Sunday, January 26, 2020

"Waiting Upon the AH HAH MOMENT for Epiphany and Spiritual Transformation."

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The world is the world is the world. So many people want to change the world and it seems... it seems that the more obsessed one is with changing the world, the less concerned they are with changing themselves. These seem to be mutually exclusive. Social reformers have killed more people than anyone else... ever. Think about it. I'd steer clear of people who are passionately after changing the world.

Here's (hopefully) a wake up call; YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE WORLD! Well... we all change the world all the time but it's like one of those child's toys that you can pull out of shape- it always springs back to what it was after you release it. Perhaps I should have said, 'you cannot change the world DIRECTLY but you can change it indirectly... by example. Still... even were you (on the positive side) a Buddha, a Jesus Christ, or similar, even if you changed the lives of billions of people, you still wouldn't change more than half of the world and more people would hate you than would ever hate a less notable figure. On the negative side, even if you were a Stalin, or a Mao, or any one of a number of others... there have been quite a few, you still would, likely, only impact on the populace of your own nation and (usually) your neighboring nations and far more people would hate you, than would hate the positive influences. Ironically... it might be that the numbers are the same for both types.

Lao Tzu said, more or less verbatim, “No one has ever taken control of the whole world and never will, because the world is a sacred vehicle and at the mere approach of the profane, it recedes. This is how it is with the deeper spiritual truths as well. You have to be PERMITTED to understand them. There are several stages of apprehension when it comes to statements of Ageless Wisdom and 'divinely inspired' scripture. There are several levels of surface understanding and then there is Revelation... where the truth of it, impacts on you in a transformative way.

These blogs are limited to around 1500 words, I can't go into a subject with intricate detail. So I work through my own dynamic, of presenting a general outline and depending on the reader to expand upon, flesh out, or extrapolate my outline into their own idea of it. As a result, I occasionally hear from detractors, who take me to task, for not itemizing things to such a ridiculous extent that it leaves the reader breathless, or the reader leaves, long before they finish reading it. Yet... I find that no matter how much detail I manifest, some amount are not going to agree with what I say, because it doesn't mirror their picture of how things 'should be', in their world view and no matter how obliging I might attempt to be, some amount are always going to resent or dislike me. I can't change them, nor do I want to.

I believe one should leave evidence of their passage, in the same way that video games insert clues and trap door escape portals, that lead into new landscapes and dimensions. I believe you should release depth charges into the human subconscious, or... metaphorically... place landmines that go off when coming into contact with an awareness that has arrived at a point of transition, where the impact of the landmine dovetails with an AH HAH! moment. Can this be done? Yeah... it can. It has happened to me many times, where previously I was not in the frame of mind to comprehend something and later... upon reflection... in an Ah Hah moment... I got it.

There's no point in arguing with people who have made up their mind about it. Their resistance is greater, than whatever the truth is, that is provoking their combative outrage. It is NOT UNCOMMON for people to REACT to something that the deeper part of them agrees with ...but which requires them to change in ways, where they have no intention of changing- AT THE TIME. But time passes, events happen, people grow from tragedy and trauma, through loss and disappointment ...and what was once anathema to them, is now something devoutly wished for. In the best cases, they are left thinking they arrived at that particular understanding all by themselves.

For myself... I state what I am inspired to say and then I move on. I do not concern myself with the reader's reaction to what got said. I don't even think about it. It is basically take it or leave it. I KNOW it will resonate with certain minds that are on a similar wave length and it will otherwise, 'bounce off' of minds not inclined or prepared to receive it. I know that there are people who will PERSONALIZE what gets said by interpreting it as a criticism of them, when that never even entered the mind of the author. MANY, MANY PEOPLE ARE CHRONICALLY DEFENSIVE; not much you can do about that.

As with almost everything else, of a negative stripe, that I personally encounter, it has to do with THE REACTIVE MIND and with elements of bad parenting and poor toilet training. The majority of the characteristics of people, who have yet to experience a REAL spiritual epiphany, were formed in their early childhood. In normal times, each generation has their own rites of passage that allow for a successful transition into adulthood. When times are NOT NORMAL, like now, there is no rite of passage and children DO NOT EFFECTIVELY TRANSITION into adulthood; because of helicopter parents and pathological over indulgence, they remain in a permanent state of arrested development, replete with emotional incontinence and an inability to tell the difference between what is real and what is fantasy. They are then, RIPE FOR THE PICKING OR... PLUCKING.

It is not by accident that huge portions of the population are subjected to relentless brainwashing. There is an objective in play and it is not a good one. It is not a good one, for the rank and file and the hoi poloi; by God... I think those are both the same! I suppose you could also call them 'the masses', 'lumpen proles' and 'The Great Unwashed'. On occasion they have been called, 'the salt of the Earth', except that at this time, it appears they may have lost their savor. OBSCURE REFERENCE ALERT! “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”

If you are one of the few who have managed to retain, not only their intelligence but also an Objective Reasoning Capacity, you can see the causes of the crazy that presently are assaulting civilization, at previously unseen levels of intensity. You can see them but... there is nothing you can do. It all has to play out for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. As sad and seemingly pointless as it may seem, for a life lesson to take in a permanent manner, the impact of it has to be severe. I wish... I SINCERELY WISH IT COULD BE OTHERWISE but... such has never yet proven to be the case. Sometimes the people getting the lesson, get it upon their departure, as was the case in Atlantis, Lemuria and many another time and place we have no record whatsoever of. There have been cultures and civilizations past counting and they are only to be recalled in The Akashic Records and The Great Halls of Learning, in the Astral, Mental and Causal Lokas, which would all have their own variants upon the theme.

Ah... if people only knew what awaits in the celestial realms, they would quickly lose all interest in the perishable products of this plane of being. Once again, I will place a link to Chapter 43 in Autobiography of a Yogi, if you have never yet read it. The kingdoms of the higher realms of being are much vaster than what we have on Earth, far more complex and varied. You might say we are the Middle Kingdom, between the Infernal planes below and the Supernal planes above. For reasons too mysterious to put into words, in order to find a permanent home in the worlds above, YOU MUST MASTER THE TRIALS AND TESTS OF THE EARTH PLANE. The potential for a human being is beyond measurement and we are placed above the angels in this regard. It is made infinitely sad to see what has become of the human race in these times, when one considers what might await them, should they be so inclined.

This is the greatest tragedy of materialism. It causes us to forget our high estate in the ethereal realms. We feed on offal and rot here and compete with one another for base substance of no value... fighting over turds painted in gold glitter. It's all done with smoke and mirrors. We murder and rob, with weapons and fountain pens. AND WE JUST DON'T KNOW. We just don't know. “Father forgive them...” as the master said.

The greatest variations ever seen of simultaneous outcome are upon us. Gateways into both light and darkness are opening. The portals will appear and it will depend on your spiritual bandwidth what portals you will see. Even now, one's vibrations can be significantly adjusted. This is one of the reasons that irrevocable outcomes are being delayed, to provide time and opportunity for change. We'll see.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

"One Day the Earth Will Shake, the Winds Will Howl and the Seas Will Rise; Attendez Vous!"

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I was considering what I might write about today, prior to the next Discourse, which I hope also to accomplish today as well. I was scrolling through the news and I saw the Earthquake News from Southern Kalifornia. It may result in nothing to follow, OR... 'IT' might be on the doorstep now. I know it's coming. I know quite a few events are coming. I just don't know when. Once again, let me clarify about what I do... and do not... know. I viscerally KNOW only one thing; God is Real and Incomprehensible. Otherwise, I know what is communicated to me through my intuition and what I gain in precognitive flashes. The former is much more regular than the latter.

Yes... the quake was minor at 3.9 but they keep coming. The dragon who sleeps, in restless dreams beneath the Earth, IS going to wake up. Only the will of The Ineffable restrains him and as I said, this is due to compassion. The Shining One resides in a timeless state. If he 'chooses' to look through the aperture into the manifest realm, he can grasp the entire, quicker than the speed of thought. The whole of it, or anything, is made instantaneously comprehensible to him, as he is the intelligence in everything and it is that intelligence we borrow, to the extent that we can wield it and so, 'we' have only as much intelligence as we can manage; just like everything else.

This is one of the reasons that it is pointless to argue with anyone. They ONLY know as much as they are capable of and they ONLY know what they know, AFTER it has passed through the filters of their desires, appetites and judgments made on previous experiences. What they have not experienced, they interpret from second and third hand sources. There is a condition that exists in everyone who operates, BELOW a particular level of awareness and that is a CONSTANT REACTION TO ALL POINTS OF VIEW THAT RUN COUNTER TO THE ONE THEY OCCUPY. This adds the factor of Ridiculous into all of their considerations because they are determined to see things as THEY WISH THEM TO BE... not as THEY REALLY ARE. There is no sensory possibility of 'REALLY ARE' because everything is 'appearances' and ALL APPEARANCES ARE A LIE.

Stilling the reactive mind is one of the most important tasks anyone can ever accomplish.

In order to see things as they are, there must no longer be a subjective YOU and you don't see it... IT IS SHOWN TO YOU. Your false sense of self has to be neutralized and made non existent before you can see anything independent of personal coloration. This is why those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know. Of course, that is a conundrum. Of course you can speak 'relative truth' but even then, it's a rare bird. There are birds that sing in a unique warble and then there are parrots. Ten people can say the same thing but perhaps only one is speaking from the point of true origin. There is a RING... a TONE OF AUTHENTICITY... that is resident in the speech of one who speaks from the authority, OF UNDERSTANDING WHAT THEY ARE SAYING. You might not hear it... but you can feel it.

Before one sets about KNOWING anything, they should recognize certain inviolable truths and among them is the truth that The Sun is a CONSCIOUS BEING. Nature is a LIVING THING. The Earth is an ACTUAL LIFE FORM. All of these- AND MANY ANOTHER... SPEAK! AND LISTEN... Just because your mind is already filled with so much pedestrian chatter that you can't hear them, DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT SPEAKING. I ASSURE you that they are. When the Earth shakes... THAT IS A STATEMENT!

In the Queendom of Nature, everything is speaking in its own language. Chipmunks speak to each other. Birds speak to each other. Dogs speak to each other. All of the animals converse with one another and it is NOT ONLY SOUNDS that they use. They use gestures. They also have various forms of instinctive telepathy. Plants talk to each other. Even minerals- hard as it may be to believe- have a form of consciousness. All of these life forms... allegedly (grin) are below us on the evolutionary ladder so, IT STANDS TO REASON... or it should, that there are life forms ABOVE US and for those among you who believe I speak the truth as much as I am capable, I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE... ♫ this much is true... this much is true. I KNOW this much is true ♫

For some reason(s), probably because of the force of the Dream Web, most people do not realize that they can communicate with the celestial hierarchy, just as they communicate with visible lifeforms. It's like anything... in order to do it and to improve at it, you have to keep doing it, just like pottery, playing the piano, ballroom dancing or gymnastics. You get better at it. Even if you DO NOT HAVE THE GENE, you get better; certainly better than you were. This is what prayer is all about, but you can go further than prayer, which... by the way... should NEVER be perfunctory, or mere routine ceremony. If God knows that YOU KNOW God is there, it is a different dynamic than when you DO NOT KNOW God is there and then there are DEGREES OF CERTITUDE and these have lesser and greater levels of intensity and provoke lesser and greater proportions of response.

The collective human mind exerts a powerful impact on Nature. If humanity is out of wack, you can be fairly certain that Nature, eventually, will be too. If we, collectively, depart too far from Nature, we WILL BE jerked back into line, by varying grades of force. Some of us are well outside of the acceptable margins of what Nature permits for long. Lady Nature and God, are LONGSUFFERING and PATIENT, BEYOND THE COMPREHENSION OF THE 'HUMAN' MIND.

Every one of us is POSSESSED BY SOMETHING OR SOMEONE. All sorts of people are possessed by all sorts of passions and drives. Every desire and appetite has an entity associated with it. Every angelic entity has a corresponding demonic entity. There is no such thing as absolute right and wrong. Think of it like the gauge on a shower. Above the rim of the metal circle, to which the handle is attached are, usually, a blue line and a red line, signifying hot and cold. You can think of Good and Evil in this fashion. This is a more accurate template for measurement. Communicating with infernal and supernal forces also operates on a dial. Think of a short wave radio, or any radio, for that matter. You dial in a station. In some cases, there are two dials. Once you have used one dial to get into the general range of the station you are after, there is another dial, that works according to more subtle gradients. This has also been called, FINE TUNING.

Existence is all about Adjustments and Refinements within a dynamic of Evolution. Evolution is a VERY SLOW AND CERTAIN process of Adjustments and Refinements. At times it is moving dramatically forward and other times it seems to be going in reverse, such as when a culture is in decline. We see this now, as decadence and licentiousness, are major forces, in a dramatic dance of appetites and desires, operating in a Shake and Bake environment, where industry and commerce are in a constant competition, to provide an endless stream of new and improved products, to frolic with and feast upon. It is hard to measure the actual level of pandemic insanity, when the majority of the players are insane.

As the insanity intensifies, it demonstrates in ever more erratic and demented fashion. This impacts on Nature and causes it to react, so the clock is ticking and it is hard to predict when certain world changing events shall appear, because time is 'presently' (grin) not moving in a consistent manner. Sometimes it is faster and sometimes it is slower, as the ratio between Pell Mell, Steady as She Goes and Retarded, compete for precedence with one another. It's also variable, according to location.

Certainly the general population of Kalifornia, is far more unglued and unhinged, than the population of Utah. The population of Colorado is measurably more stoned than the population of neighboring states, due to the ease of access for certain comestibles. Of course there is little that is of the normal scientific mind in my calculations, but I am not a member of that form of normal. However, even borderline intellects will admit that there is a wide difference in consciousness between the residents of Las Vegas and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There is much more fragmentation in the Union of American States, these days, than there is commonality.

Some states are killing record numbers of unborn and others are not. There are people who are now sexually excited by abortion and have them recreationally, due to the way hormones affect sexual desire. In my world that is known as being 'Satanically deranged'. Here is an example of similar but not identical insanity, where demonic media sites, virtue signal on some of the remarkable stupidities of tiny demographics. As the War on Normal intensifies, it becomes also a War on Nature and- as previously stated- although Nature is profoundly patient; there comes a time when Nature WILL REACT. Then the Earth WILL Shake, Rattle and Roll. The winds WILL howl and the oceans WILL rise. All manner of reactions are going to be coming forth from Nature, as A CORRECTIVE MEASURE. Some may not like this but they might as well go outdoors during a thunderstorm and shake their fists at the Heavens. That will serve as no more than a under gunned act of impotent defiance, against a force of Nature, beyond their ken or control.

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

"Dreamers... Somnambulistically Dancing in a Time of Awakening."

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By this time in the New Year, the desire for personal change has come up against the force of routine and habit and some... some are probably holding strong, in their commitment to positive change. Many have fallen back upon the guttering leaves, caught in the potholes of memory and are seeing how hard it is to burn wet, compacted leaves. The last several days... I've been in a mild, Proustian melancholia, remembering snatches of things past/passed. It seems that my pun about 2020, being the year of perfect hindsight, might not have been a pun after all. We don't remember well, usually. Over time we editorialize and try to shape it all, to be more in keeping with the heart's desire. The rigorous and ruthless honesty that is required of everyone, who is sincere on the spiritual path, is never more difficult than it is in times of material excess.

Most of the tools and teachings of what we call New Age, are an amalgam of strategies and techniques that cater to the spiritually lazy. I remember a fellow telling me about an event he attended where Eckhart Tolle-Booth spoke. He said there was VIP seating at the front of the room for the TMZ, D-List celebrities and the wealthy and the rate was in the hundreds of dollars. I knew something was off about the fellow when I saw him being promoted by Offal Winfrey. For me, that usually means, “the fix is in”; whether it be some newly minted celebrity, or a just released book. Because I have/had some acquaintances who were fans of the New Age sector, I was compelled, through peer pressure to give Tolle a fair hearing.

I went to youtube, where he has some amount of videos and I spent about 5 minutes, listening to him discourse in a hypnotic drone; the kind of thing where you feel compelled to lean forward, lest you miss anything. His head was slouched forward and the whole presentation hit me as very calculated to a particular end, especially the hypnotic, droning monotone. The fellow telling me about Tolle-Booth seating at the speaking engagement, went on to tell me that he was around after the event and he saw Eckhart shoveling tens of thousands of dollars- cash, into a briefcase, after which he speedily exited the venue. A lot depends on whether I believed the tale I was being told, but the fellow telling me was a man of integrity and he had no reason to lie. He sought me out following a posting (like this) that I devoted to Herr Tolle, in which Tolle-Booth figured in the title. I remember the post well... because it garnered well over 200 comments. It was evenly divided between those agreeing with me and those who were in different degree of outrage, over my temerity to dissect this sacred cow. I stand by what I said, then... and now.

I remain puzzled at the man's celebrity. There is not much dynamic or animating about him. He doesn't seem to be one to rouse the masses into an intensity of spiritual fervor. Tony Robbins I can understand. I do not understand Tolle. It seems everyone has a copy of The Power of Now, except me. I did manage to look through some of his books and I saw NOTHING that I had not read elsewhere, previously. The same thing happened when I first began reading Bhagwan Rajneesh (later to the known as Osho). His work was clear and measured but all of it I had read elsewhere before, sometimes it was word for word what I had read elsewhere and that was consistent in both cases.

As I have reflected on Tolle and heard the odd anecdotal tales of his comings and goings over the years, he's remained true to form, concerning my initial impression. It hit me... I don't know when, that he... and a slew of others were programmed for the roles they play and the wheels greased for their material success. Some of these people are networking facilitators, like this lady whom I mentioned before. Wait till you get a look at her credentials! Then there is a whole list of them when you scroll down. These are what I run into, with near zero exception, whenever 'new age' is in the picture AND ALWAYS... ALWAYS IT IS ABOUT THE MONEY!

This distresses me because... REAL SPIRITUAL TRUTH IS PRICELESS. You can't put a price on it and that means that just about all of it is bunk. It's just one more Walmart. It's just another mall, be it virtual, or manifest. Yes... I understand that it takes money to print books and make CDs and DVDs (and to mail these items) but I also understand that there are ways around it too and whenever someone can't afford one of my books, I give them a PDF for free and when they can't afford a musical album, I give it to them in digital form. Meanwhile, everything else, the blogs and the videos are free. Yes... people can donate but I have NEVER... EVER... asked for donations and I NEVER WILL. If God won't come out of the invisible and help me whenever I need it, then either God does not exist or I do not deserve it. Thankfully... so far... neither of those have proven to be true.

I DO NOT MONETIZE. I am not signed up to Google or anywhere else. I could not live on what I garner from the occasional gift from the kindness of strangers (grin) but it keeps me in beer money and cigarettes, most especially since I don't drink or smoke cigarettes. God takes care of me and he takes care of everyone else too, whether they know it or not and whether you see God as The Father or The Divine Mother, he/she are both and The Son also and WILL RESPOND TO YOUR PROJECTION!

Far too many people, with far too few exceptions, are trying to build empires that are composed of philosophies they pirated from ancient sources, without accreditation. I have read all of the major spiritual texts, more than once, except for the ones I quickly found no use for and I can tell when someone took something that was not the fruit of divine inspiration.

It has been an ongoing disappointment to me how few they are that walk the talk. Authenticity is a rare bird with distinctive plumage. I don't know what color integrity is but it accounts for more than a few of the feathers. There is a reason that all of the authentic spiritual texts and authentic spiritual masters agree on the rigors of The Narrow Path and there is a reason they say that there are so few upon that path. The guardians of the way are merciless in their testing of every candidate. You are purposely made to feel as if you are all alone, often. Faith is not conferred. It is built. It is built from trauma and tears. It is built out of the woven darkness of the howling unknown, through which the pilgrim must pass through on his/her way to the light AND as ever... THERE MUST BE AN EASIER WAY. There is NO EASIER WAY.

What makes the way hard, what makes the way difficult, is our resistance. It is our inability to surrender that accounts for all of the hardship. From the moment we let go of our rebellious certainty of knowing, when we do not know and never can know, there is no further distress or trouble. Whether it takes a million years or a brief reach of time; FREEDOM AND SALVATION... march right alongside us the whole way. At any moment, one could step off of the hard highway and on to the moving escalator of light. It all depends on how long it takes us to wake up and once again, as God once stated, “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

Lucky us!!! We are in an APOCALYPSE!!! We are actually IN A TIME OF AWAKENING. How much more fortunate could we be... potentially... than we are this very minute? The driving force of the cosmos in this moment is... AWAKENING. Too many of us, with irons in the fire and agendas in the process, are confined by the fear of loss, in a world where nothing material is worth keeping. Yes... Lady Nature is aroused. Yes... there is turmoil everywhere and a growing army of the marching insane. Yes... there is the specter of chaos and confusion on all sides but... IT IS ALL TAKING PLACE IN A TIME OF AWAKENING. I assure you the glass is neither half empty or half full, it is overflowing. For those with the eyes to see, greater spiritual opportunity is more to be had... than at any time in a long, long, long time previously.

We have only to awaken. One of the first things you notice is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Your guidance system announces itself. The indwelling begins to hum with intuitional force. The screen of your interior GPS lights up and the little arrow points to what the map clearly shows, “you are here!” Now there is no 'further on', there is no 'later'. There is no 'tomorrow'. There is no past record of false personal history. There is nothing but you, standing under an endless waterfall of light. It was there all the time but when you awaken, when you eyes open, now you can see and feel it. Now you see that the only danger there ever was, was the danger you carried within you, in search of the condition or combatant, who needed to be materialized to bring satisfaction to your fears.


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Saturday, January 11, 2020

"Let There be LIGHT, where There are No Accidents, Only Serendipitous Coincidence."

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Oh yes... today... today? Let's talk about LIGHT! And by extension, let's talk about the mind because... it is the mind which perceives and experiences LIGHT, through the sense of sight. LIGHT is matter at as very refined level and then there are the levels of LIGHT that move from the light of the sun... into ever more rarefied expressions of LIGHT, until it becomes too bright to see and appears as darkness to the eyes that cannot see it.

Just as there is a physical sun and a spiritual sun, there are physical senses and spiritual senses. When your spiritual senses are activated, you get clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. These are some of them, not all of them. In times of material darkness, the spiritual senses are shut down automatically, in response to the force of materialism. Some amount of us have these senses activated in childhood (this is the time period in which certain children see their Invisible Friends) but they get shut down when puberty divides the world into opposites, or something far more confusing, now that we have far more genders than Baskin and Robbins has ice cream flavors. We ONLY have two genders, of course but because the primary offspring of Materialism is Insanity, you get the funhouse mirror effect of Nature bent all out of shape.

It is what the mind puts its attention on that determines the degree of LIGHT and darkness that illuminates or shades the world it move through. You've heard about false LIGHT but you have probably not heard about true LIGHT. It stands to reason then that you would be unaware of truer and then even more true LIGHT. Let's just stay with false and true LIGHT for the sake of this discourse and not concern ourselves with the subtle gradations and degradations of LIGHT. False LIGHT reveals things as what they appear to be. True LIGHT reveals things as they are.

You might think of the concentrated focus of the mind as being like a Laser as opposed to a table lamp, in terms of how the LIGHT is expressed. In the one case it is a narrow and concentrated stream and in the other it radiates in all directions. When you can focus the mind to where true concentration takes place you are in possession of one of the primary powers and secrets of existence; concentration is the secret of the magical art.

We're not going to be talking about MAGIC however. I've no great use or attraction for magic. In that regard, let me quote (more or less verbatim; grin) Arthur Edward Waite who said, speaking about Black and White Magic;

“On the one hand, you have something that is assuredly dangerous and on the other hand you have something that may only be foolish.”

The only magic I am interested in is The Magic of Transparency. That means, I allow the force (whatever force it may be) to pass through me, unhindered and unmodified. If that results in some form of supernatural occurrence, well... okay. It's what angels do. They allow the will of God to pass through them but it is God who originates and defines the whatever of whatever it is. It is the angels who directs it according to the command given. That is how I prefer to operate.

Since everything... EVERYTHING is some permutation of LIGHT. What is passing through you is some kind of LIGHT, which The Mind directs. In my case, I recognize ONLY ONE MIND and that mind is the Mind of God. I try not to interfere, with my assumed separate mind, which does not exist. The separated mind is our mistaken application of free will, in resistance to the Cosmic Will. In other words, it is when YOU KNOW MORE than God does. This all happens unconsciously most of the time. Although there are those who well know the implications of what I am telling you here. I prefer not to go through life unconsciously because then things CAN HAPPEN ACCIDENTALLY, or seem to.

Love is a form of LIGHT, although you could say that at a certain level of awareness, LIGHT is a form of Love. We don't need to get into the complexities and nuances. The greatest secrets and truth of the universe are SIMPLE. They are so simple that a child can get them and... that is the point.

Think of LIGHT as the most valuable thing you can possess. Hunger for it. It is okay to be greedy and driven toward the acquisition of LIGHT. Desire it above all else. Let LIGHT fill your heart and mind. Let it illuminate your world. Let LIGHT wash over you and drench you with it's presence. Breathe it in and out. Eat it. Drink it in through your pores. Envision yourself moving through a world of LIGHT in the direction of ever greater and more concentrated LIGHT. Love... the act of loving, attracts LIGHT. It also generates and creates LIGHT. Tell yourself that you are a particle of the LIGHT of the universal soul of creation.

Everything you desire and aspire to can be realized through Love. You don't even have to have anything specific in mind except to Love God. Remember what it says in The New Testament? “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”

It is said, in the beginning, God declared, “Let there be LIGHT!”

LIGHT was the first thing he created and out of that came everything else. It's simple math people. Pursue the Liberty of LIGHT! Everything else that we seek after and strive for, in the contentious marketplaces of the world, costs us in terms of LIGHT. Our LIGHT is the currency that we pay in order to acquire the things of darkness. LIGHT is the protector of our sanity and our health and we sacrifice both of these when we invest our LIGHT in temporary things.

Of course, the conventional mind, which is the origin of 'conventional wisdom', tells you that I am insane for saying what I do. It is impractical! It doesn't make sense! Uh huh... it makes sense to me and when I am dancing through the upper reaches of the Kingdom of Nature (whose regent is actually the Queen of Heaven), where it interfaces with the Kingdom of God, in a celebration of the Freedom of LIGHT, feel free to call me crazy.

The LIGHT of the sun will be streaming through the leaves of the translucent trees, as the music of the spheres, resonates through the LIGHT that illumines the whole of that magical forest through which I will be moving.

There are two basic themes of spiritual possibility and both of them are right because they are a matter of choice for each of us. They are the paths of Singularity and Duality. In Indian teachings they are called Advaita and Dvaita. In the first one, it is all one and you end up being God, as the particle unifies with the whole and you are God and creation as one, in a mysterious and inexplicable manner. In the second, there are two. There is you and there is God and this is the role taken, when one wishes to spend eternity in service to and adoration of God and that is the path that I choose, because I am in essence a Poet and a celebrator of my creator. I don't want to be my creator and the master of all things, even though, according to the essence of what cannot ever be spoken about, I might still be that anyway. We're talking about at that point where you, or I, any of us, arrives at the portals of the defining moment. Some of us may never arrive there and simply be assimilated out of the matter we wedded to instead, when the whole of creation gets rolled up and put into stasis for a period of time and God sleeps in that tranquil period between Kalpas, or segments of existence that are the demarcation zones between the Day of Brahma and the Night of Brahma.

I suggest that you go about your days, envisioning LIGHT, filling you and surrounding you. Imagine an aura of impenetrable LIGHT that surrounds your form and which nothing of a negative or inimical bent can penetrate... something along the lines of, “Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.”

All of this is true for some and CAN BE TRUE FOR ANYONE. It is a matter of personal predilection.

The more you suffuse yourself with LIGHT, the more like LIGHT you become, until you are resident in a solar body and then you can hang out with my friend, Vivasvan, who is presently the regent in Lord Surya's seat and who will be there for 400 million years. I don't know how far he is into that commitment. You can look all of this up on your own if you are of a mind to.

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Friday, January 10, 2020

The First Church of the Presence of God; Discourse #3

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Greetings, my dear friends. Here is the 3rd installment of discourses from the First Church of the Presence of God.

PLEASE FORGIVE THE POOR AUDIO QUALITY AND OCCASIONAL BLURRING. This is due to poor technology from Logitech. I have gotten a new camera and a membership at X-Split, so I should be good to go... as soon as I make my way over the learning curve.

A text version of Smoking Mirrors will follow shortly; whatever it is that 'shortly' amounts to. I've no idea of what that means presently but I'm guessing it means in a sooner time frame than something like, 'much later on'

Thank you!!!

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Welcome to 2020, the Year of Perfect Hindsight.

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Yes... my friends, this is the year of Perfect Hindsight... 20-20. Outrage... surprise... and all manner of bewilderments, are whirling across the landscape, like dust twisters in the desert. What was Trump thinking and... more importantly, what shape is the fallout going to take?

I like to think of myself as a spiritual person; someone who seeks to see everything through the lens of spiritual meaning and one who strives, in every moment he is capable of, to make the Lord of Creation the centerpiece of his life. It's a conundrum of conflicting personas, when one has such aspirations and yet engages the manifest world through the vehicles of comedy, satire and occasionally passionate outrage. Most of those in the paddocks of Fundamentalism, have the idea that... if one is to be spiritual, they have to behave according to patterns set into motion by the very terrestrial forces who seek to enslave all of us... however, I am a warrior.

Some of us are warriors and some of us are merchants. Some of us are entitled and to the manor born. Then there are large portion of us who are, socially, untouchables (one might even call them 'deplorables'). It's been diagrammed, for some time, by the Hindus as, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras (also called Dalits). These are the high born, the warriors, the merchants and the untouchables. Among the highborn in India are (in general) the most spiritually inclined and informed.

For the warriors, as Krishna says about them, “Nothing is better for a warrior than a righteous war.” People think of Martin Luther as being the founder of Protestantism. After that, most don't know much about him. Few people know that he translated the New Testament from Greek to German in 11 weeks, or that he wrote 120 books, or that he engaged in profanity on a regular basis. Most people think that he probably was a monk, or a priest or some-such but NOTHING about how incredibly forceful and passionate he was. The same is true of St. Augustine and many another lover of God. They were NOT MEEK LITTLE SHEEP, who never said a harsh or unkind word. Many are probably also unaware that Luther was a virulent anti-Semite. When you start REALLY looking into the historical record, you find that an ASTONISHING number of great men from the past were also what is termed anti-Semitic; a very large number indeed. WHY WAS THAT? WHY WAS THAT?

Why did President Trump put an end to that Iranian general? This... as well as EVERY conflict out of the Middle East over the last 70 some years have been at the instigation and under the pressure of Israel and American Neo-Con Zionists. Israel is not a friend of America. To understand the whys and wherefores of the nature of the AskeNAZI mind, you have to think of a creature that burrows into the marrow of a life form, sucks all of the vital force from it and then discards the husk, moving on to the next host body. That is as succinctly as I can put it and... being a warrior, I have to tell the truth without fear of consequences. It is as I just said it is and any INFORMED mind knows this to be true.

Israel wants Iran destroyed. I suspect that Israel does not know... or believe (because PRIDE is their downfall) that if they do destroy Iran, they WILL BE destroyed as well. I don't know what the cost will be to us but we are not going to come out unscathed. ALL PRESIDENTS SEE THE VALUE OF A WAR DURING AN ELECTION YEAR. However... as ALWAYS... Cui Bono... Cui Bono.

I am intending to vote for President Trump for two reasons... until very recently, everything he has done has been to the benefit of this country. He's been the greatest administrator I have seen in my lifetime. He is also THE ALTERNATIVE to his opposition who would drive this country RIGHT OFF THE CLIFF in short order. I am not a fan of the way President Trump presents himself, or his petty wars against insignificant personalities who SHOULD BE beneath his notice. He needs to act with greater dignity. He lacks gravitas but we are all flawed down here.

Whether he knows it or not... this SWAMP... this DEEP STATE, which he says he wants to drain, is populated by the very people seeking to give him his marching orders. The Tribe Members and Tribe Neo Cons make up THE MAJORITY of the population of The Deep State and The Swamp. Obviously he knows he can't get much done without catering, to a degree, to The Synagogue of Satan. I don't know what his game is but I don't have to know. GOD IS IN CHARGE. God is ALWAYS IN CHARGE of everything and directs all action to his appointed ends.

These AshkeNAZI vipers are on BOTH SIDES of our ongoing domestic conflicts. They fund both ends to their imagined destinies. Mr. Apocalypse is going to be taking care of this matter. He is DIVINITY ON SITE and he is driving, on the one hand, certain agents of disorder into public exposure, while... on the other hand, he is awakening the public mind to the truth of what is and has been happening. In this apocalypse, EVERYTHING is for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. This is the year of years in our times. After this year, nothing will ever be the same again.

I have my mind fixed on The Ineffable... the unspeakable one, wreathed in splendor and glory from the dawn of time and until everlasting. What happens here is simply playacting. This is a schoolyard of reckless children, racing about under the thrall of appetite and desire. Like children, they pick up a toy and then discard it, sometimes they break it. Sometimes they laugh and sometimes they cry. There are others here, never enough of us, who labor for the benefit of all, having learned that there is no joy or fulfillment in anything else. There are those of us here who prey on the others, caring not about consequences, or the suffering they cause. Some of them are small bit players and some of them are international gangsters, who topple and loot countries. It's all just a dream, interspersed with periods of nightmare.

For some of us, every day is a feast in the high tower, while the masses scramble below. Half the world lives in a state of perpetual want. A mere handful of 'possessed psychopaths' own more than half of the world's wealth. These conditions cannot continue so... The Divine Mother, in her aspect as The Wrathful Goddess; the agency and instrument of manifest energy in action, is going to be making adjustments.

What we must keep in mind... my dear friends... is that there could be, just as well, A GOLDEN AGE, as there could be Armageddon. I submit that THERE WILL BE BOTH. Remember, THE WORLD ENDS FOR SOMEONE EVERY DAY! It is the end of the world for someone today. Does it matter to them if the whole world goes with them? A new age is upon us, as a result... old outworn systems and conditions must pass, to be replaced by... we shall see.

I am a warrior, just as some number of you. We are not about running a shop, or merchandising a product. We are not to the manor born and custodians of the status quo. Some of us (in these times) are dual identified, as warrior untouchables, because IN THESE TIMES, one is not permitted or encouraged to speak truth to power. We live in the times of The Naked Emperor and everyone is either feeding at the trough, or in fear of the crocodile swine and... if you don't keep your head down, you might lose your place. Warriors are not born to sit on a hilltop, gazing into space with a faraway look of wisdom in their eyes. They don't proclaim the Gospel According to their Bank Account. Warriors are about doing their job and sometimes there's no honor to be found, except in the hearts of one's comrades. I often think of Pat Tillman. He tried to do the right thing and then, when he found out what was actually going on, they killed him.

No one can kill your spirit though. The spirit is eternal, just as the soul is immortal. If you get all cold and trembly about losing your temporary garment, you could well put your more permanent garment in peril. This is the time to be a warrior, however. This is the time to know who you are and why you are. It's not an accident that rap is the soundtrack of the lost generation. It was designed to create an atmosphere of despair and degeneracy. The Transgender Insanity and dysfunctions are not accidents. They are programmed. The nature and quality of our entertainments are not accidental. They are created to that end. The common diet and working environments that people ingest and experience are fashioned to destroy their health and their sanity. All of the suicidal and murderous conditions you see taking place around you and that are declared to be normal, did not get here by accident. THERE IS A WAR GOING ON and the objective, on the one hand, is your soul. On the other hand, it's whatever you are doing about it, should it matter to you, if you even happen to be aware of it.

Love is not always soft and warm and tender. Sometimes love is fierce. Sometimes love is a passionate fire that is not in search of an embrace, but rather a celebration of its indwelling presence. People argue about the meaning of things; what Love is... what God is... what truth is. For me... the fruit of Love is Wisdom and the combination of Love and Wisdom is Truth. At the base of the mountain are endless arguments about egoistic perspectives on what cannot understand by the ego. Some have decided instead... to climb the mountain. There are many paths up that mountain but once you get to the top you can see all of the ways down.

The true warrior is the weapon against which no other weapon can prevail. Whatever combatants there may be, see in the warrior their own reflection and forget that there was any conflict at all. The highest love shows everything its true nature by reflection. No one can make war upon that which brings the adversary into a state of peace with himself by showing him who he really is.

I don't know what's going to happen because of this Iran thing. It's been coming for a long time. What I do know is that God is going to sort it all out and I'm with God. Whatever God decides is fine with me.

At the end of this year... it's going to be open bar with hindsight all around.

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