going to argue with you. Some of you come around looking only for an opportunity to pounce, to have a gotcha or aha moment. NOT SO EASY is it?

I am not your dancing chicken. You have no power to force or coerce me. I SET IT UP THIS WAY. Those who live by the gospel get fed by the gospel and God takes care of me. I do know the value of what I do. I am well aware of the resonance and hundreds of times by now I have heard about the impact of this work. I don't take it personally. I am only a servant and were I not inspired by celestial influence, I could not do this at all. It's not about me. I'm just a tool, a cog in a vast and incomprehensible machine that works to flawless perfection. It may not be so of me but I am being worked on in that regard.

So listen up! Whether you like what I have to say or not is irrelevant. I DON'T CARE. I'll be back here tomorrow with some new perspective of the same thing and I will do this until I am called to other things. In the meantime, if you don't like what gets said here, take a hike. Go get a past life reading from Ramalamayakshit. Get your aura cleansed by Rainbow Hallelujah Mistletoe. Get your chakras balanced by whatever Little Miss Muffet is working down at The Crystal Healing Center for Winnebago Ego Death Dilettantes. Have a latte! Seethe and simmer if you like. It don't mean shit to a tree.

Every day people write me asking for help or prayers and it's not inconsiderable what gets asked but without fail I come to the fore deck. This is not because I am all sweet and wonderful and such a great human being. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT. I live to serve. It IS my joy. Maybe you don't understand this because you don't get it and because it doesn't apply to you. Maybe you suspect my motives and this is because your own motives are suspect. You think this or that about me BECAUSE it is true of YOU. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. Ageless Wisdom says it is so and I KNOW it to be. I am not insecure or able to be hurt by anything you say. I don't answer to you. Now... if for some reason this is somehow not clear to you, well... that's too bad.

Hopefully this is no longer something that has to be repeated after this and if it is, I'll just refer you here to this post. Thank you and good day.

Today's Song is;

Well... for some reason... yesterday made me feel like Pocketnet is a big waste of time BUT... mere days before I was moved by some number of things I did not see anywhere else. It ebbs and flows I guess and sometimes dead shitbirds come in on the tide and sometimes there are unicorns in the waves and I know because I've seen them on acid so.... heh heh... let's give Pocketnet another chance, shall we?

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Saturday, March 14, 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So....... I've been looking into the Coronavirus escapade and....... there are wheels within wheels. It 'seems' to me that something is going on behind the scenes with China. They have been aggressively attempting to take over the United States; buying influence, buying up American properties, infrastructure and influential groups, who can then be influenced to act on China's behalf. It 'seems' that they are deep into backing many of the radical social changes that are contributing to the downfall of Western Culture; including the proliferation of The Communist curriculum in schools, movements like The Green New Deal and Climate Change Hysteria, politicians like Bernie Sanders + the entire Political Left, AOC and the rest of the squad, eradicating whiteness, fabricated racial conflicts and a host of other disorders.

I 'suspect' that there is WAY MORE going on behind the scenes than is being reported on. I am 'guessing' that an ACTUAL REVOLUTION is being engineered and financed at every level of our society.

The administration has come upon certain evidence that is requiring swift and dramatic responses. Coronavirus is providing all of the opportunity necessary to shut China down. The administration is going to be causing cease and desist, of China's control over pharmaceuticals and many another area of commercial enterprise that China has been deep into. The game is up!

The administration is seizing upon a golden opportunity NOT to let a good crisis go to waste, by making the crisis appear far larger than it actually is and POSSIBLY testing the waters for greater government control over everyday life, as governments ALWAYS do. It certainly looks so at the moment.

It is clear to me now that a real coup has been in operation and the tables are being turned on those orchestrating it and it will all be happening under the umbrella of National Security. As circumstances presently appear to be... the Democrats chances of victory in November are screwed and I think it is also certain that they will lose The House of Representatives too.

The administration, at present, is doing a masterful job of appearing to be fully hands-on. Hannity is a vehicle for what the administration is up to and what it wants the public to be told. Watching the media has suddenly become enormously entertaining and informative. I keep thinking... MR. APOCALYPSE... MR. APOCALYPSE... MR. APOCALYPSE. Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, he is everywhere. I had 'been told' recently (and even reported it here) that the force of REVEALING... UNCOVERING... and AWAKENING was going to increase tenfold and more. I am watching it take place in front of my eyes.

I am 'being told' to watch out for much more of what just happened to Andrew Gillum in Miami Beach. I am 'being told' that we ain't seen nothing yet. As levels of intensity increase, the ability of public figures to control their own behavior is going to become more and more iffy and tenuous. EPIDEMIC FREAKOUT, is on the menu for compromised politicians, high profile entertainers AND the very wealthy. I 'am told' they are being directly targeted by the forces of the Avatar, as his influence in the material sphere grows increasingly stronger.

It is now nearly ten years since I was told that what is presently happening, would be happening. There is no mistaking it in my mind because what is happening is EXACTLY what I was told was going to be happening, bringing to mind that old statement; “the mills of God grind slowly; Yet they grind exceeding small; Though with patience, He stands waiting, With exactness grinds He all.” This was said by William Wordsworth. Lest anyone imagine I am fabricating having said these things, IT'S ALL IN PRINT HERE AT THE BLOGS and... the search engine feature is back (thank you ELF!!!)

To more accurately define what I am trying to convey, I can find no better template than that of progressive alcoholism. As one sinks into the depravity of infernal spirits, distilled into liquid form, in the early stages, certain events that were not previously experienced, begin to occur. Then they become routine. Time passes and new events that were not previously experienced begin to happen. Then they become routine. More time passes and new events that had not occurred before, begin to take place and then, they too, become routine and then? Sooner or later, one of three things takes place; the alcoholic dies. The alcoholic winds up in prison, or wet brain occurs and the alcoholic winds up in a mental institution. Since they have closed many of these institutions down (it began, with a vengeance, during Reagan's presidency), the urban streets are now the institution.

The logic, at the time, was that most of the insane could be discharged back into society since medications have now been invented to control their particular sicknesses. It was determined that keeping lunatic asylums open was too expensive, even though, with dreadful irony, far more expensive things continued to be financed, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. UNFORTUNATELY, in this particular case, you are dealing with crazy people and crazy people are NOT CAPABLE of remembering, or caring to take their medication. So now they wander the hardscrabble landscape of urban decay, of which they are a primary feature.

As we have said here, REPEATEDLY... As Materialism intensifies, so does Insanity. It is simply the result of Fortune that some of these crazy people, are able to function at a maintenance level, because they have family, or the financial wherewithal to not be homeless. In other words, there are far more crazy people around than just those on the Nomad Zombie Highway. Craziness is intensifying dramatically. You see it in road rage. You see it in VIOLENT domestic outrages. You see it in the lives of the powerful and celebrated, just as you do at every other level of society and ACCORDING TO MR. APOCALYPSE, it's presently transiting to a tenfold and more increase. There is also no way of telling what the impact of 5gig and prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation is going to result in. There are already pandemic pathologies, demonstrating in the behavior of the youth.

All along, time has been speeding up. Things are happening faster and faster. For most people, the state of existence, as observed all round, is getting more and more unsettling. Those with a deeper anchor, are weathering conditions better than others. It is much harder on the young, who have had little opportunity to develop a strong sense of self and so you have trends like Gender Fluid, Identity politics and any number of ancillary, batshit phenomena rising and falling, on the streets where you live. People are becoming more and more extreme in their actions and reactions because desperation, panic and an uncertain sense of self are growing stronger by the day.

Those ruling large nations are not unaware of the opportunities that this general lack of well being is providing. Bill Gates and his vaccines and him stepping away from Microsoft is no mere accident. Or... natural career evolution. Positions of power and influence are being shaken to their core. Desolation and Trepidation are magnifying and there are emotional contagions on the loose that dwarf the potential impact of Wuhanvirus.

With EACH passing moment, I am becoming more and MORE convinced that what seems to be going on is not what is really going on and well... that has been the case ever since I started paying attention to what is going on and I'm sure it was going on before that. As much as you attempt to ADVISE and WARN and INFORM people, about a BASIC ENDURING TRUTH, which is that APPEARANCES ARE A LIE, it comes to naught because people are INSTINCTIVE and that triumphs their REASON. If you think civilization is a consistently operational state... have you seen what happens when people are panicked? The first thing to go is their REASON, followed out the door, near immediately, by their HUMANITY. They can be programmed like a device and THEY ARE. Very, VERY FEW OF US have proven capable of overcoming conditioning so far AND THAT is what THE AWAKENING is presently all about.

In conclusion, I would like to state SOMETHING I KNOW. I don't know very much but I am in contact with someone who does know very, very much and IF... I can suspend my resistance to it... whatever answer I am in search of, springs to the surface, from the subconscious, just as a ball held underwater will when you take your hand off of it. This is a LAW... not generally in the common parlance. So... something I know; although I cannot define the power, I KNOW there is a power, in control of EVERYTHING and I also KNOW it....... ABIDES IN ME. Its will BECOMES MY WILL when I relinquish my will, that is... ordinarily, automatically in opposition to it and THAT IS THE CASE WITH EVERYONE.

EVERYTHING you sense and also do not sense is under the command of this force. I permit it to act through me, like the conductor of an orchestra. If I do not permit it to act in this manner, DISSONANCE is the music which results, BUT NOT IF YOU get out of its way. THE WHOLE OF THIS LIFE and every other life you will EVER have is about learning to let this force move through you unhindered. Nothing else has any importance, otherwise. This is the SUPREME COMMISSION from the SUPREME COMMISSIONER. There is NOTHING ELSE to learn, since all else useful, that one can learn, comes out of this.

We can KNOW the divine through its means of expression. Primarily that is Love, which once passed through the spectrum, becomes his qualities. GO AND DO LIKEWISE.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

(Narration and Music by Patrick Willis)

As the culture crumbles into ruin and a Golden Age rises like a Phoenix from the ashes, Pocketnet will be there in all of its decentralized glory. For the moment you can find it here.

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Saturday, March 7, 2020

"The Coming of the Higher Self; Objects in the Mind's Mirror are Closer than they Appear!"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Every morning, first thing, I go to one of the books from Swami Vivekananda's Complete Works. I'm reading it for the second time now and there will be a third. How anyone could read some way into his writings and not be committed to reading them for the rest of their lives is beyond me. I'm on the second volume, which starts off with the book, “Jnana Yoga” at the end of the chapter titled “The Necessity of Religion”.

One needs to remember, when it comes to Swami Vivekananda, the time period he lived in and the culture he was a member of, when we consider the term, 'religion'. I try to cut him some slack in that regard, given how I view the word, given how 'religion' has been exercised over the course of long history.

This morning I was reading a passage and I thought that perhaps I would post it for the benefit of those readers who are seeking in metaphysical regions. I usually read passages of similar length or a page or two longer. Cutting to the chase, here you go;

“It has been said that too much attention to things spiritual disturbs our practical relations in this world. As far back as in the days of the Chinese sage Confucius, it was said, "Let us take care of this world: and then, when we have finished with this world, we will take care of other world." It is very well that we should take care of this world. But if too much attention to the spiritual may affect a little our practical relations, too much attention to the so-called practical hurts us here and hereafter. It makes us materialistic.

For man is not to regard nature as his goal, but something higher. Man is man so long as he is struggling to rise above nature, and this nature is both internal and external. Not only does it comprise the laws that govern the particles of matter outside us and in our bodies, but also the more subtle nature within, which is, in fact, the motive power governing the external. It is good and very grand to conquer external nature, but grander still to conquer our internal nature. It is grand and good to know the laws that govern the stars and planets; it is infinitely grander and better to know the laws that govern the passions, the feelings, the will, of mankind.

This conquering of the inner man, understanding the secrets of the subtle workings that are within the human mind, and knowing its wonderful secrets, belong entirely to religion. Human nature — the ordinary human nature, I mean — wants to see big material facts. The ordinary man cannot understand anything that is subtle. Well has it been said that the masses admire the lion that kills a thousand lambs, never for a moment thinking that it is death to the lambs. Although a momentary triumph for the lion; because they find pleasure only in manifestations of physical strength. Thus it is with the ordinary run of mankind. They understand and find pleasure in everything that is external.

But in every society there is a section whose pleasures are not in the senses, but beyond, and who now and then catch glimpses of something higher than matter and struggle to reach it. And if we read the history of nations between the lines, we shall always find that the rise of a nation comes with an increase in the number of such men; and the fall begins when this pursuit after the Infinite, however vain Utilitarians may call it, has ceased. That is to say, the mainspring of the strength Of every race lies in its spirituality, and the death of that race begins the day that spirituality wanes and materialism gains ground. Thus, apart from the solid facts and truths that we may learn from religion, apart from the comforts that we may gain from it, religion, as a science, as a study, is the greatest and healthiest exercise that the human mind can have. This pursuit of the Infinite, this struggle to grasp the Infinite, this effort to get beyond the limitations of the senses — out of matter, as it were — and to evolve the spiritual man — this striving day and night to make the Infinite one with our being — this struggle itself is the grandest and most glorious that man can make.

Some persons find the greatest pleasure in eating. We have no right to say that they should not. Others find the greatest pleasure in possessing certain things. We have no right to say that they should not. But they also have no right to say "no" to the man who finds his highest pleasure in spiritual thought. The lower the organization, the greater the pleasure in the senses. Very few men can eat a meal with the same gusto as a dog or a wolf. But all the pleasures of the dog or the wolf have gone, as it were into the senses. The lower types of humanity in all nations find pleasure in the senses, while the cultured and the educated find it in thought, in philosophy, in arts and sciences. Spirituality is a still higher plane. The subject being infinite, that plane is the highest, and the pleasure there is the highest for those who can appreciate it.

So, even on the utilitarian ground that man is to seek for pleasure, he should cultivate religious thought, for it is the highest pleasure that exists. Thus religion, as a study, seems to me to be absolutely necessary. We can see it in its effects. It is the greatest motive power that moves the human mind No other ideal can put into us the same mass of energy as the spiritual. So far as human history goes, it is obvious to all of us that this has been the case and that its powers are not dead. I do not deny that men, on simply utilitarian grounds, can be very good and moral. There have been many great men in this world perfectly sound, moral, and good, simply on utilitarian grounds.

But the world-movers, men who bring, as It were, a mass of magnetism into the world whose spirit works in hundreds and in thousands, whose life ignites others with a spiritual fire — such men, we always find, have that spiritual background. Their motive power came from religion. Religion is the greatest motive power for realizing that infinite energy which is the birthright and nature of every man. In building up character in making for everything that is good and great, in bringing peace to others and peace to one's own self, religion is the highest motive power and, therefore, ought to be studied from that standpoint. Religion must be studied on a broader basis than formerly. All narrow limited, fighting ideas of religion have to go. All sect ideas and tribal or national ideas of religion must be given up. That each tribe or nation should have its own particular God and think that every other is wrong is a superstition that should belong to the past. All such ideas must be abandoned.

As the human mind broadens, its spiritual steps broaden too. The time has already come when a man cannot record a thought without its reaching to all corners of the earth; by merely physical means, we have come into touch with the whole world; so the future religions of the world have to become as universal, as wide. The religious ideals of the future must embrace all that exists in the world and is good and great, and, at the same time, have infinite scope for future development. All that was good in the past must be preserved; and the doors must be kept open for future additions to the already existing store.

Religions must also be inclusive and not look down with contempt upon one another because their particular ideals of Cod are different. In my life I have seen a great many spiritual men, a great many sensible persons, who did not believe in God at all that is to say, not in our sense of the word. Perhaps they understood God better than we can ever do.

The Personal idea of God or the Impersonal, the Infinite, Moral Law, or the Ideal Man — these all have to come under the definition of religion. And when religions have become thus broadened, their power for good will have increased a hundredfold. Religions, having tremendous power in them, have often done more injury to the world than good, simply on account of their narrowness and limitations. Even at the present time we find many sects and societies, with almost the same ideas, fighting each other, because one does not want to set forth those ideas in precisely the same way as another.

Therefore, religions will have to broaden. Religious ideas will have to become universal, vast, and infinite; and then alone we shall have the fullest play of religion, for the power of religion has only just begun to manifest in the world. It is sometimes said that religions are dying out, that spiritual ideas are dying out of the world. To me it seems that they have just begun to grow. The power of religion, broadened and purified, is going to penetrate every part of human life.

So long as religion was in the hands of a chosen few or of a body of priests, it was in temples, churches, books, dogmas, ceremonials, forms, and rituals. But when we come to the real, spiritual, universal concept, then, and then alone religion will become real and living; it will come into our very nature, live in our every movement, penetrate every pore of our society, and be infinitely more a power for good than it has ever been before.

What is needed is a fellow-feeling between the different types of religion, seeing that they all stand or fall together, a fellow-feeling which springs from mutual esteem and mutual respect, and not the condescending, patronizing, niggardly expression of goodwill, unfortunately in vogue at the present time with many. And above all, this is needed between types of religious expression coming from the study of mental phenomena — unfortunately, even now laying exclusive claim to the name of religion — and those expressions of religion whose heads, as it were, are penetrating more into the secrets of heaven though their feet are clinging to earth, I mean the so-called materialistic sciences.

To bring about this harmony, both will have to make concessions, sometimes very large, nay more, sometimes painful, but each will find itself the better for the sacrifice and more advanced in truth. And in the end, the knowledge which is confined within the domain of time and space will meet and become one with that which is beyond them both, where the mind and senses cannot reach — the Absolute, the Infinite, the One without a second.”

There will be a certain amount of the readers who will find much to ponder in this short excerpt. For others it will hold little interest. Such is the way of things. For the MOST PART, people go where their fancy leads them and for many of those (in these times most especially), it's off to another fancy following that. Due to the press of materialism upon the human mind, a significant portion of us are Creatures of Whimsy. Entire lifetimes can go by AND DO... where nothing of real substance will arise. The whole of the life will be composed of vignettes of the exercise of various appetites; chapters of desire satiated and... yet... not satiated. We are restless souls in search of something definable that will complete us. This is where Hungry Ghosts come from, when the focus is too much upon a passing mirage of externals. What will complete us CANNOT BE FOUND in externals. Of course, we have all heard this and the usual, “yeah, yeah” occurs. Usually it is “yeah, yeah, but...”

Our eyes glaze over because we have heard it all before and so we can't even see it anymore AND 'IT” is we. It is us. That which completes us, is that portion of ourselves we close off, in order to run riot, through the amusement park of the senses. It is our own Higher Self and it contains EVERY missing thing. I will go into more detail about this mysterious Higher Self in our next encounter. For now, let me say that it is the answer to every question and the true satisfaction of every appetite and I bring it up BECAUSE... BECAUSE... with the coming of The Avatar within the hearts of humanity, THIS IS THE PRIZE of engagement!!! For those who have prepared a place for The Avatar, The Second Coming, The Baptism of the Spirit, whatever it is that you call it, it is the union with the Higher Self that occurs with the appearance of The Avatar in the human heart.

Over the long course of these blogs, much has been said of the pending and possible, quantum leap spiritually, which has come into a potential state in The Apocalypse. All of the endless talk and myriad suggestions that have shown up here are about this feature of a Grand Apocalypse; UNION WITH THE HIGHER SELF. Those presently so employed in the seeking and pursuit of spiritual awakening, HAVE THIS prospect before us. Keep sleeping and it will pass you by. STRUGGLE FOR AWAKENING!!! Pray for the assistance of guidance from The Oracle Within. You WILL NOT DEPART HERE EMPTY HANDED!

Heaven is preparing to COME DOWN, in those places, where the invitation is being broadcast (and heard). The Great Achievement occurs HERE, on this plane of existence. It does not happen at some point further on, once you leave here. It HAPPENS HERE, the celebration takes place on departure (grin). Of course, some measure of celebration happens here as well. Do not forget, 'objects in the mind's mirror are closer than they appear.'

End Transmission.......

Swami Vivekananda


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Pocketnet awaits the intrepid seeker after clues, concerning the hidden side of manifest skulduggery and charlatanism. Want to see it again? Then head on over to Pocketnet and don't think I don't know you didn't see it the first time!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

"The Avatar, the Incandescence and an Incomprehensible Love is Soon to Flood the Universe Entire."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As many of you know, I do not only post here at the blogs but also at Facebook, Truthseeker and Pocketnet and I am occasionally linked by other sites. I get comments at all of these locations. For the most part, people are supportive, kind... even grateful, more often than I probably deserve but... overall, when I compare the feedback that comes here to what I see in general, at all of the other sites, I thank God that I am spared the majority of what I see elsewhere. People are REALLY ANGRY these days. They are frustrated, fearful, depressed, weary of life but most consistently, THEY ARE ANGRY!

Some of them are intentionally bent on bringing everyone around them down and if you are someone who is unsteady on their feet, spiritually, it can be enough to ruin your day, should you run into it. Almost always they are anonymous BUT... when they come in to the Wordpress comment section of Truthseeker, they are (oddly enough) attended by email addresses. Here is an example of a type of comment that shows up, now and again at this location. This comment is, like nearly all of them, anonymous, even when there is a nominal title of some sort. It's authored by one, Mr. S at clearlight0 address. Strangely, that 0 seems eerily similar to a recent arrival at the blogs, who is fond of hammer and tonging me about my departures, according to him, from carved in stone, holy writ. Here follows a comment;

“NOW…is never good enough and “divine fabrications” is indeed subject to interpretation. Consider that the collective impetus of one the most recited prayers in history is bearing fruit…NOW; “let thy will be done…on earth, as it is in heaven.”

Should that be true, I trust you understand my lack of optimism or faith in your speculative fabrications of incandescent choirs to singing hymns of praise to the “avatar.” Somewhere right now a starving child bellows a prayer that requires no translation, yet that bitch you refer to as “lady nature” fails to deliver the child something as humble as rice, so shove your “incandescence” where the sun don’t shine. Prayers fail the child, the “law of attraction” fails the child, and your fantasies of avatars fail the child. NOW…is never good enough, correct? Therefore your speculative “when”, birthed out of discontent with the “NOW” performs a self-abortion.

Consider that your speculative fantasies of a better, shinier, and brighter future are in contradiction with the divine plan. A plan that may include untold centuries of collective suffering.”

There is a symmetry to the blinded incoherence of this comment. It is also remarkably uninformed about the ineffable. Of course... all of us are, because the ineffable is incomprehensible... but this fellow has the temerity to PRESUME TO KNOW what the will of God is and according to him, it involves “untold centuries of collective suffering”. He was apparently not happy with this version so he went to the trouble of rephrasing it;

“NOW…is simply not good enough. Perhaps the collective impetus of one the most recited prayers is bearing fruit consistently down to the last hot and tittle; “let thy will be done…on earth as it is in heaven.” Is the notion of “heaven” insane, or has “heaven” itself perhaps gone insane as well? Primate minds wanna know! Perhaps your beseeching that the faithful be rendered “incandescent” contradicts the “master plan”. Similar to the screams of a starving child (a “prayer” that requires no translation) who merely yearns for this bitch called “lady nature” to render him some food, let alone “incandescence”, is also in contradiction of the master plan. “Let thy will be done...”

No Mr Visible, there will no incandescent choirs nor the visitation of an avatar.”

Then... there is the venerable, Sir Duke who comes in wearing chain mail and swinging his medieval mace around the room. At the end of the chain, is a heated metal Bible, studded with with nail heads (for tearing I suppose). His consistent message to me is that I am damned and going to Hell. Well now... I've been to Hell, more than once. I have also been to Heaven and this much I know, even if I know little else; there is a place in the heart where one can sense what their relationship with the creator is. There is also an interior voice that some of us have 'earned', or been granted through GRACE and which tells us in unflinching honesty, what our standing is with the celestial hierarchy. I have been told that I am in good standing. I have been told, many times, that I am doing well... after many a previous occasion of not doing well.

Duke is a fundamentalist Christian and that is a type and they are routinely, INFLEXIBLE AND UNFORGIVING. I was receiving regular down-votes by fundies at Pocketnet, until I started blocking them and apparently I got the right one through the process of elimination (grin). It doesn't bother me much at all that people show their displeasure with me in this fashion. The positive votes greatly outnumber the negative and that is all that counts. Even though I get, regularly, more positive votes than any other member, I am marginalized by the Pocketnet hierarchy and I don't mind one bit. OFTEN, it is just such reactions (or lack of) that are all the evidence one needs of being in good standing with the celestial realm.

The path that I am on does not involve a religion. I could say that I am a Christian because I do follow Christ but it is following 'after that' where I depart from all organized religions, which, in my estimation, are nearly all simply another cash register for Satan and Sons LLC. This has caused me to found my own church, which is The First Church of the Presence of God and the entire gospel and teaching of that church is to be found in the title; one 'practices the presence of God'. You simply go about your life 'practicing the presence of God'. What happens when we practice anything? We GET BETTER AT IT~! (Apologies for the lack of video discourses of late. I WILL get round to it eventually)

Increasingly, of late, I am getting communications from people who are having a rough go of it. They are struggling and some are unsure if they can continue, so great is the pressure upon them, within their own minds. My heart goes out to them. I struggled for years... decades... at times it seemed it would never end. These were not pedestrian struggles. Often they were of the life and death variety. I called out to God for years and... the pain and the ordeals continued. Something there was, in me, that would not, could not give up, even in the darkest hours, as when I was facing a life sentence in prison with no funds, nor powerful friends with significant connections, in a place with the heaviest conviction rate in the nation. I had as my defender and friend, God. He did, as he has done so many, many times, moved Heaven and Earth on my behalf. How could I... now... at this point, not trust him completely? I have enduring and living evidence of God's love and support. We ALL DO but it is the recognition therein that so many of us are lacking.

I now realize that all of the suffering that I endured has been a colossal spiritual benefit to me. It has breathed REAL AND LASTING CONVICTION into me. It has pummeled Wisdom and Understanding into my being, almost as if I were raw glowing metal on an anvil, being shaped by the blacksmith's hammer. Far too often we just do not know what the real source of our blessings is. When God loves us, he is certain to try us in fire. It is a far more grievous affair when he has turned his face from us and left us to our own devices. I shudder at the thought. The absence of God from my life would mean the loss of all value in living. The presence of God, makes of no importance the lack of all else. I speak truly and from the heart here and I KNOW that if you call out to God with sincerity and genuine belief, he WILL HEAR YOU and his angels WILL MINISTER TO YOUR NEEDS.

I cannot let anonymous drive-by's of imprecations and slander affect me and they do not. Of course, there is ALWAYS the possibility that I am deluded and misinformed; that I am imagining all of what I say to others. I hear from my detractors that I am misleading my readers and taking them to some desolate place for which I will be responsible. Yet... the praise of God continuously flows forth in everything I do. I literally don't do anything that does not contain some mention of God or have God as the objective. I don't tell people to do anything, so I can't be leading them. There is no call for funds and I, literally have next to nothing, yet I prosper by mysterious means. I don't threaten people with Hell. I don't cajole them. I merely speak from experience and inspiration, according to what I hear internally. I don't think about what I write, or calculate its effect. It pretty much writes itself. I don't claim any personal station at all. I am at a loss to see what it is that I am actually doing which harms the readers. The reader knows that I have said again and again, “Take what is useful and leave the rest.” and all sorts of similar statements have found their way here over the course of time.

It seems to me that the majority of those in opposition to my work, are driven by imagined offenses against their own personal dogmas and doctrines, or by envy and resentment, based on their own lack of capacity. Whatever gifts I may possess were either earned by me or gifted me by God and if it is the latter, then I have a commission to perform and if I do not perform... these gifts can be taken from me; all of my books and writings are free to everyone, at least in digital form, if they are financially stressed, all of my songs are free for the listening at; not just the usual 30 seconds of intro teasers but the whole songs. I cannot see what more I can do to behave in any more generous a fashion. People who visit me eat well and sleep well and lack for nothing and are NEVER asked for recompense. They are, in my mind, guests of the almighty and deserving of the same treatment. I am constantly in a state of wonder as The Lord, provides the fishes and the loaves, whenever there is a need.

I have scoured the landscape of my interior being, relentlessly... in search of shortcomings in my demeanor and behavior so NO! I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN these spurious claims of harmful doings on my part. I do THE VERY BEST THAT I AM ABLE, at every given moment and pray, as ever, that The Lord deliver me and forgive me if I stray outside the parameters of what is correct. I was not always so careful and observant as I now am but... we learn as we go, or we do not. I prefer... whatever the cost may be... to learn.

In any case, The Avatar WILL COME. There will be incandescence. There will be Joy and Wonders and Salvation as well, for everyone who puts themselves in the way of it. I WILL NOT countenance despair, nor the vituperative wailings of those gone missing from a lack of Humility and Grace. I know... I know... many times I hear from friends and readers, “Visible, you don't have to say these things. Ignore these cretins and abusers.” HOWEVER... now and again it bears stating and perhaps... perhaps there has been some measure of other 'useful things' in this posting, that came by way of all this. Perhaps... this time... it was right to speak as I did. Whatever the case may be (grin), there it is anyway.

Thank you, my good friends, from the far reaches of everywhere, for your continued Faith and support. It is much appreciated. Big changes, as well as The Avatar ARE COMING!!!

End Transmission.......

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(not sure if this has ever been posted before)

As I was going to Pocketnet, I met a man with seven pockets, Each pocket had seven dreams, Each dream had seven meanings, Each meaning had seven clues: Clues, meanings, dreams, and pockets,

How many were there going to Pocketnet?

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Saturday, February 29, 2020

"The Bridge of No Deposit No Return, by way of the Bending End, with a Left Handed Skyhook."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I know that many of you enjoyed yesterday's Visible Origami so... I will continue in that theme for one more post. Here is an angel happening!-

"Angels may appear to anyone, regardless of religious backgrounds or beliefs. Case in point… in 1985 a Russian space scientist defected and then told what had happened to 6 cosmonauts aboard the Soyuz 7 space station. After orbiting the Earth for 155 days, a band of Angels had miraculously appeared outside their spacecraft. Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovov and Oleg Atkov were working on routine medical experiments when suddenly they were nearly blinded by a brilliant orange light from outside the orbiting laboratory. It took a few seconds for their eyes to adjust to the astonishing radiance, but then, according to the secret report, they saw “seven giant figures in the form of humans, but with wings and mist-like halos as in the classic depiction of Angels. They appeared to be hundreds of feet tall with a wingspan as great as a jetliner.”

Angels are remarkable beings and belong to different ranks in the celestial order. Here is a brief and cogent article on angels and their placements. In The West we call them 'angels' and in The East they are called 'devas'. As many of you know, I am no fan of the rank and file, supercilious airhead brigade of New Age Hucksters. This DOES NOT MEAN there are not good people there and informed people, who labor at their tasks for the benefit of humanity. There are but... there are also far too many freakish refugees from truth, with names like Alabama Boomslang Earth Mother, Rainbow Hallelujah Morning Glory and Princess Wackado Sunrise.

One has only to enter into an occult spiritual bookstore, as I did recently in Sedona, to see how far out far out has actually gotten these days. Let me assure you, it has gotten FAR OUT and traversed the Bridge of No Deposit No Return, by way of the Bending End, with a Left Handed Skyhook, instead of a compass. On my recent visit I saw dozens... DOZENS AND DOZENS of different Tarot Decks. Some of them really take Niche Dweller to a whole new level. They even have them for The Gays and Transgenders and practically every New Age icon has their own deck, from the recently departed Dr. Dyer to the venerable yogic master, Rama Llama Yakshit. I ran into Dr. Dyer once on Maui;... moving right along.

I've had years of exposure to Reiki Masters; who went to two weekend seminars, climaxing in a 4 day intensive, after which they got a 'Reiki Master' certificate, as well as channelers, psychics and Tantra 'experts'. So far, this site is still my favorite for a clear and inarguable example of what it is that sets me off, as well as my teeth on edge and this page gives Pictures and Profiles of the delightful EXPERTS you 'would have' encountered on this ♫ won't you let me take you on a ♫ sea cruise. I am ESPECIALLY ENAMOURED of the redoubtable Susan Shumsky (3rd or 4th time mentioned here).

Susan Shumsky

Her credentials, accomplishments and general, 'way cooler and smarter than even God' persona, touches me in ways and places I would have preferred never to have taken place. She is assuredly more risible than possessing of gravitas and what do you know? She's genetically empowered to do this.

You see what happens? As soon as I think of the New Age it sets me off and I really shouldn't lump everyone together in the same self serving, snatching and grabbing, take no prisoners, pigpen of wild eyed, flaming appetite and all consuming greed.

The thing is... I KNOW what it takes to master even rudimentary skills. As a result, these people come off looking like carny barkers to me; snake oil saleswhatevers; WHO PROFITEER off of people's hopes and dreams, miseries and fears. Somehow they have convinced themselves that it is alright to do this and the next thing you know they are booking family centric, get to know you, sleepover sea cruises, with Drag Queen Story hour characters, like it was some kind of Disney tour.

Yes... there are good and decent, sincere people who are associated with The New Age, however... even well meaning people can be misled and then... misleading and you have the blind following the blind. How do you know who is righteous and who is not? Some grifters are slick as slick can be. They will clean and press your suit, while you are still in it. Rather than go on and on here about the truth concerning angels, how to reach angels and all the how's, why's and wherefores, simply look at these pages after pages, after pages of WTF. Getting lost is not a problem at all. Getting found is the problem.

I'm going to give out a few directions here, as always, free of charge (don't trust anything that isn't) just in case there are readers out there who might want to make contact with The Devic Realm. Although there are protocols for making contact, I suggest another approach, a way 'other than' trying to make contact and that is to behave as the sort of person who will naturally attract angels. Angels, animals, you and I, can all be had by putting out the right bait and LOVE is the ultimate bait.

Angels are watching us all the time. For many of them, that is THEIR JOB. Whenever an angel sees a human being employing any of the blessed virtues in their daily activities, THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO THEM. Those so engaged, after awhile, give off a perfume, as well as a radiance. IN THESE TIMES, angels are drawing nearer than they have in ever so long. These times are times of dramatic transiting and change. Destinies are being routed and sorted on a cosmic level. A soul COULD GET VERY FORTUNATE in these times. This is one of the reasons that the distractions are so great and why YOU NEED to free yourself from them.

It is a perfectly natural thing for children to have Invisible Friends. Puberty is a rite of passage that, in most cases, removes this ability. This is why the acquisition of Regenerated Innocence, as opposed to Senility, IS A BIG DEAL ...but most people move right on by. For some reason, there is a cognitive dissonance that affects one's awareness of The Invisible Plane. There are some good reasons for this, because the Invisible Plane is not an across the board, friendly place. You can get into all kinds of trouble there and it is imperative to have a guide. I was taken there once to disabuse me of my delusion that it is all an enchanted wonderland, brushed with fairy dust; it's not. Angels are the primary resource for such guides, along with the 'spiritually illumined'.

At that search engine link a few paragraphs ago, there are many videos of rapacious materialists looking to make a few bucks (or MUCH MORE) off of the gullible and unwary. Not enough of us break into laughter when watching these clowns; we should. There should be orange cones around these people with a sign that says, “DANGER... disappointment ahead.”

Angels are not only radiant creatures with wings. They go about among us as human beings. Sometimes they are sitting on the sidewalk, with a cap in front of them, with a few coins and bills in it. I'm being serious here. Sometimes they are sitting on a barstool next to you, or on a plane or train. Sometimes they are on a beach. IF you behave as one deserving of their company, YOU WILL GET THEIR COMPANY but it might take awhile. You need to be determined. We often mention, FAITH, CERTITUDE AND DETERMINATION here. These are priceless attributes that are ESSENTIAL qualities that you simply MUST HAVE.

I am writing about this today, because more than one of you will have the opportunity for such an encounter, if you do make the effort to behave as has been already stated. This is what I have been told, in any case. As I have said, probably more than I should have, (but always for good reason) there are people who are not fond of me, or the things that I say. It is not just human beings who are disturbed by what gets said here. There are other entities that have a big investment in any or all of us, falling short of our potential, MOST ESPECIALLY in these times. These entities are on the Invisible Plane, just as the angels are. They are also- can be- right inside our heads and are responsible for feelings of doubt, unfounded suspicion, envy and jealousy, fear, anger and all manner of bad attractions. Our minds are like airports, thoughts- like planes- are landing and taking off all the time. You really do need to have a competent air traffic controller.

One of the most critical tasks that angels perform is TO WARN US, when we have stepped off course, or about people we need to be warned about. It is hard for me to imagine a friend more valuable than an angel. God alone would qualify in that respect. Angels draw near to you when YOU RESONATE HARMONICALLY with them. Everything in life is vibration at different frequencies. It is very important to pay attention to our sympathetic strings.

I KNOW that what I am talking about is NOT EASY. This is why so many people give up after only a brief effort at all kinds of things. “It's too hard!” (whine whine). Of course it's hard, IN THE BEGINNING. Why is it so hard for people to change their diet? This is because of the predisposition of your taste buds. It take TEN DAYS for your taste buds to change. In these times, few people will stick to this for ten days. On top of that, while you are trying to change, the memory patterns of your old tastes intensify. It is the same thing with trying to change your life, or break any habit. You HAVE TO BE COMMITTED. However, IF YOU KNOW what the result will be... ah... then you have a strong ally. Here again, is where FAITH, CERTITUDE and DETERMINATION can be VERY helpful.

You HAVE TO become the sort of person that angels want to hang out with. All the other suggestions of how to get their attention are useless, if you are not the sort of person they want to be around. They most definitely will not stay around, unless you are that person, or BECOMING THAT PERSON. Angels are here to help us with our struggles and... as you proceed, the relationship can dramatically intensify if you are determined. ♫ It's getting better all the time ♫

It's all there for you my friends. Wonders, far beyond what can be presently imagined, await you. There are splendorous places to aspire to and you get there by BEHAVING IN A CERTAIN CONSISTENT FASHION. That really is all it takes. If you fall away, after a short effort in the right direction; whose fault is that? Success is guaranteed if you persist and there are angels near by who will whisper encouragements in your ear, all along the way. I have personal evidence of this and I am no more deserving than you are, as far as potential and possibilities go. Have at it with a will!!!

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(you're proof that God loves me!)

♫ Pocketnet, Pocketnet where do you roam? Pocketnet, Pocketnet, far, far from home; a young cowboy named Pocketnet grew restless on the farm... Yo! Don't take your guns to Pocketnet son, leave your guns at home boy, don't take your guns to Pocketnet

(The whole Coronavirus thing has now come together in my head and I get why Bill Gates is involved with the vaccine and... well... there are so many angles here and it's not my field anyway so... this article from Fox News should provoke your Objective Capacity, enough to fill in a whole lot of blanks. I could literally hear and feel the dominoes tumbling as I read it.)

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