Wednesday, January 22, 2020

"One Day the Earth Will Shake, the Winds Will Howl and the Seas Will Rise; Attendez Vous!"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was considering what I might write about today, prior to the next Discourse, which I hope also to accomplish today as well. I was scrolling through the news and I saw the Earthquake News from Southern Kalifornia. It may result in nothing to follow, OR... 'IT' might be on the doorstep now. I know it's coming. I know quite a few events are coming. I just don't know when. Once again, let me clarify about what I do... and do not... know. I viscerally KNOW only one thing; God is Real and Incomprehensible. Otherwise, I know what is communicated to me through my intuition and what I gain in precognitive flashes. The former is much more regular than the latter.

Yes... the quake was minor at 3.9 but they keep coming. The dragon who sleeps, in restless dreams beneath the Earth, IS going to wake up. Only the will of The Ineffable restrains him and as I said, this is due to compassion. The Shining One resides in a timeless state. If he 'chooses' to look through the aperture into the manifest realm, he can grasp the entire, quicker than the speed of thought. The whole of it, or anything, is made instantaneously comprehensible to him, as he is the intelligence in everything and it is that intelligence we borrow, to the extent that we can wield it and so, 'we' have only as much intelligence as we can manage; just like everything else.

This is one of the reasons that it is pointless to argue with anyone. They ONLY know as much as they are capable of and they ONLY know what they know, AFTER it has passed through the filters of their desires, appetites and judgments made on previous experiences. What they have not experienced, they interpret from second and third hand sources. There is a condition that exists in everyone who operates, BELOW a particular level of awareness and that is a CONSTANT REACTION TO ALL POINTS OF VIEW THAT RUN COUNTER TO THE ONE THEY OCCUPY. This adds the factor of Ridiculous into all of their considerations because they are determined to see things as THEY WISH THEM TO BE... not as THEY REALLY ARE. There is no sensory possibility of 'REALLY ARE' because everything is 'appearances' and ALL APPEARANCES ARE A LIE.

Stilling the reactive mind is one of the most important tasks anyone can ever accomplish.

In order to see things as they are, there must no longer be a subjective YOU and you don't see it... IT IS SHOWN TO YOU. Your false sense of self has to be neutralized and made non existent before you can see anything independent of personal coloration. This is why those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know. Of course, that is a conundrum. Of course you can speak 'relative truth' but even then, it's a rare bird. There are birds that sing in a unique warble and then there are parrots. Ten people can say the same thing but perhaps only one is speaking from the point of true origin. There is a RING... a TONE OF AUTHENTICITY... that is resident in the speech of one who speaks from the authority, OF UNDERSTANDING WHAT THEY ARE SAYING. You might not hear it... but you can feel it.

Before one sets about KNOWING anything, they should recognize certain inviolable truths and among them is the truth that The Sun is a CONSCIOUS BEING. Nature is a LIVING THING. The Earth is an ACTUAL LIFE FORM. All of these- AND MANY ANOTHER... SPEAK! AND LISTEN... Just because your mind is already filled with so much pedestrian chatter that you can't hear them, DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT SPEAKING. I ASSURE you that they are. When the Earth shakes... THAT IS A STATEMENT!

In the Queendom of Nature, everything is speaking in its own language. Chipmunks speak to each other. Birds speak to each other. Dogs speak to each other. All of the animals converse with one another and it is NOT ONLY SOUNDS that they use. They use gestures. They also have various forms of instinctive telepathy. Plants talk to each other. Even minerals- hard as it may be to believe- have a form of consciousness. All of these life forms... allegedly (grin) are below us on the evolutionary ladder so, IT STANDS TO REASON... or it should, that there are life forms ABOVE US and for those among you who believe I speak the truth as much as I am capable, I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE... ♫ this much is true... this much is true. I KNOW this much is true ♫

For some reason(s), probably because of the force of the Dream Web, most people do not realize that they can communicate with the celestial hierarchy, just as they communicate with visible lifeforms. It's like anything... in order to do it and to improve at it, you have to keep doing it, just like pottery, playing the piano, ballroom dancing or gymnastics. You get better at it. Even if you DO NOT HAVE THE GENE, you get better; certainly better than you were. This is what prayer is all about, but you can go further than prayer, which... by the way... should NEVER be perfunctory, or mere routine ceremony. If God knows that YOU KNOW God is there, it is a different dynamic than when you DO NOT KNOW God is there and then there are DEGREES OF CERTITUDE and these have lesser and greater levels of intensity and provoke lesser and greater proportions of response.

The collective human mind exerts a powerful impact on Nature. If humanity is out of wack, you can be fairly certain that Nature, eventually, will be too. If we, collectively, depart too far from Nature, we WILL BE jerked back into line, by varying grades of force. Some of us are well outside of the acceptable margins of what Nature permits for long. Lady Nature and God, are LONGSUFFERING and PATIENT, BEYOND THE COMPREHENSION OF THE 'HUMAN' MIND.

Every one of us is POSSESSED BY SOMETHING OR SOMEONE. All sorts of people are possessed by all sorts of passions and drives. Every desire and appetite has an entity associated with it. Every angelic entity has a corresponding demonic entity. There is no such thing as absolute right and wrong. Think of it like the gauge on a shower. Above the rim of the metal circle, to which the handle is attached are, usually, a blue line and a red line, signifying hot and cold. You can think of Good and Evil in this fashion. This is a more accurate template for measurement. Communicating with infernal and supernal forces also operates on a dial. Think of a short wave radio, or any radio, for that matter. You dial in a station. In some cases, there are two dials. Once you have used one dial to get into the general range of the station you are after, there is another dial, that works according to more subtle gradients. This has also been called, FINE TUNING.

Existence is all about Adjustments and Refinements within a dynamic of Evolution. Evolution is a VERY SLOW AND CERTAIN process of Adjustments and Refinements. At times it is moving dramatically forward and other times it seems to be going in reverse, such as when a culture is in decline. We see this now, as decadence and licentiousness, are major forces, in a dramatic dance of appetites and desires, operating in a Shake and Bake environment, where industry and commerce are in a constant competition, to provide an endless stream of new and improved products, to frolic with and feast upon. It is hard to measure the actual level of pandemic insanity, when the majority of the players are insane.

As the insanity intensifies, it demonstrates in ever more erratic and demented fashion. This impacts on Nature and causes it to react, so the clock is ticking and it is hard to predict when certain world changing events shall appear, because time is 'presently' (grin) not moving in a consistent manner. Sometimes it is faster and sometimes it is slower, as the ratio between Pell Mell, Steady as She Goes and Retarded, compete for precedence with one another. It's also variable, according to location.

Certainly the general population of Kalifornia, is far more unglued and unhinged, than the population of Utah. The population of Colorado is measurably more stoned than the population of neighboring states, due to the ease of access for certain comestibles. Of course there is little that is of the normal scientific mind in my calculations, but I am not a member of that form of normal. However, even borderline intellects will admit that there is a wide difference in consciousness between the residents of Las Vegas and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There is much more fragmentation in the Union of American States, these days, than there is commonality.

Some states are killing record numbers of unborn and others are not. There are people who are now sexually excited by abortion and have them recreationally, due to the way hormones affect sexual desire. In my world that is known as being 'Satanically deranged'. Here is an example of similar but not identical insanity, where demonic media sites, virtue signal on some of the remarkable stupidities of tiny demographics. As the War on Normal intensifies, it becomes also a War on Nature and- as previously stated- although Nature is profoundly patient; there comes a time when Nature WILL REACT. Then the Earth WILL Shake, Rattle and Roll. The winds WILL howl and the oceans WILL rise. All manner of reactions are going to be coming forth from Nature, as A CORRECTIVE MEASURE. Some may not like this but they might as well go outdoors during a thunderstorm and shake their fists at the Heavens. That will serve as no more than a under gunned act of impotent defiance, against a force of Nature, beyond their ken or control.

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In case you missed it, there's Discourse #5 from The First Church of the Presence of God up now.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I personally am sick of waiting for the slate to be wiped, but wait I must. I swear! The first thing I'm gonna do is lick Enlil's nose for failing in his quest to remove the corruption Enki created for the purpose of mining gold IF the legend is correct. AFTER I take on the form of a smilodon.

Nolan Newberry said...

This was great i feel the world will be just fine. America on the other hand well..
Who the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. America has truly gone mad California has sexual deviancy, Colorado pot, Kentucky meth and Mitch McConnell!
I really dont know about Trump but the fact that "they" are impeaching him seems to indicate to me that he might actually be on our side, they protect their own!
The beginning of my awakening was sleep paralysis. But i can honestly say i dont really know so i keep an open mind thanks viz this smoking mirror was profound.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"Ah What a Marvelous and Amazing Feat, to Still the Reactive Mind."

0 said...

Nolan Newberry,

'Colorado pot'???

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