Friday, October 28, 2011

Marching to the River on the Tree of Liberty

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I'm not going to edit this. I need some down time.

When the corporation police shot the veteran in Oakland, I saw my Fort Sumter moment. When I said they let the barbarians through the gates, I was talking about all the soldiers coming back from the neo-con wars. The use of the word 'barbarian' is a metaphor, or an analogy, because they are not barbarians, they are we. The not so few, the brave and the awakening dread of the American Marching Band but they are more the universal soldier, double twisted into what they didn't want to run into. Sooner or later the off duty cops are going to be buying drinks at the American Legion.

The Vodaphone union is going down one street and running into The OWS at the other and it is all coming back on the bankers. It is all coming back on the money men who fuel BP - Monsanto, Rio Tinto and United Fruit. Can I get a witness! We have the address. We have the mass rage, let's pop the ramparts and hit the main stage. Move over congress or you can bend over a Page on the rail at the gallery watching and listening.

We got welfare mothers and unknown lovers who made them that way because they had the back streets for their bedsheets and now they're on two feet coming up on Wall Street. Can you hear me. Can you hear me. We are marching. Marching revolution. We are moving. Move on over we'll see you in the rubbish seats when they tan the leather for the seating chairs of the new world order.

Can I get a witness!!!

They went to Oakland the high rise brokeland with an open hand and the cannistered the marine. It was a drop shot from a corporate cop. Is that all you got. Is that all you got.

We gonna take the Washington monument away from the government and stick it in the Martha Washington monument a five trillion deep penetration hole of Halloween debt made up by vampires and werewolves who ripped it and sucked at it and we have the evidence. We have the evidence. We have the evidence. Yes we do.

We are a marching band of everyone at hand across the global land where Zioniza put its kosher flaming brand on all the cattle on the land and they make it with the dead sea salt children. They make it with the dead sea salt. Baby it ain't your fault. Just blame it on the Palestinians. Blame the Palestinian people of the book. You thinking god is dead wake up you sleepy head . We are marching and god is you cause we are god.

We are the real police. We are the people. We are the real police. We are the people. Better run and hide, Mr. Noahide because I've seen your eyes and they are lying. They are lying. All aboard the Armageddon train. No we are not insane. We are marching.'

We are marching to the hill where they pour swag and swill as pigs delight in doing don't they? We will not call you that but it's pretty much where it's at and I suppose you are about to start explaining how come you work for them when you signed on for me is that a breach of contract or a faulty decree. What I see is mercenary downing to the very last penny. You say you haven't got any well then we will search you. We will feel you up and down and turn you all around cause you're in Bangkok. Their kind of Bangkok because they are banging with their cocks on your prosperity.

All kinds of dimes are trolling the seine on the river to nowhere and the levees are rising. It ain't Spain. The wind is sealing the Katrina revealing under the abutments of the Madrid Line and they are not having a fine time with the Monte Chirsto getaway on the long gone hoping for a change is gonna come when you bet on the come when you bet on the come when you bet on the come.

They say terrorists don't have money but nobody does the sick frottage better than the ones who throw you in the blender and sooner or later they will hang from their suspenders and love lies bleeding in the alley with your pension an did I mention! Are you in suspension? Then I guess it adds another demonention to the queen of England turning off the lights on Downing streets rent boy party favors for the city boys who are working on both sides of the street. They do it sideways no time off Sundays they get two Tuesdays to show their relief.

Behind the backdoors, what are you in for it is always closure and closer to the place where they dispel belief. I think you're gourgis in your distress. I know that you distress me honey. Do I get a camel to ride?

It's like lightning and I hear it thundering like a new born princess in a place to believe. I have your attention? Change your connection. You still have the time and the sisters ride free.

We are marching! Oh no we're dancing We are marching with the river to the tree of liberty.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Blind, Naked and Clueless.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(A part of the new book is now online for you to view here. The radio show should be available for download soon and I will announce it in the comments section when that happens.)

Certain people keep wanting to tell me that dealing with and getting rid of the obvious bad guys will do nothing in terms of changing things because the really bad guys, who are different from the obvious bad guys, will just use some other pinheads to do their work and that I shouldn’t be so hard on the transparently obvious bad guys who are not really bad guys but just dupes and that their definite association with every bad thing going on- all the wars and the banks and the media, publishing and you name it- is just me being deceived into thinking this is the case, when it isn’t.

Recently a certain individual, who is a member not only of this group but a citizen of the worst country on the planet, said that there is no conspiracy among his people, that’s delusion, and that all of the really vicious neo-cons that are directly and irrefutably engaged in the usual ‘protocols behavior’ are simply misguided and the inference is that they wouldn’t even be engaged in such things, except that some really bad guys whom neither he or anyone else can definitively name, have forced them against their will to be bad guys. This is so ludicrous that it makes my head spin but what really makes me dizzy is all the people, whose heads are spinning at a much higher speed than my own, are telling me that the article referenced is actually true on some particular minute point and I should ignore anything else because, after all, he is right about the newspaper, or he is right that some, tiny, hardly worth mentioning point is also true and I should ignore the glaring evidence of all the really major statements that are the elephant’s ass on which these tiny fleas are attempting to feed.

I’m a practitioner of Shiatsu and various body work, with a certain degree of awareness, manifest and intuitive about human health, according to certain Asian modalities, as well as a practitioner of certain defense techniques that have to do with deceiving your opponent concerning your response or, alternatively, using your attackers force against him; “Here, let me help you along in the direction you were headed in”. This isn’t a broad statement that implies that I am any good at these things. All it is saying is that I’ve put a lot of time into them and they influence how I see what is in front of me and how I gauge what is hidden from me, according to what is not hidden. For some freaky reason this seems to work, or it has so far.

What I am saying is that, regardless of whether these unfortunate, manipulated miscreants are clueless dupes of some arcane and unidentifiable cabal of nameless individuals, or a pathology that disguises itself as something else, or a muscular distress whose cause is not the painful right arm but actually the trapezius muscle on the other side, or the sternocleidomastoid muscle on the offended side and open to Trigger Therapy or any number of approaches, or someone who wants to throw a punch because that’s how they handle not being understood in what is clearly stated in their blood rampant coat of arms... I’ve seen it before and I’ve seen it enough times that I either have to believe what I see or accept that it’s really my lying eyes. The latter, I think, effectively makes me someone’s bitch and sexually I have no problem with that if I think it’s going to give someone a finer and more complete release (grin) but I’m opposed to it in any other scenario because it doesn’t compute and I fucking know better and even though I don’t know much, there are some things I have a passing familiarity with so just hand me that bowl of garlic, mashed potatoes and shut the fuck up; sorry about the language.

Maybe they are just innocent lambs that somehow got tricked into causing wars and economic distress that they would never, in a million years have gotten up to on their own. Maybe they aren’t obviously heading up all of these corporations, banks and every other thing that no one else gets to touch in a decision making capacity beside them. Maybe the flat out factual association of them, with this and whatever, is a blind and I am blind, or too stupid to see it but... I’m comfortable with the hope and desire that they get exiled, quarantined, hauled into the docks and sent to prison or dealt with in an even more convincing manner. Maybe I lack compassion, insight, a greater awareness of cause, application and circumstance but I’ll take it for now because, if that is the case, then we can deal with whatever else crawls out of the woodwork later to take their place.

I didn’t come here because of Karma. I came here on my own to be useful in this time. I might not be 100% at it and I probably do make mistakes from time to time. I may be hearing voices that only exist in my head but they have been very, very right so far so... I’m going to have to go with what I got, to the point that I speak to you today.

Yes, it’s a big world and room enough for all kinds of secret societies and groups that have wormholed their way into hard to get at locations. Conversely, I have studied these societies and groups for a long time and in the interim I have yet to see or have named for me any specific illuminati or high mucky mucks from more or less hidden regions. Nothing is hidden, especially now and all of them take their marching orders, no matter which society or group they belong to, from the manifest and non manifest center of darkness that is having its power shut off now. I don’t care who they are or how well they hide. Their moment of full exposure and disclosure is at hand and you will find that I am likely more compassionate that most, in respect of that but it doesn’t change the necessary needs of the rest of us to be free of them; period.

People want me to dislike everyone in seeming power everywhere because they all have to go. These are the very people who wind up sitting with Madame Dufarge in the ring side seats for Madame La Guillotine, doing needlepoint and knitting. All leaders are not bad. They are what they are by degrees. You try running a country and let’s see what you wind up doing. The people who think they know so damn much about everything are the people who have never been in a position to be faced with the hard choices.

Everyone tells themselves that if they had all that money and fame they would do things differently and since they have never been there, they don’t know the kind of power that money and fame do possess. I have a passing familiarity with that and power too and I will tell you; don’t go believing what you would do until you get there and see what effect it has on you. You will likely be surprised. Some rare individuals can handle this sort of thing because these things are not essential to what they do. However, for most people, these things are essential and that takes precedence over all of their enlightened protestations prior to their actually being there. You want real misery? Ask for these things but forget to ask for the ability to let them go at any time for the greater good and that includes your own. There’s nothing like attachment to kick your ass six ways from Sunday.

It doesn’t matter who these bad guys are or that my particular bad guys have been at it for the length of this entire age. It doesn’t matter what we plot and dream about from our stations of impotence. What matters is that it does get dealt with and it will and not by our hand, except incidentally. Spare yourself the pain of being an expert and the even more unfortunate condition of presenting yourself as one. None of us knows shit or, inversely, you can say that shit is pretty much what we do know. A greater hand than our own is attendant in the festivities about to occur. If you are called then, tally ho! “They also serve who only stand and wait”. I believe that was Milton, who wrote it when he was going blind, possibly his towering intellect was part of the problem. Stay small kiddies. Be an ant. Be smaller than small and mayhaps you will encounter the pinpoint of light that reveals itself to those who understand how blind, naked and clueless we really are.

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Color Ball by Les Visible

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Curious Nature of the Self Chosen Few.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

By this time it should be clearly apparent that the 96% Zionist controlled media lies full time and shapes the perception of events and conditions, according to its narrow agenda of ever greater co-opting and control of the world’s peoples and resources. If you don’t know this and believe them then you are co-opted and controlled, or consciously employed by them for whatever table scraps may fall from above, where they feast upon your fellows.

I must say some things today that will be unappealing to some and difficult for others. I will try to provide trends, circumstances, actions and sundry that will allow the reader to come to their own conclusions, rather than to simply declare how things look to me. I’m providing no links because I have provided the links already many times and if you can’t go and find these things on your own, through any search engine, then you are incompetent or don’t want to. In that case you are only the mulch for the fertile fields of the future. The leaves beneath us are nameless. There is no need for their recognition beyond their genus and type and that too is forgotten, in the time it takes for them to be reunited with their associates into common earth. We are seldom remembered for our capacity to acquire and consume and when we are it is due to the singular, outrageous evidence of the degree we took it to.

Hilarious Clinton laughs at the alleged death of Khadaffi. Howdy Doody, Hilarious and the rest, preened at the zombie death of Bin Laden and the sheer amount of lies in recent times are so great that it is impossible to list them. They continue apace. We have no real proof of the death of Khadaffi. Please be aware of that. It’s one thing for the Zionist media to trumpet it, for whatever gain they believe it will bring them, in their efforts to consolidate all of the world banks under their power; which is why they also want Iran but, for the alternative media to immediately begin acknowledging it as well is something else. I’m not saying he isn’t dead. I’m saying these people lie like they breathe. It’s what they do.

A black teacher in LA was fired for calling attention to Zionist control. They control the education system through their forced political correctness programs. Her firing is proof positive of this. The Zionist Israelis were behind 9/11 and that also accounts for the firing of college professors and anyone else who calls attention to this domestic terror attack on American soil by dual nationals and compromised intelligence agencies. Let’s explore some related features which I will simply state. I’m not in the mood to argue them. I don’t argue. I state. If you disagree then do the research. It is easy to come by. If you don’t do the research then reread the second paragraph.

Jewish merchants were the major players in the slave trade that brought black people in chains to The New World and other places. They later became the slum lords and business owners in the black community. They co-opted the civil rights movement and as can be seen by those running the Southern Poverty Law Center, they have created the perfect disinfo operations for the present day. The ADL was created on the back of a horrific rape/murder and the attendant vigilante justice that came after the perpetrator, Leo Frank. The facts here are easily found. Investigate or continue to pick your nose, while you watch the porn they created. They also run that industry. They almost exclusively control all alternative sex organizations. Check the board of directors for every major operation. None of this is accidental. It is intentional. Why am I bringing this up? Look at the sudden appearance of Jewish presence throughout the Occupy Wall Street movement. Look at the ludicrous creation of Jewish stupas at various locations. Even though it is their fellows who are primarily behind the corruptions of Wall Street and the big banks, they now seek to give the impression that they are the agents of change. This is known as controlled opposition. Go to any of the large alternative news gathering sites and read about the infiltration of these people into the organizational structure ad nauseum.

I realize this is probably anti-Semitic, mostly because it’s true and also because they don’t want to hear it and they don’t want you to hear it but you had better recognize it because they are doing what they always do; what they did in the civil rights organizations when they are not about civil rights. They are about personal privilege and power and exceptionalism, as the whole chosen people motif makes perfectly clear.

I have long terms friends of all colors and creeds. It is why I don’t wholesale entire peoples for the crimes of their fellows. I actually catch a lot of shit for this because there are any numbers of people who want to convince me that every single Jew is a dangerous parasite. I haven’t had that experience. Some of them at the protests are well meaning, I am sure, but others are not. They’re playing the same game they always play, seeking to control the result and direction of mass uprisings and global change for their own profit. If the facts of history, both real and distorted by them are not enough to convince you, then you are a fool.

The whole war against the Muslim people is being orchestrated by Israel and their ignorant slaves of the Christian fundamentalist movement, turned into Zio-clones, due to distortions in their holy book that twists scripture to the advantage of their deceivers. They literally control the American government and its economy through their central banks, which provided them the money to buy all of the media, publishing, entertainment and a host of other enterprises that grant them such an excessive control of the culture of the west. This is outrageously out of proportion to their numbers, which somehow increased from the beginning of WW 2 and into the aftermath. Explain that if you can. This is also easy to prove. Do so, if it interests you. They do not want their water cut off or their power compromised. Unfortunately for them this is coming. This is The Apocalypse and the grand summing up. Judgment is coming.

Nations and cultures that caught on to what they do over the centuries, often forbade them to engage in certain professions, or expelled them for good reason. They have not been picked on for no reason. They have been picked on for what they have been caught out at time after time. They cry out in pain when they strike you. They hate the Muslims because Muslim banks are not usurers. They also hate them because of their relative moral incorruptibility; this is not to say I approve of Sharia or any number of Muslim fundamentalist ignorance. I don’t. Their fundies are like any other fundies. They are fundamentally stupid; all of them. Think people!

Look at the names of nearly every neo-con. Look at how many are dual nationals. Look at the wars they have created and fought with the blood and bodies of the dupes they have used as canon fodder in the countries they have taken control of, with their manipulation of financial systems and corruptions of the political processes. It should be as plain as the nose on your face but you don’t want to say it because ‘they’ will come after you. Their power fails now. The end is nigh and we see the turmoil that attends it.

The truth protects its own so, for those few with the faith to believe this to be true, there is nothing they can do to you, especially now. Very shortly they are going to do a few things that are going to not only transform the world through temporary appearance but also seal their fate. There’s nothing accidental in the cosmos. There is only the appearance of it and... appearances lie. The fundamental delusion of existence is the belief in appearances and this goes deeper than I can effectively state. It’s possible I am saying a lot of things here that I am not saying.

Not all Masons are evil. Not all Jews belong to the Synagogue of Satan. Very few Jews are Semitic. This is the ugly irony of the blatant truth so many of us refuse to accept. The very people they are genociding, in the lands they stole, for the purpose of creating a world wide criminal empire, are the people they claim to be and are seeking to replace with themselves. This is why they make an art of distorting history, disfiguring the past, destroying artifacts and seeking to prove about themselves what is untrue entirely. These things are true of others... their victims. The truth is a lonely citadel surrounded by intricate, Byzantine lies. It is the temple of immortality. One only needs to brush away the cobwebs and climb the ancient steps. The light before you is surrounded by the darkness that you enter when you turn away from it, as most everyone has, for the purpose of death and rebirth, only to return again to the agonizing search because that is all there is of lasting value to the entirety and eternity of life.

End Transmission.......

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Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

Monday, October 17, 2011

In the Mosh Pit with the Black Pots and Kettles.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Apologies for not being around for a few days; temporarily under the weather.

This is stacking up with brimming potential to be one of those memorable weeks where just about anything can happen. On the high end, false flag quadrant, the Israeli controlled western powers are wagging the dog and swinging dead cats all over the place. They want to see dead people and hopefully a lot of them in Iran. They’ve had their way so far with all the other wars so... if something is going to stop them it will have to be something different than the forces, people and things that didn’t stop them all the other times.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has gone viral and epidemic all over the world and the ranks keep swelling. Something has to give, overreact or break through soon enough.

People are being arrested for wanting to close their accounts at the large banks. There are several views about how this has been allowed to happen. Some say they entered the bank as protestors and that gave the usual, quasi legitimacy to temporal overreaction. What someone needs to tell these people is that they can just do online transfers of their savings and whatnot to whatever the next bank holding their money will be. If they want this activity made public they can simply announce a day when everyone does it; or a week, or a month. Whatever it takes to bring down the big banks and force legal action against Wall Street has to be done and relentlessly pursued until it is accomplished. Lloyd Blankfein and his friends need to be brought to trial, sent to prison or marooned on a rock somewhere with a few hundred pounds of Garbanzo beans, with fire making capacities and pot with some water.

Eric Holder of Fucked and Furious fame is panhandling for privacy at the corner of Shit and Go Blind, which we visited the other day. People as corrupt as or possibly even more corrupt than he is, such as Shabbos Goy, Darrel Issa, are lining up to take shots at the morally bankrupt, microcephalic attorney general. It looks like a mosh pit full of black pots and kettles. Cue Ozzy Osborne or Marilyn Manson; ‘together like you’ve never seen them before’?

♫Something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give♫

The usual politically correct nonsense is rearing its troglodyte profile above the once normal and now bent out of recognition societies and cultures of the moment. All formerly celebrated holidays are presently suspect and being plowed under for the pleasure of those who don’t believe in anything but their narrow little agendas of social control. Shake any one of the trees close to any of this action and half a dozen Zionistas will fall out of the branches. As Press TV accurately stated, you can have a gay sex channel in the UK but you can’t have a free and open media and that is no surprise given who controls 96% of it.

Political correctness is the bastard stepchild of the communist manifesto. The intent is to give the appearance of leveling the playing field so that everyone’s needs, even if it’s just those two guys standing in the corner dreaming of sheep, are recognized and put on an even footing with ten million other people dreaming of each other. Of course it has nothing to do with any of this but is just more ‘divide and conquer’, where the people enforcing these things, gain a power out of all proportion to the relevance of their right to enforce these things.

The breakdown of the whole infrastructure and its financial and moral underpinnings is absolutely calculated by the usual suspects who have been misjudged and impugned by history (until it got revised and rewritten) and let’s all take a nanosecond of time to commiserate with them before they go right back to their constant practice of seeking to impoverish and enslave the rest of us.

Well, one way or another, the whole thing is coming down and the real impetus behind all of it, regardless of how it may appear, is the cosmos using everyone good, bad and indifferent to bring about necessary change and whatever amount of suffering is required to make whatever points are the point of the whole exercise to begin with.

Yes, my friend, the symphony is being conducted from off stage and it really doesn’t matter who appears to be standing front and center. They aren’t doing anything that isn’t being allowed and directed for the purpose of demonstration. Totally compromised, psychopathic parrots like Hillary Clinton are just going through the motions and generally clueless concerning the real and final result of their speech and actions.

The wide range of accurate information in the minds of the Occupy Wall Street ‘rank and file’ is amazing. They’ve got a really good idea of what has been happening and is happening. All of this makes its way into the human consciousness from unknown locations and suddenly everyone knows it.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here between God and the Devil to make sure it’s all on the level... or something to that effect. Poetic license can be problematic when it comes to reality but then so can everything else that falls short of it and that pretty much means everything else.

It doesn’t matter what you call the whole process or to whom you attribute the power to bring it to the term of its course. It doesn’t matter if you think the bad guys finally messed everything up so that the mathematical certainty of evil destroying itself has finally arrived at the dénouement. It doesn’t matter if you believe it’s all under the control of a mysterious and indefinable consciousness. It doesn’t matter if you think the moon is made out of green cheese. What matters is that it is happening in front of you and inside of you and somehow, someway, it is taking place. That’s the critical focus (or should be) of the whole shebang.

I’m not any kind of gifted prognosticator but I would have to say that, irrespective of that, these next few weeks look like any given day some event will be enough to change this world beyond all expectation. It’s going to result in different things in different places, just as the alterations in consciousness are going to be radically different for different people depending on what has been in their head to begin with. This is Monday morning talking. I’ll be real interested to see what Thursday morning has to say, or next Monday for that matter.

Everything at every level is being affected so there’s no way to predict what might be the result of all of that. Anything, even of great magnitude, can now happen in a few minutes, an hour and a day. Hopefully (as I believe it to be true) everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration and we simply need to acknowledge that and proceed with an awareness of it. The idea that this is all blind chaos that somehow came to this moment through some sequence of empirically understood evolution is a frightening thought.

In any case, you are where you are as what you are. You’re the sum total of whatever you got up to that somehow made its way across the possibilities of the map of your existence to the location you find yourself in now, physically and consciousness wise. If you’re not happy with that, change it. That potential is also operating under the same rules of a few minutes, an hour, a day and so on, depending on what is required to get you in gear. Some can change. Some can’t change and some will be compelled to change. Good luck with how that applies to you. Alright then, stop, look and listen. The train is coming down the tracks and something also appears to be going on center stage. Don’t get confused about where you should be standing with both the performance and the train in operation at this time.

End Transmission.......

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Color Ball by Les Visible

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Transparent Lies from the Division of Dumb and Dumber

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, we knew the day was coming. We knew it was a matter of time and it would probably happen in October a few days, a week, ten days before Palestine went to the UN and laid claim to a small portion of what had always been theirs, until the false nation of Israel stole it in order to set up a criminal enterprise that now has a large part of the world on the brink of; who knows what? Doubt the reality of that? Then reality isn’t a familiar resident in whatever world you have convinced yourself is real.

So now, the incredibly corrupt, Eric Holder of Fast and Furious Fame; a division of Dumb and Dumber has come up with a bad network TV shitcom plot of a fabricated event, that actually took place in June, though it probably didn’t even happen then. Oh, let’s go out on a limb and say that none of what’s reported really happened but that whatever happened was constructed by Holder’s neo-con Israeli masters, who pretty much control what remains of the so-called American government, as well as the American economy and that can be seen in the stupendous and outrageous wealth consolidated in the holdings of this small minority of dual nationals in the occupied American territories. Of course, that statement is anti-Semitic due to its being true.

Of course, the Israelis had to throw in a fantasy assault on Saudi Arabia because Israel wants that airspace open when they go to attack the Iranians, as one more expression in the expansion of their psychopathic, hegemonic interests in the Middle East which, as far as they are concerned, belongs entirely to them. Iran has no nuclear weapons program and Iran is not at war with her neighbors, while both of these things apply entirely to Israel, to the exclusion of just about everyone else around.

It’s desperation time in the US because a small contingent of Satanic greedheads have destroyed the American infrastructure, from manufacturing to the small business industry, while also looting the wealth of the American public AND plunging the country into a series of gratuitous wars, for the economic gain of bankers and merchants of war material. They don’t give a shit and they think you are too stupid to get it and too weak and confused to do anything about it. Every one of the participants should be indicted, hauled into court and then sent packing to some iron bar resort for a long, long time, or in some cases, convicted of capital crimes. Unfortunately, the judiciary of the United States is also owned by the same people doing all this malicious mischief.

These soulless husks celebrate their depravity, as they preen and posture in their contempt of you. I don’t know what you’re going to do about it. I don’t know how bad it has to get before you do something about it. Eric Holder is not the only full time employee of Dumb and Dumber. He’s got all kinds of company. It’s hard to imagine what kind of stupidity one has to come into the possession of in order to believe the transparent lies and clumsy gymnastics, of the ones who manipulate and shear them like the complacent and unresisting sheep that they are. I can’t measure it. I don’t understand it. It is beyond me.

There’s no need for me to link any of the information I am talking about today because it’s all over the media, which is also owned by the same people that own everything else. The other side of the story is available in the alternative media that most of you visit every day. So bogus and transparent are the lies being told that they are already hedging their bets by actually using the word ‘alleged’. That won’t likely make any difference because so far, the massive lumbering body of the blind lemming Schmoos is mindlessly marching to the beat of a spastic, dissonant drummer.

Within the course of one generation, the people of The West have been reduced to occasionally ambulatory feeding machines, addicted to the darkness of infantile, perfunctory porn and fevered dreams of the nubile forms of their vacuous hypnotized offspring. They eat things that are composed of genetically altered ingredients that are bonded together and combined with chemicals that are often illegal for general use. They saw it on TV and it doesn’t take patience or a brain to prepare it. It’s quick and it hits the various trigger points of their dysfunctional taste buds.

It’s no wonder that the predators that put them in this situation can laugh at them and motivate their private police forces to abuse and intimidate them. It’s no wonder that one foolish law follows another and that one more excessive tax after another is applied to chain them ever more tightly in a web of perpetual confinement and increasing desperation. When they look for the reasons for their distress they see each other, or whatever temporary puppet from a party other than the one they support which ripped them off last time. One can only stand apart in awe, trying to imagine how much it will take to wake them up. It all comes down to degrees of trauma and my sensation is that the universe will provide that where it applies.

Today, tens of thousands of people, a small minority, are marching in cities around the world, demanding change. The same insidious forces that caused the dramas they are protesting against are seeking to compromise and redirect their attention. Important shills are stepping forth to declare their support for these people. These are some of the shills who have enabled the terrible spectacle of the collapse and disfigurement of cultures here, there and everywhere. Materialism is a cancer that eventually consumes the worshipper. It pulls them down into a hot compressed darkness of unrestrained desire that burns the host into a shell from the inside out.

Some numbers of us have been saying these things for a long time and seeking to live in some fashion outside of it for much longer, before the internet gave us a platform for speech. Most of us had no platform or only a small stage, because we were denied a medium for expression. That’s all changed somewhat now but limitations remain. The reason for that is that most people still do not want to hear what needs to be said and continue to believe that the world that whips their asses from dawn to dusk is giving them the real deal, while it buggers them senseless. What it’s going to take and how long it’s going to take is a continuing mystery and on it goes.

The bottom line is that a small group of scoundrels, for whom no crime is out of bounds, have taken control over every facet of public life, including the religions, where mind numbing nonsense, in support of the same interests of the same small group, comes to the same result. The tide slowly turns, to what end we have yet to see. Surely much greater transformations, upheavals and transitions wait ahead.

My heart goes out to everyone caught incarnate in these unpredictable times. We can only hope that the forces of evil, discussed in this post, will do what they always do and destroy themselves, whether they accomplish it by their own hands or whether it is carried out by the reactions of another force. Whatever I can do to assist in that is on call throughout the duration. I’m confident of a positive outcome, regardless of what dark roads must be traveled to that end. May providence reward our initiative and endurance.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Condo Dwelling in Perpetual Hamster City.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Most of us are familiar with the term, ‘Satanist’. We might think we had some idea of what the term meant. However, if we were asked to define it we would more likely come up with a list of behaviors instead of the core principle. What Satanism is is the recognition and celebration of the individual will and the free exercise of any and all passions as a right that is taken, regardless of any resistance or sense of violation on the part of anyone they are being expressed upon. I purposely didn’t go to any of the web sites where I might run into any official definitions, anticipating if anyone does; it will still come out to be, more or less, something compatible with what I just said. One might add that practicing and committed Satanists are those who do evil for the sheer enjoyment of it. That’s simpler and more compact but not comprehensive because in some cases, the evil performed is more of an expedient necessity than it is a motive.

Back in the 60’s there was an Army major who worked for MKUltra. I can’t remember his name now (visible in his dotage?) and he was a known Satanist. Anton Szanador LaVey founded The First Church of Satan in San Francisco around the same time. What was being expressed in the hearts and minds of that small collective known as ‘hippies’ was only one philosophical construct that came out of the period. I have certain memories of San Francisco, although I didn’t spend a lot of time there. The California side of the equation always struck me as airhead central; forgive me if I have offended any long term residents who resonate with the landscape. I don’t mean to give the impression that there is any contempt or judgment taking place here. It’s just how it struck me.

I remember a protest march in S.F. where I saw a couple of cops beating a pregnant woman with nightsticks. I remember walking past Buona Vista park and getting a sense of danger in the darkness. I remember being very, very high on acid, sitting in a stairwell in an apartment on Folsom St. with a friend who was having trouble, because this was some very strong shit, although it wasn’t on a par with the orange and blue STP that was around for a brief time and was manufactured somewhere in the bay area. I took it once and tripped at the intensity of authentic Owsley White Light for 3 days and peaked for at least ten hours. Anyway, I was sitting in the stairwell when a door opened on the landing above and shortly after, 3 young ladies and a boy came down all witched up on their way to wherever and I could hear the sound of rattlesnakes all around them as they passed. I also ran into Charlie Manson in S.F. You could call that a hostile encounter.

I think that was a sufficient digression. Whatever may have been taking place during that period, which got identified as peace and love, was not the only emergent thing. Human nature is capable of all sorts of things. Eventually whatever you wind up with has everything to do with whether you are all about self interest or more at home serving and enjoying the greater good; should that oft referenced and seldom seen condition ever actually appear. I remember the genuine presence of something fine and noble in the full time residents of that temporary culture. I remember that ten times that number would swell the ranks every weekend and that speaks volumes about all sorts of things. I remember how real and vital it all was to me. After these many years, it stands out as one of the brief moments in which I was able to interact with what I held in a higher regard than all the rest of the repetitious, bullshit redundancies that are the usual order of the day. I remember returning around 18 months later to a war zone, where everything formerly familiar had departed. It was all about heroin and speed, with the occasional souls squatting in doorways in hope of Ginsberg’s ‘angry fix’ (I met him also a couple of times and didn’t like him very much, probably because he really, really didn’t like me). I found out years later that it was the work of the CIA, which railroaded all that was bright and beautiful, back into the stock pens of Perpetual Hamster City. For quite some time I was unaware of the details attending the hijacking and rape of that free bird period of the human heart and all of the difficulties that the human heart presents for the forces who feed off of the violation of it.

There is a lot of dark and sinister activity in the dark and sinister world, which we occupy. That dark and sinister state has been gang-fucked into our situations for pretty much all of the centuries since they got around to recording and revising all of the histories that supposedly came before the moment in which we find ourselves today. I suppose that is a justifiable precedence for believing in cabals and overlords who exercise a firm hand of control over all of our affairs and... I’m not saying they don’t, at least as far as it goes for those of you who submit to them.

It’s understandable that some of you think the occupy Wall Street movement is just another controlled expression by the usual suspects, whose intent is to destroy our hope and kill our initiative. Because most people don’t look deeply into things, it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that Masonry is the be all, end all and chief villain behind all of our torments and difficulties without grasping that it’s more about the tenor and darkness of the times that it gets expressed in than it is about any enduring resident evil. Since I know I’m going to hear about it and get cursed out as an apologist or even an employee of this organization, let me say with a deserved exhaustion that I’ve got nothing to do with those people and don’t belong to anything or get paid by anyone and really don’t care about the possibility of that happening down the road. I made my choice of service and allegiance some time ago and that’s not ever, ever going to change, ever.

Unlike a whole lot of other people who, for some reason, are so confident and convinced of their own possession of the truth and all that attends it, I don’t know and I have no trouble admitting it. I can only speak to what I’ve noticed along the way and that is that it’s never entirely this or that and possibly neither one. I also note that if all power seen and unseen were actually in the hands of whichever world controlling apparatus there may or may not be, I wouldn’t be here, not that they didn’t visit some portion of that on me over time. If these so called elites actually did run everything up and down the ladder of influence and control we would be a lot more screwed than we are.

I don’t really concern myself with what people believe or how they arrived at that. The large majority of the population generally comes to believe what supports the opinions they have already formed and are not usually open to principles and perspectives that challenge their disingenuous explanations for the usual indulgences of self interest; not forgetting what I already said about that. Most of the people who make up the world audience and most of the people that milk it, are all recognizable neighbors in the enduring collective deceit that finds its voice and fealty in survival instincts, their sexual organs and their stomachs. You’ll just make yourself depressed and unfulfilled by expecting anything more.

I’ve heard it said that even if it happens at the hands of a total degenerate, sanctimonious hypocrite, you can still have a real and lasting spiritual experience depending on the level of your faith and conviction. Most things aren’t what they seem and your destinies and dependencies are not necessarily as hard wired as you think they are, given that you have any idea of what is or isn’t so in the first place.

I could be wrong about some of the conclusions I have come to over the course of whatever course brought me to this composite moment. Given that, it’s my considered belief that all power emerges from one place and is only on loan for periods of time to effect events and conditions for the purpose of demonstration. The idea of secret cabals of twisted individuals that run everything is about as real as the degree of your faith in that supposition. This is not to say that a consortium of bankers, political whores and all the rest of them are not continuously busy stealing everything that isn’t nailed down and coming back with crowbars for the rest. This is about perception and position relative to your degree of confinement and servitude. Most people get what they deserve for being lazy, paranoid and cheap. Most people convinced themselves of something and wind up the victim of it down the road. Most people have no problem adjusting the facts to suit their preferences, or justifying their actions through some form of self deception about what they were really up to.

Of course there is some amount of controlled opposition going on with the Wall Street movement. Of course there are elements within the Masonic orders and every other group that’s engaged in the manipulation of human affairs. Of course this is the terra firma of the prince of the air and all things are skewed toward the corruption and destruction of all of the better possibilities of our nature but that’s not the whole story. You’re not as defenseless and screwed as you might imagine based on surface appearances. Your biggest problem is not these self serving psychopaths in high places. Your biggest problem is yourself and the weaknesses and appetites you rationalize and engage in, while professing to be otherwise. No external force or personage has any more power over you than what you provide by making yourself available to it through the usual conceits and weaknesses of your unformed and unexamined being.

These times are like no other times. The usual terms and traditions are no longer preeminent as they once appeared to be. The very nature of their oppressive behaviors and intentions is proof positive that they are losing their grip on the hearts and minds of their subjects and victims. The critical concern is that any of you might see the possibility of the moment and seize upon it, rather than allowing it to become just one more missed opportunity in the cycling recurrence of lifetimes so employed. What you may or may not do is not my affair, that is your concern, or otherwise, it just wasn’t that important and you may repent at your leisure.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is Hang a Banker Day coming to a Theater near You?

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Watch it happen in front of your eyes. The Occupy Wall Street phenom is going viral, diversifying like a stock portfolio and popping up all over the US and in other countries as well. Look at the media not covering it. Look at the media giving out false information concerning the motivation, even to the extent of saying the protestors are protesting against people making 40 to 50 thousand dollars a year, as well as global warming. Understand that the media is owned and operated by the same people who operate at and influence Wall Street. Look at the important names that are appearing in the mix and the American Marines showing up on behalf of the protest as well. In its genesis and presentations, it is about as authentic and threatening to go nova as it can get. This is the real deal.

The traders and bankers are celebrating their imagined invulnerability. In the delusion of their fevered hubris, they are drinking champagne and talking about pouring it on the protestors, in emulation of the bankers and traders at The City of London, who waved banknotes out of their windows as they jeered the protestors. Does this look like they may and should have their heads chopped off and put on display? Does this give you the impression that Hang a Banker Day might be coming to a neighborhood near you soon? This is not an argument in favor or against this. This is an observation of the anger of the vast majority coming up against the defiance, indifference and ridicule of the minority of those causing the conditions for the anger in the first place.

None of those responsible for, the all too quick emergence of difficult conditions for the world at large, have been charged or brought to trial for their crimes, yet. Meanwhile, Americans and others, continue to be herded into for profit prisons, for feeding their heads, at the command of alcoholic lawmakers, who also legitimize and profit from the illegal drug industry in the first place. They are making it illegal for the people to grow their own food. They are arresting children who are selling lemonade. They are permitting sex change operations for pre-pubescent children. They are selling automatic weapons to Mexican drug lords, who are dumping heads and bodies in the public thoroughfare. They are out of their freaking minds and they are going down. Lloyd Blankfein and Steven Schwartzman are going down, sooner or later. Will the Federal Reserve, J.P. Morgan and The Rothschilds follow? We can only watch and wait and hope to see it.

Ah, my friends. We are on the brink. Nothing is going the way of TPTW, even though they are engineering so much of it as it goes. There is no motivation on the part of those who created this mess, to fix it to the advantage of those, who are coming to get them. As a result, the process in progress can only get worse and as it gets worse the noose will tighten, the pitchforks will rattle and the flaming brands will light the way to the castle gates.

There can only be some immense and horrible act, on the part of TPTW, looming on the event horizon. They can try to toss some of the members of their cabal to the crowd, as a peace offering but they cannot fix the conditions that have brought them to this pass, because that is not how they operate. The dynamics of the arriving age demand a complete house cleaning and no matter where they run to hide, the conditions they have set in place exist among the residents of the locales they seek to flee to.

The ironic landing of the marines on the other side of the fence indicates an awakening in the ranks of the military, which presently exists to serve and defend their interests, which operate contrary to the interests of military personnel and their families. Their treatment of the military and their sacrifice of the military to the machinations of bankers are becoming known to the rank and file. The suicides and the atrocities, as well as the gay agenda, are killing morale all through the services. The one thing that military personnel expect is respect and acknowledgement of their efforts. The one thing they do not desire or expect is to die for the wrong reasons and to be treated like shit on their return.

How long will it be before the domestic police tire of what they are being asked to do; given their own suffering in terms of the economy in their own lives? How long can they continue to live with the bad publicity of the behavior of some of the members in their ranks?

On the natural, terrestrial level, Nature is aroused and sending strange armies of ants into the living spaces, as well as all manners of ground trembling, along with fire and rain upon the landscape.

In the governments, the lawmakers wonder, as they bend the knee to Israel at every turn. Meanwhile, the world turns its sympathy and their backs away from Israel. It is a ‘consummation devoutly to be wished’ that this accelerates and the groundswell of Israeli residents also rises up again the powers in place. The time frame shrinks incrementally between now and the last decanate of October, as it comes upon the doorstep of the winter of our extreme discontent; to paraphrase The Bard, who I just quoted already a moment before.

What a wild time is rocking the house and promising to swell its ranks by the day. How many millions in distress are about to wake up and join the party? The basic principle of The Apocalypse insists upon the awakening and the awakening is coming to each of us, in its own way, depending on what we are engaged in or suffering from. Kiss my ass and call me Cupid. Heh, heh, now that’s a strange something to say; probably should be a bumper sticker (grin). What storeroom hamper of bon mots did I get that one out of? Thank god for the internet and all those newsgathering websites that brings the information to our minds, so that we can be proactively involved in the truth of the thing in the first place.

You can get your red string Kabala wrist ornaments and Banker rope on special at Target all this week. Come on down! There’s a blue light special going on, up in the ass of this K-mart store closing culture, of the great American wet dream that’s been ridden hard and put away wet, under those paint rags in the basement. Come on down! Come on down to the burial ground of the rainmakers. Come on down to the cheap seats in the back of the theater and, keep in mind, that makes you the first people in a position to leave. Remember if you are poor and don’t have very much that you are the people least likely to be inconvenienced, given how inconvenienced you already are.

Readers have been quoting one of my favorite all time authors to me on a regular basis lately, giving me those excerpts from Gandalf and company about how no one wants to live in the times when the shadow has come into power on the land and how we have to rise to the call. I don’t consider the appearance of the tales of the Lord of the Rings to be any kind of a coincidence for the world we find ourselves having to live in. The parallels are spot on. Pull up a chair, or pick up a marching sign or standard, whatever it is you are called upon to do and let us meet at the river, once the dust has settled and gone.

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