Wednesday, September 7, 2022

"Other Times There are Packs of Velociraptors Looking to Have a Picnic but... They Didn't Bring a Picnic Basket."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was standing in the kitchen when I felt this wave wash over me. It was very subtle, BUT... it was powerful, and I got the sense that it was just the first of many waves coming that were going to change The World regardless of any resistance to them. This was a conscious wave. I don't remember experiencing anything like this before. I've been told to expect it for a long time now, BUT... when something doesn't happen in an anticipated time frame... one tends to forget.

It could be that this has been going on since time began, but... then it was followed by this graphic-comic portrayal of the following, flowing through my mind in pictures=

Imagine that The Avatar jumped out of the sky and landed in the ocean and concentric waves pulsed out of that landing, traveling outward to encompass the span of the sea and everything it connects to, one following the other at distances in time; short distances in time, and... having a hint of color and sound, carried upon their bandwidth... by something felt without the need for thinking. In each wave is a perceptible, irresistible change of perspective, across the landscape of the human mind at large. (perhaps he is coming from within this time?)

Anyway... that is how it hit me. You know that feeling... that sense you sometimes get of a rightness in your thinking... as if some higher authority came in and hit it with a rubber stamp that says, “approved”? It was like that. It was like one of those intuitive pings that reaches to Heaven and then returns to you enveloped in a kind of resonating certitude. “Yes! Yes! This is proof that God is real!” You... my friends... are proof that God is real. You need no more a defining truth than that.

When beggars are wishes then poverty is a state of mind. I like to think things back to their points of origin. I like to step outside of my perspective, and walk several yards north or south. It is amazing how that can change the appearance of what you are looking at. ALSO... what is often missed... is that where you are coming from can change the way you see anything.

To be in such a state that only God makes an impression on you. To be like water when you pull your hand out of it. To be fluid where it really counts and not when it leads to terminal whirlpools of disturbed thought, endlessly repeating on themselves. These are positions that provide perspective... timeless perspective... eternal perspective; beyond the murky dreams of mortals scrabbling in the darkness for meaning that only The Light can provide. There is no meaning in the darkness. Brutishness is the fruit of ignorance, and stupidity is ignorance in action.

I don't know where this is coming from either so... bear with me.

It is one of life's enduring ironies that you get caught in a web of your own making.

They are getting crazier and crazier as they go. Whenever the transformative force of God displays in apocalypse and awakening, the change is irresistible. Trying to resist it is what causes them to be crazy, and they seek to force their will on everyone else. Because of the increasing presence of The Light of God, more and more is exposed and revealed. They will see... in time, but... it will be far too late to do anything about it. Only the possibility of Mercy and Grace will remain.

Buying into The Material World as a be-all-end-all makes you a prisoner of time inside your own mind. The plodding, marching, caravan to nowhere is back to the nothing it started from. Reason leaves the discourse. Compassion flees the heart, and you are left as a landing zone for every bad thought in search of a home.

Your world is... a... projection... of... your... mind. You feed and nurture the thoughts you have with the passion that drives them. This is a perpetual cycle that reflects The World that appears before you. You are LITERALLY living in a world of your own creation. I know I say that a lot. It is one of those things that impacts on... everything... you... do.

Running alongside is the screeching-harpy media. It is replicating every dreadful fantasy that exists in the undisciplined mind. It is shaping public opinion... yet, it is becoming more and more irrational. To what end can it actually continue where any significant number of people will follow? Excesses of every kind are killing the very followers that THEY most depend on. They are like shrieking loons. I have reached the point where I don't want to link to any of it... then it occurs to me...

I can simply collect what teaches, informs, and uplifts and include them once a week. It is getting very toxic out there at a distance. It seems that there are groups of people feeding into mind clusters of negativity... fear... dark and depraved desires. It is almost as if... as if it is observably true that The Avatar has been sweeping out the planes of all the long-entrenched evil, and driving them down into human form. What else could account for the sudden appearance of many, many thousands of such creatures as I have... never... seen... before?

If The Avatar has done this, then... I am pretty sure... as to say... almost certain (grin) that he is going to clear it all up. The way the spectacle of madness presents what you would expect to see in End Times... is startling. It seems so Biblical, as well as something out of underground comics. Surely a perfect storm is in The Event Horizon?

I've never liked fireworks displays since I took LSD. I don't want to be in the thick of what is happening. The World has its own cycles of change that continue without respite. Sometimes, it's a nice day to sit in the meadow. Other times there are bands of velociraptors looking to have a picnic but... they didn't bring a picnic basket. You are... supposed... to... be able to chew gum and pat your head at the same time, and NOT WIND UP WITH GUM IN YOUR HAIR!

You have heard the term, too stupid to live, yes? Observe!!! Take a look around; virtually is how I do it, even if I am in a crowd... I am not in the crowd. ♫ I'm in with the out crowd. I stay when the in-crowd goes ♫ I've seen the movie; probably in real life, here and there, BUT... also in my head... in books I've read... and through meetings with remarkable life forms. Some events do not require my presence. I am not of a mind to RSVP.

It's going to get hot and heavy in a whole lot of places soon. It's going to get very cold too, in all kinds of ways... when you include Realpolitik... and sundry. Remember!!! Whenever The Darkness collects and concentrates in search of a state of collective pain, the light is ALSO concentrating at... another... location. There are varieties of gravitational pull that call out for kindred spirits far and wide, AND... people come, be it concert... political event... battlefield... congestions of marketplace... OR... through electronic mediums.

You've heard about the birds of a feather collecting together. This is happening. It is a divine sorting-out. It is a gathering of the tribes; so to speak. It is a summoning. It is a harvesting. In some cases it may include forms of rapture and ascension, BUT... it will not be something that was advertised at a new age website; except for the residents of Exoterica.

This gravitational force that is demonstrated in The Law of Attraction, WILL respond to a steady pulse of The Attractive Force... from anyone seeking to be drawn on a tractor-beam to a higher state of being. The same way that cries of injury and fear will attract predators in the jungle, a call of the heart to a higher calling will bring you up on Heavenly Zoom; AS ABOVE- SO BELOW. This is a time of great possibilities and that is why the distractions are so numerous and powerful.

There is no joy to be found in the distractions. That is one of the reasons they are called a distraction. I have seen for myself many times... for short periods of time... what is possible as a permanence to come, if... you... just... keep... on... coming. Do you have a guiding light?

Heaven comes by degrees and in increments. You are building it all the time. Whatever it is... the mind can't stop doing it... building it... tearing it down. At any point in time, you can change the focus of your attention. You can cause your interior sun to resonate with The Sun in the sky. You CAN come into sync with all of creation, yes... you... can.

Tune your instrument. Listen for as long as it takes, and... just like it is at an afternoon Jazz jam session, you hit a lick here and there. You probe for your place in the unity. You can gain the respect of everyone you play with if you don't push or press. You can make real music while never hitting a note yourself. It depends on who is playing you. Let The Master play through you.

Even the least of the players in a symphony is important. Look at the triangle. How important is the triangle to the way we understand existence? Sometimes the triangle player only hits one note in a composition but it can radiate across the entire planet like those waves from The Avatar.

End Transmission.......

Some few links at GAB. I'm looking toward new horizons=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Speaking of 'harvests' by any other name, some do it themselves:

Obedience is a killer: 91% of Biden voters took the DEATH jab... huge demographic and ELECTORAL changes coming for America as vax clots kill Democrats and liberal women the most

So when's my rent and traffic goin' down?

Nostrils up on the post.

Anonymous said...

The second coming will be televised within since the first was without. I'm very uncertain how the third will be arranged.

Anonymous said...

you say "too stupid to live" but the majority of people are not stupid. They are spiritually ignorant, and they chose to not spiritually evolve. That's why they are being removed, not because "they are stupid or dumb". It's not a matter of intelligence but a lack of spiritual intelligence.

Visible said...

It would be nice... I would prefer it anyway... if you would stay in context and not attribute to me what I did not say or intend... in the meantime, nothing you said contradicts anything I said which makes me wonder why you said it. Other than that...

Anonymous said...

not saying you said it, i probably should have just quoted it instead of saying "you said" but the main point is that people lack spiritual intelligence, and they chose to not spiritually evolve. It's not a matter of intelligence or stupidity, plenty of people who are very intelligent at manipulation, making money, war, materialism, seduction, but when it comes to the main goal of life which is to evolve spiritually, well they are fully lacking in that area. That's the reason for the apocalypse, to finally push them to wake up to the divine, or else be removed. Lots of people still refuse to evolve and cling even more to their old concept and false paradigms.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"The Manipulative Little Offspring of Helicopter Parents Living on a Clickbait Assembly Line, to The Cosmic Thresher."

Anonymous said...

Cybernosis probably isn’t anything new. They’ve had this down for who knows how long. If one has a TV, a smart meter, cellphone, or about any electronic device or plaything, the conning towers that Mr. Visible talks about can reach you and if you are not aware of the EF pulses, proximity and messaging they send through these electrical fields, you shall be in thrall of them. Even when one is aware of them, it can be a battle to overcome their signals but it is much better to know than to not know, you might say. But just try to convince those family & friends who refuse to acknowledge it. Divide & conqueer & whatever’s on the two - choice menu are the Skinner box we are in.

That article was great and so tongue in cheek as to be most likely imperceptible to your average family & friends normie. One would be hard - pressed to show it to any of them and know whether they innerstood any of it. Nice find, Mr. Visible. This is why i, for one, appreciate you linking things in your lovely essays.

& Ms. Buttons, i pray you’ll not be terribly affected by your Gruesome Governor’s raising of the MW to $22 along with the deliberate energy fuckery. You MUST be a Cathar to live in that environment these days, i imagine.
Bless your soul!


M - said...

No rolling blackouts last Tuesday here in CA.

There was a report of 4 cities in the Bay Area that cut-off power to their residents, but that was due to some "misinformation". They apparently didn't get the memo that the grid was holding up.

Where I live the city has its own utilities and since this house doesn't run with PG&E we've never seen rolling blackouts in the 30 years we've lived in this place.

In fact, CA regularly experiences at least ONE heatwave a year so this is nothing new. Just the same old hand-wringing and "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" we hear. Every. Single. Year.



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