Friday, March 24, 2017

The Satanic Manipulators in our Midst.

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It is past difficult to know what is going on in the heads of those advising Trump, or Trump's head. It's not hard to figure out what is going on in the heads of those who oppose him. There are only two options in that regard; uninformed stupidity, where the person has swallowed whatever they have been told, or agenda driven niche players, who feel like their personal ambitions are going to be challenged. The particular demographics of these people are the opposite coasts of the country. Everything in between is solidly Trump.

I have the occasional fantasy that Trump should employ me as an independent adviser. I am NOT a Trump supporter but I do love my country, strange as it may seem, given that my country has been hijacked by dual national neo-cons from Israel and their international banker associates. The country has Stockholm Syndrome and is fluoride overdose dumbed down. Because it is human nature to be fascinated by the glitter of materialism, the collective, objective capacity has been shut down and gone to automatic pilot, Shmoo subjective unconsciousness. It's not their fault and it is their fault.

Anyway, I would advise Trump to break up the media conglomerates as the first order of business. I would have him make dual nationals register as representatives of a foreign nation. I would have him clean house from top to bottom of Obama holdovers, who are working day and night to sabotage his policies. I would tell him to employ his presumed intellect in a more perspicacious manner where it involves Twitter work. What is he thinking with his scattershot actions? A good example is saying that Meryl Streep is "one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood". Regardless of her lack of political acumen she is one of the best actresses ever. It's fine if he wants to call her a Hillary flunkie. This is true. Trump, unfortunately lacks gravitas and he needs to get some. He often comes across as a buffoon. George W. Bush was a buffoon. Trump does not have to be.

He needs to declare in a measured and informed manner that not only he but the American way of life (should there be such a thing) is under attack by certain forces that want to destroy them both. Here are some of the ridiculous phenomena that have been surfacing these days. What a moron. Dumbass is becoming a national pastime. Then there is this. Seriously, I could put in link after link after link of the obsessive sexual insanity being promoted by the Satanic manipulators in our midst and it is all geared to the destruction of the family unit, which is the basic building block of a society. It is also about the promotion of reverse kundalini behavior because that leads to the waste of vital substances, which destroys spiritual awareness and imprisons the practitioners in purgatory of enforced materialism. It opens the door to demonic possession (fact). It sends you to Hell, which you may choose to understand metaphorically or literally, due to the way you choose to interpret it. Just about every spiritual text agrees with this, whether you agree with any of them is unimportant. I have many departures from the letter of scripture but I do not doubt what the historical record has proven to me over and over again.

There is a war going on and far too many people have become complicit in it.

I know it can appear to the reader that I have become overly focused on the sexual mores of the day. The truth is that everything is sex and the dancers from the dark side know this and if they can program the human mind into a dysfunctional relationship with its own sexuality they can effectively plunge the world into darkness. They can sow confusion and disorder and this is their intent, impure and simple. I recognize the direction in which sexual practices have gone and I know why, the same way I know what will happen to all the green leaves in trees and the flowers that come and go. So long as this perversity is pushed in my face and demanding that I accept it as more than normal, I'm going to call it for what it is and I don't care what anyone may say to the contrary. I can see very clearly the intent of it all and it bodes no good for anyone as will be amply demonstrated on its march into perdition. I pray it does not take too many of you with it.

Tolerance is all well and good and you will never catch me getting on anyone's case in any social situation. I'm not Savonarola. However, tolerance is not acceptance. We are all permitted our view on life, whether we are right or wrong. Time will surely tell what's what about everything.

Not a day goes by when I do not wish that I were a better person; that I had a wider reach of understanding, that I possessed a greater self restraint. At the moment this is not the case. We will all get there in time but it is harder for me to imagine a greater mistake than for one to assume they are something they are not. Powerful archetypes are eternally in place to inform us otherwise should we persist in this delusion. We have to maintain an honest perspective on ourselves. We can lie to ourselves all day long but that will not make what is false true.

I can't pretend I am blind to the cultural Armageddon taking place like this filming of “She on my Dick” at an Atlanta strip club. There is a conscious and concerted effort to mainstream depravity and suck the countries youth into a fiery cauldron of twisted excess. We've come a long way from Stevie Wonder and the brighter lights of nicer times. I suppose I can sound all Calvinistic and repressed, although my history hardly indicates that. There is no doubt that the worst among us are being promoted into the spotlight and the real artists are not permitted anywhere near the stage. They are striving 'lights out' to usher in Hell on Earth because that is the kingdom of choice for those manipulating the mouthpieces of the culture. Take a look at this vile little skank doing something that sounds like “bounce with the motherfucking hounds”. She has a surgically enhanced ass and the tone of the article is absolutely ludicrous.

It features several young dancing girls around 8 years old. On what planet does this pass for acceptable entertainment? Who's behind it? Who's usually behind it? Who owns the porn industry? How can you argue with names and faces attached to the works? It gets worse and worse. It's worldwide and for some uncanny and 'coincidental' reason it's the same people. The music industry is a part of the entertainment industry and who controls that? I don't care what kind of arguments anyone wants to make to the contrary because I KNOW the names and dates and activities that are hard cold fact. Is it exclusive to these people? No. Are they representative out of all proportion to their numbers in the population? Absolutely. And... of course, when it comes to all the things blamed on others, it turns out that they are behind it. Of course, it's a brain tumor that's responsible. Like the apples passed through, or tossed over the concentration camp fences. The stories become more and more ridiculous with time as this Holocaust Mowgli shows. (This is exactly like all these Star Wars Gender identifications) Like 'Ballpoint Annie' Frank the lies continue1.

How many times have I said that I wish what was so was not so? Exposing these things and talking about these things is career suicide. Surely one is better off to skirt the issue entirely and pretend that it isn't happening. Of course you are then a coward and lack all integrity and honor. On the other hand you get visually disappeared but the ineffable sees everything. He knows who his soldiers are. I have no problem standing in the court of public opinion because one day I will assuredly have to stand before a higher court, as shall we all. Of course, these people make up the highest concentration of atheists in any demographic so what do they care? Still... just because you insist something is not so does not make it not so. Once again I do not have to rely on the opinions of others when it comes to the existence of the ineffable. I have direct and personal confirmation of this. I have had the truth of the matter proven to me more times than I can remember and now have direct evidence of it every day. Let anyone and everyone believe what they like, whether they have proven it to themselves or simply taken it at face value ...because it is a commonly shared delusion. If what you rest on is insubstantial, you are standing on shaky ground. If you've got a firm foundation, so much the better.

Whatever is coming is getting closer every day. Ride along with it or get out of the way.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Asleep in the REM Room of Blinding Desire on a Dreamcycle built for Morons.

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You tell yourself, “They can't get stupider, or crazier, or both, weaving back and forth over the yellow line on a ♫bicycle built for morons♫ than they already are... can they?” As a matter of fact, Birginia, they can. I don't know how many of you stand back in awe and wonder as I do when you read things like this. Surely there is some rational explanation for it. Of course, there has to be some explanation for this too... right? A few years ago some fellow in Massachusetts wanted to marry his dog. It was a Labrador, I think. There were plenty of attending photos, like the one of them having dinner at the dining room table. Sadly, this predated Instagram ...or we'd have had more intimate imagery of the kind. What most of this comes down to is the ubiquitous and insane drive for celebrity, regardless of any attending talent. The Kardashian's have proven that this kind of thing works. All you need are the lips of a Blowfish. They already have the cruel spines, beautifully and functionally exemplified in their behavior and complimented by an attending ass on which you can set a tray of drinks (scroll down for the image). We live in an age where actual talent is of no importance whatsoever.

Then there is that compassionate Tribe tchotchke, Mandy Patinkin whose efforts on behalf of the human race are only exceeded by his efforts at self promotion. Given that, until Mr. Apocalypse shakes the burning bed, a large percentage of the world is asleep in the Rem Room of blinding desire, we definitely need sleeping pods for those who might otherwise learn something. Some might say that decadence is the cause of a societies fall and some might say it is cultivated or habitual aggressions or greed. I would say that it is runaway incipient madness, becoming logarhythmically exponential, that is the offspring of everything else. Nice sentence structure, visible.

One of the more surprising phenomena that I encounter is that most people seem fairly together to me. Then again, I tend not to attract the other forms of expression. Yet you see these garish headlines of people acting out as if crazy were the new normal. It used to be that I was considered one of the most deranged people around. That I am still here is complete proof of a divine being. Now I am one of the more balanced and rational people I know, in whatever groups I am briefly passing through. I even seem to exhibit flashes of gravitas on occasion (grin). I suppose when I hit the lottery shortly it will all be proof of ♫timing... a tick a tick a tick a ticka timing. Ticka ticka ticka timing in the sea♫ Think I'm kidding? The reason I even bring it up is that some of us were scheduled for outrageous reactions to a world that felt off a cliff at some point and were we to survive the tricky ins and outs of it all, we become due for a payoff. It could be that the pending prosperity is conferred in more esoteric coin but... the state of being that comes with it, proves to be indistinguishable from the more ordinary gold.

In a time when Common Core is emblematic of cultivated common ignorance we are given the opportunity to see what kind of twisted logics come about to justify seriously dumb ass protocols. The benefits of learning to write by hand are not exclusively about the act of being able to do this. It has a lot to do with the way the brain gets wired. Common Core is just one more exponent of the Satanic Agenda.

Attending these Dumb and Dumber curriculums are the expressions of what passes for art these days. Add to that the lyrical beauty of Rap. Add to that the festering stew of sexual dysfunction, spreading like a pandemic around the globe. It's in your face when it isn't trying to sit on your face. Add to that the epidemic of alcoholism and drug abuse. Add to that the frenzied impatience of a public where, “I want it now!” has become a mantra. Add to that the general physical laziness and death dealing bad diets. Add to that the rising social conflicts between so many different perspectives on what is right and what is wrong; what is normal and what is not... what is what? I don't know.

We've passed into a zone where people are changing and being changed so fast that they are three or four changes ahead already of the last time they checked to see how much they have changed, if they ever do.

I have to point out something very, very important. Life and the composition of it are reflected in the aggregate mindset of the public. What we collectively believe appears to becomes true whether it is or not. What people are being swayed into believing, accounts for the appearance of the landscape that surrounds them. Perception is the arbiter of what passes for reality. What is truly real looks entirely unlike what we have convinced ourselves otherwise of (great sentence structure visible, including ending it with a preposition! That's how we roll.) Surely you have heard more than once; 'things are not what they appear', 'things are not what they seem,' or 'appearances are deceiving.' Some might tell you that The Devil is the Father of Appearances, simply because appearances lie. Actually, The Devil is the interpreter of appearances. This is why there is so much money and effort that goes into making people believe certain things in order to fulfill agendas that have to do with them reaping a profit from what people believe to be true. Consider commercials. Anyone with a certain level of intelligence knows that commercials are a lie, or they used to. Now they are one more form of entertainment. It is very easy to see how influenced by lies the public is. The world is a lie.

If you embrace lies as real, you are at the mercy of lies. There is no future in that and it poisons the present as well. Lies are akin to living in a dark room. You cannot see the definitive shape of a thing and you can't see where you are going or what you are doing. If a room is filled with light then everything is easy to see as it is and you can see what you are doing. This sounds simplistic but it is a powerful understanding. Many people today are walking in shadow and nothing presents itself as it actually is. As a result we do not see each other as we are either. We don't see anything as it is and that is the meaning of the shadows on the walls of Plato's Cave and a host of other truths that have come down the centuries, dressed as tales and whatever the evidence is that was left behind for us to find, should we happen to be looking for it. Of course, in these times people are looking for all manner of things because we live in a shake 'n bake world of sought after instant gratification.

God walks this world in the disguise of each other. In many cases he and she are hidden well but he and she are there all the same. The art of life is to bring the ineffable forth in the people that we meet; elsewise we invoke The Devil or some personality in flux or chronic repetition. True masters are capable of this. The secret is to emulate the sun and to shine on others, where the common practice is to be so self involved that others exist only for whatever value or purpose is placed on them, even if it is only to avoid the loneliness of our undiscovered self.

This world is a multifarious prison camp, as we are all too often engaged in the business of enslaving one another. Movie stars live in a world of fantasy and glitter but they are a slave to the system that employs them, just as are politicians and anyone in any theater of operation, where there are fixed rules of behavior that you had best not be caught stepping out of. They imagine they are free and exceptional but they are locked up and cannot see the cage. The same goes for people with money and the truth of that is obvious to anyone who is not caught up in the love or pursuit of it.

I lived for a time in the Guru Bawa Fellowhip in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia. He was a light in this world and you could literally see the corona that outlined his form. I suppose you could also call the place an ashram. There was, as there always is, a ruling junta that had jockeyed themselves into positions of influence. They were amusing to me and they weren't fond of me either. The fellowship was housed in a beautiful building and from what I hear they are still there. In the front yard there was a lovely greensward, where you could sit if you were of a mind. When Bawa passed, the junta paved it over and created a parking lot, where their job description was stenciled into the macadam. I thought this was hilarious and ugly at the same time. It amazes me that so called spiritual beings can do something like this and take themselves so seriously and not see how embarrassing they are.

One of my chief entertainments is to sit on a park bench and watch people, or go to a festival to do the same. People fascinate me. I do not want to give the impression that I am mocking them. I'm just watching but the deeper you look and the greater the degree of concentration that you employ, the more interesting and surprising they become. I like humanity. They often disappoint me but I have had many occasions to admire and to love humanity and I suspect I have disappointed humanity a time or two myself. It is something to keep in mind and to never forget the beam in our own eye.

Unless you can exist as your real self, neither you nor the moment you exist in will be real and life will just go by according to the dictates of your karma and the whims of your environment. It will be like a dream that passed by on the way to the next installment, followed by the installment after that. I'm not a fan of carousels and it is my sincere hope that I will see you in a place beyond this carnival of errors one fine day.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Stalking the Wild Whatever in Wide Load Jeans.

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Whoa!!! Wonder upon wonder these days. You never know about that Mr. Apocalypse. The news today took me back to my bust in Hawaii. When it happened it was the front page article in the newspaper which... I am not sure I ever saw it. Although it was news, I suppose... what happened with my being acquitted for entrapment and being unique in that regard, was much bigger news and they buried it in a small blurb on page six. I did see that. Well today, what would have been huge news had it gone the other way, was somewhere in the sidebar going down the page on one of the pink mafia's big crass media outlets. Even at their special section of NBC-out, it was subdued and filled with the kind of curdled oatmeal syntax, as we are used to encountering in their rare setbacks in recent years. Of course... the ridiculous continues to appear. If I were to say that nearly 50% of the inmates in prison are there because of draconian drug laws it wouldn't even be important enough to be news. Even though the amount of those confined would be interesting by comparison with the entire culture of alternative sexual types.

Yes, the Noahide Supreme Court bounced the transgender bathroom business and they said it had to do with Trump! How surprising is that, given the pounding he is taking from the media these days? This was not to be expected at all and this tells us to, “expect the unexpected.” As we have said a time or two here, it was the ever increasingly urgent 'goats pissing themselves in rut' alternative sex meme, concerning the bathroom agenda that put Trump over the top. I'm not discounting the immigrant issue and a few other things; especially the return of the manufacturing base ...but this particular Satanic agenda is a very powerful thing in the minds of a large body of the public, especially those with children in the educational puppy mills of this day and age, which now resemble what you would find if Dr. Moreau were the head of the Health, Welfare and Education system. I think the latest followup on “Heather has two Mommies” is going to be “Heather has Two Mommies that used to be Daddys and Something Else we Don't Know what the Fuck It Is.” Later on we will get a biography entitled, “Heather, the Hell's Angel Leather Nun with Chest Hair.” If we are really lucky (snicker) one day we will get headlines like, “Men in Bullet Proof Metal Bras Machine Gun all normal people in Crowded Soho nightclub... One Dead.” Color me cynical.

There is an astounding amount of WTF going on these days. I saw an article that said something about the most dangerous places in the world to travel. I didn't even see Zimbabwe on the list of what proved to be a hundred or so places and somewhere in the middle I saw Mongolia. Mongolia? There wasn't even any copy attending it. Then I saw Belgium. Sure Belgium is dangerous if you are a kid because it is Pedophilia Central; a real supermarket for highly placed EU officials and upper tier law enforcement but otherwise? Good Grief! Then I saw Ecuador. Well I don't know ...and when the final handful of places came up they were all out of sync stat wise. I don't know if you will take the trouble to look at all of them as I did but obviously someone is either a serious dumbass or they think everyone else is.

Conditions in the American political system are becoming seriously unhinged. Trump now claims that Obama was wiretapping him before the election. I don't doubt that and suspect Obama of monstrous crimes that make this look like jaywalking. The press is howling about no proof. The FBI director is instructing the Justice Department to ignore any investigation into it and Trump offers nothing in the way of proof, allowing the press to continue to howl, like the starving hyenas they are in real life. Why would Trump make a claim like that that he has no evidence of... or hasn't released yet? Meanwhile, the FBI director was the fellow who brought out those email claims about Hillary right before the election. It seems impossible to figure out what is going on. There are wheels inside of the wheels inside of the wheels we can see and they are all eccentrically concentrically none of the above. I love it when you don't have to think about what something I said might mean. As you can tell, I often don't bother about that myself. I have more important things to do. You can see from what I just said, it appears that I have some of the most critical abilities one needs to work in the mainstream press; if what I just said is any indication.

We are living in times more potentially dangerous than any of the locations given at that webpage that is listing all of the dangerous places to travel and like most smoke screens that are hanging like sandstorms in the momentarily suspended and pregnant air, one of the most dangerous aspects of this time is all of what we do not know, set against those who are absolutely certain that they do know and both of them set up against those spending hundreds of millions of dollars and raising private armies to enforce upon you what they insist that you know, even if it is completely untrue or seriously unpleasant for you and perhaps even more dangerous than all those places ...and these times that are distorted enough to even permit them to carry on as they do.

A few days ago and over a longer stretch of time, I was wondering about places where one could go, where the environment was stable and a person could come and go, without any major concerns about the bat shit lunatics who span every economic and intellectual demographic and who seem to be everywhere and for whom... it seems, at least to me, that circumstances are not going to turn out well for and so it is advisable not to be around them... tap, tap, tap, tap... sigh and I couldn't come up with anywhere that didn't have so many drawbacks that it set you back. And what are the solutions to evading the pending tsunami of crazy shit that is teetering in this moment like that landfill in “Idiocracy?” Aaaaaaaa aaahhhhh!!!!

There's Greenland of course, which isn't green but that is only the beginning of your potential problems. There's the Denali mountain range where you'd be advised not to be living in a school-bus that doesn't run, without a copy of Euell Gibbon's, “Stalking the Wild Whatever.” Of course there is Mongolia but you might have wireless problems and climatic difficulties. I suppose there is the Oregon and Washington outback and parts of Canada, where the Zionists can't get you and the same would apply to Australia and New Zealand in that regard. I turned over all the possibilities in my mind. Bhutan looks good but then again... India of course, if you are some kind of a Raj and can afford to live like the pasha you know yourself to be. This went on for days. It's not like I was actively looking for somewhere. I am already going somewhere and it seems to be moderately on the cutting edge of problems held in abeyance, for longer than a lot of other places that are hard to get to; or have a red tape pandemic, involve speaking a language that is mostly clicks and grunts or which means living in rudimentary and rustic circumstances without anything more than drums for communication. I've lived like that and love it but the times have changed and I suspect... so have I.

Still... 20 years ago there were many places that looked good, which is why I went to Europe when I did but then the ineffable said, “Hit the road” and the immigrant avalanche happened on the heels of my departure. So many places now have a much increased element of unpleasant potential; all of Africa, most of Central and South America (not all of it). Asia to be sure, given the religious hysteria and press of populations. AND... in the background, diminishing resources and most critical; potable water. The miracle technologies of this time could fix all that but the emphasis in on warfare.

In the US you have to be very aware of the coming economic storm and where that is likely to be the most intense; the cities of course and primarily the ones on the coasts. The coming perfect storm is the battleground of political Satanism, meeting up with sexual warfare, meeting up with the war on established faiths, meeting up with the economic manipulations of bankers, meeting up with the excesses of material culture, meeting up with so many people acting out according to wrong information and the general frustration of so many people trapped in the crossfire. It's a lot to think about and sometimes I do at odd moments; say I am walking through Walmart and thinking about how rich I might be if I came out with a line of bluejeans... several lines actually, called, Wide Load Jeans, Double Wide Load Jeans and Two Airline Seats Jeans, which I could sell at Walmart but as soon as I come out with them, certain mercantile types would steal my idea and drive me out of business at the same time. It's a free for all these days, which amounts to a free for few.

The class wars are pending. The race wars are pending. The religious wars are pending and I could go on and on but I won't because I don't believe in any of it. I am simply signifying the types of shadows dancing through the main streets of this world. They're just shadows but they can become real enough to hurt, depending on the amount of people who collectively believe in them and that means the purpose of demonstration will be manifested in degrees of intensity in those places where the populations are at their greatest density. It's simple math. The worst part is that a serious amount of all that might come to pass is being directed to those ends by some really bad characters. Thank god there is a god and that's he's got a guy like Mr. Apocalypse working for him. I've placed my bets and I'm all in.

To the degree that the ineffable resides in anyone, to that degree one is sheltered under the power of the ineffable, to the extent of one's belief in the ineffable. That is also math. God is eternal, everlasting (probably the same thing), all powerful and an expression in the shape taken by the force and kind of your faith in him/her/it. “According to your faith is it given unto you.” Keep in mind the numbers of the population at this time and the variety of types who came here for the reasons being exhibited by them and be mindful of what you exhibit, as it pertains to the reaction of the cosmos upon it... which is also why they came here but that is the part that is significantly missing from their calculations. Yeah... so it goes and there I go as well, right off the page, until the next time we get together wherever that turns out to be.

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