Sunday, March 10, 2013

Of Mice and Munchhausen

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's been said that beauty is only skin deep but that ugly goes all the way to the bone. The problem with the police forces and the security personnel in the empire is that it took a wrong turn, when the bought and sold politicos traded their souls and their asses for filthy lucre from Banker Nation and then Israelis became the training instructors for the police departments. As a result crime has now become a major province of those entrusted to prevent crime, as well as to see that justice is done.

Across the globe murdering thugs are about their business. It is business as unusual. A great deal of the nasty shit that is presently operative, is due to these freaks in human skin, seeking to cover their tracks and to secure their precious bodies from the wrath of those they have milked to a dry bone. It continues apace. The not so little demon engine who could, has ridden roughshod over our dreams and our fortunes.

However, Kali Yuga is the time and place where all of this gets sorted out. People know this and they don't know this. Knowing this can ease your mind because, knowing this, you know that it does get sorted and your only job is to have positioned yourself to get sorted where you want to get sorted. That's really all you have to do. You don't have to worry about Fukushima, World War 3, or some terrible natural disaster because you will be rightly and righteously positioned, in respect of the cosmic GPS.

Worry is a very interesting thing, too interesting. People have such curiosity about it that they keep going back to the well. At no time has worry been a positive aspect to the solution of any problem. The positive affirmation of the understanding that whatever happens to you is in your own best interest, unless you happen to be working against your own best interest, is the best perspective to be in possession of. There's nothing wrong with being possessed, if you are possessed by the right thing. There's nothing wrong with being obsessed, if you are obsessed by the right thing. In the twinkling of an eye, your whole world can change, in the moment you change your viewpoint. It's all a matter of where you are standing and how you are looking at whatever you are seeing. If you let what you see speak to you and reveal itself, you are much more advantaged than if you label it according to the limited information you have about it and this is what most people do. Most of the time when you see what most people do, you are seeing the wrong way to go about it and that is why the world is in the shape it is in and why they are in the shape they are in. Don't be in the shape they are in, living in the world they live in. The moment you do this, you are no longer living in the world they are living in, nor are you destined to the same destination they are bound for. The moment you change the way you look at the world, your whole world changes. The interpretation of the name Adam, is 'namer of things'. What you identify something as, becomes what you identified it as for you. You live in a world of your own creation. Don't blame anyone else for this and... you live with people who share your identification of these things for the most part... or, this not being the case, you drift apart at some point.

There are certain things everyone should be aware of. If you don't trouble yourself to do so, these things will trouble you. You don't trouble yourself to do these things because it's too much trouble to do so. You just figure these things don't apply to you. They do. When you are young, c?hances are? you don't experience any real discomfort from eating crap every day, so you think this is pretty much going to continue for the length of your life. It won't. You get older and the chickens come back to their roost.

Though I have seriously rock and rolled, in certain avenues of time and place, I have always eaten well and that has made all the difference. I am living proof of it. Now, all the things I used to do, on occasion, lest the reader assumes I have been generally consistent in them, are falling away of their own accord, because this is the time and place for it They are falling away with no difficulty or stress because this is the time and place. Don't wrestle with things that you can't change in that time and place. Accept that they are there, monitor them and work around them. This will give you command of them. Accept that they will go in the proper time and place.

Recognize they are there and admit it. Proper identification of these things, Adam, gives you 'essential' command of them. You can't essentially command anything if you have wrongly identified and labeled it.

These things should be common sense but common sense is in a coma because it interferes with the demands of immediate self interest. In most cases, immediate self interest triumphs over common sense every time. It doesn't matter what you've done before. What matters is what you do now. Vile self interest is going to absurd levels in these times and people seeing it going on, think it's the way to go. Dumb goys is what most of you are and so long as you remain that way, you are easy pickings. They laugh all the way to the bank, where they loot our accounts of the imaginary money they printed and which you pay for. They think to themselves,; 'it's always been this way so it will stay this way'. This is not true. Their hour has come round at last.

Getting you to believe that this is how it is, is their main guarantee that it will stay that way. Recognizing that it is changing, supports the change. No effort other than this is required. Who is behind what is happening to you could not be more clear. It's in the windshield, no matter what direction you turn your car in. It's their arrogance that brings them down in the end. They hid in the shadows for a long time. Once they convinced themselves they owned the time and space continuum, they came out of the shadows to boast but, as usual, this was premature. They kill with a presumed impunity. Having taken over the intelligence services of their hosting countries, which they have parasitically attached themselves to, for the purpose of feeding upon, it's all business as usual. The most outrageous things are going on. Meanwhile, in Dreamland Central, it's all porn and cellphones. It trips me out these days. Wherever I go, people are diddling with their cellphones, everywhere. It's like some kind of plague. More than half the people on trains, standing around or walking around, are doing this and they do it for hours. I watch them. They seem indifferent to the radiation, radiating into their brain matter. It doesn't seem to matter. It does. In times like these, rather than face what is in front of us, we turn to immediate distractions, anything to take it off of our minds. It just moves into the background and continues to operate, to prosper and to grow. What was once a small deal has become a big deal.

Now I have to reverse myself, kind of. You know it's there but you don't ignore it. You simply do not feed it and it will stave away and diminish in size. Things only grow and become a big deal because you feed them. We've all got our own private zoo of monsters and abortions that we feed. Sometimes we know that they are this and other times we humanize them, or put cartoon faces on them, either because we have lost our humanity and can no longer correctly define it or, we have fantasized it into something it is not. We put a good face on it. We mask it so that we can live with it. We can't live with it because it is eating us alive. We just happen to be their food. That is what we feed it with. As Mikhail Aivanhov would say, paraphrasing for the purpose of explanation, “If we could see who was having lunch while we were having sex, we would be much more careful in the way we go about it”.

And... so it goes.

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There will be a radio show tonight.

Footnote. Although a friend sent me the blog posting that Steven made and the comments that attended it, I have not read it or them. I did, by chance see the first couple of lines that Nina left when I opened it to see what it was. She's a shining star is what she is. Unfortunately, a lot of people, or so I am told, bought in to what they heard. I'm tired of answering questions so... today I will put up a short commentary over at the Les Visible blog and I will give 3 contact points of people easily reached and whom I have not told they might be contacted. They are all people of integrity so... if you are still on the fence, or jumped off it, without having all the details, well, that can change if you want it to. These contact points were either with me ever step of the way, or there full on for the second half of the term. Here it is now.


Smyrna said...

Hi Vis, Talking about diet and avoiding certain stuff, I once read the blood group diet book, and found I was doing it already. Subconsciously listening to my body I suppose.

Canola? I have never used that shit. What is it, apart from some weed that pigs wouldn't eat? Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil, which my wife's 'medicine woman' highly recommends, is the go.

As for the 'cell-phone rosary', I live in a rural community where everyone waves and says hello, and never see anyone doing it. When I go to the larger towns, cities, It's all you see.

If some place has got more than two or three sets of traffic lights, I don't want to be there. It's Zombieland.


Anonymous said...

Stong words of wisdom LV, good to see you fully back from your trip through the needle's eye.

Seems Welker may be on the move; it's all good in times of massive change towards higher purpose ;-D


Visible said...

The pure coconut oil is outstanding. So is curucumin.

Visible said...

A new Les Visible blog posting is up now-

Clarification for those who need it.

Laura said...

What I so enjoy and resonant with as I read your blogs is while you point out and shed light on the state of affairs in the collective, you also express the truth of "what is" as one focuses, puts attention, and merges with the divine. You unrelentingly, and that's a fine thing indeed, keep it in the forefront. This is one's true intention and choice and it's what makes ALL the difference in one's life.

The awareness, the understanding, the acceptance....the allowance of what it means to be humanly divine, or divinely human, will change the course of one's experience, as one makes the choices to change and transform within.

Then, as Vis expresses continually, our lives will transcend the norm.....rising above the mayhem we observe around us. Keep on keeping on is not merely a catchy phrase, but the way out and up!

With love, in grace ~

the gardener said...

Several of your links made me lol. The cops, "on duty and in uniform" did have that stolen tractor with the tracking device the plumber himself tracked down. hahahahaha and 'other stolen property as well'.

A long time ago now one of my favorite teachers taught us in drafting class 'how to freehand draw a straight line'. "Put a dot at the start of the line, and a dot where you wanted that line to end up at-and as you are drawing keep your eye focused on that ending dot".

My drafting partner for many classes was from Caracas... wonderful young man. He specialized in architectural plans utilizing concrete block and materials used in Venezuela. So your post of today certainly flashed me back to the early 80s when aspartame was first coming out and another student, whose husband was an EMT for the Malibu area told me that 'the young rich wives in Malibu are calling in with seizures! The only thing they're doing new or in common is using Nutrasweet! Don't use it" and I never did.

Almost all chewing gum has that and worse in it now-maybe a few of the neurotoxin 'sweeteners' that when chewed have a sublingual impact and go right into your bloodstream.

But anyway... thanks for your Sunday lesson. Always they are exactly what I need to keep me on my focus of that end dot.

the gardener

niijii said...

Thank you Visible,
My system can't handle that processed shit. We steam cook alot and use coconut oil and butter from grass fed cows. Even though we were eating good homegrown food I still had digestion problems. Grew a bunch of cabbage and discovered that I need a little raw sauerkraut daily and my gut is happy. The good bacteria is the key for me. Apple cider vinegar and cod liver oil seem to have a positive effect too. We're all unique and a peanut can kill some but this works for me. It's up to us to leave that toxic shit on the shelf and change this sick mess.

Best to us.

Visible said...

Cabbage is one of the best things you can eat. It is a real cancer killer, as is curcumin. I regularly drink sauerkraut and beet juice ...and apple cider vinegar is incredibly good for you and especially so for women. The high end coconut oil is outrageous and if you make your own fries and cook them in that oil it gives them a marvelous flavor and consistency. I love to cook!

Peanut butter is one of my favorite ingredients. I make satay with it. I also make nori rolls in my own special way. I call that Rocky Mountain walking food for the energy and endurance they give.

I could go on and on about food and have often thought of doing a cookbook, called something like "Traveling the World's Kitchens with Visible".

Doug Pearson said...

I remember when I was younger hearing the question, "What if you found out everything you've been taught is a lie?" In the last few years I've found that statement to be pretty true. Especially in the food dept. What a joke, though not a funny one. Anywho, all you need to know about food can be addressed through He's on our side.

Anonymous said...

Please do a cookbook :)

FromFinland said...

Dr. Vasant Lad is an indian ayurvedic specialist. I may recommend to you his excellent book on food and Ayurveda

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The greatest cookbook in the universe, by Yamuna Devi.

"Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking"

”Yamuna writes. “Looking back, when I first climbed the stairs to Prabhupada’s apartment, I could never have imagined the treasure of transcendental philosophy, music, art and cuisine that awaited me. On and off over the next eight years I was fortunate enough to serve has his personal cook.”

There are hundreds of recipes to choose from. Rice, dhal, breads, vegetables, dairy-based dishes, salads, chutneys, sauces and relishes, light meals, snacks, sweets, and beverages.

Each recipe category starts with an essay on the subject
Many chapters could be separate cookbooks in themselves.

This book is the piece de resistance, the dessert of all cookbooks.

Anonymous said...

We're all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn't. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.

Charles Bukowski

Visible said...

will definitely be buying that book.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

food for thought indeed. you are what you eat and they are what eats you.

on common sense, an influential
in my headspace was John Ralson Saul's "Volataires Bastards, The Dictatorship of Reason in the West", on how these managerialist schemists (the mob we know) took over the academia and intelligencia etc with join the dots madness, and common sense was aborted (along I might add with common decency). He suggested we all work 4 days a week, and take a fifth to rework community and nourish our minds, constructively. I dont think (in 1992) he was talking about Facebook and trivia.

Smyrna said...

A Visible recipe book would be cool. If not, use the Les Visible blog to post recipes and nutrition tips every now and then for a change of pace.

I'm sure many readers would have some good stuff to share. I know I do.

niijii said...

I've thought how cool it would be to post at 4:20 PM. My last post was and I didn't even mention cannabis. Bummer man. Good to know that it's 4:20 PM there when it's morning here so actually I am on time.

I like to eat more than cook, but I do love the cook here!

Best to all.

Anonymous said...


Funny thing is, I have almost no idea what the supposed "offence" actually was... except for yelling out (Briefly) in the middle of the night on one or so occaisions and then commenting on an amazingly loud funeral for some schmuck who didn't deserve it, on one or two occaisions... and then the sudden "exit stage left" from some guy who suprised everyone (apparently) by hitting the road without saying goodbye....

That said, I'm not actually interested in any of this as described and the TRUTH you impart to me via your blogs, Vis, makes all of the previous, absolutely incomprehensible to me!


Hello? To anyone who is fretting about this BS. Whatever!

You're higher, Vis, on that spiral staircase than me and helping all of us to get to our ultimate goal. Thankfully, you're not "pissing over the rail" on those below. In fact, I beleieve you're helping us move on UP that spiral staircase!

Anyone who has read, "Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World" might be familiar with the former.

I don't know for sure, but I suspect that "Whatever" "Happened" it is time to move on from it.

Think I'll post this in the comments on "Smoking Mirrors" too for posterity.

Jim in FL

Anonymous said...

"OPEN THE GATE" - The Baron

good on you,

and all the rest who love truth


Anonymous said...

Life is a prison
Death is the door
Truth has arisen
Be fearful no more

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Marooned on the Planet of the Demons from Dumbass.

ChewyBees said...

I had a friend growing up who was half Polish, half Korean. his dad married his mom while stationed in Korea. Anyways, he was always munching Kimchi (kimchee) at their house. He always wanted me to try it, but it didn't look too appetizing.

20 years later I make my own. My batches vary from too hot to just plain yummy. I'm still tweaking it.

Kimchi is essentially fermented cabbage and other vegetables. It keeps for months as long as it is refrigerated, and I think it tastes awesome.

My recipe calls for napa cabbage, carrot, green onion, oriental radish, among other things. The cabbage is the basic ingredient, which is salted and peppered with chili spice. Then the whole concoction is aged for 3-4 days at a cooler room temp. After that it is ready to go, and great for the system.

You can find a lot of easy recipes online, and use the basic canning mason jar to make it.

BTW, if you know green chile, A LA New Mexico or Colorado for example, I make an awesome green chile. Nice and hot, but so flavorful that the sweat is worth the effort. Enough bragging. I love good food.

Anonymous said...

It's like living within your spirit wholeheatedly and immersing yourself into self and calm while the storm keeps on brewing all around you. It's those times when I decided to catch a bus instead of drive or walk instead of bike - so much contemplation takes place within when observance and rational wisdom sets in when I glance over at the skies while the rest are observing crackberry's - meanwhile..there are lines stretched out across the skies lettering anarchy and the cross of chem-trails! The disconnect goes on and after several attempts writing to the state - and finally responding with a standard letter from the governer claiming the chem-trails are for weather modifications etc ...blah blah bull. We keep writing and speaking and writing and blogging...without any anger or emotions - hoping that one day...someday...a brick will crack on this giant wall - and a small crack may appear and blotches of remarkable light is seen...someday...we can get there..

Les...always - thank you.


Alan, 20 yo bloke Perth said...

Hi Vis,

Great post again, need i say.

"Knowing this can ease your mind because, knowing this, you know that it does get sorted .... That’s really all you have to do."

For a while now i have been wondering what to do about all this mess the monsters create. Thanks for clearing things up.




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