Tuesday, December 14, 2021

"An Effort to Paint Fish in Flight Through the Slipstreams of Thought, Repurposed as The Element of Water."

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Having objective and detached eyes, not affected by the vagaries of time or imagined need, one can see people arranging their karma for the next life. A detached, objective perspective gives you this. Look at those who seek to be judges and prosecutors. If they are not upright, what have they put themselves in line for? The same with politicians and ministers of some cloth or another. When you can see into life, you can see into the Book of Nature, and the calliope of lives, endlessly turning round. You can see the spiral of lives on the upswing and those caught in the downdrafts of the uncertain winds of fortune, which there but for the grace of... goes anyone... at any time.

What is Fortune anyway, and how does Grace factor in? Grace... for me, is a form of Cosmic Recognition, for previous acts... for which there is no present evidence, except as present behavior might be emblematic of it... though... who among us is able to see this? ONLY The Wise. It can also come as the fruit of life-changing epiphany, or... sacrifice.

When you put yourself into the position to rule on the lives of others, do not be surprised if you find your own life ruled over, even if only by ungovernable passions. I have reason to feel sorry for those who do harm to their fellows. I can see their fate scrolling on the parchment of the recording angel; whatever that parchment might be. I see what is being woven for them on The Loom of Destiny.

The principal role of Jesus Christ as World Savior and... as the sacrifice of God in Human form... was to shed his blood for the saving, AND FUELING of the age He IS the true light. Though he is relevant far beyond the age in which he appeared, there is now another version of the same on deck, and in The Event Horizon. He will not be coming as a provider of fishes, and loaves, and... a whipping boy for those threatened by his presence. He is coming to sort things out, one way or the other, which will be one way regardless.

I could care less about The Historical Jesus. I doubt a great deal of what I hear on either side of the argument. What I do not doubt is what my heart tells me when my soul is in The Drivers Seat. I believe The Mystery of The Christ is a basic part of The Story. You have to experience it or... you can talk about it.

Half of not much is very little at all, in that world that is lit up only by the spinning Disco-ball of Karma, also known as The False Light of The World. In that light, nothing is seen as it really is. It is seen as what you wish it to be... or what you fear it to be. It all travels on a four-lane highway (coming and going) of Attraction and Aversion, which keeps merging and shifting so that you constantly have to switch from one lane to the other, to avoid all the incidents in which... what you thought you wanted, at some point in the past, is no longer desirable to you.

Where did the spinning Disco-ball come from? It is the illumination point from which everything you see is made to appear other than what it actually is, for the purpose of enticing you deeper into the underwater shadows where The Moray Eel of Unfortunate Fate resides. Swimming in shadows is never a good idea... because you often cannot see where you are going, which was the case to begin with... otherwise you would not have been swimming there.

While you are enamored of shadows... made colorful and attractive beneath the spinning globe, various events take place in The Dream Stream. These events are the adhesive that binds you to the hate-love dynamic of The Unreal. Eventually, a storm breaks out at sea and you are... after a number of frightening occurrences, washed up on The Shores of Ambivalence, where you can sit and shake your head for a very long time, trying to recall if it really was the way you remember it to have been.

Probably even before this point, the readers may well have been wondering, “What the Hell is he talking about? Why does this post look like some kind of Rococo Bouillabaisse, and... I know I ordered the shrimp cocktail?” They probably do not realize that all the metaphors, mixed and matched, are just an effort to paint fish in flight through the slipstreams of thought, repurposed as the element of water; it being... about as flexible and mutable as you can get when you are trying to explain something that cannot be put into words that bubble and then turn back into water. You see my problem here? (grin)

The Disco-ball is a near-perfect representation of the source of The False Light of this World. Think of the tinsel and glitter that represent success in Hollywood; where the fool stands in the shimmering confetti of shattered dreams falling, falling... which is as much a state of mind as it is a location. Think of the dreamy, doe-eyed camouflage of the femme fatale, who does not smile or else you will see her sharp teeth and the gambit is off, except for the truly self-destructive... who see themselves as the main player, in a made for TV adaptation of... “Of Human Bondage.” Things are NOT as they appear. Things are NOT what they appear to be, and therein one finds all The Causes for all The Effects, appearing as something other than what they really are, which is all revealed in hindsight to The Mind in reflection.

We are CONSTANTLY deceived, and ALL of the deception is based on the reports of the senses, as they apply to what we like... and dislike. We have to cashier both of these frauds in their perpetual costumery. The better suggestion is that one should TRAIN themselves to ONLY like what exists beyond appearances and reject everything else, that has no real existence beyond the false appearance, presently lit-up by the flashing Disco-ball.

Vanity... what an endless reservoir of Suffering it holds for the bearer of it. You have heard of The Death of a Thousand Cuts? Vanity is the Death of the Never-Ending Cuts because everything that is not flat-out adulation and genuflecting appreciation... cuts and hurts. How about, “damned with faint praise?” Even nothing said... cuts and hurts. What does it mean that nothing was said? An agony of uncertainty continues in the continuing silence. The cheers and accolades do not last. Here come the endless ranks of your replacements; younger, leaner, fitter. Oh yeah... just how it is. You can ONLY outrun the competition for as long as you can outrun the competition.

The same reality applies to the aging stag and the wolf pack, the aging lion and the hyenas, AND... your own fragility under the relentless force of Time... passing. Given The Inevitable, it is perplexing that people put so much importance on pedestrian things that are fading away as you are looking at them, AND... You? You are fading too. One part of you does not fade and is not tarnished by The World. In the Vedic Tradition, they call it The Atman. In The West, they call it The Soul. The Soul and The Spirit are often confused by the layman. The Spirit is the spark of The Divine that is contained IN The Soul. The Soul is the vehicle for The Spirit... moving inexorably toward Perfect Union in an absolute, and eternal... resonance.

What is it that suffers in The World when the important parts of your self continue... untouched by Suffering? It is The Mind. It is, more specifically... The Separated Mind. It is The Separated Mind that suffers. Why then, would you separate your mind from The Mind? This is the area where Free Will comes into play. It is through Free Will that you discover that Free Will IS NOT A GOOD THING. If you are not in The Separated Mind then... where are you? You are in The Mind of God. You have surrendered all of your ambitions and desires to The Divine, and... The Divine then leads you out of The Separated Mind into the righteous fulfillment of every ambition and desire imagined truly.

Never forget that desire is the agent of God's will.

Look at The World of the Moment, as it exists in the thrall of Materialism. What do you see? You see vain fools and posturing pinheads, embarrassing themselves, AND... unaware of it. ALL of your joys and sorrows are contained in whether you are SEPARATED or not. Are you in The Mind you have separated from The Divine or... are you in The Divine Mind? Resolve this, and you are LITERALLY... on your way.

On ANY given day, take your ride out on The Information Highway and see what there is to see. It is a wasteland of the angry and insane, seeking to outrun each other, on the way to... where, exactly? Take a ride inside your mind and what do you see? This is about as much as I can get you from The Department of Hints. A massive, life-changing revelation is lurking here. For so long as you are undecided about there being a single author to the whole of life, you will be a ping pong ball. The exchange may be rough, horn-handed or graceful, or... mixed, AND it is ALL the result of you thinking that you are God in the equation. YOU ARE NOT... with certain caveats that I can't talk about because nobody can.

Find God concealed within. It is like one of those trick pictures where you have to find the sailing ship in the jungle scenery. God IS right there within you. Look and search until this becomes the single most important feature of all your days and nights, and... there will be no more darkness, no more restless dreams of suffering... no more want, BECAUSE all want is predicated on the idea that you do not already have everything you could ever wish for.

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robert said...

Visible One for Many

We are CONSTANTLY deceived, and ALL of the deception is based on the reports of the senses, as they apply to what we like... and dislike. We have to cashier both of these frauds in their perpetual costumery. The better suggestion is that one should TRAIN themselves to ONLY like what exists beyond appearances and reject everything else, that has no real existence beyond the false appearance, presently lit-up by the flashing Disco-ball.

Childhood's end for sensory sycophants of superficiality!

At what point growing up do we begin to realize that reality is deeper then the superficial senses? That our visual perception sees only the surface of things?

"Sounds good" more trustworthy than "Looks good"?

Not in the sense of the narrative power of verbiage to sway us with story but that the tone of voice tells more than the word spin tries.

Outside of earbud sheltering in place, sound in the world reports depth more accurately than our besieged visual apparatus.

Our ability to think abstractly depends on transcending the sensorium and using the imaginarium to perform our modelling of what-is.

This explains why Armageddon is being fought with psyops, MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS and constant blitzkriegs of fear, to intimidate the neocortex into submission to the limbic instincts of human automatons.

Touch a zombie with any critical thought and the eruption of dispossessed emotional parasites reveals a mind in bondage.

Imagine the condition of mental hygiene from passive acceptance of extreme absurdity, all the inverted myths infesting the media-blown-up Matrix, accumulating unquestioned in the neglected imaginarium!

We are all witnessing the result of crushing the spirit in the press of unrighteous reaction to losing "what's mine".

People giving ground to encroaching maliciousness, as the deconstructors formerly known as destroyers crush the constructive in the service of departed self.

Falling back into regressive states of animal docility, with intermittent explosions of rage against the belying of the light.

Nowhere to go but within, but most stay huddled just inside the shell, where subjectivity may roam free even for prisoners pretending to plot an escape.

So who believes in the sensory reality?
Not the consumers of human energy, nor the manipulators of monetary carrots!

Only the entertained are trained to entrance themselves, suspend all disbelief so as to stay detached from reality, fluffing in fantasy while their soul burns.

Every moment we gave oursselves away to serve others for the intangible reward from within, we won.
Recalling those victories leads us onto greater meaning than anything we keep for ourselves.

How the perverted have inverted this soul desire to prey upon our willingness!

The antidote is to give without limit and make the ticks explode from their compulsive lust for blood!

We can only give without limit when we have found our resonance with the One and flow from the Source, instead of from a personal cache of emotional motivation.

The funny thing is, just about everything in the Matrix!
The absurdity is painfully obvious so we laugh out loud to vent our indignation!

Zombies, and their summoned point person of polarity reversed, demand to be taken seriously, or else!
See through the flickering projection and pierce their pretension and watch their rapid deflation with disinterested amusement.

We are on our way home to where we already are.
The disconnected, separated from their spark of life, are driven to seek elsewhere for their home.
As long as we laugh from the divine perspective and not from programmed derision, we are leavening the bread of life.

Make the fearful curious about the provenance of our mirth and save a zombie from themselves!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The 'recording angel'. (In my best 'Church Lady' vooice. . .) Could it be Azrael? Being the psychopomp slut that I am. . .oh, never mind.

Sort things out. Sounds like Kalki. And another prediction has been made that Kali Yuga ends in 2025, but as far as I'm concerned, who knows?


On the other hand I've read or listened to others mentioning 2025 being a turning point one way or another. Was it Levi? Elizabeth April? Ralph Smart? Another mystic who I only listen to on occasion, or someone I only read or listened to once? Canny remember. What I do remember is the number of the year.

Vanity. Chicks are trained to be vain. To spend lots of time and money trying to make themselves look as good as possible so they can snag a good keeper? (Owner?) It's also painful. The modifications like eyebrow plucking, sometimes surgery, the high heeled shoes, and don't get me started on the silly clothing, some of which is as hot as dry ice. Dorky, is more like it.

Not for me, thanks. I'd rather be in charge of my own destiny and not have to answer to anyone in my personal life or live at the expense of even someone who holds a leash that has no end. I don't like existing at the expense of another.

Death by a thousand cuts. Lingchi. They actually had postcards made of this Chinese torture, I think in the early 1900s. Google it. I've seen 'em. After all, I have a strong morbid streak.

Me thinks I better stop now.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Spiritual Considerations are Much Too Confining for the Freebooting Mercenaries of The Manifest Plane."

Anonymous said...

LMAO, Visible! Great stuff! Only got to the shrimp cocktail, but had to rest and say BIG thanks. Spot on, my friend.



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