Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gratitude from the Heart of the Center of the Everlasting Residence of THE LOVE..

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Here we are, the day of Thanksgiving ...and I visualize this day as being a reminder to remind ourselves every day of the year to be... grateful and as a play on words, great-full as well; to remember to be filled with greatness because of that which inspires, guides, protects and sustains us, from within, to the extent that we will permit it. The finest, dare I say... greatest feature of free will is less a call to righteous action (though that is significant) but rather, a call to surrender. Let that which is the truest state of being, whether sentient or quiescent, be acknowledged as the greatest reality by comparison with all of that which cannot be compared to it. It is or it can be, though it is in any case. Om Tat Sat, which to me means, God is Truth or God is Real. When we say, God is Real at these locations, it is a reference to that.

One might transpose it also in a metaphysically creative manner by saying, “I am that I am.” I am that I am says, without directly saying it... I cannot be defined, I simply am. This is one of the finer poetics of surrender; you throw your hands in the air and say, “It is beyond me. I cannot comprehend it. I trust your essential goodness and give way before the certitude of this." When we surrender we let go of everything and that which is true and real is what holds on when there is nothing left... all of what having departed being just an attachment we had some relationship with out of the fear of being left with no identifying ground whatsoever so... it's really about the fear, which gives insight into the truth that Love and Fear displace one another and cannot occupy the same space at the same time. This brings one, once again, to The Greatest Commandment. Letting Fear take the tiller results in the ineffable being displaced from the same position and the tiller commands the rudder; that which 'guides' the boat of being.

We don't find God. We accept that God is already present and will reveal himself if we permit the removal of what conceals his presence from us. You do not have to see God. You only have to be certain he is there whether you can see him or not; “No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.”

Not that anyone has seen the Father, except the One who is from God; He has seen the Father.” Whoops, looks like someone has seen God and I think I'm going to keep that other phrase uppermost in my heart and mind;

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

We use as examples, inspirations from the Christian faith because most who come here are of that persuasion. One can easily find near exact statements in every other legitimate faith. They will be used as well. We are exclusive only in respect of that which is indefinable and incomprehensible, within the field of limited schematics and blueprints, we have no allegiance.

Why are we experiencing an epidemic of tattooed and pierced 'pressed meat' crowds of individuals? People don't know who they are. Their traditions are crumbling and nothing good is standing in as a hijack proxy. Sexual activity, one of the strongest definers as far as role expression goes, has trampled down the fences that previously set certain parameters. People, as a result know even less of who they are and are less comfortable wearing a set of clothes designed for them by people who hate Lady Nature and want to put her in platform shoes and trip her in the crossroads of the moment, which, as you should know, is always a crossroads, every moment is, because you can go in any direction at any time. There is another crossroads that appears in that passing chord moment of a lifetime, called by some a Saturn return. You can ponder that at your leisure.

Why is there an opioid epidemic wrestling in an astral Faraday cage match with alcohol and bad food addictions; making it a tag team match, since there are other major players as well? One should never discount the impact of collective human ignorance, given the evidence of what they seem to be motivated and confused by. As if on cue, here comes one Jason DeRullo doing a halftime, awkward, blind and bumbling clown scenario, at the Detroit-Minnesota Thanksgiving game. You can probably look it up on Boobtube in a couple of hours, OR LESS (apparently it went up right after). I can't understand anything he is saying, although I think I get the point (grin). I love it when the ineffable, literally in the moment, counterpoints what is getting said here ...with often graphic examples.

Why is there animosity between the races? Why do those with too much have even more and those with too little have even less? For me, everything and everything is reason for gratitude.

I am as glad for what I am not, as I am for what I am ...and which is in a state of ever-flux till the event horizon becomes the moment at hand.

I have a broken foot- two bones- for the moment; no big deal. I haven't been upset once, outside of being upset with myself for not paying attention, I've just been grateful and was told to be grateful because I would soon see why it happened and that is because is and ever shall be. Oh yes!!! Do not let your hearts be heavy. If an apocalypse is a revealing that existence is a war for the control of the human soul and... if Jesus, as The Christ, conquered for all time, every resistance to our liberation and illumination. If Jesus the Christ was victorious over Hell and Death, on our behalf ...and... if all we have to do is recognize and accept this... surrender to the enduring certitude of it... should we not be grateful to the bleeding edge of the possibilities of our awareness? This is said, in honor of the one who bled and still bleeds, to maintain the potential for freedom for anyone, who will take up their cross and follow him. It is the ineffable through his primary and highest manifestation, who took upon himself the sins of this world, in order to perpetuate the continuance of opportunity, for anyone who, at any point, can come to an understanding of what really took place and who was really involved.

We would be far more absolutely filled with conviction, awe and surrender, if we truly apprehended who does what and why. God has proven to me without fail, how great his love for me is and has proven it from both sides of the coin of suffering and joy. “Those whom the Lord loveth, he chasteneth.” Take a moment to review what you have reason to be grateful for; really study it, not only with what SHOULD BE obvious but with an awareness of what you ARE NOT experiencing. I've had about as difficult and extended a stretch of bad highway as anyone I know but... it has only increased the capacity of my appreciation for what the result of it has been. How could I have come to the awareness that I presently possess without paying the ferryman for the guaranteed passage across the ocean of doubt and fear? Everything comes at a cost. Strangely enough, far too many people feel that... the cost in experience of being made aware of the eternal love of the almighty... is too great to go through... yet... they willingly embrace a cost far greater for that which is not even worth having in the first place!!! It astounds, mystifies and leaves me confounded. At least I can say, no matter what the cost, the end result is well worth the price. Perhaps people just don't get what is into play here? Is that what it is? They don't register what the value and degree of potential gain and loss is?

Lord God almighty, I thank you from the deepest place within and as completely and comprehensively as I can manage. I thank you! I thank you!! I thank you!!! My heart swells with gratitude!!!! AND what thrills and moves me even more... is the sure and certain knowledge that I am unaware of the greater meaning of it all and have fallen far, far short in my understanding of it. I routinely miss so many evidences of your kindness and mercy to me. At any point, my lord, you could have, without argument from me, justifiably eliminated me from the field of play, were you as judgmental and as cavalier as I have been in my time. I stand with Jesus and the woman at the well. I also know what a crock of horseshit the perversion of this exchange happens to be, by those whose intention was to pervert these scriptures, a very long time ago. The lies have been in place a great deal longer than the lie of the Cash Register Holocaust. God chooses NO SPECIAL PEOPLE for the proliferation of his word and I submit to you. I SUBMIT TO YOU! It is a living word, not a written word and had you the capacity, you could read the Bible AS IT IS WRITTEN, in a flame series of hieroglyphics, upon the living flesh of your spiritual heart. I know this to be true from personal experience, no matter how far I have fallen in the aftermath of that vision.

God is real! God is real!! God is real!!! Let that be the source of all the gratitude you feel on this day and forever afterwards. The eternal waters of the everlasting truth, pour out upon and sometimes... through us, one and all, every day/ ...and we mostly neither see not hear, nor feel them but we could. We could. I do not see as once I did but assuredly, I understand better than I ever have and that illustrates and confirms and authenticates LOVE as the origin and end result of everything before and in every moment following ...and at the end.

Lord, I am both dumbfounded and humbled by the mercy and majesty of your undeserved gifts to me. I am grateful! I am grateful!! I am grateful!!!

End Transmission.......

(Someone sent me an email with a link from a posting from Henry Makow and after reading it, I wanted to go there and comment on it. There was no link in the email, so I had to go to the main site and being as he had also written about gratitude, I read it ...and found a surprising mention at the end of his post. Henry and I do not always agree about every issue but we are both in firm agreement about the living truth of God in all things. Thanks, Henry!)


RickB said...

Thanks Visible. I printed out a few copies for my daughters and myself to be rereading this weekend.

Unfathomable Mind is expressed. The depth, breadth, height, might, majesty, and glory of infinite Love fill all space. That is enough! Mary Baker Eddy

Happy Thanksgiving

Ray B. said...

On great-full-ness: One of my old teachers told us never to 'ask' for stuff from God while in a state of lack or fear. It turns out that God listens as much to the emotional state as the verbal state; funny thing. So, God feels the affirmation of lack and decides, "You like lack? I love you; so be it!" The manifestation comes-across as affirming lack - meaning it doesn't show up, or it reinforces lack. (Same type of thing with fear.) My old teacher told us to remember a time of gratefulness, feeling-good, satisfaction, loving-life, etc. And to actually get into that emotional space. Then, from within that space, 'ask' for stuff from God. Guess what?

On surrender to God: Another teacher (Joseph Chilton Pearce) developed a sure-fire way to manifest. In essence, find an object, subject, or whatever that interests/fascinates you. Then pursue it in every-way possible. If it comes to you in the course of this pursuit, then fine. If the subject is beyond your ability or understanding, stop. While you still have your 'steam' up around this issue (lots of chi), formulate your question or desire in the best way you can. Think of this as putting it inside a 'bubble'. Include the emotions, as above. Then, hold this 'bubble' up in front of you until it feels like something takes it away. In this manner, you release it to God's doing - with the certitude that God will find a way or generate an answer. And walk away. Sooner or later, poof. It works; I have used it.

As a 'refinement' on the above, ask for "Best and Highest" before you release it. Wonderful things can happen. Or, un-wonderful things are avoided. (On a different but similar approach, if I am doing something with Higher Self and remember to affirm "Best and Highest", HS often veers-away into something that Ray had not even thought of...)

Good Manifestations during these Holy Days...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Re: Jason DeRullo

I can't catch the lyrics either. Not speaking Russian, I cannot understand the lyrics in the following either, but at least there's a translation scrolling across the bottom of the screen:

Question: Which culture is the healthier? Which is the stronger?


Anonymous said...

I am ever so grateful for your words Vis. I've been reading your writings for a number of years now and as of late have begun to realize how you are evolving and in the process you have helped me do the same. Your words are Divinely Inspired.Perhaps they always were but an element of anger is gone from you or so it seems to me, and has been replaced by gratitude and Love. You are relentless in your messages now, you never veer away from it. Finally for me it is sinking in and after a very long time of being in a Dark Night of the Soul, your words have allowed a Light to shine in and I believe now I can truly start to heal. I believe that God will work through any of us if we let Him and that you have stepped up to the plate has made a huge difference for me. So thank you.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
I love you to and father love you, becouse you love His son is that how you be love Him.

Stan Del Carlo said...

Meanwhile, as the masters of the universe were trippin' hard on the finest afganistani dope in shishka heaven all at your pathetic expense, Sirian Brother Hip Hopper slid this one in:

Anonymous said...

"...We don't find God. We accept that God is already present and will reveal himself if we permit the removal of what conceals his presence from us..."

That's nothing less than crystalline in its clarity.


Asil said...

Greetings Visible,

In regard to those who are lost it is the homogenization of humanity into a blob of mindless soul-less meat.

On a more uplifting note, I wanted to comment on a profound expression / definition of will that you stated on a radio show a few weeks ago. It continues to come to mind over and over again. I can't remember the host of the show but during the show you said that there is actually only "one" will and that is the will of the Divine.

Will, free will that is the supreme gift that we were given. I always think about it, I think of the Lords Prayer, "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" therein the power we had to make earth heaven - as he wished us to do - with the free will he gave us - but now on a more profound level I fully understand that does mean his will is our free will - or as you said the only will is the will of the Divine. I hope that makes sense because it totally defined free will as I wanted to understand it completely, when you talked about that.

And, then the other thing is the name of God - something that has been forever in my mind - what is the name? When I was a kid in school the nun wrote the word GOD on the blackboard - and I said "why does it spell dog backwards" - one of the many transgressions that assured my unhappy days in Catholic school. When "old English" was clarified by Francis Bacon and his associates they decided to spell it that way. I know it doesn't matter the name just more to wonder about.

Anyway, you mention the Divine with some reference to the Christian religion. Like yourself, I do not in any manner have allegiance to any religion, which I view as the manner by which an institution places itself in the way of connection with the Divine. Anyway, I still have a belief system that sprouts from there.

So, Visible, just thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Good post as always. Might not post though I read the article some of my days. 2 dishwashers quit at the same time, and until more are hired, I'm filling in doing split 12 hour shifts on weekends, holidays, and when the lead flakes on coming to work. (After all, I am the main janitor, and just a fill in for the dishwashing.) It's a bitch bein' on call. I'm glad nothing lasts forever at times like this.

Man, Friday the lead didn't show up. I ended up so pissed I was beyond caring about consequences. . .until by boss petted my nose.

Attitude change in two seconds. I'm glad I have a boss that understands me, though I do freak her out some time. Some things are better not posted on a public forum, though. (;O))



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