Sunday, January 5, 2020

Welcome to 2020, the Year of Perfect Hindsight.

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Yes... my friends, this is the year of Perfect Hindsight... 20-20. Outrage... surprise... and all manner of bewilderments, are whirling across the landscape, like dust twisters in the desert. What was Trump thinking and... more importantly, what shape is the fallout going to take?

I like to think of myself as a spiritual person; someone who seeks to see everything through the lens of spiritual meaning and one who strives, in every moment he is capable of, to make the Lord of Creation the centerpiece of his life. It's a conundrum of conflicting personas, when one has such aspirations and yet engages the manifest world through the vehicles of comedy, satire and occasionally passionate outrage. Most of those in the paddocks of Fundamentalism, have the idea that... if one is to be spiritual, they have to behave according to patterns set into motion by the very terrestrial forces who seek to enslave all of us... however, I am a warrior.

Some of us are warriors and some of us are merchants. Some of us are entitled and to the manor born. Then there are large portion of us who are, socially, untouchables (one might even call them 'deplorables'). It's been diagrammed, for some time, by the Hindus as, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras (also called Dalits). These are the high born, the warriors, the merchants and the untouchables. Among the highborn in India are (in general) the most spiritually inclined and informed.

For the warriors, as Krishna says about them, “Nothing is better for a warrior than a righteous war.” People think of Martin Luther as being the founder of Protestantism. After that, most don't know much about him. Few people know that he translated the New Testament from Greek to German in 11 weeks, or that he wrote 120 books, or that he engaged in profanity on a regular basis. Most people think that he probably was a monk, or a priest or some-such but NOTHING about how incredibly forceful and passionate he was. The same is true of St. Augustine and many another lover of God. They were NOT MEEK LITTLE SHEEP, who never said a harsh or unkind word. Many are probably also unaware that Luther was a virulent anti-Semite. When you start REALLY looking into the historical record, you find that an ASTONISHING number of great men from the past were also what is termed anti-Semitic; a very large number indeed. WHY WAS THAT? WHY WAS THAT?

Why did President Trump put an end to that Iranian general? This... as well as EVERY conflict out of the Middle East over the last 70 some years have been at the instigation and under the pressure of Israel and American Neo-Con Zionists. Israel is not a friend of America. To understand the whys and wherefores of the nature of the AskeNAZI mind, you have to think of a creature that burrows into the marrow of a life form, sucks all of the vital force from it and then discards the husk, moving on to the next host body. That is as succinctly as I can put it and... being a warrior, I have to tell the truth without fear of consequences. It is as I just said it is and any INFORMED mind knows this to be true.

Israel wants Iran destroyed. I suspect that Israel does not know... or believe (because PRIDE is their downfall) that if they do destroy Iran, they WILL BE destroyed as well. I don't know what the cost will be to us but we are not going to come out unscathed. ALL PRESIDENTS SEE THE VALUE OF A WAR DURING AN ELECTION YEAR. However... as ALWAYS... Cui Bono... Cui Bono.

I am intending to vote for President Trump for two reasons... until very recently, everything he has done has been to the benefit of this country. He's been the greatest administrator I have seen in my lifetime. He is also THE ALTERNATIVE to his opposition who would drive this country RIGHT OFF THE CLIFF in short order. I am not a fan of the way President Trump presents himself, or his petty wars against insignificant personalities who SHOULD BE beneath his notice. He needs to act with greater dignity. He lacks gravitas but we are all flawed down here.

Whether he knows it or not... this SWAMP... this DEEP STATE, which he says he wants to drain, is populated by the very people seeking to give him his marching orders. The Tribe Members and Tribe Neo Cons make up THE MAJORITY of the population of The Deep State and The Swamp. Obviously he knows he can't get much done without catering, to a degree, to The Synagogue of Satan. I don't know what his game is but I don't have to know. GOD IS IN CHARGE. God is ALWAYS IN CHARGE of everything and directs all action to his appointed ends.

These AshkeNAZI vipers are on BOTH SIDES of our ongoing domestic conflicts. They fund both ends to their imagined destinies. Mr. Apocalypse is going to be taking care of this matter. He is DIVINITY ON SITE and he is driving, on the one hand, certain agents of disorder into public exposure, while... on the other hand, he is awakening the public mind to the truth of what is and has been happening. In this apocalypse, EVERYTHING is for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. This is the year of years in our times. After this year, nothing will ever be the same again.

I have my mind fixed on The Ineffable... the unspeakable one, wreathed in splendor and glory from the dawn of time and until everlasting. What happens here is simply playacting. This is a schoolyard of reckless children, racing about under the thrall of appetite and desire. Like children, they pick up a toy and then discard it, sometimes they break it. Sometimes they laugh and sometimes they cry. There are others here, never enough of us, who labor for the benefit of all, having learned that there is no joy or fulfillment in anything else. There are those of us here who prey on the others, caring not about consequences, or the suffering they cause. Some of them are small bit players and some of them are international gangsters, who topple and loot countries. It's all just a dream, interspersed with periods of nightmare.

For some of us, every day is a feast in the high tower, while the masses scramble below. Half the world lives in a state of perpetual want. A mere handful of 'possessed psychopaths' own more than half of the world's wealth. These conditions cannot continue so... The Divine Mother, in her aspect as The Wrathful Goddess; the agency and instrument of manifest energy in action, is going to be making adjustments.

What we must keep in mind... my dear friends... is that there could be, just as well, A GOLDEN AGE, as there could be Armageddon. I submit that THERE WILL BE BOTH. Remember, THE WORLD ENDS FOR SOMEONE EVERY DAY! It is the end of the world for someone today. Does it matter to them if the whole world goes with them? A new age is upon us, as a result... old outworn systems and conditions must pass, to be replaced by... we shall see.

I am a warrior, just as some number of you. We are not about running a shop, or merchandising a product. We are not to the manor born and custodians of the status quo. Some of us (in these times) are dual identified, as warrior untouchables, because IN THESE TIMES, one is not permitted or encouraged to speak truth to power. We live in the times of The Naked Emperor and everyone is either feeding at the trough, or in fear of the crocodile swine and... if you don't keep your head down, you might lose your place. Warriors are not born to sit on a hilltop, gazing into space with a faraway look of wisdom in their eyes. They don't proclaim the Gospel According to their Bank Account. Warriors are about doing their job and sometimes there's no honor to be found, except in the hearts of one's comrades. I often think of Pat Tillman. He tried to do the right thing and then, when he found out what was actually going on, they killed him.

No one can kill your spirit though. The spirit is eternal, just as the soul is immortal. If you get all cold and trembly about losing your temporary garment, you could well put your more permanent garment in peril. This is the time to be a warrior, however. This is the time to know who you are and why you are. It's not an accident that rap is the soundtrack of the lost generation. It was designed to create an atmosphere of despair and degeneracy. The Transgender Insanity and dysfunctions are not accidents. They are programmed. The nature and quality of our entertainments are not accidental. They are created to that end. The common diet and working environments that people ingest and experience are fashioned to destroy their health and their sanity. All of the suicidal and murderous conditions you see taking place around you and that are declared to be normal, did not get here by accident. THERE IS A WAR GOING ON and the objective, on the one hand, is your soul. On the other hand, it's whatever you are doing about it, should it matter to you, if you even happen to be aware of it.

Love is not always soft and warm and tender. Sometimes love is fierce. Sometimes love is a passionate fire that is not in search of an embrace, but rather a celebration of its indwelling presence. People argue about the meaning of things; what Love is... what God is... what truth is. For me... the fruit of Love is Wisdom and the combination of Love and Wisdom is Truth. At the base of the mountain are endless arguments about egoistic perspectives on what cannot understand by the ego. Some have decided instead... to climb the mountain. There are many paths up that mountain but once you get to the top you can see all of the ways down.

The true warrior is the weapon against which no other weapon can prevail. Whatever combatants there may be, see in the warrior their own reflection and forget that there was any conflict at all. The highest love shows everything its true nature by reflection. No one can make war upon that which brings the adversary into a state of peace with himself by showing him who he really is.

I don't know what's going to happen because of this Iran thing. It's been coming for a long time. What I do know is that God is going to sort it all out and I'm with God. Whatever God decides is fine with me.

At the end of this year... it's going to be open bar with hindsight all around.

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Anonymous said...

Lamprey fish. They are the cultural lamprey fish of human history.


Ray B. said...

A true 'sign of the times' blog, Vis. Thanks!

Vis: "Some of us (in these times) are dual identified, as warrior untouchables..."

I believe that I am also dual identified, as warrior and healer. (My physical 'line' goes back through generations of army doctors.) Rather than do both on the physical plane, I am drawn to accomplishing the same on as many higher planes as Ray plus Higher Self can reach. "Enlightening tussels," as it were. Maybe, I qualify for "warrior monk" in the Buddhist sense (half-grin). Assuming it is real, of course...
On the 'background' of Trump, my go-to source is "Looks like Donald Trump is Jewish" by Miles Mathis.

If we throw-in Trump's moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, his recognizing of Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights, his non-censure of Israeli settlement in occupied Palestine, his appointment of pro-Israel & anti-Iran 'advisors', and that ever-present Kushner is a member of the radical Chabad sect, a pattern emerges which is consistent with Trump being both a crypto-Jew and a Zionist. My opinion, of course.

This state-of-affairs dramatically changes the post-Soleimani odds-of-escalation for a "US" strike on Iran. If Mathis' assertion is indeed the case, Soleimani's murder is the deliberate 'kickoff' of a series of events pre-planned to satisfy Israel's Oded Yinon Plan goals. Let's hope Mr. Apocalypse is indeed monitoring the situation.

Hmmm. I may have just qualified for the 'untouchable' class... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"An Apology by Way of Digression by Way of Explanation and Probably Unnecessary as All Get Out."

ty said...

So by that logic bush was a work of god. IMO trump is far more dangerous than these other psychophants because so many supposedly good people actually support him, but all that changed after the assassination. he is highly deceptive and the most pro zionist president in the history of the world, that goes without question. Sad how many of us only see what they want to see, rather than reality.

Visible said...

Ty... rather than coming around here pontificating and WORSE- putting words in my mouth, I suggest you attempt to acquire a little humility instead of dropping in here and there, handing out your criticisms and disparagement's like some tween at a social media site. It's not like anyone is going to pay attention to anything you say because of THE WAY YOU SAY IT. If you gave a damn you would work on your presentation instead of behaving like a wannabe gunslinger whose hammer gets caught in the holster every time he tries to draw; not a good tactic. If you want people to hear and pay attention to you, you had better work on your bedside manner.

Visible said...

No... I don't think so. You're a pest. Just go away and annoy someone else, somewhere else. You don't just trot in here with your combat boots on like Sgt Rock of Stupid Company. Respect here is earned and not handed out like Twinkies; just making a guess here about what may be your favorite pastries. You are not empowered, NOR QUALIFIED to lecture me. Got it? (probably not) but that's it... Why not head over to Reddit. There's plenty of your milieu hanging about over there.

Guldur said...

Oh, this false opposition, false divide, right/left, Trump/Clinton,,..... sorry to say Vis, really, I cannot grasp it how anyone could still fall for this circus. Even where more parties are involved (like in most European countries), seldom there are some major "good" ones, but in the US 2 party scam, really, it´s a mockery to human freedom.
As for Trump, it´s aching me to say to you, but I really did not see anything he has done for people, instead of towing the israeli line and doing everything contrary to what he might ever promised. I say what he done, not what he said - there was much of it. Conman on steroids. He is even worse than all the "Boltons" and other comrades of him, because he scams folks to believe in him somehow.
In these times, more than ever, people need to be on guard for everything, as the alternative means death very often or sould corrupted - much worse.
Be innocent as a dove, but still cunning as a serpent - something like that I mean.
Be ever blessed my old friend and let divine wisdom follows and cares of you ever.

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Visible said...

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