Wednesday, December 22, 2021

"We are Awash in the Bullshit Glossolalia of Unknown Tongues. No One Knows What They are Talking About."

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Everybody wants to be the star of the show. Vain imaginings. There is ONLY one star. I've learned the cost of this, perhaps in other lifetimes, but the lessons took. Unless God has cast you for the role, stay off the stage or you will embarrass yourself and be left with great regrets. Whatever role The Cosmos apportions you, do it joyfully and with Love. Heaven will see this and find you greater tasks when you have proven your worth in smaller ones.

As you will see in the links below, I have included only a few of the inexplicable outbursts of violence that are Jack-in-the-Boxing, here... there... and anywhere. It should be enough to say these things are going on all over. We know the Deep State has energy beam weapons that can cause bad reactions in human behavior. I don't know what they are called; directed energy weapons, weaponized moonbeams, sympathetic resonance, set up between the magnetized vaccine victims and The Dark Tower Directives...

It is hard to know what the actual source of these violent episodes might be. Materialism alone, as it progresses through its stages, could account for all sorts of crazy actions, by people driven temporarily mad, though that seems not to be the totality. One thing is clear, a determined band of psychopaths is seeking to destroy life as we know it, so that they can reinvent it as a zombie army of shit golems, fighting each other in never-ending darkness for their entertainment. I'm guessing they can see in the dark since that is their natural habitat.

They DID HAVE their agents in the invisible, but they are presently driven out or being driven out, which means they are all loose down here. That should explain a great deal.

There are a number of ways to try to process information. We have the inductive and deductive perspectives. We have the analysts and the idiot savants. We are awash in the bullshit glossolalia of unknown tongues. No one knows what they are talking about. They are all so certain they are right. For them, opinion is fact. Opinion is just... opinion.

Now they are forcing shutdowns, terminating employment, and threatening imprisonment and fines for those who don't want The Killshot, The Death Jab, or whatever it really is. There are so many vaccine variables... depending on whether they want you dead, robotized, or simply infirm. The fortunate get the placebo prick so they can be pointed to as an example that the vaccines do not kill. Yeah... they do, but they can't kill off the NFL, NBA, MLB, and sundry athletes, entertainers, or talking heads. They need the bread and circuses to continue until everyone is pacified or eliminated. If you doubt that this is taking place you are already on the conveyor belt outta here.

It's getting really bad in Austria and other places. The Austria thing is The Usual Suspects looking to wipe out the Hitler gene. As you know, The Usual Suspects, invented the viruses and the vaccines. They had the vaccines ready before there was a need for them. Of course, there was NEVER a need for them. They created that with their control of The Media, which is like having the relentless whispering of Death Angels in your ear; “just lay down and go to sleep, everything will be better when you wake up.” That is true... if you wake up before you go to sleep.

We know WHO it is that is making war on Christmas. This is strange in a way, given how much profit they make from the holiday season. They want to kill off the idea of a God. That is always a precursor to Communism coming into operation. It can get confusing when you try to figure out how those with too much money, expect to make more money, in a system that says all funds and services must be equally shared and accessible to all. It is because NOTHING actually works the way they say it will.

We are awash in the bullshit glossolalia of unknown tongues. No one knows what they are talking about. You don't find this out until it is too late, however... I, honestly, do not care what THEY say or what their intentions are. They have no power over me. Sure, they can marginalize me and seemingly cut down my sphere of influence... BUT... I do not rely on them for support; employment, shelter, sustenance, or ANYTHING at all.

My life is arranged in such a way as to evade any reliance on them whatsoever. They have NOTHING that I want. Their scare tactics don't work on me, AND... apparently, they do not work on all kinds of other people either. With their ACLU and ADL and all the other acronyms they have for Satanic proliferation, they seek out the appearance of injustice wherever it is to be found. Then they trumpet it from the rooftops and set about fixing it in a way that nothing is fixed and they rake off whatever there is to be gained, during and afterward.

This is an old story with them and they do it again and again and again. Their efforts to come are now COSMICALLY directed to utter failure and exposure of all their intentions. The time has come and there is naught they can do about it. The demons they summoned out of the deep. to serve them in their efforts to enslave The World will soon be feeding on them.

I don't want to talk about these things. I want to be suffused with the Christmas Spirit of brotherhood toward all and enmity to none. That's a bit of a difficult process with The World as it is at present, but... we try.

Mostly, I want to assure you of positive results if you are steadfast in your faith. I don't care what churches or temples you may attend, I hope the core teachings are present in your everyday affairs, and that you can endure in this time of departing darkness. It looks like it is getting worse if you are the sort to go by appearances.

It is getting better and you see it in many ways if your mind is tuned to the observation of it. The harder they press, the more certain it is that their panic is driving them. They know it's over but they can't stop themselves. How could it possibly have gone wrong? They had it all figured out. They got so arrogant and dismissive they even told you what they were up to; as if you could do anything about it... right?

Yes... there are all kinds of negative events in the day to day. People are losing it, and people are being possessed by dark energies. I am seeing it in people I am familiar with. They turn on you out of nowhere. It is best to keep your own peace and out-wait it. Don't concern yourself with what other people are doing. Keep your attention on what you are doing.

The Light is eternally victorious over all darkness. The False Light is the light by which the senses perceive and the mind misinterprets. There is another light, and it is within you, and it is in this season that we celebrate the recurrent birth of it through the ages. God is ever with us, most especially when he appears not to be.

We will be ceasing to post any day now; the end of the week for certain and will not be returning until after The New Year. Hopefully, this will suffice as notice to that effect. You will be having too much to do and to celebrate (if you are so inclined). There is no point in me inserting myself into the mix at this time. I wish you and your friends and family all of the finest possibilities of this Festival of Light. Ignore the man befouling himself behind the curtain. It's all he has to work with. It's all he knows.

It can be hard, in these times, with such a concerted effort being directed at all of us, to fall prey to The Doom and Gloom. Take care... and close your heart and mind off to the caterwauling insane who know not what they do. Do not let them rob you of your joy. No matter what, do not let them rob you of your compassion, which is what makes it possible for you to afford them.

God WILL set it all aright. I don't know how this is to be accomplished, that is also not my department, BUT... I am certain it will be so. It is a VERY long haul, my friends; countless lifetimes in the making. We do the best we can until we know better, and then we do better... until the day comes when we do nothing at all, having recognized the source and intentions of all action, whether it be thought... words, or deeds. I do not know why it takes so long. I do not know why it is over before it even begins. I... simply, do not know. What you see here are the fruits of my internal conversations; those portions it is possible to talk about.

I refuse. I refuse absolutely and forever, to buy into the lies and machinations of those whose intentions mean us nothing but ill. They are a fart in a windstorm, a thing of the moment, a rite of passage even... perhaps. May The Living God PROFOUNDLY bless and protect you at every turn, and may everything turn out well for you... here, and ever after elsewhere.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, December 17, 2021

"If You Think You Might Enjoy a Finer Life in a Brighter World, then We have Something in Common."

A good portion of the NFL is down because some of the players caught The Common Cold. This is what happens with the tests they are giving. They do not test for what they say they test for. They test for everything remotely similar to what they say they are testing for. Meanwhile, they only tested 3 teams. They seem to feel that the idea of the luck of the draw is fine with them, even if your luck gets drawn and quartered.

It is amazing and insane that so many people, people you would assume possess a certain level of intelligence, can be so remarkably STUPID. Now they come out with a new metrosexual variant upon its previous fairy tale virus. It seems to only cause meaningful reactions among triggered snowflakes who sizzle on the solar griddle of reality. Lies have no meaning and no life force. Keep company with them and neither will you.

You can see that they have targeted certain places (mostly red states) for culling and some are given some saltwater placebo. This way they can disguise who they kill and also get valuable information in their efforts to turn The Earth into Hell Planet. Try to make yourself aware, people, they do not only intend to kill you once your usefulness to them has gone below a certain level. They ALSO intend to torture and enslave you. I suggest you look and see what The Usual Suspects did in Russia and the satellite countries after their Bolshevik Revolution.

We now have a combination of Communists AND Jacobins, aligned against Humanity. Looks bad, doesn't it? Don't worry about it. Worry won't do a damn bit of Good. It is the slow form of Panicking in an emergency. One is like a fatal heart attack. The other is like Cancer. They are like storm clouds. They are like the shadows that come to life after you took bad acid. They have no real substance, although... sometimes they can be a transport system for tragedy IF YOU BUY INTO IT.

If your Faith no longer even causes the needle to move when circumstances field test it, it is probably hard for you to believe in a Heavenly Hierarchy, in angels with flaming swords, in elemental forces that are ridden by wrathful deities. I am mixing the metaphors of different religions but... IT IS ALL HEAVEN!!! East or West. Up or down... Heaven and Hell are both a state of mind. The appearances of Heaven and Hell adjust to your temperament. If many have a common experience in Heaven, it is only because everyone possesses the required amount of Love necessary to even be present there.

The Kingdom of Hell ALWAYS serves the interests of The Kingdom of Heaven, however unintentionally. Think of it as like a chariot with six wild stallions and the arm strength and concentration needed to hold them on course. The Virtues of Heaven will ALWAYS control and intimidate the Vices of Hell. Trust the Science! Does not a strong man always compel the weaker man to do his bidding? The weaker man must use craft like a fox among wolves. Yes, they have some crafty entities in the worlds below, but can they possibly contend with those who wield the light of Heaven? Who wins in a contest of force, The Sun or the Moon? The Moon has no power but what The Sun gives it.

What is wrong with people's minds that they can't clearly see this? It is past obvious to me. How can the forces of darkness come against me with any success or ANYONE who carries their light into The Darkness? There is NOTHING in The Darkness to trouble you unless you bring it with you. It is your own darkness that you contend with. I KNOW this because I have been there... ALONE, only not alone, not ever.

Stop letting these carnival barkers, these schoolyard bullies intimidate you. Shine a light in their eyes and it will blind them. They do not come around where the strong man is. They go where there is the fearful and weak. They look for more certain prey. It is The God Within that makes us strong. Sometimes they think they have sufficient numbers to come after The Strong. Then it is that they find The Strong have many strong friends. Look! Either you believe God is all-powerful or you do not. In both cases you will have the truth proven on you sooner or later. Do NOT proceed in Fear.

Of all the virtues one can possess, the dearest of them all is not Love, it is Purity. Yes... Purity is a product of Love Sustained. It cleanses you until you are pure... if you allow it to. Fasting causes certain changes in one's state of health. However, initially, you can feel weak and confused, and uncomfortable. That is... until a certain level of resident pollutants have been discharged. This is ALL simple stuff and everyone should already know this.

I am going through certain processes and what I write is like a travelogue through them. So I have Certitude about the efficacy of certain conditions and experiences because I am in them and having them. So are you!!! It is our attitude and intentions that determine our results. Some of what I do not know is explained to me as I am able to hold my attention on it. Some of it comes to me following a sleep. Some of it arrives via The Intuition. I KNOW what I need to know when I need to know it. Otherwise, I do not know at all. There are acts I used to be able to do with ease that are not the same now, and they have nothing to do with aging. HOWEVER... I don't have the same motivation in that specific direction, so my abilities have receded back into the pool from which the energy comes in order to take shape.

Hopefully, that explains the “I Don't Know” dynamic. In some cases, nothing will, because some people are so sure they know. They will find out about that, I assure you. What kind of self-perpetuating ignorance permits people to hold forth as experts on things they know nothing about? It is a self-deception. It is the broken compass of a mind gone wrong. “I don't know” opens the door to Understanding, the passive reflector of Wisdom. So long as you think you know... you are wrong. How is it that some can still know when they need to? It all depends on WHO they think The Knower is. I am a mere passenger on this train. I am NOT the conductor. I do know who The Conductor is, by a very intimate association within. This possibility is a potential in every one of us. When you surrender to The Will of Heaven, when you are utterly reliant upon The Divine, The Divine is permitted to express THROUGH you! You are no longer hindering the passage of his light.

As a person Thinketh, so are they, for better or for worse. My personal approach is to empty the mind of everything except the resident Knower, and then to let The Knower furnish the room as it pleases him. He IS in command and control AT ALL TIMES!!! This is ALL one needs to know. Everything else is a test of Faith, and if your faith is well placed, the tests are walk-throughs. All of your struggles are with that part of yourself that is in rebellion to Heaven. Still the Reactive Mind and be at peace.

The Carnal Mind is broadcasting its objectives at all times and they are ALL Carnal. The horses need to be yoked into harness. The bear must be taught to dance, the dog to heel, the monkey to be still. You have the entire animal kingdom within you, and it must be restrained and directed. Can you do this? NO, you cannot. Can The Divine within accomplish this? There is NOTHING that The Divine cannot accomplish. What do you think this whole spectacle of life is about? It is God playing with himself and looking for himself in all of his creations. God is perpetual recess and overnight camping trips in the Devic Kingdom of The Mind. Make him your friend! Make him your playmate. Make everything in your life about him AND... Whoa! Words fail!

God does not will misfortune on people. They bring that on themselves. Events will assuredly get testy in places. In some places they already are. You will not ever find yourself in such a location if it does not first exist in your mind. The projector for all you see is in your head. The screen is your mind. How you feel about it drives your interest in whatever the direction is; toward it... or the other way (grin). It's not rocket surgery. People first deceive themselves. The Garden of Eden allegory is about this. People first deceive themselves and then they deceive each other and soon they live in a world of illusion. This does not have to be the case.

When you engage in self-deception you set yourself apart from God. When you are concealing nothing (becoming like a little child) you are back in The Garden. The Sun is the perfect expression of naked transparency. He funnels the light from its original source. The further up the mountain you go the cleaner and sweeter is the water. So it is in every sense. Cities are not good places for the expression of more fundamental qualities of the heart and mind. I don't mean to disparage them but... there is a reason that The Wise enjoy solitude and Nature. This must also be present within you before you see it without. In the end... to each their own.

If you think you might enjoy a finer life in a brighter world, then we have something in common.

End Transmission.......

What I will do, since I am always being asked to recommend movies, and to save you the trouble as well, I will now include (after today) in the links section certain web addresses like IMDB. And... so the links=

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This is how they destroy you. They come for your children. They KNOW that you will only be here for a few decades, give and take. By that time your children's generation will have had children. They know what they're doing.
Too bad for them that God is REAL=

UK Commissioner Asks Parents to Talk to Their Nine-Year-Olds About Porn

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

"An Effort to Paint Fish in Flight Through the Slipstreams of Thought, Repurposed as The Element of Water."

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Having objective and detached eyes, not affected by the vagaries of time or imagined need, one can see people arranging their karma for the next life. A detached, objective perspective gives you this. Look at those who seek to be judges and prosecutors. If they are not upright, what have they put themselves in line for? The same with politicians and ministers of some cloth or another. When you can see into life, you can see into the Book of Nature, and the calliope of lives, endlessly turning round. You can see the spiral of lives on the upswing and those caught in the downdrafts of the uncertain winds of fortune, which there but for the grace of... goes anyone... at any time.

What is Fortune anyway, and how does Grace factor in? Grace... for me, is a form of Cosmic Recognition, for previous acts... for which there is no present evidence, except as present behavior might be emblematic of it... though... who among us is able to see this? ONLY The Wise. It can also come as the fruit of life-changing epiphany, or... sacrifice.

When you put yourself into the position to rule on the lives of others, do not be surprised if you find your own life ruled over, even if only by ungovernable passions. I have reason to feel sorry for those who do harm to their fellows. I can see their fate scrolling on the parchment of the recording angel; whatever that parchment might be. I see what is being woven for them on The Loom of Destiny.

The principal role of Jesus Christ as World Savior and... as the sacrifice of God in Human form... was to shed his blood for the saving, AND FUELING of the age He IS the true light. Though he is relevant far beyond the age in which he appeared, there is now another version of the same on deck, and in The Event Horizon. He will not be coming as a provider of fishes, and loaves, and... a whipping boy for those threatened by his presence. He is coming to sort things out, one way or the other, which will be one way regardless.

I could care less about The Historical Jesus. I doubt a great deal of what I hear on either side of the argument. What I do not doubt is what my heart tells me when my soul is in The Drivers Seat. I believe The Mystery of The Christ is a basic part of The Story. You have to experience it or... you can talk about it.

Half of not much is very little at all, in that world that is lit up only by the spinning Disco-ball of Karma, also known as The False Light of The World. In that light, nothing is seen as it really is. It is seen as what you wish it to be... or what you fear it to be. It all travels on a four-lane highway (coming and going) of Attraction and Aversion, which keeps merging and shifting so that you constantly have to switch from one lane to the other, to avoid all the incidents in which... what you thought you wanted, at some point in the past, is no longer desirable to you.

Where did the spinning Disco-ball come from? It is the illumination point from which everything you see is made to appear other than what it actually is, for the purpose of enticing you deeper into the underwater shadows where The Moray Eel of Unfortunate Fate resides. Swimming in shadows is never a good idea... because you often cannot see where you are going, which was the case to begin with... otherwise you would not have been swimming there.

While you are enamored of shadows... made colorful and attractive beneath the spinning globe, various events take place in The Dream Stream. These events are the adhesive that binds you to the hate-love dynamic of The Unreal. Eventually, a storm breaks out at sea and you are... after a number of frightening occurrences, washed up on The Shores of Ambivalence, where you can sit and shake your head for a very long time, trying to recall if it really was the way you remember it to have been.

Probably even before this point, the readers may well have been wondering, “What the Hell is he talking about? Why does this post look like some kind of Rococo Bouillabaisse, and... I know I ordered the shrimp cocktail?” They probably do not realize that all the metaphors, mixed and matched, are just an effort to paint fish in flight through the slipstreams of thought, repurposed as the element of water; it being... about as flexible and mutable as you can get when you are trying to explain something that cannot be put into words that bubble and then turn back into water. You see my problem here? (grin)

The Disco-ball is a near-perfect representation of the source of The False Light of this World. Think of the tinsel and glitter that represent success in Hollywood; where the fool stands in the shimmering confetti of shattered dreams falling, falling... which is as much a state of mind as it is a location. Think of the dreamy, doe-eyed camouflage of the femme fatale, who does not smile or else you will see her sharp teeth and the gambit is off, except for the truly self-destructive... who see themselves as the main player, in a made for TV adaptation of... “Of Human Bondage.” Things are NOT as they appear. Things are NOT what they appear to be, and therein one finds all The Causes for all The Effects, appearing as something other than what they really are, which is all revealed in hindsight to The Mind in reflection.

We are CONSTANTLY deceived, and ALL of the deception is based on the reports of the senses, as they apply to what we like... and dislike. We have to cashier both of these frauds in their perpetual costumery. The better suggestion is that one should TRAIN themselves to ONLY like what exists beyond appearances and reject everything else, that has no real existence beyond the false appearance, presently lit-up by the flashing Disco-ball.

Vanity... what an endless reservoir of Suffering it holds for the bearer of it. You have heard of The Death of a Thousand Cuts? Vanity is the Death of the Never-Ending Cuts because everything that is not flat-out adulation and genuflecting appreciation... cuts and hurts. How about, “damned with faint praise?” Even nothing said... cuts and hurts. What does it mean that nothing was said? An agony of uncertainty continues in the continuing silence. The cheers and accolades do not last. Here come the endless ranks of your replacements; younger, leaner, fitter. Oh yeah... just how it is. You can ONLY outrun the competition for as long as you can outrun the competition.

The same reality applies to the aging stag and the wolf pack, the aging lion and the hyenas, AND... your own fragility under the relentless force of Time... passing. Given The Inevitable, it is perplexing that people put so much importance on pedestrian things that are fading away as you are looking at them, AND... You? You are fading too. One part of you does not fade and is not tarnished by The World. In the Vedic Tradition, they call it The Atman. In The West, they call it The Soul. The Soul and The Spirit are often confused by the layman. The Spirit is the spark of The Divine that is contained IN The Soul. The Soul is the vehicle for The Spirit... moving inexorably toward Perfect Union in an absolute, and eternal... resonance.

What is it that suffers in The World when the important parts of your self continue... untouched by Suffering? It is The Mind. It is, more specifically... The Separated Mind. It is The Separated Mind that suffers. Why then, would you separate your mind from The Mind? This is the area where Free Will comes into play. It is through Free Will that you discover that Free Will IS NOT A GOOD THING. If you are not in The Separated Mind then... where are you? You are in The Mind of God. You have surrendered all of your ambitions and desires to The Divine, and... The Divine then leads you out of The Separated Mind into the righteous fulfillment of every ambition and desire imagined truly.

Never forget that desire is the agent of God's will.

Look at The World of the Moment, as it exists in the thrall of Materialism. What do you see? You see vain fools and posturing pinheads, embarrassing themselves, AND... unaware of it. ALL of your joys and sorrows are contained in whether you are SEPARATED or not. Are you in The Mind you have separated from The Divine or... are you in The Divine Mind? Resolve this, and you are LITERALLY... on your way.

On ANY given day, take your ride out on The Information Highway and see what there is to see. It is a wasteland of the angry and insane, seeking to outrun each other, on the way to... where, exactly? Take a ride inside your mind and what do you see? This is about as much as I can get you from The Department of Hints. A massive, life-changing revelation is lurking here. For so long as you are undecided about there being a single author to the whole of life, you will be a ping pong ball. The exchange may be rough, horn-handed or graceful, or... mixed, AND it is ALL the result of you thinking that you are God in the equation. YOU ARE NOT... with certain caveats that I can't talk about because nobody can.

Find God concealed within. It is like one of those trick pictures where you have to find the sailing ship in the jungle scenery. God IS right there within you. Look and search until this becomes the single most important feature of all your days and nights, and... there will be no more darkness, no more restless dreams of suffering... no more want, BECAUSE all want is predicated on the idea that you do not already have everything you could ever wish for.

End Transmission.......

Not much in the way of links=

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Those who have manipulated and fed upon those they have enslaved in every possible way are finding the apocalypse a less than salutary climate=
Sarah Silverman Declared 'Racist' for Correcting Joy Reid's False Claim

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Surely this is the face of Unfortunate Karma in one of its poses=
Illinois homeless man crushed to death inside garbage truck

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NY Times

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♫ Isn't IT lovely ♫

Thursday, December 9, 2021

"The Road to Damascus is Still Haunted by the Possibilities of Light. Light is the Everlasting Victor."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is very little wind on the waters of the human mind today. You could accurately call it, “same shit, different day.” Jussie Smollett and his “Chicago Bathhouse Blues” are steadily climbing up the Billboard One Hundred chart. Right now the trenchant and deeply romantic, “Bitches and Ho's” is in the top spot. I'm going to give it an 86 because it has a beat and you can dance to it, AND kill to it; so do exploding malls with a backup harmony of screams. You'd have to be there though. Until now, Jimmy Iovine has not arranged for a live demonstration to be recorded and streamed on Spotify. Hold that thought.

The force of The Darkness is impressive. You have to wonder how it can continue to grow and flourish with The Sun still appearing every day; given that the Chemtrails mess with the cloud cover, and general weather conditions. Where do they get all the murk and shadows to twist life into Satanic origami? They get it from us. They harvest it from the atmosphere. You hear occasionally about how many pounds of carbon certain private plane characters generate. It is something like that.

We each generate a certain amount of despair; private agony, lust, and anger (they travel together). Porn is the internet's biggest industry. They harvest a lot of darkness from that. Fear is possibly the biggest source of suffocating darkness that makes our lives what they are today; not my life, cause I don't provide any of those, AND... the effect of The Darkness... upon your own life, is equal to the darkness you generate. It's a reversal of the lines from that Beatles Song, ♫ and in the end... the love you take, is equal to the love... you make.”

Appetite and Desire are the main sources of harvested darkness.

I say that they harvest this darkness. They ALSO generate the conditions that make for its appearance. A farmer goes out into a field and plows it into furrows. Then he puts seeds in (or on) The Earth, and he waters it. Amazingly... green shoots appear in around a week's time, give or take. They do the same thing. They plow the fields of human consciousness with seeds of doubt and fear. They water it with sorrow and loss. They create fruitful conditions with social strife, race hate, haves... and have nots; Communism, of course, will fix all of that. Communism will leave a perpetually bleeding sore in the human soul and they will milk it like a dairy cow from the tortured regions of your being.

Well... you can see it taking place every day, can't you? If you can't see it, there are only very few reasons for this; you do not want to see it, you are too stupid to see it or... you are the cause of it. It all comes down to going along to get along. You have hostages to fortune, even if that is only your dreams, which are the last refuge of your hopes that will not be realized. Hope is an important commodity. Sometimes your hopes are fulfilled, mostly they are not, but... there are always new hopes that you can harvest and secrete within, once you have garnered them from the TV or your poisoned imagination.

Much of life is now poisoned. That is the general motivation of the Klaus Schwab's, Rothschild-Soros, Bezos, and Schmuckerbergs. Presently... their game plan is to destroy the white race by rousing the other colors against it. The Usual Suspects have been shearing the black community since they FIRST BROUGHT THEM HERE in their slave ships. They snatched Jazz and The Blues with musical agents like Bernard Stollman of ESP-Disk and others, who took the copyrights and other income-generating sources for themselves. They bought up the ghettos and slums and became the slum lords. They put the pawn shops in their neighborhoods.

These days, they look for the nastiest and most opportunistic members of that community and they finance their political careers. Frontman of the Rothschild cabal, George Soros, has been funding district attorney campaigns in every major and minor urban area. They finance people like Cori Bush. They also OWN people like the Michigan governor and many others. They finance the local Secretary of State, who controls how the votes are counted. After all, they are the ones who created the death and torment zones of The Soviet Socialist Republic, and caused Stalin to come into power; the man who said that it only matters who counts the votes.

The Usual Suspects have been doing this sort of thing for hundreds of years. They get caught and tossed out of the affected country. These days, conditions no longer exist to toss them out. They are cynical and pathological beyond the understanding of actual human beings. They killed tens of millions in Russia, and other locations. They caused The Holodomor and the Armenian Slaughter, and then fabricated a holocaust as a cover for their activities. Presently, they are destroying the Palestinian people, who are the actual People of The Book. They had never been anywhere near The Holy Land until they snatched it through fraud and violence. They haven't even a touch of Semitic DNA. They came from the Khazar barbarians in Eastern Europe.

They created the Weimar Republic in Germany that was so toxic and perverted that a populist wave flowed over the country to deal with them. They spent their time in alleged concentration camps with swimming pools and theater groups. Typhus killed many of them, but it got blamed on The Germans because they owned the information portals of the time. That has only increased since.

Now they have an endless extortion racket. They've gotten their hands on trillions of dollars of loot they claim was stolen from them. “Hey! We stole it first!”

I could go on and on about their crimes against humanity. ALL OF WHAT I SAY IS VERIFIABLE! It's in the public record. The facts of certain, presently extant lies, can be found in their own almanac and in Red Cross reports. The facts are EASILY sourced if one wishes to know. Most do not. They just want to keep their heads down and get by; good luck with that.

Recently they have created the COVID Snow-job Scamdemic, AND the killer vaccines. The truth of this is EASILY sourced. All sorts of people know about it, from the man in the street... to those having lunch in the high towers. They orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. Now they are fomenting race wars and a conflict in The Ukraine. They THINK they can bog down the Russians in another Afghanistan debacle. I suspect Vladimir Putin is smarter than that, so... time will tell and we shall see.

What they never considered in their plans of world conquest was the appearance of Mr. Apocalypse and The Great Awakening. They know about avatars, but... they believe ONLY in what they can see and steal, and in The Lower Regions, whose assistance they can harness through blood sacrifices on specific days. God help them when accounts come due and they are alone in a barren field with no one but Saturn for company.

As I have said for many a day, it is all scripted. The general outlines are scripted in any case, and... individual transformations and changes are always permitted to occur. The Road to Damascus is still haunted by the possibilities of Light. Light is the Everlasting Victor.

The common soul lives under the threat of an ever-increasing tyranny. Their well-being is threatened. Their relations are threatened. If they don't go along to get along, they suspect they will not be able to get along. That is how IT HAS BEEN. It is changing now before our eyes. A strange ally in the War for Human Freedom, is the deranged Leftists, who are increasingly more vocal about the genocide in Palestine.

Here is the thing, those who are considered Evil, are actually... only ignorant. No matter how smart they may think themselves or others might consider them to be, they are ignorant. Ignorance is not capable of organization, because Ignorance is at war with itself, and everyone like it. It is an endless struggle for supremacy, from the sidewalk thug to the boardroom criminal, they are joined in their unwitting devotion to their own destruction, and these times... are suitable times indeed.

Ignorance rules through Fear, Desire, and Appetite. So long as Evil can feed its minions it may prosper. Eventually, all criminal enterprises come to an end, even those of The Usual Suspects. Turn over a rock in the Deserts of the Desolation of The Spirit and you will find them. They are most active in the nighttime of their ignorance. HOWEVER... times change... circumstances change... AND... the moment arrives. Now... even the formerly clueless man and woman on the street are getting hip to The Usual Suspects.

The Avatar IS coming and The Usual Suspects are on his dance card. Some of them know this and it accounts for their present fury and frenzy in destroying Humanity, BEFORE Humanity can act on its own behalf. Look closely, my friends... at the seemingly unrelated events that continue apace in the day-to-day. The Lord of Light is coming. It matters not if you believe or do not believe it. It matters not if you are ignorant or aware, he IS coming. Make a place for him... Now.

End Transmission.......

I want to recommend “School of Chocolate” again (it's on Netflix).

If cooking plays any part in your life this is a must-see. It will possibly teach some people to stop calling themselves a Chef. It gives perspective on how ignorant ALL OF US are, about this... or about that... It is only when we are together and of one mind, luminous... that we can take advantage of the special gifts that each of us brings to the mix. Together we are strong, and... growing stronger.

Some links=

Washington Post Page Capture

The Jeff Bezos Vaccine Express continues to roll over others-
What happened to Eric Clapton?

Eric Clapton

Via Breitbart
He is only working to even the playing field so that he can rule over the entire landscape=
Steven Spielberg Didn’t Subtitle Spanish Dialogue in ‘West Side Story’ to Avoid ‘Giving English the Power

Via Breitbart
You know the slime that coats the dark parts of the toilet that you can't see?
Here is a blown-up picture of what the living microbes look like when seen up close=

Ben Affleck Praises Hillary Clinton as ‘Wonderful Role Model’ at ‘Voting Rights’ Fundraiser

Afleck with Clinton

Via Fox News
Abominations and Depravity are writ large
Who can be this desperate for attention?=

Penn trans swimmer’s teammate speaks out as Lia Thomas smashes more records

Via Breitbart
Just one of the many, financed to our distress=
Questions About Crime Ruin Soros-funded George Gascón’s One-year Anniversary Party

Monday, December 6, 2021

"Once That Adjustment is Made, Serenity Comes Upon the Waters of Your Heart and Mind."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is an alt-news site called The Truthseeker. It is a UK-based website and it is not immune to the anonymous cowards of Hasbara, who routinely haunt the place. I'm not going to mention their names, though, no doubt... I will wind up mentioning them ♫ as time goes by ♫ Lately... I see that they are accusing the site owner, Rixon Stewart of being disinfo. If that were the case (and it is not) I cannot see where the profit is for him.

Slandering Rixon Stewart will accomplish nothing. He's actually doing something. I don't know about the yammering hyenas who screech on cue when Israel activates their vibrating butt plugs, and THEY deliver their message of despair and atheism. I guess they use 5-G for that.

In my postings, I have gone out of my way to give the most precise take on LOVE in terms of what I mean when I am presenting it. Trolls come out of their hidey-holes to say all love is crap and the fruit of animals and that there is no such animal as Higher Love. That is true. Animals do not possess Higher Love, BUT... you can tell who the agents of the darkness are at that site, by using a couple of filters to expose them; those who are endlessly repeating the same message over and over, and it is ALWAYS negative, and NEVER positive OR... they talk gibberish and they throw shit at you sideways.

Another thing to keep in mind; those slandering Rixon and accusing him of being disinfo are the very thing they accuse him of being. I think some of you might mistake his purposes because he links a wide reach of news items and no discernible pattern emerges. Over the weekend it was all about the vaccines. He identifies trends you might like to know about, then he leaves you space to argue about it. He's very egalitarian, more so than me. Some of them I would have sent packing, as they mean no good to anyone. They are there ONLY to stir up trouble. Some of them are paid to do it, and some of them do it cause it feels good to them. They do Evil for the sheer joy of it.

Imagine that? There are people out there who get a kick out of tormenting others, IF... they can find a way to do so. They are sociopaths and care not a wit about right and wrong, ONLY about their objective. Everyone is to be considered possible collateral damage to that objective. Don't get in their way. Ah... but they are like enraged bulls. All you have to do is stand in the direction you want them to go in and wave a red flag, and they WILL destroy themselves.

Now... THEY want the history of their misdeeds in occupied Russia, for many decades in the last century, scrubbed from the human mind and the record book. Otherwise, the reason for fabricating the Holocaust will be exposed. Well... I don't hate to tell you (or them) it IS going to be exposed, and not only that. It's too bad there has to be an Us and a Them. Yes... there is a level at which there is no Us and Them. However... this level we are communicating on... the visible level... does contain a Them and Us. Perhaps we see it differently on the invisible level, but... that's invisible, right? My response is that you then need to get new eyes.

Sometimes I sit here and wonder (I'm usually here) what all those Hasbara agents, catamite talking heads, these toxic, face-fountains for subterranean waste dumps, will do when the cover gets ripped off the whole stinking mess? How are they going to spin The Story then? What shall they do when it is exposed that the whole reason for The Story was to exercise control over us? This is why so many of them are so desperate. A place within them is constantly reminding them that they sold out their humanity. Well... I suppose you can keep that bottled up for a while, BUT... what do you do when the whole thing gets publicly exposed?

Now... you see governors, news personalities, entertainers, all... suddenly in the crosshairs and going down. Mr. Apocalypse is all over the place among the High and Mighty. He told me he was going to do this a few years ago. He said, “Visible, I'm going to show up right in the midst of them, and pull their pants down before the eyes of The World. Visible, I'm going to be so ingenious about it, a lot more so than they have been with their tawdry plots, and... Visible, do you have any idea of how ingenious I can be? No... you do not.” He laughed after he said that last. He has a funny way of talking... as if he was from another century.

How can diametrically opposite points of view both be true? It is because as a man thinketh, so is he. Whatever you believe becomes true for you. We are ALL living our own truth, no matter how much of a complete self-deception it may be. This is the realm of relative truth. It is all true, even if it is only true for you... at least until The Truth shows up (and it will). The Greater Truth, the more complete truth, cannot be experienced here. You have to rise to it or call it forth... with an intensity that is superhuman, so... you don't actually do it yourself. The Greater Truth comes about when Divine Love (in your heart) and Divine Luminous Wisdom (in your mind) come into an unspeakable union, and The Truth is revealed as the offspring of that union. The Truth takes off her clothes and the world disappears.

Why does The World disappear when The Truth takes off her clothes? It is because The World is a falsehood- projection into space -of what you believe it to be, and which it is not, except insofar as you are concerned, and then... ONLY until The Truth shows up. The Truth is the white backing screen upon which the movie is projected. The World is the movie, only the backing screen is real.

In other words, whatever you talk yourself into will eventually become true for you, including all of your illnesses and misfortunes. This is one of the ways in which Cosmic Justice dispenses itself. Your nature is disposed a certain way, and... from there... you proceed to the playing fields of The Purpose of Demonstration. You MUST... or let us say, you SHOULD... seek a Higher Nature through a Higher Love. In other words, it comes around because of it. The one begets the other. All of the qualities of God are hung about his neck on a particular thread that unites them all (anthropomorphically speaking). That thread is Impersonal Love. Our nature follows what we love, and that leads us to The Carnal Realm... The Land of the Happy Medium... or... Heaven. The Carnal Realm is a suburb of Hell. With modern transit, you can be there in no time at all (grin).

It concerns me when I see so many angry and intentionally mean people in the forums. I don't go to forums intentionally, but I happen on them because of the articles I read. They always end in a comments section, so... I see the trending, of a section, of the contemporary human mind, especially among the anonymous sector, and... it just makes you sad. The one feature I note with all of them is that God is not a feature of their discourse. Yikes! I could not imagine God not being the centerpiece of my existence.

You know, I seldom think about Heaven and such things. I probably think about it most on the occasions when I mention it. It is one of the things that put Certitude into my Faith, that I know I am sincere and not out after rewards, on this plane or any other. You don't have to join an army or an organization to serve. Some might say those were limited and dangerous venues to deploy upon, depending on who is financing the combat or the corporation. One serves best as they go. If you employ this form of behavior, it will take you to a Higher Plane of existence. You are where you are because that is where your self industry has taken you. There are places one cannot arrive at by self-industry. However... trains and planes and boats of the heart and mind are leaving their stations every day.

As above, so below; on higher planes, there are still mediums of transport. The lower down you go, the more restricted you are. Time is denser. The higher you go, the wider, clearer, brighter is the way. To each their own. I am sad to say that that is an inflexible part of the dynamic. We choose to go a certain way and we are taken there. The Karmic composition of our being is continuously responding to the environment, and that brings specific results. The whole of God's Kingdom is surgically precise.

Look at recent events, having to do with misfortune coming upon politicians, the well to do, entertainers, talking heads... name figures. This is not accidental. This is a flowering of the apocalypse. The apocalypse can take a number of years. It can also be very swift. It's probably better not to decide that you should be at the tiller; God is my co-pilot on the river... or in the sky. I know that many people are apprehensive about hard times coming. It could... also... go the other way and fall hard upon those responsible for hard times. Perhaps it will be a bit of both. Perhaps it will be as you thinketh.

I try to learn at all times. Why should I be a victim of my own ignorance? So I learn from The Masters, and I learn by observation, where a rich display of what a person should not do... is always in view in The World passing before my eyes. You see tragedy and triumph with each new day. You see The Same Old Same Old, repackaged as something new. You see what happens if you try, and you see what happens if you don't. There is an adjustment that has to happen in The Mind, and... until that happens, the current of life's river can run through all sorts of conditions. Once that adjustment is made, Serenity comes upon the waters of your heart and mind.

As for the Hasbara trolls and operatives at sites like The Truthseeker, none of what they do is a surprise, and... as always... what you say and do defines you. In the next succeeding steps of The Awakening and Mr. Apocalypse hoedown, the ho's are going down. You do not have to take my word on this, you will see it take place in front of you... and at a distance.

End Transmission.......

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Politically Incorrect Humor

Politically Incorrect Humor

Seth Rogan and Sahrah SILVERFISH break box office records in the wrong direction.
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Reviews of "Santa Inc."
Not all of then entirely positive

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A flashback into The Darkness where, in present day, the only difference is the cost of the product (adjusted for inflation)=
Mike King:
Flashback 2000:
Rape & Murder of Boy Shown on Italian TV News

Via Neon Nettle
And Why???
Because their plan is to do it again.
It's the same thing, only different=

Wikipedia Considering Removing Entries on Mass Killings under Communism Due to 'Bias'


Via Fox News
...and from the who gives a shit dept.
We have this CONTRIVED effort to bring sympathy to a fabrication for gain. What has Anne Frank got to do with Idaho? Where are the cameras that had to be present?=

Idaho Anne Frank memorial defaced with anti-Semitic imagery:

Via Peachy Keenan at The American Mind
Baby Book Wars:
Kids' lit gets lit

Via Breitbart
There's a story here, mega-pastor who lives large.
oney in the toilet (so to speak)=

Envelopes of Cash, Checks Found in Wall of Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church Years After $600K Theft

Joel Olsteen

Via The Real History Channel
He nails it again=
NY Times: Who’s to Blame for Rising Prices?
A Rebuttal


Via Fox News
As we have said until we got tired of saying it=
George Soros is the 'common thread' linking cities with rising crime rates: Watters

Via Breitbart
Well... this is unexpected.
Ya think there might be something to it?=

New Swedish Govt Wants to Investigate Links Between Gangs and Rap Music

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

"A Hybrid of the Joining of Roses and Bougainvillea, Mostly for the Poetry of the Thorns Born of the Union."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

These are rough, tense, and trying times, most especially for those with an active spiritual nature. Rather than being nailed to a cross, it feels like a cross is being nailed to you. I hesitate to discuss my personal state because it gives ammunition to The Enemy... and because a certain percentage of readers do not read with any real attention given, so I often get feedback on statements I never made. Well... I don't know how important it is anyway, given how unimportant I am to begin with. This doesn't bother me. The desire for importance causes many people to do very stupid things.

My life is not a bed of roses. It's more like the roses are hybrids of the union of roses and bougainvillea, mostly for the poetry of the thorns born of the union, Most of the time I am able to maintain a state of dispassionate disinterest. This is one of the positives of not being important. You don't have to protect a profile you don't have. You don't have to constantly embellish and polish a false persona. You are just whatever you are, even if you have no idea of what that is.

There is an experience I have that comes around with an unpredictable regularity. I might be standing in the kitchen or sitting here at the computer and a fiery wrath... like anger... begins to press down on me. I don't know if that is a precise image. I don't know if it is pressing down. It is just pressing somehow. At first, it is a minor annoyance, but... if I don't respond, it increases, and increases, and increases, until I react with outrage; sometimes a profane outrage. Once it is able to get this response from me, it backs off and disappears, as if that were the whole point of the exercise.

It used to happen at rare intervals. Now, I get some amount of it once a week. Most of the time, these days, I win, and it backs off and disappears; not always.

In The Tarot, there is a Major Arcana card, number 14, called Temperance.

Bota Deck Temperance

In The Tarot Tableau, it is the middle card in the last row of sevens, meaning it is the agency or process that counteracts or brings about the condition symbolized by the last card, which is The World.

Bota Deck The World

The initial force or state that is expressed or processed through Temperance is The Chariot.

Bota Deck The Chariot

The Chariot exemplifies Triumph in the Mind. It represents much more than that, but this will serve for the purpose of this post= Triumph in the Mind. It represents a lot more because... as someone said, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It might be much more than a thousand words, depending on the picture, or it could be a lot less than a thousand words, like the painting of a cow eating grass in a snowstorm.

Most interesting is the term associated with the force that Temperance represents. That term is Wrath. When we are being CHANGED, it can be a VERY uncomfortable event. It is not so much that we are personally resisting the change, it is due to our subconsciously resisting the change. There are parts of ourselves that have to do with former IMPRINTS, which are the substance of habitual behavior, based on our apprehension of what we thought was real at the time it imprinted.

We imprint much of what we become in our childhood. It produces the fodder for The Reactive Mind. It determines our relationship to Flight or Fight. It grooves our libido and forms our personality, although we bring a percentage of that with us so that our Karma can locate us in the way a cellphone or a low-jack can reveal our location. I am, OF COURSE, being allegorical here, with a great deal of Brevity. Heh heh... how do you get a great deal of Brevity?

There was a time when I did not handle this Wrath very well. I would often destroy something precious to me as a kind of “I don't care” statement; guitars... recording equipment, paintings. It didn't matter. Now that I reflect on the matter, I wonder at the possible connection between that and the Recorder I used to carry with me wherever I went. A recorder is a 'limited' musical instrument that was quite popular in The Middle Ages. It was also prominent in occult rituals, and in Wicca. It is a lot like the flutes used by snake charmers in India.

Anyway... I took a lot of LSD in those times, often alone and in the desert or the mountains. I liked tripping alone because there was no interference with my invisible friends showing up, who were not always invisible. Often... the trip would be influenced by the mindset of whatever companions might be with me during those times. Often... more pedestrian events would occur because of the presence of prosaic minds. This was especially true if I happened to be at a Be-In or a concert. Then it was rare for my friends from the luminous spheres to appear.

On several occasions, I would find myself at a cliff's edge, somewhere with tumbled rocks below me. I might be having one of those moments where I was trying to understand The Ego or some other less rarefied aspect of my being, and... I would toss the recorder off of the cliff, onto the rocks below. Sometimes it broke. Sometimes is seemed to just bounce around. They are made out of pretty hard wood. Whatever the result of the recorder's visitation among the rocks, I never saw that recorder again. I associated the recorder with my ego... or whatever I thought I was trying to get rid of, and it was a symbolic action meant to indicate that I was freeing myself of The Ego. Heh... heh... I did not realize at the time that one does not get rid of The Ego.

It became a thing between me and my corporate friends, and a saying emerged, “Remember the Flute!” It was used as a greeting or a farewell. That, of course, had a hidden meaning which was “Forget the Flute.” I was pretty much on my own back in those days. I was in unknown lands with no religious structure or belief system to comfort or contain me; probably just as well... but I was out there on life's highway with not a clue to who I was or what I was meant to be. That hasn't changed much (grin).

These days, I KNOW beyond any shadow of doubt that God is REAL, and also that God is not contained by any religion or belief system either. I don't understand why this Wrath comes upon me. It can be near unbearable at times. It is interesting that I have no real resistance to it. I am only trying to understand it, and why it comes around. I was told that I was no longer influenced by The Infernal Kingdom and they take it personally when anyone gets away from them, so they harass me; see if they can get a rise out of me. Apparently, eventually, they are no longer able to do this. I am aware of this and it gives me strength in those times, BUT... really... who is the source of this Wrath? Is it the angel that is prominently featured in the card? That angel is The Holy Guardian Angel, and it is that angel that facilitates The Operation of the Sun in those of us that pursue it.

The Holy Guardian Angel is associated with Sagittarius and the pursuit of Truth.

According to the tradition of Ageless Wisdom, we do nothing to accomplish the successful conclusion of The Operation of the Sun. Our part in the process is simply... to permit it, to not interfere in it, which is the instinctive reaction of 99 point something percent of humanity. We allow ourselves to be put in the way of it and... it makes us tremble when that waveform operates on our being. It is said that it has much of the character of Wrath to it, BUT... Wrath is a blind. Sometimes it seems to me that it is like Jihad, which the ignorant imagine to represent Holy War on infidels. Well... it does do this, but it is a holy war on our own being. It is a dramatic cleansing of us that drives every resident enemy within, far away... or into cinders and ash.

I suspect that it can be very uncomfortable to experience this. I have personally experienced a similar discomfort at various times in my life, and it can provoke an impotent rage. Everything comes out of vibration and the wavy nature of vibration can often have the character of Wrath because it seeks to change what we are unwilling to change.

If you are going to search for God, you have to expect that e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y nothing of your old self, the mortal self, will remain. It comes with the territory. Seek God and you will lose yourself. Anyone who has embarked on this course will recognize this feature and it is why 99 plus whatever fraction of a percent there is of us, at some point, turns away. It is too difficult. It hurts too much. People fall back into the comfort of the familiar, the confines of a religion or belief system that... allows for us to have the appearance of something we don't actually possess, although it is always there, and WILL possess us at some point.

It comes down to how much pain you can stand in the relentless cycling of reincarnation. Can you live with the war of opposites... attraction and aversion? Are you content enough with the carrot to not mind the stick? BUT... you don't have the carrot.

I suppose this got written for some reason today. I don't know what that is. I seldom do. Perhaps I suspect that I am not the only one to be occasionally inconvenienced by this visitation. Most of the time, my life is serene and above the fray. Given that, I can't complain, and what good would it do? None.

End Transmission.......

There is some powerful and interesting news to be found in today's links. I think, for those of you who venture to explore them, you will find this to be true=

Obama and Fauci



Web page capture from

Maybe this will migrate to our shores (finger's crossed)=
Why China’s elite tread a perilous path

I've written Elon Musk about this and advised him to go to the Truthseeker comments section, where there are a lot of people who are in touch with the Annunaki and other alien life forms who have the space technology he needs. I've told him to ask the Truthseeker comment section to put him in touch with the aliens (fingers crossed)=
Elon Musk tells SpaceX employees that Starship engine crisis is creating a ‘risk of bankruptcy’

Via Breitbart
Their lies are falling apart, and when they don't, the very absurdity sinks their boat, whether they killed an albatross or not=
New York Times:
Climate Change Is Driving Albatrosses to ‘Divorce’

Swad Khan

Via Fox News
Remember his video with the pornographic chick who was singing about her privates and somehow it was science? He's at it again (this man is certifiably crazy)=
Bill Nye 'Science Guy':
Roasted for 'insanely demented' TikTok video with President Biden

Via Fox News
You can expect this to jump up a few notches shortly=
Georgia police officer among 4 dead in rampage that also left boy, 12, shot in the face

Via Fox News
You can expect this to jump up a few notches too.
They think they are on a victory lap. They are not=

Superintendent says Detroit schools 'deeply using critical race theory'

Via Fox News
Absolutely... don't give them a dime.
I wrote what I consider an eloquent and extended email to them about my relationship with The Salvation Army. They are dead to me=

Salvation Army pulls controversial racism guide amid public outcry

"Let's Talk About Racism"
They didn't pull it soon enough;
here's a copy of THAT document

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

Bobby Bolin

Via Zero Hedge
Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit and so on=
A Scared Nu World:
Here's What We Know About The COVID "Omicron" Strain