Saturday, January 9, 2021

"The Full Steam Ahead of a Burn em and Turn em Material World in True Poison Nightshade Flower."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Unusual for me; I find myself in the same state as I was in before we wrote the last posting. I don't usually step out of the same river twice. Yes! Of course, it's all the same river on its way to the ocean which empties the river of itself and into itself. I get the sensation that we are caught up in a time-lapse, fugue state, deja vu. I don't think we liked it then either.

I've no idea how it will play out now. There's nothing unusual about that. I seldom do. What I keep hearing in the back of my head is, “What are you concerned about? It has nothing to do with you.” Did you ever get the feeling, along with all kinds of hard evidence, that there was a great deal more going on with your life than you were being informed of? If that is the case, as I am sure it is with some of you, these are not the times you would choose to finally be informed in. It is where you find yourself, however.

I get well-intentioned warnings from people about how my world might change when the bad guys come to power. The bad guys, like the poor, you ALWAYS have with you and they always appear to be in power the way you get high tide and low tide. There is NEVER a time when God Almighty is not in charge and THERE NEVER WILL BE. So... though I thank you for your cautions, they don't apply to me. I'm just here to talk about God and I will continue to do so until God posts me to another consulate somewhere in his mega multi-galactic empire, of which this less than a pebble planet we are inhabiting is of no great significance.

I don't get it, my friends. You say you believe in God. You agree with me that God is Real, yet... we don't act with the proper assurance in that regard, I don't think. If God is an everlasting presence and the SOURCE of ALL POWER, then what does anything anyone else gets up to matter at all to me? It doesn't. I would rather Humanity suffered less than it does, but I know that Humanity is willful and give them the full steam of a burn em and turn em material world in full poison nightshade flower and they will race and trample upon one another to get to the Gates of Perdition. I have seen this Literally. I am seeing it.

I have mostly lost what little faith I had in Humanity. I've watched the line between Good and Evil get blurred out of recognition and I have watched Humanity follow it like a doomed sheep. Down through the paddocks to The Killing Floor (hmmm, sounds like a line in a country-western song). This latest outrage of The Mask Zombies is too much. I had no idea there were so few of us. I suppose I should have known but I'm always trying to walk on the sunny side of the street, even when it's raining. Still, I do know that The Sun brought the rain and every other weather in its bandwidth into being. This is ONE of the reasons why I know it's going to be okay in the long run; the short term too if you are In the Moment with God.

Not much has changed since I took that LSD half a century ago. I saw it then and I see it now. I would sit on the incline of a hill at some large gathering. There might be music. Surely there was conversation and I would watch Humanity as it was pulled and pushed by the various hungers that clamor at the mind AND... the more you feed them? The bigger they get. People have a holocaust of hunger in their bellies. It consumes everything you throw upon it and then, eventually, it consumes you. To say that 'the world is on fire' is to speak a literal truth but Truth for most people is confined within the bandwidth of the senses and Truth cannot be kept confined.

Perhaps I shouldn't say that; that I have lost what little faith I had in Humanity. I know that the same spark of eternal spirit shines in each of us, under greater or lesser coverings of darkness. Human evolution is made so slow by the circuitous meanderings of the mindset fire to by appetite.

There are certain principles that should be uppermost in the mind. One of them is that the greater the concentration, the greater the heat. The reverse applies as well, and it grows COOLER in the more rarefied atmospheres of Liberation. It explains; “why the Himalayas?” I can well understand the desire to be apart from the common scurrying after shiny objects. I have tried to live that way when fortune permitted. Now I have that delightful privacy which is not private at all. “Tell us, Greta, just why do you want to be alone?” I would have said to the reporter, “It is because of you that I like to be alone.” It's a gift. It's like I can't control it (grin).

You don't have to worry about LIFE. People do and the attention they water their concerns with, causes them to grow into a jungle one cannot see through or around. A person can say the same thing over and over and it's just sounds moving through the air. It's squiggles on a page or a screen. It should be saying something. It is saying something. Why isn't it heard?

Remember the Meher Baba poster that was everywhere once? “Don't worry. Be happy”. Could be that that is all there is to it. You can't enjoy things if you own them because then they own you. That's how God stays liberated and free. He's in it but not of it. Don't get entangled! Don't get ensnared! Let everything ripen and fall. Life has consequences. One should be able to figure that out. There are also areas of existence beyond consequences, beyond Good and Evil. This is the key to being like a child. Their world is not yet colored in with right and wrong. The terrible irony of it all is that we are carrying the answer to every problem we have, or ever will have, with us every moment of every day.

The World is in a very strange place right now. It is in a period of swift transition. There are powerful forces animate within large objects and they are moving toward each other. Contact is certain. The outcome is not. Right now, the forces of darkness are outing themselves in remarkable fashion. Though they are unaware of why they are doing it, it is standard protocol. They cannot be fully aware of why they do what they do or they would not do it. This is something to keep in mind. People whose intention is to deceive you have already deceived themselves and are working at a disadvantage to begin with. All they have in their favor is weakness on your part. People believe what they want to believe and convince themselves that it is true, only to find that it does not even exist. Buddha's words cannot be improved on, “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire.”

The answer is clear as clear can be. Don't want anything except God and everything else will come along in the slipstream. What is intended for you is on the way and anything you might think you want you can dream into being. That is all that we are up to here and you see it all around.

Fear is stalking the country in these times. It is most prominent in the hearts of those who are doing wrong. These times are not your ordinary bio-rhythmic cycles. There are specific times when The Almighty God sticks his oar in. This is one of them. So... whereas it has been taken for granted that those with enough money and power can get away with anything, it is to be proven otherwise. God IS, IN FACT... very real. More real than you or I, and the only thing that makes us real by being resident within us. It is all about God and as soon as you tumble to how real that is, you will be all about God.

I don't know if some BIG surprise is right around the corner or not. What I do know is that the poor facsimiles they have shoehorned into office are going to provide all sorts of tragic amusement. It may not come to pass and then it might and, of course, the one thing for certain is that it won't turn out the way we assume it will.

My prayers are with you and regardless of what may come to pass, near at hand, or far away, God is present and there to be relied on by any who would avail themselves of that presence.

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Frog said...

Thanks yet again Visible.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Ifn we remember we're a spiritual bein' havin' a nose-acious experience, there's no problem with any of this garbage; for it too shall pass. Thank the (demi)gods! Source too, of course. We'll see what life is like in a few weeks. Me thinks there's gonna be Hell to pay for the wrong side of history, very soon. Nostrils up!

Well, of course there's very few if any other members of THOOTS (The Holey Order of the Septum) here, so all else will be havin' a human experience as opposed to a nose-acious experience, but you have been declared an Honourary Nose by the Order. This is a good thang, by the way.

Peaches said...

"The bad guys, like the poor, you ALWAYS have with you and they always appear to be in power the way you get high tide and low tide. There is NEVER a time when God Almighty is not in charge and THERE NEVER WILL BE."

Well said Visible. Thank you again for another wonderful and inspiring column. Prayers to you also, and much love.

the name goes here said...

Living in a science fiction dystopia is wildly entertaining.
Be most thankful for the wisdom vision as the herd stampedes to its doom.
We'll be heading the opposite direction and laughing at the propaganda loudspeaker as it blurts out...we're all in this together comrades, unity über alles.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the column. Appreciated.

Vis: "They cannot be fully aware of why they do what they do or they would not do it."

This segues into an analogy or metaphor which has been coming-up for me. See what you think of it, and I'll explain more at the end:

Once upon a time, there was a young god, who was playing around with life. He/she/it decided it would be fun to submerge a beach ball in his pool. After much play, he found that he could balance upon it. It was fun to keep it underwater, while having to make the quickest adjustments to keep it from squirming out from under him.

Finally, the young god got bored with this balancing act. Being a young god, he gave the job to his loyal dogs. In turn, they had great fun scampering over the ball to keep it submerged.

Inevitably, the dogs also got bored and tired. One at a time, they demanded that cats take-over their balancing act. Finally, there was only a passel of cats swarming over the ball to keep it submerged. Crucially, no cat had been instructed by the young god. It was only a legend. (The young god had long ago moved-on to other playthings...)

In turn, each cat recruited hamsters when bored, each hamster recruited mice when bored, and so on. By this time, there was a mélange of species holding the ball down - although why they were doing this was less and less known.

Finally, desertions began. No one actually on the ball really wanted to hold the ball underwater. With each desertion, the ball became harder to hold underwater, and the effort required by the remainder multiplied. It soon became apparent that the ball was going to become ungovernable, and pop its way up to its natural environment...
Explanations (and then read the above again): The young god was an early High Being with no 'feel' for its effect on lower levels - no built-up compassion. The animals are lower and lower 'grades' of non-corporeal Beings - starting with High Angelic types. And, the beach ball is - ta-da - what humans originally were.

I have the strongest feeling that we were once much Higher; that consciousness-state is our natural heritage. All-God had its own reasons for us collectively being forced much lower in consciousness-level. (Maybe compassion-building.) And now, various higher beings 'tasked' with keeping us in a low-consciousness state are being told - one way or another - to withdraw.

I see a Bright future for humanity...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

This was true in its inception 5000 years ago (onset of Kali yuga) it’s true now and becoming more brutally true with each passing day. The downward spiraling path of nothing but enmity and wars and more wars against both animals and human beings all throughout history. Here we are 5000 years later and it’s gotten so bad one might just as easily add human beings to the same category as the animals because I don’t see but a modicum of nonviolence towards humans either. Rather the opposite. It’s Karma all the way down..

“To be nonviolent to human beings and to be a killer or enemy of the poor animals is Satan’s philosophy.

KnowThanx said...

Dearest friend Visible... thank you for keeping on track : )

I'm boundlessly optimistic that the next few days will see a dramatic reversal of this dire situation...

Guy Reid-Brown said...

It IS living in a SciFi Dystopia.

And the Book of Revelation.

robert said...

Dear Visible,

Your share reveals your humanity facing the Impersonal with humility and honesty.
Easy to go misanthropic at this peak demonstration of willful ignorance.
Trust not placed in human beings, only in the Spirit which animates all life.

"If God is an everlasting presence and the SOURCE of ALL POWER, then what does anything anyone else gets up to matter at all to me?"

Analogy: Statistics are the laws of large numbers. The statistical fallacy is the illogical application of the odds to ANY individual event! Realizing when one is committing this fallacy, this crime against oneself, is not sophistry but a counter to improper thinking.
The herd mentality gains power over the individual by wrongly applying statistical perceptions, invalid statistics, to one's own situation!
Only our direct conscious relationship to our spirit matters to our experience in life. Key: the QUALITY of our conscious relationship. Herd mind follows perception, we follow the One's voice home...

"People whose intention is to deceive you have already deceived themselves and are working at a disadvantage to begin with"

We can take heart from being less self-deceiving, testing our experience constantly against the inner voice of intuition, though quietly it speaks. Carrying less bullshit and not keeping the plates of lies spinning frees us of much mental effort, to focus on integrity and compassion.

Pity the fool who is on the treadmill of Mammon! The truly blind who serve the darkness and try to hold back the ingress of light into the world! Whose pied piper is only a bureaucrat running planet earth school for the One! Having to push an inverted logic to subvert people's perception in a long con coming to an end

"Fear is stalking the country in these times. It is most prominent in the hearts of those who are doing wrong"
Fear is the most contagious virus.
We can be immune to fear like we can be immune to pathogens, by following hygienic practices and maintaining a healthy balance. Clean the mind regularly, guard it from consuming fear-laced input, break all looping thoughts before they spiral down into the subjective land of fear.

By their fear you shall know them!
If their fruit, their actions are poisoned by fear, they are asleep at best or demonically dispossessed at worst.
Group "thinkers" are tuning to the fear station, the spirit of resistance to the light.
Notice the maskers cringe when they see a free person?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this most comforting posting.
I suppose you have noted this on Gab, but it is just too crowded for me to get in right now.
Glad I've had your sites bookmarked for many years.
Thank you for sharing your unique relationship with God.
I can see bits of my own rather childish one in what you write.
I do thank God for every day, and pray for his help.

Ty said...

The only person who covered the capitol riots properly was Syriangirl, in this video here

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Have Faith, Les, Salvation is on it's way- THEY HAVE PELOSI'S LAPTOP!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Guy
They have Hunter’s lap top, They have vast amounts of proof of voter fraud, proof of Russia scam ,Epstein’s log book etc etc etc.
Yet, nothing happens. This is not meant to dash your hopes I wish you were right.
I give up trying to out think GOD LOL. Not a joke I know but I try to do it anyway and it gets me more fear and more frustration
There is a Divine Plan of that I am sure . I just have to trust it. I also have to acknowledge I may no see it unfold in my life time.
More’s the pity as I loath liars and treasonous bastards,
God Bless of all of us who seek Him

BCii said...

Dear Linda and all who doubt that great justice is at hand,

I know your fear, for it has touched me as well in my more clouded, less coherent moments. Yet I have faith.

There are plans and there is the Plan. Those who would conspire for personal gain under the banner of evil and those who are aligned with divine purpose. Those enslaved and divided by fear and those liberated and united in love. You ask which side will prevail in this apocalypse? Will you trust in shifting appearances interpreted by your limited human mind? Or will the inner knowing of your perfect wholeness provide you the only answer you need beyond a shadow of a doubt?

We are here for a reason.

The deceivers are themselves deceived. Based on clues provided by Q and the info sleuthed out by tireless anons, all of which seem to gel into a highly coherent picture, I believe that the dark chess pieces who still remain un-neutralized and un-turned have been lured into a trap. By design, they believe they have won, are winning, and can still win. Their hubris and delusional overconfidence has doomed them.

Even some anons are having doubts, now that appearances seem to indicate that "Chyna" Joe Biden will be sworn in. They are not thinking clearly. They are allowing fear to cloud their judgment. I believe the optics of appearing to have lost the US presidency are necessary to this stage of the plan to cleanse evil from the planet. Trump and the "Alliance" are playing a highly complex and divinely inspired game. All of it is scripted. We are "watching a movie" play out, as Q says. Just as the bad guys have been in league with demonic forces unseen, the good guys have been subtly guided, protected, and inspired by heavenly forces. The great drama nears a climactic moment of brilliant, breathtaking reversal.

We are meant to reclaim our birthright as children of God. This is what this time is all about.

Rejoice! We are not abandoned unto chaos and tyranny. We are being put step by step through a program of soul awakening and ascension, individually and collectively. Surrendered to the Almighty, your human self may play its part with joy and gratitude.

Yes, there are dark moments when it seems like all is lost. In these moments lies the great blessing of humility. When we are brought to our lowest point, we can truly experience that all we can rely upon is the ineffable Divine.

Thank you, Visible, for bringing through your excellent, eloquent, and elegant compositions in the service of God and man. Your work is appreciated more than you can know or imagine. Blessings be upon you and all those who visit you.

Where we go One, we go All. Peace!

Visible said...

BCii; Wow!!! Great sentiments! We are on the same page.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful... !!!

Anonymous said...

Dear BCii
What a beautiful inspiring message. Thank you and of course always thanks to Visible for his endless and tireless work to keep his readers on The Path.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Visible and thank you BCii - we need to remember to stay optimistic! It ain’t over...

Ty said...

Trump pulled funding for ISIS. The men who created ISIS to overthrow Syria (and failed) just overthrew soy boy America, and they are deathly, deathly afraid of "domestic violence".

Anonymous said...

BCii, totally agree!

Anons had our dark night of the soul but are back to holding the line again. All is well. Biden will not be President. He will be arrested with many many others. I’m seeing so many things from so may different sources. Discernment can be difficult these days. Been with Q since day 2 and totally trusting the Plan. Comfy AF. I’m guessing they’ll have to shut down all media and, as Q said, the emergency broadcast system will be used to keep us informed.

We may already be under military control and all this can literally kick off any minute now. The Republic is being restored and I’ve got the popcorn ready to go. Good luck to all of you! Don’t worry, we’ll be fine!

God wins.


Anonymous said...

Ah the silence is deafening

Ty said...

Gordon duff is all pro biden coup, never said a word about the election fraud, now selling Obama's best selling book on his homepage:

Visible said...

Gordon has been suspect for a long time. Tribe Member crypto sort as it were along the disinfo scale like so many of them; Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, that queen with the Greek name and so many others. Righteous folks with integrity are FEW and FAR BETWEEN.

Anonymous said...

Biden administration = >a clusterfuck of identity politics with the snowflake faction being cucked by the radical faction. Meanwhile, that distraction provides cover for the corporate whore pro-China lovefest.

Just my two bit two cents.


Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now=

"Rely on God Almighty, Can Do Street runs Right into the Boulevard of Broken Dreams."

Anonymous said...

Mandocello, that's pretty short and sweet, clear and concise.
A Leftist neurotic-psychotic collective, aided and abetted by a M$M fifth column of presstitutes and corporate pimps(cia).



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