Wednesday, September 28, 2022

"A Bigger Problem is The Distractions The Mind is Err to... in The Attractions That Dance Before It Going Nowhere."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Wasn't something supposed to happen on the the 24th or some date close to that? Was it the 27th? I wasn't paying a great deal of attention, AND... nothing happened (yet). Nordstream got hammered by the Zio-American Banker Cabal. A hurricane is going to hit Florida. More and more people at every level of society are losing their minds. Well... mind you... this is standard fare for Times of Material Darkness. As Materialism intensifies, Insanity goes exponential. Ever greater materialism... ever greater insanity.

You can see it happening near and far. To put it in street talk, one would say... “people are losing their shit.” We are very much in the days of a Neo-Weimar Republic. It's the same people doing it again. Like the scorpion on the frog; it's their nature. They can't help it.

One thing The Banker Satanists do not want to see... is Russia and Germany having a friendship. It could lead to all kinds of things like... no more NATO (AKA ZATO), no more marketplace for American weaponry, no more INFLUENCE... no more skimming the cream, with the intent of stealing the milk entire. So... they blew up several pipelines and... they're in a Ukraine-state-of-mind.

As soon as Russia has the paperwork done, concerning the several provinces in The Ukraine being absorbed into Greater Russia, Russia will declare war, and the end will come quick.

The end will come quicker than you might think. They will hyper-annihilate the Kiev seat of power, and... likely vaporize Zelensky. Maybe he could come back as a hybrid piano that plays itself. A player piano kind of thing. Some freaky... centaur-like... Ebony and Ivory Onanic keyboard of dancing black and white penises, with AI. We are entering a time of rapid change and worldwide populist uprisings. This is when you see Humanity at its best... and its worse.

In the ancient texts... you see it stated by the eternal spokes-gods; “I will make The Evil even more evil. I will harden their hearts. I will power The Good and make them steadfast.” It's in the scripture of both East and West. That IS NOT verbatim. It is as I remember it expressed in my own thought. HOWEVER... it DOES NOT conflict with the message in the original. Most of the originals have been folded, spindled, and mutilated almost beyond recognition, BUT... The Source Water flows everlasting from The Secret Springs of God.

When you are in contact with the secret springs, the power of Revelation makes scripture come alive. Without this, you won't be getting much anyway.

For Western Tradition, the holy book is written in Gematria; the interchanging of letters and numbers to manifest interplays of meaning. The historical revisionists attribute the origins to Jewish sources, BUT... these were taken... these were appropriated from The Chaldeans and The Egyptians... that whole Indus Valley thing, AND... all of that... likely... originated in India.

I studied in the areas of Hermetic Science, the arcane, and the occult for more than 50 years in this visit, and probably much more in other lives. I found I didn't have much use for Kabbalah-Gematria, Byzantine... labyrinthine winding... endless complexities... yadda yadda. That's The Devil's Workshop anyway, and it takes a supernatural soul to navigate those waters.

Ancient truths are transmitted more in pictograms than in verbal acrobatics... and fanciful terminology. That explains my love affair with Tarot, which was recreated in Fez Morocco in the 12th- 13th Century time frame. It then gravitated to a royal court and went on from there. It's simpler for me to just deal in pictures. I have processed an ENORMOUS amount of information on my way to understanding that it was all a distraction from The Main Event.

I don't care what you think you've learned or what an expert you are. (snicker) You mostly don't know shit unless you know that Love is ALL you need, AND... Love brings a proper understanding of all of that other weighty information and makes it light as air.

Look at the great saints and remarkable teachers inspired by God. Some of them were so simple they could not read or write. Some were considered mad in their time. It's no easy road fronting for God, when all the experts put their witch-burner suits on. Yep... when the religious big-trough feeders get word of you doing... what they have to employ massive subterfuge... to APPEAR to accomplish with smoke and mirrors, and deals with demons... it puts their noses out of joint. They become very unhappy with you. FORTUNATELY... they worked for the biggest player of them all.

Tarot is a simple affair IF... you approach it with the right attitude. The mysteries concealed in the symbols are guarded by heavyweights. They see you coming from a long way off. They ARE NOT for fortune telling. This was their disguise, and given to the Gypsies, to have the mysteries carried far and wide, where they might be discovered by those meant to do so, in... Times... of... Material... Darkness.

A simple five-minute meditation on the images will EVENTUALLY ping off of the archetypes buried in The Subconscious Mind, and cause a resonance to occur between your Separated Mind, AND... The One Mind. Then... you... are... changed. Gradually... every body you have on every plane of being is changed... refined... made more light-filled. You are lifted up out of your own darkness and into the conscious light of God.

This same state can be accomplished from all manner of other tributaries that lead to The Cosmic Ocean of Everlastingness.

This Light of God is like a radio frequency. It is broadcasting at all times. You have to be attuned to it to hear it. Once you can hear it... even intermittently... at first... you are on your way. All you have to do is think about God, and... chop wood... and carry water. When you think about God. When you direct your thoughts to God, it opens and activates a channel. You have to stick at it. Dabblers and dilettantes will get nothing, and be convinced there is nothing to find. This will make them especially angry when you find it... heh heh.

A whole lot of noise and confusion are about to hit the stage. Big change always generates this condition when coming into operation. It's going to look grim and threatening, BUT... that is designed for those in fear. Some of whom have reason to fear. Every opportunity for change is being given to the rebellious and intransigent. Kalifornia keeps right on pumping air into its head and it still hasn't exploded. This is the patience and compassion of God at work. Humanity is getting enormous amounts of rope. Sooner or later comes sooner or later.

Meanwhile... all over The World... people have had it with the filth and ugly perversities seeking to be normalized. Revolution is at hand, and the jackboots are beating on their shields. Revolution often catches the revolutionary by surprise. Look at Robespierre and Danton... Trotsky... and sundry. It is The Club of The Hoisted Petard. This time it's going to be truly epic.

We are not looking only at cultural and social change this time. We are looking at spiritual change as well. New facilities of The Heart and The Mind are going to be awakened in The Mass Heart and Mind. A new wave of consciousness is going to sweep the planet, out with the old and in with the new. It's happened plenty of times before, BUT... not on this scale.

I mentioned The Tarot because it plays into The Book of Nature that Hides in Plain Sight. It comes back to that “must become as a little child” thing. This child-mind sees things in pictures... images... symbols and the like.

You have LITERALLY a citadel of sanctuary in your heart. You have a panic room in your mind. You have everything you have ever needed with you already. Locating it seems to be the problem. A bigger problem is all the distractions the mind is err to, in the attractions that dance before it going nowhere. The Dog is chasing his tail. The Snake is swallowing his tail, and... we are telling ours.

There is a story playing out endlessly in all of the dramas and challenges that life brings before the wider attention of The Hive Mind. There is one path to walk that leads to salvation and everlasting life, and... there are endless logging roads and mountain passes that lead to blind canyons and wide, unpassable gulfs. It's the mind chasing itself. It is The Monkey Mind making shit up to pass the time and distract from an inevitability that is inevitable.

There is no road that goes anywhere worth getting to, except The Royal Highway that leads to The Kingdom of God. People refuse to see or believe this, yet... every life proves it out to their dismay, over, and over, and over, and over again. It's right there to be seen in front of you, and all around you. There... is... a... better... (and more lasting) world... within... you.

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Friday, September 23, 2022

"Sorbet at a French Restaurant; Let Us Move on to Greener Meadows of Promise in Hoped for Tomorrows Realized."

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All of the madness of sexual perversity comes out of the Obama Gay Marriage Act (or whatever it's called). Everything you are seeing or hearing about is piggy-backed on this, including the MANUFACTURED transgender-hysteria nonsense. It gave liberty to license. It opened the Gates of Hell, and... one can see this in living color, wherever such kindred spirits meet and celebrate their inclusivity, AND... the celebration of... ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

If it's dark and dank... and is trailed by creatures of nightmare and incurable STDs, it's one of the progenies of The Dark Side of Human Nature, birthed daily into ever more dreadful forms. It's the night-feeding of ghouls made into puppets for Sesame Street. The intention of a twisted sexuality as... the... norm... is the eradication of all that is normal, and the certitude that SCIENCE will make anything possible in their laboratories, AND... there will be no further need for heterosexuality. They will grow themselves in a vat, like in the below-ground foundries of Isengard.

The freaks will make their own Frankensteinian woman out of themselves. There will no longer be any need for woman as we formerly understood the term. Their lab-born monsters will do nothing but abort as a celebration of life itself through the ritual ending of life. If you cannot see that this is the intent of the TRANS-humanists then you are very... very... very stupid OR working to make it happen; possibly both.

History shows that this sort of nonsense will not prevail. It appears every time a culture is in decline. Once they have destroyed that culture they will have destroyed themselves as well. It is a sad testimony to a social experiment that made America something wonderful, now and again. America is drunk... stoned... overweight and sick. The rats and roaches have made themselves at home. The infrastructure is maintained with no kind of faith so... it crumbles about the wretched refuse that has now become exactly that.

The World before The Awakening is a collaboration of separated minds; ill-fitted... contrary... AND... bent out of shape. There is a unity though. There is an underlying commonality, and that is The Collective Subconscious. I've heard the term; Collective Unconscious. That doesn't even make sense BECAUSE... we can contact the subconscious. We can interact with it. We can draw its wonders forth like a bucket draws water from a well.

What can we do with a Collective Unconscious? Build California... again? Create a universal teacher's union... like the Tribe-driven one we have? Turn Middle-Earth into a Jeff Bezos stool sample that is sold with the popcorn and obesity drinks?

When the sexual nature is twisted, instead of beautiful children filled with promise and hope, we get foul creations born to celebrate the evil transmitted through their corrupted genes. It is a dance of Halloween freaks, cavorting over the bodies that were killed on the dance floor or had a vaxident. An awesome trembling... great wind and a mighty sea... WILL wash this planet clean. There will be places amidst the transformation that will survive, and a new culture and a new world will be born into being.

I have no details, only the broad strokes of a magic marker on the mindscreen; something like a windshield wiper that leaves hieroglyphics in the wave of each sweep. I can feel the change as it happens in response to my nature and perspective. There are many other perspectives and... each... of... them will encounter the same thing differently. This is how Cosmic Justice is dispensed. It is integrally written into the fabric of one's being, AND its righteous mirror reflects the truth back to whatever there is that stands before it.

They have tied their sexual practices into an enforced mainstream acceptance, underwritten by laws interpreted by our culture's greatest whores... the lawyers. I remember what Shakespeare had to say about them.

We are compelled to believe, en masse, that what is said in The Media is what has happened, when it happened, where it happened. A certain portion of the public is sleeping and easily led. They took the killer vaccines. They brag about it. They look down on those who did not take the... killer... vaccines. Now they are dropping dead, if they are athletic or... dying in slower fashion if they are sedentary. The killer vaccines attack The Immune System. Add in the bad food for the body, the bad food for The Mind, and the nutrition-free food for The Heart, AND... well, you see what I mean.

Digression... Stevie Winwood has ALWAYS been one of my favorite songwriters. I am not surprised to see this.

I insert this in order to cleanse the mind's palate, like sorbet at a French restaurant. Now... let us move on to greener meadows of promise in hoped for tomorrows.

Fundamentally, at the core of my being, I... DON'T... KNOW. That is a given I never expect to see change. HOWEVER... there is this voice within me, the voice of The Soul... The Voice of God... The Voice of The Step-down Transformer Angel who oversees my life entire. Call it what you will, that... voice... is... there, AND... that voice KNOWS. It knows ALL. When I need to know something, The Voice tells me. I need nothing more.

This voice is assuring in such a way as to radically defy what I see in The World afar from me. This voice is Certitude itself. It tells me wonderful things for which there is little evidence to be seen in the cities of The World. It fills me with the unshakable conviction that something... good... is... coming... soon. It annihilates fear. It sends doubt packing. It is like The Sun itself that is speaking, and... it... might... well... be. It is SURELY an angel of The Sun.

Given that The Sun speaks through all of its angels... it could well be The Voice of The Sun, ringing like crystal wind-chime chandeliers in the sun-lit expanse of The Mind. It is the tinkling bells of elvish songs raised in devotion to The Sun. It is everything The Sun is... like a smile wide enough to eclipse anything that can be seen. It is confident beyond measure. It is, by definition, a sunny persona, AND it is an integral part of me. It is at my core, and... I want for nothing more.

With this voice, I can learn anything that can be learned because it is the repository of ALL wisdom and knowledge. It is Divine Luminous Wisdom itself. I am living proof to myself of the existence of God, and I see God's handiwork wherever my eyes may rest. If it seems ill-made or incomplete, I KNOW God had seen this before me, AND... is... on his own time and terms... doing something about it.

One of Love's true magics is to be able to see what should be present in what is present. Love being the source of all life, as is manifestly embodied in The Sun, WILL bring forth what The Mind of God sees through The Eye of The Eagle, raised out of the poisoned antipathy of The Scorpion. It is the transformation of The Separated Mind into The One Mind.

This is accomplished when The Reactive Mind is stilled. It is... I know, my friends, an Augean Labor, BUT... “success is speedy for the energetic.” Once one is wholly, and... without reservation committed to it, IT... WILL... BE... DONE.

Let The Heart, in The Temple of Reason in The One Mind, give voice to all the architecture of God as it rises into view within the delivered heart and mind. The Heart and Mind are meant to be a team. If they are at cross-purposes it is a tormented stalemate. Loving God... singly and exclusively free of all else, WILL bring The Heart and Mind into accord. It brings one to see God in everything. It disarms Evil. Angels walk before it and put The Darkness to flight.

When you become as a little child, Heaven will fight your battles. I am not speaking of a childish and selfish nature. I am talking about a state of being that is the passport to The Kingdom of Heaven that it bears within.

The Voice of The Indwelling has brought tears to my eyes again and again with the sublime beauty and poetry of its speech. There is no question of who is speaking. Yes... there is Evil in The World; even if it is only the appearance of it. It DOES NOT come around where The Light of God is present. If... it... does... it is for The Purpose of The Demonstration for which it has been summoned.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

"The Pressure in The Earth is Being Intensified by The Tension and Pressure in The Collective Subconscious."

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Despite all their best efforts, Germany remains in the cross-hairs of The Deep State, AKA... The Dark State, AKA Infernos Incarnate. Once there was a military alliance called NATO. The intention was to protect Western Europe. Then it became ZATO because The Bankers set policy, and The Bankers start the wars. Now... the remarkably corrupt US establishment is throwing Germany to the wolves, and along with Germany... the rest of Western Europe.

Only one group of people can facilitate the destruction of every country they compromise inwardly... and then outwardly. It is all done by controlling the money supply, and that is Job One of The Usual Suspects. This is what Amschel Rothschild said; “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who establishes its laws.″ Then his wife said, "If my sons did not want wars, there would be none." Do I really need to connect the dots in a crooked line? By... way... of... deception.

Of course... what seems to be, AND... some of which we have explored... and discovered to be other than what it seems... tells us that we live in a world of deception. Some collectives prey upon The Hive Mind by compromising them with their appetites and fear. Those who fill the shelves in the marketplaces of The World tell you what they want you to hear. There is seldom any truth in it.

Some have been getting away with crimes against Humanity for a long time now, AND... a long coming... wave of change... now approaches the shores of manifestation. Some are going to find themselves deeply discomfited. Some will experience unexpected good fortune when the attention of those preying on them is distracted by troubles of their own.

I do not call for these changes, and I do not oppose these changes. I observe them. I observe that a time of earthquakes may be coming. The rumbles are becoming more insistent. The pressure in the Earth is being intensified by the tension and pressure in The Collective Subconscious, WHICH IS CONNECTED TO, and A PART OF Lady Nature. Climate is very much affected by our collective state of mind, AND Heaven uses this instrument to inspire it to act in concert for... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration.

I lived in Europe (principally Germany) for 15 years... a short while ago. I met many interesting people. I was able to inhale the atmospheres of the various cultures. I did not fit in well there. There is a depressive state of mind that is widespread in Europe; less so in Italy where I did fit in. It was my nature to sing to myself most of the time when walking down the street or in the supermarkets. I did it without thinking... it is my nature. It did not always go well with the chiaroscuro mindset.

I thought it would be so different. I did not fit in well and things often did not go well for me in terms of maintaining myself. I did not have that problem before I went there and I do not have it now, BUT... we must all endure what is appointed for us... so that we might be free of them. Sometimes this happens to entire countries and larger areas.

I have good friends still from when I was there BUT I seldom hear from them. It is the nature of the times.

Most of the time, our lives are a demonstration of what happens to us for being what we think ourselves to be. Either we are experiencing now, the fallout from earlier times, OR... we are packing the car for our journey there. I see... what it looks like... is coming. I can only pray and remain in the absolute certitude that God has it all in hand. In some few cases, that is because we have turned our lives over to him... so that he can handle the details of our passage. In all other cases, he arranges the circumstances that make clear to us that, we... REALLY SHOULD... let... him/her/it... handle... all... of... The... Details.

Some of us are real... hard... cases, and it takes the endless rain of Heaven... upon the rocks of our resistance... to wear away the denial and original deceit. Now... most people identify (but do not understand) this thing called Original Sin. I call it Original Deceit.

Sooner or later, we will stop lying to ourselves, and... by... extension... to others, AND... we will come to the foothills of The Promised Land. It does not matter how deeply hidden it may be in the far canyons below the peaks of the mountain chain. We will find it by The Reflected Light.

In all places of darkness, we possess a miner's light, if... we only knew how to switch it on. Once again, that is in The Details, and who is it that takes care of them?

We've heard it said that “The Devil is in The Details,” and so is God. It really depends on what your Intention is... who it is... that you invoke. This is a critical matter for consideration, BUT... so many people evade recognition of it BECAUSE... it gets... in... the... way... of... their... self-interest, and it conflicts with the original deceit they continue to inflict upon themselves, and... by extension... on others.

Materialism is at the core of a great many of our woes. It perverts our sexual nature, AND... by forced indoctrination and early programming, it legitimizes them in The Hive Mind... pressing the borders of the acceptable ever further and further out. We've also heard it said that “that way lies madness.” I would concur with that. Observe what happens when Humanity is densely packed. Observe what happens when Humanity lives in more natural surroundings.

I feel for the people of Germany. They are among the most honest and industrious people on Earth. It's how they keep turning into a powerhouse of success, regardless of what Banker Wars have inflicted upon them. These same banker cabals are presently attempting to set The World aflame via Ukraine. The Deep State is everywhere these days, AND... headed for The Land of Deep Shit. When you invoke the whirlwind, you WILL reap the whirlwind.

The Climate Change hysteria that is being whipped up in The Hive Mind directly reflects the climate. We all carry an atmosphere with us as we go. Concentrations of similar atmospheres create Weather. Some places are high energy and the sidewalks sweep you up and down. Some places are low energy, AND... all the variants conspire to create The World we think we know, and... which... is... a... projection... of... our... minds.

The Sanctuary is an internal construction. The Soul is resident there, AND... it shines with The Light of the Spirit that it contains. The Spirit INFORMS The Soul, which informs downward. If the areas below are closed off, what is The Soul to do? This is what Materialism does to the human heart and mind. If you open your channels, the healing light of God will enter in, and wash the darkness away. We are only in darkness by holding on to darkness.

Babylon is a virus in Humanity that is facilitated by the creation of a welcoming environment. You know that certain maladies and other ills are nurtured by the right locations. We have created these locations in the cities, AND also in our minds through The Internet of Thoughts. I used to know of all sorts of places where I THOUGHT it would be a safe harbor. I now know of no such exterior place, and I have observed with dismay... as unfortunate conditions come about... in or near all of these places.

What I begin to suspect more and more strongly with every passing day, is that we are generators of the atmosphere we reside in, AND... through prayer and spiritual disciplines, we can radiate that atmosphere at an ever wider, and wider reach. After a time we can become like a dynamo that constantly projects this vibrational environment, and... maintains it.

I've been told that certain light-workers, unseen but present, are going to be empowered to act as transmitting stations for The Qualities of God... and that they will transmute all negativity... all apprehension and fear into a certainty of love, resident in secreted niches of The Hive Mind. They will radiate and dispel. They will be border wardens, and Rangers, like The Dunedain.

We really do live in a permutation of Middle-Earth. You have to choose your battles, BUT... you will never go astray by gaining command of yourself first, and may then... find... that there is no battle remaining for you to fight.

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Thursday, September 15, 2022

"She is Not Old at All in Appearance. She is as Young as Forever and Becoming More Beautiful with Passing Time."

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I haven't been by these sites more than a small handful of times, and always through a link from somewhere else, BUT... yesterday, I went by the websites of Vice, Vulture, and The Daily Beast; dear God!!! Madness arrives on the unsuspecting in baby steps to begin with, and then... by leaps and bounds. The foul substances found at these sites shows clearly the intentions of those who created it, and... are presently losing it.

In recent times, I have gone by Huffington Post...Slate... Salon... Rolling Stone... CNN and The Washington Post. For a long time, I have avoided these sinkholes of lies and sleaze, BUT... I go where I am directed... WHEN I AM DIRECTED, and... for a time, I am meant to see the advertisements for what is to come, but not in the way intended by those spinning their false narratives to the sleeping classes.

I am truly fortunate in what I am allowed to see... as well as the firm knowledge that The Divine is in command of all things. Sometimes I don't care for what I see but... dispassion and detachment are art forms. They take extended applications of restraint and intention. It's like playing the piano, but... with a great many more keys. Think of it as something like the Midmer-Losh Pipe Organ. It's also a case of not playing, as opposed to playing. There are just so VERY many situations to restrain yourself from acting in.

I know... I am supposed to see the highest in everyone and I do strive for this. At the same time my critical intuitive sense of others, AND myself... tells me not to close my eyes and fall asleep in some dangerous new mind trap of what I don't know anything about. I should strive to see the best in everyone, however, at... my... stage... of... The... Game this is not always possible for me.

I aspire to be divinely impersonal. It is a work in progress.

The laughable insanity of Pakistan being flooded across the country is best illustrated in this little vignette. Some Chief Justice from that country set up a Crowdfunding account to build this massive dam that was going to fix all of Pakistan's water problems. They raised 40 billion dollars. It turned out that they also spent over 60 billion promoting the effort.

Then... as per usual, other complications surfaced and the dam has not got built because they... still... need... another 13 billion dollars. Then the Chief Justice said something to the effect of, “Well... we weren't going to build the dam anyway. We just wanted to see what the interest level was.” BWAHAHAHAH!

I can see someone from the intelligent sector of the Pakistan mindset saying; “What! Are we now the new Poles? We didn't lose any tall ships because we don't have a seacoast?”

Wow. That might have been impolite on my part. I hope no one from the Department of Cancel Culture sees this... let me ask you... because you look a tad concussed; how... many... fingers... am... I... holding... up? You know this one? Never mind.

It is becoming more and more clear that corporation heads... politicians... heads of entertainment and crass media... bankers and financiers... all areas with massive public influence are being given their marching orders from some secretive source; NOTHING... ELSE... MAKES... SENSE. Why would Trannyland be the new Disneyland? Where is this endangered feces thing coming from?

Over a very short reach of few years there comes this Trans-humanist, Frankenstein monster. It eats children and the unwary, and if you get in the way... the protective detail stands up. In Scotland, they arrest you on the slightest pretext for thought crimes against LGBTQ (and affiliates) Zipperheads.

It's getting hotter and hotter, and ever more and more tense. Every day, you see videos of street battles fought by those believing they should have the entitlement they resent in everyone else. You see violent displays of rage directed at the known and the unknown. If these times had a face, it would look like Smallpox and Acne had a steel cage match in The Octagon.

Kanye is about to implode. He's going to have company.

Consider, if you will, that all of this is being manipulated by those with a particular end in mind who... are also being manipulated inside their own minds by a power they cannot guess at for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

As one who has had a lifetime love affair with food preparation... right now, it is at that stage of simmer just before the boiling state engages. C-o-i-n-c-i-d-e-n-t-a-l-l-y, The American Midterms approach. More marbles are on the table than at any time before this. More stands to be lost, and gained... by interested parties. If it goes one way, a whole lot of people are going to jail. If it goes the other way, it's the same thing, only worse... because the worst of us came out on top.

Once again... I have limitations in exposition here. This is when the Dogs of Discontent begin to howl about statements I have not made, and things I... did... not... say. It's of no great matter. When they are unable to come at you on the merits, they... fabricate. I am in awe, sometimes, at the sheer reach of the fantasy projections I encounter... now and again. It is then that I am swept up by a kind of glee that I am not among them. Then... I am instantly informed that I am among them, but simply quiescent when they are not. There... but... for... fortune...

Apparently... The Chinese have loosed thousands upon the internet to employ Sinicization upon those speaking of God. The hits just keep on a coming.

Yesterday I saw a video of James Taylor playing at some event in France, half a dozen or so years ago. It's mostly been scrubbed from the internet, but... I found a copy. You know what? I'm going to break with recent tradition and put it in the post.

Here you have a world-famous songwriter, shilling for... probably some bogus climate thing, and... heh heh... heh heh... the mic slowly bends down and away from Taylor, who had to contort more and more toward it to be heard. This goes on for a bit... until one of Kerry's attendants steps forward to hold another mic off to the side.

This was... somehow... meant to happen. I've nowhere near the public performances of James Taylor, but I know quite well what to do in a situation like that.

There was no one there who knew what to do. These people are going to fix natural global warming? No... they are not going to fix that or much of anything else. Why was this allowed to continue? They must have had sound people around. It's Mr. Apocalypse. All these situations and conditions that I have brought up in recent times, and probably before that too, are the fruit of the genius of Mr. Apocalypse.

Think of some ancient woman sitting at a loom. She has been sitting there for countless aeons. Why... she is not old at all in appearance. She is as young as forever and becoming more beautiful with time, as our eyes... slowly progress to newer states of perception, in order to see how truly beautiful she is.

She is spinning out a carpet with all of human experience woven into it. Whispering in her ear is Mr. Apocalypse, and she twists and turns like a dancer sitting down, and in love with the motion of her never-ending creations, interacting in the weave. It's... all... headed... somewhere.

Everything you see, hear... and experience is TAILORED to the necessaries of your awakening. If you do not adjust, YOU... WILL... BE... ADJUSTED. Those who refuse to hear... will be compelled to feel. Everyone is presently acting out in response to the apocalypse coming upon them. Some... as the videos show, are doing it badly. Some are unable to survive the experience. Some are determined that others will not survive the experience.

John wants what Jack has. Jack wants Jill. Jill is with Sam. Sometimes they all get together to conspire and take what some other people have. Either way, they are never happy for very long. Suffering IS NOT A FIXED RESULT. Suffering REQUIRES your cooperation to bring it about. Remember what can happen to those who try to save someone who is drowning? There is a way that you must approach this so that you don't both go down.

You do what you can. You do not do what you cannot do because... the outcome will not be good. HOWEVER... this does not stop most people in Times of Material Darkness. Sometimes it is equal parts of trying to get something... AND get away from it. I think of it like the mating dance of a black widow spider. Life in certain aspects is much like that. Some learn and some do not. This is going to become more and more clear with passing time.

God is real. Everything else is a case of mistaken identity.

♫ People can be so cold
They'll hurt you
And desert you
they'll take your soul
If you let them
Ah... but don't you let them ♫

You just call out God's name, and... you know? Wherever you are... God will come running, to help you again. It's... what... God... does.

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Monday, September 12, 2022

"Well... Questions are The Nature of The Quest, Eh? Who are You Asking, and... What is It that You Want to Know?"

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I remember once asking Guru Bawa what I could do... cause The World will not leave me alone. His reply was... that the problem was... “you do not leave The World alone.” I didn't get it at the time. The recurring misfortunes in this life are all the things I... did... not... get... at... the... time. I get most of them now. My ability to see has increased in direct relation to my lack of attraction to all the things that formerly got my attention.

And I am learning what is none... of... my... business.

The weirdest factor in the whole affair was that I usually did not want what I was attracted to in the first place. It just happened, as if I was supposed to go through all the things I went through for some kind of example of... what happens when you push this button?

Fairly recently, I was told that all that nonsense was over. I had completed or... would complete everything I was meant to complete because nothing could stop it now, (it is on automatic pilot) so... it was now okay for me to know that because a major part of the whole process was based on my not knowing up... to... that... point. Gee... thanks. Actually... I am very grateful. The buzzing swarm of confusion has left my ears, and I can now... clearly see that all the deception and delusion was due to... wanting.

And involving myself in what is none... of... my... business.

When you don't want anything anymore... whoa... it changes EVERYTHING. One of the most important conditions that are changed is that you... no... longer... get... in... other... people's... way. You are no longer contending or competing with everyone else. By increments you will fade away as if you had never been, and... the doors of The Sanctuary will close behind you.

More and more, I realize that almost nothing is any of my business. FINALLY... I get it. I had been identified by the nature of my meddling, and contempt for contemporary protocols. The World will change... and change again... and change again... and again... with the inflexible routine of the seasons. Good times... bad times... they come... and they go. Whoop de Do!!!

Heh heh... I reflect on the lives of the celebrities of the hour. Then I think about the celebrities from a hundred years ago. Most of them no one remembers, and the ones that are remembered are brought up for the sake of comparison. In this life, they are playing musical chairs without shoulder pads. They devour one another while they live. Their smiles are the come hither of the spider whose parlor is its web. I do not know what a spider's pronouns are, and I could care less. It is none... of... my... business. The spider is none... of.... my... business.

Given the nature of the demographic and the emergent ranks of anonymous trolls... on occasion, I get a tedious litany of objections for... talking about God in the first place... discussing God because God is singular and everything else is a plurality in the duality... because it's not Christian dogma; according to the times the dogma has been tailored to... is never exactly what the complainant would have said if the complainant had been capable of speaking to the subject; which the complainant... is... not... and... is not gay enough. (grin)

Ad hominins are the punctuation they use, and... the truth is... they're just angry, and... afraid. The Dark Conning Towers are broadcasting rage and fear every day. They are broadcasting profane attractions. They are pinging off of the collective libido... to titillate, and incite shame-based encounters, so that they can manipulate the guilt. Anonymity gives courage to cowards who can then posture their defects at will. They know who they are and they have decided to lay it off on you. Les Visible is my legal name. It has been my name for near 40 years.

Now... to some of The Particulars. Servants of God teach through the medium of duality or... they would say nothing, like Meher Baba; who still used an alphabet board, and then moved on to signs and gestures. All of this STILL operates... through... the... senses. We are limited here. Some of us do the best we can. It is not about duality but about the silent unity of thought stilled; the quieting of The Reactive Mind.

The important feature of what is communicated from the heart of God, by those who facilitate its silent conversation... happens off camera... happens beyond the confusion of reactive and responsive thoughts and feelings... happens outside the bandwidth of the senses, BUT... you still get the speaking discourses... the hugs or handshakes... the Eye Treatment... the adaptive and adapting systems that process... through... duality, and... all those dudes in robes.

Yes... there is ONLY God in everything, and everything is a front... vehicle... or transmitting medium for God, INCLUDING the deceivers who seduce you through the attractions of The Carnal Mind, if... that... is... your... area... of... interest, BUT... where would the drama come from if there were only one thing, and whatever the ruminations of that thing might be in its solitary mind? You could say... God is lonely and desires playmates and companions. You could say that God wants spectacle... and the recurrent and eternal mystery solved by self-discovery, and... resolved in the realization of God in any separated mind where it occurs, and... then... the... separation... ends.

I don't care how you explain it to yourself. I am ONLY concerned with The Fact that God exists... that God is real. I talk about God because that... is... my... job. God empowered me with the ability to do so... at length... extemporaneous without pause... on every given Sunday and all the rest of the days of the week. The tap is ALWAYS on, and that is my dharma. Each of us has a dharma, and this you must find by seeking it out. Angels are on standby for all matters having to do with The Kingdom of God, and... bringing... The... Kingdom... of... God... to... Earth.

If it REALLY is your intention to meet God, YOU WILL. If this is a daydream... pipe fantasy... lost weekend... sort of thing, you won't last the course. It won't mean enough to you, and those who are too lazy to do the work (even though it is God doing all that)... all the slugabugs and Sons of Onan, all the mocking self-righteous, and attendant lovers of misery and failure, will... receive... the... appropriate... award... for what they gave their time to.

The ONLY life that can be considered a success is the life given to the pursuit of The Divine. All other lives are failed lives. You may not want to hear it. It might terrify you to contemplate it, BUT... it... is... what... it... is. Time will tell and we shall see; won't we? It will and we will; won't it... won't we? Every other life costs a specific amount to experience, and then... there are tagged-on all of the fruits of the actions you engaged in while living it. You may not like it. It might terrify you, BUT... it... is... so.

This is how you get to meet all the people you stepped on and abused... on your way up, also... on... your... way... back... down, like clockwork. This is the perfect justice of life, and this is the poetry of life responding to your every thought, word... and... deed. You make it up as you go, and prosper or... do not prosper as the occasion requires.

God gives us skills and the opportunity to exercise them. If we do... we gain yet more skills and greater opportunities. This... is... how... it... works. You don't like it? You wish it was different? You want this? You want that? It's none... of... my... business. God is my business... because I made God my business, and God; through the medium of The Divine Mother, responds in kind. Life and death? Go see The Divine Mother. Everything in between? Go see The Divine Mother. God is the utter and absolute stillness. He is The Creator... The Maintainer... and The Destroyer, AND his vehicle for delivery is The Divine Mother, as well as the stage set, and all the active power of all expression is... (drum roll) The Divine Mother.

He is still. She is whirling energy in transformation.

Oh... you have questions. Well... questions are the nature of the quest, eh? Who is it that you are asking, and... what is it that you want to know? I recommend Faith... Certitude... and Determination. It's a long road folks. For some, it is a REALLY long road. Whining and complaining... striking out blindly in all directions... relentlessly arguing, while not even knowing what you are talking about... makes that long road so... very... much... longer. It is the spiritual equivalent of waiting at The DMV or most government offices, which stay in business through obfuscation and red tape. Italy is a remarkable example of this.

The World is not my business, and I do not wish to compromise what is my business with what is not my business. Minding your own business is a spiritual protection of priceless value. I shall attend to that which concerns me. I wish you success in your own pursuits. ALL roads lead to God in some fashion. All roads are not recommended courses. You will SURELY find this out in the process. Go direct or don't go at all.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

"Other Times There are Packs of Velociraptors Looking to Have a Picnic but... They Didn't Bring a Picnic Basket."

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I was standing in the kitchen when I felt this wave wash over me. It was very subtle, BUT... it was powerful, and I got the sense that it was just the first of many waves coming that were going to change The World regardless of any resistance to them. This was a conscious wave. I don't remember experiencing anything like this before. I've been told to expect it for a long time now, BUT... when something doesn't happen in an anticipated time frame... one tends to forget.

It could be that this has been going on since time began, but... then it was followed by this graphic-comic portrayal of the following, flowing through my mind in pictures=

Imagine that The Avatar jumped out of the sky and landed in the ocean and concentric waves pulsed out of that landing, traveling outward to encompass the span of the sea and everything it connects to, one following the other at distances in time; short distances in time, and... having a hint of color and sound, carried upon their bandwidth... by something felt without the need for thinking. In each wave is a perceptible, irresistible change of perspective, across the landscape of the human mind at large. (perhaps he is coming from within this time?)

Anyway... that is how it hit me. You know that feeling... that sense you sometimes get of a rightness in your thinking... as if some higher authority came in and hit it with a rubber stamp that says, “approved”? It was like that. It was like one of those intuitive pings that reaches to Heaven and then returns to you enveloped in a kind of resonating certitude. “Yes! Yes! This is proof that God is real!” You... my friends... are proof that God is real. You need no more a defining truth than that.

When beggars are wishes then poverty is a state of mind. I like to think things back to their points of origin. I like to step outside of my perspective, and walk several yards north or south. It is amazing how that can change the appearance of what you are looking at. ALSO... what is often missed... is that where you are coming from can change the way you see anything.

To be in such a state that only God makes an impression on you. To be like water when you pull your hand out of it. To be fluid where it really counts and not when it leads to terminal whirlpools of disturbed thought, endlessly repeating on themselves. These are positions that provide perspective... timeless perspective... eternal perspective; beyond the murky dreams of mortals scrabbling in the darkness for meaning that only The Light can provide. There is no meaning in the darkness. Brutishness is the fruit of ignorance, and stupidity is ignorance in action.

I don't know where this is coming from either so... bear with me.

It is one of life's enduring ironies that you get caught in a web of your own making.

They are getting crazier and crazier as they go. Whenever the transformative force of God displays in apocalypse and awakening, the change is irresistible. Trying to resist it is what causes them to be crazy, and they seek to force their will on everyone else. Because of the increasing presence of The Light of God, more and more is exposed and revealed. They will see... in time, but... it will be far too late to do anything about it. Only the possibility of Mercy and Grace will remain.

Buying into The Material World as a be-all-end-all makes you a prisoner of time inside your own mind. The plodding, marching, caravan to nowhere is back to the nothing it started from. Reason leaves the discourse. Compassion flees the heart, and you are left as a landing zone for every bad thought in search of a home.

Your world is... a... projection... of... your... mind. You feed and nurture the thoughts you have with the passion that drives them. This is a perpetual cycle that reflects The World that appears before you. You are LITERALLY living in a world of your own creation. I know I say that a lot. It is one of those things that impacts on... everything... you... do.

Running alongside is the screeching-harpy media. It is replicating every dreadful fantasy that exists in the undisciplined mind. It is shaping public opinion... yet, it is becoming more and more irrational. To what end can it actually continue where any significant number of people will follow? Excesses of every kind are killing the very followers that THEY most depend on. They are like shrieking loons. I have reached the point where I don't want to link to any of it... then it occurs to me...

I can simply collect what teaches, informs, and uplifts and include them once a week. It is getting very toxic out there at a distance. It seems that there are groups of people feeding into mind clusters of negativity... fear... dark and depraved desires. It is almost as if... as if it is observably true that The Avatar has been sweeping out the planes of all the long-entrenched evil, and driving them down into human form. What else could account for the sudden appearance of many, many thousands of such creatures as I have... never... seen... before?

If The Avatar has done this, then... I am pretty sure... as to say... almost certain (grin) that he is going to clear it all up. The way the spectacle of madness presents what you would expect to see in End Times... is startling. It seems so Biblical, as well as something out of underground comics. Surely a perfect storm is in The Event Horizon?

I've never liked fireworks displays since I took LSD. I don't want to be in the thick of what is happening. The World has its own cycles of change that continue without respite. Sometimes, it's a nice day to sit in the meadow. Other times there are bands of velociraptors looking to have a picnic but... they didn't bring a picnic basket. You are... supposed... to... be able to chew gum and pat your head at the same time, and NOT WIND UP WITH GUM IN YOUR HAIR!

You have heard the term, too stupid to live, yes? Observe!!! Take a look around; virtually is how I do it, even if I am in a crowd... I am not in the crowd. ♫ I'm in with the out crowd. I stay when the in-crowd goes ♫ I've seen the movie; probably in real life, here and there, BUT... also in my head... in books I've read... and through meetings with remarkable life forms. Some events do not require my presence. I am not of a mind to RSVP.

It's going to get hot and heavy in a whole lot of places soon. It's going to get very cold too, in all kinds of ways... when you include Realpolitik... and sundry. Remember!!! Whenever The Darkness collects and concentrates in search of a state of collective pain, the light is ALSO concentrating at... another... location. There are varieties of gravitational pull that call out for kindred spirits far and wide, AND... people come, be it concert... political event... battlefield... congestions of marketplace... OR... through electronic mediums.

You've heard about the birds of a feather collecting together. This is happening. It is a divine sorting-out. It is a gathering of the tribes; so to speak. It is a summoning. It is a harvesting. In some cases it may include forms of rapture and ascension, BUT... it will not be something that was advertised at a new age website; except for the residents of Exoterica.

This gravitational force that is demonstrated in The Law of Attraction, WILL respond to a steady pulse of The Attractive Force... from anyone seeking to be drawn on a tractor-beam to a higher state of being. The same way that cries of injury and fear will attract predators in the jungle, a call of the heart to a higher calling will bring you up on Heavenly Zoom; AS ABOVE- SO BELOW. This is a time of great possibilities and that is why the distractions are so numerous and powerful.

There is no joy to be found in the distractions. That is one of the reasons they are called a distraction. I have seen for myself many times... for short periods of time... what is possible as a permanence to come, if... you... just... keep... on... coming. Do you have a guiding light?

Heaven comes by degrees and in increments. You are building it all the time. Whatever it is... the mind can't stop doing it... building it... tearing it down. At any point in time, you can change the focus of your attention. You can cause your interior sun to resonate with The Sun in the sky. You CAN come into sync with all of creation, yes... you... can.

Tune your instrument. Listen for as long as it takes, and... just like it is at an afternoon Jazz jam session, you hit a lick here and there. You probe for your place in the unity. You can gain the respect of everyone you play with if you don't push or press. You can make real music while never hitting a note yourself. It depends on who is playing you. Let The Master play through you.

Even the least of the players in a symphony is important. Look at the triangle. How important is the triangle to the way we understand existence? Sometimes the triangle player only hits one note in a composition but it can radiate across the entire planet like those waves from The Avatar.

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Friday, September 2, 2022

"Love is The Electromagnetic Force that Holds Creation Together. If You Can Find Real Love, You WILL Find God Too."

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I wanted to mention something today that I have directly experienced. In fact, I experienced it today while having a provolone sandwich. The more deeply you immerse yourself in The Divine, the more fully you enjoy everything you do. I got this provolone at Trader Joe's and it might just be that good. I've not had it before, BUT... I SUSPECT it is more than that because... it... happens... every... single... day... and it very often doesn't matter what it is I am doing. I am getting incredible enjoyment from it.

Why? Because I am celebrating God in everything I do, so God is celebrating me in everything I do because I am stepping aside at every turn so that I might be led, instead of heading off like I know where I'm going, and I know what I'm doing; neither of which is true.

Lately... especially... I am taking a remarkable joy from pretty much everything, including doing the dishes... going to the bathroom... waking up and getting up... driving into town to do some chores; so what? It's ALL fantastic! It all makes my heart sing, and I have heard, on good authority, that as one continues in this direction it just gets better, and better, and better.

God is The Supreme Enjoyer. It's simple... include him in... everything... you... do. By increments, God comes more and more fully to the fore. God becomes the experience and the experiencer, including whatever backdrop environment the experience is happening in. He doesn't just show up cause you put in a call. First of all... he's already there. HOWEVER... speaking from my own experience, it can take some time to get to the more immersive parts of it.

It takes attentive focus and determination. Otherwise... the distractions will get you. You have to think of The Path as something like the saga of a Greek hero. It can include- probably does include; Minotaur's, Scylla, and Charybdis... and some variation of Circe too.

Look... there are a whole lot of characters you are going to meet on the way. You have to get through these encounters, and... you might find them terrifying, BUT... it... is... not... you that needs to handle them. That's not your department. That's when The Divine shows up and does what needs doing, if... you... will... permit... it, which is why you need to have God front and center in everything you do.

It is all very much like Tantra, though we don't have a similarly identified counterpart in The West. The closest there is... is the rapture and ecstasy of the saints. The East is the root. The West is the flowering. I would think that the best thing for any seeker is to be informed about both sides of the process, from root to flowering.

In The West... you only find your parallels in The Western Mystery Tradition... like The Essenes... Gnosticism... Rosicrucianism... The Albigensians and Templars. There are other obscure moments here and there, with the light seeking to peek out through the darkness of religious corruption.

I have found much to like in all of them, but...

Further inquiry into all of these exceptions left me thinking that they still cannot effectively portray The Truth, BUT... WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? We're dealing with The Incomprehensible Ineffable. None of these exoteric organizations and religions are going to get it right. It is only in The Initiatic Brotherhood where you get an accurate version of what is and what is not, of what did and did not happen... and so on... and so forth.

The fact is that religions are bullies. The big dogs terrorize everyone else. History records no one more evil than social reformers and religious programmers. Look at what The Official Church did... or tried to do to each of these movements.

I pity the intellectuals and scholars who have to keep track of all the nonsense that comes out of pinheads cataloging the universe and its contents. I have seen what it is like when the over-informed congregate with one another over pointless minutiae. They are effectively dead inside.

God is a living and vibrant FORCE. He passes through the prism into the material world where his chief expression is Love, from which emerge his divine qualities.

There are two basic approaches that one can take on the matter of The Divine. One can corner the market on some portion of doctrine, and dogma and then hold forth on the matter OR... one can immerse themselves in devotion to The Indwelling. This last leads to selfless service... anonymity where possible... and the mindset of a servant seeing to his master's concerns on the terrestrial plane.

On the other hand... with the pundits... experts... pontificators and genuflecting sycophants from The Drained Lizard Lounge. it... is... all... about... self... service. Yes... there are many pathways to the goal, depending on what you're after. Those pathways are more numerous in the foothills, leading to the real mountain, in the midst of seeming mountains, for which one must possess the proper transliterating eyes to see them with in... the... first... place.

What I have heard from various trusted sources is that the ONLY sure and certain road to victory and realization, in... times... like... these... is Love. It's because of the time frame we are in and the bewildering... confetti-storm of distractions, present in these Times of Material Darkness.

There is a reason that Pride is considered such a no-no, and that is because Pride embodies a great deal more than your basic dictionary definition. It even gets seekers far along the way with surprising regularity. When you are trusting The Mind... which is the mapping and identifying tech for The Personality, you are NOT going to be able to stay on The Path. ONLY Love can accomplish this. So...

I seek to Love God IN EVERYTHING I DO. There is nothing that I do... or think... or feel that is not directly or indirectly associated with God in a conscious manner. When any of these practices become routine, it is then branded upon The Subconscious and becomes an automatic part of me. Along the way I am on a scavenger hunt; yes... no... no... no... yes. I am separating and combining the elements of existence, as... they... prove... useful... or of no value to me. It's what alchemists get up to, BUT... I am not so clever nor informed to go that way with it.

So... I seek to celebrate God in everything I do or... not do it. The point is... NO MATTER WHAT WE TELL OURSELVES, God is the motive power behind ALL action... PERIOD. I have to identify myself with this so that God is doing everything, AND... I am not hindering him. I celebrate the act of eating by informing myself that I am adding God's Qualities to my being, AND also rejecting and replacing those parts of myself that no longer serve in a useful fashion.

When I go to sleep at night, I direct my attention to The Divine, and I petition him to engage with me, as... it... pleases... him to do. I seek to engage him in every... single... act... I am involved in BECAUSE he is the... motive... power... behind... all... action. I can do this with a Certitude of Success because I KNOW that God is Real. Subsequently, a dynamic comes out of this in which God and I are dancing as one, and ALL... I... have... to... do, is... forget myself.

Herein is the critical nexus of all things. Is God in the forefront or... are you? Is God the focus or... are you the focus? Materialism trends toward Vanity and Selfish Love. Is selfish Love even possible? No! It... is... not. It would not then be Love. It would be one of those states of passion that we WRONGLY associate with Love. The whole of The World at this time is involved in a case of mistaken identity, in which The Genuine Article goes missing.

I notice now... that all of the little annoyances that arrive are an opportunity for me to consciously step around them. I am coming to see the source of all irritation, and malaise of every kind, as objects for contemplation. It is impossible for me to say what I really mean here. Let me try another angle; God is IN every experience I have. God is the experience. There is nothing and no one but God anywhere at any time... in my purview, AND...God is Love.

Love is the electromagnetic force that holds Creation together. If you can find Real Love, you will find God too. Many of us pop in and out of this, now and again, and never catch that it is happening; conscious determined attention upon The Presence of God within... WILL cause God to appear.

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