Sunday, January 29, 2006

And Down Will Come Baby, Cradle and All.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Give Me Some Answers and I will Change my Mind

We now know that the last several elections were decided by fraud. We know that Al Gore won the 2000 election and we know that due to election fraud in Ohio that John Kerry actually won the 2004 election as well.

Since George W. Bush came to power there has been a consistent and concerted effort to undermine The Constitution; to remove environmental protections, to make illegal wars against sovereign nations, to enrich the rich and weaken the middle class, to do away with valuable social programs, to engage in crime at high corporate and political levels, to threaten, bully and arm-twist abroad and to institute a police state domestically.

We have been led to believe that all of these unfortunate trends and events are due to the threat of some vast, organized enemy in the shadows. We are led to believe that a small collection of widely dispersed radicals are responsible for this.

We can’t lay all of the blame off on G. W. Bush. He’s neither smart enough nor strong enough to be responsible. A casual look at the man shows a flawed personality with a mediocre intellect. He’s an inarticulate buffoon. So who is responsible? Whenever you want to find out what powers the masthead cutting through the ocean waves you have to consider who’s steering the ship …and what cargo is aboard will tell you who launched it. Bush can’t ride a bicycle often enough and things like a Sedgeway baffle him.

As hard as it may be for people to penetrate the curtains that conceal the wizard and the machinery, one feature is always available for your analysis and that is ‘cui bono’; who profits? Major corporations brought Bush to power. It is also true that when corporations run government, fascism is the result.

Most of the strange changes in American direction and infrastructure are based on reactions in the aftermath to the 9/11 attacks. In this case we have many inexplicable occurrences that cannot be accounted for in the official explanation. We have Israelis dancing on rooftops after the attack. We find that their vans contain box cutters and other questionable paraphernalia. We learn that they are connected to the Mossad but we are told we cannot be told more. We find that the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition but we don’t know by whom and we don’t know why. We hear Netanyahu say about 9/11 “It's very good....... Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)" and we hear Sharon say to Peres, "don't worry about American pressure, we control America." We hear about AIPAC spying and we see that the membership of PNAC; which called for a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ is loaded with pro-Israel neo-cons. We hear about a network of Israeli art students moving freely through government buildings in Washington. Only someone very stupid or very frightened would fail to make the connection that Israel is deeply involved in the bad things happening to America.

We move along to Jack Abramoff. We move along to Mohammed Atta and his associates being on a Jack Abramoff gambling boat. We move along to Abramoff’s connections to Israel. It should make you wonder. But you won’t say anything. You won’t say anything because you will be called an anti-Semitic. Somehow this phrase is charged with instant career and reputation destroying force. So it appears or is compelled to appear in this “1984” newspeak world that what you see you do not see; what you hear you do not hear, what you conclude you cannot conclude because of Room 101.

If someone can reasonably explain the few things I have mentioned here to me so that they form a different conclusion I will immediately adjust my findings. I will. If someone can explain to me what Odigo and all of the other Israeli companies were up to when they got connected to the things they got connected to; if they can explain it in a different light, I will listen. If someone can explain to me about how the same Israeli security firm was in charge of all affected 9/11 airports, the Madrid train station and the London tube at the time of the attacks; if they can give me some rational explanation that differs from the natural assumptions I would make, I will listen. If someone can explain to me a different reading on the remarks of Theodor Herzl and the cynical use of the label ‘anti-Semitic’ to advance the cause of Zionism I am willing to listen. If someone can explain to me how the treatment of Palestinians in Israel and the surrounding territories; can explain to me how this is not apartheid I will listen. If someone can explain to me why the Israelis supported the South African government's apartheid and assisted and instructed them in it’s application; if you can explain to me how this was really a human interest effort, I will listen. If you can explain to me how the Lavon affair and the attack on the U.S. Liberty are something other than they appear to be, I will listen. If you can convince me that the phrase, “By way of deception thou shalt make war.” and its connection to these and a multitude of other events; phony anti-Semitic attacks in France that were revealed to be perpetrated by Israeli interests, the phony (and ONLY) Al Qaeda cell in Palestine that was staffed by Israelis and... and... it just goes on and on.

I am endangered by my love of the truth. I am in trouble because I cannot force myself to swallow a lie. I am made vulnerable by a mind that adds and sorts and wonders instead of lying out of sight and letting the world go on… one shit-brick of lies laid upon another until there are more buildings bigger than the WTC that can only be brought down by cosmic lightning. I can tell you this, shit stinks when it burns.

I want my questions answered. If my questions cannot be answered other than with answers that are not answers; or with justifications for any and all behavior, or with a suggestion that I shut up, or because of national security or any other subterfuge then what am I to believe? What am I to think? What? Should I walk through the looming Judas Gate with all of the other sheep hoping for the best? The Iraq war was unnecessary. The certain bombing of Iran that is scheduled for sometime in the first half of this year is unnecessary. Most of all, the treatment of the Palestinians, which is the basis for all of the uproar in the Middle East, is unnecessary. It just doesn’t have to be this way. It doesn’t have to.

I’m tired of people dying for the wrong reasons. I’m tired of special interests and the agendas of a vicious minority, making canon fodder out of humanity. I am tired of useful lies and a controlled media and hegemony and all of the ugly permutations of the world of business, grinding the unfortunate beneath the hobnailed boots of progress. I’m tired of all these bright shining futures with their bombastic poorly written soundtracks. Neither my spirit nor my blood is strong enough in sacrifice to redeem the stupidities of the age. It appears even the spotless lamb could not accomplish it. I am no spotless lamb.

I don’t love one country more than another. I don’t appreciate one people more than another. I understand the struggle to survive though I cannot always understand the need to struggle against imaginary enemies; not when the solution to real problems involves a mere increase in understanding and natural generosity.

As much as we are the moment and as much as the moment has no definition or meaning except what we give it, we are the future too. If we have not the courage of real conviction; if we do not possess a clear and fair vision we will perish. Until the greatest good for the greatest number of people becomes the greatest concern of the greatest number of people we will continue to be the indentured serfs of a black nobility whose harvests are the certain death of all our hopes.

We cannot improve ourselves and our world if we do not ask questions. We have no hope of a personal choice in our destination if we are only along for the ride. I bring forth these questions in the hope of true answers, not for provocation. I really do want to know why. Give me some answers and I will go away.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Black Jack Abramoff's Technicolor Rat Jacket

Is he a scheming, unprincipled manipulating weasel? Is he a soulless and vain travesty upon the human form? Is he a murderer and a conspirator; soon to be cosmic finger-pointing rat? Is he the Tweedledum bookend to Ton Delay’s Tweedledee? Is he the ringmaster icon for neo-con agendas, or is he just a pimp working his neighborhood with the blessings of one of the five crime families? …metaphorically speaking.

Of course he is all of the above and it doesn’t matter if he is “the man who squats behind the man that works the soft-machine” or the man behind that man. It doesn’t matter. He is going down …or soon to slip the coils of justice for foreign shores.

What is most strange about this whole affair and the affairs of Delay and Kenny Lay and the whole PNAC lineup at the AIPAC dinner for the New World Order is the way justice seems to find its way through the barricades, the way death gets past all the money and security the world can bring; into the homes of the rich and the powerful when their time has come. It’s a wonder how a handful of brave and relentless investigators can get past the resistance of the collected efforts of the United Fascist Putsch. How does that happen? Some might argue for a divine intelligence and some may say there is a force that lives in humanity that forever tips the scales back toward center. Like the workings of natural forces we use but do not understand, somehow it happens and it is really happening now.

There are the obvious crimes that you are finally hearing about. Because I’m an Op-Ed sort of a guy you won’t be getting a myriad of links that you can use to educate yourself about them. My feelings are that if you don’t know some part of what’s going on by now then you are an incurious, stupid lout like your twice-unelected fraud… The Little Furher who thought he could. My feeling is that if you aren’t by now well informed about what happened in Florida in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004; in many places in 2002 and at dozens of levels dealing with fraud, obfuscation, murder, torture and the rape of Constitutional documents then you probably don’t give a rats ass or you are really, really bone-deep stupid; possibly both.

Let’s just say Black Jack is the poster boy for Republican and neo-con mega-corruption. If you don’t have questions about how the WTC buildings came down, or you can’t somehow get the feeling, with all of the hundreds of connections and inconsistencies these last five years are filled with. then it is pointless for me to draw you a picture. I’m going to assume you are with me except for some parts you just haven’t heard about in the ‘liberal’ press.

What was Mohammed Atta & Friends doing aboard one of Jack Abramoff’s casino boats a week before the 9/11 attacks?

What’s the deal with the murder of Gus Boulis; the former owner of the SunCruz casino ships and Abramoff’s rise to power?

What the Hell, I will give you one link and then you can even go google a king’s ransom more if you’re in the mood.

Milk from a Mad Cow

I’ll just hang out until you’re finished with this article. Here’s a tip, read the whole page. It isn’t that much. It may help you as we go along.

We’ve heard the term where there’s smoke there’s fire. We here at Smoking Mirrors know a little something about that. But when you see a wall of fire then you don’t need smoke to make you wonder.

Here’s another question; if all of these things link together and connect… uh… do they connect? And, if we know what we do know then what are the things we don’t know? Can we assume that the things we don’t know are pretty much like the things we do? For instance, if a guy has a record for sticking up liquor stores can we assume he stuck up a few we didn’t hear about? Can we assume he might have indulged in other crimes as well; unless he’s some sort of a weird purist? God knows we do have a few weird purists in the mix when you throw in the Christian right. What’s the correct interpretation of the phrase, ‘pure bullshit’?

What the Hell was Mohammed Atta and his crew doing on Jack Abramoff’s boat? And if that is some kind of strange coincidence then; what are all of these other coincidences?

What’s that bit in the PNAC charter about the need for a New Pearl Harbor?

Now the thing that I probably wonder the most about is how such a huge body of people can just whistle past the graveyard. What is that strange dimensional twist on reality that makes it possible for people to ignore what they see; to explain it to themselves in terms that make it okay? In what location in the human psyche do people make their deal with the lies and bullshit? How is it that the Secret Policeman’s Ball is held over and over again and you get fooled over and over again? Is it indifference? Is it cowardice? Is it the blinding influence of your appetites? Are you just as messed up in your own way as the big vermin you applaud for? Is it a right makes might thing? Is it an, “I got mine, get the fuck off my land and out of my way.” sort of thing? Is it some kind of gas or something in the water?

It’s a new year now. I saw the New Year this morning when I walked into town to get some bread and stepped on and over all the wet rocket cylinders and exploded garbage of the night before that was the year before. I saw the new year in the bloodshot eyes of the people for whom hope springs eternal while cities burn and each New Year turns into the next old year. The only New Year that counts is the one where you wake up and change your life because otherwise the Ferris wheel is just going to go round again and you’ll just be a year older; a year stupider, a year disappearing into a waistline widening as you go on with the vain hopes you never took the trouble, nor had the faith or courage to manifest; just wishing in one hand and shitting in the other.

I thought about what a great firework display they must have had in Iraq last night. I thought about how it’s New Year’s Eve there every night. They get the 4th of July every day and since what is supposed to happen never happens it just never ends.

They got what they got because people lied and people died. And just about everything you’ve heard has been a lie and it hasn’t seemed to matter. First thing this morning the new lies of the New Year went up. Business as usual. But something different is going on. Slow… slow like FEMA in Katrina-land… slow… but change is in the wind. What are they going to do?

What do you suppose a pack of criminals has to do when their backs are against the wall? What did they do before? What have they been doing? What do you think they might do? What do you suppose you have to do with the attention when the attention is all over you? When you’re a criminal caught in the headlights you have got a few options. Even if they carry you away, you got a few options. Rats never stop thinking about how to get away and you got to remember… they’re rats.

It should be a very interesting year. I hope you have a good one. I sincerely hope you wake up. It’s always dangerous when you don’t pay attention.