Thursday, September 16, 2021

"It Has Been a Long, Bloody and Tormented Siege of Existence by Forces Inimical to Humanity."

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There are strange doings in the underbrush, where The Underlords lurk. Their season of grief and torment, which just kept on giving, is coming to an end. It has been a long run into darkness for them. They have conspired with their victims to create terrible suffering again, and again, and again. Those who dwell in the darkness of ignorance are natural (or is it unnatural?) conspirators with those who would destroy them. It is an ancient tale of impotent sound and fury, much akin to the wailing and gnashing of teeth mentioned in Biblical lore.

All death is suicide by those resistant to change. Those who resist change WILL die. It is the nature of the thing. Life forms come and go, from where and to where... they do not know. People don't read much of value these days. In the majority of cases, they never did. People do what they do, with the written and spoken word, and with films and their own daydreams, for entertainment. Therefore, they learn very little. If they studied history, which they do not, they would see the cycles within cycles of dreadful redundancy that come in regular routine.

When the heart and mind become wedded to material culture, there is no spirituality. None of the higher forms of true enjoyment are available. They cut themselves off from the wellsprings of life, and the emptiness stretches into Desolation. It is a barren field with only Saturn for company. They go without protest, into the composting leaves of an unremembered past. So it goes for long stretches of time. So it HAS gone. That period of zero-sum stalemate is coming to an end.

This is why you see such a frenzy of forced accommodation to something that is NO THREAT AT ALL. The perpetrators are unaware that their wits and abilities are being leached from them. They KNOW something is wrong but they do not know what that is. In former times they could misdirect humanity at will. Now... there is mass resistance from a core demographic. PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP. They did see this, and that accounts for all the Woke nonsense that has been the guideline for The Oppressors; The Underlords. They are even being exposed to public scrutiny. Sometimes they are exposing themselves.

I call this phenomenon of exposure, Mr. Apocalypse. I consider him (though anthropomorphic in some minds) a living being. The Earth is a living, breathing being, but there are few who know this as it is. The water is filled with invisible creatures who have to do with the ways that water expresses. It is the same with Fire, Earth, and Air. Occult scientists have known this for a long time. Clairvoyants like Charles Leadbeater, and others, have seen them. I have seen them in altered states. They are a part of The Invisible Kingdom. You can befriend them. You can also make enemies of them.

Everything in Nature is influenced and shaped by them and they serve a hierarchy that gives them their marching, and in some cases, flying, and in some cases, flowing or dancing in flames orders. They give shape to what you see. They are a subdivision of The Angelic Realm. They can be controlled by magicians of EITHER kind... and have been. With The Coming of the Avatar, all of this is now changing. So it is that The Underlords are finding contention and resistance in the ranks. The Elementals KNOW who their leaders are. However, for some time, they have been the shackled prisoners of Black Magicians; reversed Cabalists. I encountered this dynamic in a very real way when I was in Italy.

I almost bought it in Italy. A time came one evening when I was sitting in my studio and I heard a voice crying, “Help me! Help me” It was faint at first, but as I tuned my ears I could hear it better. It was puzzling, and slightly alarming because I did not know what to do. I suspect that I finally discovered who it was through The Intuition. That is the usual case when I have come to the limits of my own knowledge and understanding. It turns out that it was my body crying out to me. I had eaten very little for some time. I had not slept and I was in a twilight world of living creatures who had now become visible to me. I was driven in a way I had never known before. Many times I went running up the roads of the olive groves in which I lived. I put a lot of miles on the odometer.

There were other folks who were my neighbors. I knew very few of them. Strangely, unbelievably, no one ever saw me. It was as if my fugue state had created a cloak of invisibility around me. Given my antics, as I remember them, it seems impossible to me that no one ever noticed. Well... strange events were the order of the day for the six weeks that this state continued. Some of them I will not write about in these spaces. They would stretch the credulity of almost anyone. I will say that Mr. Apocalypse was a constant presence, as were the distant chimes of The Avatar, far within.

One of the reasons I posted that comment by bigloner a few posts ago was because he mentioned Chicago. Chicago came up not infrequently during this time, as did Israel and Moscow, Washington DC, and others. I encountered the astral bodies of quite a few household names. One thing I learned, and came up against, again and again, was the presence and effects of a cabal of ruthless black magicians who had mesmerized a good portion of humanity, and which directed their collective actions toward bad ends. What I have seen since has only further convinced me of what I saw during my time in Italy.

We would be in deep shit if not for the lightworkers outside the bandwidth of the physical senses. The Avatar is chief among them. As we have mentioned here many times before, when The Avatar begins his descent from the world of light, he comes down the planes. He comes from the highest plane, down through the Causal, the Mental, the upper and lower Astral and Etheric planes, sweeping out ALL of the entrenched nests of evil, which sprang up in the last two thousand odd years, since the last time he did this. He drives it all before him, down to the material plane for the purposes of sorting and Judgment.

Obviously, The Underlords and the whole of Nature, visible and invisible, are aware of his Advent. Certainly, the realms of light know of this and work in harmony with the divine fiat. Others, who have studied Occult History or read The Akasha Record, KNOW that this is all a part of The Cosmic Routine. There is no possibility of resistance to the forces of light. There NEVER has been. However, in Times of Material Darkness, the forces of darkness APPEAR to be greater, and conditions can, and have, become dismal indeed. The past two thousand years speak eloquently to this fact. It has been a long, bloody, and tormented siege of existence by forces inimical to humanity.

You cannot begin to know the level of hate that is directed at humanity from certain quarters. The Infernal Kingdom, The Kingdom of Darkness has many minions at work on this plane. As more and more of humanity are sucked into the carnal wind-tunnels of The World of Flesh, more minions are acquired. Most of them have no idea who or what is responsible for their mindsets and actions. There are those who DO KNOW. They are conscious workers of iniquity and are driven by the forces they have given themselves over to, in the hope of common appetite satisfaction and a more important position in the government of Hell-World.

They are not nearly as powerful as they appear to be. They are much like The Mighty Oz, but lacking in his humane temperament. They use similar devices and tech to subjugate humanity. Most of it is done with mirrors and perversions of occult force. They got away with it because they were given a season in which to prosper. If you are wondering 'why the Hell' this would be permitted in the first place, all I can say is that it is for The Purpose of Demonstration. I am as much in the dark as anyone about many things, but occasionally insights come to me.

As I said, they are not nearly as powerful as they appear to be. I would have been toast on many occasions already if they were. It seems there is only so much they can get away with, and they can do nothing to one whose inner lamp is lit; just as a little light will banish the darkness in automatic fashion. You need to know this, and to aspire to a greater light. Impersonal Love is a mighty force in this respect. It is good to have invisible friends. All of us do. Some of them ARE NOT your friends but you are engaged in a symbiosis. As long as you get what you want, they get what they want.

If you don't call on your invisible friends, they will drift away in search of someone who will pay attention to them. If you don't feed the negative aspects, they too will leave in search of greener grass. If you don't prime your pump, the water runs dirty, and not at all for a time. If you don't clean your mirror, eventually you will not be able to see your reflection. Meditation, prayer, selfless action with no thought of recompense, these are MIGHTY tools. In these times of instant shake n bake gratification, few of us are as consistent as we should be, and so we get mixed results and move on to other distractions, of which there are many, many.

People can't be bothered to seek within these days. There is too much contending for their attention. They don't have the discipline or inspiration to stick to formats that might involve a lifetime of application. This will not serve them well in times to come. Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, September 13, 2021

"Transitory It Is... Because of Your Sense of Time. It is an Amusement Park for the Carnal Mind."

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How sad and tedious it was this weekend as they trotted out the same old lies. Thankfully, Mr. Apocalypse was in the crowd and got a few of the main players with their mouths open and the brain not engaged. Most notably, one of the central 9/11 attack players, Sir Segway Bush made a whole bunch of stupid statements. He it was... that went to war against a Stone Age country, as a subterfuge to cover his own malfeasance in the affair. Nothing was said about Mossad, nor Israel. We did get a bizarre confession from a fellow who says that he and his team wired up the buildings with explosives. How is this for a warm steaming pile of bovine excrement?

It is times like this that I give praise and thanks for people like Christopher Bollyn, shining the light all up and down Hypocrisy Road, sailing on a river of darkness, a river made from crocodile tears, where cowardice and ignominy dwell in an unholy union. Christopher composed one of the best disinfecting articles on the attacks.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

We also have the inimitable, Zander C. Fuerza with his Masters of Deception.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

If you want to know what there is to know about 9/11, you don't need to look any further. You could also get the book by Victor Thorn, “Made in Israel.” I don't like to talk about 9/11 BEFORE the crocodile tear anniversary. The build-up by the usual buffoons and card sharks are hard to bear. I never imagined there were so many whores! They could fill a football stadium. Watching them posture and lie is something to avoid. So I wait until after the anniversary to bring any mention to it.

How many ambitious, self-centered shits, sold out their country and their own integrity, so as to make a living from The Beast, by repeating the ridiculous lies which only the truly cowed and stupid could believe? Fortunately, there are always a few of us who are not intimidated and KNOW what a weapon the truth is against the legions of darkness. The power of FEAR is in the fear it generates. You do not have to live on your knees before that which has no power but what you give it.

The whole of this world is a sham and a false front Hollywood film set. It IS NOT real! Sure... you don't want to hit it at any speed, that might have a less than salutary effect on the parts of you that also are not real. In the relative sense, The World is right there to be experienced and discussed by anyone. You can't see how insubstantial and transitory it is because of your Sense of Time It is an amusement park for the carnal mind. A surprising amount of The Public, does no more than hit the rides and the concession stands, over, and over, and over, and over again. Then they discover what the monkey with the cocaine button teaches. “Heck man! This shit can kill you!” Well... that's not true either. You might disappear for a short while, but... like The Terminator and the Energizer Bunny, you'll be baaack!

Notice how all the organized street rioting has disappeared? Would it surprise you to know that China has thousands of operatives in business and the education system, and oceans of money? They apparently learned something from the Israeli art students that were running amok through all the government buildings, pre-9/11. Try not to pay too much attention to the 'alleged' tiff between Mephistopheles Soros and the Chi-Coms. It is either one more red herring, or Evil at work destroying itself.

This is the thing, my friends; God is in COMPLETE CONTROL of Everything at all times. Now... if you don't know that, if you don't acknowledge that, and rely on that, then I am guessing you have some amount of nervous wiggle room in The Uncertainty World. Then you get a lot of events that look random and incidental unless there is pain involved. Pain is the great educator of Good and Evil. It will teach you how to behave if you don't already know. If you don't already know... then you are guaranteed to find out.

Who is it that hid Reincarnation and Karma from The West? More importantly... why would anyone do this? Cui Bono! There is more to it, however. Many facets of Ageless Wisdom are concealed from The Public. Who is responsible for that? The Unveiled Truth is hidden from the eyes of The Profane by The Profane themselves. Sometimes it is the Bad Guys hiding the information. Other times it is The Initiatic Brotherhood. The Bad Guys can't hide what they don't have. Most of what the Bad Guys hide is the evidence of their own behavior. What The Initiates conceal are the things humanity is not ready for. They would destroy themselves in no time because they would apply it to profane interests.

Of course, there will be the usual mockingbirds who want to know who it is that gives anyone the right to conceal anything? What do they say about Possession and those tenths of the law? Remember... whatever it is you set out to possess will most definitely wind up possessing you. There are shepherds who do what they can to protect you from that. Of course, it's the usual thing with luminous beings. The Public either wants to fuck or kill them. This is why they go in camouflage and hide the luminous aspect. Masters and Saints are also favored with The Coronal Light but do not have to conceal it, although quite a few of them do. Some are meant to work in anonymity, and some are for public display.

You don't want to try to do someone else's job. It doesn't go well then. This means you have to find out what your job is. This is usually already handled by The Lords of Karma, but once you get past a certain point it is a good idea to know what your duties are.

I am going to share something with you now. For those who get what is implied in practicing this, you will be able to see what the rewards are. For others, it will sound fantastic and even frightening. I assure you it is true! EVERYTHING in form is being eaten by something, just as you have your meals each day. Where many of those meals are concerned, something else had to die in order for you to eat it. People eat themselves up inside with Cancer, when the body system goes to war with itself or when their heart attacks them or the brain seizes up. People are also consumed by their ambitions and their appetites. It hollows them out inside. Whenever you eat something, it becomes a part of you, and there is NO GETTING AROUND that something or someone WILL EAT YOU.

I could go into excruciating detail about this but this is not the format for that. You'll have to algebraically shoot around the corners yourself, through the use of The Imagination and The Intuition. If this is true, that we are all being consumed, even right this moment, by something (and it is). If it is true that there is NOTHING you can do about this (and that is also true); then what are you to do?

You CHOOSE who or what it is that consumes you! You have to have the necessaries in order to get eaten. If it is a tiger or the marketplace, you don't have to do much. Your body serves on the one hand, and your heart and mind on the other. You are prey and meet the standards of the predator. If, however, you want to be eaten by higher life forms, then you have to make yourself appealing to those you would have dine on you. REMEMBER... you become a part of whatever eats you.

What I do with this is to offer myself for consumption at any time. When I eat food, I imagine that Heaven is dining on me. I imagine that I am upon a table and that angels, and archangels, and other creatures of light are consuming me. Sometimes I send billows of violet light up out of the top of my head and imagine that it is a very special cotton candy, much preferred by members of The Angelic and Devic Realms.

You can find rituals of this nature in ALL traditions, but there is almost always a cognitive disconnect that occurs when people contemplate it, such as what happens with the wafers and the wine. You have to become childlike to make it work for you. A child has no trouble believing things that adults scorn and dismiss; Dismas? Probably no connection (visible shrugs his shoulders, which results in typing errors). It's like feeding the birdies (which I do) or your dog or your house guests. It is surely as real as that; more real, since the world of the angels is a great deal more enduring than our own.

So... I feed the angels and archangels. I invite them to dine with me, and on me. It's a real thing. Like anything, it has to (metaphorically speaking) get into the muscle memory. It has to have impacted on the subconscious, down where all the boilers and fuse-boxes are, and the heavy industrial stuff goes on. Then the factory prints out the design. I am feeding the angels whenever I consume anything, and the angels are consuming me.

What is the alternative? You are eaten by demons? Of course, that is the case for those who exercise their carnal appetites. That is what demons feed on, as well as all of your negative qualities. Many of us are food farms for The Infernal Kingdom. Now... an argument can be made that both angels and demons are only in your head. I know otherwise, but even so... does that make them less real for being in your head? We are a MICROCOSM!!!

Feed your angels! The day will come when you just don't recognize yourself anymore, but you will be most profoundly GLADDENED when you see who it is that replaced you in your understanding of your Self

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

"The Tavistock-MK-Ultra Alt-Sex tornadoes are running in patterns like The Trade Winds."

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Big changes are in the wind. Some of them are good. Some are bad, and some we will have to wait and see about. As I monitor The Probables and The Possibles, as well as The Likely and The Unlikely, one feature comes to mind over, and over, and over; if you are not looking out for yourself at the expense of others then no one will hinder your own progress.

Over recent decades, we've had The Me Generation. We've been told that 'Greed is Good'. We've watched as Materialism has become, more and more, the arbiter of action and intent. We've seen mass insanities hit the surface like Pop-Tarts out of a toaster. There is The Gender Batshit Plague. There is Babylon Virus that compels the infected one to seek to copulate with everything in reach, living or dead. There is the Lying Virus that mostly affects specific demographics of Talking Heads, Pundits and pretty much everyone in any form of the entertainment industry, and the Super Spreader Effect is a direct result of Peer Pressure for them.

A general sense of ever more pervading Fear and Anger are being stoked and amplified through news media, government actions, and constant street violence, in random outbreaks too much alike to be merely random. There are powerful agendas out of Trap Door spider's nests, which seek to control all human behavior. If 1984 shows up a few decades late, is it still 1984?

1984 already exists in some locales. In some places, it is dreadful and Draconian. You could say it is closer to happening in Australia and New Zealand than it is in The U.S. Then you could say it is closer to happening in Pennsylvania than it is in Arizona. Certainly, a form of it is present in China. Certainly, another form of it is spreading across Afghanistan, like a Kalifornia wildfire. The Tavistock-MK-Ultra Alt-Sex tornadoes are running in patterns like The Trade Winds. I call it a tornado because a tornado is also known as a Twister by those who live in the path of them, and twisting is what they are doing in a calculated fashion to destroy the formerly known world, and replace it with Death, Living Death, and Endless Servitude.

Whoa! We would REALLY be in trouble if there were no Divine Presence. In some locations, this is true, after a fashion, and those present there ARE in trouble. When a collective of people turn away from God, and the sense of an invisible and indwelling presence, they are... doomed. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” New Yawk City is Babylon Risen, and Chicago is ♫ a Hell of a town ♫ There are probably a tiny few who reside there and seek to serve Heaven and operate their life according to Faith and The Higher Virtues. Everyone else is in a mad scramble to get rich by ANY means necessary. It is a cannibal smorgasbord. If you have been there and gotten the t-shirt, the t-shirt has a demon on it with a knife and fork, accompanied by the pithy statement; “New York, where the weak are killed and eaten.”

Some of the pizza shops there have a new item on the menu. It's Hog Nostril Pizza, sliced real thin, like Pepperoni. They bake it in a flaming dumpster that sort of resembles one of those Italian brick ovens. I had one of those... once.

Think of the urban centers of The World as being each a vortex. This vortex hums with the collective appetites and desires of the residents. It's the hive mind in all its features. It could be like a beehive, but it could also be a roach motel or a rat's nest, or an ant farm. The hive mind principle still applies. As you approach the bridges, tunnels, and entrance ramps, you come into the atmosphere of the specific vortex. In New Yawk, there is a sudden sense of urgency, like frequent piss syndrome. The sidewalks feel like they are heated, smoke billows out of the sewer grates. You get to see The Pushing Crowd in real-time. In L.A. It's a more laid-back air-kissing indifference to anything besides whatever pose you are affecting. It is an empty and vacuous wasteland with pretty lights.

There are not many who are sane in either place. In the Pacific Northwest, there is a whole other kind of Crazy, half Khmer Rouge, half Marquis De Sade, and half-wit happy faces on a fifty-foot pitcher of Kool-Aid. There is, however, a fascination that is so intense in each of the specific atmospheres that one is mesmerized On Location.

One is trapped in an endless conundrum; call it a quandary. It's some kind of an Entropic Swamp, once again specific to the location.

Endless, manufactured COVID hysteria hasn't worked out as THEY intended, so it is on to False Flag Country. They started the hive humming just as soon as Afghanistan got handed over, and they PROBABLY did that so they would have a credible adversary to blame the next False Flag on. They blamed 9/11 on Afghanistan, even though it was orchestrated by Israel, in concert with foreign and domestic, rogue intelligence agencies. They are STILL, jungle drumming the Bin Laden Boogeyman, though NO ONE with any intelligence or character now believes it. (for a point to point, all-points analysis, see the right sidebar menu for the Israel did 9/11 site.) The same group of thugs is behind The COVID Scam as well. The Usual Suspects are behind almost every malady presently causing havoc in The World.

Gender confusion= they're behind it. Widespread sexual perversity, AND pornography= they're behind it. Race hatred= They're behind it. The CDC, The FDA, and The FCC= They run those shops, as well as The State Department. The FBI, the CIA, Homeland Insecurity, and all the alphabet-internet-social media quagmires= They are in charge there too. Go to EVERY left-leaning or free-falling online presence, and magazine= They are the writers, publishers, and editors. Look it up! See if I'm wrong. Climate Change? Yeah... they're behind that too. Unfortunately for them... their time has run out. And Communism? Yeah... that too.

Presently... everyone is being OUTED. They are doing it themselves, under the subliminal urging of Mr. Apocalypse. They are ON STAGE every day now; lying, wheedling, obfuscating, and playing The Victim. It doesn't wash anymore. They are in the LOOK AT ME stage, totally clueless to the impact, BECAUSE they 'think' they are untouchable. They ARE NOT. There are following stages to come, and we will be present to witness them.

There are all kinds of perspectives on WHY such events are taking place now. People argue incessantly about the whys and wherefores. They have no idea what they are talking about, they're in it for the prestige (such as there is of it) and The Money. The thing is... these are Cosmic Events, fostered by Cosmic Imperatives and they cycle round every so often, according to a Cosmic Schedule. It's been a long time since the last apocalypse, and an even longer time since a Grand Apocalypse happened on us.

Apocalypses USUALLY precede the arrival of The Avatar. From around 700 BC to the coming of Jesus Christ there were all manner of personalities that showed up; Gautama Buddha, Lao Tzu, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. There was Apollonius of Tyana. There was Pythagoras. I could list a SURPRISING number of souls who came and went in that period. They may not have all been World Saviors, as the Mahavatars are meant to be, BUT... they all significantly impacted on human thought. We are NOW in a similar time zone. Let us say that there are Greater and Lesser Avatars. We are going to see a repeat performance in multiples to come on a much larger scale.

Also coming is The Avatar appearing in The Human Heart... WHERE-EVER possible. For those resistant, another permutation will appear in the mind. You WILL want to be in the first group.

It is quite likely that a great many of us will no longer be here. We will be on to other ports of call or scheduled for a return visit here. Whole countries may cease to be present in their formerly recognizable shape. Parts of continents may well fall away, and new land masses emerge from the ocean. It is going to be as strange, and terrible... and wonderful as the imagination is capable of registering. Only a fool can look at The World of the present and NOT think that radical transformation is on the menu.

You don't have to get hot under the collar or panic unless your acts and intentions REQUIRE this. Whatever it takes to wake people up IS GOING TO HAPPEN, and a Golden Age will rise Phoenix-like from the ashes of The Old World and we shall have that 'shining city on the hill'. It will not be everywhere on the planet. Some locations will be uninhabitable, and some will only feel like it. God is The Supreme Director and Decider and he plays his cards close to his chest. No one knows the hour of his coming, BUT... come he shall. Come he shall.

Find your sanctuary BEFORE circumstances arrive which compel you to. REMEMBER... your whole world is a projection of your mind. That sounds like a good place to start the process... or end it.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, September 2, 2021

"What You have to Worry About are the Dangers Within You, Due to The Law of Attraction."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We have made mention, several times here of late, about one of the constant trends of Mr. Apocalypse to cause people to act out against their best interests, and to expose themselves. I mean to say that this is soon going to percolate to the top of the negative influencer food chain. Recently, a teacher was videotaped laughing about The Pledge of Allegiance, She had taken down the flag but there was a fruit salad flag on the wall of the classroom and she said they could pledge to that.

Then, Project Veritas, (God Bless Them!) videotaped an Antifa radical that was also teaching and openly talking about converting his students into Red Army Radicals. Both of them are now getting their little RED wagons fixed. In the latter case, attention is now turned toward others of his kind, and the school board that has been permitting it.

Governor Newsom, of the largest state in The Union, is going to be recalled and replaced by a Black Conservative, not even the EXPECTED voter fraud will save him. The Governor of New York was forced to retire. He's being replaced by someone of equal malice by default, but... heads are rolling. Little Georgie Sorrows is heavily invested in keeping things as they are.

As aggressive as The Fake Virus, Lethal Vaccines campaign has been, now there is an ever-growing dissension in the ranks. Suddenly, Ivermectin and similar are being brought into use. Even TMZ, which has been lower than a catfish in a septic tank is moving into a kinder and gentler profile of late. The colors of the foliage of the Spring, in this Age of Aquarius, are blooming. People are being revealed to themselves by degrees. Some are liking this. Some are not. Some are feeling ever greater freedoms of expression, and some are getting hot, angry, and frightened, because... to them, it feels like they are losing control. Well, they are.

Afghanistan went further south than it had been, and the country is generally outraged by the selfish, confused, and un-leader-like behavior of The Impostor in Chief. If you focus on the negative aspects of life in these times, then... perhaps you are missing all of the INEXPLICABLE changes taking place. Keep in mind that this is all happening DESPITE the clumsy-frogs-copulating-in-jello activities of The Deep State. Nothing is going as they have planned.

It's definitely False Flag Season. They have to do something, ANYTHING, to stop the stinging ants that are biting them in their minds, and the invisible centipedes crawling down their spines. The Creeping Uneasiness is loosening their bowels and they don't know which way to turn, even though they are putting on a brave and confident mien. They're going batshit over at The CDC. What a pack of scoundrels!!! They are releasing thousands of migrants into the U.S. and have also lost track of them. How come everything is going to Freak Show, Circus Town?

They are racing against time with the clock ticking in their heads. They have to get somewhere first, but they don't know where that is or why that is. What they are seeking to outrun is what is waiting for them at The Finish Line. That is the place where all negative ambitions get finished... or resolved... if you prefer.

Cultures rise and cultures fall. Western Culture is in deep decline, and moving in the direction of Free Fall. Anyone who cares to do even cursory research KNOWS that in times of cultural decline, sexual deviance proliferates, and you get the Babylon Effect we are presently seeing. The Light is breaking through the malicious charades of the tools of the invisible despots. The Avatar is sweeping the planes or... indeed, has pretty much swept the planes, and now... it's all here in the manifest.

There are now too many of those things called coincidences. Coincidence is no longer the right word. I would suggest Destiny and Fate as better replacements. EVERYTHING has a destiny determined by its nature. Everything that can be called anything, has its native environment, despite so many fish out of water. If you have a negative mindset, and many people do in these times, that is the filter you will see the world through, sort of the opposite of rose-colored glasses.

The plots of The Dark Side are being hit by Integrity Beams. Since they possess no integrity, they are defenseless. What does the darkness do in a room when you hit the light switch? It's gone in an instant. It is not the dangers of The World that you need to be concerned about... unless you created them. What you have to worry about are the dangers within you, due to The Law of Attraction. It's simple metaphysics. It's math. The whole world is formed from numbers precipitated into physical form, and ALSO... Frozen Sunlight; Light in extension.

Modern science has formed its own Dark Age. On the pedestrian level, look at what dietitians and psychologists have to say about the protocols and tenets of their systems at present. Why is there so much poor physical and mental health if they know what they are talking about?

In short order, this acting-out (by those tapped with Mr. Apocalypse's wand) that is moving through the lower ranks, is going to spread into the protected cloisters of The Elite, and the Deep State operatives. It will be no respecter of person. ONCE AGAIN... Materialism= Insanity. They have opened the door within them to The Infernal Kingdom, and there WILL be Hell to pay. As the story goes, a third of the angels were cast out of Heaven. THEY were cast out, not God, not the righteous angels, and KEEP IN MIND that angels are Direct Expressions of The Will of God. That means the ones who were cast out were, and are ALSO doing The Will of God.

You can't have an effective life drama on the material plane without Good AND Evil. You have to have both. Once again, it is simple metaphysics. What you do is... you makes your bets and you takes your chances. You can also make your bed and lie in it. Those who argue about these things are those who have never bothered to look deeply into them. Students of occult and arcane teachings have a singular advantage over most people... unless they drift to The Dark Side, which... in times of Material Darkness is most often the case.

It's ALL Magic. Life is a magic show, and your life goes according to the magic you allow to rule it. This is why... in this time of Material Darkness, we recommend Higher Love. Higher Love is a lubrication that eases your passage and heals as it passes. Love is beyond Reason, and Higher Love cannot be tricked or compromised by lower attractions.

Some say it is going to get REALLY dark. They could well be right, so far as it goes for them. Most are not even paying attention. They are more completely after what they are after, and not concerned with what it may cost them.

My dear friends, despite outward appearances, and the strong possibilities of catastrophic events in Nature, a new day is dawning for the faith-based heart. The changing conditions of recent decades have made many of us apprehensive and gun-shy. This serves to keep us DOWN in our thoughts and feelings, lest we step in front of a truck. Cellphone junkies can count on this. I have seen certain trends with cellphone junkies of late that are more than a little disturbing. Cellphones are one of the primary control surfaces for The Deep State Satanists. They have big plans for this tech and 5G, everything from Mind Control to pinpointing your location... and more yet.

I have a cellphone that sits on my desk and is there for emergencies. One friend here and one friend at a distance has the number. On a regular basis, it goes dead every few days because it is not one of my main interests.

If someone dials your number, it is likely your phone will ring. You have OTHER receiving mechanisms within you, and broadcasts are being transmitted on the correct frequencies to influence you. You MUST set your dial to the higher frequencies. Once again, Higher Love is a great help in this. Our critical concern should be what we think, and say, and do, and what our intentions are. Our critical concern should not be other people and what they think, and say, and do. We are of no use to other people in any case, if we are not controlling our own behavior. It's simple metaphysics.

The Avatar has landed. In some way or another, even if it is an advance foray, he is HERE. I'm seeing many of the signs that indicate this for me. Others, of course, are free to believe as they wish. God is REAL! Take that however best it suits you.

End Transmission.......

We've got some interesting links that reflect events and conditions included in this posting. Hopefully, they serve as some small evidence of what we have been talking about here.

Here are the links=

Via Gateway Pundit
The dawn is breaking on Mr. Apocalypse's heels-
Update: Liberal OC Teacher Removed From Classroom After Students Pledge Allegiance to Pride Flag

Via Post Millennial
Are you still in the dark about who is behind this?
NBC contributor becomes spokesperson for controversial group accused of 'normalizing pedophilia'

Via The Real History Channel
Ah... my favorite president!
Andrew Jackson vs the Central Bankers
An excerpt from "Andrew the Great"
By Mike King

Via Fox News
Events like this are expressions of Mr. Apocalypse. Soon he will have the big dogs barking=
Oscar De La Hoya says he was 'raped' when he was teenager

I mentioned this last week. Mr. Apocalypse again-
Is the mainstream media beginning to turn against failed covid vaccines?

Monday, August 30, 2021

"It's Jack-in-the-Box Terror Time for Stupid People and those with Freezer Burn Brains."

(This is Monday's posting come early, as it did last week. Whoop de doo!)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Total propaganda about terrorism out of Afghanistan via ISIS. Only a moron does not know by now that Isis is a Mossad CIA op, just like Al Qaeda. Oh, Wait!!! Now there is ISIS-K. It is the terrorism equivalent of The Delta Variant. Both of these absurdities have been cooked up by The Usual Suspects because due to a change in the cosmic weather, they are being exposed in all their iniquities to the eyes of The World... Somehow they think that the endless distraction will serve their purposes. Ah... no.

Now the Media is in Fearmonger Heaven, weaving new lies, patching old lies, and selling the same snake oil to The Walking Dead. How can people be this Stupid? It seems like you would have to work REALLY hard to get to be this Stupid. That level of Stupidity is not just generally ignorant. It's Ring around the Rosy Stupid, where the riders on the carousel think they are seeing new sights every time the wheel goes round, only because they completely forgot what they saw the last time. It's kind of like the mind of our feckless leader.

When this kind of Stupid hits, it doesn't matter how intelligent you are or what you think you know. There are people with all kinds of effete initials after their names who are here to explain it to you. They hail from a different kind of Stupid. It's a sort of regional Stupid, along demographic lines.

COVID didn't work except to camouflage a bunch of deaths from other causes and to kill or maim the people who got the vaccine that is not a vaccine. So, now it's on to Terrorism. It's Jack-in-the-Box Terror Time for Stupid People and those with Freezer-Burned Brains. Hold that thought!

They are afraid to die and afraid to live. They take the vaccines, they still catch Common Cold COVID and then scream about the unvaccinated infecting them. Doesn't the vaccine that is not a vaccine protect them from this? Stupid.

I was talking with my friend yesterday and my friend said, “Did you see where they are saying you can't have certain surgeries if you are over a certain age; Medicaid won't pay for it.”

I didn't even think before I responded to say;

God is Real and the centerpiece of my life. Who exactly is going to tell me what I can and cannot do when God is resident within? Does not The Divine CONTROL EVERYTHING at all times, even when it seems utterly tornado level out of control? Let me say again, Every event in my life, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a special dealing of God with my soul.

I don't know where I got that from, but I do know it has proven out to be true.

They ask halfheartedly, and get no response, then they move right on to something else. NONE OF THAT applies to me, or anyone in resonance with God. What! It doesn't work for you? What happens to you does not apply to me. Let me put it this way, you have such and such an insurance company, like Fly by Night Mutual, and I have Jumping Jack Flash, full coverage, no matter what, and they have NEVER failed to pay off, in full... and more. Perhaps you need a different carrier? Perhaps you are being served by the self-served? I work for Eternal Living Light Service. We carry our office with us, like a Hermit Crab. We have no logo or board meetings. Our bank account is off-planet. We barely seem to exist, but we are around.

The latest trend by the disinfo agents is that we live on a Hell Planet that was created by aliens and we are all damned to suffer forever, just like that other scriptural Hell. Two things (and more) can be true at the same time. You might well be on Hell Planet. I am not. You may be in chronic apprehension about this, that, and the other thing. I am not.

Why are there people spreading this Doom and Gloom far and wide? They are, EITHER= paid operatives, really... really Stupid, or had their minds stolen while they were watching porn. They have turned their lives to shit so they blame aliens because... well... they couldn't be responsible for what is happening to them. Could they? Did it ever occur to them that the reason angels and illumined entities do not call on certain people is that they smell bad due to their lifestyle, and what they feel, and what they think? Shining entities do not come around where Gloom and Doom are being preached. Of all these people complaining about spiritual forces, HOW MANY OF THEM have put in the time and devotion NECESSARY to get Heaven's attention???

Halfhearted and inconsistent efforts don't even impress terrestrial consciousnesses, much less The Heart and Mind of Heaven. If you give it your all then Heaven WILL respond. Otherwise, buy a lottery ticket.

Socialism simply does not work in The United States. Some ground is fertile, some is not. This will prove out shortly.

I just went by the Rense site today. I haven't been there since he canceled me for trafficking with Rixon Stewart. My God! It's the biggest New Age Virtual Supermarket I have ever seen. You have to scroll down for some time before you get to articles, most of which are either Fear Porn or selling something. Then I went down through the columnists and came upon Dr. Chiappalone. Someone had mentioned him earlier and indicated that I might be a fan. I'm not, or it was a really long time ago, and brief. I've linked a couple of his Transmissions from The Mental Institution in the links below for you to see what he's been up to lately. I can't disagree with some of it. These types ALWAYS like to include some truth among the weeds. The rest of it is full-blown Mind Parasite garbage. He's a Doomsday Crazy. Nothing (useful) to see here.

He said that The Great Brotherhood of Light-Workers is EVIL. I KNOW this is not true. Of course, there is a dark order that is always at work pretending to be what it is not, BUT... the Heavenly Realm, and EVERYWHERE else is ALWAYS under Divine control. How do people get so screwed up in their thinking? Often it is because they have serious personal profit in mind and know that the key to that is sensationalism. David Icke has been raking it in for a long time behind profit motive. I found him to be a fine writer and a source for certain kinds of useful information, BUT... there is so much sensationalism! It is the same with MOST of the alt-news celebrities, literally too many of them to mention.

I don't want to get into criticizing these people. We all have our flaws but it is a serious karmic crime to mislead people. Maybe they really have this knowledge, but my intuition and other feeds tell me they do not. We only know what we are permitted to know, and we only say what we are permitted to say, concerning Divine Truth. For some reason, it all looks like Showbiz to me. It's the Personality jumping up and down and crying for attention.

I thank God for keeping me low profile and in generally humble circumstances. I consider it a high honor to be kept out of the marketplace of The World. It seems sometimes that the whole world is on fire with the desire to have and possess Temporary Shit, and... be a really important shit. It is a terrible fate to be rich and famous. I cannot see how one would handle it, unless they had the character of King Janaka or a prince who walked away from it all, like Lord Gautama. Keep your heads down, folks.

If one has all their attention on selfless service then personal profit does not come to mind to haunt you. Two things I see very little of in these times; Real Gratitude, and a Sincere Humility. I guess people figure that you can't get on stage with them.

Events are moving faster and faster. Existence has become a blur for many millions of souls scrambling for survival and more, always more. Hunger, it seems, does not go away. Temporary satiation is the best they can hope for before it comes back again or finds some new object of desire. Anyone on The Royal Road will tell you, you have to turn down the flame and cut back on Senseless Craving. It is not that difficult to find Peace Within, simply stop wanting. It is the wanting that destroys your peace.

Let me see if I have it right or not. There are a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. For some reason, the chickens are still squawking about Annunaki, Reptile Underlords, Armageddon, endless slavery and pain, and how we're all screwed, and they got details... details... details. MEANWHILE, all life comes from The Sun, and The Sun is not even one of the bigger stars; not hardly. All of these stars are the lights of God, and they represent only a small part of his power, most of which is perpetually held in reserve. Consonant with that he is woven through all of existence and is the life in all that lives, which he can grant or withdraw at his pleasure. I am probably underestimating him so far. Legions of Chicken Littles are in a virtual internet panic about who the Hell knows what, or they are festering with resentment and fear, while strutting around in a false bravado.

Some of them create multiple identities and go around to the alt-truth sites, where they keep hyping the particular nickname they are trying to promote so that they can Big Frog=Small Pond it. They are hoping a surge will somehow sweep through the crowd and they will be lifted up into a pretend divinity and everyone can ask them about diet, exercise, and fashion. MEANWHILE... they and everyone else are blind, ignorant, and naked, vulnerable as all get out. How did they manage to talk themselves into being the Cat's Meow in their heads? Regardless of my faults, at least I know I am nothing and exist only by the grace of God.

We are NOTHING but a dream in the sleeping mind of God. THAT... that is who you need to impress or it is adios and ignominy. Well, it is hard to be ignominious when you are forgotten for lack of any reason to be remembered. God must chuckle often in his sleep. Wakey, wakey time is coming, and THEN... then we will see what's what when The Avatar announces himself, broadcasting live into EVERY human mind, thence sending terror and serenity, according to what you've been up to.

You people had better wake up and stop spreading lies and fear that harm the human spirit, railing at Heaven because you didn't get the keys to The Candy Store like The Usual Suspects. There is a reason for that, and it's not candy either.

You had better get right with God while there is still time. You had better recognize how ill-equipped you are to handle circumstances beyond your control. You had better leash that personality and pray for help because you surely will need it when The Tribulations comes, and the panic-stricken lunatics run loose in the streets. You HAD BETTER find a light to guide you, because, my friends, I assure you, you are out of your depth and have only been tolerated in the hope that you will see what you have, for so long, rendered yourself blind to.

Witness the situation in Louisiana today. They say it might even become a Category 5 storm. Katrina was only a 3. This Ida is now a 4. The times we are afraid will arrive are already here. I believe The Big Question is, who has your back? Much more dramatic events are coming.

End Transmission.......

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Please hit the Follow link at the top of the right-hand menu as a safeguard. I'm not sure how to hold this scenario together. Fortunately, that is not my concern.

Via Fox News
ah. What do you know? He's Jewish so he would still be an atheist
Harvard appoints 'athiest' as president of university chaplains - not everyone is happy

Dr. Chiappalone Via
Someone mentioned recently that I appeared to be a fan of Dr. Chiappalone. I have no memory of that, though I might have linked him. I link VERY widely. Anyway... now I know where the Doom and Gloom Patrol are coming from; the not-so-good Doctor is a source. He actually posted this= "If they knew what “We”, my Team of Light and “I”, have prepared for them as punishment, they would die physically of terror. What they receive is what they earned with their iniquities." What I see in this journey into his work is that he weaves all manner of phantasms into his Fear Porn. He even says that the Great Brotherhood of Initiates is evil. I KNOW this is a lie-
END of SPIRITUAL WAR is in Sight!
The Current Status Quo!

Dr. Chiappalone Via
This guy is really an escaped mental patient. He is so out to lunch that there was no lunch. At one point, he says that this has to be end of the world times because he is here. He self references himself as a major player in the cosmos. I suspect he is not=
Karmic Debts Due

Pentagon Introduces New “Diversity Rules

Via Post Millennial
Some people really do have shit for brains. Hmm... now which group of people has a fascination with fecal matter?
CDC goes woke, demands Americans use 'inclusive language' for their 'health'

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

"Flowers Attract Bees and Hummingbirds. Shit Attracts Flies."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'm assuming that everyone who comes here KNOWS that the PCR tests, and whatever other tests they use to confirm the presence of their made-up virus, will find whatever they are looking for, because most everyone has some version of a virus that shows up and can be claimed to be whatever they are looking for.

We KNOW that a handful of Stone Age Arabs did not attack The World Trade Center and other locations in 9/11. We KNOW there was massive election fraud in the previous national election. We KNOW that Antifa, and other flash-mobs of Helicopter Offspring, do the bidding of The Deep State, and that they target all events where people gather to protest depravity, and violations of The Constitution, as well as whatever The Deep State and their corporate allies deem undesirable. We know that Infernal forces are trying to destroy this country, and we know that the present government is composed of traitors and hired guns.

There is an interesting feature of The Apocalypse that has been in action for some time now, and it is getting more and more pervasive. People everywhere, the high and the low, and those we have never heard of, and would rather not know, are exposing and revealing themselves in a very public way. Famous politicians, who should know better, are being driven from office because of bad behavior. Surely they did not want this to happen. SOMETHING drove them to it. Some force is behind all of the crazy actings out taking place these days. People are demonstrating what they previously concealed from view.

Utter madness is loose, inside and outside. People with no sense of self are being occupied by malign entities that use them for Joyrides. Others (not as many as we would like) are being lifted up and ennobled by benefic entities. In either case, they have been attracted by the character or lack of it, in each of them. It is spellbinding theatrics, at least from my perspective. I am a watcher, and humanity is my subject. One of the ways we learn is by giving attention to something and having it reveal itself to us. This is not a traditional method, except in ancient traditions.

I have mentioned Phrenology here a number of times. This also fascinates me. It is a multipurpose tool that is of great value to a watcher. The classic understanding of Phrenology is that it has something to do with the bumps on your head. I don't have any bumps on my head, so it makes that form of self-inquiry ineffective for me. (grin) I don't apply Phrenology in that manner, so maybe I am not a Phrenologist. Think of it more as the difference between a physicist and a meta-physicist.

In my practice of Phrenology, it includes the shape of the head and its features. It includes facial expressions. It includes body language and the way the hands are employed. It includes the shape of the body. It includes eye movement, and most especially it involves aura radiation, should I be in a proximity to it. A trip to the supermarket is an entertaining event for me. I don't go out looking for people to read. I especially dislike crowds and I avoid them. Paying attention to what is right in front of you is a good activity to engage in.

So... I watch people, and in an apocalypse, people are compelled to act out. Many well-known individuals are convicting themselves in The Court of Public Opinion. This is a cosmic imperative of the moment. All sorts of new abilities and long-hidden secrets, hidden in plain sight, and also within you are coming out. Many things are coming out, that those involved, desperately wish would not be revealed to the eyes of others. These are very interesting times.

I was in The Hard Rock Cafe in Lahaina some years ago. Now and then, the street would be all abuzz with the report that some celebrity was in the vicinity. We had heard that The Terminator was around. I care less than zero about these events. Anyway... there we sat at our table when suddenly Arnholt came out of a back room. There were two guys in front of him and two behind. My first reaction was how short he was; maybe it was just that the guys were big. His bio says he is 6'2'. He didn't look like it. The next thing I noticed was that he looked terrified. I have never forgotten that. I mean he looked really apprehensive.

A few days ago, he went public and said, “Screw your freedoms.” This was in regard to those who remain sane among us, and have no interest in masking up or getting the Zombie Serum. Again... he seems terrified. I am noticing this more and more; famous people who look like they are very uncomfortable.

When I talk about Deep State, and The Usual Suspects, I am referring to a cabal of temporarily affiliated ner-do-wells who are behind most, if not all of the mischief we are experiencing, from the promotion of sexual perversity, to the attacks on Christianity, to the destruction of the family unit, to the corruption of public servants, to the general atmosphere of chaos and threat which is so pronounced now. There is much more that they are responsible for, as they represent the last gasp of The Overlords in the transitioning of the age.

You think that money and fame give you some greater freedom? Give a thought to who they answer to. Whomever it is that you serve, it is to that which you owe fealty. If you are a watcher, you see it every day.

The separated mind sees the warring duality of good and evil and feels caught up in forces beyond their control. The mind, no longer separated, experiences none of this. It is nothing more than a movie being screened in front of you. One might be concerned if they were players in it, and their place was temporary. If you are not a player then what does it have to do with you? Oh... you can say that the atmosphere is oppressive. You can say you feel intimidated by the overweening impact of the government, and negative social pressures, but that is the separated mind giving these things power that they do not actually possess. They have the appearance of power, and if you buy into it, it empowers them.

I don't know how to explain this. It is very real for me, but I don't concern myself with them, and they do not seem to be concerned with me. You might think that writing and talking about them might make me a target, but there is power in words... and somehow their presence in my life does not even amount to an irritation.

I REALLY embrace, wholeheartedly, the words of the great teachers who have preceded us; “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in The World.” “If God is for me, who can be against me?” There are many others, from many traditions. Krishna said, “No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, either here or in the world to come.” There are many other sources where I have seen similar commentary. I am MUCH MORE likely to believe them than I am to believe those deluded by selfish ambitions. God is in ABSOLUTE control of EVERYTHING at all times. Either I believe this or I do not. I do absolutely believe this, so... what concerns can I possibly have?

Yes... I have been in dark places and I have suffered a great deal, mostly due to my own impulsiveness. That is the past. It no longer applies. Once on The Royal Road, one finds themselves free of the unexpected. One should give serious consideration to what their expectations are. One should even more seriously consider what their intentions are. God is a Living Presence! I do not have to understand God to recognize his reality, and I can understand all that I need to understand about God through his primary vehicle of expression, which is LOVE.

It is not a matter of whether you live or die. You have done this many times. It is a matter of how you spent your life, and what your investments were. These define you and make you recognizable to the agencies that handle the area of your enterprise. You don't want the wrong welcoming committee to meet you at the Departure and Arrivals gates. You can make these friends BEFORE you meet them, by arranging and presenting yourself in the manner they find attractive. Attract what you like because you already do. By your works INDEED are you known, and not just by human agency. Flowers attract bees and hummingbirds. Shit attracts flies.

End Transmission.......

A few links for your consideration=

Sunday, August 22, 2021

"God Is The Light of The Spiritual Sun, and We are Dust Motes Dancing in that Formerly Cloudy Room."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is a curious view, to sit in an awareness of the malign forces who seek to hijack The United States of America, after first making her weak and vulnerable to corruptions they were also considerate enough to supply. ♫ all the world looks sad and dreary ♫ at the moment, (thank you Stephen Foster; no doubt you are now a racist) BUT... appearances are deceiving. We ARE NOT witnessing the whole of The World, tinder-dry, on the edge of conflagration. Hmm... perhaps I should clarify that; some will INDEED experience The Conflagration because that is the certain result of their intentions and their actions. An early seer pointed this out in the song, “Going to Kansas City.” If you are intending to get to Kansas City, you should not be surprised to wind up there.

What we are... more precisely facing, is a destiny in accord with our ambitions and in line with the specific fate that accompanies them. It's all Purpose of Demonstration down here on The Field of Pentacles, or Material Plane, if you prefer. Those seeking to take over The World WILL fail. They will fail in spectacular fashion as well, because this is an apocalypse, which is one of the most profound teaching moments, courtesy of The Conscious Cosmos; also known as God.

I forget the whole of the story now but someone once asked The Buddha, “why... when The Buddha-Lands of the Ten Directions are all very pure, why is our world so corrupted and filthy?” The Buddha replied, “You cannot comprehend the world in which I live.” Then he pressed The Earth with his toe and The World immediately became brilliant, pure, and filled with splendor. Then The Buddha said, “This is The World I live in.”

We ALL live in a world of our own creation. If you do not like The World you are living in- CHANGE IT! Often what you hear after having said this is... “Yeah... but... what about this and what about that?” Uh-huh... what about it? Some people prefer dismal states of being. It gives them something to whine and complain about. Some will say that they do not have the money to change the world they live in. I've no money. I changed the world I lived in. It did take some time, and that is possibly what most people will object to. It REQUIRES... no, it DEMANDS that you provide a consistency of effort. Bad habits have to be resisted for certain amounts of time in order to be overcome. They ALSO have to be replaced by good habits. In other words, it takes WORK.

People are okay about having a job. They get a paycheck. They pay their bills. They live in whatever comfort and supply their intelligence and industry have provided for them. They can SEE the return on their investment. When talking about actually changing yourself, which automatically changes your world, it becomes amorphous. You can't see what it would be like or hold it in your hand. It is indistinct. This is because of an undisciplined imagination and a weak and compromised WILL. Concentration is The Key to The Magical Art. If you can't focus, how can you pay attention? How can you be consistent? Yet this is what you need, and some need it desperately.

What is it that The Enemy does? He DIVIDES you against yourself and each other, all of whom are another version of yourself, composed of the same animated dust. He creates hobgoblins in your mind and then manipulates you through your Fear, and also through your Guilt. Guilt is a major industry for the enslavement of humanity. Well, I probably deserve it or it wouldn't be happening to me. How do you wind up with guilt to begin with? You acquire it by going contrary to your better nature and your Higher Self. Why does your conscience nag you? It wouldn't nag you if you weren't disappointing yourself.

The Avatar is a kind of Cosmic Turbocharger. It is like The Sun entering a room when it had been cloudy for days. If you are at all inclined to rise to a higher plane of understanding, he will make it easier than it has EVER been. You CAN get caught up in his tailwind. If you are not opposed to him doing a little Spring Cleaning on you, you will be lighter than you have ever been. The Light has enemies, as ineffectual as they are, he has them. There are those who can only do their mischief in The Dark. They will shortly be driven into The Dark because they cannot abide The Light. If you carry the light about you, The Dark will flee, just as it does when you turn on the light in a formerly dark room.

That formerly dark room is your own mind, and it could be lit up like Christmas Eve. You have to invite the ineffable to reside in you and make you his/her abode. It is explained in the 23rd Psalm. It is explained in EVERY OTHER tradition as well, if you know where to look. It is the very best of advice to have The Heart swallow The Mind. As you may know, The Limbic System is in your mind. You may feel things in your heart but the trigger point is in The Mind. This format is too brief to get into any real detail, but there is more than enough here to get all the way home.

The Divine IS resident within you. You must summon him forth by devotion and through good acts. You must emulate his/her qualities. God is both male and female and neither. God is Father and Mother. God is the light of The Spiritual Sun and we are dust motes dancing in that formerly cloudy room. You have to become a Charged Particle. Awaken from your dream of life. That is a mortal dream. Awaken to the promise of Eternity. It is quite real.

When the presence of The Avatar becomes more palpable, people will be greatly energized in the direction of the heart's intentions. The goodwill becomes so much more good, and the evil... well... God set The Light and The Darkness. He created both good and evil. They are there for your consideration and enjoyment for as long as your particular appetites and enjoyments remain pleasant and agreeable, and often well after that. It is IMPORTANT to realize and remember that good actions attract good entities who come to reside in your aura. Evil attracts evil entities. Each of them inspires forms of behavior and opens particular doors for experience.

Buddha's, Bodhisattva's, Saints and Sages, and all who are illumined DO NOT SEE evil people. They oppose no one's way. That is not their area of concern, except that Evil provides them with raw materials to work with. This is why Jesus the Christ hung out with publicans and sinners. If you separate your world into good and evil, you will experience both of them. Just as you will have an equal amount of pain to go with your pleasure, one comes with the other. Happiness and Hope are flying birds going by. There are higher and more permanent states to aspire to and to live in the awareness and performance of.

It is IMPORTANT in these times not to get into pissing matches with skunks. I'm not disparaging skunks but there is a potential downside to the relationship. Animals are wonderful learning experiences IF YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION. You can see all of the various animal natures and behaviors in people. The entire animal kingdom is within us, and it expresses through us if we are poor animal trainers. An angry bear is a different animal than a dancing bear. You MUST gain mastery over your animal nature or it WILL devour you in one fashion or another. For some, the actual animal is employed.

What you are experiencing now you dialed up for yourself, but what awaits further on is in your power to alter, especially if you have placed all further and future concerns in the hands of The Divine. Heaven is VERY generous and forgiving. There is no telling how Heaven might respond to a sincere and sustained effort. I KNOW this to be true.

Dark times are coming in many locations. This means that The Light will be MORE CONCENTRATED in other locations. This is a cosmic imperative. If it is really dark in one place it will be really light in another. It is profitable to be mindful of this, and especially profitable to let your little light shine and not hide it under a bushel. I heard a great man speak in The Way to the Kingdom. He said that one MUST focus their hearts and minds on higher things, and the light within, and then one might prove to be USEFUL to others in times of tribulation. Otherwise, they won't even be able to help themselves, much less anyone else.

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You have to lay the groundwork for a spiritual life. Where else can you do it except Now? The past is gone and the future is not yet Now. It has to be a continuous application of your Faith invested in what is yet unseen. I can assure you that help will fly to your side, just as I can assure you there is always Difficulty at the Beginning. This is why so many turn away after a brief burst of enthusiasm. You are EITHER committed or you are not, and this you will discover if you cease or you continue on. It takes everything, BUT... the rewards are beyond measure.

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