Monday, December 6, 2021

"Once That Adjustment is Made, Serenity Comes Upon the Waters of Your Heart and Mind."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is an alt-news site called The Truthseeker. It is a UK-based website and it is not immune to the anonymous cowards of Hasbara, who routinely haunt the place. I'm not going to mention their names, though, no doubt... I will wind up mentioning them ♫ as time goes by ♫ Lately... I see that they are accusing the site owner, Rixon Stewart of being disinfo. If that were the case (and it is not) I cannot see where the profit is for him.

Slandering Rixon Stewart will accomplish nothing. He's actually doing something. I don't know about the yammering hyenas who screech on cue when Israel activates their vibrating butt plugs, and THEY deliver their message of despair and atheism. I guess they use 5-G for that.

In my postings, I have gone out of my way to give the most precise take on LOVE in terms of what I mean when I am presenting it. Trolls come out of their hidey-holes to say all love is crap and the fruit of animals and that there is no such animal as Higher Love. That is true. Animals do not possess Higher Love, BUT... you can tell who the agents of the darkness are at that site, by using a couple of filters to expose them; those who are endlessly repeating the same message over and over, and it is ALWAYS negative, and NEVER positive OR... they talk gibberish and they throw shit at you sideways.

Another thing to keep in mind; those slandering Rixon and accusing him of being disinfo are the very thing they accuse him of being. I think some of you might mistake his purposes because he links a wide reach of news items and no discernible pattern emerges. Over the weekend it was all about the vaccines. He identifies trends you might like to know about, then he leaves you space to argue about it. He's very egalitarian, more so than me. Some of them I would have sent packing, as they mean no good to anyone. They are there ONLY to stir up trouble. Some of them are paid to do it, and some of them do it cause it feels good to them. They do Evil for the sheer joy of it.

Imagine that? There are people out there who get a kick out of tormenting others, IF... they can find a way to do so. They are sociopaths and care not a wit about right and wrong, ONLY about their objective. Everyone is to be considered possible collateral damage to that objective. Don't get in their way. Ah... but they are like enraged bulls. All you have to do is stand in the direction you want them to go in and wave a red flag, and they WILL destroy themselves.

Now... THEY want the history of their misdeeds in occupied Russia, for many decades in the last century, scrubbed from the human mind and the record book. Otherwise, the reason for fabricating the Holocaust will be exposed. Well... I don't hate to tell you (or them) it IS going to be exposed, and not only that. It's too bad there has to be an Us and a Them. Yes... there is a level at which there is no Us and Them. However... this level we are communicating on... the visible level... does contain a Them and Us. Perhaps we see it differently on the invisible level, but... that's invisible, right? My response is that you then need to get new eyes.

Sometimes I sit here and wonder (I'm usually here) what all those Hasbara agents, catamite talking heads, these toxic, face-fountains for subterranean waste dumps, will do when the cover gets ripped off the whole stinking mess? How are they going to spin The Story then? What shall they do when it is exposed that the whole reason for The Story was to exercise control over us? This is why so many of them are so desperate. A place within them is constantly reminding them that they sold out their humanity. Well... I suppose you can keep that bottled up for a while, BUT... what do you do when the whole thing gets publicly exposed?

Now... you see governors, news personalities, entertainers, all... suddenly in the crosshairs and going down. Mr. Apocalypse is all over the place among the High and Mighty. He told me he was going to do this a few years ago. He said, “Visible, I'm going to show up right in the midst of them, and pull their pants down before the eyes of The World. Visible, I'm going to be so ingenious about it, a lot more so than they have been with their tawdry plots, and... Visible, do you have any idea of how ingenious I can be? No... you do not.” He laughed after he said that last. He has a funny way of talking... as if he was from another century.

How can diametrically opposite points of view both be true? It is because as a man thinketh, so is he. Whatever you believe becomes true for you. We are ALL living our own truth, no matter how much of a complete self-deception it may be. This is the realm of relative truth. It is all true, even if it is only true for you... at least until The Truth shows up (and it will). The Greater Truth, the more complete truth, cannot be experienced here. You have to rise to it or call it forth... with an intensity that is superhuman, so... you don't actually do it yourself. The Greater Truth comes about when Divine Love (in your heart) and Divine Luminous Wisdom (in your mind) come into an unspeakable union, and The Truth is revealed as the offspring of that union. The Truth takes off her clothes and the world disappears.

Why does The World disappear when The Truth takes off her clothes? It is because The World is a falsehood- projection into space -of what you believe it to be, and which it is not, except insofar as you are concerned, and then... ONLY until The Truth shows up. The Truth is the white backing screen upon which the movie is projected. The World is the movie, only the backing screen is real.

In other words, whatever you talk yourself into will eventually become true for you, including all of your illnesses and misfortunes. This is one of the ways in which Cosmic Justice dispenses itself. Your nature is disposed a certain way, and... from there... you proceed to the playing fields of The Purpose of Demonstration. You MUST... or let us say, you SHOULD... seek a Higher Nature through a Higher Love. In other words, it comes around because of it. The one begets the other. All of the qualities of God are hung about his neck on a particular thread that unites them all (anthropomorphically speaking). That thread is Impersonal Love. Our nature follows what we love, and that leads us to The Carnal Realm... The Land of the Happy Medium... or... Heaven. The Carnal Realm is a suburb of Hell. With modern transit, you can be there in no time at all (grin).

It concerns me when I see so many angry and intentionally mean people in the forums. I don't go to forums intentionally, but I happen on them because of the articles I read. They always end in a comments section, so... I see the trending, of a section, of the contemporary human mind, especially among the anonymous sector, and... it just makes you sad. The one feature I note with all of them is that God is not a feature of their discourse. Yikes! I could not imagine God not being the centerpiece of my existence.

You know, I seldom think about Heaven and such things. I probably think about it most on the occasions when I mention it. It is one of the things that put Certitude into my Faith, that I know I am sincere and not out after rewards, on this plane or any other. You don't have to join an army or an organization to serve. Some might say those were limited and dangerous venues to deploy upon, depending on who is financing the combat or the corporation. One serves best as they go. If you employ this form of behavior, it will take you to a Higher Plane of existence. You are where you are because that is where your self industry has taken you. There are places one cannot arrive at by self-industry. However... trains and planes and boats of the heart and mind are leaving their stations every day.

As above, so below; on higher planes, there are still mediums of transport. The lower down you go, the more restricted you are. Time is denser. The higher you go, the wider, clearer, brighter is the way. To each their own. I am sad to say that that is an inflexible part of the dynamic. We choose to go a certain way and we are taken there. The Karmic composition of our being is continuously responding to the environment, and that brings specific results. The whole of God's Kingdom is surgically precise.

Look at recent events, having to do with misfortune coming upon politicians, the well to do, entertainers, talking heads... name figures. This is not accidental. This is a flowering of the apocalypse. The apocalypse can take a number of years. It can also be very swift. It's probably better not to decide that you should be at the tiller; God is my co-pilot on the river... or in the sky. I know that many people are apprehensive about hard times coming. It could... also... go the other way and fall hard upon those responsible for hard times. Perhaps it will be a bit of both. Perhaps it will be as you thinketh.

I try to learn at all times. Why should I be a victim of my own ignorance? So I learn from The Masters, and I learn by observation, where a rich display of what a person should not do... is always in view in The World passing before my eyes. You see tragedy and triumph with each new day. You see The Same Old Same Old, repackaged as something new. You see what happens if you try, and you see what happens if you don't. There is an adjustment that has to happen in The Mind, and... until that happens, the current of life's river can run through all sorts of conditions. Once that adjustment is made, Serenity comes upon the waters of your heart and mind.

As for the Hasbara trolls and operatives at sites like The Truthseeker, none of what they do is a surprise, and... as always... what you say and do defines you. In the next succeeding steps of The Awakening and Mr. Apocalypse hoedown, the ho's are going down. You do not have to take my word on this, you will see it take place in front of you... and at a distance.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Posts like put me into absolute overdrive in thinking the best thing the human race can do for itself is to stop breeding and eliminate itself from this realm of the demiurge. Then again, how many times have I been here? Well, this is my last round as far as I'm concerned; so I guess for me, stupid has been fixed.

Me thinks 'the fall' was the desire to experience 'ego'. See what it's like to exist in the illusion of not bein' connected to Source. (Hey! At least I didn't say "FSM" or "Snorfles".)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I want to be in that number when The Truth shows up. I think...

Love, Priscilla

robert said...

Visible One For Many,

More friendly firelight, more fireside chat from a ringside seat!

I see the trending, of a section, of the contemporary human mind, especially among the anonymous sector, and... it just makes you sad. The one feature I note with all of them is that God is not a feature of their discourse. Yikes! I could not imagine God not being the centerpiece of my existence

Empty vacuum being filled by hungry hyenas

Clinging to the subjective substrata just inside the skin of their bubble world.

Never venturing to the center of their bubble, which happens to be the only true way out!

Our world is a sphere or more precisely, an oblate toroid, with its axis of rotation down the center
Our personal bubble, until pierced by the Impersonal truth born of "Divine Love (in your heart) and Divine Luminous Wisdom (in your mind)", is but a sphere with only the spin we induce from our self-deceiving story bored.

A very effective deception used by the psychopathic pawns of the dead stick controller is to pretend that the inner world consists only of personal fantasy, labelled "subjectivity"

For the clowns clowning around in our conceptual clothing, the game is to convince people to disconnect from their spirit, and join the lost in the rigged game played only in the realm of the senses.

But whose sense?

If you are a member of the secretive sect of secular secretions, you are shown that the projected world we sense can be warped by conscious skull-duggery.
So the marks play by the rules and the house of bad faith rakes in the stolen value.

The major con is to prevent people looking within: they might meet their maker half-way home!

The psyop is to INVERT the shameless self-centeredness practiced by the psychopaths themselves:

"Don't be selfish! Only pay attention to the common sensed world!
Stay entranced with the laser pointer show on all your flat screens!"

The joke is on the gullible: there IS no common sensed world, as Visible points out in this post, only the dominant projection from the usually suspect, powered by the industrial media Matrix.

Or another con:
"If you consult your intuition, you are only being subjective"

This is a more subtle misdirection, based upon where the self-centric control freaks store their identity:

The inside surface of their bubble shell is where their subjectivity clings in futility...

Going deeper, on a journey to the center of the earth or our being, takes courage and creativity, ways which the control-obsessed dare not adopt or lose their grip on the tail of the tiger they unleashed with their cruelties.

The deceivers go just deep enough into the mechanism of projection to manipulate the consensual illusion, herding all the reality projectors into buying into the pedowood version.
Observed by timeless vision, deceivers are the cowardly, by the book, literal-minded fools wasting their time harvesting ego vanities at the expense of other's souls' desires....

They try to ward off the awakening by misdirecting people away from core conceptions, extolling the consumer mindset of chewing on comfort zone crib rails, a thin layer of mental miasma trapped inside perceptual bubbles

Tribulation is NOT just for the children of the One to help them know they are One.
It is the long delayed karmic balancing act, coming like a tornado to clear the air for heavenly sounds!

All we have to be is calm enough to tune back into the Unity channel and begin to stay tuned to Reality for a change, pun intended!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Some Have no Pen, and Some Have no Ink, Imagination or Inspiration. We Live in the Celebration of Mediocrity."

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, thank you so much, again. Another profound message that resonates deeply.
May Almighty God continue to fill your sails with His loving Grace.

Machiventa said...

boycott the bastards





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