Wednesday, May 12, 2021

"The Good News is that the Grace of God can Wash it All Away in a Heartsbeat."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So... while all the events that we hear about are going on, there are many events that get FAR LESS coverage, and then... there are the events we don't hear about at all, and which the aforementioned are a cover for. I've heard it said, “beware of the man behind the curtain.” I would say, 'be mindful of the force behind the man, behind the man, behind the man, behind the curtain.

It turns out that the ones who hacked the pipeline have no political affiliation. They showed up on the Dark Web yesterday to say that they were apolitical and only in it for the money. They are ransomware bandits. They said they would be more careful about who they went after in the future because they did not want to cause the problems this enterprise did. Ransomware is also a BIG DEAL behind the scenes. They search for fat companies and prosperous individuals and then lock up their computer systems.

You really have to be careful in this world. If someone hit my computer with Ransomware, I would lose some creative work, digital books, and movies, maybe some addresses, though I don't keep the important touches with people happening by the usual means anyway. I keep them where they can't be interfered with. I did get a similar thing happen to me in Germany. I simply reformatted my computer and moved on. One can also just get another computer for a couple of hundred bucks. Most of us want something more powerful but one would still be able to do all the things they did before. ONCE AGAIN... Hostages to Fortune. Don't have them! Everything here is temporary anyway. Wealth is a Hostage to Fortune. Your Hostages to Fortune are IN YOUR MIND.

Let us navigate to the MOST IMPORTANT detail of the affair; a gas shortage in a couple of days!?! A gas shortage attended by long lines and road rage? I smell ham-handed manipulation here. You realize that one of the biggest criminal enterprises in this country is the FBI? They could certainly have been in on it. They are one of the enforcement arms of the Globalist Deep State.

All sorts of unusual occurrences are taking place and not getting noted for the deeper implications. Yes, that seldom happens anyway, BUT... it appears that the course of events is not happening precisely as The Dark State would like. Darth Vader's daughter went up in flames yesterday, after successfully blocking it the first time. She is... was... one of the most powerful Rinos in the country and offspring of one of the MAIN players in the 9/11 attacks, which COMPLETELY changed the texture of life as we knew it. Airports, public venues, and government offices all became accessible only at the loss of one's dignity and sense of self-respect. It's similar to the hijacking of the music and all the other mediums that provide the color and soundtrack to life. Now we have ugly thug compositions that demean every good thing worth having; many of the positive qualities are invisible but they shine through the people who possess them.

Israel is in deep shit. Not only are Turkey and many another nation in opposition to them but the Tides of Fortune have changed and the whole force of Wokeness and even sane mental climates are mindful of the Palestinian Horrors. Mr. Potatohead is president of the U.S. and the whirling rutabaga courtesan is 2nd in command. #3 is what you are left with when they forget to cut off Marie Antoinette's head in time and she is left to go into metamorphosis and become Nasty Pelosi.

It is possible to look at the world from one perspective and see that it appears to be changing into a world of flaming dumpsters. From another perspective, certainly closer to my own, it looks like a planetary transformation, through cosmic judgment, upon what must be left behind, and that includes the psycho-sexual lunatics from the Department of License is Liberty. I suspect that Babylon will be handled as Babylon always is, and Lot and his band of merry travelers will come upon a hidden oasis in the mountains. Some will go one way, and some another, in ways too numerous to categorize. Each will find what they seek, though it may well be... not as they desired nor imagined.

The hierarchy that implements the Will of Heaven... “on Earth, as it IS in Heaven” either has a remarkable sense of humor, or the cosmos is simply designed that way and is a manifestation of the laughter of God at play, woven with tears, to prism the sunlight that shines in and through and around it. Some do not find the high jinks of Heaven to be even the least bit funny, but that is because they have SERIOUS business interests here, and don't think Heaven has any right to take it from them or remove the pleasure from it. The truth is that wealth and power are afflictions if you are selfish, and wonderful opportunities if you are not. People ruin it for themselves, Heaven is not responsible for that.

For some reason, there are people who believe that they can think and say and do as they please, and they can! However, the results are not going to please them and this is what makes them mean. Even simple peasants can have joy-filled lives and in the celebrity lives? There is no joy at all. What an empty life, yet there are millions who wish they were spoiled little rich girl, Paris Hilton, now aging and alone except for her ghosts, and having lost all temporary relevance, must deal with the destiny of her kind.

Millions want to be a glamorous Kardashian-Jenner (sounds like a British sports car). They spend their every day putting lipstick on pigs, in a slow but certain decomposition of the form. I don't know how many of the readers are aware of it, but people who spend their whole lives in a self pampering circle jerk begin to smell bad and that intensifies so that whatever scents they are using, the feral scent of their predatory behavior interacts with them and creates an atmosphere of Fearamones. It makes people uneasy and the source is not hard to locate.

The actual reality of the lives of celebrities is not as they are presented. They live in an ever-intensifying climate of fear and pending fear of exposure. I AM NOT making this up. At a certain point, they begin to hear things in their heads and it makes them VERY uncomfortable. Mostly they do not talk about this because the ONLY THING of any value that they possess is the illusion that they are better off than you, and they MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT!

Think of what it is like to be trailed by ass-kissers wherever you go. It takes a special sort of person to want it as bad as they do; which is one of the ways you get pedestrian items, you WANT THEM MORE than others. You only have to be a bully at the trough. You don't have any real friends, and even if you can go to islands that rent for a hundred thousand dollars a day+, YOU are still there, no matter where you go. You are stuck with yourself. These people cannot be alone. It drives them crazy, their entire sense of self-value is based on the adulation of people they cannot bear to be around. That part I understand very well. Everything you think, and say, and do marks you.

I do not want to give the impression that I hate or despise these people. I don't. I feel terrible sorrow about where they are headed, though I know the road is long and can change radically over a distance. Oh, it can change from one minute to the next. Once the reality of their selfish ways crushes them, they are ripe for redemption. One of the rules of the cosmos is that you have to pay dearly for certain behavior so that you don't FORGET it and head right back into the sty. Actions have consequences. I know this personally. I too wish it were not so, but IT IS! The good news is the Grace of God that, under the right circumstances, can wash it all away in a heartsbeat. Few are aware of the scope of the mercy of God. I could not even begin to articulate the little that I know. I know enough that the mercy, compassion, and forgiveness of God are beyond my ken.

The splendor and majesty of God... oh my... oh my. Once I was in Rappahannock County in Virginia at my old friend, Howard Coon's property. His father was once the ambassador to Nepal. I was out in the yard on a summer's day. I was on some good LSD and I had his young son, Jack on my shoulders when I felt the force of wings above me. Then I sensed the presence of the angel. It was an unmistakable event. There is no way you take it for anything else. I didn't. The force and power of the being were REALLY impressive and I was bent in supplication as if on automatic pilot. It was more an interior thing than an actual bowing. I did have a child on my shoulders. Then it was over. It was quite brief, but it has proven to be unforgettable over time. Now... more amazing occurrences are almost routine. I could not have handled this earlier.

That was ONLY a single angel and the REALLY powerful ones don't even come around here. Imagine an army of angels coming out of the clouds! All this power is the expression of a single force in whom the MUCH GREATER MAJORITY OF POWER is unmanifest. Each angel is a personalized expression of the same force. Oh my... it is so far beyond my imagination and I get to work for him! Anyone could. Really, all you do is show up one day and do what needs doing. It gets noticed. You don't have to fill out any employment forms or sign confidentiality agreements. What shouldn't be said can't be spoken (by you) anyway. You get the whole package far better than working for terrestrial concerns and a REAL golden parachute. Yes, there are risks and dangers, but those are the ones you carry within you. The outside world is ALWAYS in the hands of the Heavenly Command. It's not something you have to worry about.

People worry about the wrong things. They really do.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Potatohead is president of the U.S. and the whirling rutabaga courtesan is 2nd in command. #3 is what you are left with when they forget to cut off Marie Antoinette's head in time and she is left to go into metamorphosis and become Nasty Pelosi.
Darth Vader’s daughter went up in flames yesterday ....
I rarely laugh these days but after reading those two lines I had to stop myself least I split a side.
Thank You Visible. Remind me never to lose my sense of humor.
Linda .

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Philosophical masterpiece, and more and more as time goes on; do you cover my personal experiences and awareness.

Anonymous said...

Let us worry only about attaining the grace, mercy, and love of God

robert said...

Visible One,

Your use of wit and pithy allegory deflates the beast of global ego inflation.
All we have to do is see through the naked arrogance to the world of beauty dressed in rags disintegrating before our encrusted eyes!

It's similar to the hijacking of the music and all the other mediums that provide the color and soundtrack to life. Now we have ugly thug compositions that demean every good thing worth having; many of the positive qualities are invisible but they shine through the people who possess them

Clear in retrospect, as you have ponted out repeatedly, that the squeeze into the new normal depended on a demonic soundtrack.
To obscure the matrix now glaring out of the shadows, all the arts had to be hijacked and used to double down the hypnotic trance.

Constant repetition
Constant inundation with degraded artistic expression from the dim, demented denizens.
Constant bare faced lies from snarky, smirky smug thugs
Constant tribulation for the soul-connected remnant while the corrupted live it down in satisfaction

And yet, the illusion has reached the point where only brute force can fantasize a victory of shadow!
The pain of cognitive dissonance has exceeded what drugs, hypnosis and willful denial can hide.

Snap! out of the walking funeral march.
Hug your brothers and sisters, even though zombified to fear human contact!
Let our spirits spontaneously sing louder than the industrial noise playing the pretense of human expression.

From another perspective, certainly closer to my own, it looks like a planetary transformation, through cosmic judgment, upon what must be left behind, and that includes the psycho-sexual lunatics from the Department of License is Liberty

Unsanity cannot stand up without the crutch of money injected in ungodly amounts.
Upside down tops are unstable when attention is removed, like the media Matrix being parched by the exodus of transfixed stares.

The chaotic birth process brings a series of howling humorous moments, in chorus with the howling of the forsaken.

The absurdity being swallowed will be followed by a regurgitation, different than that programmed in the schools of indoctrination:
A rejection of the crazy quilt story being narrated by the ever-so-serious slimes.

Banish their death chants by the laughter of liberation, the lightning crackle of the fiery spirit escaping the bottle we have made.

Common sense exists and comes forth from the One spirit behind every being.
The offending of children is peaking, henceforth only to recede before the common indignation, never to be ascendent on mother Earth again.

We are given what we ask for.
We who have seen our limitations clearly as filthy garments ask only for continued simple presence of the One within.

If more service is required from our Spirit, we will be gifted in the moment with support beyond our ability to resist from our selfish straw houses.

There is more humor in the human show than tragedy, but only when seen with deeper sight:
Not the superficial image we build with words of fake seriousness, uttered from our personal hell

But from the vision which shatters our prisons of negative words intoned for too long to keep us down.

Cry "Uncle!" to ourselves and get off the mat, off the mattresses, feel the dancing diva rise up our being.

We will brook no more interference in our true destiny:
To love without end....

Anonymous said...

Even though you have, in the past, dismissed me as a vulgar ignorant person and someone to shun, I continue to read your posts. Why? Because sometimes what you write makes sense. I have refrained from posting comments on your writings because you dismissed me as some sort of agent provacatur. The only reason I am posting a comment now is related to your last post with regard to the preacher in Alberta Canada being dragged down the highway by the boogy men cops. It is clear to me that the whole incident is complete fabrication. Let me explain before you jump again to condemn me.
First he presents himself as a what? Preacher/pastor/priest or what? No one knows for sure. Second, when the so called natzi/communists/KGB/whatevers entered his 'church' was it his church? He said things about Easter that made no sense for a so called Christian pastor. He referred to 'passover' for some reason. Strange from a Christian don't you think? Why even talk about passover as though it had anything to do with Easter? First clue. Being such a man of God how did he end up on the highway 200 yards from his vehicle in the middle of a busy highway? Did he run away from the goons? A man of God certainly does not run away like a coward. Second clue. Then he drags his feet so the goon cops have to drag him,theatrics, what? He can't stand and walk like a man of God? Why not? Very good video capture too btw. Kinda setup. The whole episode is some kind of psyop. He is not a man of God nor a Christian in fact he is a Jew pretending to be a Christian. In my short life thus far I have caught them on several occasions doing stuff like this to fuel hatred. And confuse the Christians into thinking they are men of God too. Just that its not the same God.
I worked with a fellow for a short period of time that claimed he came from Ukrainian houshold and was raised as a Jew with Orthodox Catholic in-laws. He told me he knew both religions and tried to see both sides. He said he attended Orthodox Catholic mass. Then a greek called him out as a Jew in front of me. I didn't care one way or the other, we used to just smoke cigarettes together and discuss the weather and news. But, one day he tried to prove he was also Orthodox Catholic by making the 'sign of the cross' in front of me and the Greek. Lo and behold he did it the wrong way! There is a right way and a wrong way for Orthodox people in case you don't know. The guy was a total fucking bullshitter. Just like the 'preacher' not a man of God at all. Just more theatrics. Be careful what you believe.
And yes, totally Anonymous.
Oh I forgot to mention, One time he tried to impress me with his knowledge of the book "the Master and Marguritta' thinking again I was someone he could easily bullshit. He asked me if I knew what the book was about, I said of course I do. I said its about the 7th proof of God's existance. He was flabergasted that I knew and he couldn't bullshit/lecture me again about how jews and christians have similar beliefs. Because if the Devil is real then so to is Jesus. And guess what? I know both are real.
Agent Provacatur.

Visible said...

You got serious problems Agent provocateur. It's no wonder I don't want to post what you have to say. I've been at this business for a long time and I've run into just about every permutation there is. You fit precisely into a particular profile. Your every sentence oozes confirmation to that result. I had to stop reading and just skim once I caught the drift and drift it is. In the future, try to research what you think you are saying and if you do even a LITTLE DUE DILIGENCE you will save yourself a lot of trouble and not look like you have zero understanding about the subject at hand. For your information, ANYONE can be a preacher of God's word. It is, I personally think, best to be sure it is God you are communicating with first. This is easily proven, except to those who refuse to ask. God has a way of letting you know.

Anonymous said...

Well krafted reply. Thank you for your earnest and speedy responce. Surprizing you allowed my post to be printed at all. You have proven yourself once again, always alert.

TotoFromOz said...

"Darth Vader's daughter went up in flames yesterday"...I love that!

Anonymous said...

Here is to wishing Mr & Mrs Potato well... and Darth Vader too.

Ray B. said...

Vis, May the 4th be with you! (Darth Vader's daughter... Hah!)

Vis: "...many of the positive qualities are invisible but they shine through the people who possess them."

I have a curious permutation of that going-on. These days, when I look out, there is a definite 'division' between living and non-living things. The living things (trees, flowers, people) are glowing in some ill-defined way. The non-living things (bricks, asphalt, money) just feel empty and 'dead' in some way. They are not glowing (although they are part of all-God).

On the people side, there is also some sort of additional 'seeing'. It is hard to describe. Maybe, it is some form of applied empathy that opens-up with higher practices. You get some kind of smeared-out sense of what a person has done with their life. Sometimes it is 'light'; sometimes it is 'dark'. Curiously, this is in-addition to the amount of pain or pleasure which they have borne in this life. Quite surprising, sometimes...
Vis: "From another perspective, certainly closer to my own, it looks like a planetary transformation, through cosmic judgment, upon what must be left behind..."

From my personal perspective (of course), it seems like a sorting-out along Consciousness Levels. If you think of it by analogy to boxes of crayons, the reds go to places which are most suitable for the reds now; yellows-greens-blues-etc get sorted in a similar fashion. There is no judgment to it. It is actually Loving in a grand sense; it will produce the most 'happiness' for them at their current CL. (Also, there is no division along class/race/religion/etc lines. The 'selection' is personal.)

It will be interesting to see the 'form' in which this occurs: Long or short? Subtle or dramatic? Interpenetrating or discrete? Interesting Times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
P.S. Watching another X-Files episode, "Talitha Cumi" (1996), these lines between 'Cancer Man' (shadow gov't) and 'Jeremiah Smith' (advanced, gifted, shape-shifting alien) seemed precognizant:
CGM: "Anyone who can appease a man's conscience can take his freedom away from him. ... Men can never be free, because they're weak, corrupt, worthless - and restless. ... The people believe in authority. They've grown tired of waiting for miracle or mystery. Science is their religion; no greater explanation exists for them! They must never believe any differently if the Project is to go forward."
JS: "And if you can't appease their conscience, you kill them. But you can't kill them all; you can't kill their love, which is what makes them who they are - makes them ... better than you."

Thomas said...

How lucky we are that God is real! :)

Anonymous said...

i was just thinking... if the jews in israel were just a normal white european race, trying to live peacefully, i dont think anyone would hate them. But the fact that jews are behind pretty much 99% of everything evil in this world, the media, the medical industry, the food industry, 9-11, all the false flags, debt based banking, communism, feminism (and anti-feminism), slavery, racism, destruction of the families, just to name a few of their crimes, it really is God exposing the jews to the entire world before he destroys them. I just saw a video of a bunch of jews roaming thru the streets smashing muslim's shops and beating one guy to death. They have indeed been driven to insanity, and "those who the gods destroy they first drive mad". Once these demons have been destroyed, then the new world can begin, an age of healing finally. A transformative apocalypse.

Thomas said...

@Anonymous 6:49

I think we should be careful in our analysis here... There are certainly other bad players than the jews. And there are many jews who are neither evil nor insane (except insofar that we are all more or less crazy here).

The dark ones at the center of the web, I think, have no respect for the forms they put on. They well realize that Judaism has gotten a very bad name by now, and they are ready to take on a new camouflage when it suits them (some of them already have).

"for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spirital wickedness in high places"

Light is the antidote to darkness - and the war we are fighting is more spiritual and magical than it is material. Racial arguments do not cleave to the center.

Always, God is good. The more we keep our focus there, the clearer things will be.

Anonymous said...

someone wrote "Tel Aviv is the world capital for start up companies" and I immediately translated that as Tel Aviv is the world capital of pump and dump schemes, and thought of Les's statement that Israel is the HQ of the criminal zionist international money laundering organization.

Just now, i read this, about some zio goon who apparently is the CEO of 20,000 different shell companies:

"Barbara Kahan, ever heard of her? She is the ceo of over 20,000 shell companies which launder money on behalf of illegal arms dealers for the state of Israel. Retired Naval officer reports."

and they go on to talk about how the zionists are behind the huge push for transgenderism. May God destroy these monsters, :

"It should not surprise you the name was inspired by in infamous psychologist for an Israeli Human Experimentation think tank which funded many areas of Nazi research throughout the Second World War and currently is the largest advocate for child transgender surgery and hormonal therapy in the UK which several former employees have likened to a nazi eugenics program."

Anonymous said...

India has shamelessly come out in support of the zionist monsters, check out hashtag IndiaWithIsrael , pretty sure God is going to severely punish modern indians for this. There are simply too many evil and corrupt people in that country. The lockdown is obviously a huge punishment but apparently it isn't enough to knock sense into these fools. Oh well, judgement time is coming

Anonymous said...

About "joy filled lives" made me think of this:

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"And Ready to be Poached on the Fiery Sidewalks of Happenstance Armageddon."

natalia frolova said...


However, at least two families of the detainees told The Kashmir Walla that they were told by the police that “the boys had broken Covid-19 lockdown protocols”. When Mustafa went to the police station today, he saw seven of the men were locked up inside a 12×12 cell with minimum ventilation. So far, more than 1,45,500 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Kashmir while 1,656 have succumbed.

I am praying .

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
I myself am a student in this river of stupidity. It's going to sound science fiction, but my head just can't digest it. He writes from the heart that this itch has fallen to the very bottom. Imagine the civilization that killed a man named Jesus 2,000 years ago. By stealing his identity, they built a system on his name so that whoever believes in him will pay. I'll tell you that I'd rather be drunk than live in this world soberly. Are you not ashamed that millions of people were murdered to destroy me? It's a cabaret for me. Having a conscience, how can you steal someone's personality. A joke, not a civilization.



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