Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Blood of the Lamb was the Currency that Paid for the Following Age.

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Given that the ineffable is the single most important feature in life- whether acknowledged or not and... given that the ineffable is most certainly the most important feature in my life; is indeed the centerpiece of my life- whether I live up to my potential in respect of it or not; that subject in every facet of its possibilities of expression, like a single light, shining through each one, as if it were the most complex jewel ever constructed, by the most inspired jeweler who ever existed and each of them is some aspect of its being, individualized for the purpose of transcendental illumination for whomever it applies to- whether it is acknowledged or not. Therefore, these blog renderings will always be about that, even when we take a digression or a segue, as we are going to do today.

Virtual currency is a major player in our present circumstances, whether we are involved in it or not. It may not seem so at the moment but it will shortly. I do not know if the majority of you are aware of it but there are people all over the world who are taking out the biggest loans they are able to get their hands on. They are mortgaging their houses. They are selling off anything that will give them investment capital and they are buying Bit Coin. It is a frenzy in some quarters. This is what happens in times of material darkness.

Now we have a sort of existential crisis, or a Hobson's Choice, or... something. For me it is like Pascal's Wager and I am definitely betting my life that God exists because I do not simply believe that God exists. I KNOW God exists. I absolutely KNOW without a shadow of doubt that God is real. What I do not know is what God is in any comprehensive sense, except that it has a deep and profound association with Love and that anyone who loves the ineffable will reach the ineffable, after whatever is necessary in terms of experience, trial and testing and the requisite amount of attitude and awareness adjustment. Anyone who stays the course WILL arrive at the destination, as it is meant for them, according to the determination of the particular facet, upon the face of that singular jewel, which is specific to them.

This crisis. This choice. This wager has to do with what is true concerning virtual currency. There is a magazine article from 1997 that has to do with the coming of virtual currency and how it is engineered by the Deep State psychopaths for the purpose of one world government with a single currency. A reader at my Facebook site had linked it yesterday but has since removed it. No doubt someone will put is up around here again.

The Euro was an attempt of this sort and, of course, there are any number of efforts afoot that are designed in the hope of accomplishing such a thing. Satanist George Soros, as well as the Rothschild, Sawney Bean, banking family and a plethora of other international bankers and financiers are working full time to bring about Hell on Earth.

I DO NOT know what the core truth is about virtual-digital currency. I do know there are people who are as dead certain as they are uninformed that this currency is a brain fart of the Satanic elite. I am fortunate that I know that I do not know. Others are not so lucky and I have seen them attempt to include everyone you have ever heard of as being involved in some illuminati-Masonic-ZioSatanic scheme to enslave and destroy us all. I've been told that I am a Mason, which comes as a surprise to me. What I am is a vehicle of some sort for a particular message which you see repeated here on most days. I am without a doubt, a fool and have been as reckless as anyone I have ever heard of because of my inability to control the force that moves in me. After such a length of protracted time, I have finally come to an accommodation with this force and an uneasy peace now seems to be the order of the day.

I do not know whether virtual currency is an evil plot or not but here is what I think and... it is an old story. Some people think money is evil. Some have said that money is the root of all evil, when, in fact, the 'love' of money is the root of some amount of evil. They think governments are evil. They think religions are evil and... no doubt, some people think the Sesame Street characters are evil. Money is not evil. None of these things are exclusively and invariably evil. Intention defines them all. Do we even know what evil is, or good? The definition of them varies widely and changes over time. Many things that were once considered evil are now harnessed for good; lightning is a good(?) example. Singing and dancing are considered evil in some religious cultures. Certain behaviors are celebrated in these times and they are most certainly not good. Lies are elevated to the level of accepted truth and truth is demeaned and distorted to venal ends; “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Inasmuch as I understand what qualifies as evil, I would say it is self interest; that which expresses in selfish intent. Good would be the polar opposite of that, according to me ...and we are either as good or evil as we are committed to the pursuit of either and by degrees we can be measured accordingly. And accordingly... we are in some permutation of Heaven or Hell which are both states of mind and from the mind proceeds our experience and interpretation of environment and one another. Honi soit qui mal y pense.

This is why we celebrate Christmas, when we celebrate it in the spirit of its true meaning. We celebrate the birth of the living light, that has gestated in the appointed secret chamber of the heart, awaiting the moment of consecration. There are those among us who have acquired large reservoirs of merit over lifetimes of service and sacrifice. The Amitabha Buddha is such a one. Jesus Christ is another. Over the course of a great expanse of time, the man Jesus, who would have been known by many different names over the course of time, gained an ocean of virtue and assorted spiritual qualities and one day came to the opportunity to perform the greatest act that ever there was. The spirit of God descended into him and thereby GOD himself accomplished the most profound act of sacrifice that has been and... it wasn't the first time. He submitted himself to every ignominy and to death as well, that he might overcome it ON OUR BEHALF. What he achieved we might all of us achieve one day. The blood of the lamb was the currency that paid for the following age and settled up all debts outstanding from previous times.

The only currency that truly interests me is spiritual currency but I do live in this world and I am not RamaKrishna who leaped off of his bed, as if it were on fire, because a devotee put some money under the mattress to see what happened. I will invest some small amount of whatever comes my way in this new medium because there is a chance it might lead to financing an environment where kindred spirits might congregate. That is intention. If it's meant to happen it will, if not, that's fine too. I already have a place where that is possible and where people already come and go. It's win-win (grin).

Is the Deep State behind virtual currency? Did they kill the Easter Bunny and shotgun Santa Claus? I don't know. What I do know is that The Devil works for God; intentionally? Unintentionally? One must first ask themselves who The Devil is in the first place. The Devil is the way the wicked see God. There's only the one force, people. Once again, intention defines you. Your values are a true measure of your character and 'character is fate.' The entirety of everything is as simple as you make it. Love the ineffable and everything else comes into perspective. Otherwise, of course, you can complicate the affair and people do, dancing in the smoke of a thousand desire fueled fires, where afterwards they can reflect upon it in the ashes of perpetual disappointment.

My friends, you can meet it at the marrow now or come to the inevitable certainty of it later, or much later, depending on your pain threshold, counterpointed by the force of your appetites. It is what it is and tomorrow and a million years from now, it will still be what it is. You are what you are, no matter how many masks you may wear or roles you may play. Beneath all the costumes and camouflage resides the shining and immortal self. The eternal flame of the spirit will eventually burn away the dross. It is an unavoidable absolute. We will meet again my friends and bathe in the waters of everlasting life. We will laugh such laughter and tears of joy will stream down our faces. This is also an unavoidable absolute and I absolutely love you one and all. I may not completely realize that yet but I am certain it is true, just as I am certain that it will be revealed to me at some point. I await that wonderful moment, whatever may lie between then and now.

Tarana Burke

Tarana Burke

Tarana Burke

I got Binky the Bear for Christmas. I saw him and said, "Wow! He seems like he's alive." a voice came into my head and said, "Be surprised at nothing, Visible"

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, December 15, 2017

In the Morning of the World when the Children of God Sang on the Mountain Tops of Joy

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We always wondered why people who saw, or should have seen, the signs of impending war, mass social hysteria, fabricated criminal insanities, such as is the case in Sweden presently... or any of the life changing phenomena that creeps into view and slowly (sometimes not so slowly) surely becomes panoramic, surround sound and fills the rear view mirror as well; we wonder what it is that keeps people in untenable living conditions. We have been perplexed by this for decades. We have been an avid student of history, both the ridiculous constructs of the infernal architects and the truth of the matter, concealed in occult file cabinets where you have to go and look for it but very few people do.

I have come to a conclusion about that and this conclusion surfaced because it was all that was left, once I had dismissed every other possibility. It's obvious but few are going to want to give it credence because of what it says about them if they do, because of the position it puts them in if they do. It is a basic truth about life that people are fundamentally dishonest. If you refuse to see the truth then you will not see the truth. Whether you see it or not, it's still there regardless. What then happens is; you render the truth into an enemy instead of an ally. If you refuse to see the truth in yourself, you automatically cannot see what is true about the world around you. Here's something that very few people consider, you do not see 'outside' of you. You see 'inside' your head. That is the physical truth and it relates directly to what some might consider metaphorical and which I consider literal.

It turns out that the world you think you know is perceived through the lens of your desires and your fears. You see the world as you want to see it, not the way it is, which... ironically is a mirror reflection of what you have chosen to believe is true about you. The world takes the shape your mind has designed for it. Until you see yourself as you are, you will only see the world as you imagine it, which is the sum total of your desires and your fears. These change based on your investments. What you have invested in defines your values and your values define you. It would be an accurate assumption that the world is a mental institution where the level of sanity or insanity is determined by the degree of materialism present. The more pervasive the reach of materialism, the wider the reach of insanity and because sex is the dynamic of all human interaction, in times of material darkness, the forms of sexual expression become increasingly more perverted, more toxic and more absurd. It accounts for everything you have been seeing until now.

The dreadful irony here is that if you saw yourself as you really are, it would be wonderful beyond the capacity of your imagination in the present. The experience would push the boundaries of your imagination far past what they are at the moment. The same is the shining reality that manifests in the pursuit of a divine being. In this age of ubiquitous ignorance, where ignorance is actually celebrated and where atheism and self interest are considered expressions of courage and clear thinking and... smart? Really... smart. Most of the time when people decide they are an atheist it is because the reality of a divine being and the tenets for right living set down by the emissaries of a divine being, get in the way of their appetites and desires. As far as they are concerned, if anyone is going to be god it will be them. In some cases it is because of the rapacity, venality and cruelty seen in the history of organized religions. Organized religions are a creation of the avaricious priest class, not the divine being. In Heaven where all is in order, it is automatic... there is no one running around composing a never ending litany of rules and regulations. There is no need for this, everyone is already behaving themselves. The residents of Heaven all collectively agree on certain common understandings and that is how you get into Heaven in the first place, otherwise, you don't get in.

Rules and regulations get out of control down here because people don't like having to behave themselves and they can't agree on what proper behavior is and where do we get our basic agreements on right and wrong from? Where do we get those rules and laws that remain unchanged, where other more temporary cautions and restraints come and go? We get them from the Ten Commandments and the only variations on that theme is the severity of the punishment accorded to offenders.

You get into Heaven by particular kinds of behavior by the state and quality of your heart and mind. Heaven can be called, “a state of mind.” it can also be called, “a state of being.” My suggestion is that you find out what that is and act in that manner; provided it is Heaven you wish to arrive at. Not everyone does. Some prefer Hell because that is where the things they like to do are permitted a theater of operations. Some are confused about what Heaven and Hell actually are. One could say that Hell is where you are burning with desire and Heaven is where you are not. That's simplistic but you will find it consistent across the board with, of course, any number of variations but the presence of desire and the absence of desire, the burning and not burning, the freedom from the howling hounds of appetite and the bondage and guilt generated by appetite, these are present, consistently present and absent in each case where that applies.

In the West we brutalize livestock. They live and die in horrendous conditions. Gandhi said, “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” If you have seen the pens and slaughterhouses of the meat industry, you could not remain unchanged by what you have seen, unless you are a psychopath or abysmally and brutishly ignorant. In our society, very few of us want to see the sequence from the birth of an animal to the moment it is butchered, to where they reach into the cold box and pull out a shrink wrapped package and this comes full circle to whether we are honest with ourselves or not. ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Many... many of us are simply unaware of the consequences, just as they cannot see the relationship between sins of commission and sins of omission. You can't tell people. They can't and won't hear you. What you are saying gets in the way of the fulfillment of their appetites and desires. Only TRAUMA or some epiphany of experience will awaken a person; awaken is the operative word. Once again, thank you Mr. Apocalypse for the apocalypse, be it forceful and irresistible or be it... uh... forceful and irresistible. It is only as forceful as we are resistant.
I look back on my life and see the general stream of hardship and pain, the disappointments and loss AND... I thank the ineffable with all my heart because it has been one relentless wake-up. God would not leave me alone. If I have nothing but my love of the ineffable, I am already one of the richest men on Earth.

Discover what it is that you love and DO IT! I give you the examples of James Brown and Tina Turner. Look at their infectious and tireless energy. Look at the 70 and 80 year olds. Look at B.B, King and Little Richard. Look at Tony Benet and any of the number of those who love what they do. The ineffable moves unobstructed through those who permit it to.

If you don't love what you do, you won't be very good at it and you will lack the energy to do it effectively so as to reach others in the commission of it. Life is simple as you make it. Appetites and desires complicate it. Willfulness and driving self interest complicate life. Lying to yourself severely complicates your life and makes it impossible to see what is. You see only what the poison of selfishness projects on your mind screen. This is the nature of samskaras. Love of the ineffable burns away these samskaras. Practice the Greatest Commandment. This is what I said yesterday, today and will say tomorrow. Everything else will come along with that in good time.

Celebrate the birth of the Christ Child in your heart. Let the true feeling of the Christmas spirit move in you and suffuse you with the purity of unselfish love for one another. Everything else is ashes in your mouth. God is as real as you permit God to be and God is also real regardless. The world is as real as you make it.

♫Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.

When we've been here, ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun.

We've no less days to sing God's praise than when we first begun♫

Let us return to the morning of the world when all the sons and daughters of God sang on the mountain tops of joy.

Much love to you, one and all.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Agony of Fruitless Desire in the Dumpster Fire of the Material Plane.

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The seasons turn as they always do, each year, magnetically attuned to a merged-double and complementary dynamic; the axis of the Spring and Winter solstices. One celebrates the promise of that birth of the ineffable, within and out of the slumbering death of replicating lifetimes, to no point or meaningful purpose other than the exercise of appetites, the satiation of desires (which are never really satisfied because the desire simply turns to another object of desire.) and the pursuit of experience which is essentially about self discovery but which almost always results in a temporary ego dance of the false self seeking recognition and glory, only to drop away into the gutter of unremembered history like falling leaves. The other celebrates the consummation of that promise; regenerated innocence rather than senility. Eternal childhood as opposed to a second childhood.

As ignorant and willful as I have been in this life, I have come to see these two archetypal moments as the most important statements made in Nature by the ineffable. Each year we are reminded of our failures to that point and each year we are shown the eternal promise that exists for our salvation 'out of'' the agony of fruitless desire in this dumpster fire of the material plane. That said. That said!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Let the war on Christmas rage. Let those of us who defy that pernicious effort stand firm. That war was won long ago. Just as there is no confusion concerning the outcome of any Armageddon. Jesus Christ was victorious in that conflict, as was Krishna, whatever that conflict really is, long before the combatants took the field. Christ went to the place of torment to speak to the captive spirits in confinement about the promise for salvation. "Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?" "I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades" Believe it or not; upon that option lies your destiny and fate. On the one hand, you suffer until you do believe. On the other hand, your suffering is transformed into something other.

You can spend, literally, millions of lives here in some version of the material plane AND you can spend it in countless forms, the like of which are dictated by the appetites engaged in and the desires pursued in previous manifestations. This is also influenced by intention, aspiration and degree of difficulty impacted on by the first two. For this you absolutely need, 'faith, certitude and determination'. Not only is “success speedy for the energetic”, let me add one other Karmic feature and it is a big one. Be careful not to offend or injure a saint, master, holy man, prophet, friend of God, or avatar. One never knows when you are going to catch them at the wrong time (grin). I will add here a particular exception. The divine is known to, sometimes, choose one who loves him to play an antagonistic role. Asian tales have examples of this now and again.

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to, 'love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.' This is because, you DO NOT know the details of what happened previously. You DO NOT know the esoteric or metaphysical implications of what you do and do not do, aside from whatever understanding you have of what does and does not offend the divine. You DO NOT know what could be possible for you, if you just apply yourself a little more industriously and one of the reasons that few of us rise to what is possible for us is our Karma. Karma, like Time and Gravity, has weight. If you want to press more weight you begin a course of power lifting; metaphorical, sure but... literal too. Karma once again intrudes upon the likelihood of our level of motivation. Seek after Grace! What is one of the most effective means by which to INVOKE GRACE? “Love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.”

Yes... you can attract Grace, the same way that certain flowers attract bees; the way that certain qualities or forms of behavior, or aspiration, can attract the ineffable. Surely it does and the finest nectar of all is, LOVE. Please... my dear friends, be mindful of these considerations! Do not let this Christmas be a distraction for you, via the force of materialism, familial concerns, shopping and stressing over statements of appreciation for those in your life, when the greatest gift you can confer on them is to love them each and every day. Love them and hold them high in your awareness of them! Christmas should be celebrated every day. We should be reborn in every morning when we awaken from our temporary sleeps; remembering that birth and death and rebirth are only more dramatic examples of this.

At night we should die to the world as we know it and pray to be reborn the next day on the lotus that sits atop it. The world is a stain and it spreads into the consciousness that touches it because the world interprets itself according to the hooks it can put into the minds that associate with it because it FEEDS off of the attention. Anything that is not fed dies. Everything that feeds upon us was once very small and it grew according to the attention we put on it through our interest, our fascination, our desires and the appetites it provides the nourishment for as we eat our way into it and it feeds on us in kind. It is a permutation of the classic snake with its tail in its mouth.

Everything in the world functions as opposite to what exists in the immaterial and is why the material is temporary and the invisible more and more permanent as it moves into more and more rarefied states of being. Not all heavens are everlasting.

In the material realm, the pursuit of self interest results in the greater portion of material success. In the spiritual realm the opposite is true. Heaven is for the most part impersonal and here it is the reverse, with the obsessive promotion of the self; most exemplified through celebrity worship and self worship. It is as if the false light of the world shined through a stained globe hanging from a dead man's hand, nailed to a chop shop door and near obscured by a dense net of moths and mosquitoes, buzzing in desperate need and terrible pain, as they cannot restrain themselves from contact with the hot fixture. A mound of desiccated corpses have crumbled below it like the sand seen in a hourglass and speaking in graphic tongues of irony for all to see and few to understand.

There are several ways that one can become rich in this world and unless Karma strictly forbids it will likely lead to wealth. One of the most represented are those who never spend anything on anyone else and only exhibit token generosity when the result will be an increase in their fortunes; practiced and applied selfishness. Another is to follow the biblical maxim and to share liberally at every opportunity, though this is not guaranteed, especially if that is the motivation to begin with, but... to see yourself as a steward of the wealth of the world is to pretty much assure some amount of it will pass through your hands. Another way is to ask for it and be willing to be whatever example is made out of you. Except where Karma dictates, most any method requires long hours of hard work. The exception is to be in possession of an idea whose time has come, or just looks that way. Two ways to make a fortune with little risk is in direct mail order and junk. These days Ebay and other opportunities are there for the doing. If money is your thing, you've come to the right time zone. Bit Coin is now approaching $15,000.00. That is a far cry from the $3.00 apiece when I first was introduced to it. The ineffable has consistently told me not to be concerned about my finances as he will provide and if he wants me to be flush he will just see it; all it takes.

As we have said before, there are all kinds of money. On the spiritual plane is is written into the fabric of your being. A wide reach of an example is when a woman touched the hem of his garment while he was speaking and he felt virtue leave; “But Jesus knew in himself at once that power had gone out from him and he turned to the crowds and he said, “Who has touched my garment?” That is money and there is a wide distance between those with little and those with much. You earn this currency in the same way you earn the money we use here, you put your time and effort into it. As you sow, so shall you reap. Remember that spiritual currency can be converted into all sorts of power and value in all sorts of ways.

The birth of Jesus, which was the irresistible manifest certainty of the realization of the Christ, exists for everyone who sets their sights upon this outcome. We must never be discouraged by our perceived unworthiness or the number of mistakes we make in the process. It is not the same thing as learning to ride a bike (grin). One must consider the construct logically. How could one come to such an exalted state unless they had first mastered every possible challenge and weakness enroute?

It is 19 days until official Christmas arrives and 15 days until the solstice occurs, which is the ancient moment for the birth of the sun (king). ♫Here comes the sun king... everybody's laughing, everybody's happy... Here comes the sun king♫ You can live in the material with an awareness absorbed in the material, surrounded by the material, as if the material were all there is to life and then share in the fate of the material which is, without exception, composted at some point, or you can live in the awareness of the spiritual, until your focus upon it causes it to become your environment, projected out of your concentration upon it. There are a number of us who dwell in Heaven this very moment, while being present on the manifest plane. Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth.

It's time to think about Christmas and Jesus Christ in this period, which honors his emergence ...because every year miracles are looking for opportunity to occur.

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gratitude from the Heart of the Center of the Everlasting Residence of THE LOVE..

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Here we are, the day of Thanksgiving ...and I visualize this day as being a reminder to remind ourselves every day of the year to be... grateful and as a play on words, great-full as well; to remember to be filled with greatness because of that which inspires, guides, protects and sustains us, from within, to the extent that we will permit it. The finest, dare I say... greatest feature of free will is less a call to righteous action (though that is significant) but rather, a call to surrender. Let that which is the truest state of being, whether sentient or quiescent, be acknowledged as the greatest reality by comparison with all of that which cannot be compared to it. It is or it can be, though it is in any case. Om Tat Sat, which to me means, God is Truth or God is Real. When we say, God is Real at these locations, it is a reference to that.

One might transpose it also in a metaphysically creative manner by saying, “I am that I am.” I am that I am says, without directly saying it... I cannot be defined, I simply am. This is one of the finer poetics of surrender; you throw your hands in the air and say, “It is beyond me. I cannot comprehend it. I trust your essential goodness and give way before the certitude of this." When we surrender we let go of everything and that which is true and real is what holds on when there is nothing left... all of what having departed being just an attachment we had some relationship with out of the fear of being left with no identifying ground whatsoever so... it's really about the fear, which gives insight into the truth that Love and Fear displace one another and cannot occupy the same space at the same time. This brings one, once again, to The Greatest Commandment. Letting Fear take the tiller results in the ineffable being displaced from the same position and the tiller commands the rudder; that which 'guides' the boat of being.

We don't find God. We accept that God is already present and will reveal himself if we permit the removal of what conceals his presence from us. You do not have to see God. You only have to be certain he is there whether you can see him or not; “No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.”

Not that anyone has seen the Father, except the One who is from God; He has seen the Father.” Whoops, looks like someone has seen God and I think I'm going to keep that other phrase uppermost in my heart and mind;

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

We use as examples, inspirations from the Christian faith because most who come here are of that persuasion. One can easily find near exact statements in every other legitimate faith. They will be used as well. We are exclusive only in respect of that which is indefinable and incomprehensible, within the field of limited schematics and blueprints, we have no allegiance.

Why are we experiencing an epidemic of tattooed and pierced 'pressed meat' crowds of individuals? People don't know who they are. Their traditions are crumbling and nothing good is standing in as a hijack proxy. Sexual activity, one of the strongest definers as far as role expression goes, has trampled down the fences that previously set certain parameters. People, as a result know even less of who they are and are less comfortable wearing a set of clothes designed for them by people who hate Lady Nature and want to put her in platform shoes and trip her in the crossroads of the moment, which, as you should know, is always a crossroads, every moment is, because you can go in any direction at any time. There is another crossroads that appears in that passing chord moment of a lifetime, called by some a Saturn return. You can ponder that at your leisure.

Why is there an opioid epidemic wrestling in an astral Faraday cage match with alcohol and bad food addictions; making it a tag team match, since there are other major players as well? One should never discount the impact of collective human ignorance, given the evidence of what they seem to be motivated and confused by. As if on cue, here comes one Jason DeRullo doing a halftime, awkward, blind and bumbling clown scenario, at the Detroit-Minnesota Thanksgiving game. You can probably look it up on Boobtube in a couple of hours, OR LESS (apparently it went up right after). I can't understand anything he is saying, although I think I get the point (grin). I love it when the ineffable, literally in the moment, counterpoints what is getting said here ...with often graphic examples.

Why is there animosity between the races? Why do those with too much have even more and those with too little have even less? For me, everything and everything is reason for gratitude.

I am as glad for what I am not, as I am for what I am ...and which is in a state of ever-flux till the event horizon becomes the moment at hand.

I have a broken foot- two bones- for the moment; no big deal. I haven't been upset once, outside of being upset with myself for not paying attention, I've just been grateful and was told to be grateful because I would soon see why it happened and that is because is and ever shall be. Oh yes!!! Do not let your hearts be heavy. If an apocalypse is a revealing that existence is a war for the control of the human soul and... if Jesus, as The Christ, conquered for all time, every resistance to our liberation and illumination. If Jesus the Christ was victorious over Hell and Death, on our behalf ...and... if all we have to do is recognize and accept this... surrender to the enduring certitude of it... should we not be grateful to the bleeding edge of the possibilities of our awareness? This is said, in honor of the one who bled and still bleeds, to maintain the potential for freedom for anyone, who will take up their cross and follow him. It is the ineffable through his primary and highest manifestation, who took upon himself the sins of this world, in order to perpetuate the continuance of opportunity, for anyone who, at any point, can come to an understanding of what really took place and who was really involved.

We would be far more absolutely filled with conviction, awe and surrender, if we truly apprehended who does what and why. God has proven to me without fail, how great his love for me is and has proven it from both sides of the coin of suffering and joy. “Those whom the Lord loveth, he chasteneth.” Take a moment to review what you have reason to be grateful for; really study it, not only with what SHOULD BE obvious but with an awareness of what you ARE NOT experiencing. I've had about as difficult and extended a stretch of bad highway as anyone I know but... it has only increased the capacity of my appreciation for what the result of it has been. How could I have come to the awareness that I presently possess without paying the ferryman for the guaranteed passage across the ocean of doubt and fear? Everything comes at a cost. Strangely enough, far too many people feel that... the cost in experience of being made aware of the eternal love of the almighty... is too great to go through... yet... they willingly embrace a cost far greater for that which is not even worth having in the first place!!! It astounds, mystifies and leaves me confounded. At least I can say, no matter what the cost, the end result is well worth the price. Perhaps people just don't get what is into play here? Is that what it is? They don't register what the value and degree of potential gain and loss is?

Lord God almighty, I thank you from the deepest place within and as completely and comprehensively as I can manage. I thank you! I thank you!! I thank you!!! My heart swells with gratitude!!!! AND what thrills and moves me even more... is the sure and certain knowledge that I am unaware of the greater meaning of it all and have fallen far, far short in my understanding of it. I routinely miss so many evidences of your kindness and mercy to me. At any point, my lord, you could have, without argument from me, justifiably eliminated me from the field of play, were you as judgmental and as cavalier as I have been in my time. I stand with Jesus and the woman at the well. I also know what a crock of horseshit the perversion of this exchange happens to be, by those whose intention was to pervert these scriptures, a very long time ago. The lies have been in place a great deal longer than the lie of the Cash Register Holocaust. God chooses NO SPECIAL PEOPLE for the proliferation of his word and I submit to you. I SUBMIT TO YOU! It is a living word, not a written word and had you the capacity, you could read the Bible AS IT IS WRITTEN, in a flame series of hieroglyphics, upon the living flesh of your spiritual heart. I know this to be true from personal experience, no matter how far I have fallen in the aftermath of that vision.

God is real! God is real!! God is real!!! Let that be the source of all the gratitude you feel on this day and forever afterwards. The eternal waters of the everlasting truth, pour out upon and sometimes... through us, one and all, every day/ ...and we mostly neither see not hear, nor feel them but we could. We could. I do not see as once I did but assuredly, I understand better than I ever have and that illustrates and confirms and authenticates LOVE as the origin and end result of everything before and in every moment following ...and at the end.

Lord, I am both dumbfounded and humbled by the mercy and majesty of your undeserved gifts to me. I am grateful! I am grateful!! I am grateful!!!

End Transmission.......

(Someone sent me an email with a link from a posting from Henry Makow and after reading it, I wanted to go there and comment on it. There was no link in the email, so I had to go to the main site and being as he had also written about gratitude, I read it ...and found a surprising mention at the end of his post. Henry and I do not always agree about every issue but we are both in firm agreement about the living truth of God in all things. Thanks, Henry!)

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Living for the Material Moment in Snapshot Capture Land without Panorama View.

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The jackals are howling. The carrion birds are circling. The shameless opportunists are wetting themselves with excitement. Small groups and singular individuals are pushing to the center of the stage to accuse everyone in reach. There's probably at least a talk show engagement in that somewhere and perhaps a book deal as well. The mindless pursuit of celebrity is something to see. “Hey! Hey! Over here!” screams the man with the illuminated Rudolph the Reindeer clown nose. Then there's all those professors of Gender Studies who are free to hold forth on any and every issue under the sun. The only requirement is that they don't know what they are talking about but they did take the time to memorize the party line brought to you by the same people who have been training our police forces and who are now fully informed about the wisdom of it being better to ask for forgiveness afterwards than permission beforehand. That's what we have lawyers and publicists for. The difference between them is that one buzzes the rim of the toilet bowl like an intoxicated hummingbird and the other operates with scuba equipment or already has gills.

Poor Judge Roy Moore, or Ten Commandments, Roy Moore, as I like to think of him. His misfortune is to be a staunch and fundamentalist Christian in an America hijacked by Satanic Zionistas who don't want any lawmakers near the sausage factory, or imputing on traditional sexual mores. That is anathema to the Judas Goats, who are engaged in leading humanity through the Gates of Doom. Anyway, the Tribe junta that hates Roy has somehow located someone who says that Roy rubbed them inappropriately around 40 years ago. This suddenly surfaced a few days before the election tomorrow. Interesting timing and what a coincidence! Uh huh. In the meantime, in one of the most egregious expressions of stank hypocrisy, the nearly exclusively Tribe member sexual violators of anyone in reach are presently in the cross-hairs of similar difficulties, except in their cases the offenses are more proven. One of the best ways to get the heat off yourself is to have it put on someone else; thing is, Mr. Apocalypse is wearing the engineers hat and leaning out the window of the big train of destiny and he is grinning like a loon as he pulls down the cord of the train whistle. My man, Mr. Apocalypse, get on with your good self! Ye hah!

Yeah... around the world all sorts of changes are in action. Some people think they are controlling them and some of them have been thinking that for a long time. They really believe that power and position insulates them from catastrophe. Au Contraire, all that does is to maximize the exposure and the audience when it's your turn in the barrel. You can mention the word 'apocalypse' to all kinds of people and they will each have some idea of what that means and often enough these days have no clue at all except for a possible disaster film reference. It doesn't matter if you know what something means or not. What matters is your relationship to it, because that will be operational whether you know what's going on or not. Apocalypse has a lot to do with light, though I'll bet you have probably never even heard that. It's an easy association to make if you simply look at the dictionary definition of 'apocalypse'. Oddly enough, this is the first interpretation that I saw at the top of the page; “the complete final destruction of the world, especially as described in the biblical book of Revelation.” Really? Here's some more uninformed horseshit. Apocalypse means revealing and uncovering. This is a little closer as the result of taking the word from its origins. Of course you can't have uncovering and revealing without light. How are you going to see anything without light?

There's all kinds of light. There is the false light of the world and there is the true light that provides illumination on any matter to which that light is turned. If what you perceive is 'exposed' to you via the false light of the world then it stands to reason you are delusional as to the real meaning of anything. Often enough though, people standing in the false light of the world, the last thing they want is the real meaning of anything. People want things to appear to be and seem to be what they want them to be according to their desires in respect (or disrespect) of anything. You can't tell them anything ...and put yourself in danger of being torn asunder should you be casting your pearls before swine. One of the real reasons for not eating pork, besides making the qualities of the pig a part of you is that so many people reincarnate as pigs in times of material darkness. You can argue that point if you wish, you just won't be arguing it with me. I don't argue. If I don't know, I don't know and if I do I do. End of story.

You need light. You need true light. You need it far more than you know. You need it desperately. You need it the way a drowning man needs oxygen. Let's address 'quality of life' in regard to quality of light. How can you possibly experience joy, bliss or peace in a false light? You cannot be at peace with yourself in a false light, much less with anyone else.

Henry Kissinger, that psychopathic fomenter of global conflicts and strategic location wars said, “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” This is an observation made in a particular light. It is also true that Smedley Butler went on about war being a racket and it has certainly been my observation that the rank and file and probably all the way up are simply canon fodder for wars created by international bankers for their personal profit and no other reason except perhaps to feed horrific battlefield beasts of the lower astral. This is one of the reasons that the Israelis routinely murder the Palestinians and their neighbors on religious holidays so as to make a blood sacrifice to certain powerful demons who assist them in their pursuit of complete world control; something that has never been achieved by anyone and never will. Once there is a sufficient amount of evidence of consistent bad behavior, Mr Apocalypse steps in and sets judgment in motion. Of course it takes far too long in the eyes of many, who live in snapshot capture land and who are unaware of the long view in the mind of The Logos, who weaves all destiny and fate into agreement with the laws and necessities of karma. The entire stage of existence exists solely for the outworking of karma and as a performance piece for the purpose of demonstration.

It behooves anyone with access to the good light to work with determination to serve that light and burn off the samskaras that cloud their spiritual sight. If you can't see where you are going, you probably shouldn't be going. There are a number of telling examples in this regard. Years ago a National Geographic team was on Maui, I think it was in Iao Valley. I can personally attest to how precarious that landscape is. They were up on the side of the mountain on one of those narrow trails that are all over the islands and a dense fog came in. If they had simply stopped and waited, no longer how long that might have been, they would have survived. As it was, all of them were lost. If the way is clear, no questions arise. If the way is cloudy, questions should arise. I do not suggest the use of The Magic 8-ball in situations like that.

Cynical pandering commercials are everywhere about the military realm. “Thanks for your service in killing people in lands you should never have traveled to.” Of course, I am a pariah for pointing this out but... so be it. The people selling the bullshit don't give a damn about these soldiers. They only want them for their escapades and campaigns in the pursuit of world subjugation, which is never going to happen. What do these men tell themselves when they are sent to guard the Afghanistan poppy fields on behalf of the pharmaceutical drug dealers and the big time entrepreneurs of the same?

I've never doubted that there are legitimate reasons for a military and police presence but that is all due to living in times of material darkness where the lust and fever for money and goods is greater than any other hunger there is. Someone has to protect those who have too much. Meanwhile, everyone else wishes they were members of the Too Much Club. It's a scrabbling of blind lunatics after shit painted gold who are consumed with the appetite to eat one another alive. Of course it's crazy. I can look directly at it and see that but to those who see the matter in another light, it makes perfect sense so get the fuck out of my way. Ah well. All things in time. All things in time. It is especially so as we are in a time of summing up. Mr. Apocalypse wouldn't be here if it were not so. All manner of events would not be taking place if this were not so. It's what it is but it's going to look a great deal different depending on the light you are seeing it in.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:
(in Snapshot Capture Land without Panorama View)

Friday, November 3, 2017

Imprisoned Forever by the Commitments of its True Nature which is Love

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Love is a beautiful thing and far more complex than most might imagine. It evolves as well and becomes permutations of itself far beyond the pedestrian understandings that exist in these afflicted times.

Out in space they have a phenomena called the Kilonova. It's called Kilonova because it is a thousand times more powerful than your run of the mill nova; if such cosmic events can ever be called run of the mill. It is caused when two neutron stars or a neutron star and a black hole merge. Consider for a moment that a neutron star is actually a conscious being. Then the merger can be seen as an act of love between two bodies and in the explosion of their coming together they expel gold and platinum across the universe and lead as well. This makes me think of the 3 gunas. It also makes me think that here is an example of cosmic love making. For whatever the reason, I personally have no doubt that this is so.

I see the Big Bang as a sex act. I see the whole expression of the universe as a perpetual coupling. It is also akin to an unimaginably long breathing in and out. If you read about Kilonovas you are going to discover some interesting correlations and connections, as well as irony in abundance but... I find these in most everything. Your entire understanding of existence and the manner in which you experience it, as well as whether you are sad or joyous, is the fruit of your perspective. Your perspective is shaped by your value system. It stands to reason that in times of material darkness, there is a great deal of unhappiness and disappointment and... this is as it should be, if your perspective is focused on material gain and self interest. Joy and bliss and all the permutations of ecstatic being should not be a byproduct of material focus.

You see the well heeled laughing it up in the aisles and courtyards of the high life. The impression given is that they are happy and delighted with their station. This is not the case however. I've been around such people and there is very little that is genuine at all. To me it looks like ghosts dancing in a graveyard and this is a graveyard, as far as the eye can see. It is also a launching pad to hither and yon. It's a costume ball that goes on and on and the characters come in one door and go out the other and it continues and continues.

When I was young, for a number of years, I couldn't wait for three days to pass so that I could take LSD again and it was always into the forest or some wild place that I would go and very often alone because certain things were more likely to happen when you are alone. Also, the company of certain others can be a real drag because the hidden side of everyone is revealed under those circumstances, or at least they were to me. I would dance through the trees and literally sing up the trunks and out through the leaves. The sunlight was a living thing. Everything was alive and there were all manner of beings that one could see when in a raised and altered state. I was in love with the goddess and we spent many a day in remarkable ways. I only tolerated being in the world and most of the time concealed what I was thinking.

I reflect back on those times now and wonder, “did I really do those things and see all of what I saw?” The answer is most certainly yes. Sometimes I shared supernatural experiences with some individuals and decades later I might run into them and they would have only a dim memory of any of it and for reasons I have not yet fully understood, they didn't really want to talk about any of it. I guess they had made other arrangements and those places in the past stood in a kind of conflict with whatever the arrangements were that were made. Very often people don't even know that they have made arrangements.

Sometimes it is very hard to see how one came to be in one place after having once been in another. There seems to be no connection between them at all. I think of life as a road that bends according to intention and intention moves in stages. People lost in the woods often find themselves back in the same place they had been hours before. Perhaps one leg is smaller than the other, or perhaps there is another reason why one might be traveling in circles.

These days I look at everything in terms of what it is worth and what it might cost. What something is worth to me could well be and I know for a fact is, worthless to others and vice versa. The same thing can be said about the costs or consequences of certain actions. Some would think the cost of a particular venture to be well worth the attendant risks. It depends on how much it matters to you. I've had a number of opportunities to consider the value of some rare and desirable car or similar item. The same applies to much desired experiences by many and I have found in nearly every case that the juice was not worth the squeeze.

Once I had a '66 Corvette Stingray with both the soft and hard top. It had a chromed engine and was nicely appointed. The doors would expand several inches when you floored it and went through the gears. One time I was cruising at 144 miles an hour on the Piilani Highway that bypasses Kihei on Maui. I came over a rise and on my right was a police car with a stopped motorist. I remember seeing their faces as they turned to look at me but I was gone. I turned left into Maui Meadows, which is a rat's warren of upscale houses. About 20 minutes later their was a knock on the door. It was the police. The cop asked me if the Corvette was mine and I said, “Yes” He asked me if I had just been out driving and I told him that I had been home all evening. He asked me if I would step outside. I declined. He wagged his finger at me and said, “Next time.” How I know I had been going that fast was that they had told me so. That hadn't been a stopped motorist at all. This story has nothing to do with anything. I digressed.

The car was a major pain in the ass and like most American muscle cars, it can't take corners well at all. It drank gas like an alcoholic. It always needed something. Sure... women looked at me in it when I cruised through Lahaina or somewhere but not the sort of women I was interested in, not ever. I had some desirable objects now and again but they were almost always a disappointment; almost always. I have had the company of very beautiful women. I was lucky that way, if you can call it luck. Very often it turned out to be a bigger problem than the Corvette ever was. I got to hang out with some seriously rich and remarkably cheap people. I got to visit in the halls of power and meet certain people. What can I tell you? Very little of any of it was something I wanted anything to do with. None of it seemed worth it to me, when you factor in the costs and I am very aware of the costs. I know what my ignorance and stupidity have cost me on occasion. I will carry the scars and handicaps to wherever it is that I wind up. They are reminders of the consequences of action and the fruits of the purpose of demonstration.

I would certainly do any number of things differently now. Those opportunities have sailed. My mistakes are as much a part of me as my triumphs. Success and Failure are permanent bed fellows. On the whole it has turned out alright I would say, though we can't see around the corner. We do have certain advantages though. You have these advantages as well and that is the awareness of the lessons of experience and whatever wisdom we might have taken from them, upon reflection and in the course of events. We have the memory of pain as a protection against rash and reckless behavior. We have the bounty of evidence granted us from our observations upon the carnival of life; what various people did and what happened as a result. We have the meaning and implications of history and whatever we made of it and they're always finding out new things about old things and we have the words of those who could see into the future, however cryptic that might have turned out to be.

Sometimes I think about that big tsunami that hit Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. It seems India always gets a piece of that kind of action. I think about the people who saw the ocean retreat and for reasons that will always escape me, did not know what that meant. Some of them ran out on the sand to gather whatever they might be attracted to. I think about the fires that hit the California wine country in the middle of the night with no warning. I think about all the people in those critical moments and the devastation of loss, including their lives. I think about Kalifornia and that rumbling beneath the Earth. I think about the rumors of war and the terrible civil and cultural wars that are in progress and which have, in the past, matriculated into real wars and might yet do so again. I think about what might have been and what is and both of those vary with the perspectives of the people in contemplation of them. I think about what might come to be and I think about how helpless I am in the face of the cosmic imperative and how very very grateful I am to have discovered the only thing of real value in life and... how even more grateful I am that it is mine and cannot be taken from me, ever. I think about how it is closer to me than I am to myself as I watch the sands of time spill through my fingers like granulated water and make no never mind at all.

Far out in the deepness of space, neutron stars are coming together in an unspeakably joyous and lasting union that replicates in the spirit of union, everywhere. There are stars that disappeared long before the light they provided reaches me. There is a light that is too bright to be seen and it permeates everything. It is the animation in anything. It is all the force at work at any time, anywhere. It is both cyclopean and schizophrenic. It is the endless faces looking back at itself looking back, in and out of time; absolutely free and imprisoned forever by the commitments of its true nature which is love.

I watch people come and go. I know they are dreaming about something or other, both wistful about and desirous of something that changes like the course of the wind and I remember, over and over again that there is only one thing worth remembering and it is that lord of the solitude who has never forgotten me, who waits with infinite patience for the moment of realization that will occur to me and instantaneously transport me there... or you, or anyone whose time has come and whose time will come. In the interim we bob up and down on the waves of experience like the detritus of a shipwreck looking for somewhere to come ashore. Sooner or later... sooner or later.

End Transmission.......

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Gathering of the Tranny-Archies and the Wonderful Healing of Chicken Skin Neck.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Transmitting....... transmitting....... ding... bling... bling bling....... werp-werp....... ra-ching! Ra- ching! (sound of hand hitting monitor)- blik! Blik! “Ah, there ,we go.” Maybe the equipment is getting to its 'use by' date. Maybe it's climatic; a low pressure zone, a no pressure zone, a zoned out something to the tune of “strangers in the night”

The invisible plane meets the visible plane, here in my office space, like the jagged edges of a child's plastic toy, crushed beneath the hobnailed indifference of a nomadic, psychopathic troglodytes boot, here in the soon to be, post apocalyptic world of meandering madmen, abused women and children, pounded into submission by the chittering night music; the parasite invasion of ambulatory cell-phones, marching up the arms of their sleeping owners, slipping into the ear canals and wrecking havoc on the brain patterns. They are assisted in their destructive efforts by loud televisions, radios and MP3 players that cannot be turned off. The mute buttons have been stolen. The migrant workers have disappeared. Everything is starting to look faded and filthy. Consuela used to take care of those things but she was exported to China on the same boat that took the manufacturing infrastructure.

Transvestite archaeologists pull the skirts of their pink tutus up over the hip deep wreckage of torn mattresses and particle board furniture. They are wearing skin tight neoprene, thigh high, rainbow colored boots that used to belong to respected members of the Crass Media who were all gathered up and shipped off to fast food recycling centers in the Midwest. You've probably gotten a taste of them if you've been by a KFC outlet in recent times, but I digress... the tranny-archies are picking through the aftermath, searching for signs... ♫searchin, I been searchin, I been searchin everywhe-e- er- e♫ signs of survivors, signs of what happened. Give me a sign! Give me a horse! Give me some time, of course...their Botoxed brows attempt to wrinkle in consternation but remain as smooth as a baby baboon's ass from which scientists have extracted the formula to solve that long standing cosmetic crisis of Chicken Skin Neck, which has troubled the minds (and necks) of the rich and wretched for many years. The tranny-archeos mutter to one another. Pale, limpid hands reflexively raise to brush away strands of renegade hair, seeking... always seeking to do that David Bowie, one eye thing, over one side of the face or the other. They can never make up their mind which version best serves that “Hail Satan!” effect they are after.

Where did all the people go? There are no answers but the presence of tranny-archeos picking through the detritus tells you all you need to know. Obviously, whatever it was that happened, they did it to themselves. The signs of social collapse and cultural disorder were everywhere to be seen. Back in the early 70's the author went to the original establishment mentioned in this article, accompanied by an old friend who was gay and now is dead. I was working on a piece about what was going on in the dark corners of the sexual revolution. It took me awhile to orient myself after I walked in. Everyone present looked like a extra from that vintage Pacino crime thriller, “Crusin”. They were also near exact replicas of Freddie Mercury, dressed up in hundreds of variations of leather; skin tight outfits and all manner of restraint devices. I was surrounded by Freddie Mercury clones on all sides. This must have been just prior to the arrival of dress codes because I was let in.

It was a big and cavernous place, somewhere in the meatpacking district of New York City and at various points there were doorways into darkness. As I drew near to the inky aperture, I could hear a ragged chorus of groans and cries in search of some hellish epiphany. I'd never been exposed to anything like this before. I had no idea it even existed. I knew if a man walked into that room, he wasn't going to come out the same. We didn't stay long. As we walked away, off to something else that I now no longer remember, my friend, Kenny, told me about a conversation he had overheard in a place similar to the one we had been in where one fellow was telling another about a place he had been the night before. In the bathroom was a rail that you could grab and men could (if they wished) come up behind you and sodomize you and in the process of the conversation, one of the men mentioned how he had gotten done 50 times before he lost count. You probably would prefer not to hear about this but it needs be said what the culture is up against and the kinds of minds that are the force behind all the bizarre law making that has been going on.

Without a doubt they are seeking to usher in hell on Earth. One might be better educated about it all by reading about the Cabaret period in Germany, where the same group of people were up to the same kinds of behavior. You can better understand the environment that was present at the time of Hitler rising to power and the mindset of the German people. The same licentiousness excess and demonic imperatives are at work and... it's the SAME PEOPLE. If you move into the polluted waters of contemporary mainstream media, you see the presence of this depraved period being described in a way that... ah, words fail me. They keep referring to German scientists who “concluded that ‘same sex love was a natural, inborn characteristic and not merely the perversion of a ‘normal’ sexual tendency’, author and scholar Robert Beachy writes in his compelling book, Gay Berlin: Birthplace of a Modern Identity by Knopf Publishers.” No German scientists are mentioned by name but we can be certain of who they were, just as we can be certain who the publishers of this book are and who is behind the incremental press of laws against normal behavior and the normalization of the abnormal. In the article we are led to believe that widespread depravity is a good thing. You bet.

I don't make the laws of Nature. I don't enforce the institution of parameters to contain runaway perversity. That is the province of the divine hierarchy who permits the balance of life to be disturbed, distorted and run off course FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. It is startling to watch the relentless march of human life into a state of mass perdition. I sit and wonder at the mind-state of those reporting on it and the slants that they give. I am in awe at the abject stupidity that washes over the landscape like a tsunami. Millions upon millions of bobble-heads bounce up and down on the dashboard as the massive chariot of civilization crosses over the tortured and twisted highway into the threshing teeth of inevitability. Corporations pour millions of dollars into the fabrication of the engines of their own destruction. Governments run by feckless, compromised cowards build the gibbets on which they will be hung en masse. It is the redux of the French Revolution on steroids and there will be no mercy from those who believe in nothing but the visitation of horror after horror upon all and sundry. Fat cats drive by scenes extracted out of Boschian nightmare, never grasping that they will be pulled from their conveyances at any time and who are so driven mad by their own rubbernecking fascinations that they actually stop their cars and get out to take a look. “Those whom the god's would destroy, they first drive mad.”

Let us not end this walk on the wild side with a negative impression of life and the uncertain course of destiny that twists and turns and finally disappears beyond the sightline. The presence of the lord is often referred to as a refuge, a stronghold, a sanctuary and a fortress against the darkness which now seems to gather on all sides. Remember that the dark has no power except where the light is not present. One single candle will back the dark away into the corners and the light of the avatar will drive it away and around the curve of the Earth and at some point into a bottomless chasm that awaits it.

All of this sound and fury and the looming specter of a gathering darkness is of no meaning except for those compromised by it; enthralled by it, or who go in fear of it, “Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” My dear friends, nothing is quite so terrifying as to watch history repeat itself. What is even more terrifying is the understanding of all those previous times of which no evidence remains; gone and forgotten. We were not meant to endure here. This is not our home. This is not our home. This is the home ground of trial and testing, where following destinations are set and courses plotted. Set your course and destination while time remains to do so. Yes of course the world is wide and intimidating in size and the ubiquity of threats but the world within is another matter and is always the master of the world without, if you are the master of the world within and the master within is already present and awaits your surrender to his unshakable hand on the tiller and his unflinching and eternal eye upon the horizon.

Be of good cheer!

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Terribly Hungry and Fumbling in the Dark as Things go Bump in the Sacristy

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was on Feet 2 the Fire radio last night for something over an hour and had a long and involved conversation with James Jancik. It felt great to be able to do this and I hope at least some of it proves useful to the reader.

Well... the Z-List reality TV Tribe actors are continuing to speak out on those issues dear to all of our hearts (grin). I don't see how the pernicious influences of a small segment of true bottom feeders can be mistaken in their real intentions. Conditions in this culture have really come to a terrible pass. Have they not?

I was moving around the internet a couple of days ago and came across the biggest radio host (Howard Stern) by far these days ...and besides talking about Harvey Weinstein, he kept calling out for Cardi B. who happens to be one of the most incredibly untalented individuals I have ever seen. It makes you wonder. I don't know how it is that I wound up there, watching a portion of his segment. I don't think I made it even to the halfway mark, given how I loathe the man and certainly have come to loathe Cardi B. I've seen this kind of thing before, where someone comes out of nowhere and all the talking heads begin a unison chant of praise for someone who doesn't have the chops for an open mic performance, much less up on the big stages but most of everyone I see for short bursts of distaste these days, does not fill me with a sense of the rightness of it all.

The world has gone haywire. There's someone down in the orchestra pit, like there used to be in the old days, who calls out cues for the lines being forgotten by the usually intoxicated actors on the stage. This person is stage whispering what the producer wants to have said, even if it wasn't on the script initially. They've been reduced to making it up as they go because... all the stuff that was supposed to have happened got sidetracked somehow, like the recent Clinton presidential campaign. They are still not past getting over that and it isn't going much better for them in Syria, or those Eastern European countries that they were so sure they were going to steamroll right over.

In the minds of the continuously driven and mislead, it is all disarray. The voices they were supposed to be hearing in their heads are there but somehow another voice has come into play and this is proving disturbing to the Satanic, criminal overlords. As mysterious as this may appear to be on the surface, at least to those who are having their intentions stymied, it is a simple matter. We are in an apocalypse. An apocalypse is not a driverless car being run by unseen drone-style operators in some Quonset hut in Wyoming. It's not even a cobbled together prototype, created to disperse a general atmosphere, the way a soundtrack does in a movie. An apocalypse is an ancient process that is set in motion like the seasons following one another. It has stages, anti-climaxes, climaxes, denouements and a whole collection of stops and starts and stutters, which are not the product of hurried, approaching deadline, chaos. It is a force, manifesting as a chariot or a car or some kind of amphibious vehicle, directly engineered by a host of events and conditions that are meant to trigger an apocalypse, by running off the road and spinning their wheels in a ditch for... (drum roll) the purpose of demonstration.

When life goes choodlin along, there will be progressions of religious change, with the driving intent of becoming incredibly rigid and stratified, accompanied by an orchestra of ringing cash registers and wars that come and go, bringing all the things that war brings and leaving all those other items that war leaves in its wake. The religious figures don new garments and discard the old. New versions of old religions appear and depending on the technological level of accomplishment, arrive dressed in pseudo-science and fantastic shake n' bake histories that speak to an ancient provenance that never existed in the first place but... so what?

If you can get the public to buy it and there are coupons for all the desired dispensations and two for the price of one indulgences specials, you're going to be good to go, even if you don't do exactly that, which would be far more preferable to the rest of us who aren't salting away Joel Osteen sized fortunes for the declining years, when you are going to need extra cushions on the rocking chairs and maybe it would be that much nicer if they were hand stitched by nine year old boys in Isfahan.

We got a little sidetracked when we walked off in another direction, after mentioning the movement of religions upon the face of the water of the cultures, mirroring the desires of the ever hungry masses who never get enough to eat because the more they eat, the greater the hunger becomes until they eat themselves and are no longer visible. Across the centuries as religious systems come and go... become ever more refined about the art of making money, fabricate ever more ridiculous costumes and do all those things in the dark of the night as things go bump in the sacristy, it's usually business as usual. Sometimes people get burned at the stake and sometimes they go to the tower to wait for the fateful day of beheading. Sometimes they are simply excommunicated. It's a process that can be extreme and occasionally even benign for a time but the one thing you are probably not aware of is the presence of God. We hear about the presence of God in the original scriptures that always have to do with the life of the founder. This is followed by an endless litany of amendments, codicils and angry bulls running through endangered China shops, enraged by red flags and red herring and such but... except for right there at the beginning, you don't hear that much along the lines of, “Hey... I saw the almighty in an aisle at Sports Authority this morning...” or some variant or another.

Yes... for a time you get the occasional new headliners like Paul ...and Islam is full of internecine conflicts between followers of one latter day headliner and another latter day headliner and a lot of people die because of doctrinal schisms and such but you don't see God, which is a rare event indeed. Hearing about God is the flesh is more likely but there isn't or hasn't been much of that either. This is one of the unusual features of an apocalypse; God starts to show up- not necessarily right before your eyes but more so in the occurrence of inexplicable events where a 'hidden hand' seems to be at work but you can't see what the hand is attached to and very likely you cannot see the hand either. What you see are the effects and results of the hand at work. That is one of the consistent biggies of an apocalypse. God begins to appear without actually appearing ...but you get the sense of the divine's presence in natural and otherwise events of a mysterious kind that do not fit into the usual categories.

Oh my goodness! What do we have here?

Mr Apocalypse is here and is one of the hands of God, in the same way that an angel is a direct expression of the will of God that is specialized for specific work to be done. Angels, the larger and more powerful angels, are often embodiments of a quality of the divine. They also appear as a perpetual force, like sight and hearing, as they exist in all of the life forms making use of them. You hear people saying here and there that they ran into an angel or an angel appeared to them but when I study their tales about what happened, I become skeptical. I have encountered angels and what I noticed most was the POWER. The power was so great that I could not even look up and see the angel. I wasn't able to do it. I was overwhelmed and bent over in submission. This was the case each time I had such an experience. There was no variation in the sense of the power that was present so... unless I hear something similar, I tend to doubt that it was an angel that was involved.

I bring this up because I tend to doubt a great many things that appear in my windshield; meaning I doubt what I am told is what happened. I doubt the listing of who is said to have been involved or behind whatever it was that took place. I do not doubt the presence of Mr. Apocalypse or the recent impression that the divine is on the scene and I mean all over the place. This is going to increase in both power and frequency. It is going to start happening faster as time speeds up and we come closer to that great signal event that is going to happen, or that breathtaking series of events that are going to happen. I find myself in a waiting state. Surely there are those small duties of life which I must attend to but all of what I thought I was supposed to be engaged in has been placed in abeyance because something much like that rough beast whose hour has come round at last is shuffling toward some metaphorical Bethlehem to be born. I'm not sure I got the phrase in order but I suspect you know what I mean.

I tried to talk about how I am affected and how very changed I am from the person I was during last night's radio interview with James. I am curious as to what some of you may think about what is moving into view and precipitating into form, whether it be some actual being taking shape before us or whether it is a spontaneous awakening in the human heart, which I am certain is going to take place. I don't know how widespread of dramatic it is going to be but something like it is going to occur and forever change us and the world in which we imagine we live.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Madness Accelerates as the Time of The Great Summing Up Arrives.

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Last night I was finishing my transition from the casita to a spare bedroom inside. It seems that some people prefer that I am more accessible so... whoomp they it is! Anyway... as I was hanging wires and arranging the equipment I employ, I turned on the TV and there was The Tonight Show with Jimmy Felon. He had a guest musical(?) act which involved someone called G-Easy and one Cardi B, whom I have heard about because she became instantly famous and shows up on every bus that drives by in my head (grin). Here is what they provided.

How do I cover all the ground of dysfunction that extends from coast to coast? The sexual perversity epidemic is a pandemic greater than The Black Plague.

Then there is the matter of cellphones. Holy flaming crocodile shit! Of course it is worse than what is being reported and the degree of fanatical crack pipe addiction is there to be seen at all times in any public arena. The amount of people I pass on the highway, who are on their cellphones or texting while driving is startling. I find myself pointing it out the way children will play the license plate game on a car trip. This is in new cars where Bluetooth is readily available. You can't text with Bluetooth (yet) but even so... there they are with phone to ear. Should they become aware of my scrutiny; people doing this are not usually spatially aware... should they see me wagging my finger, they glare at me and give me the finger. Ten percent of us are connected to something deeper and are separated from one another by variations in experience and the determination of the ineffable according to our conferred status. A much larger number are here for the show. The show proceeds as the ones who imagine they are in charge, continue with their plans which have been altered without their knowledge, for the purpose of demonstration. Some events may have been natural, or unnatural; that are yet to be revealed. The author of this theory has a history of sensationalizing events. My perception of him may be in error. It is important that I say this. I will also say that I have never seen him present something as well researched and thought out as this one is. I'm actually surprised (grin).

The social justice protocol, authored by the Elders of Zion Protocol, is a well organized Communist insurgency. We have to separate this from fascism, which is at the other end of the spectrum but... as is the case with the extreme elements of either, they become impossible to differentiate from one another at that point. Of course, on the heels of the manufactured Harvey Weinstein event, we begin to see the ancillary productions that are easily as important as the stalking horse/ strawman creations. Fake News, like June, is bursting out all over; here we have insight from one of our best warrior journalists in this time, about the matter of M. Khordorkosky and his opinion piece. Another 'opinion piece' demonstrates the war that is taking place on the ideological battleground of these times. You will note the mention of The Southern Poverty Law Center, which Gay Robot Samurai, Tim Cook just gave a million dollars to. Let's not forget Hollywood illuminati George Clooney and consort also gave them one million dollars. The Southern Poverty Law Center IS A HATE GROUP!

This is all coming out of the staged circus that was Charlottesville, where Antifa thugs attacked the peaceful demonstrators who arrived to protest social justice warrior Communists efforts to replace history with their own revised edition. This is a direct mirroring of what Israel is doing and has been doing in Palestine; changing the names of towns and streets and all else to give the impression that the land they are stealing was theirs to begin with. You have seen the 'incredible shrinking map of Palestine' so I don't need to link it and if you haven't, just put that phrase in any search engine. The Southern Poverty Law Center refuses to list Antifa as a hate group. The Tribe spokesman who can best be compared to the Mouth of Sauron and who speaks for the Tribe organization, which the SPLC is, makes some interesting comments about what sorts of hate they do and do not deal with.

useful idiots

The picture says it all though, as do the black hammer and sickle flags that represent the Tribe's official political animal, which is Communism. See a pattern in any of this?

People are losing it over items and situations that make no sense whatsoever. I have no idea who “Rick and Morty” are. I do know what Szechuan sauce is and I could easily make it and I am quite certain I can make it better than what these people are going ape over. The article below the video impressively shows how bat shit crazy a lot of people are. It's no surprise that McDonald's is involved.

Once again, I have no idea if something like this is true and in no way am I implying that it is not. I hear so many things. Are they all true? Are they true in part? Are they completely false? First we have to consider the essence of reality. The essence of reality is a white screen that is filled with light. This light flows into a prism and the manifest world appears. Nothing in the manifest world is essentially real because it is changing all the time and it is temporary. Even mountains are falling down. You cannot see it. Your time sense is not that evolved. Whatever may be true here can be true only in a relative sense. Sometimes something can only be true in relation to something else but not itself, apart from the polarity that gives it meaning. I'm not going to wade into the details of minutia that are so precious to the philosophers, who create entire worlds of being and not being and which can only be understood by a handful of their fellows. What value can anything like that have except in an environment where it exists only for the purpose of argument? Angels dancing on the head of a pin... cats going in and out of focus... ships in the night... shadows in broad daylight. It all comes down to how you feel. How do feel? How do you feel about all that you imagine you are and what you do and what you remember; those portions you remember and which you remember according to how you have interpreted them?

Life is defined by how you feel about it. Only one mind understands the meaning of life and... ironically there is only one mind. We are the ones who separate that mind into individual minds. I have experienced one mind and it is immediately attended by telepathy and various other abilities that come out of one mind consciousness. Our separated minds are the source of our suffering; put a little more definitively... it is our minds which identify anything according to the meaning we have given it and which causes it to be desirable or undesirable to us ...and this varies from one separated mind to the next. Given that... is anything real? Is something made real because we agree on it? Will what we agreed upon be the same next year at this time? Will next year at this time be this time? The only moment that will ever exist is the moment you are in and a profound secret is concealed in this, as well as a most wonderful joy. Anyone who has managed to encounter that experience, where the past and future are dissolved into one immutable state, are aware of the magical quality it is imbued with. Whether one has come there through a disciplined effort, via the influence of a comestible, or had it conferred through the grace of one in possession of the power to confer it... it is remarkable. There are some who reside there in perpetuity. I have not accomplished that. It's closer than it was and... the funny aspect is that it is always there at all times. Most of us are only aware of it sometimes, if at all.

This world is a marvel of complexity. There is so much to be seen and heard and experienced here and this world is less than a dust mote in comparison to the whole world, in comparison with what seems to lie beyond it. One can live long and exhaust themselves in the occurrence of episode upon episode. One can live an enormous number of lives and still fall short of the whole of what is possible. I always ask myself what I will be left with in the aftermath of anything I might do. I ask myself questions I never used to ask; does this matter at all? Is this what I want? How am I going to feel, (given that I have felt a certain way in the past, most of the times before) the next day? Is it important? Will I be the better for having done or not done it?

It has occurred to me, finally, that nothing has any value unless it results in the service of, the pursuit of or the contemplation of the ineffable... or the sharing of thoughts and feelings having to do with the ineffable. Nothing else proves satisfying to me. Nothing else is anything more than a repeating pattern and certain patterns need repeating; eating (at least for the moment), sleeping (at least for the moment), breathing and anything that manifest life depends on for its continuance. At least I can do them with the divine uppermost in mind. On those rare occasions when I eat out, I can't remember the last time I saw someone performing grace. I don't see it when passing by the places where people eat. A number of acts that I associate with celebrating the eternal existence of the ineffable in the theater of the temporary, I don't see them in practice. I need desperately to celebrate the ineffable in my uncertain and temporary residence here. I need with all the intensity I can bring forth to make my life a statement on my assurance of and in the everlasting presence of the indefinable author of all things.

I realize there are those who attend their places of worship, who do give thanks when they eat, who do give an effort to do the right thing. The challenges that oppose them have never been so great. The whole of the armies of darkness are employed at this time. This is a 'great apocalypse'. This is one of the great 'summings up'. This is why there are so many of us here at this time. That feature alone should be enough to tell us something... something, something; if we would only bother to reflect on what that might be. Hold fast. Be constant. Stand guard at the gateway of your mind and open wide the doors of your heart. Let you love proceed always before you and trust in the power, mercy and unceasing meditations of the lord of all things upon the matters at hand.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Antifa Snake Dances into Sodom while Kalifornia Burns.

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One of the things we like to do around here is... 'consider the source'. An article appears in the No-Class, False News Media and you think, “Well... that's just another sidewalk hooker plying her wares and trying to stay ahead of the rent and the upkeep on that suburban condo. I saw where William Colby said, “the CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” You can assume this is probably true; what he said and that he said it if it ever appears in a search engine that some fake news outlet tries to debunk it. The comments section is very revealing, given that one could probably also assume that Mick West is 'an asset' plying his wares on some sidewalk. The reason I bring any of this up is this article. The author is one Evan McMullin; two guesses on what he used to do. They're glad to mention who he is at the end of his snake tongued load of weasel shit. His argument on 'populism' is a classic example of cynical misrepresentation. McMullin went to Wharton and he was an investment banker. He spent a year living in Israel and working as a 'resettlement officer' dealing with refugees before he went completely over to the dark side. See a pattern?

As you know, we are very interested in trends. Watching trends can be lifesaving. Observing trends is one of the reasons you won't find me out New Year's Eve or the 4th of July on amateur night. That last article is part of a present trend. So is this one. Some trends are unrelenting because they are one of the major efforts geared toward the destruction of Christian influence on American life. This is, of course, a creation of Marxist Zionism. Every social justice construct is orchestrated and financed by Zionist Marxism. Antifa is one of their guerrilla insurgency cadres for the intimidation of endangered Normal. To show how effective the efforts at brainwashing the American public is and how intellectually diminished they have become, this article says it all.

That article likes to follow the usual inflated statistics. The statistics are actually less that 3.8 percent identifying a certain way. However, as Twain said, “there are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics.” Two out of a hundred people are hijacking the culture behind the money and media control of 1.8%. That goes up to 2.2% when you add in the ones who don't believe in God, unless you believe their own statistics. If you add in that ten percent of them are gay you wind up with another amazing trend. It really makes a difference if you look deeper when you look at all. It makes even more of a difference if you look at a dozen sets of statistics instead of grabbing the one nearest you that meets your criteria. The deeper you look, the more you find and... if you have looked long and deeply for a long while, you've probably learned a thing or two.

Some of us look a little more deeply into events than what we are told on the surface. Take the case of Harvey Weinstein. What's interesting about this reveal is what it has to say about Steve Bannon. We've been going by Breitbart and trying to figure out why they say nothing about the very definite somethings that are past obvious concerning the false flag in Las Vegas, which you may be sure was run by Sheldon Adelson first. When one looks into the behavior of pundits. When one observes what they say and more especially what they don't say, one gets a trend-sense about them. Then one can analyze whether this is simply the general bent of the individual or whether they are a paid agent whose prominence and profit are the result of a specific allegiance.

It's all wheels within wheels within wheels. It hasn't changed since the time of the Borgias. That had only been a continuance of ancient Rome and before that, subterfuge and subtlety were just as present. The interesting feature about the Byzantine complexities of any time period is the Shakespearean inevitability of outcome. Some call it destiny and some call it fate and some call it divine architecture. I would fall into that last demographic. The hand of the ineffable is always somewhere in the mix. There are any number of arguments one can bring to the table. One can say it is just math that eventually catches up with you for good or for ill. One could say all that math is simply a technical way of looking at Karma. One could say it's all random but that doesn't hold up in the face of so much similarity of outcome. One could say anything one wishes to say and usually will have an opinion that suits whatever excuses they come up with for the way their life turned out.

I am much amused at the writings of contemporary psychologists and the way they embrace the trends of the time. I watch how they swallow the prevailing lies of a particular period; the lies manufactured by those who use the lies for the justification of enforced acceptance of toxic lifestyles. Morality exists because the lack of it will most certainly doom whatever civilization it has gone missing in. Moral codes are part of the glue that holds a culture together, along with traditions and most especially the family unit. When you can observe the family unit under threat you can automatically conclude that the culture in which it is taking place is in grave danger. The family unit is the principal key to social stability, period. When certain lifestyles that are fringe at best are mainstreamed into a celebrated prominence you can be certain that practitioners of the dark arts have wormed their way into positions of power and are 'Hell-bent' on the devastation of that culture.

A casual student of general commentary might well say to themselves, “that last paragraph looks like it was taken right out of some manual for right wing Christian conservatism.” It's also directly stated in The Way of Life by Lao Tzu and other venerable sources. The truth is where you find it. It can be found in the most unlikely locations and is never rendered false simply by association. It has to be taken on the merits. If it's true it doesn't matter who said it or where you found it. It does matter if it is used improperly or for any number of reasons and we see plenty of that in these times. Personally, I appreciate a stable environment and I don't know many people who do not. How I might behave privately has nothing to do with it, nor do I think some of my proclivities are a good idea for the general public. What I do on my own is my own affair. I made it this far. Many another might not have, which is why I don't recommend an experimental or Bohemian lifestyle for others. You have to know if you have been granted certain dispensations.

I think it is important to conclude this with an observation that may grant some amount of comfort in these perilous times. Uncertainty is everywhere outside of you these days. You do not have to be uncertain within. No matter 'where' you are in the world surrounding, it is where you are at in the world within that matters. You are either on your own, dependent on that amount of will apportioned and the wits possessed and the ineffable allows this... for the purpose of demonstration (grin). We shall see if that grin remains. Or... you are dependent on the ineffable for everything and to the degree that you can accomplish that the ineffable will provide everything... for the purpose of demonstration.

Here is a heads-up on what ought to be evident but often we do not see what is right in front of us, due to accommodation and the usual distractions we permit to occupy our thoughts, along with what gets inserted when we are not watchful at the command center; Trump is a purpose of demonstration in action in real time. His opposition are fierce and relentless. He threatens their very survival in some respects and their money, which is of at least equal importance to them. It is going to come to a head fairly soon. On the other hand, he has some surprises coming for them, which they may, or may not be aware of. I am pretty confident that he had a part in the Weinstein affair and there are more where that came from. The Podesta-Hillary angle is in play. There is so much going on behind the scenes at the moment that they have had to knock out some walls. Some of what is coming is going to shake up the world as we think we know it. On the other hand, Lady Nature has begun to inflame the orchestra. Kalifornia is burning and that is just the beginning. I can't go into detail concerning my impressions but when they are as constant as they are, I can speak to the intensity and I'm hearing similar things from people I trust.

The level of persistence I am experiencing about certain matters is very strong. The atmosphere around Trump and the atmosphere around his opposition are like two weather fronts coming at one another. Meanwhile they are both taking place in Lady Nature's playground. Everything is connected.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of those among us who pursue power and knowledge is that they are not equipped for the possession of either. The hunger that drives them is their undoing. This is what happened to Atlantis and many another stage production. We are in such a time now. Whether we survive what is coming or not, depends on the will of the everlasting. There are many allegories that tell the tale of the devastations that come; Sodom and Gomorrah are only two of the testimonies that remain as barely legible evidence of what happened ...but they are there to remind us of what happens if we stray too far beyond Lady Nature's tolerance. She is as stern as she needs to be and compassionate beyond measure. It is up to us which side of her personality we are on.

Look closely at what is taking place around you and mind how you go.

We'll close with another of Timothy Raab's photos;

Timothy Raab

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