Saturday, December 28, 2019

"The Evidentiary Embodiment of Ozymandias and The Topless Towers of Ilium."

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Everything has pain as a side effect or a direct consequence. It comes in the fruit of it. It comes in the anticipation and the fear of the loss of it, as a fresh craving for more of it, or because it displaces a more desirable state. Think of it! All of these are kinds of suffering that might not be considered conventional suffering ...but are suffering none the less. Not having something and wanting it, is a form of suffering.

People become habituated and they integrate certain experiences into the warp and woof of their lives. Once something becomes habituated, it doesn't register in the mind in the same way that the sudden appearance of an undesirable 'usually' does. Here is something I know to be true, so I shall state it in full confidence; NOT WANTING ANYTHING IS A SOURCE OF PERPETUAL BLISS. Most people do not apprehend the deeper implications of Not Wanting. Let me delve a tad-

People are inherently selfish, in extremis ...AND this tendency maximizes, according to the degree of force, contained in the pressure of Materialism at any given time. Not everything about selfishness is off putting. Survival comes into the mix, as do any number of ancillary factors, because of the separated mind; this idea we have of an individual mind. We don't notice the selfishness so much because of the ubiquity. It's everywhere. If one's spiritual eye were opened, one would see humans, literally being pulled in all kinds of directions by appetite. It can possess comical aspects. When we are present in this state of perception, it is not uncommon for one to laugh out loud; sad as it may be in some instances and most especially because, through that eye one can see the inevitable outcome. It's something I call, “glare apparent”. You know, like heir apparent? Okay, visible, I'm going to have to cut you off now. End digression.

As Lao Tzu said; “In a land where the way of life is understood, race-horses are led back to serve the field; In a land where the way of life is not understood, war-horses are bred on the autumn yield.

Owning is the entanglement, wanting is the bewilderment, taking is the presentiment:

Only he who contains content, remains content.

Not wanting DOES NOT MEAN not having, or not enjoying. A cavalry troop in the west got attacked by Indians and there were only three survivors and that was because they were out on patrol at the time BUT (unfortunately for the cavalry) in the wrong direction. They were a cavalry Sergeant, a Mormon preacher and an Apache Indian. Their origins are not directly related to the moral of the tale. It just happened that this is what they were and it aids in presenting a picture.

They saw the carnage taking place from afar and set about giving it a wide avoidance, being that the attacking Indians were between them and the fort, which was around a hundred miles away. They were most fortunate that it was high desert and winter as well. That brought its own perils but if they kept moving they would be fine. There were abundant patches of snow so they were okay for water but they had no food. As they walked, the men grew increasingly hungry. Perhaps it was the Sergeant who first mentioned it and then the Mormon replied and it became a conversation. As the miles slowly rolled by, the hunger of the men grew ever greater and so did their comments on what they would eat and how much they would eat. They spoke of epic meals of the past and even treats from their childhood. The Indian did not say much, except for a curt reply now and again when asked, “ain't you hungry?”. Several times he was asked by the other men if he was hungry and he always said, “No”.

The Sergeant and the Mormon argued between them about the Indian not being hungry; whether it was a peculiarity of the race, or if there might be something wrong with him. These two men plumb wore themselves out talking about food and getting testy with the Indian for not being hungry. They were truly on their last legs when they got to the fort. Word had already come over the telegraph about the attack, so the men were looked on as heroes, or at least fortunate survivors and a grand feast was set at the table for them, with Buffalo steaks, baked beans, fresh biscuits and other things (I'm guessing). There was even some Peach Cobbler that the cook had whipped up previously, from a surfeit of peaches that had come in from Kalifornia on the supply wagon.

The men set about industriously scarfing upon the comestibles and The Indian was right there with them. None of them ate with greater appetite, nor consumed more than that Indian. The Sergeant looked at him in perplexity, once he was able to lift his eyes from his plate, and said to the Indian; “I thought you wasn't hungry, why look at you! You're eating as hungredly as either of us.” The Indian looked up and said, I wasn't hungry then.” The Sergeant responded with, “How can you say you weren't hungry. Look at the way you are eating.” Once again the Indian answered, “I wasn't hungry then.” “How could that be?” queried the Sergeant. The Indian looked at him and said, “It wouldn't have done no good.” Of course I took liberties with the tale. I don't know if they had any peaches or even if the story happened at all. It felt like something that should have happened, could have happened, somewhere, once upon a time ...and I thought it might help with the point being made.

What is meant to be your lot, will be your lot and you can most certainly improve your lot with an improvement in attitude and a more correct perspective on the profound and wonderful existence of God, in whom all things are possible, but you are going to get everything that is coming to you. That is the good news and the bad news. It doesn't matter how anxious you get about it, or if you are completely indifferent. You're going to get what's coming to you.

You can also arrange for ANYTHING... ANYTHING that the heart and the mind are capable of imagining. You can arrange it. It might take another lifetime. It might take several lifetimes, given degree of difficulty in getting all the places set and arranged. But... YOU CAN ARRANGE IT... so long as you are willing to pay the freight and bear the disappointment of it not being what you thought it would be. There is ONLY ONE THING that brings lasting satiation and satisfaction to any of us and that is THE PRESENCE OF THE SUPREME ENJOYER, who is the one who righteously experiences whatever it may be, in and through us. Without this presence, your life is going to be a pedestrian travelogue of dissatisfaction. No matter what you have, even if you have everything you ever wanted, there will be a sense of dis-ease and it will grow incrementally more so. You... and everyone else WILL function as a particular evidence of The Purpose of Demonstration.

The lotus rises from the murk of the lake. It sits above the corruption below, even as it grows out of it and there is truth aplenty in that picture and that is why the Lord of all Things, crafted it as a living teaching moment in life. There are many of these. They are ever before us, the beautiful and the grotesque, which are the outcomes of our enterprises, such as they are. Live and Learn because, THAT IS ALL THAT THERE IS, period. Don't learn and you will have the opportunity to learn again and again and again and again and again. How many 'again(s)' can you imagine? That's at least how many there will be. People drive themselves mad. They beat their heads against the unforgiving wall. They go round and under and over and back. They go up and down to no avail. They build mighty ship and planes and rain destruction down upon each other. They build magnificent cities that become magnificent ruins. They are the evidentiary embodiment of Ozymandias.

Fashions and trends they come and go. Men who hate women, create wearable embarrassments for them to dress in, in the wine and cheese purgatories, where they talk about bad art and who is sleeping with whom. The rich behave in a similar clueless fashion to the poor, both of them victims or beneficiaries, in response to their behavior when they were previously rich, or poor, as the wheel of fire turns.

Cultures rise and fall. The evidence of the latter is prima facie in whatever direction you look. No second takes are necessary, unless you're a dolt, so the chances are good that 'some amount of people' will see clearly what is in front of them. If what is taking place, were operating according to the traditional lines, the social conditions that attend this sort of decline would be the usual unpleasant circumstances for many and an ever more intense fortress mentality for the well fixed. This is not going to 'go down' along traditional lines, because we are in an apocalypse and not just any apocalypse but a Grand Apocalypse. The hand of the ineffable is at work on every level. The determinant WILL BE operating from the position of where one's heart and one's treasures are. It will be an epic display of poetic justice in every case.

We wrestle with Ignus Fatuus in the shadow land between darkness and light.

One can fully enjoy life in every moment, from the moment they cut away every attachment and release every expectation. It is the essence of Tantra to do everything with total appreciation, or not at all; when you do only what you love and love everything you do. Then there are no longer any chores. There are no burdens. There is nothing to fear and you become the poster child of a true success, which baffles everyone, because, on the surface, it seems to make no sense. Even Love decays away over time. Not the true and supreme love of selfless sacrifice, which is the secret key to eternal life but... all mortal love degenerates. It is simply the way of things. Permanent happiness is impossible BUT everlasting Joy and Bliss are eminently doable. They even do themselves. All you have to do is get out of their way. They are the expression of your intrinsic nature. They are facets of the personality of The Atman.

Until we see with a single eye, the dual grinder wheels of opposites will grind us down to nothing. The good news is that when you are nothing you have become priceless. That is as close to saying it as I can get and it's still a never ending contradiction. Lao Tzu describes the one who has found THE WAY;

“But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life that tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path. Weapons turn from him on the battle-field, no bull-horn could tell where to gore him,

No tiger-claw where to tear him, no weapon where to enter him. And why? Because he has no death to die.”

In a similar vein, he also said,

“Be utterly humble and you shall hold to the foundation of peace. Be at one with all these living things which, having arisen and flourished, return to the quiet whence they came, like a healthy growth of vegetation, falling back upon the root. Acceptance of this return to the root has been called 'quietism,' Acceptance of quietism has been condemned as 'fatalism.' But fatalism is acceptance of destiny and to accept destiny is to face life with open eyes, whereas not to accept destiny is to face death blindfold. He who is open-eyed is open-minded- He who is open-minded is open-hearted. He who is open-hearted is kingly. He who is kingly is godly. He who is godly is useful.

He who is useful is infinite. He who is infinite is immune. He who is immune is immortal.

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If you're looking for cutting edge news and opinion, there's always Pocketnet with the latest interesting perspectives AND for The Hallmark Card World of Terminally Cute, there is also an abundance of silly kitty kat pictures, with single line commentary of caramelized treacle, appropriate to no occasion I have ever heard of and where the Top Posters spend sometimes a minute, even a minute and a half, posting witty pictures that someone else made, with attendant clever sayings, also said by the person who did the picture. It's some kind of new Zen thing where you do nothing and take the credit. It's so very NOW.

Here is the link to the Witter Bynner translation of (Lao Tzu's)The Way of Life- Tao Te Ching . It is the single most remarkable work of philosophy that I personally HAVE EVER READ.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

All I want for Christmas is an AKASHIC LIBRARY CARD! But I ain't gonna get it as long as I'm still serving my 'life sentence'. Well, not with full access anyway. ;O) On the other hand I find now I know what I have to know, with flashes coming to me here and there, so The Veil hath grown a wee thinner.

This post is so 'Paper in Fire', but so are tons of your other posts. Damn right, in other words.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a blog of opposites and attractions. Thanks!

Vis: "If one's spiritual eye were opened, one would see humans, literally being pulled in all kinds of directions by appetite. It can possess comical aspects."

On the positive side, we all came Down Here for experience. A dualistic reality not only provides but requires all aspects to be experienced. Order vs Chaos. Male vs Female. Pleasure side vs Pain side. On the negative side, there are an increasing amount of folks who have 'earned' their release and are profoundly dissatisfied with just treading water Down Here. On the good side again, these same folks - being part of all-God - are exerting a greater and greater influence on Reality with their frustration. It will be interesting to see how this Manifests...
Vis: "It is the essence of Tantra to do everything with total appreciation, or not at all; when you do only what you love and love everything you do. Then there are no longer any chores. There are no burdens. There is nothing to fear and you become the poster child of a true success, which baffles everyone, because, on the surface, it seems to make no sense."

This is often called Being in the Flow. I have experienced this effortless, joyous state a few times, and it is magical. Recognizing it, and moving to maximize the possibility of it happening, is part of truly 'growing up'.

(There is also an excellent episode of Dharma and Greg that embodies this 'principle': Dharma makes an impulse decision to open a store, without first deciding what she will sell in it. This freaks out business-oriented Greg. Dharma's 'no push' environment is strangely soothing. The store quickly becomes packed with people. Left to themselves, the patrons quickly establish a barter economy within the store. Happiness is everywhere, except for an increasingly-befuddled Greg. The store eventually blooms so much that it is bought-out by Starbucks.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

Nice one, Visible.

That Witter Bynner translation of the Tao is a true masterpiece of wisdom!

Visible said...

Yes, Thomas, that is the finest book containing the deepest understandings I have ever encountered in written form. The power of the impact of the thought generated by that text is palpable. I have given away so many copies of that book!

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Le Rocher said...

It is simply not coincidence – It is simply not by happenstance – The one mind touches so deeply we talk straight into each other –
I have a problem, and you talk directly at me – I have the wonderment of confusion and you remind me of what was written long ago – perhaps ‘useless’ to this world – contented with our invisible friends, we shall all be ‘immortal’ when our works alone, defend ‘No death to die’
Mortal Love can find a lasting place in one’s life – like Grandparents married for 64 years, separated only by their oath.
The Father may offer the slightest of reward for our effort, given freely, for the lifetime of Faithful dedications.
Paul said it best – “Can’t Buy Me Love” – and Jim said it badly – “Women seem ugly when you’re not wanted”
Ride the roller coaster of life with both hands in the air and a big smile on your face because at the bottom of the drop, you will see it is a hard climb again to the top of the next endeavor.
As Always - Thanks Les

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"A Simple Travelogue through The Tarot and the Tarot Tableau."



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