Friday, May 28, 2021

"We have Witnessed a Put-Up, Backroom Job of a Deal Done in Darkness."

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Some readers might remember a couple of years or so ago, what was said here, about a particular blood moon, and that it mirrored, in striking detail, the signs that attended The French Revolution around 250 years ago. Since that time, the changing social trends reflect this, and that is something to think about. Now, if you are one of those people who believe that history repeats itself. Well... we know that human nature has an unfortunate way of repeating itself. You can certainly see history in the work up to repeating itself right now.

I take the perspective of India on certain issues, especially those that involve vast stretches of time. They say that manifest life goes through 4 yugas. Long tradition says that the first yuga, which is mostly light-filled, lasts almost two million years. The light decreases from yuga to yuga. By the time it gets to the last yuga, which is the one we are in, the time span is cut to only around half a million years. This I consider to be a mercy of Heaven. We get long stretches of light, and then, finally, the payback yuga arrives. I don't know where we are Kali Yuga-wise. I don't believe in letting what I wish for influence my perception of the realities of the origin, and destiny of what I cannot see. The senses often blind us to this.

I DO NOT KNOW about the actual lengths of time. There is great controversy about that since Swami Yukteswar published his theory which significantly reduced the times of the yugas. Now there is a new theory that is pegging them all at around 24 thousand years, which sounds suspiciously like how the western arcane science measures the movements of the zodiac. I suspect The Flat Earth folks are behind this too. Flat Earth and a number of other ridiculous beliefs are the offspring of intelligence agencies who have been long co-opted by the infernal kingdom. God, by the way, controls that as well.

The forces that think they are, are disseminating absurdity upon absurdity, for the purpose of Confusion. You see it every day, just as you see those who publicly dance to the music of it, and unintentionally expose themselves to the eyes of The World.

I don't know how long the yugas are. I believe the proportions, and I believe that over eight billion people did not come here by accident. I suspect that something grand has been staged for these times. I included the extended (though incredibly brief) disclaimer to make clear that I don't know these cosmic details. There are people that are prepared to argue before there is anything to argue about, and facts have nothing to do with the matter; not that they have any facts. EVERYTHING you hear, with rare exception, IS OPINION, or perspectives formed by what SOMEONE ELSE SAID, or wrote down. Just because someone wrote it down, or said it, DOES NOT MEAN it is true.

This brings a President Trump matter to mind. There are people who hate the man and lose all reason when he comes up in conversation. Somehow... the idea that I was or am a supporter of the man has been fashioned without my having to do anything about it except mention him as the lesser of two evils. I think you can see what I meant by what has since transpired. I have many concerns about Trump, most significant among them was his press for the vaccines (surely he knew better), and all that he seemed ignorant of, concerning what was taking place in the year previous to the election. The longer and deeper I look into it all, the more I suspect we have witnessed a put-up, backroom job of a deal done in darkness. More and more, it becomes evident that someone other than the obvious players is pulling the strings. Yes! I have known this for some time already. It just becomes more clear as the pieces fall into place.

I was very clear about my impressions of the former president but none of that matters when none of that matters. The world of politics, the art of the deal, is not my province. Serving and seeking after The Divine is my province, and there is very little I can do except to work on myself, and the more we meddle, despite good intentions, the more we gum up the works. Without the necessary amount of VIRTUE, one is a handcuffed soul in a bar fight. One might ask, “what about all of the illuminated souls. Where are the angels?” Where are the Rishis, and The Elohim, which are the same? They are all in The Great Brotherhood of Initiates. Why are they, seemingly, doing so little in these times? Appearances are deceiving. They are working tirelessly at this very moment, bringing all to their appointed ends. They are shepherds. They care for the flock and they also PROTECT the flock.

The Cosmos is a structured universe, under the ceaseless meditation of The Ineffable, who interpenetrates and rules everything. Neither leaf nor sparrow falls where it goes unnoticed. There is a reason that this image persists in scripture. God is everywhere. If you have not found God, you have not been looking for him. God is everywhere. God is in prison. I have first-hand experience of that. In these times, the main force of the darkness is directed at breaking the human spirit. This comes in several stages. You might think of it as being like an outlaw band whose commission is to terrorize the populace. One of them is called Fear. One of them is Greed. One of them is Ignorance. One of them is Confusion. There are other players. They have no immediate truck with the righteous since there is much easier prey. It is a prey that can be turned upon the righteous, once their fear has been brought to a steady chill BEFORE it becomes inflamed. It's a wheels within wheels dynamic. It is plotted in the citadels of darkness and its greatest strength is the pervasive moral weakness of the times.

When humanity has lost its way, terrible events can and do take place. Somehow, those who arranged to be here for selfish purposes, and those arranged to be their nemesis, find each other, and ageless dramas repeat themselves on a regular schedule. There are only so many possibilities of plot here, and all of them get plotted when the denouement comes. I remember Flaky Foont (was that his name?) who asked Mr. Natural, in a passionate moment, “Mr. Natural, where does it all end?” Mr. Natural replied; “in the grave, my son, in the grave.” I might have messed that up in the presentation, but I am clear on the implications. That is not where it all ends. The twisted and bent out of shape among us, hope that is true, and then there are no repercussions for the evil they do. It doesn't work like that and EVERY lasting tradition confirms this.

We are now in such a time. We are in a time of unveiling, where the truth is coming to light. You see how quickly people are turned upon if they step out of line with Group-Think, and Group Speak. At the moment, it all SEEMS to be going the wrong way. Mr. Apocalypse is PUSHING his chosen out onto the stage. Then he is causing them to say things they did not intend to say. He is provoking them to do what they might not care to do in the light of day. They are being exposed and convicted by their own deeds. MUCH MORE than we see is taking place beyond sensory reports. When the lights go on, the roaches scurry into the woodwork. You get an abundance of roaches in an advanced material culture. I have no desire to paint anyone as a roach. All I can say is to echo The Master; “by their works, YE SHALL KNOW THEM.” The Light IS coming.

There are all manner of excuses that are used to exonerate certain behaviors. We are told they were poorly raised. We are told they are victims of the people they are victimizing. There is a place in the Middle East where they have perfected this, and it has worked so well for so long that they cannot imagine it will ever change, but it does change. It is changing, and not all their wiles or wealth can inhibit the changes that are coming. The World is going to be set back upon its heels in shock and wonderment at what is coming. Mr. Apocalypse; the hardest working man in the Truth Business is HERE. Lady Nature is HERE. The Lord's of Cosmic Justice are HERE. The Avatar is processing in. They are either already fully engaged, or they await the rising of the conductor's baton.

I caution you NOT TO let appearances influence you. They are being designed and choreographed to frighten you and to generate dismay and despair. I have taken notice of some number of souls who are experiencing severe distress now over the pressures coming down on them or coming up in them. Their responses to these pressures fan the flames. You cannot just give up, or run and hide, nor can you charge into them with the idea that Heaven is at your back. The guidance of Heaven is often cautionary and restrained. This is an area of life that is near impossible to talk about. The best that can be said is that one should seek inner counsel. One should ask after and pray for guidance. Conditions are not so bad as they seem, and the forces of Cosmic Justice are surgically precise.

Everything being discussed here is based on a single premise. It comes down to whether you believe there is a Divine Presence, or you do not. Most people are caught in the middle. They WANT to believe, but doubt can be provoked by any number of challenges and tests. In Times of Material Darkness it can be hard to see the light, most especially if you are looking for it anywhere but inside yourself. I do not simply believe God is real. I cannot say that I know WHAT God is, but I can say I KNOW that he IS. I've ALWAYS known this, and present conditions give me evidence several times every day. It is there to see if your desire is to see. It is nowhere apparent if your desire is NOT to see.

Don't be brought down by appearances! These are the times that try us in the extreme. We MUST appeal to Heaven for succor. Heaven awaits you within, and the more you seek out and call after it the closer it comes, but it WILL NOT come to the insincere, and it will not come uninvited or uncelebrated. Heaven is not a fan of the wishy-washy and inconsistent.

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Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'timely' column. Thanks!

Yuga Ages in a previous comment on these blogs.

I actually like the above conception, because I think long-desired changes are on the horizon. I believe this because of Higher Self's 'trajectory' in the last month or so. Before, HS and Others were taking-on higher-level Unseen baddies - most of whom had been interfering or attacking - and Cleaning them. Pretty consistent.

Recently, this 'pattern' has changed. Now, HS is much more likely to go after Unseen baddies - or goodies - who have been floaters. Events of the past eons have so loaded-up these entities that they are passive or inert. They may be bad or good, but they are more like shell-shocked battle casualties. Most are seriously non-human. HS still does a Cleaning on each. Goodies become active, and baddies switch to goodies and then become active. And, HS goes out to get them; they are not intruding (although still residing 'on' this planet). That is new.

My take on the above is that the overall 'battle' in the Unseen has been won, and the 'action' has shifted to non-Players. I can think of several reasons: Mercy. End-of-Play approaching. Reducing the 'weight' of old-pain. New allies. Etc.

Now, we get to see how Trickle Down really operates...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Visible One,

Even the deceivers are doubling down on trying to pass as human!
Notice the many puppets beginning to join the human race, at least in appearance?

Yeah, this baby is going to pop and sooner than the long-winded executioners calculated!

Those with the biggest hand up their puppet posteriors are amping up their arrogance, so that no one may miss their villainy and learn appropriate lessons from it.
Those lower in the lowerarchy are trying to claw back their persona and join the rank and file, fearing their exposure means an end to their mean being.

The center cannot hold WHEN the center is personal and vain.
All war plans against the will of the One are vain, by definition.
Plans, even multi-generational agendas, founded on black hole gravitational pull, will collapse.

We have a human body seated at the greatest reveal on Earth, possibly in this galaxy.
We have to jettison all ballast to rise above the chaos, but what can hold us tied down with our own old skin?
What are we being drawn toward on this plane that shines more beauty than we can imagine?

When humanity has lost its way, terrible events can and do take place. Somehow, those who arranged to be here for selfish purposes, and those arranged to be their nemesis, find each other, and ageless dramas repeat themselves on a regular schedule

Automatic consciousness repeats until it grows out of mechanical slumber.
Mass mind repeats its errors until a better pattern displaces it.
That pattern was reseeded two millennia past and grows behind the scenes and ahead of the dead.

Only a fractious fraction of humanity has lost its way, but the culture of death practiced upon humanity is definitely lost and going the way of all error.

One should ask after and pray for guidance. Conditions are not so bad as they seem, and the forces of Cosmic Justice are surgically precise

Insight versus sensory projection
Reason versus emotional reactions
Persistent deep feelings versus triggered sore points of unhealed experience

Just because humans are error-laden and machines designed by humans even more so, says nothing valid about the effectiveness and meticulous precision of spiritual laws of motion.

Human science has not yet revealed ANY discrepencies even in the so-called laws of physics! Any indications of such are eventually down to human limitations in comprehension, including the purest languages of mathematics and music!

This is a meaning of perfection: not a static state but a process that proceeds according to plan ALWAYS! A sound resounding without diminishment.
Life would not persist without the perfect balance of many natural laws at the same time, a trillion plate spinning show by a many handed being before a live audience!

The moment we get over ourselves, however long that moment is permitted to persist, we rise above the noise of the surf and our hearts join in the waves behind the froth!

We trade our momentary feelings of pleasure and pain for the Passion emanating from the neutral center of Creation, without blinking.

Taking a permanent pause from enervating experiences to abide along the sea of tranquility sounded boring when we were young and stupid.
Taking a step back from the brink has now become the dance step of the age!

Thomas said...

Excellent advice, as usual. And interesting to hear about your life!

As for the elite - I wanted to say this: we are dealing with literal ass-fuckers, who can't tell an anus from a p*ussy. They don't care which ass the anus sits in, and they don't mind spraying the fruit of their loins into actual shit. Genuine mother-fuckers.

No beef with homosexuals, by the way. I know some (and know some who!) are fine with that way.

Anonymous said...

"The World is going to be set back upon its heels in shock and wonderment at what is coming"

Please God, soon. Normal moral good people are suffering at the hands of these demons, and even the spiritual are feeling very anxious for real change.

Yukteswar Guru's idea about much shorter yugas, my gut tells me he's right. I get a feeling of optimism and hope thinking about it. So if we are somewhere in the middle of Dwarpara Yuga, then yes it seems we are due for another Avatar who will destroy the demons and protect the devotees. Beyond Yuga theories, bhakti is so important that it makes it irrelevant. Some of the holy places in India are existing beyond material time, so yugas don't really matter ultimately. I remember the first time I went to Vrindavan and saw Govardhana, I could get a sense of an eternal lila taking place, a glimpse of that, a feeling of that. That one small glimpse has sustained me for all these years

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Actually, my take on this time is to have as little to do with the world as possible, and just sit in the olde nose cave, do political research, and post the stuff that may help people wake up in the most obnoxious way possible.

Anonymous said...

Visible. You said you will be adding links again soon. I believe it is important to do that because the events happening are a sort of road map as to where we are and where we are going. To just ignore the ‘’illusion’ is like trying to ignore a migraine. I believe there is much happening behind the scenes that are for the good but we have to search to find them. The more that comes out of this covid hoax and what this ‘disease really is, is quite mind boggling and goes to show just how evil those running this world are. This entire situation is huge as far as the world scene goes. I believe it is their biggest weapon in the end game to finally usher in what they wanted for humankind .Their end that is. The social factor is big, the economic factor is big, but its the covid that is the biggest factor in driving everything evil at this time. There is plenty of authentic research out there that proves what covid is and its supposed cure , available for anyone who wants to go that far down the rabbit hole. I imagine things could get worse before they get better but how much worse. The prospect is daunting, The hearts of many are breaking now. The only sanctuary for anyone who wants peace is finding God. God works through us and I have been asking God to work through me as I have realized through these difficult times how insignificant are my petty wants and desires. It’s been a wake call that yes, we are in this together, in this transformation and if it is going to take place for the good , it is far more important then our perceived individual needs. All I have left to do now is pray and ask what my part in this is , however small, and do it.
This is the real deal and its happening now.

Anonymous said...

Mercury retrograde May 29th.


Thomas said...

I think that the Holy Yukteswar was right on the money with his yuga-analysis: just entered / entering an ascendeing Dwapara Yuga that will last 2400 years. Vibrations rising slowly but steadily. Slow curving towards acceleration.

Riffing on Yogananda:

I am the anti-Christ
Ego, enemy of Christ
vain, proud, selfish me

Cunning, tricks up my sleeve
ever seek to deceive
center of everything me

And I am not the only one
we are many

Ego, I, enemy of Christ
selfish, vain and proud
I sail the seven seas in search
of beauty, romance, and despair
see, we play together, you and me,

Christ, my Love!

Thomas said...

The controversy surrounding the yugas might be only apparent - Yogananda says that there is more than one cycle, and that the 26.000 year one is nested inside a much longer one (is it 430.000 years?) that *also* moves through the 4 different ages.

Two sinusoidal waveforms superimposed, one short, one long. This image may ease visualization:

Thomas said...


I suggest part of what you could do is writing here, when you feel like it. You seem to have a firm voice and a no-nonsense delivery - practice is always good, and the more the merrier! (I mean no slight saying merrier - :) - God is cheerful.)

All the best :)

Anonymous said...

Thank You.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Thomas..........I think:)

Ray B. said...

This struck a chord:

"I'm looking [at] the overview of what is going on. We are in a frequency war. ... Those that have controlled this planet (not the faces you see on TV) were hoping they [could] drive the frequencies down of this planet like they did in the times of Atlantis. Lessons were learned from Atlantis by benevolent Galactic Humans. Yes, most of what are called ETs are a form of human.

The last major tool the Orion/Alpha Draconis slavery cartel has is FEAR. It's clear that COVID19 was an a magnificently crafted propaganda scheme worldwide. ... FEAR was used on the front side of this, and FEAR is being used from every angle whether its pro or anti-vaccine. ... They don't care what happens to you, only that you are in a frequency they know how to manipulate." (my italics)

Asil said...

Trump's comments and actions suggest he is doing the right thing. Over time one can see they are masterfully deceptive. Operation Warp Speed was a perfect example of that tactic. It appeared in timing with the panic that was being generated by the MSM and the people he had appointed.
Why didn't he have Operation Warp speed for Regeneron? When Trump was diagnosed with Covid they gave him Regeneron and he recovered within days. When his son, Baron was diagnosed with Covid he also received Regeneron. Trump said that within hours Baron was recovering. Instead he continued to push the untested synthetic mRNA medical treatment on a terrified public. The FDA did not approve any of them - they are approved "for Emergency Use only". This is a crime against humanity.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Sun is Merely One of His Ornaments, Shining in the Sky, and Giving Witness of His Being."

Frog said...

Thanks, Visible.



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