Friday, September 23, 2022

"Sorbet at a French Restaurant; Let Us Move on to Greener Meadows of Promise in Hoped for Tomorrows Realized."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

All of the madness of sexual perversity comes out of the Obama Gay Marriage Act (or whatever it's called). Everything you are seeing or hearing about is piggy-backed on this, including the MANUFACTURED transgender-hysteria nonsense. It gave liberty to license. It opened the Gates of Hell, and... one can see this in living color, wherever such kindred spirits meet and celebrate their inclusivity, AND... the celebration of... ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

If it's dark and dank... and is trailed by creatures of nightmare and incurable STDs, it's one of the progenies of The Dark Side of Human Nature, birthed daily into ever more dreadful forms. It's the night-feeding of ghouls made into puppets for Sesame Street. The intention of a twisted sexuality as... the... norm... is the eradication of all that is normal, and the certitude that SCIENCE will make anything possible in their laboratories, AND... there will be no further need for heterosexuality. They will grow themselves in a vat, like in the below-ground foundries of Isengard.

The freaks will make their own Frankensteinian woman out of themselves. There will no longer be any need for woman as we formerly understood the term. Their lab-born monsters will do nothing but abort as a celebration of life itself through the ritual ending of life. If you cannot see that this is the intent of the TRANS-humanists then you are very... very... very stupid OR working to make it happen; possibly both.

History shows that this sort of nonsense will not prevail. It appears every time a culture is in decline. Once they have destroyed that culture they will have destroyed themselves as well. It is a sad testimony to a social experiment that made America something wonderful, now and again. America is drunk... stoned... overweight and sick. The rats and roaches have made themselves at home. The infrastructure is maintained with no kind of faith so... it crumbles about the wretched refuse that has now become exactly that.

The World before The Awakening is a collaboration of separated minds; ill-fitted... contrary... AND... bent out of shape. There is a unity though. There is an underlying commonality, and that is The Collective Subconscious. I've heard the term; Collective Unconscious. That doesn't even make sense BECAUSE... we can contact the subconscious. We can interact with it. We can draw its wonders forth like a bucket draws water from a well.

What can we do with a Collective Unconscious? Build California... again? Create a universal teacher's union... like the Tribe-driven one we have? Turn Middle-Earth into a Jeff Bezos stool sample that is sold with the popcorn and obesity drinks?

When the sexual nature is twisted, instead of beautiful children filled with promise and hope, we get foul creations born to celebrate the evil transmitted through their corrupted genes. It is a dance of Halloween freaks, cavorting over the bodies that were killed on the dance floor or had a vaxident. An awesome trembling... great wind and a mighty sea... WILL wash this planet clean. There will be places amidst the transformation that will survive, and a new culture and a new world will be born into being.

I have no details, only the broad strokes of a magic marker on the mindscreen; something like a windshield wiper that leaves hieroglyphics in the wave of each sweep. I can feel the change as it happens in response to my nature and perspective. There are many other perspectives and... each... of... them will encounter the same thing differently. This is how Cosmic Justice is dispensed. It is integrally written into the fabric of one's being, AND its righteous mirror reflects the truth back to whatever there is that stands before it.

They have tied their sexual practices into an enforced mainstream acceptance, underwritten by laws interpreted by our culture's greatest whores... the lawyers. I remember what Shakespeare had to say about them.

We are compelled to believe, en masse, that what is said in The Media is what has happened, when it happened, where it happened. A certain portion of the public is sleeping and easily led. They took the killer vaccines. They brag about it. They look down on those who did not take the... killer... vaccines. Now they are dropping dead, if they are athletic or... dying in slower fashion if they are sedentary. The killer vaccines attack The Immune System. Add in the bad food for the body, the bad food for The Mind, and the nutrition-free food for The Heart, AND... well, you see what I mean.

Digression... Stevie Winwood has ALWAYS been one of my favorite songwriters. I am not surprised to see this.

I insert this in order to cleanse the mind's palate, like sorbet at a French restaurant. Now... let us move on to greener meadows of promise in hoped for tomorrows.

Fundamentally, at the core of my being, I... DON'T... KNOW. That is a given I never expect to see change. HOWEVER... there is this voice within me, the voice of The Soul... The Voice of God... The Voice of The Step-down Transformer Angel who oversees my life entire. Call it what you will, that... voice... is... there, AND... that voice KNOWS. It knows ALL. When I need to know something, The Voice tells me. I need nothing more.

This voice is assuring in such a way as to radically defy what I see in The World afar from me. This voice is Certitude itself. It tells me wonderful things for which there is little evidence to be seen in the cities of The World. It fills me with the unshakable conviction that something... good... is... coming... soon. It annihilates fear. It sends doubt packing. It is like The Sun itself that is speaking, and... it... might... well... be. It is SURELY an angel of The Sun.

Given that The Sun speaks through all of its angels... it could well be The Voice of The Sun, ringing like crystal wind-chime chandeliers in the sun-lit expanse of The Mind. It is the tinkling bells of elvish songs raised in devotion to The Sun. It is everything The Sun is... like a smile wide enough to eclipse anything that can be seen. It is confident beyond measure. It is, by definition, a sunny persona, AND it is an integral part of me. It is at my core, and... I want for nothing more.

With this voice, I can learn anything that can be learned because it is the repository of ALL wisdom and knowledge. It is Divine Luminous Wisdom itself. I am living proof to myself of the existence of God, and I see God's handiwork wherever my eyes may rest. If it seems ill-made or incomplete, I KNOW God had seen this before me, AND... is... on his own time and terms... doing something about it.

One of Love's true magics is to be able to see what should be present in what is present. Love being the source of all life, as is manifestly embodied in The Sun, WILL bring forth what The Mind of God sees through The Eye of The Eagle, raised out of the poisoned antipathy of The Scorpion. It is the transformation of The Separated Mind into The One Mind.

This is accomplished when The Reactive Mind is stilled. It is... I know, my friends, an Augean Labor, BUT... “success is speedy for the energetic.” Once one is wholly, and... without reservation committed to it, IT... WILL... BE... DONE.

Let The Heart, in The Temple of Reason in The One Mind, give voice to all the architecture of God as it rises into view within the delivered heart and mind. The Heart and Mind are meant to be a team. If they are at cross-purposes it is a tormented stalemate. Loving God... singly and exclusively free of all else, WILL bring The Heart and Mind into accord. It brings one to see God in everything. It disarms Evil. Angels walk before it and put The Darkness to flight.

When you become as a little child, Heaven will fight your battles. I am not speaking of a childish and selfish nature. I am talking about a state of being that is the passport to The Kingdom of Heaven that it bears within.

The Voice of The Indwelling has brought tears to my eyes again and again with the sublime beauty and poetry of its speech. There is no question of who is speaking. Yes... there is Evil in The World; even if it is only the appearance of it. It DOES NOT come around where The Light of God is present. If... it... does... it is for The Purpose of The Demonstration for which it has been summoned.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

The Hippie Dream - sans politics - came closest of all to becoming a reality at Glastonbury Fayre 1971 - there was a marvellous film made of it, partly directed by Nicolas Roeg, and it really was beautiful - Stevie Winwood was the Finale Act - I hope he was/is aware of the significance of what he took part in-

Much more real Peace n Love than Woodstock, and in an ancient magical landscape - small in relative scale, an estimated 12000 -

Anonymous said...

Tears of a sweet release came over me reading this post, and listening to the song just helped so much! Thank you dear dog poet of ours, I never miss a post but lately you have been surpassing all of your previous efforts, if that was even possible. Thank you for sharing this beatifull voice in your head, which is also in our heart but needs a reminder from someone who has joined the two, may this happen to all of your readers with the help of god of course. Your day to day sharing of this wonderfull voice looks to me like someone who has broken his chains in platos cave and who is providing detailed instructions to all of us who have also broken their chains but who are still in the cave, of that narrow and dangerous path which leads out of the cave, to the reall world above. Sending you back the higher love vibration that god emited through you to us all, have a beatifull weekend, you and your wonderfull readers.
A friend from Greece.

Anonymous said...

Winwood performs beautifully here:
Ah, the good old days...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"You Think They are Listening to You Speak, BUT, They are Hungry Ghosts. They are Looking for Something to Eat."



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