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Reversing your Course on The River of no Return

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

One of the most distressing and unexplainable phenomena, taking place in the world of the present, is the propensity and profane attraction of the rich and powerful, to the various expressions of pedophilia, as well as the torture and ritual murder of prepubescent children. The impulse for this particular behavior does not come from external stimulus. It comes from internal motivators of unknown origin. It is not just acting out in the lives of the rich and powerful. It is epidemic among representatives of organized religions and it proliferates in the secret lives of ordinary people from all walks of life.

There are other dark passions at work in these times, as well as the usual pedestrian handicaps, like greed and all the associated other drawbacks that the deluded consider to be assets, in the pursuit of parity, with the other obsessed wretches that make up the Schmoo infantry, who collectively make war on sanity and peace of mind.

How these things come about and how so many people wind up in these dark corners of dangerous mischief, has to do with subliminal broadcasts, telepathic invasion and transmissions from interior planes, where depraved entities have worked their spells upon the unwitting for a very long time. Our weaknesses are highways traveled on by invisible fiends. Our strengths draw other influences. Unfortunately, in times of material ascendancy, our weaknesses are greater than our strengths in the mass of the population. These weaknesses are encouraged and celebrated, as if they were virtues. They are not. What they are are magnetic lodestones for infernal influences, whose intent is to swallow us up in darkness.

The internet has spawned an army of resentful and enraged losers, whose anger at not being able to control their lives, or acquire any of the things that their presumed betters possess, has made them incandescent with petty wrath. Once again it is the impotence factor ...but the inescapable truth at the bottom of it all is... material things do not make you happy. People know they are unhappy. What they do not know is why. The degree of helplessness and lack of focus that I observe, in a certain segment of the population, is mystifying; “How do I do this? How do I do that? How do I find this information”? It's as if they never heard of a search engine and have no clue about linking up with motivational forces that will allow them to accomplish anything they desire to bring about. They are surrounded by opportunity and all they see are abandoned and weeded lots, lacking the imagination to see what might appear there, given the right inspiration and effort. There are people making their mark on the world, for good and for ill and there are people upon whom the world is leaving it's mark.

The guides and guidebooks, are there to be found ...but some kind of confused lethargy appears to be in command of their destiny. Meanwhile, time marches on and the windows of opportunity close. One's existence becomes fixed in suffocating routine and for all practical purposes, their life is over. I don't like talking about these things but I observe them at work all around me, close at hand and at a far remove. You can't become liberated, if you are committed to and addicted to the things that are confining you. It's simple physics. One of the most important possessions anyone can have is 'objective reasoning'. It allows you to see and think outside of the box. Without it, you cannot see or think outside of the walls of your ongoing confinement.

Nearly all diseases and discomforts are bred out of, or assisted in their manifestation by stress. Stress is a international product that is manufactured by a very large collective of industries that make their profits from the creation and proliferation of it. To milk and manipulate the general public, you need to attend the shearing and connivance with varying degrees of stress. It's like ingredients in a culinary effort. Far too many people are sailing and bailing from a doomed and leaking boat, on the river of no return. Of course, there is another river that will bring you back, for yet more pointless endeavors on the roulette will of gain and loss. People are perpetually in the midst of this and given a moment of objective awareness, could see it is so but there are contributing detriments that work in opposition to their getting a clue. They are whipped onward by the presence of both debt and desire. The latter accounts for most of the former and what is the most desirable possession one can have in this world? Freedom, in every sense of the word. Freedom is closely tied to liberation and liberation implies freedom from the snares and bonds of this benighted sphere. It doesn't have to be the way it is.

I don't like to feel like like I am lecturing people but time is getting short. People have dreams and they often live in a world of private torment because they find themselves incapable of realizing these dreams but... they do not invest the effort and apply the determination and creative imaging necessary to make their dreams come true. People think the cosmos is against them and intends to thwart them at every turn. The reverse is true, the cosmos is chomping at the bit to help you but you are thwarting it and going against your own best interests.

A lot of people would love to leave the USA and relocate in a freer, more exotic land but are confounded in making it happen because they lack the funds and the contacts. Here is something any of you can do and it covers your living expenses. You only have to work 20-25 hours a week. People are doing this now and there is a very high demand for it. Spanish is the easiest language of all to learn, though you don't even need to speak it. Having some grasp of it is very helpful however. Spanish is spoken in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. In China you need a degree to do this, usually you do not but... some number of us can get a real degree, based on life experience in certain areas, if you have it. You can also be creative about the way you approach it. There are a number of universities that offer this. I can, without difficulty get a degree in English, or an associated form because I have books published and have demonstrated my capabilities, widely around the globe. All anything I have done required was day to day application and determination to continue. The key to that is loving what you do. Anyone who loves what they do will inevitably become a success. This is an inflexible law of the universe. Imprint this into your consciousness. Burn this into your consciousness. Make it real!

If you are a decent sort, without things like being bipolar or obsessive compulsive (there's a lot of that going around these days), you can live with other expats and seriously reduce your expenses, while living in an expansive and classy dwelling. I've already received a host of invitations and offers of help from people, living in various countries and you do have me, depending on who you are and it is my intention to “go and prepare a place for you” (grin).

One thing everyone needs to make a primary focus, is the acquisition of an optimistic mindset. Optimism attracts invisible friends. I have proven this. You can too. Recently I was the victim of a smear campaign, in which no part of what was said happens to be true. Since I and a few local associates were the only ones present, we are the ones who know what was what and there was no there there. Now, I could let this temporary shit get me down. I could argue with faceless antagonists. I could dissemble or go off on all kinds of tangents but... I keep my eye on the ball, just like I were Pete Rose (I don't have 'rabbit ears'), or Joe Morgan, who played ping pong before every game, so as to make the ball look like a grapefruit. I recognize that there is a disorganized cadre out there that would like to see me go down, become marginalized, or attain to one kind of pariah status or another but that's not going to happen. Those who have gained benefits from what I do are not going to fall away. The people who visit me will continue to. New readers will come and in an abundance, at some point. I have a rock solid, support base and there has to be a reason for that. If you're not capable of dealing with bumps in the road, temporary bad weather, or unexpected detours, you shouldn't get on the highway. You shouldn't seek liberation, or self realization, if you are not 'completely' committed. You'll only be wasting your time and be inexorably bound for disappointment.. However, if you are completely committed, you cannot fail. Embrace this certainty. Burn it into your consciousness.

The world is set up to kill your faith and sap your strength. This is what it does. Take a look around you. Once you know these are the conditions you live in, you can change them. I spend my days, near totally free of worries and concerns. I could have them if I wanted to (grin). I am serene and in a good frame of mind through most of every day and I'm not the Lone Ranger. If any of us can do this, you can too and the road-maps and tools have all been presented here numerous times and are available at many another location if you don't resonate with what you find here.

What was said about teaching English abroad, or getting a degree to enhance the appearance of your value are all very real and accessible. You don't have to be where you are, unless there are family considerations that militate against this. Even these conditions do not make transition prohibitive. Look upon this whole posting as a pep talk, then we all put our hands together and shout, “Go team, win it”! And then ...we run out on to the field and give it all we got and make sure we leave it all on the field once the game is done.

Alrighty then, have at it with a will and consider the source of the force!

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...


This is the side of you that is most captivating for me. The side of optimisim and action. "You will know them by their fruits."
I wake up these days asking the Lord to send me my next unmet version of myself that I need to engage and exchange with. Everything is a mental creation and it comes with an exchange at every moment and it is an exchange of growth towards completion, depending on the perspective of the pupil. You never get to leave a class until your homework is finished, never. Two paths: rebellion or surrender. I have lived 5 lives so far in this single spin and 7 previous journeys prior to this lifetime and I have learned one thing: All battles are between rebellion and surrender and each one will set a course of longitude and attitude that then sweeps us through the froth of a storm or the calmness of a back eddy for the King we serve.

I like your softer yet positively affirmative pen.



Visible said...

Just in case you're throwing a party and don't know who to invite.

Free you mind said...

TOP TEN BIGGEST LIES EVER TOLD (in no particular order):

1. 6 million "jews" were killed in WWII primarily in gas chambers.

2. JFK was killed by lone gunman Harvey Oswald.

3. 9/11 was carried out by muslim extremists.

4. The Khazarian proselyte "jews" in israel and comprising world "jewry" are genetically linked to the Israelites of 2 thousand years ago.

5. The "jews" are a race.

6. World central banks including the Federal Reserve are run by the governments of the countries.

7. Mankind walked and drove around a dune-buggy on the moon.

8. The world is only 10 thousand years old.

9. Vaccines help prevent disease.

10. Psychotropic drugs correct chemical imbalances in the brain.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

For international jobs, there's also this:

I'd personally rather work with veggies than people, being 'selectively schizoid'.

Also, I can't believe what people think and value. There is only real power in SELF-CONTAINMENT! If you need anybody outside yourself for anything, it makes you a parasite. Vulnerable. One day the host may not be there.

Ya know, I can fit everything I own in my car, and take off if I wanted to. Granted those my presence gives an easier existence wouldn't appreciate it, but I don't feel obligated to stay. I stay because I want to, not because I have to. This can change, but it probably won't. I'm having too much fun here in my 'target area', since I think it would be sooooo cool to get nuked, to get a headshot from a fema agent I'm trying to whack with a baseball bat, or what have you. I'm planning on going down with the system, since why in the Hell would I want to fight to stay in that self-imposed prison of the Physical Realm which I have outgrown? I mean, I might as well beg to keep being incarcerated under Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, and he's one of the worst, not to mention I HATE hot weather.

Ray B. said...

Vis: This is another 'crossover' posting between Smoking Mirrors and Visible Origami. Yum!

Some gems (to me):

"...incandescent with petty wrath." Excellent wordsmithing!

"...and what is the most desirable possession one can have in this world? Freedom, in every sense of the word. Freedom is closely tied to liberation and liberation implies freedom from the snares and bonds of this benighted sphere."

So true. You have admirably summarized most of the Buddhist canon in a few sentences. Siddhartha Gautama would be grinning and nodding.

"To milk and manipulate the general public, you need to attend the shearing and connivance with varying degrees of stress."

In my mind, one of the greatest 'innovations' the dark side has come up with is the ability to keep the average person 'distracted' from cradle to grave. This reminds me of the movie about the early life of the Dalai Lama where - after the Chinese Communists have occupied Lhasa - loudspeakers were set up to broadcast propaganda. A monk looks sadly at another and says, "They have taken away our silence."

"The world is set up to kill your faith and sap your strength. This is what it does."

Back in southern pre-France, the Cathars were sure of this. They actually read the Old Testament in detail, concluded that it showed the actions of a being of the dark side, and concentrated on the New Testament. This, of course, got them exterminated in the first 'Crusade' called upon Christians.

"Optimism attracts invisible friends."

In my opinion, this has two 'fronts'. First is that optimism spurs 'movement'. Movement attracts interest from the 'other side' (Vis' unseen). Second is that some species on the other side are affected by held pain. (Real) Elves do not approach humans for that very reason, unless necessary. One of my primary reasons for 'keeping up' on feeling-through each day's pain is to be a 'good neighbor' to them. 'Optimism' is both a means to plough-through old stuff, and a sign that a fair amount of stuff has been moved through...

I enjoyed this Column immensely. Thanks, Vis!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

If those who speak truth cannot be bought off or shut up, they are ignored, demonized or suicided.

Almost everything Americans need to know is off limits in public discussion.

Anyone who broaches the truth becomes an “anti-American,” a “terrorist sympathizer,” a “commie-socialist,” a “conspiracy theorist,” an “anti-zionist,” a “kook,” or some other name designed to scare Americans away from the message of truth.

spiller23 said...

Your postings this week have really been resonating with me and mirroring my own contemplations. The synchronicity has been getting ever closer for a long time. I often find myself trying to figure out one of life’s puzzles and then later coming to your blogs and finding you discussing and guiding on the very same things.

I am really engaging faith and optimism lately. It is ever present in my consciousness, to believe and trust in the divine plan. I asked for help recently and this appears to be the primary gift I received in return. Certitude. I feel that my faith is indestructible now. Bulletproof. Invincible. Eternal.

You can appear to shy away from praise and on occasion express belief that what you do is nothing special. Surely for you to be receiving praise, the divine must have wanted you to receive it. It is thankful for your continued efforts and sometimes it’s going to let you know that through other people.


Thank you Vis.

And please keep on keeping on.


the gardener said...

"to-divine-to-intuit-and-to-comprehend" is coming up as a 404 error message???

thank you for all you do les visible.


the gardener

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Gratitude arises spontaneously, and the monkey-mind, albeit three-brained, djartkolm- style, continues with words.

Halleluya Halelluya, or is it La Allaha il'allah, who (k)nows what the phonetic spelling should be,?

After all in a smoked up mirror , as in smoking mirrors,or mirrors with vapour, the sound is what matters, being fogged-up, not the image.

How clear would the mirror be in a turkish bath in Konya, or a sauna in Hell-sinki, as you sing? And what is your preference, hel-sinki or konya?

You have my e-mail, let me know and a return ticket on the way for you, since travelling has lately done you a world of good, inspite of mercury retrograde and all.

Might depend on where the cigarette smoking is allowed, whether self-mades of american spirit or a Balkani mixture of Virgina golden and Macedonian dark, ahhhhh Balkan Sobranie. Maybe one of your english, london friends, would bring the Balkan Sobranie cigarette tobacco and the rice paper, natural gum? or send it by post?.

After all dopamine production , the peace pipe. and nicotine go very much hand in hand as Laura J.K, has so ably demon-strated.

DMT is another, although similar, story, maybe even for pent-house, but then it would have to be in-and-up not the down and out.

Ahhhh, Leonidis and the 300, have they grown to 320, 322?

Now, in the Spanish speaking countries where i have been sending my comments from , the message indicates that the blogger has option to publish or not, i trust that i have not made it worse as the texan commented some 18 or 20 months ago, after all the cat is out-of the bag, or maybe it is all about demon-stration, and the cat is about to be drowned in the Danube by the Lion Hearted, only because it was pretending to be a Tigress, when it is just a down and out house cat, who due to her ontological lazy nature would not even try to catch the rat, (and the blogger has always had the option to post or not (Capt Spadgett et al)?)

Shaman in Quecha means Payaso in spanish, in english where the Soul and the sole are pronounced the same and are antithesis or synthesis, depending on the understanding (ha! what a concept!, under-standing), of Hegel, Niet-che ( before syphilis, during the ' Thus spake Zarathustra' years) and Lao TZe, so ably translated by Witter Bynner at the side of Lake (lago ) Chapala , and ever so poorly by Richard Wilhelm, it means the 'Clown'.

Some tango as the clown, some are em-barro-sssed by the description. After all' todos estamos hechos de mismo barro, pero no es igual vasija que jarro'.

May the throat center vibrate with the timbre of the Heart, and the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in Bloom, fed by the early morning Dew.

Have to go to get the stitches removed. Thank L-Ron, time to dance, clear or operating Thetan .......

Be well

missingarib said...

There is no political solution
To our troubled evolution
Have no faith in constitution
There is no bloody revolution

We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

Our so-called leaders speak
With words, they try to jail you
They subjugate the meek
But it's the rhetoric of failure

We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

Where does the answer lie?
Living from day to day
If it's something we can't buy
There must be another way

We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

Vis ,this quote from the commercial for the most interesting man in the world answers the question what he thinks of the two party system he says "forget the two party system it's the after party that is important" -an observation both funny and so reveling. .

Great spirits have graced our planet offering words of observations ,instruction,encouragement and hope -all speak with one voice -thank you Vis for fortifying the message
live long

Visible said...

Yes, India was good to me in some ways and where it was strange and inexplicable it's of no matter anyway, just a bump in the road. Like I said, it wasn't till I left that I noticed something had happened. this is supposed to be a lead in, so I am told, to something much more dramatic, coming soon.


Gardener; was that some sort of coded message that is meant to cue me to something that isn't working and I should fix? That's the reason I'm asking. I can't place the reference.

Patrick V3.14159 said...

I haven't been commenting for some time so 1st I'd like to say how deeply saddened I was by Neils passing. So many times he apologized for his presence, if he only knew how much he is missed.

Regarding your trip to India two things come to mind "He who is without sin cast the first stone" and "Judge not and ye shall not be judged".

Vis the fact that you're real is the reason I read your blog. I frankly don't know what the hell people expect from you but they need to knock it off.

I don't care if you were pissed drunk and cranky everyday you were there or were'nt. It's none of my damn business.

I've been pissed drunk many times in my life and I've had some damn good reasons for it. So f*ck all you holier than thou assholes who never did anything wrong in your lives. You bore me and I know you're full of sh*t anyway. As I often say to my detractors in their abodes. I've been thrown out of better places than this.

But on that note. I betrayed my very best friend a decade or so ago. I bought into the protocols and figured hey you only live once so wtf. So have mercy on your detractors. The pain I feel everyday can only be slightly relieved by realizing the I needed to be taught a lesson. It changed my direction in life and brought me here. Your ex friends will learn as I did that there is nothing more valuable than loyality in this realm.

Now I'm glad you brought up there are multiple roads to enlightenment because there are and I hope you don't get all butt hurt if I say straight up Elephants with multiple arms comin out their head isn't my cup of tea. I'd like to add things I've found that are helping me but this comment is already too long.

Visible said...

A few clarifications. No elephants with multiple arms coming out of their heads have ever been discussed in these blogs. No attempt at proselytizing concerning the worship of Lord Ganesha has never appeared here, except in anecdotal stories. All religions except for Judaic Satanism and Satanism are forcefully tolerated here and always will be.

I was not cranky once during the term of the moments in question. I was in a perpetual good mood and lit in a good way and the essential purpose was to be able to get some sleep; something that had not been possible before and which led to my waking up in the brief moments when I could fall asleep at my former digs and which led to my having to move up the street as a result of that. I wanted no repeat of the same.

Otherwise, sure. In conclusion, Lord Ganesha is very seldom mentioned here. I generally refer to divinity as 'the divine' or 'the cosmos'. I would have thought that would be clear all round.

the gardener said...

Sorry-your latest visible origami is coming up when clicked as a '404 error' meaning it isn't coming up-also says on header 'arhhhhooooooo! Transmission Aborted... *shrugs* don't know... what it means! lol seems like the addy is spelled out correctly to me.

can others click off of your side menu of delights and get to the newest origami?

the gardener

Visible said...

Sounds like someone hacked it. Sim will look at it in the morning. Thanks for the info.

Visible said...

It comes up fine here.

Skepticfrog said...

The sidebar link on the top is hacked. If you go down and use the date link, it comes up fine.
The ziogarbage is messing with Origami, however it makes no sense. You'd think they'd rather mess with the other two.
I figure, they don't read it; they just assume, that it's about them in an unflattering way, like the other two blogs.

Anonymous said...

Getting a 404 message on that origami here as well.always good to read what you write

Peter said...

oh man
mr visible, this image of you verily shimmers with a potent psychedelic otherworldy presence.
a trickster shaman jumps off the screen.
a 21 st century merry prankster.
i be shivering like a cold wet puppy left out in the cold december rain

Citizen Elle said...

Today’s passages from Reversing your Course on The River of no Return:
“...but the inescapable truth at the bottom of it all is... material things do not make you happy. People know they are unhappy. What they do not know is why.” and most folks apparently just don’t care

“How these things come about and how so many people wind up in these dark corners of dangerous mischief, has to do with subliminal broadcasts, telepathic invasion and transmissions from interior planes, where depraved entities have worked their spells upon the unwitting for a very long time”. This one made me think of the Maori proverb, “turn your face to the sun and shadows will fall behind you.” Clarity & simplicity work for me. Eloquence is a gift that far too many don’t recognize as an asset. Thank you for your never ending gift of eloquence. ((feels like extra long strokes along dog’s mane))
Visible, in the blogosphere you are on my favorite allstar top 5 long time running now (usually holding the number one position – only slipping when your writing is on hiatus). The titles of your blogs have always been signature but, since your return from India, they and your messages have been exceptional. I have attempted comments to many since your return but, the issue has been on my end (not tptw) for them not getting posted. My focus has been absent. Yours has not. Your messages are being delivered to me in the most potent fashion. Like Indian cuisine, it’s a succulent writing (now that we’ve gotten past the heat of that incidental drama).
Also pertinent, I will be forever grateful for your previous “there is always more reserve of power than comes into manifestation” reminder, too… how can anyone consider quitting their earth suit role in this cosmic game? Find a new costume if you don’t like the one your wearing at the moment. It’s f’n possible everyday. Most clear is that the way to go is to surrender our vessels to the Divine. It obviously helps to get oriented in the right direction in order to catch the strongest current that flows through us… and hopefully sail as smoothly as possible. There will be many close calls in the inevitable oncoming storms, so I must always be careful to not mistakenly get channeled back into that enormous river of confusion and lethargy. It is something like one of those massive beltways in the urban zones of the world that only goes round and round the cities with no destination. If we don’t carefully captain our boats, the lurking pirates will surely take command of our vessels. As evidenced by the historical trends of culturized humanity, these pirates are insidious and must be addressed in a warrior manner by our ever expanding fleet of freed minds and souls, here and everywhere. Vis, you are helping to hold a critically higher vision and exemplifying APOCALOPTIMISM. Gracias, amigo
*which reminds me is another similar live/work/change of scenery strategy worth looking into for the adventurous – many options all over there, too. I LOVED my 6 months doing it.

from the deep

VO came up fine for me.

Citizen Elle said...

Love2pushthosebuttons said: “I'd personally rather work with veggies than people” – it took me 45 years to recently admit this sad truth myself but, working with people WITH veggies is one of my favorites and has led to some experiences at the dock of favorite memories. There’s deva energies concentrated in most gardens & they relish the opportunity to communicate. I learned this to be true at Findhorn four years ago and found that all the gardens I’ve worked since, this is true. If asked, they love to help!
Patrick – right on, to hell with those self righteous ones and their moralistic inner judges and juries – as if they can trust their beliefs! Betrayal is one of the tougher lessons of the game, both sides of it. It seems that’s one where the ho’hoponopono line came in handy for me as a great way to resolve it from a distance. I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you, I love you.
Richard, your postings are always such a trip, omg. Sometimes I can’t make heads nor tails of any of it… today, maybe half –---- carry on

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:53

"Almost everything Americans need to know is off limits in public discussion."

Those who lived in the Soviet Union or in one of it's Eastern European colonies, have an uncanny, very strong, palpable deja vu.
They certainly are freer to talk (and publish) nowadays than Americans.

Patrick V3.14159 said...

I've used booze to sleep in times of stress especially in new surroundings. I've always had a hard time sleeping ever since I was a kid. It's a curse really.

It's too bad you took any of my comment to be a criticism of you or your beliefs or your blog. That wasn't my intention.

There's a picture of the elephant at the bottom of Petri Dish. But that wasn't my point. This is your blog. I'm very tolerant of others beliefs as are you.

For me because of my western upbringing and ways, the eastern way to enlightenment seems strange and undesirable. As you said if a person searches there are other ways. I'll share what I've seen later.

The interesting thing that I discovered is that Clockwise or Counter Clockwise around the circle you end up at the same place.

Much of what you say lines up with what others who's approach is 180 degrees opposite of yours. This points to truth.

I enjoy reading your blogs. All of them.

Sim said...

Nothing so dramatic as Origami having been hacked.

Here is the Origami post: To Divine, Comprehend and Intuit

... written and published by Vis in September 2011. You'll see the tell-tale 2011/09 element within the URL if you hover over the link and the date at the top of the post if you go there.

The "phantom" version of this post currently showing in the sidebars at Smoking Mirrors and elsewhere is just that...

A phantom posting - there is nothing there, so it will throw up a 404 page.

This has been caused either by Blogger getting old and senile and burping out an old post or me being butterfingered - but it's not the result of a hack.

Visible said...

Thank you all!

Patrick, I wasn't really taking exception or reacting so much as I was clarifying. Saying that there were arms coming out of an elephant's head was something stated who intent I could not quite fathom.

I do not sit around and worship any of these entities, I consider some of them friends and that's as far as it goes and I respect what they do and represent. For years, I always thought of Ganesha as some kind of household God and one revered by merchants. It came as a big surprise to me to find out what he actually is and does.

Nearly all of the religions are legitimate and valid within the cultural framework that gave them birth.

When I had my kundalini experience nearly all of the imagery was Eastern and most of all I ever saw, were holographic, green Buddhas sitting in the foliage, Krishna riding a chariot across the sky, expressions of the goddesses in many permutations. I never saw Jesus Christ or had much interplay with him though I quote him more than anyone else. I never had a deep and sustained interplay with Allah, though I lived in a Sufi ashram for a couple of years.

We have to go with what rings our bell, according to the sum of lifetimes. I try to be representative of all faiths here and that is why I close my radio show the way I do. A certain element of the public despises me for having faith in God. My feeling, as stated many times, is that there are many paths up the mountain but once you get to the top you can see all the ways down.

I recognize that people, not knowing the tale of how it came about and not having been exposed to the deeper implications of the symbology, would look at Ganesha askance. In every religion you find fantastic creatures and certainly fantastic tales, which may be true, or may be true but are not accurately represented due to the tales being messed with by the usual Zio-clowns.

I was very clear about why I was drinking the beer right from the getgo. Whatever the real message and meaning of what happened may be, it will surface over time. It always does.

Thanks for your input, sorry if I appeared confrontational, That was not my intent. I tend to respond at the level of what I am presented with, in the manner in which it is presented. It's a way of doing things here that I decided upon a long time ago. It has it's pluses and minuses. One of these days, I will finally make it past certain obstructions and clarity will rule the day.

Anonymous said...

"I think it's great when the river runs its course..."

(A quick tutorial there, on the proper use of "it's" and "its". Totally my pleasure. Adieu.)

Visible said...

Except there was no tutorial there, nor do I, not being anally retentive, care very much one way or the other.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Talking 'bout the Spawn of Satan that moves Among Us.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful, inspired message. Thanks very much.

Having been violently uprooted and landed in a very strange landscape I had to adapt. The forced adaptations were infinitely for my good. Career and geographical change that was daunting but I see God's hand in it all.

You are completely correct about the necessity of pursuing massive changes in course when the Divine suggests it. We refuse these suggestions only to our detriment.

Thanks also to the many comment writers with their valuable and idiomatic insight.

Visible said...

Damn! I completely forgot the radio show as a result of working on my novel.

I'll get to it. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

one of my favorite inversions is
Time Wounds All Heels
(from time Heals all Wounds).

@Patrick , I posted a link to (and saved locally) the Japan Quake (not) video (if I am not mistaken your identity, and I must confess confusion with my Neils/Neals, and JimStone is having problems at his site so I cannot answer there...) what happened to Smorgelhands YT? are they up to mischief there?.

We might have to resort to local handshakes and ditch the web - they F*ck everything up - which only proves how good it could be without them - that's the pattern
(you need to get the StrangeGlove fixed, Vis, that last photo ,grin/snigger/chuckle).

I am finding the worse things get (includes awareness of how they have been), the better they get (liberating the energies bound up in the worries). It's only natural. Like women's coming (literally) into maturity in the middle age, so they say. Then there's winning the peace.

Alan, 20 Perth said...

excellent, excellent good sir.

What a pleasure to read. You make your analytical job of humanity sound easy with your articulatability. hehe.

Love from Perth,

Oh, and thanks for the pic. Love the jacket. You look really young in that.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Devils and Demons Among Us.



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