Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Thumb-Humping Cellphone Zombies, Line Dancing to the July 17 Tango.

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Maybe it is just a phase that I am passing through but something is coming. Every day it is the main thought passing through my mind. On the one hand, the depravity has bored through the sub-basement and is headed off to points unknown (and you thought they were already as perverted as they could get?). Without question, there is some kind of subliminal broadcasting going on across the nation. It is happening behind the awareness of the people being affected and it is coming down through the ranks of control. Police and others are being told to 'stand down' and allow modern day brown shirts to pummel all and sundry behind masks. It seems unreal. How could it be happening? Once again, I will include that trenchant scripture from the New Testament;

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

All of what we have been presently witnessing has been coming for a long time. Here is what Albert Pike had to say in the 19th Century-

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion...We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in public view.

This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

The timeline on this quote, in a letter from 1871, seems to be questionable, with the mention of Zionism that, as far as I know was founded in Basel, Switzerland in 1897. Regardless; we have seen The Protocols of Zion that arrived in the 1920's and we have seen the claims of 6 million of them dead from the First World War. My point is that specific subterfuges have been underway for a long time. What is surfacing now is the result of careful planning by long established Satanic cabals.

Here is what you need to remember. If there are forces of darkness then there are surely forces of light. The polarities of existence demand this. The laws of physics demand this. The force of light, the power of the avatar, is ALWAYS greater than the force(s) of darkness, who not only oppose the light but each other as well. The powers of darkness have no sway in any mind unless Fear of them is permitted to gain a foothold in the consciousness. Scripture says; “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” Evil... always... destroys itself/

For about a month now I have had real trouble meditating. I was told to just tough it out because it was going to end shortly. Also, for about a month now, the number 17 has been coming into my head and my friend's head. Today I see this web address at the Visible Origami comments- &and in the rather exhausting and convoluted commentary by the lady at that site, July 17 is prominently mentioned.

I do not recommend listening to this whole broadcast. It goes round and round nowhere and began to annoy me greatly toward the end. This does not mean there is not a method here and what I am hearing from other places, dovetails. You will see in the right side menu a comment about how it gets hard after June 3rd and ends on July 17th. This matches my personal experiences... so far.

We have an eclipse tomorrow/today on the 16th. On the 17th, Mueller appears before Congress. Whatever is coming soon looms like a specter in my mind. I've no fear or apprehension, I just keep watching the trends and polarization of political and cultural factions in the country. I observe the seething anger of those who want every kind of crazy legitimized, who want something far worse than the French Revolution to come about, who are building their own army of anarchists and want madness unleashed from coast to coast. It will probably only materialize on the coasts (at least initially) and there's a chance one of the coasts won't even be here much longer.

Lady Nature is percolating under the the radar. Mr. Apocalypse is pressing on the minds of those whose minds have been captured by false narratives. Now they are acting out in a destiny play, a life lesson that is one of a myriad of sequencing teaching moments, all with some variation on “don't go there!” We are coming into the time of instantaneous Karma, where the moral arbiters are invisible angels on site to facilitate the levels of necessary awakening. We are in the time of 'awaken or else'. There can be no golden age until the darkness is swept away and there can be no grand awakening, without some consummate tragedy, that finally stuns human consciousness into the common awareness that, presently... universal selfishness fights against with every breath, in every body, that insists on the right to do whatever they please.

Yes... something is champing at the bit, in the entry chute to manifest existence. It's going to scramble a whole lot of circuits shortly. The possibilities are complex to be sure. The chances of a perfect storm are nearly greater than any single event, given that there are so many potential events, which may or may not surface from Yellowstone to Epstein, from the Zombie Commie Squad in Congress to the Kalifornia Quake; Antifa guerrilla warfare... face eating urban plagues, the sure and certain 5G orchestrated mass madness coming in the cities... stay away from the cities. That's where it's going to hit (whatever it is) first.

Wonderfully, despite all of the dangers from Shortbus Drag Queens, to lone gunmen, stressing out in their preliminary stages... there is the ineffable, almighty benevolent one, both within and without, who is the ultimate sure guidance system, for anyone capable of putting aside their personal will and taking direction from a higher mind, with a far wider perspective on what awaits in the Event Horizon. I keep hoping for a visit from super aware aliens, that have some kind of a spiritual Geiger counter, which can tell the good guys from the bad guys and is willing to give us good guys a lift, to some new and desirable port of call. That fantasy doesn't spend a lot of time in my mind. I am very secure these days in the certainty of an indwelling master of ceremonies, with cane and top hat, endlessly patient in waiting for anyone willing to step out of the way ...and let him do all the things we have proven less than able to do. I'm getting pretty good at getting out of the way.

The culture has gone as far as it can go- from what I see, in its steep slide down the moral shelf, right up to the edge of a 90 degree drop off, into some bottomless space. I am flat out amazed at the de-evolution in human consciousness that has resulted in the marriage of social media tech and once present (now gone missing) human potential. I used to be amused at all the people thumb-humping their cellphones... seemingly without pause. Now it has become more of them in participation than not. I look into the cars that pass us on the highway and that we pass and it seems that more than half of them are cellphone engaged. This does not look like something that would naturally happen, no matter what the collective of possible scenarios can indicate or predict.

Meanwhile there is Bluetooth and no reason for drivers to be holding these things against their ears, much less engaged in one handed texting. I remind myself that at least they are not eating while they are driving so... for the moment, passenger seats are still relevant. Sooner or later, I am guessing there will be a noticeable physical expansion taking place and passenger seats will be only a memory like so many things in the past, some of which no longer have a memory attached.

Well... let's see how it feels, once there is a certain distance of time, following the eclipse. Let's see if July 17th turns out to be like the Dance of the Harmonica Virgins, Y2K and 2012, or if it actually contains some world changing event, where prophecy becomes real with a Sodom and Gomorrah redux on the Left Coast or the Rapture comes, or the aliens, or The Christ returns into every heart that's waiting; how can anything happening outside matter, if that is happening inside?

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Friday, July 5, 2019

The Crack in the Liberty Bell is Where the Truth Leaked Out.

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Today is the 4th of July (I originally and unconsciously typed $th of July- which is what you get when you capitalize '4'... grin)

Usually what I say about the 4th of July is that it is amateur night on the highways. The 4th and New Year's Eve are non traffic days for me. The 4th is the day when people combine too much sun with too much booze; many of them are rookies and so... I stay off the highways. You can add St. Patrick's Day as well. Several times I was in New York City on St. Paddy's Day. All the bars were open at 7:00AM and some earlier and the green beer would flow and by late afternoon it was evident on the streets- yadda yadda.

Today I celebrate my independence; my spiritual independence from attachment to the magnetized particles of the material plane. I celebrate my freedom from the illusion and delusion of the narrow bandwidth of the senses. I celebrate being rendered deaf to the mindless chatter of nonsensical conversations and the hammering clatter of hundreds of millions of poor souls, thumb-humping their cellphones in pursuit of an epiphany of some sort.

I celebrate the absolute certainty of my pending self realization; the inevitable moment when I will see myself as I truly am, independent of all the vain imaginings of previous, false identifications of myself and freedom from those selves I once projected upon others, that diminished the splendor of the divine shining forth out of them.

I am not a religious person. I agree with the atheists that the god they do not believe in does not exist. However... god- the incomprehensible and indefinable light, the protection and salvation of the Atman, through his ceaseless meditation upon it... is certainly real. I have ample evidence of this; more evidence than I can even remember. It is an automatic certitude for me now.

My chosen word for God is- the ineffable. It is both a term and a description. When the love of any person for their creator, is greater than their love for anything manifest, regardless of the fineness of its material being, then the creator will reveal himself to that creation.

As with anything in this or any other life, there is one true and enduring law. You can have anything you want, if you want it more than anything else. All the suffering in this world, is caused by the disappointments of finding that whatever you wanted, other than the ineffable, is not what you really wanted. Life is a relentless and unflinching exercise in the proof of that. The greatest pleasure experienced by the materially wealthy, is the thought that they have what others do not. It is a hollow triumph and not worth much at all.

Hell... is simply the absence of the divine. Hatred is love suppressed. Fear is the absence of Love. When the divine is awakened within anyone, life is an uninterrupted progression of joy and bliss. When the supreme enjoyer is in residence, enjoyment continues with an inflexible consistency and anyone who wants it bad enough can have it, or... as we have said already, anything else.

We wander this thirsty desert of unrequited desire, amnesic and alone, while those created to serve us, spill our wine and laugh at the confusion that has blinded our sight from the beauty of ourselves. They mock us from the throne we have abandoned in the pursuit of chimera and now we have forgotten its location, even though it travels with us everywhere we go.

I remind myself on each 4th of July that the crack in the Liberty Bell is where the truth leaked out. This country, ostensibly founded on the principle of liberty, trembles on the cliff edge of uncertainty, over looking the fields of tyranny. This is what all that sexual degeneracy is about ...because liberty never was and never will be license. It is sure and certain bondage. This is what the incipient creep of socialism is about, where those whose ancestors murdered tens of millions in the Soviet Socialist Republics; ten million in the Holodomor in The Ukraine ...and in nearby environs, now seek to do here. Like Coca Cola, “it's the same thing only different.” This is what the Jacobin facsimiles of Antifa and similar were formed to bring about. It's the same sad and tired song of the Hegelian Dialectic.

This is what the gender bending insanities are created for, to confuse us about our identity, till we have no idea of who we are, which most of us were unaware of in the first place. This and similar venues are an attack on the family unit because the family unit is the basic building block of society and 'they' want disorder.

There is nothing new in any of these chaos magic antics. The same thing has happened in many another land. It has happened in lands beyond the reach of memory, or any evidence and which are now composed of anonymous grains of sand on the ocean's floor. You become a slave when you cease to be your own master! When you do not know who you are, there are those waiting in the wings for the opportunity to define you to yourself.

Who are these sophist professors that are teaching the Young and Restless and Stupid, about the necessities of violent revolution, on campuses across the country? Their fellow travelers sit on the boards of every organization for the support and proliferation of the varieties of dysfunctional sexual expression. They own the mass media and the entertainment industries. They own the publishing houses. They own the central banks that print the money. They orchestrate periodic boom and bust for personal profit.

Under the radar, the food producing areas of the country are experiencing catastrophic events. Every day I awake and expect to find that Kalifornia is mostly gone. I am not hoping for it; it just keeps coming into my mind. When you are curious of the future, it pays to study the present. I do not concern myself with what might happen. I concern myself with my relationship to the ineffable. When Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed there were areas that were untouched, along with the people in them. In occult history, there are all kinds of marvels that have taken place in times of turmoil and revolution, in the streets and on the battlefields. They generally go unremarked upon in fabricated history. It assuredly helps to be in association with the source of all love (and power).

Nothing is what it seems and that which cannot be described or defined, is certainly not what it seems. In that space which precedes what the senses report, there is a finer and more enduring reality than is to be found in the pedestrian ...and the fate of anyone, is mostly the offspring of their character, as well as it being definitively true that ...it depends on who you know, even more than what you think you know.

Regardless of what the skeptics and materialists may believe, there is most certainly justice on this plane, as there is on all others. One might say that it is a matter of balance and that is why scales figure so prominently in the symbolic presentations of justice. Of course, it may well be that certain debts are factored into future appearances. It is said that 'the good' can often be gone for hundreds of years and more- between lives, in between their coming and going here ...but that 'the evil' ...return relatively quickly.

People have all kinds of ideas about what angels do, despite never having 'knowingly' met one; though they might have 'treated with them unaware'. One thing prevails throughout creation and that is that all the members of The Devic Realm have occupations of one kind or another. The senses in use by all sentient beings are the province of a particular angel and its helpers. One is engaged with sight, another with hearing and so on. There is one angel that is called 'the recording angel' and angels galore for all manner of doings. Seeing an angel, or anything that is generally outside the general bandwidth, has to do with the range of vibrations one can access. Those immersed in appetites, brute entertainments and who are spiritually dull, do not see much beyond the very ordinary. There are those who move among us who vibrate at a rate beyond what the ordinary senses can register and remain unseen. Yogis and other spiritually evolved souls, live in a world much different than what is taken to be 'the world' by the masses; very little of which is real.

What is that line from Hamlet? “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Oh... that is so very, very true.

So many of us spend our time worrying about tomorrow and all the fears that are attendant in mortal life, sometimes leading to what they fear, coming upon them. There are far more Don Quixote's running about than many thousands of folk can shake a stick at. Somewhere in The Bible it says; “fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” People argue about whether Hell exists or not, when it is plainly in evidence in many places in this world at any time. It is good to note that it all happens in the mind and if it can be imagined, it is surely possible and probable that it might exist.

For those of us who have put some time into the comparative study of religions, we note that there is a marked similarity between all of them, concerning the lower and upper realms of being. All of these religions have rather graphic art concerning them. This is not to say they are precisely accurate but you can get the idea, from Bosch, or any number of inspired artists... East or West.

Being concerned about what anyone here can do to us, can lead to all kinds of unfortunate behavior. I am concerned with only one thing and that one thing controls everything else and always has. Surely it can look like it's all out of control here, or there, but I tend to think it's all in hand right down to the last jot and tittle and scripture informs me of this as well, as does my intuition. Anyway, I am today celebrating my liberation from all of the fears and concerns that plague so many of our kind.

I am celebrating how truly fortunate I am that I am so completely in love with the source of all love, whose primary nature and vehicle of expression is love... ...and saddened now and again that it seems unimportant to so many. I have briefly glimpsed the landscapes of rarefied and shining worlds; worlds that no tongue has ever adequately described and KNOW that it is the destiny of anyone, whose love is directed at the source of all love, to sooner or later reside there, perhaps forever, depending on the degree and...................... intensity of that love.

For the one whose power is limitless and ...as... it is so effectively demonstrated, by the obvious evidence of this vast universe and its endless reaches; its brilliant, glittering stars... /for the one whose power is limitless, anything is possible and for those who are friends and companions of that one, that ineffable one... my goodness; how fortunate are they?!

So... I am celebrating, as I do most every day ...because every day is another literal and metaphorical 4th of July for me. Truly... I hope and wish for this to be true for so many others and it well may be true, if they should want it more than anything else.

Visible leans down to the alley surface, shaking the dice in his hands and saying... “C'mon baby, Betsy Ross needs a new pair of shoes!”

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Friday, June 28, 2019

That Remarkable Gift from the Invisible Masters of Compassion.

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Yesterday evening, I was standing in the kitchen. It was late. I was likely there making a cup of tea. Most often when I am getting transmissions from the etheric telegraph; meaning that some entity, who is friendly toward me, is generating a percussive vibration upon the ether. Then a transliteration from their Devic language into my own takes place and I hear it internally, as if someone were conversing with me, which... as a matter of fact they are. Last night was different. It took the form of a dawning awareness. I can only describe it as a kind of experience infused environment, a template of both feeling and thought that descended and completely occupied my interior space. It was a revelation that changed my entire viewpoint on the world.

I saw that I had been wrong in my thinking in one critical area and it had been causing me a degree of stress that I wasn't even aware of but which became evident as it was pointed out to me, given that it had been accompanied by a narrator. I had been guilty, to a degree, of the very thing I had been warning others about. I had been deceiving myself about something; a most elementary something.

First... a small preface. I have mentioned several times, and even recently, that physicists had proven that the universe is composed of mind-stuff and that it is thought born. This had a major impact on me when I heard it and it is probably the reason I have mentioned it more than once. This is because... for me (and I cannot imagine why it is not the case for everyone) it is hard data. It is PROOF that God is Real, as if I needed any but... that's beside the point. We are also mind-stuff and we are also thought born. Initially we are the product of the one mind. Following that, we are a product of our own mind and this is where we go wrong and LIFE is all about our coming back to the original, pristine and perfect self that each of us intrinsically is.

The manifest ruler of our solar system is The Sun. All physical life is generated by The Sun. There would be no life here at all otherwise. Our bodies are composed of frozen sunlight. We are sunlight in material extension. Then there is a spiritual sun, which is the antecedent to all things.

I was told once by a representative of the author of all things; one indistinguishable from the author of all things that; “everything is under control, take the reins!” It was at a place called Lime Kiln Creek in Big Sur. This was before it became a state park. I have reflected many, many times on what I was told that day and had many an insight but... there is a critical and important distinction between an intellectual understanding; an intellectual awareness and... a visceral understanding/awareness. It makes ALL the difference!

Last night I experienced such a visceral awareness and I saw that everything was alright, always would be alright, no matter what the appearances might be. Of course, things are generally not alright for many because of the perspective taken and maintained.

I discovered that I had been subliminally harboring doubt about the future, doubt about the state the country was going to be in, Doubts about the political and social climate. Doubts about the directions being taken by humanity because of the direction they were being herded in, by deluded and avaricious souls, in the all consuming pursuit of self interest. I saw calamity on the horizon because of the sexual fascists, the morally bankrupt hedonists, racing after ephemeral pleasures, followed, inevitably by the biting aftertaste of pain. Last night I read this and then provided a comment. The last comment.

Yes... I had been seeing a lot of things that weren't there and... as a result, I was limiting the power of the ineffable in my own life. I was doubting the perfection of the divine scheme. I was not completely trusting the inviolable will of the everlasting and I was diminishing and reducing myself in the bargain; not always a bad thing (grin) but... rather let me say, I was diminishing the capacity of my own bliss and joy, confidence and security of heart and mind. No more. No mas.

Speaking of no mas, I saw portions of the Democratic Debate last night. The unintentional comedy was highly entertaining and I found that this awareness which came upon me later was already operating at a certain level. I found myself able to look directly into those who were speaking and see the tapestry of lies and false promises (impossible promises) they were weaving before the parrot choir. “Squawk! Squawk!”

Mountains may crash into the sea. It is a certainty that they will at some point. Wars and much more than rumors of war may/will come to pass. Brother will surely rise up in ignorant combat with brother, impassioned toward heartless cruelties, under the banner of ridiculous slogans and glorious assurances in the rightness of their violence, toward making the world a better place for those who are no longer here. The battlefields are gardens that are nourished by the dead and give a splendid meaning to the ghosts inside our head (to paraphrase myself from today's song).

I thought I had seen a bad moon rising and no doubt somewhere it will ...but it won't be here. Dave doesn't live here anymore and neither does visible. I now understand with a far greater clarity than I ever did before, these lines from scripture; “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

I, like many before me, felt compelled to carry the world on my shoulders, somehow believing that if I did not go at it with a will then some critical part of what was desperately needed would not come to pass but... it has nothing to do with me and works to a finer and greater perfection than it might have if I continued to stick my oar in.

The world is made perfect the moment I cease to do anything beyond witnessing it taking place but... that's not it either. Therein lies the problem of the limitation of words. We are all called to a purpose, which so few of us discover and more often do not even care to look for. It is in discarding every particle of personal will that we come to experience the indwelling divine that makes us incandescent with divine, luminous wisdom. It is unveiled to us, that unspeakable brilliance that was shining everywhere but our personal darkness made us blind to its presence. Then everything is illuminated in its true nature. Everything speaks as itself and is no longer concealed beneath that false appearance, crafted by appetite and desire, misshapen to personal ends. It's nature corrupted until it finds itself again.

This is how we look to one another when we are camouflaged. When the truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears.

I don't know why I allowed myself to be apprehensive of the future when tomorrow never comes. We bought into time and wound up with separate moments, when there is and only has ever been one moment. We aren't born and we never die. It only appears that way. Everything unreal is just more appearances changing into more appearances that hang upon the everlasting presence that they perpetually conceal.

A vast and measureless reach of being extends before us. Eternity beckons if we can only take our gaze away from the rotting road kill we are feasting upon. We are surrounded by ghost dancers, coming in and out of view. This timeless drama of gain and loss goes on and on,while we carry something priceless hidden within. I knew these things but I did not know them. There were moments when it was temporarily crystal to me. Then the separated intellectual postures would replace the visceral, until it peeked round the corner and winked at me again. I realize now that it is alive. It is resonating and speaking to me, vibrating off of the ether. This remarkable gift from the invisible masters of compassion.

I did so many things wrong in my life but the one thing I did right was to never stop looking for them. Eventually they/did will appear. It is a certainty. It just first needs to be established whether or not you are sincere and therein is the reason for all the testing and trial. What we often forget on the way, since it seems such a long way, is that eventually it ends; the testing and trial.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Kalifor to NY- from Sodom to Gomorrah; Twisting on the Dance Floor with the Fallen Angels.

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Every day... the world presents itself before my eyes. I have options at each moment. Do I look at whatever it is with perspectives and opinions that have developed from previous encounters? Do I allow the subjective to have an influential voice in what 'I make of it'? Do I scuttle my former takes on whatever it is, assuming I have seen it or its like before; thus giving myself a fresh objective posture...? Yes! Let's do that as often as there is a potential for my previously being in error. Sigh, yeah... 99% of the time it's what I thought it was.

Sometimes you don't know if what you see or hear is really true because it seems too unbelievable to be believable. Then, since 'they' say it is true, they take the poor creature and release it into the wild with a drug habit. The possible (likely) suffering wasn't even considered? There were no details about this creature being used as a weapon. Details were very much lacking here. Hmmm. Then there is the sort of thing that happens every day in another way and though you wouldn't want to go through it yourself, there'sno way it isn't going to make you laugh. How does something like this happen in a location like the location it happened in? I don't mean Bakersfield, where... like Fresno, it doesn't come off that surprising. I'm talking about Costco and the other recent events at other outlets.

The irony and percolating hypocrisy of certain places is startling. Meanwhile they are cutting edge on issues that are apparently more important than doing something about the sidewalk fecal slicks. I don't know how Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the cartoon politicians can keep a straight face with the pending collapse of the world they were elected to manage and care for. Kalifornia is in serious trouble and there is no way that ship rights itself because of the shrill clamoring of the competitive insane wanting their piece of the bridgework before it sinks beneath the waves. More and more I think about the epic statement Nature is, no doubt, contemplating about that state.

Kalifornia, like PRIDE, is headed for a fall.

Strange things are happening and I cannot understand why they are happening.

Big... BIG changes are coming and let's just pause here for a moment and let me ask you if you have ever run across this young lady? I cannot remember ever being stunned as dramatically as I was yesterday when I discovered her. She has also managed to run afoul of a certain Tribe Attack Dog. Watching and listening to this young lady left me with head spinning like the pea soup girl in The Exorcist. Let me say, unequivocally, I do not remember being this impressed with anything human in a very long time.

My moments of rocking surprise are experienced these days in my encounters with luminous beings, masters, Devic Realm entities, Lady Nature and the like. Some of them would probably come under the designation of human, at least in terms of appearance but, in my judgment, they are another order of life form, once you journey past the surface. Be sure and read the whole treatise that continues past Soph in her Burka outfit, so you can get the whole atmosphere of Mr. Sleaze and some of the things he's been saying. They are so confident in their psychopathy that they carry zero concern of being interrupted in their performance of it.

Materialism is the conscious enemy of Christianity and any bonafide spiritual system; I'm not referring to the perversity of the priest class but the invisible everlasting truth any of them are built on. The two are in natural opposition to one another. Just as Atheism is the predictable religion of Materialism and Satanism is the obvious working philosophy of Materialism.

What happens when a significant number of people focus their desire (which is a living and creative thing) upon pedestrian items and interests, is that they cause a persona to precipitate into being. It crystallizes into form and though it is not real in any enduring sense, it is real enough to those who are transfixed in the thrall of it, by the power they have collectively endowed it with. This materialized and conscious force is Mammon. This force has associates.

With the specter of war against Iran causing a demonic frenzy, dancing in the heads of Sheldon Adelson and his psycho-droid John Bolton, a dark urgency is pressing its way through the greater unconscious and also veiling many another strange and inexplicable phenomena, such as what we see here. What can that possibly mean. Why would this group of people be driven ACROSS the border and released on US soil?

How is it possible that the educational and library systems of the entire country have been hijacked by sexual profligates? How does something like this take place in broad daylight, while it runs counter to the long standing traditions of the organization doing it? Out of concern for your patience and because of space constraints in this format, I have not included dozen and dozens of articles on similar events. The world as we thought we knew it is in a state bordering on total upheaval.

We KNOW that the greater portion of humanity is not in agreement with what is taking place, yet the mass media reports it otherwise, under the commanding fiat of THOSE WHO OWN IT. The picture being painted by the people reporting on it is in direct contradiction to both the report of the senses, as well as the intuitive capacities of the human heart. The former is subject to deception, The latter... less so.

A police officer was shot in Sacramento a couple of nights ago, while doing her duty and a crowd gathered to harass and threaten them. It's boiling over in the streets. It just takes a push here and a shove there and it's Conflagration City.

Gay and... all directions South are the sexual expression of Materialism. I saw it in the malls as they came up on the horizon. I watched the feminine principle with the Aquarian torch, loosing the higher powers of her nature upon the human mind and instead of Intuition and Understanding, instead of The Sophia, sitting upon the throne of consciousness. The force ran down into the second center and sexually feminized the male principle. A loss of balance precipitated dysfunction in both the male and female principles and we have what we have today; a war zone. The sexual dynamic for the dark magic of Satanism is the reversal of the Kundalini. You've heard of parallels such as 'reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards', the inverted cross and the inverted pentagram. This is all symbolic of the antithesis of the force of light. Materialism is the dance floor of the fallen angels.

What I have just said will launch a fury of outrage in those swept along the path of their weakness, a tributary on the way to the highway of perdition and captivated in the thrall of the entertainments and appetites of the physical plane, they will not listen and cannot see. It is no accident that EVERY major system of human enterprise is subjugated before the Infernal Realm. The churches, the political theater, commerce and industry, are all kneeling before The Shadow. Have no fear my friends. It is only through fear and your own mind divided against you that 'they' have ANY power at all. It is only an impression, only an appearance. There has NEVER been a time that the Lord of Hosts has not been in complete control of EVERYTHING. God is not mocked.

There will of course be the revealing and uncovering that awaits. There will be the summing up. All the stress and trial, all the apprehension and uncertainty of these times is only to try your spirit, to temper you and fire the steel of your integrity and bring forth the truth of your true nature. When you KNOW that the hand of God is in all things, you will have no fear.

How clear now is all the scripture. “greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world”. “If God is for me, who can be against me?” “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” “And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.”

The appearance of these times is the evidence of all the prophecies. Look around you and everywhere people are departed from the guiding light of the love which holds them in place. Not a person, or other living thing can move, or breathe, can think or see or feel, where the power to do so has not been granted by the indwelling everlasting. It is within the all encompassing ineffable that we live and move and have our being. Faith is truly the substance of things unseen and we are defined and rendered self realized if we have placed our faith in The One. Otherwise, I would rather not imagine what the result might be.

We are on the verge of all manner of world shaking transformation. This should be clear enough to anyone who is not wandering in darkness. I sense all manner of things but hesitate to comment further on what I do not know. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

"If only we did listen to God in the morning we wouldn't have so much trouble later in the day."

♫ Listening to God in the Morning ♫

Saturday, June 8, 2019

The War Against Christianity and... Calling Babylon to the Rainbow Dis-Courtesy Phone.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There has been a war going on, mostly in a surreptitious fashion, until somewhere in the general area of the turn of the last century; that period of the Industrial Revolution running up to the First World War. It is not coincidental that this gave a major push to materialism, with the invention of so many objects of convenience; not to mention the car and the airplane, which led to shrinking geography and brought all kinds of different cultures into automatic clashes and then fusions and way down the line, cries of 'inclusion' and 'diversity', which then led further down the line to 'living my own truth' and feeling female in the morning, male in the afternoon, somewhere in between in the evening. “Babylon? Babylon to the rainbow discourtesy phone!”

Now we have calls for all men being penetrated, to Carlos Maza calling for assassination. He's been gifted with tens of millions of dollars to attack Normal and Conservatism and Christianity, however obliquely for the latter and coming round and round by circumlocution to going direct.

The war I am talking about is the War on Christianity and this is the motive and the scheme of diversity, which led to perversity and inclusion, which led to the marginalization of anyone who criticizes the agenda of those who are out to create CHAOS and spread Fear and Apprehension. This is the objective of Satanism, which is the product of Materialism, whose offspring is Insanity and whose religion is Atheism. The tactics of the assailants is to accuse you of what they themselves are doing. There is an old Polish proverb that says, “They cry out in pain when they strike you.”

The enemy of humanity is the same cabals of puppet-masters in the shadows that have always been and their primary weapon is MONEY. They gain control of a nation's money supply (printing the money) and then they control the politicians who make the laws. It is very simple, people. They then move to lies, which they broadcast through the national media, which they purchased for this purpose. In fact, every industry that deals with the proliferation of information or entertainment were also purchased for the same reasons. This is to shape the perceptions of the people experiencing any portion of it.

It is a war and it is rapidly accelerating. For a long time it was a war of ideas and words. Now has come Antifa and other footsoldiers and heralds who are calling for violence. It's incremental. This is how they work. In the sexual theater it was first, homosexual congress, morphed into Gay and then mainstreamed through legislation. Next came fluidity of genders and transsexualism. What is next? Look for the fashion industries sexualization of children and you'll get it. Netflix has now homogenized Pedophilia, calling it Age Gap Love. Of course, the presentation, I presume, is about more acceptable ages but the implication is the foot in the door and then... everything else.

The same people were behind the Bolshevik Revolution and the murders of many tens of millions of people. There is now a concentrated push to materialize a similar revolution here in America. It is all about Christianity and one of their programs is to instigate conflict between the Muslim and Christian religion.

FIND the light within you NOW!!! It is there. You could not breathe and your heart could not beat if it were not there within you. You could not think. You could not speak. You could not feel. You could not act if it were not within you. The light is an ineffable, incomprehensible force which expresses through your personality the way that light passes through a stained glass window. In times of material darkness, many of the panels in each stained glass personality are opaque and light does not pass through that area.. This causes an incompleteness in the character. If can be said that if darkness is in you then darkness influences you.

Materialism is calling the tune you dance to. Those who manipulate the power of enforced conformity, have at their command, your job, which controls your living space and ability to feed yourself if you don't have one. They can make you an outcast with false accusations. So long as you fear them they have a degree of control over you and when they can take your job, your income and by that, ratchet up your Fear of them to an even greater degree... wow! Then... if you have a family that depends on you for support, you have given hostages to fortune. Yikes!

Find the light within you. ALL FORCE comes from a single source. I will not attempt to describe this source but I know this force by its primary manifest expression which is Love. This implies it is in favor of Unity. This further implies that it is in favor of anyone who serves or expresses Love and Unity. I know this source of all force to an even greater degree through its qualities; some of which are mercy, compassion, benevolence, peacefulness, integrity and there are more.

Because I KNOW that this source of all force exists, I have made it the driving passion of my life to make contact with it and I have achieved this. I communicate with it daily. It has humanized and personalized itself in order to interact with me. I have experienced this and I do experience it every day so I know that it is true.

As one builds a relationship with this force one gains a level of strength that can't be accurately described. It has to be felt and it is there for ANYONE who will take the trouble, who will endure the testing and suffering that comes in the process of one proving their sincerity to this source. No one gets to avoid this because all petitioners MUST prove themselves. Very quickly, or soon enough, the majority of people depart, muttering to themselves, “Oh... there must be an easier way.” There isn't.

I was personally told by this source, “Visible, I threw everything at you but you kept coming. Time and again, I decided to leave you be but... I couldn't accept that you would not be dissuaded if I just persisted so, I kept at it. It didn't matter. Congratulations.” This isn't verbatim but it is close enough.

I am living proof that it can happen to anyone who persists. I made so many mistakes. I failed again and again. I behaved badly but... I never gave up and I never will. The format has changed now and I don't know what waits around the corner but here in the quietude of my soul, all is well and nothing outside of that can have any meaningful impact on me because everyone and everything that acts, borrows the force to do so from the source of all force. Nothing can happen to me that is not permitted by the source of all force and here I must state emphatically that anything which is permitted will result in a positive end.

We are all actors in the movie of our life. We can act as a deluded separate mind that believes itself to be separate and is in competition with every other separate mind, who believes itself to be separate and will come up against the truth of existence, as all of us will at some point, no matter what OR... we can exist as an expression of the one mind (and there is ONLY one mind) and allow the source of all force to express through us without hindrance. This is an art in progress and as one proceeds, one's art becomes ever more refined as the source of all force, wears away every rough edge and previously ungoverned impulse.

It is simple; hold love in your heart in EVERY moment and let it be both your objective and your guide. Hold to it! No matter what the challenge is, hold to it!! Hold to it!!! Let it be the primary expression of your being and carry it with you into every situation and circumstance you encounter or experience. Do not relent. Do not turn aside. Let it become more important than anything else. At THE MOMENT when this happens, a fundamental change will occur within you and your life will be changed FOREVER! You will find yourself in a previously undiscovered and previously unknown world and you will be able to bring everyone willing, into that world with you.

As with anything, as you practice or perform it, it gets easier and you become more accomplished and capable at it. Love will eventually take command of everything in your life. Never forget that love is a living thing and at a certain point it becomes conscious, as opposed to sleeping and then dreaming and then lucidly dreaming and then the levels of being awake. Oh yes, my friends... there is a world of marvels and wonders that awaits which the mind is not gifted enough to describe.

“Help us to open wide our hearts and to let out the great love, that it may possess us utterly, may rule, motivate and inspire our every thought, word and act, merging us completely into Love, thereby enabling us to love as thou lovest, to see as thou seest, to hear as thou hearest; lifting the consciousness of our human minds into complete oneness with our Christ Consciousness- Thy consciousness; so that henceforth we can consciously, at will, be with thee, commune with thee, face to face, at all times and on all planes, when the need is in the Father's service; and may know with thy understanding all things we seek and need to know.”

Alright my friends, let me close with some fascinating videos that are wonderful meditations in their own unusual way and a testimony to creative thought and endeavor. I spent a good amount of time living in variations on this sort of thing. I wasn't so skillful as these fellows but they still had a charm to them that I will not forget.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did- Believe me, these are well worth your time and they are less time than you would spend watching a movie.

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And here is The Second Pamphlet from the Joseph Brenner collection (there are 4 I think)


IN OUR booklet, "THE WAY OUT," was pointed the way to freedom from lack, limitation, inharmony, disease and unhap-piness, and there is no excuse for any who faithfully follow the suggestions given to be any longer in such condition.

The booklet has reached scores of thou- sands of readers and many have been lifted by its truths into a new consciousness and thereby into a new world, where everything and everybody are changed, for they are see- ing with new eyes and with a different under- standing. That which appears is no longer what it seemed, but the good and the real are now visible and can be seen shining through all conditions and people — because they are now looked for, and the former nega- tive tendencies are tabooed and not allowed to enter the consciousness.

This is not the case with all of course, for a great number have not been able to conquer those tendencies which so long have been per- mitted to rule. The press of circumstances and the negative conditions everywhere manifest seemingly have been too much for them and they have become utterly discouraged, not knowing that they actually have within them- selves the power to rise out of these condi- tions, and that help is waiting the moment they awaken from their despondency and definitely determine to do the best they can to prove the truth of what was stated in the booklet.

It is for such that this new Message is writ- ten, with the earnest desire that all who read will be so inspired by its truths that they will make the necessary effort and will thus receive the good that has been waiting for them from the beginning.

We first urge that everyone who reads pro- cure a copy of "THE WAY OUT" if one is not already owned, and that it be studied care- fully and prayerfully. It will do good merely to read it, or even to study it, unless what is given you to do is faithfully TRIED until proven — that is, tried day after day in all your thinking, speaking and acting, for at least one month. If you will do it that long, we promise that such a change will manifest in your consciousness—and likewise in your affairs—that it will be a turning point in your life, and you will never again return to the old way of thinking and acting.

Is it not then worth the effort? Then do not let anything prevent your making a supreme effort, asking God to give you the strength and ability to accomplish what we have shown.


Now, we are going to try to make clear to you the statement in "THE WAY OUT," that God is within you; make it so clear that never more will you think of Him as somewhere up in the skies, nor will you be uncertain as to who or what He is.

First try to realize that the life animating and growing you is not your life, that you have no control over it, that it does things to you, causes you to do things, puts you through all the experiences you are undergo- ing without your consent, and that seemingly it knows just what it is doing and must have a very wise and loving purpose in doing it.

Likewise the consciousness that you call yours seemingly receives all its ideas, thoughts and impressions wholly independently of your will or desire. They come into your mind when they will, influence your feelings and actions continually, and you have little power to prevent it. Also you will admit that you have no power of your own, that you can think, speak and do only as the power to do these things is given you from within.

And that Something doing all this, unques- tionably is a greater, far wiser and a very loving Something that knows always what to do, knows the end before the beginning, and is apparently trying to teach your human mind about Itself, teach it the lessons con- tained in each experience, and the laws back of life and of physical manifestation.

Because that Something is so different from and yet is so intimate a part of what you call you. It must be akin to what is termed God. We have called It the Higher Self, and it is in fact very God in you. It is like a ray or reflection of God's mind shining somewhere deep within your consciousness—a "light which shineth in the darkness, but the darkness (of the outer human mind) knoweth it not." For certainly when It can get your mind's attention and you listen. It displays a wisdom that I is as near to that God as the human mind can conceive. And those who heed and obey are given a glimpse of something wonderful, which while inexpressible is altogether divine and most satisfying.


You have heard the statement that God is All in All, and of "the light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." Then that light must be a ray of God's Mind that shines in the darkness of the human mind, ever trying to make it aware of its Divine Source within itself— the Mind of God, from which it derives all that it is, all that it has, and all power to be, to know or to do any- thing.

Then think, if God is All in All, He is in everything and in everybody — no matter what it is or who he is. It must be so! Yet who of us always sees and acknowledges Him in such?

And because we do not acknowledge Him in His manifestations, refuse to see Him, and call Him everything He is not, we see instead all the error, the evil and the lies that our darkened minds have accepted as real, lose ourselves in the maze of our "separate" mis- conceptions; and in consequence endure the inharmonies, disease and suffering of minds thinking themselves apart from the Conscious- ness that includes them and all that is.

God being All in All, then all things and all men are good and perfect. They could not be otherwise, when God and His goodness and perfection are everywhere.

But make no mistake, when stating that all things and all men are good and perfect, we are not speaking of what you with your "sep- arate" mind and present understanding see and believe; we are not speaking of "appear- ances"—of your separate mind's creations. For what you see now are only the pictures you have built in your mind of what you thought was the truth —before you really knew about God's being All in All and ever showing forth His goodness, beauty and per- fection in everything—to those who have eyes to see. Therefore it is necessary first to convince your mind of the truth, so that it can be free itself of all these untrue beliefs —these false pictures of God and of His expressions of Himself that it has built and is carrying around in its consciousness.

Then listen! God, Who is All in All and Who is all good and all perfect, must be also all wise, all loving and all powerful. Anything less than these is not of God, but must be man's wrong, ignorant, and distorted concepts of God and of His expressions of Himself. Think that out until you see how true it is.

Then all things of an inharmonious or un- happy nature that you see, whatever they be that are less than good or perfect, are only what you think is so, because of ignorance or wrong teaching. And so long as you continue to believe these things are real, they will con- tinue to be real to you, no matter what they are, whether they pertain to the conditions surrounding you. to your body, to your self, to your affairs, or to those invisible things which relate to and affect your life, health and happiness.


Now let us relate this truth of God being All in All to yourself. If He is all we have stated, then He must be the real you, must be that higher, greater you we pointed out earlier in this message, whose life is animating your body, whose mind is influencing all your thoughts, speech and actions, and whose power enables you to do all things that you do. It must then be His Consciousness that is your consciousness, but stepped down through your Higher Self to your soul and then to your human mind, expressing Itself on the Spiritual plane in your Higher Self as the Christ Consciousness, on the soul plane in your soul or soul consciousness, and on the physical plane in your brain mind as mortal consciousness. But it is all God's Conscious- ness relayed down through your Higher Self, and enabling you to be as much aware of God, the Real Self of you and the One Self of all men (for is He not All in All?) as the channel of your darkened mortal mind has been illumined to perceive Him and to par- take of His Consciousness.

It is said that to Know God, man must first know his self. And when you truly know that you are not a thing of flesh and blood, but are a human soul or a center of consciousness, clothed by a garment of flesh, even as your soul clothes your Real or Christ Self—the Holy Spirit or Consciousness of God —as we have shown above, you can begin to under- stand how God actually is within you —IS you.

Now let us consider you first as a soul, a center of consciousness, and then we will try to show you the relation of your soul to your human mind and your Higher, Spiritual Self.

You in your integrity are a soul and are pure consciousness. In other words you are that which is conscious or aware of all that comes to you from without through the avenue of your five senses, or through vibra- tions which they are not sensitive enough to perceive, such as impressions or thoughts from other centers of consciousness. All of these sensations are brought to your con- sciousness through the mediumship of your human mind, while the vibrations mentioned are received directly by the soul and are interpreted to the mind according to how the mind has been prepared to understand them.

As a soul or consciousness you are distinct from your human mind, for the mind serves merely as an instrument to receive and inform you of what comes from without in the world of matter. Yet your mind is in reality an outer extension of your soul consciousness, slowed down to the mental capacity of your human brain, there serving as your agent in the informing you of all things going on in the physical world and the carrying out of your instructions pertaining to that world.

In that partial and necessarily limited con- sciousness, your mind grew to think itself a self and separate from you in your soul con- sciousness. In this fancied separateness it gradually filled its consciousness with all those wrong concepts and beliefs about physical and mental things spoken of above, which grew so real and tangible in its con- sciousness that they in time ruled all your thoughts, speech and actions. And this outer and fancied separate consciousness is what constitutes your lower or mortal self.

But these concepts and beliefs should have no influence over your soul consciousness — only as you let them. The proof is, when you get quiet and still your mind and shut out all thoughts and impressions coming from with- out, then you are in your pure soul conscious- ness and are free to be aware of the impres- sions coming from within your soul. For then you learn that deep within the soul there is a higher consciousness and a Spiritual intel- ligence that presses the soul from within informing you of Spiritual things, even as the outer mind's consciousness presses from without to inform you of material things. And that higher or innermost consciousness is that of your Higher or Divine Self.

In reality there is only one Self, but this enables you to see how the Higher Self, the Spirit of God in man, reaches down or out from the center of man's being in Divine Con- sciousness into the soul consciousness, and thence outward into the mortal mind, giving to man's brain its consciousness, which causes man to think his consciousness separate, when it is only the consciousness of God thinned down to the brain mind's capacity to hold and use it.


Then the Higher Self, this Spirit of God deep within you, is the real you, is the Self that has ever been directing all the activities of your life, has been actually doing all through you, knows just what He is doing, assumes all responsibility and evidently sees the end before the beginning.

Then you can realize that of your human self you do nothing, and never did anything; that all the power, knowledge and life you have comes from your Higher Self; and that if you ever wish to be, to do, or to have any- thing, and to gain the freedom, happiness and peace your soul seeks, it behooves you to get well acquainted with that Self, to learn to co- operate with Him, and to wait upon and serve Him in all the activities of your life.

From this you can also realize that the reason you failed to gain any of these things in the past, is because you tried to get them without reckoning upon your Higher Self or knowing His part in the doing—you tried to do it alone. So He let you fail again and again, until you came to that place where you learned the uselessness of trying to do any- thing yourself, and you became willing to turn to Him and humbly ask Him to take charge and you gladly yielded over all to Him and put all your trust in Him.

Everyone must come to that place—every seeker of the true way of life; for until self with its human mind has been completely humbled and gives up utterly, it cannot accept the truth of its non-reality and of the actuality of the God-man within, and that He can do all and will provide all things—when the human mind yields itself wholly to Him. If you who read have come to that place, and are truly ready to give yourself to the God Self within, then we will tell you of a great but simple law that you must follow.


That Law is—"Whatever is before you to do, do it the best you know how, in order to please your God-Self. " For He placed you just where you now are and provided the particular task confronting you as the best means and opportunity in which to teach your human mind the next lessons you are to learn, and to develop in you the spiritual qualities you still lack in order to make your human self a perfect instrument for His use.

Then in doing that task, for He provides all tasks and brings you to all problems, having now given yourself over wholly to Him, you are concerned only that you do what is before you the best you can, KNOWING that He will provide the power, understanding and ability needed, and that you are not responsible any more for results, as they are all in His keep- ing. For have you not put the full responsibil- ity on Him, are now trusting everything to Him, and consequently you no longer have any fears, doubts or worries to clog your mind and prevent His accomplishing His purpose for you? Only by thus yielding all to Him can you be a clean and open channel through which He can bring through into being the good and perfect things He intends to manifest in your life. For He can intend nothing less than that, else why all the trouble He is taking with you?

It is all a matter of trusting, dear friend, of trusting the God within you. If you have failed in the past, no matter how hard you tried, it is because you did not trust enough. Therefore we are bringing this great truth closer by asking you truly to trust the God within, your Higher Self, the Christ of you, Who we have shown has all the wisdom and power of God; to let go utterly and put ALL your trust in Him. You must learn thus to trust, until it becomes the supreme and dominant influence in your consciousness, for THE ONLY THING THAT PREVENTS YOUR GOOD FROM COMING INTO NAT- URAL AND CONTINUOUS EXPRESSION IS YOUR LACK OF REAL FAITH AND TRUST IN THE GOD WITHIN YOU- YOUR CHRIST SELF.

This means that if instead of faith and trust you still let fears, doubts and worries into your mind, then of course there they cause you to build negative pictures of the things you are fearing, and you proceed to entertain and feed them by further fears, until they become actual living things in your mental world. In time they largely control your mind and you are helpless. And naturally every time you succumb to them, you grow more helpless.

Is this not true? —Then what is the solu- tion? Only one thing. You must let go com- pletely and turn the whole problem over to God. Do that actually —"wash your hands" of it, "step out from under," and throw the entire responsibility upon Him.

Think! Can you do that? Try it. In fact, He wants you to do it. Talk to this God within the Real Self of you, and tell Him that you are through, that you have done your best, and that is all you can do — and it was useless. And now it is up to Him; He will have to handle it. Actually mean it, and then let go - and truly "wash your hands" of all respon- sibility.

Then, and not until then, has He got your mind in the state where it is ready to hear His Voice and learn what He has in store for you. For once it has really thrown off the burden of self, there is no longer a negative force attracting the old fears, doubts and worries. Instead you become a positive force in your believing that He now will take care of all things, for you intend to do nothing and to give Him the chance to prove what He can do.


It is to just that state of mind He desires to bring you, where you actually let go, giving the load you are carrying over to Him, and thereby become as free as a little child, just such a child as we will now picture to you.

Standing on the sidewalk of a busy street waiting for the light signal, is a little boy of three years whose hand is tightly clasped in that of his father. Then they start across. Is the child frightened by the big automobiles and the noise and tumult at this busy corner? No, he sees and knows no danger and glee- fully enjoys the turmoil and the mixing with the crowd hurrying across —for he knows that Dad is taking care of him and will not let any harm come to him. Just as he unconsciously knows that Dad will feed and clothe him, for to him Dad is as God who will provide every- thing he needs and take every care of him.

Think you your God-Self does not love you and is not taking equal care of you, His child? For are you not a part of His Being and does He not need you to express His Self?

Then how could He let you really suffer or come to any harm? What your human mind suffers and the dangers it fears are only the nightmares of childhood which disappear when the light of understanding is brought. Besides such mental suffering actually burns away the qualities of self that hinder His perfect expression, while through the fears that come and persist He teaches you how to become strong.

It is these mental fears—for they are purely mental, that is, they exist in your mind, not in His Consciousness—that are clogging your mind-channel, and preventing His pouring through it the good that awaits.

Then you will have to cleanse your mind of all such negative things—of every doubt, fear or worry, and especially of those wrong pic- tures you are carrying around in your con- sciousness. Do you still see yourself as sick, or ailing, or poor, or very much needing any- thing? Then can you not realize it is that picture which is clogging up the channel? For what you think and carry around in con- sciousness as being so always outmanifests itself. How can the good you wish to manifest get by that picture?

That is the whole trouble, dear friend,— you have not cleansed your mind of those old picture-beliefs, some of which are hiding down in the dark corners of your subcon- sciousness, purposely refusing to come out into the light; for they know, the moment you see them for what they are. their days are numbered. In fact, you must go down into the subconsciousness and dig out all of such and cast them forth; for until the whole mind is clean and free of all negative and untrue thoughts and feelings and is kept so, it cannot be brought into your God Consciousness where there are only positive, true, good and perfect ideas about you and you can see all things in their reality, even as He sees, and you can know as He knows; your mind thus becoming a perfect channel through which He can give you your divine heritage which He has so long had waiting for you.


Now we ask you to try to imagine yourself in the Consciousness of your God-Self and to see with His eyes this self you call you, and the other selves around you and the world you live in.

In the first place, know that as He is all wise, all loving and all powerful, and is still you, but a perfect you, He must have a per- fect mind and body —but not like your physical self. His body is that "image and likeness of God" in which man was originally formed. And if God made man like Himself, who could change man —a perfect being? Not even man, himself.

Then man must still be perfect! Yes, it cannot be otherwise. For think you anyone could alter or bring to naught any perfect thing God created?

We know you are asking how then did man become so changed. He is not changed —the real man. He is your Higher Self—the Real You—the perfect Man, just as God created him, as He now sees him, and as he will always be.

Now listen! What you and others see are mortal man's creations—not God's. They are merely the creations of man's fancied "sep- arate" mind, and have no existence except in his brain-mind's consciousness. When God gave man free-will. He gave him the power to think as he wills, which means to create. He could think good—God's thoughts, or evil—not God's thoughts. Man did not realize his God nature then; he had only his human nature to judge by, and the only way to learn was, not by taking God's or anyone's word for things, but by thinking, by trying and finding what his creations—the things, con- ditions and people of his world —were not. And so he thought and created and tried from the beginning to make perfect things and conditions in this world of his consciousness— with the results you see everywhere about you.

Not that many men back through the ages have not learned the truth —the truth we are trying to teach you, —that they can do nothing of themselves, but with the help of the God within them they can do all things can have all things, can be all things. And with His help such have come into and are now dwelling in their Christ Consciousness, are One with Him, and are doing the Father’s Work on earth even as others are doing it in Heaven.


And what do they see in this Conscious- ness? They see that they are souls, living in a perfect world, where every soul is young, good, beautiful and perfect, even as the Father conceived them, and where everything is devised for the free use and enjoyment of its inhabitants. Which means that there is a rich abundance of all good things for every- one always available. No one there ever needs anything, for it is always at hand. There any desired thing is created by thought and you can have it when and as you wish it. Then of course no one takes from another or owes another anything, for everyone has everything he wants; because all he has to do is to see clearly in his mind what he wants and it takes shape and substance right before his eyes, ready and perfect for his use.

From this you can see there is no selfish- ness there, for all there are those in whom self no longer is. There is no injustice, for the law of justice rules everyone's consciousness. There is no evil, for it has been learned that evil, sin, sickness, inharmony, and unhappi- ness are the creations of mortal mind, and of course one who is selfless is in his Christ Consciousness and no longer thinks and thereby creates such things.

Does this help you to see how and why ! man is responsible for this outer world—that it is his own creation, and not God's creation? And can you now see what is God's world — His Kingdom, your heavenly home, where you can return as a Prodigal Son anytime you will be remembering and seeing only the , truth, and where you will find your heavenly Father waiting for you with outstretched arms?

And Who is this heavenly Father? He is your own Real Self, the God-You, that is1 always back in that Consciousness deep within your soul, where you can retire any moment you will. All you have to do is to throw off everything that presses upon your conscious- ness from the outer world of the human mind and turn your attention to the inner world of Spirit. Especially must you refuse to see, to talk about, or let your mind dwell upon outer conditions, no matter how hard they appear or how they seemingly affect you; for remember they exist only in the world of man's mind, and not in the real world the God-You sees and lives in. If you reso- lutely do this, it will not be long before you will have evidence of the reality of this Kingdom within, and you will hear His Voice and receive definite guidance as to what He wills and what is His purpose for you. For He must have a purpose, or why all this disciplining and developing of your mind and character? Make no mistake, He knows what He is doing and why; and when you have given self entirely over to Him, He will take you into His Consciousness, and there you will work with Him to accomplish what He intended from the beginning.

The beautiful part of it is that there are others there working with you, others who have found Him within themselves, have found there a new and wonderful self, a wonderful world, and wonderful comrades in it; a world far more real than the ever-changing one of their own creation.

Yes, they have found their eternal home, the Kingdom of God's Consciousness, the same home which Jesus described in His many parables, when trying to tell of it to the' people of His day, where He went after His mission was accomplished; where He now I lives and works among His disciples who have followed Him there. To them He is a very real and actual Teacher, Guide and Friend, Who is preparing them for the great day when He will make Himself manifest to all His followers on earth and will bring Heaven down to earth to be truly in the midst of men.


This shows you what is possible to him who learns to think only true thoughts about himself and about all in his world. Some wonderful truths have been unfolded to you, and now it surely will be easier for you to do the things you have found you must do, if you would free yourself from the old con- sciousness and the conditions surrounding you and would enter the new consciousness await- ing.

The way out has been shown you. But you must walk in it, no one can do that for you. You cannot be shoved, nor can you jump or slide into the Kingdom—you have to earn your right to enter, have to walk every step of the way there, no matter how difficult and steep grows the path. It is no journey to be taken by the half-hearted and weak-kneed.

If you are now convinced of the truth of what was shown, the next step then is to try to prove its truth, first by getting thoroughly acquainted with this Real Self of you, by see- ing Him as yourself, and by going about in His Consciousness. Practice this daily until you actually feel Him within, feel Him giving you of His power, of His vitalizing life and energy, and you thrill at the realization of it.

Then make the determined and unrelenting effort to think only His thoughts and to see and hear only the good and perfection in everything and everyone, resolutely shutting your eyes and mind to appearances and look- ing right through them to the good they hide.

You can do this—if you will. You can find good anywhere—if you truly look for it. For with such a desire in your heart you con- nect up with the good—your God Conscious- ness—within, which will illumine your mind and enable you to see with your Spiritual eyes and to hear with your Spiritual ears what is hidden from mortal consciousness. ' With every loving desire to please this God-You, you will find help given you to do it, especially when you earnestly put your trust in Him. When you do thus trust Him, you will learn what He means when He says:

"If you abide in Me, and let My Words abide in you, you can ask what you will and it will be done unto you."

For when your trust becomes absolute you will not want anything any more, for you will know that all He is and has is yours. And there will be no more need to ask, as He will be giving you continually of the riches of His Kingdom, whose store is inexhaustible.

This then, dear friend, is what we would have you do —to strive every moment of the day, no matter what you are doing, to abide in His Consciousness, to put all your trust in Him, leaving everything to Him, KNOWING that He will do all things through you per- fectly, as you keep your mind free from doubts, fears, worries, untrue thoughts, and concern about results. For you thus enable him truly and freely to live His life in you, do His will in you, be His Self in you, even as He intended and has been preparing you for all your mortal life.


In the following verses from the Sermon on the Mount is found all that anyone needs to know who is facing the tribulations now being visited upon humanity and is seeking the reason and purpose of it all and how to be free from them.

We will point out to you how wonderfully it all applies to this very question we have been discussing and how it perfectly confirms all that was stated. We will start with these significant words:

'No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will cling to the one and neglect the other. You cannot serve God and mammon."

Think carefully what this means. How many of you are not trying to serve two masters? Yes, you are trying to serve God, but who of you at the present time are not fearing money and its power? Who are not bowing down before it, daily acknowledging its power over you, afraid to do anything because of the control it has over most of your thoughts and acts? In fact is not its influence such that it receives now ten times—nay, one hundred times—more of your thoughts than does God? And yet you say you are not serving mammon!

Dear friends, you cannot continue this way. You cannot any longer serve two masters. The time has come when you must decide whom you will serve-God or mammon. For why think you these tribulations are being visited upon mankind? It is because in the past you have been trying to serve both God and mam- mon, and now both have withdrawn their support and are letting you cast for yourself. So you are finally learning that you or your- self can do nothing, and you are now facing the necessity of choosing whom you will serve and to whom you will give all your allegiance—for when you do choose that is what will be required of you.

And this applies particularly to all seekers after Truth, but includes also those who may in any way have claimed God's help. For those who are truly serving Him, placing all their trust in Him, are unaffected by present conditions and are continually prospered. While those who have given full allegiance to mammon are likewise greatly prospered— seemingly; but their time of reckoning has not yet come.

We are not interested in the latter, however. Our thoughts are for you —you who are anxious to serve God and to free yourself from the power of mammon forever. To you Jesus' words are especially directed. Hear them, for they are actual promises and con- tain very definite and unmistakable instruc- tions for you:

"Therefore I say unto you, Be not anxious about your life, what you shall eat, or what you shall drink; nor about your body, what you shall wear. Is not the life of more value than food, and the body than raiment?

"Observe the birds of the air; for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor : gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of greater value than they?

"Besides, which of you by being anxious can prolong his life one mo- ment? And why are you anxious about raiment? Consider the lilies of the field how they grow; they toil not neither do they spin; and yet I tell you, that Solo- mon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

"Wherefore, if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall He not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?"

Here you are told plainly the difference between what is required of those who would serve God and those who serve mammon. The former are clearly shown that they need not be overly concerned about the affairs of their life—about food, drink and clothes; for they are promised that God will take care of all these things—if they trust Him. Besides they know that it is His life that is in them, even as in the birds and the lilies, and surely He will feed and clothe and provide for His own life. But does mammon require such trust? No, he ever holds over his servants the whip of fear of loss, lack and poverty until they become abject slaves to his slightest wish.

The former in their efforts to please God develop and portray a life of loving and self- less service. While the latter as they yield more and more to mammon develop into cold and heartless beings, thinking only of how to satisfy their utterly selfish lusts. But listen further to Jesus' words:

"Therefore be not anxious saying, what shall we eat or what shall we drink, or wherewithal shall we be clothed?

"For all these the Gentiles seek, and your heavenly Father knows you have need of all these things.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

The Gentiles was a term used by the Jews as synonymous with "heathen" or those who were not of the "chosen people of God," and undoubtedly Jesus used it with that meaning. In other words, the chosen of God, His serv- ants, know Him and trust him fully for all their needs. But the Gentiles, those who are not His people, are the ones who are always anxious about what they shall eat or drink or how they shall be clothed.

So Jesus tells us that if we will make first the seeking of the Kingdom of God—the Divine Consciousness where love and peace abide, putting all our trust in God and giving all our service to Him—all the things needed in the physical world will be richly provided. The Emphatic Diaglot translation from the original Greek states they will be "super- added."

"Be not anxious then for the morrow, for the morrow will have its own prob- lems. Sufficient for each day are the problems thereof "

How much more plainly can it be declared to us that we are being lovingly watched over and cared for, that all our needs are known and will be supplied, and that our only thought should be a knowing that everything will be provided for us, even as God provides for the birds and the lilies?

Then it all resolves itself in a matter of trusting and abiding, and of doing the thing that is right before us to do the very best we know how, leaving the results, tomorrow and all else to God. Can you bring yourself to do this, dear friends? You must decide now. This is the time when we must choose on which side we will stand. Only a little while remains. Whom then are you going to serve? Do you require more tribulations and harder tests to help you decide?

But remember it can no longer be a halfhearted or a divided service. That will not be any longer permitted. The hopelessness of such should have been proved to you from former efforts. You must give up all— all that you have and are —and follow Him; must make Him and the finding of His Kingdom and the living of His life FIRST in your con sciousness. It must be an every-moment-of- the-day trusting; the thought of Him must supersede every other thought.

That is the kind of trusting He now seeks from you. And oh, the joy and blessedness of those who have given themselves over wholly to Him in such trusting!

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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Slaloming down the Fecal Sidewalk Fantasies of San Francisco's Gender Neutral New World Disorder.

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We are seeing the physical reality of the social programs and cultural imperatives being forced upon the sane and balanced. People pissing and shitting in the streets are a direct definer of those philosophies being imprinted on the minds of the uninformed by the dangerously mentally ill. San Francisco is a testament to what they envision for the country at large. If you are not stepping in it and slaloming down the hills to the bay, they are piping it into the homes. I love the smell of irony burning in the morning. They are just getting warmed up!

The people engaging in sexual practices that are not hetero-normative are a very tiny number, yet the degree to which government and corporations are catering to their every whim is inexplicable. Ergo... prima facie (or is it hiding in plain sight?)... something more is going on than meets the eye. This same can be said of behaviors celebrated in films and television, as well as everything from articles, to books published over recent times and the ever escalating fixation on the perverse and criminally obtuse. Simple logic tells anyone seeking to understand, why all of what is happening is happening, has only to research whomever it is that owns the mediums that are connected to the promotion or support for whatever it is that we see exponentially increasing in the windshield of the moment.

Like some parody of 2001... at some point there will be gibbering mutants, cobbling together the shit from the sidewalks and fashioning it like clay into a stool sculpture deity. A flash of lightning bursts from a chasm in the streets and strikes the figure. The charge of force animates it and it lumbers down the avenue toward some dreadful awakening, as it gathers hordes of chanting sycophants who murmur into their clasped hands... “He is alive. He is awakened. He is coming”. Yikes!!! It is not so far fetched as you might imagine. Did you ever imagine to see the things you see today, even twenty years ago? Just like that shit golem, small ideologies, small trends, small glimmers of darkness from unlighted alleys, have expanded and grown into monstrous Godzilla like forms.

It's working out right before your eyes. It is startling! To quote Frank Zappa; “they said it couldn't happen here.” Take a long and penetrating, reflective look at the Idiocracy bound march of gyroscope broken, clueless and spoiled brats, the Lord of the Flies offspring of helicopter parents, who crashed into a national park and thinking they were in the Andes, because they played bad soccer and t-ball and took two semesters of Spanglish, proceeded to eat one another; well, there's that, sorted.

In this time though... where every possible outrage against Nature and where you can make anything up and let the headlines imprint on some still remaining empty bytes in the trepanned brain, well... we'll just put it in the history books and then we can hear about it later at Drag Queen Story Hour. I have to get that in now because next week it could be hate speech.

You know- somehow you can sense it- that bat shit crazy is heading into the exponential. You sense it but you don't see it every day and then you get a photo like this and it tells you all sorts of things you wish you did not have to hear about or see.

The crowded approach to the peak of Mount Everest
"Overcrowding on the approach to the peak of Mount Everest"
Click image for expanded view

Beware of articles written by doomsday preppers but... then again... sooner or later, the day you thought would never come, is an echoing devastation; the reverberating bad yesterday at Black Rock. I don't have to look very hard for anything that gets linked here. I bypass dozens of examples of the world gone round the bend; in presently isolated and sporadic events, incrementally moving toward business as usual. Dear God!!! The Boy Scouts have to admit Girl Scouts and they ALREADY have a Girl Scouts! Men pretending to be women are now ALLOWED to compete against women (that link is from a no truth zone) in sporting events that women cannot win... usually. As much as that might put a hole in, “we are all equal”, it isn't doing any of us any good. The juggernaut of the Equality Act is going to remake the world into one of Kafka's prisons, IF it is allowed to happen. So far Trump has done the right thing.

Yeah... you're right. That is more than enough links but... if we don't all pay attention we could well be forcefully, under the rule of law, compelled to kneel before the manifest presence of evil incarnate and kiss his ass, while professing enduring fealty. Maybe you didn't see the news media interview with the person in question? Seriously... construction workers are not going to laugh at this?

What defense do we have? Should everyone who reads this posting, agree to inflexibly resist, all forms of suborning, before the guile and fear tactics of the Prince of Darkness and his devoted legion; they being the one's who promote and celebrate wrongness in government, media, educational institutions, corporations, entertainment, corrupt religions and what have you... we- the ever free... filled with a life or death integrity, join with our comrades in the citadel of the mind and the sheer weight and focus of that quiet certitude, will drive the shadows into a disappearing mist before the sunlight of a truly powerful Love.

Together, in a brimming silence of unity, we can overcome all 'division' and 'discord', which are the intended fruits of the enemy of humanity. If we can be divided against ourselves and each other, through Fear and Confusion, we are vulnerable, otherwise... the positive alternatives are ALWAYS victorious over all else. ALWAYS! No power ANYWHERE can prevail over one who is reliant on the source of all power. It's physics... think about it. Do the math.

As I move through life, in the dream movie that is my life, in the near constant effort to remember-re-discover, who I am; which has occurred at certain moments, with a brilliant intensity that has rendered every other aspect of my existence irrelevant. Sure, I can get lost for a time here and there but it never lasts. I am ruined for other things (grin). I am often stunned, absolutely stunned that everyone does not get it, does not feel it; the utter incomprehensible, everlasting splendor and glory of the ineffable!!! Sometimes the Love of the almighty ambushes me and I am transformed, made near reeling drunk from an ethereal wine, brewed from grapes that are grown nowhere on this Earth ...but in some celestial region beyond all possibilities of thought and imagination. How can anything compare with this?

As I move through this life and see the various interactions between people in real time, on television and in films, often enough I find myself saying, “I wouldn't put up with that.” Immediately I realize, I don't have to and I don't. No one does. Whenever a situation occurs in this life where the other person seeks conflict, because that is what they are after; it's the attention that matters, not whether it is negative or positive ...and in times of material darkness, many people no longer know the difference.

They are angry and contentious but they don't know why. In a world of enduring conflict, where every man's heart and ambitions are set against the other, as the natural offspring of materialism, (somehow the word 'natural' seems a little problematic but... we must keep in mind that the offspring of Materialism, especially in its latter stages, is almost consistently unnatural, which explains EVERYTHING you are seeing these days.) where the striving of the false self for supremacy over every other false self is ♫just the way it is♫ you have to... if you care to... watch yourself all the time.

The pull of contention from others is always afoot. Once one has made peace with this (grin) one spots it and turns away. It takes a remarkable consistency of practice to get to the point where you are not sucked in to the fray or to care enough not to be. We live in a world of conflict where nearly everyone is arguing with themselves and looking for someone to include in the relationship. If you have truth resident within you, it does not matter if you say or do anything. It acts upon others. It is a cosmic vitriol and it begins to melt away the fabric of their delusions. Then... one of two things happens. They embrace the freedom of release or... they get pissed off and hold it even tighter. First thing... in the beginning, you have to let it happen to you; like you had a choice anyway, which you do not. Then the process flows through you like honey through a comb, rather than otherwise, painfully, like a consuming fire.

This experience, this irreversible epiphany, awaits everyone, at every moment but... it is pushed aside. It is kicked to the curb, this priceless legacy, that has no value for those whose eyes are blinded to its everlasting beauty. If you let this transition happen to you, you are transformed into a kind of Johnny Appleseed; scattering rosebuds as ye may; speaking of mixed metaphors, which we were not. You are set into a sequencing of irresistible and eternal change. It may get a little painful now and again but it will never hurt as bad as the life after life suffering in search of what does not exist in any external direction.

The guidons and cheerleaders have been given their sheet music and marching orders:

Meanwhile, Mr. Apocalypse is setting them up and knocking them down. Just wait for what is coming. If even a small part of what I have been told comes to pass, it is going to be a spectacle like nothing we have seen before.

Things that some of us have known for a very long time are now being seen for what they are and the presence of them in the lives of those whose names still reverberate across the long stretch of recorded time is being acknowledged, as is their intrinsic value when it comes to seeing through the masquerade, beyond the reach of the voices of the carnival barkers, now rendered incoherent and transmuted into soft ocean waves of ambient sound.

In this world, the refugees from truth and all the damaged entities who are talking to themselves, are seeking the solace that only a high pitched screaming argument can give them. They live in a world where everyone else is to blame for their problems, which would melt away between one heartbeat and the next, if they would simply let go of the tattered coffin shrouds they have wrapped themselves in. It is a given that misery loves company. You can't win an argument with a crazy person. To argue to begin with is to miss the point; the glaring and inescapable truth that 'you don't know'! Ah how liberating it is!!!

Everything in life can be reduced to the simple perspective of “I don't know.” Or it can be extrapolated into ever more and more complex themes, that unravel away into nothing, when the light of truth is shined on them. If you don't know, then the ineffable does and you can be informed on anything at the time you need to know it. If you do know then the ineffable doesn't and trouble will come despite the weather, it changes before you get it together and leaves you up the creek of life, without a friend to help you paddle and... so on. You need that friend and that friend is standing closer than you are to yourself because nearly everyone is divided against themselves ...because that is the price for conforming to the insanity that surrounds you, in order to survive or... so we think but... it doesn't have to be like that. It doesn't have to be like that!!!

Yeah... this post has been the victim of too much purple prose but I never know what outfit the point is going to wear to demonstrate itself. Hopefully the important features have survived the ordeal. The chances are a little better (I hope) than they are for the DMV line on Everest.

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