Saturday, December 28, 2019

"The Evidentiary Embodiment of Ozymandias and The Topless Towers of Ilium."

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Everything has pain as a side effect or a direct consequence. It comes in the fruit of it. It comes in the anticipation and the fear of the loss of it, as a fresh craving for more of it, or because it displaces a more desirable state. Think of it! All of these are kinds of suffering that might not be considered conventional suffering ...but are suffering none the less. Not having something and wanting it, is a form of suffering.

People become habituated and they integrate certain experiences into the warp and woof of their lives. Once something becomes habituated, it doesn't register in the mind in the same way that the sudden appearance of an undesirable 'usually' does. Here is something I know to be true, so I shall state it in full confidence; NOT WANTING ANYTHING IS A SOURCE OF PERPETUAL BLISS. Most people do not apprehend the deeper implications of Not Wanting. Let me delve a tad-

People are inherently selfish, in extremis ...AND this tendency maximizes, according to the degree of force, contained in the pressure of Materialism at any given time. Not everything about selfishness is off putting. Survival comes into the mix, as do any number of ancillary factors, because of the separated mind; this idea we have of an individual mind. We don't notice the selfishness so much because of the ubiquity. It's everywhere. If one's spiritual eye were opened, one would see humans, literally being pulled in all kinds of directions by appetite. It can possess comical aspects. When we are present in this state of perception, it is not uncommon for one to laugh out loud; sad as it may be in some instances and most especially because, through that eye one can see the inevitable outcome. It's something I call, “glare apparent”. You know, like heir apparent? Okay, visible, I'm going to have to cut you off now. End digression.

As Lao Tzu said; “In a land where the way of life is understood, race-horses are led back to serve the field; In a land where the way of life is not understood, war-horses are bred on the autumn yield.

Owning is the entanglement, wanting is the bewilderment, taking is the presentiment:

Only he who contains content, remains content.

Not wanting DOES NOT MEAN not having, or not enjoying. A cavalry troop in the west got attacked by Indians and there were only three survivors and that was because they were out on patrol at the time BUT (unfortunately for the cavalry) in the wrong direction. They were a cavalry Sergeant, a Mormon preacher and an Apache Indian. Their origins are not directly related to the moral of the tale. It just happened that this is what they were and it aids in presenting a picture.

They saw the carnage taking place from afar and set about giving it a wide avoidance, being that the attacking Indians were between them and the fort, which was around a hundred miles away. They were most fortunate that it was high desert and winter as well. That brought its own perils but if they kept moving they would be fine. There were abundant patches of snow so they were okay for water but they had no food. As they walked, the men grew increasingly hungry. Perhaps it was the Sergeant who first mentioned it and then the Mormon replied and it became a conversation. As the miles slowly rolled by, the hunger of the men grew ever greater and so did their comments on what they would eat and how much they would eat. They spoke of epic meals of the past and even treats from their childhood. The Indian did not say much, except for a curt reply now and again when asked, “ain't you hungry?”. Several times he was asked by the other men if he was hungry and he always said, “No”.

The Sergeant and the Mormon argued between them about the Indian not being hungry; whether it was a peculiarity of the race, or if there might be something wrong with him. These two men plumb wore themselves out talking about food and getting testy with the Indian for not being hungry. They were truly on their last legs when they got to the fort. Word had already come over the telegraph about the attack, so the men were looked on as heroes, or at least fortunate survivors and a grand feast was set at the table for them, with Buffalo steaks, baked beans, fresh biscuits and other things (I'm guessing). There was even some Peach Cobbler that the cook had whipped up previously, from a surfeit of peaches that had come in from Kalifornia on the supply wagon.

The men set about industriously scarfing upon the comestibles and The Indian was right there with them. None of them ate with greater appetite, nor consumed more than that Indian. The Sergeant looked at him in perplexity, once he was able to lift his eyes from his plate, and said to the Indian; “I thought you wasn't hungry, why look at you! You're eating as hungredly as either of us.” The Indian looked up and said, I wasn't hungry then.” The Sergeant responded with, “How can you say you weren't hungry. Look at the way you are eating.” Once again the Indian answered, “I wasn't hungry then.” “How could that be?” queried the Sergeant. The Indian looked at him and said, “It wouldn't have done no good.” Of course I took liberties with the tale. I don't know if they had any peaches or even if the story happened at all. It felt like something that should have happened, could have happened, somewhere, once upon a time ...and I thought it might help with the point being made.

What is meant to be your lot, will be your lot and you can most certainly improve your lot with an improvement in attitude and a more correct perspective on the profound and wonderful existence of God, in whom all things are possible, but you are going to get everything that is coming to you. That is the good news and the bad news. It doesn't matter how anxious you get about it, or if you are completely indifferent. You're going to get what's coming to you.

You can also arrange for ANYTHING... ANYTHING that the heart and the mind are capable of imagining. You can arrange it. It might take another lifetime. It might take several lifetimes, given degree of difficulty in getting all the places set and arranged. But... YOU CAN ARRANGE IT... so long as you are willing to pay the freight and bear the disappointment of it not being what you thought it would be. There is ONLY ONE THING that brings lasting satiation and satisfaction to any of us and that is THE PRESENCE OF THE SUPREME ENJOYER, who is the one who righteously experiences whatever it may be, in and through us. Without this presence, your life is going to be a pedestrian travelogue of dissatisfaction. No matter what you have, even if you have everything you ever wanted, there will be a sense of dis-ease and it will grow incrementally more so. You... and everyone else WILL function as a particular evidence of The Purpose of Demonstration.

The lotus rises from the murk of the lake. It sits above the corruption below, even as it grows out of it and there is truth aplenty in that picture and that is why the Lord of all Things, crafted it as a living teaching moment in life. There are many of these. They are ever before us, the beautiful and the grotesque, which are the outcomes of our enterprises, such as they are. Live and Learn because, THAT IS ALL THAT THERE IS, period. Don't learn and you will have the opportunity to learn again and again and again and again and again. How many 'again(s)' can you imagine? That's at least how many there will be. People drive themselves mad. They beat their heads against the unforgiving wall. They go round and under and over and back. They go up and down to no avail. They build mighty ship and planes and rain destruction down upon each other. They build magnificent cities that become magnificent ruins. They are the evidentiary embodiment of Ozymandias.

Fashions and trends they come and go. Men who hate women, create wearable embarrassments for them to dress in, in the wine and cheese purgatories, where they talk about bad art and who is sleeping with whom. The rich behave in a similar clueless fashion to the poor, both of them victims or beneficiaries, in response to their behavior when they were previously rich, or poor, as the wheel of fire turns.

Cultures rise and fall. The evidence of the latter is prima facie in whatever direction you look. No second takes are necessary, unless you're a dolt, so the chances are good that 'some amount of people' will see clearly what is in front of them. If what is taking place, were operating according to the traditional lines, the social conditions that attend this sort of decline would be the usual unpleasant circumstances for many and an ever more intense fortress mentality for the well fixed. This is not going to 'go down' along traditional lines, because we are in an apocalypse and not just any apocalypse but a Grand Apocalypse. The hand of the ineffable is at work on every level. The determinant WILL BE operating from the position of where one's heart and one's treasures are. It will be an epic display of poetic justice in every case.

We wrestle with Ignus Fatuus in the shadow land between darkness and light.

One can fully enjoy life in every moment, from the moment they cut away every attachment and release every expectation. It is the essence of Tantra to do everything with total appreciation, or not at all; when you do only what you love and love everything you do. Then there are no longer any chores. There are no burdens. There is nothing to fear and you become the poster child of a true success, which baffles everyone, because, on the surface, it seems to make no sense. Even Love decays away over time. Not the true and supreme love of selfless sacrifice, which is the secret key to eternal life but... all mortal love degenerates. It is simply the way of things. Permanent happiness is impossible BUT everlasting Joy and Bliss are eminently doable. They even do themselves. All you have to do is get out of their way. They are the expression of your intrinsic nature. They are facets of the personality of The Atman.

Until we see with a single eye, the dual grinder wheels of opposites will grind us down to nothing. The good news is that when you are nothing you have become priceless. That is as close to saying it as I can get and it's still a never ending contradiction. Lao Tzu describes the one who has found THE WAY;

“But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life that tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path. Weapons turn from him on the battle-field, no bull-horn could tell where to gore him,

No tiger-claw where to tear him, no weapon where to enter him. And why? Because he has no death to die.”

In a similar vein, he also said,

“Be utterly humble and you shall hold to the foundation of peace. Be at one with all these living things which, having arisen and flourished, return to the quiet whence they came, like a healthy growth of vegetation, falling back upon the root. Acceptance of this return to the root has been called 'quietism,' Acceptance of quietism has been condemned as 'fatalism.' But fatalism is acceptance of destiny and to accept destiny is to face life with open eyes, whereas not to accept destiny is to face death blindfold. He who is open-eyed is open-minded- He who is open-minded is open-hearted. He who is open-hearted is kingly. He who is kingly is godly. He who is godly is useful.

He who is useful is infinite. He who is infinite is immune. He who is immune is immortal.

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If you're looking for cutting edge news and opinion, there's always Pocketnet with the latest interesting perspectives AND for The Hallmark Card World of Terminally Cute, there is also an abundance of silly kitty kat pictures, with single line commentary of caramelized treacle, appropriate to no occasion I have ever heard of and where the Top Posters spend sometimes a minute, even a minute and a half, posting witty pictures that someone else made, with attendant clever sayings, also said by the person who did the picture. It's some kind of new Zen thing where you do nothing and take the credit. It's so very NOW.

Here is the link to the Witter Bynner translation of (Lao Tzu's)The Way of Life- Tao Te Ching . It is the single most remarkable work of philosophy that I personally HAVE EVER READ.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Introduction to the First Church of the Presence of God Indwelling.

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Today's presentation in Smoking Mirrors is comprised of the Introduction to the First Church of the Presence of God. The main teaching of this spiritual discipline, is that the adherents practice the presence of God. The idea is to go about the activities of your life, as if God were expressing through you and this is true, only in most people it is badly accomplished, because of the resistance of the host, to the free unhindered passage of the spirit through them. The form of worship is to think, speak and act as if God were performing these actions through you, with the sure and certain belief that if you do it sincerely and consistently that it will become a reality.

The members of the First Church of the Presence of God, celebrate the presence of God in everyone they meet. Where a deeper communion is possible it is permitted to take place, where it is not, one expresses their recognition of the truth of it to the extent that they can. It might only go as far as “Hello,” it might include, “Hello, how are you doing?” Whatever is possible is what is accomplished.

The members of the First Church of the Presence of God, are in church every waking moment and strive to be even in sleep. The whole of their lives centers around the celebration of the presence of God.

This first video is rough at the edges and involves me having to clear my throat more than I, or you, might like but... I have not done this in quite some time. As these become regular events, my throat will clear, as it always has before and I will become more assured at speaking, on the central theme and all of the secondary and supplemental features.

We of the First Church of the Presence of God, believe that God can be found in every authentic religious tradition and we hope to harmonize these sacred faiths with one another, pointing out the similarities and revealing the mystical traditions that are present in each of them.

At a particular point in the discourse I recite the Pattern on the Trestleboard, which has to do with The Tree of Life. Although adherents of the Kabbalah, claim the tenets and symbols of this belong to their tradition, in fact, it predates their system, just as what is called the Hebrew Alphabet was taken from the Chaldean Flame alphabet. All of these have been appropriated from earlier cultures and that is what we celebrate, not what those who borrowed, or took them for their own purposes, celebrate. Because some of what I will be talking about, is drawn from arcane traditions, I will be doing a series of seminars on the Tarot, to provide context and its value as a meditation aid. Fortune telling will not be a topic of discussion. We have no use for that aspect. Why would one wish to tell the future with these cards, which they can't do anyway, when they can CHANGE THEIR FUTURE WITH THE PROPER USE OF THEM.

I realize that what I am engaging in WILL NOT APPEAL TO EVERYONE. Please then... move on to what does appeal to you. We do not seek to be in conflict with anyone and wish only to communicate with kindred spirits. If you have questions, these will be dealt with in future videos. We are already aware of the nature of what questions there may be. We will not be debating or arguing with anyone. If you seek polemic or contention, you WILL NOT FIND IT HERE. That said, here is the first of the videos from The First Church of the Presence of God.

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Merry Christmas and here is a much revised copy of an old posting from Visible Origami.

Here's something I wrote about 15 years ago (and just added considerably to this evening) somewhere in the approach to Christmas of that year. Merry Christmas IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. I wish I had one of those Tibetan things that spins when you turn it and I would write Merry Christmas all over it and hook it up to a solar battery (now there's irony for you) so that it would just spin and spin.

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"A Virtual Cathedral"

A vast, groined ceiling, of stained glass...the light of the thing its all about, makes a never ending statement of all that can be understood about it, by being the same thing over and over again, while changing color, every time it touches the spectrum from which it passed... from the spiritual to the material and these are simply degrees of the same thing.

God and The Devil are only terms we use to define our own nature and what inspires our acts. The Devil is the way the wicked see God and desire is the instrument of God's will.

Those who serve the darkness, are driven by the darkness toward an epiphany of light. It cannot be evaded. Even the worst of us cannot escape it forever. At the name of Jesus Christ EVERY knee shall bow, because the name means Liberty and before the promise of one's own freedom, fealty is an automatic vow.

Godhead is the objective of all our pursuits, as the God within, searches for the parts of himself that shattered out of the mirror, in which he saw his loneliness and so the adventure began. Existence is a game of hide and seek. One part of ourselves is in search of the other and... serendipity awaits for each rose that blooms in its time. Some have long ago achieved it and some will not find it for many lives to come. Existence is the self in search of the self and in between the searcher and his objective, weaves the dancing lady. She is the rest stop of time. She is the once and present Future Exit.


Old guys with long beards get really complicated because sex left them in the cheap seats. Men come to their wits end arguing about it but it is gone, along with the hope of all that was ...and for which they substituted it. No man ever robbed himself so effectively as these.

Young children who don't even know what that is do not care... Life went on forever, until they discovered that bane from which all their heartaches and suffering emerged.

The oceans of circular life cover the sands of time and there buried... are more sorrows and broken dreams than ever there were poet or philosopher to sing or define. Forward then to that point where ours are buried too.


I am the shape of the very thing entire
to which every heart does aspire
Ventrulian man I am
spread out upon the quicksand
in endless suspension
of doubt
faith is the join
that holds at the points of the star
I am...
Born in a fit of splendor
out of the womb of God
Twin Mary's bespeak the reconciled throne
for I will not sit here alone.


Three wise men and a bunch of bit players, without speaking parts, did or did not show up in Bethlehem; hereafter to be called The House of Bread and did or did not pay homage to a child born of a virgin, or a non virgin and the reality of whether it was or is... or did or didn't... had no effect on the beauty of the thing.... it did leaven regardless. It did rise, as everlasting genius from the mind behind the mind that imagined it had conceived it.




and mathematicians


Everlasting glory and blessings that cannot be counted, poured down upon the population and even the hot blasting sound of killer aircraft and Versace designed suicide vests, splatter-casting the mall with body parts and broken i-pods, could not kill the music in the human heart.


The evil cry out, while the soul is screaming for release and it will go right on doing so till doomsdays brakes lock up in a burning ozone laden stench, on the darkest highway of the desperate drowning heart of a damned humanity.

Madmen killled and tortured hundreds of millions...entire worlds were enslaved...mighty kings from Africa crossed the oceans in chains and sang our salvation from beneath the whips of the damned...

Double screaming Hallelujah....

Those unthanked and often unremembered, made Small Pox and her backup band get down on their knees before a dark glory hole and taught the universe the meaning of dwarf stars... blind men feeling for purchase in a world gone missing, agitate like an oyster in the irritation of a pearl ...but it is not the world that is lost. The rain dulled minds of gloom, expecting
nothing ...but down they fell into the golden tumbling sorrow of their ruin/ one day there will be no tomorrow. No more reaching for an answer in the night, sooner or later it will be forever and they will disappear into the light. Now, they see the highways. Now they see the towns. Now they see the distance in which everything without meaning is found. All of it keeps changing, so none of it is real... if there is any meaning it will depend on how you feel


don't touch me darling, I am dreaming, asleep like a serpent coiled inside a stone, when I awake the world turns into laughter
and Earth will quake and silence be broken, for you I tell this thing; alabaster statues just make the pigeons shit and I am in the midst of it... so this is how the circle will close.

So this is life? nothing so softens the hard horn of a brutish nature, as the constant massaging hands of conscience that is Bodywork by God.

Don't tell me Hark the Herald Angels can't sing.

Planets in merciless precision rubbed up against each other and made the music of the spheres. Cassiopeia took off her clothes and the world disappeared...nothing could kill it. Down in the dirtiest muck of the Deadwood version too ugly to film, arose a light that could not be extinguished.

but planets turn beyond the scope of mean and angry lives and blood is spilled and coffee drunk, while it goes on apace and you my darling also-rans... must one day come to see that what you are. That which is in front of it, reveals what follows you. It dies each time it reaches and in wanting... it denies... the thing it thought would talk in tongues, by opening it's thighs. The world is yet a sacred place, so trample if you must ...but you trample on yourselves of course ...and it... t'was ever thus.

It broadcast itself before there were ears to hear or eyes to see and it endured ...and nothing could dim it.


Every twisting enemy, masquerading in the genomes, did no more than make us love more. Hatreds past remembering their cause, could not take away the hope. Real life situations worse than all the books written about them just made us try harder.

Even in the darkest false light of bad neon, we found the time to wonder. Somebody wondered...somebody wrote it down and somebody reached out for it. I read it and you read it and I reached out and you reached out sometime....once long ago ...and it tattooed itself all around the kingdom throne forever. Cherubs climbed in and out of Escher's head, as the art deco work made everlasting beauty of the stage upon which it was performed...

Men and women burned. The stark evidence of our treachery was unmasked over and over and still comes back to haunt us today....but not forever...

Giordano Bruno, my dear and beloved friend...






Mahatma Gandhi...Martin Luther King


and especially everyone unnamed...most especially every anonymous hero, in every moment of crisis, when there was no soundtrack and there were no grips...

multi-double screaming hallelujah

up out of the coarse and twisted mix


always.... up

So.... you ask me if there was a Jesus?

So you ask me if there IS a Christ?

I tell you that the legends and the trick lighting are just the Hollywood we put between us and the things we love and it don't matter.....

I have seen the dignity and the courage rise over and over and over again. I have seen this Jesus Christ in hearts where his presence was unknown... a time bomb ticking... an alarm clock ringing- one day.

I have seen the mark he made on history and the masterpiece he made of the human heart and there is no actual record of him being here. There is zero evidence other than what was written down by men at different times, who may or may not have met him at the time but most certainly met him at another.

So you tell me....where does it come from?



bring it on.....


Merry Christmas


I woke up this morning
From a magical dream
No, it wasn’t magic
It was somewhere in between
A promise and a miracle
Of something left unsaid
I can’t remember what it was
It’s still inside my head
All this time that I’ve been searching
Just as hard as I know how
I go on and on believing
It will come to me somehow
And now it’s finally happened
And it doesn’t seem that odd
To go to sleep and then receive
A love letter from God

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Pocketnet tonight has been brilliant. Here's how you get there and thanks for all your support my friends; you are wonderful companions for me on this road.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Mr. Apocalypse Inhales the Vapor Trails of Ghosts across a Desert Landscape of Animated Fata Morgana

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Today I wondered if I should talk about this... or talk about that and no matter what crosses my field of attention, I am drawn back to Mr. Apocalypse. It is ALWAYS about Mr. Apocalypse, because he is deeply involved in EVERYTHING happening, in the external theater of human drama and what is often enough... the theater of human comedy as well.

I am presently watching this outrageous farce of an impeachment hearing and... heh heh... Mr. Apocalypse is the elephant in the room and the 900 pound gorilla. It is startlingly clear to me that an invisible power for Truth and Revelation is operating in this room, independent of the awareness of the players there. It is amusing in the extreme to watch pompous fatheads, filled with fast food gravitas, try to act like statesmen and come off looking like Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They are definitely in the realm of fairy tale characters. I have NEVER seen so much smoke and so many mirrors, reflecting nothing but the vapor trails of ghosts across a desert landscape of Fata Morgana.

The increments of change are small and it is difficult to see the nature of the pattern of change over the short term BUT... if one steps back and widens the breadth of their perspective, it shows a surprising trend toward the ridiculous and embarrassing. The players are all of a short term attention span, so they DO NOT SEE the actual quality of their persona in demonstration. If they could see clearly into the true meaning of their own behavior they would be red faced with shame. They can't see because they have the blinders of self interest over their vision and everything they observe is viewed through the lens of self interest. The last thing any of them are concerned about is... self inquiry.

Manipulating the destiny of self interest is one of Mr. Apocalypse's chief duties. He is like a grand weaver, or symphonic conductor, who threads the fabrics of different colors into a single, woven presentation, or the totality of the musical instruments, into a series of patterns, with the intent of evoking an emotional response. Let me be more clear and precise. Mr. Apocalypse directs all human activity to a particular end. It is to be presumed, unless you are bone dead stupid, that Mr. Apocalypse's duties, pretty much exclusively, ALL HAVE TO DO WITH THE APOCALYPSE. Apokalypsis is the classical Greek spelling of the word. It has to do with, especially a particular ( spiritual ) manifestation of Christ (His will) previously unknown to the extent (because "veiled, covered"). Please read that several times until is becomes perfectly clear.

An apocalypse is concerned with UNVEILING... DISCLOSURE... REVELATION... UNCOVERING. Let's put this in conversational terms... THE TRUTH WILL OUT! WHAT IS HIDDEN WILL BE REVEALED!!! This implies also that often, when this happens, it can have a cartoonish aspect to it. It can appear incongruous; especially when it doesn't reflect what was said about- whatever 'it' is- what was previously hidden, not yet uncovered.

Mr Apocalypse TOLD ME, with such power, that I was shaking... trembling with the force of it... he told me that he was going to show up in the middle of them and pull their pants down in front of the world. This... falls well within the parameters of UNCOVERING. REVEALING, UNVEILING and all terms similar. He said to me... “you have some idea of who I am and from this you can surmise that I am certainly very... very clever. One might say ingenious, yes?” I responded in the affirmative. He then continued to say, “Well then, perhaps you can imagine how ingenious I can be if I turn my attention to that manner of expression, with these objects of my attention.” I seem to remember saying something like... “Oh yeah!” This was because I knew that Mr. Apocalypse, a divine persona, operates under a divine imprimatur. He has the authority of Heaven behind him.

So... I am much amused when I watch these hearings. I'm one of the few people on the planet that sees the hand of God in EVERYTHING. I'm not trying to paint myself as exceptional, or exclusive, or more in the know than anyone else; no way, not hardly. I'm no one and before the Throne of Splendor I am less than nothing. I ONLY HAVE VALUE ...according to what animates me and illuminates me to the degree that I can see or think or feel at all. I'm simply saying that most people, in these times of material darkness, do not see God in EVERYTHING. What most people see is whether they can avoid or acquire, eat or fuck whatever has their attention. Please forgive my use of possibly rude terms to describe what most people get up to. I am only commenting upon what I have observed, sometimes while hidden in the surrounding foliage around various activities. It is safe to say that I have been in places of intense light and very deep darkness more than the average person. I have gone to, or been sent to, all manner of places, to see for myself, what people were getting up to in them.

As for the places of light that I was permitted to visit, for temporary periods of time, I have my spiritual teacher, my spiritual master, to credit for making that possible. I have a good idea what the residents of Heaven are like and how they interact and behave. I've been there. I also know what the residents of The Infernal Realm are like and how they interact and behave. I've been there. Here I will quote the venerable, Lao Tzu; 'though Heaven prefers (favors) no man, the wise man prefers (favors) Heaven.”

Because we are in a time of intense material darkness, the nature of humanity is, for the most part, more influenced by the Infernal Kingdom rather than the Supernal Kingdom. That is changing, incrementally, by the day but... for the moment, most of humanity is in thrall to the darkness. That's just how it is and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is walk out of your door and into town to see what I am saying, or turn on your TV, or go to the movies, or listen to the radio, or visit the internet. Anyone attempting to argue to the contrary is either remarkably dense and clueless, or an agent of the darkness and we have no shortage of them at this time.

Now I want to address the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE OF THE INDUSTRIES OF MR. APOCALYPSE; AWAKENING. Mr. Apocalypse is here to awaken us, in the process of UNCOVERING AND REVEALING. Things shown to us, in dramatic fashion, can have the effect of awakening us. Natural catastrophe's can do this. Personal calamities can do this. Trauma of all types can have this effect. Many people who no longer drink or take certain drugs, or behave in certain questionable ways, do so because of TRAUMA that was visited upon them, as the result of these behaviors, or catastrophes in their personal life. It happens... and we have many witnesses to this.

Time is marching by my friends and the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse are intensifying. You are going to begin to see things you have not seen before. This is all for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION, so that we might learn what is true and what is not, what is real and what is not and... WHO WE ARE AND WHO AND WHAT WE ARE NOT.

Today... the Fisa warrants are in the public domain. Sparks will fly and those who have been dedicated to impeaching a legally elected president have not been paying attention to their own hindquarters and to just how far into the public view they have intruded themselves and just how much they have REVEALED and EXPOSED about themselves. One must ALWAYS be aware of the vulnerable position they place themselves in when they set about destroying someone else. One should be further aware of what they reveal about themselves when they seek to expose another. Amen to that... as we shall soon see.

They are going to seek to whitewash this Fisa investigation and soft pedal the findings. Be aware of this but... heads will roll nonetheless. It is the John Durham findings that we need to pay the most attention to because certain individuals are compromised and certain individuals are not.

Reality as we think we know it and the world as we think we know it, is about to be set upon its head. I do not know the details of what is going to come to pass. What I do know is that it is going to be unprecedented and astounding. Meanwhile... Lady Nature is due to make several spectacular and gripping appearances. This has already been taking place but... Calamity is on the menu, because those who cannot hear must feel. Also, God Almighty is going to become more and more present in the affairs of humanity; always has been hands on but NOW... it's going to be more apparent. Remarkable appearances are also due to manifest.

This is what I have for you, my friends, today.

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♫ Mr. Apocalypse is Coming ♫

Pocketnet is, as always, there for those interested in visiting. This week we shall be releasing two videos. One is the first in a series of talks on The Tarot. This is going to be a comprehensive and exhaustive foray into the Major Arcana and their use in meditation and spiritual evolution. The second video will be a sermon on the ineffable. Pocketnet is here.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

"This is how The World, The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea operate in the Kaleidoscope of Enchantments."

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I have a lot of time on my hands. This is not because I am a member of the idle rich. I am not. However, there is a context in which I could be considered rich, far richer than anyone you know and with a great deal more freedom than they because I am not mortally invested in the possession of what they require to maintain their lifestyle. Also... the source of my wealth cannot be challenged. It can't be taken from me.

As I said... I have a lot of time on my hands; eternity, actually, to do as I wish, even though I don't wish to do anything but serve. I might wish to cease the various conflicts and states of war across the planet but that would be both foolish and ineffective. Conditions are exactly what people want them to be. Of course, they don't know this but it is true none the less. “But surely, Visible, there must be much that you wish to do; what about Self Realization, Liberation, Nirvana, Enlightenment? These are all the sort of things you talk about as being desirable?”

How would I answer something like that? First I would say that wishing or desiring any of these items would only serve to drive them away. Furthermore, all of those are guaranteed and in the process of coming to me as these words are being written... alternatively, I might be moving toward them as well.

Let's say that we call all of these states of being, Kansas City and let's say that I might take a train. I might take a plane but... if I have to walk, I'm going to get there just the same. I've been previously informed that all of these things and all things similar are indeed to be found in that metaphorical Kansas City. Well, of course, I am headed for Kansas City at this very moment. Not the terrestrial Kansas City that shows up in your GPS, if that happens to be your objective, but the 'other' Kansas City we have come to understand possesses all of the items and states attractive to Visible.

What if I told you that I could tell you in detail how to get to your own Kansas City and that it isn't bullshit... or part of some philosophical construct designed to make a point. No! It's a real thing and I most certainly could tell you how to do this. In fact, I have been doing just that all along, for as long as I have been doing this. I've pointed out the location of valuable sources of information, directly relevant to this. I've indicated practices and behavior patterns that will put you on the fast track to hot-housing your own spiritual evolution.

What if I told you that rather than go through many, many lifetimes of suffering and toil, interspersed with brief intervals of pleasure and occasional draughts from the waters of Lethe, you could waltz right out of here in a single lifetime? What if I told you the pursuit of happiness was a dead end and that you HAD TO EXPERIENCE equal amounts of unhappiness to enjoy that happiness? What if I told you this whole world is a sham designed to break your heart and leave you empty and bitter? Well... I have told you that in many different ways all along. Let's go back to the first sentence in this paragraph; the one about evading all of the guaranteed misery, awaiting you in the aftermath of capturing ANYTHING you desired or set out after, motivated by desire to do so.

Krishna said,

“Success is speedy for the energetic.”

He didn't lie. He was/is an avatar. Avatars don't lie.

Yes... I could clearly and definitively lay it all out for you and if you took off after any one of SEVERAL options I could present you with, you would... with the aid of Faith, Certitude and Determination and Invisible Friends, reach your goal in this lifetime... or... so fast track your objective that you would never have to concern yourself with the gain and the loss, the failure or success of it again. In fact... I know of portals where you don't even have to come back here again. You can finish it all up in an astral loka and evade the torments of the flesh entirely. You would 't have to worry about running into Pinhead and the Cenobites. Everything I am telling you here is the truth. It profits me nothing to lie to you and the penalties for that are not something I would EVER CONSIDER. “But... Visible... what if you are misinformed and you lead us astray unintentionally; not meaning to, of course but... nonetheless...”

No... I am as certain as certain can be that I speak correctly, insofar as such things can be put into words, which... in the elementary stages, they can and beyond that... indications can be given.

Here we are... halfway through this commentary and we haven't arrived at the point of it yet. The point of it is that I can most certainly do what I have stated I can do and long before this came before you, many another has said the same thing, with variations shaped for the time and place they appeared in. This is not the problem. The problem is that hardly anyone wants it. Oh yes... hardly anyone, confronted with clear and precise directions, wants to go to Kansas City. Oh sure... everyone wants to BUT... BUT... BUT... First they have to do this and then they have to do that and there's always the possibility... the certain possibility that they will miss out on something else if they do. Yes... that is quite true. You will definitely miss out on all kinds of things that you have misidentified as containing something that can't be found in any of those things ...BUT... that is the point of being here; finding that out.

A thousand... a hundred thousand lifetimes down the road... epiphany will finally make its presence known. The Road to Damascus will appear and that timeless drama will take place. Alternatively, you might wake up in a pigsty and remember your father's house. There are all sorts of circumstances that this can take place in and eventually it will BUT... at what a cost in the interim? First the kiss, then the lash... then the kiss... then the lash... then the kiss... then the lash... for as long as you can stand it and... sometimes... well beyond that.

You can get the sense of the meaning of Karma RIGHT HERE... right in this moment, because... what is it that would prohibit you... or anyone... from deciding right this moment to head off for the ever flowing fountain of perpetual bliss (which is your own intrinsic nature) and NEVER LOOK BACK? What is it that has put these blinders over your vision... these Samskaras? It's Karma, neh?

YOU ARE the eternal pure and free, self illumined Atman (soul) right now. All that is lacking is the awareness of it and all that is coming between you and that awareness, is the more persistent awareness of that kingdom presented to you upon the narrow bandwidth of the physical senses.

This is a world of pain and anguish, of doubt and uncertainty, of disease... old age and death. Sure... just about every time you've had enough of that... along comes something else to capture your attention, to distract you. The kaleidoscope of enchantment is always turning. It's the nature of the beast. It is how The World, The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea operate. There is ONLY ONE SANE MOTIVATION IN LIFE and that is to GET OUT OF HERE! If you don't think so right this moment, you will. You will.

Up and down. In and out. The wavy Bio-Rhythmic convolutions of Cause and Effect, dance in their timeless choreography for the Purpose of Demonstration. The perpetual sex act of interacting opposites and their countless offspring, are coming round the mountain to greet you, further down the road, which runs, 'ever on and on'.. Some of us spend each day, dining in the ivory tower, moving through our circles of acquaintances in the ballroom at the Overlook Hotel... 'redrum... redrum...' The hungry ghosts are magnetized by the centers of attraction, where the appetites of manifest life, were once celebrated. Many another of us, exists in a state of perpetual want, with adversity close at hand and each of these momentary states of Fortune and Famine... trade places with regularity. On rare occasions, those few of us who have been, the good stewards of prosperity, have behaved in that fashion appreciated by the Lords of Karma... otherwise... look out.

It is a mystery, is it not? Why would anyone prefer the vicissitudes of chance and change to have their unforgiving way with us? Why do we persist in our residence in the land of temporary dreams? Now and again, one will break free of the herd and with a determined persistence... find the Kingdom of God within. Often that singular soul will leave footprints, should another care to inquire about what is really extant in the (no so) fearful unknown.

The time in which we are presently here is a remarkable occasion. Times like these and the opportunities available, come round at rare intervals. It is possible in these times to make spiritual progress that would not be possible at another time. Will you avail yourself of this precious moment? Time will tell and we shall see. Angels unseen, await the chance to assist you. Once the commitment has been made, all the forces of good will rush to your side. Perhaps I am just a voice, howling in the wilderness of personal delusion. Better men than me, by far, have said much the same thing. There is something within us that KNOWS the truth of this. It is that very something that is speaking right now through your humble servant.

In a moment... it could all change. In a moment, the moment will have passed. Seize the moment, while it is yet upon you. No one of us knows when the hour will come round and the note will come due. To get a vague idea of how close anything may be, one has only to observe the trends passing and what they suggest of things to come.

May God make his presence known to you and may you answer the call. This is my prayer for you.

End Transmission.......

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As to the matter of Pocketnet I know there are those of you who have found it wanting, due to the plethora of superficial nonsense that is in evidence there but I tell you, from my own experience, that there are a good dozen, even more... sources of VERY useful information and news that I have found nowhere else. I just scroll past the pedestrian and self serving poppycock and prattle. Given a few visits, one comes to know who to seek out and one can also 'FOLLOW' their work. Well... should you be inclined... here is where to go.

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Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Realm of Angels, Globoctopi ...and the Land of the Last Jot and Tittle.

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I have been sitting here, waiting for the Eagles/Seahawks game and asked the ineffable, “What do you want me to talk about today?” This isn't something I've done with regularity (like I probably should have been). Mostly I just sit down and let it produce itself. About every ten times, I'll have a problem with the post. A couple of days might slide by and then... so does the post. It's replacement will roar out of the gate in under an hour. So... I asked the ineffable what he might like me to write about and there was... silence. I went over to a news site and... there I saw a blurb, amidst a lot of other blurbs, which read, “Ruth Bader-Meinhoff Ginsburg hospitalized for chills and fever.” What is interesting here is that I had just been listening to a report about yet another judicial appointment by President Trump to the 11 Circuit Court of Appeals.

What should be pointed out is that this court and the one in New York, handles almost all of the cases on their way to The Supreme Court and almost all of them get decided in these courts and don't get sent up the ladder. Was it Fate? Was it some mysterious synchronicity? Was it an invisible push that sent me from one news item to the next? Hmmmm... Whatever the case may be, I want to point out that 'fevers and chills' ALWAYS precede The Big P. AND... it is The Big P that takes you down, when you are at an advanced age and have been wrestling with increasing bouts of frailty and discomfort. I suspect Judge Ginsburg is arranging for the ferryman's fee at The River Styx, as I write these words; could be wrong but...

I only mention this because I'm not emotionally invested in the outcome. I try to 'have made' such a thing, a thing of the past. Looks like Kismet will have its way anyway. What this means is that... regardless of the hopes and fears of supporters and opponents about the election, I doubt Ruth makes in much further down the road on this plane. This means a solid conservative is going to move through the Senate and the balance of power is going to be 6-3. It's been a long time since there was anything like that and NEVER has this country been in a state as critical as this, with big ticket legal briefs, that could decide major cultural issues. It ever we NEEDED a stanch conservative bench, IT IS NOW!!! This is especially true because of The Rhino Chief Justice.

There are forces in this country that want to make Heterosexuality a second class citizen. There are forces that want to start race wars and... if there is chaos and havoc associated with it, there are forces pressing the issue. There are forces ACTIVELY pressing for the teaching of perversity in grade school. There are forces that want to make having an informed opinion, hate think and talking about it, hate speech. There is a subliminal technology at work that is acting upon the subconscious of the widespread unaware among us. We've gone some distance since Edward Bernays. Attitude, opinion, perspective and belief systems are being formed in the backroom of consciousness by a massaging, rhythmic shaping. No one is going to tell me otherwise about this because it is palpable to me, which is why I am not impacted on by it.

You have to see the enemy of humanity as a creature, not unlike an octopus or a squid. Each tentacle is a separate industry and all of them work to the benefit of the creature. The industries that create cancer (processed foods, wave making techs and assorted) are a tentacle or two and the medical industry is another. The pharmaceutical industry is another. The 'banker financed' war making industry is a tentacle and the weapons manufacturers are another tentacle. I call this monster, Globoctopi. It's got rows of big sharp teeth AND poisonous fangs.

I am going to speak as plainly to you as I can. First though and MOST IMPORTANTLY, God-The Divine-The Supreme Architect and Commander; the real Master and Commander, who is not Russell Crowe, is ALWAYS IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING... PERIOD... WITHOUT EXCEPTION and ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH IS IT DONE UNTO YOU!!! So... if you have a deep and solid bond with your creator, it doesn't matter where you are. If you do not have such a relationship, it very much does matter. Karma is THE AUTHORITY... unless, you have a deep and solid bond with your creator and he is 'moved' on your behalf, that's what is written and so... you won't be reading anything like this. You won't be ceaselessly seeking the good offices of The Angelic Realm. HEAR ME! Unless you are persistently in the pursuit of the ineffable, you are in The Land of the Last Jot and Tittle.

Let us say... you are paying attention and you are reading this... BEWARE OF THE CITIES. This is where it is going to go down. For decades now, I have been trying to put together a community of kindred souls and have met with opposition of all kinds; lack of necessary finances, timing, my own behavior (intentionally provoked by the ineffable) and sundry. Later it occurred to me that a community that does not form itself, is subject to all manner of undesirable conditions; not the least of these is THE ENEMY WITHIN. I am no longer concerned with this. If it is meant to get done. It will get done. It is not my affair. Now... my dreaming project, is to build a meditation garden for 'the practice of the presence' and possibly, help to found The First Church of the Presence of God. Basically, you celebrate the indwelling and recognize the indwelling in everyone you meet. Everything else is window dressing, ceremonies and rituals for those who need them (grin).

I think we can be pretty clear about the timeline of it all now. The most critical election in American history is coming up a year from now. The world population continues to increase. Food shortages are inevitable. 5G is set to wreak turmoil AND Natural Calamity + Global Political Revolution, is coming or already in progress. The Satanists, with Little Georgie Sorrows and his ilk are pressing for catastrophe. Their plan has been in the works for a long time now. They knew about The Apocalypse and the one riding in upon the winds of change. For the Infernal Realm AND the Supernal Realm, it's a numbers game. It is all about the Grand Summing Up; the harvesting. Time to get with the program, my friends.

What I suspect is that there is going to be a fury of ruination and a great passing of lives, followed by a Golden Age of fabulous technologies and an awakened humanity, expressed in the arts and letters of the time and guided and powered by the Second Coming of the Christ ...IN THE HUMAN HEART. I expect a flowering of the age and a time of wonder and celebration BUT... this will not be everywhere and it may not be at all. The wheel is still in spin. It is the aggregate intensity of Love in the hearts of humanity that will determine outcome. Let us pray and lend our shoulders to the great wheel of selfless service that The Master, The Galilean, drew the blueprint for, long ago.

This is a time of the most remarkable spiritual opportunities. Seldom... very seldom does a time like this arrive. As has been stated here, MANY TIMES, that is why the degree of difficulty and the distractions are so great. This is why so many people are here. The force of pedestrian appearances is so great that few of us can see through them. Business as usual, has become most unusual, ...but there is something mesmeric in control of the collective mind.

Yesterday, I found myself in the company of angels, via internal communication. I had been pressing for this for a very long time and only had encountered it previously, when in a seriously altered state of consciousness. This indicates to me that the time is now fast approaching, because I wouldn't be hearing from this particular group of invisible friends otherwise. To say that I am overjoyed and literally walking on air is an understatement. I know there is a whole area of humanity that talks about regular communications with the angelic order but... my name is not Crystal Blue Persuasion and I don't charge a dollar a minute to tell you about what they are going to do for you. You won't be getting details from me in any case. This is just to say that when the accouterments engines of the divine, draw near to the Earth, something is brewing. Some might say... “the angels are always here.” Yes... that is true. 'Some of them are'. Some of them are engaged in the daily affairs of humanity, JUST LIKE THEIR COUNTERPARTS ARE. There are also a surprising number of entities that masquerade as angels but a time comes when their presence becomes noticeable, even to one in the lower ranks, like myself.

This is a time for attending to your spatial awareness. This is a time for praying as you go, as often as you can remember to. This is a time for practicing the presence of God all times... BECAUSE NOT IN RECORDED MEMORY has the chance of divine appearance WITHIN been so fortuitous. Now is the time to seek to awaken the Great Love within that it might rule, motivate and inspire your EVERY THOUGHT, WORD AND DEED.

That's what I got for today.

End Transmission.......

Epstein did not kill himself.

Kanye West is a fraud and a manipulated stooge.

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First time up- A Vietnam War Love Song

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Days are Brimming with a Rolodexing Waterfall of Wonder and Delight.

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There are, of course, many things and situations in this world for one to desire or aspire after. The resulting karma of acquiring or achieving anything here, comes to pass in various ways. It can certainly be said ...and... here I speak as a voice of experience on the subject, a significant majority of the things and situations we can desire or aspire after here are not worth the getting. Disappointment can be a significant feature of karma and so can Regret and 20/20 hindsight. I believe another byproduct of Karma is; 'live and learn'... alternatively... 'don't live and don't learn'. Both of these occur with regularity.

In the end... life wears almost everyone down. We wear the marks of our struggles and those marks are what? They are the scars of the effort expended by the separated self, in its pursuit of personal desires and aspirations in this world, which also brings one into conflict with every other competing interest. THIS is SELF EVIDENT, unless you are not yourself. If you are not yourself, everything is seen through the lens of false-self interest. It makes sense (whatever 'it' is)... in THAT THEATER of enterprise.

I often like to think of the Chakras as being like floors in a department store. The spinal cord runs like an elevator all the way to the Sahasrara Penthouse. It runs from the basement, where the Kunda Pool resides. When you exit the elevator on any floor, every item is a reflection of that department. Each floor is a world unto itself. Some people spend most of their lives on just a couple of floors, especially in times of material darkness and they've no idea of the wonders to be encountered on the floors above.

Imagine, if you will, (cue Rod Serling) finding yourself on a floor where you want nothing at all because you are filled to the brim (and overflowing) with Bliss beyond description. You can sample every ware in every department, move effortlessly between them and your state of being is not changed. You are then, truly... in the world but not of it. We want things until we get them and then we don't want them anymore. This is the result of the relentless cycle of desire, more often that anyone cares to think. This is especially something most do not want to think about. It takes all the fun out of it.

There are a number of magical rules and laws of Nature that exist which most people are totally unaware of. Still... every one of us has had magical, inexplicable things happen to us, like an act of serendipity. Some might think it was simply their due and that can be the case. Some might think it is in answer to a prayer, or just good luck. I don't bring this up to provide some all encompassing answer for this happening. I bring it up to STATE that it is altogether possible to live in a world where these sort of serendipitous occurrences are happening, ALL THE TIME!

A clue can be found in one's childhood. Surely you remember when the days were brimming with a Rolodexing waterfall of wonder and delight. Summer lasted seemingly forever. First loves were a joy beyond description. These are a few examples of a state of being which was also a state of mind. The world had not yet divided into the duality dance of opposites; most especially male and female, although... these days... the waters of identity insanity, are muddier than The Big Muddy, in flood times. The world changes after the loss of one's innocence, which is why REGENERATED INNOCENCE is the divinest of consummations to be wished.

One can readily see, with the sexualization of children, the spread of rampant pedophilia and all attending outrages; the cynical hand and eye of the Prince of Darkness and his minions. Job One for the Infernal Realm is the despoliation and destruction of innocence and YOU SEE IT AT WORK EVERYWHERE!

We're not here to talk about what we can do about any of this because ALL OF IT comes down to personal choice and each choice will be judged on the merits, as it meets the touchstone of Truth. We are here to talk about how to protect your innocence and- if it is gone... how to get it back.

Of course, all of you are familiar with the statement by Jesus the Christ;

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

People tend to... after a certain time... gloss over remarks they have read or heard before. They have perfunctory reactions. Timeless and eternal truths become no more than Yadda Yadda. Timeless and eternal truths deserve serious reflection. They deserve deep consideration BECAUSE... timeless and eternal truths have deeper and ever more deep meanings, when one studies them with intention and an open heart and mind and is patient, as needs be, when waiting for inspired scripture to respond in an oracular fashion. It will speak to you on a deeper level if you are patient. It does not reveal itself to the impatient, the dabblers and dilettantes and assorted small change operatives. Here is an example for reflection on the previous quote;

“Truly I tell you, UNLESS YOU CHANGE.” That part of the quote seldom gets included.

This 'child-like' state is often associated with the persona of saints, when they are described by observers, biographers and similar. It has also been associated with those considered simpletons who later proved not to be simpletons. It is a gift of the spirit, conferred upon the deserving. There are many gifts of the spirit, which are like the serendipitous, mysterious rules and laws. It is possible to get these rules and laws to act in your favor, by putting yourself in a position, where they are caused to react.

We do not have to appear to be, or be, beaten down by the ravages of pedestrian desire and one of the most expedient and certain ways to get whatever you want, is to not want it. Two VERY IMPORTANT considerations, tasks, objectives; call them what you will, need to be addressed, in order for you to find yourself in the spiritual catbird seat. Firstly, put an end to all personal desires and secondly; still, or kill, the reactive mind. In this case the end is more important than the means. Guru Bawa once told me, “get wisdom any way that you can. Steal it if you have to.”

Both of these seem to be an industry similar to Hercules cleaning the Augean Stables. Let me illustrate that a bit. The stables housed over a thousand cattle and had not been cleaned in 30 years. If you think about it, it sounds ridiculous to begin with; that it hadn't been cleaned in 30 years but that is sometimes the way it is with myths. This is the 5th labor of Hercules and he was set to accomplish it in a single day. What did he do? He diverted two rivers and they washed out the stables lickety split. I don't think Peisander used that term as a descriptive but I shall, even though, 'lickety split' has an unsavory sound to it when applied to cleaning out stables (grin). It does sound a little like the task set to Alexander, concerning the Gordian Knot. He also had an expedient solution for it. One might harvest considerable fruit by applying similar thought processes to curtailing all personal desire and stilling the reactive mind.

As for personal desires, another one of the remarkable, serendipitous rules and laws states that whatever is coming to you, whether you want it or not, is going to come anyway so; what is the use of chasing after anything that is yours already... even if it is not yet present? AND... if you've any hope of evading or canceling out undesirable circumstances coming your way, the ONLY possibility of that is to put it in the hands of the Supreme Mover who can do ANYTHING. His powers are LIMITELESS! LIMITLESS!!! There is NOTHING that God cannot accomplish in the wink of an eye. The Divine Being thinks whatever it is into being and... just like that... it exists. This Divine Being is RESIDENT WITHIN YOU!

Do you see where I'm going with this? Spiritual teachers have, for ages, been advising us to put the whole of our life in the hands of the Supreme Being. Surely there is a practical side to this??? It's not just poetic whimsy AND... from what I have been able to glean and understand about ALL of these spiritual teachers is that... they ALL did exactly that. Apparently this is not Rocket Surgery. Emulation is not only the sincerest form of flattery. It can also be the smartest course of action, depending on whom you are emulating.

I've watched people. go round and round about, trying to make spiritual progress. I've watched them join ashrams and make their way up the pecking order of whatever establishment they were operating in. I've watched them try to be Buddhists and Muslims, Hindus, Christians and especially New Agers. I've watched them operate according to the strict letter of the law and become unbearable pains in the ass and I have watched them shut off their gyroscopes and free flywheel it into a Floogie Bird flight, until they disappear in the usual manner of Floogie Birds. I've seen all manner of methods and techniques, both ad infinitum and ad nauseum. I've come away from the fray of it, with no more than The Greatest Commandment, as the sanest course of action. At least this is what works for me. I'm not talented or informed enough to follow the more complex paths. It is why I walked away from Hermetic and Occult modalities, though I still reference some of them when they prove useful.

I don't know what the rest of you want. It took much longer than it should have for me to discover what I wanted, which might be now defined as not wanting anything OR wanting only one thing. It amounts to the same for me (in my mind). What I do know is that each of us has a limited period of residence in this particular go round and none of us know what the length of that is. I also know that you leave here with ONLY what you have become and whatever debts and bounties might have accrued to you, for a future exercise of Destiny, in the next go round. You don't take anything else, so... it would seem to me that EVERYTHING ELSE IS SECONDARY to that and worthy of only secondary fealty... if that. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind. The second part of it comes automatically with the first, at least it does for me.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Danse Economique, Al Fresco and the Eternal Flagrante Delicto of WTF.

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A couple or more of centuries after Jesus the Christ walked upon this Earth, there was a schism in the faith. This schism became so contentious that the Emperor Constantine was obliged to intrude himself into the controversy. This would come to be called the Council of Nicaea. Give or take, this took place in 325 AD. The reason for it was due to the rise of Arianism. Anyone who has studied the traditions of any of the long enduring religions has discovered what an entangled affair ALL OF THEM HAVE BECOME.

We have Sunni and Shiite Muslims and it gets more and more complex as time passed. We've Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhists and it gets more and more complicated as time passed. We had... around the time of the Council of Nicaea, the Arian and the non-Arian, which I suppose I will call the 'traditional' following; given that Arius, after whom this system of thought is named; basically, the schism centered around an argument which, on one side, claimed that Christ was divine and co-equal with God (same thing as) and on the other hand, he was someone God created at some point for whatever his reasons were. What you have here is the dispute over Christ being Divine... or not.

Regardless of any of the positions anyone might take about this that or the other thing, either Jesus the Christ was the son of God or... he wasn't. Of course he was and I will tell you why. We have had something like 2,000 years, over the course of which the entire world has been changed and the testimony of recorded history, of the lives of saints and miracles abundant, in many another case show us, gives evidence of Christ, as the living manifest expression of God in human form. This isn't even open to debate and if it is... please go round the corner somewhere and haggle with one another; don't come round here.

Whenever priests and scholars get involved in what God is or is not, you are looking at a duplicitous and convoluted, round and round the Mulberry Bush, stifling ration of bullshit, from some location where the sun don't shine (please pardon my syntax). All of that ration is about, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!” Generally... churches and religions, are the outer concourse of doe see doe financial sucking it in and holding your breath. Are you with me so far?

Every major religion, by this time, is an intricate vampire entity that... like government, is created to enslave the populace and bleed them dry.

Now... Emperor Constantine... probably still a closet pagan at the time, but... also a skilled negotiator and not someone you want to mess with; otherwise he wouldn't have the title of Emperor, left this council gathering ...with the idea that it had been fixed and would have at least a refurbished 90 day warranty. I don't know if extended service contracts were available but... I digress. So... what followed was a lip service agreement that did one thing on the surface and something else below decks because there were powerful individuals on both sides of the 'me first, you later... maybe' Danse Economique.

So... of course... this all got back to the Emperor and I'm guessing here, cause I don't know and neither do any of you... I'm guessing that they then went looking for an advocate with a 'heavy rep'. So it is that he, who would later be called Saint Anthony, was sought after and... that was no walk in the park to find the guy because this was back in the time of the pillar dwellers and people who shut themselves away from any contact with the corrupt side of human intercourse, of all kinds, at that time OR... ANY TIME FOR THAT MATTER.

After many a roundelay of 'over hill and over dale', they found the (later to be called) redoubtable Saint Anthony and brought him into some larger venue of many a witness and Saint Anthony said, “I have seen him!” 'Him' being Jesus the Christ. You need to understand some things about Saint Anthony. He spent decades at a time in the performance of austerities and all manner of painful rejections of everything that might be constituted as a material pleasure. He was the real deal, apparently. He lived for a very long time as did St. Paul who passed while they were praying together. It's nice to have information like this on tap; isn't it??? This is the fruit of viscerally knowing that you do not know. As long as you don't know... God does know (within you) as long as you know; God does not. It doesn't get any simpler than this.

So... Saint Anthony saying this... had a wide spread and long lasting impact upon the question of who and what Jesus the Christ is/was. Personally, I don't get into arguments about this or ANYTHING having to do with the nature or presence of God. Either you are celebrating the presence of God or you are celebrating the presence of someone else;


I consider myself one of the most fortunate men on Earth because I do not just believe in God, I KNOW God is real and present; no ifs ands or buts about it. There is a comfort, beyond the bounds of human reason or any 'other' kind of awareness, that comes to one who has walked into the howling wilderness of the forever unknown and who has found that wilderness was only their own internal being and that once revealed it was a joy and a wonder to experience. In other words, there is no howling wilderness. There is only the fear of the unknown and for WHATEVER REASON, most everyone avoids this self inquiry. I do not. Job One... don't run from yourself because that is who you are going to encounter when you leave here. You are going to have yourself, exposed to yourself. You can COUNT ON THIS. It will happen and what will follow is your having to decide what you are willing to do next time you come back in the this dance of temporary embodiment.

DON'T BE A FOOL!!! Honestly my friends, don't be foolish. ♫Your time is gonna come♫ You will have to face yourself and there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide in this regard. Why don't people get this? Okay... okay... self deceit... the mesmerizing hallucination of repurposed, refurbished illusions. It keeps on and it keeps on. You know this! I know this! Once again, IT IS WHAT IT IS. Come on humanity!!! Wake the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there are people who don't like me; I'm too self assured, too convinced that I know what I'm talking about. Here is something to consider----- God speaks to all of us BUT... only some of us hear God. That's right. Why would you think God is far away when God is your own true self to begin with??? You CANNOT BE DISHONEST WITH YOURSELF! Listen up people. I know that all of you don't like me. I can understand that, I really can. I am not everyone's cup of tea. I can be abrasive, impatient, pugnacious and what have you ...BUT... it is only because I care about you. I really do care about you, even those of you who do not like me because I KNOW (or at least God does) that we are all a common consciousness beneath the skin. We are all the same person. Sure... you came in here as an Aquarius from Montana, or a Pisces from Florida, or any other permutation of astrological, fixed perspectives, for the Karmic roundabout of a temporary life and we can't, by nature of our separation by planetary disposition, all agree BUT REMEMBER... REMEMBER... a wise person rules the stars.

You do not have to be managed by your predispositions! You do not have to be ruled by the instinctive nature of your karmic nature. Truly... my friends. Listen up for a moment, I had my head handed to me with brutal efficiency by a monster who was large and determined. It did him no good and I have completely forgiven him because I know I chose this route as the most expedient. I chose this. It's over. After I left the less than tender care of his ministrations, I had six years of off again, on again, incarceration in life and death prisons and housing locations for the criminally insane. Why was I confined in the latter? Simple... I wasn't going to let anyone rape me. I was willing to respond in ANY MANNER, to make sure of that and so it goes. You got to stand up for yourself and if you do... Angels will appear on your behalf. I have had the truth of God's presence proven so many times that I cannot remember them all.

My friends... time is short. You have no idea. It's getting closer. Go and introduce yourself to The Ineffable. Let God know you're here. Speak to the Divine Mother! Speak to God's agent here on Earth. Do you not know that the moment you speak to God, God IS LISTENING??? God ALWAYS hears you; ALWAYS!!! ALWAYS!!! Please... I'm not here to shout into the passing wind. I am here to echo your own conscience. Listen closely... you might be surprised.

Love- Visible

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Friday, November 8, 2019

"Like a Dog Chasing his Tail for Eternity and Never Hearing the Tale."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

At this given moment in the course of our brief history, in this brief incarnation of temporary residence, for the purpose of appetite, desire, some kind of ambition... but in all cases, as an opportunity to pay the bill for previous appetites, desires and ambitions, or to experience new ones, we are present in a dreamscape. This dreamscape is woven like a web, or a tapestry. It is accordion like and it unravels like a scroll, over a particular reach of time. Just like a web, this dreamscape vibrates and attracts the attention of other entities moving along the web. The key term here is vibration. This is how like attracts like and that out-plays as experiences, with other people, interacting with the residents of every realm, invisible life forms and forces as well as the creations of Lady Nature; be they natural... like forest and mountains and seashore, or unnatural, like cities and towns. There are implements of technology that move between the natural and unnatural, or only within the parameters of one.

There are dividing lines that exist in the dreamscape and they are of many different types. There are seasons in Nature and there are larger seasons that are called ages and they each have their measured reach. Characters appear to play particular roles and the kind of dramas they take part in can be significantly antithetical, or contradistinctive from what precedes and what follows each of them. Ergo you get your 'clash of civilizations' and cultures, lifestyles and what have you. Certain episodes of interaction appear in early portions of the age, or culture, or whathaveyou and certain episodes appear in the latter stage. This can vary widely.

Surely you are seeing the sad results of bad parenting in these times. There is a rule in life that says, if you do not employ discipline on yourself and your offspring... bad results are certain. This is because a lack of discipline leads to a culture of excess. It behooves any thinking person to reflect on this feature of our times. A certain kind of persona has forced its zombies forward in the drama. They have created an army of the reckless, demanding and terribly uninformed. They have hijacked the educational systems and are programming those for whom real education was an afterthought (if at all) and have loosed them upon the rest of us.

This period of history is a bump in the road. Astrologers and metaphysicians call it a cusp period. Since it is a demarcation line between two ages that last for 2200 years, the cusp period runs around 200 years; before you are fully into the next age. A considerable amount of upheaval and chaos occurs as the archetypes and infrastructure morph into their next representative state of being. We're near the end point of this cusp and once that's gone, so will all of these creatures be gone and where they may physically remain, their influence will be nil. We just have to be patient.

It is a COMMON CIRCUMSTANCE in every cusp period for the appearance of revolutionary actors. Some amount of these are highly desirable contributors to new ways of thinking and living. Others are rampaging nihilists who, having found no (and not having looked) meaning in their own lives, have declared there is none elsewhere either, or have declared that certain awful transitions must take place to manifest a system where they are, finally, all equal and the rest of us are not.

All too few of us possess the capacity for self introspection and higher reasoning faculties. All too few of us possess that impartial objectivity that makes an understanding of deeper issues possible. The majority of us are blown hither and yon by the winds of appetite and the fires of desire. These are easily convinced of all manner of absurdities, as can be clearly seen by those possessing the qualities previously mentioned.

Off stage and hidden from the immediate line of sight, are those who play upon atavistic fears and desires of the people, most especially, they prey upon the minds of the disenfranchised, or those who've not accumulated what they wanted in life, either through an insufficiency of intelligence or drive, or imagination. They stoke the darker passions of these people, inflaming prejudices and telling lies, about all that they declare has been stolen from them, denied them, or not permitted for them and this includes not only objects and station in life but also... kinds of behavior. These manipulators control the avenues by which information is disseminated. They control the industries of entertainment, where certain lifestyles are lauded or promoted and others are decidedly not. They control the mediums through which Art is marketed and this gives them authority to determine what is... and what is not... Art.

Ultimately, in a relative sense, this confers a power upon these manipulators to define what is real and what is not real; what is desirable and what is undesirable, what is right and what is wrong, who should be elevated and who diminished... honored or dishonored. It CAN SEEM as if they are firmly in the driver's seat and little can be done about it. One is advised that they must conform to the pleasure of the Overlord, who dictates the acceptable and unacceptable protocols of life. This is, like everything is, only temporary. It is... in the common vernacular, BULLSHIT.

These manipulators and profiteers are, empowered in their season, for only the length of that season. This is why they are such busy little bees of the moment. They know that their sell by date is soon to pass. They know that one is coming who is going to set aright all that they have knocked and encouraged to go out of kilter. A time is coming, when the poisonous cloud of confusion and stupidity, shall be dispersed. This will, most definitely, result in an awakening. The people will rub the residue of dream dust from their eyes and ask... “What happened?” “Where was I?” Their eyes, having been opened, will clearly see who it was that ensorcelled and bewitched them. In that short moment there will be a rush of air, trailing in the passage of the manipulators, fleeing for the hills and the following rage of those now released from their stupor.

It's just a bump in the road my friends. The previous century and more, has been a Grand Guignol of horrific murders and pillaging, the like of which had never been previously seen. Even in the times of Tamerlane and the Khans's, it did not reach anything like the scale of what has most recently passed. Now... the befuddlement and somnambulism are destined to fade like the morning dew upon the grass because another sun, a spiritual sun, is set to shine upon the human heart and mind and all things are to be made Gnu.

I have been waiting... anticipating... for most of the extent of my life for this time to come upon us. I've been mostly awake. At first I had the initial problems of running into the sleepers, who passed on all sides, as well as the perception disability that my comestibles conferred upon me. I needed to slow down. It took longer than it should have for the toreador aspect to come forth. It's been fair smooth sailing since.

Some changes take a very long time. The process is beyond the comprehension of most; like the rising and falling of a mountain... antediluvian... primordial changes. Interestingly, the changes in us, from our first inception, to the realization of Godhead, occurs over an even greater spread of time. It is like the brief puffs of air in every breath, as if they were each a lifetime and the totality of all of the breaths in a lifetime of average length, being the stretch from inception to realization. As hard as it may be to believe, in some cases it is more than that, even much more than that.

The mysterious workings of the cosmos take place over an unimaginable stretch of time and the whole of a cycle, is no more than a single breathing out and in of the divine. That is creation... an out breathing, followed by an inhale with a pause between at either end. The divine expresses outward into everything and then gathers itself all up again. No mind can grasp this and our thousands upon thousands of incarnations amount to nothing at all. Until realization occurs it is no more than a dog chasing its tail. How many ever tumbled to one of the last things the Lord Buddha said, “I will return in 500 years.” Go ahead... do the math.

When you think about the enormous periods of time and the scrabbling of appetites all along the way. There are the massive stomachs of the dinosaurs and the progression until now and still.... appetite...desire and ambition. Once it may have been a tearing, rending and chewing, a panting pursuit after sexual union, the scrimmaging of armed men and who would be king. Only the objects and methods of performance have changed. The nature and objectives of the passions have not.

Now we observe the fury of literal insanities, seeking a preeminence over a competing madness... bones in the nose to studded rings in the nose, shaggy manes to purple hair... perhaps some changes in the image and quality of the tattoos but... savages none the less. One of them obvious and apparent and the other disguised by a thin veneer of pretended civilization. Thank God for the hidden hand of inspired and divine reason that here and there appears.

He/She (heh heh- preferred pronouns; really ought to be 'it' and 'that') finally achieves when they abandon the field of play and walk away from every promise and lie, walk away from every object of desire and from desire itself... walk away in one's own variant of Lao Tzu on the water buffalo... walk away to that sheltered glade at Cold Creek, to sleep the dreamless sleep of the realized and to purify the ears. To hear or see no more of the corruptions of the euphemistically civilized. Ah... to be free of all this. Still... one in Jivanmukti Duty must serve on the way. Let the lies and perversions fall where they may and hear and see them not at all... simply smiling, in the childlike delight, of seeing God face to face in everyone you meet.

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