Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Asleep in the REM Room of Blinding Desire on a Dreamcycle built for Morons.

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You tell yourself, “They can't get stupider, or crazier, or both, weaving back and forth over the yellow line on a ♫bicycle built for morons♫ than they already are... can they?” As a matter of fact, Birginia, they can. I don't know how many of you stand back in awe and wonder as I do when you read things like this. Surely there is some rational explanation for it. Of course, there has to be some explanation for this too... right? A few years ago some fellow in Massachusetts wanted to marry his dog. It was a Labrador, I think. There were plenty of attending photos, like the one of them having dinner at the dining room table. Sadly, this predated Instagram ...or we'd have had more intimate imagery of the kind. What most of this comes down to is the ubiquitous and insane drive for celebrity, regardless of any attending talent. The Kardashian's have proven that this kind of thing works. All you need are the lips of a Blowfish. They already have the cruel spines, beautifully and functionally exemplified in their behavior and complimented by an attending ass on which you can set a tray of drinks (scroll down for the image). We live in an age where actual talent is of no importance whatsoever.

Then there is that compassionate Tribe tchotchke, Mandy Patinkin whose efforts on behalf of the human race are only exceeded by his efforts at self promotion. Given that, until Mr. Apocalypse shakes the burning bed, a large percentage of the world is asleep in the Rem Room of blinding desire, we definitely need sleeping pods for those who might otherwise learn something. Some might say that decadence is the cause of a societies fall and some might say it is cultivated or habitual aggressions or greed. I would say that it is runaway incipient madness, becoming logarhythmically exponential, that is the offspring of everything else. Nice sentence structure, visible.

One of the more surprising phenomena that I encounter is that most people seem fairly together to me. Then again, I tend not to attract the other forms of expression. Yet you see these garish headlines of people acting out as if crazy were the new normal. It used to be that I was considered one of the most deranged people around. That I am still here is complete proof of a divine being. Now I am one of the more balanced and rational people I know, in whatever groups I am briefly passing through. I even seem to exhibit flashes of gravitas on occasion (grin). I suppose when I hit the lottery shortly it will all be proof of ♫timing... a tick a tick a tick a ticka timing. Ticka ticka ticka timing in the sea♫ Think I'm kidding? The reason I even bring it up is that some of us were scheduled for outrageous reactions to a world that felt off a cliff at some point and were we to survive the tricky ins and outs of it all, we become due for a payoff. It could be that the pending prosperity is conferred in more esoteric coin but... the state of being that comes with it, proves to be indistinguishable from the more ordinary gold.

In a time when Common Core is emblematic of cultivated common ignorance we are given the opportunity to see what kind of twisted logics come about to justify seriously dumb ass protocols. The benefits of learning to write by hand are not exclusively about the act of being able to do this. It has a lot to do with the way the brain gets wired. Common Core is just one more exponent of the Satanic Agenda.

Attending these Dumb and Dumber curriculums are the expressions of what passes for art these days. Add to that the lyrical beauty of Rap. Add to that the festering stew of sexual dysfunction, spreading like a pandemic around the globe. It's in your face when it isn't trying to sit on your face. Add to that the epidemic of alcoholism and drug abuse. Add to that the frenzied impatience of a public where, “I want it now!” has become a mantra. Add to that the general physical laziness and death dealing bad diets. Add to that the rising social conflicts between so many different perspectives on what is right and what is wrong; what is normal and what is not... what is what? I don't know.

We've passed into a zone where people are changing and being changed so fast that they are three or four changes ahead already of the last time they checked to see how much they have changed, if they ever do.

I have to point out something very, very important. Life and the composition of it are reflected in the aggregate mindset of the public. What we collectively believe appears to becomes true whether it is or not. What people are being swayed into believing, accounts for the appearance of the landscape that surrounds them. Perception is the arbiter of what passes for reality. What is truly real looks entirely unlike what we have convinced ourselves otherwise of (great sentence structure visible, including ending it with a preposition! That's how we roll.) Surely you have heard more than once; 'things are not what they appear', 'things are not what they seem,' or 'appearances are deceiving.' Some might tell you that The Devil is the Father of Appearances, simply because appearances lie. Actually, The Devil is the interpreter of appearances. This is why there is so much money and effort that goes into making people believe certain things in order to fulfill agendas that have to do with them reaping a profit from what people believe to be true. Consider commercials. Anyone with a certain level of intelligence knows that commercials are a lie, or they used to. Now they are one more form of entertainment. It is very easy to see how influenced by lies the public is. The world is a lie.

If you embrace lies as real, you are at the mercy of lies. There is no future in that and it poisons the present as well. Lies are akin to living in a dark room. You cannot see the definitive shape of a thing and you can't see where you are going or what you are doing. If a room is filled with light then everything is easy to see as it is and you can see what you are doing. This sounds simplistic but it is a powerful understanding. Many people today are walking in shadow and nothing presents itself as it actually is. As a result we do not see each other as we are either. We don't see anything as it is and that is the meaning of the shadows on the walls of Plato's Cave and a host of other truths that have come down the centuries, dressed as tales and whatever the evidence is that was left behind for us to find, should we happen to be looking for it. Of course, in these times people are looking for all manner of things because we live in a shake 'n bake world of sought after instant gratification.

God walks this world in the disguise of each other. In many cases he and she are hidden well but he and she are there all the same. The art of life is to bring the ineffable forth in the people that we meet; elsewise we invoke The Devil or some personality in flux or chronic repetition. True masters are capable of this. The secret is to emulate the sun and to shine on others, where the common practice is to be so self involved that others exist only for whatever value or purpose is placed on them, even if it is only to avoid the loneliness of our undiscovered self.

This world is a multifarious prison camp, as we are all too often engaged in the business of enslaving one another. Movie stars live in a world of fantasy and glitter but they are a slave to the system that employs them, just as are politicians and anyone in any theater of operation, where there are fixed rules of behavior that you had best not be caught stepping out of. They imagine they are free and exceptional but they are locked up and cannot see the cage. The same goes for people with money and the truth of that is obvious to anyone who is not caught up in the love or pursuit of it.

I lived for a time in the Guru Bawa Fellowhip in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia. He was a light in this world and you could literally see the corona that outlined his form. I suppose you could also call the place an ashram. There was, as there always is, a ruling junta that had jockeyed themselves into positions of influence. They were amusing to me and they weren't fond of me either. The fellowship was housed in a beautiful building and from what I hear they are still there. In the front yard there was a lovely greensward, where you could sit if you were of a mind. When Bawa passed, the junta paved it over and created a parking lot, where their job description was stenciled into the macadam. I thought this was hilarious and ugly at the same time. It amazes me that so called spiritual beings can do something like this and take themselves so seriously and not see how embarrassing they are.

One of my chief entertainments is to sit on a park bench and watch people, or go to a festival to do the same. People fascinate me. I do not want to give the impression that I am mocking them. I'm just watching but the deeper you look and the greater the degree of concentration that you employ, the more interesting and surprising they become. I like humanity. They often disappoint me but I have had many occasions to admire and to love humanity and I suspect I have disappointed humanity a time or two myself. It is something to keep in mind and to never forget the beam in our own eye.

Unless you can exist as your real self, neither you nor the moment you exist in will be real and life will just go by according to the dictates of your karma and the whims of your environment. It will be like a dream that passed by on the way to the next installment, followed by the installment after that. I'm not a fan of carousels and it is my sincere hope that I will see you in a place beyond this carnival of errors one fine day.

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