Friday, May 28, 2021

"We have Witnessed a Put-Up, Backroom Job of a Deal Done in Darkness."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Some readers might remember a couple of years or so ago, what was said here, about a particular blood moon, and that it mirrored, in striking detail, the signs that attended The French Revolution around 250 years ago. Since that time, the changing social trends reflect this, and that is something to think about. Now, if you are one of those people who believe that history repeats itself. Well... we know that human nature has an unfortunate way of repeating itself. You can certainly see history in the work up to repeating itself right now.

I take the perspective of India on certain issues, especially those that involve vast stretches of time. They say that manifest life goes through 4 yugas. Long tradition says that the first yuga, which is mostly light-filled, lasts almost two million years. The light decreases from yuga to yuga. By the time it gets to the last yuga, which is the one we are in, the time span is cut to only around half a million years. This I consider to be a mercy of Heaven. We get long stretches of light, and then, finally, the payback yuga arrives. I don't know where we are Kali Yuga-wise. I don't believe in letting what I wish for influence my perception of the realities of the origin, and destiny of what I cannot see. The senses often blind us to this.

I DO NOT KNOW about the actual lengths of time. There is great controversy about that since Swami Yukteswar published his theory which significantly reduced the times of the yugas. Now there is a new theory that is pegging them all at around 24 thousand years, which sounds suspiciously like how the western arcane science measures the movements of the zodiac. I suspect The Flat Earth folks are behind this too. Flat Earth and a number of other ridiculous beliefs are the offspring of intelligence agencies who have been long co-opted by the infernal kingdom. God, by the way, controls that as well.

The forces that think they are, are disseminating absurdity upon absurdity, for the purpose of Confusion. You see it every day, just as you see those who publicly dance to the music of it, and unintentionally expose themselves to the eyes of The World.

I don't know how long the yugas are. I believe the proportions, and I believe that over eight billion people did not come here by accident. I suspect that something grand has been staged for these times. I included the extended (though incredibly brief) disclaimer to make clear that I don't know these cosmic details. There are people that are prepared to argue before there is anything to argue about, and facts have nothing to do with the matter; not that they have any facts. EVERYTHING you hear, with rare exception, IS OPINION, or perspectives formed by what SOMEONE ELSE SAID, or wrote down. Just because someone wrote it down, or said it, DOES NOT MEAN it is true.

This brings a President Trump matter to mind. There are people who hate the man and lose all reason when he comes up in conversation. Somehow... the idea that I was or am a supporter of the man has been fashioned without my having to do anything about it except mention him as the lesser of two evils. I think you can see what I meant by what has since transpired. I have many concerns about Trump, most significant among them was his press for the vaccines (surely he knew better), and all that he seemed ignorant of, concerning what was taking place in the year previous to the election. The longer and deeper I look into it all, the more I suspect we have witnessed a put-up, backroom job of a deal done in darkness. More and more, it becomes evident that someone other than the obvious players is pulling the strings. Yes! I have known this for some time already. It just becomes more clear as the pieces fall into place.

I was very clear about my impressions of the former president but none of that matters when none of that matters. The world of politics, the art of the deal, is not my province. Serving and seeking after The Divine is my province, and there is very little I can do except to work on myself, and the more we meddle, despite good intentions, the more we gum up the works. Without the necessary amount of VIRTUE, one is a handcuffed soul in a bar fight. One might ask, “what about all of the illuminated souls. Where are the angels?” Where are the Rishis, and The Elohim, which are the same? They are all in The Great Brotherhood of Initiates. Why are they, seemingly, doing so little in these times? Appearances are deceiving. They are working tirelessly at this very moment, bringing all to their appointed ends. They are shepherds. They care for the flock and they also PROTECT the flock.

The Cosmos is a structured universe, under the ceaseless meditation of The Ineffable, who interpenetrates and rules everything. Neither leaf nor sparrow falls where it goes unnoticed. There is a reason that this image persists in scripture. God is everywhere. If you have not found God, you have not been looking for him. God is everywhere. God is in prison. I have first-hand experience of that. In these times, the main force of the darkness is directed at breaking the human spirit. This comes in several stages. You might think of it as being like an outlaw band whose commission is to terrorize the populace. One of them is called Fear. One of them is Greed. One of them is Ignorance. One of them is Confusion. There are other players. They have no immediate truck with the righteous since there is much easier prey. It is a prey that can be turned upon the righteous, once their fear has been brought to a steady chill BEFORE it becomes inflamed. It's a wheels within wheels dynamic. It is plotted in the citadels of darkness and its greatest strength is the pervasive moral weakness of the times.

When humanity has lost its way, terrible events can and do take place. Somehow, those who arranged to be here for selfish purposes, and those arranged to be their nemesis, find each other, and ageless dramas repeat themselves on a regular schedule. There are only so many possibilities of plot here, and all of them get plotted when the denouement comes. I remember Flaky Foont (was that his name?) who asked Mr. Natural, in a passionate moment, “Mr. Natural, where does it all end?” Mr. Natural replied; “in the grave, my son, in the grave.” I might have messed that up in the presentation, but I am clear on the implications. That is not where it all ends. The twisted and bent out of shape among us, hope that is true, and then there are no repercussions for the evil they do. It doesn't work like that and EVERY lasting tradition confirms this.

We are now in such a time. We are in a time of unveiling, where the truth is coming to light. You see how quickly people are turned upon if they step out of line with Group-Think, and Group Speak. At the moment, it all SEEMS to be going the wrong way. Mr. Apocalypse is PUSHING his chosen out onto the stage. Then he is causing them to say things they did not intend to say. He is provoking them to do what they might not care to do in the light of day. They are being exposed and convicted by their own deeds. MUCH MORE than we see is taking place beyond sensory reports. When the lights go on, the roaches scurry into the woodwork. You get an abundance of roaches in an advanced material culture. I have no desire to paint anyone as a roach. All I can say is to echo The Master; “by their works, YE SHALL KNOW THEM.” The Light IS coming.

There are all manner of excuses that are used to exonerate certain behaviors. We are told they were poorly raised. We are told they are victims of the people they are victimizing. There is a place in the Middle East where they have perfected this, and it has worked so well for so long that they cannot imagine it will ever change, but it does change. It is changing, and not all their wiles or wealth can inhibit the changes that are coming. The World is going to be set back upon its heels in shock and wonderment at what is coming. Mr. Apocalypse; the hardest working man in the Truth Business is HERE. Lady Nature is HERE. The Lord's of Cosmic Justice are HERE. The Avatar is processing in. They are either already fully engaged, or they await the rising of the conductor's baton.

I caution you NOT TO let appearances influence you. They are being designed and choreographed to frighten you and to generate dismay and despair. I have taken notice of some number of souls who are experiencing severe distress now over the pressures coming down on them or coming up in them. Their responses to these pressures fan the flames. You cannot just give up, or run and hide, nor can you charge into them with the idea that Heaven is at your back. The guidance of Heaven is often cautionary and restrained. This is an area of life that is near impossible to talk about. The best that can be said is that one should seek inner counsel. One should ask after and pray for guidance. Conditions are not so bad as they seem, and the forces of Cosmic Justice are surgically precise.

Everything being discussed here is based on a single premise. It comes down to whether you believe there is a Divine Presence, or you do not. Most people are caught in the middle. They WANT to believe, but doubt can be provoked by any number of challenges and tests. In Times of Material Darkness it can be hard to see the light, most especially if you are looking for it anywhere but inside yourself. I do not simply believe God is real. I cannot say that I know WHAT God is, but I can say I KNOW that he IS. I've ALWAYS known this, and present conditions give me evidence several times every day. It is there to see if your desire is to see. It is nowhere apparent if your desire is NOT to see.

Don't be brought down by appearances! These are the times that try us in the extreme. We MUST appeal to Heaven for succor. Heaven awaits you within, and the more you seek out and call after it the closer it comes, but it WILL NOT come to the insincere, and it will not come uninvited or uncelebrated. Heaven is not a fan of the wishy-washy and inconsistent.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

"Hunger and Appetite Rule in Times of Material Darkness. and are The Cause of The Darkness."

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For many years I was caught up in a state of perpetual confusion because I COULD NOT fit into this world, and for being in an entirely different spin cycle than what was taking place around me. Spiritual experiences, beyond a certain level of dramatic impact, can throw one into such an orbit that nothing seems real EVER again; mind that none of it was real to begin with.

What I've been through and where I am now are not important. You can quickly forget the roads taken, once the force of the place arrived at, takes hold. I don't bring myself up except for one reason. We seldom understand why severe and brutal events are necessary in our lives. The result of them in my life was to extinguish all sense of personal self. This culminated in the kundalini awakening that I experienced, and in which all remaining sense of self was sucked out of me. It was as if no one was present. I saw it as a net positive so it did not frighten me. That alone defines me as crazy to the eyes of The World, which only exists because of Desire.

This might well send any normal (although Normal is hard to find or define these days) person insane with no return ticket. Fortunately for me, I had so little sense of self, it was probably like having your appendix removed. I hardly noticed it, except for a sense of being unburdened. Our false sense of self that expresses in the resident personality, has an actual weight to it. In some cases, it might be lighter, but in many cases, it can be significant, especially in ego-driven cultures, such as those of the present, which runaway Materialism has wrought.

In the process of things experienced, one feature stands out above all the rest, and that is The Mirroring Effect. The World is a mirror in which you see yourself but NEVER see yourself.

I am obliged to include personal details in this posting in order to describe the way it came about for me to experience this mirroring effect, as a constant feature in the way life explains itself to me. I am not telling you about anything new. Others have known about this since before the recorded history of this present go-round. Explaining this is the real trick. It is a very hard thing to explain, and remarkably simple to employ. The difficulty in transmitting an understanding of this subject is due to it having to be VISCERAL. No amount of intellectual speculation will suffice.

External life IS a mirror that you cast a reflection upon, just as it throws the reflection back at you. Some may think other people are hard to read. They are not. When there is no you in the picture, you can see the picture clearly, without your own sense of self causing a disturbance in perception. Now... how can I speak of a You that is seeing when there is no you to be seeing? It makes perfect sense to me but explaining it...? That is the problem. Because it is so difficult to explain, and because most people have no idea of this existing in the first place, one is probably better advised to simply know it and keep it to oneself.

It seems a given to me now, that MOST PEOPLE see themselves in others, and project themselves and their shortcomings, and errors in judgment out upon others. They read their own motives into the motives of others, where they may not even exist, and certainly not in the same manner. People tell themselves that THIS is what the other person is doing BECAUSE that IS what they would be doing in their place.

Knowing that people are talking about themselves when they are talking about you is an incredible assistance to your peace of mind. You are not required to defend yourself against others seeing themselves in you. You are only meant to RECOGNIZE it happening, AND... if you are astute, there are things you can do about it. Anyone with any degree of wisdom, who is on the side of the angels, KNOWS that the job of realized humanity is to reflect the light of God out into the world. Otherwise, you are reflecting your bad character traits on others in an endless war for supremacy that is fought on the playing fields of the ego.

Some people with overdeveloped egos are also without any talents or justifications for an ego of any size. This burns them up, especially when they see others able to do what they cannot, or who have a palpable humility about the matter. They KNOW they would not have such humility. It would be a hindrance in the acquisition of what they are after. Everyone is telling you who and what they are in everything they do. If you are NOT driven by similar passions, if your mind is NOT constantly plotting for profit, and scheming after personal gain, there is no way for others to be in contention with you, because you don't want any of what they are after. They can't understand this. Surely everyone would do as they are doing. It is what they see everywhere round them, and that is because they relentlessly and consistently project their own motives and ambitions on-to everyone else. It is all they see.

The Internet has provided us with a new battleground, which very much mirrors what was going on in the heads and hearts of the protagonists already. It has given new fields of enterprise for anonymous snipers and loudmouths with virtual microphones. Want to impress the audience with your passion? Type in ALL CAPS. There is now a large crowd of individuals who have found a new addiction and a way to prop themselves up in their own minds. They simply attack others, ALL THE TIME.

The cause of so much distress is that there is a part of us that KNOWS we are frightened, powerless, and alone inside, and it lets us know about it... OFTEN. Of course, we are not alone, but we think ourselves to be and what we think manifests our personal reality. There is no such thing as a personal reality, but that does not stop people from thinking it.

When anyone goes off on an original course and sticks to it, they draw outrage from conventional minds who let them know how wrong they think they are. Further on, this original thinker comes upon great personal success. The original course proved out, as it ALWAYS will if you have the right guidance. Now the critic's corner begins to insist that you cut corners, that you just got lucky (no such thing as luck), that you had influential help (which you well might have had), or whatever they come up with. An even larger body of the public sucks up to you, flatters you, and most definitely wants something from you.

All of one's seeming good fortune comes from mirroring The Indwelling. Why project yourself on others? Why not let God project himself, by not hindering the flow of God's qualities through you? Of course, this means you can't be out for yourself anymore. There never was anyone home anyway. What you had were squatters who took over your residence and evicted you. Mirror The Divine and you will shine on one and all. You will be useful. You will be a help to others; if that sort of thing interests you.

People with personality problems, and perpetual insecurities will be glad to tell you what you are doing wrong, that you have no authority to say what you say, that your motives are what they have projected on you, or because they know what a fraud they would be if they pretended to be something they are not, BUT... it doesn't work like that, and this is what leaves them terminally confused. They just don't understand and you can't tell them either, because they won't listen. Why won't they listen? They won't listen because they already know. Yes... they already know, and they are not shy about telling you.

So many people do not see the point of selfless service with no thought of personal profit. “There's got to be an angle.” This is what they say because that is how they are. I know I am nothing and anything I have been was only a temporary mirage, in whatever lifetime one impermanent sense of self prevailed over the others, for a short time, BUT... that which LIVES IN ME... that is a whole other story, and that true me is eternal, and it is my ideal. There is nothing remarkable in this, I simply came to understand that EVERYTHING ELSE was a waste of time, and it also HURT. My false identities were the source of my suffering, so I decided not to suffer anymore. I got off of my cross and put down the personal self. Anyone can do this, but many prefer otherwise. They don't get the point of just giving yourself away. The Sun has that point very well understood, just as the sun shining within us also understands and KNOWS that we will come round eventually, once we are done with Suffering.

Suffering comes about from WANTING. Only the personal self wants. There is a basic insecurity that dwells in everyone so long as they are relying on themselves and not on the one who powers the engine in THE FIRST PLACE. Hunger and appetite rule in Times of Material Darkness, and are the source of the smoke from impure desire that causes the darkness, and conditions of poor visibility. So long as people are captured up in this they can't see beyond it. It takes a lightning bolt in some form, and once the wreckage settles, whatever there is of permanence remains.

The most fascinating factor for me, which I witness in The World, is the rapidly accelerating Insanity taking place. As the light of the True Self (The Avatar) shines more powerfully into this world, all the impermanent personalities are driven to irrational extremes. They refuse to go inward, so they must go out, ever further and further out in search of what?

We are facing a perfect storm of madness. Observe the forces of the time converging in the human mind. I'll say no more for now.

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Friday, May 21, 2021

"The Basic Drive of Life is Freedom. The Problem is What We have Identified it As."

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Think of angels, those of the rank called Angels, as similar to honeybees. They are surely as industrious and like angels they flit among the flowers, taking the nectar, and making honey. This is similar to the way that angels make a kind of honey out of us... if we permit it. Some of us are flowers, and in cosmic terms, here for a much shorter term than any flower. Some of us are weeds that have flowers and the angels still come. Angels don't come if you don't have any attractors for them. Loving God means courting God, wearing your spiritual finery when you go a calling. Your spiritual finery consists of the qualities of God that you have emulated until the effects show through you.

God loves, impartially, as do all residents in the Kingdom of Heaven, only God's love is of an immeasurably greater magnitude. Think of it, our Sun, presently shining in the sky, at least where I am, is not even a large star! It is nowhere near the size of some of the giants. What sort of cultures do you think might inhabit such a system? No... our star is not nearly so large and yet LOOK! Look at the power it contains. That is only one of the countless stars in the heavens. Then consider that this entire manifest universe and ALL OF THE FORCE moving through it comprises just a FRAGMENT of the power held in reserve. The mind CANNOT compute it.

The Mind has fantastic powers, but it can take a considerable time before evidence of it shows down here, outside. It can show much more quickly outside. Thought is subtle. It has to move down through the plane of Feelings, through the plane of Forces and Industry, and then into a material expression of it. It is similar to the way that we come to be fashioned out of Frozen Sunlight; Sunlight in extension.

When the wrong desires are formed, in a Separated Mind, The Mind then conspires and connives with itself to make those desires a reality; or what passes for reality in such locales. The heart of the Lower Nature burns for the objects of desire. Then it goes through any and all contortions required, until that which the pursuer misunderstood as something else is in its hands. Then... after a period of time, a brief period of time in many cases, the shine wears off and that which was so ardently chased after (not unlike the doves in the yard) loses all of its attractive features, and a terrible disappointment sets in.

Many people refuse to see that this, or that, disappointed them or broke their heart. This is the Garden of Resentment and it can become almost like a factory farm, with all kinds of thoughts fashioned into workers on the plantation and in the Penitentiary of the Mind.

I try to recall those mindsets in which I was deluded about one matter or another. Now, they do not seem important enough even to remember them, unless they are a cautionary tale. One REALLY should remember the cautionary tales, and that “there but for fortune, goes you and I.” I've got that tattooed inside my skull. One of the states of mind one can most ill afford is Schadenfreude.

Invisible eyes are watching, ALWAYS. Some of them are like recording and transmitting stations. The effect of The Watchers can be seen in the quality of your life. Certainly, we are what we think, and that results in what we do. We radiate outward perpetually. The waves generated out of our being wash over everyone in range. Sometimes when something mean comes into your thoughts and you entertain it with the emotions of your Lower Nature, even though you may do nothing about it, someone more susceptible does. Think of it as something like a prizefight. Visualize all of the atavistically inspired drunks screaming for their choice in the contest. That force is channeled far and wide. It often results in crowd fights outside the arena.

This is such an effective transmission of the negative that agents of The Infernal Realm actually set up communicating towers that radio bad thoughts far and wide. Yes... the mind is very powerful. It is impotent before the One Mind, but in a world of separated minds, it CAN BE very powerful. As you entertain negative and fearful mindsets, the creatures that come to life, as a result of your meditations upon the negative, the fearful, the enraged, and similar, GROW IN SIZE and can become truly intimidating. There is a cosmic character called, The Dweller on the Threshold. Reports have it that it is a scary customer.

The Dweller on the Threshold is ONLY as imposing as you have caused it to be, and it is a composite being of all your weaknesses, resentments, and what have you from the dark cabinets below the surface waters. There are creatures in the deep. According to tales of allegory, you have to pass by this creature in order to enter The Blessed Spheres. Here is where MANY foul up, because they rely on their own devices, and that is what they are left with. It is the job of the guiding angel to shepherd you by. To confront this with your own force is a perilous engagement because The Dweller is fashioned from parts of you. You are fighting yourself. Will you win? How did you fare in life and what was the coin of the realm that you used in passage?

The Dweller is also the sum total of our fears and it is here that LOVE becomes supremely important because they displace each other. Fear and Love cannot inhabit the same space at the same time. What type of love are we talking about here? Finding the right love to be our driving force is CRITICAL. Spiritual aspirations and industries lead to spiritual locations. Carnal aspirations and industries lead to carnal locations. If you are happy about that then you have no problem... until it becomes a problem.

Here's the big problem in this case. The basic drive of Humanity is FREEDOM. The Problem is what we have identified freedom as. Liberty is not license, as any wayfarer will report after having run the gauntlet. Reflect upon the ways in which life disciplines us when we fail to do it ourselves. This is a good habit to encourage and it dispels the need for hindsight.

I was about as wild as it gets. I am thinking that the urge to freedom is very great in me, and early on... I could see what the confinements were. The sticky traps were not hidden from me. Perhaps that is a part of the reason I am still alive after so many brushes with death. Or... it could be bad Karma (grin). Of course, I don't have to be in the common and relative, HERE; not when Here, There, and Everywhere is all around us. So... it is altogether possible, I would say CERTAIN, that there are those among us who glide through controversy and confusion BECAUSE it has no relevance to them.

I guess it is safe to say that The Attractors of MANY here in this time are painfully being identified as something they are not. You see this kind of thing wherever there are people, 'living their own truth.' The Purpose of Demonstration INSISTS that their truth encounter The Truth. It's one of those pervasive laws that few pay attention to or are even aware of. More and more I come to understand what St. Augustine had to say about it all. He was the author of, “Lord grant me chastity, but do not do it yet.” Heh heh...

My friends, I have to head out the door now on one of my rare appearances in The World. So... I will bring this to a close and yadda yadda.

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Sunday, May 16, 2021

"ALL OF THEM are Creations from the Shadowland of Hungry Ghosts."

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Wondering what was behind the recent renewal of hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians? Nitwityahoo was in deep political trouble only last week. What do you know? This just sort of came along and everything is hunky-dory now. It is truly amazing how things like this happen. Moving right along...

Water shortages will be appearing as the drought continues, and raging wildfires lie in wait. Rolling blackouts are predicted across the American West. The new domestic policies are seeing to it. The barbarians inside the gates are revving up for another warm-weather spectacular. Honestly... so much is going South at this time, it is impossible to predict when it will crash to Earth, but... this much I know, an Intervention is coming, or something that stops the world for a time; something epic and breathtaking, so that you remember where you were when it happened for the rest of your life.

I don't want to be a Daisy Downer, I'm just looking at the trends and appearances before me. It might well be heavy and harsh if you are in the middle of it, and a spectacle of sorrow if you are catching it from the hillside across the way. Has your 'admit one' ticket been punched or did you tell the tour-master that you have a headache and need to stay home? Serendipity CAN work like that. What is Serendipity anyway? I find that if I put any amount of attention on something and KEEP IT THERE, the object of focus will do a time-lapse strip tease for me, and reveal its true nature.

Patanjali talks about how unswerving focus will cause anything to show its true nature in relatively short order. It often puzzles me how seldom people will seek to look past appearances to the source of the presentation. God is playing hide and seek peekaboo at all times. He likes to hide himself and be rediscovered in... or by... you. I remember some eastern text that described how one might try to follow Krishna on a narrow path through the jungle, but Radha keeps dancing between Krishna and you. The whole of the world's frolics and fantasies are contained in that image. I know the gender-junkies would have a field day if they ever saw this. Their minds are riveted on parsing pronouns into infinity.

It SHOULD BE apparent by now that a large mass of humanity is becoming ever more and more insane. They are breaking from their moorings because their moorings were never secure enough to restrain them; 'castles made of sand'. I grew up in a time when fables, nursery rhymes, and all manner of allegorical teachings were there to be pondered. Many of the secrets of life are concealed in fables, nursery rhymes, and myths. It is why they remain until today, but no longer resemble the primary intent for which they were written. The compass and the rudder are broken in many cases. Either they were poorly made or fell out of use and did a Tin Woodman freeze. It's kind of like, “I am Jazz” played by Kenny G.

Day follows day and absurdity is piled on to absurdity. I expect to see that Gorilla Glue Girl is nominated for the Nobel Prize this year. Next year it pretty much has got to be Courtney Stodden, whose pronouns are They and Them; honestly. I didn't understand the article I was reading at the time because I thought they were talking about someone else (the writer of the article) but it turned out there was no other... They... there... and no Them either. I apologize for even putting that link in, but suspect that many of you do not even know who that is. That would be a commonly shared state here, I imagine.

Obviously, none of this horse-pucky came about on its own. The entire transgender, no gender, multiphasic gender movement DID NOT come about as some sort of organic move from the hinterlands of Nature. This is a CALCULATED agenda that came out of the stockpots of Tavistock and whatever the alphabet soup name our own version runs under now; MK-Ultra 2.0?. All of these suddenly front and center force fields, like BLM... Antifa... Gender Clueless... Flat Earth... It came from beneath the Valley of the Annunaki... all of these were brewed up in vats at the Rand underground laboratories by way of The Usual Suspects.

Consider this; who prints or posts the information that accounts for us knowing anything about these splinter groups of marginalized intellects? Who funds these social CONSTRUCTS? Who sits at the head of the table of the boards of directors of each little jellyfish filament of the particular depravity they represent? Who does the public relations and hires the lawyer, cause there are plenty of lawyers, this we know. Where there is money there are lawyers, which makes me think of what Shakespeare said about them in Henry VI.

NONE of these things have come about on their own. ALL OF THEM are creations out of the shadowland of Hungry Ghosts. So... since we can prove the chain of custody in the evidence chain, it begs the question; Why? Why would anyone intentionally lower the intelligence levels of the public, through manipulation of the education systems, so as to make these things acceptable? What is the point? The point is Chaos and Confusion; bewilderment and puzzlement across the temporal range of human activity. Now... who do we know that promotes and proliferates Chaos and Confusion? Certainly, The Prince of Darkness comes to mind. Who is it that we see employed in these activities as his representatives? I'll take The Usual Suspects for $200. and a spin of the wheel.

Now... these same Usual Suspects are shutting off access to energy sources, stopping the transportation of goods, paying to keep workers at home, suppressing the cash flow and creating inflation, AND... fomenting WAR. NONE of this is accidental. Well, you ask... if there is a God why is he letting all of this happen? It is permitted for The Purpose of Demonstration. Apparently, we DON'T learn otherwise. HOWEVER... and this is a big however, you DO NOT have to participate. You DO NOT have to involve yourself, and you most certainly do not have to go to war with them because they are already in the cross-hairs, and they KNOW it. You WILL see that there is a method to the madness, and you WILL see what comes of it if you are still around.

I will say it again as I have said it before, these are not the ordinary times, where the predators do as they please and then rewrite the history to suit their purposes afterward. This IS a time of summing up. This IS a Grand Apocalypse, and you can't have one of those unless The Avatar is scheduled to appear in following acts. This is a SCRIPTED stage play. There IS a director. What makes it confusing is that until The Director signals for the plot twist that explains it all, it is NOT CLEAR what is happening, unless you are clear on the matter already.

When YOU KNOW that God is The Supreme Ruler, who CANNOT be opposed with any success, and which amounts to fighting yourself in the first place, there is nothing for you to concern yourself with. You simply chop wood and carry water, but you are MINDFUL of who it is that is really chopping the wood and carrying the water. ♫ Hi ho. Hi ho, it's off to work we go ♫ Mind that you don't kiss the princess without a signed release form.

I KNOW that many of you are asking yourself; how can this unbelievable stupidity continue day after day? How is it that people can lose their minds to such a degree as to embrace these tragic follies? How can the world permit such lunacy to continue and to reproduce? Hardly anyone wants this saltwater fecal taffy. It sits on the shelves, but... that doesn't matter. The point is that it gets on the shelf to begin with and that it reminds you in passing.

Note the hysteria of those who are insisting they will wear their masks from now on, no matter what vaccines they may also get. Think about how helpful it was to have the mask factor at the time that those behind Antifa and BLM needed it. IF you are going to be a sheep, then you had better be a sheep of The Great Shepherd. Otherwise, you are going to get sheered and butchered and hung up on the hooks. Now comes the vaccine blackmail scam, where you can't do all sorts of normal things unless you have proof of vaccination. You can't go to colitch; no great loss there. If you are in the military, you can't leave the base. You can't see your children if you aren't vaccinated, and in places, they can't go to school. You can't travel on an airline. There is already a huge market of counterfeit vaccine cards and IDs. The true irony is that there was never a reason to fear or get vaccinated in the first place.

How is it then that billionaires and international celebrities, and anyone with name recognition, or in a position of power are pushing this agenda with such determination? Remember what Holmes said, "When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

It all comes back to who is hidden in the shadows, and that comes back to The Avatar sweeping out the planes above as he precipitates DOWN into the manifest. Truly... we DO NOT war against flesh and blood. This is all a test of your mettle and your character, which is the indicator of your fate. REMIND YOURSELF... God is coming. God is coming;

"Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me."

There it is, as it was written thousands of years ago. Either you believe it, or it is going to be proven to you, regardless. The fearful heart compromises with the darkness, thinking it will gain security when so concealed behind the subterfuges of humanity's worst enemy. That enemy is an interior concern and it is completely resolved once you engage in the proper alignment. Sure... it seems like an external concern, but ALL external concerns are ruled internally UNLESS they are not... seemingly.

Christ said he would return. Krishna says he returns on a regular basis. Maitreya, Kalki, and the Mahdi are on the way, so THEY say... and they're right, and whatever their perspective is will cause the appearance to reflect the tradition in which he appears, but with a new permutation. Don't like that concept? Heh heh...

My DEAR friends, God is the living vitality of ALL LIFE. There is no life unless God is present, in the good, the bad, and the indifferent... in all, et al. Any problem one might have with the REALITY of God has to do with their own definition of the indefinable, and that is what imprisons them in their own separated minds. As you label it so it comes to be for you. It is far better to say, “I don't know, but yet, I believe.”

End Transmission.......

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

"The Good News is that the Grace of God can Wash it All Away in a Heartsbeat."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So... while all the events that we hear about are going on, there are many events that get FAR LESS coverage, and then... there are the events we don't hear about at all, and which the aforementioned are a cover for. I've heard it said, “beware of the man behind the curtain.” I would say, 'be mindful of the force behind the man, behind the man, behind the man, behind the curtain.

It turns out that the ones who hacked the pipeline have no political affiliation. They showed up on the Dark Web yesterday to say that they were apolitical and only in it for the money. They are ransomware bandits. They said they would be more careful about who they went after in the future because they did not want to cause the problems this enterprise did. Ransomware is also a BIG DEAL behind the scenes. They search for fat companies and prosperous individuals and then lock up their computer systems.

You really have to be careful in this world. If someone hit my computer with Ransomware, I would lose some creative work, digital books, and movies, maybe some addresses, though I don't keep the important touches with people happening by the usual means anyway. I keep them where they can't be interfered with. I did get a similar thing happen to me in Germany. I simply reformatted my computer and moved on. One can also just get another computer for a couple of hundred bucks. Most of us want something more powerful but one would still be able to do all the things they did before. ONCE AGAIN... Hostages to Fortune. Don't have them! Everything here is temporary anyway. Wealth is a Hostage to Fortune. Your Hostages to Fortune are IN YOUR MIND.

Let us navigate to the MOST IMPORTANT detail of the affair; a gas shortage in a couple of days!?! A gas shortage attended by long lines and road rage? I smell ham-handed manipulation here. You realize that one of the biggest criminal enterprises in this country is the FBI? They could certainly have been in on it. They are one of the enforcement arms of the Globalist Deep State.

All sorts of unusual occurrences are taking place and not getting noted for the deeper implications. Yes, that seldom happens anyway, BUT... it appears that the course of events is not happening precisely as The Dark State would like. Darth Vader's daughter went up in flames yesterday, after successfully blocking it the first time. She is... was... one of the most powerful Rinos in the country and offspring of one of the MAIN players in the 9/11 attacks, which COMPLETELY changed the texture of life as we knew it. Airports, public venues, and government offices all became accessible only at the loss of one's dignity and sense of self-respect. It's similar to the hijacking of the music and all the other mediums that provide the color and soundtrack to life. Now we have ugly thug compositions that demean every good thing worth having; many of the positive qualities are invisible but they shine through the people who possess them.

Israel is in deep shit. Not only are Turkey and many another nation in opposition to them but the Tides of Fortune have changed and the whole force of Wokeness and even sane mental climates are mindful of the Palestinian Horrors. Mr. Potatohead is president of the U.S. and the whirling rutabaga courtesan is 2nd in command. #3 is what you are left with when they forget to cut off Marie Antoinette's head in time and she is left to go into metamorphosis and become Nasty Pelosi.

It is possible to look at the world from one perspective and see that it appears to be changing into a world of flaming dumpsters. From another perspective, certainly closer to my own, it looks like a planetary transformation, through cosmic judgment, upon what must be left behind, and that includes the psycho-sexual lunatics from the Department of License is Liberty. I suspect that Babylon will be handled as Babylon always is, and Lot and his band of merry travelers will come upon a hidden oasis in the mountains. Some will go one way, and some another, in ways too numerous to categorize. Each will find what they seek, though it may well be... not as they desired nor imagined.

The hierarchy that implements the Will of Heaven... “on Earth, as it IS in Heaven” either has a remarkable sense of humor, or the cosmos is simply designed that way and is a manifestation of the laughter of God at play, woven with tears, to prism the sunlight that shines in and through and around it. Some do not find the high jinks of Heaven to be even the least bit funny, but that is because they have SERIOUS business interests here, and don't think Heaven has any right to take it from them or remove the pleasure from it. The truth is that wealth and power are afflictions if you are selfish, and wonderful opportunities if you are not. People ruin it for themselves, Heaven is not responsible for that.

For some reason, there are people who believe that they can think and say and do as they please, and they can! However, the results are not going to please them and this is what makes them mean. Even simple peasants can have joy-filled lives and in the celebrity lives? There is no joy at all. What an empty life, yet there are millions who wish they were spoiled little rich girl, Paris Hilton, now aging and alone except for her ghosts, and having lost all temporary relevance, must deal with the destiny of her kind.

Millions want to be a glamorous Kardashian-Jenner (sounds like a British sports car). They spend their every day putting lipstick on pigs, in a slow but certain decomposition of the form. I don't know how many of the readers are aware of it, but people who spend their whole lives in a self pampering circle jerk begin to smell bad and that intensifies so that whatever scents they are using, the feral scent of their predatory behavior interacts with them and creates an atmosphere of Fearamones. It makes people uneasy and the source is not hard to locate.

The actual reality of the lives of celebrities is not as they are presented. They live in an ever-intensifying climate of fear and pending fear of exposure. I AM NOT making this up. At a certain point, they begin to hear things in their heads and it makes them VERY uncomfortable. Mostly they do not talk about this because the ONLY THING of any value that they possess is the illusion that they are better off than you, and they MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT!

Think of what it is like to be trailed by ass-kissers wherever you go. It takes a special sort of person to want it as bad as they do; which is one of the ways you get pedestrian items, you WANT THEM MORE than others. You only have to be a bully at the trough. You don't have any real friends, and even if you can go to islands that rent for a hundred thousand dollars a day+, YOU are still there, no matter where you go. You are stuck with yourself. These people cannot be alone. It drives them crazy, their entire sense of self-value is based on the adulation of people they cannot bear to be around. That part I understand very well. Everything you think, and say, and do marks you.

I do not want to give the impression that I hate or despise these people. I don't. I feel terrible sorrow about where they are headed, though I know the road is long and can change radically over a distance. Oh, it can change from one minute to the next. Once the reality of their selfish ways crushes them, they are ripe for redemption. One of the rules of the cosmos is that you have to pay dearly for certain behavior so that you don't FORGET it and head right back into the sty. Actions have consequences. I know this personally. I too wish it were not so, but IT IS! The good news is the Grace of God that, under the right circumstances, can wash it all away in a heartsbeat. Few are aware of the scope of the mercy of God. I could not even begin to articulate the little that I know. I know enough that the mercy, compassion, and forgiveness of God are beyond my ken.

The splendor and majesty of God... oh my... oh my. Once I was in Rappahannock County in Virginia at my old friend, Howard Coon's property. His father was once the ambassador to Nepal. I was out in the yard on a summer's day. I was on some good LSD and I had his young son, Jack on my shoulders when I felt the force of wings above me. Then I sensed the presence of the angel. It was an unmistakable event. There is no way you take it for anything else. I didn't. The force and power of the being were REALLY impressive and I was bent in supplication as if on automatic pilot. It was more an interior thing than an actual bowing. I did have a child on my shoulders. Then it was over. It was quite brief, but it has proven to be unforgettable over time. Now... more amazing occurrences are almost routine. I could not have handled this earlier.

That was ONLY a single angel and the REALLY powerful ones don't even come around here. Imagine an army of angels coming out of the clouds! All this power is the expression of a single force in whom the MUCH GREATER MAJORITY OF POWER is unmanifest. Each angel is a personalized expression of the same force. Oh my... it is so far beyond my imagination and I get to work for him! Anyone could. Really, all you do is show up one day and do what needs doing. It gets noticed. You don't have to fill out any employment forms or sign confidentiality agreements. What shouldn't be said can't be spoken (by you) anyway. You get the whole package far better than working for terrestrial concerns and a REAL golden parachute. Yes, there are risks and dangers, but those are the ones you carry within you. The outside world is ALWAYS in the hands of the Heavenly Command. It's not something you have to worry about.

People worry about the wrong things. They really do.

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Saturday, May 8, 2021

"Worshipers of Form have Imprisoned Themselves in the Temporal Forms of Their Religion."

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Let's talk about diet and eating for a bit. There are a few critical realities having to do with WHAT one eats, HOW one eats, and the attitude one has when they eat. What I am going to tell you is CRITICAL to your health. Also... if you abide by these SIMPLE disciplines you will develop a remarkable immunity and be more at peace WITH YOURSELF than ever before in your life. Of course, GOD is CENTRAL to the whole matter.

I apologize for using biographical details on those occasions when I do. In no way am I suggesting that ANYONE must embrace or follow the ideas I present, or that I have any importance or authority whatsoever because I am a VERY SMALL part of it all. We are all ALWAYS free to make our choices, just as we are FREE TO EXPERIENCE THE RESULTS OF THEM.

I can look at someone and tell if they have developed problems from ignoring these disciplines. So can anyone if they know what to look for. It should be evident, even upon cursory investigation, that this culture is SICK and DYING. I am NOT saying all is lost. I am not saying some people are better than others, as the Fundie Christians do, gleefully pointing out to you that if you are not like them in every sense you will receive Hell-Fire everlasting. First of all that is an odious slander upon the Nature and Composition of The Divine but... we are on another subject at the moment (grin).

Except for occasional diversions, I eat brown rice Nori wraps. The contents are brown rice, scallions, garlic, diced Bell pepper, celery, cabbage, carrots, corn, cashews, and peanuts, my tahini sauce, ginger, Sesame oil, Tamari, turmeric, basil, Chipotle, rice vinegar to taste (not too much) and large Nori sheets. I could eat only these at every meal, but that's just me. Fruit, of course, is important as well, but I suspect I can live very well on this item. Besides this being near the top of the list of Rocky Mountain Walking Food, your system LOVES IT when you eat the same thing over and over and it happens to taste good and be good for you. I should not have to add that there are ENDLESS variations possible for this item. Your system ACCOMMODATES to the diet. Okay... that is the first part and also the least important OVERALL.

Look at the places people live the longest and study what they eat, AND WHERE IT COMES FROM.

How you eat, the attitude you SIT DOWN to shows what you are feeding. If you are angry, fearful, STRESSED, or filled with any negative emotions, THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE FEEDING! The same thing is transferred to others if you cook in that state. They've done studies on the diseases people get in prison and other stressful locations, like high-powered law offices, political theaters, hospitals, and the like. Hurried and under pressure; the results are telling. You should (must) be in a calm and loving state when you eat, because... THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE FEEDING!

You must bless your food in a sincere and aware fashion, otherwise, that is NOT what you are feeding. One is advised not to eat in hunger but in Gratitude. Unless one thoughtfully chews and fletcherizes their food, much is lost. 50% of the digestion is SUPPOSED TO take place in the mouth. One should not eat too much for OBVIOUS reasons, and that doesn't happen if you eat more slowly. This is a very important feature.

The benefits for smart and spiritual eating are beyond count.

Everything eats. God eats. Angels feed him. We feed the angels with our love and finer qualities. Otherwise, we are feeding the Infernal Kingdom. That is what comes from a CARNAL perspective. Everything is eating something and FOR SURE... something or several somethings are eating you, right now. Food and Sex have many similarities. When you have sex you are feeding something. Mikhail Aivanhov said, “If we could see who it is that shows up to eat when we are having sex we would be far more careful in our approach and behavior.”

We ignore the invisible world because it is beyond the report of our physical senses. The invisible world is populated with all sorts of entities. It makes all the difference what your mindset and intentions are.

I am not telling anyone what to do. These are subjects I have studied exhaustively and what you read is what I have experienced or learned (thank God!) vicariously. I also present thoughts that I have gleaned from the teaching of Initiates and Masters across a wide reach of time. For some STRANGE reason, though they may explain it differently and express in different forms, they ALL agree on basic principles. Why would that be? It is because those principles are TRUE.

This is difficult work. One has to be very nuanced and restrained in presenting their thoughts because disagreement is the reward from the triggered and uninformed. One can't worry about that. Dogs are always barking. It is in their nature. Most important of all the things I wish to present here is that The World is devolving more and more into a shared insanity. People are going crazy because life is changing in ways they do not understand. Most all of the infrastructure of systems, traditions, and beliefs are CHANGING. This is in the Natural Order of Things- forms.

Religious people and Atheists are among the most affected because of the fixity of their beliefs in systems, dogma, and cant. The underpinnings of their faith are being removed. This is because their faith is based on the temporal expression, which is divorced from the timeless truths that were intended to be celebrated. Instead, worshipers of form have imprisoned themselves in the forms of their religion. They have become like a fly in amber. Fiercely not believing in something is the same as fiercely believing in something. The good news is that the God the fundamentalists believe in, and the God the atheists do not believe in DOES NOT EXIST. It is an anthropomorphic fantasy. I don't need to explain this. If you don't get it that is explanation enough.

As an example of twit-wits in action, it has recently come to my attention that those who believe the Earth is flat are not all either government operatives or simply stupid. I have noted, due to objections, brought to my attention, in defense of Flat Earth, that some number of them are Fundie Christians who believe God created this world from scratch in 6,000 years. I guess, from the looks of these things, the most recent thousand years are the day he rested (each day of God is a thousand years- they say) They have Bible verses that convince them, verses having to do with God shaping the firmament and dividing the waters. Unfortunately for them, the waters being spoken of are not the waters they think they are.

When I want to know if something is true or false, I go to the realized yogis and masters who have spoken here over the centuries and ALWAYS and ESPECIALLY to The Intuition. None of them that I have encountered talks about ANNUNAKI, reptiles from space, or any of the rest of the weird and wacky things bantered around these days. Maybe these things are real but simply unimportant. Of course, there are creatures out of nightmare that exist in the Lower Astral Hells. What the people pushing the Anunnaki meme do not get is that GOD IS ALL POWERFUL. Who can oppose him? This seems to slip the attention of everyone creating straw dogs and boogeymen. Those pushing 'the Earth is Hell message', or 'Earth is a prison camp' are SPEAKING FOR THEMSELVES. No matter what; their message is DOOM and GLOOM. They want people down in the hole they are in, OR... they work, consciously or unconsciously for The Infernal Kingdom because THAT IS the message of The Infernal Kingdom.

God is bright and wonderful, filled with iridescent rainbows of ever-intensifying light. God is splendor everlasting. God is beyond description and definition but... we do try. ON THE OTHER HAND, those serving the lower appetites and ambitions are dull, when they are not slick and slippery, transparently false and dark. Sure... they have access to special effects and can pretend to be anything... but a sincere and loving heart is not deceived.

I mentioned diet today because it is SUPER important. Every physical function that you ROUTINELY engage in through every day is of critical importance and should be treated so. The dietary example I mentioned, which comes out of the Macrobiotic tradition is a provable reality, in terms of results. I just want you to think about these things BEFORE it is too late. I'm going to be giving more examples in future postings because I consider them basic survival tactics. It could get very grim here for some. I don't want you to be among them.

I think there must be a Fundie Christianity Virus also, because there is an appreciable mass of them who have an exclusionary quote for every occasion. It doesn't matter if you love Christ, as do I. It doesn't matter if you follow his example, as best you can, in all you do. If you are not CONVENTIONAL and part of the scriptural gangbangers coalition you are persona non gratia.

There were some religious groups who celebrated the virtues of good diet, like The Essene's; long gone, and others... some of whom are still around but they are in a small minority overall.

I never was much for joining groups. What did Mark Twain say? Something like, “I refuse to join any club that would have me for a member.” I once lived in the Guru Bawa Fellowship, in the Overbrook section of Philly. I loved Guru Bawa, who was a pleasure to be around and lit up like a light bulb with spiritual force, but... the followers and especially the self-anointed in charge were something else. There used to be a nice greensward in front of the fellowship where people would sit and where gatherings were held in good weather. When Bawa died, in no time at all, it seemed, those who seized the reins of power, paved over all of the grass in front and put in a parking lot, Then they stenciled their title of office in their personal parking place. Once they were done there was little room for anyone else to park. Sadly, this was not my first experience of ashrams and religious communities. I've yet to find an exception, EXCEPT when we formed together as equals for the purpose of the demonstration we shared in, and then moved on.

I seldom know what I am going to write about and even when I have an idea in the beginning, it never goes as I expected. This is a classic example today, given that I wasn't going to write anything, but my friend said something and I went to write it down for later and just kept typing (grin).

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Sunday, May 2, 2021

"Every Tweedledee has a Tweedledum; in The Size, Shape and Temperament of The Kind."

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Before I engage the subject at hand, perhaps a brief primer on the author will help to set the mood. I was beaten nearly every day of my life, often brutally, until I was sixteen or thereabouts. The only time I did not catch the whip, or the club, or the fist was when the one providing these niceties happened not to be present. At the dinner table, if I did not have a piece of bread in hand as I ate, I would be backhanded. If I did not put salt and pepper on my food... if I did not have milk in my glass; same result.

If the mood was on for the man, it could be anything that provoked the rage. One of the results, for me, was an adult ulcer at the age of twelve. You could probably imagine some of the other torments. I could go on at length, providing all manner of color commentary, but it is neither here nor there for me anymore. The psychological end was easily as bad. I want you to keep this in mind as I continue with the task at hand.

I should be no fan of corporal punishment, BUT... it has its place. Because of the way life works, if your parents don't discipline and train you... life WILL. One of the MAJOR problems in America is the pervasive hands-off policy in the cultural morphing of the times as concerns parenting. People are encouraged to express themselves however they wish, to find and live their own truth. No such truth exists but it serves as an excuse for the kid gloves treatment of burgeoning sociopaths.

People who dress their little boys in princess outfits, and sue Disneyland for not letting them be Princess Frozen (or whatever the cartoon is called). These are the source causes of Desmond is Amazing. Here is a direct quote from the article;

“Desmond’s parents claim they are just letting him do what he wants — that A THERAPIST told them this is healthy.”

This is the position of The State and The Media. They encourage and back this sort of depravity because it exemplifies the idea that you can be, LITERALLY, anyone or anything you wish, and it makes it easier for them to control you. It also fuels the Guilt Industry, because of what happens deep inside where it cannot hide; much as it may wish to.

Lizzo tells us that obese and grotesque is The New Thin and Beautiful. If it is twisted and profane this makes it ever so much more desirable. If it is Normal or Sacred it is not desirable at all and you will be a pariah if you object. The UK is far worse than the U.S. -when it comes to PC-Fascism, but we do have a tranny Assistant Secretary of Health. Belgium has one-upped us in this regard.

Here is a gift that Kalifornia intends to give to itself and the rest of the nation. Children are being taught that they can do ANYTHING they please, as well as eat whatever they please, and BE anything they please. A literal army of social workers and psychologists are on hand to JUSTIFY anything the child gets up to, and communicate to the child that nothing they do is their fault.

Perhaps I should go into some of the less commonly known nuances of Karma. When you come before the council of Lord's of Karma, which is comprised of twenty-four immortal entities, there is no SPECIFIC course you must take. You are given options, depending on how swiftly you wish to clear up your debts. You could be told that one hundred, or five hundred, or thousands and thousands of lives are required to resolve your case at the general speed of evolution, depending on the choice you make.

Of course... it should not take such an extreme number of lives and IT DOESN'T, but... along with debts outstanding, there are also unrequited desires, ambitions, attractions, fantasies and the like that HAVE TO BE PROVIDED because you want what you want and NO ONE is going to talk you out of it. This is a side of Karma that doesn't often get explored. There is so much that you want, or think you want and you CAN have them. One must factor in the costs, but that is not usually something they want to hear about.

In my case, I opted for The Extreme Route. On this course, one can live many lives in a single visit. I also took on certain liabilities. I could say that it doesn't always turn out the way you thought it would, once it started happening. For most of the journey, I can say that I often cursed my self-prescribed fate, which I didn't know about at the time. Now I can say it has been well worth it and generously handled by those I made the agreement with. The Man on the Beach said at one point, “I despise deals.” I said that he didn't have to make deals and he said, “Deals have been made.” I still don't completely understand what he meant, but I get some of it... NOW. Much is being made clear to me in this segment of the film.

You've heard the term, 'helicopter parents'. These are the hovering and endlessly indulgent parents that pamper and mollycoddle their offspring, making sure that every Tweedledee has a Tweedledum; in the size, shape, and temperament of the kind. They want their children to have all the advantages and opportunities that they did not have, despite their probably living better than royalty did a few generations ago.

We... as a people have become slack, fat and stupid, AND above all, selfish. The atmosphere of Materialism breeds these characteristics into the residents. Certainly, the body comes in all shapes and sizes. I have seen heavy-set people who moved like dancers with fulsome grace. I am NOT talking about them. I am talking about the people who eat while walking down the street, with zero sense of grace or gratitude; who look with desperate hunger upon what and who they cannot have; never realizing that actually getting any of these objects of desire is another Hell unto itself. I am talking about those who buy into The Big Lie that so much of what they see is real and worth having. I am talking about the demanding, calculating and deluded characters who want what they want and they want it NOW.

Materialism, the offspring of Mammon, is all about the Celebration of Appetite. It provides the stage and materials for the expression of its intrinsic nature. Because it is a supermarket of pedestrian attractions, it further separates the Heart and Mind, and Soul from each other. It feeds the lower nature and starves the higher nature and leads, eventually to INSANITY and ignominious death. There is NO GOOD SIDE to Materialism. It's like Cancer, you have it or you don't. The way it resolves itself is by eating you alive. Cancer is some aspect of one's system attacking the system. Materialism is the origin of many forms of Cancer. When the body is moved to a specific point beyond Harmony, it manifests as disharmony, and disharmony results in disease.

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between Woke and Awakened. Woke is like being asleep and dreaming you are awake, and then struggling to wake up until it turns to Nightmare. Awakened is exactly what it says it is, and there are stages in the process, just as there are stages of enlightenment.

Noble and realized souls like Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna, Paramhansa Yogananda, Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov, Meister Eckhart, Jacob Boehme and others are representative of states of awareness; signposts and examples of what you may become if you persist in a similar direction. Everyone who has lived is an example for someone. Everyone is the result of a particular Purpose of Demonstration. Ted Bundy, George Custer, Nelson Rockefeller, Ramana Maharshi, Bozo the Clown and Babaji are ALL examples of what you, yourself can be, and in fact, already are in a potential sense.

You become what you think yourself to be and what garners the majority of your attention. Some have no attention at all except for Dreams of Appetite and Desire. How long does it take to become any one of these examples? “Success is Speedy for the Energetic.” Certainly, you know that some roles have a larger waiting list than others? If you want to be a streetcar conductor, that would be easier than to be a big movie star, a musical genius, or a world leader. It is more difficult yet to be a Sage, or a Master, and even more difficult to be a Prophet; keeping in mind that there IS A COST that attends each of them. You GOT TO pay the ferryman. The Devil, such as we understand him, and his minions are IN THE DETAILS.

The film, Bedazzled points out what you get when you trust The Prince(ss) of Darkness to fulfill promises.

I can say with both assurance and gratitude that I do not regret what I went through at all. On the other hand, those who are spoon-fed and have their whims catered to, develop no spine and spend their life... with a petulant and dissatisfied mien once they leave home; if they ever do.

Some parents, intentionally, mentally, and emotionally cripple their children, so they will not leave home, and assuredly... viral outbreaks of certain sexual behaviors are shaped into the sexual nature of a child in the early years by the mother, who has been bent out of shape in the same way that Nature is when cities have their extended impact on the citizens. Particular environments are hotbeds for sexual perversity. Babylon was not a rural farming community, nor were Sodom, Gomorrah, Tripura, and others... numerous as grains of sand on a beach and long... long forgotten.

You have a choice. You can spin your wheels, going round and round or nowhere at all, or you can travel on a spiral to more refined locations. You become what you emulate and imitate. If you had bad parents you can embrace new parents, as I have done. Yes... in a sense, you CAN be anyone or anything you wish, BUT... all of this you can repent of at your leisure when you discover that this is not what you wanted at all. Life will SURELY teach you this.

End Transmission.......

fast asleep

coiled at the base of life

the love of self and its reflection-

the dreams of appetite...

twined one about the other

one and the same

endless longing for expression


to be reabsorbed and born again

like Nicodemus

the mind asks stupid questions


the unknown

is just that


and the reality of things always

more simple than we can understand


amidst the clamoring of-

the dreams of appetite

oh...for what a length of time...

with nothing to measure itself against

except itself

and emptiness


the grand empyrean arched

and bottomless

from which falls

the fiery rain

there in the cauldron of confused

and ever changing shape

came forth whatever was wrought

by fear and delight

fantastic beasts

and languorous Venusian witch

to dance

amidst the purity and squalor of-

the dreams of appetite

where is the solid ground?

swallowing sands swell the invisible winds

and serpentine funnels race

through the carnival ruins of

the wreckage left

from the battle for survival in-

dreams of appetite

how we mourn the passing of the patterns

in the kaleidoscope's twist

what special meaning has any one-

among all the rest?

when the colors go

only the backing screen remains the sum of it....

...across the face of which

parade the wizards and fools who

pursue the mist.

In a temporary focus

and uneasy sleep


In dreams of appetite

nowhere to stop

to stop is to forget

beyond galaxies and

beyond that...

homeward past bright angels

whose work is to refine

all circumstance and substance...

guardians of the soul

at that fearsome banquet-

the featureless night

the black table upon which are served-

the dreams of appetite

Bardot upon bardo

from Paris to Tibet

elusive spirals

the upward swing into illuminated rooms

where imagination serves us best

but cannot prepare us for

the splendorous rites

performed by those abstaining from-

The dreams of appetite...

far in the unremembered past

there is a music like coursing blood

a shine without shadow

a milk of self forgetting

a rising, rushing wind of living song

it is the provocation of all longing

the unknown source of every want

to be achieved in silence

under lustrous love-hewn stars


silence has

prevailed upon the world

with all its might

whatever world there may have been-

in dreams of appetite...