Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Days are Brimming with a Rolodexing Waterfall of Wonder and Delight.

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There are, of course, many things and situations in this world for one to desire or aspire after. The resulting karma of acquiring or achieving anything here, comes to pass in various ways. It can certainly be said ...and... here I speak as a voice of experience on the subject, a significant majority of the things and situations we can desire or aspire after here are not worth the getting. Disappointment can be a significant feature of karma and so can Regret and 20/20 hindsight. I believe another byproduct of Karma is; 'live and learn'... alternatively... 'don't live and don't learn'. Both of these occur with regularity.

In the end... life wears almost everyone down. We wear the marks of our struggles and those marks are what? They are the scars of the effort expended by the separated self, in its pursuit of personal desires and aspirations in this world, which also brings one into conflict with every other competing interest. THIS is SELF EVIDENT, unless you are not yourself. If you are not yourself, everything is seen through the lens of false-self interest. It makes sense (whatever 'it' is)... in THAT THEATER of enterprise.

I often like to think of the Chakras as being like floors in a department store. The spinal cord runs like an elevator all the way to the Sahasrara Penthouse. It runs from the basement, where the Kunda Pool resides. When you exit the elevator on any floor, every item is a reflection of that department. Each floor is a world unto itself. Some people spend most of their lives on just a couple of floors, especially in times of material darkness and they've no idea of the wonders to be encountered on the floors above.

Imagine, if you will, (cue Rod Serling) finding yourself on a floor where you want nothing at all because you are filled to the brim (and overflowing) with Bliss beyond description. You can sample every ware in every department, move effortlessly between them and your state of being is not changed. You are then, truly... in the world but not of it. We want things until we get them and then we don't want them anymore. This is the result of the relentless cycle of desire, more often that anyone cares to think. This is especially something most do not want to think about. It takes all the fun out of it.

There are a number of magical rules and laws of Nature that exist which most people are totally unaware of. Still... every one of us has had magical, inexplicable things happen to us, like an act of serendipity. Some might think it was simply their due and that can be the case. Some might think it is in answer to a prayer, or just good luck. I don't bring this up to provide some all encompassing answer for this happening. I bring it up to STATE that it is altogether possible to live in a world where these sort of serendipitous occurrences are happening, ALL THE TIME!

A clue can be found in one's childhood. Surely you remember when the days were brimming with a Rolodexing waterfall of wonder and delight. Summer lasted seemingly forever. First loves were a joy beyond description. These are a few examples of a state of being which was also a state of mind. The world had not yet divided into the duality dance of opposites; most especially male and female, although... these days... the waters of identity insanity, are muddier than The Big Muddy, in flood times. The world changes after the loss of one's innocence, which is why REGENERATED INNOCENCE is the divinest of consummations to be wished.

One can readily see, with the sexualization of children, the spread of rampant pedophilia and all attending outrages; the cynical hand and eye of the Prince of Darkness and his minions. Job One for the Infernal Realm is the despoliation and destruction of innocence and YOU SEE IT AT WORK EVERYWHERE!

We're not here to talk about what we can do about any of this because ALL OF IT comes down to personal choice and each choice will be judged on the merits, as it meets the touchstone of Truth. We are here to talk about how to protect your innocence and- if it is gone... how to get it back.

Of course, all of you are familiar with the statement by Jesus the Christ;

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

People tend to... after a certain time... gloss over remarks they have read or heard before. They have perfunctory reactions. Timeless and eternal truths become no more than Yadda Yadda. Timeless and eternal truths deserve serious reflection. They deserve deep consideration BECAUSE... timeless and eternal truths have deeper and ever more deep meanings, when one studies them with intention and an open heart and mind and is patient, as needs be, when waiting for inspired scripture to respond in an oracular fashion. It will speak to you on a deeper level if you are patient. It does not reveal itself to the impatient, the dabblers and dilettantes and assorted small change operatives. Here is an example for reflection on the previous quote;

“Truly I tell you, UNLESS YOU CHANGE.” That part of the quote seldom gets included.

This 'child-like' state is often associated with the persona of saints, when they are described by observers, biographers and similar. It has also been associated with those considered simpletons who later proved not to be simpletons. It is a gift of the spirit, conferred upon the deserving. There are many gifts of the spirit, which are like the serendipitous, mysterious rules and laws. It is possible to get these rules and laws to act in your favor, by putting yourself in a position, where they are caused to react.

We do not have to appear to be, or be, beaten down by the ravages of pedestrian desire and one of the most expedient and certain ways to get whatever you want, is to not want it. Two VERY IMPORTANT considerations, tasks, objectives; call them what you will, need to be addressed, in order for you to find yourself in the spiritual catbird seat. Firstly, put an end to all personal desires and secondly; still, or kill, the reactive mind. In this case the end is more important than the means. Guru Bawa once told me, “get wisdom any way that you can. Steal it if you have to.”

Both of these seem to be an industry similar to Hercules cleaning the Augean Stables. Let me illustrate that a bit. The stables housed over a thousand cattle and had not been cleaned in 30 years. If you think about it, it sounds ridiculous to begin with; that it hadn't been cleaned in 30 years but that is sometimes the way it is with myths. This is the 5th labor of Hercules and he was set to accomplish it in a single day. What did he do? He diverted two rivers and they washed out the stables lickety split. I don't think Peisander used that term as a descriptive but I shall, even though, 'lickety split' has an unsavory sound to it when applied to cleaning out stables (grin). It does sound a little like the task set to Alexander, concerning the Gordian Knot. He also had an expedient solution for it. One might harvest considerable fruit by applying similar thought processes to curtailing all personal desire and stilling the reactive mind.

As for personal desires, another one of the remarkable, serendipitous rules and laws states that whatever is coming to you, whether you want it or not, is going to come anyway so; what is the use of chasing after anything that is yours already... even if it is not yet present? AND... if you've any hope of evading or canceling out undesirable circumstances coming your way, the ONLY possibility of that is to put it in the hands of the Supreme Mover who can do ANYTHING. His powers are LIMITELESS! LIMITLESS!!! There is NOTHING that God cannot accomplish in the wink of an eye. The Divine Being thinks whatever it is into being and... just like that... it exists. This Divine Being is RESIDENT WITHIN YOU!

Do you see where I'm going with this? Spiritual teachers have, for ages, been advising us to put the whole of our life in the hands of the Supreme Being. Surely there is a practical side to this??? It's not just poetic whimsy AND... from what I have been able to glean and understand about ALL of these spiritual teachers is that... they ALL did exactly that. Apparently this is not Rocket Surgery. Emulation is not only the sincerest form of flattery. It can also be the smartest course of action, depending on whom you are emulating.

I've watched people. go round and round about, trying to make spiritual progress. I've watched them join ashrams and make their way up the pecking order of whatever establishment they were operating in. I've watched them try to be Buddhists and Muslims, Hindus, Christians and especially New Agers. I've watched them operate according to the strict letter of the law and become unbearable pains in the ass and I have watched them shut off their gyroscopes and free flywheel it into a Floogie Bird flight, until they disappear in the usual manner of Floogie Birds. I've seen all manner of methods and techniques, both ad infinitum and ad nauseum. I've come away from the fray of it, with no more than The Greatest Commandment, as the sanest course of action. At least this is what works for me. I'm not talented or informed enough to follow the more complex paths. It is why I walked away from Hermetic and Occult modalities, though I still reference some of them when they prove useful.

I don't know what the rest of you want. It took much longer than it should have for me to discover what I wanted, which might be now defined as not wanting anything OR wanting only one thing. It amounts to the same for me (in my mind). What I do know is that each of us has a limited period of residence in this particular go round and none of us know what the length of that is. I also know that you leave here with ONLY what you have become and whatever debts and bounties might have accrued to you, for a future exercise of Destiny, in the next go round. You don't take anything else, so... it would seem to me that EVERYTHING ELSE IS SECONDARY to that and worthy of only secondary fealty... if that. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind. The second part of it comes automatically with the first, at least it does for me.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Danse Economique, Al Fresco and the Eternal Flagrante Delicto of WTF.

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A couple or more of centuries after Jesus the Christ walked upon this Earth, there was a schism in the faith. This schism became so contentious that the Emperor Constantine was obliged to intrude himself into the controversy. This would come to be called the Council of Nicaea. Give or take, this took place in 325 AD. The reason for it was due to the rise of Arianism. Anyone who has studied the traditions of any of the long enduring religions has discovered what an entangled affair ALL OF THEM HAVE BECOME.

We have Sunni and Shiite Muslims and it gets more and more complex as time passed. We've Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhists and it gets more and more complicated as time passed. We had... around the time of the Council of Nicaea, the Arian and the non-Arian, which I suppose I will call the 'traditional' following; given that Arius, after whom this system of thought is named; basically, the schism centered around an argument which, on one side, claimed that Christ was divine and co-equal with God (same thing as) and on the other hand, he was someone God created at some point for whatever his reasons were. What you have here is the dispute over Christ being Divine... or not.

Regardless of any of the positions anyone might take about this that or the other thing, either Jesus the Christ was the son of God or... he wasn't. Of course he was and I will tell you why. We have had something like 2,000 years, over the course of which the entire world has been changed and the testimony of recorded history, of the lives of saints and miracles abundant, in many another case show us, gives evidence of Christ, as the living manifest expression of God in human form. This isn't even open to debate and if it is... please go round the corner somewhere and haggle with one another; don't come round here.

Whenever priests and scholars get involved in what God is or is not, you are looking at a duplicitous and convoluted, round and round the Mulberry Bush, stifling ration of bullshit, from some location where the sun don't shine (please pardon my syntax). All of that ration is about, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!” Generally... churches and religions, are the outer concourse of doe see doe financial sucking it in and holding your breath. Are you with me so far?

Every major religion, by this time, is an intricate vampire entity that... like government, is created to enslave the populace and bleed them dry.

Now... Emperor Constantine... probably still a closet pagan at the time, but... also a skilled negotiator and not someone you want to mess with; otherwise he wouldn't have the title of Emperor, left this council gathering ...with the idea that it had been fixed and would have at least a refurbished 90 day warranty. I don't know if extended service contracts were available but... I digress. So... what followed was a lip service agreement that did one thing on the surface and something else below decks because there were powerful individuals on both sides of the 'me first, you later... maybe' Danse Economique.

So... of course... this all got back to the Emperor and I'm guessing here, cause I don't know and neither do any of you... I'm guessing that they then went looking for an advocate with a 'heavy rep'. So it is that he, who would later be called Saint Anthony, was sought after and... that was no walk in the park to find the guy because this was back in the time of the pillar dwellers and people who shut themselves away from any contact with the corrupt side of human intercourse, of all kinds, at that time OR... ANY TIME FOR THAT MATTER.

After many a roundelay of 'over hill and over dale', they found the (later to be called) redoubtable Saint Anthony and brought him into some larger venue of many a witness and Saint Anthony said, “I have seen him!” 'Him' being Jesus the Christ. You need to understand some things about Saint Anthony. He spent decades at a time in the performance of austerities and all manner of painful rejections of everything that might be constituted as a material pleasure. He was the real deal, apparently. He lived for a very long time as did St. Paul who passed while they were praying together. It's nice to have information like this on tap; isn't it??? This is the fruit of viscerally knowing that you do not know. As long as you don't know... God does know (within you) as long as you know; God does not. It doesn't get any simpler than this.

So... Saint Anthony saying this... had a wide spread and long lasting impact upon the question of who and what Jesus the Christ is/was. Personally, I don't get into arguments about this or ANYTHING having to do with the nature or presence of God. Either you are celebrating the presence of God or you are celebrating the presence of someone else;


I consider myself one of the most fortunate men on Earth because I do not just believe in God, I KNOW God is real and present; no ifs ands or buts about it. There is a comfort, beyond the bounds of human reason or any 'other' kind of awareness, that comes to one who has walked into the howling wilderness of the forever unknown and who has found that wilderness was only their own internal being and that once revealed it was a joy and a wonder to experience. In other words, there is no howling wilderness. There is only the fear of the unknown and for WHATEVER REASON, most everyone avoids this self inquiry. I do not. Job One... don't run from yourself because that is who you are going to encounter when you leave here. You are going to have yourself, exposed to yourself. You can COUNT ON THIS. It will happen and what will follow is your having to decide what you are willing to do next time you come back in the this dance of temporary embodiment.

DON'T BE A FOOL!!! Honestly my friends, don't be foolish. ♫Your time is gonna come♫ You will have to face yourself and there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide in this regard. Why don't people get this? Okay... okay... self deceit... the mesmerizing hallucination of repurposed, refurbished illusions. It keeps on and it keeps on. You know this! I know this! Once again, IT IS WHAT IT IS. Come on humanity!!! Wake the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there are people who don't like me; I'm too self assured, too convinced that I know what I'm talking about. Here is something to consider----- God speaks to all of us BUT... only some of us hear God. That's right. Why would you think God is far away when God is your own true self to begin with??? You CANNOT BE DISHONEST WITH YOURSELF! Listen up people. I know that all of you don't like me. I can understand that, I really can. I am not everyone's cup of tea. I can be abrasive, impatient, pugnacious and what have you ...BUT... it is only because I care about you. I really do care about you, even those of you who do not like me because I KNOW (or at least God does) that we are all a common consciousness beneath the skin. We are all the same person. Sure... you came in here as an Aquarius from Montana, or a Pisces from Florida, or any other permutation of astrological, fixed perspectives, for the Karmic roundabout of a temporary life and we can't, by nature of our separation by planetary disposition, all agree BUT REMEMBER... REMEMBER... a wise person rules the stars.

You do not have to be managed by your predispositions! You do not have to be ruled by the instinctive nature of your karmic nature. Truly... my friends. Listen up for a moment, I had my head handed to me with brutal efficiency by a monster who was large and determined. It did him no good and I have completely forgiven him because I know I chose this route as the most expedient. I chose this. It's over. After I left the less than tender care of his ministrations, I had six years of off again, on again, incarceration in life and death prisons and housing locations for the criminally insane. Why was I confined in the latter? Simple... I wasn't going to let anyone rape me. I was willing to respond in ANY MANNER, to make sure of that and so it goes. You got to stand up for yourself and if you do... Angels will appear on your behalf. I have had the truth of God's presence proven so many times that I cannot remember them all.

My friends... time is short. You have no idea. It's getting closer. Go and introduce yourself to The Ineffable. Let God know you're here. Speak to the Divine Mother! Speak to God's agent here on Earth. Do you not know that the moment you speak to God, God IS LISTENING??? God ALWAYS hears you; ALWAYS!!! ALWAYS!!! Please... I'm not here to shout into the passing wind. I am here to echo your own conscience. Listen closely... you might be surprised.

Love- Visible

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Friday, November 8, 2019

"Like a Dog Chasing his Tail for Eternity and Never Hearing the Tale."

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At this given moment in the course of our brief history, in this brief incarnation of temporary residence, for the purpose of appetite, desire, some kind of ambition... but in all cases, as an opportunity to pay the bill for previous appetites, desires and ambitions, or to experience new ones, we are present in a dreamscape. This dreamscape is woven like a web, or a tapestry. It is accordion like and it unravels like a scroll, over a particular reach of time. Just like a web, this dreamscape vibrates and attracts the attention of other entities moving along the web. The key term here is vibration. This is how like attracts like and that out-plays as experiences, with other people, interacting with the residents of every realm, invisible life forms and forces as well as the creations of Lady Nature; be they natural... like forest and mountains and seashore, or unnatural, like cities and towns. There are implements of technology that move between the natural and unnatural, or only within the parameters of one.

There are dividing lines that exist in the dreamscape and they are of many different types. There are seasons in Nature and there are larger seasons that are called ages and they each have their measured reach. Characters appear to play particular roles and the kind of dramas they take part in can be significantly antithetical, or contradistinctive from what precedes and what follows each of them. Ergo you get your 'clash of civilizations' and cultures, lifestyles and what have you. Certain episodes of interaction appear in early portions of the age, or culture, or whathaveyou and certain episodes appear in the latter stage. This can vary widely.

Surely you are seeing the sad results of bad parenting in these times. There is a rule in life that says, if you do not employ discipline on yourself and your offspring... bad results are certain. This is because a lack of discipline leads to a culture of excess. It behooves any thinking person to reflect on this feature of our times. A certain kind of persona has forced its zombies forward in the drama. They have created an army of the reckless, demanding and terribly uninformed. They have hijacked the educational systems and are programming those for whom real education was an afterthought (if at all) and have loosed them upon the rest of us.

This period of history is a bump in the road. Astrologers and metaphysicians call it a cusp period. Since it is a demarcation line between two ages that last for 2200 years, the cusp period runs around 200 years; before you are fully into the next age. A considerable amount of upheaval and chaos occurs as the archetypes and infrastructure morph into their next representative state of being. We're near the end point of this cusp and once that's gone, so will all of these creatures be gone and where they may physically remain, their influence will be nil. We just have to be patient.

It is a COMMON CIRCUMSTANCE in every cusp period for the appearance of revolutionary actors. Some amount of these are highly desirable contributors to new ways of thinking and living. Others are rampaging nihilists who, having found no (and not having looked) meaning in their own lives, have declared there is none elsewhere either, or have declared that certain awful transitions must take place to manifest a system where they are, finally, all equal and the rest of us are not.

All too few of us possess the capacity for self introspection and higher reasoning faculties. All too few of us possess that impartial objectivity that makes an understanding of deeper issues possible. The majority of us are blown hither and yon by the winds of appetite and the fires of desire. These are easily convinced of all manner of absurdities, as can be clearly seen by those possessing the qualities previously mentioned.

Off stage and hidden from the immediate line of sight, are those who play upon atavistic fears and desires of the people, most especially, they prey upon the minds of the disenfranchised, or those who've not accumulated what they wanted in life, either through an insufficiency of intelligence or drive, or imagination. They stoke the darker passions of these people, inflaming prejudices and telling lies, about all that they declare has been stolen from them, denied them, or not permitted for them and this includes not only objects and station in life but also... kinds of behavior. These manipulators control the avenues by which information is disseminated. They control the industries of entertainment, where certain lifestyles are lauded or promoted and others are decidedly not. They control the mediums through which Art is marketed and this gives them authority to determine what is... and what is not... Art.

Ultimately, in a relative sense, this confers a power upon these manipulators to define what is real and what is not real; what is desirable and what is undesirable, what is right and what is wrong, who should be elevated and who diminished... honored or dishonored. It CAN SEEM as if they are firmly in the driver's seat and little can be done about it. One is advised that they must conform to the pleasure of the Overlord, who dictates the acceptable and unacceptable protocols of life. This is, like everything is, only temporary. It is... in the common vernacular, BULLSHIT.

These manipulators and profiteers are, empowered in their season, for only the length of that season. This is why they are such busy little bees of the moment. They know that their sell by date is soon to pass. They know that one is coming who is going to set aright all that they have knocked and encouraged to go out of kilter. A time is coming, when the poisonous cloud of confusion and stupidity, shall be dispersed. This will, most definitely, result in an awakening. The people will rub the residue of dream dust from their eyes and ask... “What happened?” “Where was I?” Their eyes, having been opened, will clearly see who it was that ensorcelled and bewitched them. In that short moment there will be a rush of air, trailing in the passage of the manipulators, fleeing for the hills and the following rage of those now released from their stupor.

It's just a bump in the road my friends. The previous century and more, has been a Grand Guignol of horrific murders and pillaging, the like of which had never been previously seen. Even in the times of Tamerlane and the Khans's, it did not reach anything like the scale of what has most recently passed. Now... the befuddlement and somnambulism are destined to fade like the morning dew upon the grass because another sun, a spiritual sun, is set to shine upon the human heart and mind and all things are to be made Gnu.

I have been waiting... anticipating... for most of the extent of my life for this time to come upon us. I've been mostly awake. At first I had the initial problems of running into the sleepers, who passed on all sides, as well as the perception disability that my comestibles conferred upon me. I needed to slow down. It took longer than it should have for the toreador aspect to come forth. It's been fair smooth sailing since.

Some changes take a very long time. The process is beyond the comprehension of most; like the rising and falling of a mountain... antediluvian... primordial changes. Interestingly, the changes in us, from our first inception, to the realization of Godhead, occurs over an even greater spread of time. It is like the brief puffs of air in every breath, as if they were each a lifetime and the totality of all of the breaths in a lifetime of average length, being the stretch from inception to realization. As hard as it may be to believe, in some cases it is more than that, even much more than that.

The mysterious workings of the cosmos take place over an unimaginable stretch of time and the whole of a cycle, is no more than a single breathing out and in of the divine. That is creation... an out breathing, followed by an inhale with a pause between at either end. The divine expresses outward into everything and then gathers itself all up again. No mind can grasp this and our thousands upon thousands of incarnations amount to nothing at all. Until realization occurs it is no more than a dog chasing its tail. How many ever tumbled to one of the last things the Lord Buddha said, “I will return in 500 years.” Go ahead... do the math.

When you think about the enormous periods of time and the scrabbling of appetites all along the way. There are the massive stomachs of the dinosaurs and the progression until now and still.... appetite...desire and ambition. Once it may have been a tearing, rending and chewing, a panting pursuit after sexual union, the scrimmaging of armed men and who would be king. Only the objects and methods of performance have changed. The nature and objectives of the passions have not.

Now we observe the fury of literal insanities, seeking a preeminence over a competing madness... bones in the nose to studded rings in the nose, shaggy manes to purple hair... perhaps some changes in the image and quality of the tattoos but... savages none the less. One of them obvious and apparent and the other disguised by a thin veneer of pretended civilization. Thank God for the hidden hand of inspired and divine reason that here and there appears.

He/She (heh heh- preferred pronouns; really ought to be 'it' and 'that') finally achieves when they abandon the field of play and walk away from every promise and lie, walk away from every object of desire and from desire itself... walk away in one's own variant of Lao Tzu on the water buffalo... walk away to that sheltered glade at Cold Creek, to sleep the dreamless sleep of the realized and to purify the ears. To hear or see no more of the corruptions of the euphemistically civilized. Ah... to be free of all this. Still... one in Jivanmukti Duty must serve on the way. Let the lies and perversions fall where they may and hear and see them not at all... simply smiling, in the childlike delight, of seeing God face to face in everyone you meet.

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Evaluating the Point Spread and the Over-Under on Pascal's Wager

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Fashion and the entertainment business are linked at so many levels there is no reason to list them. If you need context to get this, you won't understand it when it is presented to you. The fashion industry is controlled by practitioners. The fashion industry is the place where clothes are designed by men who hate women. The entertainment business is run by men who have sex with men. This should explain everything you don't presently understand about why entertainment, fashion and art now look like they are being filmed, or constructed, in a funhouse mirror. A certain group of people are provably, factually, in control of the entertainment business and these people are more than twice as likely to be than any other demographic.

They are the highest concentration of atheists.

This is true and all the information is right there.

This is true and the information is all there.

This is true and you can exhaustively research this to prove it so.

This is true and has been painstakingly delineated for anyone to ponder.

They are also in control of the pornography industry and all related areas of commerce. There are many theories out there as to why this group of people happen to be deviant in their sexual practices. The arguments go back and forth among those inclined to argue. I am not a member of that group which argues. I don't argue. I state (take it or leave it) and here I will state why it is that this group engages in the sexual behavior they engage in. It is due to the influence of the maternal side of their family unit.

Here is an example of that influence by the maternal side. I don't know the religious background of this person and I purposely chose it to give evidence that this kind of 'child molding abuse' can be performed by anyone. All that is required is for you to be mentally ill. It doesn't matter what religion or race you are. It's also true that some groups do it more than others.

You can argue about the content of what's been said so far. There are two main reasons why you might. One reason is that you haven't studied it and have no REAL information. The other is that you are a member of that group. There are other possibilities why you would object to what's said here but they can each be traced back to one of these two reasons.

I don't care for this plane of existence but I am here. However, I am of proactive inclination, so I am working on that and... near a solution for it, which is to be able to be here and not here at the same time. As a matter of fact, I am now able to slip in and out of one into the other for brief periods of time. I can't stay in that state permanently yet because it isn't something anyone can accomplish on their own. You have to be ALLOWED to do that. You have to be... almost led by the hand, by another, for that to become a constant for you. At this point I would like to say that HEAVEN BEGINS WHERE YOUR FEET TOUCH THE EARTH.

What is my point here, with all these disparate but connected REALITIES? My point is that I did not want to believe what my lying eyes brought to my attention but I had no choice. As has been said many ways by many people; “it is what it is”. I know why this is all as it is. I understand the influences, dispositions and inclinations that made it all what it is but I've gone into depth about it so many times that I just don't want to do it anymore and I suspect that the reason I am doing it today (to a certain degree) is because this is the last time I want to talk about it. In a short period of time, sooner than one might think, a certain transformation is going to come upon the human mind. It is going to impact differently on different states of awareness. Depending on your level of present awareness and the distance between you and the awareness that is going to descend, on that depends the severity it is going to come upon you with.

No one is going to be able to argue with or negotiate with this awareness. You either concede to its superior power, or it is going to be visited upon you in ways you are NOT GOING TO ENJOY. How do I come by this knowledge? It is what I have been told. Of course, anyone can dispute the authenticity of what I've been told. Anyone can dispute the existence of the source of this knowledge. That's neither here nor there for me. I had only to be convinced myself. Whatever anyone may think of that, it has no importance to me whatsoever. It is as if I walked into a room and saw someone sitting there and I had an exchange with the resident of the room. Then I left the room and mentioned the conversation and the experience to others and certain individuals, who had not been in that room, nor privy to the information that was discussed, have decided to disagree with what I heard or experienced. I had an experience. They did not have the experience, so, who am I going to believe?

Of course I may have been lied to. My response to that is, 'time will tell and we shall see'. Until that plays out, everyone is going to go on doing what they do. The same applies to me. I'm going to go on doing what I'm doing, except... perhaps... with an even far greater determination and consistency. I accept NOTHING until I have proven it to be so, according to my methods of inquiry and analysis and this is the case with everything I have come to believe or disbelieve over the course of time.

The present state of existence is one of intense material presence. We are surrounded by the products of matter, shaped in the foundry of the human subconscious and brought forth into form through the Shake 'n Bake process. The speed at which product is now coming from the foundry to the shelves of commercial enterprises is incredibly swift. What is lost in this is that the whole of it is SPIRITUAL, not MATERIAL. The material angle is the appearance via the senses and because change is the cornerstone of existence and due to that, all appearances are temporary, things come and go and none of it remains... except for the spiritual aspect. That does not come and go and that does not change.

Let me take the pending arrival of certain material change a step further. The whole of what we call, culture and social order, civilization and our material environment, moves like sequences in a film. The film begins and eventually the film ends. In between we have plot development and the characters who perform in the plot. We have drama... tragedy... comedy; depending on one's experience and perspective. We have denouement, anti-climax and climax. We have character development (hopefully of a positive kind). Life is a movie but... perhaps more accurately, a dream. Nearly everyone here is dreaming and that dream, depending on the dreamer, can... like sleep, be light or very, very deep.

In the dream of life it usually takes trauma for one to awaken; or a nightmare? Life... this life movie is moving, inexorably toward nightmare. This is simply the logical outcome of material culture in which the residents, devoted to that culture, go slowly at first and then ever more rapidly... insane. If you are not seeing or hearing elements of this at this very time, you have willfully shut up your eyes and ears. If a train is speeding toward you and you are standing on the tracks, closing your eyes will not cause the train to miss you. Mr. Apocalypse is the conductor on that train.

I have NO SOLUTION to the conditions brought about by the people mentioned in the article. It is what it is. However, the forces that rule manifest existence; not the forces that appear to but the forces who do rule manifest existence, they have a solution.

Not everyone who reads this article will study what is contained in the links. On the one hand, many who read here already know these things. Then there are those who do not want to know because with knowledge comes responsibility. Not all of us have been able to put our lives in such a place that we are no longer vulnerable to those who would harm us by costing us our jobs, or threatening us on any variety of levels. You have my sympathy. I have no hostages to fortune. I also do not have many of what some would call the benefits of these times in this culture but... I don't want any of them either.

Let me riddle you something. Let's say there are those who have everything that material comfort and entertainment can provide but they are not able to fully enjoy any of it, due to a power that is resident within them and whose influence THEY CANNOT ESCAPE. Then let us say there are those who have none of these things but... that same power is resident in them as well, only it their case, it floods them with bliss and joy and makes whatever they do or experience a wonderful event. Who of these two groups is the better off? Especially since this interior power can also provide or remove anything there is to be had in life, effortlessly. Every single one of us has access to the good offices of this power but very few of us take advantage of it.

I am not the one who is going to hold certain people accountable for their acts but I do know that they are going to be held accountable. I'll also be held accountable and I am more than passing fine with that. It's always puzzled me how people go through their whole life without giving any serious thought to what comes after. Then... I suspect they find out anyway. One can be an atheist but... whether one is or is not, has no bearing on whether God is real or not. Pascal's Wager was about that, in it's own fashion, though... 'enlightened modern thinkers' consider it rubbish.

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There are many sites on the internet where one can get their news. Some of those sites, like Huffington Post are 100% fabricated. Others are a mix of truth and lies. Pocketnet seems to be of the less egregious of those which has a mix. If you know how to sift information then Pocketnet can prove to be a valuable place to visit.

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Thanks to those of you who are going to Pocketnet and voting for me and for commenting. It's making a big difference, although the desired effects are still precipitating in. I am grateful, truly grateful for your support.

Friday, October 25, 2019

♫A Whole Lotta Stupid Going On♫ 'Shakin a Tail-Feather here Boss!'

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Today is the 25th of October and this is some kind of a power portal for Witches. I knew that Halloween, Samhain was a power date. I didn't know anything about October 25th. Way...yell- it turns out that October 25th is Halloween. This comes as news to me but then... I was thinking, Christmas is on the 25th of December but it is intended to be the Christian overlay upon the Winter Solstice, which is 21-22 so... I guess that might be the reason somehow.

This evening, Witches here and witches there, witches everywhere, with or without purple hair, ugly or beautiful, in the eye of the beholder, are going to be gathering or acting in singularity to perform a 'binding spell' on President Trump. The intention is to prevent him from doing harm to the country. Now... RIGHT THERE... RIGHT THERE... I got a question; WHAT IF HE ISN'T DOING ANY HARM? That's subjective isn't it? Who is deciding what is HARMFUL? Is it harmful to close the southern borders, against an influx of millions of immigrants, whose immigration is being engineered by George Soros and ancillary Satanic brethren, so that the Democratic party can have a wave of newly minted Democratic voters? Is that harmful?

Is it harmful to create the most robust economy in decades? Is it harmful to generate the best employment figures in decades? Is it harmful to drain The Swamp of the Deep State Alligators? Is it harmful to go after the human traffickers and pedophiles in a way that NO ONE HAS EVER DONE BEFORE? If none of these things are harmful and if it is not President Trump's intention to harm America in any other manner; doesn't this mean that 'the binding spell' will have no impact whatsoever?

They are not asking that President Trump be bound from performing any act that they (the witches) identify as harmful. They are simply talking generically harmful. That would then- as I understand the principles, mean whatever the general idea of harm is in the minds of the largest body of people. I imagine you can do the math on that.

I don't want to say that there are a lot of very stupid people. I DO NOT WANT to say this. I do not want to also say that there are FAR MORE STUPID PEOPLE than there ever was previously. I don't mean this to be true simply because there is a greater population. I am implying a percentile density of stupidity over all.

Even though I don't want to say that there are a WHOLE LOT OF STUPID PEOPLE, I do want to discuss what accounts for it, if it proves to be true, that there are not only a lot of stupid people but more stupid people than ever before (and, if it's true, it's increasing). The reasons are; (drum roll) the intensification of Materialism, the advances in technological convenience, the loss of educational standards, possibly a watering down of the gene pool, the aggressiveness of vaccine programs, drugs and alcohol abuse, epidemic sexual promiscuity (Yes, that will render you stupid), relentless brainwashing and... RAMPANT APPETITE EXCESSES + an obsession with trivial pursuits to the exclusion of all other interests and which leads to the death of curiosity in the deeper considerations of life. I could add a great deal of minutiae to this brief listing but this will serve, for the moment.

When I was in Europe I used to visit this German pub in the town where I lived. It was called The Bahnof, which means train station. There was a single track, train there and it did run on Sundays to some town a few kilometers up the road. The Germans are often a garrulous lot and I would wind up in conversation with them. Some percentage of them are taciturn. I did not talk to those.

On one occasion I found myself talking to this one fellow who began to tell me about his problems. This is a common features in bars and the problems are often the reason people are there in the first place. People at a certain level of emotional development also get lonely. That can be a problem for them. I vastly prefer being alone, mostly because I never am, even when I am, alone.

So this fellow is telling me about his problems, which like most problems, centered around other people (probably another reason I like being alone). Although we may not be as effective with our own problems, some of us are very good at solving other people's problems. I'm pretty good at that (or I thought I was), or so my past history indicates. There are a couple of reasons for this; I'm empathetic and I give a shit. Those might both be the same thing. I also rely heavily on my Objective Perspective. I've seen what happens to people who don't.

So... this fellow is telling me his problems and it did not take long before the solution leapt into my mind- almost as if it had been deposited there from another location- and I told him what it was. He responded with a resounding, “Yeah, that's what I must do.” (“Ja! das ist es, was ich tun muss.”)... or something like that. He was pretty cheerful after that, as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Sometimes the perception that something has been remedied, even if it has yet to occur, is as good as if it has happened already. He probably bought me a beer and we went on to other great matters of the world, which we no doubt sorted out on that afternoon. I left at some point and forgot all about it. That's what I do.

Fast forward some months; I walk into the same pub, of an afternoon ...and encounter the same fellow, sitting in morose introspection. I think that used to be called a 'brown study'. I joined him and asked him how it was going. He proceeded to tell me about the very same problem that he had told me about the last time, as if he did not remember even discussing it with me. He did not. I reminded him of our conversation and then he remembered. I asked him if he had applied the solution that was proffered. He said, “No.” When I asked him why that was, he could not tell me; “I must have forgotten.” I think he said. Then it came to me in a flash of revelation. Boom! I saw what was what. This happens to me sometimes and it happened then. I saw that HE IS HIS PROBLEM. This is how he identifies himself. Without his problem he would not be who he is. He needs the problem(s) to be him.

I left the pub that day greatly changed. What I had seen has stayed with me and since that time I have looked at people in a very different way. It has been of great value and saved me a lot of time I would have otherwise wasted, trying to change what it is not my place, or in my power, to change. I had always been devoted to helping people. It is some kind of an impetus that makes me who I am. Hopefully I did less harm and more good overall. I suspect that in many instances, there was no change.

I am not saying you can't help people. You can. Along with what I learned that day, I learned a new method for being useful and that is to just listen to people and see the nature of their need in my mind. Since there is ONLY ONE MIND, whatever I am thinking is accessible to the person(s) I am with. You can heal people in quietude. You can just be around people and make them better by being better yourself. Healthy and well balanced people have a contagion to them, just like sick people. Negative people spread negativity and positive people spread positivity. Look at what The Sun accomplishes.

I saw a discussion at Pocketnet a couple of months ago. Two people were talking about magic spells and one of them said, “Yeah... and it just rebounds on the person who cast it.” That's not true. It CAN BE true (One has to use the mirroring principle, in defense, to get the rebound) but it is not per se. There would be no point at all in practicing such things if the inevitable result was to harm yourself. Of course, we can think of many examples where this is IN FACT true.

People can be very self destructive but in the matter of Magic, certain rules apply. I'm reminded of a tale told by Aleister Crowley. He was involved in a magical war with someone, it was around the time he was with MacGregor Mathers. He knew (for reasons I do not recall) that he was going to be under magical attack that day during a certain period. He then went to the cinema and watched two Charlie Chaplin movies and the spells had no impact. This should lead a person to consider the connections between The Devil and laughter. Laugh at the devil and he will run from you. I'm not promoting Crowley, who I consider a wastrel. I have had many of the same difficulties as he but... also the good sense to eschew Magic as a result. You need a certain mindset to get into these things. It would not have gone well for me if I'd gone that route. I studied these subjects for decades but... that's as far as it went. I'm a mystic, not a magician. One REALLY needs to know the difference.

A Cliff Notes expo on Crowley.

Powers WILL COME if one practices austerities and spiritual disciplines. They come with the territory, so to speak. My posture on this matter is to leave those powers in the hands of the indwelling and should HE FIND A NEED to exercise them, fine... otherwise? Not happening.

So these witches are going to get together, here and there, in whatever which way and do a 'binding spell' on President Trump. I should point out that they have been casting these binding spells for several years now. Here is what I have seen, as far as the broad strokes of contemporary, self styled, magical workers go. I'm talking about the gamut from Tarot Card readings to child sacrifice. VERY FEW of these people have any idea of what they are up to. For instance, they go around doing Tarot Card readings, telling the fortunes of strangers. I have studied the Tarot and related subjects for decades. Some of that time was under the tutelage of experts. Anyone with a particle of common sense knows better that to study Tarot Card arrangements to predict the future, which I might add, they fail miserably at. It's carny action. WHAT IS THE POINT OF TRYING TO PREDICT THE FUTURE WHEN YOU CAN CHANGE THE OUTCOME?????????????????????? The whole point of Tarot Cards is that they are meditation devices that permit you to transform your personal being and dramatically alter your Fate. Do you see what I am saying here? It gives new meaning to 'stupid' in this context.

Some VERY FEW of these witches know their broomstick from their vibrator. I've no beef with Wicca or any of the other Nature Worship systems. However, I do know the difference between a CIRCLE and a SPIRAL. Think upon that if you will.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

When You are Through Sleeping with the Swine, Jacob's Ladder Will Appear in Your Dream (of Life).

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And... here we are again... day follows day... post follows post. The world spins and twists in an agony of global revolution; The Catalans are at it again in Spain. Chile is going off. Hong Kong is in open revolt against China and intensifying. Mr. Apocalypse is walking the world with his walking stick, lifting up the skirts of the dark underneath... uncovering, revealing, exposing. An apocalypse is a season of the Cosmos. It is in regular rotation, like our four seasons. Our terrestrial seasons are mirrored from The Cosmos, which has its own seasons. An apocalypse comes at the end of a cycle of cosmic seasons, so that all can begin afresh. This necessarily involves a great deal of pain for those who resist change. Change is the eternal constant. Change is the cornerstone of eternity. Stress is the biggest killer of human life. It may express in a variety of forms; acting on a particular organ, or the entire physical system ...but Stress is the initiator and stress occurs as a result of resistance to change.

If you literally did not resist change you would not die. “We shall not all die (sleep) but we shall all be changed.”

Cultures have seasons. This is why there is the rise and decline. History gives us ample example of that. Nothing external can be depended on and it is the nature of the deluded to rely on facets of the external manifest. This is followed by inevitable loss and disappointment. You attach your fate to that which you have put your faith in. I suggest that sentence be pondered.

You can't tell anyone anything if they are convinced they already know. This is one of the major differences between children and adults. Adults become rigidified and stop learning, except when trauma or some other life changing event comes into play. Christ admonishes to become as a little child if we want to enter the kingdom of Heaven. There is more to this than the state of innocence (presently under world wide threat). Children are ALREADY in the Kingdom of Heaven. They forget this when they cease to be children and their invisible friends disappear too (their invisible friends disappear? Yeah... there's something wrong with that sentence).

People come to the end of their lives, if they survive to the latter stages and often... senility occurs. There is an alternative to that called, “regenerated innocence”. You can have this if you are able to regain your child-like mind. It is still resident within. There is a deeper reason for the pedophilia virus that afflicts the corrupted elite. Of the many things that Satan hates, Innocence is at the top of the list. That is why there is such a push for the sexualization of children and for many who are sexually attracted to children, it is often a perverted effort to regain their own previous state. They're just going about it wrong.

Life does not have to be misery and it certainly is for many people and that number increases in direct proportion to the degree of Materialism that pervades the culture. Religions have become so corrupt at this point that anyone with any intelligence is driven away. They are often driven in a direction that harms them spiritually. Most every virulent atheist (with the exception of those attracted to evil for the joy of it) is as they are because of Religion and the many offenses committed by Religion, over the course of history. Any time I talk to someone who does not believe in living divinity, it always revolves around Religion. Religion is like the training wheels on a bicycle. It ceases to have useful function once you encounter the entity that it is created to celebrate.

Religions are like a suit of clothes. They are the clothes that Divinity wore at a certain time. Then time passes and the divinity is no longer wearing those clothes and now those clothes are worshiped and not the one who was wearing them 'once upon a time'. Divinity is a living thing. It is resident in you at this very moment. The truth is that you would not be alive otherwise. Let me give a manifest example. The Sun is the source of all physical life on this planet. If The Sun ceased to shine, all life here would end. EVERYTHING here is an expression of sunlight captured in form. Just as there is a material state, there are also finer and finer states that exist outside the reach of the narrow bandwidth of the senses. It is possible to live in one of those states, while still being resident here. There are those who do. I know this because I have met them.

If you study the world and what takes place in it, certain features should come to your attention. The World, if it is considered as a force, has a particular purpose and that is to fascinate your mind with what is to be found there. It also serves to awaken your passion, in respect of the items in its possession. The point is to hypnotize you into the belief that it is real. It is real in a relative sense but otherwise it has no permanence and your affinity with it renders you into a 'mortal state'. Everything comes and goes and... so do you. Out of this comes your value system; “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” That quote is part of a larger statement and what follows it is this; “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your vision is clear, your whole body will be full of light.”

It is a truth that we wander in darkness and that is because we wander blind and that is because of what leads us and where it leads. It is possible for you to reside in a living solar body and not have to be an animated corpse, walking moment to moment toward your departure. Here is one of the clearest expressions of insanity; when one is walking for a temporary length of time, through a world of temporary things, where all of their attention and love is placed upon what is CERTAIN to be lost and to depart and to be ignoring the alternative, which is literally, eternal life. The truth of this has already been put into evidence in the life of Jesus the Christ and others. Once again, I want to include that chapter from Autobiography of a Yogi, where Yogananda's teacher, Sri Yukteswar returns to visit him in a physical body.

The tale of Yogananda's spiritual teacher is simply of one of so many that I have experienced in this life that I can't even remember most of them. If you are a dyed in the wool materialist, or a religious fundamentalist, most of this will never even come to your attention. In fact, most people miss most of everything. It all just streams by, in an endless carousel of the objects of desire, wreathed in the smoke of appetite and interspersed with sexual fantasies, hopeless ambitions of mismanaged daydreaming, periodic bouts of anger and resentment, followed by waves of guilt and regret AND endless commercials for shit you don't need. Those are the components of the nature of ordinary existence.

You show up here, you have (if you're lucky) a short period of irrepressible wonder and outbursts of unrestrained enthusiasms, where Summer lasted for near forever and first love was so awe inspiring that no recollection of it even remains now and then... your world separated in two through puberty, which is the headstone for childhood's end. After that... everything changed and nothing lasted very long, except for regret and the pummeling shame that uncontrolled memory lashes most of us with. There are some success stories, many of them came at great expense to others. There were those whose special dreams came to fruition and they surely paid for that previous to. Then it's over.

One MUST regain their innocence and... as is ever the case with anything. One must want it more than anything else. When you are through sleeping with the swine and being drunk on bad wine, Jacob's Ladder will appear in your dream (of life) as it did for Jacob.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Beautiful are over and you go somewhere (apparently there are different places, depending on how you conducted yourself) and then you come back here again, to get that anticipated dream, or to pay for injuries you inflicted and on and on and on it goes but... here and there, some of us slip through the cracks of the material darkness, into an effulgent, incomprehensible, indescribable light of rapture and bliss supreme and ANYONE CAN DO IT! YOU JUST HAVE TO WANT IT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, just like you did all those other things earlier on. DESIRE IS THE AGENT OF GOD'S WILL.

It's best to forget about things like Good and Evil. It's a form of lasting Liberation, not to want anything. It is a Joy past description to be Self Contained. The oddity of it all, is that thing. That thing we are all seeking in everything else and not finding, is right there in the center of us the whole time. You might well ask, “How come it can take so many lifetimes to find it?” First off, it can't be found in anything outside of you and that is where the vast majority of us spend our time looking. It also cannot be had, unless you are that certain one who is permitted to have it because you cut your false self loose. Two things can't occupy the same space at the same time (unless you're a wave). There are the things, that the thing we are all searching for, will not abide among. Finally... you have to impress the one who facilitates its acquisition, or... you... WILL... NEVER... GET... IT. You have to impress the ceaseless watcher of your sincerity and inflexible resolve, after that, it's child's play.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

"In Dreams of Appetite we Sleep the Sleep of the Dead. Awaken!!!"

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There are places in The New Testament where the power of our words and the consequences of our words can be marked by The Recording Angel for Judgment Day... just like the Miranda Warning you hear when you get arrested; “anything you say may be used against you in a court of law.” That means in Terrestrial Court and Celestial Court and takes us to that Hermetic maxim from The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus; “as above, so below”. I'm going to put the entire statement in for context;

“True, without falsehood, certain and most true, that which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, for the performance of the miracles of the One Thing. And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation. The Sun is its father, the Moon its mother, and the Wind carries it in its belly, its nurse is the Earth. This is the father of all perfection, or consummation of the whole world. Its power is integrating, if it be turned into earth.

Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee. This is the strong force of all forces, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing. So the world was created. Hence were all wonderful adaptations, of which this is the manner. Therefore am I called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. What I have to tell is completed, concerning the Operation of the Sun.”

It is said that if one comprehends the essence of what is stated there, one can accomplish 'The Great Work', which is also called, “The Operation of the Sun” From all that I have read in my studies and heard in my meditations, one does not do this themselves. It is done in and through us by The Angel pictured in the 14th Trump.

I memorized this and repeated it every morning as I drove from Haiku to Lahaina on Maui and in other places and at other times, along with a number of other affirmations of similar purpose; it was a long drive most all of the times. For years I have had these disciplines that traveled with me through the incredible struggle that was my life. On the one hand it felt as if all the armies of darkness were arrayed against me. On the other hand, I was my own worst enemy but... by dint of my dogged persistence and the unfathomable Grace of God, I made it to where I am today, which is none too shabby.

My point here is that you can program yourself and YOU DAMNED WELL BETTER because the world is working on programming you all the time. When I am done with this autobiography; presently working title, “The Long and Winding Road to WTF” it will be clear what the road I traveled was like. I am trying not to lie. I may not include everything but a part of me probably wishes I did lie, though that would serve neither me nor the reader. I'm hoping that the vast amounts of humor in the book will cover for the obvious indications of how stupid I was at certain points. It will be abundantly clear that I am alive because of the ineffable presence. There were any number of situations that I should not have survived but... I did.

I attribute part of it to these disciplines. There is a process that I call, 'Imprinting'. This is where you literally etch the thought into the stone wall of your own ignorance and willfulness. Over and over again, you emblazon the image and the idea into the subconscious. The subconscious is the massive, submerged foundry, where all the minerals get mined and the metals get smelted and fashioned and shaped, according to the nature of your ambitions and desires. It is similar to an iceberg, where the major part of it is below the surface. Then... by dint of perseverance and by mysterious means, it manifests!

You create your own world and each of us is living in our creation. Argue all you like. Rail and rage against the seeming injustices and cold hearted judgments of Fate, Destiny, Kismet; call it what you like. You built it. Sure... the world, the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea had their influence. Karma played a major part but... it is on us who we seek after and who we allow to advise us.

I cried out to God from the time I could walk and Cruel Fortune NEVER relented. There were brief moments of respite. I got knocked down a hundred thousand times at least but... I ALWAYS got back up. It could not have been me all those times. Some force greater than myself was at work. It was only in the last decade that it has lessened. Gratitude? I have no words for that. It is beyond my capacity to express it.

I don't care what the situation is that you presently find yourself in. I especially do not care what happened before and neither should you. Take the past. Take everything you poorly remember about whatever you think happened, or think you did or got done to you and put it in a bag and throw it overboard. Life begins anew, THE MOMENT you have that change of heart. From the moment that you turn your life over to the guiding hand of the indwelling, you are taken by the direct route to glory. It may hurt, of course and there may be bills to pay... but you can have the confident assurance that all is well, NO MATTER WHAT may come. Living and dying, of themselves are of no consequence. Only WHAT YOU LIVED AND DIED FOR COUNT. You are already living and dying every day but to what end? You are already suffering until your desire ends, or is all focused on a single, greater goal; “All life is suffering due to ignorant desire.” It is what you are after that determines your state.

Why not make the change that you are going to make anyway, be it a million years and however many lifetimes hence??? Sooner or later you will turn your gaze to the interior sun of God's everlasting love. This is indisputable! “All roads lead to me.” says the Supreme Master of all Things. What is that intransigent stupidity that is resident in so many of us? What is that insidious motive force that hinders our spiritual sight? WHY do we engage again and again in our pointless Sisyphean struggle? THIS IS THE QUESTION we must needs ask ourselves followed by... Who am I? Ask that often enough and you will get an answer. Whether you realize it or not, The Lord of Hosts dwells within you. On a beach, years ago, a master said to me, “God is sleeping and this is his dream.” I then replied, several times, “But he's going to wake up, right?” Each time I was told, “I don't know.” I'm guessing that depends on us each, every one, whether we make the effort to awaken the indwelling from his slumber in this dream of our life.

The days grow short in so many ways. We each move inexorably toward our point of departure. None of us know when but most of us act as if it will not occur. “What is the greatest mystery?” “That we see others dying all around us but do not think that we ourselves will die.” I am reminded of that wonderful Biblical quote, “We shall not all die but we shall all be changed.” When will we awaken to life everlasting? It is a simple affair, you only have to want the presence of the divine more than you want anything else. That is the sole criteria. Look at the hopeless pursuits that are taking place all round us every day. Look at what people get up to and the lengths they go to to legitimize the illegitimate. It is all a lie and we are seeing it in bold relief these days. There are those who believe that if they simply say something over and over and over again, that will make it true. It does not and it never has.

Some cabals of deception have visited incredible lies upon the rest of us. Some lies have been under construction for centuries now. They have presently been taken for granted by many BUT they will not endure much longer in this Grand Apocalypse. This is a world of appearances, constantly changing and all of them lies. ONLY what is present behind the appearances is real. Meanwhile, people give their life's blood, their hopes and dreams and their very lives for appearances that have no real substance and it goes on and on and on; kingdoms rise and fall. Cultures come and go. People go in and out of the turnstiles of life and death, chasing after the Fata Morgana, the uncatchable carrot and EVERYTHING is a momentary distraction from and a substitution for the only thing worth having. Once you have it there is no question about the value of it.

The roles change. One is rich, then they are poor. They are bound and then they are free and then they are bound again. They are white, then they are black, then they are brown or red. They are male. They are female. They are human. Then they are an animal, or an insect. There is no telling BUT CHARACTER IS SURELY FATE. “These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones.” Mind how you go. Mind how you go.

The power of pray is one of the most underrated forces in this world. The Grace of God is of greater value than ANYTHING else that has ever been and is equaled only by other gifts from the same source. The power of renunciation and the practice of austerities are of incalculable value but who is mindful of them in these times? “All too few” I am told. All too few.

Let us close with a paean about desire and appetite, about it's cost and meaning. Here we have In Dreams of Appetite, attended by Patrick Willis and myself... praying that this message might find a more permanent home.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

On Thursday Comes The Furries and the Climate Change Junkies and The Khmer Rouge Antifa Thugs; Epiphany Awaits.

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Today is Wednesday. According to patterns long in operation, Thursday is scheduled to follow and... Thursday is October 10th. This is being billed as a watershed moment. This watershed moment could well turn into a woodshed moment. The out of shape, overweight army, of helicopter dropped (on their heads) Arrested Development, Antifa children, are going to be marching out of the corn, with their scythes and pitchforks. They are organized now (sort of). The Furries and sexual degenerate armies are going to be on the Left Flank. You get a good sense of Furries from this article. Furries are not hard to understand. It's anonymous and impersonal and even now, when they are gonna persona it, it's still no different than Antifa Thugs in Khmer Rouge outfits, who are also animalized humans; based on their behavior. Climate Change Junkies are arrayed on the Right Flank, preparing to march like Lemmings in search of a cliff, led by their own Soros puppeted, Joan of Arc, Alfred E. Neuman's little sister.

Given that people of and before a certain age, have no idea of who they are and no real life suffering that might account for some maturity, it's a given that they lack the integrity necessary to be unmasked in word and deed. This way, masked, they can do anything and it's not really them doing it. It is difficult to stand up for principles you don't possess and represent ideals you don't understand. When generations lose their sense of humanity, they become easy prey for that which is not human and the destiny of that Bible verse is sure to come upon them; “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

I am further reminded of the following;

“O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”

People have all kinds of ideas about what Evil is. Often enough it is no more than anything they don't like. Let me give it a shot... and for that I will refer to Hindu terminology. Just as Western alchemists used Mercury, Sulfur and Salt to stand for the Spirit, Soul and Body, in Hindu understanding, they become the Three Gunas (forces of action) of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Sattva is luminous intelligence. Rajas is passion and Tamas is inertia and of the latter, it is also said to be, 'lethargic, violent, dull, destructive, deluded' etc. I'm sure Evil would fit into that lineup nicely. So... one could say that one of the primary origins of Evil is simply 'laziness' and if you think about it, a lot of traditional expressions of Evil come out of laziness; Crime occurs often when people are too lazy to work for a living. Taking the easy way indicates all sorts of undesirable results. I'm not going to go on and on about this. Let's just say laziness is not a good thing. It is probably why Sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins.

The no longer sheltered offspring of helicopter parents are notoriously lazy. This is how you get people who can't finish college, or find a profession, or maintain an independent lifestyle and wind up living with, or being financially supported by their parents. One hedge funder was murdered by his trust fund child for cutting his allowance. He was 30 years old! Here's the quote that concludes the article;

“The handsome Gilbert Jr. — a graduate of the Buckley School on the Upper East Side, Deerfield Academy in western Massachusetts and Princeton — was a fixture on Manhattan’s black-tie society circuit and was often photographed with a beautiful woman on his arm.”

The helicopter children ran into a tragic reality and that is... the world is going to treat you differently than your parents indulged you. This accounts for the attractiveness of Socialism and the idea that everything can be free and that mediocrity is the new standard for humanity.

Here is one of the icons of the recent generations. Here is another classy role model. I don't know if the reader is familiar with seminal events like Hot Girl Summer and Meagan Tha Stallion, Cardi B and many another. It doesn't take much research to hear what's being expressed in their lyrics. The same applies to nearly ALL male rappers as well. The more pornographic and disgusting, the better. The more that the feminine principle is debased and reduced to Back Alley Whore, the more you are going to run across it... if you're not careful. These women were 'chosen' for their complete lack of principles and inhibitions, as well as an overpowering lust for fame. Talent was NEVER a factor. The people choosing them have a particular intention in mind and that is to groom everyone with double digit IQ's into behavior similar to that being portrayed. Along with this come the Autism Vaccines, sexual perversity for population control, cultural degeneracy and the introduction of young male refugees from war zones for social chaos.

I don't comment on or judge what I have not studied and pondered over and... the level of depravity and palpable Satanic presence in Rap is undeniable. Obviously there is a reason that this particular form of entertainment is being promoted. Following my research into the medium, I went looking into 'who' promotes and disseminates it. You come round to the same group of people no matter what, when it come to influencing the human mind into living self destructively. Interestingly, it has come to my attention that a startling amount of rappers are Gay. This is all for the purpose of programming.

It is not my place to judge what people do, especially since I realize that EVENTUALLY everyone attains Liberation. However... this can and does (on occasion) take millions of incarnations. This is not to say that there are not those who inflexibly insist on doing evil for the sheer joy of it. Even were there those who refuse Salvation and Liberation utterly, they are STILL, at some point, integrated into the whole. As one should know, God sets the parameters and character of both Good and Evil on the relative plane. Who do you think you are praying to when you ask, “and lead us not into temptation”? The Devil is one of God's employees, for the purpose of demonstration.

My intention is that, where possible, I seek to assist in the divine effort to SPARE human souls from unnecessary torment. One DOES NOT have to suffer for near unimaginable lengths of time. One can, in fact, attain to Liberation in rapid fashion (relatively speaking), should they find themselves empowered with the required intensity to achieve it. For those of a Western perspective, I mention St. Augustine. A study of the lives of the saints can provide profound insights. Yes... the established churches are riddled with terrible offenses against humanity. I am not here to treat with these matters. I am here to say, there is a Way Out; or a Way In... if you prefer. EVERYONE has the right and opportunity to develop a relationship with their author, should they choose to and... should it prove out to be of a greater importance than all the meaningless terrestrial attractions, presently occupying their attention.

What I am talking about will be of interest to very few but it is, VERY REAL. I have personally experienced what I am talking about and it is of little concern to me whether it is believed by anyone else. I HAVE ONLY TO CONVINCE MYSELF. Of course, I could be deluded AND... in certain areas, I still am but... what I wish to communicate to the reader is that we are living in momentous times; times of astounding possibilities for spiritual advancement and this is precisely because of the intensity of the force of materialism at work. You might say it is a matter of DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY. Should you find Liberation and Realization to be an attractive idea, there are powerful celestial forces awaiting the chance to assist you. This life and all we think is so important to us here, is of no real importance at all ...and it will end when your particular cassette tape runs out. Alternatively, there are planes of existence and portals into them, which are going to present themselves to those with eyes to see them; eyes as yet undulled by perverse appetite and despair.

I am no one and you are, of course, free to reject out of hand, everything you read here. This is all offered freely and always will be. The only cost to any of us, in respect of realizing Truth and attaining True Freedom, is the effort put into it. Think of it as being like digging into the darkness, until the light is reached. You have no way of knowing how much time and effort may be required but... if you do not quit, you cannot fail. The whole of manifest life is solely for the Purpose of Demonstration. It is here that we learn, should we be so inclined, what to do and what not to do, where to go and where not to go, what to be and what not to be and... the answer to that last is... 'you already are.'

For so long as we insist on doing anything 'our way', because we have convinced ourselves that it is The Way, it is going to be demonstrated to us that we are operating counter to our own best interests. Within every living thing is a connection to the source of all life. You would not be alive if this were not true because it is The Life in everyone. The sun is the source of all life and we are all Frozen Sunlight; light in extension. There is another spiritual sun that is the source of the physical sun. Emanuel Swedenborg had a few things to say about that.

Swedenborg said that, “the spiritual sun never reaches its zenith”. This is because once it does, it would have to descend. In other words, there is ALWAYS more power in reserve than everything that presently or EVER will exist in the manifest universe. Consider that when you think about the limitless power of God. WE are God's regents on Earth, should we chose to be and should we behave accordingly. WE are the means through which God expresses himself here, should we choose to be. Now consider how it is that you are presently spending your time. It took me a very long time (I don't know but I imagine it is so) to understand certain things. There was, no doubt, terrible suffering involved. Portions of that I have already seen in this life. I do not intend to waste another minute in trivial pursuit and I can only pray that the same will prove true of you.

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Temporary Celebrants of Clueless Embarrassments, Fashioning Monuments of Treacle and Profanity, in the Temples of Inanity.


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I want you to be in a good mood before you read the post.

Back before the filth and depravity of rap there was such a thing as poetry that arrived on that sweet vehicle of inspiration. I never thought it would get like it is. Some of us still write this way but the cloven hoofed Prince of Darkness won't let us on the airwaves. I take comfort in what the ineffable told me when I was mourning in the privacy of my thoughts. He said, "Well, Visible, who did you write these songs for?" I replied, "You Lord." He answered, "Well, I heard them." and at that, the sun burst through the clouds in my mind and my eyes rained down tears upon the joy of that moment. Yes... I know I've told that story before but I have a special reason for repeating it and it has to do with the reader.

I know who some of you are. I've even met a number of you; not so much as I used to. Strangely, I got considerably more visitors when I was in Europe than I get here and half of them were from the US; makes no kind of sense. Still... it could be the times cause they sure are a changing. Before I digress off to the side for four or five hundred words, before I catch myself, let me address that special reason. There are statements that we hear. Many of us accept them as being, more or less, true... intellectually. As we become adults, if we do, more and more these days, fewer and fewer of us accomplish this, we fall into perfunctory and habitual routines of thought, speech and behavior. We might think something is true but... for some reason, it seems far off, or not directly connected to us, or so we think ...and that causes us to be dismissive, when doing so puts us at a distinct disadvantage to the critical good we could realize. Herein lies the serious difference between intellectual and visceral apprehension of a truth.

Every one of us has heard, many times, in many different ways; God is watching. There used to be a comment carved into the stone above the entrance to churches that read, “Cave Dei Videt” That was in medieval Latin. It's been altered since. Languages get worked. These days one hardly recognizes New Testament scripture. It's gone a ways from King James. Cave Dei Videt means, “beware, God is watching.” I suspect that most people just don't get the context of that statement. How is it that God is watching? There is more than one medium, certainly, but primarily, God is watching through YOUR EYES. You are the witness to all that you do (“everywhere I go the chicken sees.”)

Once one is viscerally aware, one becomes conscious of the indwelling presence. The objective is to have that become the only presence. I prefer there to be two but that's me. I prefer to adore and worship that presence. This is how poets are. So... God sees everything we do and we forget that that means the good as well as the off mark. I know there are a number of us that reach and strive and WORK for personal success but we measure it wrong. It has value ONLY in the eyes of God and will assuredly have no lasting impact otherwise. So... let the temporary celebrants of clueless embarrassments, enjoy their brief hour on the stage. Let them fashion monuments of treacle and profanity, in the temples of inanity. God sees and God rewards, both publicly and privately.

The Houston baseball playoff game is on the TV. Up comes the Mathew McConaughey commercial, where he is Mr. Elegante riding in a Lincoln Navigator and emoting that singular flush of material success and achievement that says, “You have arrived.” Last year they had him falling into a swimming pool in a tuxedo. I'm sure there was some deep esoteric meaning to that but I failed to pick up on it. Somehow it seemed to be fitting to write that last paragraph while the commercial was screening (on mute).

It should be stated here and stated with EMPHASIS that no sincere seeker or worker in the kingdom should chase after rewards or acknowledgment. One reason is that it is poor form. Look at everything that the divine accomplishes every day, without going on about it; not the least of which is holding the entirely of existence in existence by his ceaseless meditation upon it ...but ALSO... the rewards one will receive shall be far in advance of anything gained by those chasing after them.

It is not common knowledge what special attentions and consideration are experienced by the selfless servant. To my mind, chief among them is the pure joy and exhilaration of doing it. There is such a sense of blessed being that attends it. I think often of my dog (now doing something else, somewhere else) or anyone's dog, in the care of a loving master and how the dog must feel when the master pats him on the head and says; “Good boy, oh you are such a good boy.” when he hugs him and rains down his love upon his devoted friend, who would do anything for him. I believe it is a lot like that. I know it is in my case.

I was not always a good dog. Perhaps I am not even a good dog now but I am a far better dog than I ever was and that is because, however mistaken I may have been on occasion, I really did want to do the right thing. I just didn't know what the right thing was and that is because, more often than you might think; doing the right thing was doing nothing at all. One of the greatest achievements we can accomplish is to STILL THE REACTIVE MIND. I am reminded every day of my ongoing failure to still the reactive mind. This is one of the basic tenets of mastery; to have stilled the reactive mind. It takes a relentless focus and a particular degree of surrender. You will attain this if you DON”T GIVE UP.

I now realize why my shortcomings have not all been removed. It is for the purpose of humanizing me until such time as I have reached the necessary status of being that is required for it. It is a certainty though, so long as I do not give up. It is a certainty for you as well.

I want to RE-EMPHASIZE the REALITY that we are in an APOCALYPSE. We are in a GRAND APOCALYPSE. They don't come around very often and that is why there are near 8 billion of us here. We're here for all kinds of reasons but mostly... willing or no... we are here for the GRAND SUMMATION; like it or not. We are upon the terrain of ♫nowhere to run, nowhere to hide♫ Whether you support President Trump or not, he is a main player in this schematic. He represents the bedrock, basic decency of the heartland of the American people. I am not suggesting that he is imbued with the gravitas and stature many of us would wish he possessed but... nonetheless, he is the standard bearer for the constitutional force that yet prevails in these times. We are surrounded by hissing and screeching, carrion crows who would, if they could, lead us to doom and perdition. They are confused and mislead feckless cowards, who take their marching orders from the infernal regions.

I cannot tell you how it is going to turn out. I suspect it is going to be a individualized affair of kindred souls, in a temporary alliance of shared ignorance, or spiritual communion. Those who have lost their way, will persist in their off the rails march into a forbidding wilderness of chaos. Those who are following the interior guidance of The Avatar, in one fashion or another, under the emblem of their faith, will prevail. Some people are having cocktails on the deck of an enormous ship of fools, sailing toward the manifest obstruction of Truth, which they shall not get around. Swim as hard as they might afterwards, the draw of the massive ship, into the waters below, will prove to be greater. Some will be in small rooms and some by the hearth in their homes. Some order of Fate will find them all.

If character is fate, as I strongly suspect, most of us 'could' already know the disposition of the Kismet that awaits us each. As Krishna said (paraphrasing) I come in every age, when Dharma has departed, to punish the malefactors and reward the righteous. That time is now. If you wish to know whether the Avatar is present, or presently precipitating, you have only to look at the state of the world around you; the destinies seen, in the mirror of the Event Horizon, are closer than they appear.

It is my strong suspicion that the Avatar will not be coming as an individual presentation this time around. The world has grown far too large and crowded, is much too complex for a single representative. I suspect he will appear in the hearts of each of us that has prepared a place. The prevailing resonance with be the spirit of universal brotherhood awakened, into simultaneous expression, where it is resident. I suspect at that same time, all will be awakened to the true nature of their state and that... given the immeasurable compassion and forgiveness of The Avatar, the opportunity for repentance will be present. Then there will be those whose hearts are so hardened that... other measures will come into play.

We get closer every day, my friends. Certainly in the socio-political sphere, there is a desperate scrambling to bypass the exposures that are coming. In the process the lies and slander have become truly outrageous... but... onward it comes... relentless... the shit... will hit... the fan. It is fascinating to watch ...but both both tragic and heartbreaking as well, to see people, given the trust of the people, betray that trust in such a low and dishonorable manner. May God have mercy on their souls.

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