Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Gatekeepers and Vipers Among us

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Some things are pretty indisputable. You try to get a fix on motive and intent but- some people(s)- fall outside the range of the usual parameters of humanity and you can't measure them against anything but Gila Monsters, rattlesnakes, Honey Badgers and wolverines. All of us inherit or develop a philosophy over the course of time. In most cases, this philosophy is adapted to suit the needs and obsessions of the desire body, which is a kind of flaming sheath that encases our forms and obscures true vision. This, along with a demented mentality, corrupted by material attractions, is responsible for the samsaras that inhibit our ability to see things as they are. There's not a great deal that any one person can do to change the whole of it but personal transformation is always an option and one way to get your ticket punched out of here to a better place. It's also a guarantor of being in a better place while you are here because your mind is not occupied with thoughts like, “We are all doomed”, which is true of some after a fashion... or, “there's nothing we can do”, spoken while they slide into despair. Be profoundly optimistic and your environment will reflect this. Nature, pristine or perverted, is plastic and eventually shapes itself according the the perspective of the observer. We all live in a world of our own creation. If you don't like it, change it.

The general public has only a dim and skewered image of the sort of things that take place on this planet. It's hard to imagine these things took place but they did. A similar extensive list of dead people also attends the legacy of George Herbert (Johnny) Walker Bush. There's a whole cabal of evil souls who perform murder each and every day. The Central Bankers kill more people over time with a fountain pen than most of the others do with bombs and guns. They have no hesitations and no restraints.

These crocodile swine are assisted in their efforts by odious gatekeepers like Noam Chomsky and Greg Palast (I was quite surprised to see myself extensively quoted in the article about Palast). Palast has gone through a sort of reputation, rehabilitation lately. He's starting to pop up here and there, being quoted on all manner of things, as if we could forget what he said about Steven Jones and Israel's 9/11 attack on the American mainland, as well as the London Tube bombings and the Madrid Train Station, Mumbai and other horrific assaults on the rest of us. The first three were all monitored and assisted in manifestation by an Israeli security company, ICTS. I find that I am compelled to repeat these things over and over, hoping some epiphany will eventually find its way to a wider swathe of the public.

Let us not be deceived concerning Greg Palast, who sold out whatever integrity he might have once possessed in the pursuit of personal gain. He's not the only clown in the circus. Alex Jones holds a significant position in the disinfo racket, as does Mike Adams in his slavish defense of all things connected to the questionable Mr. Jones. ♫There's something going on here but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?♫ On a positive note, a lot of the time Mike Adams has interesting and revelatory things to say. He's just hamstrung by the need to aspire to a higher profile by hobnobbing with Mr. Bombast.

We should not forget Rand Paul, who also gets a lot of press as some kind of warrior and patriot for the common good but the truth about Rand Paul is not easy to dismiss. He's bought and paid for, most all of them are. It's sad state of affairs is what it is.

These things have to be said, over and over and over. These things have to be trumpeted in the public thoroughfares, vibrated like a drum upon the waters of the great oceans and shouted from the mountaintops. When you hide under your bed, seeking an uneasy and protected sleep, you permit nightmares to walk among us. One terrible outrage follows another. There is no hesitation on their part to act like demons, without restraint or conscience.

I cannot stress certain things enough. This IS the time of unveiling and revealing. One must keep this uppermost in the mind. What we are being exposed to, in the actions of those who have abandoned all pretense of humanity, is the true nature of their being, which has been hidden from view for quite some time, until these moments in which we now find ourselves. Overconfidence has been the downfall of many a scoundrel, so is coming out prematurely. Their madness has overcome them and they have zero control over it. They seem to be in power but they have no power over themselves. This is the inescapable road to perdition. They are operating according to false information and it is only a matter of time until they are consumed by the darkness they have surrendered themselves to.

It's much like the trolls who have been showing up here of late, with their ridiculous arguments about events and conditions that they were divorced from by a distance of thousands of miles. I have the abiding assurance of knowing exactly what took place. In one case, it is a simple matter of, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” as The Bard puts it. Whenever I find myself in positions like this, the inner voice reminds me that whatever may follow, can only work out to my advantage in the long run, leaving the presumptive and deluded with egg all over their faces. This is a time of truth, as much as it is a time of lies and given that this is also a time of unveiling, one has only to walk in the truth and sooner or later, the truth will out in one surprising fashion or another. Something I try to keep in mind is that if someone lies about any particular thing, within the confines of a larger tale, then it is highly likely that they are lying about other things as well.

The only difference between these minor players, suffering the human form of distemper and the major players, in an advanced state of hydrophobia, is degree. As I've said many times, our real problem is not the handful of psychopaths, leading the hypnotized and willfully misinformed, toward the place of their eventual destruction, it's all the bit players among us, who buy into the lies and proceed to live them out, clueless and devoid of the capacity for shame.

You, who are in various stages of awakening, must consider yourselves lucky souls indeed. The unseen cared enough about you to throw the switch. All that remains for you, is the distance you must travel to that place of critical mass. Meanwhile there are those toxic and venomous ones, whose whole persona is filled with spite and rage. They rail and rave in perfect futility and impotence, attacking what they don't understand and seeking to replace it with their personal incompetence. Most of the time, I just laugh. People judge what they believe to be anothers state of mind, according to their own; “if I were in that position and receiving this particular abuse, this is how I would be affected”. It doesn't work like that. 99% of the time, I just laugh and pass the commentary around to certain friends, so that we might laugh together. This, of course, only serves to increase their rage. That rage is of its particular dimension because of impotence, the frustrating certainty that they cannot affect the dynamic and only serve to make themselves look bad. Well, that's as it should be. Who am I to argue with something like that?

We must be on our guard in relation to the gatekeepers and the hidden enemies who seek to injure us, for reasons best known to themselves. Lao Tzu says, “Cautious as a wayfarer crossing an icy stream”. I have not been cautious in the past. I never felt that my occasional acting out was anything to be concerned about. Indeed, it seemed to me that not acting out, when it was called for, was something I should watch out for. The necessity for this has now been removed, so it's a moot point in any case.

We've got to stop trying to walk up the down escalator. If you are intending to walk in the opposite direction from the mass of the population, which is absolutely what you should be doing, just take the stairs (grin).

Remember that it is what you do in all your little moments, across the span of your days, that sets the measure of you. Right now, in this moment, anyone can change their life in dramatic fashion and once changed, all the forces of good rush to your side. One's state of mind has a most powerful influence over the situations we find ourselves in and the color of our world. A positive attitude is like a cleansing fire that consumes the negative and transforms it into serendipitous opportunity. This is a universal constant. It's hard, I know, when you are surrounded by those who have succumbed to general appearances but it is by no means impossible. Steady application, makes the tree of discipline grow broad and strong. It's a lot like that I Ching hexagram, “Difficulty at the Beginning”. If you're not willing to go through what it takes to arrive where you need to be, in optimum circumstance, you won't get there. If you are willing, you will. It's that simple and certain.

We have come to the end of yet one more posting and I'll see you tomorrow if there is one. I don't know if I ever publicly thanked Erin Parsley for her dramatic rendering of my work but I would like to take the time to do that now. Thank you so very, very much. This comes up because I recently revisited her work. There is quite a collection of people who have served to inspire and improve me from what I was before this whole thing started. You have my deep and abiding gratitude.

Neil Rogers is being buried today.

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Anaughty Mouser said...

Soldering on. Your words inspire to grasp the truth with our both hands and not relent until we do.

Copernicus Kidd said...

I'm fairly certain that entertainer Mr. Palast is a second cousin of one Cass Sunstein, "Caesar of Information" ... go figure

Anonymous said...

so, you're saying ..."when there is a will there is a way"...?

ooomph. respects neil,,,

That's pretty profound there, Les. know, when you're right, you're right....

and let me take this opportunity to thank you also for being true to yourself {honestly}...

as in there are so many pretends available, your warts and all don't bother me, not even the occassional sardonic "language", you just shoot straight and that is what it appealing to me...

the pretentious are hoisted by their own petard...


JerseyCynic said...


you've really opened my eyes about this man, LV. I mistakenly took comfort whilst reading him for many many years. Thank you for pointing out the obvious.

i've been getting some bad vibes about MA for a while now. He certainly woke me up health wise. now.... like I say - he's going over the top, imho. someone told me to be careful with jon R. I always read him. noticed he and MA are back and forth now.

what day is it today?
where am I?

oh Les -- that's right.

We need to start a Band. An "ENGLISH SPEAKING BAND" -- let's hit the road -- and teach the world to SING! (I just got my passport -- I'm ready to GO GLOBAL!!)

JerseyCynic said...

rise up and watch over with us, Neil. Rest in peace brother.
(i still feel your presence here in the echo chamber)

nina said...

I'd like to say something here that needs to be said in regards to an anonymous comment I just viewed on Origami. The comment claims Vible's readership is down and offers impossible figures to make a, heh, nonpoint. He/she shows us they don't get around much. Readership is down across the board, factually, because the effort, begun in earnest by Facebook, is on to improve, guess what, dollar signs. It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together - if it can happen there, it can happen anywhere as it is currently unfolding with all of the blogs, forums and social networks.
Dangerous Minds put this up last October:
"... It’s no conspiracy. Facebook acknowledged it as recently as last week: messages now reach, on average, just 15 percent of an account’s fans. In a wonderful coincidence, Facebook has rolled out a solution for this problem: Pay them for better access.

As their advertising head, Gokul Rajaram, explained, if you want to speak to the other 80 to 85 percent of people who signed up to hear from you, “sponsoring posts is important.”

In other words, through “Sponsored Stories,” brands, agencies and artists are now charged to reach their own fans—the whole reason for having a page—because those pages have suddenly stopped working.

This is a clear conflict of interest. ..."

There is no limit to greed. Nothing and no one is untouchable. Take heed.

nina said...

205ctsbeloIn this post Visible, you perfectly identify a mindset that many people can't grasp because they possess that mindset. We might call them Conservative doomers that blasphemy those that really get it. To see them in action is amazing, they will incessantly dig into you until they find twistable alternatives to classify your behavior and thinking and leverage those details to their supposed advantage, never seeing how they keep themselves imprisoned chained to a failed system and failed behavior patterns with no way out.

Visible said...

In my Dashboard the amount of daily traffic is listed and the truth is that my readership is up by a couple of thousand a day and sometimes 4 or 5. At least that is what is showing there.

What I do hear is that people are having ever greater difficulties commenting. Sometimes it is the word verification not appearing or being illegible and sometimes it just won't transfer to the page. those communications are up a very great deal and people just go away discouraged.

dirtykid© said...

It is unfortunate just how hijacked the truth movement is becoming. I suppose it's simply a case of some bad people knowing full well how group psychosis works.

It's so easy to interject a pound of lies with an ounce of truth and a sprinkle of misdirection sending those who've only become partially aware on the wild goose chase in search of little green men and skipping right past the large demons in the corner of the room.

It's really just a matter of time now before the gargoyles and vampires can no longer hide under cover of mass hypnosis as the speed of things accelerates daily. Those who can see it are neither fooled nor in fear of calling it out, and there is little that can change the velocity of the dawn...

(I think I'm going to have to re-use this comment in my own blog)

Is it irony that the prove you're not a robot word is rusedays?

Anonymous said...

Great post! Really spoke to me at this time.

Drive by love to you.


Ray B. said...

Vis: This was another interesting post, about half Smoking Mirrors and half Visible Origami. It may be just me noticing it now, but (IMHO) I sense more laying out of spiritual pearls and less raw rage at present conditions.

"You, who are in various stages of awakening, must consider yourselves lucky souls indeed. The unseen cared enough about you to throw the switch. All that remains for you, is the distance you must travel to that place of critical mass."

Indeed. In a similar vein, I have found that progress is hastened when you become 'interesting' to the other side (i.e., the unseen). They drop a few challenges and opportunities in front of you, and see how you respond. If you seem like someone who does not immediately go to sleep again, you are kind of placed on a "Special Watch" list. You 'accidentally' get contact with a teacher appropriate to your next level of awakening. A friend 'blurts out' that they've just read a book that you might be interested in. Etc., etc.

The other side wants us to awaken (the 'good guys' on the other side, anyway). They are slightly hamstrung by the fact that they don't normally 'force' us. But, they are definitely interested when we become 'interesting'.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Rob in WI said...

The inet not only opened channels to communicate info, but also disinfo. I hope you're correct about which way things are trending.
When mass circulated print became the standard in the 19th century, it was subverted by the bad people, by acquiring most of the presses. It took them awhile, and a Big War, to subvert radio. Their control of money eventually succeeded, but not before many, many people were awakened to the revealing messages of Henry Ford, the Lindbergs, Father Coughlin, Ezra Pound, and numerous others.
They had to wait a generation before letting their control of TV and hollywood to become obvious. Too many were still around, and young enough to be respected, for the outright lies and disinfo to fly. In the '20s and '30s the majority knew supremacist jews were our real enemy. I learned this from my grandfather, and read the works he quoted (forgot Eustace Mullins, sorry).
The bad people have been pretty successful. Even with the inet, most people (usa), have no idea who the bad people really are.
Read the "Protocols of the learned elders of zion". Its still available online, and explains pretty much everything going on.
Be well, dirtykid, and all, Rob

flying cossack said...

now that people are on to jews/zionists, a lot of these half truthers are promoting a bottomless rabbit hole .... everything from aliens to demons to trans-dimensional beings

funny thing they forget to mention ... even if there was a alien/demon/transdimensional problem and we solved it ... we still havent solved the problem in our face

Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible, you are a shaman with a bullhorn making public sacred mantras with no care as to any personal reaction. This is highly laudable behavior in the mood of Yamunacarya, who took the secret mantra given to him by his guru promised to grant liberation and loudly chanted it in the marketplace. His guru maharaja confronted Yamunacarya, who explained that he was prepared to suffer all reactions for the offense but wanted to free as many conditioned souls as possible. While his guru maharaja showed external anger for the offense of disobeying the spiritual master, inwardly he was very pleased with the actions of his disciple...

Robert said...


"Their madness has overcome them and they have zero control over it. They seem to be in power but they have no power over themselves."

When this penetrating insight clears the hurdles of our perception, the only response from a place of balance is laughter then compassion.

For those of laughing until it hurts:
"Remember that it is what you do in all your little moments, across the span of your days, that sets the measure of you. Right now, in this moment, anyone can change their life in dramatic fashion and once changed, all the forces of good rush to your side. One's state of mind has a most powerful influence over the situations we find ourselves in and the color of our world. A positive attitude is like a cleansing fire that consumes the negative and transforms it into serendipitous opportunity."

This Smoking Mirrors: Another laser etching of the current state of the Matrix about to crack...

Kudos, my friend

Ray B. said...

flying cossack, March 14, 2013 4:00:00 AM

"Now that people are on to jews/zionists, a lot of these half truthers are promoting a bottomless rabbit hole .... everything from aliens to demons to trans-dimensional beings. funny thing they forget to mention ... even if there was a alien/demon/transdimensional problem and we solved it ... we still haven't solved the problem in our face."

This is a matter of perspective. Certainly, the 'in your face' problem needs to be resolved. I tend to promote the permanent solution, not the band-aid.

This is akin to solving water coming into your basement. You can spackle the crack on the inside and go for a quick fix. Or, you can dig down to the foundation on the outside, apply multiple layers of water defense, and assure good drainage. Guess which works better in the long term?

I am assuming from your stance that you have no experience with the 'other side' (Vis' unseen). This is a serious limitation. You might try some meditation or such. Approaching the 'Jew/Zionist' question without this makes you a 'baby in the woods'. (The extraterrestrials are in addition to this...)

Work is being done from the top down to remove the 'impulses' that drive all this aberrant behavior, and the old pain that justifies it. This is a lot more involved than just rounding up the offending parties and shooting them. A lot more...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

William Freeman said...

See ya, Neil.

The Spirit said...

So you think 911 happened just like our bought and paid for politicians and their Lap dog media puppets portrayed it? When I watch the Twin Towers Explode into Dust, I have the desire to ask more questions. I love it when people call me a Truther.
What else is there really, but Truth.
Everything else is a manufactured reality. I see a real lack of Critical thinking and a Herd mentality attached to the 911 Lie. The results of which has been an Endless war on "terror", qand an all out assault on our God given Natural Rights.
Watch this and then tell me this was a gravitational collapse. Wake up!

Visible said...

Who are you talking to? You can't be talking to me, or you have a reading comprehension problem.

Axiom said...

you knock alex jones but don't say why .

Visible said...

Jesus! what is it with people unwilling to do any research? He is funded by the Rothschilds. He has a Rothschild lawyer. He says Hollywood is run by the Saudis and will not acknowledge that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks. Ther3e's certainly more but you'll have to investigate that on your own. As I have said many times, I am no one's research assistant.

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

A New Pope at Child Molester Central and Other Things.

Anonymous said...

IF in fact you are a REAL "researcher" into WHO IS a "gatekeeper"...then WHERE is the name JEFF RENSE ?...who is also a SHILL for OTHER GATEKEEPING LIARS

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower

ChewyBees said...

The purposes of any government can be broken down into two simple premises.

The primary purpose of government is to transfer labor value to the elect and the select that govern them.

The secondary purpose of government is to threaten then murder any outsider that challenges the primary purpose of government.

If a further understanding is necessary, watch the Godfather, as government is only an expanded and inflated makeup of Cosanostra organized crime.

The populace (proletariat) funds the very criminals that threaten them, extort from them, racketeer their lives, and murder them for cash.

Government has been given worldwide passage to commit the most heinous of crimes in the name of freedom.

It will never end until people stop paying with their labor and lives to be terrorized and hijacked.

Visible said...

if, in fact you are a real Vietnam Vet, where is the name John Kerry?



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