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Concerning Ravenous, Insatiable Beasts with Human Faces.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Back around the turn of the century, before the most recent one, in the United States, there was a philosophy that got legs, similar to a mugger, hotfooting it away from the scene of a crime. The ones who came up with this sterling example of advanced and compassionate mentation, were not unlike muggers. They also mirrored the actions and mindsets of those who would follow in their footsteps a century later. Of course, there was no real break in the action but, for the purposes of illustration, I'm saying it like I'm saying it. Word.

This philosophy was called, The Gospel of Wealth. Wealth must be understood and so also, our responsibility for it. The Gospel of Wealth was coined by Andrew Carnegie, the second richest man on the planet at the time, whose commentary on it wasn't half bad. It was then later taken to mean that God made the rich rich and the poor,poor. At this point let me say, I don't want a ration of shit for tacitly implying that Carnegie wasn't cut exactly from the same stripe as so many of his peers were and are. I don't know enough about him to be any kind of expert on his life.

So, initially the Gospel of Wealth meant one thing but was then translated into something else; God loves the rich more. God favors the lifestyles and behavior of the rich more so than the poor, ad nauseum. We are presently in Robber Baron redux. Insatiable crocodile swine, are in a feeding frenzy. What needs to happen is for Iceland to become an international template, rigorously pursued, acted upon and enforced by governments worldwide, suddenly wakened from a manipulated sleep. To quote The Bard, “a consummation devoutly to be wished". One might also paraphrase The Bard and say, “first we kill all the bankers". Of course, I'm not advocating this line of action but I can definitely see it, presently and not so slowly, coming into the minds of those being economically hammered by these fiends.

The poor and oppressed and increasingly desperate, know where the rich live and they know who they are. They, not just a few of them, know that the governments are the lapdogs of the corporations and the banks. A raging tidal wave of unbridled anger is roiling and rising and coming to the shores of privileged existence. Here is what Lao Tzu said about those presently engaged in planetary wide rape and pillage;

"People starve if taxes eat their grain, and the faults of starving people are the fault of their rulers. That is why people rebel. Men who have to fight for their living and are not afraid to die for it are higher men than those who, stationed high, are too fat to dare to die".

Lao Tzu also said;

"If I had any learning of a highway wide and fit, would I lose it at each turning? Yet look at people spurning Natural use of it! See how fine the palaces and see how poor the farms, how bare the peasants' granaries, while gentry wear embroideries, hiding sharpened arms, and the more they have, the more they seize, how can there be such men as these, who never hunger, never thirst, yet eat and drink until they burst! There are other brigands, but these are the worst of all the highway's harms".

How accurately does this mirror the present state of affairs?

(I am going to pass on to you one of the greatest gifts you will ever receive, if you can intuit how to apply it and possess the determination to do so. In these 81 sutras is all the wisdom anyone could ever need. This is not to discount those other marvels of deep inspiration. Some of them too are clear and precise explications of eternal verities. As I have mentioned before, I used to take LSD and sit for hours reading this book, so as to imprint it on my consciousness. If you have not read this before, I expect you will be transfigured and enthralled by the simple elegance and truth found therein.. It literally hits the system as if it were food. It is certainly sustenance of a high order.)

There will be no links today, detailing the banker caper in Cyprus. There is enough commentary and articles around so that one could be engaged in reading throughout the day. Lao Tzu said:

"Those who would take over the earth and shape it to their will never, I notice, succeed. The earth is like a vessel so sacred that at the mere approach of the profane it is marred and when they reach out their fingers, it is gone. For a time in the world, some force themselves ahead and some are left behind. For a time in the world, some make a great noise and some are held silent. For a time in the world, some are puffed fat and some are kept hungry. For a time in the world, some push aboard and some are tipped out: at no time in the world will a man who is sane over-reach himself, over-spend himself, over-rate himself".

Herein you can visualize the destiny of the monsters by reflection upon the last portion of the quote.

Mobsters are often referred to as connected guys. We have a surfeit of connected men and women. Some are in the government, some in the corporate world, some in organized religions. You find them all over the place these days, resonating with that mantra, 'it's not what you know, it's who you know'. We see the three piece suits, the insincere smiles and fake bonhomie of the corporate reavers. We do not see the assassination teams that are employed by the corporations but they are an integral part of some number of international firms. United Fruit was a classic example. Coca Cola employs mercenary killers to implement and insure desirable policies. These things are business as usual for the big guys. Banks do the same. The Vatican is complicit in such activities and one might easily presume that among The Jesuits and Opus Dei there are assassination teams. Given the churches horrific history from The Crusades, The Inquisition, burnings at the stake ...and it's long history of black clad priests employed in the buggery of the innocent, this seems to be obvious on the face of it. Here is a classic example of the reversed Kundalini brought about when a powerful force demands a particular expression, due to the constraints of forced celibacy and the inevitable result, when this tremendous power breaks through the weakest link in the chain. It's inevitable and why it was happening in so many places at a far remove from one another.

The most important point to take away from all of this is the condition of overreaching on the part of the power and greed maddened, crocodile swine, who slither through the world seeking whom they may devour. Our minds have to be rooted in the certitude that all of this is meant to be for the purpose of demonstration. It can be very hard to get your head around that. It impinges on your life and turns existence into unpleasant, mottled shades of gray. It siphons away our confidence and optimism by the sheer weight of its ponderous appearances in whatever direction you turn.

The idea that the governments, the courts, law enforcement and so many other institutions, whose original job description was anything but what we are seeing, is a bitter pill. How is it possible that all of this will right itself, when this collective of brutes and beasts has such a stranglehold on our daily existence? What can one do when they steal and oppress with impunity? What new and greater outrages await around the corner? Excesses are being piled upon excesses. The conspicuous excesses of Tribe members who looted entire countries goes on apace. The ridiculous mates with the ridiculous to produce the ridiculous and it just goes on and on into madness. I could literally do this all day. Of course I am not going to go on all day. I've just give you two more. This one and then there's this one. The insanity of materialism... oh my God, what have we come to? The callous indifference of one class of supposed human beings toward those they consider their inferiors. This pornographic, conspicuous consumption, while people are starving and in desperate straights, most of them brought to that state by the very people purchasing these things. It never crosses their mind to extend their largesse to their fellows and when they do give it is to enhance a false reputation, through giving to bogus charities, where the proceeds never come to the ones on whose behalf the charities were ostensibly created to serve.

They give everywhere but where it is needed and they only give to call attention to themselves and then write if off in any case. Heads are going to roll. It's inevitable. Whatever these execrable creatures may be thinking, they are out of the loop in terms of the degree of mayhem that is possible once you have squeezed people beyond endurance. Sooner or later the dam of stored up anger and resentment is going to break and there will be Hell to pay.

I want to point out that the coming chaos and varieties of revolution will not be taking place everywhere. In many parts of the world there will be little sign of what is taking place elsewhere. The main locales for the worst of it will be urban and suburban. There are going to be some real surprises in terms of what comes to pass on the part of the police and the military, when push comes to shove. There are other forces at work within all of us that may well have a great deal more to do with what comes to pass than will that which is outside of us.

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Anonymous said...

Wish we could create a new world. Maybe we can, by dreaming together. Maybe that's a solution.

I'm sure as hell sick to death of this one. It's a level of hell, basically. Always has been.

Henry Balfour said...

Vis consili, expers mole ruit sua - Horace. This just about sums up the times we live in.

Anonymous said...

Also, Les, when I clicked away from the Facebook post of this same article,
I was stopped by a Facebook warning page saying that Trend Micro had flagged
the page I wanted to reach (your article) as dangerous .... attached is a
snip of this warning message.

I will phone Trend Micro tomorrow to ask for an explanation.

best wishes to you mate

Henry B.

Visible said...

Be aware that Zio-Ogre has targeted my work based on the truth being toxic for them, vicious beasts that they are. I keep hearing these things about my blogs being flagged and people being unable to comment. Send me your comments and ignore the warnings. Everything these AshkeNAZI trolls have to say is a lie.

BitCoin said...

"I don’t think we can control what God controls.” By that logic, why would you ever put out a fire or open an umbrella or wipe yourself?

Are flaws in cognition apparent? Do these flaws indicate limitations that we should design around?

The pagans worshipped the sun. Since that time interval, we replaced that worship with the blind worship of all things monetary. As long as it’s a form of monetization, we will line up, to go crazy it seems; a tearless onion, or so the delusions goes.

I think that if we understood our cognitive limitations in the same way that we understand our physical limitations, even though they don’t stare us in the face in the same way, we could design a better world. And that, I think, is the hope of this thing.

Just as stairs are systems designed around out physical limitations, why can we not design a non-monetary system around our behavioral limitations?

the gardener said...

Perhaps doubtful it makes any difference with the snoops but when I notice a new work of Vis' via FB I never click it off of there but do a copy and paste with the link.

I had a wonderful opportunity to utilize the messages Vis keeps repeating "It's only demonstration" yesterday and I was successful with my energies management! (grins)

It's interesting... would say funny but having a stinky gaseous swamp full of gators wanting to wrestle with me is not my idea of a good time.

So I receive this letter after closing time by ones I know are on "automatic kill" mode -timing is everything, sigh, another string of lawyers and it APPEARS as shocking horrible news but later... reading the fine print (in caps-lol) it isn't like what it first appeared to be at all.

I've noticed with that particular tribe (lawyers) that they are right now having a hard time holding onto their forms. Like their outer layers aren't quite as able to hold together the contents (shit) so lots of pathetic mistakes and blustery (yet deadly) threats and promises are being made. Practically illiterate.

Not that that matters when you are in their cross sights, just makes it more...capable of demonstrations... to be in such company like it or not.

These are times of quite different energies (finally) with Mars in Aries approaching Uranus of all things... (big grin) which should make for some very activated unusual left field, sleights of hands possible. (bigger grin)

Remember that we are dealing with those who are simply cavalier consumers. Yes, ravenous, like food addicts or addicts of any other types. "can't eat just one!"... they can not CREATE or be a tool for the Creator... just consume. Of course they're going to want to kick the Creator in the head getting rid of the evidence of their existence-Cavalier Consumers have to do so. They desire to consume the Creator for their selves too-like eating the Golden Goose or flock of Golden Geese.

What happens when all the Golden Geese are consumed and there is no more Creation to be consumed or just destroyed and left to the bloody wayside? Like monsters snuck into the bird yards and just ravage the bodies in a bloody rampage and then sneak back out leaving others to clean up the mess and bury their dead.

The Black Magicians achieve their dreams by group spell casting-yes, those rituals are effective and empowered by masses employing the acts and the words.

But it shows-what takes them thousands or even millions to achieve en masse-the sovereign conscious creator takes but a few joined together. Like only three.


the gardener

Anaughty Mouser said...

Sterling post good Sir.

Max Keiser is 99.9% sure the collapse of the present fiat system will begin not later than April 2013.

Gold is at 1600 USD (per troy ounce = 31.1 gram) and silver is at 28 USD. Today's date is 2013-03-19.

I believe Max is correct in his observation. We shall soon see if the Cyprus bank theft by the zionist bankers is the detonator of fiat colllapse and a return to precious metals for trade worldwide.

Visible said...

I can't seem to find where this appears in the blog posting or the comments "I don’t think we can control what God controls.”

the gardener said...

Thanks for your gifting of the Tao :) will certainly pass this on to the born to be young wild creators in my midst.

Feeling 'something' in the air at rise of Sun this morning so I did a little research on this upcoming Full Moon-Aries/Libra axis.

SUN+VENUS @ 6 Aries
URANUS @ 8 Aries
MARS @ 11 Aries

so these four heavyweights in Arian fire energies... all SEXTILE

big gaseous JUPITER @11 Gemini...

(need air to feed the fire)

with the Moon opposite Sun, Venus, Uranus and Mars in LIBRA...(more air)

MARS in Aries is in a direct SQUARE (90 degrees)energy formation to PLUTO in Capricorn

Aries (fire) and Capricorn (earth)are both CARDINAL (active) signs. Capricorn is wanting to balance the ledgers and make a few phone calls working things out-Aries is ruled by the head (ram) and wants to just bust it up or mow down whatever is in its path. Or, being FIRE, set it on fire and watch it burn- "One Headlight" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzyfcys1aLM

So Pluto in Cap is squared by the Mars in Aries setting the stage for the URANUS IN ARIES SQUARING PLUTO (big event) "got to be something better than being in the middle"-OhL)

Fire v Earth with a nice drink of deep water that Saturn in Scorpio at 10 degrees Retrograde *(replay)

So Saturn in fixed deep water Scorpio is quenching Pluto in Capricorn's parched earth-good to put a sprinkler on the roof when surrounded by FIRE.

Scorpio working to deepen and enrich Capricorn's control issues... Capricorn is the sign of the corporate issues. Ruled by Saturn... great big aspect here on its own. Pluto SEXTILED by Saturn...

With all these planets out of Pisces and into Aries-the I AM- sign, Cardinal Fire-it isn't going to want to sit around while Pluto counts the beans or gold in their counting rooms.

4 FIRES+2 AIRS = firestorm
3 WATERS+1 Earth= quenching parched

Neptune @ 4 Pisces conjunct Mercury @ 9 Pisces TRINING that Saturn in fixed water Scorpio sextiling the beast of Pluto in Cap could make for some more than surreal moments and dreams/visions.

Confused yet? Triggered yet? I've had a few good visions just writing this. Flashbacks of driving over that 'one lane only' bridge at County line with only one headlight. Full moon then too or probably wouldn't have made it home. lol

the gardener

So this week planetarily:
17th- Mercury direct in Pisces
23rd- Mars/Uranus in Aries conjunct
27th- Full Moon Aries Sun/Libra Moon

tap into and work with these energies people! don't let them work you!

William Freeman said...

When I glimpsed fleetingly though the WRH site, instead of reading "Concerning Ravenous, Insatiable Beasts with Human Faces", I read "Confronting Ravenous, Insatiable Beasts with Human Feaces."
Must be a freudian thing going on there. I don't know.
Good post though, Les.

Anonymous said...

'New Cyprus theft bill changes: Savings under 20,000 euro won't be robbed. Voting on bill delayed. Russian ex-mob soldiers now arriving in Cyprus.'

How generous to let the peasants keep their pennies. Anyways the plebes won't be the biggest problem, Russia will.

Got your big girl panties on Ms Lagarde?

Anonymous said...

"European lenders are evidently nervous about the possibility of Russian involvement in a Cyprus bailout deal. French news agency AFP reports that Angela Merkel, German chancellor, stressed that Cyprus only hold talks with the EU-ECB-IMF troika of creditors, in a call with Mr Anastasiades yesterday evening."

Yet it looks like the Cyprus President is going to meet with Putin anyways.

"Mr Anastasiades is likely to meet with Mr Putin today"

So here is the breakdown. If Russia makes a deal with Cyprus that they can not refuse, it may or may not be the first strike in taking down the euro that will eventually lead to the fall of the dollar also. Anyone remember what Lindsey Williams said? He indicated that after the Euro crashes, the dollar will follow a week later. All as planned of course. They are sadly dependent on each other. How the banks will crash and and be replaced by honest banking without some kind of false flag event brought to you by the terrorists in isreal, or the americans that work for these terror creating banksters, is yet to be seen. Everyone knows the euro is finished after this fiasco and ONLY a false flag event to create more distractionary profiteers war for isreal and the bankster puppet-masters that own them will take the attention off the crashing euro. Eyes wide open for this.

This should be interesting to see how this all goes DOWN. One thing is for sure. No one is going to trust any of these banks anymore as the crash of these TBTF banks is inevitable. Everyone knows that. Time to start planning on what to do after that, barring some contrived world war being planned by isreal and obama in the coming lap-dog meeting this week.

Jim Sinclair said...

"If people believe that $13 billion is the total of this bailout, they are out of their minds. $130 billion is not the true total of even the Russian deposits in Cyprus banks. One important Russian businessman, in his various business enterprises, would have $100 billion on deposit himself. 10% of all deposits in Cypress could be $500 billion or more because Cyprus is the banking entity for Russia, not Switzerland or Grand Cayman.

The Central Bank of Cyprus doesn't even know how big the Russian deposits are because it is held as secret at the behest of the Russians. It is a secret banking system set up for the Russians, by the Russians, and the IMF has just taken a large bite out of that elephant.

Because of that, any attempt to shift the weight of bank solvency to depositors has failed. This was the grand experiment which was the defining event where the financial shift from the onus of insolvency was to be placed on the shoulders of depositors rather than on quantitative easing...

People need to grasp that this is not about $130 billion. The real dollar figure is orders of magnitudes larger than that number. How much higher we’ll never know, but it is massive. This is the Bank of Russia we are talking about here. The Central Bank of Russia is for the people in Russia. What the IMF went after here is the central bank of the Russian elite and former KGB, and the Russians simply will not stand still for that."

Bugsquasher said...

It will be interesting to see just what happens when the Cypriot bank do re-open. The Russians are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they rush in and pull even a significant portion of their deposits out the banks will collapse anyway and they're screwed. Even a gradual withdrawal process will be problematic. If thes Cypriot banks are as heavily loaded on Greek and other sovereign debt paper unloading is going to be a non starter unless they go begging to the FED and the ECB to buy it on the sly. Dumping it onto the market will crash it and the interest rate will skyrocket.

Well Teddy Roosevelt had his Great White Fleet that he sent to South America when countries there wanted to default. Putin has his Medditeranian Fleet close by off Syria already. He also has a shut off valve at Gazprom.

Charles Hugh Smith said...

"Beneath this expansive more-of-everything splendor, the power structure is supposed to remain unchanged: a small political-financial Elite holds all the reins of power, a manufacturing-consent propaganda machine (a.k.a. mainstream media) persuades the masses all is well, wealth continues to accumulate in the top 1/10th of 1%, money is printed/created and distributed to the State-financial partnership's fiefdoms and cartels, moderate inflation eats away at the value of wages but makes debt cheaper to service, and the Upper Caste of technocrats continue their well-paid enabling of the Aristocracy's dominance.

The dream of tens of millions of young people is to join the Upper Caste of lackeys, factotums, toadies and apparatchiks serving the Aristocracy's cartels and fiefdoms.

In sum, the pie of wealth is supposed to expand so fast that the 10% left for the bottom 90% will be enough to satisfy their high expectations of endlessly rising prosperity."

Zio made-men said...


This is a shake-down. The Rothschild criminal emporium through its IMF is collecting 10% of the Russian oligarch dirty billions which come from prostitution and drug in Russia.

In 2004 Cyprus loined the EU but Russian mob money continues to flow into the offshore nation exceeding the annual GDP of the country.

Who runs prostitution and drugs in every country? The Khazarian decendants.

So one mob group centered in the City of London is extorting 10% of ill-gotten gains from another mob group out of Russia. Times are tough for the zionist central bankers so they are giving a haircut to their zionist partners in crime from Russian.

A turf or territory war where Rothschild and company are stealing from their criminal zionist brothers.

Watch closely, this promises to be better than a Hollywood action movie.

Anonymous said...

The Abrahamistic Faiths believe that creation stopped on the sixth day and the seventh day was given over to worship . I contend that it is a self evident truth that creation is still an ongoing process.
The same power that created all of what is happening from big bang (you wish) is continuing as you are reading this.
Really the whole thing about Lao Tzu is that by being inwardly modest and of good faith the power of creation works within and around you, it is the basis for Taoist mysticism.
Those Beasts you describe who know only superabundance will never understand or change their ways, they will however rise and fall and their wealth would normally have been dispersed. what is different with this age is that Government and Banking are ravenous in their appetite, unrelenting in the Ponzi fraud being enacted by fractional reserve banking and 99% taxation after two years on any earnt income.
The money borrowed is not reflected in the money supply or the debts paid off do not appear as assets but are written off. This scam deserves to fail and a comprehensive literate, numerate system must replace the existing fraud. Or everyone should have equal access on huge funds say with a currency based upon sunlight. The real objection to THE POOR is that they are kept poor by the incoherent system we use.
I have been hungry and poor and i have had much better times. I have never had to face no water or no food, yet it taught me how basic this right is. Good article. keep up the great work.

Zio mob land said...

"Latest ECB Haircut Offer: Cyprus Depositors -0%, Russian Oligarchs -15.6%

Eurozone finance bureaucrats are ready to back down regarding the Cypriot depositor haircut - at least as it pertains to ordinary Cypriots with deposits under €100,000 and make sure they remain whole.

Astoundingly, the ECB continues to demand that the entire €5.8 billion deposit wealth confiscation level must still be achieved.

As to those unfortunate to have saved more than €100,000 in a Cypriot banking institution (i.e. all Russian oligarchs), the ECB proposes now a 15.6% wealth confiscation!"

Rothchild and company planned this from the getgo. First threaten all savers to make it look like an equal haircut for all - then backoff and soak the zionist made-men from Russia for billions. 5.8? Hahaha. Try 15.6% of over 500 billion (= 75 billion plus).

A shake down of one group of zionist mobsters by another group of zionist mobsters.

'There will be blood'.

Anonymous said...


15.6% of those with >100,000 Euros and 0% of those with <100,000 Euros.

Rothschild through his IMF and ECB is giving elite, ex-KGB and mobsters a haircut for 15.6% of >500,000 billion = >75 billion Euros (not 5.8!).

Anonymous said...

And what of those ravenous, insatiable beasts with human faces whom you refer to, Les???

Oh yes, you mean the ones who've gotten most of the electric sheep so acclimated to being double penetrated that they just beg for more lube? 'Greece', get it? You mean the same ones who are REALLY in the know that know that it's not "who you know", it's who you blow? The same ones who are trying to convince Americans that it's really 'Red China' controlling the US media?


I observe trends in porn as a forecast of how the sheep will be sheered. It's no coincidence that shaved pubes became all the rage as the rush to de-stigmatize pedophilia become the main priority of those who'd find their asses on the business end of a crude prison shank in a just world.

Do robots dream of electric sheep? Naw, but they *do* have nocturnal emissions of being dog piled by DARPA canine drones.



Anonymous said...

see http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/politics/4848766/Troops-betrayed-in-Cyprus-bank-grab-as-Russians-seize-2billion.html

Fury erupted yesterday as it emerged that rich (zionist)Russians withdrew billions BEFORE a tax raid on bank savings in Cyprus was announced.

The revelation came as Eurozone ministers proposed a plan to protect investors with under 100,000 euros (£85,700).
But British troops on the Mediterranean island were left fearing they may still lose out as the UK Government watered down a guarantee to safeguard their cash.
An earlier scheme to grab 6.75 per cent of smaller savings would see an estimated 60,000 British ex-pats — with £1.7 billion in Cypriot banks — potentially losing thousands. The controversial one-off tax was announced on Saturday (16/03/13) as part of a 10 billion euro bailout.

But (zionist)Russian oligarchs and big investors emptied accounts in the days beforehand, prompting claims they were tipped off by bank insiders.

A source told The Sun: It leaked out. (Zio-)Bankers warned their best clients.
Billions disappeared from accounts in days, most from accounts held by (zionist) Russians (who) are by far the biggest overseas investors in Cyprus.

There are accusations (zionist) criminals use the island for money-laundering. Russian president Vladimir Putin yesterday called the tax “unfair and dangerous”.

Visible said...


I'm guessing you have a point but for the moment it is also anonymous and I am unable to fathom it. My position and situation is to do what I do regardless of the degree of pervasiveness. it's said that one can speak the truth in a cave in Peru and have it echo in Egypt a week later. this is the sort of thing I bank on, like ripples on still water and the inevitability of victorious fate, depending on what it depends on.

Maybe I'm wasting my time but all the alternatives seem even more futile so I will stick with what I know and the certitude that I do not know.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Really the whole thing about Lao Tzu is that by being inwardly modest and of good faith the power of creation works within and around you, it is the basis for Taoist mysticism."

Well said.
Why they are such fine neighbors.

Visible said...

I regret having to say what I am about to say but... in the interest of full disclosure I feel compelled to. Some number of you are familiar with different versions of what took place in India. I'm going to present you with some things and it is for each of you to determine how it adds up.

I've recently been informed that an ongoing email campaign is being waged against me with all sorts of ridiculous claims. Some readers have even become convinced of these things but have not even had the grace to contact me,

I'm only going to say the following. What kind off a supposed friend of several years standing would suddenly bail with no warning and then write a scurrilous blog entry without even contacting the principal first? Then, to top it off, continue behind the scenes to wage a false propaganda war against me? I think this speaks to a person's character but you be the judge.

I tried to take the high road, not even reading the blog posting nor engaging the situation on any level, knowing full well the truth of the matter and that there was no provocation for any of it.

I gave on the spot witnesses of good character (one of them my landlord) who would confirm my version of events. Naysayers claim I created their Facebook pages myself. I mentioned they could email these people, get their phone numbers and speak to them directly but that didn't interest them because they wanted no conflict in their heads with whatever dark fantasies they are all too willing to believe for whatever reason.

I offered to give a considerable list of people who have visited me here and some whom I have visited. Some of them have come here as many as 5 times.. and to ask them what their experience of me was. They want no part of that either.

If you are the sort of person who is willing to believe something you were not present to experience but who, in admission to me, have profited greatly by coming here but... are able to bend with the first ill wind that blows your way well, then, I don't want you for a friend. I don't have friends like that.

If my years here have not shown me to tell the truth and have not given many examples of my telling tales about myself that there was no requirement for me to tell, or examples of my admitting to all kinds of things, I doubt anything I say will have any meaning. Believe what you like.

Someone who is still a friend told me about the email campaign and who the other people were who had been solicited to interact. This person had first hand experience of it. The truth does out, unfortunately sometimes.

Anyway, just thought I'd give an update on some of the peculiar goings on these days. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

another link for that Loa Tsu.. tanks for dat.

another copy

(incidentally shaved pubes started with prostitutes, for clientelle navigational purposes, so I hear. in any case, either way, or both, It's the demonic meanlingless tats that shit me (I mean how can you have a Nun who... better stop there , tats are litmus test of sorts for me in that disregard.)

wv: senned, sins seen no denying it.

Laura said...

I came back today to express thanks and gratitude for the gift received with being given a link to the 81 sutras of Lao Tzu. I had read bits before if someone may have quoted but never all in one place. As said in the afterword ~ profound and clear, mystic and practical. It has been a heart to heart experience indeed.

So the saga continues, dear Vis ~ the false dark attempting to block the light, and those willing to believe it, falling obediently in line, behind.

Sutra 70 seems apropos to note here:

My way is so simple to feel, so easy to apply,

That only a few will feel it or apply it.

If it were not the lasting way, the natural way to try,

If it were a passing way, everyone would try it.

But however few shall go my way

Or feel concerned with me,
Some there are and those are they

Who witness what they see:
Sanity is a haircloth sheath
With a jewel underneath.

With love, in grace ~

Anonymous said...

Soul Brother said: a place like India can force introspection that might be postponed elsewhere. Purification of self is preferable to further covering of self. The traitor(s) that hound you, Les, are indeed dogs. The dogs may bark, but the caravan goes on. Regarding Cyprus, 10% theft has been ongoing in the US of Gay for decades, as the actual rate of inflation(not the convoluted calculations of CPI indices) exceeds 10% per annum, and such depreciation of currency is, of course, theft of capital. Lastly, my excremental mentality also swam towards the fecal alliteration in the title, and my turd-brain rejoiced with some poo-inspired titles such as: Rod Stewart and feces, Feces Pizza, that classic hit from 1971 Motown-Smiling Feces, the gore video series-Feces Of Death and ultimamente, the preferred candy of ET, Feces Pieces.

Anonymous said...

Why do you so much bother about what other people say or think about you?

I really like to know!

BTW, have you abandoned the book project already?

Sign of changing times?


Smyrna said...

"It is not enough to possess a talent: one must also possess your permission to possess it - eh, my friends?"

"One is most dishonest towards one's God: he is not permitted to sin!"

Those are from Nietzsche which you might find apt, Vis.

All of a sudden the emporer has no clothes, because you sat around drinking for a few days? Or were rude to someone at a restaurant?
FFS, lightweights like this don't deserve the nth of power and recognition you keep giving them. Ignore. Let India fade in the rear-vision mirror and keep on truckin'. Cheers.

Visible said...

Smyma; I know that but I have a full disclosure clause here. Anything that happens gets mentioned.

As you can see from the troll that showed up next to you, they're out in force these days. Now it appears that if I don't mention Neil's book every few hours, I'm not doing it anymore. Actually, I'm only one of the elves on this project and it will take a degree of time because gathering all of the entries is going to involve some labor. There's no deadline.

Yesterday two anonymous entities showed up at Lasha Darkmoon's site to have a go at me. They're from the SOTT site. For some reason, every year or 18 months there is a flare up from that location in respect of me. There's never a clear cut reason. it just happens. Now it appears that since I am 'clever and intelligent' I must be lying about things... all very vague.

I can honestly say that this sort of thing amuses me. It changes nothing and I just motor on. I announced this latest covert effort just to let the players know that one of their group sought me out to clue me into who was saying what... so they would know what it was that was never intended for me to know. It's uncanny how this works sometimes.

One fellow I used to know decades ago and hadn't seen in many years began to write another reader saying, "I could tell you all kinds of dark things about visible". I'd seen him once, briefly in about 40 years. The person he was corresponding with kept asking him what that could be but this fellow would never tell him. That was because there wasn't anything to tell. Finally the other reader contacted me. he had delayed, hoping to get more information to send me.

The other fellow was outraged at being exposed. Heh? Imagine.

The bottom line is that one can scour the internet looking for negative things about me and find very very little. There just isn't much of anything there. Sure I was locked up a few times for making a nuisance of myself, as far as the government was concerned but other than being an occasional wild child of the sort that dances in the streets and also sings to himself much of the time, there aren't/isn't any connection between me and all this 'woo woo, if you only knew' static.

I always encourage people to get seriously public about catching me in lies but that seems beyond their capacity. It gets reduced to casting slurs with no provenance.


Visible said...


Anyway, I've announced many times at these sites that I would bring into public view, whatever things I go through and whatever things come to my attention.

Sure, I could ignore all of it but it is taking place and calling attention to it also tends to clarify the character and legitimacy of the players so engaged.

The same little troll shows up here a couple of times a week now raving about how it's good that Susanne threw me out. This isn't the case at all and we are having a serene and wonderful time. Any of my many guests can attest to the harmony that exists between me and Susanne. 'My' plans to relocate to another locale have to do with the need to be in the company of other musicians and especially things I can't say here but will most assuredly say elsewhere. Most importantly, I've been told to relocate for reasons that will surface later on.

When you do what I do, it is expected that you will have some enemies and that there will be resentments among the impotent. The truth is that the largest percentage of at least 90% of the readers are still in my corner and those are the ones I concern myself with. The flood of emails over the last couple of days has been outrageous and massively supportive. This kind of thing comes out of the blue when the divine wants to let me know that I shouldn't concern myself with trolls and nitpickers.

There is a big Zio-operation that has been instituted in recent months which is targeting a certain group of bloggers with higher profiles. That accounts for a lot of what I see more of lately. Still, it's less than 5% that represent negative commentary. This is just psy-ops and one more reason that I mention most of everything that happens to and about me. It's called 'heading them off at the pass'.

When I brought up the email slander op last night it was to put it out there in case new people should run afoul of this scenario and at least I gave them a heads up.

I'm just going to go to the next Petri Dish now, then to my guitar and keyboards for some playing, singing and a little recording, then to the radio show and then to the novel, which I like to work at in evening times. In between all of that, I'll answer emails, post comments, eat maybe (grin), talk to Susanne, surf the internet, play with the dogs, work out and meditate. There are just not enough hours in the day. Last night I was up well after 2:00 AM.

Don't worry about what seems to be occasionally strange behavior on my part or my bringing things up that I could just as well say nothing about. There is a method to my madness. As I've said to the reader all along, "Don't concern yourself with things that don't concern or interest you. Take what you find personally useful and employ it if it works for you".

This particular time zone is one of stress and grave uncertainty and the headlines in the media reflect this. it is to be expected that people will behave badly; stress and fear does that. I am afflicted with neither and will come out on the other end of all of this better even than I went into it.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Graham Hancock gives a talk about conquering substance abuse.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Exit Bags and Unseen, Hidden Entrances.

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz

I spit on your enemies. They are dross and will be relegated to the ranks of the not-remembered, while you remain the best writer of all.


Anonymous said...

Well, I see the Thought Police are having a field day in just the last few weeks!

The lock down of internet dissent is nearly complete, the flying monkey trolls *think* that they have managed to censor, ridicule, buy off, ostracize, smear or kill nearly anyone who's not going along with The Agenda.

First Charles Kraaft, the Seattle ceramicist and darling of the art world due to his nazi imagery and 'Holocaust Denial':


Listen to the interviewer's condescending bullshit after the 9 minute interview!

Now Michelle Shocked, the alt folk artist who pissed off the lavender mafia (for those interested, just googgle "Michelle Shocked Homophobic)".

The threat of being alone is horrifying to most humans with nothing else other than this plane of illusory existence. I used to wonder why celebrities get paid so much for what they do, now I understand that it's not so much for what they DO, but for what they DON'T say.

God help us all!!!!!!! Let this meteor clean house and neutralize these ravenous, insatiable beasts with human faces.

-all God's chillun

Anonymous said...

Clarification from "All God's Chillun" regarding Krafft and Shocked:

Today them, tomorrow YOU. That is all.
Whether you agree or not, they are being made examples of to keep us all in line. That's the point. You can say "Kill Arabs" and you'd win an academy award, but say much else and you've committed "Career Suicide".

wiggins said...

Lao Tzu could be describing the Papacy and all its trappings today; a long way from the Christian Gospels.....



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