Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Awakening, Planetary Wide, Slumber Party Hoedown

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May your noses always be cold and wet in The Season of the Witch (boo!)

Yeehah! Grab your partner!

As the awakening continues and much of the mover shaker world, goes around with tennis elbow from having their arms twisted up behind them all day long, welcome news from the resistance begins to surface and also to indicate that there is more to come from The Awakenings, Planetary Wide, Slumber Party, given the flashbang grenades that the cosmos is launching into the bedrooms of our not satisfactorily-conscious associates here on Planet Dirt.

I'm going to present a picture, an image for meditation, if you will. I would like you to consider it as an accurate portrayal of the way things really are. This kind of thing is helpful when it becomes resident in enough minds. I would like you to consider that the eroding PTW are, quite simply ♫just running scared♫, cue Roy Orbison. Don't be seduced by their power plays and bold fronts. Who, not scared out of their wits, orders billions of bullets? Of course, the prime motivator and motive for all of their twisted, fascistic carryings on, is due to their knowing, bone deep, that they are doing wrong and have been for a considerable period of time. Eventually this sort of thing gets to you, right around the time you start to notice that hot breath on the nape of your neck.

There's more than one voice that can be heard in the relative silence of the deep night. One of them, of course is the voice of comfort. The other would, logically be, 'the voice of discomfort'; a red-hued, bipedal, Hound of Heaven, tracking our several someones down “the arches of the years” and “down the labyrinthine ways”. Imagine these fiends, being tracked by larger, more powerful and more dangerous and vindictive fiends... red-eyed and frothing at the mouth, in anticipation of a tasty snack, if your tastes run in that direction, mine don't. First is coming the temporal judgment for wall to wall Tribe members, then, Pinhead is waiting for them on the other side. It will be a memorable Cenobite, cocktail party with 'eyes on toast' and no, those are not Vienna Sausages.

Imagine these two dimensional, 'all front' creatures, afraid to go out of their doors; racked by a determined, incremental ratcheting up of the terror and paranoia. Imagine that the shadows are alive in the darkness of their pending doom. To enhance the impact of your fine and detailed visualization of their 'in extremis' state, imagine yourself feeling compassion for the horrors of their fate. This may be your most difficult feat but it adds veracity to the whole pastiche; this melange of comeuppance; a righteous diversity of punishments, sequenced for the greatest effect, upon the hardest of hearts and most firmly closed minds; a huge horned hand is extended toward the handle of the heavy, heavy door. A creaking sound is heard, where none has been heard for a very long time and the door is relentlessly pulled open and sunlight floods the spider's nest of the vampire consciousness... sizzle, sizzle crackle, no, they don't like sunlight at all. But, of course, they are anti-life and life proceeds from the Sun, which is why we have all those sun gods in the first place; a big up to Lord Vivasvan! The present resident on the solar throne.

We need to see these desperate men and women as cringing wretches, startling at every sound; eyes whipping back and forth in search of whatever the hell that is that keeps disappearing the moment they turn to look at it. We need to see their knees knocking together like castanets, their palms being constantly brought to their cheeks, though they are unaware of this. We need to see them shitting themselves, every time a car backfires or a taxi cab horn sounds.

We can see the specter that walks behind them, so very, very close. It's disfigured face leans down to the backs of their necks and whispers frightening things that only they can hear. They race down to their temples of Set, Satan and Bubastis but what do they find? They find a fresh snakeskin, an angel of light and an abandoned kitty litter box. What's happening! What's happening! They are screaming inside their minds. Their faces are fixed in a rigid pose of control. They mean to telegraph to the world at large and to their intimates that everything is as it should be... but it's not, oh no, precious, it's not.

Not all the deodorants in the world can cover up that stink of raw fear. Where is it coming from? Is it coming from them? Windows have begun to open in their minds and they are being enabled to see the full measure of their crimes. Their mind scurries in all directions looking for any defense; “Who can I blame this on”? “What if I sacrifice my wife and children...? Whoops, I already did that”.

“I'm coming for you. Prepare yourself. I'm coming for you”. This is what they hear. This is what some of us hear too but in a different tone of voice.They are very tired but they do not want to go to sleep. Oh no, not after what happened the last time! Not after what they saw the last time!!! ”Tonight's dream is brought to you in luminous 3-D with 7 to 1 THX sound by H.P. Lovecraft Productions and there will be commercial interruptions”.

They're surrounded by bodyguards but they have no internal protections. Their bodyguards have seen the mean suites appointed for their lodging and have noted that there are only so many of them. They can count; no room for their families. All the money in the world won't do you much good when there is no longer a marketplace. They hear the unmistakeable bells of an arriving elevator. Baron Samedi, dressed as a doorman, or a third world general, leans out of the door and announces, “Going down”?

The awful smell of dead bodies begins to enter the noses of these black souled reprobates. They don't see any bodies. Could the smell be coming from their own body? They feel heat rippling under the surface of their skin. When they close their eyes they see a big wheel of fire, through the aperture they see a large banquet hall being set up by a group of upright lizards. Someone is already sitting at the head of the table. Oh no~ They most certainly do not want to look! ♫Do you see what I see?♫ Far off, behind whoever that is they can see shadowy gibbets and a large platform with a raised structure that looks like a pub bar. Some very unpleasant looking life forms are sitting behind that dressed up in outfits that make them look like Halloween Popes. There's something sinister about the whole thing and that rotating wheel of fire is not helping.

Meanwhile, back in our dimension, which still shuffles back and forth like a Thorazine Queen, dancing with her imaginary partner (Hey, there's a cigarette butt! Quick! Snatch.), we are all much gratified to know that Drones R R Friends and whether they are being operated by two brush cut (Semper fi fo fum!) troglodytes in blue, or a blowsy, porcine 2:00 AM blond sweat-hog, in brown khaki with a gun and a taser, we're being looked out for, if not looked for and they are working on X-ray eyes for the thing, just in case you have to cover a Victoria's Secret's Fashion Show in Vegas.

It's hard to keep a true vision of what's real, given all the morphing (and morphine), shape-shifting and prescription drugs but if you can, if you can, you know that everything is going on for the purpose of demonstration and it's going to turn out well for them as acts well and rather badly for them as don't. This is not a new presentation, coming down from Aldebaran or Betelgeuse. It's the same grand finale we run into at the end of every cycle. Sure, the boys and girls from central casting have whipped up different extras and the appropriate props for the time zone, period piece we're in and maybe the major player is fire this time and not water but that's just show business.

The good news is that you don't have to worry about whether you are in the cheap seats or the VIP section, that just sort of forms around you wherever you are standing. Wardrobe and the set designers will be moving invisibly among you and making those last minute adjustments; getting you all gaudied up or stripping you naked, as the need may be. Don't overly concern yourself, if you should happen to be standing by a mirror, at the sight of your face looking like a backdrop for a GPS highway screen, or something out of The Matrix with iridescent green numbers scrolling by. That's known as the 'miles on your face'. It helps with the identification process.

Yes, it would please me if you would see those, who have devoted their lives to doing us harm, as being frantic with panic and fear. Visualize them as making a wrong move every time they move. See them literally shooting themselves in the foot, or any part of their anatomy that matches up with your expectations. See them afflicted with a peculiar Tourette's Syndrome, which forces them to turn their head to one side or the other and spontaneously shout out their crimes to anyone who might be standing near by.

They should appear as the most pitiful and doomed souls you have ever witnessed in ineffective actions taken against their fellows as a passionate avocation. Observe them stuffing hundred dollar bills into their mouths and hooting like Chimpanzees. See them naked and walking blind in broad daylight, seeing nothing, tripping over everything. Hey look! There's George W. Bush.

You get the idea. See them for what they really are, or use satire to blow them out of proportion and make them ludicrous. Laugh at them (laugh at the devil and he will flee from you), these phony pretentious losers, who fancy themselves as powerful monsters. They haven't seen any real monsters yet but they will. They will.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fluffer Lackeys, High Rent Boys and Dead, very Dead Children

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There are two ways to look at what's happening in the world economic theater. One perspective is that the bloated Banker Fiends are so suffused with arrogance that they are behaving like ravenous pigs, who just had a big meal tend to act, when the prospect of another big meal, looms in some distant, or nearby, trough. Or, preferably, they are running scared and hoping that snarling up everyone else's economic access, along with Homeland Security going bullet crazy, they will have the necessary time frame to escape to some rattlesnake bolthole, where they can feast on their stolen swag and possibly on each other, further down the road.

One thing is obvious, nothing we are being told is true or more than half of the story. The Crass Media says one thing, the alternative speculators say something else but... where was I? What is apparent to me intuitively is that different factions of evil swine are making war on each other. For instance, the declaration of taking a certain percentage of funds from those with over a hundred thousand in the bank is telling. There's all kinds of nasty shit going on in the background cause the vile , vile vampires of Rothschild and otherwise ilk, are being powerfully motivated and manipulated by the one meant to bring them down, who coincidentally is the one they serve. This was all choreographed some while ago but they are only getting hipped to it now...

...Just like our being hipped to dimensional shifts, since that is where our interests lie, they are being hipped to their manifest destiny, where they get to dance with Mr. Ugly at the Overlook Hotel. There are some deserving vermin about, who have been stinking up the joint for centuries. This includes the Central Bankers, the Satanists; both of these first two are mutually inclusive and the fluffer lackeys in official positions whose job is to get them hard before they do you. This latter group includes people like Bwak! Obama, Biden, gay blackmail victim, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, the Clintons ...and across the pond, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and all the high rent boys, who like to dress up in black and crimson robes, with ceremonial daggers and cut the hearts out of prepubescent children, in the hopes that those invisible demons, who drink the atmosphere of the gushing blood, will favor them with one material tidbit or another.

There are many tales told about soldiers seeing ghouls and other half visible things, feeding upon the dead, in the aftermath of great battles. There is a great power in blood, whether it is what happens when the blood of a martyr hits the Earth, or when beasts without conscience perform their evil deeds in homage to the dark side. Make no mistake, so many of the twisted things you hear about those creatures like Lord Mandelson and others being engaged in, is only a portion of the story. The kind of things going on in rural country retreats, by the dark of the moon, that involve politicians, religious figures and high ranking law enforcement are the sort of thing you might see in X-rated versions of Tales from the Crypt.

The thing that has to be understood about Kali Yuga is that it is a time when every excess is permitted for the purpose of demonstration. As Hassan I-Sabbah was wont to say, “nothing is real, everything is permitted”. We don't have to so engage, nor do we have to close our eyes and shuffle by in fear and cowardice, concerning what manner of harm these twisted freaks can visit upon us. I'm going to insert two quotes from 'the good book' here, “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world” and also, to paraphrase, “If the divine is for me, who can be against me”? What makes us vulnerable; forget the concept of an overseeing grand authority for the moment, is when we become divided from ourselves. This puts you at cross purposes with your best interest and causes you to be easily manipulated by those who mean you harm. They either carrot and stick you, or they toss a cover-slip of fear over your shoulders. You are supposed to be in the driver's seat, not being dragged behind the car. You are supposed to be sitting on the throne of your own being, not cast out of the castle and wandering like an itinerant amnesiac in search of an answer and an explanation. We are high born beings with limitless potential, not drudges in a chain gang, sharing in the collective delusion that evil psychopaths have some kind of license to rule and abuse us.

Generally, except in extraordinary times, the general population cannot be brought to a state of awareness, concerning what is under discussion here. Ergo, those blessed, as the result of good karma, with some degree of awakened awareness, must seek each other out and find collective shelter, at some remove, from the radical transformations that are fast approaching in the death of the age. The writing on the wall is enhanced by events, occurring 'off the wall'. The force of exposure is sweeping across the landscape.

There are disturbing trends on the horizon that will shortly become epidemic. Food and fuel are two levers that are to be employed by the fading powers. They well know that their biggest threat comes from an aroused and angry populace. They've got two courses under consideration; eliminate a good part of the population or so effectively confuse and distract them that they run around in circles and go after each other. That's always worked in the past. Too bad this isn't the past as it was but the present as it is. I'm suffused with an unflagging optimism. I can't state in bold, bullet points why that is. It's operative but not visible, much like a watch face that conceals the gears that keeps the time. Of course they do make watches that don't have a face, just the hands moving over the gears turning. I don't have that kind of watch but, 'I'm not into time' anyway. Being into time means doing time, with or without bars on the window.

The information war is heating up. Exposes are winging their way across the screen. Exhortations are on the move. Permanent residents in the Kingdom of Dumbass, with plastic Jesus welded into their foreheads, as if they were some kind of contemporary unicorn from a fractured fairytale, are not likely to get much clarity at this point but... you never know. However, their waking up to their state would almost certainly ignite a chain letter of spontaneous heart attacks. Seeing things as they are can often prove fatal to those so heavily invested in seeing things as they are not. What do I know? Could well be it all turns out entirely different. You got financial and political tsunamis and you got real tsunamis. You got financial and political earthquakes and you got real earthquakes. You got economic and political flaming comets and you got real flaming comets. Maybe we get one or the other or maybe we get both.

The consideration is not what's coming, or what may be coming but, more so, where you are standing when it arrives. That is predicated on what is resident in your heart and mind because those are the attractors that are responsible for environment. We've all heard the sayings that everything is inside you. What doesn't get said often enough is; if everything is inside you then you can control everything outside you from within. The world outside is an expression of the world inside. Like the premise behind, 'as a man thinketh'. The sands of time are resonant with quotes that continue to ring across the span of history and they continue to ring because they are true ...but they mean no more to most of us than do the words etched into the arches of our hallowed institutions. We see the words but they are just words. Occasionally they flare up in the hearts of flag waving, weekend patriots, who distort their meaning, having been spoon fed the usual lies from their Zionist masters, whom they celebrate as the chosen offspring of the divine, which all results in a comic, ironic mockery of the truth because those they celebrate are the offspring of Satan and what this implies is that that is who they worship too. This accounts for all the prosperity evangelists and the enormous amount of money bilked out of those too stupid to see through the charade. Welcome to Scamalot.

You can't get sucked into anything unless you want some part of what is sucking you in. That's why they say, “You can't cheat an honest man”. Everything that happens to us has something to do with the way we see things and the value we put on them. Everything that populates our world has the identity we conferred upon it. We really do live in a world of our own creation. Once again the power of “I don't know” rears its useful head. The process of unknowing things that you formerly knew, sets you free of the mislabeling confinements you locked yourself up in. We are all prisoners of what we think we know. The fact is that we don't know anything and if we can get ourselves to the point where understanding that makes sense to us, we can be put into the position where what things actually are reveal themselves to us through a simple act of focused concentration. We let things speak to us rather than talking at them. Ancient and indigenous cultures understood and understand this and it accounts for the way they go about things. That way of doing things is distinctly different from the usual windshield awareness experienced at Metrosexual Central.

The key to grasping the composition of illusion, lies in understanding the sex force and the way our perceptions of it are managed by those who seek to control us. It's an interesting exercise to take some time and look at everything that happens and exists as some permutation of the sex force and that the majority of these are aberrations and perversions of it, given the time frame we occupy. People tell me Kali Yuga is over. I have only to walk down the street to confirm to myself that it is not over. It might be ending and we may only be in the thundering echo of its passage but it's still here and you've got your head buried in a sand-hill of wishful thinking, if you imagine otherwise. It will end though and nothing says some of us can't start living in the coming age right now, if our heads and hearts are in the right place.

End Transmission........

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Cowardice Implicit in our Denial of the Truth

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(A gitgo digression; is there such a thing? Of course there is. The act of naming and creating it makes it real and that digressed from will simply be the text of the posting to follow. Get it? Good. Given the engineered nature of what is claimed to have happened at some point in the last several months, followed by an organized effort to misrepresent me and bring me down- wherever that is- there has followed certain, bumbling efforts by a couple/few anonymous trolls, pretending to be more than they are but lacking the creativity to demonstrate any difference between their various postings and thereby exposing themselves as the same person.. Out of compassion for your untutored efforts, let me give you some tips that will help to make you more effective.

Here we go, don't say, “I know you won't post this but it's for you anyway”. That guarantees I won't read the comment, other than the first line and the closing, just in case you actually did put a name to it. Then, do not compound your problems by signing off, “Give it up Matey”. We're pretty perspicacious around here. We might even be pretty, depending on the eyes engaged in the observation (grin). Our trained staff can track IP's AND more, quite often establishing who the anonymous contributor is. In this case it appears- play on words- to be Nobody. Don't say things like, “May your noses be cold and wet. This is why I dislike you and can't stand what you do. That's an ugly thing to say. Did you used to be a witch”? This, especially given your poor sentence structure which I cleaned up for you, makes you look like someone with a low IQ. This is further confirmed by your not getting the meaning of 'noses cold and wet'. It is a greeting between dogs, coming and going and wishing each other well. A cold and wet nose on a dog is a sign of health. You might argue that dogs don't talk to each other. I know better. Do you see how this makes you look like a moron? I'm only trying to help.

You can spare yourself a lot of time and effort if you consider how little effect this has on me. I get a certain thrill from these sophomoric fumblings because, not only do they display the quality of my opposition but also the intense insecurity that their consistent anonymity declares. This, juxtaposed by the much larger numbers of support gratifies my heart.

The idea that you will affect my view of myself, or hinder what I do here is ludicrous. Even now, I am in the longest running string of daily postings that has ever happened here and the real result of having gone to India, is a grab bag of new potentials and abilities, courtesy of a fortuitous meeting or two. What may seem to be one thing, in consideration of me, is in reality, a very fortunate passage into a new world of fresh opportunities and personal transformations. You can no more bring me down than you can influence the one I am employed by.

The real reason I don't print the uneducated swill you send me is twofold. Too many people come here to interact in an intelligent manner. Those of you lacking this facility are in the wrong place to begin with. Eventually your ineffectiveness will dawn on you and all will be well, more or less. The other reason is that the need to be anonymous, advertises a cowardice that I find reprehensible and I've little inclination to assist you in your craven and cringing camouflage. We are ingenious here and it may be that if it's public exposure you want then, perhaps we will remove your anonymous wrapper, providing you the courage you lack by exercising it ourselves.

The world is going through major changes right this moment and that means that what is really inside each of us, is being forced to the surface for the purpose of demonstration. Now, if all you want to be (and perhaps are to begin with) is what you keep trying to demonstrate here, then, so be it. In the long course of any personal history, it is the consistency of effort and the body of one's contributions that count toward an enduring judgment on their life and works; not the natural and expected errors and mistakes that we all experience on our way to a final corrected state. We are as we express ourselves and the invisible is the ultimate determinant of whether we hit the mark or not. Everything else is just chipmunks chattering on a fallen log. Thank you! Now on to the post.)

Lasha Darkmoon is one of the finest correspondents of a type operating on the planet today. She is unrivaled in the diligence of research and accuracy of presentation. She's fearless and relentless and puts many a man to shame for their unwillingness to tell it like it is. I reference her today because of her brilliant two part article on the art world and who controls it. Her incisive commentary on the fecal obsessed, Talmudic monsters dovetails right in with things like this; this is what the effete, white wine and cheese crowd gets themselves up to in these days of 'out of their mind and flying blind'. It's not just a mockery of all that has previously appeared through inspiration from the hearts and hands of those touched by the muse. It is also one more segment in a concerted pincher attack upon the world as we no longer know it. Though there is no evidence of shit in this particular bit of insipid pretentiousness, we can see it metaphorically present in both the participant and the entire tableau.

That this is a flashback ripoff from a presently dead poseur, whose fame was manufactured by the same shit golems under discussion, should not be lost on the reader. Andy Warhol spent his life distinguishing himself as a talentless hack and a vicious gossip. My favorite story about him was told to me by a friend of mine who was and may still be a recording artist, named Gary Kupper. I think this might be him. The age is right and the resemblance is there. I can't speak to the direction his footsteps have taken him in. We all find our way as best we can. He used to drive a limousine in New York City and as it so happened, he picked up Andy Warhol one evening with a young companion. Andy proceeded to blow the fellow in the back of the limousine and then spit the young hopeful's cum into the limousine's ashtray. Of course, Gary had to clean that up. He was not amused.

One feature that attends those periods where materialism has overtaken the reason of the general public is 'insanity'. By focusing on the inane and trivial, the general population has been led into a cartoon world where nothing is real and everything is lacking in genuine substance. This progressive march into madness has come by calculated steps. The intent is to strip away all human qualities and reduce us to the level of beasts.

Anyone who has studied the Zionist, Talmudic dynamic is aware of their near religious fascination with human waste products. Their scatological obsessions, hooked into their libido is a sick, sick thing indeed, an entire cultural demographic of psychopathic Chuck Berrys. Mr. Visible, in his persona as a forensic, cultural voyeur has come across many a strange item that seldom surfaces into the public view.

Members of The Tribe get up to all kinds of twisted shit and they are accompanied by heavy protections because, as a collective of practicing Satanists, they have a strong hold on law enforcement due to political connections, control of the money supply and black magic rituals of great power, given that in this age such things are carried out without much protest, because it would be politically incorrect to object. There are classic psychopathic types and all of them are resident in the recreational expressions of various members of The Tribe. One can easily see the degree to which our public leaders are compromised and controlled by the Satanic Collective. One can see the litany of quotes across the span of history by the Spawn of Satan.

The vast majority of us lack the courage to speak out and tell the tale. You are and have been slaves to Jewish bankers. You''ve convinced yourself that you can live with this and maybe they won't take too much. Stupidity is a growth industry and if it were listed on the stock exchange, it would be a really solid investment, just like the euphemistically named, 'Private' Prison Industry. That's where most of you are, right? You're in a private prison.

The Talmudic monsters who have made ordinary life desperate and unlivable, are vampires in every sense of the word. It's why they've been thrown out of just about every country in the world at least once. This is not some mysterious accident of coincidence. Wiser minds in all of these countries were able to see what was happening to their country and their economy. They do the same thing everywhere they go. They are an alien, parasite life form. They are not human. They are feeding on you, literally.

Only a few people have the stones to stand up and tell it like it is. Your American president went off to the center of world crime to fellate the monster; a blow-job of epic proportions. I'm pretty sure the same can't be said about that portion of the anatomy ingested. Uncle Tom Obama, who is so fraudulent that the other people at the Harvard Review have no memory of him, went on his steppen fetchit voyage to 'de massa's house' where no doubt he launched in spontaneous renditions of “Old Black Joe” and “Swanee River”. Then he grinned and kowtowed, genuflecting like a plastic flamingo on a drinking glass, taking time off from his busy days of sucking up and French-kissing the Devil's anus to insult one brave soul who had the courage to tell the truth.

The Bankers are stealing everything that is not nailed down and they'll get to that in due time too. You could do something about it. Every country could go the way of Iceland. Every citizen could step away from the mind control, wage slave machinery, of their fabricated indebtedness. They are sucking you dry while you scorn and ridicule those who risk it all to liberate you. No one can be so stupid as to not see what is going on. The real truth is that they are frightened of and obedient to their overlords. Many of them aspire to be just like them. Everyone is playing a role here and that role is an amalgam of defense strategies that protect them from nothing.

This is what's going on with your finances. Here is a litany of what they are up to. They kill without conscience. Their crimes are legion. They are demons in the flesh. Deal's are made for profit and survival every day, by those who forfeit their souls for temporary gain and position. No writer or composer who criticizes them has any chance of reaching a wider audience. They've got a list and... if you're on it, you are marooned on the island of the marginalized and forgotten. You are banished from the marketplace. You are exiled into the wilderness but... you are not alone. Both justice and judgment will come when the time is right and everything will change by some marvelous and unseen power.

A Russian oligarch killed himself yesterday. Let's hope it is contagious. I expect the unexpected. I expect things undreamed of. I expect a sudden and certain transformation to sweep this planet like a wave in a sports stadium.

I am not afraid of these blood stained clowns. I can't afford to be. Fear is the one commodity that I cannot afford. Once you allow fear to reside in your heart, you are admitting that their power is greater than whatever else you might believe in. This not only compromises your connection to your source but it hands you over to those who are your enemies. Previously, they did not have the power to oppress you. You gave it voluntarily. You believed a lie. This led to other lies, until you were lost in a forest where all of the trees and foliage were lies and where no light can enter in.

You will live with these things and conditions until you can bear it no longer but... as long as you can bear it you will live with it. That is your fate until you change it. It's a leap and a reach to be sure and it requires things you may feel you have lost or forgotten the location of. However, once you acknowledge what you are dealing with, you will be able to see it for what it is and it will not be nearly so threatening or powerful as you imagined it to be. Reclaim those virtues that made you human and you may well become more than human. Take a cue from those fighting the good fight who are still fighting. If the enemy is so powerful then why are they still here and so employed. Think about it.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Deaf Beethoven, Listening to Timeless Music

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Foreign lands can be fun to visit, or they can be fraught with difficulties, borne of the unexpected and simple things lost in translation that can become complex difficulties. Brief excursions grant colorful insights into dreamscapes, like something from Manet or Renoir, especially if you happen to be in France (grin). They can also be reminiscent of Bosch, if things don't go well and you can't leave.

Yesterday I had so many things to do. These days are filled with industry and less time than needed to meet the requirements of the hours that press like mindless, mesmerized shoppers, grasping for new items to be stored, with the older objects already stored and waiting for the day that the collector gets collected. So... yesterday I paused a dozen times, here and there and thought about my life; all the turns and twists that led me finally to be sitting there and thinking about what had gone before. I thought about the decisions that it appeared I had made and the unforeseen events that made my decisions for me. How did I get here? Was it under my own power, or is that just a fantasy, constructed out of some idea of a personal will?

I thought about the undelivered promises and the otherwise occupied states of being. The rare moments in rare lives, like deaf Beethoven still hearing music. Is it the same music heard by those who can still hear? Must the sounds around us always overwhelm the sounds within? I thought of all the things I did not have and the uncertainty that attends my next leap into unformed space which, will all too quickly take those shapes and identities based upon the way I see and name them. Will it be easy and fluid, or will it be fraught with an entirely new series of tests and challenges?

Somewhere along the moments of this recurrent period of reflection, another presence entered into my mind and said, “Come with me”. I followed the voice through a series of images that continued for some period of time. I don't know how long. I was immersed in them.

I saw people suffering from terrible diseases and people in whom similar diseases were growing and emerging but they had no idea of what was coming and were still going about their lives, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes playful, loving their families or bemoaning the lack of one. I saw old people sitting in chairs in state homes and private facilities, waiting for death. Some of those places are dreadful. I visited prisons, where men and women lived out the heavy, heavy hours, like the monotonous drip from an ancient faucet. Fear, malice and anger fill the air like some separate weather system. They die and worse, in places like that. I saw mental institutions, where the tormented howled in their private hells. They screamed and waved their arms at things that no one else could see. I saw men and women reaching for bottles and canisters of pills and substances, trying to momentarily change, hide or transform their world but serving only to make it unmanageable.

I saw people losing their jobs, being forced from their homes and screaming in silent and not so silent anguish about their losses; finally sleeping in tents, campers and cars; by the sides of the road, alone or with their families. There were broken veterans from the Banker Wars and millions of Banker victims in various states of distress. I saw whole countries that were little more than graveyards with deformed children, horribly misshapen by Banker uranium. I saw fluid ranks of sightless souls, bound toward countless repetitions of suffering, born out of a hunger for the misunderstood.

I saw millions of animals trapped in cages, where they couldn't even move, where they pecked each other to death and were herded through chutes. They could smell the suffocating fumes of death, wafting in the air around them. Then, mercifully freed from their imprisoned consciousness, their lifeless forms were butchered and shrink-wrapped and shipped to their final port of call.

Suddenly I was once again on the road into Thiruvannamalai, where indigents and sadhus, walked and sat or slept on the sidewalk; waiting for something, in search of something. I could see my driver weeping because there would be no more jaunts to the Thangyam Hotel Bar and all the spontaneous meetings with whomever might appear; the long evenings in the apartment, hearing the stories about how any and all of us came to be in that place and moment in time. I saw people betrayed and dishonored and swallowed up in grief ...and the voice said to me, at various turns, “How bad do you have it, really”? I have always taken care of you. You have always landed on your feet and whatever temporary world I intended for you has always formed around you”.

Some days, I often feel like Lovesong of J Alfred PrufrockLord Alfred Prufrock, though much different too. Having never grown up, I can scarcely be considered old, nor do I feel much different from when I was quite young, except for an acquired wariness; very newly acquired too.

I have dwelt in exile in foreign lands for fourteen years, never successfully integrating, I spent the years in a single room, for the most part, creating this, bypassing that and putting all the rest of it on hold. Traveling in foreign lands can be intoxicating and it can be enervating too. It can be both. One can never really be at home when they are not at home, wherever that is. For some, their major endeavor is to distract themselves from an awareness of that. I have traveled the world from this swiveling office chair; inner worlds, outer worlds, worlds of promise with solid footing and worlds like mangrove swamps, where tigers prowl.

The world is in turmoil. Like the birth of any creature into this realm, it comes with shock and pain. Make no mistake, though one world is dying, another is being born. Some have no inclination to transit into this new world. They are too enamored of the old world. Their appetites have not been satiated. How much wood can you feed a fire before it tells you it has had enough? There is no end to desire, or to the errors made in the pursuit of that which, having been miss-perceived, can never be acquired in its true form; not until it is truly seen.

You cannot clearly see yourself in a smoking mirror. You cannot truly see another when your eyes are fogged with desire. I don't think it's an accident that desire and aspire happen to rhyme, even though they are quite unlike one another, there is an association that can be seen by a penetrating mind that knows how ropes and carpets are made.

Now come the days of Banker Folly. Now comes the redlining of tension, between the predators and the prey. Now comes Push for it's engagement with Shove. The rock and the hard place are set to embrace and many shall finally get that threesome they were fantasizing about. As is generally the case, it won't be as they imagined it would be.

The possibilities are many. What is meant to happen, what might happen and what will happen; these are all in flux and they are all equally as personal as they are general. Only a fool does not see the potential for conflagration and planetary wide distress. The Bankers are like the monkeys with their hands trapped in the vase, grasping the avocado or mango that they are terminally reluctant to release. This madness will cost them their lives but it will also cost them far more than that. Oh, that is something no longer under consideration. They gave that up a long time ago.

Though we are soon to see the things we have not wanted to see, we are also going to see things that far too many of us never considered the existence of. Yes, they have their collective versions of the invisible, ineffable; an old white man with a beard, a cartoon Madonna in blue, whose dress is the water of oceans, composed of so many thousands of years of falling tears. They've dined on scriptures that tell them who their friends and enemies are. They've learned that natural things are evil and now they are learning that the unnatural is the contemporary preference, of the silent and faceless unknown. For some reason it is not difficult at all for the blind and deluded to hold conflicting visions, side by side. One of them is the hope for some promised benevolence and the other is the usual surrenders to that which makes the first impossible, or maybe not. We'll have to see, won't we?

The dominoes are falling, along with the basketballs and bombs. The stupefied public looks directly into their doom and sees nothing. Something else has been woven there. It looks colorful and alluring, much like a jungle fresh from rain, with the sunlight reflecting off of the water on the leaves. It looks beautiful and beckoning but... like any jungle there are all kinds of life forms resident therein. Cities are also called jungles, urban jungles and they contain similar life forms, going about in camouflage. Cities are wholly dependent on objects and energies that come from somewhere else. One can easily imagine what happens when the transports stop.

A few of us destroyed the system for personal gain and the majority of the rest of us played along in the hopes of personal gain. Spend too much time thinking about consequences and personal responsibility and you'll lose your place in line, or miss that window of opportunity for smash and grab, or... “Please, yes, thank you”, I don't want to forget that some of us still have manners, even if, by this time, we're just going through the motions, just like we do in our workplaces, our churches, our bedrooms and our lives; a perfunctory purgatory. In the end it will be as real as you made it, depending on how real that was in the first place. We get a wide margin of error, up to the point where it can be assumed, we should have learned something by that point. “Step right up! Step right up”!

End Transmission.......

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Songwriter by Les Visible

There will be a radio show Sunday night.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Concerning Ravenous, Insatiable Beasts with Human Faces.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Back around the turn of the century, before the most recent one, in the United States, there was a philosophy that got legs, similar to a mugger, hotfooting it away from the scene of a crime. The ones who came up with this sterling example of advanced and compassionate mentation, were not unlike muggers. They also mirrored the actions and mindsets of those who would follow in their footsteps a century later. Of course, there was no real break in the action but, for the purposes of illustration, I'm saying it like I'm saying it. Word.

This philosophy was called, The Gospel of Wealth. Wealth must be understood and so also, our responsibility for it. The Gospel of Wealth was coined by Andrew Carnegie, the second richest man on the planet at the time, whose commentary on it wasn't half bad. It was then later taken to mean that God made the rich rich and the poor,poor. At this point let me say, I don't want a ration of shit for tacitly implying that Carnegie wasn't cut exactly from the same stripe as so many of his peers were and are. I don't know enough about him to be any kind of expert on his life.

So, initially the Gospel of Wealth meant one thing but was then translated into something else; God loves the rich more. God favors the lifestyles and behavior of the rich more so than the poor, ad nauseum. We are presently in Robber Baron redux. Insatiable crocodile swine, are in a feeding frenzy. What needs to happen is for Iceland to become an international template, rigorously pursued, acted upon and enforced by governments worldwide, suddenly wakened from a manipulated sleep. To quote The Bard, “a consummation devoutly to be wished". One might also paraphrase The Bard and say, “first we kill all the bankers". Of course, I'm not advocating this line of action but I can definitely see it, presently and not so slowly, coming into the minds of those being economically hammered by these fiends.

The poor and oppressed and increasingly desperate, know where the rich live and they know who they are. They, not just a few of them, know that the governments are the lapdogs of the corporations and the banks. A raging tidal wave of unbridled anger is roiling and rising and coming to the shores of privileged existence. Here is what Lao Tzu said about those presently engaged in planetary wide rape and pillage;

"People starve if taxes eat their grain, and the faults of starving people are the fault of their rulers. That is why people rebel. Men who have to fight for their living and are not afraid to die for it are higher men than those who, stationed high, are too fat to dare to die".

Lao Tzu also said;

"If I had any learning of a highway wide and fit, would I lose it at each turning? Yet look at people spurning Natural use of it! See how fine the palaces and see how poor the farms, how bare the peasants' granaries, while gentry wear embroideries, hiding sharpened arms, and the more they have, the more they seize, how can there be such men as these, who never hunger, never thirst, yet eat and drink until they burst! There are other brigands, but these are the worst of all the highway's harms".

How accurately does this mirror the present state of affairs?

(I am going to pass on to you one of the greatest gifts you will ever receive, if you can intuit how to apply it and possess the determination to do so. In these 81 sutras is all the wisdom anyone could ever need. This is not to discount those other marvels of deep inspiration. Some of them too are clear and precise explications of eternal verities. As I have mentioned before, I used to take LSD and sit for hours reading this book, so as to imprint it on my consciousness. If you have not read this before, I expect you will be transfigured and enthralled by the simple elegance and truth found therein.. It literally hits the system as if it were food. It is certainly sustenance of a high order.)

There will be no links today, detailing the banker caper in Cyprus. There is enough commentary and articles around so that one could be engaged in reading throughout the day. Lao Tzu said:

"Those who would take over the earth and shape it to their will never, I notice, succeed. The earth is like a vessel so sacred that at the mere approach of the profane it is marred and when they reach out their fingers, it is gone. For a time in the world, some force themselves ahead and some are left behind. For a time in the world, some make a great noise and some are held silent. For a time in the world, some are puffed fat and some are kept hungry. For a time in the world, some push aboard and some are tipped out: at no time in the world will a man who is sane over-reach himself, over-spend himself, over-rate himself".

Herein you can visualize the destiny of the monsters by reflection upon the last portion of the quote.

Mobsters are often referred to as connected guys. We have a surfeit of connected men and women. Some are in the government, some in the corporate world, some in organized religions. You find them all over the place these days, resonating with that mantra, 'it's not what you know, it's who you know'. We see the three piece suits, the insincere smiles and fake bonhomie of the corporate reavers. We do not see the assassination teams that are employed by the corporations but they are an integral part of some number of international firms. United Fruit was a classic example. Coca Cola employs mercenary killers to implement and insure desirable policies. These things are business as usual for the big guys. Banks do the same. The Vatican is complicit in such activities and one might easily presume that among The Jesuits and Opus Dei there are assassination teams. Given the churches horrific history from The Crusades, The Inquisition, burnings at the stake ...and it's long history of black clad priests employed in the buggery of the innocent, this seems to be obvious on the face of it. Here is a classic example of the reversed Kundalini brought about when a powerful force demands a particular expression, due to the constraints of forced celibacy and the inevitable result, when this tremendous power breaks through the weakest link in the chain. It's inevitable and why it was happening in so many places at a far remove from one another.

The most important point to take away from all of this is the condition of overreaching on the part of the power and greed maddened, crocodile swine, who slither through the world seeking whom they may devour. Our minds have to be rooted in the certitude that all of this is meant to be for the purpose of demonstration. It can be very hard to get your head around that. It impinges on your life and turns existence into unpleasant, mottled shades of gray. It siphons away our confidence and optimism by the sheer weight of its ponderous appearances in whatever direction you turn.

The idea that the governments, the courts, law enforcement and so many other institutions, whose original job description was anything but what we are seeing, is a bitter pill. How is it possible that all of this will right itself, when this collective of brutes and beasts has such a stranglehold on our daily existence? What can one do when they steal and oppress with impunity? What new and greater outrages await around the corner? Excesses are being piled upon excesses. The conspicuous excesses of Tribe members who looted entire countries goes on apace. The ridiculous mates with the ridiculous to produce the ridiculous and it just goes on and on into madness. I could literally do this all day. Of course I am not going to go on all day. I've just give you two more. This one and then there's this one. The insanity of materialism... oh my God, what have we come to? The callous indifference of one class of supposed human beings toward those they consider their inferiors. This pornographic, conspicuous consumption, while people are starving and in desperate straights, most of them brought to that state by the very people purchasing these things. It never crosses their mind to extend their largesse to their fellows and when they do give it is to enhance a false reputation, through giving to bogus charities, where the proceeds never come to the ones on whose behalf the charities were ostensibly created to serve.

They give everywhere but where it is needed and they only give to call attention to themselves and then write if off in any case. Heads are going to roll. It's inevitable. Whatever these execrable creatures may be thinking, they are out of the loop in terms of the degree of mayhem that is possible once you have squeezed people beyond endurance. Sooner or later the dam of stored up anger and resentment is going to break and there will be Hell to pay.

I want to point out that the coming chaos and varieties of revolution will not be taking place everywhere. In many parts of the world there will be little sign of what is taking place elsewhere. The main locales for the worst of it will be urban and suburban. There are going to be some real surprises in terms of what comes to pass on the part of the police and the military, when push comes to shove. There are other forces at work within all of us that may well have a great deal more to do with what comes to pass than will that which is outside of us.

End Transmission.......

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'Jews from Outer Space'

Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Reversing your Course on The River of no Return

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

One of the most distressing and unexplainable phenomena, taking place in the world of the present, is the propensity and profane attraction of the rich and powerful, to the various expressions of pedophilia, as well as the torture and ritual murder of prepubescent children. The impulse for this particular behavior does not come from external stimulus. It comes from internal motivators of unknown origin. It is not just acting out in the lives of the rich and powerful. It is epidemic among representatives of organized religions and it proliferates in the secret lives of ordinary people from all walks of life.

There are other dark passions at work in these times, as well as the usual pedestrian handicaps, like greed and all the associated other drawbacks that the deluded consider to be assets, in the pursuit of parity, with the other obsessed wretches that make up the Schmoo infantry, who collectively make war on sanity and peace of mind.

How these things come about and how so many people wind up in these dark corners of dangerous mischief, has to do with subliminal broadcasts, telepathic invasion and transmissions from interior planes, where depraved entities have worked their spells upon the unwitting for a very long time. Our weaknesses are highways traveled on by invisible fiends. Our strengths draw other influences. Unfortunately, in times of material ascendancy, our weaknesses are greater than our strengths in the mass of the population. These weaknesses are encouraged and celebrated, as if they were virtues. They are not. What they are are magnetic lodestones for infernal influences, whose intent is to swallow us up in darkness.

The internet has spawned an army of resentful and enraged losers, whose anger at not being able to control their lives, or acquire any of the things that their presumed betters possess, has made them incandescent with petty wrath. Once again it is the impotence factor ...but the inescapable truth at the bottom of it all is... material things do not make you happy. People know they are unhappy. What they do not know is why. The degree of helplessness and lack of focus that I observe, in a certain segment of the population, is mystifying; “How do I do this? How do I do that? How do I find this information”? It's as if they never heard of a search engine and have no clue about linking up with motivational forces that will allow them to accomplish anything they desire to bring about. They are surrounded by opportunity and all they see are abandoned and weeded lots, lacking the imagination to see what might appear there, given the right inspiration and effort. There are people making their mark on the world, for good and for ill and there are people upon whom the world is leaving it's mark.

The guides and guidebooks, are there to be found ...but some kind of confused lethargy appears to be in command of their destiny. Meanwhile, time marches on and the windows of opportunity close. One's existence becomes fixed in suffocating routine and for all practical purposes, their life is over. I don't like talking about these things but I observe them at work all around me, close at hand and at a far remove. You can't become liberated, if you are committed to and addicted to the things that are confining you. It's simple physics. One of the most important possessions anyone can have is 'objective reasoning'. It allows you to see and think outside of the box. Without it, you cannot see or think outside of the walls of your ongoing confinement.

Nearly all diseases and discomforts are bred out of, or assisted in their manifestation by stress. Stress is a international product that is manufactured by a very large collective of industries that make their profits from the creation and proliferation of it. To milk and manipulate the general public, you need to attend the shearing and connivance with varying degrees of stress. It's like ingredients in a culinary effort. Far too many people are sailing and bailing from a doomed and leaking boat, on the river of no return. Of course, there is another river that will bring you back, for yet more pointless endeavors on the roulette will of gain and loss. People are perpetually in the midst of this and given a moment of objective awareness, could see it is so but there are contributing detriments that work in opposition to their getting a clue. They are whipped onward by the presence of both debt and desire. The latter accounts for most of the former and what is the most desirable possession one can have in this world? Freedom, in every sense of the word. Freedom is closely tied to liberation and liberation implies freedom from the snares and bonds of this benighted sphere. It doesn't have to be the way it is.

I don't like to feel like like I am lecturing people but time is getting short. People have dreams and they often live in a world of private torment because they find themselves incapable of realizing these dreams but... they do not invest the effort and apply the determination and creative imaging necessary to make their dreams come true. People think the cosmos is against them and intends to thwart them at every turn. The reverse is true, the cosmos is chomping at the bit to help you but you are thwarting it and going against your own best interests.

A lot of people would love to leave the USA and relocate in a freer, more exotic land but are confounded in making it happen because they lack the funds and the contacts. Here is something any of you can do and it covers your living expenses. You only have to work 20-25 hours a week. People are doing this now and there is a very high demand for it. Spanish is the easiest language of all to learn, though you don't even need to speak it. Having some grasp of it is very helpful however. Spanish is spoken in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. In China you need a degree to do this, usually you do not but... some number of us can get a real degree, based on life experience in certain areas, if you have it. You can also be creative about the way you approach it. There are a number of universities that offer this. I can, without difficulty get a degree in English, or an associated form because I have books published and have demonstrated my capabilities, widely around the globe. All anything I have done required was day to day application and determination to continue. The key to that is loving what you do. Anyone who loves what they do will inevitably become a success. This is an inflexible law of the universe. Imprint this into your consciousness. Burn this into your consciousness. Make it real!

If you are a decent sort, without things like being bipolar or obsessive compulsive (there's a lot of that going around these days), you can live with other expats and seriously reduce your expenses, while living in an expansive and classy dwelling. I've already received a host of invitations and offers of help from people, living in various countries and you do have me, depending on who you are and it is my intention to “go and prepare a place for you” (grin).

One thing everyone needs to make a primary focus, is the acquisition of an optimistic mindset. Optimism attracts invisible friends. I have proven this. You can too. Recently I was the victim of a smear campaign, in which no part of what was said happens to be true. Since I and a few local associates were the only ones present, we are the ones who know what was what and there was no there there. Now, I could let this temporary shit get me down. I could argue with faceless antagonists. I could dissemble or go off on all kinds of tangents but... I keep my eye on the ball, just like I were Pete Rose (I don't have 'rabbit ears'), or Joe Morgan, who played ping pong before every game, so as to make the ball look like a grapefruit. I recognize that there is a disorganized cadre out there that would like to see me go down, become marginalized, or attain to one kind of pariah status or another but that's not going to happen. Those who have gained benefits from what I do are not going to fall away. The people who visit me will continue to. New readers will come and in an abundance, at some point. I have a rock solid, support base and there has to be a reason for that. If you're not capable of dealing with bumps in the road, temporary bad weather, or unexpected detours, you shouldn't get on the highway. You shouldn't seek liberation, or self realization, if you are not 'completely' committed. You'll only be wasting your time and be inexorably bound for disappointment.. However, if you are completely committed, you cannot fail. Embrace this certainty. Burn it into your consciousness.

The world is set up to kill your faith and sap your strength. This is what it does. Take a look around you. Once you know these are the conditions you live in, you can change them. I spend my days, near totally free of worries and concerns. I could have them if I wanted to (grin). I am serene and in a good frame of mind through most of every day and I'm not the Lone Ranger. If any of us can do this, you can too and the road-maps and tools have all been presented here numerous times and are available at many another location if you don't resonate with what you find here.

What was said about teaching English abroad, or getting a degree to enhance the appearance of your value are all very real and accessible. You don't have to be where you are, unless there are family considerations that militate against this. Even these conditions do not make transition prohibitive. Look upon this whole posting as a pep talk, then we all put our hands together and shout, “Go team, win it”! And then ...we run out on to the field and give it all we got and make sure we leave it all on the field once the game is done.

Alrighty then, have at it with a will and consider the source of the force!

End Transmission.......

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'The Sacred and The Profane'

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Gatekeepers and Vipers Among us

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Some things are pretty indisputable. You try to get a fix on motive and intent but- some people(s)- fall outside the range of the usual parameters of humanity and you can't measure them against anything but Gila Monsters, rattlesnakes, Honey Badgers and wolverines. All of us inherit or develop a philosophy over the course of time. In most cases, this philosophy is adapted to suit the needs and obsessions of the desire body, which is a kind of flaming sheath that encases our forms and obscures true vision. This, along with a demented mentality, corrupted by material attractions, is responsible for the samsaras that inhibit our ability to see things as they are. There's not a great deal that any one person can do to change the whole of it but personal transformation is always an option and one way to get your ticket punched out of here to a better place. It's also a guarantor of being in a better place while you are here because your mind is not occupied with thoughts like, “We are all doomed”, which is true of some after a fashion... or, “there's nothing we can do”, spoken while they slide into despair. Be profoundly optimistic and your environment will reflect this. Nature, pristine or perverted, is plastic and eventually shapes itself according the the perspective of the observer. We all live in a world of our own creation. If you don't like it, change it.

The general public has only a dim and skewered image of the sort of things that take place on this planet. It's hard to imagine these things took place but they did. A similar extensive list of dead people also attends the legacy of George Herbert (Johnny) Walker Bush. There's a whole cabal of evil souls who perform murder each and every day. The Central Bankers kill more people over time with a fountain pen than most of the others do with bombs and guns. They have no hesitations and no restraints.

These crocodile swine are assisted in their efforts by odious gatekeepers like Noam Chomsky and Greg Palast (I was quite surprised to see myself extensively quoted in the article about Palast). Palast has gone through a sort of reputation, rehabilitation lately. He's starting to pop up here and there, being quoted on all manner of things, as if we could forget what he said about Steven Jones and Israel's 9/11 attack on the American mainland, as well as the London Tube bombings and the Madrid Train Station, Mumbai and other horrific assaults on the rest of us. The first three were all monitored and assisted in manifestation by an Israeli security company, ICTS. I find that I am compelled to repeat these things over and over, hoping some epiphany will eventually find its way to a wider swathe of the public.

Let us not be deceived concerning Greg Palast, who sold out whatever integrity he might have once possessed in the pursuit of personal gain. He's not the only clown in the circus. Alex Jones holds a significant position in the disinfo racket, as does Mike Adams in his slavish defense of all things connected to the questionable Mr. Jones. ♫There's something going on here but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?♫ On a positive note, a lot of the time Mike Adams has interesting and revelatory things to say. He's just hamstrung by the need to aspire to a higher profile by hobnobbing with Mr. Bombast.

We should not forget Rand Paul, who also gets a lot of press as some kind of warrior and patriot for the common good but the truth about Rand Paul is not easy to dismiss. He's bought and paid for, most all of them are. It's sad state of affairs is what it is.

These things have to be said, over and over and over. These things have to be trumpeted in the public thoroughfares, vibrated like a drum upon the waters of the great oceans and shouted from the mountaintops. When you hide under your bed, seeking an uneasy and protected sleep, you permit nightmares to walk among us. One terrible outrage follows another. There is no hesitation on their part to act like demons, without restraint or conscience.

I cannot stress certain things enough. This IS the time of unveiling and revealing. One must keep this uppermost in the mind. What we are being exposed to, in the actions of those who have abandoned all pretense of humanity, is the true nature of their being, which has been hidden from view for quite some time, until these moments in which we now find ourselves. Overconfidence has been the downfall of many a scoundrel, so is coming out prematurely. Their madness has overcome them and they have zero control over it. They seem to be in power but they have no power over themselves. This is the inescapable road to perdition. They are operating according to false information and it is only a matter of time until they are consumed by the darkness they have surrendered themselves to.

It's much like the trolls who have been showing up here of late, with their ridiculous arguments about events and conditions that they were divorced from by a distance of thousands of miles. I have the abiding assurance of knowing exactly what took place. In one case, it is a simple matter of, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” as The Bard puts it. Whenever I find myself in positions like this, the inner voice reminds me that whatever may follow, can only work out to my advantage in the long run, leaving the presumptive and deluded with egg all over their faces. This is a time of truth, as much as it is a time of lies and given that this is also a time of unveiling, one has only to walk in the truth and sooner or later, the truth will out in one surprising fashion or another. Something I try to keep in mind is that if someone lies about any particular thing, within the confines of a larger tale, then it is highly likely that they are lying about other things as well.

The only difference between these minor players, suffering the human form of distemper and the major players, in an advanced state of hydrophobia, is degree. As I've said many times, our real problem is not the handful of psychopaths, leading the hypnotized and willfully misinformed, toward the place of their eventual destruction, it's all the bit players among us, who buy into the lies and proceed to live them out, clueless and devoid of the capacity for shame.

You, who are in various stages of awakening, must consider yourselves lucky souls indeed. The unseen cared enough about you to throw the switch. All that remains for you, is the distance you must travel to that place of critical mass. Meanwhile there are those toxic and venomous ones, whose whole persona is filled with spite and rage. They rail and rave in perfect futility and impotence, attacking what they don't understand and seeking to replace it with their personal incompetence. Most of the time, I just laugh. People judge what they believe to be anothers state of mind, according to their own; “if I were in that position and receiving this particular abuse, this is how I would be affected”. It doesn't work like that. 99% of the time, I just laugh and pass the commentary around to certain friends, so that we might laugh together. This, of course, only serves to increase their rage. That rage is of its particular dimension because of impotence, the frustrating certainty that they cannot affect the dynamic and only serve to make themselves look bad. Well, that's as it should be. Who am I to argue with something like that?

We must be on our guard in relation to the gatekeepers and the hidden enemies who seek to injure us, for reasons best known to themselves. Lao Tzu says, “Cautious as a wayfarer crossing an icy stream”. I have not been cautious in the past. I never felt that my occasional acting out was anything to be concerned about. Indeed, it seemed to me that not acting out, when it was called for, was something I should watch out for. The necessity for this has now been removed, so it's a moot point in any case.

We've got to stop trying to walk up the down escalator. If you are intending to walk in the opposite direction from the mass of the population, which is absolutely what you should be doing, just take the stairs (grin).

Remember that it is what you do in all your little moments, across the span of your days, that sets the measure of you. Right now, in this moment, anyone can change their life in dramatic fashion and once changed, all the forces of good rush to your side. One's state of mind has a most powerful influence over the situations we find ourselves in and the color of our world. A positive attitude is like a cleansing fire that consumes the negative and transforms it into serendipitous opportunity. This is a universal constant. It's hard, I know, when you are surrounded by those who have succumbed to general appearances but it is by no means impossible. Steady application, makes the tree of discipline grow broad and strong. It's a lot like that I Ching hexagram, “Difficulty at the Beginning”. If you're not willing to go through what it takes to arrive where you need to be, in optimum circumstance, you won't get there. If you are willing, you will. It's that simple and certain.

We have come to the end of yet one more posting and I'll see you tomorrow if there is one. I don't know if I ever publicly thanked Erin Parsley for her dramatic rendering of my work but I would like to take the time to do that now. Thank you so very, very much. This comes up because I recently revisited her work. There is quite a collection of people who have served to inspire and improve me from what I was before this whole thing started. You have my deep and abiding gratitude.

Neil Rogers is being buried today.

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Songwriter by Les Visible

Sunday's radio show is available for streaming if you didn't catch the previous mention. Smoking Mirrors gets far more traffic than Visible Origami. That's how it is in this world, across the board.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Of Mice and Munchhausen

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's been said that beauty is only skin deep but that ugly goes all the way to the bone. The problem with the police forces and the security personnel in the empire is that it took a wrong turn, when the bought and sold politicos traded their souls and their asses for filthy lucre from Banker Nation and then Israelis became the training instructors for the police departments. As a result crime has now become a major province of those entrusted to prevent crime, as well as to see that justice is done.

Across the globe murdering thugs are about their business. It is business as unusual. A great deal of the nasty shit that is presently operative, is due to these freaks in human skin, seeking to cover their tracks and to secure their precious bodies from the wrath of those they have milked to a dry bone. It continues apace. The not so little demon engine who could, has ridden roughshod over our dreams and our fortunes.

However, Kali Yuga is the time and place where all of this gets sorted out. People know this and they don't know this. Knowing this can ease your mind because, knowing this, you know that it does get sorted and your only job is to have positioned yourself to get sorted where you want to get sorted. That's really all you have to do. You don't have to worry about Fukushima, World War 3, or some terrible natural disaster because you will be rightly and righteously positioned, in respect of the cosmic GPS.

Worry is a very interesting thing, too interesting. People have such curiosity about it that they keep going back to the well. At no time has worry been a positive aspect to the solution of any problem. The positive affirmation of the understanding that whatever happens to you is in your own best interest, unless you happen to be working against your own best interest, is the best perspective to be in possession of. There's nothing wrong with being possessed, if you are possessed by the right thing. There's nothing wrong with being obsessed, if you are obsessed by the right thing. In the twinkling of an eye, your whole world can change, in the moment you change your viewpoint. It's all a matter of where you are standing and how you are looking at whatever you are seeing. If you let what you see speak to you and reveal itself, you are much more advantaged than if you label it according to the limited information you have about it and this is what most people do. Most of the time when you see what most people do, you are seeing the wrong way to go about it and that is why the world is in the shape it is in and why they are in the shape they are in. Don't be in the shape they are in, living in the world they live in. The moment you do this, you are no longer living in the world they are living in, nor are you destined to the same destination they are bound for. The moment you change the way you look at the world, your whole world changes. The interpretation of the name Adam, is 'namer of things'. What you identify something as, becomes what you identified it as for you. You live in a world of your own creation. Don't blame anyone else for this and... you live with people who share your identification of these things for the most part... or, this not being the case, you drift apart at some point.

There are certain things everyone should be aware of. If you don't trouble yourself to do so, these things will trouble you. You don't trouble yourself to do these things because it's too much trouble to do so. You just figure these things don't apply to you. They do. When you are young, c?hances are? you don't experience any real discomfort from eating crap every day, so you think this is pretty much going to continue for the length of your life. It won't. You get older and the chickens come back to their roost.

Though I have seriously rock and rolled, in certain avenues of time and place, I have always eaten well and that has made all the difference. I am living proof of it. Now, all the things I used to do, on occasion, lest the reader assumes I have been generally consistent in them, are falling away of their own accord, because this is the time and place for it They are falling away with no difficulty or stress because this is the time and place. Don't wrestle with things that you can't change in that time and place. Accept that they are there, monitor them and work around them. This will give you command of them. Accept that they will go in the proper time and place.

Recognize they are there and admit it. Proper identification of these things, Adam, gives you 'essential' command of them. You can't essentially command anything if you have wrongly identified and labeled it.

These things should be common sense but common sense is in a coma because it interferes with the demands of immediate self interest. In most cases, immediate self interest triumphs over common sense every time. It doesn't matter what you've done before. What matters is what you do now. Vile self interest is going to absurd levels in these times and people seeing it going on, think it's the way to go. Dumb goys is what most of you are and so long as you remain that way, you are easy pickings. They laugh all the way to the bank, where they loot our accounts of the imaginary money they printed and which you pay for. They think to themselves,; 'it's always been this way so it will stay this way'. This is not true. Their hour has come round at last.

Getting you to believe that this is how it is, is their main guarantee that it will stay that way. Recognizing that it is changing, supports the change. No effort other than this is required. Who is behind what is happening to you could not be more clear. It's in the windshield, no matter what direction you turn your car in. It's their arrogance that brings them down in the end. They hid in the shadows for a long time. Once they convinced themselves they owned the time and space continuum, they came out of the shadows to boast but, as usual, this was premature. They kill with a presumed impunity. Having taken over the intelligence services of their hosting countries, which they have parasitically attached themselves to, for the purpose of feeding upon, it's all business as usual. The most outrageous things are going on. Meanwhile, in Dreamland Central, it's all porn and cellphones. It trips me out these days. Wherever I go, people are diddling with their cellphones, everywhere. It's like some kind of plague. More than half the people on trains, standing around or walking around, are doing this and they do it for hours. I watch them. They seem indifferent to the radiation, radiating into their brain matter. It doesn't seem to matter. It does. In times like these, rather than face what is in front of us, we turn to immediate distractions, anything to take it off of our minds. It just moves into the background and continues to operate, to prosper and to grow. What was once a small deal has become a big deal.

Now I have to reverse myself, kind of. You know it's there but you don't ignore it. You simply do not feed it and it will stave away and diminish in size. Things only grow and become a big deal because you feed them. We've all got our own private zoo of monsters and abortions that we feed. Sometimes we know that they are this and other times we humanize them, or put cartoon faces on them, either because we have lost our humanity and can no longer correctly define it or, we have fantasized it into something it is not. We put a good face on it. We mask it so that we can live with it. We can't live with it because it is eating us alive. We just happen to be their food. That is what we feed it with. As Mikhail Aivanhov would say, paraphrasing for the purpose of explanation, “If we could see who was having lunch while we were having sex, we would be much more careful in the way we go about it”.

And... so it goes.

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La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List

There will be a radio show tonight.

Footnote. Although a friend sent me the blog posting that Steven made and the comments that attended it, I have not read it or them. I did, by chance see the first couple of lines that Nina left when I opened it to see what it was. She's a shining star is what she is. Unfortunately, a lot of people, or so I am told, bought in to what they heard. I'm tired of answering questions so... today I will put up a short commentary over at the Les Visible blog and I will give 3 contact points of people easily reached and whom I have not told they might be contacted. They are all people of integrity so... if you are still on the fence, or jumped off it, without having all the details, well, that can change if you want it to. These contact points were either with me ever step of the way, or there full on for the second half of the term. Here it is now.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Somewhere a Wing, No Bird is Flying

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Spring has arrived here with force and power; brilliant sunlight and a rising temperature, are firm evidence that printemps has landed in my neck of the woods. It saunters in with grace and the promise of good things to come. It is a time of new beginnings, a time of hope and incipient joy, lurking in the soon to be blooming underbrush. What could possibly not go right under such blessed circumstances? The heart soars and all the wounds and forgettable sorrows, fade as their time comes to termination. I feel like dancing and singing. The house is daily filled with Susanne's lovely voice, as her own stirrings are irrepressible.

Mercury may still be in retrograde but you can't measure that according to me. Something has happened in the planetary alignment. Maybe it is my recent Jupiter/Neptune trine. Whatever it is, it's good and I've been told it is to continue and increase. That's outstanding news. It's been a long crawl over broken glass and missing cobblestones, on unknown streets by the dark of the moon. It has called for a careful feeling of one's way, lest one turns their ankle in unnecessary haste to arrive where? This is the presumption and arrogance that leads us into difficulty and injury. I am thankful for patience and persistence as much as anything. This is a sign not to be discouraged by the unexpected. It is my nature to always look for the deeper meaning. It may be tardy in its arrival but it always comes. Grasping for quick and simple answers takes one into the realm of half truths.

In the meantime, the outrageous and absurd, shoots itself in the foot. The tragically amusing marches right alongside. These things seem to be the hallmark of the age. Evil does not seem to want to die a natural death but, then again, there is nothing natural about evil. In the midst of it all, good things are happening. Our inventiveness out of necessity is a marvel to behold. Alternatively, some are truly fearless in their pursuit of justice. Here in this time of great transition people all over the world are losing their lunch as the evil within is forced out to the surface. As I have mentioned many times. When the avatar comes, he pushes all that has been hidden on the inner planes outward into the material world for the purpose of judgment. He comes with a new broom and sweeps it all clean form top to bottom. People whose vision is limited only to what they can see with the physical eye are often unaware that what we see, 'out here' is being manipulated from, 'in there”.

The more time passes on the way to critical mass and the summation zone, the crazier and stupider it gets. Expect it. Rely on this happening. If you remain sane it won't touch you. It is the resolution of personal destinies en masse. Each are in their own cubicle of karma. You are not in that cubicle, unless you imagine yourself to be, or are sucked into it as a result of false identification with what you are not. This is a danger we should all be consistently aware of; the efforts taking place to control our imaginations and to focus them on the deranged and unreal. You can see it taking place all around you and because of the pressure of group mis-think, it is a powerful form of negative magnetism.

We like to think of ourselves as individuals apart from the maddening crowd, We think of ourselves as consciously separate entities from the congestion of ignorance on all sides but that is not entirely true. We are all influenced to some degree and that is why so many mystics and spiritual seekers have gone off into the isolation of the wilderness, to commune with the infinite, beyond the surrounding distraction of the burning cities and looted plains of of this plundered planet. It's hard to maintain the requisite optimism required during times like these, when the very worst among us have risen into such powerful and unopposed prominence. This is all a blind to seduce our faith into doubt. Never imagine it will not turn out well for the best of us who have been unflinching in our steadfastness.

I want to sincerely thank the majority of the readers for sticking by me and also for recognizing that I don't have to operate according to false and fabricated standards of behavior, as if I were wearing a cassock and belonged to some rigid and repressed order of anally retentive monks, trapped in a constipated corridor of conformity and uniformity. We get used to believing we have to abide by certain unchanging laws of behavior, with zero flexibility. This is not and never has been true. Spontaneity is one of the great attributes of real spirituality and for those whose freedom is locked up in dogma and cant, it will sooner or later break out in unpleasant ways through the weakest link in the chain, as we have noted among the servants of the Catholic Church and many another fundamentalist creed. Perverted sexuality on the one hand and violence on the other.

I want to also thank anonymous, sniping from the shadows and unable, out of cowardice to leave their names because it proves an important point about their point of view; meaning there is no substance contained within. It's just another kind of affirmation as far as I am concerned. It's all good, even when it appears to be bad. I'm coming to believe that many times, bad is just undiagnosed good ...and evil, simply the raw fuel that lifts the good off of the launching pads of our lives.

In former times, thunder and lightening were considered evil and a sign that the Gods were angry. Those living in the ignorance of those times would seek to propitiate these gods with baskets of fruit and sometimes human sacrifice, just as they would yearly sacrifice someone to ensure a season of bounty from the fields. It's not like anything has changed except for the manner of expression. We never see things as they are in our own times but we've all got 20-20 hindsight. We're experts on the way things were, even when we definitely, imperfectly remember. More and more, I am getting the impression that, “it's all good”. I just don't see the totality, or I am seeing it through a lens colored by a certain degree of prejudice, in one direction or the other. I seek a complete impartiality but I'm not there yet. I will be though. I will be.

They say that an optimist is someone who just hasn't gotten the bad news yet. In my case, I've been given the bad news for years but it hasn't changed my perspective one wit. I've always known that I was seeing imperfectly and I consider that one of my better virtues, in that I don't always automatically assume I am right. One of my mottoes is that once you realize you are wrong, you are no longer wrong, you're right. We have such a tremendous investment in being right and that is why we argue. If we were right we wouldn't have to argue and we wouldn't argue. The more we insist and the more smoke that comes out of our ears, the more wrong we are. Serenity and tranquility come out of the deep assurance of being free of insistence upon anything. What it is is its own affirmation and what is not, will fade from view because we will no longer be maintaining it as a fixed commodity. We hold the false in manifestation by the force of our misinformed will. If we were simply to release everything, then everything would naturally find it's natural place, all by itself.

We are responsible for all that is untrue about ourselves. We have an attachment to the sum of that which is born out of the insecurity of not knowing who we are. Not knowing who we are, we have fabricated an unreasonable facsimile. After the passage of time, we accept that this must be true of us and we will defend it at all costs. We are defending something that doesn't exist and that guarantees that our defensiveness will rise to the maximum.

What could possible go sideways on a day like this? The sheer exuberance of Lady Nature, bursting out all over, is a thrilling experience. I can't comment further on it. You would have to be here. Well, we have come to the end of yet another posting and I'll see you tomorrow with a follow up on subjects as yet unknown to me. Have a wonderful day and don't let appearances get you down. That's all they are, appearances.

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