Wednesday, December 23, 2020

"I Wish You the Spirit of Christmas in this Transforming Time."

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Christmas. The celebration of the last Avatar's birth. There is a noticeable shift in kind this year. The advent of the coming avatar has merged with the previous cycle. It is a timeless thing, after all; God deciding to manifest in human form. It doesn't happen often, and he's never far away from an open heart even when he's not coming and going.

These days, those seeking the presidency of the United States, are beginning to start campaigning years before the next election. Presidential candidates are not on a par with an avatar. The Avatar begins his preparations and 'projected' details of occurrence centuries and centuries before his arrival. Let us compare a president of the most powerful country (at the moment) in the world and an avatar. Most of the time a president presents himself as a wielder of meaningless gestures. With an avatar, EVERY gesture is meaningful and life-changing. Occasionally, we get a relatively decent person. If you look back over the last few years here, you see what happens to them when mysterious fortune has, momentarily, prevailed over the Leviathans of the Swamp. You may have your own opinion on the matter. I know what has been revealed to me and no more.

There is something that has ALWAYS surprised me. It has surprised me for most of this life. I should preface this with a qualifier. I've NEVER had any trouble believing in God and by now, I can say authoritatively that it is unlikely to ever happen. I lack in so many areas, but this is not one of them, and my whole life, this life, has been about creating situations for God to prove his existence to me, OVER and OVER, and OVER. I've not had any trouble believing in miracles and ascended beings. I find it so hard to understand how people can have any doubt at all about God, BUT... they do, and nothing will crush a life so definitively and decisively as DOUBT.

Even with The Avatar coming, again and again, people... in the larger majority just toss their lot on to a sea of material troubles in an unkind world. The World is NOT kind. The World is a living being whose purpose is to guide you, inexorably, step by painful step to Liberation. This is what ALL Living Forces who serve The Divine do as vocation AND avocation. There is such a joy and delight in this, in selfless service that one loses themselves in it, like a dolphin surfing ocean waves. It is impossible to explain this to anyone who does not already know it, BUT... anyone who engages in it with any consistency soon sees why it is so. I'd like to recommend a film that touches on this. Somehow this film escaped the viper's nest that is Hollywood. It's titled, “Same Kind of Different as Me.” I recommended it a couple of years (or so) ago. Great art is still being made if you know where to look for it.

Yeah... I don't get all this dancing with flaming thorns, not once you know what it's about. People tell themselves and each other that they are going to devote their lives to finding and serving God, just as soon as they can get all their problems solved. That NEVER happens. Life doesn't operate like that. Life is designed to trap you. Even this is a benefic if you can look at it the right way. Yes, it traps you and this causes you to struggle to be free (grin). Why does it take so long, though? I'm glad you asked that. It doesn't take so long if you don't take so long. What sort of pace have you set? Uh-huh, there you go. That, in fact, also answers all sorts of other questions that may have been coming and going in your head.

It's not supposed to happen for most people with any real speed. With all I've read and been told, lives follow lives like leaves falling from a tree. I don't know if it can be determined; when someone's heart experiences a fundamental change. Then, the passion and zeal grow by leaps and bounds and LARGE expanses of Karmic terrain can be traversed in short order. It requires a superhuman effort to switch tracks and get the engine humming. Maybe THE FACT that we aren't doing anything ourselves might help with the perspective. God is the source of all force and action. The separated human mind sets itself AGAINST the Indwelling and shuts it up. UNTIL one cuts all that nonsense loose, one is going to be a clumsy dancer. Once one does shut all that nonsense down, the timeless dance moves through them. Death is put aside. One CAN walk right out of this world and into the next. There are those living this right this moment.

We are told that The Kingdom of God is within. Right! Yeah... Let me get back to you about that. One of the biggest problems is that those who should do, do not walk the talk. People think their deceptions are not seen. Yes, they are. In fact, The Indwelling often points things and people out to us in our minds. Unfortunately, we often do not pay attention AND that hits our Faith and opens the door for Doubt later on.

God IS... Literally, right this minute, occupying a state within you and taking note of EVERYTHING that transpires with you. God has to be approached as a suitor. Your love HAS TO be at a certain level of force and consistency. God is waiting. Who knows what his inscrutable purpose is? The BEST we can do is to incline in his direction. Like Lao Tzu said, “Heaven prefers no man but the wise man prefers Heaven." If you want to understand God, as much as it is possible for a mortal, simply look at The Sun and observe what it is that The Sun does, and... do likewise. That will get the angels' attention.

They say Christmas is the season for giving. Of course, you remember those times when you were caught up in the spirit of it. It was all about The Giving. For those who are giving themselves away, every day is Christmas. Jesus the Christ taught us all one needs to know about that. However, The Avatar comes for SPECIFIC reasons each time he comes. There are always remarkable similarities because The Qualities of God are timeless and ever-present, BUT... the job to be done varies. As we mentioned here recently, he is coming this time as The Rewarder and The Punisher. The very planets heralding his coming indicate the nature of his appearance.

The Wind doesn't blow all day. The rain does stop. Night comes and the day follows. There is ALWAYS chaos and confusion at the turning of the age. In such times one should retreat to the still silent center. Once again; God is ALL POWERFUL. Everything is under control. Accept that and resonate with it, or resist and rebel. Those are the options and... how do you resist an irresistible force?

I wish you The Spirit of Christmas in these times. Put your mind on joyful things and not on the sad distractions being created by those who would enslave you. If they have power then you gave it to them. All power belongs to God, AND... most of the time, in the material sense, it is wielded, knowingly or unknowingly, for The Purpose of Demonstration. People THINK they are in charge, and God is inclined to let them think so, for The Purpose of Demonstration. THEY- are NOT in charge. For some reason, most people think that the people who think they are in charge, are in charge. All things are in flux on the wheels of eternal change. Change is the constant, and... change IS coming again.

I wish you all a VERY MERRY Christmas!!! I wish you the unshakable Faith in The Avatar, because he comes not just to work his miracles on the material conditions in which he arrives. He is also coming to work his miracles on you. ALL that is required of you is to be open to his coming, to be welcoming. Just as our four seasons repeat again and again; at much rarer intervals does this season arrive. We are no longer in The Season of the Witch. Maya is to be suspended, briefly. It is one of those conundrums that mystifies the human mind. The Avatar comes clothed in his own self generated Maya in order to appear. God frees us and God binds us. God does and does not lead us into temptation. Get 'right' with God.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Actually, if I look at the sun; it's instant migraine headache. I have to wear a visor when I go outside. A visored cap, actually. I have very thin hair, and my scalp would be burnt to a crisp by the sun if I didn't.

I'm under the impression you're just supposed to get over the desire for Terran experiences to not have them any more, unless you wanna come specifically to serve. . .ideally by convincing others to 'wake up', and be 'in the world and not of it'. GET OUTTA THE MATRIX, DAMMIT!

Heh-heh. It seems also those who think they are in charge are on the verge of a real 'reality check'. It's already started, and a few of the posts that proved that inspired more than a chuckle outta me.

And Merry Christmas to you too, whenever the 'real' day is. But in reality there is no time, and this linear time illusion is but an illusion; so what does it matter?

Nose trills up, and this was a BEAUTIFUL post!

Thomas said...

Aye, merry Christmas! May the Peace and Joy of God descend on one and all!

robert said...

Dear Visible,

The power of your wordsmithing speaks wordless meaning

Someone dared to say "Merry Christmas" to me in public and I was shocked by the power it carried! This lockdown land is taking its toll and the antidote is love expressed.

"I find it so hard to understand how people can have any doubt at all about God, BUT... they do, and nothing will crush a life so definitively and decisively as DOUBT"

How our killer minds slay our hearts with bouts of doubt, over nothing more than intellectual vanity!
How our eyes are fooled, entranced by electronic hypnotizers that tell us what to see and whisper that our separated self is in control!
How we deny the truth welling from within to ignore the sacrifice of innocents, the human currency of children traded by the corrupted and possessed for moments of sensual denial of their ultimate fate in hell...
What is on record during this last four years is a dedication to smash human trafficking from the earth

"Life is designed to trap you. Even this is a benefic if you can look at it the right way. Yes, it traps you and this causes you to struggle to be free"

If only we do not thrash and struggle against the steel trap, we can do less harm and learn to be free sooner.
We try
We try it our way
We try our patience
We believe our eyes instead of our deeper insight from faith
We take the trap more seriously than the One who created Life itself
The harder we struggle to exhaustion, the sooner we learn that the struggle is only against our own hearts
There is a way within our being to be free of all traps but the price is the sacrifice of license to remain ignorant children seperate from our other selves

"God is waiting. Who knows what his inscrutable purpose is? The BEST we can do is to incline in his direction. Like Lao Tzu said, “Heaven prefers no man but the wise man prefers Heaven"

When we realize that we are conduits, conductors of the One will, however we resist and suffer the arc of discharge, we find the force and consistency is present in the qualities we are made of and then the door will open bacause the difference in potential is no longer fatally high!
There is no fecklessness in the Observer's desire for union, only the tender mercy that protects our precious spark that we may fan it into a sun, not blow it out against the darkness.
Fickleness we impute to human femmes is dim knowing that the unlimited emotional power is not for the flaky desire of the limited

"For some reason, most people think that the people who think they are in charge, are in charge"Here is humor divine!

When the Apocalypse drops the pants off the preening pusillanimous posers, we will laugh at them but more at ourselves for being intimidated by our own limited perception, born of separation anxiety!

How to give ourselves away yet not empower the foolish takers?
The true history of life in feminine form provides clues: there must be wisdom and tender intelligence in the dispensation of the power of being! Discernment of human motive and intention is required!
Any surprise that the con of feminism has divided women from their intuition when most urgently needed? Femmes truly awake is the deathcult antidote

Note the pattern that so-called conservative women (really just non-possessed by the mental miasmas of the deathcult) are truly beautiful, from the inside out, just by being true to their souls!

The Divine feminie embodied to remind us all where it is at, where we come from, where the One resides comfortably in a constantly giving being...

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Mr. Visible, I shared one of your posts on facebook recently (now suspended, might try Parler) and one Christian-minded respondent said 'That's a Good Sermon'.

I never thought of  that before, but Sermon is a very good word for these posts.

Thank you very much indeed for this Christmas Sermon of ALL Christmas Sermons, Monsignor Visible, and may your Christmas be TRULY Happy and Bright -

Anonymous said...

The reason for the season.

Anonymous said...

"Our finest gifts we bring"

Anonymous said...

Paul D
8:35 AM (1 hour ago)
to me

I tried to post a comment but not sure if it worked so just in case here it is.

Merry Christmas to you too visible! Thanks for all your hard work. Your posts have wiped away the shit to reveal the diamond underneath this year. I should've known that already but I'd got to the stage of forgetting to remember and coming back to your posts has really helped me remember life's priorities. Plus I'm still forever grateful for you introducing us to our good friend the universe all those years ago.

Have a good one.


Quiet Bear said...

Merry Christmas Visible!
Thank you for another year of giving us the gift of God's light shining through your words.
God bless,

Ray B. said...

Merry Christ Mass to Vis and All!

I ran across this selection of Baroque Christmas music. Enjoy...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Brian Crossland said...

Merry Christmas Vis, and to all who come here.

Dodgy One said...

We come here all of us faithful that the creator within creates within us all the way the truth and the light.

Show to the world by the one pure son of the creator a gift to life that it knows from whence it comes.

Rejoice and be blessed with the gifts sent to world through the creator in you.

Anonymous said...


Your electrical current analogy is quite a good illustration of our challenge and dilemma. Succinct for its clarity and apprehensibility.


robert said...


Inspired by JosephBenner, from The Impersonal Life
where the I AM spirit frankly stated that if human beings were prematurely granted the power of the One Will, we would be utterly annihilated.

How to be anywhere near high potential without becoming unstable and falling from our flight of vanity (Icarus)?

The closest answer I have grasped is that we must stay open, empty, grounded, humble meek, always letting go of any mental and emotional attachment, if the true current is to flow without killing us.

A sail without air until the wind blows
A vessel without purpose until the Captain arrives
A feeling without containment until the timeless tunes it up

Thank you for your kind words, brother.

May we all find joy in living for Unity to heal us all together!
May we know the Christ Child by the holy Spirit quickening our earthly slog into a dance!
May we learn to love unconditionally as we are loved!

May we see reason to be merry in every living lesson we learn, every precious moment we stay awake!


MC said...




Quiet Bear said...

Merry Christmas Visible and all who gather here.

messianicdruid said...

Did you get to read Kunstler this morning ?

Visible said...

I don't know what Kunstler means. More details, please.

Visible said...

Are you referring to my name being in the title of Darkness Visible?

a nonymous said...

The forces of evil fear God and which is why they have put the pedal to the metal with the plandemic, beast vaccine, immunity passports, one world great reset and the Big Steal.
Only those who refuse to accept reality can't see the revealing.

Anonymous said...

All these people lining up for the vaccine makes me sad . Great Awakening. Please hurry up , We are almost at the point of no return

Anonymous said...

Life is a story written by God... don’t worry, the good guys win in the end.

I’m getting my popcorn ready for watching the action on the 6th.

. said...

'Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I am found
Was blind, but now I see

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed

Through many dangers, toils and snares
We have already come
'Twas grace has brought us safe thus far
And grace will lead us home

When we've been there ten thousand years
Bright, shining as the sun
We've no less days to sing God's praise
Than when we've first begun

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I am found
Was blind, but now I see'

You are Amazing God
As is your Grace
Thank you for saving me
Which never could have occurred without the love and protection of the Living Christ within who guided me

Your loving faithful servant

Adam said...

Vis... I have a moment of doubt.

I am significantly disappointed that the vast majority of humanity is somnambulantly going along with the absurdity of the current “Covid” times. It was one thing that they ignored everything in their face the last 20 years as the ratchet slowly turned. That big in your face fuck you event that should have shaken most 19 years back. All the others turns on the wheel big or small couldn’t wake them. But -
all that has happened this last year alone should be more enough to waken someone from a spiritual and even mental slumber.

I believe in the ineffable, it’s beyond argument. My doubt doesn’t lay there.

My (momentary) doubt lays in the escape from our current course. I see no way out, literally NO way out now, from our current course without divine intervention. My doubt is........ do we deserve it? By the way that the majority of people have succumbed to the new normal of the covid mantras and gone on along with this slow march to totalitarian hell - It makes me doubt that a significant critical mass of us deserve providence.

That is my doubt. And it upsets me so very much. I feel terrible even thinking it. Terrible about myself for thinking it. And terrible that it might be true. I don’t feel that enough of us are fighting to show we deserve it. That we deserve the love and Salvation. I don’t mean this to sound nihilistic or hateful. Everyone I directly know are lovely beautiful people. But it concerns me that they are all completely oblivious to the reality of what is going on. And are therefore indirectly supportive of the chain of events that leads to the potential mass genocide that the dark side intends.

This is just the ramblings of a moment of doubt.

I could have just said:-
God’s love, salvation and grace; Sometimes, I have doubts that we deserve it. And this vexes me deeply. Why won’t more of them try harder.

Visible said...


Therein lies the problem with PROJECTING our imagined vision upon a future NOT YET PRESENT. All futures are dependent on the visualization and emotional state of the one due to experience it. We MAKE OUR OWN FUTURE by ALLOWING the ineffable to bring it to its best outcome. The possibilities are vast indeed, as is easily seen by observing the fates of everyone you do and do not know. Chuck all that apprehension! One thing for sure, it won't help and it will hinder. Let your Heart and Mind be like The Sun and indiscriminately shine upon one and all at all times. It's a big ask and a Herculean endeavor BUT... it is possible and ever so much more possible when you are not the one doing it but the one permitting it to be done. I assure you this is true, insofar as words can suffice to express it.

tasmith said...

Thanks, Visible! Was beginning to be concerned due to the frequency of your postings over the last 3 months and then dissipating since our Christmas celebration events. I know you mentioned we should expect this, just grateful you are alive and responding. I so appreciate your insight and eagerly seek your thoughts on developments. Fight the Good fight and keep the faith. May God Bless You, and keep you through it all!

Visible said...

As far as I go, which isn't very far, I'm fine; notwithstanding the relentless pounding from the dark side, but that just goes with the territory. If it wasn't then I would be right and encouraged to change the path I am on. The forces of darkness are some of my best evidence that I am headed in the right direction, even if it proves to be right where I am presently sitting.

Thanks for the good thoughts. I'll be back online shortly.

Visible said...


A new Petri Dish is up now=

"We are on the Threshold of Great Change, Externally AND Internally."



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