Friday, October 28, 2011

Marching to the River on the Tree of Liberty

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I'm not going to edit this. I need some down time.

When the corporation police shot the veteran in Oakland, I saw my Fort Sumter moment. When I said they let the barbarians through the gates, I was talking about all the soldiers coming back from the neo-con wars. The use of the word 'barbarian' is a metaphor, or an analogy, because they are not barbarians, they are we. The not so few, the brave and the awakening dread of the American Marching Band but they are more the universal soldier, double twisted into what they didn't want to run into. Sooner or later the off duty cops are going to be buying drinks at the American Legion.

The Vodaphone union is going down one street and running into The OWS at the other and it is all coming back on the bankers. It is all coming back on the money men who fuel BP - Monsanto, Rio Tinto and United Fruit. Can I get a witness! We have the address. We have the mass rage, let's pop the ramparts and hit the main stage. Move over congress or you can bend over a Page on the rail at the gallery watching and listening.

We got welfare mothers and unknown lovers who made them that way because they had the back streets for their bedsheets and now they're on two feet coming up on Wall Street. Can you hear me. Can you hear me. We are marching. Marching revolution. We are moving. Move on over we'll see you in the rubbish seats when they tan the leather for the seating chairs of the new world order.

Can I get a witness!!!

They went to Oakland the high rise brokeland with an open hand and the cannistered the marine. It was a drop shot from a corporate cop. Is that all you got. Is that all you got.

We gonna take the Washington monument away from the government and stick it in the Martha Washington monument a five trillion deep penetration hole of Halloween debt made up by vampires and werewolves who ripped it and sucked at it and we have the evidence. We have the evidence. We have the evidence. Yes we do.

We are a marching band of everyone at hand across the global land where Zioniza put its kosher flaming brand on all the cattle on the land and they make it with the dead sea salt children. They make it with the dead sea salt. Baby it ain't your fault. Just blame it on the Palestinians. Blame the Palestinian people of the book. You thinking god is dead wake up you sleepy head . We are marching and god is you cause we are god.

We are the real police. We are the people. We are the real police. We are the people. Better run and hide, Mr. Noahide because I've seen your eyes and they are lying. They are lying. All aboard the Armageddon train. No we are not insane. We are marching.'

We are marching to the hill where they pour swag and swill as pigs delight in doing don't they? We will not call you that but it's pretty much where it's at and I suppose you are about to start explaining how come you work for them when you signed on for me is that a breach of contract or a faulty decree. What I see is mercenary downing to the very last penny. You say you haven't got any well then we will search you. We will feel you up and down and turn you all around cause you're in Bangkok. Their kind of Bangkok because they are banging with their cocks on your prosperity.

All kinds of dimes are trolling the seine on the river to nowhere and the levees are rising. It ain't Spain. The wind is sealing the Katrina revealing under the abutments of the Madrid Line and they are not having a fine time with the Monte Chirsto getaway on the long gone hoping for a change is gonna come when you bet on the come when you bet on the come when you bet on the come.

They say terrorists don't have money but nobody does the sick frottage better than the ones who throw you in the blender and sooner or later they will hang from their suspenders and love lies bleeding in the alley with your pension an did I mention! Are you in suspension? Then I guess it adds another demonention to the queen of England turning off the lights on Downing streets rent boy party favors for the city boys who are working on both sides of the street. They do it sideways no time off Sundays they get two Tuesdays to show their relief.

Behind the backdoors, what are you in for it is always closure and closer to the place where they dispel belief. I think you're gourgis in your distress. I know that you distress me honey. Do I get a camel to ride?

It's like lightning and I hear it thundering like a new born princess in a place to believe. I have your attention? Change your connection. You still have the time and the sisters ride free.

We are marching! Oh no we're dancing We are marching with the river to the tree of liberty.

Patrick Willis narrates:

Visible sings:


Robin Redbreast said...

Oh les
You spoil us!
Do we deserve it?
You bet your ass
We all do!
Divine father- god bless us all
Have a peaceful evening all
Live love and peace

katz said...

This is so good. You really are so extremely talented. No need to edit.

BTW, Godspeed to recovery for your friend. I am praying for her recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les, just a heads up, something wrong with the video link at the top of today's blog...

Pete said...

I for one have a lot of gratitude to TPTW for waking so many people up. Its like the saying that when you go to hell the only one who can help you is the devil. Well, I say thanks Satan for helping me to see just much existence can be a dream from hell when we are deluded by the material phantasmagoria that is this dimension. I have viscerally learned that the allurements of this world are a veritable mountain of feces. The walking stick of Mr. A is rockin and rollin. Could TPTW make any more public relations mistakes than they already have. The answer is yes, because the force of Mr. A is forcing them too.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Les... breathtakingly awesome...a revolutionary anthem!

Alpha Silex said...

6.9 in Peru. The psychic doorways are reopening. Let FREEDOM and TRUTH ring throughout all and within!

Franz said...


Right. I was in the Navy when the "four dead in Ohio" thing came up, and even seasoned service guys got pissed off. How is it you can't even Publicly Assemble without getting shot, they asked? They knew the laws they were supposed to be defending.

I don't even want to imagine what the troops are saying about this but it don't take much imagination anyway. Just like after Kent State, IS THAT WHAT I'M GOING HOME TO?

Up till now the US might have gotten out of its current tailspin. Can't imagine that now.

PSO said...

I guess I've been paying attention these last 5 years during my waking moments and the research when available. How do I know this?
Because I actually understood every word, nuance, meaning, metaphor, story, inference and spiritual punch that the Les wrote down.

Anonymous said...

That my friend is a number one hit. Strike up the band and record this as soon as possible.
Rob S.

Anonymous said...

Outta the park Les - you hit that sucker right ouuta the park this time brother! YeeeHAAA!!!!

- Nu Yawk Frankie

neal said...

I was there, at Kent State. Homeless ever since, it must be nice to be somewhere else, with sensible answers to the thing itself.

War, what is it good for, those that survived don't speak about it, ever, only metaphor, you would not believe the reality of it.

Well, these metaphors are becoming visceral, like dead babies, and mothers, and blood running over it all. Always have been, just different ratios of those who reflect on that, and those who wander through it, and get everything dirty in the process.

All of this machinery that allows you to be somewhat removed, is the very thing that is killing my relatives, and that is the truth, whether that is handled now, or before.

We started out yelling, now no one can hear what is left, except for the only thing left paying proper attention. And there is never a name for that, only the One left, when it gets quiet everywhere.

Some are marching to whatever higher orders are still being broadcast. Some remain, no matter what, it does matter. The rest, well, we will SEE.

A little bit of shit, or fertilizer, well, that's just creation, or a bomb, up to someone else.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les Visible! (Excellent even without the edit)

Apocalypse upon them all

October 28, 2011: Top official, Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - arrested, charged with child molestation and bestiality.

also charged Lindsey's boyfriend, Thomas Joseph Westerman, 42, ...

accused of 'immoral and indecent' sexual acts involving a 6-year-old

... Lindsey 'did unlawfully perform or submit to any sexual act with an animal.'"

Anonymous said...

October, 28 2011; Chosenite Khazar found guilty of organ trafficking

"NY organ trafficker admits buying kidneys in Israel for $10,000... and selling them in U.S. for $120,000; First U.S. conviction for organ trafficking"

amarynth said...


Anonymous said...

loved it! over and out

DaveS said...

Rhymin' Vis you da' man!

Nice rant... and then some.


Anonymous said...

Hey this is your first one I am going to go back and read again (not because of the editing ha, sorry couldn't resist)...

Even though you wrote the clueless and naked post at me, presumably, I did appreciate the apology. I retrun an offer of apology for occasionally making false presumptions of you and/or others. For one thing, I did not know you were older, and that changes some opinions. Of course you dont sound old at all, and thats only a matter of opinion anyway. I congratulate you for being able to not go nuts with all this. Or at least permanently!

I said I wassn't going to leave any more comments as they tend to get taken the wrong way but thanks for this powerful writing and for doing what you do. I don't agree with some of your "religious" (re: metaphysics interpretations) although without sending people to read people like Hall and Bailey I'd like to hear more. I dont mean to pick an argument with that but there is a massive amount of people I dont trust and anything connected to \/G\/ (does that even look like anything?) especially. We have more in common than you think or at least I sometimes assume. I guess at times each of us have a problem of not keeping an open enough mind on something that an emotional trauma of the past has seered a permanent "perspective" on. I was told once I was a paladin and I hope thats true because maybe that means my combative and sometimes bestial interactions with others might be forgiven some day. So anyway I thought I'd leave a positive comment for once instead of being an abrasive nincomepoop hahaha (is that a word? from your era? jk. I didnt think you could possibly be more than ten years older than me until recently and even though you wrote of all rap and "bitchez and hoez" and hey if the shoe fits? They took it asway...when I think of the potential of rap I think "What would you do?" by Paris. Your boy Rivero even posted it. The accompanying video is um convincing. Its just a form of music that they now are hijacking in which words and any type of musical beat in the background. You could compose something really rhythmic or orchestral and the poetry of lyrics with music, even spoken or "rapped" can be as powerful music as any form. Unless you are into trance stuff :P )
Probably too long of a comment. Peace.

Anonymous said...

-Stickman sez

Occupy Oakland and the serious wounding of Marine Corps veteran Scott Olsen, a two-tour vet of the Iraq invasion could be that Fort Sumter moment all right. It could just be that the Oakland cop who fired the teargas grenade that hit Olsen on the head, giving him a serious concussion and rendered him unconscious and hospitalized in serious condition may have been the tipping point for the Occupy movement.

You see there is something about Marines. They have been called Leathernecks, gyrenes, devil dogs and many other epithets for good reasons. They happen to be some of the most highly trained killers on the planet. They also happen to be some of the closest of all military comrades. Their motto is "Semper Fi" ~ always faithful ~ and their dedication is third to the Constitution, second to the Corps and first to their buddies.

Read a blog by another Marine Corps veteran earlier today. "Why did you do this to my Brother" headed his statement. He also ran a photo of himself, shaven head, lip and ear piercings, eyes that read of anger, determination, sorrow and something very hard and adamantine implacable. Bit teared up in one of his eyes. Powwwerful photo.

Hundreds of comments appended to the blog, many of them from both active and inactive members of the Corps. Funny thing about Marines: They never abandon the body of a slain buddy on the battlefield. When it comes to watching out for each other, the Marines are more sticky than the Tribe.

Blog has gone viral. Thousands have read it in less than 24 hours. Ironic situation. Since long before even General Smedley Butler's "War is a Racket", the U.S Marine Corps has been the bully boys for the racketeers who run this country. Somebody bothers Wall Street and their Prostiticians in Washington and their media whores and if the bother is big enough the call is "send in the Marines".

"Devil Dogs" is a good appellation for the Corps. That bunch of trained killers remind me of nothing so much more than a unit made up of pit bulls, dobermans, german shepherds and Rottweilers. They have been well known for obedience to their masters.

But you fkkk with a Marine, treat him like a piece of garbage, disrespect him and then wound him grievously out on the streets of an American city when he is peacefully protesting under the banner of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America...When you do that you have just pissed off one helluva lot of Marines.

Fort Sumter moment. Tipping Point. As of the moment the Oakland cops did it unto Scott Olsen, the Rothschild empire has transmuted their own trained killers into a force on which they can no longer rely. They have created their own worst nightmare.

Sooke said...

Can anyone offer some insight into David Wilcock (

The guy seems like a complete shill to me.

He suggests the hand of the divine with how his book came out at the same time the DC earthquake happened and get this: "...coincided with the overthrow of the longest officially-recognized dictatorship on Earth..."

He's talking about Libya and Gadaffi. I was pissed and left a post but they wouldn't publish.

I appreciate this place more and more every day as a final refuge of truth.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les,


Let it be so.


SummerRain said...

I concur....don't edit a thing!

Remember though, these are poor kids, but the children of rich kids.

missingarib said...

les, as Elmer FUD says to the rabbit be werry werry quiet -the magician slash hypnotist is telling us you are getting speechless ,you are getting very speechless --I am getting speechless it feels like someone is whispering to us

I don't know when i see the goings on whether I hear the sound of the circus or some other sound that sounds like the circus?
regards missingarib

Anonymous said...

BAM! The sound of copper!

Kray Z8 said...

Amen, brother, AMEN! I swear I could hear the sisters singin' in the choir as I was reading it. Plenty of smoke in the SM sermon this time:D} The truth shall set us all free. Keep the thunder rollin', if you please.

Stickman, you pretty much nailed it concerning the Jarheads; I can only add that there's no such thing as an 'ex-Marine', so it's ripples in a bigger pond than many may realize.

There certainly seems to be an event horizon sort of flavor to the flow right now, for sure. Maybe Carl Calleman is on to something, I don't know.

One thing I do know is it's a pure and simple blessing to read your work, Les, and the insights of the Friends, as well. Stay well All, and keep on howlin'.

Peace, Love, Lucidity,


MachtNichts said...

The Marines ... what is their mystic appeal to people's minds? My cousin was one, back in the day I dated one (or two), my home town thrived on them. Stickman gives a powerful picture of them. Why are they different from say, the Air Force or the Ground Troops? They are soldiers.
I have to concur with Paul Bondarovski and I partially quote:
"If your son is a soldier, then you have no son ... if your mother is a soldier, then you are a motherless child ...
Humans have millions of choices, soldiers have only two: to kill or to die. A living soldier is a killing one. Even if he doesn't realize it, he is always ready to kill. It's his raison d'etre."
And Jack London, Nov. 1915: "The lowest aim in your life is to become a soldier."
I gave these words to a young friend of mine who voluntarily joined the Canadian Forces and went on a 7-month 'tour' of Afghanistan last year, with the stipulation not to get mad at me. Well, he returned, never to go back, but he doesn't like me anymore. Tough titty. Marching? To what tune? Peace, Silvia
wv: selilish: deli dish or selfish?

Robin Redbreast said...

Hi All:
The best OWS video yet - exposing TPTB's hypocrisy as they praise the deomcracy uprising in the Arab Spring and speak against the iron fist that was used against the protestors - as Obamamamama and Hilarious etc talk - footage is shown of the crackdown on the OWS et al protestors. One rule for one....
Watch it - it's good: (you'll have to cut and paste link - sorry):

Live love and peace :)

Anonymous said...

Amen Les, When the Saints go marching in - ain't a banker alive gonna be left un-trmpled.

Oh when we all go marcing in... EVERBODY!!

PS: Robin, that video was amazing. Soros might think his democrat goons can direct this tide, and i'm just fine with it if the billionaire jews want to finance their own over throw.

Freddamedgjedda said...

I really hope all them soldiers wake up and realise what they are. You are killers... I know a few soldiers myself, boys I care for, boys I grew up with. They are now trained killers and brainwashed to the fucking brim. So yeah, it's about fucking time you jarhead losers started to think. Of course they all wake up as soon as they are retired or gets the boot. Then you are forced to choose, you can either admit and regret, or go on denying you are a killer or a killers helper. The soldiers I know just wanted to get away from the drugs and violence from our childhood, so they became soldiers because it is relatively well paid and people will respect them. Of the soldiers I know, most of them very violent when we grew up... And they are still big in the illegal drug business when they are back home.(and all that comes with it) Others, me included, started living with consciense because we began to understand the conseqenses. So the least compassionate and intelligent became soldiers.(I know this will piss some people of)(or on second thought, they don't read this blog) The irony of this is that the work those soldiers do are the very reason our streets are filled with drugs and violence...

You are first and foremost humans, your loyalty should be with the people. Not them other killers... You are the warmongerers karma. You know who, and you know how. Now bring the system down!

I speak only from what I know and feel, so I am in no way right. I know there are good men inside all groups and organisations, so shape up and take some chances, we the people are many, and we will be very grateful...

Unknown said...

We are on the verge of a mess. Wish we'd hurry up and get on with it. The last of the so called 'halcyon days' are just a time o' prolongin' the agony of keepin' somethin' in place that never should have gotten started.

Oh well. That's duality for ya. Quite annoyin', really.

Anonymous said...

When horking down the line
"We got welfare mothers and unknown lovers who made them that way because they had the back streets for their bedsheets and now they’re on two feet coming up on Wall Street" I realized that I was actually listening to THE song of our times and it surely is no T.Rex tune.
Dude, I salute you !
Fuck Robert Duvall
You are the Apostel
Let me be your witness

Anonymous said...

...back again regaling, for some reason while reading I also visualized Denis Leary doing this.
Man, what a ride!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Les! Ha ha, I love it.

The shit is going down the way I imagined it would:


Cops beat Protestors

Military beat cops

Spooks brought in to fight Military

Downhill from there.

Noone is the winner, really, but the people will come out on top.

Good luck to everyone, I think the game has started.


Visible said...

the thing is to make the contact and to have the connection to the one. I have accomplished that. The only thing that matters now is what I do with it. Life and death are not on the gameboard anymore. What does that mean? I don't know yet

Robin Redbreast said...

Another video - Gaddaffi's secrets may well bite them on their arses! (again you'll have to cut and paste)
Live love and peace

Anonymous said...

I feel as though I've done this also, very confident.

"the thing is to make the contact and to have the connection to the one. I have accomplished that..."

Gives me all the Peace of Mind.

I thank you and all those who dwell here in The Visible Land.

walking hawk

I Love this Place.

Robin Redbreast said...

Btw: I posted those 2 videos on my Sp(f)acebook - usually I only post thongs about my latest baking cakes, the chickens, cats or the dog. Be interesting to note if my 'friends' notice ;)
Live love and peace

Robin Redbreast said...

For me - life and death don't matter anymore because I no longer have any fear - and the fear I had has been replaced with LOVE.

It's a wonderful feeling - its not about not caring, its just I don't mind anymore - about anything!

It is quite a wonderous place to be - no fear - no anger (almost!) and all love :0)
No fear!
Live love and peace

Mark said...

A civilization gone with the wind…

There’s a phrase I wish I had thought of, because it says it all. Stephen King is still awfully proud of his opening line of The Dark Tower, The Gunslinger: “The man in black fled into the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” OK, it’s pretty good, but it’s not that good.

There are still billions of people who, and we are very late in the game, do not “get it.” They get some of it, but only the parts they can ingest without falling to pieces. The really scary stuff they deny, using a mind trick, into the cornfield, where it all sits and festers, but never goes away. Which is why people are so weird now, as you can only sweep aside so much reality before you begin to come unhinged.

I’ve already mentioned my wife died of Morgellons, although the death certificate stated metatastic colon cancer. Whatever. She probably had that, but she also had hepatitis. The whites of her eyes had turned spicy mustard yellow/brown. Her abdomen had swelled up to the size of a large watermelon, and her body was covered with lesions. The hair on her head was no longer hair, but more like trilene fishing line. If you live long enough, Morgellons attacks every organ, which leads to numerous diseases. Call it what you will.

When the sheriff’s posse, the coroner, and the grief counselor barged into my home, they scared the shit out of us. My son Dana got in their faces and said, “sit down!” He said it several times, until something (embarrassment?) got through and they did sit down. At that moment, he was the gunslinger, and I was astonished. When it was time to say goodbye to Renee, the coroner would not leave the room. I could feel her eyes on the back of my neck, and when I turned to face her, the hatred flowed out of her steely orbs. I knew then she wanted me dead.

I used to think that this here campfire was a warm and cozy place to sit a spell. I no longer think that, and I do not consider any of you my friends. Which is neither here nor there. We all have more important things to think about, and what you think of me no longer matters.

I have given the New World Order a new name. I think a name should convey the essence of that which it names, and NWO conveys nothing. So the name I have given it is the Mass Murder Machine. Because, what this is all about is very simple. A small group of beings, who and whatever they are, want the whole world for themselves, and they want the rest of us dead. They will need a small bunch of us to serve as sex slaves, enforcers, and worker bees. As for the rest, we’ll be in the cornfield. Someone said the last time this happened, 80 million Russians died. Someone else said they could no longer go on living in this insane world. And still another said, “And so it goes.”

Robin Redbreast said...

Much love for you and your loss.
We are all different (thank divine God)
Please consider us all friends
We are here should you need us
To swear at us
To share with us
This community - made up of us sane nutters
Needs us all
Only when you feel the need
We don't just need everybody
I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say
We want you too
We need and want you to be whatever
Much love and empathy
Live love and peace

Anonymous said...

piiere said...

Lord Buckley, is that you?

wv: stravers. stray travellers raving on pavers striving for better behaviours from those depravers who are takers not gavers and to whom we owe no favers.

Visible said...

My brother Patrick at his best.

Anonymous said...

piere said.

wow! patrick. I'm glad to see Australia come off relatively unscathed in the end. Ive posted link (with credits) to GLP for Doom pornees, hope you dont mind.

wv: ticksban... always a possibility with frogs abundant and feet afoot. walk softly and carry a big Icke.

Anonymous said...

Silvia. MachtNicht,
Saturday, October 29, 2011 10:16:00 AM
I whole heartedly agree.
Saturday, October 29, 2011 6:20:00 PM
re your post, Hallelujah brother, hallelujah
and your comment, wait...
(you know that anyhow)


gurnygob said...

I have to say Les. Patrick did a much better job of this than you did.



Pete said...

Just now saw the video on WRH as I couldn't get it on your page. It was unbelievably awesome.

Anonymous said...

I've been celebrating all day (for our souls freedom).

Visible said...


well, I didn't do it in the first place. did I. I'm only the horse.

The Nameless War said...

Thanks Mark,

Mass Murder Machine names it correctly.


Anonymous said...

WOW, Just f-ing wow.–-steven-j-baum-halloween-party-photos-show-appalling-lack-respect-tow?page=1

gurnygob said...

Yes,,well,,,hummm, well,,,Yeah,,but,,huh. I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realised that what you heard is not what I meant. Yeah, that'll do.

gurnygob. :)

andy said...

The Name I was given was Anthony Anderson. I have for somewhile been reading these procostinations.
What a load of bollocks.
You are you (what ever that is) and because you can not accept that, you shift the cause outside of your self. Well my friends you are a part of the 'problem' if there is one. All this mumbo jumbo, I am afraid will not get you off the hook. You are the problem! Now when you see that, then, maybe, we will get rid of those that control this 'I aint the problem' fanatsy

Visible said...

Andy I think we all know we are part of the problem and we all have our problems. I'm well aware of my shortcomings and I am working on them this very moment as I always do. I am even trying harder than I ever have so, I'm sorry but this is the best I can do at the moment.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

The USA, which created the Banana Republics in Latin America and other dictatorships throughout the world, turned itself into a Banana Republic as a result. That result was inevitable, and the process started at the very beginning of the USA. It was process of institutionalizing the values of a Banana Republic. From the very beginning, the USA consisted of serfs, slaves, and Masters. Ethically, you are what you do.

The US Military has always served the 1% in their aggressions of the lower classes at home and abroad. Veterans of the US Military who choose to participate in an uprising must shift their loyalty from the ruling elite and the current government to the citizens. The veterans who choose to be part of an uprising will be opposed to the US military, and a "moment of decision" might come when the protesting veterans come face-to-face in confrontation with the serving US Military who are sent to suppress them.

A hypothetical consideration, but a serious one: given the US Military's historic support for the ruling elite, a US Military takeover of the US government could predictably lead to a new, and possibly worse, version of the bad old system.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, spellchecking is overrated anyway :)

Tomorrow Mike Gravel will speak in Zürich and they managed to mangle his name on the invitation poster.

Robin Redbreast said...

I'm with Vis -
we're always refining, always trying, together dying, always learning,
ready to try, ready to apologise.
All I can do is my best - I can't do everything, and even what I can do, I make mistakes -at-
but the fact that I am trying to do my best -
in all that I do - I hope is enough
I hope pleases our divine father
when he watches over
and observes us
Live love and peace

Anonymous said...

robin h, why don't you get your own blog? that way you can yammer on forever and those who like you can do the same.

robin h, you are a passive aggressive asshat.

Anonymous said...

The road to destruction is a 12 lane highway with a bridge washed out and multiple warning signs. Life continuously creates an intersection or an adit off the highway; the crowded and broad highway. It has taken uncountable close calls and some pretty harsh crashes to begin to recognize that each time an incident occurs an interchange or ramp to access the Divine is made more visible; sometimes before but for sure after each tire screeching slide into the face of grace. The awakened merge into the cloverleaf and leave the highway and head down a different path. Whether they be true or false the Prophets have said most will motor on into a billion soul pile up and maybe it will be bumper cars or maybe it won't...,

I now focus and meditate on a single lane country road with an awning of living splendor; the Fantasy Maple or the Live Oak from my region. The lane my peace helps me envision while meditating is emblazoned with the promises of all Gods son-shine. I am being taught to weather the storms and rain with an inner eye visioning growth and washing clean the dust of a mordant interloper.

I continue to read and devour entire days looking for those who claim to practice the Way. They speak, write and announce it is rare to find any traffic or passersby on the narrow lane, that brothers and sisters are less visible and the clutch of attachment can be disengaged. I'm here again, at that viaduct off the broad and spacious highway and have begun to crawl back to the One that has never left me. One blistered palm and skinned knee at a time. Now is the time when we all could be brought to bow before God and asked to pronounce or loyalty. I am here to evince my faith with this proclamation: It is the time of fortitude to the Source and I serve God first and to the last breath.

May God's wisdom become the purlieu that guards the actions of our brethren in harms way.

I love you big brother and all.


Visible said...

wail on you crazy deathless poet.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

just finished "The Book", thanks again LV. I will read at least once more.

a couple of the mentioned texts are available for free at Gutenburg.
(they might not be the right ones, I haven't checked yet, I havent stooped to torrenting yet either.)


kabalion - the three initiates


Robin Redbreast said...

Was that directed at me or Mr angry Anonymous?
Live love and peace ;)

Anonymous said...

I was born from my mother's womb a free and conscious being of flesh, blood, bone and spirit and from my birth to my death I have and I claim a full and equal share and beneficial use of all the resources in, on or above the Earth, as a birth-right without exception.

Those who gather and keep for themselves more than their fair share, and knowingly deny others with force and deception, are a literal cancer to our common mother, the unique life-form of Earth.

More power to the visible..

wv:fograp. Does this thing know what I'm going to write?


Unknown said...

After half a decade of reading your works, I have finally been compelled to leave a comment. Maybe it's more of a request though, you see I would like to read a new version "The Rats Are Leaving The Sinking Ship". That has been one of my all time favorites, and the way it was worked into such a fitting allegory, well it really helped to open my eyes at the time. And I have long hoped for a part two, or something similar. Many thanks to you Les for all you have shared through the years.

Visible said...

Hi Robinl

Since I don;t know who you are talking to I can also confidently say I don't know what you're talking about. I wasn't around much yesterday, in person or personally so... lots going on here, I couldn't even do my radio show.

Visible said...

I can't remember about the rats leaving the sinking ship, though the title makes it evident. I will try to take a look at where they are at the moment or get a look at their boarding passes.

Anonymous said...

Insight of light and inner speak the flow that brings the mind to halt, think and the heart to act! Act or even the thought that can change so much of that energy that shrinks others, YOU bring forth what is real and truth. Thank you Les...

Martin said...

Don't forget that search box in the sidebar Vis (or Ted!) - it really is effective.

Freddamedgjedda said...


I will jump in the boat with you. I think you and I are very different but yet we are one. I say this with no ill feelings! I say this because I feel both you and those who "attack" you.

Many things written in this place goes over my head.(I think! How can I ever know?) But I have many times reread and relistened to material at a later date and understood something that I didn't the first time. We are all learning continuously, and we all see different realities, or different viewpoints of the one truth if you will...

So then, some at another understanding of reality at the moment, and who feel they are beyond others in their understanding, that they are intellectually and/or spiritually superior, may feel uninterrested in listening to people they feel superior to. And would rather listen to someone equal or superior to them(as they see it)

Did that make sense to you?

Said plainly: Some people don't like when someone else fills the comment section of a blog they like with boring stuff. Some people obviously gets annoyed by your comments.

I don't find your comments a bit "over the top" gleeful for me to relate, but I love positivity and genuine caring and you are seemingly full of that. I'm made different than you in this life, that all. I hope only to enlighten, so I hope I did not insult you!! I wish you and your loved ones peace and much love!!!

That is just my viewpoint.

"Somebody gotta be somebody, for somebody else to be somebody, for somebody else to run into both and try to create one party. One aim. One god. One destiny. I'm not none violent you can back on up of me" KRS-One

Visible said...

I don't think Robin is a top.

And also, concerning you comment. That must be why people listen to me. I don't get the equal part though (grin). Just joking!!!

Lee said...

My first impulse to say to Les is, what the hell is he talking about?

I come here looking for affirmation and guidance from the learned master and wise man. Then he goes on a more obscure rant about things about which I have no clue to what he is saying. Maybe he's just being himself and cryptic, maybe the psychedelics from yesteryear are kicking in? Who knows?

Then he says "Figure it out yourselves". Well, he can't do all the work for us, can't he folks?

He's on a different plane and dimension than I am.

Okay Les, you struck oil. I'll figure it out. (whatever that means?)

May God bless us all.


Naj Tenoch-lan *stone dweller*

Visible said...

Well, if you mention what you're not getting I am sure someone will explain it (grin).

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out what "Thimk" means?


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

speaking of the radio show, appears to no longer host it, though it is available through the links at these blogs.

Lee said...

Regarding Sir Visibles' response to my prior post:"Well, if you mention what you're not getting I am sure someone will explain it (grin).

Tuesday, November 01, 2011 10:47:00 PM".

Les, I'm not getting ANY of it.

Maybe I drank too much when I fell in that ditch a few weeks ago, Or, I should not have eaten that funny tasting (cyanide) apricot pit when I was a kid?

Help me Lester, help, help me,Lester. *sung to the tune of Beach Boys, Help Me Rhonda*

Les, I admit it. I am a nut case. And that's no reference to those poor apricot pits, okay?

P.S. I heard some of your songs too. Maybe we could get together and take this show to Vegas?


Geno K. said...

Nice job as always. Your words flow like a perfect breeze.

Check out my new blog if you get a chance, many subjects, video, music, cartoons, both serious and humorous...

Anonymous said...

As usual the stupid jews turn everything upside down backwards. It is their fault he got shot, it is there fault everyone is broke, it is their fault there even is a protest. After putting those horrific pictures and videos of Gaddafi all over the internet, papers and the news, I hate jews like never before. Them having all the control is as insane as being forced to except the perverted gays and I am sick of living in such macabre world, where freaks abound and freak boss everyone else around. That poor kid never should of been shot and those GD bankers should be in in jail, all jews should be kicked out of the U.S., our military should be at war with Israel, not with the Muslims, and gays should be shoved right back into the fucking closet. How are we going to fix this? How are we going to make life normal again? People you have to tell your kids the truth. About the damn fags and the damn jews. They have to be overtaken or this world will be a dark cancer filled cavity for all normal and good people's souls. At least try to screw them over as much as you can on a daily basis, because that is all they do to us. Fuck the jews and fuck the gays for the NWO. I wish them the plague from hell like never before.

Anonymous said...

National test of Emergency Alert
System on November 9. What is being
planned for us? False flag attack?
War with Iran?


Enjoyed the piece, thank you



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