Friday, March 22, 2013

Deaf Beethoven, Listening to Timeless Music

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Foreign lands can be fun to visit, or they can be fraught with difficulties, borne of the unexpected and simple things lost in translation that can become complex difficulties. Brief excursions grant colorful insights into dreamscapes, like something from Manet or Renoir, especially if you happen to be in France (grin). They can also be reminiscent of Bosch, if things don't go well and you can't leave.

Yesterday I had so many things to do. These days are filled with industry and less time than needed to meet the requirements of the hours that press like mindless, mesmerized shoppers, grasping for new items to be stored, with the older objects already stored and waiting for the day that the collector gets collected. So... yesterday I paused a dozen times, here and there and thought about my life; all the turns and twists that led me finally to be sitting there and thinking about what had gone before. I thought about the decisions that it appeared I had made and the unforeseen events that made my decisions for me. How did I get here? Was it under my own power, or is that just a fantasy, constructed out of some idea of a personal will?

I thought about the undelivered promises and the otherwise occupied states of being. The rare moments in rare lives, like deaf Beethoven still hearing music. Is it the same music heard by those who can still hear? Must the sounds around us always overwhelm the sounds within? I thought of all the things I did not have and the uncertainty that attends my next leap into unformed space which, will all too quickly take those shapes and identities based upon the way I see and name them. Will it be easy and fluid, or will it be fraught with an entirely new series of tests and challenges?

Somewhere along the moments of this recurrent period of reflection, another presence entered into my mind and said, “Come with me”. I followed the voice through a series of images that continued for some period of time. I don't know how long. I was immersed in them.

I saw people suffering from terrible diseases and people in whom similar diseases were growing and emerging but they had no idea of what was coming and were still going about their lives, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes playful, loving their families or bemoaning the lack of one. I saw old people sitting in chairs in state homes and private facilities, waiting for death. Some of those places are dreadful. I visited prisons, where men and women lived out the heavy, heavy hours, like the monotonous drip from an ancient faucet. Fear, malice and anger fill the air like some separate weather system. They die and worse, in places like that. I saw mental institutions, where the tormented howled in their private hells. They screamed and waved their arms at things that no one else could see. I saw men and women reaching for bottles and canisters of pills and substances, trying to momentarily change, hide or transform their world but serving only to make it unmanageable.

I saw people losing their jobs, being forced from their homes and screaming in silent and not so silent anguish about their losses; finally sleeping in tents, campers and cars; by the sides of the road, alone or with their families. There were broken veterans from the Banker Wars and millions of Banker victims in various states of distress. I saw whole countries that were little more than graveyards with deformed children, horribly misshapen by Banker uranium. I saw fluid ranks of sightless souls, bound toward countless repetitions of suffering, born out of a hunger for the misunderstood.

I saw millions of animals trapped in cages, where they couldn't even move, where they pecked each other to death and were herded through chutes. They could smell the suffocating fumes of death, wafting in the air around them. Then, mercifully freed from their imprisoned consciousness, their lifeless forms were butchered and shrink-wrapped and shipped to their final port of call.

Suddenly I was once again on the road into Thiruvannamalai, where indigents and sadhus, walked and sat or slept on the sidewalk; waiting for something, in search of something. I could see my driver weeping because there would be no more jaunts to the Thangyam Hotel Bar and all the spontaneous meetings with whomever might appear; the long evenings in the apartment, hearing the stories about how any and all of us came to be in that place and moment in time. I saw people betrayed and dishonored and swallowed up in grief ...and the voice said to me, at various turns, “How bad do you have it, really”? I have always taken care of you. You have always landed on your feet and whatever temporary world I intended for you has always formed around you”.

Some days, I often feel like Lovesong of J Alfred PrufrockLord Alfred Prufrock, though much different too. Having never grown up, I can scarcely be considered old, nor do I feel much different from when I was quite young, except for an acquired wariness; very newly acquired too.

I have dwelt in exile in foreign lands for fourteen years, never successfully integrating, I spent the years in a single room, for the most part, creating this, bypassing that and putting all the rest of it on hold. Traveling in foreign lands can be intoxicating and it can be enervating too. It can be both. One can never really be at home when they are not at home, wherever that is. For some, their major endeavor is to distract themselves from an awareness of that. I have traveled the world from this swiveling office chair; inner worlds, outer worlds, worlds of promise with solid footing and worlds like mangrove swamps, where tigers prowl.

The world is in turmoil. Like the birth of any creature into this realm, it comes with shock and pain. Make no mistake, though one world is dying, another is being born. Some have no inclination to transit into this new world. They are too enamored of the old world. Their appetites have not been satiated. How much wood can you feed a fire before it tells you it has had enough? There is no end to desire, or to the errors made in the pursuit of that which, having been miss-perceived, can never be acquired in its true form; not until it is truly seen.

You cannot clearly see yourself in a smoking mirror. You cannot truly see another when your eyes are fogged with desire. I don't think it's an accident that desire and aspire happen to rhyme, even though they are quite unlike one another, there is an association that can be seen by a penetrating mind that knows how ropes and carpets are made.

Now come the days of Banker Folly. Now comes the redlining of tension, between the predators and the prey. Now comes Push for it's engagement with Shove. The rock and the hard place are set to embrace and many shall finally get that threesome they were fantasizing about. As is generally the case, it won't be as they imagined it would be.

The possibilities are many. What is meant to happen, what might happen and what will happen; these are all in flux and they are all equally as personal as they are general. Only a fool does not see the potential for conflagration and planetary wide distress. The Bankers are like the monkeys with their hands trapped in the vase, grasping the avocado or mango that they are terminally reluctant to release. This madness will cost them their lives but it will also cost them far more than that. Oh, that is something no longer under consideration. They gave that up a long time ago.

Though we are soon to see the things we have not wanted to see, we are also going to see things that far too many of us never considered the existence of. Yes, they have their collective versions of the invisible, ineffable; an old white man with a beard, a cartoon Madonna in blue, whose dress is the water of oceans, composed of so many thousands of years of falling tears. They've dined on scriptures that tell them who their friends and enemies are. They've learned that natural things are evil and now they are learning that the unnatural is the contemporary preference, of the silent and faceless unknown. For some reason it is not difficult at all for the blind and deluded to hold conflicting visions, side by side. One of them is the hope for some promised benevolence and the other is the usual surrenders to that which makes the first impossible, or maybe not. We'll have to see, won't we?

The dominoes are falling, along with the basketballs and bombs. The stupefied public looks directly into their doom and sees nothing. Something else has been woven there. It looks colorful and alluring, much like a jungle fresh from rain, with the sunlight reflecting off of the water on the leaves. It looks beautiful and beckoning but... like any jungle there are all kinds of life forms resident therein. Cities are also called jungles, urban jungles and they contain similar life forms, going about in camouflage. Cities are wholly dependent on objects and energies that come from somewhere else. One can easily imagine what happens when the transports stop.

A few of us destroyed the system for personal gain and the majority of the rest of us played along in the hopes of personal gain. Spend too much time thinking about consequences and personal responsibility and you'll lose your place in line, or miss that window of opportunity for smash and grab, or... “Please, yes, thank you”, I don't want to forget that some of us still have manners, even if, by this time, we're just going through the motions, just like we do in our workplaces, our churches, our bedrooms and our lives; a perfunctory purgatory. In the end it will be as real as you made it, depending on how real that was in the first place. We get a wide margin of error, up to the point where it can be assumed, we should have learned something by that point. “Step right up! Step right up”!

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Zionist Sock puppet "goes off script"..? REALLY ?

You cannot clearly see yourself in a smoking mirror. . . . especially with TAL mud in your eyes...

it was so verbal combat TRUE when Jesus called them HYPOCRITES


seemingly people should know the difference between a sewage ditch and a 12 lane HIGHWAY....


oh well


JerseyCynic said...


I had a similar "sit down with myself" just hours ago

you rock, Visible

Why I Chose "happythankyoumoreplease" Over "sadscrewyougetlost"

DaveS said...

VERY NICE! An Origami for the Smoking Mirrors crowd. Thanks for this piece (and all you do).

Reading it was like being you writing it. I feel the intensity and the truth you're projecting... amazing how you continue to do this, year after year, yet your passion grows along with your amazing collection of work.

When you're a sensitive person the slightest drafts of future troubles can feel like a day in the electric chair... hence the reason so many of us have felt like the SHTF back in the late 90's and yet the world continued on as if nothing were happening. Visible and others like him have been telling us of this impending event, and finally, I think it's here.

Cyprus is where the fire is gonna blow-up. By the end of March I bet there will be a new war heating up and it will be because of Cyprus.

If you have money in the bank... get it out NOW! You're better-off hanging on to it than trusting the same assholes who've stolen everything else from you to hold it. And you're sending a powerful message to the PTB that you can see thru their lies and aren't gonna partake of it any more.

Vis, keep writing, I love your stuff. And unlike others, you seem to be able to keep it together much better than... you know who I mean.


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Whooooo, not even the Full Moon yet !!!

Right out of the ball park, Thank you once agin for singing away your poetry on keyboard, making experience of some, few, many plasmated.!! Another one for Snordelhans?

Ahh the new world of win-win-win-win........ visions of suffering of so many life forms, yet the Heart yet the Heart, ineffable.

Thank you

Be well

Brian Crossland said...

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou,
although I know praise does not(nor should it) impress you Vis, it is only manners to show my appreciation for your gift today.

Anonymous said...


Just beautiful.

The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face to shine upon you and give you peace.


Anaughty Mouser said...

Truly beautiful points made in this post. Written art. Thank you.

Davey's link to the long video about the Schofield inspired pre-tribulation rapture was much appreciated.

Anything you can't take with you when you leave this world is a diversion. Everything which isn't love for your soul is less than nothing.

Oh God help me to believe and live this truth here and now.


niijii said...

"I see" said the blind man to his deaf wife.

Reminded of the "Tales from the Crypt" Death of Some Salesmen episode.

The greedy fools are digging their own hole.

Thank you visible.

Best to all.

flying cossack said...

word up home dog x ... magnificent summary of the eternal view and how it applies today ... i will teach this to every fourth grader

so many ideas and information in such a short space ... thanks

Anonymous said...

I know I haven't commented in awhile. I've been on a sabbatical but I've never missed an entry.

As hard as it is to imagine you just keep getting better and better. It is easy to understand why people come after you or freak out around you. Having met you and spent enough days to get the cut of your jib I'd have to say you're not for the timid.

The immediate telling point for me with the Spadgett affair was his leaving with no warning and then assaulting you at a distance without even contacting you first. That's not the trademark or character of any real friend.

The simple psychology of the matter is that he was afraid. Obviously changes were going on inside him from having been around you. It happened to me. It didn't take long before I was seeing all kinds of things, before and after I left. Difference between me and him is that I welcomed it.

I'll be around to see you again before you leave for parts unknown. With the transformation I see in the quality of your work and thought patterns I'd be a fool not to come. Expect me when the foliage is green, with advance warning of course.

Thank you for all you do, the seen and unseen. Thank you for changing my life.


Anonymous said...


Would you mind elaborating a little more about your experiences. I for one am very interested.

Anonymous said...

That was a five-star mind-bender, Visible. I can see banker faces melting and piles of cash going up in flames. We'll roast marshmallows on that bonfire, you betcha.

Anonymous said...


I visited him for the solstice gathering last year. We took mushrooms. It had been years since I did that.

A little background on me might be helpful. I teach comparative religion at a university-college, I won't say which and I can't say where because even though I have tenure, some Talmudic snake would surely raise an uproar and tenure be damned I suspect.

Since this is my field of study I am very familiar with all religions and the documented supernatural phenomena that has made appearances in all of them. Visible most definitely is an incarnation of of a particular form of divinity. His ordinary self has not caught up with his super octane charged being. He also goes through radical personality changes depending on the fuel.

I've seen him consume amounts of alcohol, just once, that would have put me under the table. Not once did he slur his words or lose track of his subject matter or spacial awareness. His humor does become a little bent but no less enjoyable for that.

It was a few months before my arrival that the problem with what he writes about and the effect on his lady's friends and her came about. She is unaware of Visible on a spiritual level. She knows something is going on but she doesn't know what. It's an odd coupling and I believe God put him with her for this very reason.

She's fearful, or she was then about the implications of his work and the potential for problems from those offended by what he says. Otherwise they seem to get on very well. It's more of a background thing.

During the time I spent with him I saw him change into something not quite human but not in a bad way. I can only call it 'otherness'. I've listened to him speak while in an exalted state and noted the coming and going of other beings stepping in to have a few words. For me it was high entertainment and definitely nourishing. The effect of my visit lasted for some time after I left and I run into him in my meditations now and then.

Most of what I would like to say, I don't feel equipped to say. Maybe I'm just not supposed to say certain things. When I'm discussing him with others I find that what I might have said I never did say and only realized it afterwards.

I've said enough I think except to say he is more genuine and real than anyone I have ever met and I've met some interesting people in my travels.


Rob in WI said...

From the post; "I have never grown up, etc.".
I think that many of us who visit the blogs are also children of the '40/50s, who didn't properly accept our indoctrination. "Growing up", was surrender, and many rebelled. Hence the '60/70s, which saw indoctrination techniques refined, and another crop of spirits were captured. Some survived, and the internet has allowed survivors to reunite. We are dangerous to tptw, because we weren't properly indoctrinated.
Could go on, but ran out of wind.
Be well, and keep on truckin' Rob

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

inspire and perspire rhyme, thank you for your efforts.

(One could do a take Leonard Cohens Anthem that's how the Light gets in, to that's how the shite gets in, and to all the sheeple love will come, but like besteality).

kf said...

I'm with Dave S's first sentence.


Whoops - I meant Dave S's first paragraph!

Ray B. said...

(Catching up... grin)

Smyrna, March 21, 2013 2:59:00 AM (PD):

"Ray B, Cool! These things happen to people who are open to all possibilities, or knowers of the super-natural. It's the ineffables way of saying hello. Giving you a wink etc. 'Glitches in the Matrix' is what some would call it."

Thanks! You know, I think often of the first "Matrix" movie and the deep truths therein (once you subtract out all the fight scenes). I am surprised it got past the censors. The 'Glitch' has shown up repeatedly. I am a book lover, so 'whomever' likes to play/support/weird me out in bookstores. I go to a shelf and look thoroughly for a certain book. It's definitely not there. Then, after I turn away, I get a little 'thought' to look again. There it is, right in the middle of where I had searched. Woo-woo...

"I take this [UFO] to be supernatural, a fairy, like a bunyip, yowie, or sasquatch. Not something from outer space or Area 51."

Agree. I 'feel' for anything like that, to see if there is a 'presence'. I say "hi" in principle just to show them that I can perceive them and they are welcome.


Ray Zerwitt, March 22, 2013 1:21:00 AM (VO):

"It has nothing to do with the Cap'n Spadgett flap anymore. They saw a breach and inserted themselves right on in and made it a crevasse."

I agree. This is strategic planning, due to Vis' putting it out there...


R., March 22, 2013 8:02:00 & 10:38:00 PM (SM):

I am enjoying your depth and centeredness. Please stay and 'yak' more...

"Since this is my field of study [comparative religion], I am very familiar with all religions and the documented supernatural phenomena that has made appearances in all of them."

Would you be willing to share whether whether you have had 'supernatural phenomena' in your personal life? This is a bit personal (sorry), but - since this is right up my 'alley' - I feel it impossible not to ask the question... (grin)


Vis: I am still enjoying your inclusion of VO in your other columns. It kind of 'strums' through me, beyond the madness of the group-think. I am enjoying the balance. Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the scholastic requirements for teachers at "colleges-universities" has really slipped these days. Here's a snippet from a posting made by the mysterious "R", who submitted a glowing testimonial about Visible in this very thread -

"A little background on me might be helpful. [Uh, don't you mean a little background on MYSELF, or a little background about MYSELF, there, professor?] I teach comparative religion at a university-college, I won't say which and I can't say where because even though I have tenure, some Talmudic snake would surely raise an uproar and tenure be damned I suspect. Since this is my field of study I am very familiar with all religions and the documented supernatural phenomena that has made appearances in all of them." [Uh, I think you meant to say, "the documented supernatural phenomena that HAVE made appearances in all of them", there, didn't ya, "professor"?]

I won't even get into the other grammatically incorrect passages and bungled turns of phrase that are copiously littered throughout this "testimonial". But let's put it this way, a professor at a "college-university" (like he wouldn't have written either "university" or "college", instead of both, in his comment, but I digress), well, a professor at a college wouldn't grammatically botch a written testimonial to the extent that this one has been botched.

Which prompts me to come to only one conclusion - if the person who wrote this is an actual "teacher" at a "college-university", then I am the Prime Minister of Borneo...

zepheri said...

Dam, nothing but ass kissers, you all get the brown knowsier of the month. Seems to me, we should be adding to the conversation, not coaxing a feeling from an idle.

Bernard Fyfe said...

These days I just skim through the posts to catch the many glimpses of writing brilliance. The messages are repetitive (necessary to be hammered home to disbelievers). Personally I prefer to think about nothing. But today's piece was exceptional, and I offer a couple of observations.

"Was it under my own power, or is that just a fantasy, constructed out of some idea of a personal will?"

Absolutely. Also, today's musings has a real freshness, so perhaps the trip has done you a world of good.

"majority of the rest of us played along in the hopes of personal gain"

Perhaps this is just a nuance, but for most people, their actions may have been due more to a general self-centeredness (that's an uncapitalized self and of course, free will notwithstanding).

For a tiny minority, their self-centredness is focused like a laser, thus bringing about all the trouble.

Visible said...

I had a feeling that would raise some hackles. If I print nearly everything that comes in, including the anonymous, I have to continue to do so, unless it is really egregious.

I don't follow your grammatical outrage given a substantial measure of them in your own comment; more than in his actually where, I would point out that his fall well within the latitude of 'personal style'. You also misquoted him by rearranging words but... that's neither here nor there.

As soon as I saw the comment, I went, "Oh shit! Now I'm going to catch it". Occasionally I'll get something like that in an email where a reader asks if I am okay with them saying something, talking about a dream they had or some unusual experience and I tell them it's just going to cause people at a certain level of development to see red.

I probably shouldn't have let that through but it was late and I was tired and also occupied with what I was working on.

He was more than usually upset about what happened recently and I guess he wanted to clarify from his own experience and try to make me look good. Those efforts don't usually work out very well.

On the plus side, I make no more out of that sort of thing than I do the reverse and the tag 'anonymous' usually removes any possible value or usefulness from the comment anyway.

I've written him asking if it's alright that I take the comment down. It was a pretty intense psychedelic drama. That doesn't always happen.

Smyrna said...

Ray B. Yes Ray, I reckon the Matrix movie was very close to the truth. That is from eperience and altered states I have endured. (Before that movie came out, I should add.)

As long as the 99.9% saw it as a 'bread and circus' exercise, it's OK and doesn't matter if it made 10% stop and think for a while, they will go back to sleep soon enough. They love to expose themselves occasionally, then laugh at us.

Visible said...

I've been trying to write a Petri Dish but my mind keeps coming back to this matter so maybe I should flesh it out a little better.

Since the non event with Steven I've been getting inundated with emails concerning not only that but activities that were going on behind the scenes in the aftermath. I don't know much about the details, except for getting some names and a whole lot of anger from people who feel I should have said and done more. They weren't angry at me, more frustrated that I wasn't standing up for myself but, truthfully, nothing happened so I'm at a loss to comment on nothing.

I get comments like, "You ought to crucify that bitch for turning on you". This is in reference to someone else who joined the lynch party and my friend who was monitoring all of it and trying to keep me in the loop is frustrated with me that I don't publish the names and what they said.

I didn't even read most of any of it, just as I haven't read that blog posting or the comments, though they are in my Inbox somewhere.

Given all the wild and crazy things that have happened in this life I don't tend to put the same importance on things that others do. I've long known that people either really, really like me or really, really don't like me. There is seldom a middle ground.

I've rarely seen R. or some of the others so incensed about something. They're just trying to have my back but it doesn't fix anything and it will all sort itself out down the road. I'm thinking he had a few cocktails, which he does on occasion and his mind got on his case and finally he said to himself, "Why isn't anybody telling the other side of it all"? Then he went over the top. Somewhere between that and nothing at all 'lies' the truth (grin)

He's right about strange and supernatural things happening when I am psychedelicized. In the early days a couple of people wound up in mental hospitals because of it and about five years ago, my friend Chris from Switzerland engaged with me and wound up in a UK clinic for six weeks. He's okay now but still has that thousand yard stare.

I can't account for any of these things. I don't know what any of it means. I have no idea of who I am or even what I'm supposed to do most of the time. I've never heard about anyone in similar situations being left with no information. My invisible friends tell me that it is a cardinal part of what and who I am that I don't know anything.

I hear about wagers and forces pulling for me and forces opposed and the degree that each can go to in performing their supports and oppositions.

I don't make anything out of this and those of you who have spent any appreciable time around me know that I don't put on airs or consider myself above anyone. Obviously something is going on with me but there is no single one of us that is more important to the divine than any other. We all make up a part of the body of God (even if it's one of his butt hairs-grin) and God is incomplete without all of the parts. Some of us are simply operating in a more synchronized fashion with our creator and some of us are just on the way to doing that and... unfortunately some are in opposition. Some form of materialism is always at the heart of that.

"One love falls and breaks into pieces everywhere and one love collects them all again. You may go on dreaming in this life for a time but the love inside the life will never end".


Visible said...


As for me, I've said it many times, take what is useful and ignore the rest. Some parts are for certain people and some parts are for other people and no one should allow themselves to be pointlessly speculating on who I am, or laying too much value on me personally, or being offended for the usual reasons; ego challenged, getting pinged when you didn't want to be, or fearful and suspicious because "How can someone be one thing and act like another on occasion"? Those people are just not very well versed in how the cosmos operates. The book "Aghora" goes into some of the possibilities of approach. There are courses even more radical than this and there are much softer courses. The softer the course, the longer it takes.

I'm just a horse, that's all. I need to be fed watered and quartered and sometimes a carrot or an apple is nice, so is a pat on the neck and a "good boy". Now and then. Given the presence of these things I will take you for a ride wherever you think you want to go, until it turns out to be something different that either of us expected but... it won't be a bad place.

I'll insert an old (I think) Tibetan saying. "If a horse will not carry you up the hill, it is no horse. If you do not get off and walk with him downhill, You are no man".

Life may well be a stream but there are "Rocks in the Stream". Some of us only travel along up to a point but when the going gets rough, we jump the canoe. Those are insincere, fair-weather friends and I want no part of that action and I do go out of my way to test people on this one particular thing. I've behaved badly, according to some, and at the same time, not according to others in the very same situation, just to see what is lurking under the surface. In every single case, something was. Some don't run into this feature because something informs me about them internally. I can never predict when something like that is going to happen, which is why I also don't act out sometimes because something informs me about that internally too. That last sentence makes little sense but there is no other way I could put it.

I'm told that I won't be having to do that sort of thing anymore and for that I am truly grateful. As trying as India was for me, something happened to me. It was probably my driver's guru. He keeps coming up on my mind screen, smiling with all those missing teeth and saying, "Meechum Anbu" or however it's spelled.

The critical thing to keep in mind is that I don't make myself out to be something I'm not. I exercise self diminishment routinely and strive to keep equal footing. I don't aspire to titles or position, though I will miss Neil calling me 'Lord Visible' grin, only in the sense of pretend royalty.

I can't control what others say about me and sometimes it is embarrassing and makes me wince. If you're on the fence about me and really need to clear that up, come and visit me. That's the only way to clarify it. I'm leaving out of here come Fall so, there's your time frame. You won't have to be concerned about food or lodging and we can see what the interlude brings.

I hope this serves as even a partial assistance in understanding. I bear no ill will toward any of you. That is an absolute truth. I can't count how many times there were people on the outs with me and it worked out just fine later on. Recently one fellow showed up to apologize for coming down on me some while ago. I didn't even remember what he was talking about. It's the only way to be. That kind of thing you definitely have to leave behind.

Let's focus on what's important here and that's you, not me. I'm just a horse.

Skepticfrog said...

To #18 (Prime Minister of Borneo)
(and aspiring prime minister of Izzy)

Your personal attack on the hapless professor's grammar was prompted by the "Talmudic snake" comment, huh?
He put a mirror up, and you saw yourself...

Your rant has ZERO response to the actual substance of the post. THIS is in itself the dead-on identifier of who and what you are.

Regular readers of this blog see it. WE are not stupid.
Your feeble (and stupid) attempt to discredit the author actually discredits you, and furthers our acute observation, that you zio-troll snakes and vermin are in our midst, working against us relentlessly. That, by definition, makes you our enemy, zio-troll.

So what have you accomplished?
More blatant exposure and the resultant resentment of your kind. This is the perfect inverse relationship of what you think how smart you are, to how stupid you actually are.

I'm sure Vis published it for "demonstration" for us, to observe, to note and to remind.

Laura said...

It is so interesting what fear ignites in others ~ when truth walks in. We always have a choice what we do with the fear - recognize it for what it is, move through it and transmute it to love, or let it run like a wild animal through us, wrecking and creating all kinds of havoc and allowing ourselves to behave in less than optimum ways, sometimes destructive to both ourselves and others.

Experiences that fire up that divine spark within us will create upheaval, as meant to, so we simply wake up and transform ourselves. Fear will sometimes make us lash out, however, and if allowed will make us more closed off, entrenched in our stuff, and contracted. We have to look within ourselves to really know and observe what is at work, because judgemental attack and defense is a sure sign fear is in control.

Fear lies and distorts, and will overshadow truth. Truth liberates. How complicated others are making this whole experience is a sure sign fear has been driving this in spades.

Thanks, Vis, for continuing to move through this with as much graciousness as possible, to shine light in darkened places of deception. Some of us do "get it" and observe the intense fear that is swirling around, and it's effects.

With love, in grace ~

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

A gentleman's sentiments.

It's been said this earth is no fit place for a gentleman; in Kali or any other yuga.

At heart, we're all much bigger than this.

Anonymous said...

"O master, many calamities have fallen upon me. Later I will tell you about them. For now I will ask this question: The individual soul is pure spirit. Why does the calamity of residing in the material world fall upon him?"

The saintly babaji smiled and recited this verse:

"Covering them with gross and subtle material forms, chaining them with the modes of nature, and pulling them with the painful ropes of karma, Maya leads to Svargaloka and to hell the criminal souls who, forgetting their own spiritual welfare, have turned from Krsna(God) and become intent on their own happiness."

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Doomed and Clueless Rich in Freefall.

Anonymous said...

"Spend too much time thinking about consequences and personal responsibility and you'll lose your place in line, or miss that window of opportunity for smash and grab, or..."

This reminded me of an episode when I was in real estate, right out of college, at a company meeting. Interest rates were sky high and the execs were rolling out a new product to keep sales going. It was the negative amortization loan. I thought about it and expressed hesitation about it. After all, a loan that keeps growing and doesn't pay off, with the amount owed increasing all the time didn't seem fair at all. A jewish broker present at the meeting said, "This is how the real estate field works. If you can't do this you are not going to succeed here."

He was right. Only those with no consciences and willfully ignorant of God's law could put those shackles of debt on their fellow men. Eventually I figured out that ALL DEBT IS SIN, and quit selling real estate.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

hate to be a neighsayer (sic) butt (sic) there's horses, then there's asses.



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