Tuesday, September 10, 2019

And the Gates Appeared out of the Concealing Mist and the Armies of Truth Rode Forth against the Shadow and the Nightmare.

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September slipped into the room and now it waits for some event to autograph it with the memory of it having been here. Soon it will be gone. One month follows another. One year scrolls by and the next one arrives. Life begins as a cycling diorama of changes. The furniture changes like the seasons, where you may or may not try to adapt yourself to the carouseling rooms, or you think the problem is the way the furniture is arranged and it has nothing to do with you. For awhile everything is going out and your world becomes the embodiment of what you thought it into.

Like plastic being fashioned through an injection molding machine, it becomes an expression of what you imagined. Your desires heated it into molten possibility and then... it cooled. You got used to seeing it from your perspective and everyone else, if they bothered to, saw it from theirs. Judgment played musical chairs and what was left? What had the greatest impact... the censure of the world? … the praise of the world? What you saw, no matter what anyone thinks? Did you have the juice to enforce that? Sigh...

You can smell the burning plastic. “The horror! The horror!” Take that diorama of years. Watch it from now till back then. You can see the CRAZY! You can see what happens to the Barbie Doll, as the licking tongues of flame, the hypnotized, fiery adoration of The Stupids, is fed into the software of the injection molding machine and the natural is abnormalized. You take someone and shower them with praise, for doing what any songbird does better and for free all day long. Then you exclusi-vise them. You surround them with a traveling velvet rope. You give them absurd amount of money. Their world is shaped for them and they are turned into an iron pyrite icon; assuredly all that glitters is not gold ...and it should come as no surprise when you get this-.

As CRAZY gets normalized into the matrix of aggressive subliminal persuasion, Evil is vigorously slipping into the back door without the benefit of lubrication.

Evil is painting a smiley face on duped innocence and they gonna dress her up all nice and fine, so she can do the Horizontal Hula in the cannibal pot, that looks like a goldfish bowl, in Jeffrey Epstein's new Tel Aviv apartment. It's all part of a saturation program that is in every commercial, TV show and movie you see these days but with strange consequences. Let me here inform you that similar unfortunate results, can be expected in every cultural rolfing session, being employed presently ...and in times to come by the Infernal Lowerarchy, UNTIL the Big Engineer in the Sky, activates the power flow, track switch. They have had it their way for a bad long time. It has been such a length of time that most all of us may have forgotten, if we ever knew in the first place, that this has all been a setup; give them enough rope etc.

You might ask if, in fact, there is a Big Engineer in the Sky. Let us say that this engineer is one with a circumference nowhere and a center everywhere. This should come as very reassuring news for those who understand what it means. It also confirms my unshakable belief that God Almighty is indwelling, even if he is everywhere else as well... after a fashion.

If Moby was a Jesus Freak and his seed was merged in a Petri Dish, with the seed of Anton Szandor La Vey, you would probably get someone like this, talking about something like this.

A case could be made for Lenin in the Petri Dish as well but... this is the kind of information that is being disseminated out there these days.

When you ALSO see information like this, coming out on a news broadcast from a Fox subsidiary, then you know that lies are the genuine currency of these times. You know that we have entered a time of the celebration of vampirizing amusements, of faithlessness and the venomous writhing of a generation of vipers.

It is in these times that we shall see the evidence of what Lord Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita;

“Whenever and wherever there is a decline in virtue O Arjuna and a predominant rise of irreligion—at that time I manifest myself as an embodied being. To deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I myself appear, millennium after millennium.”

There is no telling what the manner of that presentation may be, or the hour of its appearance. What we do know is that it will occur, as it has always done in the past and the reason for this is that existence itself has no existence, without the ceaseless meditation of God upon it and who is INTIMATELY aware of everything that is or has been, or ever will be for that matter.

Here is an extract from the prophecies of Shambhalla;

“The prophecy of Shambhalla gives us a hint of the coming Golden Age. There will be 32 kings, each reigning for a 100 years. As their reigns pass, conditions of the world will deteriorate. Wars will break out in the pursuit of power. Materialism will overcome spiritualism and spread over the world. Then the 'barbarians' who follow this ideology of power and materialism are united under one evil king, assuming there is nothing left to conquer. When this time comes, the mists will then lift to reveal the icy mountains of Shambhala.”

“Seeing the promised lands of Shambhalla, the barbarians will then attack Shambhalla with a huge army equipped with terrible weapons. The 32nd king of Shambhala, Rudra Cakrin, ‘The Wrathful One with the Wheel’ will rise from his throne and lead a mighty host against the invaders destroying the army of barbarians.”

“After the battle has been won, the rule of Shambhalla will cover the world, bringing in the greatest Age of all times. Food will grow without work, there will be no disease or poverty, hatred and jealousies will be replaced with love and the great saints and sages of the past will return to life to teach true wisdom of the Ages.”

Of course, metaphor, allegory and analogy are coming and going at all times.

From this page you can access a particular source of information, concerning some of the where and withal of Shambhalla, at least according to this particular historian. All that I can say concerning the veracity of the information presented here, is that it generally agrees with what I have heard from other sources. If it does no more than to stimulate your curiosity, or even to entertain you, it won't amount to a great deal of time lost in the midst of your usual ventures.

I will dispense with any further links. I suspect you have links a plenty here.

LORD... I THANK YOU FOR THIS GRATITUDE THAT HAS SHAPED MY ATTITUDE, in these times of travesty and apprehension. We don't know what is coming but the signs exhibited in the public displays and general behavior of the people and the nature of their attractions and preoccupations, tell us a great deal that some of us would prefer were radically different than they are. A truly unfortunate number of us have been hijacked by a terrible and consuming darkness and are sinking beneath the waves of a suffocating and abysmal ignorance that races across the landscape like vengeful furies howling and dancing in the wind.

I shudder to think of the possibilities of misfortune that exist for those born into these times. I do not know what to say. Those who should hear are not disposed to listen and as an uncle of mine was fond of saying when I was young, “those who cannot hear must feel.” I wish every one of you the best and most serendipitous of outcomes. It is my sure conviction that your destiny depends on that in which you have placed your faith. In some cases there can be no good result. In others there can be no bad outcome. Time will tell and we shall see!

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Monday, September 2, 2019

They're Taking Selfies with The Man Who Squats Behind the Man who Works the Soft Machine.

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You can give any number of names to the force of chaos and discord that is operating behind the scenes and programming, manipulating and directing the uninformed, sexually dysfunctional, thug mind troglodytes, who hunt in scavenger mobs and packs and hide behind masks. You can call the orchestrator, Satan, though Legion would probably work as well. You could associate it with the Communist and Atheist mindsets of AshkeNAZI professors, at colleges across the country... and the world for that matter. I don't say these things out of any animosity. I say them because I know them to be true. I happen to know there is a conspiracy directed at what I call, 'the rest of us' from them. We are a strange combination item for them. We are canon fodder on one hand. We are like sheep to be shorn. We are considered subhuman by these people, who have put statements like that into the public record and their 'holy' books as well. Rabbis and other functionaries of this self styled elite have made such statements.

I do not say things because I want them to be true. I would much rather that they were not. My love affair with the truth is an affliction. My promotion of non politically correct comments and my tendency to point out offenses against the truth, are the result of occurrences like this.

In that video you see two, venomous, shrieking harpies, pointing out one of the marchers (never seen) as blatantly flashing a swastika tattoo on her arm. No such tattoo was shown and I am confident that no such tattoo was present but ABC News both reported on it and inserted texts to that effect on the film. They went out of their way to manufacture this false news, with NO EVIDENCE. This is why I am compelled to say the things I say and why I am compelled to name the offenders behind the scenes and there is no question in my mind as to who these people are.

The offenses against truth and villainous behavior by power mad people, in positions of power, are as common as the smog in LA these days. Here is a particularly egregious example. My making this public information more public than it already is, will be defined by these people and the vile criminals who put them in the positions they are in, as racist and, no doubt, other aggressions as well. The insanity on college campuses has reached the status of high comedy but it is not funny. The bureaucratic functionary who refused to discipline this person is also an AskeNAZI as are an overwhelming number of those in such positions of power. Presently and over the course of recent times, AshkeNAZIs comprise around 25% of the students at ivy league colleges, while making up between 2-3% of the population. When it was discovered that Princeton had only 13% AshkeNAZIs, there was a drive to recruit more of them.

The level of blatant unfairness that exists across the totality of all the spectrums of human endeavor, is only equaled by the criminal behavior of those responsible for it. As has been noted any number of times in these blogs; as materialism intensifies, insanity intensifies, as does sexual perversity and so does across the board crime in every area of human enterprise. Morality is now considered a liability and a cause for censure, as does the possession of Integrity, Honor and any number of formerly admirable qualities.

Were I not a man of faith, I would be disheartened to the point of terminal despair but... such is not the case. Instead, my heart brims with confidence and an unassailable conviction in the promise of justice in The Event Horizon. Daily, hourly, my prayer is that the door, or closed portal, the gate or barrier that is in my human heart, be opened, broken down, whatever is needed to occur, so that I might channel the endless love that is resident in the impersonal, cosmic reservoir, behind the appearance of my personal self. I pray that my heart be transformed into an infinity pool, which overflows its border, to run in any and every direction, away into the endless infinitude of creation.

Once I had personal ambitions. I wanted a career as a performing singer songwriter, as a published novelist, as a writer on the spiritual perspectives, inspired in me by my creator. I actually am all of that and present in other fields as well but... I am closed out of the wider markets. I am blacklisted due to what I believe and what I have had to say. I know this to be true, as I do anything I say because, otherwise I would not say it. I have been told so more than once by those in a position to know. I took meetings with mainstream publishers. I was signed by Sony/CBS, Rounder Records and others to recording contracts but more than that, uh uh... no.

It was discouraging at first but as time passed, I have come to see how very lucky I am. I am, in fact, one of the most fortunate men alive. I have succeeded in the only arena where it matters at all. I was once in a conversation with an agent of The Ineffable, speaking for and as The Ineffable about this situation. He asked me... “So... who did you write these songs for, Visible?” I replied, “For you Lord.” “Well...” he answered, “I heard them” I broke into tears when I heard this. Nothing more was said on the matter. Nothing more needed to be said. As for all of my other endeavors, the books and products are out there. My part of the process was accomplished and future books and albums will also be released. There is no power that can stop me from doing these things and that is surely enough. In fact, there is no power anywhere that can hinder greater exposure should the almighty want that.

Sure... they can keep you out of the movies and mainstream TV and they can keep you off the radio and wherever it is that those who made the proper arrangements, go to be seen and heard. They can close off the money portals and keep you on the other side of the velvet ropes but... it really depends on why you do it in the first place, whether the rest of it matters at all. If you did it for love well, I'm guessing you got your reward and more to come and if you did it for whatever else the reason was, you'll maybe get your reward and maybe you won't. It's a fickle atmosphere. It doesn't make much sense (to me) if you get no real or lasting joy from what you do AND... if you do get real and lasting joy, why... I'll goldarned guarantee it that nothing else matters... at all.

Many of us complain about God's timing and whether or not God even listens, or is aware of who we are and what we do. That is foolish dissembling, where our lack of faith in both ourselves and the divine, has caused us to remain ignorant of the true nature of things. We are, in the main, both shallow and callow and most certainly selfish to boot. God knows the intricate details of everything and brings all things to fruition, according to his own mysterious objectives and intentions. We should have no fear of being overlooked on any account and if we are... it is, no doubt, for our protection and our benefit. ANYTHING anyone could want... one has only to ask the ruler of all things. There is NOTHING that God cannot accomplish in less than a hearts-beat. There is nothing that God denies any of us, so long as it meets a particular criteria and all righteous dreams WILL BE fulfilled in their time. We need have no concern over any of it.

Yes... the world has gone mad. Crazy is loose and the unpredictable has become the routine. As Heraclitus (I think it was), once said, “expect the unexpected.” EVERYTHING, no matter how terrible or pointless, no matter what it is, is all woven together by the master weaver, for the purpose of his own demonstrations, for the exposition of whatever lessons or outcomes he has in mind. Most people measure right and wrong according to how they want things to be and... of course there are those particular universal prohibitions that most of us agree on. Otherwise, good and evil change places at the whim of the person, justifying whatever it is they need to validate in their heads. True right and wrong are the province of the angels who keeps track of the acts committed on either side of that border.

We do not have to concern ourselves with unsettling apprehensions of what if this? or what if that? If we have placed our life in the hands of the one who decides who lives and dies, well??? People have been whisked out of utter mayhem more than once and deposited outside the reach of danger. These tales have been recorded many times, whether anyone believed them is something else entirely but I know it to be true because I have been the recipient of such attention. This is not to say that I was whirled through the air by invisible hands but... the net result was the same as if.

I ponder near daily upon the world wide disconnect that exists in the human mind, between what is and what is not. There is a loose, general agreement on what is present between the ever changing parameters of the real and the unreal but most people (I say 'most people', often) live in a fabricated reality that is determined by what they want and what they don't want and what they are willing to do about the former, depends on whether their moral compass is a functioning device. As materialism intensifies, more and more moral compasses go down under the EMF blasts, from the conning towers of the Invisible Evil Empire. The more criminal the leaders of a society are, the more criminal the people. The more laws that are passed, the more the people are made into criminals. Most of the time, the laws that are made are made on behalf of the people who pay the politicians to draft the legislation. The present leader of the American Republic is going inexplicably contrary to this tendency... heh heh.

No matter what anyone says, there is a spiritual hierarchy that sets the tone for everything that happens and when what happens has the appearance of being batshit crazy, as so much of it does these days, you can be SURE that the PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION is for the imprinting of a lasting lesson upon the collective hive mind. Whatever is coming will not be soon forgotten.

But... as I said, 'I ponder near daily about the world wide disconnect', which exists as a reflex reaction to the press of materialism and the ever intensifying press of the fear about being housed and fed and surviving in it. People have become convinced that they have to be twenty different kinds of paranoid to get by and self interest is becoming, more and more the primary motivation. It is all such needless folly; first of all, the outcome of that motivation is loneliness and loss. No one has to go through any of that. Place your life in the hands of the one who gave it to you in the first place and take a bellows to the fire of love in your heart, should there be any left in residence and you will find that it warms you, feeds you, lights your way and most assuredly protects you from the gathering darkness, which is immediately and forever dispersed by that light, no matter how deep or vast it pretends to be- Poof! Just like that it is gone... so long as you let your light shine bright.

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And of course... that cutting edge reservoir of truth, beauty and real news, along with a certain amount of bullshit and opportunism... though, less so than most places (grin).

I'm talking about Pocketnet.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

"The Splendor, the Glory and the Power of God is Alive and Resident within You!"

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Welcome, my dear friends, to the ever clarifying image of your true self, in the smoking mirror of this material world, as the force of the apocalypse... cleanses the mirror in which we see ourselves. That mirror can and does appear every day before us... in each other

As those who come here know, I seek after the truth in whatever garment it may appear to me in. As I am fond of saying, when the truth takes off its clothes, the world disappears. Therefore you will hear the words of illumined yogis, of Jesus the Christ, of Christian mystics; of the wise and inspired by divine love, from all climes in all times. I apologize to those offended by the wide parameters of my metaphysical interests. It is my belief that there is one God, incomprehensible and indefinable, who has expressed himself through many portals and clothed in various garments, according to the needs of the people in the place and at the time of his appearance.

Each of these presentations was God on Earth, to different degrees. There are states and stations aplenty and it is not my task to delineate these. I am simply overjoyed that they came here at all and grateful beyond measure that I was privileged to experience their teachings. There have been prophets who were the mouth of God and others who planted their teachings in the human soul, as we presently stand before the time of spiritual harvest, in this grand summoning. Beneath the landscape of the appearances of this world, there is a living song... awakening in the human heart. It will be heard but not by all.

In the Hindu tradition there is something called, arundhati nyaya. It shows the method of leading from the gross to the subtle, from the known to the unknown, in logical analyzing and philosophical perspective. Socrates was gifted at that sort of thing. A good example of this can be found in, arundhati nakṣatra. This is something that every bridegroom is supposed to do with his bride. The evening of the marriage, he takes her out to a tree, or some structure that can be looked through to see the sky, with branches or beams, or whatnot, for reference points. Then he points out a large star. Once that star has been seen, another star of much less luminosity is indicated in the sky near to it. Then the bridegroom is able to help her identify an even smaller body of light next to that, which would have been very difficult to locate otherwise. This is a tradition that is meant to exemplify the way of arundhati nyaya. There are all sorts of teaching devices that exist in long enduring cultures that are seen as fables, folk tales and allegories. We have a few; Johnny Appleseed comes to mind as does Rip Van Winkle and others.

I read today, a quote from the Vedantic philosopher, Bhagavan Bhashyakara. I had seen it before and each time I have encountered this quote, it has given me a sense of spiritual disquiet, along with an impassioned zeal, to strive harder and more relentlessly toward the goal, until I am informed I can go no further on my own and thereafter, to simply and inflexibly... rely on the ineffable for everything, no matter how seemingly insignificant. I recently reached that point of being so informed. Anyway. Here is the quote, which I advise one and all to consider with careful reflection; “These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones.” It would certainly pay to consider what your next conveyance on this plane might be and who your present companions are.

We need to pay more attention and we need to be more persistent and diligent in our moments that remain. This is what I tell myself, often ...and it is why I tell you. We DO NOT know the instance of great material change. We do not know the hour of his coming, when he shall judge the quick and (formerly) dead. Often in older times, the word 'dead' was interchangeable with sleep; such as in the quote,”we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed”. That is another statement to consider with careful reflection.

I have bypassed this fellow who looks like an Amish farmer for a while now. I can't say why that is. My friend made the same comment to me when I brought him to my friend's attention. I will pause to hear what he has to say in the future. Today, I saw this at Pocketnet.

It is comprised of a talk delivered by one Field McConnell, outside of what he called the Polk County Injustice Center. Whoa! He had some things to say. One of them was this;

“I respect all people except the People who think they are in power and don't know God holds all the power.”

I make that statement often enough myself, or variations thereof... and maybe that is why it struck me as it did. I don't usually hear that very often and it thrills me when I do.

I was especially struck by the humility of the man. He also said... and there was a general agreement among the people collected there, that Epstein is not dead but elsewhere being debriefed. This is what I also think but I have previously been wrong more than once. There is nothing wrong with being wrong. We ALL have that experience. What we all do not share... is an immediate effort to admit it and to enhance our knowledge with a new knowing.

I am going to take this opportunity to say a few things about myself which, apparently, need to be said. I've said a few of them before but, ...for whatever the reason, they haven't been heard or there has been resistance to hearing them at all. Someone recently- anonymously of course, wondered if I followed the dictate of Christ, to sell all I had and give it to the poor, then pick up my cross and follow him. He seemed to imply that I had no business talking about him otherwise. He neglected to pay any attention to the context of my statement, instead relying on insinuation, to call me out for preaching what I don't follow myself... when... when... that is not what I said or how I said it. I was presenting an illustration having to do with sincerity.

In reality, however, I have given away all I had more than once and in recent times given it to someone who was suddenly made poor (didn't used to be) and in serious trouble. One fellow I sent every cent I had; not a small amount and the outcome was that I never heard from him again. Perhaps he thinks I would harass him for it. I NEVER 'loan' out money, no matter what anyone calls it. Surely if someone wants to repay me that is fine but the thought of the money leaves my head at the same time the money leaves my possession. It is kind of sad to lose a friend over having done the right thing. Is that why so few people do? (grin)

Last year I did this again, with another friend who was in dire straits. It might have taken me half a year to acquire the sum but off it went. I am now in the process of sending him an expensive piece of equipment that I have and which he needs more than I. I don't use it enough to justify keeping it and, he really needs it. I hate having to say these things but say them I will, given what I've come across in recent times and am not going to comment on in more detail. I left my home and job to take care of a friend for a year, while he was dying of AIDS, which resulted in a bad portion of the community (Woodstock NY- of all places) assuming I had it too and all the censure it brought and there was plenty. I have tale after tale like this about my life and no doubt people will be incensed at my mentioning them but I will stop with only a very small portion of them told. I have no thought about what a great guy this makes me. I don't even like myself very much ...but these and all the things I did were because they were the right thing and because I love God more than anything EVER and this is what happens to a fellow when that is the case; you can't help yourself actually.

Some inarticulate grand-stander was going off the other day about people getting donations, asking for them was already egregious enough, but... simply having a donation button was an offense to him. He went out of his way to let the reader know that he did everything he does for free. If what I saw of it is any indication, free is still asking too much on his part. Yes... I have a donation button for different currencies and good reason for that. Sometimes people want to do something and don't know how.

I've been doing what I do for more than 15 years now and NOT ONCE have I asked my readers for a dime; NOT ONCE. If one is so inclined, they can donate but... I would never directly ask them. I ask God, surely that is the appropriate avenue. I have been getting around 100 dollars a month in donations for some time now. Sometimes slightly more. I have a pension of $381.00 a month. I have no other income, except for the occasional book or CD sales. In the meantime, I have given away far more CDs and musical compilations and books that I've written (mostly gifted in PDF format) than have been sold. There is NO OTHER source of income. I own no property, no stocks and bonds, no insurance policy. I have... squat.

How do I survive on so little? It is by the grace of God. I have invisible means of support and have had for some time. I get food stamps, that helps considerably. Otherwise, there is not much I want anyway. I have all my tools; musical instruments, computers, composing and recording software and what I do is work, or meditate, or go for walks, or workout. Hardly anything I do costs money. None of my internet work is monetized. I could be comfortably off from that if I chose and there are all sorts of commercial efforts I could make: not happening. I HATE having to say anything like this and in fifteen years many of you have not seen much of this before but for some reason I am tired of being slandered by certain people who lack the courage to even identify themselves.

The next issue and I hope this gets put to rest as well (I doubt it). I DO NOT hate the Jews. I don't hate anyone but... I am well aware of what certain Jews do and I comment on it. I bring it to the world's attention. I don't call for them to be exterminated. I don't use invective. I simply state- and with proof- what I KNOW to be true. Here is a good example for why I feel as I do. Some of them also comprise descendants of the instigators of the Holomodor, the Armenian holocaust and, of course, the Bolshevik mass murders and the torture and killing of millions of innocent Germans after the war. This is all factual and provable. NOTHING I will say here is speculative. Then there is the phonied up Holocaust guilt trip victim industry... and I will mention the assassination of John F Kennedy. That one I can't prove but I have serious reason to believe it since they kill or try to kill anyone who messes with the Federal Reserve.

They are the slum lords in most of urban America. They are the moneylenders and always have been. They control the media and you can see (or chose not to see) what that means. They control the entertainment industry- all phases of it. They control the organs of social media. They control the online encyclopedias and information portals. They run the central banks. They own the publishing industry. They own and control the art world. This means that no one is celebrated without their permission. They have been systematically genociding the Palestinian people for 70 years. Here is what the landscape of Palestine looks like, over the years, since they have been there.

Shrinking Palestine

They have NO SEMITIC DNA. The Palestinians do. End of story.

They were the orchestrators of 9/11. They are the main pornographers across the globe. They are a primary force in human trafficking AND most especially organ harvesting. They are behind all of the alt.sex organizations. Through people like Epstein and their honey pot patrol, they blackmail the politicians and all other important and influential people. Those they cannot blackmail, they threaten or kill. They are the one's promoting gender confusions and all manner of ancillary ills. They are the major financiers and promoters of atheism and the war against Christmas. They are the professors in the majority, preaching Communism and are the money behind Antifa. They are the force behind forced international migrations. They foment the wars that initiate it.

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. ALL of these things I can prove and so could ANYONE who cares to. If you don't know these things, or try to refute or deny these things, there are only a few reasons; one... you are a rank coward. Two... you are indifferent and don't give a shit. Three... you are financed by or owned by them. Four... you are in fear of them. Five... you are them, or... and increasingly more and more, just too stupid. These of which I speak are the children of the devil. I can... at another time, should there be interest, explain how they are able to do these things. It takes an amount of space and time to do and neither I have at the moment, as I am concluding this effort.

On the other hand, I probably have more real and true and lasting friendships with Jews than most people and they ALL agree with what I say here. I have often mentioned that I do not have to be concerned about the blowback, given who will rise to defend me. Many of my heroes, artistically, are Jews. It's a sticky wicket but... since I am IN LOVE WITH THE TRUTH, I must go where the truth takes me, come what may because, as it so happens, the truth is antisemitic.

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If you are of a mind and you have not heard it, I believe, in the context of the first part of this posting that this poem of mine, narrated by Patrick Willis, dovetails to the metaphysical point of it. It could just as well have been titled “Jesus the Christ” but it was not. However I do plan to accomplish that in future time.--- Here is the piece...

.......the text is on this page

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Seas May Rise and the Earth may Tremble but the Living Light of the Ineffable is a Sanctuary Forever.

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Whoa!!! It is so clear and transparent. The samskaras- the scarves upon our eyes, have become gossamer. I define a samskara as a scarf tied around eyes that conceals or impairs our vision. It's a blindfold. You've seen them on people standing before a firing squad with a cigarette in their mouth. Like the cover of my first album; Jews from Outer Space (grin).

Jews from Outer Space

What they are is, the impressions left by our actions and these, when repeated, become habits and habits can and do blind us to reality. We come to live, as everyone does, in a world of our own creation; a projection of our minds upon the screen of Nature. We are born with a tabla rasa, except for what has followed us from previous incarnations and which account for prodigies, who play the violin or piano (like Paganini and Mozart). It also accounts for people who go wrong from the moment they can walk. Don't believe it? It is right in front of you. Not seeing it is a samskara too.

Yes, the scarves, the veils... are getting more pellucid. This is because we are in an apocalypse and awakening is taking place, incrementally from day to day. We are seeing collectively, at differing rates, because some of us are actively engaged and among those there are degrees of intensity but... all of us are experiencing some amount of awakening because... it is an apocalypse. Let me here include that statement by Krishna, which makes me momentarily more alert than usual every time I see it; “Success is speedy for the energetic.” So... there are exceptions to this next paragraph but even those are the result of previous efforts.

Awakening is a product of reincarnation too. You beat, beat, beat on the door and one day it opens. You've heard that scriptural phrase, “behold, I stand at the door and knock” well... there is a little more to it than that, just like the tale of the prodigal son, who awakens one day to the true state of his existence and recalls that the servants in his father's house were better off than he presently is and he set off for his former home, thinking to ask that he be made a servant. His father saw him coming from FAR OFF and was overjoyed (YES!!!) This may not have been the result of a few days journey. It can take lifetimes, or... it may be more rapid. Miracles occur every day, whether we see them or not.

I know there are Fundies out there who are going to assail me with their literal, by the book dogma and cant; never considering how many times the book has been translated from its original languages and the intentional, agenda driven editing that has been going on... AND NOW, look at all the versions there are!!! Only one Bible works for me and that is the one inscribed, in the divine and resonating flame alphabet, upon my heart and which is truly understood, ONY THROUGH REVELATION. PERIOD.

There are far too many contemporary Christians who have adopted that New Age, instant, Minute Rice just believe you are saved and you are saved widget. Then you can eat anything and pay no mind to all kinds of natural laws and pay for two airline seats when you travel. 11 years ago, when I was a tad less sympathetic or sensitive and had a bit too much Savonarola in me, I wrote this blog article called “Jesus Loves me Even if I am a Fat Pig.” Yeah... I wasn't a very nice fellow once upon a time, ♫I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now♫

I apologize to people struggling with their weight but I have to say, in most cases, these days, it's the result of a compulsive disorder that suffocates the feelings with a wall of flesh.

Obesity is now an epidemic but then... so is stupidity and thuggish behavior. We live in a time of criminal excess, of runaway appetites; food, sex, the diversions of perversions and ubiquitous rage. There's a long list. In many instances, gay is simply laziness. In other cases it is a way to draw attention, in an increasingly more and more depersonalized world, of billions upon billions of people, so too is transgenderism; the same with pink, purple and green hair. Look at me! It has become a mantra and acting out an avocation.

We live in a Shake 'n Bake world of, I WANT IT NOW. We can go to three weekend seminars and then a four day intensive and poof! You are enlightened and a master! In truth it is much harder than that and ANYONE who has tried to walk the talk, to step into the footprints of Jesus 'the' Christ, knows this. Here is a poem by Steven Crane (a Christian) called “The Wayfarer” and it says it all;

“The wayfarer,
Perceiving the pathway to truth,
Was struck with astonishment.
It was thickly grown with weeds.
“Ha,” he said,
“I see that none has passed here
In a long time.”

Later he saw that each weed
Was a singular knife.
“Well,” he mumbled at last,
“Doubtless there are other roads”

In a time of rampant hedonism and the excesses of appetite, people have intentionally destroyed their moral compass. Perversity has become an attractive thing and there are drugs that enhance the sensation that makes evil fascinating and exciting; coke and meth come to mind. Christians call this behavior 'sin'. Regardless of what you may think about sin, which translates as 'missing the mark', it has weight. It has negative presence. It presses down on you and after a time makes you hate yourself. You believed that liberty was license and that you had the right to express yourself any way you wanted to. What you accomplished was confinement. You became a prisoner in the penitentiary of your own mind. It is no great leap from hating yourself to hating everyone else. We now live in a world where a great many people hate themselves. This is why there is such a relentless push for redefining normalcy and having PRIDE in your behavior. This includes dancing and waving your dick in the faces of young children.

There is a WAR being waged for the possession of your soul. Here is where the Satanic music industry is presently at. I've mentioned this Billie Eilish before. Step by step, a large body of the human population is being marched past the gates of Hell. It's like the frog in the pot (apparently that myth has been debunked but for the purpose of example, is being used.) Is it getting warmer in here? Take a good, slow, panoramic look around you. Open your eyes!!!

I am not a Christian but I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I cannot be a Christian because we depart on certain issues, caused by dogma and fundamentalist interpretations of scripture. Yelling in my ear will have zero impact. You are welcome to talk to yourself. I will not interrupt you. I DO NOT argue. To argue is to have missed the point. I believe in leading by example. I believe it is impossible to comprehend or define God but that YOU CAN know God by the primary expression, which is Love. You can experience the divine by acquiring the qualities of the divine, also known as 'putting on the whole armor of God' and you can also become divine, by degrees, as you rise in awareness and epiphany. Existence is a spiral stairway. At the depths is an inky darkness and above the landing on which you stand, is a greater effulgence and concentration of light. There will always be those above and below you. A key consideration is, do not piss over the railing.

The wonders of God are beyond description. Why anyone would be attracted to or interested in anything else utterly escapes me. Earlier today I saw an article on Pocketnet, where the person presenting it was concerned about our familiarizing ourselves with the government's ability to alter video and any media, so that you cannot tell it is not a true reproduction. In other words, you can be framed. I do not fear the government, or the devil or anything on, or in, or beyond this world whatsoever and I made a comment at that post concerning this. I fear only one thing and that is to depart from the will of the almighty.

It is true that there are powers of a temporal and spiritual nature that do not have our best interests at heart but there is a power from which all power is acquired and otherwise... there is NOWHERE else to get power. The same applies to the life in you and the origin of the sun upon the sky and there is a source of wisdom and understanding that knows the in's and out's of ALL THINGS and the mysteries and secrets of existence, no matter how ancient and arcane they may be. I, personally, know nothing but I do know one thing and that is all I will ever need to know.

I am going to repeat two things that I mentioned earlier elsewhere and also state that these are only a portion of the events that have happened to me. I am no one. I make no claims. I am insignificant in the grand scheme of things but I am connected to this power and have had ample demonstration of this. Some years ago, I was arrested and faced with what amounted to a life sentence in prison and they had me cold. In the process of going to trial, several amazing events occurred. I should point out that I had NO money and No influence BUT... I was acquitted where no one in that state ever had been before and it was the state with the highest incidence of convictions in the nation and it took the jury 15 minutes to cut me loose. Things happened in the courtroom that were supernatural and there are witnesses aplenty. It was front page news when I was arrested and hidden deep in the paper when I went free. It had never happened before and it has not happened since.

More recently I lived in Germany, where I publicly denied the holocaust and it was also a time when I had an international readership in the tens of thousands every day; not much by some standards but huge according to the time span of 15 years in which I did this. There are box ads on my websites that publicize this greatest fabrication of modern times. Not once was I approached by law enforcement and nothing happened over all that time. It is truly inexplicable. My German wife divorced me because of the danger it brought. Keep in mind, it doesn't matter if you can prove it was a fraud and I can and I have. It is against the law to deny it period; true or false, doesn't matter.

Neither of the outcomes of these events have much to do with me and everything to do with who I work for and they are only two of a number of similarly unbelievable events. The point of my mentioning them is that they speak as direct evidence of there being a power that can and does act with impunity anytime it decides to do so. Nothing and no one can oppose it. It cannot be circumvented and it cannot be hindered. It is all powerful and the source of all power as well. This is FACT. Dispute it at your leisure. Apollonius of Tyana and others also had a relationship with this power and experienced similar affirmations of it in their lives. This power is available and accessible to everyone who puts themselves in the way of it and lives it, come what may.

“According to your faith be it done unto you.”

“Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

Christ set the template, it is up to us to walk in his footsteps. Jesus was a man. Christ is a station. The nature of that station is, 'Christ Consciousness.'

I mention these things today because the hour is getting nigh. Also, the faith of the body of the church (such as it may be) is being mightily tried. The infrastructure of this world we have known is crumbling. The masses wander in confusion, in fear, in terrible anger- one against the other. Incredible changes are on the doorstep of our lives. We live in those times that have been talked about for so long. No one knows the hour of his coming but... come he will. The seas may rise and the foundations of the Earth may tremble but for some, these are mere phenomena, when their faith is strong. It is critically important that we KNOW that that in which we believe is REAL. Yes... it is more real than we are and certainly more real than the surrounding environs.

Hold fast to the certitude in your heart. Let your conviction be strong. Amen.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Gathering Darkness of New Banker Wars and a Golden Age for the Good and the True... Somewhere.

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Last night I watched Five Easy Pieces. I didn't like the film the first time I saw it but my friend wanted to see it, having never seen it. I noticed how similar Karen Black's features were to Faye Dunaway (to a degree) but more so Julie Christie. This got me reflecting on the faces of actresses and actors, in different generations, up to the present time and... how similar so many of them were to one another in the same generation. This set me to thinking about the mental and emotional climate in each generation; how similar were the thoughts and feelings, how similar the public faces were and how similar the hoi polloi and lumpen proles as well... the common threads that ran through each of the generational segments. I mused on that period of grunge, where the whining music of the times was so popular; Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins... all that nihilistic, heroin fueled dissonance with the Satanic undertones.

I watched through a kind of mental kaleidoscope, almost a proctoscope, as rap first manifested in political and social anger and then degenerated into bitches, ho's and bling. I studied the masses of people from each following group of time lapse dancers ...and it was a startling thing. Each generation marched through an ever thickening fog of materialism and masturbating technologies, until we come to the present day... an en masse robot army of thumbfucking cellphone addicts, perpetually bent over a tiny screen... about to be bent over in a whole other way... hour after hour... somewhere in the dark room of a solitary exile, the screen flickers with a blue light that flashes off of their haunted faces. Soon they will fade like wraiths from this world we know and re-materialize as ballroom dancers in The Overlook Hotel.

This is the time of the harvesting of souls. It is a Grand Apocalypse. Because of the intensity of materialism, the degree of difficulty in ascension is great indeed. The significance of this time frame we are in, is massive, and that is why there are billions of people here, who promptly forgot why they came, as soon as they arrived. If you have the Faith, Certitude and Determination that is required, you can make a quantum leap spiritually at this time. Every moment is precious and that which you spend on acquiring the necessary Faith, Certitude and Determination is priceless. It is an investment of a magnitude that cannot be rendered in any math we have possession of.

I am not concerned with whether one is a follower of Christ. Everyone of true heart, in whose heart compassion sings and whose actions are directed toward selfless service, no matter how that may be camouflaged, due to the dangers of the time, are followers of The Master Wayshower, whether they know it or not. Religious fundies with their, “my way or the highway” are quick to label anyone who does not fit the narrow parameters of their criteria; all so quick to send people to Hell and to judge the heart's intentions of others. The Christ spirit knows who is who ...and it is through the medium of love that the master is able to identify his own. I am a follower of Christ but I am not a Christian. I will not associate with those who damn others through doctrines they have no understanding of. Their Karma is soon to run over their Dogma.

There is something so profound taking place this very minute and it is hidden from the eyes of the world, especially hidden from carnal eyes, where the desire force interprets everything through the lens of magnetic attractive heat that generates a thick smoke, due to the composition of what is burning. To understand the difference between Heaven and Hell, one has only to understand what is consuming them. Hell is compressed and confining and pressure creates heat. Heaven is wide and expansive. The nature of the residents is one of liberation because they have all learned the secret, which is to GIVE YOURSELF AWAY. The opposite of that is to acquire everything for yourself. To have the mindset that is focused on getting for self, is to create confinement in a personal Hell. In the process of giving yourself away, your real self manifests and it is eternal and flushed with everlasting bliss and joy.

What I am saying here is expressed through the medium of words and that will NEVER be an accurate and complete description. This is one of the reasons that no matter what anyone may think, NO ONE achieves Liberation or Self Realization under their own steam. All true seekers must eventually come to that place where they meet The Guide, who knows the way. There are a number of reasons why no one ever attains to the heights of spiritual understanding under their own power. There is a comment in the Bible where it is said;

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”

The amount of false prophets and New Age Snake Walkers is a very large number in these times, because... to serve the light you cannot serve yourself. You can't ride around in limos and private jets and with gold Rolexes on your wrists; looking down in admiration of it, like the Dali Lama. Spare me the apologias, I've heard them all. I remember the commentary on Christ, speaking to that particular person;

“Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me.” We all know how that worked out, or... maybe we don't.

There is a great deal that people on this material plane do not get about the Kingdom of Heaven. The glory and riches there, so far exceed anything the human imagination can envision that to attempt to explain it is an effort in futility. One of the best comments I've heard about it and which I often repeat, is- “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” I've had brief glimpses into that plane of existence and I am convinced that what I saw was a very small part of what is there but... it has been enough to fix my attention on the goal, with no concern for the cost of the trip. It confounds me that so many people do not get it. I am astonished at how few do. You know them when you meet them; the genuine atmosphere of their presence says it all. They are shining with an interior light.

The season of life in which we presently find ourselves is unlike other times. We are in the midst of a spiritual war. One side is seeking to lift humanity to the next level, into the Aquarian Age, the Age of Brotherhood. The other side is seeking to pull it down into perdition. It will be an individual thing in every case. Those who think they can accomplish under their own power will fail. Those who are utterly reliant upon the Supreme Being are already victorious.

Two worlds are presently coming into being; a world of plenty and a world of want. Each are predicated upon where any particular person's treasures are to be found. The enduring and everlasting spirit is a spirit of abundance. It is a literal cornucopia and those in unity with that spirit, are heir to all that that which they are reliant upon possesses. The result of selfishness is to find oneself alone; alone in a barren field with no one but Saturn for company. Fate is a harsh task mistress. There is no question in my mind that the majority of the population laughs and ridicules the idea of selfless service and giving oneself away. A portion of these are merely indifferent to spiritual possibilities, because their motto in this world is, “I want it and I want it NOW.” Technology has accommodated this desire.

Strange doings are afoot in the world. Across the fertile Midwest of the US, floods have killed this year's harvest. Similar conditions are taking place in other environments. Chinese Pigs are dying by the millions. Hatred is being stirred up between the religions and between the different colors of humanity and yet... and yet- this is allegedly an age of brotherhood on the doorstep. What appears will be different from person to person; to each person it will be given according to their faith. The return of Christ is not what is imagined in the traditional sense, of a shining white robed being, coming down from the sky at the head of an army. Christ is to return within the hearts of humanity, in those hearts where a place has been prepared. This is the fruit of an age of brotherhood. He will not appear in every heart, many hearts are closed off ...but this does not have to be and there is time yet for each and every soul to address the circumstance.

Consider the lessons of history. This world has been a stage for enormous genocides and near unimaginable torments. In Tribe-Communist manufactured Soviet Russia, tens of millions were murdered. The same was the case in Communist China with Mao. We have had some period of extended peace in the First World countries, which have waged their wars in Third World countries. Massive immigration out of wars orchestrated by bankers has rendered these First World countries vulnerable to terrible possibilities. Open your eyes! Bankers are now at work manifesting new wars in new landscapes.

NEVER discount Lady Nature.

It really is going to come down to who and on what you depend. The days come and go, as lives are squandered in foolish pursuits. Sooner or later the piper will come calling.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Tips about Accessing Pocketnet. I Hope this Helps

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My friends, a few of you have contacted me to say you are having trouble signing up on Pocketnet. In some cases the problem has been tracked to having an old system, or the wrong browser. Regardless, there should be a workaround. Here is some info for you to follow up on and you should then be right as rain. I don't know how right rain is so perhaps I should not have said that.

First try again the same link AND if you have more than one browser, get another. That is the problem one person had. Here is the link through that I was given to give to readers-


Here is another possibility-


Here is a article about it that might have other links-


When asked who referred you, you write in visible that is my user name.

Then there is the support email


The tech people at this site are EXTREMELY helpful and VERY savvy. They will troubleshoot your difficulty. Be sure to tell them what kind of a computer and OS you are using. This will give them context and you will probably have to provide this anyway so... do it to begin with and you will be ahead of the curve. I like to think that the readers that come here are ALREADY ahead of the curve so... there you go!

I wouldn't be pressing on this so hard were it not for the EXCELLENT selection of news and insights that YOU CAN'T GET anywhere else. I am now spending nearly all of my news reading and gathering time on this site. It is flat out amazing and has no censorship except for porn. There are some VERY aware and tuned in people there.

Yes... there are some sleaze merchants that come around, trying to sell one thing or another. There are a couple of New Age hucksters and some aggressive and uninformed types but OVERALL the place is REALLY impressive and you will find yourself informed and entertained, I assure you.

Although I am getting enough up-votes to be on the Top Posts section, there is a reason I am not and it is not a good one. I will be getting in touch with them about this. Apparently you HAVE TO get a certain amount of your votes from the people on the TOP POST section. This seems to imply the need for virtual fellatio on your part, in order to crack the barrier. AND Homie doesn't do that. I will bring this to their attention.

In any case, if you want to get through to this site I have given you the information needed. I do not understand why Facebook, Google, Youtube and others have not censored me yet, given the things I say ...but I did live in Germany and other parts of Europe for 15 years and flat out called the Holocaust a lie and went into great detail about proving it, during the time when I had tens of thousands of readers and MANY Europeans. This is a serious crime there but in all that time, nothing happened. Most assuredly this can be laid at the doorstep of the ineffable.

It will not hurt my feelings if some of you, or a lot of you (grin) complain to the Pocketnet wardens about me being overlooked. Ordinarily I wouldn't care, I'm not about self promotion and I walked away from more than ten times the daily readership, because I preferred to talk about God and the webmasters preferred that I didn't. Another of the big time webmasters kicked me off because I was loyal to Rixon at Truthseeker and he didn't like that, so I had to choose and I chose a friend over shabby self interest.

I'm pretty sure I don't have to explain myself to most of you. Regardless, as far as this site goes, the number of posts coming in is large and very quickly you drop down in the pace and are not seen by those who tuned in a few minutes later. Though I do not consider myself important, I do consider what I talk about to be important and that is my reason for wanting a larger profile and it is my only reason. These are serious times and far too few are talking about the real game-changer; the ineffable and how to reach the ineffable.

So... my friends, the ball is in your court for the moment, I'm off to get some comestibles now but sooner or later, I will be showing back up at Smoking Mirrors for the next transmission. In the meantime, may the Supreme Being, smile upon you and may love, in all of its measureless abundance, awaken in your heart ...and consume and illuminate you in its everlasting splendor!



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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Behind the Velvet Umbilical Cord, the Aborted Fetus Frottage occurs in the Belly of the Beast.

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Other martial artists know that one of the things you learn in a sort of attentive focus, muscle memory sort of a way, is to slow down time. Anger and fear can make things seem faster. Then there is Objective and Subjective awareness. In the objective posture, you base your observations and judgments on FACTS. In the subjective posture, you base your observations and judgments on feelings related to personal bias. This is profoundly demonstrated in today's world, by those employing reason ...and those who shun it. Objectively, only what can be proven is to be presumed true. Subjectively, the truth is whatever you say it is, depending on how you feel, or have been convinced that you feel. Then you wind up with bunny rabbit shit like this, which defies the bounds of reason and deifies superstition. Apparently, the Google dictionary now defines Superstition as; “credulous belief in and reverence for supernatural beings.” Sounds like that covers belief in a supreme being, doesn't it? We would expect no less from the Big G though.

Once again (with feeling), as Materialism intensifies, insanity intensifies, as does Atheism, Satanism, Chaos and Confusion (they come as a package deal) and sexual dysfunction (which is a form of insanity). You can lose your job these days if you call perversion perversity. You can get censured up and down the virtual information highway, by the gangster choir of subjective zombies. It's best these days not to have a job, or a wife and children, or any sort of hostages to fortune, if you intend to speak the truth. I recognized that early on but I was getting hammered earlier on, which accounts for my adaptation to the way things are, ahead of time, not wishing and hoping with my hands in my pants, for how I might want them to be.

For the outrages we see on the day to day in these times, we must look to the connivers, the engineers and disseminators of propaganda and murderous lies in k-12 education systems, our universities, in corporations, in the media; both the mainstream media and the social media giants, in the entertainment industries, as well as the American political circus and not least, a certain rogue, illegal nation that is wielding their pernicious influence through ALL of the AFOREMENTIONEND, including all of the dysfunctional sex organizations AND the war on Christianity and Christmas. They are pretty much everywhere, in the undergrowth, out of sight, busy as homicidal bees, lying, arm-twisting, fear-mongering... my friends, Satan never sleeps. Just like Santa, (from which Satan is easily Scrabble morphed), Satan has his elves. Some of us know where Santa came from.

The maleficent agents of anthropophagic darkness are afoot. We are in the time of The Great Summing up. Forget about the dramas and psychotic dance routines, that are elbowing and jockeying for prominence in the public view. It is behind the scenes. It's in the wings where the action is taking place. Don't be confused, it's the same ne'er do wells, them and their offspring, who have accounted for the deaths, literally, of hundreds of millions of people. This is not speculation on my part. This is not some vain imagining. This is all provable, even now, as thousands of feral sewer rats with Scrubbies, erase what history they forgot to take care of, when they were changing it all the last time. This is the reason that vested interests buy all available media mechanisms and steal what they don't pay for, with money stolen previously. A perfect example of this is what happened to Ted Turner and CNN. Don't know the story? Engage in some due diligence; I'm not your research assistant (grin).

We are officially in Gender fluid no man's (or woman's) land because neither is either!!! Yikes. We are now in a real life exposition, of a kind of Wolf-something at the Full Moon, transition phase. The Satanists are in full-grope-mode, a kind of Fetus Frottage in the Belly of the Beast. Ah... isn't that cute? It's twins, behind the velvet umbilical cord in turbo orgy mode.

The modern material world, teeters on the edge of the abyss of beast mind revolution. The wild eyed phases of the moon, perpetually, sexually trannysiting villagers, with garden ho's and rakes (rakes in the Elizabethan sense) and ho's; a bit more contemporary. We're looking at 'crazy in the streets' coming to an urban location, near everyone who is near an urban location, soon. The cause of this is pretty easy to read, it is the rotting fruit of a culture in decline and the direct result of a serious loss of Integrity in all of the leadership in every area of life.

It's all about the money. The privileged populace is headed toward shish kebob skewerland. When Hell on Earth comes, the world turns into a huge, open air, barbecue grill. Of course, the homeless will be using refrigerator grills and no one has to go hungry, that's what all the rats are for.

Is this an unappetizing series of images? Yeah... it is and it is also real. We are one, red hair skosh away from serious full retard. When the beast is unleashed, in the common hearts, there is no telling how terrible it may become; crazed cannibal drag queens with machetes, running through the streets like a Mummer's parade on Meth. The snowflake socialists, will be waving jazz hands, in a silent cry for mercy when there is none. Unless you have been in the teeth of the fury of a mob in heat, you have no idea what formerly human beings can be capable of. Offal Winfrey can't save you. Ekhart Tolle was last seen, hoofing it to the hinterlands of the Wind in the Willows (he definitely won't look out of place there) with great big bags of cash money.

Will your political representatives save you? Will Benny Hinn and the Big Hair Preachers save you? Will Marianne Williamson open the Talmud portal for you? Sorry, that's genetically exclusive. Will any of these rank cowards, running for the hills save you? No. Rich talking heads and broke talking heads- with a few dozen Youtube followers can neither of them save you. Because... it's not just the screaming mobs, illegal immigrants and lone gun-nuts that you have to look out for. It's the rough, fire breathing shit golem, that is slow walking behind them that you have to worry about. But you don't have to worry do you? No... you don't have to worry, unless... you have to worry; “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

Although there is not a lot of recorded history, in the libraries of low down lying history, about individuals and groups miraculously saved, during periods of violent conflagration, on endless battlefields, with nowhere to run, in dangerous streets of door to door fireworks, during sieges and in prison riots, during French Revolutions and the plague of Khmer Rouge and Maoist insurgencies, from gulags to lying pretend dead, in graveyards filled with unbelievable stench and rats... always there were rats... do you know about Stalingrad and the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq War when the rats weighed nearly 30 pounds? Even though Lying History records few examples, of individuals and groups, miraculously saved, arcane history is filled with such verified tales. The times of Kafka and Orwell are rising like the screams of Kasigi Yabusan's victims, slowly boiling in a pot, while he meditates on the agony. What or Who(m) have you placed your faith in?

There are many tales of those transported through the air at certain times, or invisible in plain sight. I was in prison (people were serving life sentences in the D.C jail) in Washington D.C., when Martin Luther King got shot. I was there as busloads of angry black men were locked up in the aftermath. Shortly afterwards they tore the place apart. The ineffable looked out for me and that was only one time. I am not arrogant to the extent that I simply expect this to happen. It is not arrogance but Faith and Certitude that confer the protection. I am only saying it did happen and I place my trust in the one who can do all things; whose powers are limitless.

Will the gates of Shambala open soon now? Prophecy says this will occur when the terror and tension have ratcheted up to the final hour. Supposedly... a warrior army is to pour forth out of the concealing mists. Will they? Won't they? I don't know. Thank god I am not among the ones who know!

Day by day and now... seemingly, hour by hour, it proceeds, incrementally by degrees. One outrage follows another. One act of stupidity outdoes the one before. When it seems that scores of us cannot become more ignorant and deluded, we are proven wrong again and again. There appears to be no end to human folly, once some have departed from the sheltering arms of the almighty. See that you do not... depart.

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Walking Like You Mean it through the Kingdom of God.

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Walking on the road of invisible light into the kingdom of God. Whenever you get up from a chair, or walk out your door, head down the street, walk into a supermarket, tell yourself, with full authority, brooking no opposition of thought, tell yourself that you are walking into and through the kingdom of God.

It is very still here at the moment. Time seems suspended. There is one feature of human manifest existence and that is that the mind is the theater in which your existence takes place. Everything that you think you see or understand is individualized and colored by perspective. None of it is real, it's just the way it looks from the point of observation. What you 'think' is real determines the tenor of your life. If you are happy or sad, it is only because of the importance you have placed on whatever temporary thing has the greater portion of your attention. The greater the importance you have conferred, the stronger the emotion and the more real it feels ...and none of it is real.

I am standing on the deck of a ship. It is sailing out of the port. It has been sailing out of port since the day I arrived. As we sail into the wide measureless blue expanse, I wave a handkerchief at the disappearing shore. Life is a foreign affair.

We fall in love with what is mysterious to us, experience renders it familiar and familiarity breed contempt. This is why we never find what we are looking for, until we probe into the nature of the one who is looking. Thousands and thousands of lifetimes are squandered in hopeless pursuits. Socrates said; “people make themselves appear ridiculous when they are trying to know obscure things before they know themselves.”

I make reference to the divine in nearly any conversation I have, should it last long enough for the right moment to occur. Sometimes, in this life, someone will compliment me on something I did and I will mention that it is the divine who is responsible for it. It is only the mistakes I claim for myself. I know that often they assume I am being humble, or self deprecating, in order to avoid seeming self important but that is not true. It happens to be so that God is responsible. I know this in a way I will not even attempt to explain. Some of you get this and... if you don't, then ten or a hundred or a hundred thousand words would not suffice to explain it. There are two ways to understand anything. There is intellectual understanding and there is visceral understanding. The latter is the fruit of direct experience. I've no great use for the former.

People who possess intellectual understanding like to argue and debate. People with visceral understanding know that if you are arguing about something then you have missed the point. Part of me wants to grab everyone I meet by the arm and tell them with all the force I can muster that God is real, that life is a magical event ...but that is about as wrong an approach as can be employed. The Buddhists have a term that is called, “unbearable compassion”. This is when you know that you could set another person right but you cannot do it. They won't hear you. You can but you can't. No matter how clear you are you cannot reach them. Certain things must happen first to prepare the ground and that is what life is all about. I think of the work of any legitimate practitioner of disseminating truth as a kind of armaments expert. They go through life releasing depth charges into the subconscious of the One Mind and... it is only One Mind. Thinking otherwise is what causes the separation and the illusion of separation hardens as time passes. The world promotes this mindset. It is our attachment to temporary identity that renders us mortal.

One day... a car horn honks, a dog barks and a bird takes flight from a tree branch and the depth charge goes off.

I've been hearing about 'Q' for some time. Occasionally I will hear about something Q is supposed to have said. It's usually a cryptic statement, which is then interpreted by one Q-spert or another. Then there are the followup analysts, who will backtrack events and verify something that Q said... in hindsight, which is invariably 20-20. This always reminds me of what I call, 'that Nostrildamus thing'.

Anyway... yesterday I heard a Q report. I listened for about ten minutes and was struck with several associations. One of them was about David Booth, the intelligence operative; Sorcha Faal (sucha fool). Then my thoughts pinged off of Benjamin Fulford and his smorgasbord of varicolored ninjas. Fulford becomes increasingly more and more amusing, as all of his hot button commentaries are considered over the passage of larger lengths of time, which expands one's windshield of reflection into a kind of metaphorical curved monitor. My point is that you hear all kinds of things ♫ when you're riding out here but it ain't necessarily so♫

Now for the disclaimer which will be summarily ignored. I know this because I take great pains with disclaimers and the people for whom they are created are ALWAYS too busy being outraged to pay attention to them. I have an enormous ceramic pig which is near filled with, ”yeah buts” that I hope to use someday to pay for an ocean cruise; maybe even a National Review ocean cruise. Disclaimer--- I intend no disrespect toward Banksy's brother-in-law Q, ...or 4-channel, or 8-channel because my area of expertise is more 4-track and 8-track. I know only what I have gleaned from brief visitations now and again and FOR ALL I KNOW, it's all legit. I only mentioned this because the associations arrived like a flurry of homing pigeons in my head, whilst I was listening to the Q-cast. I tend to distrust most things, being a 'trust but verify', by way of Missouri, kind of a guy. Some people I trust more than others ...but even the most trustworthy of sources can be misled now and again.

What I understand about the 9/11 Israeli orchestrated attacks and the Church of Holocaustianity, has come by way of years of objective inquiry. Then there is the loooooooooooooooooooong stretch of recorded history that tends to indicate trends, like geological ages; wait! no... those haven't been recorded, the Scientific Method was applied and we got what we got in the rear view mirror. It is not a comfy avocation when the truth is Antisemitic.

There are several reasons that people will say things. One reason is because they are true and another reason is because they are not true. Sometimes things are said to clarify and sometimes to confuse. Sometimes they are said because one is afraid and sometimes because one is not afraid. Sometimes they are said to generate a profit and other times to generate a loss at someone else's expense. The time worn method of uncovering all motives is to, 'follow the money'. I am less concerned with solving mysteries of the phenomenal world these days. The only thing of importance taking place (according to me) is inside, not outside. I used to care a lot more than I do but... I have come into a visceral understanding about most of that and my interest is greatly diminished. Everything is under control and my sole concern and obsession is to come into a closer proximity with The Supreme Controller. This is simpler than it may sound. The only difficulty is to remain consistent. This is because The Supreme Controller is not fond of dilettantes and pedestrian rubberneckers.

When I walk out my door, I am walking through The Kingdom of God, toward the Kingdom of God. In every case, our minds have created and sustain the worlds we are walking in, The world is populated by lifeforms and objects we have named and defined. We literally live in a world of our own creation. The occult definition of Adam is, 'namer of things' You named it, now you own it. I remind myself at every opportunity... that I am in the Kingdom of God. Whatever we can sustain our focus on, will begin to materialize. That is why it is said that “concentration is the secret of the magical art”. Those who are masters of the art can literally precipitate the desired item immediately. For the rest of us it is slower but it still happens and the speed is determined by the consistency and intensity of our focus. Everything in our life we brought about by our own conscious and unconscious creative visualization. Most of us don't know we are doing it but we are.

If you are consciously walking in The Kingdom of God, it WILL materialize around you, consonant with the force and sustained focus of your attention. You ARE WALKING toward the destination of your intention. Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. The time comes when the intensity of your focus on this will cause others to see it as well. This is what Jesus did. This is what every inspired teacher has done and is doing. We lead by example for good or ill.

You are in the world you have convinced yourself of. You are who you tell yourself you are, until what you are meets up with what is. This is the inevitable destiny of all life. Are you happy or are you sad? Self inquiry resolves every question the mind creates. The essential question and why we are here to begin with is, “who am I?” If one does no more than repeat this question over and over in their mind, there will be an answer. It is the persistent sincerity of anyone that separates them from everyone else in the eye of God.

God is real. For most of us who believe it is true, it is an intellectual understanding. Oh what a fine day when that understanding becomes visceral.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Fear Displaces Love and... Love Displaces Fear. This is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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The hands of time move the seconds and the minutes and the hours and each form of measurement is vastly different than the others. One is pressure. One is annoyance and one is tedium. One has the nature of a fly. One has the nature of the hare and one of the tortoise. These are all another kind of time zone and there are people who live in each of them. Pain is a great indicator of time. Insanity has no sense of time because Insanity thinks a watch is a Geiger Counter, which might well be true, since time becomes more radioactive with every passing moment

And now... AND NOW??? bwhahahahahahahahah!!! I knew the time would come when BAT SHIT CRAZY no longer indicated a seashell beyond the kiss of the common sea but was now just business as usual. Feast your tired and weary eyes upon this!!! Bwhahahahahah!!! Visible runs down the boulevard, tearing at his hair which, thank God, is no longer there.

You NEVER go full retard!

Birds turn into snakes. Cartoon characters crawl out of the sewer system and play tiddly winks with manhole covers, where there were previously no manhole covers (oops 'personhole' covers) Your punishment for having read that article and wondering if what you read is what you read ...is... to read this article! Oh... Lord God in Heaven... I know it's Canada but really? REALLY??? No! You have to read the whole thing. It gets better!!! Yes it does. Well... better is not the word. There is no word.

Meanwhile... someone who writes on Kulcha. Someone who went to Colittche wrote this. I am guessing they wrote it with a straight face. Let's go find a video of one of those tunes. Nah... here are the lyrics. Yeah... that's some poetry right there. And here I was, composing things like this.

What was I thinking? That's not poetry. Are they talking about me on Billboard? “You got a record deal punk? Well... do you? That's not poetry you whining cretin.” “THIS IS POETRY!!!!”

See all those young kids they got dancing in this? You know what that's about don't you? Uh huh. If you don't like this. If you don't see Michelangelo smiling at you through the vibrating butt cheeks, if you don't like this, you know what that makes you? Racist! You racist...

Yes... Kalifornia is going into the ocean. How it has not done so already, both amazes and mystifies me. The Lord God is patient. The almighty is compassionate beyond the reach of mortal understanding.

One thing sustains me, that AND the logical progression of associations that follow thinking about it. Although we cannot know WHAT God is, we can know that God Is, because physicists have already mathematically proven that the universe is 'thought-born' and that EVERYTHING is made out of the same thing (which is mindstuff), vibrating at a different rate. If this is so... then it stands to reason that ALL POWER comes from a single source and that source, by definition must be God, even though we do not know WHAT that is and never shall.

Ergo... and by example--- there is NO LIFE on Earth without The Sun. Everything is made out of sunlight; frozen sunlight... sunlight in extension. If we accept that The Sun is the source of ALL manifest life, we must assume that there is another sun, a spiritual sun which is the source of everything manifest. This world of gross manifestation is based on finer and finer manifestations, until you come to 'aether' which is the source of all matter and Prana, which is the source of all force and both of these blend back into something that cannot be defined or even talked about except indirectly because (drumroll!) the truth is at a right angle to everything else!

The world in which we live is a continuous interplay of opposites that dance on the stage of a theater. It is all a moral play, in which the same lessons are demonstrated over and over again. Some get this early and some do not get this until much later! This is why it goes on and on. That which is God (but which will forever be, incomprehensible and indefinable) emerges out of the sleeping unknown and divides itself into ALL of the manifestations seen... seeing or ever to be seen. Once it has shattered itself into countless shards of being, each of which are unique, It proceeds to go through existence gathering all the pieces back together again. Basically God is playing hide and seek and the whole of existence is a process of self discovery.

God is looking for each of us from within. Occasionally and rarely, one of the shards will become partially self aware and will set off in search of that which is searching for it. On the way 'the world' shimmies and shimmers back and forth between the looker and the looked for and that is the ever enticing illusion that works upon the desire body to distract us from THE SEARCH. The whole of existence is a dream of God. This God strives to awakening within all of us and some of us, the partially aware, engage in a symbiosis that eventually results in God Realization. The God force within each of us can be drawn out in the sexual dance OR it can be consciously drawn inward and run up the column, where it ultimately expands into conscious light which, can also be called, divine luminous wisdom. This is when the knower and the known, experience total awareness... an unbroken stream of knowledge, concerning the known and knower.

In Times of Material Darkness, when runaway materialism has generated a near all pervasive false light, everything is seen as something other than what it is. The self aware should be self aware enough to know when and when not to comment on such things and who to comment on them to -BECAUSE the agents and emissaries of darkness are aware of the Lightbringers.

The battle is already won. There is no pending Armageddon where the outcome is in doubt. Christ came to demonstrate the truth of it all to the hearts and minds capable of understanding. Jesus was a man. Christ is a station. Others have, since he was here, come to that state of awareness and they walk among us at this very time, dressed as everyone, indistinguishable from the rest, save when they choose to reveal it. One must always be attentive to the possibility of 'treating with angels unaware'.

Though God is incomprehensible and indefinable, God can be known through two perpetually extant things... Love and the qualities of God. If you act with Love as your intention, your guide and your direction, the qualities of God will be conferred upon you. It is a simple thing. This is how seemingly simple types have achieved to the highest states of awareness. God confounded the so called wise by choosing those who appear crazy and simple minded. It should be noted that you can't find God without going mad because you must, walk in all ways contrary to the world. At the same time, the sincere and true, the self realized, will often have a veil placed over them so that they cannot be seen, unless they are meant to be.

The insanity of the links shared with you here today should alert you to how close it all is to the great summing up. You saw the link about the blessing of the abortion center? Here it is again, should you have just bypassed it on your way to this paragraph. Look at what is taking place in India where female births are undesirable. And FINALLY, once again, you saw the depraved Satanist pedophile in Vancouver, petitioning the city council for a swim party with topless 12+ year olds, where parents are not permitted to attend, less they interfere with this monsters plans? He is also bankrupting beauty salons; suing them for not waxing his privates. In case you by passed it, here is the link once again.

Canada (like all of the Crown Colonies) has been overtaken by the sleaze merchants who now command the governments. The sleaze merchants are employed by the money lenders and those who print the currencies. This is provable fact!

Should I be concerned that the world is going to Hell without even employing a hand basket? I am not. God almighty, the ineffable, is in firm control of everything. Not a sparrow or a leaf falls that the Lord of all Things is unaware of. You may think otherwise, not having the necessary Faith. You might think otherwise because you would do it another way. You might think otherwise because you are deluded and bound up in a Halloween dream of darkness but God Almighty is IN CONTROL of Everything and ALWAYS has been. Rest upon that unshakable truth, both here... and in the Valley of the Shadow.

Fear displaces Love. Where there is Fear, Love cannot be resident. Love displaces Fear. Where there is Love, Fear cannot be resident. If you know this, you do not need to know anything more.

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