Monday, December 7, 2020

"At Some Point Soon, The World is Going to Change in Ways Beyond all Expectation."

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Today... we shall dive a little deeper into the complexity of the machinations at work in these times.

First off, here is something to think about. As you probably already know, there is a wheels within wheels, sleight of hand deception going on, with almost as many gears inside the mechanism as there are in the cosmic clock. I KNOW that much of what is playing out is DESIGNED to cast as wide a net as possible, to catch as many of the treacherous souls at work as it is possible to do. Slow and steady wins the race.

Here is something to think about. It is widely acknowledged that the Democrats are thinking VERY SERIOUSLY about packing the Supreme Court; meaning... they intend to increase the number of sitting Supreme Court Justice so that they will have a Liberal Bench. I ask this question; what do you think the present sitting members of The High Court think about such a thing? Uh-huh. That is an interesting question, is it not?

They also intend to make Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico states so that they will have four more Democratic senators. Oh... they intend a great many things. What is coming INCREASINGLY to light is that Chinese Communist Money is flooding the government and public thoroughfares at every level. They were unable to get rid of the president through 'questionable' legal actions so... Coronavirus-COVID was turned into a paranoia, Fear-Driven monster that would close down the country and ruin the economy. This has also permitted the tidal wave of absentee ballots, sent out in the many, many millions to EVERYONE, living and dead, legally a citizen, or not. This also included many people who do not even exist. They also sent out MULTIPLE ballots to every address in specific areas.

They have been caught out, again and again, however, lower court justices have been the recipients of substantial bribes, and in cases where this was not effective, they were threatened, or compromised. The Carrot and the Stick have been at work in a ubiquitous fashion. It has NOT MATTERED how much evidence was presented to the courts of fraud and malfeasance. They were told they had no evidence, even when the evidence was accompanied by HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of sworn affidavits, they were told this is not evidence. When video of election fraud was captured and presented, they have been told that was not what happened. It is like the old joke, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

You must understand that this is one of the most powerful efforts EVER; this ambition to steal the United States of America. It has been in the works for a long time. The Communist Virus is an adaptation of Satanism. It is hosted in the particular lifeforms through which it works, and when that life form passes, it transfers into another host body.

When you wish to take control of the population of a country, there are specific things that you must destroy, or take control of. You must attack and destroy The Family Unit. You must pervert the sexual nature, and you must take control of the education system, keeping in mind that schools and universities are only one area of learning. People also learn, and especially so in these times, through The Media, Social Media, and the entertainment industry. I could go on at great length about the specifics of each of these. I rather leave the inquiry and analysis to the reader. One does not learn by hearing about something, although one CAN BE programmed in this manner. One learns from EXPERIENCE, if at all.

Mind is a powerful entity and it is, can be, strongly motivated and effected by BELIEF, FAITH, CURIOSITY , and a host of other influences, like APPETITE and DESIRE. The state of one's mind is determined by what one desires and has an aversion to. Spiritual illumination occurs when one attains a state of Indifference to both. The World is a gigantic supermarket of temporary wares. When the mind is engaged with it, The Monkey-Mind Aspect comes into play. The mirror in which The Self can be observed becomes distorted and even completely obscured. Nothing of any real value then remains.

The Mind is like a house. In this particular house, there is a basement, a ground floor, and a second story, or even a roof. The roof might be a good image in that it is surrounded by sky. In the basement is The Subconscious aspect of The Mind. On the first floor is The Self Conscious aspect of The Mind. On the top floor is The Superconscious aspect of The Mind. A study of this relationship between the parts of The Mind can yield remarkable fruit. The Tarot is the best system for this that I have ever encountered, but... as with ALL systems, it is only as functional or practical as the person implementing it. A good analogy is Astrology and astrologers. I have met many of them and they are, ubiquitously quirky and eccentric.

I have met some very good astrologers. I have NEVER encountered any two who agree with each other. The entirety of the science DEPENDS on the perspective of the astrologer. The same can be said about The Tarot. Any student or practitioner brings with them assumptions and objectives, and their science is colored by them. One MUST BE free of these to gain any real insight. Almost no one is, and those who are, have little use for either of these systems because they have REALIZED what can be realized from these, or ANY areas of inquiry; there is ONLY ONE THING of LASTING value that anyone can gain from these or ANY science, and that is Knowledge of The Self. All else is transitory and ephemeral. I might say at this juncture that nearly every psychiatrist is mentally ill and it is their particular mental illness that drew them to the profession. Often they are completely unaware of this, but it is so.

I cannot stress emphatically enough, that these are momentous times. You can say, “nothing is off the table” or you could say, “everything is on the table” Is there a difference? It is IMPORTANT to notice that everywhere in the country, at this time, people are exposing themselves, and making it crystal clear as to where their values and beliefs are placed. It is astounding, how polarized the country has become. Highly placed and famous individuals are stepping into the light and transparently LYING. Other noble and courageous souls are telling it as it really is, and are being beaten up, having their houses bombed, and being harried and canceled without respite.

Because of the wide pervasiveness of The Media, we are being given the impression that NOTHING can be done. The outrageous hubris of the offenders is something to marvel at. They REALLY think 'the fix is in'. What is actually happening is that all of those who are defending the criminal behavior of a powerful cabal, are being exposed before the eyes of the world. The oppressive and relentless assault of fabrications, by mass media and Big Tech, are mind-boggling. It is as if their lives were on the line and perhaps they are.

At the same time, there is a much larger segment of humanity that KNOWS it is all false. The crowds that show up at the rallies are riveting evidence, as are the massive groups of protesters across the country. The Awakening is responsible for this.

I cannot shake the feeling that what we are seeing is an elaborate sting and that NOTHING we see is real. Certain main players are acting out in ways that make no sense. There is an impression being given of disturbances in the ranks, but it all smacks of theater. People are doing and saying things that are inexplicable UNLESS... unless it is all part of a long con. I keep thinking that the president and his people saw this coming a long way off, and now they are just biding their time as the denouement approaches. Every day, I see one inconsistency after another in tactics, and day by day, more and more evidence of widespread fraud is revealed; smoking gun after smoking gun, complete with video and voice recording.

The middle class of this country is under enormous pressure, trying to make ends meet under the threat of this shadow virus that has locked down the country. When will it end? How will it end? Whatever the case may be, it is going to be epic.

I feel as if each one of us is being called forth to answer for ourselves. I can feel eyes on us that are not human eyes. I feel this sense of immensity that is almost unbearable at times. It is most prevalent in the evenings. I go out each evening to talk to The Mother, and through the day, many times, I am outside speaking with The Sun. I get nothing but positive responses and a call to viscerally accept what I am continually being told, which is that 'everything is under control'. I believe this. At some point soon, the world is going to change in ways beyond all expectations. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Still hoping to do another discourse from The First Church of the Presence of God. Meanwhile here is the most recent one.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And I feel like I'm going to explode for the sake of waiting.

Anonymous said...

A big YES! to this blog. So many of your points hit home with me and resonated right through my body. I kid you not. I am told that VERY SOON we will be able to discern truth from fiction as an added sense, or a resurrected/ remembered ability. Keep the faith! In spite of all the crap that’s proliferating our very atmosphere, I am extremely positive that virtue will prevail. Alleluia!

Ray B. said...

My hope is that both/all sides (including those manipulating from the shadows) will have their Consciousness raised. Otherwise, it will just be trading one 'camp' for another - forever. There was an original Star Trek episode where an evil 'energy being' was causing the Human and Klingon camps to fight each other to generate negative energy. That was the being's food. (It was driven-away by laughter.) I get the strongest intuition that the current, real-world anger, hate, and fear (through division and chaos) is being 'generated' for such uses...

Related, but different: I found an interesting series of short articles from 2016 on how different cities of the world came to be as they presently are. I have been slowly reading through them, meditating on the different mindsets and consciousness levels involved. Two cities stood-out as contrasts: Delhi with real democracy but overwhelming chaos, and Singapore with a strongman-based quasi-democracy which works but at a regimentation cost. Another view of the latter city in 1993 by SF author William Gibson. Sticking with ordinary-consciousness basically involves trading-off between opposites, each with their built-in strengths and weaknesses.

I am still going to go with Cleaning the (unseen) Powers who/which are holding or influencing us to our present (abnormally low) Consciousness Levels. I have my doubts whether results of this Cleaning will come in time to influence whichever camp has been (Miles Mathis style) designated the 'winner'. On the other hand, perhaps what Vis calls the "inconsistencies" are the results of Cleanings 'trickling down'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Quiet Bear said...

Thanks Visible for another illuminating post. I'm convinced that they are playing a long game and that it is bigger than we can imagine. It's going to be Biblical!
Quiet Bear

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Off topic, but wouldn't it be cool if the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction during Yule meant the birth of another Avatar on that day?

robert said...

"The state of one's mind is determined by what one desires and has an aversion to. Spiritual illumination occurs when one attains a state of Indifference to both"

Succint statement in veracity!
Took a while to comprehend that Indifference is not at all the same as not caring.
It is placing one's emotional stock in the compassion bank, instead of the appearance market.
Caring in the sense of worrying is of course, wasted emotional energy which, like undigested food, causes nothing but sepsis and constipation, using creative energy in out of control ignorance, like the Sorcerer's Apprentice.
Knowing we are avatars of dust, owned by the One logically precludes worry.
We care with compassion for the whole enchilada, not a part

"It is IMPORTANT to notice that everywhere in the country, at this time, people are exposing themselves, and making it crystal clear as to where their values and beliefs are placed"

Everyone must get sorted! It is happening so we best get conscious about it ASAP!
The orcs and orc minions of the butthole hierarchy are getting sorted and exposing themselves far beyond the cheap thrill of exhibitionism! The LONG long run of unchecked karma is getting reined in for the reign of the One Who Rules The Heart.

This demonstration is surpassing ANY epic poem ever penned!
How history illiterate must one be to take blatant corporate censorship at face value, to conclude that censored information is fake news? Big Sister says so?

"The middle class of this country is under enormous pressure, trying to make ends meet under the threat of this shadow virus that has locked down the country...I feel as if each one of us is being called forth to answer for ourselves. I can feel eyes on us that are not human eyes. I feel this sense of immensity that is almost unbearable at times"

Is it more unbearable for those guarding their souls or for those whose minds are burning in fear of losing what they already lost?
Hypocrites who can ignore the Scamdemic destruction of real people while shaming anyone resisting the satanic cattle drive are lost, yes, but are they truly unredeemable?
We get to watch the Master Surgeon at work saving the patient!

Visible said...

Or... the 'APPEARANCE' of.

Dr Cray said...

A great post and some interesting comments
Two points, first about laughter and its source... humour! The ability to create laughter is key to positivity transforming negative energy. The Powers That Wish They Were Somewhere Else become precisely that!
Second, yes, the Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction ON the Winter Solstice, yet also with Pluto lurking in the direct background. In short, we have the Big (Jupiter) Dismantling (Pluto) of Power Over (Saturn) structures. And we have the Solar eclipse on the 14th Dec passing over South America, a date for all to get to as higher vibration as possible so that one's take off from that point on is also elevated to greater heights. I recommend Pam Gregory for all things astrological.
Experience the ride to the fullest, and bring joy along the way!
Atb Dr Cray

MC said...

There is no place in this world for the Christ to lay her head.

I pray the sweet release of death takes me home soon.

Last transmission

God Bless
Luv MC

Visible said...

I have told you MANY times. Go see your son. Dramas are self-created. There are MANY options. Here is NOT one of them, BUT... God is watching and listening at ALL TIMES and can be appealed to. However, God cannot do much if one insists on being irrational. There is no logic to one getting trapped in their own head. The head just spins and spins with no reality to find traction on. It is the heart that one must resort to and RELY on. YOU CANNOT expect to find resolution by putting your hopes and attentions on someone OUTSIDE OF YOU. It is all solved within. It CANNOT be solved HERE. It can be solved THERE. Here it will meet with the same response as always. There is NO SOLUTION for a lack of faith. God DOES NOT put us through anything that we cannot bear, AND when he does put us through things he is EITHER hurrying us on our way OR attempting to get us to CHANGE OUR DIRECTION. God WILL RESPOND if you will PERMIT IT.

Hereticdrummer said...

That was truly phenomenal, VIS.

Guy Reid-Brown said...


You never fail to reassure.

Beautiful stuff!

One of the MANY things that the MSM is choosing not to notice, as well as the millions imbibing it, is Joe Biden's (or whoever that character assuming his form is) Black Eyes.

I used to conjecture that he was possessed by something demonic, but a connected correspondent emailed me something that seems distinctly plausible -

'​i heard froma well connected freind that the black eyes area form of contact lense whereby biden reads without a prompter

its  on his lenses

crazy eh ?'

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"NOW is the Time to seek God's Mercy and Forgiveness. God is the Ultimate Authority and The Court of Last Resort."



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